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Close the doors for Me! No precaution has ever been taken, because carnal people are manning it. If they are not carnal, Emma Iwuno would not have left his seat.
2.           What is that thing that attracted him to go home? Could it be the heathen wife he married and her children? Maybe they are around and Emma rushed to attend to them.

3.           I know all of you that married heathen wives, and you are having problems with them. You are merely covering up, finish. All that married heathen wives; you are merely suppressing your feelings. That is why whenever any message flashes on that area, everywhere becomes calm.
4.           Because by the standard of the faith, you are sure and certain that you have no hope in your family. For the day you married an unbeliever—one that hates God—is the day you raised haters of God as your children.
5.           When a man marries a bad woman, he has prepared a well formidable ground to receive bad children. For the woman is the mother of all creatures. When you marry a stark heathen, not a heathen by accident, a natural heathen, one that hates the truth, one that hates God; how do you know that fellow? The person hates correction. The person can never change.
6.           Correct that person, he will hate you. You will become his greatest enemy. If the person is a woman that is married, she is just following the husband to protect her marriage for she does not want to answer a divorcee. Not that she is believing, she is not believing.
7.           If he is a man, he is following the wife who is a seed of God so that the woman will not run away. For he cannot afford to stay without a wife. It is better I stay without a wife and inherit the kingdom of heaven than to stay with a woman in the name of a wife and get my portion in hellfire.
8.           That was why Jesus the Christ made it clear that on that day when salvation shall be made complete, two shall be in the bed, one would be taken, and the other left. Why would the other be left? It is because of unbelief.
9.           For Hebrews chapter 4 said that God finished the salvation work before the world began, but the people that were bid to enter, to come and receive it, could not come; they could not receive it because of unbelief.
10.        One Igbo adage says that an unbeliever believes when there is no hope.” I thank God today is the beginning of a new era.
11.        The beginning of a new era. You have stepped into a year you have never witnessed before. A year away from all. An even (rough) year.
12.        Get ready! You were crying wolf last year for the whole world recorded so many debts. Get ready! Even in this Bride, the way we started 2015 is the way we are starting 2016.
13.        In 2015, we took off by burying somebody who died in 2014. He opened the floodgate for death in the Bride in 2015. A corpse that would have been buried the same year he died was carried over into 2015. Our first project became burial.
14.        From that day till the end of the year, we never ceased from burying. And on the 31st of December, 2015, the last day, the closing hours, Bishop Ebenezer died. A super corpse.
15.        And it is now carried into 2016. Calls have been coming. Suggestions have been coming: “Daddy, what do we do in this regard? Do we bury him within the first week of January or by the end of January? Daddy, in short we don’t know what to do.”
16.        You must do something. Whether you like it or not, you have carried another corpse into 2016. That of 2014 which rolled into 2015 was a celebrated elder, Elder Ikwuagwu of Umunguma. This one is another combination. An elder and a bishop. A celebrated one, not ordinary. A pulpit one. A renowned one.
17.        Thus, we are opening the year again with death by burying one who rolled into the New Year. Are you sure we are not opening the floodgate again?
18.        Are you sure we are not having a spillover? Are you sure this one won’t be greater than the previous one? I won’t speak on that. I will live to praise God. Amen.

Psalms 145. I want Responsive reading or collective reading. I want us to read it together. Only those that have King James Version are qualified to read, the rest should not. If you know you are not having King James Version of the Bible, sit down and do not disturb.
2.           Give ear Oh congregation of God to what the Spirit of Christ inspired King David to put down in appreciation for what God has done for him, for his people and for his family. Only those that are standing up can read. If you are standing up and you cannot read, there is no need.
3.           Psalms 145I will extol thee, my God, O king; and I will bless thy name forever and ever. Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name forever and ever. Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.
4.           One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. I will speak of the glorious honor of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works. And men shall speak of the might of thy terrible acts: and I will declare thy greatness. They shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great goodness, and shall sing of thy righteousness.
5.           The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy. The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee.
6.           They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom, and talk of thy power; To make known to the sons of men his mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of his kingdom. Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion endureth throughout all generations. The LORD upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that be bowed down. The eyes of all wait upon thee; and thou givest them their meat in due season.
7.           Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing. The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works. The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them.
8.           The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy. My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD: and let all flesh bless his holy name forever and ever. Amen.

hile we remain seated, today is the day of appreciation before the Lord. I don’t know whether you are really happy that you are alive when many died. Many died.
2.           Even those that ate and drank with us in our own fellowship, in our families, were killed by death, yet we are still alive spiritually and physically.
3.            It is not of our own making. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. If God had listened to the voice of our enemies, nobody would have been here. By the preaching of the Gospel of Christ to all mankind, we have attracted more enemies than friends.
4.           For only those that love the faith will appreciate us. The rest will hate us with perfect hatred even in our families. The rest will be wishing that we will be deleted upon the surface of the earth. The rest would not like to see our faces. Because nobody can hate your father and love you. Nobody can hate your father and love you.
5.           That is why the Bible said, it will take a stupid woman to befriend her husband’s greatest enemies. Whenever you see those that hate your husband befriending you, they want to use you to get rid of your husband. They are luring you in intending to use you as an instrument to get rid of your husband.
6.           I do not care who that person might be. The first starts in your family. That is why a wise woman takes side with the husband. For without your husband, you could not have known that family. You could not have known that village.
7.           Who then is that person that will tell you that he loves you, he appreciates you, he cherishes you more than the person that brought you there and introduced you to them?  Who will you run to as your refuge in the time of trouble?
8.           Whenever you see anybody that hates your husband coming to you claiming that you are the best in the community, praising you, it is false praise. False appreciation. Let not your head swell up because of it.
9.           That is why if you are intelligent, heathens’ commendation means nothing to you. You place it where you placed the heathens for they are as good as their commendations.
10.         Whenever heathens, your husband’s relations begin to come up around you, praising you when there is trouble between you and your husband, you are in trouble.
11.        You will not know you are in trouble until the day you will look for your husband and he is no more, they will descend on you and begin to give you laws, stringent laws. They will begin to invoke the laws you knew not. Laws that were insulated by your husband, laws you knew not. They will use them to clampdown on you.
12.        That is why, if you are in this faith with your wife, happy are you. Not nominally coming here, I mean spiritually bound. Strictly bound with the everlasting cord. Not staying here nominally.
13.        How do you know somebody who is here nominally? Let a problem arise between the husband and the heathens, she will take sides with the heathens to condemn the husband even openly.
14.        When you join them to condemn your husband openly, you have sold your husband to them. You have handed him over. After him, they will come to you.
15.         This is why this year is another year. I call this year an independent year. A year you have no partner but Christ.  
16.        I was talking to Apostle Ojiakor this morning, that he should kneel down and praise God as a man for saving him from sorrow, pain and everlasting anguish. I won’t go further there.
17.        Hear Me well. A woman that loves what her husband hates, is she not a fool? It is like a woman that takes delight in eating and feeling happy when the husband is not even around.
18.        You take delight in eating alone; rejoicing alone when you look around, your husband is not there. Let your conscience speak, my own will not talk. Let your conscience speak. My own will not talk. My own will remain silent.
19.        There are too many areas the Son of Man dare not open His mouth again because too many things have been said concerning that matter. Thus, if any claims to be ignorant, let the person remain ignorant.
20.        Because ignorance is a deliberate misfortune which leads to a self-inflicted injury. And an injury means an incurable scar that passes from generation to generation.
21.        You can forget everything too easily, not the causes of the scar on your hand or on your leg or on your forehead. Once you see the scar, you remember the incident. The injury may heal but the scar remains there. As long as the scar is there, it is a constant reminder.
22.        Begin now to rethink. We have not yet opened our fellowship until we sing praises to God. We have not sung praises. Pastor Dan never opened the fellowship. He was just warming up. He has not started.
23.        Today is a day of rejoicing. I have reasons why I should rejoice. I have reasons why I should praise God in the congregation of the saints. That is why the psalmist said in one of his psalms. “Praising the Lord, praise him. In the sanctuary, praise him, in the firmament of his power.”  
24.        Many, many things are happening around us, testimonies that are striking. God said, “Be patient with Me. Do not be in a haste. Do not ever pressurize Me into hasty action, do not be quick to judge. Do not be quick to call anything in this faith God or devil, time will tell. Whether it is God or devil, time will tell.”
25.        And that day I remembered My old time music by My friend, Jimmy Cliff. “When I was a little boy of 16 years old, I asked my father, ‘What does the future hold?’ He said, ‘Son, when you become a man, you will start to understand the facts of life. Nobody knows what tomorrow would bring. But I want to tell you something now. So, listen while I say it; Time will tell, time will tell.’”  
26.        See, Brother Ojiakor was an object of caricature in the whole of Umuoji community because of this faith. He suffered every kind of thing, but I corrected it because if God does not speak, we over burden God. We wreck baseless, unfounded accusations against God. I corrected it at Eha-Amufu in 1993. I did not want the insinuations, slurs to continue.
27.        For it was the general believe of everybody that his faith in Christ rendered him useless, hopeless and unproductive while his mates were prospering. I had to correct it.
28.        Please, I know why I began with the Apostle. Just like in My family, I do not draw example from America or Czechoslovakia. I use examples from My own nuclear family which My children know very well. They know the individuals.
29.        That is the only way they can understand what I am pointing at. I will not be talking about Perry Cray or McNife in Texas and Alabama city when my children have not even crossed River Niger. I have not even seen the city called America. I do not know these states.
30.        When you talk about Jesus, Jesus, that is your business, I do not know him. I do not know Moses, I do not know Abraham but I know one person, HE that dwelleth in Me. I know nobody.
31.        What am I saying? There at Eha-Amufu, I had to correct that error. Because our children are coming up. If we fail to tell them how we started, mistakes we made that caused us too many regrets, definitely our children are bound to repeat our mistakes. They must surely roll into that error.
32.        If you were an armed robber, an Indian hemp smoker, a drug addict, a drunkard and the Lord delivered you, you are sure you have gotten rid of those things, there is nothing suggesting to you that you could roll back to those mess, please, share your experiences with your children. It will help them to refrain completely from all the appearance of that mess.
33.        I know why I am using this testimony to start today in My own way. I will still come back. How I wish Bishop Moses is alive and sitting down here in human form.
34.        I know he is here with us because wherever there is fellowship of the saints, the spirit must be there. I made it clearer.
35.        Oftentimes, we constitute our own obstacles. Oftentimes, we take decisions without recourse to future consequences. For every action, every decision a human being takes, must have future consequences either adversely or otherwise.
36.        Decisions we take in life go a long way to determine what life will offer us. That is why many take decisions but when the consequences begin to appear, they will begin to blame it on God. More so, when they took the decisions at a time when they knew not God, they knew not the truth. They were mere religious people.
37.        You know religion is filled with hypocrisy. For there is no truth in anything religion. Rather religion is an opium. It intoxicate, it deranges human mentality.
38.        I corrected it. He was very brilliant in school, graduated as a medical doctor. The wife was very brilliant, graduated as an accountant. But there was a serious mistake. It was at Eha-Amufu that I disclosed it.
39.        If I do not say this, I hate Brother Ojiakor with perfect hatred. But why should I conceal the truth that will save the children that are now not only alive, they are now adults. If I do not say it, they must go into those expensive mistakes which their parents rolled into because they knew not God, and they knew not the truth. Amen.

To all of you here, be careful for the Cloud is here. I am not drunk. If I am drunk, I will not be here. If I am drunk, I am drunk with the Spirit of God.
2.           Today will not be enough for Me to unveil what made Me to develop protruding stomach. I am pregnant with something. Our youths, take care. Be very, very careful from now.
3.           Brother Ojiakor was engulfed in a mess which he created for himself. His unbridled desire for a woman around him as it was the habit of all ministers that carry the Bible in the name of Jesus.
4.           They were quoting the Bible that the ministers of the gospel were having women that were running around them. Hence, St Paul asked the question whether he and Barnabas were the only ministers exempted from taking sisters along.
5.           It was upon that backdrop that the End Time message ministers paired up even when they have no visible means of livelihood. Every man was holding a lady by the hand. Without a lady, he can never go on a missionary outing. And all of them roped themselves in a mess at tender ages, prematurely without having any means of survival, without recourse to the future consequences of their action.
6.           There was not even anybody that checked them for there was no Apostle on the scene. For without the Apostle, no matter who you are, no matter your calling, you will never know the truth. Until the Apostle comes on the land, nobody knows the truth.
7.           Whenever an Apostle appears on the land, grace and truth have appeared in one man. Then you begin to see doctrines that will make you see your errors. Until truth appeared, all were swimming in falsehood, using religion as a cloak.
8.           Brother Ojiakor yoked himself even before he graduated as a student with a lady in the same school. And they were all in the association they call Christian Union. He was not the only one that was caught in that web. There were many of them.
9.           They ended it in using their mouths to exchange their vows. Remember My message. “Everything pertaining to God is divine and it is eternal.” Number one is marriage. There is nothing physical in marriage. Marriage is a divine conjugation and an eternal inseparable conjugation. That was how God ordained it.
10.        But the devil is using a casual statement, a casual word to lure people into an eternal prison where no advocate can stand in for their bail or for their bailout. No advocate can stand in for your bailout.
11.        A casual statement gradually metamorphoses into an unbreakable, immovable, unshakable divine order. The casual statement which a man on the first day never meant it. He later meant it. He did it casually. And as he continues to approach it on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, the thing grew in strength.
12.        As it gets a formidable force, a habit that becomes increasingly difficult to recount even when the man is feeling the pains. To avoid causing sorrow, anguish that will result in the disappointment that is in his withdrawal, he now desires to please somebody and displease himself. Not knowing it is going to be eternal. From generation to generation.
13.        That is why the Igbos say that marriage is like the path of water which cannot be easily closed, not a palm tree. Palm tree can be uprooted and it dies away, but it is not so with marriage.
14.        Even if she did not give birth to any child, it is not easy to separate. And if she happens to have an issue (a child), before you know it, there would be grandchildren, great grandchildren, great grand, grand, grandchildren. So, the generation will continue till eternity.
15.        That is why the prophet said, “This is a delicate conjugation that should not be entered into by anybody unadvisedly”. Thus, he said, “They should never r toy with it”. He roped himself in that web, carrying the Bible like many of you here.
16.        First, in the book of Ephesians chapter 4 verse 11, is the Apostle. Second, the prophets, others will follow. Thus, do not be surprised that I am following it from the first, so that others will find their positions behind the Apostle.
17.        I was not crazy when I handled the message, “Blame yourself and not God”. There is no human disappointment in this life that has ever been traceable to God. Check all the disappointments you have recorded in your life from the day you were born till today, there is not even one that can be traced to God.
18.        All would be traced to our wrong decisions, wrong actions. You know, when the heart is saturated with evil thoughts, evil desires, it does not listen to the voice of reasoning again. Even if it is suffering nakedly.
19.        What am I saying? At the top of that mess, Apostle Ojiakor went to youth service with his fellow sister in the same faith which he had already betrothed by giving his word.
20.        For that reason, the first gift, the first reward he presented to his family became a wife. For he married as a corps member, had first child as a corps member, when he never knew what the future held for him. The wife never knew what the future will tell. All they had was nothing but the acquired certificates.
21.        Without any preparation, the idea of where they will live with the child God gave them was not there. Where are we going to reside? How do we establish? The problem started, because of that problem. For a hen that has chicks do not run without looking back.
22.        Any hen that has chicks must run around. He lost his vision. The whole attention was geared towards taking care of the wife and the newly born baby as a corps member. When he was discharged from the youth service, there was no way the two could go out in search of greener pasture anywhere.
23.        They started moving around in order to keep body and soul together. Hence, they could accept any offer anyhow provided they could get a little finance to keep the family up and that was how they took off.
24.        From there, he became a medical doctor serving his fellow doctor in a private hospital at Nkpor inside the village where his professionalism will not be recognized by anybody.
25.        From that place, the next place became where I showed My wife at Umuoji. An abandoned place, formally managed by Dr. P.J.D Nwosu. Because he could not work, he abandoned it. From there, children were coming.
26.        What is more, he did not recognize the dangers inherent in not spacing his children. Hence, he was joggling out children every year like Deacon Mike, who had two children in one year who were not twins. He never knew the consequences that could cause in the future. For there is no space between the kids.
27.        While they were coming, the means of livelihood was coming only from the man and it was very small to meet his challenges. That was the condition he was in and identified with this faith in the End Time Message. For I was there with him before he went to Eha-Amufu.
28.        It was at Eha-Amufu that I saw a little ray of hope for a while and the whole thing fizzled out. For there was a giant there before he arrived whose position was threatened by Brother Ojiakor’s hospital. Because the difference was clear. He ran to Enugu-ezike.
29.        At Enugu-ezike, hell was let loose. Remember as at that time, he had already been blessed with a large family. The wife who was employed at the College of Education lost her job together with Bishop Ifeanyi.
30.        Then the responsibility now rested on one man. Follow Me gradually, because I have seen many, many things in our midst.
31.        I am not talking in vain. A wise man learns from what befell others. A foolish man will wait, he will not learn until he passes through that same experience. He is the most foolish.
32.        What helped Brother Ojiakor to survive might not come your way. If you think that the way he survived, the same God who helped them to survive will help you, that same God will make your own worse because you failed to learn from what happened to your brother. Follow Me gradually.
33.        At the end of the day, the family suffered a great deal of setback all round: academically, financially, every aspect of life. The Lord was by the side watching him to know whether his anchor and that of the family could continue to hold on his professed devotion, dedication, commitment to the cause of Christ.
34.        We continued watching, we continued moving. When his obedience was fulfilled to the later, he accomplished the mission God assigned to him; the Lord came out boldly and made a public proclamation.
35.        And the voice said, “Brother Ojiakor, I want to say this before many witnesses. This day, your troubles are over. I, the Lord that sent you there, watched over you. You have accomplished the mission credibly; I have come to bring you back. And look at the way I will settle you. I will never rest until I am sure I have settled you in your own homeland.
36.        “I show you a sign: Those that ridiculed you including your in-laws who mocked you, laughed at you, must come to you with cups in their hands begging for your help. Your relations in Umuoji that used you as objects of caricature, that messed you up must come and bow down before you.
37.        “Do not go to them, they must surely come to you. By the time I will finish with you, they will know that you are serving the only one and true God. Do not ever reply to their threats. Just follow Me.”
38.        Gradually today, where are they? Testimonies reaching Me this morning from Brother Ojiakor confirmed that the man that instigated the whole community against him, ostracized him because they said he was a never-do-well, that the money they spent on his education was wasted.
39.        The man was the one that entered his house, sat down and he was entertained lavishly. The man opened his mouth and said, “My Brother, something we have seen in the foreign lands is now in our family. It is unheard of. Has my son who graduated long, long time ago, a superior officer in Shell B.P, ever made any impact in the family? Has my son entered this house? Our brother said yes and we entertained him.
40.         When I went there last week I was also told that his cousin Dr. Peter who ridiculed us at Enugu-Ezike and his group had already paid him a courtesy visit.
41.        When he was about to go, he came back again and said, “Doctor, please, just give us audience, tell us the day you want to see us; we want to come and apologize on behalf of the community for maltreating you. How can we have something that is beneficial to the world and we cannot recognise it and it is from our family?”
42.        When we attended a burial ceremony of one of their late wives, I was told that the youth ran mad with the elders of the land. And said, “Sir, nobody ostracized you. We are saying come. We are pleading with you. We are with you 100 percent. Do not listen to them, their generation is over.”
43.         On that day, the Lord caused a heavy downpour a day preceding the burial. The people that walked him out of a marriage ceremony because to them, he was not doing well. These people were the people that flooded his house.
44.        We met them eating, drinking and praising God. Today not only in his family, the whole community. The stone the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone of the building, fulfilling God’s promises that; “Brother Ojiakor, in the end when I finish dealing with you, all you forfeited for the sake of Christ, the LORD will give you four-fold. You will be ahead of those that started many years before you, for I am going to make you a pillar in that compound.” 
45.        Has it come to pass? It is better you go there. Now, will you roll into that mistake again so that the Lord will come into your way?
46.        Do you know why God came his way? God came his way as a result of the innocence of his heart, for he made an honest mistake common among all men. But to you if you are to attempt it, it is no longer going to be regarded as a mistake. If anybody will call it a mistake, it is abnormal or I will say it is a deliberate mistake.
47.        I will not use that word deliberate; I will say it is a willful omission, you willfully decided to omit the wiser counsel. Any lesson to learn? Yes sir. I can see our youths coming up both male and female. I can see men running around you from diverse corners.
48.        Remember a man that is all out to marry a lady makes the father his anchor. Any man that is desiring to marry a lady and makes the mother of the lady his anchor is a joker, he is a fraudster. A man that is all out for marriage does not present gifts before marriage.
49.        Rather, gifts follow marriage. It is gifts after marriage not gifts before marriage. Nothing blinds more than gift.
50.        When a fraudster wants to seduce a virtuous sister away, he starts his first move by presenting diverse gifts to the mother not to the lady so as to bribe the conscience of the mother into believing that he is a generous man, a very good man who can take care of the daughter; making it impossible for the man to take his decision based on his discernment.
51.        If the man discerns that who is coming is a fraudster, the wife will resist, the daughter will resist. Whoever will counsel the man will be their greatest enemy hindering their daughter from getting married. This should not have been so if they have the spirit of truth. The spirit of truth is the spirit of discernment. 
52.        If you are married to a man and you know that that man is a child of God, who fears and honors God, depend on his discernment.  
53.        Every woman by nature walks by sight; but a real man filled with Holy Ghost walks by discernment. What appeals to a real man is an abomination to a woman. What appeals to a woman is an abomination before the man.
54.        Why must a man stand up on such matters? They bother on things eternal, they bother on things divine and you should remember that in the beginning God forbade a woman from taking the lead, for the woman was found in transgression not the man.
55.        For that reason all eternal matters should be excluded from the woman. She has nothing to offer there, she is on the receiving end.
56.        That is why; number one recipient of marital gift has always remained the mother, the first beneficiary. But when the table turns upside down, the man is in trouble. All his advice which he gave contrary will be forgotten.
57.        Then you begin to hear, “You were not serious. If you were serious, why did you change your mind?” Which means, the woman knew what she did. The woman knew what she did, but the table has been turned upside down.
58.        To every woman whatever glitters is likely to be gold, but to man whatever glitters is not gold. Are you surprised why women appreciate flowery things? You know what I mean by flowery?
59.        Flower blossoms in the morning; shines a little in the afternoon before evening it fades away and withers. Temporary things trip women, but eternal things trip men.
60.        I want all parents in this most holy Faith to note that all matters bothering on marriage are eternal matters. They are not matters you can kiss and run away; because the first thing God introduced to mankind after Creation was marriage.
61.        What is more, God made the greatest mistake by imposing a grown-up woman He created, He fashioned upon a man without asking him whether it suits him or not. Without even discussing with him before creating it. He never asked the man, “Tell me the nature of the person you will like to live with?”
62.        That is after making that mistake, God came to correct it by decreeing in His word that the consent of the woman must be obtained before marriage.
63.        Why didn’t you obtain the consent of the first man? Why was it an imposition? An adult, full-fledged who never understudied Adam. If there was any courtship, there was no courtship between Adam and Eve.
64.        Nobody understudied each other so as to know their weaknesses. It was an imposition: “Take her to be your wife; call her whatever you want to call her.”
65.        And when He realized He made a mistake, He made a new regulation that marriage should not be imposed on any man. Marriage should be based on love. Was the marriage between Adam and Eve based on love? Because God molded and submitted Eve to Adam. Adam had no other choice. And there was no way he could query God, being a son of God.
66.        He could not challenge God because he was of the opinion that God will give him the best, but God gave him the worst. Am I making sense at all?
67.        Be very careful everybody. I said that because of that silly mistake, all mankind are suffering till today. The first attempt was the woman disregarding the voice of God. Eve disregarded the voice of God.
68.        Eve was the one that persuaded Adam to disregard the instruction. That is why persuasion from a woman has always been an irresistible persuasion. That is why oftentimes men are persuaded contrary to that which they know is the perfect and acceptable will of God even for their families, for their children, for their work place, even for everything. In order for the woman not to be offended: “I don’t want my wife to be offended. Anyway, in short, I just accepted what you said but I knew it will fail me.”
69.        So you knew it will fail you, then you accepted it, you implemented it to the hurt of your soul.
70.        We have not started. We are here to glorify God. When we start, you will know we have started. I just want to give you a tonic and then you begin to appreciate what today would hold for all of us.
71.        If Adam has stood firmly on his conviction being number one creature, senior to Eve both in experience with God and everything, for before Eve was created, Adam was fellowshipping with God. But there is a funny thing there.
72.        If not God, Adam would have regarded Eve as one of the animals, under his control. It was God that painted the picture and caused the man to dig that thing.
73.        Of all other animals there was not even one God painted the picture and compelled the man to take anyhow and the man took it anyhow, and that became the genesis of all our woes. For which cause Christ appeared to deliver those who would trust in Him for deliverance from that eternal error.
74.        Now we are in Christ, our eyes of understanding have been illuminated. We know what is good, what is proper, what is the perfect and acceptable will of God. Can anybody make that mistake again for any reason at all?
75.        I do not believe a man can use charm or concoction to bias the mind of a lady, so as to marry her, or to blindfold her. A lady that is caught that way is a worldly lady. That person is not in Christ.
76.        You can be in the Church but not in Christ. For if you are in Christ, your desire, your delight must also be in Christ. There is nothing a counterfeit brother will present to you that will attract your attention; for the spirit God gave to you will be resenting both the brother, his moves, and his gifts. You dare not even give ear to his comments for words are spirits. Amen.

Now, why am I saying all I am saying? I am saying this because I can see our daughters coming up, we believe they are coming up in Christ.
2.           We believe they are coming up in the faith, but unfortunately I am beginning to see some horrible signs among some that suggest to Me that they are nominally following their parents.
3.           Hear Me very well. A sister that is of age and she is brought up in the faith of Christ which is the faith of the Son of Man does not require her mother or her father to convince her concerning the type of man that would be her husband. For she had already established a standard in her heart as her choice of a man that will fill the gap whether the parents like it or not.
4.           On matters concerning marriage, the role of the parents remains advisory. I repeat, the role of the parents is advisory.
5.           Remember, any advice that is accompanied by persuasion ceases to be advice for persuasion has rendered it useless. Am I making sense? Yes Sir!
6.            Why am I strong on this matter? The Holy Spirit, Christ, the Spirit of Truth, the Son of Man said; that the only way the devil can infiltrate into the bridal ministry, bridal faith must be through marriage.
7.           For the tendency is there for some unconverted hearts to follow some sisters into this faith for the sake of marriage. Unconverted hearts will follow some brothers into the faith for the sake of marriage.
8.           Once they seduce them away, come and see the way they will be tormenting them. They will be tormenting them. The sister will be living in torment.
9.           Who can believe this report? Yet it is true; A sister under torment as a wife, had children living with the husband who said he is in the faith, and the husband will beat her mercilessly every now and then, until one day luck ran against him. In spite of reports that were coming to us.
10.        It now happened where there were witnesses, and he was summoned; “What is happening in your house?” He paused a little, rippled on his face, he gazed on the ground. He then said, “It was one of the jerry cans that my leg touched and it fell down.”
11.        So jerry can was the hitting that caused the wife to scream and the screaming attracted tenants in the yard. The wife has become a jerry can that fell down when he hit the jerry can with his leg.
12.        Let me tell you something. Any man that is defending his wife in error when she is walking contrary to the faith is preparing a grave wider than his corpse while he is alive. A grave he cannot close.
13.        The same is applicable to the woman. A woman that is defending her husband when she is sure and certain that the man is not walking in the lights of the gospel of Christ we have received is preparing a grave wider than her corpse which she can never close. She is fueling an eternal problem for herself and her children yet unborn.
14.        Insincerity is found in the hearts of some brethren both male and female. Our daughters, be on the alert. Our sons, be on the alert. Somebody might be saying that the Son of Man is crazy or I am over protecting; No, I am revisiting the message “THE PROBLEMS OF A GROWING CHURCH OR THE PROBLEMS OF A GROWING FAMILYin another dimension.
15.        We have started bringing them out from the universities, from the national youth service. There is no manner of people you will not see coming around you and nobody will come telling you that he is a bad fellow. All of them will wear angelic faces with flamboyant promises, heartwarming promises that will never materialize even in the next world.
16.        The devil is sneaking in with operation snatch her out and torment her to the hurt of the parents. For whosoever that seduces your daughter away in the name of marriage and begins to torment her is displaying to you that he has been trailing you and your family without your knowledge intending to do you the greatest harm.
17.        That was why I raised a message in my family; my sons-in-law were there with ministers from Lagos I called as witnesses: “Hear Me Oh ye ministers and my sons-in-law; there must be a separating line between ‘Your son-in-law ship’ or ‘Your father-in-law ship’ and the Son of Man.
18.        “As the Son of Man, I have no daughter; I do not have a wife. I do not have children. I am the Self-Existing One. For the Son of Man cannot marry any human being; but Brother Odoemena can marry. The Son of Man cannot have daughter-in-law or son-in-law but Brother Odoemena can have.
19.        Thus, marrying the daughter of Brother Odoemena means taking the greatest risk; for you are marrying the daughter of somebody who can come to you in the morning, take his daughter away and refund you your Bride price. For as the Son of Man, God will not query Him for He is God Himself.
20.        “Secondly, as Brother Odoemena, He prefers and loves staying with all His children even till eternity. His children are not his burden and can never be a burden to Him till eternity. For that reason, He dashes his daughters to Brothers but you must meet His standard.”
21.         I know why I am hammering like this. I can see dangers around at the closing hours of the Bridal Faith.  Some of them might be sponsored by wicked brothers among us who have been meaning evil concerning your families and there is no other way they will come out to unleash that havoc if not by backing a Brother up by presenting him to you as a Brother when he knows what they have already discussed for a bad man moves with bad people. Every wicked man has a wicked counsel. Am I making sense?
22.        Remember, your enemy knows your weak point. The soft point in a man is the wife. That is why, when the devil wants to attack the man he makes the wife the launching pad, because the moment the wife becomes the instrument, the man is in danger:
23.        There would be barrages of accusations, hostile words, hostile demonstrations, hostile accusations and she would even become violent from time to time. You begin to see violent utterances, violent eyes, violent movements and the man will be wondering; “What is really wrong with this woman? Why can’t she see the handwriting on the wall? How can I constitute an impediment on the way of my daughter, on the way of my son?
24.        “I will never live to see my son entangle himself in this mess; neither will I see my daughter entangle herself in this mess. Away with this mess, not in this house.” But who is adequate to say this and stand by it?
25.        You know oftentimes a fool that receives Godly counsel thinks that it is depriving him of his benefits. Bishop Isaac, you have fallen into this pit, you know the depth.
26.        If you had paid heed to my word what befell you would not have befallen you. I can forget everything but I cannot forget the day you came to my shop at Upper Iweka early hours of the morning wearing bathroom slippers.
27.        No matter the efforts I made to dissuade you from giving your daughter to a fraudster, your reply was, “No, no, no, he is fully established. He has the money. He said he is coming. He will marry her. He will wed her in two weeks. They will go to Japan.”
28.        I said, “Shut up your mouth. If she ever follows this man to Japan know that I am not the Son of Man. This is no marriage. This man married there, had children. He is seducing your daughter away intending to use your daughter to nurse his aged parents. For this has become a new way evolved by the devil.”
29.        To hire nanny is not easy again. To hire people that will take care of their aged parents is not easy, even to get a housemaid is not easy. Hence, young men filled with the spirit of error now approach ladies especially young men residing abroad. They will write letters, make phone calls and convince their parents to get wives for them in their names, who will take care of their parents at old age.
30.        What happened? One day as God would have it, the young man appeared before me. Brother Dan, you were there. I opened my mouth to speak, the man said, “Never have I come across a man of God speaking this level of truth before the same person who owns the truth.
31.        “Sir, of a truth, I am married with children in Japan and am not ready to divorce my wife for she is the essence of my stay there. In short let me say it, I never intended to marry. My parents were the people that needed her to take care of them.”
32.        Finally, the parents died. The man’s relations asked the woman to go for the people that brought her were no more. Now, it is easy, but this particular incidence has caused catastrophe in the mind of that lady. For a sordid picture has been painted around her making it increasingly difficult for a noble gentleman desiring the best for himself to dare approach her to discuss marriage.
37.        What is the last you will expect? Your children will have you as their nominal father because whoever that provides for the children owns the children. You see why I must use this forum 3rd January 2016 to speak on this all-important matter.
38.        Do not ever, ever discuss anything love or marriage in anything face book. Even if the person displays one million photographs to you through WhatsApp, tear them into pieces. Because the ugliest woman looks pretty good in the photograph. Photograph gives a very erroneous impression of an ugly woman.
39.        With photograph you can even engage yourself in love to one that is crippled; beautiful face but crippled. She will take a half picture, post it to you. Remember this is ICT age, where a bad fellow can log in his photograph into a picture of a noble family, use computer to separate and fix his own there, print it out and you begin to think that the person you are vying for came from a noble family. You do not know that he is a nonentity.
40.        This is so because people now marry wherever they meet and inform others. People now marry wherever they meet. They engage in Onitsha, marry in Onitsha, wed in Enugu. Because wedding can take place anywhere you want.
41.        There is one that married a lady from Benin, married at Ngor Okpala, did everything there, wedded at Owerri. The wife is about to put to bed a baby but she has never seen the man’s compound neither has she travelled to the man’s home even for one day. Everything started and ended in the township.
42.        What if the day the man takes her home, she discovers that the man came from a family filled with mad people? Don’t you think it is possible? This is just a little example.
43.        I am saying in effect, when you want to jump down from a cliff, please watch the land where you want to land very well; for too many things can be hidden under the carpet especially in this Bridal Faith where you know that some people can strangle their wives in the bedroom, come out and raise alarm that she died while sleeping. After all, there is no law against him. Am I making sense?
44.        Those that are guilty know themselves. Many are dying in silence but one day the silence must be broken, the silence must be broken. Events must surely rip it open.
45.        That is why I am still emphasizing, “Destroy hidden things of dishonesty, destroy craftiness, destroy handling the word deceitfully before these things will destroy you. Destroy hypocrisy before hypocrisy will destroy you.  Amen.

Today, the president is fighting corruption, the whole world raising alarm against corruption. But I want to just chip in a small thing. Who is a ghost worker?
2.           A worker that has his or her name in the payroll and is paid every month but from month to month he does not go to work. He does not sign attendance register. What is he? He is working in camera. Was he employed in camera? This is number one form of corruption.
3.           A worker that does not go to work, stays at home. At the end of the month, by E-payment, he receives salary from his employers. He is duping the government. And the government is no other people but the people living in that state. He is duping you and I for the money he is collecting fraudulently is money raised by tax payers.
4.           That is why I am saying that it is not what we have done that will destroy us but that which we have left undone. He that knows the right thing to do but fails to do it, to him it is sin. Is it not true? And remember, any seed a man soweth that he must reap. That is what our Faith says.
5.           When I was talking about employer and employees, I have a doctrine on that. There must be an honest wage for an honest labour. Whoever that does not work should not expect any payment.
6.           For this reason, the government said in the period of strike action; “No work no pay” must apply. It is better we face this stark realities in this faith. Is God interested in it? Yes.
7.           What did God say concerning our relationship with the government? Did He say we should defraud our government? No, No, No. Such people are not worthy to be in this faith and there is one thing I know in this life, a fraudulent man is fraudulent in everything. He is fraudulent in every aspect of life.
8.           In his family life, he is fraudulent, in his work place, he is fraudulent, in everyday life he is fraudulent because it has become his nature. If he does not cheat, he will be regretting, making a hell of noise. He feels happy when he has succeeded in cheating the people or cheating government. A cheat has no place in the kingdom of heaven. Is it not scriptural? Is it not scriptural?
9.           Let he that steal, steal no more. Let him work with his hands and earn an honest wage. He that is receiving salary without working, without going to work is he not a rogue? He is a rogue. He is stealing government money. He is a thief and that is why the Bible said he should steal no more.  An armed robber is even better than that man.
10.        We thank God for the journey so far. I hope I have not demoralized you? Will you still praise God? Let me know whether you will praise God. I want only sincere people to praise God. And if you are sincere, this tonic will help you to praise God. If you are insincere, the truth will demoralize you, for truth demoralizes an evil man but promotes a man whose heart is pure.
11.        Like My in-laws will always say, “Say it harder!” Anybody that has a good spirit, when he hears you speaking the truth, he will ask you, “Is it what you are speaking with fear?”
12.        A fraudster will always bend his face thinking on how to go with the truth. If you are thinking on how to go with the truth, can you kill the truth? Nobody has ever succeeded in killing the truth. If you avoid it today, you will meet it tomorrow. And the truth you avoid today will sing your obituary tomorrow. It will perform your funeral service.
13.         I want us to praise the Lord by picking from one of our youths. Wisdom, you are the pastor in-charge of Umudike. I can see your members here. Can you please go to the pulpit, let us hear you, and help us to praise God. Engineer us to praise God if you are happy.
14.         We give God the glory. That is what it should be. William Branham said you have never seen revival yet. Wait until these kids, these children we are now nursing as virgins in Christ, when they will come up believing this faith then, you will see real revival.
15.        When your son will rise up and checkmate you. When you will misbehave, you will hear, “Mummy, no. This is not our faith. Mummy, you have to repent. This is not our Faith mummy, you have to repent. Daddy, do not try it, this is not our faith.”
16.        Then your eyes will open, that your children are now checking you. Daddy, why should you behave that way? Mummy, do not try it, God is against it. This is what you should be aiming at.
17.        Raise your children in the fear of God, in this truth, to the point where you can come in the family altar and sit down. You will not know whether your children are coming up spiritually or not until you allow them to handle the family altar and you sit down.
18.        You will go on your knees that day. For the Holy Spirit will help them to reveal your faults. You see yourself in the picture that you have been erring, using your position as parents to cover things up.
19.        Who knows who will preach today? Maybe one of them is going to the pulpit to preach. Do not worry. You will see what I am saying. To all of you, I do not know how many you may be in number, because whatever that happens in the fellowship I refer it to a group.
20.        Let Me disabuse your minds. There was nothing wrong with the uniforms our students put on during Bishop Moses’ burial and My late mother’s burial. There was nothing wrong. That somebody puts on black polo does not make the person a cultist.
21.        Thus, if because you are ignorant and unlearned, you do not know what it means to be a cultist, close your mouth. Otherwise, you will become the false accuser of the brethren. That is number one. Get it clear, I was the one that made the whole shirt. I distributed the blacks to them to differentiate them from others. During My late mother’s burial, I did the same thing for I wanted to know those that belong to us and then differentiate them from other youths. I am not crazy.
22.        During My thanksgiving service last Sunday, I heard a good number of elders were frowning at the uniforms, when we were praising God, the Son of Man and the people that are likeminded with Him were praising God. One, not for the uniform they made, for the unity, for the oneness, for the understanding which could bid them to come together and agree to make a uniform. Do you think it is easy? That spirit that inspired them to harmonize, blend, have a common understanding, common love to the point of making a uniform to grace the occasion, it is a commendable act, it is worthy of emulation.
23.        Besides, I am monitoring them, I am monitoring their development, for I told you, I will use them as experiment for this has remained the first and only students fellowship in the bridal faith throughout the whole world. And I told you, My children were behind it. I placed them there and then surrounded them with elders. Not ordinary elders, seasoned elders who are keeping watch over them, monitoring everything, with our sister Umezulike, the professor as their mother whose child is equally there; with Brother David Mbah and the wife whose children are equally there.
24.        As we continued, Brother Chukwudi who is a lecturer joined, Brother Friday joined. Before we knew it, Umuahia fellowship has grown to a size where even Elder Akpalanta, Pastor Sam Mantu can excuse themselves and visit them on a Sunday like that to help their faith.
25.        They are under the monitoring eyes of elders. If you are envious, come out and declare it. If you are jealous, come out and declare it. If you do not know how they managed to get the money, ask their parents. I said, ask their parents.
26.        When you see something that is pure, something that is good, something that is noble, something that is praise worthy, something that is of honest report, promote it.
27.        But if you are filled with envy, you would be criticizing something that is good, reason best known to you. That they appear in uniform does not make them cultists. If you do not know what it takes to be a cultist, come and we will educate you. You may even be the cultist without knowing.
28.        Yes, we do not know who you are associating with in your work place, in your business site, but we know them. By blending together, they have learned to stay together; they have learned to have everything in common.
29.        What we have to do is to make sure that the unity is not a false one. But I believe it is not false. Yes, for I have seen the fruit. Those that were uncontrollably bad, by identifying with them, walking with them, staying with them, have been converted.
30.        Hence, we are now rejoicing, we now have hope. Because when you put a bad man in a good company, he will either influence them or they will influence him. But the majority has influenced the minority. More so, now they are increasing in number every day. So, let Me not hear that fim again.
31.        If you were among those that were criticizing, repent with ashes. I said, repent with ashes. But where you cannot repent and you are of the opinion that they are spoiling your child, withdraw your child. We will support it immediately.
32.        I am over-joyed more especially when I receive phone calls from their parents. During the holidays, you can at least know the spirits that are operating in your children.
33.        I now discovered that since the time we packed down to Nsugbe, they love clustering together. And when they come, they do not even want to go until I will ask them to go.
34.        Sometimes, they will put their dresses in their kits, they will deliberately be moving inside until 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock. When they hear, “Gentlemen, won’t you go home?” You see all of them moping at My face.
35.        I will look at the time. “Anyway, did you tell your parents you were coming to Me?” “Daddy, we told them.” “Ok, go in and stay.” They will rejoice.
36.         Nothing gives grace to the parents more than when you know your children and know where you can find them. You now know their limitations. If they are not in your house, you can predict accurately where you will go and see them. And when you get there, you see them.
37.        That is why I was talking to Deacon Vin. I said, “Do you know how much it cost me to blend them together? Do you think it is easy? Do you know the level of prayer I have made? Do you know how many days I have stayed awake monitoring them within and without just to make sure that not even one walks astray?
38.        “Don’t you know that we are living in the delicate age? How many of them did you see shooting fireworks about? I know that an adult like Pastor Christian, he was shooting fireworks, and the thing burnt his hand? He said No sir.
39.        Who was that person? Brother Kelechi, who was that person? I thought you said it was Pastor Christian. But last week, how many watched Channels television? And you saw the young boy, 16 years old boy at Federal Medical Centre, Asaba. 
40.        The hand is about to be amputated because of fireworks. It has been discovered now that Chinese use explosive gunpowder to stuff fireworks to enable it make great noise. Thus, instead of making the noise, the thing is now deadly. The boy’s hand is about to be amputated right now at Asaba because of fireworks.
41.        Do you know it is a spirit? Adults indulge in it, parents even shoot that fireworks both male and female. How many of your children are indulging in it? They know the value of money, they know it is a waste of money. It has never entered my house for one day. Even my last born hates it with perfect hatred.
42.        If we do not pray for them and place them together, the prophet said that the Devil must snatch them away. Using what is prevalent in the world in their day to seduce their eyes away. Remember we are living in the days of merriment, eating and drinking, parties. We are living in the days of travelling to and fro: “Let me go to Umuoji. Let me go to Nkpor. Let me go to this and that, after all it is Christmas.”
43.        But our own children are completely different. Instead of travelling up and down, you see them staying together using their computer system to do their assignment, to download information that will help them in their schools and colleges. No room for nonsense. And somebody somewhere is trying to tamper with this unity. Be very careful. I said be very careful.
44.        Let me not hear fim on this matter again. If you think you do not want your child to be brought up this way, take your child away from among our children, or else we will hate you and your child with perfect hatred.  Amen.