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I am HE. In Me lies the power of life and death. Believe it if you can.
– Son of Man
That terrible day of the Lord is near, swiftly it comes. That was as at the time the Prophet saw it. Many, many rivers have passed under the bridge and this is the time for its
fulfilment; for I told you that all Prophetic statements from the Lord are tied to time.
That terrible day is near, swiftly it comes, a day when strong men will weep bitterly.

It is a day of the wrath of God, a day of terrible distress and anguish, a day of gloom and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess for God’s enemies, for you cannot ransom your soul with your money that day. Your money will never save you that day.
   –The Son of Man
From the Message:
 (GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME page 178, verse 43-44)

I thank God that He gave us the wisdom that beats the imagination of our enemies. Today, they are ashamed because they will regret their callous statements; their threats and every other thing.
2.           You are all welcome here with every amount of joy in My heart. I love you with the love of God. I believe you are My people indeed. Nobody will come here today except the elect.
3.           This day is indeed a very nice day; the Lord programmed it for us. If you cannot understand My language, you bear with Me. Any local assembly that does not have a representative in Jerusalem this day should be blamed. I owe no apology to anybody.
4.           Let Me put it this way; I expected all the Elders from all the Local Assemblies to be in the Fellowship because salvation of God goes to families. If there is nobody in this Fellowship to receive the message for your own family (you know, by the time you get the message it might be late), you should have yourself to blame.
5.           Secondly, it pays to be an eyewitness. I never told brethren here in Onitsha that I will be talking to them today. Did I? You see, I am vindicated for you said “No sir.” I never programmed anybody. Maybe, it was during prayer line that they started guessing; they started predicting that this day might be a different day altogether.
6.           People that used to come to fellowship late are in the Fellowship on time. I am happy seeing young men from Enugu. Your Bishop is not in Jerusalem and he will not be in Jerusalem.
7.           None of your pastors are in Jerusalem. That is stereo Church at Enugu. It is a stereo Church. Everything is stereotyped; no shift. I can call it a Jewish Assembly.
8.           You know the worst assembly is a Jewish assembly where everybody is very skeptical – things must go in a legal way. Well, since that is the way you want it, I will not say, “No,” after all, My duty is to give you the Word, but to go ahead asking you what and what you are doing with the Word, that is not My business. I am not sent to come and reason the Word with you. I have only been sent to come and proclaim the Word.
9.           Just a little while, every ear will hear; just a little while, every eye will see; just a little while, every tongue shall say, “Son of Man, Lord, how wonderful is Your Name; Lord, how wonderful is Your Name.”
10.      My enemy in the Church will be one that would distract my attention. If you disturb Me, I will disturb you. If you help Me, I will help you. You will help Me when you are orderly; when you are quiet, but when you move about or continue to have unnecessary conversation like Okey Ibe’s wife, I will disturb you.
11.      Every attention should be focused towards the pulpit. If I were in your shoes, I would do more hearing than writing. In so much writing you may omit so many things. Amen.

Knowing the Personality You Are Having Dealings With
You are indeed a blessed people in this generation. Truly speaking, you are a favoured people, favoured among all that dwell upon the Earth. We are the most favoured.
2.           If there is no God, why do people gather here and there calling upon the Name of God? If God does not exist, why do you think people all over the world gather, calling upon the Name of the Lord, calling Him different kinds of Names? If He is not a Being, would He have a Name?
3.           Because He has a Name, He is a Being. I have always told you that the Supreme Intelligence controlling the Universe dwelleth upon the Earth. Whether they want to believe or not, it will not change the truth. It is a finished matter and we are in His Presence today to rejoice for what He has done.
4.           Looking into the congregation, I can see that God really answered our prayers. I never wrote any letter to anybody. I never telephoned anybody asking him to come. One telephoned from Jos just to inform Me that he will be in the Fellowship on Sunday; I said, you better start coming down at once. That was all.
5.           Obadiah phoned Me from Aba informing Me that by God’s grace, he will be in the Fellowship  this day. I am yet to see him. Besides these two, I do not know any other. The rest are in the Fellowship because God ordained that they should be in the Fellowship. You know it is divine connection.
6.           God knows how to make the way for the elect because the prayer was a strong prayer made by faith and you all echoed amen to it. I am not here to recite the prayer, but I believe it is in tape that nobody should be here today except the elect and the prayer was noised abroad and it said: “Father, bring them here. Let them come in such a way that there will not be space at all. They will witness for themselves whatever you have for us, for our security at a time like this is You.”
7.           And I can see God in action. As many as came to Me asking for excuses to travel out after hearing the clarion call, I did not hinder them. Brother Shedrach came to Me sitting and watching to know what I will say. Recognizing My mood that day (I was not in any mood for any discussion), he did not talk too much. I looked at his face; I did not wait for him to open his mouth.
8.           I said, “My friend, you want to travel home?” He was speechless. He said, “Sir, I have secured appointment with NEPA,” and I said, “That is number one.” I said, “But, you want to travel home?” He said, “Yes sir. Somebody came to me this afternoon saying my younger one was on the verge of death and that I should rush home now.”
9.           I looked at him for about two minutes, bent down and said, “You can go. You can go.” That is all. When the relations of those that travelled are crying that they should come back to Onitsha, one that is in Onitsha desires to go away. I will be a foolish man to stop him from going away; maybe, you are lessening My burden.
10.        Do you know how many My Ark can carry? Just a little while, all the world will see; just a little while, every eye will see; just a little while, every tongue shall say, “Son of Man, how wonderful is Thy Name.”
11.        I am bound to make some strict announcements. By the time I come down from the pulpit, many people will begin to understand why Satan rose up against Me and against you, even at the dying minute with the intent to hinder because you can never enter Jericho without meeting giants on the way and the wisdom of God among us said no and displayed the highest wisdom.
12.        Many are sitting down in the Fellowship, but do not know what I am saying; maybe, you do not know that Satan dwelled with somebody we excommunicated and filled her so much with her lieutenants and they came up with a plan to hinder whatever you are going to hear today. And arrangement was concluded with the Divisional Police Officer, Inland Town to get Me arrested during the session of our worship today.
13.        And I was to be arrested between 9am and 11am today together with our pastor for an offence we never committed. What is more, recognizing that today is more than any other day to Me and to save the Name of God from being blasphemed, the wisdom of God said, no.
14.        The wisdom said I should pay the debt I did not owe and I paid it with the help of My brethren. I paid thirty-one thousand naira (N31,000) last night. I never borrowed any kobo from any man; nobody surety anybody. I thank God I was able to meet up with the challenge so that His Word will pass across.
15.        If every problem that will befall Me will be the problem of money; I will not have any problem at all because I know how to go the extra mile and I know how to make sacrifices that peace may reign.
16.        The greatest trap anybody can set for you is a trap that is set with your doctrine. Once a trap is against you using your doctrine, your faith, your God, it will only take the hand of God to save you. Your doctrine is your faith and that is your God.
17.        That was the trap they set for Daniel. They used his doctrine to set a trap for him. You know, Satan is a very wise fellow. He that wanted to disrupt the service knew everything about our doctrine on disputes and she knew the extent we will go on that matter and she concluded that that will be the best option: “I know them; they do not go to police. They do not make case with anybody. Let me now drag them out.” But the wisdom of God said, no.
18.        By and by, when the morning comes; when all the Saints of God are gathered home, we will tell the story how we overcome and we will understand it better by and by.
19.        Before the whole thing was concluded, the Lord had already revealed it to Me. As early as five o’clock in the morning, I woke up to question Myself, “What is this thing all about? I have never seen this fellow since we excommunicated her from among us.” I was coming to fellowship with 505 Peugeot carrying My wife and some of My children and two cyclists were following Me. One passed carrying a bag; the other passed carrying a lady. She looked at Me steadily and continued and she never exchanged greetings and the dream left Me.
20.        I thank God I did not step out from My house throughout yesterday. I remained indoors sorting out matters and I thank God I succeeded in spite of all odds because that yesterday, I received visitors more than ever. My house remained filled no matter how I was driving them away; it remained filled till about 7.30pm, nevertheless, within a space of five minutes, I was able to sort the matter out.
21.        I am not afraid. I know I am a warrior. As a human being I was trained as infantry in the Army and I served in various battalions under the company. I received the toughest training more than any infantry you can think of when I was too tender. I am a bloody man. I started seeing blood at the age of ten; you can imagine.
22.        I am not afraid of anything and the message is incomplete without persecution, not ordinary persecution, but severe persecution. Then you can begin to appreciate what this Faith is all about.
23.        To some of you that do not know Me, if you have any of your relations who served in the Biafran Army so-called, you can enquire about Me. My name rings bell. I was a Major, not Major by dash. I got it in the warfront. I was in charge of Reconnaissance Squadron 61, Infantry Brigade, Azu Mmiri near Umuahia.
24.        From there, I was transferred to 23 Amphibian Brigade. That was the Brigade that took Me to Ohuba, Awa, the whole of Ohaji; from there to Komoko, Akpok.
25.        Finally, we settled at Saint Patrick Secondary School, Umuaturueche. From there, I was taken to Obite; from Obite to Umuekwune; from Umuekwune to Umuewere; from Umuewere back again to Ihite. I led series of operations and I had successes. I was instrumental to the first victory at Ogoja sector; under 16 Battalion which by that time was commanded by Major Effiong.
26.        I served hand-in-hand with Achibong at 43 Infantry Battalion, Ogbor commanded by major Iheanachor. I was the one that led to the first victory at Okpala sector. From there to Ngwala; then to Power Line; from there to Amala-Igbodo and I came back safe.
27.        There, we lost all our boys and that was the end of the Boys Company. Hence, I was conferred with the rank of a Major. I was given two bodyguards with mini-mock. I was going with my service pistol everywhere.
28.        You better enquire about the personality you are having dealings with. I was too tender when I saved an entire community. My people know much about this; I saved the whole community. I discharged many from the Army. Anyone I met that was conscripted and was from Mbaise, his language would betray him and I would ask: “My friend, how did you manage to come here? Who conscripted you? Give me your particulars” and so on.
29.        The following morning, I will put him inside my mini-mock, take him across Umunwanwa near Ngwa. He would just cross and go his way. I would take a little canoe and cross the little stream; nobody would disturb, but there was one thing I never did: I never looted anything. I had authority because I was commanding influence. My bat-men were regular infantries; corporals older than I was with many years.
30.        I was too little. I was numbered among the first set that put on butterfly with the Biafrans and I had authority to kill. Anywhere I met anybody and you try to prove an opposition, I would gun you down and nothing will happen. I had the authority to kill. Once you are blessed with a lance corporal, I mean first row; it is authority to kill. Nobody questions you and you can imagine what it takes to pass the rank of a Captain and become a Major.
31.        Nobody believed I would be a normal human being in this life, because out of the nineteen persons that survived, I was number one. We were over a thousand that were recruited in the old eastern region, but only nineteen survived. I was number one. I joined at the early stage of it at Saint Michael’s Aba with my PAA uniform from the school just for the fun of it.
32.        I never knew it was death, but as we continued, I got interested. We were holding nothing, but catapults, bare-bodied. We would carry out serious operations, survey the enemy’s territory, note the nature of weapons and everything, even draw maps; gather so many things that they had eaten like sardine, cigarettes they had smoked, empty bottles of their scents and so on.
33.        We would carry them out to RV and then they would be taken to intelligence department, study to know the number of days those things lasted. Then, we would take the infantry back there; tell them where to station, give them the distance between the vandals and then they can plan how to launch the attack. At the end, we would go and survey.
34.        I am saying this so that you know the type of personality you are having in your midst. I am not afraid of death. If I were afraid of death, I would not preach this Gospel.
35.        Do you know that I am the only one man that has challenged the whole world? The only man that challenged Roman Catholic and remained alive, not orally, but in book form and have the courage even to send it  to Rome and to their different Churches. If I have been afraid of My life, I do not think I would be trailing on those dangerous grounds.
36.        You see, I love challenges, but for the sake of the Name of Christ, I have become weak but a day is coming when my weakness will become My strength.
37.        Even here in Nigeria, verify about Me. I was a terror here in Onitsha. I have told some of you; I was a terror. Forget about all these nonsenses; I am a terror. I am not saying it as a boast. I grew up with some indigenes of Onitsha here. I am a terror. I do not fear Army. What is police? There is no rifle or gun I do not know how to handle in this life, but my legs and hands are crippled because of one thing.
38.        What is that thing? That the Name of God and the Gospel of Christ be not blasphemed among the heathens. That is all. Beside it, let Me hold My peace. I know I am going to have a day. I am going to have a day under the sun that would be called the day of The Son of Man and that day, every flesh will appear before The Son of Man. I say, every flesh.
39.        By that time, I must have hidden you behind Me. If every attack that is directed to any of you will be directed to Me, I will always be happy. They should allow you to stay alone.
40.        Let them face Me so that I will know who and who are My enemies. When I rise up to avenge, nobody will say, “Brother is wicked,” Brother is not wicked. Brother gives every person a long rope. Amen.

Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy
Do you know that the most controversial doctrine of the Eckankar is that God is a man? And the most controversial spirit of the Grail Message is that God is an unseen spirit that dwells in a very big light and then radiates through human beings. We will begin to stream these things.  
2.           You want to talk about Arichrishina, the greatest doctrine they parade about is that God made a man a vegetarian in the beginning and man should remain a vegetarian till the end. The Gordian religion is centred on one thing: that God is a being that will stand in one place and dictate all that happens in the whole universe.
3.           We would stream these things with time. Although the truth is somewhere, we are not in search of the Truth anymore, but we would stream these things so that nobody in this most holy Faith will be deceived again; not by anybody, but by the thoughts and feelings of his or her own heart.
4.           Nobody is deceiving anybody among us, but what is deceiving us are the feelings of our hearts: “This is the way I feel. I have been thinking about it.”
5.           It is not what you are thinking that matters, it is not your feeling, but what matters is: “All these things you are having within yourself, do they contain the truth, not half-truth, but the totality of the truth?”
6.           Every half-truth is a lie. A little drop of acid inside a bottle of Fanta soft drink renders it useless. It poisons it; makes it impossible for human beings to drink. Though the acid might be weak because the water content is greater than the acid, but it is still poison.
7.           I want you to feel the impact of the Deity standing in the midst of His family. All that have not been anointed for security; if God will permit, you will not go home without receiving the anointing.
8.           Any moment from now, people will travel long distances for the anointing. Many will spend money to receive the anointing because I will not confer the power upon anybody. I will never confer the authority upon any being. It is My sole authority and I will save whosoever I will. I will not beg you to come to Me for salvation. If you need security, you are to beg Me. I will not beg you. All these years, I have begged, but today, I will no longer beg. I would say a few things.
9.           No matter where you are, make sure you are taking note of this message. This day is a very important day to Me and to all that love their lives. Events are made clear by prophecy. The Igbo people say that the cripple does not fall victim of an announced war. Events are made clear by prophecy.
10.        He that spoke to us about the month of October 1993 in a message titled, “Consecration” (that was the message we received the first day we worshipped God here), told us clearly that this place that is called by His Name shall be called the Valley of Decision, the Galilee of the Gentiles and House of refuge for all God’s people.
11.        The Voice went further to tell us that on weekends, families are free to spend their weekends in the Valley of Decision. When you want to have quiet hour, you are feeling disturbed in your home; He said, “Come to this place that is called by My Name.”
12.        He said, “Should there be trouble in the city or in the nation, you do not need to run to your hometown or your in-laws or try to escape to the mountains or valleys.” He said, “When you hear of any trouble in the city, gently take all your children, your maidservants and all that belong to you as human beings down to this place called by His Name.”
13.        Should you be in the home or market place, when the trouble starts, do not attempt to run home to collect your children. Expect that you will meet them in this place called by His Name.
14.        Moreover, the Voice went further to tell us that we would not be moved to another ground for the whole thing shall be decided in this place called by His Name.
15.        I want to tell you that several attempts have been made to dislodge us from this place called by His Name and the Lord who brought us in this place called by His Name and promised that He will not move us to another place has always stood behind His promise. All those attempts that were made by some individuals at one time or the other, The Almighty  God foiled those attempts; hence, we are still in this place called by His Name till today and I am trusting that the battle actually shall be decided in this place called by His Name.
16.        Believe it that no human being brought us to this place called by His Name; no human being found this fellowship hall for us. God Himself found it necessary to dwell in this place called by His Name with us. He revealed it to so many individuals.
17.        I can still recall tonight, the day our former Brother Anthony Obuzor paid the first visit to this place of refuge as one of the people God revealed this place called by His Name to in a dream of the night. He saw the place; a very large hall indeed and there was another uncompleted building with iron roofs, but there was zinc on top of it adjacent to that hall and behold, the building was surrounded by a thick bush.
18.        Thus, the day he came to this place called by His Name for the first time, just from a distance, he said, “This was what I saw in my dream.” Now, you can conveniently drive your vehicles to this place; you can walk easily to this place. In the beginning, it was not so.
19.        The little track we now use as our road was constructed by us; we did it with our hands. Before then, we met a thick bush with very deep gullies because the entire compound was abandoned by the government. We met no fewer than thirty students here; I mean, in all, thirty students.
20.        We were here alone with our God and there was no human being that made use of this hall. We have made it habitable for the students and government has once started showing keen interest in the affairs of this place. If not for what is coming ahead of us, with time, it will be upgraded to a Federal Technical School; maybe, second in Anambra State.
21.        We thank God that the authorities are still exhibiting maturity and a deep sense of understanding by allowing us to be here till today. God has achieved His great purpose of bringing us to this place called by His Name. The Lord does nothing in vain. Because we have gathered from East and West, North and South, I am compelled within Myself to bring you to exactly where you should be at a time like this.
22.        Looking at you, on your faces, I can see Godly composure in you. When you go out from this place called by His Name, you see that the whole world is panicking, but you are rejoicing.  That goes to show that you are not a part of this world.
23.        Death is looming. Everybody is sore afraid, but you are moving about freely laughing at what is ahead of them as if you are not a part of the world. Truly speaking, we are here, but we are not a part of this world. Calamity is already with mankind. It would not go back again.
24.        Let Me remind you of a statement that can be credited to Me at all times. In My New Year address of the year 2000, the year many of you were rioting against Me and against yourselves, because you made yourselves Prophets and you preached more than the preacher God gave to you. You understood the signs of the time more than the Prophets and you exploited yourselves. You caused yourselves unnecessary sorrow; nevertheless, I comforted you.
25.        Some of our enemies thought that that would be the end of the Journey, but the Lord stood by His promise, watching over His promise. He told us clearly (and I heard it with My ears) that by the year 2000, we have exhausted our years.
26.        The two days the Lord allotted us were exhausted by the year 2000. The Lord told us that the third day never belongs to us. From the first-second of the third day, first hour of the third day, first day of the third day, He said the entire third day belongs to the Lord.
27.        Some of you messed up yourselves because of what you were having in your minds and too many things you gathered from your own preachers who were feeding you day and night; your own teachers like ousted Dr. Ogechi Igwe who caused more havoc to the Faith than any other teacher.
28.        I am sure that no Elder here is ignorant of the fact that while I was here letting the people of God know the mind of God for the hour, Dr. Ogechi Igwe and Dr. Enyi Obasanya gathered youths in another hall there and were indoctrinating them until the youths ravaged themselves; believing doctrines from the devils.
29.        I thank God that before we left, the whole thing was made manifest. Enyi Obasanya never spared Dr. Ogechi Igwe. It was through Dr. Enyi Obasanya that we knew that Dr. Ogechi was and is the greatest enemy of this Faith that spoiled the youths. He was the brain behind the drunkenness and the stupidity the young men exhibited there; playing Bob Marley, rock  n roll music and every kind of error.
30.        That was why I summoned him to appear before the Elders. To his shame, Enyi Obasanya told everybody all that Igwe said, which made the youths to run mad. God was preaching somewhere; he made himself another preacher somewhere. I hope such a thing will no longer recur.
31.        Any recurrence of such a thing now will be more disastrous than before because we have passed a lot of hurdles. I believe there is no inexperienced person in this Faith.
32.        Once history is forgotten, the mistake of the past must be repeated. For that reason, I am appealing to our teachers and all other ministers to ensure great restraints while handling the message of the hour.
33.        I know many of you can go to a newspaper stand to read newspapers and magazines; some of you might be privileged at one time or the other to watch the CNN to see the live horrific picture from the Gulf and to hear certain comments that are coming from the kings of the Earth who can boast of their mights and not of their rights.
34.        Please, please, no matter the dogmatic assertions they make over the televisions and radios, over the newspapers, please see them as war gimmicks (war propaganda) for in every war there must be war propaganda.
35.        Thus, do not use any of their statements to build any message. Do not use what you read from the pages of the newspapers to build any message or to draw any conclusion at all.
36.        I am not saying that you should not read. Please read for enlightenment, but do not muddle up things. By the year 1999 about the month of December, I could see some of our ministers with other brethren carrying volumes of newspapers about; magazines, all pointing to the millennium bug. Everybody became an expert in computer science.
37.        I thank God that this time around something greater than the millennium bug is here. I have told you that from the year 2000, we have rolled into the day of the Lord. We have rolled into the Day of the Lord and nobody knows the number of days or weeks, months or years we would stay in the day of the Lord.
38.        Remember, He has only, but one day and that one day is likened to a thousand years. It is like, is it one thousand? It is like a thousand. It is not a thousand. In other words, it can be a thousand; it can be less than a thousand; it can be more than a thousand.
39.        I have told you that all human predictions must fail. All astrologers’ predictions must fail. We have only but one person and that is The Almighty God whose Words can never fail and I have told you that nobody knows the date the Lord will terminate everything.
40.        It is a secret that is kept in God’s mind and for that reason, My duty is to bring you to a sanctified estate and allow you to remain there, and once you are brought to that sanctified condition, whether it is going to happen tomorrow or next or in the next one million years, you do not need to bother again.
41.        Even if you die while waiting, you do not need to bother because you already are a beneficiary and I worked on you and in you and through you until I was able to bring you to a perfect condition.
42.        What is that perfect condition? I have brought you to a condition where there is equal revelation among the Bride. I believe that we all have come to the unity of the Faith. If there is anybody that is holding another faith that is not united with us, he is a stranger. We now have equal level of Faith; one Faith and we are united in that Faith.
43.        I have also succeeded, through the message of grace, in bringing you to the perfect stature of Christ.  When I say, “You,” I mean the true elect of God.
44.        I have succeeded in bringing you to the perfect stature of Christ Himself for the  scripture said, “It is not yet clear to us what we shall be, but one thing we know is this, when we shall see Him, we shall see Him just as He is and we shall also be like Him”.
45.        Today, we can clearly assert that God is a Human Being like us for we have seen Him just as He is contrary to human imagination that God is a big thing which a house cannot accommodate.
46.        You know it is only in this Faith and other related faiths that God can be accommodated in a house, but in other faiths or the so-called denominations, God is a colossus; even the Earth is not enough to accommodate God. That was why He decided to live in the sky; from there, He will be waving hands to His children. This is a cock and bull story.
47.        Well, I thank God that you are God’s children and I have never seen anybody here who can boldly come and declare to us, equivocally, that he has ever seen the hand of God in the sky waving and then he was on Earth responding.
48.        If you are God’s children, you can never believe that hopeless story that does not contain any truth. If you have been privileged to witness God waving that hand at you from the sky, it goes to show that you are not what you are claiming to be.
49.        Too many people have emerged here on Earth and we have seen the emergence of too many Jesuses, but we have seen the emergence of only one Christ. Too many Jesuses can emerge, too many gods can emerge. Are there gods? They are many. Are there Jesuses?  They are many. But are there Christs? Only but one Who has revealed Himself in Human form, identified in His word, confirmed by the Sign of the supernatural.
50.        Looking at this congregation, I am very much pleased. This face is entirely new. Put on your glasses. I can see you from the glasses clearer than you think. It is an entirely new face, presumably from Obiakpu­-Egbema. Good. I am sure I have not made a mistake.
51.        If there is a lucky person in this camp this day, he is the one. I am telling you the truth because it is today that he has realized the fulfillment of the desire of his heart. It has been his earnest desire to see God. I believe one must have been presented to him as true God. So, you are here to compare and contrast.
52.        I do not need any Prophet to tell me that you have at one time or the other romanced with a fake god in the form of a human being who claimed he possessed all powers both in Heaven and on Earth, but from time to time, you could see his nudity even being displayed.
53.        I will help you today, if you can yield to My Voice. If there is anybody that you know who is still romancing with Olumba Olumba, tell the person to run for his dear life. You know, I am here as the only figure that has challenged Olumba Olumba physically and spiritually and remained unhurt. If there is a name Olumba Olumba fears it is the hidden Name of Christ that is revealed in the Bride. You must have romanced with such hopeless gods.
54.        You said, “Yes sir, in the past.” You had a meeting with Olumba Olumba. Olumba Olumba is a hopeless spirit that would promise people security when he is destroying them. He blinds them from recognizing the truth because he possesses powers from the sea. That is why all his activities are carried out in the river. All his activities, all his sacrifices, all his rituals are carried out in the river.
55.        From time to time, he commands women to go to the river and he baths them naked. I do not know the type of god that has given that command and too many other rituals that are associated with that god, but that is not my message; my message is directly on the hour we are living in seeing that death is upon the Earth; seeing that disaster has come at last. What do we do to escape? 
56.        This face is entirely new to Me, but it is Ogechi from Nsukka. Why are you new to Me today? You are an entirely new face to Me today.
57.        Let Me begin by thanking God who has granted us access to His Deity wherein we can now stand and say, We are the most privileged. Amen.
No Place to Hide (1)
Let Me once again alert you. You know, once there is a great event upon the Earth, you see human beings running helter-skelter.
2.           Another year of disaster has come where you will be tempted to go to your friends and well-wishers again to see, peradventure, whether they can be saved as it happened before.
3.           I know some are going to bring some dead people here; some will bring some mad people here. You will not like anybody to get lost in your village. You will like, if it is possible, to use trailer and carry them all to where God is because you know that something greater than mankind is already with us.
4.           For that reason, I am sounding a warning. If it is wickedness on My side, so be it. Henceforth, until you hear from Me again; from  this day 23rd of March 2003, I, the Son of Man – God’s  Mouthpiece in your day—I am making it a decree, a punishable offence for anybody in this most holy Faith, in the Bride to baptize anybody in My Name. Henceforth, until you hear from me again, do not ever try it . Why not say, “Amen.”
5.           I am saying that no other person is needed to be baptized into the Bride of Christ in My Name henceforth until you hear from Me again. In other words, baptism of new members, I do not care your relationship with such people, stops this moment. That is number one.
6.           Number two: from this day, until you hear from Me, non-baptized persons should not sit down and worship with us in all our Local Assemblies. There are too many Churches that are looking for membership. Point them there.
7.           I said, point them to those places where they will receive happy congratulations and may even receive some generous gifts for attending those Churches, but do not make the mistake of pointing the person to this place no matter how friendly, no matter your relationship with the person.
8.           Henceforth, until you hear from Me, all that are excommunicated from this Body and have not been restored till today will remain excommunicated. My boat is full; I am even carrying overload. I should not carry more than this hall will accommodate.  You can now begin to see that I am carrying overload and I have been carrying overload all these years. I am strict about these announcements.
9.           At the same time, henceforth, from this moment, no more excommunication of members, but anybody is free to excommunicate himself.
10.        If there is any time we should be serious with our fellowship, our gathering, it is now. I cannot guarantee the security of anybody that stays away from the fellowship of the saints. It is the greatest risk anybody can take.
11.        If we can use our carnal experiences during the civil war in Nigeria; there were some people in those days who sent some of their children to the market and before the children could come back war had already broken out around them; their parents had already packed away. These children came back only to discover that everywhere was empty and it was not easy to locate the whereabouts of their parents.
12.        Assuming you form the habit of staying away from the gathering of the saints; maybe, by the time you think you are coming to fellowship, you will see nobody, how will you know where God has secured them? There is nobody that can stand up and say, “I know where God is going to secure me.” There is nobody here.
13.        Your eyes can only be limited to this hall, but the eyes of the Lord may go beyond this hall. Do you know that the Lord is capable of opening this ground and concealing you there for a while? Do you know that the Lord, for your sake, can make a cave, put all of you inside that cave for a little while?
14.        If God does not secure His own, who then will walk on the ashes of the wicked? I mean, who will march on the ashes of the wicked? I believe it is the righteous. If the righteous will die with the wicked, who will march on the ashes of the dead? Nobody. Thus, God must save the righteous.
15.        Before I speak to you concerning the hour, permit Me to show you few things.
16.        There is no place to hide said The Son of Man: No place to hide. People are bound to run helter-skelter. They are about to consult mediums. They would do everything to offer themselves protection, but human protection must fail. When there was no sign, when there was no appeal, God spoke, but let Me show you something.
17.        Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord. There is a message titled: The Day of the Lord,” it is in tapes. It contains prophecies, it contains predictions concerning the hour we have rolled into.
18.        I told you that it is one single event that God will permit to take place and millions of scriptures will be fulfilled. The arrest and execution of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary marked the fulfillment of over one thousand scriptures.
19.        Thus, all that God has been saying all these years, I told you not to expect them to be fulfilling with every passing day in a chronicle order. No. It does not fulfill that way. One single event that will take place upon the Earth, you see millions of prophecies fulfilling.
20.        It was so in the message titled: “Countdown 94’, and another message titled: “The Day of the Lord.” God said many things there. If we can lay hand on them—we are bound to lay hand on them—we will see many things that will gladden our hearts.
21.        Now, I want to challenge all the ministers. Go back to your old jotters; find out Prophetic statements relating to the hour we are in and then encourage the faith of the brethren. That is your duty from now. Do not preach new messages, for you cannot succeed.
22.        There is another message I handled that is coming to pass in our day and that is: The Message from Hell. If you cannot trace it in your tapes, you can read the summary of the message as enshrined in the message titled: “The Last Trumpet.”
23.        THIS GENERATION IN PROPHECY page 24, “Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light.
24.        As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him.
25.        Shall not the day of the LORD be darkness, and not light? even very dark, and no brightness in it? Amos chapter 5 verse 18-20(KJV).
26.        We are talking about the Day of Lord. Many a time, many people think the Day of the Lord is a Sunday. Sunday is not the Day of the Lord. I have taught on that before; I have corrected that error.
27.        People take it very light to write or comment on the so-called three days darkness, but it is not so with the day of darkness from the Lord. Mere desiring the coming of that day without first looking for a safety place is a terrible thing for such a person because no man outside God's provided place of safety can escape the Lord's Day. Your silver and gold (riches) cannot save you. Your high or low towered building cannot save you.
28.        Only God's provided place of safety can save anybody who earnestly desire God's salvation from the oncoming holocaust against this generation. Everyone is involved in this - matter no matter your position in this world, rich or poor, servant or master, military or civilian, man or woman, educated or illiterate, everybody is involved because that day will spare nobody as revealed in the Holy Bible.
29.        "I watched as he broke the sixth seal...”
30.        This is the book of Revelation. I believe that those who have been reading newspapers and listening to the radio, you have heard that there is outbreak of anthrax, an animal disease, now in Germany killing Germans in thousands.
31.        Do not worry, until I come to the fullness of the message, you will not catch a full grips of what I am saying. For now, I will keep on showing you the Voice of the Watchman to the whole world. Anything I documented in a book or paper is for the whole world, but whatever I have given to you as a secret without documenting it is meant for you; it’s for the Bride. There is always a secret between God and His people.
32.        That the whole world is panicking because of what is happening in the Middle East, did it take you by surprise? Were you not told about it? You are holding everything in your fingers; at least you know the future. You can tell the world what they should expect tomorrow.
33.        That is the joy of worshipping the true and living God. Worshipping God in a place where there is no Prophet is very expensive; it is the greatest joke anybody can indulge in.
34.        "I watched as he broke the sixth seal, and there was a vast earthquake; and the sun became dark like black cloth, and the moon was blood-red. Then the stars of heaven appeared to be falling to earth –like green fruit from fig trees buffeted by mighty winds.
35.        And the starry heavens disappeared as though rolled up like a scroll and taken away; and every mountain and island shook and shifted.
36.        The kings of the earth, and world leaders, and rich men, and high-ranking military officers, and all men great and small, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and rocks of the mountains, and cried to the mountains to crush them. "Fall on us," they pleaded, "and hide us from the face of the one sitting on the throne, and from the anger of the Lamb, because the great day of their anger has come, and who can survive it?"  (Rev. 6:12-17 Living Bible Translation).
37.        We are still trying to revisit events people will watch out for or drama when the anger of the Lord is revealed upon the earth marking the glorious Day of the Lord.
38.        Many of us were ridiculed some years ago because we passed judgment upon the Earth at the command of the Lord and I told them, “Take all those mockeries with joy for time will vindicate us”, and I am telling you, few days from now, all those that mocked us will run out from this place and that is why I am taking My time to build a high wall and to place a seal upon My own.
39.        All that belong to Me must come to Me; I will not go to them. I can never visit any local assembly for the purpose of marking you, but if you want to be marked, you come to Me. Many are going to travel long distances. If you know you belong to Me the most expensive trip you will make and the most beneficial is to find yourself before the Son of Man for one purpose: for the security anointing. That is all.
40.        There is only but one thing God will see and that man; that woman; that infant cannot be attacked by what is happening and that is the seal of the Lord. Satan is at work marking his own; the same way God is at work marking His own.  When this seal was opened and the angels were about to strike, the Lord said, “Hold it, do not strike yet until I have finished marking My own. Let Me place a seal of ownership on them so that they will not be affected by the blast.”
41.        Any moment from now, the dead will be better than the living. You do not need any Prophet to tell you that hunger, famine, diseases and pestilences have already come down.
42.        As at yesterday, over thirty Iraqi women and children were trekking to another country by foot. They were trekking to Iran. Today, I want to draw the war axis; the axis of war and no war spares its axis. Thus, when you escape from a deer, a lion will catch you. That place you are running to; you want to take refuge in, are you sure that place is secure? Who is sending you to that place?
43.        Maybe you do not know that by 1994, here with these holy lips, God said, “Woe to America.” He said, “America has been bluffing so much that America has become the pride of the whole world. God is going to call off the bluff and people will say, ‘Lo, there was a country called America.’”
44.        HE said, “I will show you a sign; only but one blast and California will sink.” From here, the Voice went forth that God will wake up one morning to remember the White House. It went out from the mouth of the Lord from our midst. It is contained in tapes.
45.        No matter the security that has beefed up the White House, God has not remembered the White House yet. When God remembers the White House, God will invade all the security men and their security will be made nonsense.
46.        Abacha surrounded himself with the world security but God penetrated his security and stifled him on the table. I will draw war axis. Remember what I told you, “Fix your eyes on the King of the North”, and the king of the North spoke last night warning America to be very careful about their colonies, that enough is enough, that any threat on any of their colonies, especially Kuwait, will mark the end of America.
47.        And I am assuring you that Iraq cannot be attacked without Kuwait. Do not worry. I will draw the war axis this day until I get to a place called Nigeria. I will spend about 30 minutes on Nigeria, because some months ago, I told you that the man that is being hunted about is hiding in Nigeria and people thought I was kidding. They did not know that I saw him where he was hiding and now he has left.
48.        Trouble has ensued between America and Nigeria for hiding the man. And the man came for a purpose to collect chemical weapon from Warri, Delta State preparatory for America. And immediately he collected it from Warri, Delta State, the Nigerian Defence was beaten hollow and then America saw it and raged against Obasanjo.
49.        Today, America has closed all their embassies in Nigeria and is threatening to repatriate all the Nigerians. Nobody from Nigeria goes to America and America cannot come down to Nigeria. But before then, Iraq had already sent a letter of warning to Obasanjo saying Iraq will overrun Nigeria in 20 hours. Do not worry, I am coming there. Why not put your hands together for God is with us.
50.        What is the evidence? What else do you need? God is with us here. Right here, you do not know where you are sitting. The kings of Nigeria, leaders of Nigeria, great men of Nigeria are not worried about politics anymore.  The fear of nuclear weapon exploding here is what is giving them sleepless nights now. Nigeria is now expecting the first thing that has never happened before. They have beefed up security; they are wasting their time because the bombs were manufactured here in Nigeria, carried live to the designated centers.
51.        Any moment from now, you do not need to be told, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja and Jos will be bombed but the worse will be in Jos. Let Me hold it there. Let Me go back to My message; I will visit it again fully.
52.        Then, I will draw the war axis. I want to tell you what you will see; where the thing will be and then you know where you will go. If you are living in Onitsha and you hear that there is war in Enugu, will you run away? But the moment you hear that the war has reached Nkpor, common sense will tell you to move to Asaba.
53.        However, if you hear that the war is at Awka, you will not move yet because it is still far. But once it comes to Nkpor Junction, and is heading towards Boromeo, anybody in Onitsha will rush to Asaba. So, that is where I am leading you to.
54.        I want to bring you to that particular place where all eyes will be. Any day you will hear (whether I am around or not) that it has landed here in Onitsha, you gather your children, come here and wait for Me, even if you see them up in the hill here, do not move. You see them around My car, stay here; do not move. They will operate there. They will not cross this place until I am here. Do not move.
55.        Note it, the Lord of Hosts has already purposed it to place a mask upon you; you will see them, but they will not see you. They will run and get to this window, peep into this place and see empty hall, but you will see them. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS MAKING SURE THAT YOU ARE MASKED. That is the most important thing. It is not making noise.
56.        You can make noise and still perish. You can call upon the Name of the Son of Man and still perish. Make sure that the Son of Man knows that you are in this Faith. That is the most important thing.
57.        Let me continue to read the message of the word and what you are hearing here is not meant for preaching. It is a punishable offence for anyone to go out and preach it. If I place a mark on you, you can remove it. The only way you can remove it is to go out and speak to your relations, your friends or anybody at all who is not a part of this Body. Once you open your mouth to divulge what you heard from this Faith, you have removed the mark. You are like the one God asked to stay in Rehab’s house and you decided to go out.
58.        Once you reveal the secret of this Body, your mark is removed. God will place you where He placed them. Remember, this safety and salvation we are discussing is on individual basis. So, you can remove your own mark. If you go out now and meet your relations and tell them that you thank God that all these years, “I have been warning you; the other time, you were laughing at us; this time, come and laugh,” and things like that, you are gone. You have placed yourself in the same parameter with the person straight away.
59.        I want them to laugh at us more and more. Let them continue to mock and God will continue to work. God is at work and they are mocking. It has always been like that. It was not easy for Noah; it was not easy for Lot, neither was it easy for Rehab.
60.        Jesus Christ did not find it easy for too many mockers appeared. All the Prophets and Apostles, not even one of them found it easy. They were made laughing stocks, but at the end, they were vindicated.
61.        Will it not be foolishness on the side of anyone who carelessly allowed himself to experience such a terrible day which the Prophets and even Jesus Christ Himself foretold in order for mankind to run into God’s own provided place of safety?
62.        This Generation in Prophecy page 26, the last paragraph: “The Lord’s day is a day of God’s vengeance and hot displeasure and wrath upon all mankind who rejected God’s own place of safety in their generation”.
63.        Remember this book is hammering on God’s provided place of safety. Can a man make for himself a place of safety? Such is no place of safety. Whoever that is indulging in such a work is wasting his time.
64.        Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare for war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up: Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.
65.        Assemble yourselves, and come, all ye heathen, and gather yourselves together round about: thither cause thy mighty ones to come down, O LORD.
66.        Let the heathen be wakened, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the heathen round about. Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great.
67.        Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision. The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining." (Joel 3:9-15 KJV).
68.        If there is anytime we should expect the cessation of light from the moon and the sun and stars, it is now. From the news on TV and from the newspapers, American soldiers were interviewed. One of them who was badly wounded said that the type of explosion they had was very bad. One single bomb from Saddam Hussein’s army was like a mine explosion. It was an underground bomb. He said they were afraid it could be the biological bomb or chemical bomb the whole world is afraid of.
69.         The commander of the American Army ordered all American soldiers to put on their safety jackets, something like iron that all of them rolled themselves into because of the shock and the sound of the bomb. Few minutes after their protective clothing were put on, the bomb exploded and the soldier said that the thing lifted all of them very high and flung them on the ground and the thick smoke that came out of it made everywhere dark for over one hour.
70.        He said it was a thick darkness they never experienced all their lives and the type of noise that came from the bomb shook the whole foundation of the Earth and the soldiers shouted that it was a test.
71.        In other words, all the weapons of warfare that have been accumulated all these years, human beings will be used to test them. Thus, this is testing time. The whole explosives will be tested this time using human beings.
72.        If one could cause that type of explosion, what if ten exploded? America said they have developed some neutralizers that they mounted on the four warships at the Gulf. That anytime the chemical bomb explodes, they will shoot up their own to counter it. That is rubbish.
73.        I am not looking at the chemical bomb, neither am I looking at the biological bomb, but I am looking at the hand of God igniting the bombs because He told us clearly that no amount of sacrifice, no amount of suffering, no amount of negotiation or persuasion will stop America from bombing Iraq this year. It is a matter of few days from now.
74.        He said, “I, the Lord will use My hand to ignite it.” Can you imagine a situation where the United Nations Security Council said, “No” to war, American government said, “No” to war, the British government did not approve war, France did not approve the war, the whole countries in the world said, no, but one man single-handedly executed the war and last night, he made his address to the world again.
75.        He said, “From now, America will begin to recognize their enemies.” That was after closing American embassy in South Africa and Kenya last night and he said he is going to close more. He said, “Now, enemies of America have been made manifest.” He said that any country that refuses to join them in their attacks against Iraq and Iran and their allied nations, America must attack that nation.
76.        You do not need a Prophet to tell you again. I just want to remind you of what I said before. You know, the time Osama Bin Laden bombed World Trade Centre and Pentagon, while the whole world was sorrowing, some parts of Nigeria went on the streets jubilating and America was not happy. Can you catch the joke? Is it a surprise that Saddam Hussein could say that Nigeria was harbouring their arch enemies and that they were located in southern part of Nigeria?
77.        America is saying that Nigeria is harbouring their arch enemies and they are located in the North? So, America is against Nigeria and Iraq is against Nigeria. One is going for the North and the other is going for the south. Which way Nigeria, the giant of Africa?
78.        Who made you a giant over Africa? Another proud nation that is always boasting of having oil, “Nigeria is a blessed nation, a nation of God.” Do not worry. Time will vindicate us. Let us continue to read the message to the world. I will still come back to all these things because from now, I will be in this pulpit every first day of the week. As long as I am in this flesh, I will make it a point of duty to be here.
79.        Remember, early this year, I promised that it will be almost impossible for me to stay away from Onitsha on Sundays; that I will find it difficult to worship with any Local Assembly on a Sunday. I can stay with you up to Saturday evening; Sunday morning, you will see Me enter My car and go away heading to Onitsha.
80.        Yes, I have good reasons for that. All that the Son of Man is made up of is in Onitsha. My entire family is in Onitsha. Beside that, I have a good number of my friends and well-wishers in Onitsha and as a good husbandman; I do not think that I can go far from them at a time of war.
81.        If you feel comfortable when I am not around, something is wrong with you. My wife used to tell Me her own experiences. She said, “Daddy I do not know what I will do; each time you travel out, I remain awake till the morning.”
82.        I said, “Yes, any day I travel out and you sleep, something has gone wrong with you. How can you sleep when your life is insecure? Your life is secured only when I am around.”
83.        Thus, if I travel out and many of you start rejoicing, you are rejoicing because you lack the revelation.
84.        Let Me tell you one thing about Me in consonance with the Archeological Parchment; as long as I am here among you, there is that feeling of security; every person here has that feeling of absolute security. Nobody believes that evil can befall him or her as long as I am standing here. And by this, we know we are standing on the line.
85.        That was one thing with Jesus and His disciples. As long as he was around, as recorded in the Archeological Parchment, all his disciples had that feeling of security; that there was no problem. “Is daddy in the cockpit?”
86.        You know what that means. Let us go ahead for there is no danger. At least, no matter the situation, He knows what to do. He knows how to arrest every situation. This place of security is very important to all of us here.
87.        “One awful thing is that the day of vengeance which is the same Day of the Lord is hidden in God’s mind alone. No human being, irrespective of his position, knows the very date. The Bible said that it will come like a thief upon all the ungodly outside God’s ark of salvation in that age. The Bible further revealed that it will take place when people are comforting themselves of having peace and safety.
88.        We are aware that no generation has proclaimed peace and safety more than this our generation. Is that not true? Everywhere is the cry for peace. Every effort has been made in both political, economical, social and religious harmony and stability.
89.        Many have heaved a sigh of relief that at last mankind has now understood its order, hence, we have become politically united as nations through United Nations Organization, UNO and religiously united through World Council of Churches. The entire world now feels there is peace and safety in their organizations. Is that not true?
90.        But God’s words declare otherwise, that when they will say, “peace and safety”, at that time, sudden destruction will befall mankind on the Lord’s day because they refused to obey the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ...”
91.        Please note, the major role of the United Nations is to ensure peace all over the world and I want to tell you that this United Nations came out from what the world knew as the League of Nations.
92.        It is the League of Nations that metamorphosed into the United Nations Organization and it was this League of Nations that deceived the world trying to promise them safety when there was no room for safety. They were parading themselves as agents of peace; holding meetings from one place to the other.
93.        Finally, they were there, Germany, led by Hitler led the whole world into the First World War and Second World War without the League of Nations doing anything. The same way the United Nations under their Security Council arrangement headed by France has continued to fool the world, giving the impression that no country has the legal right to go to war with another country without their mandate.
94.        Now, America went to war with Afghanistan without their mandate; America is now at war with Iraq without their mandate. Then what role is UN playing? This is to show you that anybody putting his trust in such associations is just wasting his time. All those associations and organizations, God must nullify and God has already started nullifying them.
95.        A situation where the decree made by the UN can be flouted and no punishment meted out to the offender. Then, what purpose is it serving? It is useless. According to the UN’s Charter, because they did not mandate America to go to war, UN could have now gathered other nations together to wage war against America. But, can they do it? Never.
96.        No wonder God said, “From here, through these Holy Lips, I declare to you that UN Security Council is investigating the possession of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is just an American intelligence device, having only but one aim: to expose the secrets of Iraq so that America will know where to attack them.”
97.        Today, I am vindicated. In spite of all their reports and everything, what is taking place? Has America not attacked Iraq? They are at war. I do not blame Britain; a nation that is ruled by a woman must always be in error.
98.        Britain is governed by a woman; Queen Elizabeth the second. Forget about Tony Blair, the Prime Minister. He is just an ordinary instrument in the hand of the woman. Amen.

This Generation in Prophecy
This Generation in Prophecy, Page 45: “Anybody that is worshiping God or taking refuge outside this church which is God’s heavenly Jerusalem, which He Himself is the founder according to the Holy Scriptures and is called God’s heavenly Jerusalem must be destroyed with the world.”
2.           If you are taking refuge outside this place called by His Name, you must be destroyed with the world.
3.           Page 47: “Whoever that is born into this family of God which is His Church is likened to one that has constructed his building on a solid rock…”
4.           If you are born into this family, you are not added to this family, you are not a stranger to this family, but you are a bona fide citizen of this family. You are like one that has constructed his building upon a solid rock.
5.           He is standing upon a firm foundation that cannot be shaken by any storm, flood, or wind or any earthquake or power of darkness. He is not afraid of any amazement by day or by night because he is already an overcomer for he possesses the faith that overcometh the world, even our faith.
6.           Outside this holy Family of God, which is the CHURCH that consists of His dear and obedient and faithful children, the rest of the entire world remains under the control and power of the devil.
7.           “For whatsoever is born of God, overcometh the world and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith”. 1st John 5:4 “All God’s children must not have any difficulty in recognizing their Father’s Family”.
8.           God had started addressing us like a family long time ago. See God referring to His children as those born into His family. I am happy to be one of them. If you are not happy, well, I wonder what else can make you happy. 
9.           As God’s dear children, we are sure of his protection in the time of doom and calamity because there is no loving father that will not go to all length to protect and preserve the lives of the members of his family.
10.        Therefore, if you are sure that you have been born into this family by election of grace, fear not. This Church which is God’s Ark of Salvation or House of Refuge for all the gentiles has no human being as its head or owner whose word or decision is final in all matters in that church like we can witness in humanly established denominational churches so- called where their founders or owners have the final say. This Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a limited liability organization in guise of a non-profit making organization as we can see its proliferation in the society.
11.        Some of these counterfeit churches run higher institutions of learning and even schools and colleges while some establish industries and other business ventures for material gains, but it is not so with the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
12.        The Church of Jesus Christ teaches  equality of brethren, does not treat people with respect of persons, it is free from partiality, schism, politics, divisions, but is unique  in all her doctrines, conduct and order as one can see”.
13.        I want to encourage you to go back and read this book. That is what I am doing. Do not throw it into the dustbin. If there is a time you need it, it is now.
14.        Page 82: “In effect, mankind has manufactured with their hands the things that will lastly destroy them without mercy. If third world war comes at this generation, how many nations will survive it taking into consideration the level of long range missiles many countries have stored with the help of modified computer systems? But the third world war will not come out. Will there be war at all? Surely yes!
15.        Attention is on Iraq and America for now, but let Me tell you something. Can you believe it, Erie Sharon addressed Israel Last week Tuesday telling the whole world that he has made good arrangements for security for Israel in the event of any attack; that the America – Iraq war will help Israel; that it will be a good ground for Israel to settle their scores with their enemies.
16.        And last night, while America is suffering their greatest loss so far in the war with Iraq, apart from the plane that crashed killing 18, America lost one of their best fighters so far. Iraqi soldiers gunned the aircraft down and then killed the leader of the battalion that invaded Baghdad.
17.        America and Britain are losing a lot; they are saying that this battle is becoming hot on their side every day. Last night, Israeli troops invaded the Gaza Strip and then slaughtered thousands. What is more, Sharon came up with his defence minister and said that the battle must be decided now or never, for the attention of the world has been distracted by America and Iraq.
18.        Remember, before then, the UN had condemned Israel for attacking Palestine. Almost all the countries in the world are not happy with Israel for the actions they are taking against Palestine. Will there be war at all? Yes!
19.        All the nations in the world MUST condemn the last action Israel will take against Palestine and will join themselves together under the UN treaty or accord and attack Israel including America and Britain. 
20.        This is the long awaited Armageddon war where God Himself will display His supernatural authority and power over all the nations of the world. This is not the matter at stake for now please”.
21.        There is God among His people. That God stipulated time for everything. He said, “When that time comes, do not bother yourselves.” But will it happen? Yes!
22.        On Friday, the entire Arab League held a serious meeting that lasted till Saturday morning. The Egyptian president came up with a resolution that any further incursions on Iraq or any other territory, the whole Arab League will decide the matter with the entire world; that enough is enough; that they are seeing the whole thing as a direct attack and insult on Islam.
23.        In other words, war between America and Iraq has changed from political war to a religious war; it is now called a Holy War. We are set for another Jihad. Then, if we are set for another Jihad, can Jihad be prosecuted decisively without Nigeria? Let us hold it there. I will come back there. I am coming to that.
24.        Since it has been widely speculated that this generation is ending on a disastrous note, what efforts are you making with your family, relations, friends and well wishers to escape the trouble that is coming on mankind anytime from now?...”
25.        Since you believe and you are sure that this generation is ending on a disastrous note, the Watchman is asking you a direct question: “What efforts are you making to safeguard your family, your parents, friends and well -wishers or are you just folding your hands and saying, “Let God determine my fate?”
26.        Looking at the whole thing, I know that victory is along the way; the war will not last long. America predicted that it will last long; Britain predicted that it will last long, but I am saying that it will not last long because I am interested in it. It will not last long. If it lasts long, no flesh will be saved.
27.        If the Lord of hosts does not shorten the period, surely, no flesh will be saved and He is going to shorten the period of the war for the sake of the elect.
28.        Because we are still here, God is going to do something; the Lord must wage it and then determine the thing on once-and-for-all basis and in the end, victory will come to God, whether you believe it or not. The East must win the West, for God is a native of the East and the West has remained God’s greatest enemies.
29.        God is found in the East and not in the West. That is why I am not a Christian. I am a Child of God posted here for a purpose, but I know My homeland; My homeland is in the East and not the West. Then you begin to appreciate why I have always justified the Muslims.
30.        GOD IS A MUSLIM, BELIEVE IT IF YOU CAN. Thus, any attack on Muslims is an attack on God. It is hard to believe.
31.        Now, let me ask you a question:  if you are asked to trace the old time religion, the religion of Moses, where will you go to? East or West? Who knows the old time religion of today? Is it the West or the East? It is from the East. Is that not true? The great rabbis all came from the East; no rabbi has ever come from the West and no rabbi will ever come from the West. You can only see impersonations in the West.
32.        Whatever you see in the West is mere impersonation; the original is always in the East. Even Abraham is a native of Iraq. Don’t you know that it is the home of our fathers that is being attacked? The enemies are attacking My home for I am a native of Iraq. You know that there are many things we dare not say; maybe, you do not believe that God is found in despised places.
33.        Which religion is despised today? Is anyone despising the so-called Christianity? It is enjoying world acclaim now. However, once you mention Islam, people become scared. They call it every kind of name. What if at the end, you discover that I am an Ishmaelite. What if you discover that I have nothing to do with Sarah, but belong to Hagar? What will you say?
34.        If I am of Esau, of what use is Jacob? If Esau can be saved, what will hinder God from saving Ishmael? Maybe, you do not know that Sarah represents the Law while Hagar represents freedom. Maybe, you do not know that Hagar was a Gentile and Sarah was a Jew.
35.        Who will receive the wrath of God? Is it the Jews or the Gentiles? The Jews! Stop there; do not bother yourselves. These are side comments we can make anytime, but for you to come for justification of what I am saying, come closer and I will drill you there.
36.        That is why when you see people talking blah, blah, blah about all these religions, be very quiet, lest you speak against yourself. I know where what I am proclaiming here comes from. Maybe, you think that Jesus Christ came from America. America has always been arrogating to themselves everything that is good.
37.        Anything that is good, they will take it to Europe; it must go to America and other European countries, but anything that is bad or evil they will take it to the East. That is not what we are discussing. Amen.

No Hiding Place (2)
Follow Me this way: “THE FINAL APPEAL.” Brother Isaac Igwe, I know you are boiling there because this is sounding strange. Didn’t I promise you that I will say unimaginable things this year; things that are unbelievable; things that can set your heart aflame?
2.           To believe that God will justify the Muslims and then condemn the Christians, you know, is not easy, but that is what He has done now. He has done it already. Let them drag God to court. God is not in Christianity; even the fear of God is not in Christianity. Christianity is politics. It is the highest form of international politics. It is American device which they cemented with the Bible.
3.           I am here to make you know the truth. Now, from all these things you are hearing, do you not know that you are getting transformed? Even your ideologies are being changed. Your philosophies, your visions, everything is changing. You can now begin to see yourselves that you cannot fit into any system. You are neither here nor there. In other words, you are in the world of your own.
4.           The Christians are wrong, the Muslims are wrong. When judged with what you are upholding, you are not upholding Muslim faith, you are not upholding Christian faith and you are not upholding any religious faith. What faith are you holding? The Faith of Christ. Full stop.
5.           That is why the scripture said that you are transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of His Dear Son. This is the only place you can now stay and call Him Abba Father. This is a separate Family. That is why the message said that you are a peculiar people, a separated people, a called-out people, a royal priesthood. You are in a world of your own. You can create and recreate.
6.           As long as we are in our nation, we can make laws here and equally cancel them. We are not bound by the laws of any nation. That is why when you come into this Faith, you have to be very careful. The more you look, the less you see. That will prove to you that every true seed of God is an oddball. Every statement he makes will take some people million miles away.
7.           While they are still thinking of that one, he will say another thing. He will keep talking, until the more he opens his mouth, the blinder they become; until they will be looking at him like a fool. You will not know where to start; you keep on talking to somebody and he will be astonished and say: “I was thinking that you are a Christian. I used to regard you as a born  again Christian, but from what I am seeing now, I am confused.”
8.           He will ask: “What is the name of this Church?” And you say, “Sir, I do not belong to any Church and I have never been a Christian all my life and I will not be a Christian till eternity”. He will say, “I fear you”.
9.           Yes, you must fear Me. See God in His wisdom! He allowed us to pass through them, until we finished revealing everything concerning every organization on Earth and know the extent of their powers; the source of their pride and boast so that we can never be afraid of any of them.
10.        Anywhere they see us, you see them on the run. They warn their members never to associate with us, but we permit you to meet them; we permit you to go and meet them because we have taught you.
11.        Let us read the Final Appeal. “The watchman is aware of the emergence of false Prophets, teachers and even pastors and evangelists, all in the Name of Jesus Christ in these closing hours of human history. They have appeared as wolves in sheep’s clothing that the scriptures might be fulfilled.
12.        The whole thing is fully dressed up in religion and can only be discovered with the help of the Holy Scriptures and at the same time, true and faithful ones have appeared to guide the Children of God to a place of Safety.
13.        They are in the ministry and do not make noise on the streets or arrogate to themselves blasphemous titles like Reverend Dr., Arch Bishop, Great Man of God. Their simplicity has made them easily accessible to all that wish to be saved at all times whether rich or poor without demanding any payment or official protocol. They are servants to all and not Lords over God’s own heritage.
14.        By this description, it is very easy to identify them. Do not look for them among the clergy because they are not found there. They are despised, ridiculed, blasphemed or even labeled heretics or false teachers by clergies of today, yet in them is the shewbread that we need. The Watchman, therefore, appeals to all mankind; to come out at once from all religious denominations no matter the name they are called. They are all individual or family projects established for selfish gains.
15.        They do not know the way to the Ark of Safety God has prepared for our generation. They do not also know God. This is hard to believe, but it is true. There should be no sympathy in this matter. Even if your parents or friends are the owners of the so- called church or ministry, please do not consider it. Do not consider how long you have stayed there and what people will say if you leave them.
16.        Do not consider the loss you will suffer. Saint Paul and all Christians suffered the loss of all things for the sake of eternal life. If you go ahead to consider all these things, surely, you will be destroyed with the world. Not all that carry the holy bible and go to church have eternal life as their goal.
17.        This reflects also in their daily lifestyle and ambitions to become one thing or the other here on earth. Anybody following such people surely will meet destruction on the way. So, please, dissociate yourselves from such people and come to the knowledge of God that you may escape His fury and wrath in this end time”.
18.        I have sounded this alarm to the world long, long time ago. You can now begin to appreciate why I slammed an order that henceforth, anybody that continues to romance with the denominations and have only decided to come to us simply because he has seen the hand of death, please, do not admit such a person in your congregations.
19.        Have I not given them enough time? From the year 1999 till this moment. After hearing My Voice, they still laughed at it and now, they see those things fulfilling and you see them trooping into our Fellowship in hundreds; in thousands. Don’t you think I will be foolish to accommodate them? I will be very, very foolish.
20.        There is no place to hide for all that dwell upon the Earth. Earlier this year, I gave you My address on 12th January, 2003. We played the tape in the Fellowship on Sunday and we heard all that the Son of Man voiced out that day. You can agree with Me, as at that time, there was no war and there was no sign of war.
21.        And while God was speaking to us, it got to a point where He said: “I give you a sign, whether they believe it or not, nothing will stop America from attacking Iraq this year”. And from there, the Lord went further to reveal events surrounding North Korea and South Korea: That North and South Korea must come together, but not without war. And the war must be between North Korea and America. You are sure; you have heard it.
22.        When George Bush was addressing America and the whole world before this war with Iraq, he said, “After this invasion and occupation of Iraq, the next target will be North Korea.” The whole world heard about it and the president of North Korea replied by saying that he is waiting for George Bush. He said that he is ready; that everything is set.
23.        Before the world knew it, he pulled out of the UN Security Council and then pulled out from the Non-Allied Movement to stay on his own. In other words, North Korea can face America.
24.        Also, I told you about India and Pakistan. I told you that nothing stops India from attacking Pakistan and that there, they will exchange chemical weapons. It is on record that even till this moment, Pakistani president is still on the alert. Indian president has concluded an arrangement to invade Pakistan. And Pakistani president is saying that the greatest form of defense is attack. That Pakistan will no longer fold their arms waiting for India to strike, that they may strike before India will finish their arrangement and there is no going back.
25.        I told you that God has hardened the hearts of leaders; the hand of the Lord is upon the world to bring His prophecies to fulfillment.
26.        Here in Nigeria, we are not left out. Politically, all that I told you, you can see them come to pass as the election was shifted from May the 29th to April the 19th. That is not all. Even that of April the 19th, debates are now on. The whole Roman Catholics under the Christian Association of Nigeria are into it. Catholic Arch Bishops of Nigeria, Christian Association of Nigeria and Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria, all have joined hands to say, “no,” to government over election on 19th April.
27.        They said, they will never vote on their holy day because April the 19th is Easter Saturday. So, they are saying, no. The debate is still on; Government is keeping quiet, waiting for the last minute change.
28.        Remember that the Voice said, “Even if it is not changed; even if the election is conducted on that day or at new date, it cannot produce a president.” Did we hear it?
29.        Now, as we continued, the Voice told us that we should expect the emergence of three Republics bearing the name Nigeria. Now, without mincing words, I wish to inform you that looking at the political situation, we can see that tribal parties have emerged.
30.        APGA is Igbo party; South-East arraignment. AD is Western party, ANPP is Northern party. These are tribal parties. The only national party we have is PDP and it is not making any headway. PDP can have some chairmen of Local Governments, can produce some Governors, but it cannot produce Government at the Centre. Never, never. I am not a politician and I will never be. What I want to say is that politics of Nigeria is fraught with troubles; it is going to be bloody. It is going to be disastrous. It has already started.
31.        A lot of killings, assassinations, murders going on. In terms of disaster, you are witnesses. You have heard what is happening. There in the tape, it is contained: the trouble between the Itsekiris there at Warri and as at that time, there was no trouble. He said, “I will give you a sign; soldiers will be back on the streets of Warri again and then Jos.”
32.        After that, we saw soldiers back in Jos and back in Warri. What are soldiers coming to do in the time of democracy? Are we practicing democracy or duocracy; Government of the people by the people; by the military and civilians at the same time? It is duocracy that we are seeing.
33.        What is more, I told you the problem of Anambra State and that of Cross River State, concerning the universities. Is anybody in doubt? It is in the tape that strikes and lockouts will mark this year; that our universities can hardly read and you can believe it with what is happening.
34.        Since this year, we do not know anything that is called university education anymore and it is an intellectual device to keep the students away from the universities during elections so that they will not foment trouble, but the trouble they are trying to avert they must confront.
35.        Disaster everywhere; look at Adamawa State. The Federal Government has drafted soldiers there because they are slaughtering themselves in thousands; look at the Jukun and the Benues; see what is taking place there. Even there at Lafia, Nasarawa, they are slaughtering themselves. Look at the whole situation, you can see a bloody environment; God trying to fulfill His word. That is not My message. I am simply reminding you.
36.        Any moment from now, Jos is going to be called an emirate, put it down if you wish. We are in Nigeria. Osama Bin Laden came in here for a purpose. When he was disarmed in Afghanistan because of his popular figure, there is no other place he could go to source for raw materials for the manufacture of nuclear bomb, except Nigeria, for he is an expert in the manufacturing of nuclear bombs for the Al-Qaeda Network; another movement that is dangerous; the el-Jihadist.
37.        The el-Jihadist is a suicide squad that is nurtured by the Taliban; they are all with us. Now, believe it if you can, that Osama Bin Laden has succeeded in training some Nigerians and he has moved all of them into America. America is going to be invaded any time from now. This time, not by North Korea or so-called Al-Qaeda Network, but by NIGERIANS and it is going to be sponsored by the Al-Qaeda Network.
38.        Nigerians must be involved in the suicide squad that will render America useless. Too many enemies of America, mainly from African nations have entered America unnoticed.
39.        Yesterday, security officials in America arrested 45 of them and among them are five Nigerians; most of them Egyptians and Libyans. Some are from Morocco and these are strong Islamic countries. Already, what America is trying to avoid is with America. What Britain is trying to avoid is with Britain.
40.        I am preparing you to escape the diseases and pestilences that were predicted by The Almighty God to befall the whole human race before the end of Christ’s generation. This is the last generation that will mention the name, “Christ”.
41.        After this generation, there will not be any other that will mention Christ for in that place where we shall settle down finally, nobody will stand up and say, “ I am Christ over you,” but there, He will rule you as your KING and you will be His subjects.
42.        And there, He will rule you by a Name which you know very well. You call Him like you can call King Hassan of so – so and so place, for when you want to mention kings, you go to the East; the East is controlled by kings. I have taught you this in My message called, “God in Despised Places”, where I traced the whole thing and it boiled down to the Mediterranean land, up there in North Africa.
43.        I am saying that I am not preparing you against the blast of the bomb or nuclear weapon or atomic power, no; neither am I preparing you against the power of atomic missiles. No. You should know more than that. Let the missiles fly to wherever they are landing, but there is something coming upon the Earth greater than missiles.
44.        There are intractable diseases and pestilences that have no cure that are coming and God is going to use the diseases and pestilences that are coming to reduce the population of the world to one-third. I do not care about the population of this world. It is going to be reduced to one – third; two – thirds will perish. There will not be any hope for the wicked.
45.        Then, you will begin to appreciate what God is doing in these last days, counting you worthy to be numbered among those that will escape what is coming upon the earth. Is it not wonderful? You will hear about the diseases; you will see them with your eyes; you will see human beings standing alive while their eyes will get rotten and their tongues will get rotten; cancer will take off their lips and everything. 
46.        You will see human beings” flesh peeling off, all as a result of God’s anger that is revealed upon the Earth because of willful disobedience. And the Lord cannot do all these things without using human beings.
47.        For that reason, He has allowed human beings to accumulate all these weapons of warfare; weapons of mass destruction which God will then lay hand on to eradicate mankind so that in the end, God will be justified by His statement which he said in the book of Genesis that: “Henceforth, I will no longer destroy human beings I created. Human beings will now destroy themselves.”
48.        If God has permitted you to build weapons which you will use to destroy yourselves, has He committed any crime? You manufactured it and then the thing destroyed you.
49.        God, recognizing that we are here as His dear children, born into His family has stepped in using us to confirm His word so that we can share testimony to those that survived, that really, God must be feared.
50.        Every prophecy that God has prophesied, He knows a way of bringing it to come to pass. What am I saying? Seeing that death is upon the Earth already, what should be your attitude? Must you stop whatever you are doing? The answer is, no.
51.        Continue with whatever you are doing. If you want to marry, marry. If you want to work, work. If you want to go to school, continue because you are completely secured. We shall see the end of everything anytime from now.
52.        Wherever He is taking us to, your eyes will see and the righteous will see the destruction of the wicked. The righteous must witness the destruction of the wicked. If it is not true, I will not proclaim it. I know it is true and I know that the Hand of God has already supported it.
53.        That is why, no amount of prayer, no amount of offering, no amount of fasting or whatever can stop it. God has ruled it and the whole thing will culminate into the so-called World War. World War in the sense that the effect of the war must affect everybody upon the Earth.
54.        Any moment from now, all the waters from the ground shall be rendered poisonous for the Lord Himself will rest upon the waters and the waters will become poisonous. Anybody drinking of the water will die of cholera, but the children of God will drink the same water and live.
55.        The Lord Himself is going to pollute the water and He is going to pollute the air also. People will breathe in the air and they will breathe in the poison that will destroy their lungs; their liver and everything in them.
56.        We will breathe in the air and nothing will happen to us because the Almighty God has insulated us and has brought us to a state of indestructibility and that is the only way we can escape because there is no other hiding place.
57.        God will hide us upon the Earth and there is no part of the Earth where this calamity will not touch. Thus, the only way to secure you is to insulate you and this is what God is doing by the anointing.
58.        For this reason, God has decided to come down. If God does not permit all these things, His power to secure cannot be made manifest.
59.        Here in Nigeria, we are not left out. I have told you before and I am still affirming it that the battle will be fermented, the battle will be brewed in Kano, fought in Kaduna and Abuja.
60.        Any moment from now, Abuja will be no more because Abuja is going to be contested and contended for. No part of this nation will allow any part of this nation to use it as capital neither will they use Lagos. Already, Lagos is going to be destroyed by Britain. Britain built Lagos and they will destroy Lagos.
61.        Whatever you call Lagos today was called Lagos colony. It was a complete republic dominated by the whites. It was a republic of its own that time before Lord Lugard did what he did. We had the Northern protectorate; the Southern protectorate and the Lagos colony and Lagos colony was dominated by the whites like the whites dominated South Africa.
62.        Now, another country that will feel the pinch is South Africa. In anger, because Mbeki has provoked Iraq, the Muslims will not spare South Africa. African nations must suffer greatly, especially the South Africans and the West Africans. They are going to suffer terribly.
63.        From now on, there is going to be a great famine. Famine of food; I am not talking of the famine of the word of God because already, there is famine of the word of God. It is only in this most holy Faith that we are enjoying the bread fully.
64.        We have the bread in abundance for God stored abundant food in this most holy Faith the same way God has stored abundant physical food for us. There is going to be great famine upon the Earth. I am telling you the truth.
65.        From the reports reaching us, America which is one of the sources of the life of Nigeria has vowed a vow that they will withdraw. In fact, they have withdrawn all assistance, military and otherwise from Nigeria. They will never assist Nigeria anymore. It is written in the newspapers. They have withdrawn everything.
66.        Nigeria said, “No matter their withdrawal of food, grants and everything, we will never succumb to America’s intimidation.” That was the reply from the Federal Government.
67.        Now, what am I saying? Nigeria is in trouble because Nigeria is going to receive attack from both sides. The greatest enemy of Nigeria was a Nigerian and that is the man called Cameroon. Cameroon will use this opportunity to decide the case of Bakassi.
68.        In other words, I am trying to say that war has engulfed the world and Bakassi is Aba. Any gunshot fired at Bakassi will land at Aba. I am saying that God has made adequate provision for His children.
69.        There is going to be famine, I mean a great one. Then, this rainfall will be an early one. God promised it; God has fulfilled it. Have you not enjoyed it? But He said that it will not rain for too long. God must cut it short. So, expect greatest heat from now on.
70.        The radiations from the nuclear weapons will stop the wind and stop everything rain. They are going to be powerful radiations that will dry up every percolation of rain in the atmosphere because the temperature is going to be greatly increased so that whatever will percolate as rain will melt up immediately and get dried up.
71.        In other words, expect the greatest heat that will scotch even human beings from now. We have enjoyed enough early rain. We are going to see death. But upon the children of God, there is a fountain flowing.
72.        On that day, you will see a stone that will supply you with abundant water. Has He done it before? Yes! You are secured. In that place of safety, you will remain there. Only one person will go out and come in. You will lack no food and you will lack no water. Your dresses will serve you throughout the period.
73.        This tribulation you will pass through will not last more than ten days. The ten days will be horrifying during the period. This is why I am taking my time. I am not in haste and I have never been in haste. I have been taking my time; I will be mounting this pulpit from time to time making sure that I make no mistake and at last, I have arrived at the point He said that I should arrive and there we are now.
74.        Look at the war axis; see the war axis. I elaborated that of Nigeria very well so that we will come closer to what is happening.
75.        Now, all the brethren in the Northern State take note. There is going to be trouble in Maiduguri any moment from now and that trouble will start in Bauchi, but will be fought in Jos.
76.        If you are in the North, especially in Jos and you hear that there is trouble in Jos or Maiduguri, please remember I have told you. Do not try to hide in any place in the North. Come down to the East. Until you get to this place, do not settle down.
77.        I will tell you where else you will go. Do not even telephone Me because I may not be in the mood to answer your call. If you hear that there is trouble in Kaduna or in Kano, all of you that are in Dadinkowa over there, do not make the mistake of going to Abuja, continue your journey from there to Jos, that is, if the trouble is not in Jos.
78.        If there is trouble in Abuja, the whole brethren there, please, find your way to Zonkwua. If there is no trouble in Kano (but there can never be trouble in Abuja without being in Kano. All of them will start at the same time).
79.        For now, if you are wise and you have any relation in the North and they are independent, they are not civil servants; write them a serious letter asking them to come down before April the 4th. There is going to be a blackout in Nigeria on 2nd April. That will be the first sign of the trouble; government will try grappling with the trouble; the trouble will be so much that government activities will be paralyzed.
80.        Thus, if you have any relations in the North and they are independent, they are on their own, please tell them to make good arrangements to come down to the East and they should remain here until after the so-called elections, because when the trouble starts, nobody will protect anybody in the North who is not a Muslim. No protection will be given to anybody.
81.        Let them go to the Army Barracks; they will be killed there. They run to police barracks, they will be killed there. Even the police and the army who are not Muslims, their fellow police and army officers will kill them. We are going to see a massacre once the trouble starts.
82.        Then, disgruntled Nigerians will join hands with enemies of Nigeria to burn down this nation. Bombs will explode in this nation from different angles as a sign that Nigeria is being controlled by Islamic Conference, Organization of Islamic Countries.
83.        Maybe, you do not know that Nigeria is a strong member and they want to enforce their strong dominance. That is why America was trying to hinder Buhari from coming out.
85.        For that reason, anybody having a relation in the North should tell that person to come down that the nation cannot guarantee the security of anybody that is not a Muslim in the North. But to you that belong to Me, you have no other place to run. Once the trouble starts, do not wait until your own state is bombed. Find opportunity and fly down to this place for further instructions.
88.        The problem of the world is not politics; the problem of the whole world is religion and the whole thing is winding up in religion, which is where we are standing.
89.        Thus, look away from the politics; look away from the economy and any other thing; look unto religion. Fix your eyes on Russia. Any day Russia drops a bomb in America, that is the end of the world and then we can go about announcing the victory for all eyes will see the whole thing for where the bomb will drop will be the target; that will be the decider; the decider is not coming from Iraq; the decider is coming from America.
90.        Fix your eyes on Russia. Russia has never forgiven America and Russia will never forgive America. I told you that it was America that helped to destroy Russia during the First and Second World Wars. It was America that sponsored Afghanistan to shatter USSR. Now America is on it again; Russia will not spare.
91.        Fix your eyes on Russia. No matter the way you look at it, for now it seems almost impossible, but wait until America in their attempt to execute the war touches the oil producing Kuwait which is the life wire of Russia, then Russia must react. That is where we are now.
92.        For now, Iraq has destroyed all their oil wells making it impossible for America to get any oil; America is now dependent on Venezuela and any moment from now, that oil well will be shattered too. So, the whole thing is affecting Nigeria. It is affecting everybody.
93.        The price of oil will even fall. Instead of rising, it will fall. There will not be any market for the oil again and then hardship will be imposed on the nation as never before, but you are secured. As many as are in Me and I in them, they are secured. If you have backslidden from the Faith, I cannot guarantee your safety.
94.        The diseases are on the way, the air is bringing them down, water is a very big carrier. Water you poured on the ground here, in about two months it can get to Enugu through the porous spaces in the soil. That is why the water we are drinking here is polluted water already. The gaseous nature of the bombs coupled with the nuclear effects and the radiations will kill many.
95.        From now, doctors should get ready to entertain cases they cannot diagnose; cardiac cases as a result of nuclear emissions. We are set and God is equally set to put an end to the human race so that we will see righteous people that will reign on Earth with God as the King of Righteousness.
96.       On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.