Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: TIME FOR A NEW ANOINTING VOLUME 1

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You are all welcome to His presence, for His Name’s sake. To God be the glory forever.  We thank God we are still marching on and we will continue to march on, until we march together into Paradise.
1.          Yes! This is My Desire. It is My Prayer.  It is also our joy that we will all march together into Paradise. The Bride is marching on. The gate of hell can never, never prevail.  Do you know the
overcoming Church, the victorious Church? It is the Church where Christ is the Leader.  That is the overcoming Church.
2.          We gave you three copies of extracts from the Holy Scriptures, for you to see and believe that we are not fooling you. But remember, when you stop at the Scriptures, you are holding nothing. If you must be saved, you must move from the Scriptures to the Spoken Word.
3.          The Scriptures are written within, the Spoken Word is written without for the Prophet said that, there are too many things that are not there in the Bible, which God will put into the mouth of the Messenger and He will declare them. It is scriptural.
4.          The Bible didn’t say that whosoever that God sends, reads the Bible. Is there any scripture like that, that whosoever God sends reads the Bible? When God sends a man, He gives him a Message.
5.          Hence, the Bible said whosoever that God sends speaks the Word of God. It said ‘speaks’, ‘speaks;’ it didn’t say, ‘reads’.
6.          The Prophet said, ‘In Him is the shewbread which we feed on. He is the message of life, for Christ was in the world before the world began. I myself have seen Him; I have heard Him speak.’
7.          The Bible was still lying there when Christ came and spoke. He set aside the Bible He met and delivered His Message because, the first battle every Messenger will encounter is to conquer the Bible He met, for the Bible that was on the scene before he came had already been engraved in the hearts of the people.
8.          Thus, to disabuse their minds becomes very difficult. This was the task Jesus met, the Apostles met it as well, when they contradicted the message of Jesus which came with Grace and Truth. Then, there was a big battle there.
9.          ‘How do we disarm the Jews of all these falsehood they acquired seeing that they read the Book of Moses in the Temple every Sabbath Day until every Tom, Dick and Harry had mastered all.
10.      How do we begin to tell them to set the Laws of Moses aside and believe what we are saying?
11.      It became an uphill task. Who was adequate to break through the odds amidst oppositions and criticisms, scandals of all sorts, treachery of all sorts, humiliation? For whosoever that must attempt it, surely, must be in the minority. He will tread on the narrowest path, not on the broad way.
12.      You see, when you read the Book of Matthew, about the people that arrested the Lord Jesus Christ and crucified Him, ridiculed Him on the cross of Calvary, you will get to know they were priests.
13.      The Bible said, “He was arrested by the Jewish priests, teachers of Moses’ Laws”. Their reason was that, “He was teaching people contrary to the laws of Moses,” for before then, they had already believed Moses to the point that anybody who didn’t believe Moses’ Laws was stoned to death. Thus, by their laws, He was condemned to death, for He was teaching contrary to the Laws of Moses.
14.      What is more, the Bible went further to say, “The Laws of Moses are no longer for us whom Christ has saved”.
15.      Now pause a little there; when the Prophet said there is going to be a group, a little group out there in the wilderness, setting out, believing His Word, there is going to be a little group in the minority, away from all.
16.      Now, judging from the scriptures, judging from the people that accused Jesus Christ, arrested Him and finally condemned Him to death, what do you think caused it all? Pay attention for this is the indictment; this is the indictment. I want you to know what it takes to crucify Christ the second time.
17.      Tell Me if there be any denomination, any religious group you know, you have heard about, you have encountered that is not teaching the necessity of obeying, either the wholesome or a part of Moses’ laws.
18.      Is there any you can think of? Can you see the broad way that leads to death; that leads to eternal destruction? Can you see the broad way? And everyday people are surging into them and for that reason, according to the Prophets, hell is enlarged.  As the population grows, the number of people increases in millions in the world, so millions surge into those groups thereby enlarging hell.
19.      If not for the Prophet Isaiah, nobody could have believed that hell could be enlarged. Why is hell enlarged? For now, it is non-existent. Hell is imaginary for now. But very soon, it will be real. Just like a miracle; if you don’t believe in miracles, you are not a realist, for the greatest miracle you cannot deny is the miracle of your existence.
20.      When you slept last night, where did you go? All that happened around you, you didn’t know. If you ever go to bed and monitor everything that happened around you, you were a watch-night.
21.      That is why, no matter how many rooms you have in your apartment, if you sleep in more than two beds before day break, in more than one bed even, you were a watch-night in that house for if you were asleep, by the time you wake up, it will be morning.
22.      Can one that is awake be attacked by a witch? You must sleep before witches and wizards will begin to bewitch you. You can never stay awake and get bewitched. That you wake up this morning and you travelled down here to praise God, why are you praising God, why are you travelling? It is to appreciate God for keeping you alive.
23.      The air you are breathing in and out, which is sustaining your life, do you know the source? People that got stifled while they were in their beds, do you think you are better than them? This is one of the amazing miracles we experience on a daily basis; that somebody could go to bed and then travel out to the unknown.
24.      Finally, you see the person coming back to say, ‘good morning.’ When you slept, you lost consciousness of everything. You don’t know whether you are there with your husband or wife; you don’t even know that your children are there.
25.      Any day you are sleeping and the thought of your children comes into your mind, you are awake, ‘Let me go to their room and know whether mosquito is biting them,’ it is a sure sign you are awake.
26.      ‘Let me know whether the windows are open,’ you are awake, for one that is sleeping cannot walk about.
27.      You heard the noise of cockroach, mosquito and everything, it is a sure sign you never slept. If you are not asleep, you cannot dream dreams. A watch-night that dreams dreams was not a watch-night. Even if you are practising “sleeping, murru anya (sleeping yet awake)”, the truth is that you are not asleep, for when you are “sleeping, murru anya(sleeping yet awake)”, you are hearing everything, doing everything, a sure sign that the consciousness is still there. You didn’t sleep. And we have rolled into the period of that type of life.
28.      This is the period of “sleeping, murru anya (sleeping yet awake)”. This is also the period of severe frontal headache. This is the period of “sleeping, murru anya” and a severe, frontal headache. The frontal cerebrum is not at rest now.
29.      I mean the front brain, not the inter brain. This is also the period of the enlargement of the inter brain as a result of inflows of too many this and that which enlarges the inter brain. We call it the olfactory lobe.
30.      Once it is swollen, it becomes larger than skull harbouring it. In the honest attempt to accommodate the piles and piles and piles of things like that, the skull will be protruding to the sky. Scientists will call it tumor: “He is suffering from brain tumor.” This is the period.
31.      This is the period of severe psychosomatic pains; pains that litter all over the body; pains that make movements from the head to the brain, to waist, waist to the breast, breast to the anus. This is the period of identification and consumption, note, identification and consumption of all analgesics. This is the period of too many pharmacists, mature and amateur.
32.      This time around, they graduate from common Paracetamol to Panadol extra, to Sudrex, to Bosca, to every kind of thing, until they get to Ibrufen which will begin to corrode their intestine. This is the period of snapping of appetite. There may not be money, there may not be food, but whenever there happens to be money and food, no appetite.
33.       What snaps the appetite? This is the period; we have rolled into it proper. This is the period of the sickness I call, ‘I just can say.’
34.      Now, let Me say it is easier to identify an armed robber than to identify your greatest enemy that is living with you. An armed robber will attack from outside.
35.      It is easier to dodge motor accidents, fire outbreaks, even natural epidemics, natural disasters than to identify and dodge these unseen enemies that are within, which we have constructed barracks for them and classified them in their various companies and divisions because of their modus operandi.
36.      They vary from company to company, platoon to platoon, battalion to battalion, but all of them belong to one super brigade. Both the company, the platoon, the battalion, they will end up in a brigade. And there can never be a brigade without the Brigade of Guard.
37.      It is easier to enter a battalion, the barracks than to enter a brigade headquarters for too many brigade guards are there. We employed all of them, gave them the super barracks, gave them their various divisions to operate and things like that, armed them with all the arms and ammunitions we could lay hand on to enable them attack us well, well; self-employed, unseen enemies.
38.      And the moment they begin their operations, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that they have started their war. To stop them becomes very difficult. You pay them every day; you nourish them. That is why to lose grip of you is not easy, for you are servicing them, paying them allowances.
39.      You can be indebted to anybody, but you can never be indebted to them for one minute. You must pay.
40.      Everywhere is tensed up. I know those that were with Me during the weekend in the house are happy; they were relieved for they have identified their enemies. Seeing that the message made them very happy, made them feel relaxed and happier than ever, I prayed it will be sustained.
41.      We are praying for longevity, we are praying for sound health, we are labouring to train our children hoping they will take care of us in turn, may be, at old age. Is that not right?
43.      That reason for which we are labouring may elude us, not because of our carelessness, but because of our deliberate actions, purely calculated, articulated, planned and executed by us, not by our enemies.
44.      It is easier for you to say, ‘My brother is on my throat, my sister is on my throat, my wife is asking for my head,’ but you can hardly see yourself holding dagger, not for retaliation, but for killing yourself.
45.      I know everybody will like the Son of Man to unveil them so that you see these enemies live. They are practical. There is nothing you will hear from Me now that is not practical, real; everybody in his own.
46.      I want you to live and enjoy life for this is the perfect will of God for you that you will have sound health and enjoy good days. Is it not the perfect will of God? Often times, we work against ourselves and yet we claim we love ourselves.
47.      You must love your neighbour as you love yourself. First step towards hating your neighbour starts by hating yourself. Once you hate yourself, you will arm yourself against yourself. Hence, harming others will be very easy for the instrument you are using to harm yourself is what you will use to harm others.
48.      You cannot harm yourself and spare others. But can a man deliberately harm himself? We will know today. After today, I want you to collect your monies from the contractors you hired. Go and collect whatever you gave to those assassins, kidnappers.
49.      Some are already kidnapped; they don’t know. Yes! I was talking to some brethren that came to Me one day saying, “A man can be kidnapped by his conscience, a man can be kidnapped by his habit, a man can be kidnapped by the word of his mouth; a man can be kidnapped by his carelessness.”
50.      Your careless utterance can be your kidnapper. Do you know why I am carrying My cane? It is true I will flog some of our children that erred for causing reproach, contrary to the teachings we received. They deserve flogging from Me for which cause I have come with the canes.
51.      But I will use them on us as elders, first. Yes! You will not die until you kill yourself. Can a shrub, one can see very well capsize a canoe? If someone deliberately paddles his canoe onto that tree in the water and dies in the process, who killed him? Thank you very much. He killed himself.
52.       I want to show you, not only the big wood, but the rock that is standing strong in the midst of the river or ocean where you are fishing, so that you can avoid it by day or by night.
53.      When you are very conversant with any route, you can drive without light in the night, fearing nothing for you know where the potholes are. To avoid them is very easy.
54.      Why? You are no longer a new comer on that route; you have mastered it. We must master the road today: the road to life and the road to death. Not that we do not know that they exist; we know, but we have not mastered it. That is why they are holding us hostage.
55.      You will see that the Son of Man has never deceived your ears for one day, for at the end of the day, I will wreck up something, something that will help you to believe Me more: the secrets of life, the secrets of happiness,  the secrets of longevity, the secrets of success, the secrets of everything good, the secrets of running an ideal family, the secrets of enjoying your family with your wife, your children, so that, when you are hundred, your wife will be ninety nine.
56.      Yes! You can live here forever and remain healthy if only you can understand the mystery. Those that lived before our fathers lived two hundred and, three hundred and, four hundred and. What do you think is shortening the lifespan until David could not go beyond seventy?
57.       It was something that David heaped for himself, enemies that stifled him to death. David was not murdered. David was paralyzed at a tender age. Before sixty, he was paralyzed.
58.      David became an old man at a tender age, hence a damsel was hired. David died at a tender age, when Methuselah clocked nine hundred plus; some others four hundred plus, five hundred plus.
60.      I won’t speak on stress until I have opened up with the one you know very well. I want to put you in remembrance. Let Me invite somebody who is also suffering from this problem. Almost everybody here is sick.
61.      Let Me tell you, you are all hospitalized. Many hospitalized themselves in their beds; some hospitalized themselves in their shed. They are in the shed, but the shed is a hospital.
62.      He is not there because he is making money. He is there because he is seeking relief. He wants to get rid of certain things, but he cannot succeed. Some are using this fellowship now as hospital bed, the only place they will have temporary relaxation for few hours.
63.      To such people, when we gather, they will say, “May we never dismiss again”. Many are praying for heaven to come, many are praying to be transformed to immortality, this and that, not because they want to die. It is because something they never envisaged has befallen them and they don’t know the way out.
64.      Money cannot solve it; husband can never solve it; education does not solve it; children cannot solve it. Whatever you can think about, cannot solve it.
65.      For that reason, they say it is better to go to heaven than to stay here. When you discover the secret of staying here, you will say, “God, stop heaven”.
66.      Heaven will start here today. You will say welcome to heaven today and bye, bye to hell. Many are in hell, but they cannot describe it; living in hell without knowing how to explain it. Many are in prison, locked up.
67.      Anybody that is enslaved to a destructive habit, is he not in prison? If you are a slave to a destructive habit, you have been imprisoned, you have been kidnapped.
68.      Destructive habits, I said plural. They vary from one individual to another. Their modes of operation vary, that is, the way they grip individuals. They exercise authority, firm grip, even over educated people; professors are guilty of it, lawyers, doctors, even people that counsel others against such attacks are also victims of the attacks.
69.       Is it any wonder why doctors suffer cancer, suffer ulcer and even things they stand against? This is just a background I want to lay down.

I want to consider a book. Chapter Six is My background, Chapter Eight is My message and in that message, I will type in everything by using somebody who has passed through life’s experiences and died at the age of one hundred and fifteen to talk to you.
2.          Nobody in this fellowship is hundred years old. The wife died at the age of one hundred and five, the man died at the age of one hundred and fifteen and he imparted much in the life of too many families, including My own family.
3.          I can never write My testimony without mentioning that family. My wife is My witness; she is equally a beneficiary and she is still benefitting till today. And as many as have discovered the amazing secret have benefitted through My wife because of the office we acquired.
4.          You know we learn every day? I just want to say something, but before then, let us hear the message. I want to flog out the devil and his battalions because you know that the devil comes in legion.
5.          Legion means uncountable. But I am holding something, the way Jesus used it to flog both the devil and his agents out. Thus, if I notice that you are not ready to move, I am now the warder, you are the prisoner.
6.          If you are not cooperating, you will hear on your back ‘eewaa!’ Because everybody wants to live and enjoy good days; enjoy your children and your children will enjoy you.
7.          I don’t want you to die prematurely and leave your children confused. Where is Sister Moses?  She didn’t come today. She must be crazy. Why did she send her children to fellowship and remained at home?  
8.          Every first day of the week, begin from Thursday to pray, seek the face of God and know where you should go and fellowship with God.  Know where the action is likely to be. Don’t just wake up and then rush to fellowship, even if it is at your backyard, I don’t care.
9.          Fellowship is not fellowship until it meets the desire of your heart. This is why we are not a denomination. That is why we refer to brethren as “brethren in like precious faith.”
10.      Pray and let the Holy Spirit in you direct you to where you will go and get fresh manna. Manna that is falling from above and you will get it raw, fresh, containing vitamins, not when it has been watered down by preachers who may be guilty of the message, who will give it false interpretation to suit their convenience. And you will be receiving adulterated wine, not fresh wine from The Wine Tapper.
11.      I am The Wine Dresser; you get Early Morning Wine, Up Wine, not mixed with saccharine. Because once we leave here, ministers will go back to their stations and begin to put saccharine, make it to be sweet when the thing is sour.
12.      When they must have added saccharine to the thing it becomes very sweet in the mouth, but trouble to the stomach. Some may even vomit after the severe stomach wrangles.  It is better to take the up wine from The Wine Dresser, raw.
13.      You see why you must pray. Don’t just wake up one Sunday like that and begin to run helter-skelter, plan it very well, come up with a sacrifice, ‘I am going to so, so and so place to worship today.’
14.      Nobody will say why. The emphasis is going where you will meet with God, speak to God, God will speak back to you; where you will get fresh wine. If it means travelling to Enugu-Ezike, I will go there to get the up wine, fresh. I can travel as far as Udi, ignoring the ones at Three-Three, Nsugbe; the ones at Awka, for they are adulterated.
15.      Some of them are even overnight. I want it fresh. Fresh! Uncontaminated, for nobody can contaminate this Message while I am standing here.
16.      They never born that person, if you attempt it, this bulalah will be tuuwai, one way. I am holding it because many have paid for their death without knowing it so that at the end, you will go and collect your money from your killer; the man you paid to kill you. All of them have their different names oooo; they have their different names.
17.      They are holding your advance payment which you gave them to kill you. You didn’t hire them to kill another person; you hired them to kill you. You gave them comfortable places.
18.      Brother John Ekwueme, your eyes are now open. You feel I am wasting too much time. You want the thing revealed fast. If you had come to My house on Saturday morning, you would have drunk fresh wine. Amen. Yes! When you know this secret, let Me tell you, your sicknesses and diseases will be healed today.
19.      Any sickness that does not vanish after this message, it is because the owner loves it more than his or her life.
20.      Let Me tell you, you know sickness is a spirit? I don’t care what you call that sickness, it is a spirit.
21.      Headache is a spirit, stomach disorder is a spirit. Pains of all sorts are spirits. Whatever you call it, it is a spirit. The end of it is that the spirit wants to kill you. The spirit wants to take you to your grave, prematurely. Is it not true?
22.      And number one step towards killing a man is to inject a spiritual threat, a physical threat that will keep him sleepless, that will make him lose concentration on the highway, concentration at home, concentration even in the fellowship.
23.      The moment you lose concentration, anything can kill you. You can even jam somebody who is walking in front of you. You can jam the wall.
24.      God is saying, ‘Stay alive, don’t kick the bucket, don’t join your ancestors’, like Bishop Ebenezer, like my mother.
25.      My mother joined her ancestors because she did not recognize her enemies. Bishop Ebenezer died, not because he was old. After all, his late father’s senior brother is still alive.
26.      How can a man that is alive declare himself old, when the parents are still alive? The elder brothers and sisters are alive and he stands up to say that he is old?
27.      Anybody whose parents are still alive and he declares himself old has already invited death; a death penalty hangs on his neck.
28.      Let me halt it, for too many things are bubbling in Me. Don’t run away; there is honey in the Rock. There is honey in the Rock.
29.      Brother David, ride on. But while reading, let the inner spirit capture something which the forehead, the cerebrum will process and transmit into the interbrain, which will go there and then kusala, diffuse, scatter, discomfit, dismember the pile up.
30.      It is when the pile ups are scattered that you will be free; laughter will return. When all these things pile up in your brain, smiles will vanish; laughter gone. The person will not know the value of a smile again. When you look at such a person’s face you will know that hell has been let loose.
31.      You just go to him and say, ‘Brother, I see you are extremely happy today. May be the Lord has touched your life positively,’ in order to provoke a smile. Imagine somebody whose face is cheqkward (frowned), who is rioting in the face.
32.      If he wants to salute you, you will hear, “Good morning!!!” off he goes. If you want to help that person, remember you must have wriggled out of yours.
33.      You have to appreciate how painful the thing is; that the person is passing through severe pains which he or she inflicted on himself or herself which has caused his smiles to cease; for laughter to cease making the face smoky, you have to promote smiles at least to see whether you can give the person a little relief, a little analgesic, Sister; eeeh, you are exceedingly, extra-ordinarily, exceptionally happy this morning ooo. The Lord must have touched you positively last night oooo!!!’
34.      Before you mention it, you will hear, ‘He, he, he,’ trying to liven up. The tension that is released by that small smile cannot be measured with any clinical equipment.
35.      We have been considering messages in the pulpit. Ministers are fond of going to the pulpit with messages, motivational messages and things like that.
36.      Thank you very much. You want this and that, whatever you want to be, I think you have to stay alive first before you become that thing? Whatever might be your ambition you must first of all be alive and also be healthy before you can achieve it.
37.      Do you know why I am addressing this issue? You can conspire against yourself. That enemy you are running away from will be the one that will take care of you when you become a living-dead. When you make yourself a living-dead, the enemy you are avoiding becomes your caretaker, becomes your nurse, your doctor, your everything.
38.      When you wage war against yourself and finally park, that wife or husband or neighbor or mother you are avoiding becomes your all and all. If he or she gives you food and you refuse to eat, it is all up to you.
39.      Then, if you want to die, he or she doesn’t care. If you don’t like your condition, get up and walk. When you add this to the already existing condition, what becomes your fate?
40.      I am coming to something. Yes! If you refuse to accept this message, your known enemies will nurse you. That which you are avoiding will be your portion because one that is parked in a place has no choice. You cannot enter the kitchen; you cannot go to market; you cannot even decide what you will eat or drink; you will be at the mercy of your enemies because you have decided to park yourself.
41.      No man is your enemy but you; no man is your enemy but you. These enemies we are talking about are in millions. The armed robbers are small in number; those that will poison you are in the minority; those that will kidnap you are in the minority.
42.      You may not even see any of them until you finish your life here on earth. They may remain imaginary, very illusive, but these ones embrace you every minute of the day because you created very big barracks for them; partition their rooms.
43.      Let Me see whether our eyes will open this morning; we will carry bulldozer this morning and demolish those barracks; eject the occupants forcefully. And then heave a sigh of relief.  Amen.

MAINTAINING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IN THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, page 11 verse 8. The power of self control is the greatest qualities that differentiate man from lower animals. Every man must be prepared to have a clear cut definition of his objectives in life, that is, the purpose of his living. Simplicity is the pure…’
2.          In no distant time, pray for Me, if the strength will be there, I will speak to you on, ‘The Power of Ambition and Peace from The Father; The Power of Ambition and Peace from The Father.’ Pray for Me.  
3.          Simplicity is the pure white light life lived from within. It is destroyed by any attempt to live in harmony with public opinion.’
4.          What? ‘Simplicity is destroyed by any attempt to live in harmony with public opinion.’
5.          When you want to do what others are doing, you lose the vision of who you are, what you are made up of, what you stand for. When you want to behave like others, automatically, you lose your simplicity; you lose your prestige, you lose your integrity, you lose control of yourself for people around you will be influencing you away from who you are. You may be thinking that, “If I don’t behave like them, I will be odd. For that reason, let me join them.’  
6.          ‘As you wait at the Gate of Paradise, have you found your position in Christ? I am The Chief Designer, I know what it takes for the door to open.’
7.          I know what it takes for the door to open.  
8.          I know the qualification for entering. If I notice you are trapped, I know what trapped you.’
9.           If I notice you are trapped, I know exactly what trapped you. This is the Word of the Resurrected Body; The Supreme Intelligence that controls the Universe, Who by grace is exemplified in human form in the midst of the Bride.
10.      Chapter eight and the Message is titled, “Maintaining a Healthy Relationship In The Bride Of Christ”.
11.      Many have been considering messages, even apostles, pastors, teachers, evangelists, but they run away from this message. Cast your minds back and see whether you can remember the last day this message came to the pulpit.
12.      Even this one we are about to consider, you know it is divided into separate messages. You know that message is a compendium; it contains over one million messages jam-packed in a small pack.
13.      This Chapter Six is where we want to take off from for this is also the genesis of every attack; every attack, every human upset emanates from what you hear, what you see and what you talk. Majority of the armies we have heaped are generated by what we hear people talk about us.
14.      Whether it is what it is or what we are doing or what we have done or not, the attention we give to them, where we place them, go a long way to building a barrack which I call, ‘First battalion’: what we hear people say about us which depends on what they interpret our action to be to them which may be millions of miles away from what we have in mind.  
15.      They have no bearing. How do you think somebody who hates you will interpret your dressing? You may be honest with your dressing, having no evil motive, but envy and jealousy in the heart will give it an interpretation which will proceed from the mouth, the ear will hear, instead of setting it aside, he will build a barrack.
16.       One good turn deserves another; one bad turn attracts another. Before you know it, too many uniformed people will be in that barrack ranging from people you know to people you do not know. Even members of your family will be enlisted in that barrack.
17.      Brother Vita, today is today. You must pray before you go to fellowship. Don’t just wake up in the morning and start going to fellowship, no, no, no. Pray, “God, direct my footsteps; reveal to me where you want me to fellowship with You today, where that instrument you will use today will be a blessing to me”.
18.      For there is a place where you will go, the instrument that will be there may be one of the armies, crusaders of  your death, who will see it as an opportunity, “He will not go today; I will never spare him today. Now, I have the opportunity. Let me deal with him decisively”.
19.      This is because when one wants you to die, he will go to all lengths to make sure you are upset. He will delight himself in that which upsets you most so as to generate hot blood in your system, which will result in hypertension. Yes! When the blood circulation is impaired as a result of hot pressure, the brain will be short of blood; the engine will knock.
20.       When the brain does not get adequate supply of blood which supplies the oxygen that waters and oils the great super house, the engine room which is the brain, it knocks. Just like the vehicle; deny the vehicle of water and oil, the engine will knock. THE FIRST WATER THAT WATERS THE BRAIN IS SWEET WORDS.
21.      That is why your words must be seasoned with salt, so that it will minister grace to the hearers. If it is not ministering grace, it is upsetting. It is upsetting. And the moment it is upsetting, reasoning snaps. The forehead will swing into action immediately; interpretations, misconceptions, suspicions, every kind of thing will cloud.
22.      Before you know it, the man becomes depressed. Watch, when the armies increase in number and intensify their attacks on the individual, notice two things: the individual becomes either violent or abnormally depressed which results in unnecessary quietness, with the left hand on the jaw; with one hand on the jaw.
23.      Know that the person has been attacked by battalion of dreadful armies that he or she recruited. Nobody recruited them. The person employed them because if you do not employ me, I will not work for you. No employee forces himself on the employer.
24.      It is the employer that selects one that will work for him. I am speaking to you in types and I will keep on talking. Let the world talk, ‘Na me go select the one wey go live with me and work with me,’ and the rest, I will say, “I don’t need you; no vacancy”.
25.      Say, “No vacancy”, zero tolerance. One that is gullible to all that the ears hear which the mouths uttered has recruited armies he cannot control.  to Chapter Six; after Chapter Six, we consider Chapter Eight.  
26.      I am holding my cane ooo. Okay!!! Don’t blame him, for I said he is a sufferer. All of us here, there is nobody here that will say he is not suffering from what we are treating. Feigning ignorance or pretending you are exempted makes you a liar.
27.      Even small children are guilty, but it varies from degree to degree. Some are at the zenith; once it gets to the zenith, walking is impaired. You begin to experience severe muscular pull, muscular pains.  Your eyes will be bulging and turning red when you never drank any alcohol. Some will come to the point where their lips will blister as if the body is dehydrated.
28.       I said this is where we are now, both young and old, whether you are a youth, you are a minor, papa and mama, this is where we are. And the remedy is this Man. He has come to the scene to fulfill His Promises that, “His thoughts towards us are the thoughts of good and not of evil to give us a better end; that He desires that we should have sound health and enjoy good days; that we should prosper even as our spirits prosper.”
29.      Let me thank all of you for cooperating with Me by arming me very well to serve you. When I wrote My letter of appreciation, I remember I documented that I am now in a better mood to serve you better; that the troubles are over; the storms are over; that gradually, the dust generated by the storms will gradually settle down and they have settled down.
30.      The Cloud is here. Do you need a prophet to tell you that the Cloud is here? The Cloud is here because He is here. He knows your needs. He wants you to live and reap the fruit of your labour. He wants you to see not only your children but your children’s children; children’s children, children’s children (ad-infinitum). It will not stop your body from being transformed. He wants you to be transformed on a happy mood and with this happy and joyous mood, paradise becomes a happy Kingdom, a joyful Kingdom. Every problem must be solved today.
31.      This is the time for a new anointing Gird up your loins and be ready. Every yoke of sickness must all be broken. Every yoke of bondage must all be broken. Every yoke of sadness must all be broken.
32.      This is the time for the new anointing; welcome the Word, welcome the message. I bet you, every yoke of bondage in your life must be broken. Every yoke of stress, every yoke of worry, every yoke of complaining, every yoke of murmuring, yoke of hardship, yoke of sadness, I bet you, all must be broken today.
33.      Today, you will say, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow; because He lives, I will live”, for it is not the Will of God that we should be sick. I don’t want anybody to come here and quote Ecclesiastes 3 again for Me. It is a part of the old way of doing things.
34.      Telling Me, “A time to be sick, a time to be this and that”, when God said, “It is My wish that you stay in good health”.
35.      Don’t tell me “A time to be born and a time to die.’ No! I will not die, but live and declare the goodness of the Lord. Don’t tell Me, “There is a time to love and a time to hate”. God said I should be filled with love at all times. I should love and not hate for whoever that hated somebody is a murderer and no murderer will be in the Kingdom of God.
36.      So, let no wicked man ever come here to quote Ecclesiastics: the time you were born and the day you will die; how you should hate, how you should love. Love at all times, be filled with love, be filled with thanksgiving.
37.      Our God has come to wage war against sickness; against worry; against hardship; against death; against stress. Faith cometh by hearing; hearing the word of God. If you have believed it, I too have believed it. Before God everything is possible. That bad habit which you say it is impossible to break, must break today. Forever.  
38.      I don’t care that hurt, that injury, that offence which you have pitched against your husband, your wife, your brother, your sister, heathens, anybody. Even when you are asked to forgive, you say, “It is impossible”. Today, it is possible. You will forgive and set your heart free for whoever that doesn’t forgive is suffering within, internally, more than the person he refuses to forgive.
39.       He is feeling more pains than the person he is holding in his heart. Today, you will know that nobody is happy to jam anybody. The person that jams somebody is feeling more pains than the accident case in the hospital.  Today na today. The Cloud is here.
40.      Even with the few words I have used as a tonic, I believe our hearts have been tuned to something. Something, something, an inflow of the knowledge of the truth, for you will know the truth, the truth will set you free. A new anointing is here; a new anointing; Holy Spirit anointing. Amen.

Chapter Six verse 1: ‘Refrain your tongue from evil and be perfect before God.’ Do what? ‘Refrain your tongue from evil and be perfect before God.’
2.          What! Refrain your tongue from evil and be perfect before God. We want to take off; everybody is involved, young and old, for many are not murderers with poison or with barrels of the gun or with dagger, but they have used their mouths to slaughter many souls.
3.          When you use your mouth to keep somebody passing sleepless nights and hypertension results and the person dies because of that which you said, who killed the person? You.
4.          Today you will begin to say sorry. That’s why I said everybody must be set free here today. You must go and worship God where the action is; where He knows your needs before you come; where He meets you at the point of your needs.
5.          Don’t go where the thing is already adulterated, watered down, mixed with saccharine so that you will love the preachers. Yes now; it can be mixed with saccharine so that you will love the man who is propagating it. You don’t know that it is adulterated, water has been added; even the water may be by far greater than the real wine.
6.          But here we get wine from up the palm; real up wine, fresh; vitaminized by nature. I say, vitaminized; imbued by powerful vitamins from the presence of God, fresh from the Throne of Grace. And when you go home today, you will be going home as if you are the owner of the whole universe. I dey make sense? Refrain your tongue from evil and be perfect before God.  
7.           ‘For in many things, we offend all. If any man offends not in word, the same is a perfect man and also able to bridle the whole body (James 3:2). The second most deadly instrument of human destruction is a loaded gun. The first is the human tongue.’
8.          Don’t make noise. Even if you have read it in time past, did you understand it? If you understood, why are you dying? Why the wahala?  Sir rewind, ‘The second most deadly instrument of human destruction is a loaded gun.’
9.          A loaded what is the second? Loaded gun.  ‘Kpowaa!’ You kill few individuals. Sometimes you may wound them without killing them. But the first battalion destroyer is a, “a” singular,  loaded tongue ;one man that wages war with the whole world with only one instrument that causes havoc more than atomic bomb when it is fully loaded.
10.      Note the adjectives God used. The second most deadly instrument of human destruction is a loaded gun. But the first remains the human tongue. The tongue causes trouble; it kindles fires; it breeds anger and hatred. Can there be a fight without the tongue speaking?
11.       When the fight starts you can never believe it that it is between husband and wife; between father and children; amongst people living under the same roof. You can never believe it that it is between two persons that were nursed from the same pair of breasts.
12.      Because of the wickedness of the tongue terrible things happen between people working in the same office. Trouble caused by the tongue will not allow two brothers to drink from the same cup because there is hatred in the heart. I dey make sense? Sandasand?(understand)
13.      ‘The gun merely kills bodies but the tongue kills reputation and often times ruins character.’
14.      What? The tongue can tear someone into pieces, making the person a walking corpse and nobody has the time to verify whether what is being said about the person is true or false.  ‘
15.      The gun merely kills the body but the tongue kills reputation and often times ruins character. Each loaded gun works alone.’  
16.      Each loaded gun works alone. It is a matter between the holder and the riffle. But a loaded tongue has many accomplices? Because a loaded tongue works as a syndicate, a loaded tongue works as a company, as a platoon, as a battalion, as a brigade. It does not operate alone. It must seek people of like minds who will be part of the attack.
17.      ‘Each loaded gun works alone, but each loaded tongue has over a million accomplices. The havoc done by a gun is visible at once; the full evil of the tongue lives through all the years, even the eyes of the Almighty God may grow tired in tracing it to its finality.
18.      The crimes of the tongue are words of unkindness, words of anger, words of malice, words of envy, words of bitterness, words of harsh criticism, gossip, lying and scandal. Theft and murder are awful crimes against humanity yet in any single year, the aggregate sorrow, pain and suffering they cause to mankind is microscopic when compared to the sorrows, pains that come from the crime of the tongue.
19.      At the hand of thieves or murderers, few people suffer even indirectly, but from the careless tongue of a friend or a brother or a sister, from the cruel tongue of envy and inferiority, who is free?’
20.      Many hardly visit these messages.
21.      At the hand of thieves or murderers, few people suffer even indirectly’.
22.      Is that a lie? You may handle your handset from the day you bought it until the day it will spoil, nobody will snatch it from you. That you hear that armed robbers are at Awka road, only few will suffer in their hands, but watch this one, watch this one: the careless tongue of not an enemy but a friend.
23.       I want you to see that this matter does not exclude your friends; your friends may even spearhead it. I say, your friends may even spearhead the whole thing.
24.      A man’s bosom friend spearheaded the kidnapping of his friend’s daughter in the university only to turn round to ask for ransom and the ransom was paid. He was the one that followed his friend to raise the money that was paid. He followed his friend, dumped the money into an open van parked somewhere. Even when the man was about to call the police, he told the man not to do it that the kidnappers will kill him, instilling more fear in his friend and the man thought his friend was on his side not knowing he was the one spearheading the kidnapping.
25.      At the end of the day, when the loot was shared, one misused his own and the police arrested them. From there, the man was incriminated. The thing boiled down that his bosom friend spearheaded it, aiding and abetting even the collection of the ransom. But we are not talking about that one.
26.      I want to show you that your friend can spearhead this attack which starts with the tongue, very microscopic in its seeming that even the most brilliant, the most careful has never succeeded in dodging it.
27.      For it is easier to dodge an elephant than a microbe, ‘But from the careless tongue of a friend or a brother or a sister, from the cruel tongue of envy and inferiority, who is free?’
28.       Nobody! Cruel tongue of envy, hatred and inferiority, jealousy. If your brother is feeling inferior to you, get ready. He may not use barrel of the gun; he may not use poison or concocted poison; he may use the tongue and this is the greatest instrument in the hands of cowards.
29.      The greatest, the most powerful instrument of human destruction in the hands of cowards is the tongue; borne out of envy, jealousy and inferiority complex. Anybody that doesn’t have such people around him does not exist. If you say you don’t have such people around you, you are in the grave.
30.      ‘Who is free? No human being no matter how Holy Ghost filled he may claim to be, can live a life so true, so true, so pure to be beyond the reach of malice or immune from the poisonous emanations of envy.’
31.      No human being, no matter how Holy Ghost filled he may claim to be, can live a life so true, so pure to be beyond the reach of malice or immune from the poisonous emanations of envy.
32.       The insidious attacks against one’s reputation, the loathsome innuendoes, slurs, falsettos, by which jealous mediocrity seeks to ruin his superiors, are like those insect parasites that kill the heart and life of a mighty oak tree.’ Abi na lie? ‘So cowardly is the method’
33.      so cowardly is the method, for they can never appear in the limelight. They do it quietly, secretly, intelligently: an act of cowardice. And they use their likes of people as their vendors. Their likes of people are their vendors. You know what a vendor is?
34.       ‘So cowardly is the method, so stealthily the shooting of the poisoned arrows, so insignificant the separate acts in their seeming, that one is not on guard against them’
35.      Never! It is easier to dodge an elephant than to dodge a microbe. Do you know what a microbe is? It is tinier than dust. It is easier to dodge an elephant, a mad dog than to dodge dust that is thrown in the air. Let Me pour dust in the air now, nobody will dodge it. This is a clear demonstration.
36.      I said the message is going to be practical for I am attacking some something that is practical; it is not something you will imagine. It is something you know is here already, but how to wriggle out of it, you do not know. We will identify the problem before we go for the remedy. Open your heart for the new anointing for you are going home happy today.
37.      Yes! If you come to the Son of Man, you must go home happy. You must go home with peace. You must go home with wisdom; with enough healing. Even if I should stop here now, if a Bp apparatus is placed on you it will read ‘normal’! ,
38.      There are what? There are pillows wet by sobs because of a broken heart. Someone gets into bed at night instead of sleeping; the fellow tosses and turns on the bed, ‘What have I done to deserve all these?’ Who kindled that fire? It could be your husband, your wife, your neighbor; it could be someone you so much trusted and believe can never do such a thing.  
39.      You may even begin to ask God why your own world has gone so sour. From such a fellow you may hear, ‘God, please make me happy even if it is for just a minute in a day.’ If you say you have not experienced such a thing before, then you are a big liar. Even a son may get to a stage in life where he begins to query God why God gave him terrible parents.
40.      When he is supposed to be sleeping he spends the time reminiscing, asking God to change his condition; tears cascading everywhere. Not only that child; it happens to adults; full-fledged adults crying in the middle of the night because of the evil emanating from someone’s tongue.
41.      Well, today, those tears will cease. But you must first of all understand what God is saying in this background. If you do not understand it, you may have problems.
42.      ‘There are pillows wet by sobs, there are noble hearts broken in the silence whence comes no cry of protest’….
43.      Noble hearts broken in the silence; they cannot come out to protest. Instead of coming out to protest, they place their hand on their jaw, depression takes over. ‘Who will I tell my story? Who will hear my story and believe me? If I speak now, they will say, ‘There he goes again.’ No, I will not speak. Let me continue battling with it.
44.      ‘There are gentle, sensitive natures’
45.      Sensitive natures! Some natures are highly sensitive. Some natures are insensitive, but some are sensitive.
46.      ‘There are gentle, sensitive natures scared and warped, there are old-time friends now separated and walking their lonely ways with hope dead and memory but a pang. There are cruel misunderstandings among families that make life look dark and these are but a few of the sorrows and pains that come from the crimes of the tongue.
47.      A man may lead a life of transparent honesty and purity, battling bravely daily for what he holds dearest, so firm and sure of the rightness of his life before God and man that he never thinks for an instant of the diabolic ingenuity that makes evil and evil report where nothing but good really exists.’
48.      That is true; when the man’s hands are clean. ‘A few words lightly spoken by the tongue of  slander, a significant expression of the eyes’
49.      What? Not many words ooo, but a few words spoken by the mouth of slander”.
50.      ‘A significant expression of the eyes…’
51.       significant expression of the eyes; when he passes by, he gives his cohorts a sign with the eyes, a sign indicating contempt, scoff and scorn for the person they are attacking. These terrible people communicate with their gang, with their company, with their battalion, using their eyes.
52.      Where is this thing coming from? A friend ooo; a friend, a brother, a sister that is going to heaven with you; going to Paradise with you; waiting for the immortal body.  ,
53.      ‘A cruel shrug of the shoulders’, you see, every part of the body of an evil man conveys a message; a wicked message. What is the aim? To upset an innocent soul; to upset an innocent heart so that he will die earlier than his time; so that he will begin to query himself; query his existence; doubt his individuality; even doubt his integrity.
54.       This message was not preached today. We have been living with this message but how many times have we revisited it? Now that God has remembered this message, don’t you know that He knows your need?
55.      Your response is confirming that this disease is yet to be cured and it is prevalent; not out there but in here. Any family that denies it does not exist; any individual that denies it doesn’t exist.
56.      Don’t begin to think, or begin to reason or begin to look around. Narrow the whole thing down to yourself. Try to free yourself because it is a habit that enslaves an individual.
57.      Narrow it to yourself. See whether you can get rid of it because it is a habit that enslaves an individual. If you have been a slave to this type of habit and you have been making frantic efforts to break this habit, no way, today is your day. God is highlighting it so that you will place yourself where you belong and then use the remedy whenever it is given.
58.       Identifying your sickness is first step towards curing it. The second is the complementary role; take the right medicine. This disease, sickness, endemic killer, emanating from the human tongue does not know your status. It does not know whether you are the president of Nigeria or the least esteemed person in Nigeria; anybody can be guilty of it. So, don’t begin to look at anybody.
59.       ‘A few words lightly spoken by the tongue of slander, a significant expression of the eyes, a cruel shrug of the shoulders with a pursing of the lips and immediately’,
60.      with whaaat?!! With a pursing of the lips; with a few signs, his cohorts will decipher the message. It is like the use of short hand in writing; every sign has a meaning. , ‘Immediately, friendly hands grow cold,’ what will happen? Friendly hands will grow cold. Remain blessed will now be replaced by ‘good morning.’ If they want to embellish it, it becomes ‘main blessed; ‘main blessed’.
61.      Friendly hands automatically become cold. Havoc has been wrecked in the innocent heart. One that hates peace and unity of the brethren has injected a divisive evil. He has sown a seed of discord carelessly aimed at upsetting the unity of The Body; the unity of the Family, the unity of the relationship. Why?
62.      Due to envy, jealousy, hatred and inferiority. These are the armies he recruited to wage war against the superiors. The armies he employed to help him wage unceasing war against his superiors; aimed at getting him upset so that he will not reap the fruit of his hard labour; stifle him, let him die prematurely. Will you allow that to happen? We are coming to something. When they begin to come around you and you feign ignorance, tomorrow, your enemy will nurse you.
63.       This is why when you identify your enemies, you give them a fight but when you support them, we will gather to quote Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, ‘A time to be born and a time to die.’ Amen. To you parents, do you realize that when you die you will not know the fate of your children anymore?
64.      You won’t know the fate of your family and of course, you know that one that dies out of frustration when his children are not of age to fend for themselves automatically sentenced himself or herself to hell fire.
65.      From hell fire here to hell fire there because the person must die with a sad face; the person must die with sorrow, anguish, pain, agony and such hearts are not meant for the Kingdom of heaven. Such hearts can never enter paradise.
66.      I got a dream from a Brother through Apostle Kelechi. In the dream there was a list of brethren that died only; only brethren that died. Most of them happened to be women; ladies in our midst. He said all of them went to hell. The brothers also many of them went to hell fire. He was astonished and wondered why it should be so. Deacon Vin appeared from nowhere and said that is where they should go. That is where they merited. While they were talking, the Son of Man appeared and summoned them with his left hand, ‘Enter there!! That is where you should go.
67.      Will you get in there?!’ Hurriedly they filed before one another. And the dream left the brother.  You cannot despise the word of the Son of Man and expect to find yourself in Paradise where He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. You cannot be in the Kingdom which is being controlled by One you are rebelling against, whose words you do not heed. Is it possible?
68.      Watch all Buhari appointed ministers, they were people that supported his course. All that fought against his candidature, not even one was nominated. Even no nomination was done.
69.      He handpicked them himself for he knew them. He equally made it public to Nigeria that he is very much grateful and must show favour to those that helped him to be in power. Prosecution of corrupt people has started.
70.      Although those people he selected were corrupt to the core, not even one is to appear there. Yes, how can you fight against the truth and expect to dwell with the truth you fought against till eternity? It is impossible.
71.       That is why I gave you the message, ‘DISAPPOINTED EXPECTATION.And I gave you the last one where I resounded the warning at Mbaise that nobody should make the mistake of joking with that message.
72.      I deliberately decided to hide it away only to reveal it at Mbaise, ‘Give yourself a place while you are still alive; determine where you will go while you are still alive’, and I have come this morning to give you the remedy. We have started with the one you know very well; you experience it physically which nobody can stand up here and say, ‘I am guilt-free.’ Even if you are a married woman, I will call your husband in the Name of the Lord to bear witness against you.
73.      If you are a man, your wife will stand up to bear witness against you. This is why we must open our hearts for this new anointing. This new year 2016, watch the messages, the way they are coming; watch the sequence.
74.      The Son of Man is aiming at something. Do not allow your jotters to testify against you.
75.      A few words lightly spoken by the tongue of slander, a significant expression of the eyes, a cruel shrug of the shoulders, with a pursing of the lips and immediately, friendly hands grow cold,’
76.      Immediately, somebody you used to greet very warmly, the hand will be looking softer than that of our former Brother Victor Ugwu. Friendly hands that used to be warm, fresh, stimulating, will become very cold and we will begin to wonder who has done this havoc?
77.      Brethren will be looking at each other suspiciously. Fear of insecurity in the midst of brethren will set in. And this is exactly what the devil is looking for. This is the medium he operates in most; he now recruits militants in millions, plus the millions he is using already, for the tongue does not operate alone, but has over a million accomplices.
78.      Are you one of the accomplices of the wicked tongue? Am I one of them? Are you one of the persons whose tongue is being used by Satan? Is your husband one? Is your wife one? Are your children one? Is your mother or father one? Behold, I know the works of your doings and I recognize it saith the Lord God almighty.
79.      Immediately friendly hands grow cold. The accustomed smile is replaced by a sneer.’
80.      What!! The accustomed smile is replaced by a sneer; accustomed smile, the habit of smiling, an undeniable attribute of friendship, for whenever friends come together, there must be smiles before any other thing. Smiles before salutation and they are accustomed to it.
81.      This will now fizzle out; give way to a hostile face. Remember the source; the wicked tongue of a friend, not of an enemy. A careless word generates conspiracy.
82.      ‘The accustomed smile is replaced by a sneer or silence or slight and one stands alone and aloof with a dazed feeling of wonder and amazement at the vague intangible something that has caused it all’.
83.      One stands alone and separated, isolated and begins to wonder what he must have done wrong that would generate such reaction from a friend, from a brother, from a sister, from a neighbor, even from parents, from husband, from wife.
84.      You may discover that it is a minor, microscopic, insignificant, careless utterance emanating from the tongue of envy, jealousy, hatred and feeling of inferiority for these are the instruments at the disposal of cowards to destabilize the peace of the superiors. I love the way we are following this message. Amen.

MAINTAINING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IN THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, page 69 verse 11: A few words lightly spoken by the tongue of slander, a significant expression of the eyes, a cruel shrug of the shoulders, with a pursing of the lips, and immediately, friendly hands grow cold, the accustomed smile is replaced by a sneer or silence or slight and one stands alone and aloof with a dazed feeling of wonder and amazement at the vague intangible, something that has caused it all. If a rich man gives a free will donation to some charitable organization,’ or to an individual, ‘They say, He is doing it to get his name talked about or to help his business.”
2.          Have you seen it? Every action is misinterpreted because the heart, the heart, the heart is already corrupt, just like the CD (compact disc). The heart has been poisoned. It can never see anything good and appreciate it.
3.          Every good one does is evil spoken of and it is at this point that innocent hearts will be sorrowing for offences they never committed. That the appreciation they are receiving for their willful magnanimity is slander, scandal, all borne out of envy and jealousy coupled with a feeling of inferiority.
4.          If he erects a nice building for himself, they say, ‘He has killed people to make money or he makes money by diabolic means.’
5.          Have you seen it? Is it not rampant? God must highlight these things before He will offer you the remedy so that you do not die prematurely for the aim of the people that are coming up with this is to upset your humble soul.
6.          Once they get you upset you will be passing sleepless nights. Before you know it, your feelings of isolation, neglect and misunderstanding by all around you can stifle you to death and the doctor will say it is heart attack. It is cardiac arrest; it is high BP. They will be giving you instances where it occurred.
7.          And number one that will rush to know whether it is true is the one who started it all. He rushes to confirm that what he must have heard is true, ‘What is happening? Oh my God, the devil has done overtime. Oh, so this man has died just like that. Death has dealt us a great blow. He begins to catalogue the man’s great deeds.
8.           The next you hear is, ‘Devil, it shall never be well with you.’ Before you know it, he turns round, ‘Well, that serves you right. You never believed you could die.
9.          Now, you are gone. Let me see how you will make noise again.’ Before you know it, he will look for his cohorts so as to break the ‘good’ news to them. Once they assemble, the next port of call is a beer parlour where they will feast over the death of the man who apparently was an enemy.
10.      If you are such a person, make a U-turn immediately for God is on fire. God has come to wage war.
11.      ‘If he does not give out money to charitable groups they say, ‘He is a stingy man.’ If he gives any help to individuals, they say, ‘He is bribing their consciences so that they will call him a good man when he is not.’
12.      If he is liberal, they say, ‘He is seeking recognition and popularity.’ If he is quiet and restricted, they say, ‘He is hiding something.’ To the vile tongue of gossip and slander, VIRTUE is ever deemed but a MASK, NOBLE ideals but a…’
13.      Virtue is deemed as what? A mask; a covering. That is what he is covering himself with; a deceitful covering so that he will be proclaimed a good person. Virtue is deemed as a mask.
14.      To the vile tongue of gossip and slander,’
15.      To the vile tongue of gossip, to the vile tongue of slander; the Cloud is here for He knows that the truth is here. He is diagnosing a case; a case that is endemic. It is easier to locate armed robbers than to locate the swarm. It is easier to dodge even mad dogs than to dodge the swarm.
16.       You can build high walls as a fence, hire security people to ward off all invaders, but everybody is taken unawares; nobody is on his guard against these ones for they operate very stealthily. They operate in a subtle manner. They operate very craftily; very insignificant in their seeming that one is not on guard against them. They come from the people you least expect; oftentimes from your favourites.
17.      By your own assessment, they appear to be your favourites when they are not. When they go to bed, they do not rest, they do not sleep. They will be thinking of places they will go on espionage. They will be thinking of families they will go to spy their secrets where they will sow a seed of discord so that the center that was holding before can no longer hold. What is the aim?
18.      The moment division sets into the family, husband and wife cannot agree, children born in that family cannot agree, progress is stopped. Do you know that the success of your children does not escape the cruel tongue of envy?
19.      The success of your children, even the way they are coming up in life, their Godly attitudes, Godly composure, wisdom in their handling of relationships can generate that hatred, envy, jealousy due to feeling of mediocrity.
20.      These are the various ways mediocrities operate to ruin the characters of their superiors. That is why you must be mentally, spiritual and physically developed so that you will live a life above all these monsters, hydra-headed monsters that proceed out of an unrefined tongue, unrepentant soul, unconverted heart that use the Bridal Faith as a cloak.
21.       If there is any day we have touched this message it is today. We are touching it at the right time for God said, ‘This is where we are now.’
22.      Every meaningful achievement a man attains in life must attract the searching eyes, wagging tongues of envy and jealousy.
23.      I am laying the foundation for a message, ‘To the vile tongue of gossip, to the vile tongue of slander, VIRTUE is ever deemed but a MASK, NOBLE ideals but a PRETENCE, GENEROSITY but a BRIBE. The man who stands above his fellows must be prepared to be the target for the envious arrows of their inferiority.’
24.      If you believe it say, ‘Amen’. Make up your mind to be the target of the envious arrows, ceaseless arrows shootings; more powerful than a loaded gun, for a loaded gun operates alone. This one can operate with your whole community.
25.       This one indulges in campaign of calumny aiming at achieving personal vendetta. This one doesn’t rest until havoc is wrecked.
26.      Remember we are here to educate, to inform and to enlighten. Greater than Church message is here, yet is Church message in the sense that I am using My text from the Book of James and I am giving you the interpretation thereof as it is in operation in your day.
27.      If we were to read the Book of James, ‘bridle your tongue, this and that,’ like church people, by now we would have dismissed but yet, we are revolving on that message. Amen. Remember, this is an evil that is endemic. It is not even visible with the use of a microscope. That is why the eyes of the Omniscient God will grow dim when trying to trace the havoc it has wrecked to its finality.
28.      If God who created the heavens and earth should make out His time to trace the origin of this menace from the beginning to the end, His eyes will continue looking until it becomes blind, yet He cannot discover it.
29.      You see why the operators have sentenced themselves into eternal hell, that is, if they continue in the habit, for it is a habit that was acquired over the years and God said it is a bad habit. It can be broken today. It can be broken in your life today. It can be broken in My life today and even forever.
30.      I can develop the real perfect hatred against it and its operations. I will dissociate from that battalion. I am resigning today; from that brigade, I am resigning today. Brigade of guards are always on alert. How do they operate?
31.      Even when you do not have interest in the matter; you want to go your way, one of them will stop you, ‘Have you heard what is happening?’
32.      ‘Oooooooo, you have not heard. Is this where you just came out from? You are the only one in this town that has not heard.’
33.      One who does not want to stop will be tempted to stop. After a few lines of the narrative, the man says, ‘Oh is it about that matter? I heard it but I am not interested.’ ‘Why? Do you want to die before you begin to show interest?’ Today na today.
34.      When you identify your enemy or your enemies and their modes of operation, you can strategize towards warding them off, towards repelling them. You must know how they operate in your family, you must know the person they are using as their launching pad.
35.       You must know those that have enlisted in their company in your family. You must know the meeting point, for there can never be such a gathering without a meeting point. And the meeting point physical must generate a meeting point spiritual.
36.      They operate with something that is common among you and they know the venue where they will stay thinking that they have escaped the prying eyes. So stealthy is their method, so cowardly the act in their seeming that one is never on guard against them.
37.      Let Me give you one instance; a brother we know that has been having problems; we have been praying for him to escape from the cruel hands of the enemies who are threatening him within and without. We were aware some time ago that they were using some individuals in our midst to oppress the brother.
38.      A little while, he began to have the feeling that the whole thing has died down. He started mingling with us rejoicing, but recently, something that was known to everybody; unknown persons now known to God in our midst used their phones to connect his enemies, gave his enemies his new phone number, invited them here, told them that he is here in a meeting with us and they traced him here, described him, called his name, his occupation and even went further to say that he passed a night with us here.
39.      The wisdom of God hid him away. Now, the same people traced him down to My house as they did in the beginning when he came one evening like that. They called; they continued talking and talking until they came live and met the person.
40.      While they were talking they never knew he hid somewhere after he saw them for he recognized them. And the person they were talking to knows them and they know him. So, when he sensed what was happening, he took his escape.     
41.      What am I trying to say? These people are the least he suspected to do that to him. They are unknown to him but known by God. Look at their mode of operation; very stealthily; very insignificant in their seeming that our brother was not on guard against them. The glory of God is here. The Cloud is here, but will it stop us from being our brother’s keeper?
42.      Who do you think could be the individual if not one that is at peace with him? One he trusted and decided to give his new phone line. Why don’t we believe it even when the person; the assailant said when she got the message, ‘Tell her to call me. She said, ‘Well, all his lines are blocked. Let me try this one they gave me and know whether it will work.’
43.      She tried and it worked. Who gave her the number? The Cloud is here. If you trace the whole thing, it boils down to envy, jealousy, hatred and a feeling of inferiority. Hear Me very well; a feeling of inferiority generates a feeling of insecurity socially and otherwise, for an inferior person is afraid of domination.
44.      An inferior human being is afraid of domination, fears domination by superiors. So, he will go to all lengths to frustrate the ambition of the superior so that he will never gain prominence over him and that generates hot blood. Remember, nobody is as sleepless as a man that has a wicked heart with malicious intentions. He doesn’t go to bed and sleep.
45.       Put the whole fans on; place him in an air-conditioned room, he will sweat. Why is he sweating? The thoughts, imaginations of his heart are fighting him, tormenting him. Wicked thoughts torment the harbourer.
46.      Harbour wicked thoughts and remain tormented by your thoughts to the point that you will never sleep. You will never wear a smiling look. You deny yourself of your joy because you are hell-bent on wrecking havoc.
47.      Where there should be praise to the Almighty God for what He had done in the life of a Brother, the wicked man will swear and threaten fire and brimstone.
48.      Instead of this achievement to be lauded he defames and curses threatening to unleash mayhem. Give him drink he refuses. You see him walk about restlessly fusing and fuming. He becomes restless because nobody is as restless as a wicked heart with wicked and malicious intentions.
49.      He undergoes more torment than the person he wants to unleash the thought on. He is the first to be tormented before he unleashes his havoc. It is upon this backdrop that you see many make open confessions before they die. You see many make open confessions that will astonish people around.
50.      They kill their relations, they accused their supposed enemies. Once they hear that you are in enmity with somebody, they will clap their hands, capitalize on the enmity to get rid of you so that your enemies will be accused.
51.      Your enemies will not kill you, but your supposed friends will kill you; supposed friends. You are the one that suppose them to be friends, but they are not friends. They want to gain advantage over you by coming as friends, for if they should pose as enemies you will avoid them.
52.      That is why they operate in a very stealthy way so insignificant in their seeming that one is not on guard against them, for it is easier to dodge an elephant than a microbe. The Cloud will remain here.   
53.      Remember, we are talking about the evil emanations of the tongue of a wicked Brother, a wicked Sister, a wicked man, a wicked woman, a wicked child, a wicked neighbour, a wicked mother, a wicked father.
54.       I don’t care who he is. Can your biological brothers and sisters be envious of your success? Sure. Can your cousins, uncles, nephews either from your paternal or maternal side be envious of you? Yes, for it is a conspiracy. They come in millions and you don’t know who to fear.
55.      Anybody can enlist in the group. Anybody can enlist in that group. Can your mother be envious of your success? Sure, because you may not be the one she is wishing it. She might be wishing A and God blesses B; trouble has ensued. Can your father also be a victim? Yes, anybody can be a victim.
56.      The more I talk the more the Cloud descends. I don’t know whether you are feeling it. Look outside. The more I hammer on this truth, the more it descends. Remember I pointed everybody to this Man. Our God has come to judge.


MAINTAINING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IN THE BRIDE OF CHRIST: Page 71 verse 15. The man, the woman, the boy or the girl who stands above his fellows must be prepared to be the target for the envious arrows of their inferiority. It is part of the price he must pay for his advancement.
2.          To sustain ourselves in our own hasty judgements, we sometimes say, as we listen and accept without investigation, the old adage which says, ‘Where there is so much smoke, there must be some fire.”
3.          To sustain ourselves in our hasty judgement that lack authenticity, that lack verification, that lack evidence because we are hasty in our judgements and we will like to sustain ourselves with that useless, hasty judgement anchoring on that useless adage that there can never be smoke without fire, ‘there must be an iota of truth in every rumour. Don’t you know the situation of things in Nigeria? Is he the only one that is experiencing the hardship?’
4.          What is he looking for? He is seeking audience from his battalion; he wants to get them convinced more and more that there must be truth in his falsehood. He wants people to share his views. So, the man, the woman, the sister, the brother will stand suspected and lose his or her integrity irrespective of his or her status. He will lose his credibility before the eyes of people that know him.
5.           When the man goes to bed, his eyes will be on the roof, ‘What have I done? In spite of all my goodness, in spite of all I have been doing to make sure I help this family. I helped my brother, helped my sister, but in all, this is my reward. So, this is the interpretation?’
6.          Before you know it, he will draw a line in his heart, ‘Until I die, I will never help anybody again. No brother will come to my house again; no sister, no niece, no uncle,’ and this is what the enemy is aiming at so that everybody will be frustrated so that help will not come from anybody again.
7.          Now, when you do it, you heap more enemies than friends. The death you are avoiding has now been invited for he is looking for nothing, but your destruction, your premature death so that your children will grow up and become something behind you; so that all your efforts will be wasted.
8.          Remember, whoever that thinks evil of you can never mean well to your children. Whoever that thinks evil of you can never mean well to your children. Can he? Somebody who wants you to die can never spare your children.
9.          If you are paying attention to this message, believing this message, processing, registering this message on the table of your heart, saving it where it should be in the inter brain; keeping it there, let Me tell you, all that will come in contact with you will respect and honour you.
10.      They will say, ‘Surely, this man is the wisest man we have ever come across,’ for you will know how to handle every situation. You will know how to handle every character.
11.      There is no character, no attitude any human being will display which you do not have the ability to absorb; because the shock absorber is already there; super developed, highly fortified. The spring is superimposed. You know, when you superimpose the spring of a vehicle, you can load anything there.
12.      The weight of the load rests on the springs not on the body of the vehicle again. So, I am packing the spring of your vehicle. I am superimposing it by injecting this knowledge into you for this is the genesis of failure.
13.      When you begin to hear and begin to process, automatically you have stopped. You are no longer moving forward; you will be battling with what people are saying about you, the way they are seeing you. You will be defending something that does not exist; it doesn’t exist because it is not found in you.
14.       Something exists because it can be traceable to you, but as long as it is not traceable to you, it is not in your system, it is not your character, it is not your nature, you have never dreamt about it, it is not in you. Even if you dream, you will pray against it. It does not exist. So, if it exists, it exists somewhere. Does it exist? Yes. Where? Somewhere.
15.      That’s why the Lord Jesus said, ‘The king of this world is coming, but he has no part in me. This destroyer is already at work in the world among the children of disobedience, but I am obedient. I am not among the children of disobedience. So, I can never be a tool to fostering the acts of disobedience to the truth. I cannot.’ That is why birds of the same feather flock together for water seeks its own level.
16.      We are coming to something. Like minds reason alike. Information from like minds flow undisturbed, but unlike minds must have problems for the communication must be fraught with questions and interruptions, asking for explanations, kowaciations (explanations), reasons why it should be so, asking to be convinced. ] I must worship God where the action is every day for when I come before Him, I will go home a changed individual, a changed human being, refreshed, refurbished, released from troubles, released from tension, released from worry, released from anxiety, released from fear, released from every kind of thing. I will no longer behave Myself or act below base level.
17.      People acting below base levels are the type of people that are found in this company, registered in this battalion to form a brigade. And their adage is: ‘Nothing goes for nothing.’ Let Me go to My seat; Brother, The Cloud is here; we are not in the rainy season as to suggest that it is going to rain, but the Cloud, the Cloud is here because we have invited Him.
18.      We invited Him before we came. He was here before we arrived and He will remain refreshed until we go. Anybody feeling sleepy? Only Tony Egbuna is looking outside; it doesn’t concern Tony Egbuna because when a man is drawn away with the eyes, the brain will go where the eyes are. Whatever attracts the eyes attracts the brain. Sandasand?
19.      That is why outside are those that are managing to come to the Faith, inside are the owners of the Faith. The owners of the Family protect the Family. We cannot afford to have people outside when we have vacant seats. It is because something is pushing them out.
20.      Gbam, Elder Nwaobu, gbam, ‘To sustain ourselves in our hasty judgements,’ to sustain ourselves in our hasty judgements; you know, there are some people that are born with that; they draw quick conclusions over matters even without recourse to careful investigation. Some find it even difficult to hear from both sides.
21.      Some even draw their conclusions borne out of the wicked feelings of their hearts towards that individual for no just cause. Automatically, whatever he hears he concludes. He might be a thief yesterday but as long as he has not stolen today, he was a thief yesterday; today he is not a thief. He might have repented because of what he passed through.
22.      Today, until I catch him or have evidence that he is continuing today, I will not draw a conclusion. I will still belief him that he has changed his mind.
23.      When Bible said, ‘Let him that steal, steal no more,’ and the person heard it and said, ‘From now, I will steal no more,’ I cannot call him a rogue tomorrow until I have caught him stealing. Don’t we have twenty four hours in a day?
24.      Yesterday is gone; today is a new day. That Herod threatened to kill Jesus was that yesterday, not today. ‘We must go to Galilee,’ and they went to Galilee. There was no threat on the way. I say, there was no threat on the way.
25.      This can be your decision if you are wise; that all these things were happening yesterday, but as from today, I am going to Galilee without any threat. We have twenty four hours in the day. Today is a new day.
26.       This is the day, the time, the hour for the new anointing that makes a total difference in your life. Record today, put it down in your jotter, write it down in your heart, the sunshine from God will shine bright in your hearts, illuminating the Camp.
27.      You can see the sunshine already. Let the Sun shine. The Cloud will come back again, but let the sunshine come and shine in your hearts, radiate in your hearts.
28.      Stop fighting over books. Rats don’t eat anything whose owner is awake. Our God is awake. The Cloud is still here. The sunshine came and radiated your hearts for the Cloud to come back. The Cloud gave way to sunshine.
29.      I and the children whom the Lord has given to me, we are for signs and wonders in this generation. These elders that are misbehaving behind, I will deal with you oooo. You have all scrambled the books I wanted to share myself. Nobody should touch mine ooo. Respect yourselves.
30.      I told all of you that you will look for the Son of Man with light. Other local assemblies saw me the same day Onitsha saw Me. It is no longer the case of, ‘Wait for Daddy on Wednesday’.
31.      Who saw Daddy on Wednesday? Daddy was in his house. ‘Daddy has backslidden in the Faith. That is why He remained in His House.’
32.      The next Sunday, Daddy landed in the fellowship. If you are sensible, you will realize that for over one year now, the Son of Man does not attend Wednesday fellowship; you only see Him on Sundays, the only thing that will come to your mind is: ‘The day I saw Him is the day Onitsha brethren saw Him too. The rest are those that go to His house to see Him which I don’t have the fare to do. What I know is that on Sunday my eyes will definitely behold Him. My ears will hear what he will say; my heart will accept it.’
33.       I WILL WORSHIP WHERE THE ACTION IS; MOTOR OR NO MOTOR, TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORT. This is the period where nobody will tell the Brother or Sister, ‘Come, let us go and worship God.’
34.      This is the period you will stand by your own revelation of Who God is. That will determine whether you will go or not because you may be willing, the wheel barrow you have in your house may not be willing. You may like to go on time when she is a habitual late comer. You may be going with joy when she is going with grudging and complaining.
35.      Hear Me well; no distance is far from the Land of Jewels. It is because of the jewels that expatriates came to Nigeria. Nigeria is not far to the British, the Americans, even the French. Why? There are jewels in Nigeria. Thus, where there are jewels, the distance is immaterial, even the threat to their lives by kidnapping them is not scaring them away. Why?
36.      The jewels they are looking for are here. Nigeria is holding their indispensable material for wealth or for wealth creation, for the development of their country. So Nigeria can never be far; threat can never scare them away; after all, human beings harbour the scare. Are they not human beings?
37.      Tomorrow is another day. To God be the glory. Don’t look at those outside. They know why they are outside.
38.      I know I took everybody unawares. You could predict everything, but no one predicted this one today. Even those that predicted never knew the passage I will read.
39.      Where they thought I would read is different from where I am reading now and I am touching on the foundation of all the troubles. Don’t you know that the world came into existence through the word of the mouth; the world was created by the power of the spoken word, preserved by the power of the spoken word, will be destroyed with the power of the spoken word.
40.      Is it not true? We are here by the spoken word. Life and death are the issues of this mouth. This tongue, with over a million accomplices. Amen.

Page seventy one verse sixteen. ‘To sustain ourselves in our own hasty judgements, we sometimes say, as we listen and accept without investigation,’
2.          As we listen and accept scandalous reports, damaging reports, character assassinating reports, malicious reports borne out of hatred, envy, jealousy and a feeling of inferiority.
3.          We hear, accept, believe and begin to draw hasty conclusions using the foolish adage that where there is much smoke there must be some fire. We may not know that the fire may be a false one kindled by an enemy, kindled by nothing except envious emanations of the tongue of envy, kindled by one who doesn’t want anything good happening in the lives of other people; kindled by one who feels he is the only righteous fellow around.
4.          He hardly realizes that what he does is known to other people. With anger and envy in his heart he lights up fire where there should be none. He inflames the heart of people against somebody’s success where there should be praise to God for allowing such a wonderful feat. He so influences the hearts of people to the extent that they begin to curse the celebrant: ‘Oh, so this man has joined these Anambra money ritualists’.
5.          You know, a wicked man wouldn’t hesitate to light up the bush around the area where his brother has a yam barn. Ask him, he tells you he is hunting for grass cutters. Once he sets the bush ablaze, the yams go into flames, ‘let him come and cultivate yam again’.
6.           And he will be the first to raise alarm over the burning barn. Why? Hatred. Because of hatred and envy, yams have now turned into grass cutters. If it hadn’t been for this Faith, many of us would have fallen victims of such attacks.
7.          Even some of you sitting down here were born with that terrible nature because life is in the blood. If your heathen parents had it, definitely, they must have transferred the genes to you. As I speak to you now, there are many who exhibit these traits here thinking it will work out for them.
8.          Today is the time for you to change; there is no gain in it. If you refuse to change, please just carry your bag and go away. Some had already left because they could not stand it anymore.
9.          ‘To sustain ourselves in our own hasty judgements, we sometimes say, as we listen and accept without investigation, the old adage, ‘where there is so much smoke, there must be some fire.’ Yes, but the fire may be only another by the lighted torch of envy, thrown into the innocent facts of a life of superiority.’
10.       Have you seen it? Let us seen it again, ‘To sustain ourselves in our own hasty judgements, we sometimes say, as we listen and accept without investigation, the old adage, ‘where there is so much smoke, there must be some fire.’
11.      Yes, but the fire may be only another by the lighted torch of envy, thrown into the innocent facts of a life of superiority. This is why every wise fellow does not use or depend on hearsay to build a reasonable case. Hearsay is never an admissible evidence in any law court the world over.
12.      A wise man believes in investigation before admitting an evidence as a fact. Gossip is spread by wicked people and is believed by fools. Any man that cannot tame his tongue can never attain perfection in the sight of God.
13.      An open-mouthed fellow is a habitual liar and should be avoided. If you want to attain greatness in reputation, let your words be few at all times and in all situations. It is wisdom to do more hearing and less talking. Remember that the worth of a man is his reputation.
14.      Sub-heading: COROLLARY OF VERBAL LEXIS-The use of language must be considered as a special gift from Almighty God to mankind and as such must be highly treasured and kept pure.
15.      It is the means of expression on earth by which we anchor our volition for the purpose of co-operating and interacting with our fellow human beings positively in an up-building manner in order to gain the necessary experience for our spiritual maturity. Therefore, enormous responsibility attaches to us if we speak wrongly.
16.      Every word spoken by man takes effect under the pressure of the Almighty according to its application and must produce definite forms that are connected with us.
17.      Therefore, after we have spoken the word, the effect it produces no longer lies with us, but is governed by the self-acting Creation Laws.

18.      Furthermore, when we speak wrongly as in the use of dialects, affectations and inflections, slang due to lazy habit, standstill on the natural steps of development of a language, they all debase the purity and therefore affect the character of the people accordingly.’  Amen.