Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: DO IT IN LOVE AND NOT BY EXPLOITATION

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Preached on Sunday, 23rd August, 2015. At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ONITSHA

The joy of the Lord is the strength of His people. The happiest people on earth are God’s people. For greater peace have they that know their God, and nothing shall be any means offend them.

2.           What is that thing that will offend you? Place it where it belongs to. Yes! It is earthly. It is not heavenly.
3.           There is nobody that is upset by anything heavenly. The moment you fix your attention on things that are here on earth, you must be offended every minute of the day.
4.           Watch all you think that cause offences, whatever that thing might look like, I do not care; I do not even want to know the masquerade, the shape it assumes. Verify that thing very well, you will see that it is something that has no value. It is something that is absolutely valueless and useless.
5.           Something that will perish with the perishing world. It has no eternal value. And this has been the work of the devil to use what belongs to him to set a trap for God’s people.
6.           If you are a seed of God, you must come to the realization that the material wealth of this world belongs to the devil. You will also come to the realization that you are the children of the Most High God. The rest of the people that surround you, are instruments in the hand of the devil, the positions they occupy notwithstanding.
7.           If you have the Holy Spirit, you must know without any iota of doubt that God is regarding all the inhabitants of the earth together with their possession as ordinary chaff that is already slated for fire.
8.           I say fire, unless you do not believe God and you do not believe the scriptures, neither do you believe the Spoken Word of God. For by the word of God, the world was created. At His word, the first world was destroyed.
9.           At His word, Sodom and Gomorrah were gutted by fire. At His word, Jericho was destroyed, living few inhabitants saved by an ungodly covenant entered into with the angels of destruction, without knowing the awful implications.
10.        The covenant with the heathens have in the long run affected them. The few that survived because of the covenant reproduced and filled Jericho again and built the wall of Jericho that was pulled down, erected the gate that was forbidden by Almighty.
11.        And then, people started infiltrating into Jericho again. Before they knew it, bilateral relations, economic relations were all restored. Jericho now fused again with the rest of mankind.
12.        Remember that it was the blindness of the people of God which could not allow them to continue from where God stopped until their enemies were fully destroyed, that is causing the trouble in the Middle East.
13.        The Lord drove the heathens away, not all. He allowed some to stay in Canaan and commanded Joshua and the rest to continue the fight with the promise that any land they could step their feet into, automatically became their possession.
14.        Instead of doing what God commanded, they started settling themselves before the war was over. They were scrambling for places where they could graze their cattle and their sheep. Hence, some settled before Jordan. Some settled after Jordan.
15.        But the instruction said, “After Jordan.” Those that settled before Jordan refused to continue with the war. Those that crossed Jordan, instead of fighting out the remnants of the Hivites and Peruzites, the Amalekites and Jebusites who now constitute the UAE (United Arab Emirate), with the headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia. They caused havoc.
16.        The people reproduced and re-established bilateral relations with the Jews. They grew in number and outsized the Jews, for which cause, they gathered strength and then chased the Jews out of the land and ruled the land for over one hundred years.
17.        Remember, they were the initial owners of the land. But the Lord Himself decided to eject them so as to resettle the pilgrims from Babylon.
18.        And the pilgrims were few in number but were given a space greater than their population, recognizing that a day would come when their number will be as sand in the ocean.
19.        But the blindness of their hearts limited them to the space that could give them the opportunity to graze their cattle and sheep, and then live comfortably. Before they knew it, they reconciled with their known enemies.
20.        Just like recently, America has reconciled with Cuba after 54 years of broken diplomatic and economic relationship.  And they think it is a welcome development.  It is happening in line with prophecy.
21.        Watch out! In no distant time, America will realize their foolishness. That small country will trouble America again and will overcome. For the enemies of America will lunch attack on America using Cuba as their base. The same way they did in Afghanistan.  
22.        We are here because He wants us to be here. We are here to learn of Him. Your duty is to pay attention. Hear Me very well, information is good but understanding the information is better.
23.        We are here to be informed, to be educated, and to be enlightened so that you will be saved. That is our aim. But how many will understand our mission?
24.        If there is any time you should walk towards understanding the thoughts of God, I mean, it is now. If there is a time it is so important for us to understand the thoughts of God, it is now. To know what is good and perfect acceptable will of God it is now.
25.        It is true that it is very difficult to understand His thoughts but try. There is no harm in trial.   
26.        It is true that in the beginning He said, “He never called us to understand Him but to believe Him, for His ways are too high and passeth all human understanding.”
27.        Isaiah chapter 40 from verse 28 to the end. Living Bible translation, I want to balance it. Yes, Living Bible and King James.
28.        Don’t you understand? Don’t you know by now that the everlasting God, the creator of the farthest path of the earth never grow old or weary? Now, no one can fathom the depth of His understanding…”
29.        No man can do what? Fathom the depth of His (God ) understanding.
30.        Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of His understanding.
31.        He giveth power to the faint; and to them that hath no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:
32.        But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.” KJV.
33.        Don’t you yet understood? Don't you know by now that the everlasting God, the Creator of the farthest parts of the earth, never grows faint or weary? No one can fathom the depths of his understanding. He gives power to the tired and worn out, and strength to the weak.
34.        Even the youths shall be exhausted, and the young men will all give up. But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they will run and not weary; they will walk and not faint.” LB.
35.        They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as the eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint, teach me Lord, teach me Lord to wait.
36.        If you read that scriptures between the lines, you will see there, that there is no human being that can fathom out the beginning and ending of God’s knowledge, wisdom, thoughts and understanding. No human being.
37.        You see why our duty is to believe Him. No more, no less. You have no other duty than to believe God. Believing God means, obeying Him, depending on Him, confiding in Him.
38.        The moment you believe God, the fear of the unknown vanishes. I have told you that the fear of the known breeds distrust. And distrust, breeds suspicion. Suspicion breeds disloyalty. It is a chain. Amen.
39.        We want to consider the message together with our infants. They will be having their Sunday schools anytime I wish. Last Sunday, they had their Sunday school. Some of them that came to Me rehearsed what they were taught. And I was highly impressed.
40.        What is more, I am trusting God that their teacher who was Pastor Thomas must have been privileged to use the soft copy of the message of last Sunday to enrich himself so that he will be a blessing to his family.
41.        Last Sunday indeed was another Sunday. If you are still not fully settled and grounded, rooted in this Bridal Faith, you may have your personal reasons. Not because there is any form of deceit in the Faith.
42.        If there is any figment of deceit, you are the one deceiving yourself. You are the one giving others the impression that you are believing when you are not believing one bit.
43.        The moment you believe, questions will answer themselves. Until those questions that have been agitating your mind or your heart all these years are answered by you, you are not in the Faith of the Son of Man.
44.        Why am I saying this? Your understanding of the Faith answered your questions. If your understanding, your knowledge of the Faith of Christ does not answer the questions that are agitating your minds, let the angels come down from above to proffer answers, you will never be settled.
45.        That is why I still believe that the most effective correction that makes the greatest impact in the life of a human being is self-correction.
46.        Attempt to correct somebody, he may agree with you that moment. After a while, he will begin to question himself: Why he is even listening to you.
47.        Before you know it, the problem you thought you have taken care of will begin to rear up its head. How do you notice it? Questions relating to that matter will be coming up again as a sign that the solution was not accepted.
48.        The same way, we should approach reconciliation with God, reconciliation with one another. Often times, we do what I will call surface reconciliation, cosmetic reconciliation.
49.        The moment we are reconciled with God, all questions are answered. All doubts erased. But as long as we have not been fully reconciled, we are trying to become one with Him but we have not become one. We are still at variance with him and with one another.
50.        You must settle this matter within yourself. Number one sign that you are willing to settle it is your willingness to depend on God. To hear Him, believe Him, put in practice the remedy He offers. For there is nothing you will encounter in this life which God has not ahead of time provided a remedy.
51.        A Brother came to Me one day with his barrages of complaints, filled with rage. He thought I will share his views. I allowed him to display his stupidity before Me.
52.        At the end of his fine-tuned oratory which he carefully tailored to win my support, he was shocked to get the contrary: “Brother, thank you. I have really understood you. Is there anything you can remember our Faith says concerning this matter?” He quoted everything verbatim.
53.        I said, “Okay. Thank you very much. Why are you here?” Everywhere became calm. I continued, “Am I sure you are not here to tempt Me? Because if you are here expecting Me to speak contrary, you are a tempter, I should be afraid of you. Or do you want to know whether I am still upholding the Faith.”
54.        He knelt down, “Daddy, I am sorry.”
55.        I said, “You are sorry for yourself. You paid your transport fare, took the trouble, travelled down to Nsugbe.  You will take the pains going back. Sorry for yourself. I am in My house.
56.        Since that day, My ears has been open to hear about the flames that have devastated the family, but no sign.
57.        Often times, we deliberately decide to disobey not that we do not know the truth. Somebody who could open his or her mouth widely to say, “I do want to know what the Message said about this matter, to hell with you.” Is that person willing to obey? “Whatever he wants let him say, that is his business.
58.        Often times, we willingly, deliberately harden our heart to disobey not that we do not know the right thing to do. Or we do not know what God said concerning that matter.
59.        That is why, from time to time, we put you in remembrance of those things, lest you claim ignorance. If you want to be ignorant, I see it as self-deceit. It is suicide. Amen.

Do it in love
and not by exploitation (1)
Before we listen to the message, we use to sing one song, “Do you believe the Spoken Word? I believe. Do you believe the Word of God, I believe. Do you believe the Son of Man? I believe. That is why I am singing and praising the Lord.
2.           Do you believe the Holy One? I believe. Do you believe the Counselor? I believe. Do you believe the Word of Life? I believe. That is why I am singing and praising the Lord.”
3.           Now we are well seated. Before we go to the message, I want to make a solemn announcement. Please, record it with your own inner tapes or handsets: “Let it ring bell. First transgression of Edom. Second transgression of Edom. The third, I will not spare.”
4.           Brother Kelechi! Did you mark that page where God said, “I will open the fountain again?” Please, bring that message: Only Facts are convincing. The unabridged edition.
5.           You will only read that area where we transgressed and the Lord visited us with death. And promised that the death will go round all Local Assemblies as a lesson. But He later stepped in and stemmed down the tide of death as a warning.
6.           The Lord made a powerful statement, “I will open this fountain again.” He quoted scriptures where the Lord told the people of Israel that He has opened a fountain for them: A fountain of death and not of life because they left the way of the Lord and started misbehaving.
7.           He felt that the only way to create fear in them was to open the fountain of death. And the Lord opened it here on this date that year. January 2nd, first fellowship of the year, it consumed Columbus. From there, the fountain opened until we started crying and crying.
8.           We will read it today. But before then, pay attention. There was a time I noticed, not Myself alone, many noticed it but kept quiet. I noticed that almost all our sisters especially married ones were giving us the impression that they do not run their kitchens.
9.           That they never knew how to go to market and purchase food items. That they hire strangers to cook for them and their families. But the Son of Man said, “No! I say No.”
10.        A woman that is afraid of entering the kitchen is not worthy to be a wife. You can regard that woman as a take-away wife. A woman that delights in take-away is not worthy to be a wife. And a man that takes pleasure in eating take-away food is not a man but a boy. Not a virtuous boy o-o-o, but a silly boy.  
11.        A woman that patronizes people that sell such food items is the most foolish woman and the laziest woman. It is a lazy habit for a woman to buy food cooked by her fellow woman with very poor ingredients. One day you will buy one where they cook using sugar in place of salt.
12.        What am I saying? I noticed a dangerous spirit that crept into the Camp as a result of our numerous feasts. Sisters started building a denomination around our former Sister Joshua Akpe.
13.        For anything ceremony, if she was not there, all sisters will be shouting and screaming that the outing will be a colossal failure. The thing became so notorious and unacceptable to the Son of Man.
14.        I used My curious eyes. If you like, call it My owl eyes. I now used it to search. Wherever they went, I will fly as if My wings were weak. Perch somewhere quietly.
15.        My eyelids will overlap My eyeballs while I am flickering My eyes watching. At the end of the day I will make a sound, “Hmmm, hmmm.” If they look around, I will cease My breath.
16.        When they go to market, I will go ahead of time and hide somewhere. They will be doing their pricing and purchases. I will be watching the quality of things they were buying and things like that. When they will be going back, you will hear Me make My noise, “Hhhmm, mmhmmm.”
17.        One morning like that, I came here and disbanded that denomination, that association, that union. You know the members of that union. Because she arrogated to herself the best cook in the Bride without allowing us to test that food and declare her the best.
18.        She now assumed that because all eyes were fixed on her, Sisters surrendered all that they knew to her, surrendered their knowledge, their intellect. Some even surrendered their integrities so that peace will reign.
19.        Even when they meet with situations where they could raise alarm, you see them suppressing their feelings. They think it was an easy way of ensuring peace. No! When you keep quiet over delicate matters, you cause people to live under uneasy calm. They are boiling inside and they are keeping quiet.
20.        Before we knew it, that union wielded a very dangerous strength built around those that were friendly to her. And they were friends after an ungodly sort.
21.        I have to say it loud and clear. Throughout her stay with her union, no matter whatever we did here and allowed them to cook, she never accounted for any money she collected from us, not even for one day. If she presented any account of what she did or submitted any to you, please, show by raising your hand. Look around! Any hand? None!
22.        There was no day she accounted for money she collected. Instead of accounting for the money, she will tell us that it was incomplete. So it continued.
23.        And those that went to market with her and did everything, when they hear about the amount, they will be shocked. At the end of the day, they will be quarrelling over the leftover until the Son of Man will step in.
24.        The climax happened when her husband died. She boldly came to Me, condemned the rice Pastor Thomas purchased saying that people that ate that rice developed running stomach. That she will like to be given the whole money earmarked for her husband’s burial and be allowed to do the purchasing and select people that will cook that day.
25.        I said, “Okay, is that what you will do and peace will reign?” She said, “If we cannot do it that way, I am wondering whether things will work well.”
26.        I said, “Well, thank you. Go and estimate it.” She did her estimate and came back.
27.        I, before the Elders, counted the cash and gave it to her. I then ordered Pastor Thomas to distribute that rice among families so that we will bury many corpses before burying Deacon Joshua.
28.        Pastor Thomas did as I commanded. Families (not less than ten families) got that rice, ate the rice. Nobody complained. The rice did not kill anybody.
29.        We got there, we noticed that she hedged out a good number of our sisters from the place they were cooking so as to co-opt the women or the daughters from their hometown, who ravaged our kitchen, packed the food away. And at the end of the day, money collected was not accounted for.
30.        The leftover, I ordered the vehicle that was bringing things back to carry those things back. She resisted, distributed everything among their daughters and their womenfolk.
31.        I said, “Okay, no problem.” We journeyed along. I stepped into the matter when we had a feast here. I disbanded that old union for it has outlived its usefulness.
32.        I said, “I now want a new crop of mothers.” I did it. You know the names.
33.        We experimented it. We gave them money according to their request.
34.        They prepared the food that went round with heavy leftover and the best we have ever eaten. Everybody admired the food, spoke good of the people that did the cooking.
35.        What is more, at the end of the day, something that has never happened over the years happened. The person that led the team, came, submitting a comprehensive account together with the balance.
36.        Also, showed Me the leftover which I summoned the elders to come and see. We were so much pleased that a new set has come up and they are doing the work.
37.        Gradually, gradually, the blindness of the Pastors and their wives surfaced. The thing became so much that the devil infiltrated again now in another dimension.
38.        They left the commission I gave them which is a continuous one that should remain until I will say no. They started surrendering it gradually, gradually until now, we have nothing in place. We do not have anything. Whatever we had is what I will call, “A self-made.”
39.        Somebody decided to fill the gap because those that were assigned to that work refused to work. You cannot tell Me that somebody forced herself into it. For I know all of you. It is a mark of failure.
40.        Now, before we knew it, the devil I chased it away, I did not crush it, I chased it away. It came back. And they have started uniting again. And in this unity, I have started seeing the old faces I disbanded. Who brought them back?
41.        If you know you were among those people I mentioned their names, the people I used to replace that union I disbanded led by the former sister Joshua Akpe, if you know you were among them, stand up immediately.
42.        Check properly because I know all of you. If I notice you were not among the numbers and you are standing up, you will get My wrath this morning. Come out! I want to see you. Come out! All of you!
43.        Look up everybody especially those in Onitsha. Brethren, look up, men and women. Can you see them! Was there any time I disbanded them or replaced them with another face?
44.        Can you give Me reasons why you failed in the assignments given to you? Any reason for failure? You removed yourselves, nobody removed you. Shame on you! I say, shame on you!
45.        Hear Me very well. In all domestic matters in every Local Assembly, the Pastors’ wives take the lead, other ministers’ wives will follow. Am I making sense? In all matters, as the Pastors are coordinating, so their wives are implementing. They will be in front, others will follow.
46.        Do you know that it should not be My responsibility to nominate Sisters that will cook? It is in the office of the Pastors’ wives. They are to nominate Sisters that will work with them. Is it not our order?
47.        Do you think I am foolish when you bring domestic matters to Me, I will refer you to your wife.
48.        A Brother was calling Me concerning the burial. I said, “My friend, tomorrow is fellowship. I am not a member of the burial committee. When you get to fellowship, meet with the Pastor.”
49.        These are the foolish people that cause the lapses. I wonder what could be the ministry of a Pastor’s wife, if it is not domestic. What is the ministry of the Pastor’s wife in the church? They are all mothers. Some of them are grandmothers.
50.        Is there any of you here who hired somebody from outside to run your kitchen? Do you bring people from outside your homes to come and cook for you? Don’t you know that it is a sign of defeat for you to begin to go to your fellow mother to tell you what and what you will use to cook eba or rice?
51.        You cannot estimate the quantity of salt, quantity of oil, quantity of tomato and so on which you can use to cook a bag of rice or even ten bags as the case may be?
52.        The last Camp Meeting we had was extra-ordinarily excellent.  Everybody ate and got satisfied. Quality food! The reason being that the Son of Man assumed it: “Instead of using women, I will use brothers.”
53.        I went for quality food items; quality meat, quality tomato, quality rice, everything quality. And the Sisters used their gifts and blended the food.
54.        Whenever I watch that video of the last Camp Meeting, My attraction has always been the egusi soup and the “draw” soup. My brethren, is it a lie? If you know that this thing is in your mind, raise your hand.
55.        Some people came to My house including My in-laws and saw when the food was being turned. They asked whether this was public food. I told them that it was our Camp Meeting food. They said that these women were excellent at their job.
56.        Hear Me well. The time when we were eating as pigs, served as goats is over. Not because we do not give out money, we give out money but we do not get full value for money. But during the Camp Meeting, we had full value for money and also had a great leftover which we shared.
57.        Hear Me well. If your wife does not know how to cook delicious food, any food is good in your mouth. Anybody whose wife does not know how to cook delicious food, she does not know how to cook delicious stew; if she prepares Ofe Akwu (stew made with oil palm fruits), it will be like diarrhea stool, any food given to him is delicious.
58.        Let Me tell you one thing that happened at Upper-Iweka for which cause I have decided I will not eat from food vendors, instead I will drink. There is a place beside our shop popularly known as nwanyi Ukpor who is known for her ofe akwu.
59.        People even come and buy in take away packs. She comes out very early and before 9am, she has already finished for the day. It got to a point when people started writing their names to book for the food. I wondered about this type of food.
60.        One day, I sent the sales girl in my shop to go there and buy hundred naira worth of the food, that if I cannot eat it, she can eat it.
61.        She told Me that the food is sold for two hundred naira and I approved she should buy it. She came back with the thing and I commanded her to open the plate and she opened the plate.
62.        Mere looking at the thing, I did not even know what to call it. I decided to turn the food and I already warned that I do not want the meat which is donkey meat.
63.        In as much as it is ofe akwu, the fish inside it was frozen fish. It looked as if it was just washed with water and placed on the food.
64.        When you look at it, it will be shinning. I was disappointed at the look of the food. I now decided to taste the thing. As soon as I put it in My mouth, the taste was awful and I spat it out.
65.        I quickly asked the sales girl to cover the plate. I was wondering if this was the food people come scrambling for. Anybody that tells you that he ate in the market is eating feaces.
66.        Anybody that praises the food he eats in the market has a wife who does not know how to cook. The worst food prepared in the home is better than the best out there.
67.        I have attempted going to fast food. There was a day I carried my children and we all went so that I will find out the reason for the popularity of this place they call Juries (a fast food centre). We got there and I was looking at what they call fried rice.
68.        Even My children said, “Daddy, we just wasted our money. This is rubbish. This is trash!”
69.        But when you look at the people that patronize these centres, they are puffed up with laboured breathing. A sure sign that they do not know what good and delicious food is all about.
70.        What am I saying? When somebody observes the speed with which many of you eat rubbish, and the thing they call bitter leaf soup which you eat, looking very black inside the pot, you will even ask if oil was added to the soup.
71.        In some, the taste is such that you cannot say whether it is sugar or salt they used in cooking the soup. When you look at the meat in the soup, it will even be darker that the soup itself. But when one sees the speed with which you consume this thing, you will see that, one, your wives do not know how to cook or that you are severely hungry.
72.        There is no level of hunger that will make Me to eat rubbish. Instead of eating the rubbish, I will take two bottles of beer and go My way. The reason why I find it difficult to eat in the public is to avoid vomiting. To God be the glory.  Amen.

Let me tell you, any woman that is in this Faith and she does not know how to cook, should be ashamed of herself. Come, let Me teach you. I am a Chief Cook. There is no food I do not know how to cook unless I do not want to cook it. Come, let Me teach you.
2.           Another reason why you abandoned the responsibility that was assigned to you is because you do not know how to purchase ogiri (a traditional seasoning). You do not know where freshly processed bitter leaves are purchased.
3.           I do not mean the type hoteliers use in cooking. Yes! If I see a well prepared bitter leaf, there is always white foam lining the water in which it is soaked.
4.           The water will also be clean with the white foam lining the edge of the container. You will also observe the greenish nature of the leaves. The taste in the mouth is good.
5.           I know where it is sold. The price is different. Its price is different from the one preserved in the freezer. It is not discarded. The leftover from a day’s sale are always preserved in the cold room. The next day, it is brought out to the market again.
6.           It is the same with the meat sellers. No butcher discards leftover meat. They normally keep the leftover in the cold room and by daybreak, they will soak it in water and then paint it with fresh blood and then start selling. We are there with them. You cannot fool Me.
7.           If you look at those ones that have been there for two or three days and the owner wants to sell them off, it is usually called Quantity. If you buy three hundred naira worth of this type of meat, it will be much more than one thousand naira worth of fresh meat.
8.           Even if you are protesting he will keep on giving you more and more. When you take a closer look at the meat, the thing will look somehow brownish. When you chew it, no taste. The people that mostly buy it are the hoteliers. Cheap article!
9.           Degrading tomatoes are good for a hotelier. Something that is rotten is only good for pigs, not for human beings. If you like boil it with much fire, spice it with all the spices in the world, it is still rotten tomato. The sour taste remains there.
10.        Why should you hold plenty money and buy cheap article? Cheap ingredient? Good soup, na money make am. But Money is there. Why bad soup? Enough is enough.
11.        The time has come when I will no longer spare. I will no longer spare. Look up again, one person is missing.
12.        As at that time, she was pregnant. But today, she is not pregnant. Pastor Dike’s wife! Can you please come out there? Pastor Christian Dike’s wife, go there immediately.
13.        You are dodging to your own detriment. Who are you abandoning your responsibility for? After preaching the Good News, the Son of Man will also enter the kitchen to cook. He will even go to main market and Ose Okwo odu to purchase meat for you, like we did during the Camp Meeting.
14.        It was Myself and Pastor Thomas. We were there buying everything and bringing them down here to make sure that nothing goes wrong. We also bought vegetable oil even in excess, because the type of oil you use to buy for us is rubbish.
15.        You will go and buy made in Nnewi, but we made sure we bought foreign from Indonesia. So we did. That is why the rice that was cooked did not leave an awful taste in our mouth.
16.        We tasted the red oil because red oil is like tomato. Rotten palm fruits produce oil whose flavour is different from that made from fresh and lively palm fruits. The price is also different. How can you be poor and also a witch, all at the same time?
17.        Even if I do not have money, don’t I know what is good and decent? Why do you do this type of economic when, at the end of the day, you do not render account? If the idea is not to waste money, where is the leftover?
18.        It is better we spend money and stay alive than to conserve money which we will not see and still die of starvation. The time for this nonsense is over.
19.        You will still see more than this. Evil people! Fraudsters! Listen to Me. Nobody is a fool. Deacon Joshua’s wife is a hotelier. Are you hearing what I am saying? A hotelier is a bad cook. She cooks for human beings and spirits, even mad people.
20.        Just like Sister Egbuna that is here. No matter how we praise her, we are praising her because in the land of the blind, a one-eyed man is a king. She is a bad cook. She does not know how to cook. I have challenged her. Let her come and cook and let Me see. Bad cook!
21.        Good food starts with good and quality ingredients. What made her a bad cook? She cooks for the public. She cooks for a pay. Anyone that cooks for the public or is hired to cook, her main target from the purchases and the cooking is in the profit thereof. She makes the purchases and cooks so that she will make her own profit. This is the same way it is for Deacon Joshua Akpe’s wife.
22.        Just like if we have anything to cook tomorrow, we would now entrust it into the hands of Sister Ngozi. Look at her here. She went for apprenticeship. She has perfected, just that she does not have money enough to start her own.
23.        You know that when food is cooked for the public, nobody is held responsible because there were too many hands. What will now happen is that everybody that was involved in the cooking will be held responsible. All that participated will be labelled bad cook. Bad cook!
24.        All that participated in the cooking when I buried My father, all of them, bad cooks. Bad cooks! That was why I avoided your food, so that I will remain healthy while the burial ceremony lasted, because what you eat must affect your health. Is it a lie?
25.        Just like the people that went to work for Me at Ovoko. They ate and drank in Ovoko and started stooling from there to Enugu. This was something that was cooked in the pot. Poison in the pot. Amen.
26.        Let Me tell you. The reason why people travel with toilet roll in their bags is because of bad food. The person eats with an alert, being mindful of his bowel. He suppresses any urge to pass gas.
27.        If someone will eat and sit back only for you to be hearing noise and rumbling like that of a moving train emanating from his stomach, it is as a result of a bad cook.
28.        We are reorganizing and restructuring every day. I am making a new regulation with somebody in focus. Why? Because the people who were entrusted with this responsibility in time past did not work according to the instruction.
29.        If they had adhered to the instruction, would there be any reason for rebuke? Foolish people that lack understanding. If you give reason that you are having children, are others not having children? I know you are asking questions concerning your wife, do you think she can cook like my wife?
30.        Do you not know that there was a time when my wife was solely responsible for cooking in this Faith? She assumed the responsibility for over thirteen years. She was cooking even for Ministers that were coming from different places. She will cook at home and everywhere.
31.        During Camp Meeting, she is the one to cook. Who among you has a kitchen as active as her own? Even till today. Cooking plenty things. How many people visit your houses from week to week? That is why you are all bad cooks because nobody comes to eat your food.
32.        If you know that Brethren can visit you and when you serve them with bad food, they will communicate with their eyes and tell you that they ate on the way before coming, that you should only serve them drinks. Yes!
33.        There was a place we visited. I went there with My wife. We were served with rice and stew. I looked at it and the food looked like what a dog vomited. I said, “Ah! Ah!” I was not hindered from saying My mind.
34.        I then asked the Sister whether what she served us was stew or ofe akwu, because the colour was coffee colour and was as thick as the soup that was used in eating agidi (a type of corn meal) in those days.
35.        I then asked her again, “Sister please, is this ofe akwu or stew?”  I said, “Ah! Ah! And it looks like this?” I turned and looked at My wife. There was a Brother who accompanied us in that trip. Due to the fact that he was severely hungry and secondly, he does not have a wife. He does not have a kitchen.
36.        Wherever he dies becomes his grave. No problem. He is also a glutton. Our rejection of the food then profited him a lot. What does he know? He started eating the food ferociously like that. Okey Oleri! Hai! He kept eating the food as fast as he could.
37.        I looked at him and said, “May God have mercy on Me.” I could not imagine that a human being could put that type of thing into his mouth. Yes!
38.        Hear Me. If not for the standard with which God entered our families, many of us would have died long long time ago due to what we eat.
39.        It is because of what I saw when I was embarking on missionary assignments that made Me to come home, to settle down, to teach Sisters how to cook in the Message titled “Health is Wealth.” Go and read it. I am not only a Cook, I am also a Steward.
40.        It is only in this Faith that our Sisters were taught that the cloth you were putting on while you were cooking should not be the cloth you will put on while serving that same food. After cooking the food, you take your bath and prepare yourself and then come out in a decent cloth for serving the food.
41.        Before now, some would put on their shower cap, with a night gown and an awful body odour, she would be carrying the food with both hands and also dancing towards the visitors. When she is walking away you would be looking at the person that served you and the food she served you. Your appetite will snap instantly.
42.        This is true. I came to this Faith and noticed that in this modern time, people still store their drinking water in buta (big black plastic drum) with a plastic cup dipped inside it. One person drinks and drops the cup inside the drum for another person to use the same cup. In this age?
43.        I came to this Faith where you will see gorgeously dressed Sisters, gorgeously dressed, nodding their heads in agreement but they are eating nonsense.
44.        For the first time, I saw something with my eyes. There is this vegetable called Nturukpa and Oha and even okazi. These vegetables will be combined in making Ogbono soup and egusi will also be added to it.  
45.        While I was there watching this food, not knowing what it looks like, the husbandman of the cook was there eating and praising the food, “delicious food! Delicious food!” In short, I concluded that this man is a goat. Fool! Something you should have poured on the woman.  
46.        Please, let Me tell you, when things were still in their normal positions, the first test that qualifies a woman for marriage is her good cooking skills. I do not forget My experience with My father the first day I took My wife to My home town.
47.        My Dad commanded My Mum to come out from the Kitchen and My wife entered the kitchen. She cooked the food and then served the food by herself. My father ate more than he had ever eaten in his life.
48.        He was dying of starvation and we did not know why. When My father had eaten to his satisfaction, breathing heavily, he called Me and said, “Oshimiri, the truth is this. Your wife knows the line. Oshimiri, the truth is this. Your wife knows the line.”
49.        That was why each time he fell sick, he will not want to stay at home. He will prefer to be taken away from the village, so that he will be well taken care of. He will be eating all the things he delights in. The wife of Oshmiri knows the line.
50.        This is true. I am not saying it to praise her. If you have not eaten from her kitchen, it is because you have not come. She is the best of all in terms of cooking.
51.        Yes! I met her when I was in the service. I never for one day went anywhere with any expatriate. All My expatriates’ co-workers were shuttling My house because of African food. That African food was prepared by My wife.
52.        My brethren! Were you not seeing Me with white expatriates in My house? You see them at My dining table enjoying African diet prepared by My wife.
53.        I do not need to go to school because of that. Neither do I need to go and hire cooks. I will only tell her that the people I will bring home today are Chinese or Indians from New Factory, Umunze. I will only hint her and she already knows what to prepare.
54.        I could tell her that the people coming are Lebanese, with Mohammed, Sri Lankans, she prepares their food, which made My master in those days, when he was hospitalized in Toronto hospital, he will demand that My wife should bring food for him. My wife will keep on bringing food for him until he recovers.
55.        Even Eze-ego, whenever he is hospitalized, if he comes to My house he will even demand for a take away pack of food which he will go home with. What then is troubling you? Amen.

Do it in love and
not by exploitation (2)
Hear Me very well. A careless woman must be careless in her kitchen. Cooking is a duty. It is an office. It is a ministry.
2.           The same way we search and balanced the scriptures before giving out the message, so a virtuous wife will sit down and arrange herself, she bakes and keeps, steams the meat and keeps, she will steam the snails.
3.           Some do not know that snails are steamed and seasoned. When you give such a fellow snails, she would put everything into the pot like that.
4.           Any Owerri woman that does not know how to prepare Ugba (sliced oil bean seed) is supposed to be sent back home to her parents. Do you understand what I said?
5.           There are things you can teach an Owerrri woman. Is it how to prepare Ugba? This is because that is the number one thing you will offer a visitor and he will know that he is a visitor indeed, before you even serve the visitor with food.
6.           We are talking about general food. We are not talking about your local food. “I know how to cook our local food. I know what I cook at home.” Rubbish!
7.           What we are talking about is the food cooked for the Saints of God. The food a Yoruba person will eat. An Hausa person will eat, the same way we eat.
8.           Enough is enough! We have wasted our money enough. We are not wasting again. Now these people that are standing here, they are six in number. If you want to increase the number, it is in your hands.
9.           My Brethren! Look at them. Look at them well-well. If it is possible, write down their names. Write down their names. If the food is badly cooked, you will take the blame. If it is well prepared, you will also take the praise.
10.        You are responsible for all the purchases that will be made in the market. You are equally responsible for the cooking of the purchased items. It will be your responsibility to select all that will assist you in the cooking. Do you hear what I said?
11.        I do not want a situation tomorrow where you co-opt Sister Chika Onyema, she will co-opt Sister Frank because they are friendly with each other.
12.        I do not want to know the person that is very friendly with you or the person that is not friendly with you. If you know that thing that makes you friends, keep it in your handbag.
13.        Or when you get there, you can carry the hot water meant for garri and pour it on the person. Do you understand what I am saying? Is it clear? Is it clear?
14.        Even if the food is for the whole world, you are equal to the task. You can even divide into two groups and go to the market to purchase the different items as may be assigned to each group.  I have not appointed a leader for you. You are the ones that will appoint a leader from among yourselves. Do you hear what I said?
15.        I have given you six. Out of the six, one must be your leader. From among you, select the leader. Una hear Me? Sandastand?
16.        That is not all. I come to another thing. I have thoroughly investigated, scrutinized and I have come back to My senses.
17.        Elders came to Me yesterday. We are putting finishing touches on our arrangements for the two burials. What I did here, if you get to your Local Assemblies do the same.
18.        Each time we have something that is general, you will have little or no difficulty sending your own representatives who are among the crew of cooks in your local assembly. It becomes difficult to nominate individuals because there is no such arrangement in place.
19.        When you will be asking, “Daddy, should we include this person or that person?” You are putting Me into trouble. So that tomorrow, when you ask the person why she did not participate, she will say that Daddy did not permit her.
20.        What do you mean by “Daddy did not permit?” Do I go with you? Do I eat with you? Even the one you gave to Me, do you think I was the one that ate it? Do you know whether I shared it to those who have the mouth to eat? I know that this one will annoy you.
21.        Elders from Onitsha! Don’t you know what I am talking about? Don’t you know about it? You know, when they load it inside My vehicle, they will think that the Son of Man will eat it. Where is the mouth and the stomach?
22.        The one you served Me in your house, how much of it did I eat before going away? I make call from here ahead of time, before I land, the house is already filled. The whole food items will be set out and the plates pulled out for everybody.
23.        After eating, Brethren will go to their different houses, have their bath and sleep. Onitsha! Is it a lie?
24.        Do you think that when you load all those things for Me, I would now build a warehouse to store the food or may be use it as a substitute for the food I will eat with My children.
25.        What have you given to Me that I will substitute My children’s food?  Are you even sure that My children will eat it? Yes! My children are very choosy with food. That is why they do not travel out. It is now that we are coming of age. But I love them for one thing. They are bold. They are very, very bold.
26.        If you cook what they do not like, they will tell you that they do not like that one. They will even volunteer to enter the kitchen to teach you how to prepare it. Do not call it insult. If you are a human being, learn from them.
27.        Do not say that Daddy has spoken terribly. I am saying this before you, not just in the fellowship. I am the Minister that will stay in your dinning and condemn you and your food. Sister, did I not call you a bad cook?
28.        She served Me with bitter leaf soup and I enquired about who prepared it and she said it was prepared by Sister Ozioma. I asked her why she did not prepare it herself. Bad cook! She does not want Me to know the one she prepared.
29.        She now served Me with the one Sister Ozioma prepared and that one Sister Ozioma prepared was trash. Bad cook! Bad cook! Yes!
30.        Let Me tell you. If you prepare food through “Try your luck”, I know. There is something that is done through “try your luck”. A seasoned mother is above “try your luck” in cooking. Good food is not based on the fish or meat loaded into it.
31.        You can kill a cow, chicken and everything for someone who would load same in the pot and after cooking, she would still bring out rubbish. You may see another woman who would just be provided with ordinary crayfish and when the person presents her own food, it will taste better.
32.        The quality of your food is not determined by the amount of money spent or quantity of ingredients. Ingredients are nothing until you know how to blend them.
33.        It is just like someone who wants to mold blocks and this person does not know how to mix the cement, water and sand in the right proportion to build a concrete block. The person can use so much cement to mold rubbish. It is the same thing with food.
34.        I really thank God. I do not even eat so much. If My wife makes such mistake, she knows there will be trouble in the house. You do not come to tell Me stories. That is rubbish. It does not arise because, for any mistake in the house, the wife must own responsibility.
35.        That your child or your maidservant did this and that, the responsibility is yours. You are responsible for that. The query must be directed to you. Whatever might be your defense is rubbish.
36.        Even before your husband will calm down well well, if he is my type of man. It is better that you do not serve the food than to serve him food that looks like stone. This is because the insult he will rain on you…. A hungry man is an angry man. You will be a criminal. You will be an idiot. Fool! Unless nothing was served.
37.        Do not worry. You are yet to understand what I am saying. One: If he is My type of fellow, the way I will look at you alone will make you run away with such food.
38.        If I am outside My home, and that your food is rubbish, with the spoon, I will scatter everything and place them separately on the table for you so that you can scrutinize the food yourself.
39.        If it is a bad fish, I will break it and keep it for you. I will then call you to come and carry it. So that when you gather the food, you will know whether I took a drop from it.
40.        One said that Daddy does not eat and I said, “shut up!” Who told you? Have you been to My house? Did I swallow stone? Did I swallow cement? Daddy does not eat. Prepare the food he delights in.
41.        This type of thing happened somewhere. When we got there, they presented groundnuts and banana as food to us. I was angry. I then went out of there and descended on everybody. The Brother that was hosting us drove out in his car and bought pumpkin leaves and every other ingredients.
42.        He entered the kitchen himself. Brethren, that night became another night. The aroma of the food filled everywhere. Bro Ben! But before then, for two days we nearly perished, yet the madam balanced there in her kitchen, sweating all over yet cooking rubbish.
43.        I cannot forget our experience when we went to Abuja. All that went with Me drank tea in the name of Nsala soup. They boasted so much about how they will serve us with hot Nsala soup. Everybody’s heart was filled with expectations.
44.        Two, very big fishes were bought and cut for the soup. Brethren! I was there. Did you not see it? The dish was steaming as they laboured with the thing towards us. A look at the Sister, you will see a gorgeously dressed and beautiful woman.
45.        The food was served and we all ran away. Come and see the man. He was eating the thing and praising it at the same time. It was the same with his type of people there. All praising the food. We were unable to see the reason why the food was wonderful.
46.         We were all holding unto our stout to hold ourselves from the awful taste of the only spoon we scooped into our mouths. There was no pepper in the Nsala soup. It was horribly salty. When you look at it, it is like Lipton® tea, but the head of the fish inside the soup is as big as My own head. No taste!
47.        Any woman that does not know how to cook, listen to Me, anytime you visit her, she will be giving reasons that she is just coming back from the market.  Hei! Brother exercise a little patience. There is food on the fire. Na lie!
48.        Any woman who knows how to cook is always proud of her food. When you want to go, she will refuse and hold you hostage for she wants you to eat of her food.
49.        I am not hiding while saying it. Majority of our wives do not know how to cook. They know how to dress very well, but they do not know how to cook. They know how to dress, but they do not know how to cook. This is true.
50.        I have been handling this matter for a reason. I am One that loves one type of food prepared with ground cassava and maize floor. It is called Corn Meal. Nni-Oka. When My mother-in law was alive, she will prepare it, it can last for one week and still remains good. She was bringing it to Me.
51.        One day I was talking about this corn meal to the extent that a Brother who was with Me there showed interest and acknowledged that I know good things. He said that his wife knows how to prepare this corn meal very well.
52.        He promised to get it for me and that he will tell his wife about it as soon as he gets home. He said that the wife is an expert. He boasted so much about his wife’s ability to prepare corn meal very well.
53.        On that day, he called Me on the phone and I told Him that I am waiting. I omitted My breakfast and lunch. I came back to the house at about 3 o’clock, had My bath and was waiting for him. I called My wife and told her to exclude Me from Garri. Ah! Ah! Food that was promoted.
54.        At that hungry hour, 4.30pm, the food landed. I then gave orders immediately that they should serve Me as fast as possible. You need to see where I balanced myself while I was waiting for this food. And then they came with the thing. I shouted.
55.        I said, “My friend! What are you talking about? What do you call this thing? Is this the food you have been promoting all this while? You eat feaces. Take this thing away. Carry this thing and leave this house.”
56.        Brethren! Who went with Me to Opi where we were given pounded yam for which reason I banned pounded yam in the whole Nsukka? They brought out Egusi soup and pounded yam.  
57.        It turned out that the people of this community do not have the strength to pound yam. They broke the yam into smaller pieces all in an attempt to present pounded yam.
58.        Something that looks like the soft yam was binding the pieces together. I did not know whether to mold the thing or to cut it with knife. Everybody was shouting and surprised.
59.        Brethren, let Me tell you. You know we were talking about it. It was only recently that the thing was cleared. Pastor Thomas came to Me and I revisited that matter.
60.        He said that it is the way pounded yam is eaten in the whole of Nsukka. Pounded yam is not swallowed, rather it is chewed. That the process is just to use the pestle and mortar to marsh the yam a little, so that when it is served you just take small small chunks with the soup and then chew it before swallowing. Amen.
61.        It is better I raise this matters to avoid somebody telling Me, “This is the way my people cook it.” If I want to eat your type food, I will then come to your place. Amen.
62.        You know, I love Anambra State for one thing. In the whole of the South East, Anambra state is respected for delicious food. In the whole of Nigeria, Cross-River is respected for their delicacies. You know I am a traveler. That is why all big hotels in Nigeria are manned by people from Cross-River and Akwa-Ibom.
63.        So please, do not cook your community food. Prepare general food. That person who cooks her community food, does she dress in her community attire? Is there anybody who does not know how her community dresses?
64.        If you come out in your community attire, do you think any man will even come your way, not to talk of marrying you? How can you dress like an Anambra woman and then turn round to cook Imo state food for Me. Are you mad?
65.        How can you serve me cassava fufu and soup and also give Me a table spoon to scoop the soup, so that I will mold the fufu and put it in My mouth and then scoop the soup with a table spoon into my mouth and still labour to swallow the thing.
66.        Yes! I went to Ngor-Okpala. I was served that nonsense. They served the soup with a spoon. I could not control the thing. The soup defied all My efforts to control its flow.
67.        The man we visited laughed and laughed and then molded one and put it inside his mouth first and then used spoon to carry the water.
68.        I said, well, we will learn many things here. I attempted it three times. I discovered that I swallowed the water and the food remained in My mouth. Bishop Isaac! Ah! Ah! I mean, you sabi that thing? That is what is called “Ofe Owerri.” (Owerri soup)
69.        Then I was asking, “What is special with Ofe Owerri?” Put a lump of food in your mouth, then carry the water as if you are swallowing medicine.
70.        The first time I swallowed the water, the food was in My mouth. Second time, third time, I vomited it. Why was it difficult for Me to swallow it? Who will eat this nonsense? You come and cook Imo state food for Me.
71.        When you get to Imo State, cook for them the Imo way. You get to Nsukka, cook for them in Nsukka way. But when we gather as the Bride of Christ, cook the Bride of Christ way. I do not want to see community food in this Faith. Amen.
72.        I have told you what nearly caused trouble in My house. I like to eat breadfruit (ukwa). When it was the season, we eat breadfruit.
73.        One day, I bought the bread fruit seeds. The thing was cooked and I was served the source. The food was white and the source was also colourless. I was served with the thing.
74.        I ate the thing and discovered that there was no salt and there was no pepper. No meat. I tasted the source and it was tasteless. She said “Daddy, that it is the way the food is prepared” and I said, “Shut up your mouth! Who told you?”
75.        We got to the office and I tabled it to one woman and she said, “Bonny, that is the way Ukwa is prepared o. if you add much water it will spoil the whole food. It will make the thing go bad.” I said, “Madam, shut up!”
76.        I then bought another Ukwa and told her that she will cook according to My instruction. You know how to cook jollof rice. I do not want to drink the source. If I want to drink the source, I will tell you when to extract it from the food.
77.        You will first add all the ingredients including fish, meat so that the source will be tasty before you extract the source. I instructed her to prepare the ukwa like jollof  rice and serve the thing to Me having prepared it with oil, pepper, salt and every other ingredient properly mixed together.
78.        The thing turned out to be the best. We were now struggling for who will eat more than the other. From that day, we formed our own pattern of cooking ukwa contrary to what we met in Anambra. Amen.
79.        If you have been in this Faith for two or three years, you are supposed to have learnt from those who know how to cook. That is why when we are having our Camp Meeting or other ceremonies, we mix the new people with the old hands, knowing that the exit of one king paves the way for another one.
80.        Just like you know that the old ones are already having arthritis, getting very fat, having waist pain and pain in the legs. Whenever they want to cook, they will request for plastic chairs to sit down before cooking commences. Is this the way we will move forward?
81.        May be one day we will bring back Mama Ikebude from retirement to start cooking for us. Are you mad? Do the selection yourselves and before I leave here today, you must give me the list of the people you have nominated to be helping you in the kitchen and also your leader on sundry decisions.
82.        Now, in conclusion, we talk about life the same time we talk about death. I am saying this in case of those that are alive now and those that will die tomorrow and even Myself here. There is nobody who is the sole victim of death. There is no body whose death will change the name. The name will still remain death.
83.        There is a foolish act we have been carrying on with for many years now. What is this foolish act? We have been wasting our money foolishly in the name of burial.
84.        Listen to me. Wherever somebody dies, where he will be buried, just like we are about to bury our late Brother Victor, we will bury him in his hometown in Nsukka.
85.        Every community is sustained by its own resources. There is no community that does not cook with firewood and oil. Is it a lie? Is there any community where people do not die? If somebody does not die in that community, a corpse of their indigene could be brought back from abroad.
86.        There are certain expenses we have been making all along. I have looked into it and I am now another Buhari. Sometimes, I will take military decision in a democratic dispensation.
87.        You say you will impeach Me. No problem. Until you begin your impeachment. What if you impeach Me and I resist, refuse to go? What if you want to force Me out and the nation says no? Amen.
88.        Because corrupt people want Buhari to be impeached and all Nigerians said never. The voice of the people must prevail. I am not representing the Son of Man.
89.        I am representing the Bridal Faith. The money that is spent is not Son of Man’s money. It belongs to the Bride of Christ which I am at the head to give account.
90.        Enough of wasteful spending. Austerity measures are put in place during difficult times. When life situations change from what they use to be, a man changes his actions. If you are observant, you will notice that every community has a square which is cleaned every Saturday.
91.        The clean-up exercise is now restricted to a limited area of the former size of the square. If the cleanup exercise is done to the limit of what can accommodate a few cars, the people will stop. There is wisdom there. This is done in case someone makes money tomorrow and will need to erect a structure there.
92.        In other words, because of the large population of an area, land is being economized. We have to arrogate few things that can create employment for the people in that area. That is the situation now.
93.        The money we have been wasting will be useful to us now. Check how it will look like. After speaking to you, consider the words which I have spoken to you. I took time to consider it.
94.        From today onwards, for anybody in this Faith that is to be buried, it will be the prerogative of the community where he is to be buried to decorate the place where the corpse is going to be kept. We will no more transport decoration materials from Onitsha to any location for the purpose of decoration anymore.
95.        We will not send anybody from Onitsha, Brother or Sister anymore, to go ahead of time to decorate the place where the corpse will be kept, even if it is the person’s direct relation. Am I protecting Myself? Very good! Take note of it.
96.        I want to show you the economy there. When we buried the mother of father Abraham, did we command anybody to go there for decoration? The person that did it was hired from Opi. So, we have done in many places. This is the same way it is done in all these communities where people die. \
97.        It will be better for us that we hire the person that will decorate the place for keeping the corpse of our dead brethren and charge us five thousand naira.
98.        This person is responsible for both the materials and workers that will execute the job. If we offer them food or drink, it is out of our own free will. Once we pay for the job, the person executes it to our taste. Is it a lie?
99.        Don’t you see that it is better this way than to be transporting Sister Egbuna and her group in a chartered vehicle and they will habitually travel late in the night? Even getting to her location as late as 9pm with the reason that their vehicle broke down on the way.
100.     She will mobilize workers from among us. We will pay for her transport fare and that of her workers. She will also give us the cost of purchasing the materials that will be used in the decoration.
101.     If you calculate the cost of transportation and purchase of materials, you will find out that it can be used to decorate seven different places for lying in state.
102.     What is more,  the one that annoyed Me most which led to My taking this decision is this. You are all dumb dogs. Why is it that each time we are going to decorate a venue either for a wedding ceremony or burial ceremony, she will be given money to purchase materials?
103.     Do the materials expire after a single use? Are the materials set ablaze? Even when I see these materials shared among you to be washed and packed inside a Ghana-Must-Go bag for reused. I thought the essence of buying it is for the materials to be used if there be any other burial ceremony.
104.     Why is it that for every wedding ceremony, money will be disbursed for the purchase of decoration materials? Where then are the materials that were purchased before? Have they been sold? Are you foolish people?
105.     The cost of purchasing materials will now be higher than what could be given to a heathen in the location for the purpose of the same decoration even with the heathen’s materials which he or she takes back after the ceremony. Amen.

Do it in love and
not by exploitation (3)
I am of the view that this work is business. Do you destroy your materials where you have gone to work? Do you sell them?
2.           I will set up an investigative panel. I will investigate all that you have spent in decorating wedding halls and the Church hall for six years.
3.           I am Buhari. I am Buhari. I am calling all of you to question. Yes! If it is not done, listen to Me, we may be victims of something which I will withhold now. Buhari said that every Nigerian should go home and think about this.
4.           That Goodluck Jonathan gave a bill for the purchase of ribbon and scissors which was tied at the gate of Ajaokuta Steel company, he said that the scissors and the ribbon which they all lined up to cut was purchased for 2.5 billion naira. That was what was discovered on the desk of the Accountant General of the Federation.
5.           Red ribbon that was tied which was not up to three yards in length and a pair of scissors. The expenses for entertainment were not included in this bill. Just ribbon and scissors. Even if it is a golden scissors.
6.           Are you surprised? It is the same everywhere, because the people in government are embezzling the money through contract awards and execution. The person who suffers for it is the person in whose name the contract was awarded.
7.           Others will now go under the cover of his company and carry the money away. What you will now be hearing is the worth of the contract. The execution will never be seen. The money will now go into the pockets of the people involved, from the president to the least person.
8.           This is why I am setting up My own investigative panel. You will be audited for six years. You are going to list out all the money spent for the purchase of these cloth materials, ribbons for the decorations of the hall which expires after a single use.
9.           When the date for another ceremony is fixed, another set of materials are purchased, after which the materials will expire again. Are you foolish? Is anyone a goat?
10.        For that reason, from henceforth, when we are to have a wedding ceremony or any other ceremony, listen to Me.
11.        Apostle Ojiakor! Stand up! When we were preparing for the burial of Bishop Moses, the committee vested with the authority to handle the programme reported to Me from Enugu that the work which was given to Bro Okoh to execute, which he billed us twenty thousand naira, a heathen volunteered to do it at four thousand naira.
12.        Bro Ojiakor, true or false? Bro Ojiakor says, “True”. Bro Chizoba, true or false? Bro Chizoba says, “true”. Thank you! Amen. At the end of the day, a heathen gave us a perfect work. It has happened here.
13.        There was a time Pastor Christian was assigned to do a job for us and he billed us highly. He was the one that had been doing it without questioning. I said No.
14.        The job was now handed over to Bro Chizoba and Bro Chizoba gave us the thing better than what we anticipated and at the cheapest cost.
15.        The time Brethren were seeing the Bridal Faith as money-making-Faith is over. Every items purchased in the market must be verified. I must see the list through the Pastor. I must see the amount. I will like to see a break down.
16.        Vegetable oil, 5,000.00. Fish, 10, 000.00. This, four thousand. At the end of the day, you give Me the grand total. Then, I will check how much you spent out of the money that was given to you. After all, My wife runs a kitchen.
17.        There is no price of any type of oil that she does not know. There is no amount for crayfish that she does not know. You do not need to tell her the cost of a painter of Garri or painter of beans.
18.        If the way you see this Faith and also run the Faith is the way the Son of Man and all that are in the Missionary office see and run the Faith, do you think this Faith would have been alive till today? Do you think this Faith would have gone beyond Onitsha?
19.        Only God will reveal to you the level of sacrifices we are making to keep this Faith alive. Working without anything. At times bills will be presented about the people we are indebted to. And all of them are Brethren, for we are paying them, including the young ones that help in binding the publications.
20.        Did we offend anybody? Yet when the whole publication are ready they are all packed here. The ones that are given to Local Assemblies were taken away without redeeming the money even till now.
21.        If you call on Bro Chizoba to present the breakdown of the total indebtedness, you will shout. How do you expect us to cooperate? Without strict economy, this Faith would have died a natural death. A Faith that does not have a pool from where it is financed.
22.        Even the individuals you may be thinking that are helping us may not be helping. One came and gave Pastor Thomas money for the support of the Ministry. I told him to call him. You know him. Since the inception of this Faith, apart from this, has he ever given one naira designating it for the work of the Ministry.
23.        That was the day I spoke to you and I told you what is killing Brethren. If you give Me any envelope and say it is for the Son of Man’s welfare, it is not for the Ministry. Do you understand what I am saying? It is like giving your offerings and paying your vows. Are they the same thing?
24.        Whatever you think you are doing for the ministry, I more. I am not only preaching. I am not only teaching and spreading the gospel. I am also volunteering My money and My time. I have access to Brethren more than any of you. I know their problems more than any of you. I attend to their needs more than any of you.
25.        My phone is always on. I will be eating and answering calls at the same time. Even while I am with you, the calls keep coming in. Is it just to say hello?
26.        It is like we are now struggling to raise money to bury two separate brethren. Our brother at Nsukka, Mama Nkwe, at Awgwu in one day. Something we have never done before.
27.        A Local Assembly will come and give us five thousand. Some will give ten thousand, others will give six thousand. In other words, three thousand for Brother Victor, three thousand for Mama Nkwe. There is none with common sense enough to know that we are burring two corpses.
28.        If your local assembly gave us ten thousand naira in time past, you will now give us twenty thousand naira. There is not even an individual with the understanding that all fingers are not equal. If he gives ten thousand to the church, he has finished giving. It will be recorded for him and his family.
29.        His heart will not tell him that his local assembly is not as buoyant as you think. Let Me give then fifty thousand naira. Or if you will not give them, send it across to Me and designate it. It must get to Pastor Thomas. That is all.
30.        Now, we are struggling. The two budgets. We are spending about 450 thousand naira or more, excluding transportation. Onitsha has not raised 150 thousand. Enugu has not raised 150 thousand. And we are burying these two corpses on Thursday. Then, the Son of Man will go a-borrowing so that brethren will be buried.
31.        What I am saying is this. We are looking for a way to bury Ọzọkpọ. Then his brother Ewi was busy pocketing what had been collected. \See the worst that offends Me.
32.        It is better I come to Brother Emeka charging him to do a service for Me so that we can negotiate than collecting more than Brother Emeka should pay Me under normal condition for that job and still give the impression that I am doing it for him free of charge.
33.        A work that you can do for ten thousand, you will now do it for forty thousand naira and still behave as if you did it for Me free of charge or that you love Me so much.
34.        If I pay you for services, all the items I purchased belong to Me. At the end of your work, you return the items to Me. I can sell them or keep them for future use.
35.        If I hire you to cook for me for a pay and I also go ahead to hire cups and plates with which to serve the food, does it mean the plates and the cups belong to you? After everything you give Me back My plates and My cups. If I want to sell them, I will sell them. If not, I will keep them in case I need them tomorrow.
36.        But if you seize the money after your payment and cease My items, it is very very wicked of you. The Lord knows how to stem down the tide of death by taking away the plague. God is aiming at removing wickedness from the hearts of the brethren.
37.        It is because of this type of spirit that makes our Brethren decide to patronize heathens instead of patronizing the Brethren with the same skills. And you know that I have also been a victim of this.
38.        The same work a heathen will take one thousand naira from Me, a Brother will charge five thousand naira and will still eat and drink in My house. He will even sleep in My house. If he falls sick, I will still heal him. I also take care of his responsibilities. But for any service he will render to Me, I will pay for it.
39.        A heathen can render free service to Me but a Brother can hardly do that without remorse. He will be murmuring, grumbling, yet giving the impression that he rendered the service to Me free of charge, even when his charge for the service is greater than what a heathen will collect. Where then is the brotherhood? Where then is the sisterhood? Where am I benefitting?
40.        A Brother will see opportunity to work for a Brother as an opportunity to exploit him as if the Brother that is paying for the service has a money minting machine. It is a sign of wickedness. After all this, you will still come out and say, “Brother remain blessed, Sister remain blessed”, when you are defrauding Me and you still behave as if nothing happened. Who is the fool?
41.        Sister Victor Ugwu! At the end of the day, you and Brother Chizoba, Brother Chinedu when we dismiss to meet with the Pastors. Whatever they will tell you to do, do it. I have already approved certain things. Have you heard Me?
42.        When we dismiss, meet with the Pastors. Whatever they will tell you to do, do it. I have already approved certain things. It is better that I announce it now so that you do not come looking for Me after the service.
43.        For that reason, everybody should be very careful. Now that we are going for a burial in Awgwu.
44.        Mama Nkwe is to be buried in Awgwu. Will Awgwu people cook for us? Are we to mobilize the cooks from Awgwu? Why will you not agree with Me that the resources in a community is enough for the community?
45.        If not for one thing, I would have shifted many many things to Nsukka. But for one thing. What is that one thing? Brother Victor is a member of Onitsha Local Assembly. So, we own him hundred percent. It is our responsibility. Whoever that is selected will participate. And so it will be happening from now.
46.        Wherever a Brother dies, it will be the sole responsibility of the Local Assembly to bury the person even if the Local Assembly is made up of only two persons. We can only come to your rescue. Whatever you cook, we will eat it.
47.        If you now demand for Brethren that will help out in cooking, you will then pay for their transportation cost to and fro. Disease of the scalp goes with total haircut.
48.        The time for “Brother we will need some Sisters to come and join in the cooking” is over. Now, it is “Brother, how much do we pay to enable you send Sisters?” Yes!
49.        Do you not know that if you are an expert in cooking, people will be hiring you? Yes! This Faith has come of age when I will use those that know how to cook to make My own money. Yes! If anyone dies in Nsukka or Enugu and they call Me, I will calculate how much it will take and they will pay it direct to Me. I will then mobilize you with transport money and you go.
50.        This is true. All these people that are hired to cook everywhere, do they cook for free? Plus all the etceteram etceteram things. Excesses that will be tied up in polythene bags which will be put inside Ghana-Must-Go bags and covered with the materials used in the decoration.
51.        Profit and loss will be gathered together and calculated as one. Who is the goat here? Pilferage is not only in money matters. Food items can also be pilfered.
52.        This is not a laughing matter. I am talking about something we should be ashamed of. Instead, we should volunteer our services free of charge because we are affected. If everybody will collect money for whatever service he renders in the Faith, can we make any headway?
53.        Then we will be charging you for fuel for volunteering our vehicles. Who is a goat here? Look at this Brother here, Uche. From the day Bishop Moses died to the day he was buried and up till today, I know what he has been shuttling on the highway with his vehicle, morning, afternoon and night.
54.        How much was he paid to charter his vehicle? We that chartered vehicle, we know how much it took from us. Pastor Thomas, you know how much we paid to charter a vehicle. Money Money Money Money Money Money yet there is no money anywhere.
55.        One that is entrusted with drafting a list of items to be purchased will rather put a cost of twenty-five naira for the water he fetched from GTC. All for the sake of the work of the Ministry. Who is then the fool?
56.        For you to perform, you must make sure that you have repented and you have been converted. If you are not converted, that unconverted character must be manifested.
57.        Yes! Reports reaching Me from Umunguma is still fresh in My heart. Wherever they go for cooking, the Sisters that are cooking must quarrel among themselves. What will be left is to fight, especially Sister Egbuna. When she lets her mouth loose, it will be like the explosion of the oil bean pod.
58.        The Brethren she is cooking with will be avoiding her. If there be any Sister she does not want her presence, especially those that will point out the bad ingredients for her, she will never want to hear that one.
59.        Why was this thing brought here? Daddy will rebuke us if He sees this thing. Keep that thing there. I will put it like that. Who invited you here?  Go away from here. Go away from here. She was howling, not knowing that I was there. They were in Umunguma, but she did not know that I was in Umunguma ahead of time, not until she acted another one and her phone rang.
60.        She picked it and said, “Daddy, remain blessed.” I saluted her and told her that I just wanted to know how they were faring. She did not know I had already intimated Deacon Vin. Before then, her tongue was wagging.
61.        The same way I took them unawares in Ovoko. They saw My vehicle leaving after I had instructed Sister Ozioma on what to do. They thought I had gone home. They did not known that I came back through the other way and entered into the room where the wind of their discussion will be filtering in. Mad people!
62.        A Sister will be talking to her fellow Sister as if she is talking to an outcast. No respect! You have forgotten that you are talking to your fellow married woman with her own kitchen. What is the bone of contention? What is the bone of contention? Will they share the ingredients meant for the cooking among themselves?
63.        You must be converted. Six of you. You must be converted. You must have the spirit of God. You must have love for one another. The seed of the Holy Spirit must come into you. There should not be disagreement about what ingredient to be added to the food. 
64.        A body that is divided against itself must surely crumble. If you watch, for some time now, what they produce from their kitchen is trash. You eat food that is meant only for goats.
65.        Any wise fellow will understand that what they produce from their kitchen for some time now, especially during weddings and burials is nothing but food for goats.
66.        If there is anything you enjoy, it is the drinks and dancing. But for those who do not have choice, anything can go. You have been eating the food meant for goats.
67.        How I wish that these people who have been reassigned the job of cooking will now make the former cooks know that what we have been eating before now is food meant for goats. Food for goats!
68.        Tell them that they do not know how to cook. Is it the slaughtering and processing of the chicken that is difficult for you? Is it difficult to buy the chicken that had already been slaughtered?
69.         Is it difficult to mobilize Brothers to cut the meat and the fish for you? Is it to wash them with hot water and use it for cooking your food? See the way you are looking because of iniquity. Ministers’ wives!
70.        When God calls a man, he calls his wife. Your husbands should get their own share of the blame. Your husbands! All the Pastors should be blamed. You failed in your duties. You are the ones that were supposed to wake them up from their slumber and then query them.
71.        What are you then doing? Don’t you know that there is a problem? Don’t you know that your wives are the cause of all these troubles? Don’t you know that this responsibility is in your office?  Amen.

The time of ignorance, God has overlooked. Whether you are a Sister or Brother, if I receive any report based on exploitation, defrauding a Brother because he or she has taken you into confidence and entrusted a job into your hands to do, and you now see it as an opportunity for you to become a millionaire, inflating prices, inciting heathen workers to raise their bills, so that your own pay can come up. A sign of wickedness.
2.           Anywhere I received this report and investigate it in My own way, find out that it contains some elements of truth, that person must be punished beyond his imagination. Your relationship with Me notwithstanding.
3.           If you want to give a Brother a gift by way of service or to a Sister, you must come out fully. “Brother, I will do it for you, I do not want any payment. At least, let it be my contribution to what you are doing.” Brother will say, “Remain blessed.”
4.           But where you want to charge, let your charge be within moderation, giving Brother the room to negotiate. Contract is contract. It is subject to negotiation.
5.           Remember, when you think you are helping Brother, Brother is equally helping you by creating job for you. When you think you love Brother, Brother is also loving you by ignoring some of your faults which he could not have ignored if it is a matter between him and a heathen. Is it not true?
6.           Is there anybody that is a goat? Do you feed through the nose? Don’t you know our Message? The Golden Rule: “That which you delight that others should do to you, do it also to them.”
7.           I am sounding this way because Brethren have exploited Me more than any other. And I know the pains of being exploited by fellow Brethren. Very painful!
8.           You say I should keep enduring it and I have been enduring it. There was a limit to human endurance. You agree to work for a Brother, collect the money meant for the job and you disappear. And you will not refund the money that has already been paid to you. 
9.           Even when you end up doing the job, you will do something that is substandard. The job you have done is not commensurate with the money you collected. You charge ten thousand naira and then do a job that is worth one thousand five hundred and which is not presentable. 
10.        Besides, it will be over delayed until your brother will be denied the benefit for which cause he embarked on it. Somebody that has paid you to work for him has a purpose for doing that. You now collect the money for the job and then disappear.
11.        You did not do the work for him and also deny him the benefits for which cause he embarked on the work. Whenever you are called upon, you will tell a lengthy story of reasons, because you know that I will not arrest you with the police.
12.        But let Me tell you. He will do you more harm than the police. Defraud your brother, be among this category, you will remain poor till eternity. You will beg bread all the days of your life. You can never be given a place among the kings and rulers. This is the repercussion because you have defrauded your own Brother, your own Sister.
13.        Check it. Is there anybody who steals from his brother or sister that progresses in this life? Check where the stolen money is invested. Wherever it is invested, the business will close.
14.        That which you get from picking your teeth does not satisfy hunger. That which is scraped from the side of the pot goes straight to the side of the mouth. Do not ask Me why things are so difficult for Me. Ask yourself. Direct the question to yourself.
15.        We must check our attitudes to one another, to God, especially on matters involving money. What you know you cannot do to a heathen and that if you go ahead to do it, it will cause trouble, you harden your heart and do it to your Brother and when you are queried, you will even have the boldness to talk.
16.        You should not owe you Brethren anything but love. If you do not have the money to take care of your responsibility and you come to Me and explain things for Me, by the grace of God, if there is money I will give it to you.
17.        It is different for the fact that I have a project I embarked upon and I approach you as a workman for you to do the job for Me. We negotiated and agreed on the amount I will pay for doing the job. Gift is gift. I pay you for the job you are going to do for Me. You pocket My money, sneered at Me and abandon the job.
18.        When the money is exhausted, you will start telling stories. Any person that is a workman who first spends the money for the job he is yet to do, such a workman does not know the jobs he is supposed to do. Even when he decides to do the job, what he will do will not be the same thing he was supposed to do. It will now be management. Everybody should be very careful.
19.        If the reason why you are in this Faith is because you see it as a free Faith where you are recognized, you are accorded recognition that could not have been given to you in any denomination because we are few in number, we know ourselves.
20.        Many of you we are employing for one job or the other, if you happen to be in a Roman Catholic, nobody will know that you are existing. You happen to be in a Pentecostal, nobody will know that you are a member. But we are recognizing you because we are few in number.
21.        We are patronizing you because we are of the opinion that it will help you. It is better we give the work to a Brother than to give it to a heathen.
22.        Reasons: one, he will charge us moderately. Two, he will give us the best quality. Three, he will give us urgent attention. Four, he will help to protect the work from error. Sometimes, they will come and create problems so that they will remain in one work till eternity.
23.        A job that will not take him up to ten minutes to execute and go home, he will be fiddling with the job and walking up and down.
24.        Some will even come having made up their minds that they will eat in the morning, eat in the afternoon, and eat in the night for a work that should not last for more than one hour. At the end of the day, you will still pay him.
25.        All to give the impression that the job is a difficult one. He will put a nail today, tomorrow he will return to tighten it with a screw. The next day he will fix a bolt. That is the reason for all the transport cost which I give to him and the food he eats all to increase the pay.
26.        But you hire a heathen who will want you to show him what he is supposed to do. He will get a ladder, go straight to the work and in a matter of minutes, he is done with the job and he moves to another location.
27.        Our own Brethren is somewhere, jobless. You offer him a job opportunity, he will convert it to a dormitory. It will become a hostel. 
28.        All of you that are guilty, you will remain guilty in the sight of God until you make it right. This is not a matter of saying, I have set you free. I will only set you free when you come to Me telling Me, “I have made it right with my Brother, with my Sister and with the Body of Christ.”
29.        I have made it right. I have explained everything to him and I have made up my mind that there would not be a repeat occurrence. Enough is enough. After a period of silence, we must talk.
30.        If we are not careful, money and money-minded people will take us into captivity. The type of appetite for money which I am seeing in your midst, if the same is found in Me, this Ministry would have stopped.
31.        The Son of Man would have usurped the authority and then forced all of you to be paying Me whatever you are collecting as your offering and everything and you will be paying the money to Me. Even if you refuse to pay, at least, I am in Onitsha. I would have been controlling all your accounts. Or you think I do not have need of money?
32.        What is it? The benefits you will derive from money which I do not have anything to benefit. When will this foolishness stop in us? If a job is assigned to a Brother and there is no pay attached to the job, he will see it as an abomination. When you work for the Faith, you will be paid for it. If you are not paid, you will pay yourself.  
33.        Like I got a report some time ago. A Sister opened her mouth and made a statement before a fellow Sister who accompanied her to buy the things that will be used for a Brother’s wedding. She said that if she was working, that she will be getting at least four thousand every day.
34.        For that reason, she pocketed ten thousand naira. She also offered the Sister two thousand and she refused to take the money. She now put it back into her bag. This was before anything was done about the wedding.
35.        What type of foolishness is this? Be very careful. Foolish people! If you had even done the job, I would not have anything to say. You refused the work that is assigned to you. You refused to play your roles and the enemies entered between your wings to trouble us. Everybody should be careful. Everybody should be very careful.
36.        If you want to make merchandize, go outside and make merchandize. Do not make merchandize with your Brothers and Sisters using every opportunity that comes your way.
37.        It is just like now that our Brother is preparing for his wedding on the 19th. We know him. We know the wife. We know how they have been laboring. Who does not know that there is hardship on the land? Look at our Brother who is a banker there. Bro Victor! Has the cash flow into you bank not reduced? Watch the dividend to investors and everything.
38.        Even the newspaper carried it on Thursday that banks in Nigeria are experiencing financial crunch. It is in the newspaper.
39.        I mean, what is wrong with us? Who does not know that there is hardship on the land? It is just like our Brother who is wedding. When he checks the amount he will use in the hiring of hall and the expenses attached to it, some other people will be trying to capitalize on this opportunity to make their own money. Instead of looking for a way to support him, you are now devising a means to exploit him.
40.        At any point in time, you are either supportive or destructive. You are either supportive or destructive. It is applicable to the faith you are in.
41.        At any point in time, you are either supporting the cause of Christ or destroying the cause of Christ. You are either in support of this Ministry or you are against this Ministry.
42.        Anybody that exploits his brethren, exploits the body of Christ using opportunities, is the person not destroying? You are destroying the Faith. You are destroying love.
43.        If the Brother should get annoyed and have you arrested by the police it will then be noised abroad. You are a tempter for you are causing somebody to do that which he does not want to do. Iniquity begets harsh rebuke? A wicked fellow brings about harsh rebuke.
44.        Do you rebuke a person for good behavior? What brings about extreme anger? It is wickedness and provocation. When the offended person speaks, he will be seen as overreacting. You that has over acted, do you not see it? You see the person that has overreacted, but you have not seen the person that overacted. Wherever there is rebuke, iniquity abides there.
45.        The message we should have read since morning, that message is packed. I am talking because evil people are found in our midst. I am shouting to stamp out wickedness from the Camp.
46.        If you know how those that fire gun shots during ceremonies are hired in all communities, that is the same way we will be hiring many things.
47.        Just like I have earlier said, we are going to Nsukka to bury our late Brother, Victor Ugwu. The only money we will disburse will be the money we will give to his relations to help us hire canopies and seats. Firewood and water will be the responsibility of our Brethren in Nsukka and Enugu-Ezike.
48.        Another disbursement we will make is to our Brother Sam beer to supply the pure water and the drinks we will use there. All the foods and their condiments including meat, fish, rice, beans, yam, all the vegetables, I command all these Sister here to list them down, go to the market and purchase all of them.
49.        Make sure that they are all ready by Wednesday when you will leave for Nsukka, for the burial is on Thursday. The same vehicle that will carry the cooks will also carry the food items and the condiments.
50.        The food will not get there first. Neither will the cooks get there first. Both the food and the cooks are all entering at the same time. When they get there, they face their business.
51.        The relation of the dead will now show us the place where the corpse will be kept. People die in their community and they are brought back home for burial. Then they should help us to engage the services of the person that will decorate the room. We will pay. It is better. It is cheaper. When the ceremony is over, the person will also dismantle the decoration and go his way.
52.        We will also hire a live band from Nsukka. We will engage the person that performed during the burial of Bishop Moses to also perform this time. It is better than mobilizing a DJ from Onitsha and paying the transport fare to and from Nsukka. There is no wisdom there. The resources of a community is enough for that community.
53.        These are part of the austerity measures I am putting in place to check too many things. If you like, call it change 2016. Not 15, but 16, because I do not want any one of us to die this year. When we are through with the Brethren that have died already, when we enter into 2016, when death comes, we will know what to do.
54.        We would not die again. We have had enough of death. Yes! What will stop us from dying is our repenting from the things that bring about death. You are inviting death when you are living a life that is against our doctrine.
55.        There are lifestyles that bring death into the Camp. There are also lifestyles that scare death away finally. When you live a life that is evidently against our doctrine, what you are saying is, “Death! You are invited.”
56.        Is there anything that brings death if not sin? Death comes from sin. If we stop offending God, death will run away from the Camp.  
57.        Whatever that remains, as I am talking to Onitsha, I am talking to Enugu at the same time. I am using one stone to kill two birds. After the burial, we will now come back and discuss the wedding. The wedding is taking place in Onitsha. When it is time for that, we will talk about it. Let us finish with the burial first.
58.        Our Brethren from Enugu where the burial is coordinated, be mindful of your activities and be vigilant. Create no room for the devil. I am very much impressed with the progress so far made. Remain blessed.  

Only Facts are Convincing


Only Facts are Convincing
Another round of applause for the Almighty God, Brethren. You are blest Brethren. To God be the glory. That is the love of a father to his children. Always correcting us. As we have heard from the mouth of the Almighty God.
2.           Only Facts are Convincing (Unabridged) preached on 13th March 2005 at the Household of God at Onitsha, by Apostle Peter Odoemena.
3.           Page 60 verse 93 “You see why I am going to monitor this package. This package you are hearing now, is what I called Second Quarter Package. It passed through April to June. Death passed through January to March.
4.           It could have continued but it will bring blasphemy to the Name of God. God permitted it to instill fear in us so that we can rush back to Him and remain alive.
5.           But now, I have made a prayer before you pleading that God will stem down the tide of death and sicknesses among us, so that we shall live to be beneficiaries of His promises.
6.           So, we have sorrowed from January to March. No more pray to God. I remembered about two days ago, around ten o’clock in the night, Sister Rose called. Her voice was gone. She was perspiring.
7.           After everything, My wife was weeping. She said, “Daddy, does it mean Sister Rose is going to die?” I said, “No, she won’t die.”
8.           I have reasons for sending her to Abagana. She will recover.” I am tired of attending burials. I wanted this burial to visit every local assembly. I told her plainly; It was My desire that every local assembly will bury at least one before I will hold it.
9.           But for one reason, I decided to peg it believing that we have understood something. I will also open the package again. It is a fountain. It is a fountain. Do you know that?
10.        Son of Man speaks: That was ten years ago. 2005. And in 2015, the fountain was opened again.
11.        Yesterday was a day of testimonies of prophecies that fulfilled. Prophecies that were taken for granted, before our eyes yesterday, the testimonies reaching us confirmed that all of them fulfilled to the letter, to the glory of God.
12.        One came from Enugu-Ezike. The prophecy according to them went forth in 2003 concerning a man that confiscated their father’s land, threatening to wipe off the whole family.
13.        They appealed to Me to fight the man to retrieve their land, I said, “No, if you go, no flesh shall be saved in your family. Leave him alone. He will live, you will live. He will call you to come and take your father’s land.
14.        And whenever he calls, pretend as if you are no longer interested. He will summon you with elders and release the land with a plea that you should forgive him.” Since 2003.
15.        This year 2015, the man called the brothers to come and take their father’s land he has been holding for twenty-one years. They refused, telling him they were no longer interested in that land.
16.        The man summoned the elders of the land, they came to the family, knelt down and pleaded with them to please take their father’s property, that he has never seen peace for twenty-one years for holding that land. So the brethren recovered their father’s property peacefully.
17.        While we are there, I received a phone call. Something that took place about the year 2002. Our former Elder, Nwosu took a third wife at Aba. Hired a house and placed the woman there.
18.        Trouble ensued in his family. Our Sister Chinenye ran mad. The trouble became so much that the family was shattered. Elders of the land looked into the matter. Our Elder, Nwosu, now late hardened his heart.
19.        Notable personalities from his in-laws came. He said, “Over his dead body.” Sister Chinenye became extremely violent with his sons and daughters. Brother Chikee. You know about this matter. You are equally with Me. It was not an easy one. A very bloody matter.
20.        So, one day, the matter was so hot that they were almost at spilling blood. A relation of Elder Nwosu said that it will take the Son of Man alone to handle that matter, seeing that He is the only person that will speak and Chinenye will pay attention.”
21.        On that day, the elders of the land invited Me. I went along side with Deacon Mike and his wife and Okechukwu Nwankpa. We met them at the filling station, together with late Solomon Emerem. The 419 king, with his jeep, escort and his big dog.
22.        Okey Nwankpa wanted to salute him, I said, “He will disgrace you because he must have taken a title.” Okey Nwankpa hardened his heart because they were class mate at St. Ephraim’s Owerri.
23.        He left us, went to Solomon near Solomon’s vehicle and said, “Aaah! Solo Emerem.”
24.         Solomon looked at him, gazed at him from head to toe more than ten times with his kangol cap and escort even the big dog. Turned, examined him again.
25.        I gave Okey a sign, he came back to Me. We were there with him, waiting for Elder Nwosu. The young man faced Elder Nwosu said, “Elder Onyekachi. You have scattered your house in anger. I will have to go now, but I will be back in the evening. You have broken your home ignorantly Elder Kachi. What put you into this type of thing?” 
26.        He said, “See! My God has come and He will bail me out. Looked at Him. The Son of Man. He came from Onitsha because of this matter.”
27.        That was when the young man now advanced and said, “Sir, you are welcome. May God help you to achieve this thing. I will come in the evening.”
28.        While he was about to enter his car, he looked at Okey again. They left and I now spoke to Okey, “Your saving grace is our presence. If not for our presence, you would have entered Solomon’s jeep.
29.        He would have ordered his escort to push you in and that would have been the last. I told you, he must have taken a traditional title. He expected you to call him by that title and you used your school days joke to approach him.” And it fulfilled to the letter.
30.        When we got home, enquired from the Elder why the young man behaved the way he behaved. He told us that he noticed it that the way Bishop Okey approached him is wrong. That he is a traditional title holder.
31.        That was the day I spoke concerning him. I said, “Nevertheless, his death has come. Any moment from now, you will hear what will befall him. His own group must gun him down and it will be at this Isi-Alangwa. We noted it.”
32.        That was why when it happened, it was Okey that rushed to My house reminded Me of the prophecy saying that somebody called him telling him that Solomon’s gang pursued him into his father’s house and gunned him down, abandoning millions there together with his vehicle.
33.        Now when got to our late Elder’s house, I handled that matter, making our sister to realize that she was not the first wife. That she ousted the first wife. That she was a maid and a sister to the first wife but gave herself to be impregnated by her in-law.
34.        To save his face, the man married her. When the elderly one could not bear the shame, she ran to Aba hired a house which our late Brother continued maintaining until he died. He was responsible for the rent, the feeding and everything.
35.        I made a statement. I said, “Sister, stop reacting because whether you like it or not, any day your husband gives way by death, the sons of the woman must surely bring her back.
36.        But you will only pray that they will not bring her back in this house. But take note, this house belongs to the first son and your son is not the first. Begin now to talk to him.
37.        While we were watching the drama, the man died. Before his burial, trouble ensued in the family over property. Elders of the land came and decided the case that Sister Chinenye’s inheritance according to the will is the backyard, the kitchen line. That the main house belongs to the first son and the mother.
38.        They parked Sister Chinenye’s property into the backyard. I kept quiet. When they invited My attention, I did not speak. The reason was that during the burial, they concluded that it will be unfair for their mother who never for one day visited their father when he was sick to be invited for the burial; that it will look as if they were coming to laugh at their father. Their mother agreed and stayed back at Aba.
39.        Yesterday, we were together in My house as Elders. My phone rang. It was Sister Chinenye Nwosu.
40.         She said, “Daddy, there is something very important I want to discuss with you. My husband’s sons came back, went to Aba and brought their mother back home.”
41.        I said, “What?” She said, “They brought their mother back.” I said, “In the same compound?” She said, “No. The second son built a house outside the compound and that is where he settled his mother and went back to London.”
42.        I said, “Sister, are you discomforted?” She said, “She just wanted to tell Me.” I said, “Thank you, praise God. Look at the prophecy, look at the date. I mentioned all the witnesses.” I went there and came back with a life goat given to Me by the family for deciding the case.
43.        Brother Mike carried the live goat in his vehicle down here; down to Onitsha. I then told her to thank those children very well for not humiliating her.
44.        They know the implications; that it will be very disastrous and that woman, being a virtuous woman would not tolerate that. To be settled in the same compound with her maid who later became her competitor in marriage.
45.        To avoid that trouble that will bring humiliation, they built their own house, brought their mother back, temporarily. Be it known to you that they did it to avoid breaking your heart, for you were the one that nurtured them to life.” She confirmed it.
46.        I said, “Okay, take note. Any day you give way, the first son must surely settle their mother in this house. If she dies, the first son must bring the corpse to this house. Cause your children to understand that this house belongs to the first son. But the first son will not take this house while you are alive, lest your heart will break.
47.        But any day you give way, that is the day all your children will be chased out from this house and out of that compound. So, better tell them to look for a place as I told you before.”
48.        When the boy was renovating the father’s house, I queried it before the burial. “You are misguiding your son, Chigozie. You should have told this boy what I said. To go and get a land, build his house, for he has no his inheritance in this compound.
49.        Yes! I know what the man documented in his will. It was that will that Mr. William executed giving Sister Chinenye the backyard. That is where a maid should stay.”
50.        What am I saying? The prophecies of 2002, 2003 came to pass before our eyes. Not minus, not plus. Though it tarried, yet it came to pass.
51.        Cast your mind back, has God at any point in time spoken concerning your condition? You see why you must be mindful of the voice that roared on you. Though it tarries, wait for it. Thank you.
52.        Only facts are convincing verse 95 “After all, it is recorded in the scriptures that the Lord is going to open up a fountain, not a fountain of life but a fountain of death among the people of Israel because of their transgressions. I am telling you the truth.
53.        If it is not as a result of Brethrens’ pleading, I would have permitted it to rise as a test to many families but I thank God. That was the time I nearly split up. I have a good reason for that. I do not shout in vain here.
54.        Some of you may not know what I am saying. The message was handled here on Wednesday. As many as were here, 99% felt guilty and it was your attitude that made Me change My mind.
55.        Seeing you have proclaimed yourself guilty, in other words, I did not tell lies that I changed My mind. I said, “God, permit Sister Ngozi to survive and she will learn a lesson. Finish.”
56.        To Sister Rose, I made a prayer on her. She learnt a lesson because she erred – she erred. If the Lord should visit her according to the level of her transgression, she will be in the grave.
57.        Nevertheless, may the love of God project. Let Me stem down the tide of death, lest our enemies will blaspheme.
58.        All I said here on Wednesday concerning Bishop Chikee of Isiala-Ngwa and the death of his son, Brother Chike confirmed all before Brother Kelechi and Brethren that went to bury the child. They confirmed all to be the truth.
59.        You cannot be defeated in a battle until you defeat yourself before going. When you drop your arms at home and go to battle empty handed, are you going to catch your enemies alive with ordinary hands?
60.        BELIEVE IN HIM WHOM HE HAS SENT preached on the Sunday 1st June 2010 at the Household of God, Onitsha, by Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man, The Supreme Intelligence.
61.        It is better to become blind and enter paradise than to have your eyes open and run into difficulties, because there are three major things that put a human being into conflict with God. Number 1: Your eyes. Number 2: Your ears. Number 3: Your mouth.
62.        If these three things do not put you into trouble, you are secured. Your Eyes, Your Mouth, Your Ears.
63.        Human beings have succeeded in checking many things, but I am yet to see one that has succeeded in checking the use of his eyes, the use of his ears and the use of his mouth. Is it a lie?
64.        It has pleased the Lord that we continue with the Message, THE BEGINNING AND ENDING OF GENTILES’ DISPENSATION, PART 3. Preached on Sunday, 3rd August, 1997 at the Household of God Onitsha, by Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man, The Supreme Deity. Remain blessed in Him eternally.