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Chapter Three of “Maintaining A Healthy Relationship in the Bride of Christ.” TOPIC:  ‘WORRY’ A HIDDEN KILLER.
2.          To God be the glory. Brethren, we are highly blessed.  God has actually come to minister to us.  What is being read since the beginning of the message this day, has been planned by the
Almighty God because He knows what has been happening in our lives, in our homes and He is saying that all of us are victims of it and what is it?
3.           He said, taking from the scriptures, James Chapter 2, the effect of the tongue; the wrong use of the tongue, that our tongues are like a loaded gun. In other words, our tongues are more dangerous than the loaded gun. 
4.          He said the first dangerous instrument the enemy uses is the tongue; the human tongue; the unrefined tongue; the tongue that is used by the enemy of God and not just the tongue of anyone but that of a friend.
5.          He made us understand that our enemy will not kill us but our friends, our relations, our brothers and sisters even in the fellowship.  Your success is a source of trouble to him/sister. Why should you succeed? He is envious. 
6.          It is in our homes; in my home, my wife can be my enemy pretending to love me. I can be her enemy pretending to love her. My children can be my enemies and I am dying for them. 
7.          Anybody can be an instrument in the hands of Satan. And that Satan can be your next door neighbor; can be your son; can be your daughter; can be your wife and can be your own husband.  And God said when we identify these things, that is the foundation.
8.          When we discover who that person is then we should do what?  Take that person as an enemy; avoid that person.  And if we actually understand what He said about our making hasty conclusions or judgements about anybody on any matter, then we will not have problems, ‘He has done this because of this; she has done this because of that.’ 
9.          You just hear a little thing about a brother, you gang up against him.  You hear a little thing about a sister, you take in the adage, “There is no smoke without fire”. 
10.      But who is the source of that fire?  Who has ignited that fire?  He can be your bosom friend, I mean, one that supposedly seems to be your bosom friend, yet an enemy in camouflage and so we should not draw any conclusions.  Then we heard what He said about Jesus after he got the information that Herod wanted to kill him. He said, ‘We have 24hours in a day.’
11.      In other words, ‘Let’s just watch; after all, he said, “He that steals, steal no more”.  So it could be that this brother is not as bad as he has been painted. This sister is not as bad as she has been painted.  ‘I will not take this until I have proved it myself.  
12.      When we apply this, definitely the world will hear something different, not just in the way we act, not just in the way we react, but in allowing the wiser council to prevail. 
13.      He said, ‘If we can do this, the world, the people around us will say, ‘Indeed, there are no such wise people here on earth like us.’  God is judging us; judging how we use our tongues. He said there is no perfect man, no perfect man except one that is able to control his tongue, to control her tongue, that nobody that is unable to control his/her tongue is ever perfect before God because we actually utter a lot of things with our mouths and whatever we utter registers somewhere; registers around us.
14.       Brethren, this is 2016 and God has come with healing on His wings. So, we have to be careful; we have to look before we step seeing that the ground is clear; we have to check our consciences from time to time. 
15.      Are we holding grudges against anybody?  For what?  And He said we all should be healed today; that if at the end of the day, we go back the way we came, it then means we have decided to go to hell.  Remember, initially he said it that whatever is happening, many a time we are our own very enemy. 
16.      Whatever is happening, we are the people importing the things that are troubling us.  What I allow into me will be in me. If I say no to it, it will be away from me. There is another thing which actually touched me seriously and what is it? Simplicity.  If you follow the crowd, definitely you will mess up.
17.       To maintain your simplicity, you should never think of what the people are saying for if you must go the way they are going, and say things the way they are saying them, definitely you are one with them; nothing is different. 
18.       I thank God. It is left for us to take up this matter one by one and drop all our burdens emanating from accumulated grudges, envy, suspicion, and even what we have uttered with our mouths. He said we should not see ourselves as having enemies; it is left for you here to make up your mind and see those enemies no more. 
19.      In other words, you set them free in your heart; I set them free in my heart and then I will be free; then you will be free, for if you do not set anybody free, you are not free yourself.  Set them free so that you yourself will be free, otherwise, we will all die together. 
20.      Look into our families; remember everything starts in the family.  It is in the family; that is where the problem lies; that is where the problem arises.  God said that a man’s enemies are members of his own family starting with his children, parents, father, mother, husband, wife
21.      Brethren, God has given us a wonderful package this morning and actually it is for us to begin to apply.  He said it is practical; He gave us a practical example of what happened; how a brother gave away his fellow brother when the brother trusted and confided in him.
22.      Little did he know that the brother was planning evil against him in his heart, trailing him.  Let us drop all these things; let us stop bewitching one another. That is what God is saying. Let us stop these acts so that we will now receive the blessings God has for us.
23.       Our God is saying that He has now come back, the storm is over and the dust raised is gradually settling down. He is now in a better position to give us packages; His blessings.
24.      When we free ourselves by doing away with all these elements: dishonesty, uncertainties and allow the free flow of the word of God in us and be obedient to the core that is when we reap the rich benefits of serving this God.
25.      Come to think of it, what do we think is responsible for envy, jealousy, hatred and malice? I will say it is because we are adamant to the word of God. If we obey; if we submit to the instruction God has given to us, definitely, there won’t be problems, but if we don’t, there must nagging, there must be hatred, there must be malice.
26.       Is God not real to you? Brother Egwuatuna just says, ‘Reality,’ yes! You have seen all these.
27.      Go thou there and hear all the Lord thy God shall say and speak thou unto us all the law that God shall speak unto thee and we will hear it and do it.
28.      You see, we will hear it and do it. That was Israel. Please, please, please.
29.      ‘And the Lord heard the voice of your words when he spake unto me. And the Lord said unto me, ‘I have heard the voice of the words of these people which they have spoken unto me. They have well said all that they have spoken.’
30.      Now, have you all made up your minds this morning? I have asked this question before and everybody yelled that he/she has made up his/her mind to continue obeying all that we have heard this morning for our own good, not for the good of God, but for our own good. 
31.      Yes, continue; look at God lamenting, God wishing, hear what God is saying, verse 29, “Oh, that there were such a heart in them that they will fear me and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them and with their children forever”
32.      God is wishing this. Shall we disappoint God again?  Having done this thing before us all these years and even this morning? 
33.      Let me tell you; God does not even rest. He does not sleep over us; He is always trying to bring out something to stir us up, to make us fully surrender to His leadership, fully obeying Him to His taste. 
34.      You can obey, but is that obedience up to His taste?  Is it up to the standard God wants? And remember half-obedience is disobedience.   
35.      The people submitted themselves and in the ministers’ meeting, somewhere, He said, “We have to be committed with devotion that this ministry be not blamed in our hands”.
36.       My family, your family, if we don’t agree to what God has given to us, and obey to the letter, definitely, the ministry must be blamed unless you hide your identity, but if you do that, that will mean proving the people speaking ill of us right.
37.      It is just as God had said this morning, people will say “what a wise set of people these are”, if we act right.  That no matter the situation, we will know how to arrest it.  It is a challenge to you and a challenge to me.
38.       Once we accept, it will be to us according to what we have believed.  Remember, the way you take the word of God is the way it will work for you.
39.      “And the Lord agreed to your request and said to me, ‘I have heard what the people have said to you and I agree; Oh that they would always have such a heart for me, wanting to obey my commandments”. 
40.      Please, note, we have all said, ‘Yes, what God has given unto us this morning is indeed life; He has imparted life unto us.’ God is saying, “I have heard your voices, I have heard your commitments, you have taken them as the very words of the Almighty God.
41.       I wish that tomorrow will not be different; that this heart will not become rigid. I wish you will take His word to implement it to the letter. ‘Oh, that they would always have such a heart to continually obey Me.”
42.      Children, did you hear that?  This is the wish of your parents.  Wives, did you hear that?  I say, wives did you hear that?  This is the wish of your husbands.  Husbands, did you hear that?  This is the wish of Christ.  God Almighty Himself wishes that I, Udochukwu Luke Orjiako will, at all times, perpetually follow Him.  It goes for each and every one of us.  Once we receive what He has given to us, His blessings will follow us.
43.      Isaiah 48 verse 18.  “Oh that you have listened to my laws …”
44.      that you have listened to my laws, my words, my instructions, my commandments given to you this morning.
45.       “Then you will have my peace flowing like a gentle river” What?  That if we had listened to what He has given us even this morning, what should we have?  God’s peace in our families; in our neighbourhoods; peace in our places of work, places of trade, even in our schools and colleges, for the wisdom we gain from this message, if we display it, definitely, everybody will stand in awe about us. 
46.      “Then you will have my peace flowing like a gentle river and great waves of righteousness, then you would have become as numerous as sands along the shores of the sea too many to count and there would have been no need for your destruction”. 
47.      King James Version, verse 18, “O that thou had hearkened to my commandments, then had thy peace been as a river,’ once you hearken to the commandments of the Almighty God, doing what God has given to us, what will follow?  There will be divine peace.
48.       In Family Menu, He said, “Is the peace in your family temporary or is it an enduring peace? Peace that endures is peace that comes from total obedience to the word of God. 
49.      If we can obey what God has given to us even this morning, we will never quantify the level of peace we will all enjoy in our homes.  It is a challenge to all of us.  Simply hold God at His word for God says what He means and means what He says.
50.      and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea; thy seed also had been as the sand; the offspring of thy bowels like the gravel thereof, his name should not have been cut off or destroyed completely.’ 
51.      In other words, once we obey God, there can never be the mention of wasted generation for the offspring will continue to blossom from generation to generation.  But when we disobey, we will continue raising a wasted generation. 
52.      Seeing that God has given us everything, implementation is what is needed from every one of us.  So, brethren I charge us, including myself to take heed.
53.       1st Thessalonians 2:13 (KJV),  “for this cause also thank we God without ceasing when ye received the word of God which ye heard from us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God which effectually worketh also in you that believe”.
54.       ‘For this cause also we thank God without ceasing,’ that was St. Paul thanking God because they received the message; they understood it was God in St. Paul talking. They applied the message they received.  Can’t we just allow this scripture come through in our lives this day?
55.       That our lives will be changed believing what we have heard this morning. You want a lasting peace this day? You decide for yourself. The power of decision is in your hands. 
56.      Brethren, with these few words, I thank Almighty God for this opportunity.  Remain Blessed in Him eternally. Amen.



You know I am the Chief Designer; I know how to keep you in rapturing condition.  We fixed a meeting today with the family of our late Bishop Ebenezer.  We invited them and they came.
2.          On noticing their presence in the fellowship, I had to be diplomatic enough knowing that singing praises will diffuse the message; not only diffusing, neutralizing as well, I decided that Apostle Ojiakor should not be part of the meeting. 
3.          I went with Bishop Okoh, Bishop Nnachor, Pastor Dan and Apostle Kelechi to represent all of you and we have represented you very well. 
4.          Hence, I kept Apostle Orjiako to continue to drive the message in, forcing the thing in, using hammer so that you will remain meditating, you will remain reasoning, you will remain believing until I fly in and then rejoin again. 
5.          It also afforded Brother David Mbah time to recuperate; to re-empower. So, Bro David, without hesitation, run to the pulpit and then read just Chapter 8 which was the essence of whatever I initiated here in the morning and I know what I will use to hammer it in. 
6.          We are continuing; do you want to go now?  (No Sir)!  You were not afraid of leaving here last Sunday even by 5:00pm and as I assured you, you got home safely, even Brother Sam Beer, the word said they must get home safely and he got home with his bus fully loaded. 
7.          Then Monday morning, he wanted to check his vehicle before going for his business only to open the engine chambers to discover that the fan belt of the vehicle was not in the vehicle and the vehicle plied from Onitsha to Nsukka without fan belt. Water never dried up in the radiator.
8.          The engine never knocked. There was no sign of overheating that the word of God might come to pass. You can verify from him and the brethren from Nsukka.  Who did it?
9.           Almighty God in keeping with His Word of promise.  The Prophet said and I quote, “The Word of promise is in the Bride as the word of promise was in Mary. When that little group is impregnated by the word what will be delivered will be Christ on two feet for it will take the Bride to reproduce Christ in human form standing on two feet. 
10.      When she is impregnated by the word, the word was made flesh.’  Give them the word, show them scriptures, eat the word; eat for the journey is still too far.  Arise and eat for the journey is still far. 
11.       Many that did not obey are no longer in our midst, but as many as obeyed, closed their eyes tightly and ate the word. 
12.      Today, see where we are; we persevered and then we met the man coming from the opposite direction and it is that man that came from the opposite direction that has generated envy and jealousy, generated hatred from those that feel inferior. 
13.      Chapter 8, WORRY: A HIDDEN KILLER.  There can never be a hidden killer without a Hidden Revealer. If death hides himself/herself intending to wreck havoc, Christ will hide Himself somewhere to reveal the hidden killer so as to stop his action. 
14.      The action of the hidden killer will stop this afternoon. We will collectively publish its obituary. When you believe, there is going to be a performance of that which is promised, which is what you are hearing here.  It pays to worship where the action is. 
15.      Nugget:  ‘The individual must be his own physician, he must give the case a heroic treatment, he must realize with every fiber of his being, the utter, absolute, uselessness of worry (Son of Man).  The most popular form of suicide is worry.’  
16.      What?  Is it a popular knowledge?  That popular means the most rampant; the most proliferated form of suicide is worry. Pause a little.  The word popular doesn’t mean that the knowledge is popular.  It is a hidden killer, very popular, but unknown to millions.  Popular means ‘rampant’.
17.      That is what I am trying to explain there.  It infects everybody.  Anybody can be the victim.  Anybody can be the victim.  It is easier to dodge HIV/AIDS than to dodge this worry. 
18.      In every year, the number of people that die of dreaded disease called AIDS can be numbered and they are always in the minority but the aggregate number of people that die as a result of worry are uncountable.  Worry kills and attributes it to enemies.
19.        The most dreadful unseen enemy that is only felt as impact is worry and I will tell you where worry is coming from when I will be handling the twin brother, the twin sister of worry which is STRESS
20.      They are twins, inseparable twins. They are not a boy and a girl; they are identical twins in the sense that they are males only; powerful males with powerful muscles exerting pressure all over the human system. 
21.      “The most rampant form of suicide is worry.  Worry impairs appetite; worry disturbs sleep”. 
22.      Worry does what? Oftentimes, you hear a woman say, ‘The aroma of the food I prepared has satiated my stomach,’ yet there was somebody that smelt the aroma and started salivating, craving for food. If you find it difficult eating, let me ask, did you swallow stones?
23.       Or did you drink a cement mixture?  Tomorrow you tell people you are suffering from ulcer. What caused the ulcer is worry.
25.      This is because worry breaks down the human immune system more than the virus.  Whatever that impairs appetite breaks down the immune system.   
26.      When you look at somebody suffering from AIDS, he looks malnourished; when you look at somebody suffering from worry, he looks more malnourished than one suffering from HIV/AIDS.  One suffering from worry is suffering from two forms of Anaemia.   i. Spiritual anaemia ii. Physical anaemia. 
27.      Anaemia means lack of blood in the human body; in the human system. We have physical blood and we have spiritual blood.  When a human being is suffering from spiritual anaemia coupled with physical anaemia, well, mortuary attendants will be waiting for the corpse. 
28.      “Worry impairs appetite and disturbs sleep. Worry makes respiration irregular; worry causes indigestion, worry increases the risk of hypertension and stroke, worry warps character, worry weakens the mind. It breaks down the immune system and stimulates diseases and finally saps bodily health”. 
29.      It does what?  Stimulates diseases and finally saps bodily health. Thank you very much. Sit down. I am the author of freedom. She has been in prison since she came to fellowship. She should sit where she will be focusing on the preacher and all these supernatural photographs, where her ears will be open to get the one that will make her happy.
30.       Happiness has no substitute. Whatever that denies you your joy wants to kill you. That is why the Bible said, “Let no man take away your joy” Amen! Whatever wants to take away your joy seeks your death. That thing wants you to remain in perpetual anger and sorrow.
31.      Can you wrought the righteousness of God through anger?! Examinee yourself.  Yes, she has been set free by The Son of Man.  Bro Sunday Chukwu, man this place alone.
32.       I don’t want a situation where the message will be going on and Brother Sunday will be looking at her with corner-corner eyes and she will use corner-corner eyes to be looking at Brother Sunday and then the situation becomes a chilled one.
33.      This is because if you shout too much ‘Amen’ and ‘yes sir,’ she might be wondering who the victim is, ‘who is this perpetrator.’  If she shouts, ‘Yes Lord, it is true; say it loud,’ you will be calling her a hypocrite.  Thus, I don’t want return match here. Sandasan? 
34.      “Worry still remains the hidden cause of death in thousands of instances where some other diseases are named in the death certificate by medical doctors”. 
35.      What?  Have you ever seen anybody that died and the doctor wrote, ‘killed by worry on the death certificate?’ The doctor will coin a name for that disease. 
36.      “Anybody can be victim of this undiscovered silent killer irrespective of his or her profession or status in the society”. 
37.      What?  A medical doctor that is diagnosing the patient can also be a victim of this undiscovered destroyer. 
38.      Sister Vin, this is your day.  The Cloud is back.  Anybody can be, Son of Man can be, Bro Sam can be, Bro Mike Udo can be, anybody, my wife can be, my sister can be a victim of this tormentor. Worry is a torment; it is not ordinary destroyer.
39.      It will, first of all, torment you before destroying you.  Can you imagine; something that places you in hell when you are still alive. You will be burning everywhere; in your chest; on your back; in your waist; in your head, everywhere. God help us. It will end today.
40.      If you believe it, your God will also believe it. That which I will do, my God will back me up. A musician once sang a song stipulating this. 
41.      Another musician came up and said, ‘If you act and God doesn’t support your action, you should not be blamed.’ I don’t believe that. Once I believe and decide on something, God must stand by My side for I am His Son.
42.      Today na today. As you leave here, you leave with wisdom, happiness, peace, sound health etc. In short, if you get home today, you will sleep like one that took a sedative. Bro David, if you are tired because your wife is not here, you come down let Me come up there. 
43.      You know, there is a way the message will be going and you wish your wife were here present like Bro John Barns. I know he will be regretting it that his wife is not here, ‘Chai, I wish my wife were here; I told her to come along.’ 
44.      ‘Anybody can be a victim of this undiscovered silent killer,’ Undiscovered silent killer that does not respect any age; if you go to mama Ikebude now she is battling with it.  It is what killed my mother and father.  Anybody that dies before 120 years is killed by worry.  If people lived long before dying in the time of law why then do people die premature in the time of grace? 
45.      Grace and Law, which one should give people long life?  A person running with a load on his head and one running without any load, who should suffer waist pain more?  The reason why we die early nowadays is because we are in the vehicle which we paid for and are still carrying our loads on the head, hands and legs and have refused to put them down for fear of thieves stealing the loads. 
46.      When the vehicle bumps over a pot-hole, we will feel the impact on our necks, legs and hands because of the loads we are carrying, but the Lord said, “Come unto Me all ye that are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest”.  Take your burden to the Lord and lay it down there.
47.      If God does not solve that problem, who will? If He does not heal that sickness, who can? Nobody.  What do you think you can do without the help of the Lord?  Is our pride and boast not in Christ, The Creator of heaven and earth?  Is He not the Source of our help?
48.      “Anybody can be a victim of this undiscovered silent killer irrespective of his or her profession or status in the society.  It is much pronounced in Nigeria and other countries where the battered economy and ungodly leadership have imposed more hardship on the populace”. 
49.      When was this message preached?  Between 8th and 22nd January, 2006.  Ten years ago and today is 10th January, 2016.  Are you sure this one was not handled ten years today being 10th?  For it was a series from 8th to 22nd. Are we sure it was not preached on a Sunday like this? Fear God ooo.  Look unto Him. 
50.      Whenever I wake up in the morning, I kneel and pray, thanking Him. If thanking and praising God is what makes Me evil then I will be more evil. But after looking at those calling Me evil, I realize I am better than them all.  They don’t know the cause of my joy because if you are a happy man in Christ, once an evil man sees you, he becomes annoyed because he doesn’t know the reason behind your joy. 
51.      But once he sees you moody, he will be the first to ask you if all is well, ‘Your face is not bright.’  Oh, so you only notice it when I am moody; when I am unhappy, but when I am happy you will not notice my cheerful face.  We know who these people are.
52.      What did I say this morning? Satan, you and your cohorts should go and cover the graves you dug because the people you dug those graves for have refused to come. God said, ‘no,’ that He will not give anybody away.  The Cloud is here and will remain here.  Amen.


It is most pronounced in Nigeria and other countries where the battered economy and ungodly leadership has imposed more hardship in the populace”.
2.          Where what? When was this message preached? As of 2006, ‘battered economy; ungodly leadership,’ by who?  Obasanjo and his colleagues.  God saw it.  The economy got battered that time, subjected people to untold hardship.  Now, we are nearing the climax.
3.           It was battered that time and look at the stress it injected into the lives of people. The thing continued to pile up, build up until where we are now where our money has become a promissory paper that can hardly fetch anything meaningful; where we count millions and go home with articles worth hundreds of Naira. 
4.          “It is most pronounced in Nigeria and other countries where the battered economy and ungodly leadership have imposed more hardship on the populace thereby subjecting the people to fear of social, psychological, emotional and physiological insecurity; a situation where people can hardly meet their civic responsibilities to their families and to themselves.
5.          Worry is mental disposition while work is mental food.  Worry can easily extent its adverse tentacles to our children quite unnoticed by many parents.
6.          For example, when a child’s absorption in his studies keeps him from sleeping or when he tosses and turns from side to side, muttering the multiplication table or spelling words aloud, when sleep comes, that child sighs, this shows he is worrying. 
7.          This is very common today, when parents expect their little ones to fly or even catch up with the wind at very tender ages.  Privatization and commercialization of education have made it even more possible without parents realizing the adverse effect in the long run, of subjecting their children to mental worry at infancy. 
8.          Regrettably, these parents never passed through this awful situation so as to know the implications now and in the future.  Little can they realize that these private schools make money by ignorantly imposing some rigors of worry on the children beyond their capacities. 
9.          When you notice your child sighing and worrying even trying to evade sleep, recognize it very quickly as one of nature’s danger signals raised to warn parents and in mercy the parents should take a firm stand to save the life and future of the child from despair. 
10.      The burden of that child’s daily tasks should be lightened; the burden or tension of his concentration should be lessened, the hours of his slavery to education should be cut short to suit his age and mental development.
11.       This will save parents a lot of sorrow in the future.  When a man or woman works over in dreams the problems of the day, when the sleeping hours are spent in some other supposed better activities, then there is either overwork or worry, and most likely it is the worry that comes from overwork. 
12.      The Creator never intended a healthy mind to dream of the day’s duties.’
13.      To do what? To dream of the day’s duties.  When the person carries the duties of the office into the bed, what will happen?  Worry. She will be dreaming, he will be dreaming of the day’s duties, carrying the work load that doesn’t belong to you.
14.      The work that was there before you were born; many had come and gone, you now personalize it to the point of even coveting it. It becomes your personal property which can now make you to pass sleepless nights.  Is it not arrant stupidity? 
15.      Sister Vin, you dey hear am?  Bro Ifeanyi, you dey hear am?  Sister Orjiakor, Sister Nzubechi, Sister Egbuna.  Sister Egbuna, o nwero onye g’egbu gi unless m’igburu onwe gi (Nobody will kill you unless you kill yourself).
16.      Kill and bury office work before it buries you.  Did I say you should resign? No.  What I am saying is that you should start work in the morning like others. Once it is time for dismissal, stop it there and go home.  Go straight home.
17.       Any day your work load, the troubles of your work begins to affect relationships with your husband, with your children, with people around you, you are going to die; you have coveted another man’s work.  Allowing official upset to encroach into your family life is the highest form of stupidity: ‘Nobody should disturb me, nobody should disturb me, since morning I have not rested,’ shut up your mouth woman! Are you working for us?
18.       ‘I am balancing ledger, nobody should come here.’ Shut up your mouth!! Is the house an office?
19.      Any day My wife transfers her office to My house, she is inviting My wrath.  Of course she knows; she can’t try it.  Or I come to the bed and she is not there only to hear that she is writing end of year report, this and that. Well, after writing it, you will take that report to your father’s house.  We are trying to avoid anything that will upset us, for once you are upset, you have created rooms for the battalions of the angels of destruction hidden by nature, operating craftily, stealthily to work in you, around you and on you aiming at putting you into the grave before your time. 
20.      Can you imagine a woman saying she is not hungry because of office work?    That woman is supposed to go back to her father’s house; that man is supposed to be left in this world alone. 
21.      Bro. Orjiako, nakwa echeki (beware). Whatever a human being esteems higher than his family is what will destroy his family and destroy his life, for whatever destroys a man’s family automatically has destroyed his life.
22.       The life of every man and woman is tied to his family, true or false?  True!  Anything that destroys a family has destroyed the husband and wife. If you are besieged outside where do you run to? You run to your house. What if you are besieged in your house? Will you run to your office? 
23.      Bro. Orjiako’s children have just swallowed one full cup of laughter; just one full cup of laughter. Idimma and Jubilee seem to scramble over it. You see them eyeing their mum to know whether she is catching what the Holy Ghost is saying, ‘Let us see what happens when we get back to Enugu. Let somebody trouble us with office work again and we will tell them what the Holy Ghost said about it.’
24.      Sometimes, they will stop all the children from doing domestic work; distribute official work to everyone as if all of them are earning salaries. Are they in the pay roll?  How much are you going to pay them from your salary?  
26.      If you are upset in your office, keep it to yourself. Don’t infest My house with it; don’t compel us to share it with you; we will resist. If you are angry, be angry alone. If you are suffering stomach troubles, suffer it alone. Don’t expect me to join you, ‘So this is how much you love me? Since I woke up this morning have you asked me how I am faring?’ 
27.      Why should I ask you how you are? For what? You are the way you want to be and I am the way I want to be. 
28.      ‘Oh, so you don’t know I didn’t sleep last night?’ And so what?  Am I the cause of your sleeplessness? Listen to Me; I have buried My mother and father. There is no child that was buried along with the parents.  A wife has never been buried together with her late husband and no husband has ever been buried with his late wife.
29.      Now I know where, ‘my honey; my darling; my sweet heart,’ ends. There is an extent it will get to, everyone retreats. I know where we are all heading (the grave). You won’t fast forward mine and I will not fast forward yours. Thus, don’t push Me. I am not in a hurry. I don’t want to get there yet.
30.      Let me take it easy. If you want to get there quickly, go ahead. But unfortunately, those that hastily get there suddenly become reluctant to jump in.  Yet, at one time or the other God allowed us to come near unto death.
31.       That person who wants me to rush into the grave, when he comes near unto death, hear his word, “Please, don’t let me die ooo!  Call the doctor, do this, do that”.  No, since you rushed there, why not jump in.  You no longer want to jump in and you are asking if I am silently watching you, who are you asking?  Since it is good, why not jump in there.
32.       If you must move down there, at least, it should be at a ripe age.  Anybody that enters there without grey hair died prematurely.  Did you get that?  A man is supposed to die when he begins to call bread, ‘utum’or meat, ‘kpakpom’; when his speeches are muffled and incoherent.
33.      In the olden days, a man stayed alive till we began to count the number of teeth in his mouth for they would be few.  When the women folk wanted to go out they would leave the grand children with the man while he tells them moonlight stories. In short, he becomes a watch dog. 
34.      Today, nobody dies with sunken jaws and cheeks anymore; nobody dies with one or two teeth; the teeth will be complete, eyes wide open, skin still fresh and intact when the individual is proclaimed dead. 
35.      “The Creator never intended a healthy mind to dream of the day’s duties.  Either, dreamless sleep or dreams of the past should be the order of the night”. 
36.      What?  Not dreams born out of anxiety or fear. 
37.      “When the specter of one grief, one fear or one sorrow obtrudes itself between the eyes and the printed page, when the inner voice of this irritating memory or fear looms up so loud as to deaden outside voices, there is danger to the individual,’ 
38.      What?  When the specter of one grief, not many grieves will deaden the heart against outside voices; voices of reason will cease. The person becomes a monument only to be hearing his/her own voice. Then you begin to hear something like bell ringing, ‘krrrrrriiiii,’ she will startle thinking her phone rang not knowing that the bell rang in her head.
39.       Worry has blocked the whole system and her head is now ringing like a bell.  At another time, muscles in her legs will vibrate and she will dip her hand in her pocket thinking that her phone vibrated, yet the phone is on the table, but vibration is on the leg. 
40.      God is saying danger is lurking. You want to enter the house when it is not yet time; you now want your enemy to become your nurse; you want to enter a situation you hate most; your enemies will now be your nurses and doctors.
41.      Those that have been wishing you premature death, you have succumbed to their whims and caprices, for you have yielded yourself to that extant force that is unseen which is ‘WORRY’
42.      Nobody created by a human being has sole monopoly for worry and anxiety.  It appears it is yours because you coveted it; because you coveted it, you cannot share it. The burden cannot be shared with anybody and any burden that is not shared with anybody gets heavier with every passing day. 
43.      When you share your burden with somebody you know, somebody that has human feelings, you release the weight, you release the tension. The moment worry turns into depression the victim becomes silent and moody. And all external voices are completely cut off.  The devil will be presenting a plasma television, televising catalogues of woes, disappointments, evils and everything, renewing the past evils that have been forgotten making them fresh again. 
44.      You begin to see the picture of your arch enemy as if he is standing in front of you. The picture of that enemy you have been afraid of will come live as if you are holding it in your hand.  God is saying, at that point, it is only but one step that is left between you and the grave. 
45.      Any additional stress, you are either suffering from complete paralysis or partial paralysis which is partial stroke because the inner brain has been over-enlarged. 
46.      It is at this point that you can take twenty packets of paracetamol yet no way. You take sleeping tablets one million, no way. At that point, you have employed more enemies than friends who are working for you, working in you, working with you secretly without your knowledge. 
47.      While you are trying to wriggle out, they are writing your funeral oration quickly; preparing your burial proposals, waiting for your corpse for they know there must be a cry of death somewhere.
48.       God is trying to say you will not die until you volunteer to die.  When God has shown you things that will kill you and you decide to die, who will you blame?  If you decide to die, we will harden our hearts and bury you.  Be fast. We will go home late today. 
49.      If you will like to go late today and get full information, show by raising your hand. I will get home late but I will never be the late; I will be fortified with good information.  
50.      These three boys that came from Owerri have gone back. By the time they get to Owerri, we must have gathered many things. If they were reasonable, they would have pleaded, ‘Daddy, please, let us come in and listen to your sermon. Since you are the ones going to bury our daddy, let us join you.’  Amen.

When all day, every hour, every moment, there is the dull insistent, numb pain of something that makes itself felt thorough, above and below all our other thinking, we must know that we are worrying.  Then there is but one thing to do. 
2.          We must stop that worry; we must kill that worry before it will kill us.  The dead has no second chance.  The wise men of this generation have discovered many amazing things that can help or destroy life but only few have discovered worry as a hidden killer if any. 
3.          Worry is forethought gone to seed.  Worry is discounting possible future, sorrows so that the individual may live or have present misery.  Worry is the father of insomnia.  Worry should be regarded as a traitor in the camp of God’s people that dampens our morale and will power, weakens our aims and objectives and obstructs our senses of creativities.’
4.          Is it not true?  Worry dampens, worry weakens, worry frustrates our morale and willpower.
5.          Weakens our aims and objective and obstructs our senses of creativities…’
6.          And obstructs our senses of creativities.  If you know that it is true say, ‘Amen.’  When a man is engaged in worrying, he can hardly concentrate; he becomes confused. 
7.          “Under the guise of helping us to bear the present, and to be ready for the future, worry multiplies our enemies within our own minds to sap our strength and health.’
8.          What?  Under the guise, worry pretends to be helping us to bear our present condition, pretending, guise, masquerading.
9.          ‘Worry multiplies our enemies within our own minds.’  If you believe it say amen.  Is it a lie? 
10.      ‘Worry multiplies our enemies within our own minds to sap our strength and health.’
11.      Is it a lie? Once your strength is sapped, what is left?  You become empty.  You will be like fish that is rotten on the inside. Anytime you die people begin to make a hell of noise when in actual sense you died long before then; you have been a walking corpse; the wind has been blowing you about for which cause you kept telling people you always felt dizzy. 
12.      Why are you feeling dizzy? Did you pursue a cow?  You don’t know that it is your BP rising, that you are being troubled by the thoughts of your heart.  You will be shinning and looking attractive but people may not know that you have gone. 
13.      The day you finally die, people will be saying that you were poisoned by your enemies. Listen, what the devil has been accused of are so many and what human beings have been accused of are equally very many. You can kill somebody with your heart; God knows the truth about this matter.
14.      The worst poison is that which one gives to oneself.  We are talking about poison.  Poison is not just swallowed with the mouth.  It can be taken by the heart and with the ears. It can be seen with the eyes but taken by the heart and it settles there.
15.       The heart is deceitful and wicked.  That is why God came today to do overhauling, holistic overhauling of the human system.  This message has made everybody awake with eyes wide open.  Anybody that sleeps has been deceived by the devil because the message that would have liberated you from Satan’s stronghold might have gone forth when you fell asleep.
16.      Every man has the stronghold of Satan in his life and that Satan’s strong hold has always been every man’s no go area.  If it is a man, the man will flare up once it is mentioned and if it is a woman, once you mention it, she will give you serious warning because you have touched the no go area where devil is holding him/her firmly. 
17.      When you touch a sick person where it hurts him most, he must react.  When you see a seasoned orthopedist at work, he doesn’t look at the reaction of the patient he is handling because he has a target which is to fix the bone in its rightful place and until he achieves that, he doesn’t rest and once he fixes that bone, the problem has been solved.
18.       But if he laughs with the patient and caresses the area, that bone will never mend in this life.  That is why when you see a man or woman that the devil has tied to a stake and you raise the word of God to arrest the person’s misconduct, he/she will ask you whether that is the only message you heard, ‘Didn’t you hear other messages except this one?’
19.      The devil has tied such person all round.  He will begin to ask you of your own faults.  You are always good at correcting others without correcting yourself. 
20.      Simply know that you have touched that person where the devil is holding him firmly.  If such person does not retaliate, he/she will keep mute. His movement will automatically change; his face will be very stuffy as if he is quarrelling with somebody because once evil spirit wants to leave an individual that person’s face must change. 
21.      Does a woman smile while in labour?  Once life wants to come out, the devil must come out too.  I pity anybody that is supposed to be here today, but couldn’t make it.  The blind said that nothing can be compared to what one sees with his naked eyes; the deaf say nothing can be compared to what one hears with his two ears. 
22.      One that can hear and see will say, ‘I heard with my ears and saw with my eyes.’ 
23.      If you heard with your ears and saw with your two eyes, will you ask a narrator whether he is sure of what he is saying? If you sense something different from what you heard, you may ask, ‘Did you hear something else and are now narrating a different thing all together?’ That is the character of men these days. 
24.      What the Son of Man has already handled in the fellowship is twisted at home. You will try to put it in another way to suit you.  I pity one that has such a man at home.  I pity such person.  I say, ‘sorry,’ to such a person; kwangida
25.      “Worry is the dominance of the mind by a single vague, restless, unsatisfied, fearing and fearful idea”.
26.      Unsatisfied, worry is what?  Note the key words, the key adjectives, please pay attention.  This is Holy Spirit’s definition; this is not your dictionary definition and watch Holy Spirit’s definition, it is accurate, it is straight to the point, it is touchy, it is effective.  When you reject it, it becomes reflective. 
27.      “Worry is the dominance of the mind”, dominance of the mind; when you allow your mind to be dominated, ‘by a single, vague, restless…’
28.      because when it comes, it does not give you a breathing space; it keeps you restless, yes, ‘unsatisfied, fearing and fearing idea.’ 
29.      “The mental energy and force that should be concentrated on the successive duties of the day”,
31.      If you watch, life situations will teach you and I that things that people give the most attention to are the things that do not worth paying attention to; things we should dismiss with the wave of the hand.  Because we say welcome to such things, they build up in us and begin now to torment us; becloud our minds to the point that we can no longer think of something meaningful again. 
32.      While walking on the street, while driving, while chatting with people, in the bed, once that memory fizzles in, the whole discussion is diverted. Nobody becomes good again, the eyes will change, countenance will change until your Brother will be asking whether there is any problem, ‘Did a bee sting you?’
33.       The thing comes in as an anointing, piam. Who can explain how devil deceives people other than God?  You cannot learn it from books or colleges or even in any church.
34.       It will take the Hidden Revealer to reveal the various ways these armies of destructive soldiers and every other thing operate against a human being intending to put that human being into his/her grave prematurely. ‘I will do this and that,’ is because you are still alive. Once you die, you can no longer do anything. 
35.      My mother is gone, Bishop Ebenezer is gone, can they do anything tomorrow?  And many others.  Who will like to join them? 
36.      And God has given you today; today is your day; today is also My day.  Thus, if you can make something out of today, tomorrow will be brighter. Let us conquer all those forces today. 
37.      “The mental energy and force that should be concentrated on the successive duties of the day is constantly and surreptitiously abstracted and absorbed by this one fixed idea”,
38.      Is it a lie? He may dedicate the whole of that day on such things; meaningful things that could have been done will be left undone.  If such person is a big fool, he will go to the bed and lie down.
39.      He is not sleeping, he is not working, yet all the thoughts in the whole world will be running through his mind.  He will even think of his fore fathers.  Sister Amobi, it is as if this message is for you.  There is a way you looked at Me now as if God has entered your family. 
40.      Yes, any family that God never entered today, He will never enter it till eternity. This is holistic overhauling of every human being and every family in the Bridal Faith.  People out there don’t know this truth.  
41.       ‘The full, rich strength of unconscious working of the mind, that which produces our best success, that represents our finest abilities or activities, is tapped, led away and wasted on WORRY.
42.      Please, brethren, worry must not be confused with anxiety, though both words agree in meaning originally, a “choking” or a “strangling” referring of course to the deadly effect upon individual anxiety.
43.      Anxiety embraces large issues of life seriously, clearly with dignity. Anxiety always suggests hopeful possibilities. It is active in being ready and devising measures to meet outcome. Worry is not one large individual sorrow. It is a colony of petty, vague, insignificant, restless imps…’
44.      No wonder God said, if there be any message I penned down with my hand under the highest anointing, it remains THE HARD TRUTH and this MAINTAINING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.
45.      I never invited anybody. I sat down, gathered myself, prayed through and then penned it down. I crosschecked it. I wanted to know what contributes to premature death, unfulfilled ambitions. I traced it down to many, many factors and I decided I must pen them down.
46.      While we are waiting for eternal life, let us be useful in the temporary life, for if you are useless in the temporary life, you will be useless in the eternal life, for whatever you are here determines what you will be there.
47.      Give yourself a place while you are still alive. You know that mad people will be there, imbeciles will be there, but who will like to be that mad man who will be restored to his senses there? Who will like to be that imbecile here only to be a normal man there?
48.      Go and feed in the garbage to show others you are a mad man; when you get to eternity, then become a sensible man. Who will like to be one of these people?
49.      Even the most stupid man can never volunteer to be that. Amen. Brother Okey Olere, God brought you here today. Baby Jumbo, any day you come here, something big must happen. Her phone is filled with recordings. Will jumbo even listen to what you recorded?
50.      ‘Worry is not one large individual’s sorrow,’ it is not a very big sorrow. It is not one large individual’s sorrow, isolated sorrow, never, never.
51.      ‘It is a colony’.
52.      It is what? Do you know what it is to be a colony? Call it a community. It is a community. When it comes, it comes along with your mother, father, sisters, brothers and friends. Nzubechi, I hope you and Schola are listening? When you get home, narrate it to one another. Thank God Bro Joe is here; Bro Ike also; oh Mbaise, you are well represented.
53.      ‘Worry is not one large individual’s sorrow, it is a colony, a community of petty, vague, insignificant, restless imps of fear that become important only from their combination.’
54.      They become important only when they dominate the individual. They build strength, they build force, they blindfold and delude the mind of the individual. Only then will worry become a colossus. The individual is completely immersed, completely drowned in the ocean of worry.
55.      He now begins to dissipate his strength and energy. All his virtues will be merely dissipated on something he should have dismissed with the wave of the hand; something that shouldn’t have been given a place to rest anywhere, recognizing who he is and what his ambition in life is.
56.       Worry is an obstruction. Worry constitutes a formidable impediment, if it is allowed to stay.
57.      Bro Leo, are you with us? Or are you thinking of how to travel to Bauchi? Let me tell you; what you are looking for in Bauchi is here.  The problem you have is that you don’t tell yourself the truth. You have married with numerous kids.
58.      I want you to live a kind of life that will help you train your children and they will in turn train you. Throw away Lagos lifestyle. When you do away with Lagos lifestyle, surely you will as well do away with that of Bauchi.
59.      When you shun that way of life, things will get a little difficult for you, but it will not be for too long. But if you decide to continue with those two lifestyles, well, you might cultivate while another man will reap the harvest.
60.      2016 is, ‘Tell them the truth; don’t look at their faces. Tell them the truth the way I have revealed it to your ears, Son of Man. If the person happens to be your woman friend, tell her to close her legs. If you were being sustained by the power and strength of man, you would have fallen a long time ago.’
61.      Even if you are the supplier of His needs, what do you really supply? And how regular, how often do you supply that thing which you think is sustaining Him? He is sustained by the Power of the Almighty God Who sent Him and is standing by Him. Amen.

It is this worry habit, with constant magnifying of petty sorrows to eclipse the sun of happiness…’
2.          Constant magnifying of sorrow, pity disappointment, anguish, dispel, until they will build a force and start eclipsing; you know what it takes for the darkness to eclipse the light? When darkness eclipses the light, the whole body will be filled with darkness and light is the word of God.
3.          The Light is Christ. Darkness is the evil thoughts that I have attacked in you in millions until they have built a definite force and become a gigantic mountain. Every day you will be praying for the mountain to give way.
4.           How can the mountain give way when you erected the mountain by your hand? All you have to do is to wake up, be courageous, use your hands and destroy the mountain you erected.
5.          God will not remove it, but you will destroy it by saying, Today, no more.’
6.          ‘It is this worry habit, the constant magnifying of petty sorrows,’
7.          Constant magnifying of what? Petty, useless, insignificant, infinitesimal sorrows, disappointments, grieves. Who magnifies them? Who exaggerates them? Petty things that shouldn’t have been given a place in a family discussion; it shouldn’t have been given a place in the business life; it shouldn’t have been given a place in relationships at all.
8.          The individual begins to interpret, interpret, exaggerate, explain, expound, and define until the thing becomes a big mountain. Many people have formed that habit over the years. Some inherited it from their parents ignorantly.
9.          There are some people who can so exaggerate a matter in such a way that you get angry over it. They just keep repeating the thing as if they have no other thing to say.
10.      Why must it be this matter? Repeating, reiterating it over and over as if you are talking to a daft. Am I a daft? Don’t I have intelligence? Simply because the heart has been possessed and eclipsed by something greater than that heart and it is trying to subject everybody to be a victim of his or her mood.
11.      Until you share his or her mood, no remedy; you are not sympathetic. Yes, if the sympathy you expect from Me is to be a partaker of your mood, well you have missed it. You have missed it. Whether malaria or typhoid attacked you somewhere, you are the victim. I am not the victim. For now, I am free. Bear it with joy. I am not a plasmodium.
12.      If I am lying in the same bed with My wife and mosquito bites her and is not biting me, I will not stay awake. If she remains walking up so as to kill the mosquito that bit her, that is her cup of tea. If I want to kill mosquitoes, I know what to do.
13.      In the morning, I will buy Shelltos and spray the whole house but to begin to walk up and down, no, no, no. She did it because she was tired of sleeping; I am still sleeping. I need more sleep even.
14.      Foolish people did it on the high sea. Jesus was sleeping; he never knew that water had surged into the ship. People that were afraid of their lives because they were not living good lives, lacked the faith.
16.      If a driver is trying to overtake you, you will use your two hands and hold the seat as if holding the seat tenaciously will prevent accident. But when you are living right, whether you are flying or not flying, that is its own cup of tea.
17.      What am I trying to say? Pay attention to this message; don’t ever allow the devil to steal it away from you. I have not been standing and talking because I love talking. I have been standing, talking, moving about to express my love for you.
18.      Remember you are sapping My life. You are alive courtesy of My strength. I am expending My life for your sake for nothing saps a man’s energy, calories more than talking.
19.      Remember, I am not talking for a pay; I am talking that you might live, even if I die that you may live. Let Me even starve for you to feed well. But if you mistake it for being a talkative person because I cherish talking, you have made the greatest mistake of your life; a sure sign that you are not spiritually acquainted with Me. I am not telling you fairy tales.
20.      I am addressing something millions of Naira cannot address. No medical psychologist can offer you this knowledge for that psychologist is suffering from the same problem. If he had the remedy, he would have started remedying it from his own life.
21.      Prominent people in the society are prone to this attack more than any other. Do you know the type of headaches Buhari receives every day?  You think it is easy.
22.      Olisa Metuh, don’t you see where he is. Dokpesi upon all the money he has, can’t you see what he is going through? Do you see where Dasuki, the security adviser to Jonathan, is? You think it is easy for them? Even the one that was taken to court with his son.
23.      Do you know what placed them in their conditions? There was one that appeared in court in wheel chair. Do you know the amount of worry that crippled him for which cause he was placed in a wheel chair? I want everybody to note the definitions I settled down to pen down; scrutinize and evaluate them and know whether they are in tune; in harmony, in consonance with your present day situation for what I am giving you is present day message.
24.      I am not saying let us turn to the Acts of the Apostles and this and that for who so ever God sends speaks Gods word for the Spirit of God is in Him without measure. He remains God’s Beloved Son in Whom He is well pleased. Hear ye Him for in Him is the shewbread which we feed on.
25.      ‘It is this worry habit, the constant magnifying of petty sorrows to eclipse the sun of happiness…’
26.      this, ‘constant magnifying,’ underline it everybody in your jotter. Put it down. Constant magnifying, constant exaggeration as if your condition is the worst; always seeking for mercy.
27.      Ebere (Mercy) is a good name if the person that gave the name knows what it means. If you ask me, I will say strike it out. This is pure truth. There is something in a name. There is one common character peculiar with people called Ebere. They always want you to pity them; you know it is a spirit. A man can bear Ebele; a woman can bear Ebele, but they abbreviate it.
28.      It is better you say, My name is Chidiebele, Chidiebele means God is merciful. People called Ebele are over quiet; nobody knows whether they exist or not. They always look beggarly. Little things irritate them because where you respect the belly, if the belly is not sure, you must be irritated. These are characteristics of Ebele, but put Chukwudiebele, Chidiebele, it is better understood that way.
29.      It is this worry habit, the constant magnifying of petty sorrows to eclipse the sun of happiness…’
30.      To eclipse the sun of happiness. When you exaggerate sorrow, allow that petty sorrow, petty pain and whatever might be the cause to cover the level of happiness you should have been enjoying, to expel happiness from your life and dominate you with sorrow. You become moody.
31.      Before you know it, you become elderly at a tender age. You look at a young man with horrible features and you marvel; gray hair all over his head, cheeks sunken like gullies and veins all over his hands like NEPA wires.
32.      ‘It is this worry habit against which I here make protest.’
33.      It is what? It is this worry habit against which I here make protest. It is this habit of worrying that the Son of Man makes bold to make a protest. I am protesting against it. I make bold to protest against worry.
34.      Whoever that allows worry to dominate his or her life to the point of eclipsing your joy, your happiness is on his or her way to committing suicide for if you never permitted it to dominate you, it couldn’t have enslaved you. You permitted it to be coming in until it has become a habit which has become inexplicably difficult to break.
35.      To those who are fond of promoting it, I say, in My own parlance that you are ignorantly committing culpable homicide. To our children, to our husbands, to our wives who allow this to eclipse our families until the relationship we used to enjoy fizzles out, the house is dominated by hostile discussions, wanton, hostile, destructive utterances, caustic remarks, I say, you are committing culpable homicide.
36.      I told you that the dust is gradually settling down and we are coming back, coming back means over-hauling the holistic system and that’s what I am set out to do.
37.      Over hauling the whole human factor, the whole human element, purifying, sanitizing everywhere so that it will allow the inflow of nothing, but Christ and Christ alone. And when He comes, He comes with His promises, ‘My peace I give you; My peace I leave with you, not the type that the world gives, not the one you get by eating and drinking. No.’
38.      ‘Greater peace have they that know the Lord and nothing shall by any means offend them.’ Is it not true? ‘Peace be unto you,’ saith the Master. Follow peace with all men, with holiness without which nobody can dwell with God.
39.      This is the Author of Peace at work, the Prince of peace at work and then peace like a river will begin to flow in your heart today. When you create enough room to welcome Him, the Prince of peace in your family you begin to feel the sweet aroma of peace.
40.      In your work place, you are ever rejoicing. Your health will improve immediately. Sicknesses will varnish away for they operate under the medium of worry.
41.      Remember where we started, the evil and envious emanations of the tongue of an enemy; malicious and damaging; slandering, scandalous utterances carelessly made by the tongue of envy borne out of a feeling of inferiority.  Amen

RECOMMENDED ANTIDOTE FOR WORRY-SUBHEADING’, recommended medicine, therapy for worry. ‘The individual must be his own physician,’
2.          ‘The individual must be his own physician,’ not Sister Chika or Brother Orjiakor, not a nurse somewhere. You must recognize the name of your sickness.
3.           Diagnose your sickness and give it a name, for diagnoses will tell you the causative agent. You must know the pathogens before you begin to proffer the therapy.
4.          What and what are the causative agents of that sickness? Are they spiritual or physical? Are they man-made or inherited? Are they acquired? Amen. Check the nature of the poison you have eaten.
5.          Is it a man-made poison concocted with human hands or poisonous emanations of the tongue of an enemy which you allowed in, for if you had said, ‘I know more than this,’ and repelled it, it couldn’t have gained entry into the cerebrum, the fore brain, before penetrating to the inter brain.
6.          Create no room in your heart to process such useless, intangible, disturbing information no matter where it is coming from. Let your mind and your heart develop zero tolerance.
7.          Elder Nwaobu, have you ever attended this kind of Church before? I know why I asked him. He looked at Me somehow when I by-passed him. It is as if he is seeing a new Son of Man. It is I. I wore a different cloth today. We have seen the Star.
8.           In every dispensation a Star is sent. We have seen the Star. So, we are listening to the Star’s Message. Yes, therapy for worry; Son of Man’s therapy. You may have your own ooo which will lead you into much drinking, much eating of pepper soup or abandoning your family for pleasures outside.
9.          When you come back, you will meet your problem there. Many have devised many, many ways of handling it, all to no avail, but the Son of Man has condescended so low within the reach of all individuals to proffer His own therapy.
10.       You have been testing others and they have been failing, why not try My own today. How many will like to try My own therapy; recommended antidote by the Son of Man; the Hidden Revealer; Thank you very much.
11.      Let us see the antidote, ‘The individual must be his own physician…’
12.      Who must be his own physician? Who must be her own physician? You will be the first person to recognize that you are being provoked so that you will die before your time. Whether it is your child that annoyed you or your work or your neighbours, it is aimed at making you die prematurely.
13.      If you can be patient and remain alive, all the good things God apportioned for you must get to you. But if you trouble yourself with too much worrying, you will keep jumping from one sickness to the other.
14.      Before you know it, your enemies will gloat over you. You will labour to plant, another will reap. ‘Hey,’ I say, ‘GOD FORBID.’ WHY NOT SAY, ‘IT IS NOT MY PORTION!! I MUST LIVE TO REAP THE FRUIT OF MY LABOUR.’ 
15.      The Cloud is here; why not put your hands together. Amen. God wants to severe you from the troubles of the world. God wants to place you in your own world; the world of happiness, the world of success, the world of prosperity, the world of sound health, the world of joy, the world of peace, the world where there won’t be any form of discomfort.  Brother give me the medicine; they are willing to take the medicine.
16.      ‘The individual must be his own physician; he must give the case a heroic treatment,’
17.      you give it what? Give it a heroic treatment, a strong man’s treatment, a courageous treatment; a bold approach.
18.       Be courageous, be bold, be strong, be sincere to the core. Develop the heart of a lion while treating this matter because they normally come in a flood. Let what you have received today raise a standard against it. Remember they will not vanish immediately; they will prove a little resistant by surging forward and backward, forward, you know, there must be backlash.
19.      Once a stream of water hits a steady object, there must be what we call a backlash. It gathers greater force and jams again; backlashes, jams again. Once it rises twenty eight times, it stops. Yes, what it takes to form a habit is constant practice for twenty eight days; then you have formed a habit.
20.      What it takes to break a dangerous habit is constant abstinence, constant withdrawal for twenty eight days. The feelings are gone; influences vanish. Everything around that thing dies. That is why you must practice what I call exclusiveness.
21.      Exclude yourself completely from them; twenty eight days. If the habit is not broken, come to Me. I say come to Me. I don’t care what that dangerous habit may be. What it takes to form a dangerous habit is twenty eight days of continuous and constant practice.
22.      What it takes to break it is constancy and continuity of abstinence for twenty eight days. If it doesn’t work for you come to the Son of Man. Already you will come with your testimony.
23.      Brother David came to a point where he never believed that anything could stop him from chain smoking, but when he embraced this Faith he reported to Me that it was his greatest undoing.
24.      I told him that there was no problem; that he should go and buy more cigarettes. ‘Take more cigarettes; that is not your condemnation.’ From that day, he vowed, ‘No more cigarettes’.
25.      After twenty eight days, the feeling vanished; everything vanished. See him there. One, he realized the havoc smoking would cause to his health. Two, he didn’t want his children to be orphans at tender ages.
26.      Three, he didn’t want his enemies to gloat over him. Four, he realized he is the only son and the only hope of the family. Five, the hope of eternal life stares him in the face.
27.      My sister has heaved a heavy sigh. You should thank the Lord for the person that brought you to Onitsha today. Brother Okoh, you are as dumb as a daisy.
28.      Since morning, till now, it is like you met something extra ordinary that made you to be as dumb as a daisy and as quiet as a cemetery. A living sea roars; a cemetery is abysmally quiet. Yes, I appreciate it. You have been watching me, looking at me steadiciously as if you want to give Me another name.   
29.      My Name remains My Name, PARADOX: the more you look, the less you see. The patient suffering from the dreaded disease called worry must be his or her own doctor, her own physician.
30.      ‘The individual must realize with every fibre in his being…’
31.      You as the sufferer, the patient, must realize with every fibre. You know what fibre is? Every vein not artery in your system. A vein is smaller in size than a fiber. The fiber can be in your brain alone for your brain is made up of over a million lively fibres; a network of fibres.
32.      Every fiber in your brain will help you to realize the danger you are incurring to yourself by recruiting your enemies to work against you. By publishing vacancies for your enemies to apply, providing job opportunities for them, for they have no other job than to destroy you.
33.      They are systemic human destroyers; systemic human destroyers. Who published the vacancies? The individual. Who processed the applications? The individual. Who offered them employment? The individual. Who pays them? The individual. What is the salary? Cumulative pay.
34.      The salary is ‘Rest In Peace’; cumulative salary; you don’t pay them monthly; you pay them cumulatively, but every day, every month, you pay them allowances.
35.      Allowances are paid in the form of disturbing your peace, disturbing your family, disturbing people around you, making you to pass sleepless nights. These are payments you are making for hiring them. Paying somebody to kill you; helping your enemy to publish your obituary; any madness like that?
36.      ‘The individual must realize with every fiber in his being, the utter, total, complete and absolute uselessness…’
37.      The utter, total, complete uselessness; unprofitable-ness of worry. Worry is unprofitable in all ramifications. No man has ever gained anything meaningful through worry. Has it ever happened?
38.      ‘He must think that this is a common place, a bit of mere theory.’
39.      The individual suffering it might be thinking that it is common with all people,
40.      I am not the only one; it is a simple thing.’ Simple, simple things that eat down the oak tree.
41.      ‘A bite of mere theory. It is a reality that he must translate for himself’, it is what?
42.      ‘It is a reality that he must translate for himself, from mere words to a real living fact,’
43.      from mere verbal word to a factual monument that has settled in the mind.
44.      ‘He must fully understand that if it were possible for him to spend a whole century in worry, it will not change the fact one jot or title.’
45.      Put your hands together! If you spend your whole life here on earth thinking about something, worrying, worrying, disturbing yourself, it does not change an iota, an inch, I mean, a decimal in the totality of your myriads of problems. Then what purpose is it serving?
46.      To stifle you to death prematurely, to hinder you from achieving fuller success, to cause your enemies to gloat over you, to cause strangers to reap the fruit of your labour. Who will permit this? It will only take a foolish fellow. Even a mad woman, a mad man can never pray for this type of evil omen.
47.      ‘This is a time for action.’ This is whaaat? Today, now, is time for action. Remember you are listening to the Son of Man’s prescribed drugs. Doctors can prescribe drugs, but the patient may refuse to take them. Oftentimes, the patient may take the drugs not according to prescription.
48.      For these drugs to work which the Son of Man is now prescribing, the willingness must be there by the patient to take it and according to prescription. If it does not produce the desired result, you go back to the doctor.
49.      ‘And not for worry as long as one is alive because worry paralyses thoughts and action too. For example, if a student set down a column of figures in addition, no amount of worry can change the total sum of those figures.                                                         
50.      The result can be made different only by changing the figures as they are set down, one by one in that column. The time a man is not supposed to worry is the time he worries most’.
51.      Add a woman there.
52.      ‘The time a man or a woman is not supposed to worry is the time he or she worries most,’ add a child there, ‘The time a man, a woman or a child is not supposed to worry is the time that child worries most’.
53.      Pause a little. When you were living from hand to mouth, having no hope of tomorrow and now, at least, you can afford two square meals a day, tell Me the time you think your worry increased most.
54.      Was it when God had not come with a relief or now you can say, ‘God has relieved me of my burdens?’ Anybody who died at a time when the burden is lifted committed suicide.
55.      God is saying that people appear to be worry more when they should have been praising God, living a happier life. You are no longer raising small children; you are now blessed. You can stay in your house and have people knock at your door to pay you homage with this or that. You have the privilege of visiting people.
56.      You have people that depend on you; you depend on some. You have become so manifest that when people’s names are called yours will be there. You have become something out of nothing.
57.      Where is the basis of worry then? To such a person, worry is a manifestation of ingratitude to God. The person is an ingrate. That at a time I should be praising God for giving me job, for helping me in academics, for giving me a wife, for giving me children, for saving my soul, for relieving me of the burden of Dumah, the Law, for giving me a place among them that are sanctified by the faith that is in Christ, God remembering me, God working with me, instead of praising God, adoring and worshiping Him lavishly, I turn round.
58.      Let Me tell you, anybody in this Faith that is found living in WORRY is a false accuser of God. The person is accusing God falsely in his or her heart. It is a hidden matter.
59.      Only the accuser knows the level of accusation he or she has leveled against God for which cause he or she has become restless. The person is not worrying because of food or shelter or this and that; what is disturbing the spirit is how to wriggle out of the accusations. That is why I have a remedy, but you won’t get it today. You will not get it today.
60.      There are two reasons why a man should worry, either one of which must operate in every instance.’
61.      Can a man accuse God and be at peace? You can never be at peace with yourself if you are a seed of God. You can never accuse the truth and be at peace with yourself; you will remain troubled.
62.       Judas did it and remained troubled. All that attempted it, even Pilate was afraid of condemning the truth. If nobody can wreck up any accusation against the elect, who can then wreck up accusation against He that elected him?
63.      If nobody can accuse any elect of God, not even God can bring anything to the charge. Who can bring anything to the charge against God? You see why only the blind and fools thread on the path angels are afraid of.
64.      ‘There are two reasons why a man should worry, either one of which must operate in every instance. First, because he cannot prevent the result he fears.
65.       Second, because he can prevent them. If a man is powerless to avert the blow of life, he needs perfect concentration to meet it bravely to lighten its force, to get what salvage he can from the wreck, to sustain his strength at this time when he must plan a new future.
66.      But if a man can prevent the evil he is afraid of, then he has no need to worry, for he would by so doing be dissipating energy in his very hour of need. If we can do, day-by-day, ever the best we can by the level of height we have attained in this most holy faith, we shall have no need to fear, no need to regret the time, money and effort spent in this ministry of the Bride of Christ, no need to worry.
67.      No agony of worry will do anything to help us. No moral man or angel can do more than the best. If we look back upon our past life, we shall see how, in the marvelous working of events, the cities of our greatest happiness and of our fullest success have been built along the rivers of our deepest sorrows and our most abject failures.
68.      We then realize that our present happiness or success would have been impossible had it not been for some terrible affliction or loss in the past, some wonderful potent force in the evolution of our character through the messages of the SON OF MAN, which he has selflessly delivered to us for our own protection, our today and the future. This awareness should be in a powerful stimulus to us in bearing the trials and sorrows of life.’
69.      For what? For our protection today and in the future; ten years ago,
70.      ‘This awareness should be a powerful stimulus to us in bearing the trials and sorrows of life. To cure ourselves of worry is never an easy task. It is not to be removed in two or three applications of the quick medicine of any cheap philosophy or teaching, but it requires only clear, common sense applied to the business of life on a day-to-day basis.
71.      No man has the right to waste his own energies to weaken his own powers and influence because man has inalienable duties to God, to himself, to his family and to the society. No good thing can ever come from worry instead man compounds his problems through worry.
72.      Since worry does not solve any problem but rather creates problems, why then do we worry? This is a burning issue that must be addressed individually if we must make headway in this excruciating year, 2016, with its attendant uncertainties and embarrassments. This is the PERFECT WILL OF GOD THAT THE BRIDE BE FREE FROM WORRY.’

APOSTLE ORJIAKOR SPEAKS:  To God be the glory. This is the perfect will of God. And He said, “If you must survive this excruciating year”, and it was 2006, I mean when it was preached; ten years ago.
2.          Now this excruciating year 2016, it is a prophecy and God told us about this year. He called it a year of disaster; year when things will happen in families. If we must survive, God has given us the remedy.
3.           God has given us the remedy. God has given us the remedy. This is the perfect will of God that we do away with worry. We do away with worry. We kill worry before worry kills us, but it cannot kill us again.
4.          THE SON OF MAN SPEAKS:  ‘Things that will promote worry are around us in Nigeria; even the policies of this present administration have already started to inject one form of worry or the other into the human system but God has provided the remedy to the Bride and Bride alone.’
5.           Can we put our hands together for God! This is very, very true. Have you wondered why God at this particular point in time decided to bring this up?
6.          Let me tell you, I believe it that the policy put in place by the government is terrible. The question is why should we worry when we know that we are with God? The time we should be faithful and thankful to God for all he has done for us, we waste worrying. God has blessed us immensely. God has blessed you.
7.          Is it in your health? Is it in your marriage? Is it in your work? Is it in your family? Let me tell you, do you know that many of our brethren suffer from chronic diseases that people out there in the world die from every day?
8.          THE SON OF MAN SPEAKS: ‘Even our president; he is not insulated from it. The worries of Nigeria may even kill him before his tenure expires. You think it is easy to be in the seat of governance, attending to the needs of a heterogeneous nation like Nigeria composed of people of variegated beliefs, ideologies and idiosyncrasies; it is not easy. Uneasy lays the head that wears the crown. Even those that ruled and gave way, are they not uneasy?
9.          You see in the universities now, the senior staff association of Nigerian universities are not academic staff, that is, the senior cadre of non academic staff, are on strike.
10.      THE SON OF MAN SPEAKS: ‘And the doctors say they are joining any time from now.’
11.      So, there is fear everywhere. I am saying what God said that the policies which are placed by the present government are a source of worry.
12.      THE SON OF MAN SPEAKS: ‘For the education sector, the president said and I quote, ‘Nigeria has more graduates enough that will take Nigeria even into one hundred years to come.’
13.      For that reason, budgetary allocation to education which hitherto had always been twenty six percent of the budget, this year, he allotted seven percent when twenty six was insufficient to run the schools, pay salaries, recruit teachers, how can seven percent be enough, cater for the needs of education? He made it clear.
14.      If anybody is clamoring for university education that he is not stopping them, but it is not for job seeking. It is to enable you get requisite training skills to employ yourself. It is upon this back drop that the Federal government instructed NUC and federal ministry of education to include into the schools university curriculum, entrepreneurship studies, to all polytechnics, skill acquisition.’
15.      They have imbibed my message. The remedy will not come until He that has the solution comes on the scene. Sooner than you think, the Kingdom of this world will become the Kingdom of God and His children; the Kingdom of righteousness. All wicked people will be eliminated from the surface of the earth. Then we shall see a new heaven, a new earth, new human beings clothed in His righteousness controlling the affairs of the earth for God created the earth to be inhabited by men. Round off and dismiss us.’
16.      Do we talk about global happenings? Tune the radio, tune on your television, everywhere is trouble. North Korea has come up; they have tested their hydrogen bomb and now the United Nations, the Security Council is working.
17.      Everywhere is shaking. They said, ‘No.’ North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, they are at logger heads and its instability everywhere; things that will lead somebody into worry.
18.       ‘Even in Nigeria, a Muslim Sheik has been sentenced to die by hanging in Kano. According to them, the cleric blasphemed Prophet Mohammed and he has appealed to the Supreme Court. We are waiting for them and the verdict of the supreme court and the Sheiks have come out fully to threaten, ‘Hang our member and hang the whole Nigeria.’
19.      That’s where we are. I hope you read the address I delivered, the world press conference. If you have never read it, go home with a copy. Once you are well informed, well-enlightened, let the heavens fall, you are not shaking in mind. If we have copies, make sure you have your copies. Keep yourself abreast of the situation of the hour so that day will never take you unawares. Thank you.’
20.      APOSTLE ORJIAKOR SPEAKS:  Brethren we just have to be grateful to Almighty God who it has pleased to keep us abreast of everything; equipped us fully. It is for you. This message we have heard, do not drop it. Take it that God has spoken to you. The remedy has been given. Take your own; I take my own.
21.       THE SON OF MAN SPEAKS: ‘The calendars are still lying down here for you; they are not to be sold to the general public unless you permit Me and if you permit Me, of course you know I will dispose of them in less than one hour. I am saying that it is compulsory that every family must hang this calendar in this Faith. It remains your family identity; supernatural occurrences followed those that hung it and their relations threatened and tore the thing. They tore it and tore their lives down.
22.      Miraculous testimonies have been shared where brethren exercised their faith in Him, placed their hands on the pictures, made their prayers and then got their results instantly there. If there is any gift worthy of giving to your relations if they love you and love your faith, it is this calendar and the messages. Of course, the calendar conveys enough message.
23.      Thank you. I am not soliciting that you take them. If you don’t take them, I will dash them to the general public.’ If you know the value of gold, what do you do? If you know the value of the calendar, will you be begged? In your office, in your market store, in your shop, in your house, wherever you find yourself place one there.
24.      We thank God for everything. If we appreciate God, what does He require from us? Simply obey that the fruit of the Seed He has sown in us will fully blossom and you and I will be happier for it. Remain blessed brethren. Let’s bow down our heads.

ighteous Father, we thank You for your love and kindness once again. Indeed, we have swum in your ocean of love, in your ocean of kindness, ocean of Fatherly care.
2.          We say thank You, oh Lord for quickening us this much. We say, Lord as we go, lead us home safely and grant it, oh Lord, that in our homes we obey the message for you have told us that it is in our families that we actually practice what we have believed.
3.          In our places of work, we practice what we believe. Wherever we find ourselves, we practice what we believe, not just when we come in here.
4.          Therefore, cause us, oh God, to know who has spoken to us, to know what we have received, to fully believe and begin to put them into practice. Father, the challenges we have, those you said we should give twenty eight days and they definitely will be over, help us to overcome them. May the fruit shine forth. Lord, cause each and every one of us to be mindful of it and experience it. Thank you Lord. Lead us home safely.
5.          Our brethren that were not able to be in the fellowship, those in the distant places, those in other local assemblies, Father, transmit the same message to them all. You have told us even this morning that ministers add saccharine, they add water, they add one make up or the other, may it never happen again, oh God. Cause it that once you give the message, the ministers will take the message home raw for we are ministers of the same message. We say, to You be the glory.
6.          Ever continue to strengthen the Man on Your right Hand. Continue to imbue Him with your Voice, even The Son of Man, uphold Him that He might serve You right.
7.          We say, to You be the glory. Thank you oh God. Throughout this week, see us through our endeavours. Lord, if there be Wednesday, lead us to our various places of worship. Thank You.
8.          Cause us to have this joy over flowing in our hearts, not mechanical but divine joy, divine peace, stemming from total worshipful obedience to your word. Thank You for having your way through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.