Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: POSSESSING CHILDREN’S FAITH

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God bless you Church. We thank God for giving us another day. Our most Holy and Righteous Father, The Creator of heavens and earth.
2.           We have come before Your Presence this day in the Name of Christ our Lord trusting and confiding in the finished work at Calvary where the penalty for our sins was paid.

3.           Father, we are depending on the finished work at Calvary, not trying, Oh God, to work out our righteousness in any form or shape again. Not trusting our power or might or even strength for we believe Oh God, with the works of righteousness which the law can wrought in a man, no man can achieve your standard righteousness.
4.           Having discovered through your Word that it is through trusting on the finished work at Calvary, that a man can attain your righteousness; there Oh Lord, we place our Faith.
5.           And we pray Thee that the same way you received the faith of Abraham and counted it as his righteousness, the same manner, receive us as children of Abraham in Christ’s Name. This day Oh God, we have come trusting that you would bless us mightily.
6.           Cause your people Oh God to rejoice in your presence here. Wherever your children gather under the sun today calling upon Your Most Holy Name, please, may Your Presence be established in their midst in Christ’s Name.
7.           Our Lord and our God, we are committing into your mighty hand this day, our brethren that travelled, more especially, Bishop Okechukwu Paul who made it known to us that he will travel yesterday night. Be with him Oh God all through. Even in Lagos, guide and protect him over there. For the days we are living in are full of evil.
8.           And if you fail to keep watch over your own, surely, Satan would destroy us. Therefore, keep watch over all your elect worldwide. May you never permit any of us Oh God to stray away from Your Presence. Should we sleep before the catching away of the saints, may we sleep in the Lord in Christ’s Name.
9.            Even this day Oh God, we are trusting that we will rejoice exceedingly in Your Presence. Cause Your Name to be magnified in the midst of the Church and let thy Deity Oh God be established here forever. Touch everyone at the point of our needs, that at the end of the today’s service Lord, we will all go home glad. We know that Satan is not happy that we have gathered to worship you Lord.
10.        In any way Oh God, he will try to rise up, even using human agent or false anointing; Lord, we bind such evil spirit and their operations. Father we put them back to the bottomless pit where they belong to, and let them remain there until the day Oh God every rebellion must be crushed.
11.        Till then, may thy Church, Oh God, enjoy the liberty where Christ has set us free. Are there some in the camp that are troubled in one way or the other spiritually and physically, please Lord, come to their rescue. Those that are still on the way, bring them here safely.
12.        Those that are lying in the sick bed, more especially our brother Igwe whose case is well known to you that no doctor on earth has the remedy. Father, we lift him up before you this hour together with his entire household. Without you surely we can do nothing.
13.        Ignore Oh God his rebellious act. Ignore Oh God completely his sinful behaviours, his lack of faith and step into his life program. Father divine, there in his bed this day, quicken his mortal flesh. Restore his strength, normalize whatever that is wrong in his body and teach him Oh God to learn to trust in you rather than in his physician.
14.        We are praying Oh God concerning all the Churches, that you unite them in love; that there be no divisions among your people. That they be united in one spirit, in one mind. Father divine, that thine aim for establishing the Church be not defeated in the end.
15.         Whosoever that will minister to us today, cause him to speak as an oracle of God. Minister life into our dying soul, that we may live forever in your sight.
16.        Bless our little ones even those that were baptized yesterday. We have baptized them Oh God, trusting that surely you will save them to the utmost. For the same way, the water saved them in the days of Noah and condemned some, the same way Oh Lord, baptism saves us, as many as responded with pure conscience.
17.        Even those that are still under age, we immerse them completely by our faith, trusting that on the day we shall be clothed with Immortality, they too shall be transformed. Bless us richly while we worship you this day. Thank you for answering our prayers through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.
Please Pastor, make sure our children would be having their classes every Sunday unless where events will make us to cancel it.
2.           My experience at the bank of the River Niger yesterday was very much exiting. I followed them to water baptism to witness where our little babies would be immersed in the Name of Christ. It was a very wonderful experience.
3.            How I wish the whole Church gathered there to watch the sight. Within Me, I was over-joyed. I say, I was completely over-joyed. And our brother read scriptures that moved Me.
4.            I was very glad hearing that scripture being read at the bank of the River Niger. And God confirmed it that there is no reasonable excuse why we should hinder them from being baptized.
5.           A little baby was holding her plastic baby toy in her hand and was continually immersing herself and the baby in the water; before My eyes, a baby of about ten months or eleven months. It is not up to one year.
6.           In short, I was very happy. Let go into the Holy Bible again. Let’s see whether we can get something out of it.
7.            The training of our children is gradually disappearing from our doctrines. I say, the training of our children is drifting gradually away not only in this Church, but in almost all the Churches.
8.           I have noticed that parents now pay more attention to themselves than to their children as if the salvation of their children is no longer important.
9.           It should not be so. We have to be very careful. When the Holy Ghost said we should catch them young, we must line up immediately. We must line up immediately and if we do not train these children, bring them up in the fear of the Lord, no matter how strict you may think you may be as a father by flogging and chastising, surely, the spirit of this world must rule them.
10.        There are many reasons we must give them a culture, a habit, a character, make it their nature. Number one is that, remember that by and by, they must mix up with the world whether you like it or not.
11.        Even if you establish your own school in your parlour, after teaching your child, surely you must expose that child to the world again. The same way parents are exposed to the world, the same way our little children are exposed to the world. You can’t hold them back.
12.        They must surely mix with children in the world. And if you recognize that there is a spirit that is ruling in the children of disobedience, the only way to secure your children is not to lock them up in the room.
13.        There is a woman living in my yard who formed that habit and was sharing it as a big testimony to Me and my family when we were newly married about 1989.
14.        Each time the woman came to My parlour, she would be talking about the way she had been labouring to bring her children up in the fear of the Lord.
15.        And I would ask a question; I would say, “Madam, I praise you for all your efforts. But let Me know how you have been succeeding all these years.”
16.        She said, “Do you not see, I normally lock them up in the room and I go my way. And they remain there eating and moving about in the parlour. When I come back, I open the parlour.”
17.        I said “Really!” In short, that time, I hadn’t the boldness and the courage even to talk to her, because she was a Sunday school superintendent in the Grace of God. Besides that, Paul Nweke was constantly there and that must be their doctrine.
18.        And I was looking forward to a day I will raise up a family so that I will not talk to her. She will see and believe that she was erring.
19.        The greatest mistake you will make in training your children is to lock them up. if you lock them up, you have destroyed all your children.
20.        The woman tried and continued that way. She never knew that psychology even teach that there is a limit to that type of cell. As they are coming up in age, a time comes when she would be tempted to send them to market, to send them to purchase one thing or the other from the supermarkets. That a time would come when they would be exposed to school life. Before then, there was not even one in any secondary school.
21.        You see, I am now vindicated. As we continued, the children grew up. The daughter graduated in the school and went to university. The other one, DMGS. The other one, Ado Girls and so on. Come and see their nature now.
22.        What happened? She never gave them the correct culture. Even to stay at home, they don’t find it convenient again. They now play truancy. Once she is at home, they will be at home. Immediately she leaves the house, they will leave. Because she did not give them a culture.
23.        The same way I taught you here right from “Amazu Oil.” I emphasized on sex education. I warned you on the danger of keeping everything secret before your children.
24.        Because man by nature loves to touch whatever you call secret. He will try to know the secret behind it. Even if it contains nothing. That’s why Holy Ghost told us ahead of time, that if you don’t want your children to contact the spirit of the world, please, teach them while they are young.
25.        Sex education is very, very dangerous. Tell them exactly what it is all about. The essence. What it will result. Tell them everything surrounding it and they will be very, very happy. They won’t make mistakes again. But if you just carry your cane and start giving instruction; “Any day you cross this gate, I will slaughter you!” She knows you won’t slaughter her. By and by, she must cross the gate. It is applicable to the boys.
26.        Give them a culture. Tell them the truth. Educate them. Find out their interest areas and educate them there. If your son has great appetite or shows interest in smoking, do not stop him from smoking. Buy cigarettes for him.
27.        Sit him down. Light one, smoke it before him. Tell him that you have the power to smoke if you want, that it is not even money that is stopping you from smoking.
28.        Then, educate him on the dangers inherent in smoking. Tell him why you do not smoke. And if that child catches that trail, no more. I say, no more. But if you do not educate them, once they go out and see their fellow boys making like this, they will join.
29.        You ask them, “Why are you smoking?” They do not know why they are smoking, but he is smoking. I am telling you the truth I know about man and habit.
30.        You know once habit is formed, it is not easily erased. Once a habit is inculcated, to erase it is not easy. It is even with some of you adults in this Church.
31.        There are certain traits, certain habits you imbibed when you were too small. Your parents helped you. Even at this your age as an adult, you find it difficult to drop those habits. Because they have become a part of you. Amen.

We have started baptizing our little ones. We now owe them a duty.
2.           It is our duty to train them, to teach them. Because the Bible said that once they are baptized, teach them to observe all things, whatsoever I have commanded you. Now, they have the right spirit, they can now pay attention.
3.           When it was announced in My house that we were going for water baptism on Saturday, I rejoiced. While they were preparing and were rejoicing, I was meditating in My heart concerning our little brother, Chuboy, who approached Me last Sunday.
4.           He said, “Daddy, I have been baptized in the name of Christ. When would you lay hand on me?”
5.           I said, fine. This boy must have been taught by his mother, which is scriptural. I only lament that the father is not in this Faith. If the father is in this faith helping the mother, the child will come up a different child all together in Onitsha.
6.           Onitsha will see the first child of God, if the father is in this faith, the mother is in this faith and they are bringing this child up, because he is very, very intelligent. From the day he came into this house, he embraced this place with joy.
7.           There is something in the boy that could not be suppressed. He became loose and danced and rejoiced as never before and could hear us and echo “Yes Sir!” And since that time, he is picking up gradually, gradually, gradually. Now, he has recoiled just like My little son Chibueze.
8.           That time, he was rejoicing, all of them, I knew a time will come as they continue coming up, they will recoil. And from that time he recoiled, I knew he had already another sense altogether, that this place is not only meant for dancing alone. He is now paying attention.
9.           It is just like in the nursery school. If you take your little child to nursery school when he is too tender, very much under age, maybe between one year, ten months and two years. Once he gets there, he will think it is a place for playing or for licking ice-cream. He does not know any other thing beyond that.
10.        If you talk of reading this and reading that, that is not his business. Some would even see it as a place of playing with their toys. But it will not last long.
11.        Once the child clocks three, four years, another sense will come in and that is the writing period. He will be very much interested in writing and drawing imaginary things nobody could even understand.
12.        Give him one exercise book; he will finish it in less than two hours. Give him food, he will abandon the food and continue writing. That is writing stage. Let Me leave it there. Amen.
13.        We are catching these ones young. They indicated their interest in baptism. In My house I looked at them, I said, “Little children, you want to get baptized?” They said, yes.
14.        I said, “Ok. But nobody is qualified except Chibueze.” They said no. I said, “No, you are all liars. You tell Me lies from time to time. How can you be a child of God when you are telling Me lies.”
15.        They said, they have repented. I said, “No, Chukwudi is not qualified for baptism, he is a liar. He tells lies.” He said, he must be baptized. Brother Amankem insisted that all of them must be baptized.
16.        I said, “Ok, until we get to the River Niger, we will know many that will be baptized, because the River Niger will decide. I will not say, this one will be baptized or the other. But once we get to the River Niger, we preach the message. Whatever you want to preach, preach, but River Niger will decide.”
17.        We got there. Too many of them, they were rejoicing and rejoicing and rejoicing. Once we got to the bank of River Niger, the atmosphere changed. We saw those that came for baptism. We saw those that came for sightseeing. Their ages manifested.
18.        You know you can hide everything, but you cannot hide your age, for your character will tell us your age. I am telling you truth. You cannot reason more than your age. It is impossible, because there is something God placed in you. Once it gets there, it will stop.
19.        You can’t cross it until you move to that point. That’s why if you try to force that area in children, they will run amok. They develop brain fag, because you are trying to open the hemisphere when the time is not yet ripe. That’s why I check My children no matter how they study and come first in their private schools, I still have a check.
20.        I know the time they should go to bed. No matter the assignment, I will force them in. I will lock up everywhere: “Enough is enough. You are not flying to the sky.” And they will halt.
21.        If you go further, they will develop eye problem, develop severe headache. Before you know it they will be picking papers on the street.
22.        Once you have your child in the nursery school and while the child is sleeping, he will be talking and talking and talking, rehearsing and reciting things she did in the class, halt her there. If it is possible, change her to public school for one year, she will get her normal sense again.
23.        You see, when we got to the River Niger, I was watching the reaction of the children. Some were fixing their eyes on the boat, fishermen and those that were piling sand. And they were rejoicing, seeing the sight, while some were attracted by little children that were swimming.
24.         Chukwudi concerned himself with the swimmers. Whatever Brother Amankem was talking was not for him. He was describing, “Daddy, look at this one. They are fighting in the water”. Before we knew it, Chiamaka was not even in the fellowship. With her wrapper, she was watching the swimmers and the boats.
25.        Brother Amankem continued preaching. There were too many others. Even Brother Okey’s son, Joshua. Whatever they were saying was not his business.
26.        Some of them had not seen River Niger before. It was a wonderful experience there. I turned to Chibueze. That was where we saw drama. We saw real drama. Because he dressed well with his fellowship bag and biro pen, he thought it was fellowship in the Church. I stopped him, he said no. but we got there.
27.        I said, “All of you must be baptized the same way these boys are swimming.” He said, “No Daddy”. He ran away from their group.
28.        I said, “No, don’t run”. He said, “No Daddy, I will not do again, I will not do again”.
29.        I called Brother Amankem, I said, “Look at, today na today”. I gripped Chukwudi, he said, “No, no, no”. I said, “Ok Brother Amankem, stop preaching. They are not paying attention to what you are saying.”
30.        Nevertheless, there were just few that paid attention and answered questions, and they were between the ages of seven and eight. These ones were already adults. Some of them are in Elementary three. But the babies among us, it was a nice experience.
31.        I halted the preaching. I said, “Brother Amankem, enter the water, invite them one by one. Whoever that will courageously march into the sea, and then march to you has expressed his faith. Baptize that one.”
32.         We asked them whether they still wanted to be baptized in the Name of Christ by immersion. They said yes. Ok, one by one. We saw the courage in these children. Brethren, I could not believe My eyes.
33.        Courageously they were marching into the river. Nobody guiding them. For that was the instruction I gave. Anyone that is double minded, once you say, “Enter, go there”. He will say “No” unless somebody will lead him.
34.        But the joy in them, it was too much. They were marching in courageously like that, getting baptized without crying, one after the other until he baptized almost all.
35.        When he came to Chiamaka’s turn, another drama came. She just spread her hand like this, and then gripped brother Amankem so tightly. I said “Brother Amankem, you will baptize today.” Nevertheless, she was baptized.
36.        I said, Chibueze, it is your turn, “Oya, march in”. He was shouting, “Daddy ooh, I will not do, I will not do. Let us go, let us go”.  
37.        What am I trying to say? I am trying to bring out one thing. Seeing that these little ones have started showing interest even to the point of marching into the river courageously when most of them have not even seen the sight of River Niger before, it is a sure sign that these children are seeds of God. thus, we can now devote time.
38.        Mothers, fathers, please devote time. Pastors in this Church, ministers, if it is possible, let the Pastor be making changes in their ministers from time to time. And when you get there, please, do not play with them. Get them grounded on our Elementary doctrines. It is scriptural.
39.        The family of Lydia was baptized in one night. The Bible never mentioned their names. Whether there were infants there or not, I do not know. But they were all baptized by night. Amen.

Mark 10 verse 13 through 15. “Once when some mothers were bringing their children to Jesus to bless them…
2.           When some mothers were bringing their children to Christ to bless them. Mothers, it is your duty to train your children when they are young. Timothy’s mother and grandmother helped him when he was young. Mothers brought their children to Jesus the Christ to bless them.
3.           Once when some mothers were bringing their children to Jesus to bless them His disciples shooed them away, telling them not to bother him.
4.           But when Jesus saw what was happening he was very much displeased with his disciples and said to them, “Let the children come to me, for the kingdom of God belong to such as they.
5.           Don’t send them away! I tell you as seriously as I know…
6.           I tell you as seriously as I know. It is a serious matter now from the mouth of Jesus Christ.
7.           I tell you as seriously as I know how that anyone who refuses to come to God as a little child will never be allowed into his kingdom.”
8.           Parents, this is a warning. If you have the revelation of this passage of the scripture, the idea of keeping your children away and you come to fellowship should be completely ruled out.
9.           If you really love the lives of your children, you should even transport them here first. I mean your children first. Jesus Christ said, “I tell you as serious as I know.” It is a serious matter.
10.        St. Luke 18 verse 15. “One day some mothers brought their babies to him to touch and bless.
11.        One day, some mothers brought what? Babies.
12.        But the disciples told them to go away. Then Jesus called the children over to him and said to the disciples, “Let the little children come to me! Never send them away! For the kingdom of God belong to men who have hearts as trusting as these little children’s.
13.        For the kingdom of God is for men and women that have hearts as trusting as the hearts of these little children. The hearts of the little children are very much trusting, doubting nothing.
14.        For the kingdom of God belongs to men who have hearts as trusting as these little children’s. And anyone who doesn’t have their kind of faith will never get within the kingdom’s gate.”
15.         Anybody who doesn’t have their kind of faith can never get to within the gates of the kingdom of God. You can’t cross the gate. The Bible is saying unless you have the kind of heart, the kind of spirit, the kind of trusting t little children have, you can never cross the gate. If you even touch the bell, it means you have entered.
16.        It is a serious matter. Since we see Christ valued children very much and He is still valuing them till today, parents should join hands together to bring their children up in the fear of the Lord. What will spoil them is outside and not inside. Unless one that has spoiled already before we ever embrace that one. And we will do our best to give him the right habit. We do our best.
17.        Thus, do not ignore the training of your children. It is very, very essential, not neglecting yourself. I say, not neglecting yourself. You know the habits of little children. Even if they quarrel, it is just for a while. Before you know it, they will reconcile there.
18.        Flog a child, he will weep; run away from you, in the next few minutes, he will come back to you. He does not harbor grudge, always trusting God that while the parents are alive, he must eat and be clothed. He is not thinking about tomorrow.
19.        How I wish we will look into the lives of children, How they trust God, how they rush to God, how they cherish the things of God. We are the people that hinder them. If we can give them time and say, “Now little children, if you are happy come and worship God here,” they will worship God more than us.
20.        We make noise, but they worship God. You think they are silly, they are not silly, they are highly cherished and valued in the sight of God.
21.        And except we behave like them, have their own type of hearts, behavior, trust, in everything, God said we can never go beyond the gate of His kingdom. We will not even touch the border of the kingdom.
22.        How many can boast of having child’s faith? There are characters one will exhibit; people will say that the person is behaving like little children. It is better that I behave like the little children and enter the kingdom of God than to behave like one that is sensible and enter into trouble. I don’t know whether you are getting what I am saying?
23.        This sense we condemn which God approves, God wants me to have children’s sense. It is better that I behave like children and enter the kingdom of God than to behave like the most sensible human being on earth and enter into hell.
24.        Before you know it, people will accuse somebody of behaving like little children, but before God, He wants the behavior of little children. Remember that the way of God is opposed to the way of man, and if you look at the message we preach, we are preaching children’s message.
25.        People say it that our message is only good for children, that no adult can take us seriously.  And really, this message is little children’s message. No adult in his right thinking can take us seriously. How can you go and tell people that you will not do anything and God will save you? That you won’t work out your salvation in fear and trembling like Paul was teaching.
26.        He said, “You mean that once you are baptized, you have faith and faith will save you? Shut up your mouth! That is fit for little children. That is what they say about our faith and this is exactly what God is demanding from us. For the way up is down.
27.         Maybe we are missing something and God wants to use these little children’s faith, their baptism to bring us back.
28.        It is good that we behave like little children. And we cannot behave like little children until we have hearts like little children. Somebody might be somewhere asking whether one can learn the use of the left hand at old age.
29.        Yes, it is possible before God. For with God all things are possible. If you believe that it is possible, it will be possible to you. But if you say how can a man learn this thing at this old age, well, “na you sabi.”
30.        St. Luke 18 from verse 15. One day some mothers brought their babies to him to touch and bless. But the disciples told them to go away.
31.        Can you see people with sense? Some mothers brought their children for God to bless them, but adults who had sense hindered them. The same thing happened when Christ was entering Jerusalem, little children started praising and adoring Him, sensible people halted them:“Shut up your mouth, shut up your mouth!”
32.        The same happened as Christ was passing by on the way to Galilee, those that were oppressed, distressed started calling on Jesus, Son of David to have mercy on them. They asked them to shut up their mouths. This is exactly Roman Catholic spirit.
33.        Don’t you know that it is Roman Catholic spirit? If they see a little child sitting in the front seatt, they will change the little child to the backseat and bring an elder full of unbelief to sit down in the front. What I am telling you is the truth.
34.        Watch those that are given the front seat, none of them believes the message of Christ. It is their money that is being worshipped. They will place him where the offering bag will be very close to the person, a little while you see him leaving the Church.
35.        Please let us be very careful. The scripture can never tell lies. God has already shown us what He wants from us.
36.        ADULTS WITH ADULT SENSE NORMALLY OPPOSE GOD’S WILL. Whoever that has an adult sense must surely walk contrary to the will of God. That is why the Holy Ghost told us that it will take the little child to follow Christ in the message titled, “At Thy word Oh Lord”.
37.        He said, Peter followed Him as a little kid. “Peter, follow me.” A married man abandoned fish, abandoned everything and then followed. It will take a little kid to follow. What I am telling you is the truth.
38.        If you watch Naaman the Syrian, as a result of adult sense he displayed, he could not be healed. When he was given the name of the river he should dip himself in, he started explaining that they had rivers in their village. “We have many rivers in my village. Why must it be that of your village?”
39.        Later on, he went. He was asked to wash in the river seven times, but due to unbelief and doubt, I could see him after washing three times; he started quarrelling with his maidservant: “Look at how I am. Nothing has taken place. Will I die washing?”
40.         What caused it? Adult sense. “If three times cannot heal me, seven times will not.” God healed him so that his word might come to pass, finish.
41.        For if he was to be judged based on his unbelief, he could never receive healing. For they were pleading with him to complete the number.
42.        Angrily he obeyed. Whether he obeyed angrily or happily, all we know is that you must obey. Immediately he completed the seventh one, he looked at himself and behold he was made whole. He started rejoicing.
43.        I am trying to say that he was opposing the will of God using adult sense. Adult sense can never do God a service according to His will. For adult sense must always try to have his way.  
44.        “You cannot play with me. Do you know who I am? I am above this type of mess.” But if you want to follow God, you must behave like little children. You follow God doubting nothing, no question.
45.        Look at James and John the sons of Zebedee. They were there fishing with their aged father, Jesus Christ appeared and called James and John. They abandoned their father Zebedee. They never questioned Jesus, “Where are you taking us to and we left our aged father.”
46.         The Bible said they abandoned their father, the boat, the fish and the net and followed Christ. Look at Peter, a hungry man, he was asked to cast his net and behold fish became surplus. Look at business! But he did not wait to sell the fish so as to get money. Somebody that fished all through the night without catching even one, coming out in the next day, the boat was filled with fish. Instead of selling the fish and making money from the sale, he abandoned it and followed Christ without asking Him, “This boy, where are you taking me to?”
47.        What is more, Peter was older than Jesus the Christ. Christ was a small boy to Peter, even to James and John.
48.        If you were there watching an aged man married with children, together with the mother-in-law following a small boy, you would ask Peter, “Where is the boy taking you to.” Peter would have said that he asked him to follow him.
49.        “Where are you going?” “I do not know. He asked me to follow him.” Brethren, it will take a little child: “I heard, Follow me,” and I followed. It will take a little child. If it is an adult, even if it is in dream, if they move a little, he will accost the boy, “Who are you? Where are we going to? Ok let me go and inform my family so that they will be aware of my whereabouts in case of eventuality.”This is adult sense.
50.        How I wish we will learn a lesson from these little children. Remember what I told you. They saw Brother Amankem inside that place, the children were moving courageously. None of them was afraid. Their faith was fixed on Brother Amamkem.
51.        If there was an adult helping them, their faith would have rested on the adult. But brother Amankem was standing far in the river. I was standing outside with Brother Vincent and Brother Agubalu with the mothers that went with us. We never helped any.
52.        Even when Brother Christian wanted to help them, I refused:  “Anyone who would be able to get there, baptize the person. I think that is enough.”
53.        This is exactly what God is expecting from us. I saw the faith of Peter when Peter was Peter, who saw Jesus walking on top of the sea. He said, “If you are the one, bid me to come and I will come.”
54.        Jesus Christ said, “Ok, come.” Peter jumped in and followed Christ. When he followed, was he using adult sense? All the while he was moving like little child, he never knew that he could sink in the sea. Had the parents ever walked on the sea before? Had he ever heard of any that walked on the sea?
55.        But when he started reasoning about the brain behind it, what must be the power behind me, Peter, walking on the sea. “This man must be great!” Immediately, he started sinking.  He started battling for safety.
56.        Let Me tell you, once you start using adult sense in this faith, you will start battling with your salvation. There is nothing we will say here which will be clear to you again because adult sense is now clashing with the message.
57.        But if you trust God like little children, confide in Him, believe Him, have faith in Him, follow Him, surely, you will never be disappointed. And you will not have a problem in this faith.
58.        There is a testimony I heard yesterday from the Church of Essen. Brother Ayuba, are you here? The experience of Papa Abu. Come closer. Papa Abu shared a testimony that since the time he came into contact with this faith, that something happened.
59.        (The testimony) We have an old man there, who is a brother in the Church. Since he came into this Faith according to his testimony, since 1996 when he came to last Pentecost; and according to his testimony, when he acquainted himself with the Son of Man, since then up to this day, he has never had any problem all his life.
60.        Every day, according to his testimony, he is always rejoicing, trusting and believing, even encouraging us that if any of us fails to believe this message, that it means that the person does not know God, because he believes that this is God Almighty giving us this message and that people around us have been trying to draw him away, but that he has always told them that he is not deceived. Rather it is what he saw with his eyes, believed and hearkened to it. Hence, no man can deceive him.
61.        He always sees the Son of Man in the dream encouraging him, lifting him up, and that has been his joy up to today.
62.        Our brother that is talking is a married man with many children, and he is sharing the testimony of his grandfather. Papa Abu has great grandchildren.
63.        If you know brother Abu of the Church at Abuja, brother Ayuba is the son. And brother Abu is the son of Papa Abu and Papa Abu is today younger than Me.
64.        I don’t know why I missed the photograph. I showed you the photograph last night. The photograph he took last Sunday. Come and see Papa Abu younger than Me. Can you imagine Papa Abu proposing marriage to sister Liatu. That will show you how young he is.
65.        And Papa Abu is over hundred years. Hence he said, “My father is not alive. If my father is alive, he would have seen this one with his own eyes, that God can come down and walk as a man.”
66.        No matter the persecution, he held unto that which he saw. And he has been encouraging our brethren, “No matter the persecution, continue.” He said, “If any man comes into this Faith and goes away, that goes to show that the man does not know God.”
67.        That since he came into acquaintance with this faith, with the Son of Man, he has never encountered any trouble. And that’s what it should be. I say, that’s what it should be. Amen.
68.        You see, when you trust these old, ancient men, he was an ancient Baptist member; he has been religious looking for God, and when God appeared, God pulled him. If you hear the story of his conversion; that time he testified, you will always keep it fresh in your mind.
69.        Just like Pastor James and the rest of them over there. I think that’s Brother Igwe? I am the happiest man to receive him again, because if he did not come today or if he refuses to come today, we would be talking of another thing, not brother Igwe. We will be hearing, ”There was, there was”.
70.        I have to tell you the whole truth. If I do not declare the truth to you, who then will I declare it to? I withhold nothing from you. The only thing I owe you here it truth.
71.        What am I saying brethren? Unless you have faith like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of God. Amen.

St. Luke 18 from verse 15. One day some mothers brought their babies to him to touch and bless. But the disciples told them to go away.
2.           Then Jesus called the children over to him and said to the disciples, “Let the little children come to me! Never send them away! For the Kingdom of God belongs to men who have hearts as trusting as these little children’s.
3.           For the kingdom of God belongs to men who have hearts as trusting as these little children.
4.           And anyone who doesn’t have their kind of faith…Note that clause. Anyone, whether it is you, whether it is me, anyone is anyone. Both young and old, whoever you are. Even if I am the person, anyone who does not have the kind of heart, the kind of faith of little children.
5.            …And anyone who doesn’t have their kind of faith will never get within the kingdom’s gates.
6.           If there be anybody here who will not have the kind of faith the little children have, nothing will make the person to come close to the gate of paradise. You will never come close to that gate. Brother Igwe, you are highly welcome to this fellowship. God bless you, sir.
7.           We thank God that He ran quickly to Fegge. If you watch the time and the time he left his house, that will show you what took place. You see, God knows what He is doing.
8.            There was a man the Bible recorded, King Asa, who trusted in his physician rather than God, and he (Asa) died.
9.           While I was ministering to My wife when she was sick, I showed her the greatest instrument Satan uses to destroy all flesh. When God permits sickness to come to you, remember that sickness cannot befall you unless God permits it. I hope somebody is paying attention.
10.        There is no child of God Satan can afflict without God permitting Satan. If I am a seed of God, if you are a seed of God, there is nothing that will happen to you which God never permitted.
11.        I do not care what that thing is. If you are a seed of God, nothing can befall you except that which God has permitted to befall you. Even if it is Satan coming to inflict you, it is God that permitted Satan to inflict you. And it must have a limit.
12.        God will permit him to torture you well, well and will give him instruction where he should stop and he will not go beyond there. God will give him command; you see this person, torture him well, well but do not ever get to this place. Do not ever go this area.
13.        What is more, there must be a reason why God must permit it. You have to pay attention seriously. If it is not scriptural, it is not truth. What I am telling you, is it not scripture?
14.         There can be accident before men; there is no accident before God. This person died accidentally, it is accident to you because the person died on the day you never expected it. But the person died on the day God assigned him to die. God does not have accident. Everything happens at the appointed time.
15.        If sickness befalls you and you want it to kill you, there is only but one thing you will do. For I have always told you that death is an agreement. If you decide to die, you will die. Once you decide to die, you must die.
16.        Now, watch what kills a man when he is sick. The same kills a woman. Once you are sick, off your eyes from your condition, off your eyes from the symptoms, place your eyes and faith on the healing power of God. I hope somebody is paying attention.
17.        If you are sick and you want to live, off your eyes from the pains. Off your eyes and mind from anything you know about the sickness, place your eyes on what God has said concerning the sickness.
18.        For it is what God has said that will happen, not what you think, or what you were taught, or what you know concerning it.
19.        That is why some doctors become confused over some cases. Because he has assessed the sickness based on his academic knowledge. At the end, he will tell you that it is hopeless. And really based on the level of his knowledge, the case has become hopeless.
20.        Now, if you are a child of God, don’t look at the hopeless situation, it is what human being said. Be mindful of what God has said over the case.
21.        What am I trying to say? Nothing kills a man more than analyzing a sickness. Yes, nothing kills a man, a woman, more than analyzing sickness. Once you start narrating how the sickness is disturbing you, narrating how you know the sickness, what the sickness will do to you, this and that, you will end it in the grave.
22.        Because Satan will now come in. Whatever you know about the sickness, you will be expecting it to happen to you. And whatever you know about the sickness, if headache comes, you will attribute it to the sickness. Waist pain will be attributed to the sickness. If you fail to sleep, it is the sickness.
23.        You will be saying all that you know about the sickness. I am telling you what I know about sickness. There is a reason why I resist so many things from doctors. The day I went to Brother Igwe concerning Kelechi, I wanted to talk to brother Igwe in another tone, but I changed My mind. I decided to allow what I saw until I would come there again and see the same thing.
24.        Anybody that is sick and at the same time having high blood pressure, can only survive if he removes his or her eyes from what the medical doctors and nurses are saying concerning his/her condition. I said this when I visited our sister Mike.
25.         If you want to survive the sickness, stop checking your blood pressure. Throw away the instrument. Even if they come to check it, remove your mind and attention from there.
26.        Hear Me very well. Cases abound where somebody went to hospital to see the sick; getting there, the doctor told him that he was hypertensive. Before she knew it, she was hospitalized. The doctor told the woman that it could lead to stroke, that she might not even be able to drive back to her house.
27.        Anybody that comes, the person will be checked of blood pressure together with useless questions: “Do you have headache at times?” The person will say yes. Straight to bed.
28.        What am I saying? There is no living being that is not suffering from one sickness or the other. There is no living being. Every man is sick in one way or the other. Bring the instrument used for Blood Pressure measurement now, half of this Church will be hospitalized.
29.        And as long as the thing is before your eyes and you measure it, you can never wake up healthy, it will weigh you down. You will be reasoning and reasoning and reasoning, causing more damage.
30.         Once you are reasoning, faith vanishes. The more you reason, the more faith is vanishing, for reasoning makes faith ineffective. I said, reasoning makes faith ineffective. I do not know what it means to “Obey doctor’s instruction.” It is not for Me. If you tell Me not to go anywhere, I will say ok.
31.        Once you leave, I will stand up. Even if it means using walking stick to walk, I will use it. You all watched Me when I was lying prostrate. Any brother that came that time, telling me not to speak, I will reject it and even preach the greatest sermon.
32.        Bring the Bible. Before you know it, you see Me struggling to stand up from the bed. Even the time I fell down unconsciously in 1994, people thought all hope was lost, I told brethren to relax, I am alive, that God had a hand in it.
33.        If I drank water, it would empty instantly through the anus. Whatever I ate, it would be passed out through the anus immediately. It got to the point that I did not know what to do. I was asked to urinate on the bed.
34.        I said, “For what!” I have not done that before. A sister walked in, I asked her to help Me that My wife went home. I was naked. When we were under the law, the sister helped Me while naked, I urinated and she took Me back to the bed.
35.        Have I not said this before? Don’t you know about this case? Don’t you know the case? Even when a team of medical doctors came from Enugu, telling Me that I will go to Ibadan, that there was blood dot in My brain.
36.        I said, “Ok. It is your x-ray that said it. If there is blood dot in the brain, the person will die, but I will not die. I am not going to Ibadan, and I did not go to Ibadan.”
37.        I am alive till today. I am telling you God’s truth. Many of you were there. If I was given pap, once I took it, the same pap would come out from my anus. The whole system inside stopped working. But there was faith.
38.        My wife wanted to cry, I consoled her: “I will not die. Transformation is taking place. I won’t die.” Brother Ojiakor came crying. I said, “No, you do not cry here. God is rebuilding from inside.” I never for one day, gave in. Nobody came to Me and I closed My mouth.
39.        What is more? The same day I was discharged was the day I preached the greatest sermon, the day Bon Diuka came from Abagana. On Sunday I was asked not to go out, I mounted the pulpit.
40.        Brethren rallied round Me thinking I would fall. For over three hours, I handled all My experience and the message. Gently they led Me down somewhere. Gradually I picked up.
41.        Let Me tell you. Healing is always in the house of God. That Brother Igwe has stayed for too long at home was because he is a medical doctor, reasoning his condition in line with his profession. If he had defied his health, “If I will die, let me die in the presence of God, if I will fall, let me fall in the house of God,” by now, he would have been walking up and down.
42.        There is faith. Everything can fail you, faith does not fail. Faith doesn’t reason, faith trusts God. Do you know that God is the author of life? God is the author of life, not doctor, not medicine.
43.        That was where I ran mad while I was talking to the elders concerning the wife. I told them that sister Grace is gone. That since she gave birth to her baby, I have been watching her; she is yet to find her feet in this faith. For she is the one to encourage the husband, beef up the faith of the man.
44.        Let Me tell you something. We received a message that said it is better to die in the house of God than in the hospital. It was based on that faith that I asked Brother Mike, “Do you know that God heals the sick?”
45.        And he pulled the wife out from the hospital, in that highly hypertensive condition, to this place. Before our eyes, she danced and moved about. At the end of the day they took her back to the hospital.
46.        I called Brother Mike an idiot. Why did you take her back to the hospital? Somebody they told not to stand up and she even not only stood up but danced with us and yet you took her back to the hospital. What is she doing in that hospital?
47.        The following morning, he brought her back. Since you told me not to walk, that if I walk, I will die and I succeed in even dancing and yet I could not die, I will continue walking. Amen.

Let Me tell you. You do not know what Satan does until he pins you in a place. Once Satan succeeds in getting you into the bed where you will be alone for some time, and doctors will help you by telling you no communication with anybody.
2.           When you are not communicating with anybody, you are communicating with spirits. If you want to know the greatest sickness, it is lying in the bed.
3.           If you ask Me to go and have rest, I do not see it to go and lie down in the bed. If you want Me to have rest, I understand it to mean, having fellowship with brethren.
4.           We will be eating our biscuit and groundnut, sharing testimonies. That is My rest. If you put Me in the bed, you have subjected me to torture. It is like taking to toilet. If you take me to toilet, I will be waiting; you will be hitting on the door. I will not even listen to you for My mind is running round.
5.           The same way it is when you place a man in the bed. His eyes will be on the ceiling. He will close his eyes pretending to be sleeping. He will be thinking. Satan will even come there reminding him of this and that. “What are you going to do here? Look at what it has caused now”. Until you will tell yourself, “Let me stop this thinking. I will not think again.”
6.           Na lie. You will continue until you enter mortuary. No man stops thinking until he enters the grave. “In fact, let me remove my mind from there.” Na lie, it is that time that you will even think more.
7.           What I am telling you is what Satan uses to weigh us down but when you stay somewhere and remember the word of William Branham; William Branham said that Satan may hold your brother in bondage somewhere; fire a slim shot of prayer. He said, you break him from that obstacle. You loose him.
8.           He said, “Before you know it, the angel of the Lord will just go there and minister life. You see the person walking about miraculously.” That is what heals us.
9.           If you watch how a child of God gets healed from sickness, it happens in a second.
10.        Anybody that enters there will say, “Is this not the person I saw dying here? He is now walking about.” For a child of God is being surrounded by enemies.
11.        When you will be sharing testimony on how God saved the brother that he nearly died, anybody coming in, seeing him walking up and down, will be surprised as to whether you are saying the truth. He is saying the truth.
12.        Satan wanted to kill him but it was last month, it is not this month. I always allow yesterday to pass by. Once it could not kill Me yesterday, no more. As long as I have seen today, I have survived it. Sure and certain!
13.        I thank God that Brother Igwe is here at last. I thank God for that. If for no other thing, you should rejoice that Satan wanted to take you unawares. Satan wanted to steal him.
14.        If there is a day you have gotten the victory, it is today. For the devil did not want you to come to this place again, talk more of having hand shake with the saints of God.
15.        And now that God has given you the victory to enter this place, this is faith. And this faith should continue. I said, this faith should continue.
16.        You do not know what is called faith until you have the type of faith I have. There is what is called stubborn faith.
17.        Hear Me very well. I am not mincing words. An effective drug works within two days. If somebody is sick and you bring the person to a medical doctor, he treats the patient for two days, and yet no improvement, the doctor should change drugs. For if he continues administering the same drug, the patient is dying. If he does not change drug and style, the patient is going.
18.        I am saying something. There is a stage I will take drug; I will know that the drug is useless. After all, it is manmade. I will package all of them to the dustbin  .And from that time I put it into dustbin, I am not taking any drug again.
19.        My drug has remained faith. It has happened to Me. It is happening even in My family. If it has not happened in your family, wait for it, one day it will happen.
20.        You will take the whole drug you know, go to all the hospital on earth, and yet to no avail. And it is at that stage that death comes. If you go ahead taking the drug, it will cause you damage that will be worse that the disease. The two will combine in your body. You will be suffering the effect of drug and at the same time, suffering from the main disease.
21.        If you can have the courage and pack the whole thing to the dustbin, have faith in God, before you know it, ordinary water will heal you. Because every English drug is poison.
22.        All we have been taking thinking they are drugs, are all poison. Quote the Son of Man. Drug can never work without damaging something in your body. It must damage something in your body for it to work.
23.        And the more it damages your body, the more it weakens you. To build up damaged tissue is not easy. Do not allow anybody to fool you with drug.
25.        You do not know what you are taking. English drug is rubbish. All these dangerous steroids, if doctors can be truthful to their patients, they will avoid all these nonsenses.
26.        You allow them injecting nonsense into your body. Do you think it is a good thing? It is not a good thing. You are reducing your life span. You are damaging yourself. Before you know it, at the age of forty five, you will be bending your back. You will be like bat. I am telling you the truth.
27.        But if you learn to maintain your life with your faith and with nature which God has given to you, you will be EYY (Every Year Young). Amen

We thank God for what He is doing. God is still emphasizing on the need for His children to have children’s faith. Little children’s faith.
2.            I have told you here that adult sense is always opposed to the will of God. Adult sense runs contrary to the will of God.
3.           What God demands from us is the life of little children. For the message we are preaching, it is only little children that can believe it. It is meant for children.
4.           There is no adult in his right sense that can believe this message. If you do not have the heart and the spirit of little children, you cannot have their faith, you cannot have their character. You must have the spirit that is in children for you to behave like little children.
5.           If you understand what God is saying, it will help us. Since we have been using adult sense, it has never helped us. We must change. Don’t tell Me that left hand is not learnt at old age. If you believe, it shall be unto you according to your faith.
6.           Left hand is learnt at old age. If left hand is not learnt at old age, know that repentance is not possible. If repentance is possible, it means that left hand can be learnt at old age.
7.           There is no other meaning that could be given to repentance. Repentance means learning left hand at old age.
8.           If you learn it, you know it. If we can have this faith, definitely nobody would be coming here to talk blah blah blah again. And I believe the Spirit of God will be pleased with this Church for our mistake has been made plain to us and I believe that our pastors have learnt their lessons.
9.           When I mean pastors, I do not mean Pastor Christian Dike and Pastor Dan Nwadike. I mean all of you in this Church. Every brother should see himself as a pastor: When you are a pastor over your own house and you are doing that which the Lord has commanded, I am doing that which the Lord has commanded; surely we will find favour with God.
10.        But when brother A is tightening and the other brother is loosing, it will never be well. Any house one person will be building, the other pulling down, can the house be completed? But if I put block, and you put block, the house will be completed.
11.        Now we can address this matter for everybody to see. The message our Brother Amankem preached here on Thursday, many did not understand it.
12.        I got home, I appeared to be confused about the message, but I was hanging on something, “The Golden Nugget”, I said God help Me.
13.        He differentiated the meaning of Godly love and brotherly kindness. That what God saw in our midst for which cause He was shouting is brotherly kindness.
14.        And anybody that is hanging on brotherly kindness is living in the glare of another dispensation. You are not in the present stage of the ministry. You are not holding onto the present truth. You are holding past truth.
15.        William Branham ministry is Laodicea which is brotherly kindness and there was not even one that was filled with the Holy Spirit. No man was filled with the Holy Spirit in the days of William Branham. Not even one person.  
16.        Do not allow his testimonies to fool you that while he was driving, on the way, his watch stopped. He said, that time your watch stopped, that was the time you were filled with the Holy Spirit.
17.        Was he meditating while he was driving? Where did he see Holy Ghost? Was it in the steering he was holding? That’s rubbish.
18.        Holy Spirit is a man. Holy Spirit is a man. It will take a man (Holy Spirit) to impart His Spirit into you. Believe it if you can.
19.        That was why when the evangelist baptized some people, they sent for apostles, who when they came, they laid their hands upon the baptized believers, there they received the Holy Spirit. You do not receive Holy Spirit because your watch stopped. Watches have been stopping. That one is superstition.
20.        Ok, now watch. In brotherly kindness, you can harbor grudge against your brother, against your sister and still do that person a service. You will show him favour, show him good things, accommodate him, yet you are harbouring grudge.
21.        He said, “You will do favour to him and still complain. But love does not harbor grudge, love does not complain.”
22.        You see, that’s the difference between brotherly kindness and love. Love is not brotherly kindness. This brotherly kindness manifests itself in exchange of pleasantries: Visit me, I visit you.
23.        Thus, whosoever that visits me becomes a real brother. If he does not come to my house, he is not a real brother. If I am sick and he comes, he loves me. He is my brother. If he does not come, he hates me. If you hold unto that, you are stopping at Laodicea. You are not a member of the Bride of Christ Ministry. You are living in the glare of another dispensation.
24.        In short, you are living in Martha’s day. You are living Martha’s day. Because Lazarus was sick, being a friend, Jesus did not go. When he was alerted that he was even nearing death, Jesus did not go. When he was buried, then Jesus went.
25.        As far as Martha was concerned, Jesus was not a brother. Love was too far from Jesus. But Mary went beyond brotherly kindness. Mary was operating in love. A separate ministry.
26.        Understand the difference between End Time message and Bride of Christ Ministry. The Bride of Christ Ministry is a Capstone Ministry. I said, it is a Capstone Ministry. That is why it is not a ministry of any messenger. It is a ministry of THE SON OF MAN.
27.        Please understand the difference. From brotherly kindness to faith, these are ministries of human beings, messengers. But this Love Ministry belongs to Him alone. He does not share it with anybody.
28.        That is why when William Branham came to forerun, he said, “You know, one of these days I will be leaving you, but He that will come will come. Wait for Him and He will usher you into His love.”
29.        Go to the message titled “Divine Love” preached by William Branham. He said, “When He, the very Bridegroom shall come to have His way in the Bride,” he said, “It is He that will usher His Bride into His love. Nobody enters His love without first of all being sealed with the Holy Spirit.”
30.        From faith to brotherly kindness will prepare you for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which is your Transporter that will move you into this pyramid. There is no way you can manifest the love of God without the Holy Spirit.
31.        That is why you do not know what you are doing, for it is the spirit that is in you, that is healing even your infirmities, finishing the work without your knowledge.
32.        At times, you kneel down; you do not know what to ask for. The Spirit takes the whole thing in you. The Spirit does everything. But the Spirit must come in before you manifest this love.
33.        Where we read on Sunday, in the message titled, “Stand still and I will show you the word of God”; it said, “Anybody that does not have the nature of Christ will never meet with Him in paradise. Anybody that does not have the nature of Christ will never live with Him in paradise.”
34.        In other words, all of us must have His Divine Nature. The Bible backed it up in second Peter, it said that He has given us all things pertaining to life and Godliness, that we might be able to attain His Divine Nature. As clear as the day!
35.        Hence, if you do not have the nature of little children; call little children, “Divine nature.” When you see the habit of little children, you have seen the habit of God. Amen.
If you see the character of little children, that is how God expects His children to behave.
2.           What is more, I have told you times without number and I am still repeating it, if we gather as sons and daughters of God, anything worldly wisdom vanishes away.
3.           What would be seen among us is Godly wisdom. And this Godly wisdom will make us to behave like little children towards ourselves.
4.           Watch little children, do they embrace strangers. If a stranger comes to your house, somebody that is unknown, do your children run to embrace the person? You see them running inside.
5.           But if they see somebody they know very well, your relation or a member of this faith, watch them, when they are opening the door, they are spreading their hands. I think it is a clear message. It is a clear message.
6.           There is a separation between the Godly and the ungodly. Let Me tell you what I mean; I will use these little children as example here.
7.           If you are a brother or a sister in this Church and little children avoid you, something is wrong with you. Do you know that little children behave like dogs? The dog does not bark at anybody. You can see everybody passing before the dog and the dog keeps quiet, but there is somebody that will come, you see the dog barking at the person with every amount of fury.
8.           Search very well, the person is having something evil or bad with him. The person is having something bad or evil with him. Is it not the place other people are passing and nothing happens? The dog saw others, why is it that it never stopped them?
9.           Something is wrong with this person. He is either harbouring something evil in his bag or in his heart. The same it is to children. If you eye the child with evil intent, he knows.
10.        The same way, when your heart welcomes a child, he knows. If you mischievously send a child on an errand, the child knows. If you like promise to give him biscuit, the child will refuse. He will run away. You think they do not know what they are doing. It is the Spirit of God guiding them.
11.        The same way, every true seed of God should behave. Nobody has discerning spirit more than little children. Do you know little children have discerning spirit?
12.        Even your own baby you are carrying, if she bits you and you warn her, she will remove her mouth. You will notice that for ten minutes she will not suck the breast. She will be watching your face to see whether you are still angry. She will be watching to see whether you are serious over it.
13.        Once she notices that you are still angry, she can never put her mouth in that breast again. Before you know it, she will start crying. Once you beg her, she will close her mouth and go back to the breast because you have reconciled.
14.        What I am telling you is the truth. Little children have discerning spirit. Watch your child that just started walking, there is how you will beat him, he will look at you and laugh. For he knows that you are playing. That is why you will beat him and he will still go back to what he is doing.
15.        But there is how you beat him, he will look at you and start crying. He will run away from there. A little while, he will come back to reconcile with you. He may be showing you his clothes. He is trying to come closer. Before you know it, he will tap your body. Discerning spirit.
16.        But if he comes to you and notice you are still hostile, he shows you the clothes and you remain hostile, he will stay away from you.
17.        You think little children do not have sense? They have the highest sense. Thus, when God is asking us to behave like little children, behave like them.
18.        Every little child tries every spirit. Little children cannot come to you anyhow, no matter what you promise them. At times, you will give them gift, they will collect the gift and run away. There would be no fellowship. They will cut it off and would be watching you from afar.
19.        They have discerning spirit. And that’s how God wants us to behave. Have their type of faith, their type of spirit, their type of character.
20.        And if any does not have it, the Bible said, he cannot go within the gate of the kingdom of God. You will first, come close to the gate before you enter. Since you will not near the gate, then forget about it.
21.        The only remedy is to throw away all these adult sense. It is no longer helping anybody. It is not helping anybody. It will take adult sense to note people that did you evil—pileup list of evildoers.
22.        It is the adult sense that will remind you of those that wronged you. But if you have the sense of little children, you will not have time for that.
23.        Once you disagree, you agree immediately. They will be calling you fools: “I thought they were quarreling now? But you see them, after the quarrel, they continued eating and drinking again.” That is all.
24.        A foolish man by the side may think you are quarreling, not knowing that you are not quarreling. We are getting rid of evil spirit from us and that is what we are revealing. And after getting rid of the spirit, fellowship continues. That’s all.
25.        And now God has pointed us to this level, and our little children have started baptizing also. If we educate them very well, and we also educate ourselves, we can now blend very well with them.
26.        And if we blend, it will be very easy to find out any that is walking contrary. If we can blend with our children, you will see the beauty of the camp. You will see Holy Spirit in action.
27.        If there be any walking contrary, the Spirit of God can now fish out the person. His character will mark the person out. There will be no need preaching the person on the pulpit, for everybody would know that indeed, this is a stranger among us. There is no need to talk to him. And we cannot give him a second here.
28.        Since we know that God warned many Churches, He found fault with them for harbouring wicked people among them. We will be foolish to harbor wicked people, strangers; adding iniquity upon iniquity.
29.        Once we notice that you are a stranger in our midst by persecuting us, we will not take it lightly. Number one indicator we have, Galatians chapter 4 verse 29. It is an indicator.
30.        Once you notice it, report the person to Me. If she is a sister, report her to Me. If he is a brother, report that brother to Me. If I am a Son in charge of this family, I will not harbor any enemy here. Every enemy must be shown the way out. St. Paul didn’t give them even a second.
31.        Galatians chapter 4 verse 29, “And so we, who are born of the holy spirit…
32.         We, who are born of the Holy Spirit…
33.        And so we who are born of the Holy Spirit are persecuted now by those who want us to keep the Jewish laws, just as Isaac, the child of promise, was persecuted by Ishmael, the slave-wife’s son. living Bible.
34.        I hope somebody is paying attention. Right now we, who are born of the Holy Spirit, who have no confidence in the flesh. Put no confidence in the flesh, for the flesh profiteth nothing.
35.        We are now being persecuted by those that want us to obey the Jewish laws just like Hagar bore Ishmael. Ishmael was a slave child and he persecuted Isaac.
36.        In other words, he that has no Ishmael is not an Isaac. He that has an Ishmael is an Isaac. Is it not Bible? He that is not an Abel or that has no Abel is not Cain. Or he that has no Cain is not an Abel.
37.        Any Abel of today must have Cain. Any Isaac of today must have Ishmael. Thus, watch out for the Ishmaelites. Watch out for the Canaanites. Watch out for them.
38.        Do not give them any space at all. In your home, do not give them any space. In the Church, do not give them any space. Just depend on the work of the Holy Spirit. But as long as the Spirit of God is in you and the Spirit of God is nothing but the Word of God which you are receiving in your day. For the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, they are life.
39.        Thus, if any man says he has the Holy Spirit, yes, agree with him, test him with the word of the hour. If the person looks at you and says he does not know what you are saying, do not say anything again. The person is Ishmael, he is Cain. Move away from the person.
40.        Brethren, I decided to separate these little children from among us, so that we can examine these two scriptures only.
41.        And if we can go home today rehearsing these two scriptures again, and then obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit which you heard last Sunday, that now is the hour we should forego what is happening in other Churches and look inwards, examining ourselves with the view of finding out whether we are still holding on strongly to the faith of Christ which we profess.
42.        It is not a time you will say, God examine me,” No. for no man knoweth what is in a man except the spirit that is in a man. This is not the hour we should be mindful of what is happening in other Churches.
43.        This is the time we should look into ourselves with the view of finding out for ourselves whether we are still in the faith of Christ wherein we profess. This is the hour.
44.        Another thing we should learn is that God has commanded us that we should go back now to the tapes and to our jotters. Amen.