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Change your heart and mind
You are welcome to His Glorious Presence this day. There is no better place we can find ourselves today if not in His Presence.
2.          If you have any other reason why you come to fellowship other than coming before Him and appreciating Him, you better drop it immediately.
3.          He is worthy to be worshipped,
worthy to be praised and worthy to be appreciated. Halleluiah! Amen.
4.           I Hope you are happy. It pays to serve the Lord in the place He has chosen to place His name. If you are here rejoicing, you would not know the value of this place until the day God scatters you.
5.           When God scatters you to the uttermost part of the world, you will know the value of this place. Sorrow will kill many of you. Sorrow, anguish, depression will kill many.
6.           in His PRESENCE IS the only place you will come and relieve yourselves of dejection, rejection, deception, depression and stress. Brazen killers.
7.           When you come here, God will ease your frustrations. This is the only environment where you can stay and exercise your liberty without restriction because wherever the spirit of God rules, there is liberty.
8.           As long as you are in His Presence with clean heart, your motive is right, nothing stops God from coming your way.
9.           If you are laden with iniquity, all you have to say is “God I am sorry” and then repent. Change your mind immediately!
10.        Remember, I am sorry is not repentance. You can say, “I am sorry” and still continue. thus, do not be sorry but repent.
11.        Change your heart. change your mind. Redirect the thoughts of your heart towards the right things so that God will find reasons why he should come your way.
12.        When you are on the opposing side of God, God must surely oppose your ways. And when God is opposed to man’s ways, disappointment is there. Death is there.
13.        We are in His Presence to learn of Him today so that we better our lives while we are here on earth. Remember that the essence of the gospel of Christ that is reaching you and I is nothing but to produce Christ walking on earth on two feet.
14.        Christ walking on earth on two feet. Not to make a big name, or a big denomination. No! But to reproduce Christ here on earth. Somebody we will look at and say, “Of a truth, he has been with Christ. The difference is there.”
15.        If people see you and they do not make that remark that you have been with Christ, pause a little. Examine your ways for you might be walking wrongly without knowing it. Amen.

You pay strict attention to Me in this message. It is My desire to praise God. I do not know what your desire might be. I want to sing with you from our Bridal song book. No matter the way it sounds, sing with Me anyhow.
2.           I want to sing Hymn number 29, open your own I might not know the page. My own page is page 38. Check your own My own is page 38 here hymn number 21.
3.           Somebody was having pity on Me last week saying “Daddy, why do you prefer carrying this bulge about? Is it not painful to you in the eyes?”
4.           I said, “And so what? If it is painful to Me, will you relieve Me of the pains? The pain belongs to Me, but it is not painful to Me and it will never pain Me.” He said, “But the thing was not there before.”
5.           I said, “Yes, must everything be there. Have you seen grey hair? Grey hair was not there when any man was born. So, this is a part of My grey hair. Or are you wishing Me not to have grey hair?” He laughed and laughed.
6.           I said, “Okay, I have decided to appear different. Of all human beings on earth, let Me have three eyes. If you do not know what to call it, call it the third eye. What the two eyes cannot see, the third eye will see it. If I open it and you see eyeball, won’t you run away?”
7.           I hope you are there with Me if you have your own song book.
8.           When with the Saviour we enter the glory land. Won’t it be wonderful there? Ended the troubles and care of the story land. Joyously singing with heart bells all ringing!  Won’t it be wonderful there!
9.           That is where our praise will be complete. When with our Savior, we enter paradise. But if the whole thing will end here, of all men, we shall be the most miserable.
10.        And the toils of the road will seem nothing, when we get to the end of the way, and the toils of the road will seem nothing when we get to the end of the way.
11.        Whatever sorrow, whatever pains, whatever troubles, once you enter the glory land with the Savior, these things will be forgotten.
12.        We are passing through all these things as a mark that we are in the right track. They are pains of labour. Remember, there must be joy of delivery.
13.        Just like last week, we were blessed. Two sisters delivered safely. Our sister, I do not know her name but I will call her by the name of her husband; Sister Ifeanyi of Obi-Ngwa because we do not have any fellowship in Aba again and we will never have. It is all over for Aba and Onitsha is now the target.
14.        Elders know the truth. I do not hide My feelings before them. One step is left between you and scattering. The elders know the reasons. If they fail to do what they supposed to do, definitely, God will do what He has purposed to do. Nothing will restrain Him.
15.        Sister Ifeanyi delivered safely at Aba a bouncing baby boy. Here in Onitsha, our sister, the wife of Pastor Christian Dike equally delivered safely a bouncing baby boy. All of them last week.
16.        We give God the whole glory, the whole praise. We attribute the victory to Him alone. And we are looking forward to receiving some other babies from our expectant sisters. I believe God who permits them to be pregnant, will equally see them through.
17.        Another song there. Hymn number 34 page 45 from My own song book says: I am weak but Thou art strong. The Lord keeps me from all wrong. I will be satisfied as long as I walk, let Me walk close to thee.
18.        This is the prayer of a dedicated child of God. To walk closer to God. To walk daily with God. Walking with God. Do you know why?
19.        The scripture that thrills Me said, “Noah walked with God and he became perfect. Job walked with God, he became perfect. Zachariah walked with God and became perfect. Elijah walked with God and he was translated. Enoch walked with God and he was translated.”
20.        Nobody ever walked with God and got disappointed. Why not make it your prayer that you will daily walk with God. Say, “God grant it.”
21.        When you walk with God, He will take you across the shore. You cannot cross it alone. It takes walking with Him. He said, lead me by your hand. Amen.
22.        My joy will be complete one day when I see Myself where I should be. Hymn number 43, page 55: “My soul in sad exile was out on life’s sea. So burdened with sin and distressed. Till I heard a sweet voice saying “Make me your choice,” and I entered the Haven of Rest.”
23.         I hope you are happy? If you are happy, sing praises. Let’s praise Him, sing praises. For the Lord is good.
24.        God inhabits in the praises of His Saints. If we were dead, that would have be the end of our worship, for the dead can never praise God.
25.        No dead man can render sacrifice to God. So, God wants us to live so that we will remain praising and adoring Him. That is why we are here.
26.        We are objects of His praise to fulfill the joy of God by praising Him lavishly. You have good reasons why you must praise Him.
27.        If He never came your way, you know what would have been your position and the sorrows you would have left behind. But God still wants you to stay alive, for He has not finished with you. God has not finished with you.
28.        Why not open your mouth and say, “God has not finished with me. God has not finished with me. I still have a long way to go with Him. I still have a long way to go with God. The devil can never frustrate it. No human being can frustrate it for the hand of God is upholding me.”
29.        As thou speaketh, so shall it be unto you. With the heart, man believeth unto righteousness. With the mouth, man confesses to his own salvation. As you have made a decree, so shall it be unto you.  Amen.

I hope you are happy. God inhabits in the praises of His children. There is no other sacrifice greater than this, which we can offer with our lips from the bottom of our hearts in appreciation of His goodness and mercy, of His protection, of His provision, of His tolerance and patience towards us.
2.           Yes! In love, He has been tolerating us, accommodating us in our weaknesses, not counting our iniquities against us. But every day, He is cancelling them because of what He had already accomplished for us even before we came into existence. Once He considers us through the blood, mercy and love will project. When love projects.
3.           This is why we are here to comfort one another as we see the day drawing closer and closer. Everything is closing in on all human race.
4.           Everything is closing in on all human race. We are the only people that are secured. As many as are in Him not as many as are milling around him.
5.           One thing is to mill around a house, another thing is to be inside the house. When you are inside, you are in the protective arm of the Almighty God. You are under His shield.
6.         There is nothing that stops Him from insulating you from all the dangers and perils of this life so that the world will know that you have a saviour. If he does not save as many as are found in Him, what makes Him a saviour?   
7.           Be found in Him not holding your own self-righteousness, but the righteousness of the revealed Word of God of your own day, which you know He cannot annul for any reason at all.
8.           We are here to do His will; Not to have our will, but for Him to have His will.
9.           Last week, we were thrilled here when we heard the state of the condition we have found ourselves. In spite of the warning that went forth, many are still fumbling. May be they are ordained to fumble.
10.        I want you to know this fact: If you are numbered among those that are still fumbling or those that are still limping between two opinions, these are the hypocrites who will hear the word, say amen to the word, go out and do otherwise.
11.        Remember, you are doing yourself more harm than good. You will get everything you want from here but eternal life. You will get everything but eternal life.
12.        No man is exempted as far as this matter is concerned. And you can never give reason why you are not benefitting from what God has been giving out severally to everybody. But you blatantly and bluntly harden your heart against the truth.
13.        This is why, the hour we are in calls for self challenge. Challenge yourself by attempting that which you think it is impossible in your eyes. Begin now to attack your weak points.  
14.        All those gray areas which you have noticed the devil is operating in YOU, begin now to challenge yourself seriously. Begin now to resist, even with your blood. Place your life on the line provided God will be pleased. That is all.
15.        The time when we made friendship with the word is over. Remember, where we are does not recognize your wives and your husbands, your children. It recognizes only but you and I. I am the one. you are the one. Even the child in the womb is not covered.
16.        Do not fail to understand that when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, there might be pregnant women in the two cities. Not even one was spared because she was pregnant.
17.        When God destroyed the age of Noah, you want to tell Me that throughout the whole world, there were no pregnant women? That there were no infants at all?
18.        God said in the scriptures that the cry of the infants shall be great in the midst of the destructive fire that will come from the presence of the Almighty. Go to the book of Revelation and read it.
19.        That you are one-day-old does not exempt you because any child that is born in a family of unrepentant souls, is counted guilty. Children born to heathens are heathens. Is it not scriptural, even in the New Testament?
20.        You see why God said husband and wife must agree and believe in the same thing otherwise, their children will be heathens. When a believer marries an unbeliever, he produces heathens. Is it not scriptural?
21.        It is unfortunate that we have dumb dogs as teachers in this place. Even the pastors who should fill the gap are equally dumb dogs. They cannot search the scriptures, read the message, come to the pulpit and warn the family of God against the danger of yoking themselves with unrepentant hearts.
22.        I do not care the way you paint the picture of your wife or husband. As long as that heart is an unrepentant heart, the fruit of the womb is an unrepentant fruit. And it is bound to be destroyed.
23.        It never started in our day. In the days of the priest, God saw the danger inherit in harboring such people. Their husbands being Jews who married strangers were jubilating that they have born children.
24.        One day, God came and made a proclamation, a decree that all those foreign women and their children should be sent away. They were returned to their owners because they polluted the people of God.
25.        Let Me tell you that I am here for a mission. I am not a Church messenger. I am sent to a peculiar people. People that are ready to die in Christ that they might obtain a better resurrection.
26.        That is why the Son of Man places His life on the line not looking at anybody’s face, not afraid of any opposition because I know what is awaiting Me.
27.        Because of the joy that was set before the Lord Jesus Christ, he went through hell. I am telling you that the joy that awaits Me, by far, outweighs the sufferings I am passing through in this present time.
28.        That is, the Bible gives credence to what I am saying that the suffering of this hour are nothing to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed when we shall enter paradise. And this is pure truth.
29.        Whatever a woman passes through during labour as pain of labour are nothing to be compared to the joy that accompanies a safe delivery. Is that not right?
30.        The Bride is pregnant. And any moment from now, whatever you are made up of shall be seen by the world. God is going to display a Bride in full array without spot, wrinkle or blemish. A bride wrapped in the word from head to toe.
31.        All of us will appear in our white robes like the master who had already displayed what we will look like. Do you believe that there is the hidden Christ in the Son of Man revealed wearing white garment unspotted which shall be our garment which no tailor will make for us? This is the Glorified Garment.
32.        When he resurrected from the tomb, he abandoned all the cloths there, came out yet he was not naked. He never purchased any dress from anywhere. Who gave him that dress? Who clothed him? That is what we are saying.
33.        If that never happened, our faith is in vain. Others might not believe it, we have believed because He had already displayed the whole thing. We have seen it in plain view, for no pinhole camera captures anything that is not an object.
34.        Scientifically, go and prove it. Scientifically, we are right. Physically, we are right. Naturally, we are right. From historical parchment, we are there. I mean, archeologically, we are there. What then are we? Oh no! Tell Me what is left.
35.        If there be one that says he is a messenger, Apostle, let him come and display signs of Apostleship that will make us to believe, not recopying My works. Reproducing My works does not make you a called messenger – a sent one.
36.        If you are a sent one, you are sent with a message. And you cannot declare a message that has been here which we know we are conversant with. Give us a new message. Abi na lie?
37.        There can never be a true Apostle without a false apostle. There can never be a false son of man without a true Son of Man. Once there is Jesus, there must be anti-Jesus. Once there is Christ, there must be an antichrist.
38.        I have taught you on the Law of Diametrical Oppositions. I have taught you on The Four Irrevocable Laws of Nature which do not recognize your religion. Whether you are a Muslim, whether you are a pagan, whatever you call yourself, these laws are there. They speak for themselves. We must jam them whether we like them or not.
39.        And who places the unchangeable laws if not the Almighty who does not change.
40.        where you are now calls for real spiritual evaluation, Spiritual scrutiny; Spiritual investigation. Do not evaluate your brother or sister. Do not scrutinize him, do not investigate him. Do all these things to yourself.
41.        If you are a man, do it to yourself first, your family second, Otherwise, you may raise a wasted generation. You may waste your own labour here jumping up and down.
42.        I will dance with you and at the end of the day, you are empty-handed. You have no child except in Christ. You have no wife or husband or anything except in Christ. Is that not right?  
43.        The days are gone when somebody will be guessing when you ask the person, “My friend, are you a candidate for this immortality? Are you sure you are going to paradise?” And the person will reply, “By His grace, I think.” You are not sure.
44.        If you are sure, you will say just like the Son of Man use to say “Without me, that place does not exist. If I am not there, the place does not exist. If I am not what I am, God does not exist. But He exists. He has made Himself manifest in divers forms.
45.        We have ruled out that issue of non-existence of God or of imaginary God. To us, God is no longer imaginary. We behold His face.
46.        We were singing it, ‘Just any day now, our Lord is coming, He will be returning for you and me. And I will be watching and I will be waiting just any day now His face I see.’
47.        We were singing it because it was new. It was good, but we lack the revelation. ‘Oh I want to see him look upon His face…”
48.        You want to see Him, now you have seen Him. You want to look at His face, you have seen His face.
49.        Somebody was talking about Jesus, I said, “Let Me tell you. If a man could be ugly, the ugliest human being was Jesus Christ. There was nothing beauty in his face that anybody could look at him. Present him as husband to any woman, she will run away. A carpenter, Mary’s boy. Son of carpenter Joseph.”
50.        You can imagine the type of house he will be dwelling which made Joseph so poor that he could not afford to pay little stipend for maternity bill. Imagine somebody that was born in a pen. Where pigs are reared.
51.        They used straw as foam (mattress). When they come out, the odour coming out of them is that of goats. Then you are told to look at the saviour of the world. You will first of all look at him from his bottom, stare at him on his face, “look at God.”
52.        Anywhere he went, he was ridiculed because he decided to come in a form of a man, took the position of a slave and not that of a master. If he has taken the position of a master, people would have recognized him very easily. He hid under the trees. He was ridiculed ‘Mr. Jesus, Mr. God, Mr. Saviour.’ It has always been like that. Amen.
To God be the glory. At least, I want you to catch Me along the way. The reason why I use scriptures is because, if I do not stand on the scripture, many will not understand what I am saying.
2.           I stand here to show you that whatever that is happening here had been predicted before you were born. And it has been God’s way of doing things. For the Bible made it clear that what He did in the time past, that He is repeating over and over that men will fear before Him.
3.           Follow Me as I show you just two passages from one book. Acts of the Apostle chapter 13, I want to show you a small portion there. When you get home, you finish it. I want to read verse 13. Living Bible or Amplified or Good News; anyone is okay.
4.           Acts of the Apostle 13 verse 13. The message I want to speak on is just an addendum (Add-on). I just want to support what you have been hearing. A follow up. I may give it a short title but not now.
5.             Brother Victor, I am permitting you to read because the Lord has dealt with you treacherously. He has repaid you back in your own coins.
6.           The same measure you measure unto God, the same the Lord gave you back. Once bitten, twice shy. It happened to you that others might learn their lessons. Especially, Ngosike. Your own hammer is lifted up.
7.           “Now Paul and those with him left Paphos by ship for Turkey, landing at the port town of Perga. There John deserted them and returned to Jerusalem.” LB
8.           Who deserted them? John. Not John the Apostle but John Mark. A better translation called his name John Mark. He was among the company of the preachers, disciples, co-labourers with St. Paul who bore God’s name.
9.           This is because even if they are one million, there is only but a Chosen Vessel that was bearing His Name. He was the one that appointed those that were working with Him.  
10.        The president was elected. He now appointed ministers who will work with him. Anyone that performs extra ordinarily well may be retained, may go a long way with him. But the non-performers may be shown the way out, replaced along the way. Some may be humiliated out of office.
11.        Please take note. Natural things type spiritual. Natural things type spiritual. It behooveth on him that is called, to appoint those that will work with him.
12.        That is why appointment is a privilege and not a right. There might be one million people that qualified for the office but one is chosen for the office. If the lot falls on you, it behooves on you to make foolproof of your calling.
13.        If you are not seeing it from that angle, you might be seeing it as a right. That you laboured to get it, may be, you performed better than the other. Na lie!
14.        He had a particular number in mind He will call for that work. Though one million might be qualified, now he picks the number he wanted. If you happen to be in the number, this is why you must make sure, strive earnestly to make your calling and election stand sure.
15.        Strive to fulfill your calling in Christ and complete it with joy, not with sorrow. If you do not see it from this angle, definitely you are going to be a non-performer.
16.        Before you know it, your position will be declared vacant. You may be benched and you will remain in that bench till eternity as a failed servant. A failed servant! A failed labourer!
17.        When they were going there, St. Paul was leading. The Church threw their weight behind the one that was bearing the name of God. The angel messenger who co-opted the rest as co-labourers in the same vineyard.
18.        If they were intelligent, they would have been looking up to him for everything. But they assumed that he was equal with them while he was not equal with them. He was higher than them for he was the Christ. Christ en-Morphy in that day was St. Paul.
19.        There were Apostles before him including Barnabas. He saw everything. He made his choice. The lot fell on the Paul who was a novice to the faith and who was opposed to the faith.
20.        But those who believe they are ardent of the faith were omitted. Reason being that, He has never or will never put a new wine in an old bottle. That was why it took Barnabas who is an ancient apostle to introduce Paul.
21.        For when the brethren saw him, they remembered that he has been a persecutor of the truth. They ran away, but Barnabas brought them back. “Do not run away, this is now a changed Saul. I can testify to his experience on his way to Damascus.”
22.        You see as many as never knew him to be one of the saints were astonished. They were still holding their old views. They never knew a supernatural change has taken place.
23.        That he has not only been converted he has become the saviour through whom the Gentiles shall be made acceptable in the beloved. From a persecutor to a saviour. From a murderer Moses to a savior Moses.
24.        As long as God liveth, the Cloud human eyes could see that time was Paul. Any decree he made stood there. Irrevocable decree, for he stood in the stead of Christ reconciling men unto God not holding their crimes against them but cancelling them: The Bridge between the Jews and the Gentiles. Got the two warring parties together thereby making peace. The bridge to peace.
25.        All the ancient Apostles agitated. Too many questions cropped up in their minds. To follow him was not too easy for them.
26.        More so, when he disproved them by introducing a new way of salvation unknown to the ancient Apostles who were resident in Jerusalem.
27.        A new messenger was now on the scene with a new message that countered whatever that was preached in Jerusalem. The center of trying to make it right with God by obeying all the Moses laws. A mission impossible. Their eyes of understanding opened.
28.        Jealousy, hatred met and too many things started happening in them. What is this man trying to make Himself? Was he not the one that was opposed to this faith all these years?
29.        Who and who can bear witness that they were there outside Barnabas when this supernatural change occur? In short, we shall verify whatever he is preaching. What sort of nonsense is this? Why? He was gaining prominence among the Gentiles that needed the truth.
30.        For while they were in Jerusalem, they did not know when their candle stick was removed because of unbelief. And he moved to the despised of the Gentiles picking a new robe, bearing a new name.
31.        In every revival, in every Pentecost, God must have a name for that Pentecost. Peter’s revival ended on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem. That was the end of Peter’s revival.
32.        Watch as they journeyed along, in their honest attempt to evangelize the word in their day, as many as were his followers started querying too many things.
33.        You must first of all draw back in your heart before you stop coming to fellowship. That is why the Lord placed woe to the backslidden in the heart. Woe unto the backslidden in the heart.
34.        Before ever your feet will be cold, before you develop cold feet, cold approach to this faith, your heart must have been drawn away from the truth.
35.        You must have backslidden in the heart. then your physical structure will be coming to fellowship. What makes you what you are, is no longer in the fellowship.
36.        It is better I stayed in My house and be united with Christ spiritually and away from here physically than to be here bodily present but spiritually absent.
37.        That is why He said, “Whosoever that will worship Him, will worship Him in spirit and in truth.”   
38.        As they continued spreading the gospel, they went to Turkey and so many other places. Finally, they got to Cyprus.
39.        When they got to Cyprus, John Mark vowed he will never go further. The Bible said, “John Mark departed and went back to Jerusalem.” He rejoined with the center of trying to please God by obeying Jewish laws which Peter was even justifying.
40.        He said, “Paul my dear brother, we have heard what God is doing in your hands in the Gentiles. He is doing the same thing with our hands in Jerusalem. Our Christians brothers, believers in Jerusalem insist that for anybody to be saved, he must obey all the Jewish Laws.
41.        But they run contrary to what you are preaching over there. What can you say about it? Nevertheless, do not worry.
42.        Remember we were here before you? We have already decided to make some things available for you to go and make atonement.
43.        Enter the Jewish temple and tell them you are sorry for all you have been preaching there. Tell them you have a false experience.
44.        A turtle dove is prepared. People that will shave you are there. Pay for yourself and pay for others. It is a ritual. It does not cost much.
45.        Be very careful about an elder that has fallen away from the faith spiritually and he is still hanging about bodily in the fellowship, Parading himself like Saul who was still parading himself even when David has been ordained by God.
46.        The spirit of Christ has already rested on David while evil spirit from God perched on Saul. Yet, some people were milling around Saul calling him King of Israel.
47.        Be very careful. It is the reason why God does not allow his messenger to go beyond his commission. He bundles him home to stop idolatry.
48.        If Moses was around, do you think anybody would have followed Joshua or Caleb? Who are you? Even when he died, the Jews still worshipped his grave.
49.        When Jesus came, they told him clearly, “We believe in Moses, as for you, we can never.” We can never. Who are you? Amen.
50.        John Mark halted, went back to Jerusalem. He did not want to work again. The moment you draw back, the spirit of God will no longer be pleased with you.
51.        Immediately he drew back, where did he go? He went back to his former association. Immediately he drew back, he landed in the congregation of the dead. People with identical beliefs. Where he stopped was made manifest.
52.        Did that stop St. Paul? Never! Rather, St. Paul was energized the more because the exit of some people strengthens the man of God to believe more that really, many are called but few are chosen. It made him to believe more that not everybody will endure till the end.
53.        Why did God scatter Aba? It is unfortunate. Let Me sound a warning. If you love your life, do not ever kneel down to pray that God should gather His people at Aba or God should re-enact fellowship in Aba.
54.        Do not even pray for any of them. Even if they like, let them be your best friends, relations and all-what-not. Do not ever. Rather, if you are wise and intelligent, if you have one that you want to be saved, rush and withdraw that person from that city.
55.        If it is possible, I will even make a proclamation that no child of God should pitch tent in Aba from now henceforth. Aba is not going to be a blessing to anybody that tasted this faith from now henceforth.
56.        I, the Son of Man, will make life very unbearable for all the residents of Aba from now. Keep watch! Keep watch!!  
57.        If the work that was done in Aba was done in Sodom and Gomorrah, no soul would have been lost. Aba is among the local assemblies that sapped My blood. The same is applicable to Isi-AlaNgwa. Let Me hold My peace.
58.        Onitsha, guard up your loins. Begin to strengthen that which is weak in you individually and collectively. Of course, I announced this thing at the early stage of this year.
59.        In My maiden address to you this year, I told you to throw into the dustbin all you knew the Son of Man for. If you know anything you knew in time past about the Son of Man, He said, “Throw them into the dustbin.
60.         For this year, a new Son of Man will emerge on the scene who will not be an advocate anymore. He can never advocate for any being.”
61.        When John Mark withdrew, he never knew the danger of detaching himself from the tree of life. Saint Paul was the tree of life in the midst of the garden in his own day, with the Word of God, the shew bread which they were feeding on, fully stuffed in him.
62.        Hence he could tell them, “So that those that readeth might understand the mystery of God as it is revealed to me Paul which is never and has never been revealed to any other messenger since the world began.” Amen.
63.        Do you know that without Saint Paul, nobody would have known that Christ is the mystery of God revealed? Saint Paul called white, white. He never minced words.
64.        To many, even till this day, Jesus is the son of God. Some said he is the son of God. Some say he is the only begotten son of God. But to St. Paul, he is God.
65.        Not ordinary God but a mighty God, and caused the Apostles to see him from that angle. And that is exactly what he was. Amen.

Acts of the Apostle chapter 15 from verse 31: What following the crowd will lead you to.
2.           If John Mark had followed the Cloud, which Saint Paul was the representation, he would not have remembered a place called Jerusalem, let alone realizing that there could be people there.
3.           Remember that God takes delight in scattering a people. A time came when the Jews wanted to give him a very unbearable headache. He scattered them to the uttermost parts of the earth.
4.           And they became fugitives, vagabonds, strangers, idolaters in strange countries even till this day, waiting for the time of the restitution of all things when the Son of Man will appear on the scene and bring them back, unite them to the Godhead through the everlasting Gospel, which work I am doing now, for without Me, nobody can gather them from all the ends the earth. To God be the glory.
5.           Acts of the Apostle chapter 15 from verse 31. “And there was great joy throughout the Church that day as they read it. Then Judas and Silas, both being prophets, preached long sermon to the believers, strengthening their faith. They stayed several days, and then Judas and Silas returned to Jerusalem,…”
6.           Who returned to Jerusalem? Judas and Silas!
7.           “…And Judas and Silas returned to Jerusalem taking greetings and appreciations to those who had sent them. Paul and Barnabas stayed on at Antioch to assist several others who were preaching and teaching the word of the Lord there.
8.           Several days later, Paul suggested to Barnabas that, "Return again to Turkey and visit each cities…”
9.           That is Cyprus.
10.        Several days later, Paul suggested to Barnabas that, "Return again to Turkey and visit each city where they have preached before to see how the new converts were getting along." Barnabas agreed and wanted to take along John Mark…” Barnabas did what? Barnabas agreed and wanted to take along John Mark.
11.        The man that detached himself voluntarily. Nobody excommunicated him.
12.        “…But Paul didn’t like the idea at all, since John Mark had deserted them in Pamphylia and had not shared in their work. Their disagreement over this was so sharp that they separated.
13.        Barnabas took John Mark with him and sailed for Cyprus. Paul chose Silas, and with the blessing believers left for Syria and Sicilia…”
14.        With the blessing of what? Believers! King James said, “The Church.” Who receive the blessings of the Church? Paul. The other man took his friend, his associate and went to Cyprus where they met John Mark.
15.        If you read further, in that chapter 13, you will see what make John Mark to stop. The Bible said that John Mark saw business activities flourishing in Cyprus and he was attracted by the wealth of the world. He could not go any further. He halted there.
16.        Now, look at Barnabas, Barnabas saw the rich John Mark. The Christ, the Pillar of Cloud, was no longer his guide. The crowd has attracted his attention.
17.        Hence, the Cloud said, “Let us go and revisit the people we gave the word and know how they are faring with the message.”
18.        He said, “Over his dead body.” That he would not move an inch if he is not going with John Mark. And Paul said, “It is of no use going for a man who had abandoned the faith.”
19.        He abandoned the faith at Pamphylia. He drew back and stopped following. Why going after him again? We do not need him.
20.        The Bible said, “Barnabas disagreed very sharply with the leader, with Christ, with the Cloud, and the two parted.” One received the blessing of the Church, the other one went his way, being attracted by the wealth of Cyprus and that was the end of their ministries.  
21.        Till the close of the scriptures, nobody heard anything again as preaching or exhortation from either Barnabas or John Mark.
22.        They failed in their ministries because along the way, they remove their eyes from the Cloud and fixed their eyes on the crowd.
23.        Remember the message, be very careful about societal pressures. Societal pressures: “I want to be a multi millionaire. I want to rehabilitate, reconstruct, if possible, build new roads for my community.” They are noble ideas. The heathen will sing your praise to your utter peril, to your utter destruction.
24.        There is no child of God that will receive applause from the heathen without making a shipwreck of his ministry.
25.        That is why, when people are singing your praise, pause, find out the type of people, the materials they are made up off. Otherwise, fools maybe singing your praise to your destructions.
26.        Watch societal pressure, Barnabas was of the opinion that following Saint Paul will make him poor. He shared the same view with the rich John Mark who had enriched himself in Cyprus where business activities flourished.
27.        Onitsha spirit! Where business activities flourished. The burial ground of all men of God is Onitsha. The burial ground of all men of God: Onitsha, Warri, Port-Harcourt, Lagos.
28.        That is why you see millions of Churches in these cities. If you go to Port-Harcourt, they are more than Churches. Every Church is a decorated hotel.
29.        You go to Warri, they look like sport centers because they churn out money in billions. Oil money. Onitsha is Main Market money. Ose Okwuodu, Head Bridge, Ochanja. If they stay in their Churches and money is not coming, they carry their equipment to the market square, meet them at the point of business and then collect the money from them.
30.        The burial ground of all men of God is Onitsha where the success of a man’s ministry is measured by the abundance of wealth he acquires. And it has influenced every other city in Nigeria falsely.
31.        Look at Barnabas having a sharp disagreement with the Pillar of Cloud not knowing the awful implications. Awful implications of removing your eyes off He that has called you to glory and to salvation.
32.        When William Branham came on the scene, he pointed them to the pyramid with instructions to fix their eyes on the pyramid while he will go and get the interpretation. Immediately he left, they removed their eyes from there. And it caused too many troubles till today.
33.        The moment you remove your eyes from Christ who is the Author and Finisher of your faith, the Beginning and Ending of your Faith, the One that called you to glory and to salvation, the One in whom you are sanctified, in Whom your sacrifices are made acceptable unto God, the only One in whom you are made acceptable in the sight of God, for He is the Only Beloved whose Voice you should hear.
34.        God never gave then two voices in the wilderness. He said, “Look at Moses as God, he shall you obey in all things, not minus.” Immediately they moved away, Korah, Dathan and Abiram appeared.
35.        They mounted pressure. People looked away from the Cloud and then fixed their eyes on the crowd. Immediately Aaron did that, he molded a strange god and pointed everybody there. And that caused havoc. Real havoc! Is that not right?
36.        Watch Saul as king, as long as he fixed his eyes on he that called him to glory and to virtue, God en-Mophy in his day, Prophet Samuel, he remained acceptable in the Beloved. And the Beloved was Samuel.
37.        Pressure was mounted on him, his eyes left the Cloud. What happened? He performed a sacrifice that was not meant for him. He ran crazy.
38.        Instead of repenting, he stretched his hand against the Cloud and tore the dress, not knowing the awful implications. You cannot remove your eyes on Him that has called you to glory and virtue without tearing his garment.
39.        This was why we were given a Message through Apostle Ojiakor to be wary of rebellious instinct in man. And also, “The pernicious effect of indifference.” How I wish these Messages can be reproduced again.
40.        Instinct! Something that you received no special training in performing it. Something that just crops up from your heart without premeditation. You might not explain how the thing came about but you see yourself manifesting it. Without any prior thinking. That is why God said, “Our eyes should be on the alert against spiritual danger.
41.        For the worst obituary is spiritual obituary. Spiritual obituary! Be very careful the way you listen to the voice of strangers, the crowd. Their opinions, their suggestions have been proved to run CONTRARY to the will of God.
42.        No child of God has ever followed the crowd without doing himself the greatest hurt, Without causing sorrows and pains that will be difficult to erase.
43.        If you do not want to pierce yourself with many sorrows, fix your eyes on Him that has called you to glory and virtue. Let Him be your examples in all things. If Christ is not your example, you are totally lost.
44.        A mistake can be pardoned where there is no master piece, But once a master piece is presented, to admit a mistake will be very difficult. It is a willful act. Willful disobedience.
45.        Some might have reasons why they are saying no to Saint Paul. There is a Saint Paul in your day. Or shall I say, greater than Saint Paul is in your midst. Greater than Moses is in your midst.
46.        They were told about the Cloud in the days of Saint Paul but they never saw the Cloud. They heard about the resurrected Jesus, but they never saw him. They were told about signs and wonders, but they never saw one.
47.        But in your own day, you are dwelling with the fullness of the Deity. When He came down in our midst, He came down with all His attributes and displayed the totality of His splendor. For that, we have no excuse to give.
48.        Then, if you hate your life, you can remove your eyes from the cloud. Fix it wherever you want to fix it. If you love your life, you glue your eyes to the cloud. He is your all and all. He is your baptism. he is even your holiness, Your sanctification and your perfection, Because in Him, you are presented to God.
49.        Watch this man Barnabas, he made himself a leader and John Mark accepted him. They stopped at Cyprus. No other thing was heard about them. That was the end of their revival. No convert, no Church, no movement. They were consumed by the world.
50.        The same was applicable to Demas. Saint Paul said, “Demas has left me and has followed the world.” Is that not scripture? Demas departed from the Cloud. The crowd attracted his attention. And that was the end. No more!
51.        Be very careful about the attractions the world offers you. Remember, they are destructive attractions. Tell Me what you will get out of this world that will give you eternal life, Or that will stop you from dying, Or that is capable of opening your casket and bringing you back to life when you die. Not even the wealth of the world.
52.        If the wealth of the world could do that, great minds like Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle, they would have been here till today. The world would have sacrificed everything to bring them back.
53.        Tell Me what the world offers us which is greater than Eternal glory that is about to be revealed. Others were not sure. Our fathers believed it but they were not sure. For there was no evidence, verifiable evidence they could lay hands on. But they simply believed because they were told.
54.        Because of our hardness of hearts, our impenetrable hearts, God recognized us as ardent Gentiles, and what He did in the days of Saint Paul, He repeated in our own day. Through mighty signs and wonders, He brought the Gentiles to obedience to the truth.
55.        For we are the people that do not believe until we see, verify with our eyes. Hence we say, as suspicious as a Gentile. For the Gentiles do not believe until they have seen. If they have not seen, whatever you are saying is rubbish.
56.        A Gentile is one that believes only something that agrees with his own philosophy. That is why God has rigged away our intellect went the other way round, presented something that we cannot cancel.
57.        There is nothing we can use to disprove what God is doing. If there is anything any human being could use to disprove it, by now, it would have been disproved. Too many countries would have disproved it. But instead of disproving, they confirm what is happening the more.
58.        How many opened our website last week? If you know you opened it, show by raising your hands. You see, only few hands. Yes! I am happy. Were you impressed by what you saw there? Were you impressed? Good! A new website all together.
59.        I know that this week, the world will rush there, because when you get there, you may stay there till eternity. Yes! When you get there, you can hardly close the window again. It is what God is doing.
60.        Yes! He is climbing the great oak tree without the aid of His hands, doing things that are impossible for human beings to do
61.        It is not easy sustain any information in the web for too long. And God has been helping us, because of the risk that is involved. You can log on information there in the morning and remove it in the next one hour to put another one. It is not so with us. We stored books there.
62.        If we do not pay our subscription fee, we will not be retained even a minute longer there. And once we are removed, and we wish to go back, we will start all over.
63.        Brother Emeka Talkrising, check that register. The last book there. Give Me the number. Emeka Talkrising! Emeka Ani! I am talking to you. Check that book you are holding, the library book. Who is holding it? I gave it to Emeka Ani. I gave it to Emeka. He did not come with it? I knew the one I gave Emeka Ani not Bishop Nnachor’s own. As useless and unprofitable as you are.
64.        You could have seen the number of books in the web sites. We are having not less than 700 books in the websites and we have connected and liked all of them to the four websites, expanded the spectrum to accommodate all including the great sermon, recognize your day and its own message. The original prints!
65.        If you are doubting Me, open it here now, you will see it there. I mean, as you are sitting down there, open the window, you will see the whole thing. They are lined up.
66.        We are doing nothing but we are doing something. As unknown, yet known everywhere. It is clear that Christ has become the riches of the world.
67.        Why can’t we fix our eyes on Him, in Whom we are made acceptable in the Beloved? For without Him, nobody here is made acceptable.
68.        Are we not a happy people that the Beloved of the Father could be traced into our own Assembly, made accessible to all of us?
69.        If He was placed in America, we will be hearing and reading like they are hearing and reading from our websites. But we are a privileged people in that we sit down with Him. We talk to Him, He talks back to us. He is drawn from among us. Our own country man, from our own family. Our own tribe, speaking the same language.
70.        Having everything in common as it is backed up by the scriptures. A man, a Jew born in King David’s family. One of them, according to the scriptures, that God is going to raise one from among you, your own country man.
71.        Only Him shall you hear in all things. It shall come to pass, if any does not hearken unto Him, for reasons best known to that person, he shall be cut off from among His brethren. And his blood will be required from his hands. The person committed suicide.
72.        The elder sister attempted rebelling, she became leprous. It behooved the Cloud to make a plea for her and instantly, she was cleansed.
73.        Saul of Tarsus, the persecutor of the so-called people of God, now, is become the saviour.
74.        Awful implications of removing your eyes from He that has called you to glory and to virtue.

75.        The message of last week, too many people that read it online, have been calling. They that heard the testimonies have been calling, as if it is a new message. But I will call it explanations of a bulk message. Amen.