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 (Every sign from God is a Stop Sign) Preached on Sunday, 31st January, 2016 At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ONITSHA By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN THE SUPREME  INTELLIGENCE” “Truth has no substitute” © BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE
Deacon Vin! You will remain in the PA System till you train manpower. Bro Emma Iwunor has joined his wife in Abuja and not without notice. He gave us adequate notice for three months.
2.          Solomon Nnachor is not involved. He is a student. Pick somebody. Train somebody who will remain there.

3.          Deacon Sunday Ugorji, close the doors. Nobody should come in except people from outside Onitsha.
HOLY, HOLY, HOLY IS THE LORD; The Creator of the universe, The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The Supreme Intelligence that controls the whole world, The Only God that delights Himself in mercy and in Judgment.
2.          The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate, The Most Loving, The Most Tolerant, The Only God that can save, The only God that can hear and answer prayers.
3.          Father Only you shall we worship now and even till eternity. You will be our God. We will never have any other God besides you for we have made our consecration. We have our garments on.
4.          Father, give us the grace to abide by our solemn promise which we have made before you not only now, but we renew this promise every day. Uphold us in this promise. May we never via off. May you never, O God, permit us to go astray or give us a place among those that went astray.
5.           Always preserve us in the pathway of truth, in the pathway of right. Let O God your Light from the Light house shine on us at all times, in all situations. May you never permit us to grope in darkness.
6.          May you never forsake us. Continually turn your face towards us for good and not for evil. Stretch forth your hand. Touch us with the touch of love. Heal us O God. Restore our strength. Restore the right spirit in us.
7.          We look up to you Father for besides you, there is no other person. The boast of man is useless in your sight. If you never permitted us to come into existence, we would not have come into existence.
8.          Therefore Lord, as we have gathered to worship you today, not only here, but in every other place you have chosen to place your Name, globally Lord My prayer for Myself, for your children everywhere is that you permit that the purpose for which you created us, brought us into existence will be fulfilled in our individual lives. Until that is done, may you never recall us home.
9.          While we are waiting at the Gate, we pray Thee O God, dress us fully with our new dresses so that on that day when salvation shall be made complete, when we shall join You in Paradise, we shall be like you for we shall see you as you are, Father, wearing the same garment with you.
10.      Gladden our hearts with good tidings today. Saturate the hearts of all with your love. May we see O God your majesty radiating in splendour, with great glory upon all flesh that is called by your name, not only here but globally.
11.      Peradventure, there are some that have wandered away, as long as they have not crossed O God, Father by Thy saving grace, bring them back to this place in your own divine way. It is not your desire that any should perish, but that they shall turn again towards the knowledge of the truth of who you are that it might be well with us.
12.      Touch us with the touch of love. Revive us that we shall live in your presence. Create no room for the enemy to have anything against us in any form or shape.
13.      Father, in everything, we say thank you. May your spirit hold sway over everything. Let your Love radiate. Let your mercy project.
14.      Save us to the utmost for your Name’s sake. Through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

DANGERS OF raising
a wasted generation
If I kept you standing for too long, bear with Me. It is for your own good, because whenever the presence of God is established in the Bride, the difference is clear.
2.          He was here before we breezed into this place. He was standing there before you. We came late. Of course you know very well that God goes to Church every day. He attends all our services and on time too.
3.          There is no single soul that came to the sanctuary today before Him. He was standing there as He used to. It has been His habit to be there to bid us welcome.
4.          You remain the only property God has here on earth. When you hear about the harvest of the earth, what is He coming to harvest? You and I. There is no other seed God planted here with the injunction that it should bear fruit if not you and I.
5.          You can never expect good fruits from a corrupt tree. It is like expecting a positive result from a negative action. It can never happen till eternity.
6.          You and I remain the seed God planted HERE. You remain the trees. we are planted here like fig trees. Any tree that fails to produce good fruit must be hewed down and given a place in the fire. Abide in Me as I abide in My father.
7.          Abide in Me and you will bear fruits and your fruits must surely abide. Your fruit must remain. they must abide. they mUst mature.the fruit must give you praise, glory, honour.
8.          Any fruit you are raising outside Christ will disappoint you, Will bring shame and humiliation to you Will BRING sorrow, shame and anguish.
9.          That which you call pleasure today may turn out to be disaster tomorrow because OF sin. you know what sin is? Unbelief, disrespect to God is pleasure to one that is destitute of truth.
10.      If you watch the things that give the heathen joy, what they delight themselves in, what they pride THEMSELVESabout, go and crosscheck it, you will notice that these are the things God regard as abominations.
11.      If what God regards as abomination is what gives you joy, is what you brag about, boast with, you need to be pitied. Of all MEN, OF ALL WOMEN, OF ALL HUMAN BEINGs ON EARTH, you are the most miserable.
12.      Let Me tell you. The happiest family is the family God has APPROVED, God has recognized. A family where the husband and wife and the entire children bow down before the Lord.
13.      If you are raising a family where youR children have no respect for God, you are raising cannon fodderS. All your labourS, the pains of labour, pregnancy pains, delivery pains, you just wasted all of them.
14.      It is like the family that raised children that turned out to be experiments with the barrels of gun OF SECURITY AGENTS. the children you have who do not worship god with you, the day they were conceived is a cursed day.
15.      You have no child. If you have hundreds of them, as long as they are not in Christ, you are barren before God. YOU ARE A BARREN WOMAN. You have never conceived for one day.
16.      YES, Do not ever say you conceived FOR ONE DAY. it is just a wasted generation. You are raising a wasted generation. A generation that will fizzle out with time.
17.      You know, the Son of Man delights Himself in making very hard statements. Only those that have HARD heartSto believe hard truth will echo ‘amen’. Of course, you know THAT He does not speak in vain.
18.      I do not care who you are. I do not CARE THE WAY YOU look at it. you have no husband, you have no brother, you have no wife, you have no children EXCEPT they are in Christ. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.
19.      When you are asked to count the number of children, God said, “Do not count the dead among the living. Always count those that have pinned their faith, their trust, their confidence in Christ. No more, no less. But do not glory in emptiness.”
20.      Do you know that this world is passing away together with all these nonsense? Whatever the devil has used to decorate this world to attract the attention of the children of God away from the reality will soon pass away with the world. But those that trust in God will abide forever.
21.      Whatever that never originated from God is earthly. You know the Bible said you should fix your eyes on those things that are heavenly. No wonder He said you should fix your attention on those things that are heavenly not earthly. God knows that all these earthly things are passing away. Just like they will soon pass away.
22.      You know, often times, we are tempted to behave, talk, comport ourselves as if we are creators of heavens and earth, as if we were there when the earth was formed. As if we could trace the day we entered our mothers’ wombs.
23.      Often times, we just behave that way. Our manners do not depict that we realize that we would pass away by death one day. Our attitudes towards one another, towards life, the way we open our mouth and make reckless utterances, our boast often times make Me shiver.
24.      Begin to think whether we are really what God thinks we are; whether we are fulfilling His divine purpose for creating us. I do not care whatever that your ambition might be. I do not care what lofty height you have attained, they are all earthly.
25.      If you know what you have attained and what you will attain that is not earthly, tell Me what it is.
26.      A young man was telling Me while we are having our discussions in the police headquarters in Okpara Square, that among the favoured human being on earth is Barack Obama.
27.      I said, “No. Among the cursed people on earth is Barack Obama. Among the cursed people on earth are all these presidents, governors, politicians and people that occupied prominent positions that do not allowed them to serve God according to the will of God for man.”
28.      This is the will of God that you will serve God, honour Him, obey Him so that you will live with Him eternally. For the whole purpose of man here on earth, the essence of putting man here on earth is to serve God. THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN IS TO WORSHIP GOD.
29.      Whatever position you find yourself, if that position is not to honour God, worship God, the devil placed you there. He is using it to rope you hands and feet so that you will not wriggle out.
30.      That is why, if you are aspiring for positions, pray before you BEGIN TO wish to be there. That is why God said in the beginning that, “Whatever you want to be is your right, But WE WILL LIKE YOU to tell us why you want to be that thing.”
31.      You want to be this,you want to be that, it is your right. We will like to know why you want to be that THING.
32.      Hear Me very well. Experience has proved to Me, the Holy Spirit confirming that human opinion, human reasoning run contrary to that of will of God. Check that thing which you cherish so much, the end thereof is destruction. Any way that seemeth right in the eyes of a human being, the end thereof is destruction.
33.      If you watch all these film stars, movie actors, musicians of all sorts, narrow it down to everyday life, place everything in the scripture, you will see nothing but Bible prophecies.
34.      Do you know that every human being came from a family? Some of them are being sponsored by their parents to perpetrate iniquities because the parent know not God. Something that should make them to be ashamed, they will be bragging with it. “My daughter is this, my son is this, this and that, this and that.”
35.      If your daughter is doing something that does not give god praise and glorY, it is humiliating God. And whatever attracts humiliation to God humiliates you if you are a child of God.
36.      You should disassociate yourself, detach yourself completely! Do not even receive any gains coming from such wicked acts for that is what God called riches of unrighteousness.
37.      Do not even take the glory, do not even parade yourself as the mother or father of such a miscreant. Detach yourself completely because a child of God takes side with God. He hates whatever God hates. He loves whatever God loves.
38.      If it is not so to you, you are a renegade . You are a miscreant. You are that recalcitrant element that is polluting the Camp.
39.      At any point in time, you are EITHER promoting the course of God or the course of the devil. in many ways, we finance the course of the devil ignorantly. Sometimes, because of self ego.
41.      How can you answer Christ and continue in the evil that are prevalent in the world? Continue to be a part of these corrupt systems, yet you are named after the name of Christ.
42.      Let Me tell you what has been keeping Me afloat. From the very onset till this day, I have realized that I will give way one day. And when I give way, I will take no pin from this earth.
43.      Since I know that no pin will follow me to where I am heading to, I will resist every attempt by anybody to use me to achieve his personal objective.
44.      Often times, we do not know when people are using us to achieve their personal objectives. you can never use me as a slave for your happiness.
45.      You can never use me as a slave to prolong your days on earth. I will never mortgage My spirit, My conscience that you may be happy, so that you call Me a faithful son. Better give me a bad name and kill me. Did you get the message?
46.      I can never mortgage my soul to make you happy, to meet your needs. It is impossible! Since I cannot mortgage my soul to meet my personal needs, how can I mortgage my soul to meet the needs of an outsider who has no part in Christ?
47.      Yes, An outsider who has no part in the life that Christ gives. A stranger in the household of God pressurizing Me to mortgage My soul, mortgage life. No! What will I gain if at the end of the day I lose my soul, I lose my life? Will the person help me out?
48.      Many of us do not know when we are serving God’s interest and when we are serving the interest of God’s greatest enemy.
49.      Remember that whoever that hates your God hates you. The person is merely claiming that he loves you because of what he is benefitting from you.
50.      Go and scrutinize it very well. evaluate it, you will notice that whoever that loves you must love the God you worship. Must appreciate you and your God.
51.      Before God delivered the people from the land of Egypt, God first of all captured the gods of that land, subjected them under His authority, Led them captive then He liberated them.
52.      If the gods were subject to God’s word, there was no need asking for liberation.
53.      All of you are in bondage to too many gods. There are too many gods but to us we recognize only but one. Whatever you place first in your life is your God.
54.      Check that which is number one in your priority, automatically is your god. “Thou shall not have any other god before Me.” That is number one commandment.
55.      You must believe our commandments as Messengers of God which we give unto you in the Name of the Lord. Do not place anything first before God because in the beginning was God. Thus, without God there was no beginning.
56.      Genesis chapter one verse one: In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, the word was made flesh. That was New Testament also.
57.      God is still confirming it. What is the beginning of your priority? If it is not God, crosscheck it. Strike that thing out because that place where your life revolves, the Author and Finisher of your life, He that dictates whether you will stay alive or not, He that brought you into existence, without Him, you could not have been formed even in your mother’s womb. You could be formed and could be aborted. You could even leave the womb by miscarriage.
58.      You could even die prematurely. You are alive today because it is His counsel, His purpose which He has purposed for you after the counsel of His own will.
59.      Your duty is to discover why some died but you are alive. Some were aborted but you are alive. Some are crippled and blind but you are healthy and complete. Have you discovered his eternal purpose for you?
60.      Some are married while some are unmarried and will remain unmarried until they die.  Some married and divorced, but you are living in your own family. You are happily married with your wife and so on.
61.      Some have children and died. Your own are still alive. Have you discovered why? For anything God is doing in your life, there is an eternal purpose which He has already purposed for you after the counsel of His own will.
62.      When you do not discover these things, the tendency is there for you to be financing God’s enemies; Financing forces that are against you. Bragging!
63.      With this, you should be ashamed of yourself. This, as a child of God, should not be associated with you. You see, there are too many things we dare not make public. But those that are passing through those things know what I am saying.
64.      Whether we like it or not, the best training ground for every child born in the family remains the home. If the home does not supply the basics and the children because of affluence, self-ego and things like that are estranged from home, automatically, strangers, hirelings must capture them. Who do not know what you have in mind for your family!
65.      If the Son of Man said that no person desiring the best for his children should allow the children to live in the boarding house until they have entered the universities, how can the Son of Man approve of your sending your children away even outside the shores of Nigeria to be trained by the people you do not know?
66.      What and what are the factors responsible for the misbehavior of our children? Number one is contact. Number two is influence. And these things are product of ungodly exposures, more especially when the minds are still premature.
67.      Watch the performances of your children in the schoolS and colleges, even while they are with you; The questions they will be asking you from time to time will tell you the peer group they have identified with.
68.      When they begin to ask you questions concerning their careers, suggesting that they have started developing low morals, you will equally know that there are some external influences, weaklings are now pairing with them with short, short visions to spoil them.
69.      The Message I gave you said, “Strive to be a star.” You cannot be a star when you have a very low ambition, mixing with people of very low ambition. They will cripple your ambition.
70.      What is more, I gave you another message: “Be very careful about people you share your dream with.” For we have the people we call dream frustrators. Dream haters. For nobody hates your parents and loves you.
71.      Whoever hates your parent must hate you. If he pretends he is loving you, he is just pretending. He is trying to create the impression so that you will not be afraid of him to enable him wreck havoc.
72.      The reason why I do not blame many families is because I do not know the backgrounds of their marriages because the background of every marriage determines how the children will go, whether we like it or not.
77.      Some, you will hear and faint. If they should show you their true colours now, you may detach yourself from supporting them. But when they become independent, they do not need your support, listen to them. You will regret even conceiving them in your womb.
78.      That is the time you will know the party they belong to. You will be answering “that woman” and your husband “that man.” You will be answering old generation, old cargo who does not know anything. Only then, he will begin to tell you that you are not exposed.That you are a typical Nigerian upstart.
79.      All derogatory remarks will be made on you and your husband. Then your eyes will open that you have raised cannon fodder. Everything about God will be useless-nonsense.
80.      How will you feel when you will be talking to your son and before your eyes he will turn and say, “Mummy, stop that nonsense! They are just deceiving you! Mummy, I have seen many days. Simply come over here and see people that are enjoying life.”
81.      How can you enjoy life outside Christ? Sin is pleasure to one that is destitute of truth. He or she delights and takes pleasure in the things he or she should be ashamed of. He does not respect any class.
82.      The governor of Anambra is a doctorate degree holder. Yes, he is a PhD holder. But I want to tell you that an infant here who is in Christ, born in Christ, brought up in Christ is better preferred in the sight of God to the governor of this state.
83.      For the governor of this state does not know what constitutes evil in the sight of God for he does not know God. He has no regard for God, though he goes to Church.
84.      Going to Church does not make you a child of God. Staying at home does not make you a child of the devil.
85.      What DETERMINES what you ARE is already in you and this is what dictates your delight. Whatever you delight yourself in automatically will tell you where you belong to. Whatever that gives you joy, if IT cannot be traced to God and His righteousness, put a hold there. I do not care the way you look at it.
86.      Have you wondered why the things that give people joy temporarily are the things that will cause them perpetual sorrow? Have you discovered that the things that give people pleasures temporarily are the same things that cause them eternal sorrow? Is it not true?
87.      Let Me use one that is very clear. The dreaded disease today, at least known to all, is HIV/AIDS. Is it not true?
88.      Often times, it is three minutes enjoyment. Three minutes pleasure. The person will contact a disease that is incurable; that will get the person bedridden till eternity. Is it not true? Three minutes pleasure – enjoyment.
89.      I am using one case we are all conversant with. If you doubt it, raise your hand. The same way I said here that it does not take a millennium to create a relationship.
90.      It does not take a millennium for one to commit suicide. It does not take a millennium for you to contact a spirit that will destroy you. And all of them emanate from one source.   Amen.

I want to speak to you in this message. If the Message I handled in My family on Saturday was recorded, there would not have been any need for Me to revisit it because I never for one day thought about it.
2.          Though in My family, I do not think, neither do I reason. I do not come with the Bible or Sermon Book.
3.          For I am the bible, I am the sermon book. They have believed that I am God.They have believed. There is a Message that came out from My family altar. That is: The separating line between God and man.
4.          My family has believed that each time I appear, God haS appeared. They have believed that any stubborness, anything insurbodination towards Me is insurbodination or stubborness towards God. They do not need any prophet to come and tell them that.
5.          They have come to realise that there is no separation, there is no demarcating line between Me and the Son of Man. I am the Son of Man. I am Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be to His Holy Name).
6.          I am the revealed Christ. In Me dwelleth the fulness of the Godhead bodily. I am the guide. Not ordinary guide but THE perfect guide. I am the Angel Messenger.
7.          I am the great angel with the everlasting gospel. I am the judge of the whole earth. I am the justifier of the gentiles. I am also the destroyer of the gentiles.
8.          As Jesus was sent to Israel, THE SAME WAY Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be to His Holy Name) was sent, not onlY to Israel but to the whole world.
9.          The Commissioner of Police was telling Me he came from Taraba. He said, “Apostle Peter, if I tell you I have not heard about you, I am telling lies. I have heard. I have even seen many things from your websites. A good number of my officers and men from Onitsha who are posted here told me about you. Some even go to Onitsha and come back on a daily basis.”
10.      I am interested in your reason for coming, but after everything, he will come back here. Before I knew it, he brought the disk. It became a full house. He assigned Me to the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) to lead Me by the hand to the SIP with instruction O/C (Officer-in-Charge) wrote in charge of SIB (State Investigation Bureau), a young ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police.
11.       He said, “Oga said, you should handle the case of Apostle Peter with dispatch. In 48 hours, I want everything to be completed.”
12.      He left Me there and went away. When I wasted time, the man came back and said, “Is he not through?” The CP (Commissioner of Police) said I should come and check.
13.      Then they started asking, “Oga, how did you come to know our CP? Is he from your area? Were you course mates?”
14.      I said, “No, I have never seen this man. I have only seen him today. I have never had any chart with him.”
15.      The man said, “Why is it that he has fallen in love with you to this extent and pressurizing me for your sake? Do you know what it is for the DCP to lead you by the hand to our office with instruction?”
16.      I said, “Please, I do not know but I am going back to him.” That was the scenario. Then, when they called Me again, I answered.
17.      They said, “Our CP wants to talk to you.”
18.      I said, “Okay.” The man said, “Sir, Good day. Am I speaking with Apostle Peter?”
19.      I said, “Yes.” He said, “I am the CP calling you. Are you coming today?”
20.      I said, “No.” He said, “When you come tomorrow, meet me and collect your license. It is ready.”
21.       I said, “Sir, how manage?”
22.      He said, “Do not ask me we need your presence.”
23.      I was there but I loaded Myself with many books and everything, and then opened their eyes.
24.      Let Me tell you something. If you are sure you are a child of God, and you are sure you are in Him and He is in you, there is nothing in you suggesting otherwise, let Me tell you, you are the Christ the world is desiring to embrace.
25.      It was there I came to realize that too many government officials in highly places are desiring salvation but nobody comes their way.
26.      By the nature of their jobs, they are not permitted to go out. They are longing for something. Brethren, these people are really thirsty for the truth. Amen.

Would you permit Me to handle your Sunday school? Can you permit Me? I want to handle your Sunday school because the type of Sunday school I want to handle is the one no preacher here will handle to My taste.
2.          It is a Sunday school you know very well. For I am going to speak on a popular topic. I want to nail it down very well.
3.          It may even be the only message for today but I do not know. This has superseded completely what I outlined for today. I outlined five Messages.
4.          This morning, I presented all of them, I said, “God, chose the one do you want Me to use?” There was silence.
5.          I went to the bathroom, took My bath and came out. There was one ringing bell in My heart and it was completely away from the five I outlined. And I believe there is a reason for that. If you like call it My own interlude.
6.          Brother David, you are My favourite reader for today. Thank God that you can now survive with your family.
7.          Brother David, you are better placed than the place you were before. But I can see that you are extravagant and you run an extravagant family. Go and reorder your priorities.
8.          Go home, restructure your family away from what it used to be. Have you heard Me? I want your family to reflect the civil service. Run a civil service family.
9.          There is nothing that goes to the mouth that is sufficient. If it is possible, sign your signature whenever you cut from your yam.
10.      Go and read the message for Me. Drink when the money can offer drink. Eat when the money can at least offer the food. Do not drink because you want to drink.
11.      Go there because often times you may spend more money in the beer parlour than you spend in the home. 50 percent of your salary may be lavished outside only for you to be giving reasons why you should not be coming to Onitsha for Fellowship.
12.      Have you heard Me? Make up your mind that you will be here and you will be here. Even if there is no money, God knows how to make a way.
13.      An extravagant life is a useless life. The same way, nobody is as expensive to train, to tame more than a useless child. Hence we say, “As expensive as a useless person.”
14.      Check all the useless person you know. They are over expensive. They lavish their wealth. They are never satisfied and they can never stand.
15.      If you continue to hold the ladder for them to stand, I bet you, the ladder will fall on you. You and the ladder must kiss the ground. You must break your spines. Your spinal cord must shatter. Yet, the wasteful human being will remain wasteful.
16.      Let favour be shown to the wicked, it is a wasted favour. Even in the land of the upright, he will still do ungodly. Pound the fool in the mortar, yet, foolishness will not depart from him. For it is impossible for a leopard or an Ethiopian to change the colour of their skin.
17.      How do you expect one that is accustomed to do evil to change? Is it possible? Unless you want to challenge God’s word.  
18.      Brother, you are there to consider for Me or we consider together Epistle 20 of The Great Sermon written in the year 2002.
19.      Epistle 20, written in the year 2002. All I have been saying since yesterday morning even till yesterday evening even before the Elders.
20.      In the morning, they missed the recording. In the evening, I was told they recorded it. About two brothers recorded what went out of My mouth. It was not premeditated. Something prompted it. I want to back it up by putting the authority behind it.  
21.      You know authority is the source. Epistle 20, Great Sermon. Go there straight away. Forget about the page. Amen.

Epistle 20. The presence of God is established in the Bride. True or false? I do not know. Let us revisit it again and see whether we will get clearer understanding.
2.          The presence of God is confirmed in the Bride.” Sure! Established in the Bride. Confirmed in the Bride. True or False? True. Go to that Church you think you can go to, you can never see any Church having as many as we have had as supernatural pictures captured.
3.          They take photographs more than us. They do video recording more than us. But they have never captured any supernatural occurrence. If they have at any time captured, that would have been the theme of all their crusades. Is it not true?
4.          This is the only place where we are boldly displaying for the world to see, that we are not following cunningly devised fables. What is more, all of them are happening around an Individual (A Personality). They are all stop signs. Every sign from God is a stop sign. And when you stop, there must be a Voice.
5.          The Voice will tell you where the sign came from. Voice of the sign! Voice of the sign! If there be any sign, if there be any wonder without a voice, overlook it. It is devilish. It is misleading.
6.          Then if there be a voice accompany it, and that voice does not dovetail with the word of God, ignore it. I say, ignore it.
7.          Long ago, God spoke in different ways to our fathers through the Prophets, in visions, dreams, and even face to face…”
8.          And even face-to-face and they did not die. Long ago, God spoke with our fathers.
9.          Victor Nnachor, get ready. You are a renegade. You were rebellious. I know why I placed you where you are.
10.      I spoke to your father concerning you even few days ago when I revisited the past. I want you to use your obedience to the truth to erase the mistakes of the past. Get Me convinced. Have you heard Me? Am I not making it public?
11.      Anybody I want to destroy, I will tell the person to wait for Me. Judgment delayed is not judgment denied. That I am leaving you to continue to eat, is because I am considering too many things. It does not mean that I will not visit you. Unless you have heard from Me, “I have set you free.” Otherwise, I will visit you. When? At a time when you least expected.
12.      That is why we refer to God as One that takes away the life of an individual when the person is enjoying life.
13.      Long ago, God spoke in many different ways to our fathers…”
14.      Who spoke in many different ways? Many different ways to our fathers.
15.      We are talking about the way God related with our fathers, before we bring it to our own day, so that we can now know that what is happening in our midst is nothing but the same thing which started with our fathers.
16.      It is not a strange thing. It is not a strange thing at all. He spoke to them in different ways, that is, our fathers.
17.      “Long ago, God spoke in many different ways to our fathers through the prophets,…”
18.      Note it; one, through the prophets.
19.      “…In visions…”
20.      In visions.
21.      “…Dreams…”
22.      In dreams!
23.      “…And even face-to-face…”
24.      And even face-to-face.
25.      Is it not fulfilling in your own day? Are you not beneficiaries? I am not saying witnesses.
26.      God has spoken to us in this Bridal Faith using prophets, using dreams, using visions. And has spoken to us mouth to mouth, ear to ear, face to face.
27.      In other words, we do not need any other interpretations. We do not need any other prophecy or vision or personal revelation or reasoning that will be a part of our destruction.
30.      What is more, the moment you are detached, watch, those things that are happening in you will constitute your destroyers.
31.      if you know the reason why you detached, that thing that brought you back and pushed you out again, where it has pushed you to is the place of destruction.
32.      this is Because the moment God has revealed Himself, confirmed His presence, the Bride has no more option. We have no other option. so We DON’T say “we have option.” what we have is mandate.
33.      In this Faith, we do not have step-father or step-mother. A child whose parents are alive does not have step-mother or step-father. Is it not true?
34.      If while you are alive, your child comes to you, referring to the woman as his or her step-mother while you are alive, how will you feel? Why having a step-mother when I am still alive, even if I am crippled?
35.      We are being washed. God spoke to our fathers in diverse manners, but mostly, face to face. Not all will be privileged in their own day to have God talk to them face to face. Because as many as are privileged to have Him in person for their Teacher must be privileged to hear Him face to face.
36.      Do they require any other interpreter? Do they require prophets? You see the privilege we are enjoying in Jerusalem, in the place where the Glory came down, where His Word first went forth.This is what is informing your transportation fares; the struggles and troubles you are taking, you come and behold His Majesty, live. You do not want to hear testimonies from somebody. You want to hear Him, live.
37.      There is a great difference between watching an event live and watching an event when it has been edited, scrutinized, cut and joined.
38.      Many, many salient areas have been cut off. Because what the person joined together might be his interest areas which will not attract you.
39.      A blind person says, “There is nothing like what you see with your eyes.” A deaf person says, “There is nothing like what you hear with your ears.”
40.      When a blind person is saying he has hope, what then does the deaf person have?
41.      “Long ago, God spoke in many different ways to our fathers through prophets, visions, dreams, even face to face telling them little by little about His plans.”
42.      Telling them what? Little by little about His plans.
43.      You see why He said, “Follow Me gradually. Do not go to the left. Do not go to the right. You will not know everything at the same time.”
44.       He said, “As we journey along, things you cannot understand now shall be made plain. That you do not understand it now does not mean you will not understand it till eternity.”
45.      He started telling them little by little about His plans. Impatient people cannot follow Him. Impatient people will like Him to declare the wholesome truth about the totality of His plans. But God does not work that way.
46.      Hence He said, “You have need of patience.” When you are following God and you know He is God, you do not need to be in haste.
47.      The cloud is in the camp. I hope you are happy?
55.      Little by little He started making known unto our fathers His plans as they journeyed along, with instruction, do not look towards the left, towards the right. Fix your eyes and affection on Him that is all. As He unveils the hidden plans gradually, gradually. Is it not our song?
56.      One just gleams of a space, all the troubles, all the sorrows, the suffering, and the toils will seem nothing when we get to the end of the road. When we enter the rest. Remember the pains of labour and the joy of delivery.
57.      “But now, in these days, He has spoken to us…”
58.      Now, in these days, in this our own day, present tense. Now in My own day, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

But now, in this day, he has spoken to us through His son to whom He has given everything and through whom He made the world and everything there is.” Heb. 1:1-2 LB.
2.          He asked a question in the book of Hebrews, “Who is this Son of Man that you are mindful of Him? That you have committed into His hands the totality of all your creatures.”
3.          Who is this Son of Man? What type of privilege is He enjoying in your presence for being made heir, possessor of all you have made.
4.          That is why the Psalmist saw Him ahead of time and said, “Let us pray for Him that God will strengthen even the man in His right hand, the Son of Man. That we may worship Him rightly.”
5.          In many separate revelations…”
6.          In many separate revelations, all of them agreeing. No disagreement. Though they are separated but they are all pointing us to one thing.
7.          In many separate revelations, (each of which set forth a portion of the truth)…” A portion, not the totality. Each of the revelation set fortha portion of the truth meant for that day.
8.          The prophet said, “Every dispensation has a portion of the word of God allotted to it. They can never go beyond it.”
9.           What you are enjoying today in your own day is the message of your day, a portion of the truth allotted to your own dispensation. You see why you must believe your own day and its own Message? Always a portion of the truth is allotted.
10.      When you miss your own, you have missed your own hour of His visitation. You count yourself unworthy of Eternal Life. Automatically, you are perishing.
11.      Remember, I am not preaching that you will receive Him. This is a confirmed Message, a vindicated Message. But I am only firmly establishing you, so that no wind of time can blow you off.
12.      In many separate revelation, (each of which set forth a portion of the truth)…”
13.      Who has ever preserved this type of truth in all the denomination, the word of God, that you will not perish? The word of God, preserved for your salvation and for posterity. Even if I leave this scene today, I have made foot prints on the sands of time.
14.      Remember this is our current Bible. We call it the Bridal Bible. “…(But) in the last of these days, He has spoken to us…”
15.      In the what? “In the last of these days.”
16.      Are we not in the last of these days? Are we not? Can’t you see the signs of the last days in our midst and the world over?
17.      Now, what is He using to speak to us? How is He talking to us?
18.      “…(But) in the last of these days, He has spoken to us in the person of a son.”
19.      In the person of what? A son! Underline it immediately. You did not underline this one before because you are not mature in reasoning, mature in understanding.
20.      Note that word, article A. Not spoken to you in using the sons. It is article A. If the Lord of host never left us with a seed, A! A! Article A! Singular! We would have been like Sodom; we would have been like Gomorrah.
21.      But this time around, He is speaking to us using A, A SON not a girl. Not a woman. A son! Unto us a son is born. Unto us a son is given. Amen.
22.      And because He fell down and reproduced, we have now reproduced multiples. Except a seed of God fell down, it can never reproduce in multiples. 
23.      God, who at sundry times and in diverse manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds.”Hebrews 1:1-2 KJV.
24.      And that is the Resurrected Body. That is the Resurrected Body.
25.      In the past, God spoke to our ancestors many times and in many ways through the prophets. But in this last days, He has spoken to us through his son.
26.      What do you think this Man has in mind? Who is espousing you to different translations of the Holy Scriptures? All on one topic.
27.      He wants to stamp the truth hard on the table of your heart. He wants to make it indelible, for you must understand one out of the numerous translations.
28.      If none of them meets what you have in mind, you can go for your own interpretation. And that will be to your own destruction.
29.      But in these last days He has spoken to us through His son. He is the one through whom God created the universe, the one whom God has chosen to possess all things at the end.”Hebrew 1:1-2 GNB.
30.      To possess all things at the end. If you will follow Me till the end, you will never be disappointed. Instead, you will rather say, “Surely, the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man.”
31.      This is very much astonishing that God can be so mindful of man that He can hand over to Him all that He has or made up of in this life.”
32.      I want you to pay attention because this is My background for the Sunday school. It is not the Sunday school. My Sunday school is a material because I am the embodiment of all.
33.      If you want to evangelize, you are evangelizing Christ. If you want to Apostle, you Apostle Christ. Bishop, Bishop Christ. Deacon, Deacon Christ. Whatever you are, whatever office, it is Christ. No more, no less.
34.      Just pay attention. Understand this background.
35.      “No, for in the book of Psalmist, David says to God, What is mere man that you are so concerned about him? And who is this Son of Man you honour so highly?” Hebrews 2:6 LB.
36.      Who is this Son of Man that God honours so highly to the point of revealing His Deity through Him? To the point He has caused human beings to see His Deity, the Fullness of His Original Body, not only the Godhead, not the Pillar of Fire or Pillar of Cloud, but the Original Body, wearing white garment.
37.      Who is this Son of Man that you honour so highly? You see! The Personality the Almighty God honours so highly is the One human beings He has come to save debase. Human beings He came to save debase the Man God the Creator of the universe honours very highly.
38.      Highly esteemed by God and highly debased by men. Who is that man? The Son of Man. Because of His lowly heart, humility, simplicity. To them that do not honour Him, He is a mere man.
39.      They can argue with Him. They can even ride Him. They can even demonstrate against Him. They can rebel. They can open their mouths widely and make unguarded statements. But being a man filled with humility, simplicity, honesty of purpose, often times, He will ignore them, overlook all of them.
40.      Let Me tell you. it will take God to teach you how to honour God. the reason why I am saying this is because Isaiah said, “Why have you hidden yourself among the trees (check God IN DESPISED PLACES, page 149 verses 7-8 for reference purpose).
41.      Why have you decided to hide yourself among the trees making it impossible for human beings you created to give you your due honour and reverence. Why have you condescended so low to becoming like us? Hence, we now treat you as equals.
42.      The prophets were wondering. The angels were wondering. The question was: ”Who is this Son of Man?” David, a man after God’s own heart led by the spirit of Christ asked this question: “Who is this Son of Man? The man on your right hand, whom you should strengthen, who will help us to worship you rightly.
43.      Who is this man that you have honoured so highly to the point of entrusting into His hands the whole creatures including human beings. Making Him judge of the whole earth. Highly honoured by God and highly dishonoured by men.
44.      That is why the Bible said, “If the Jews had known that He was their Last Hope (Saviour, Messiah), they would not have humiliated Him and killed Him.
45.      Tell Me, if they had realized that He was their Messiah, no man would have flogged Him, slapped Him or placed a crown of thorns on His head. They did it because their minds were deluded. Their eyes of understanding were dull.
46.      The big task before us is how to identify the presence of God who has decided to speak to us directly in these last days through His Son whom He has chosen for this purpose.”
47.      Underline it immediately! The big task. The big task we have now is this.
48.      The big task before us is how to identify the presence of God who has decided to speak to us directly in these last days.
49.      It was a big task as at the time this message was documented. Today, is it a big task? It was a difficult task then, but now that I am here with you, is it difficult?
50.      We can stand where we are and say look at Him. Is it not true? Is it a lie? The first time when this thing was documented, there were too many claimers. Everybody was claiming one thing or the other. But it behooves God to come and vindicate who we should look up to?
51.      This is why I still maintain that God’s instrument for leadership will remain Divine. It is never manmade. Nobody chooses a leader for God. God chooses His own leader.
52.      Prophet Branham said in a Message titled THE IDENTIFIED CHRIST OF ALL THE AGES, “God Himself will reveal Himself in the Bride…”
53.      God Himself will reveal Himself. Where? In the Bride! Has it come to pass? Has it come to pass? Yes  sir!
54.      Is William Branham a false prophet? No! Has God revealed Himself in the Bride? Since that time till now, has there been any other place? Why is it fulfilling in your day? In My own day?
55.      Those who heard this prophecy in the days of William Branham could not see this thing. William Branham who prophesied it never witnessed it. Why is it in our own day that these things are coming to pass? I want to tell you that many, many prophecies have fulfilled in the Bride without your cognizance.
56.      Even today, many prophecies are fulfilling. Since this morning I mounted the pulpit till now, prophecies are fulfilling.
57.      Every statement from My mouth is a prophecy. Every action from Me is a fulfillment. Every event out there is a fulfillment.
58.      Last night, I was listening to the Nigeria television global news, 7 o’clock. And they were warning everybody concerning a new outbreak of virus disease. They called it Zika virus, a sort of malaria parasite that is ravaging America right now, killing infants and pregnant women in many cities.
59.      And they have come up with a plan that for two years no woman should conceive to enable them grapple with the spread of the disease. And in the same yesterday, they said over 21 different viral diseases have invaded the world. Epidemics!
60.      In Nigeria, especially in the Northern states, they said thousands of chickens, fowls have died. Many have lost all their poultry farms as a result of bird flu epidemic.
61.      Remember this is still January. January is ending today. We are saying good morning. We still have eleven months to go. And where we stand now, it has become clear that the president has lasted more than four months in office.
62.      From May 29th till now is more than four months. Is it not true? You can see that the messiah is yet to appear. We are yet to see the impact of the new messiah. We are feeling the impact negatively. Nobody has ever felt any positive impact. Is it not true?
63.      In Imo State last week, three thousand workers lost their jobs. And that is the government that promised jobs for all jobless graduates.
64.      El-Rufai is coming up with a new agenda. He said that reducing the salaries by 50 percent is not helping the situation; that he is trimming down the work force by four thousand. The rest will continue with half salary or resign.
65.      We are coming up with many things. Just be patient with Me. I am a part of the administration. You are a part of the administration. You cannot shy away from it. You cannot.   
66.      Brethren! Naira has been rubbished. You can see the plea in the air, the Federal Government using many, many organizations to plead with the Niger Delta youths to stop oil pipeline vandalization which assumes a new dimension since January.
67.      Now the same last week, presumably on Friday you heard it from the judge of the Court, the lawyers that the suit of the ruling or the appeal or whatever for bail concerning the Biafra or IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, which they were agitating for, the judge said, “No way. No way.” That the offence is not a bail-able offence.
68.      That it is an offence that bothers on treasonable felony which attracts life imprisonment on conviction. Did I not tell you this? And all mouths closed. Lawyers even withdrew all their actions.
69.      And the young man said that he was disappointed by his lawyers, that he is picking from another set. He is wasting his time. You were guided ahead of time and you are still being guided. I am here.
70.      If I want him to be released, he will be released. But if I want to use him to drum music in your ears, I will do it because you do not know what he is vying for. He does not know what he is equally vying for.
71.      What is more, he lost all the grounds for bail. For there is no human being born of a woman that can stand in for his bail because of his duplicity. He has two different passports: British and Nigeria. He came in without any.
72.      What if you stand in for his bail and he bolts away? Who will trace him? He has no fixed address. He has no contact point. More so, his aide has escaped leaving the pump action rifle with him.
73.      You can trust Nigerians! How did he manage to escape? Somebody aided and abated it. To God be the glory. I am still here. Amen.

Prophet Branham said in a message titled ‘The Identified Christ of all the Ages.’”
2.           The Identified Christ of all the ages. In every age, Christ must be identified. Christ is the Anointed One. Is it not true? The Messiah, the Saviour.
3.           In your own age, has Christ not been identified? If He has not been identified, it then means there is no salvation for your age. For without Christ, there is no salvation.
4.           Remember when Christ is identified, He is traceable to a tribe, traceable to a country, traceable to a family. He must be traceable to a family. Somebody must be privileged to be the parents. Sadastand? I dey make sense at all?
5.           God Himself will reveal Himself in the Bride…”
6.           God Himself will also reveal Himself. Who revealed Him then? Who brought Him into the Temple? God came by Himself into the Temple and revealed Himself. Is it a lie?
7.           I remember that day, the Voice spoke to Bishop Moses at the back. He said, “The Bishop sir, from the way you are looking at Me, I know what is happening in you. You are wondering whether this is that same man. I am the one. You can capture the photograph if you will.”
8.           He said “I will!” He brought out his handset and then snapped. Examine the thing and then bow His head low.
9.           Just like Elder Nwobu captured and ran away. He went to Apostle Kelechi, “Brother I do not know. See, see, see! See what I captured!”
10.        He said everybody should come in front, we should take: “I do not know, look at what I have captured. I was very close, I captured His face. See what I saw.”
11.        Yes! He will not destroy you because He invited you. It is not for abracadabra; there is a purpose for it. Brother Ben, is there not a cause? (He answered, “There is a cause.”) Thank you.
12.        “God Himself will reveal Himself in the Bride, His Church in the last days.”
13.        His Church! Not their Church. Not Deeper Life Church. Not Roman Catholic Church. They are owned by people. There is one that is owned by God. God alone in His own Church in the last days.
14.        Believe in the prophet and you shall be established. Ye shall be saved. You must be mindful of the words spoken to you by the Prophets and the Apostles.
15.        The problem with the people will be how to identify Him in the midst of many people…”
16.        Look at what the prophet said in that message.
17.        “…But the scripture will declare who He is.”
18.        The scriptures will declare who He is.
19.        “The scripture is the thing that will help us to identify the Son of God in the midst of the Church.”
20.        In other words, the scripture will be our school master to guide us to Him.
21.        Once the scripture guides us to Him, we will return the scriptures to the owners. We will no longer be under the school master.
22.        The scripture is our school master guiding us to Christ who has revealed Himself in the midst of the Bride in the last days. Then, the scripture will give way, we will now follow Christ.
23.        When John the Baptist guided them to Jesus, he gave way. The believers followed Jesus.Unbelievers went back to John. We are no longer under the school master for the school master has archived its purpose by introducing us to Christ. We now look up to Christ, who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith who should be our example in all things.
24.        If we must succeed, we must go back to the scriptures to find out how God revealed Himself to our fathers. Or what our people saw as the presence of God in their day because God does not change.”
25.        If we must succeed, we must go back to the scriptures to find out how God revealed Himself to our fathers. Or what our people saw as the presence of God in their day because God does not change.”
26.        That which is now has already has been. And that which is to be has already has been. And God seeks that which has passed by so that history repeats itself.” Ecclesiastes 3:6.
27.        So that history will repeat itself.
28.        And the LORD descended in the cloud, and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the LORD.” Sure! Exodus 34:5 KJV.
29.        And the LORD said unto Moses, Speak unto Aaron thy brother, that he come not at all times into the holy place within the veil before the mercy seat, which is upon the ark; that he die not: for I will appear in the cloud…” I will appear where? In the cloud upon the mercy seat.” Leviticus 16:2 KJV.
30.        Upon who? Upon the Mercy Seat. Who is the Mercy Seat? Christ! Who is the Mercy Seat? Christ! Do we have a Mercy Seat in our midst? Yes sir!
31.        Moses was the mercy seat in his day. The mercy seat is a human being. Do we have a message in print: I AM YOUR MERCY SEAT; AND THE CLOUD APPEARED UPON THE MERCY SEAT?
32.        I do not know how else to put it. Are you sure we are understanding what is happing in our midst? Are you telling Me to believe that we are understanding what is happening?
33.        Wherever the cloud appears, whosoever the cloud surrounds, that is God’s Mercy Seat for that is the presence of God in the midst of any group where He chose to appear.
34.        On the way to Damascus, the Lord displayed the same supernatural signaround Saint Paul and that made the whole difference in the life and Ministry of Saint Paul.” Yes!
35.        In this our day, do we have such a man who is vindicated by God with such a Supernatural sign of Pillar of Cloud and Light? If the answer is yes, then we shall be grateful to God forever for counting us worthy to receive His visitation.”
36.        I am sure and certain that we have a man who is revealed in the midst of the bride…”
37.        I am sure and certain. Are you sure and certain? This is a personal matter. This is where your salvation hangs.
38.        Your revelation of this man determines your salvation. For whatever He is to us determinesthe way you will handle Him, The way you will treat Him, the way you will obey Him. We are talking about this man that has been revealed.
39.        I am sure and certain that we have a man who is revealed in the midst of the Bride to fulfill this scriptures we quote around Him….”
40.        “….By this, we believe without doubt that God truly has confirmed His presence in His Church. He that is in the Bride is the very Bridegroom…” Amen!
41.        I mean, IS, IS, IS. The Bride will go where the Bridegroom is. The world will go where the attraction is.
42.        “…He made the world and everything in it, and since he is Lord of heaven and earth, he does not live in man-made temples, and human hands can't minister to his needs--for he has no needs. He himself gives life and breath to everything, and he satisfies every need there is…”
43.        And satisfies every need there is.
44.        “…He created all the people that is in the world from one man Adam and scattered the nations across the faceof the earth. He decided beforehand which should rise or fall,…”
45.        Who should be saved and who should be destroyed.
46.        “…He decided beforehand which should rise or fall, and He determined their boundaries. Acts 17:24-26 LB.
47.        There, the young prophets of Bethel seminary came out to meet them and asked Elisha, "Did you know that the LORD is going to take your master from you today?" "Quiet!" Elisha snapped. "Of course I know it." Then Elijah said to Elisha, "Please, stay here in Bethel, for the LORD has sent me to Jericho."
48.        But Elisha replied again, "I swear to God that I won’t leave you." So they went on together to Jericho. Then the student of Jericho seminary came to Elisha and asked him, "Do you know that the LORD is going to take away your master away today?" "Will you keep quiet!" he commanded. "Of course I know it."
49.        Then Elijah said to Elisha, "Please, stay here, for the LORD has sent me to the Jordan River." But Elisha replied as before, "I swear to God that I won’t leave you." So they went on together and stood beside the Jordan River.
50.        And fifty of the young prophets watched from a distance.Then Elijah folded his cloak together and struck the water with it; and the River divided and they went across on dry ground!
51.        When they arrived on the other side, Elijah said to Elisha, "What wish shall I grant you before I am taken away?" And Elisha replied, "Please grant me twice as much prophetic power as you have had.”  He is a foolish man. 2nd Kings 2:3-9 LB.
52.        This is our own day. God has visited us, and we are sure and certain about it. We must recognize the promises that belong to us and accept them or else, we spurn grace and perish.” Sure!“It is by grace we are blessed with Apostolic Ministry…”
53.        Sure! Not by our own merit.
54.        Only those that received the ministry of one sent by God are saved…” Sure! “…This is the truth that cannot be annulled.”
55.        Received means, believed.
56.        I am sure that I have washed off My hands of your blood. I have fought a good fight. I have kept the faith. It is now in your hands to continue to preserve this truth as My disciples and also to continue in them knowing the source of My message.” Sure!
57.        Dear friends, I solemnly swear that the way to heaven that I preach is not based on some mere human whim or dream…”
58.        Sure! The way to heaven, not the way to hell.
59.        Do not despise Him whom God has sent to us for our salvation…”
60.        What?“Do not despise Him; do not reject Him whom God has sent to us for our salvation because of over-familiarity.” Amen!
61.        Let it be known to you therefore men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you…”
62.        Through who? Through who? History is repeating itself.
63.        Let it be known to you therefore men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you and by Him all that believe are justifiedfrom all things, from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses.”  
64.      Put your hands together!
65.      It must take a true teacher from God to hand down God’s doctrines to His people. Through His teachings, God’s people will be restored to the true God. This has fulfilled in this BrideMinistry.”
66.      “Now, for a long season, Israel hath been without the true God and without a teaching priest and without law.”
67.      Brethren pause a little. Many of you are products of Pentecostal Churches. Tell Me if there be any Pentecostal group you romanced with where you are sat down and be grounded and rooted with this level of truth, revealing only but one man, the source of their salvation.
68.      They just gather you to tell you stories. None existent stories just to win you to their side and sent you out to go and propagate falsehood, to harden the hearts of the people with unbelief.
69.      Many of you here were their agents. You see why you must go and redeem the people you hardened. You owe it as a responsibility to go to them and then tell them what has happened at last.
70.      “Now, for a long season, Israel hath been without the true God and without a teaching priest and without law.”  2 Chron. 15:3 KJV
71.      Keep your eyes open for spiritual danger; stand true to the Lord; Act like men; be strong.”
72.      1 Cor. 16:3 LB. Quit like men, act like men.“By this, We can conclude that we are not being fooled…”
73.      Keep your eyes open for spiritual danger. Not physical danger, spiritual.
74.      And the woman said to Elijah, Now by this I know that thou art a man of God, and that the word of the LORD in thy mouth is truth.” 1st King 17:24. KJVV.
75.      The Word of the Lord in thy mouth is truth. Now I know that thou art a man of God. If the Word of God which the person claims he is propagating is from God and there is no truth there, the man is an imposter. We have millions of them worldwide.
76.      May God bless all His Elect is My prayer in Christ our Lord’s Name.”   Amen.

Keep your eyes open
against spiritual dangers

Keep your eyes open against spiritual dangers. Their eyes were not open against spiritual dangers. Otherwise, those that were saluted could not have make shipwreck. Were they in the Faith? Yes! Where are they today? What pulled them out? This is exactly the basis of the Sunday school.
2.          Whosoever that perseveres till the end, the same shall be saved. You shall be saved if you hold on to the profession of your Faith without wavering unto the end, if you remain steadfast, rooted, grounded, immovable unto the end.
3.          Many of us that are still here were not as strong as those people. Most of them were our Pastors and Teachers, Bishops and Elders who stood gallantly in defense of this Faith, whose words too many people believed.
4.          They helped people to obtain salvation but they missed it. They led the people into the Kingdomof heaven, but they missed it. The tendency is there for somebody to be sitting down here yet, has completely detached from the leadership.
5.          The background Message has established the presence of God in the Bride. Every sign from God is a stop sign. All these sign posts we hang on the wall, all of them caused us to stop. And when we halted, we began to hear the Voice that followed each stop sign.
6.          Check all of them starting from William Branham down till today. Every sign from God is a stop sign. And there can never be a stop sign without a Voice starting from the Old Testament.
7.          When Moses entered the wilderness, he saw a sign and that was the flaming fire. The flaming fire made him to be astonished. Moses stopped. Immediately he stopped, the Voice came “Take off the shoes, the sandal, off your shoes for you are standing on a holy ground.”
8.          Moses now enquired, “Who art thou? Who is speaking to me?” He said, “I AM.”
9.          Moses paused, “What shall I tell your people who you are?” He said, “Tell them I AM.” He said, “They will like to understand me. If I should tell them,The I am, they will be confused.”
10.      “Who will I tell your people that I met? Who is instructing me on what to do?”
11.      He said, “Now, go and tell them that the God of their fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…” Am I making sense?
12.      I would not go to the messages I have handled. I will give you one example. Now, when John the Baptist was baptizing in the wilderness, he saw a sign, the sign came like a dove, perched on somebody and abode as if the individual the sign perched on swallowed the thing.
13.      John thought what could be the thing. The voice said, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. He is the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world.”John said, “When I heard it, I proclaimed it to the people.”
14.      Now, in the Apostolic Era, on the way to Damascus, there was a flashing red light that made Paul blind. Paul was not alone. The bible recorded in the Acts of the Apostles that there were people with him. The thing came in a sort of thundering voice. Paul became blind because of the brightness of the light. It happened in the day time.
15.      Paul paid attention. What the people heard as thunder was a Voice. The flashing red light blinded Paul causing him to stop. When he stopped, he heard a voice, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?”
16.      Because the message went to Saul alone, those that were with Him according to the Bible said, “They heard the voice as thunder.”
17.      But Saul, to whom the sign was sent, heard a message. One heard a different message accompanying the sign. But the heathens who were with him heard thunder. You know the Message of the Son of Man is thunderstorm to those that are ordained to perish.
18.      But to those that are ordained to salvation, it is a direct Message of salvation. It sounds loud and clear. Now please, I do not want heads to roll again. Save yourself from this untoward generation.
19.      The generation of vipers. A diabolic generation. A very unpredictable generation. Unreliable generation. A Churchious generation. A generation where people go to Church, put up the outward form of religion, but there is no sign of Christ in them. This is the generation we are in. Nobody wants to answer a pagan. Today, everybody is a born again Christian.
20.      Today, everybody is a child of Jesus! Child of God!It takes God to come and redeem His own.
21.      Now, we are sure and certain, we are not following cunningly devised fables. We can identify the personality that is revealed in our midst. No human being revealed Him, He revealed Himself. Why? He wanted to. And He did it after the counsel of His own will.
22.      Two persons were not revealed. If He had revealed three persons in one, we would have queried it. He revealed One. A Son has been revealed. A Son over His father’s heritage.
23.      We have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness where we were before He met us. We believed in Him whom He has sent. He now transferred us into the Kingdom of His dear Son.
24.      Thus, the Kingdom belongs to somebody. The Kingdom everybody is vying for belongs to somebody. A MAN! He has transferred us into the Kingdom of His son. A Son, over His father’s heritage. A Son whom He has committed the totality of what makes Him Almighty God.
25.      He did not stop there, He came and bore witness that this is the person. First, the prophet prophesied. The Apostles spoke about it. Now, He appeared.
26.      From the written word, He pointed us to Him by telling us what we will watch out for. The only way He can be identified in the midst of a huge population so that there would not be a mistake.
27.      Whatever God does it is eternal. Nothing can be added. Nothing can be subtracted. God is not responsible for your unbelief. You are the one fooling yourself.
28.      I want everybody to understand this truth. A greater than Moses is here. Not because Jesus Christ said so. There are too many reasons why you must believe.
29.      Isaiah said, “I and my children whom the Lord has given unto me, we are for signs and wonders in this generation.” And that was the generation of Isaiah.
30.      There is nobody here in the generation of Isaiah. If you are in the generation of Isaiah, you are completely lost. You are walking in the glare of previous dispensations.
31.      All that are in this Bridal Faith must, of a necessity, be disciple of the Son of Man or never! If any is found outside His discipleship, he is not of His flock for this is the day of the Son of Man.
32.      Not the day of Moses, not the day of David or any of the prophets. Not William Branham’s day.
33.      The Kingdom belongs to somebody and He is the one that puts people into the Kingdom not because they are vying for it, not because they are desiring it. He puts people into the Kingdom as many as He wants after the counsel of His own will.
34.      It is not he that willeth or he that runneth, the Great God, that showeth mercy. And He will show mercy to whomsoever He willeth. Anybody He wants to harden, He will harden.
35.      For God cannot destroy a man without first of all hardening his heart.When God hardens the heart of a man against the truth, it is clear. God is poised to destroy that person.
36.      Anybody God has earmarked for destruction can never behold the majesty of God. He can never, because he has already been earmarked for destruction.
37.      Can God use the person? Yes! For he is enjoying the free gift, he is enjoying air, he is enjoying water, he is enjoying nature. So, he must serve.
38.      Will the services save him? No! For you will notice that he will be rendering all these services in disobedience to the Word. Can a man render services to the Lord in disobedience to the Word? Yes!
39.      That is why God recognizing that He said ahead of time, “Obedience to the Word is better than sacrifice.” Let Me tell you, there is no way you can obey without rendering sacrifice. But you can render sacrifice without obeying – without obedience. Is it true? Yes. Amen.

Pause a little. You can never obey God without rendering God sacrifices. But you can render sacrifices in disobedience. It is like love.
2.          You can never love somebody without spending, without sacrifice. But you can sacrifice, spend without loving.  
3.          This is where the problem now lies. What detaches people from the leadership? Moses was born and brought up in Egypt, Moses never knew the way from Egypt to Canaan. But it pleased God that, of all human beings, He should place His name upon Moses who knew not the way.
4.          If Moses had known the way and God now selected him, there was nothing supernatural in his leadership. But seeing he was born and brought up in Egypt, he knew no place called Canaan. He has never visited Canaan before.
5.          Moses now depended on Him that called him who gave him the promise “I will go with you wherever you will go for I will lead you in the way you should go.” When Moses took off, it was not Moses. God was the One that took off.
6.          God introducing Himself in the Bride in 1993 said, “Do not be surprised, many people read the Bible and they think they will use their eyes to see the Pillar of Cloud. Nobody ever saw the Pillar of Cloud.”
7.          The Pillar of Cloud was before Moses. Moses was seeing the Cloud, the people were seeing Moses. So they continued. The same was applicable to the light that illuminated the camp.
8.          In the night, the same Pillar of Cloud became the brightness of His presence. There was no Pillar of Light standing anywhere which people could rush and touch. No!
9.          Rather, in the night, the brightness of the presence of God illuminated the camp of over two million people.
10.      Now, the instruction went to Moses and not to every other person.He said, “Now, you are the one. I will go before you and I will lead you the way you shall go.”
11.      To the people of Israel, He said, “Follow him strictly. Provoke him not to wrath. Do not go to the right. Do not go to the left. You have never gone this way before.”
12.      We heard this Voice in 1993. “Do not ever provoke Him to anger for He will never, never pardon your transgression.”
13.      Now, if the sons of Jacob that survived were used to bring the people back to Canaan, they knew the road but they were not the people. Moses who never knew the way was picked. And the Lord started pleading.
14.      Tell Me, is there any sensible fellow that should query Moses? Is there any sensible fellow that should query Moses? Moses was depending on God. The people were depending on Moses.
15.      For they are looking up to Moses as the author and finisher of the journey from Egypt to Canaan across the Red Sea. That was the commission. Lead them across the Red Sea.
16.      As Moses was depending on God. Wherever the Cloud stopped, all of them stopped. Moses will order them to stop. No matter the number of years or days, they will be marking time there.
17.      For Moses was not the one leading, the Cloud was the One paving the way. The cloud was dictating the journey and the pace of the journey. It was not a one way journey. There were too many stopovers. As we have made lots and lots of stopovers in this Faith.
18.      And there was no place we stopped unannounced. Anywhere we paused took us to the next level. Is it not true? We are coming to something.
19.      Moses said, “I and the children the Lord has handover to me, we are for signs and wonders in our own generations.”
20.      The Son of Man is saying that we are for testimonies in our own generations. We are for testimonies, not only signs and wonders. We are not following signs and wonders. The reality is with us.  
21.      Now, when God came down in our midst, the first Message He gave us was building plan. We were instructed to build this particular Body according to the revealed pattern we received in the wilderness. And He said, “This particular Church, this Bride is a continuation of the Church in the wilderness.”
22.      Then, if I have a pattern, an icon, a building plan, all I have to do is to look for a nice architect who will reproduce what I have in the paper on the land. For no matter how fanciful it may be in the paper, I will never park into it. It remains a shadow, a picture.
23.      The reality is what a professional architect will produce. Don’t you know that it will be arrant stupidity on the side of the architect to begin to amend or correct a master plan, an icon, a master piece?
24.      Go to the message titled, “Masterpiece.” Preached by William Branham, And “The Building Plan” preached by the Son of Man.
25.      The problem we are having is this: The Chief Designer of the building is here, who knows the nitty-gritty that is involved in building this True Temple. Not ordinary temple, a spiritual house.
26.      For you all are built together as a spiritual house, a spiritual habitation where God will dwell. A building not made with human hands. And He knows what it takes to erect it.
27.      He selects His materials which He will use to make the foundation so that it will resist the storms of time, resist adverse weather and then stand immovable, unshakable.
28.      Now watch Moses, as they journeyed along, too many things happened along the way creating faith in the people to believe Moses.
29.      Search the scriptures very well. Along the way, over-familiarity set in. It started with his family members, Miriam and Aaron. From Miriam, Aaron, Dathan, Koran and Abiram. Notable elders. They detached from the leadership.
30.      Why? They started giving the message that was a plain message their own personal interpretations. They started having their own personal revelations which contradicted God’s plan for them.
31.      Immediately, they ganged up and said, “Moses, you are taking too much. After all, you are not the only one God speaks to. We are also elders. That which God is using you to do, He can also use us. Are we here to be follow-follow? All of us are playing the same role. We are all ministers.”
32.      Moses kept quiet. Now, what is the aftermath of the interpretation? The imagination of their hearts, the feelings of their heart, what they conjectured within themselves, brought about the disastrous interpretations.
33.      Any interpretation anybody GIVES this Faith, note it, is your destruction. They came out with their own personal interpretation to their own destruction. For whatever God does REQUIRE no interpretation. For God is the perfect interpreter of His own word.
34.      Whatever God has made manifest does not require any further interpretation. You cannot tell Me you have your own revelation. Whatever might be your revelation, your opinion, your view, your own idea, note it. that is what will destroy you.
35.      From the moment you begin to re-interpret a plain Message, truly speaking, you have detached yourself from the move. And there is no way you can reconnect yourself again. You will be following a vehicle that is on the move. And it is afar, for Moses cannot wait for you. He has no time to come back and pick you. He continues with the remnants that are still continuing with him.
36.      That is why William Branham said, “At that time where that doubtcreeps into your mind, that is where your journey stops.”
37.      He said, “Can you imagine what happened? Because of the unbelief and doubt among elders God stopped divine healing.”
38.      Whatever God does, requires no interpretation, and it is eternal, nothing can be added nor subtracted. There is no way you can begin to interpret what God is doing without adding or subtracting.
39.      God never commanded us to come and reason with Him whether we shall believe or not. Did you get Me right? He has called us to believe in Him. That is final. He did not give us a second option to choose if we want to be saved.
40.      All that wanted to be saved, they hooked up to Moses. They were looking up to Moses. They depended on Him for everything. When they needed water, Moses was there. Because Moses was there, Christ was there. For Christ remained the stone that followed them in the wilderness, supplying them with all they needed. Is it not true?
41.      Christ is here, the source of our supply. The Faith, life, provision, everything is supplied to us by Christ and Christ alone.
42.      He that followed from the Church in the wilderness, for we are in a journey, this is where He is presently now. Anybody looking for Him elsewhere is wasting his time.
43.      Now, watch what happened. Leaders emerged to their own destruction. They wanted to be heard. They wanted to be known.
44.      They forgot that God just took a portion of the spirit, a portion, a little that was in Moses and anointed them to enable them help Moses. But they thought that the little was enough to challenge Moses.
45.      This matter continued even in the days of the Apostles. You saw Diotrephes, Hymenaeus, Philetus, Alexander, they were Apostles. Barnabas! Barnabas forgot that he was there and God made a proclamation that Paul is a chosen vessel unto Me to bear My name. A commission he could not give to any other Apostle.
46.      They become jealous and envious. They conspired. As we journeyed along, we began to see too many people murmuring. All the missionary outings and journeys. Paul was going from place to place suffering shipwreck. Suffering in the cruel hands of even armed robbers. Enemies were there desiring to kill Paul wherever he went to.
47.      Now, those people that were with him, from among them rose murmuring, complaining, bitterness as it was in the days of Moses.
48.      They came up and said, “Oh slinky Paul. How can you believe Paul? How can you take him seriously, that all these missionary outings that we have been undertaking were in vain? How can a man do a business without gain? He must be gaining something, somehow. We cannot take him serious.”
49.      And from that time that interpretation was muted out from the hearts, that was the end of their journey. They misinterpreted a plain message. They were the people that were even refusing to follow. They were given opportunity to follow but they refused, for they were not prepared to bear hardship: To endure hardship.
50.      They settled down because they were angry. The feelings and imaginations of their hearts became the interpretation of Paul’s actions which were hundred percent wrong. This they did to their own destruction. And God continued to confirm Paul, gave him even Silas, dumped Barnabas, dumpedthe other man, John Mark who was desirous to be rich.
51.      John Mark as an apostle was dumped. Barnabas, dumped. It was the interpretation Barnabas gave that made him to confront Paul face to face. To the point of having sharp disagreement. And God disowned Barnabas and then confirmed Paul.
52.      These things happened as examples unto us. They are documented as a warning that we might be very careful. Open your eyes against spiritual danger. Disconnecting from the leader takes place in the heart.
53.      The moment there is distrust, that is the point where you stop. Following the messenger means confiding in Him, depending on Him, relying on Him, trusting in Him. Is it not true?
54.      The moment your loyalty is questionable, you are no longer a disciple. And what makes your loyalty questionable? It is the interpretation that is coming out of your heart.
55.      This Message is a plain Message. Christ is plain. We have been commanded to look up to Him as our example to the point that if there be anything we cannot understand, our duty is to do it the way we have learnt from Him.
56.      St. Paul came openly and challenged the people saying, “Who can accuse me of sin?” Just like Moses. He said, “Follow Me as I followed Christ.” Imitate Me. He said, “You have known Me all these years, My doctrines, My manner of life. What is then your trouble? What is your trouble?
57.      I am sounding this alarm because what will make people fall into danger is already happening everywhere.
58.      I told you the other day, I have been hammering on it. I thank God that I am seeing our Brother Obinna here.We have re-launched the whole websites in the air. Anybody can access the websites now. You can even check it from your system.
59.      I wish to make it clearer or repeat what I told you. I am still strict over the websites because I do not want any hacker to enter any of the websites. For that reason, I know many of you, even those that are computer literate, I refused to make the pin public.
60.      I restricted the pin to only one individual. I, the Son of Man, I do not have that pin. The Brother I gave charge over it knows that I do not have that pin. It is not even in our files.
61.      Only that Brother is in possession. And I took him under oath, if he should let the pin out to any individual by day or by night.
62.      Brother Obinna, I saw you. Stand up! Have I ever collected the pin from you for one day? He answered “No.” Have you given it to anybody for one day? He answered “No.” Thank you, sit down.
63.      Now stand up again. “Has there been anything commercial in any of the websites by day or by night? Is there any way, any company or anybody has ever entered it? He said, “No.”
64.      Is there any group of persons or anything at all paying you for the websites? (He said No sir). Are you taking return in terms of money? (He said No sir). Is there any account you opened with any bank where anything money is going in because we have the websites? (He said No sir). Do we make one kobo from the websites? (He said No sir).
65.      The MasterCard account which we opened for the websites, can anybody collect any kobo from it? Can you, the operator, get a kobo from it? Is there any way? (He said No sir).
66.      It is a direct deduction. Google deducts from the MasterCard account. Even when we are using GTB, I have never for one day followed you to the market to purchase foreign currency. Have I? (He said No sir). Nobody has ever followed you. Even when we are transacting with the bank, it was a direct instruction.  
67.      This matter has become necessary. We were talking about these websites. A brother said, before many witnesses, that he is sure and certain that the reason why many are walking towards frustrating the websites is this:
68.      “That many are of the opinion that the Son of Man is making millions of dollars from the websites every month.” I was not alone.
69.      Pastor Thomas, stand up! “Were you not there? He answered, “I was there.” Were there no other people there? We were more than seven. I underlined it.
70.      Do not be surprised. And I said, “Yes. He is privileged to be mingling with such people, for he knows people that can hatch out this idea”. I never accused him. I said, “I love this brother for one thing. He appreciates this Faith. And whenever he hears anything that can endanger this Faith, he does not keep it secret.”
71.      This is not a mere feeling. I thank God Brother Obinna is here. I do not have any domiciliary account anywhere in the world. I do not have naira.How can I have dollars. I do not have any business I am doing from where I can get any foreign currency.
72.      This group of people, their own interpretation is that, “The noise the Son of Man is making over that website is because of the money He is deriving from there, not that He is spreading the Good News to all the ends of the earth.”
73.      Now, we have not charged anybody a kobo. We have not levied people and such insinuationscan crop up, begin to think what will happen if we begin to say, “Brothers, we want so, so and so because of the high rate of currency, we want this.” Begin to think what will happen.
74.      I thank God that I am still here. And in everything, I say, I stand to be investigated.” I have not operated even your local account, let alone venturing into that area. I have no time. Two, where services are not rendered, you do not expect returns.
75.      We are not rendering any services to any group of people through the website. No business is going on there. You can access it. Have you ever seen any advert there for one day? It has never happened. It will never happen.
76.      And we never registered it as commercial. We registered as organization not com. If it is com, it is commercial. So, whatever rate we are paying to them, we are paying as organization and not as commercial venture.
77.      Do not be shocked. The interpretation you are giving to this faith determines where you will find your position at last. Whatever God does is plain. He carries everybody along. He is as open as open can be.
78.      For your information, what we receive every month are nothing but receipts. All the receipts are there with Igwe Amobi. Igwe Amobi, am I telling lies? He answered “No sir.” Even that of last month, you are holding them.
79.      They are not hand written, they are all printed from the websites. Every kobo that they deduct, the receipt must surely come to us.
80.      To you that belong to that group that have that feeling that the reason why the Son of Man is talking about the websites, the necessity of continuity is because He is making millions from there. I said, “Praise God for you.”
81.      If you were there in the wilderness, you would have also accused Moses. You would also have accused Saint Paul. For whatever you were that time, is what you are today. Whatever you are today will be what you would have been if you were there.
82.      What is your own interpretation concerning the Faith? Do you believe it the way it is handed down to you? Have you believed the Leader whom the Lord has chosen? Not only chosen, confirmed and vindicated to take you home.
83.      When you believe, you make the journey easy. But when you disbelieve, you make the journey very cumbersome.  
84.      Immediately they crossed the Red Sea, Moses gave way, Joshua took over. In spite of the vow the people made to co-operate with him, still, Achan and family constituted a stumbling block. It has always been like that.
85.      Nobody is as suspicious as an unbeliever.Faith in Christ banishes suspicion. When they never believed Jesus, they were suspecting him to be a Beelzebub. They were the people that caused him to be giving people false ideas – duping them.
86.      That is the word we read in the bible. So, he was duping them, because an unbeliever does not trust himself; So trusting others will be very difficult.
87.      That is why God said, “For you to be in harmony with this Faith, you must first of all be in harmony with yourself.” When you are not in harmony with yourself, forget about being in harmony with Christ and with one another.
88.      We are for testimonies in our generation. What and what is going to be our testimony? We will testify of the goodness of the Lord. We will testify of our experiences, what we encountered within and without, especially, in the midst, in the hands of false brethren who crept into our midst.
89.      They are here because of what we are doing for them. Or what we will do for them. Not that they are a part of us. They watched Him. They watched him.
90.      It was a Message preached by Nnamdi Ogbogu when he was our Pastor. Whenever Voices like this goes forth, do not look sideways. Beneath such things must be some notable elders.
91.      There has never been such a thing in our midst, there was never such a thing in the olden days without prominent elders.
92.      There can never be a coup in Nigeria without prominent military officers ganging up the rank and file which they will use to execute it.
93.      We are able to go and overtake that city. We must enter paradise whether the devil likes it or not. We are aware that there may be some giants who will be on our way to hinder, to halt. God must surely give us victory.

94.      For He said, “Go, for I am with you. I will lead you in the way ye shall go. Fear them not. Speak My word.” Thank you very much.  Amen.