Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: HAVING A PERFECT UNDERSTANDING OF THE FAITH (The Bridal Faith) Volume 1

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Preached  Sunday, March 29th 2015 At  THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ONITSHA By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “the lord god almighty“Truth has no substitute” © BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

Our Heavenly Father we are here because you bid us to come; And we have responded to your call, for no human being can resist your call. You invited us because you wanted to. You invited us because you have made us objects of your pleasure. You invited us O God, Father that you may give us life and more abundantly.
2.        What is more? That we might become partakers of Eternal Life
through what Christ has already accomplished for us even before the foundation of the world.
3.        Father, out of your love, you decided that we shall be beneficiaries of your bountiful mercies. We bow down before you, the Creator of heavens and earth, The Only One and True God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace, The King of kings, The Counselor.
4.        Beside you, O God, there is no other God in heavens and on earth, beneath the earth and till eternity, there would not be any other God. Father, we appreciate you this moment. We give you the whole praise, the whole glory, honour, thanksgiving, worship and adoration because of who you are.
5.        Consider us through Christ’s blood that was shed on our behalf for the remission of the sins of all that belong to you even before the world began, whose names have already been documented in your own Book of Life.
6.        Father, we come just as we are. We cannot do anything to better our lives. If we are to work out our salvation, definitely, we will be like other people in the world. We thank you because you are our salvation, our sanctification, our holiness, our perfection, even our redemption. You are our righteousness
7.        Father, we really appreciate you. Till eternity, you will be our God. Thank you Father for what happened yesterday. Thank you for what is happening today. In all, there has never being any adverse report reaching us from any family that is called by your Name in all the four winds of the earth. A sure sign that you are giving us adequate protection even at a time like this.
8.        Father, to you belongeth the victory, to you belongeth O King of Glory, the Majesty, now and even till eternity. Today is another wonderful day. As we present ourselves before you, so we lift up other of our Brethren in the same household of Faith before you scattered abroad, even those that have believed in you through, O God, the website. Unite all of us in the Godhead.
9.        Now we have come to the end of all things, and we know the world cannot be better again. Lord, one thing we ask of Thee is this: Keep on upholding all of us faithfully till the end. May you never forsake us.Twenty-four hours of the day, turn your face towards us for good and not for our destruction.
10.    Having decided within yourself to save us even before the world began, let it please you O! Lord of Host to save us to the utmost seeing that we have trusted and confided in you through Christ our Saviour who is revealed to us in our own day in human form to enable us to worship you rightly. Strengthen Him, even the Man on your right hand, The very Son of Man that He will continue O! God without wavering.
11.    Father, we really thank you today. In any way the Devil will try to buffet us about or anoint us with false anointing to distract our attention from the Word, Lord we pray, do not allow that to happen. Insulate all your children completely from such attacks.
12.    Father, let your Name be exalted. Make your Name Mighty in the midst of your children everywhere. Let your Name stand tall. May no human being take your praise. Father we thank you because you have heard our prayers.
13.    Comfort the broke-hearted. Comfort those that are sorrowing. Heal O! God as many as are sick. Strengthen every feeble knee. Create hope where there is no hope. Answer the daily prayers which your children bring to you every day.
14.    That trouble that is perplexing their hearts, Father solve that problem, that their joy shall be O Lord in full. I have presented this request to you, O! LORD of HOST as One you listen to and I believe you will scrutinize My request and you will do that which is right in your sight that your Name will remain ever praised in the worshipping Congregation of your people for answering our prayer, through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

Brethren, you are welcome to the Presence of God. Do you know you are happier than the politicians? The person that will die today is still alive this morning. He will die for the person who does not know whether he is existing.
2.        Do you know that all these key politicians that are contesting for political positions, all their children are studying abroad?
3.        They never brought any of them down to come and file to cast vote for them. They themselves are on standby waiting for any eventuality and they will leave the country for they have all their travel documents ready. Allow politicians to vote for their fellow politicians. Finish!
4.        Nobody is worthy to die because of politics except politicians, since you know that your own is kangaroo politics which does not cross your bedroom. Nigeria does not even know that you belong to any party. There is nobody in this Bridal Faith that Nigerians has ever recognized as a politician. Not even one!
5.        If you say you are one tell me the name of the party you belong to and give Me the name of your national chairman straight away. Tell Me his phone number, his residential address. I will take you seriously.
6.        Yesterday, I saw President Goodluck Jonathan. Because he was seeking the mandate, he was shaking the hand of the electorates, patting them at the back, I mean, claiming to be friendly. He was begging to their votes. He knows what he is gaining there. He knows what he will forfeit if he is voted out.
8.        Watch the economy, any moment from now, I think I will be privileged to hold My last press conference where I will air My views about this nation and their leaders both past and present.
9.        I wish to say it without mincing words. Nigeria has only produced two leaders. Number one is Yakubu Gowon, number two is Buhari. Crucify Me if you can!
10.    These two personalities left something behind which we are reaping the benefits today. General Yakubu Gowon never exploited Nigeria, rather he pledged his life for the unification of Nigeria. He was a patriot. The man that ousted him had nothing against him. And that was Murtala Muhammed.
11.    He ousted him because he felt Yakubu Gowon had over stayed; having stayed in the office for nine consecutive years. He felt it was necessary to effect a change in the leadership. Finish! He never accused him of running a corrupt regime. And the man never enriched himself. That is why he has the boldness to move about.
12.    Abdulsalami would have performed but he was a reformer. Yes! Abdulsalami was a reformer; In short, he was given a baby of circumstances.   
13.    You know how he came to power. He was not our president neither was he the Head of State. He came to redeem a very horrible situation, and immediately announced a transition programme which he never defaulted.
14.    Nobody has ever accused Abdulsalami Abubakar of corruption. He left Nigeria’s economy very very dependable and reliable. We must be very very careful of the way we assess things. Do not buy people’s opinions but be right in your own judgment.
15.    Hear Me very well. There has never been a government that vandalized the economy of Nigeria more than the government of Goodluck Jonathan. He sold Nigeria to his friends here. He placed Nigeria for sale. That is the only way I can put it. He just placed Nigeria for sale.
16.    When he sold off what his ancestors, his predecessors laboured to build because he could not manage them, what is left again? He has sold Power Holding. He has sold Nigerian Ports Authority. He has sold everything. The whole oil sector owned by Nigeria has been sold under his privatization. Individuals now possessed everything.
17.    And watch where we are. Why are we talking of unemployment? Is it not because few individuals have hijacked the economy? The whole cement industries in Nigeria are now being owned by Dangote. He owns Nigerian Ports Authority. Nigeria Airways has been sold. Railway has been sold to the Indians. What is left?
18.    The refinery is about to be sold. If not for the demonstration of PENGASSAN and NUPENG, by now we would not be having anything like refinery in Port Harcourt. And of all the three refineries, which one is working? All of them are just there.
19.    Now, the crude oil we are producing in millions and billions of barrels every day, are being exported. They ship crude oil abroad where they built their own refineries; refine our crude oil in their private refineries only to import the fuel on extra exorbitant price for us to buy.
20.    Watch the exchange rate of naira, let Me tell you, Unless you are not a sound economist. Strengthen your money and you strengthen your economy. There is no way you can strengthen your economy when your money is valueless.
21.    When you devalue your money, you devalue your economy. You attract foreigners who will exploit the situation to just buy you over. He is running a pupPET regime.
22.    Obama is there with his group, all dictating to him what he should do. And all his policies favour his foreign partners. That is why they are hailing him for he opened the door for them to flood in.
23.    Look at, China has now possessed your Nigerian market with substandard goods. Watch what you call your handsets, vehicles, everything even T-shirts, your underwears, everything now come from China, Dubai, this and that. All substandard!
24.    Now, you buy one singlet, put it on, the following day wash it, it is all over. Watch your shoes, from Dubai and things like that. Who vandalized this nation? We better address this truth as individuals
25.    My joy is this: I am not a Nigerian. Nothing gives Me joy more than that. I am just a stranger here, a foreigner. I have never attempted casting vote for any individual since I was born till today. And I have never failed, I have never failed to obtain My voters card.
26.    I will have it to show you that if I want to, I will cast the vote. But talk of going there, there has never been one that has won My confidence. For that reason, it is an exercise in futility for Me to go there and waste My precious time. If I do not have anything doing, I will go and sleep.
27.    To God be the glory. I thank God that all of you are intact. Remain intact. We are in Nigeria. We are not a part of this Nigeria. If we are a part of this Nigeria, what is troubling others will be troubling us.
28.    There are too many people that will never go to fellowship today including the clergy men like Ayo Oritsejafor. All of them, the so-called Christian Pastors and Reverend Fathers who will be vying for Jonathan, not even one will go to Church today.
29.    Most of them slept at the polling centres, while some slept at the collation centers. Some vowed they will never go home until the result is published. But it is not so to us for we are pilgrims, we are strangers.
30.    We are looking forward to a city whose builder and maker is Jehovah. It is only in Christ that we will have peace. In this world, we must have troubles because we are strangers. We are pilgrims. Whatever that pertains to Nigeria should be left for Nigerians.
31.    Whatever pertains to the Kingdom of God should be left for the children of the Kingdom. You are the children of the Kingdom. It is because of you that Christ died. Because of you, a Messiah is sent.
32.    Thus, do not allow anything to disturb you. If you are being disturbed because of politics, it is a sure sign that you are a politician.
33.    Many travelled home because of politics thinking that if their own candidate will win, he will appoint them commissioners and ministers. Do you know the people that applied for such positions? People that spent billions.
34.    I never knew what politics was all about until the managing director of Orange Drugs, Tony Ezennia, vied for governorship of Imo State. All the millionaires in Ideato including My own boss, gave forty, forty million naira to the man. Buying positions for their sons ahead of time.
35.    Unfortunately, the man failed. And there is no way they could make trouble with him because the money was used to make politics.
36.    Then I realized that positions had always been bought ahead of time. The Commissioner for Finance would have been Ifeanyi, the son of Chief Pasal Dozie. The young man that owns MTN. His father pleaded for him to be the Commissioner of Finance of Imo State, being a big accountant. But unfortunately, Tony failed. And the money was lost. Everything!
37.    Thus, if you are sitting down in our midst and you are expecting to be the Commissioner of Agriculture in your community because of your only vote, nobody knows you are there. If you like, you can kill somebody because of the man. Government will arrest you, imprison you and the man will not know what is happening.
38.    I like the way you sat at home if you really sat at home. If you voted, it never made you a sinner. I equally appreciate the way you went there, cast your vote and left the scene one way.
39.    But remember, if you did not cast your vote for anybody, you have no reason to complain about bad leadership.
40.    Did you get the message? Thus, whether good or bad, anything I see, I go take am. Hence, even monkey or dragon can rule. Finish! Amen.

Brethren, we really thank God for everything. The report reaching Me here confirm that we are all intact. Because throughout yesterday, I was busy monitoring developments around the brethren given them instruction especially those in the troubled zones like the Northern States, Lagos, Port Harcourt, even our police officers.
2.        Thank God, Brother Silas, I can see your face. You got My message? (He answered “Yes sir”). Thank you very much. Brother Collins, all of you, I made sure I hovered everywhere.
3.        You know it is not easy? Especially the uniform brothers in our midst and sisters who were on duty because there was no way they could dodge it. I made sure they were posted to areas that were not troublesome. Even our Brother Mode who was seated at the seat of the whole trouble, the Lord insulated him from the flying bullets. Not even one touched him in Port Harcourt.
4.        Let nobody ever fool you into believing that the election was violent-free. Na lie!Na lie!
5.        Do not worry. At the end of the day, you will begin to hear reports from across the nation. Remember, that we are talking about pre-election. Remember that there must be post-election. That is, when the result is announced.
6.        How I wish, they made Me INEC chairman. You know what I will do? If I come to the point where Jega is now, for the first time, election is carried over. Voting started yesterday and continued today. It has never happened since the history of Nigeria.
7.        Continuous voting. Police officers remained there. Everybody remained there. If I were the man, I will excuse Myself that I was rushing home to change My garment. From there, phone call will be from London. They can announce their result.
8.        This was the mistake Professor Humphrey Nwosu made. He thought Nigerians were sincere. He announced and they arrested him. I mean, the man saw hell. He saw hell.
9.        This was exactly the situation. Yes! Deep in the hearts of all these people, many have announced the result before they went to the polls. But what if the result is contrary to the one they announced? You know it is not easy for the opposition to win? But sometimes, the opposition can win.
10.    In Imo State, opposition sacked Ohakim. Opposition sacked Governor Ohakim Ikedi. Opposition can win. I am not saying that opposition is winning, but I am saying that the result can be something we not envisaged.
11.    Is Brother Tony Egbuna in the fellowship? He is not in the fellowship. Thank God. If he is here, he would have told you that I told him that his master will surrender to his sister at the dying minutes.
12.    Remember I was the One that announced to you when there was no sign that Peter Obi must end it going back to PDP. I told you. Just watch.
13.    Yesterday in the breaking news, while the election was on we received a breaking news that the man who was vying for senatorial seat, who was being voted for surrendered to his sister. He surrendered to Stella Oduah while voting was on.
14.    Is it not a drama? I do not think there is a drama greater than this. His supporters were voting for him. While they were voting, struggling that he should win, announcement came from Akwa. If you were one of the supporters, what will you do? Many, many things are happening.
15.    Do not pin your hope in Nigeria and its politics. Pin your hope in Christ and Christ alone. Remember, when God is about to fulfill His promise, His prophecy, He sets a wave in motion.
16.    Do not forget this fact that God said and I quote: “It remains one military regime.”
17.    What if at the end of the day there is no winner and there is no loser? The result is announced. This party says no, this party says yes, chaos arises. What will happen? The military!
18.    But remember that before then, Interim National Government (ING) had already been in the making. But it is unconstitutional. And somebody had already been placed there, no less than the rank of a Lieutenant General as standby. Any eventuality, everybody off. He will be there, restore sanity and announce a transition programme. He would not stay more than six months.
19.    Simply be on the alert. Remember, all these things are tied to your flight. Next month will be April. I have not forgotten the message I am promised to handle on “CHRIST OUR PASSOVER”.
20.    For there is going to be a remarkable Passover this time around for it is going to take place in the 49th year. Bear Me witness. I know what I am saying. It is going to take place at exactly six thousand, five hundred and seventy something. Just take note of what I am saying.
21.    We are about to celebrate a very wonderful Passover. It cannot be a Jewish Passover. It is going to be Passover for the sons and daughters of God. It is very much with us right now. That is why things are going the way they are going. Everything pointing to the end, to the end.
22.    Thus, whatever you are doing, do not lose sight of the hour you are in. politics will continue. Everything will continue. God is not waiting for anybody. God is busy with His own timetable.
23.    Remember, you are the timetable of God, I am the timetable of God. If the Bride has made herself ready, what do you expect? What else do you expect?
24.    The perfection of the Bride is already in the Bride.The righteousness of the Bride is already in the Bride. What makes the Bride the people of God is already in the Bride.
25.    The prophet said it concerning the Purged Church. How do you know it? The Elohim must surely step in. The moment everything is set.
26.    Remember where we started shaping the body to accommodate, right from Abagana. We started shaping the body to accommodate the spirit. We started shaping the Garment right from Abagana: “God’s plan in establishing His Church.  Then, The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation.”
27.    How I wish we can lay hands on these two messages especially “The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation.”  Another message is, “What time is it Church." What time is it Church.
28.    The Lord willing, we will be having our Sunday school. The Cloud is here. Those people outside, you can come in and stop coming late. Lateness can be dangerous at times.
29.    Brother Ben Okezue, if you are feeling uncomfortable, you can excuse yourself, go. It does not make you a sinner. Blood is thicker than water. I know that. If you are feeling uncomfortable, you can go.
30.    He was coming to fellowship this morning. He is not living in his hometown anymore. Along the way, he got a call that his younger brother died last night. But what hindered them from calling you when he died?
31.    If you are feeling uncomfortable, you can go home. But how I wish you can have the courage to call them. Tell them to take decision to put the body in the mortuary or to decide that the body will be buried this evening. Whatever is there decision is your own.
32.    You better go and call them to see whether you can get them. But if you are very uncomfortable I advise you to go. It does not make you a sinner. The Translation will not take place until you are fully settled.
33.    Let Me tell you, if God would have drop Brother Ben, He would have dropped him long, long time ago. For no Minister has ever committed crime against this body more than Brother Ben Okezue. Amen.



Remain blessed brethren. We thank God for what He is doing in our midst. William Branham when he was alive said that, “God is looking for a group of people He will control by His Word.”
2.        And God has succeeded through the message of the Son of Man, allotted to Him in this our Gentile dispensation of Grace to have a people He has controlled and He is still controlling them by His Word. And we are living beneficiaries. We are happy that we are among the saved.
3.        When the votes were taken up there with God, of the people that will be on the earth during the time the Son of Man will appear, most of the angels were interested to know the type of people. Even the prophets were saying, rejoicing that they are the people the message was being spoken to, until God said, “This message you are prophesying will never happen in your day. You will not be beneficiaries of this ministry.”
4.         They started wondering, “What manner of people will be on earth? How will they look like? What manner of people will be on earth, when the Elohim will appear and answer the Son of Man in this dispensation of grace when God will control His people by His Spoken Word.
5.        See us here. We are the beneficiaries. We are the people God counted to be favoured, that you are I are the ones God is controlling by His Word. Certain times, you think there is nothing you can do. Really, there is nothing you can do. Sometimes, you see yourself obeying the word.
6.        After obeying, we will come back to see that you have already obeyed ignorantly, without persuasion, without any threat that this will happen or this will not happen. Our heart will rest. It is only in the Bride that you can find such of people.
7.        When God speaks, they obey. When God says stop, they stop. Sometimes, they will stop without knowing that they have already stopped.
8.        We thank God. Some Brethren from the North called me last week, enquiring from me about what the Son of Man said concerning the election.
9.        I said, “Why are you asking me about this matter? Are you a kid in this Bridal Faith?” A Bishop was calling me.
10.    I said well, “If you have your voter’s card, and you want to vote, go and vote. If you do not want to vote, stay in your house. But let me advice you now. Seeing that your area is full of troubles, allow the wiser counsel to prevail. You better stay in your house so that the death that will kill people in the polling station will come to your house, if possible. But where it cannot come to your house, then you know that you have escaped that death.”
11.     Just like we are gathered here. Can someone come here to drive us away? Impossible!
12.    We are very grateful to God today. I am very grateful that the Almighty God has been with us, putting us in remembrance of the thing, He had taught us.
13.    Everything that is happening in Nigeria and around the world is God’s words fulfilling in our day. God bringing all these things together to make sure that the page where He has already written down concerning the flight of the Bride will come quickly.
14.    Follow Me to the Message, “It is finish” preached 16th September, 2012. Page 56, which is chapter 2: “WHY WE OUGHT TO BE READY FOR THE FLIGHT.”
15.    The reason why we ought to be ready for the catching away of the saints because that is the greatest thing. The only event which is before the Bride.
16.    Every other thing God predicted concerning what will happen in the End Time has happened. That one great event, the Church world is looking for, one great event the Bride is waiting for and it is in the catching away of the saints. But the Church-world does not know how the whole thing will take place. But the Bride knew how the whole thing will take place. We are not kept in the dark. We are well informed about this greatest event.
17.    William Branham put it in his own way, “The Show Down.” He said the show down was the Ark of Noah. Now at Mount Carmel, between Elijah and the prophets of Baal, the fire came down during the show down. And that only one show down now remains. And as many as will be privileged to be among the showdown are those God called faithful.
18.    Why is it necessary at this dying minute that you and I must be ready for the flight? God has given us everything that ought to make us perfect without any single fault. There is nobody in this Bridal Faith that can point accusing finger to the Almighty God that He has not done what He is supposed to do, to bring us to the stature of the perfect man.
19.    William Branham said that God was looking for what He will do to convince all that believe in Him in all dispensations that He, God is faithful to bring His promise to pass. That God is faithful to translate our mortal bodies. That God is faithful to bring as many as slept in Christ back to life. That God was thinking of what He will do get them convince.
20.    He looked up. There was nothing greater than Him. He now used Himself. That all that God is, He poured into Christ and all that Christ is He poured it into the Church – The Bride.
21.    Hence, we stand in righteousness. Hence, He told us plainly that “when I will exalt Myself among My people, magnify Myself among My people, I will show them My original body.” This He fulfilled before our eyes. And we have no doubt about it.
22.    This is the great event for which we are waiting patiently. No matter what we are doing, He permitted us to do it, naturally speaking, to make sure we are busy to earn our living. But our eyes must be steady on that great event.
23.    Page 56 of the message it is finish preached on 16th September, 2012. Verse 1-3. “Why we ought to be ready for the flight. “Let us see what God told us.Why we ought to be ready. Be very careful. Let us get ready now for our flight.
24.    BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION VOL. 1 Page 8 verse 1; The Bride Ministry is not meant for the world. The Bridal Ministry is not meant for the whole world. The Bride Ministry is meant for those that were chosen for salvation before the world began. If you have examined yourself and you are sure and certain that you do not have the mark of Christ upon your forehead, there is no need wasting your time in this Bridal Faith. Even if you stay till the next world, the Judgement of God must be revealed upon you.
25.    I am making you to understand that you are in this Faith only waiting for the wrath of God. For that reason, the earlier you know who you are and address the truth, the better for you. There is no more Salvation for any soul, except the Elects’ families. The Salvation Boat has been closed for whosoever willeth; The salvation boat has been closed to whosoever willeth…”
26.    You see that word, whosoever willeth, the salvation boat has been closed for that. “…The salvation boat has been closed to whosoever willeth, it is meant for the elect and their families.”
27.    Here we are, the world do not know that there are people of God here. This is Jerusalem. The Headquarters of the Bridal Ministry. People in Onitsha do not know that there are group of people gathering here chosen by God. That God came down in their midst, walked with His two feet, witnessed with eyes of human beings. We saw Him in person. They do not know that.
28.    The salvation boat has been closed to whosoever willeth. It is now for the Bridal Faith. It is now for the elect family. As long as you are not among the elect, the salvation boat is not for you.
29.    You can sit down in our midst, clap your hands, jump up and buy our messages, say it is wonderful. But concerning eternal life, concerning putting on of this theophany body, concerning the translation of this our mortal body and the resurrection of those that died in Christ, it is not for you.
30.    Verse 4- “I have closed the Books of the Chronicles of the Elects… I have closed the Books of the Chronicles of the Elects and I did not do it today.”
31.    The elect has a chronicle and the books have been closed not today.
32.    “…If you can remember well and accurately, I mean, recall back to the year 2007; there and then, I recorded the names of all the families, through the families’ heads.
33.    Whatever God commanded the Jews to do then was what we did that time and we did those things at His command.I have told you that the timetable of the world changed in the year 2000,….”
34.    Except the Bride, is there any other group of people that knows that God change the calendar of the world? That was why God told us that we are in God’s own day. We are in God’s own calendar that can terminate abruptly without any further notice.
35.    “…I have told you that the timetable of the world change in the year 2000, but nobody knows this truth except in the midst of the Bride…”
36.     There is nobody that knows this truth that God has changed the calendar of the world. The calendar, the timetable for the world, God changed it in the year 2000. But the world does not know.
37.    The present calendar we are using now is the Roman calendar. But whatever God is doing now, only the Bride knows what is happening.
38.    The timetable changed, we are no longer I the year AD (Anno Domini), no! The year 2000 AD ended and then a new calendar opened, which the world does not know.”
39.    The world does not know about this calendar, but we know. That was why God said, “Whatever you are doing do it, but make sure you do not forget the hour you are living in.”
40.    Verse 6-7 “Can you see that the timetable of the world changed in the year 2000? Why we ought to be ready for the flight. What is more, nobody knows this truth except in the midst of the Bride.
41.    The timetable of the world has changed; the world does not know it but only the Bride knows this. And if you really know it, you ought to be ready.
42.    Not everybody here knew about this matter. There are some here in our midst, in this Bridal Faith not for eternal life. Many are sitting down not for eternal life. That is why they cannot take the messages very serious, including ministers.
43.    In the time of the people of Israelite in the land of Egypt, for the day Moses announced to them, when he announced to the elders of Israel that the God of their father, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has visited them to take them out, they rejoiced. And every instruction given to them, all of them carried it out to the letter without exception.
44.    They obeyed and waited patiently for the day God will take them out. And God fixed a day He will take them out. And He told Abraham, “I will take your descendant to a country that will punish them well well. After four hundred years expires, I will bring them out.”
45.    And the scriptures say that they came out at exactly 430 years. Four hundred expire. From the time God visited them, performed the miracles, performed everything in the land of Egypt, to the day they went out of Egypt, clocked thirty years upon that four hundred. They patiently waited.
46.    And do you know one thing, their fathers that brought them told them plainly that God will bring them out.
47.    When Jacob was dying, he told his sons Joseph and the rest that, “I am sure that Almighty God will bring out of this country.” When Joseph was dying, he told his brethren, “I am sure that God will bring you out of this country. Any day He will bring you out from this land, do not leave me in this land. The day you are going out, take my bones down to that Promised Land.”
48.    They were waiting. They were watching. They kept serious instructions that were giving to them until that day came clocking four hundred and thirty years (430), they went out of Egypt.
49.    Verse 7- “The timetable of the world has changed; the world does not know it but only the Bride knows this. And if you really know it, you ought to be ready.Disentangle yourself from whatever that will make you not to be inside that Great Hen that expanded Her wings to accommodate all Her chicks (the Elect).”
50.     Who is that hen? The Son of Man. Whatever that will make you not to be accommodated inside the hen that expanded its wind to accommodate its chicks. One amazing thing about the hen, you will see some hen will lay up to twelve and hatch all of them.
51.    And you see that hen, no matter how small the hen looks like, when the hen wants to cover all its chicks, the hen will expand her wings and all of them will enter.
52.    From there, the chicks will bring out their head to peep into the world. And that is exactly what God is saying at this crucial hour we are living in, when we have seen the hand writing on the wall, the flashing red light of His coming. We have seen all these things on the land.
53.    Whatever that will make you not to be accommodated inside the hen that expanded its wings. Any chick that comes out, the kite will carry the chick; will that chick blame the mother?
54.    It should blame itself. Because the mother has expanded its wings to accommodate all of them to give them heat, to make them warm, to make them strong.
55.    That is the reason why the hen stays one place and allows the chicks to enter in for them to feel the warmness of their mother – to get the strength. To warm them from the cold. And any of them that comes out and the kite carries it, must blame itself.
56.    Verse 9- “It takes one who is spiritual upgraded to capture and understand what we are saying in this Bridal Faith…”
57.    Some of our brethren that are working, sometimes they go back to school to upgrade their certificates for them to get meal tickets in any field of life. You just go back to school to upgrade your education – your certificate. Immediately they get the thing and come out, their promotion will take off. Then, the same way, your salary will increase.
58.    God is saying that the only people that will understand the hour we are living in are those that are spiritually upgraded. They will capture, understand what we are saying in this Bridal Faith for not all sitting down here have the faith of the bride.
59.    If all have the faith of the bride, why misbehaving? Why walking contrary? Why walking carelessly? Why sitting in Jerusalem at ease? Whynot see the danger sign looming that God has blown the Trumpet in Zion.
60.    What is that Trumpet if not the Word of God. That God has blown in the Bride. You have to sit down, go back to our messages and see what God is saying. Like He mentioned this morning, God’s plan in building His Church. Everything has a purpose.
61.    Verse 9- “It takes one who is spiritually upgraded to capture and understand what we are saying in this Bridal Faith. If you are not spiritually upgraded to God, you will not know what we are talking about. Things will be flying above your head and you will think that we are playing, but see where we are now. The timetable changed for we are no longer in AD. No.
62.    Thus, we are not yet in the millennium, but we have a new timetable, a new record, a new calendar that was opened in the year 2000; and  you know that from the year 2000, you have been living in God’s own period and not your own time.
63.    Four hundred years was allotted for the people of Israel in Egypt. They lived the way they like, talked the way they like, behaved the way they like. And still claim they are of God. Of which, they are of God. God allowed them to stay there. And from thirty years, God came down. God came down and visited Moses in the wilderness. That particular place God came down, Moses had been walking in those areas with the cattle of his father-in-law.
64.    Knowing Moses as one that had been studying in Egypt as a magician. When he saw such a great light, coming from a tree, without consuming the leaves, he said, “What is this I am seeing?”
65.    He wanted to move closer. His mind may be, “Let me get acquainted with this so that I will use it to dethrone the Egyptians knowing that they are magicians,” until God called him.
66.    Immediately that numbers of days expires, the rest of the day they were living was in God’s own time.
67.    God told them plainly, “I have come down for I have seen the afflictions of My people in Egypt and I have come down to deliver them. And I am sending you Moses.”
68.    The same way God did in this Bridal Ministry. He watched and saw our afflictions, our troubles under our task masters that do not want us to know the real meaning of the words of the prophet. For when you do not know the meaning of the word of the prophet, then doom will befall you. You cannot escape.
69.    Verse 11 “Let me tell you the plain truth, the whole periods God allotted to the Gentiles are over.”
70.    The whole periods God allotted to the Gentiles are over. Say it after me, the whole periods God allotted to the Gentiles are over. Completely over. No addition. God did not add anything on it. If God added, God only added thirty years to the Jews. If you are not conscious of this matter, the flood will carry you away.
71.    Let me tell you the plain truth, the whole periods God allotted to the Gentiles are over. Only few days are left in it.
72.    Do you know, few days is more than one day now? Do you know whether it is two days or three days that are left in it? And we are in that few days. Amen.

time is no more
Verse 12 – 13 Blow the trumpet in Zion, page 74 verse 27 ,If you look at the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud; there you will see the Watchman, the Son of Man in the Pillar of Cloud. There, He raised His hands towards the Heavens and announced it that time is finished and the Lord came down in the Pillar of Cloud, in the Pillar of Light, in the form of a Rainbow to vindicate the Voice, ‘Time is finished,’ and now again the Voice said, “Blow the Trumpet in Zion.
2.        Tell my people and your people, time is finished. The Bride hath made herself ready. Thrust in the sickle, harvest the Earth; the month of Nisan shall not pass away. I will direct the attention of the world to that event and in the midst of the trouble, the Saints shall be translated.”
3.        In the midst of the trouble the Saints will be what? Translated! This is the great event we are watching and waiting. Watching events in Nigeria taken place, which is tied to our departure.
4.        Watching events that is taken place in the whole world, especially Middle East which is tied to our departure. When you see all these things, you must disentangle yourself from everything that will make you not to be accommodated into the wings of that hen that expended its wings.
5.        Like the Son of Man told us plainly that He has a broad mind. He has expanded His heart. He has expanded His heart wider than to accommodate all that are willing. All that have the willingness though the strength may not be there.
6.        And whatever I will do to make sure that all of you that pin your hope in Me in this Bridal Faith, whatever I will do that you will not be disappointed, I will do it. Even coming so low to that dustbin to pick that Brother, to pick that Sister that has the willingness in her heart or his heart but the strength is not there. I will come and pick the person. Where there is no willingness, He said I will not do that.
7.        IT IS FINISHED. time is no more. Tell My people and your people, time is finished. This is where our eyes should be. When God said, “I will direct the attention of the whole world to that event and in the midst of the trouble, the saints shall be translated.
8.        Verse 14. “This is where our eyes should fix on. That in the midst of the trouble, the saints shall be translated. And we are heading towards it.”
9.         Are we going back? No! From that time, we are heading towards it. Everything is rising in tempo.
10.    Verse 15 – “The scriptures says, ‘They will go to Church, but they will not really believe anything they are hearing or anything they will hear, but do not be fooled by people that think that way.’ Do not associate with them; mark them and avoid them completely.”
11.    Watch those that do not pay attention to this Bridal Faith, the teachings and doctrines given to us; Avoid them! At this crucial hour, at this dying moment, avoid them for translation will be upon your head as individual that is in Christ.
12.    As individual that is inside that hen, you are the one that will receive the warmness that come from the hen and the protection the hen gives. You are inside not outside. But inside, sometimes, you peep from the window, watch events going on, then you go inside and start rejoicing.
13.    Disentangle yourself. If it is stubbornness, disentangle from it. Whatever that thing is, disentangle from it. If it is trouble between you and your wife, between you and your family, make sure you stop those things.
14.    Verse 16 “Look at the Voice. He said, ‘continue with the message you heard from the very beginning if you want to be saved, knowing that the persons that gave you the Messages are trusted Messengers from God who stand before God and speak as people that will give account before God; who never pampered you with the truth.”
15.    Verse 17-24. “Now, to you that are in this Faith, I have a warning, and that warning is a scriptural warning.”
16.    We that are in this faith, God said that He has a warning for us.
17.    “…Jude 1:6-7 ‘And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
18.    Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.’
19.    God is now using them as example. Can there be angels that left their former estate? Many have left their former estate. Even in this Bridal Faith. But were they angels from the beginning? Yes! Who has reserved them for the day of judgment? God!
20.    Many have left their former estate. Let me show you one that left this faith and what he said.“Building the True Temple.” The Message Building the True Temple was preached 22nd April 2001. Page 113 verses 16- “It pleases God to reveal Himself, then hide Himself and then reveal Himself in simple little things.
21.    If you say, ‘Why would a just God do that?’ even the Scripture said that God hide Himself in a man not counting it robbery. The joy the Saints are having is that we have escaped the wrath of God.
22.    If you are among the elects, you have escaped God’s wrath. By the Scriptures, by the prophecies, we revealed to the entire world and to the Church what the wrath of God is like.
23.    Telling the world if actually historians are right by their calculation of 2000 years; it then means if we clock this 2000, there is going to be trouble.
24.    However, God has already told us before that time, I am not working with their prediction nor with their date, I have my own date hidden in my heart,
25.    God can never work with the date of the world. Whatever God is doing, He set His own date. Who are those that will know His date? The Elect, His people, His sons and daughters.
26.    “…I am not walking with their prediction nor with their date. I have My own date hidden in My heart. But people do not pay attention to the message. They paid attention to their conceptions and so it is repeating each time.”
27.    You see why we ought to be very, very careful. We are living in God’s own period. And that date God said, He has His own date and it has started 2000 and He is working with that date every day. And He is not keeping us in the dark unless you want to be in the dark.
28.    God is not keeping us the dark. He is revealing every step He is taking or He has been taking, the one He will take, He will tell us about it. We have crossed many rivers. We have crossed many mountain, crossed many valleys. Here we are to be translated within a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.
29.    I was going through one of the Messages. He said, “Let me tell you Translation means catching away of the Saints, in a second, before you can blink you eye.” He said, “Your breath will stop and then change over. You will start appearing and disappearing.”
30.    Verse 25-26 “When you hear that we are now building the true temple, from the scripture you read, you will then know that you are involved, I am equally involved. Please, have a perfect understanding of this faith…” Have what? A perfect understanding of this Bridal Faith.
31.    Son of Man speaks: If you do not have the understanding of this Faith, it then means you are still a Churchgoer. If you are not a Churchgoer and you are coming all the way from Nsukka, do you not know the number of Churches you bypassed before getting here? The person from Enugu who left his house by 5 am in the morning, did he not see Churches in Enugu? Those along the road. Cathedrals.
32.    You want to tell me that the person coming from Kaduna, Nasarawa and Abuja did not see any Church on his way? The person from Abuja, did he not see the Christian centre? Ecumenical centre? How about the Muslims? They left Christianity, they also left Islam and headed straight into this Faith.
33.    Many do not know why we are not Christians. And we can never be Christian. Many do not even know why both the Christians and Muslims are decamping to this Faith. Is this Faith not made up of people who were Christians and Muslims? Even in the website, are the viewers not Christians and Muslims?
34.    They left their Muslim belief, left Christian belief and identified with the truth. God is not a Muslim. God is not a Christian. God is not a pagan. He is the Self-Existing One. He is the truth. He is the Great Light.”

Please, have a perfect understanding of this Faith, why we gathered in the fellowship is not mainly to dance or to make yah-yah, I believe in liberty the same way you believe, but I know where our liberty stands. Liberty without the faith of Christ is false liberty.”
2.        Have a perfect understanding of this Faith. Why we do what we do, why believe what we believe, why we act the way we acted, why we stand and preach the way we are preaching, insisting that we are the only true believers of the Supreme Deity that controls the world.
3.        We have seen God in person and surely God is a personality. Just like St. Paul was saying in 1 Corinthians chapter 15. He was asking the believers of his day, from verse 12. He said, “Since we say that Christ resurrected from the dead and you say the dead cannot resurrect, it means that Christ did not resurrect now.”
4.        If Christ did not resurrect and we are preaching that God raised Christ from the dead, we are going to be false preacher. We bore witness of what God did not do. Then, your faith is in vain. Why are we preaching then?
5.        The Son of Man speaks: Of all men, we shall be the most miserable.
6.        But surely, Christ has resurrected. We have the evidence, the Resurrected Body.
7.        Son of Man speaks: We are not worshipping an imaginary God.
8.        Have perfect understanding of this Faith. If you do not have this perfect understanding, you are going to perish.
9.        Son of Man speaks: Those that married heathens and brought them here, you married heathens from outside and brought them here. Let it be known to you that if you do not open their eyes to know this truth, your children are heathens. You have wasted your money, your time everything. Even your own life is at risk.
10.    You are risking your life because your heathen wife, heathen children will never allow your faith to grow in Christ. You can never grow in the knowledge of God. You will be running round and round. You will be coming to Church. You will coming to Church with your wife and children. It is better for you to go to Catholic or CMS.
11.    This is the perfect truth. Because of the lack of understanding of this Bridal Faith, that is why you see many families making a hell of noise.
12.    Son of Man speaks: Even if you look at these heathen wives in our midst, whenever the message is going on, they do not understand. They do not hear Igbo. They do not hear English. They can never hear any language. Their eyes are outside the windows or they are busy with their children.
13.    Either breastfeeding them or giving them food. They are walking up and down. A sure sign that they do not know what we are doing. They do not know what we are doing. You see them carrying their babies and recklessly walking in and out of the fellowship hall. She does not have the understanding, neither does she know anything.
14.    Some think this place is like the Roman Catholic Church from where they came. Others think this place is like CMS. And their husbands kept quiet. Do not worry. You will marry a wife, have children and then carry all of them straight into hell fire. Then your eyes will open by force.
15.    This matter is very very serious and important. Very very serious.
16.    THE SON OF MAN SPEAKS: One that does not understand English language, she does not understand Igbo language, she does not understand Hausa and does not also understand Yoruba, what language will we use in communicating to such a fellow?
17.    She does not understand when the Voice goes forth from the congregation. When the husband speaks to her at home, it becomes worse. If you are a man and this thing we are saying affects you, use you authority as a man to tell this person to stay at home until such a time when she will have the understanding of this Faith.
18.    If you are the husband and your wife is not understanding this Faith, tell your wife to stay at home until she understands what this Faith stands for.
19.    Son of Man speaks: you should undertake to do that which is very well known to you. If it is cooking that she understands very well, let her continue. If she is very good with washing of cloths and keeping the house, or even taking good care of the children, let her go ahead in doing those things. She should forget about eternal life.
20.    You see, when the people of Israel are coming out of Egypt, their wives, their children, everybody obeys them because they are children of God – sons and daughters of Jacob who married themselves. The problem the people of Israel had on the way was the mixed multitude from each nation they passed. Accepting them caused them to start lusting after evil things.
21.    Son of Man speaks: That is Kadesh-Barnea. Newcomers in the Faith are now known to get a woman pregnant just after two weeks of enlisting in the Faith. That thing you heard which mad e you to come here, was it to come and get a woman pregnant? Woman! The Message you heard us preach, is it to come and get pregnant? Was the preaching about husband?
22.    So, of all the Messages that have gone forth in this Faith, the only one you understood is to get a woman pregnant or for a woman to come here and allow herself to be impregnated. Has this fellow come to worship God? This fellow has another reason why he/she has come here. There is a reason why he/she has come. Once you get that thing for which cause you came in here, go away.
23.    If your aim is to get a wife, once you get one pregnant, take her and go away.  If you aim is to get married and a man has succeeded in getting you pregnant, follow him and go away. I do not want to see you here tomorrow. I do not want to see these type of people here tomorrow. By tomorrow, I mean next Sunday. Take your husband, take your wife, go away! Enough is enough!
24.    All the people that have landed into this trap, there is none that does not have problem in his/her house. Yes! The people in this trap are too much. We do not whether they believe the Message that is being preached. We do not know whether he has come here for a girlfriend he will impregnate. He will then get married unprepared and prematurely too.
25.    Suffering now starts from that time. The more he suffers, the more he blames his sufferings on God. This is because a house that is built on a weak foundation is easily blown off by the wind. If he is one that was a businessman before the marriage, the business will collapse. He will then blame the collapse of his business on the Faith. It is not the Faith.
26.    You have imposed an unbearably heavy load on your business. Your business could not sustain you alone. You do not have a motorcycle. You do not have a bicycle. You live in one room. And you went ahead to impregnate a woman. Then you turn around to blame the collapse of your business on the Faith. They are all lies.
27.    You were the one that pulled it down. You imposed an unbearable load on your business. And the business collapsed under the heavy load. Does a person who is carrying an unbearable load walk? If what you are carrying is unbearably heavy, and you do not want to fall, stand where you are. If you take a step forward, you will surely stagger with the load and crash land on the ground.
28.    That type of fall hard and noisy fall.
29.    THE SON OF MAN SPEAKS: And it is not a good fall. A great fall. A fall that brings shame. Everybody must examine him or herself.
30.    We are talking about having a perfect understanding of the Bridal Faith. We have got to a point, (the Son of Man has stayed long in our midst) where every Tom, Dick and Harry must be spiritual enough to understand what the Faith stands for. Not when you go out, you preach your own message and attribute it to the Bridal Faith. It is not so.
31.    Verse 27-28 “…This is an angel that left his first estate and now he is in chain. When Paul was saying “stand on your liberty,” he meant the liberty that came from Christ alone.” Pure truth!
32.    Verse 29- “When he brought deliverance to the people down there he sent a simple human being, born of a simple family, in a bunch of slate, O my, what a God He is! Unfolding Himself in simplicity.
33.    If He is delivering us today and sends a simple human being, is it not in agreement with the Scripture? That nothing new is happening on Earth but it is those things that have already happened before, God just repeating what He has done before.
34.    Brethren, do not let the simplicity that goes forth in our calling for any assistance in this Faith or for the preaching of the Gospel blind your eyes, let it never blind your eyes to forget that it is God that is talking to us. Let not the simplicity of the open ministry blind us.”
35.    This is what is killing many in this Bridal Faith. The simplicity that is in the Message killing many people. Not pinning your eyes on the weightier matter. The weightier matter we are talking about is the translation.  
36.    Verse 31-32 “…Who is saying this? An angel that left his former estate confirming this truth. Whatever God is doing among His people is very simple, and the elects do not take it lightly because of its simplicity.
37.    They see it as a serious assignment. The Bible has encouraged us as beloved of God that it is our sole responsibility to build up ourselves in this most holy Faith.”
38.    When you do not have the perfect understanding of this Faith, can you build yourself up? When you do not have perfect understanding of this Faith is all about, can you build yourself up in it?
39.    I was going through the Message, The True Token. God told us there that the token is being renewed which is the Holy Ghost. It is being renewed every day. You renewed it. For Paul said, “Be renewed by the Holy Ghost that is in us.”
40.    So how you will know that the Holy Ghost in you has finished is that your prayer life will be weak. It will affect your prayer life, affect your teaching. Affect everything both your study, it will affect it. You cannot pray again. You cannot study. You cannot meditate.
41.    Verse 32- “Whatever God is doing among His people is very simple, and the elects do not take it lightly because of its simplicity. They see it as a serious assignment. The Bible has encouraged us as beloved of God that it is our sole responsibility to build up ourselves in this most holy Faith.”
42.    Son of Man speaks: Hear Me very well. If you love anybody, help that person to know Christ so as to get saved. help somebody you love to escape from the wrath of God. this is what I know love is all about.
43.    Whoever that says he loves you and can never help you to know who God is; he will not help you to know God’s judgement, God’s righteousness; he will not help you to know what the love of God is all about, that person is your greatest enemy. Whatever he is offering you, say no.
44.    Do not help me to get a wife, help me to know God. Do not help me to get a husband, help me to know Christ. When I know Christ, husband and wife will be made easy. Because in Christ is the husband. In Christ is the wife. Christ is the beginning and ending of the marriage.
45.    For marriage without Christ is absolutely useless. Marry outside christ and marry sorrow, marry pain, marry anguish, marry regret, marry poverty. You can never marry in Christ and regret anything. Though the road may be rough in the beginning, but as you journey along, it will be smoother and smoother and smoother.
46.    If I do not send them away, it then means a midwife will be coming every day. One day, Brother Ojiakor will come here with hand-glove with Sister Chika. It will not be here. It will not be here.
47.    I sent Mary away because she initiated it. She planned it. She monitored it. She implemented it and her heart rested. It can never rest here. It can never rest here. Amen The days are gone when iniquity was hiding here. No! Iniquity cannot hide here. Iniquity can no longer hide in the midst of God’s people. For the Camp of My people must be separated from the camp of the ungodly.
48.    In no distant time, My axe may fall in married wives. Married women. I may sanction them to go back to their parents. If their husbands are not happy, let them leave this faith. Finish!
49.    I cannot guarantee salvation to somebody I can never save. What is the essence of guaranteeing you salvation when I know you are not savable? It is absolutely useless. And I know what will make you unsavable.
50.    If God promised you something, consider that promise very well and walk towards that promise. do you understand what I am saying? If God gives you a wife, He must give you reason why He is giving you that wife. If God says, “Go and make your own choice”, and gives you stipulations, He must tell you why. And when it is accomplished, the will of God has been accomplished. john the Baptist can be beheaded.
51.    When the will of God for sending John the Baptist was accomplished, anything could happen to John the Baptist. Did you get the message? Know when the will of God, when what God promised you has come to pass. Once it has come to pass, mark it good. Anything can happen. Better understand this hard truth. Amen.
52.    This is one of the perfect understanding God wants you to have in this faith. There is nothing that happened for nothing.
53.    the son of man speaks: When God commanded Hosea to go and marry a prostitute. Not ordinary one. Hosea, the Prophet of God committed no iniquity. There was no sin found in him. He was God’s mouth piece. According to the law in his day, he should marry a virgin – one that was not touched by any man.
54.    But, God being the Almighty who specializes in doing things that are impossible commanded him to marry a notorious prostitute so that other men will raise children for Hosea. Hosea said “Amen.” Picked a prostitute. When the sons and daughters came, Hosea knew that the will of God has been accomplished. Anything can happen to the prostitute.
55.    If you get to your destination, do you still continue going? If you get to where you are going, you stop! When a woman goes to the market with a list of the items she intends to purchase, does she remain walking about in the market even when she has exhausted her money? She will turn her vehicle and go home straight away.
56.    The Son of Man is on the scene, and I will not be on the scene till eternity. I have a mission, and once it is accomplished, I will give way. If it is a worldly mission, He can never be here. If it is going to be a popular mission, it can never be here. He knows where He will put Me.
57.    It must be in the midst of people that are despised, poor, rejected. It must be in the midst of those that are considered to be nothing. Those God had already designated, foreknew and decided to use them to confound the wise. I am here to fulfill His will. No more, no less.
58.    That is why, My meat is to do the will of He that sent Me and to fulfill it, unless you have not been acquainted with Me. That is why the Son of Man does not have a friend, He does not have an enemy. He does not have any friend; He does not have any enemy.
59.    At a point where you think you have become the Son of Man’s delight, that is where your death will strike. Who will kill you? The Son of Man will use His hand and butcher you well, well. Because if He does not butcher you, you will constitute a big obstacle.
60.    I am on a salvation mission. Nothing stands on My way except the truth. Once you are not abiding in the truth, you are My greatest enemy. Finish! How ready are we all for this great flight?
61.    the son of man speaks: Do I know!  Three people have just been sent away. Others are begging people to come, including Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are going about telling people to come over. But the Son of Man is busy trimming down the crowd.
62.    From time to time, He keeps on saying that His boat is overloaded. Some people may not know what He is saying. Before your eyes, you will see Him send them packing. Offloading that boat and reducing the weight.
63.    Hear Me very well. Nobody is as heavy as a dead body. A human being is light. But once he is dead, his weight increases. If this body that is about to take a flight is filled with dead bodies, for this plane to takeoff, it then means I will install extra engine. No! All dead bodies must be identified man or woman. Even infants among us.
64.    After all, the leg a small goat is sold in the market. When God destroyed the age of Noah, how many infants got saved? When He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, how many infants were saved? Or you want to tell Me there was no infants, there is no pregnant mothers? How many got saved because you are pregnant or because they were nursing babies?
65.    God will not save you because you are pregnant. God will not save you because you are breast-feeding a baby. You salvation lies in you hearing the word of God and putting it into practice.
66.    If you like be breast-feeding when the Message is going on; If you like be giving other food to your children; If you like keep walking up and down; If you like be heavily pregnant or be nursing a baby, it can never save you. Have it at the back of your mind. To love is to speak the truth. If it were not the truth, I would not have told you. We are still in our Sunday School. Amen.

Verse 35 “It is only in the Bridal that is standing away from the politics and religion of the world.”
2.        What?“It is only in the Bridal that is standing away from the politics and religion of the world.”
3.        Is it not true? Is it not true? At least, what is happening now has vindicated the Message. 
4.        Verse 36- “How ready are you? How ready are we all now for this great flight? God has appeared in that Theophany body watching all of us,…”
5.        He has done what?
6.        God has appeared in that Theophany body watching all of us,
7.        How many believe that to be true? Thank God, there is nobody here that does not understand Igbo language. Those that do not understand Igbo language did not come today. 
8.        No matter how big the Ijele masquerade may look, do you have two persons inside it? No matter how many wrappers were used in the construction of the masquerade, can the person inside of the masquerade see where he is going? Does the person inside see where he is going? Does the person that is running away from the masquerade know who is inside the masquerade?
9.        The person inside a masquerade sees you, but you can never see the person inside the masquerade no matter how much you look at it. Because you can see that it has two legs, you know it is a human being that is inside, but talk of the person inside, you do not know.
10.    The owners of the masquerade are the only people that know the person inside the masquerade.
11.    Does the Ijele masquerade come out alone? Does the Ijele masquerade come out alone? Ijele masquerade that is making an outing belongs to some people. Both the wives and daughters of the community, even the children of the man inside knows the person inside the masquerade. Is it a lie?
12.    That is why, when it is making an outing, everybody will be waiting for it, but at the end of the day when it has made a successful outing and is on its way home, all the women will be jubilating. Who are those jubilating? The owners?
13.    After the outing, when he must have rested very well, you will now see the owners coming around. His brothers and sisters will come around, giving him gifts of wrappers and money, because he has successfully completed a wonderful outing ceremony without a single fall either on the way or at the village square.
14.    Other saw the Ijele as beautiful, and also dancing very well. Praising the masquerade and the people behind the masquerade. Some others will be running away from the masquerade. Once the masquerade moves in any direction, those that are not stakeholders will run away. The sound of gun shot in salute of the Ijele will rent the air.
15.    This Ijele belongs to some people. Some people showcased this Ijele. The people who showcased this Ijele know the person that is inside the Ijele masquerade. It is taken in turn. There can never be two people inside the Ijele masquerade at a time.
16.    No matter how big the Ijele masquerade may look, only one person carries it. Other members will be following behind and chanting songs for the masquerade.
17.    I do not know whether you are understanding what we are saying? A woman pastor who fellowshipped with our Brethren at Obosima, one of the wives of the Ikwuagwu’s.
18.    I was told that the Message got to a point, being a teaching Message, where they were supplied with more than two hundred scriptures. The woman exclaimed, “Is this not the group that we were told that do not read the Bible?”
19.    When it got to a point where Brother Ben read, “If any one does not believe that God is a human being, that person is the very antichrist”, the woman brought out her Bible and read. She also read other translations and exclaimed, “So, I am the antichrist.”
20.    My phone has not rested since then. The question is, “Daddy, what shall we do now?” Including their leader Dr. Ikwuagwu. “Son of Man sir, what of your family, your business. I want to remind you of your promises. You said you are coming back.
21.     Son of Man, we are waiting o-o-o. But give adequate notice. I just want to put you in remembrance.” I said, “Thank you sir.” I am no longer son of the devil.
22.    If you are here and you want Me to be reading scriptures for you, it is a sign that you are going to perdition, for I am the scripture. You are the scripture.
23.    You are the written epistles read of all men. Do not tell the people that you are going to show them Bible, show them yourself. I am the written epistle read of all men. So, do not go far again. Amen
24.    If you are not understanding what we are preaching, well, it is a sure sign that you do not belong to Christ. For Jesus Christ Himself said that they could not understand him was because they were not a part of him. For if they were of him, they would have understood him.”
25.    They refused to understand what Jesus Christ was preaching because from the beginning they were not his people. He went further to say that if they were his own, it will be easy for them to understand he was saying.
26.    We are not pleading with you to believe God, when you see the terror of God, we persuade you. Finish! We are only persuading you, if only you will accept.
27.    If you watch all the messages, there is always a conditional clause, “If, if.” It is not an imposition. “IF. if.” If you can change your mind.
28.    Look here, if I am your father, what I will do to you, stand up there. Igwe Amobi, stand up there. You are an Elder. Sister Amobi, stand up there. For you to catch a bird it must be early in the morning. She is not here with us. Her body is here. Her mind is not here and it never started today. It has been like this.
29.     Sister! Take her to your corner if you really understand us. But if you do not understand us, place her where somebody will help her, at least, to pay attention. She is absent minded.
30.    Better understand that if you are a young girl here and you do not understand what we are saying, you can be deceived easily. The thing that is used to deceive a fool is very small thing. What makes her foolish fellow? She does not know God. For she has said in his heart that there is no God.
31.    What is the usefulness of my coming here to disturb myself since there is no God? Sit down. Make her to understand that there is God. She was born and brought up in this faith. You were married in this faith. It is unfortunate.
32.    Anybody that got married in this Faith, had children in this Faith, does he have any reason why your child should be a deviant. Was the child formerly a member of the catholic Church? Was the child in the CMS before now? Did the child attend cherubim? Did the child attend Sabbath? Is there any other faith the child knows apart from this one.
33.    It is very very important. Whatsoever that makes that child to be a deviant was not learnt in this Faith. The child rejected this Faith and there is another one the child imported from somewhere.
34.    They are better than us. We are learning to be left-handed at a very old age. Is it a lie? All these children that were born in this Faith, do they know any other Faith? Some of us prayed with the chaplet. Some of us killed pigeons and pussy cats. Some had bath openly in streams and rivers. Sister Onyema, don’t you know about this?
35.    These were the places we journeyed from.  Our children do not now all these things. If you give a chaplet to your child, he will think it is a toy. But if you give it to Me, I will know that there was a time we used it to pray, doing penance.
36.    “There are seven sacraments.” It was recited with ease. Yet no change in attitude. But we did not know anything that time. My mother did not go to school, yet she speaks Latin. She chants the Latin incantation anyhow. I will ask her whether that was how the reverend father asked her to chant the thing. 
37.    She will retort that it is Latin.  When I ask her the meaning of what she was singing, she will tell me to go and ask the reverend father. They will be make going to Church their priority. “This reverend father’s voice is wonderful.” When they are told to change their lives they are changing their voices like Ngwa people. When you ask them, they will say that it is what the reverend father said.
38.    This is the condition of a lot of people that are in this Faith. Why are we are not resting in this Faith? Yet, after hearing the Message, when they go home, they distort the whole Message, giving it another meaning, simply because such a fellow did not proceed from God.
39.    I know My sheep and My sheep know Me. They harken to My Voice and follow Me. The voice of a stranger, they can never follow. Any day a dog barks at the owner, the dog must be investigated for madness.
40.    “…How ready are you? How ready are we all now for this great flight? God has appeared in that Theophany body watching all of us,…”
41.    the son of man speaks: Yes! Watching all of us. If we had not seen it would we have believed that it is the truth that the theophany body of Christ is real? Whenever He wants to magnify Himself, He will show us His original body. Is it a lie? He will manifest Himself so that we will see Him with our naked eyes.
42.    Anybody who is from Igboland who understands what I am saying will also know that a masquerade does not flog his followers in vain. There a way the followers of a masquerade  will annoy the masquerade and he will flog them move on his own abandoning every other person. He will be walking on its own.
43.    Anyone that suddenly meets the masquerade will be on the run. The followers will also be on the run. The masquerade will be moving on his own. If you were the one moving along the road and suddenly you see a big masquerade with a sword in his hand, what will you do?
44.    His followers have annoyed him. They were not doing what they were supposed to do. The masquerade now gave everybody a knock-out blow and now forged ahead on his own towards his home. Amen. Do you understand what I am saying?
45.    You cannot hold Me captive again. Instead of holding Me more than necessary, I am beating all of you out. Did I see anyone before my advent? I came alone. I know where I came from. I will simply walk my way home.
46.    Do you think that the masquerade does know his home? The masquerade that sacked his followers and he is going home on his own, do you think he is worried about how he will dress down?
47.    Everything is around us, but we are not beating the drum according to His taste, neither are we dancing according to His taste. Something is still wrong somewhere.
48.    A good number of you sitting down here are still suppressing their feelings. They are hiding their original natures. They just come here to make pretenses of something they are not.
49.    Their wives, their husbands, members of their families know them very well. Their children know that they are merely making pretences; that what they were presenting in our midst is fake.
50.    The original character is manifested at home. This is a very hard statement. it is not meant for everybody. If you have to spirit of truth, acknowledge it. Finish!  
51.    “…God has appeared in that Theophany body watching all of us, promising us that the same way He appeared is the same way we are going to appear watching the events, the destruction of this world.” This is the promise.  
52.    The Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the Churches many years ago. Then, the devil took over all the Churches straight away and then poured out his anointing over all the flesh in the world, and then worshipping of God became a ridiculous thing. It became a way of making money, a way of achieving cheap popularity.
53.    Son of Man speaks: Is this not true? Why? The Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the Church. From the hearts of men and women that gather to worship God. They turned the worshipping of God into a social affair. Politics found its way into the congregation of God’s people. Church becomes a business, a merchandise.
54.     “The Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the Churches many years ago. Then, the devil took over all the Churches straight away and then poured out his anointing over all the flesh in the world, and then worshipping of God became a ridiculous thing. It became a way of making money, a way of achieving cheap popularity.
55.    Every kind of evil is now associated with worshipping God. But in the Bridal Faith, the spirit of God is in our midst controlling us all.”
56.    Verse 39- “Ministers Meeting Vol. 1. Page 113 verse 1, “God is no respecter of person as far as judgment is concerned. Why we must be ready for our flight. That this God that we are talking about, revealed in our midst can never respect you if you disobey His instruction.”
57.     “Why we must be ready for our flight. That this God that we are talking about, revealed in our midst can never respect you if you disobey His instruction.” The same judgment He mete out for the people in the world is the same judgement He will give to you.
58.    We have read it, William Branham the Prophet said it and the Bible confirmed it that God in this end time is no longer dealing with us as a group, He is no longer dealing with us as a family but He is now dealing with us as individuals.”
59.    Which means that My salvation is not in the hands of My wife. My wife’s salvation is not in My hands. My children are all on their own as far as salvation is concerned.
60.    Verse 42-45 “As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days when the Son of Man shall be revealed. In other words, until the world will come to the condition of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, anybody being revealed as Son of Man should be disbelieved.”
61.    This world we are living in has come to that stage of Noah’s day. When the scripture said that population explosion increased in the days of Noah, wickedness was in its rate that God said, “I regret of creating man.” In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, it was the same thing.
62.    Why we ought to be careful, vigilant and expect our flight. Do not entangle yourself to the things of this world. Make sure you drew away from the world, so that on that day you will be able to put on this theophany body. Amen.”
63.    We are at the point where this scriptural prophecy is fulfilling. That the Holy Ghost has been withdrawn from all the Churches many many years ago. There is one of the messages I was reading, the Son of Man said that William Branham predicted it that in 1955 that the Holy Ghost had withdrawn from the Churches. That is why you see all of them in the same mess they are in now.
64.    Now, it is only in the Bridal Faith that the spirit of God is in our midst controlling all of us. If you refuse the control of the spirit, the spirit will spot you out and send you away. For the spirit has been a human being.
65.    It was that spirit in Peter that identified Ananias and Sapphira when they did their evil in their hearts. It was that spirit in Peter that told Bar-Jesus that you think you can get the things of God with money. Perish with your money for the spirit of God cannot be obtained by money.
66.    It was that same spirit in Paul that made him to spot that woman that had a familiar spirit. Every time she saw Paul and his followers will be going for ministration or preaching, the woman will be following them shouting, “These are men of the Holy God, men of God that came to bring salvation to us. See these men.”
67.    Every day she saw Paul and his men, she will be shouting on them. The scripture said, Paul was grieved with the spirit and turned around and said, “Shut up your mouth. Get out of her.” And that same Spirit is here with us live, controlling us.
68.    If you refuse to be controlled by the spirit, He will send you out. Refuse His doctrine, He will send you out. He will be giving you series of warnings through dreams and visions.
69.    Personal dreams coming to you because of your attitude, Fear will grip you and you will not want to say it out. Until your cup is filled. Without it, you do not pay attention, He will show you the way out.
70.    Son of Man speaks: Attention! The spirit of prophecy is under the control of the Prophet.   
71.    Do not be amazed about the three people I sent out from here. Why I made My reason for sending them away known to you is for anyone who would do the same thing tomorrow or one who has this thing already, so that this fellow will find his or her way on time.
72.    This young man called Ugochukwu has not stayed up to two months in our midst. Highest will be two months or three since he came into this Faith. The person that brought him in was Mary Njom.
73.    You will remember when this little girl started giving trouble, even from her mother’s womb. I mean Chisom Ezeh. She started giving trouble right from the womb. Is there any elder or any sister who had been with us and who is in Onitsha that does can say he or she does not know this girl?
74.    Brethren from Enugu, don’t you know her? You remember she was excommunicated and she remained outside for some time. Did you not notice that she stayed outside for too long? One day, as I was passing by there, I commanded that she should be brought in again. She was not restored because she had repented. She was brought in so that she does not fly into oblivion.
75.    She was brought in so that Brethren can monitor her activities. This is because the first time she was excommunicated, she flew away with her sibling. She flew to Awada and then from Awada, she was now flying about everywhere with her colleagues. When she was bitten by a snake, she came back home.
76.    This time around, Mary her sister now contracted a man for her, set her here and they were coming and going. No problem. She is pregnant. If the pregnancy is investigated, it has progressed for months now. If the boy had been here for two months, the pregnancy is more than two months.
77.    Do you understand what I am saying? The Spirit that is in Me told Me that if I excommunicate this girl without excommunicating Mary, I will be guilty. Why I make it public is this.
78.    No living human being should ever come looking for me in dream or with full consciousness or you feel that your mouth is sharp and you are a smart intercessor, you make appeal and your requests are granted. You come to tell Me how your mother resurrected from the dead to take the place of your dead father. Bridle your mouth. Do not appear before Me at all.
79.    Let nobody from this Faith, from today, ever come before Me or appeal. Bishop Nnachor take note. The bush that abhors the entrance of baskets, should not allow mushrooms to grow in it. If being in our midst is preventing you from getting married, go away from here.
80.    If you know that place where you will find yourself and then get married, go there. If you know your presence here will prevent you from getting a wife, go away from here. Go to that place where women will flock around you. Did you hear here what I am saying?
81.    Does it mean that we do not get married? No! We MUST get married according to our faith. The days when brothers will go outside to bring in women are gone. If you have the heart to go outside, also have the heart to stay outside. Finish!
82.    Did you hear what I said? Modesta! Take note, you and your husband. I call him your husband because you have told Me to call him so. I call him your husband because that is what you have requested I call him. That you are carrying a child does not make him your husband.
83.    Some people have up to seven children, yet they are not husband and wife. Does child bearing make two people husband and wife? An adopted child was born by somebody else.
84.    If having children makes two people husband and wife, then come to DMGS and see people that had children and are there. You better address this truth.
85.    As God liveth, the Spirit that is in Me still bears witness that you are still a catholic and your husband, a catholic. There is nothing that will remove your husband from catholic. Did you say, “Yes sir!” What did you say? She responds, “It is truth.” My people this is enough. Finish! Did I ask you to clap your hands for Me? Do not clap.
86.    I know whom I have chosen. Pastor Dan! Are your eyes open? Are your ears open? It is for the sake of someone. Nzubechi! Shut your mouth. Anybody that is acquainted with the Son of Man, if I had stayed with you, you know Me very well, you are faced with a certain challenge and you come to Me to plea or to make request and I simply looked at you and turned My face away from you, if you are a wise fellow, you run for your life.
87.    Do not ever go further in trying to tell Me why it is very important that I should listen to you. My looking at you was a Message to you. Finish! If you go further, you will surely be a victim. Leave Me alone! Amen.