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New Year Message, preached 1st January, 2016.The Son of Man family Altar Message, at Nsugbe by Apostle Peter Odoemena.The Son of Man.The Eastern Star.
2.           Chapter three, The Year of Disaster. “Don’t complain; don’t murmur because you were told ahead of time that government
must increase your hardship through politics. We have seen what is happening. Son of Man.”
3.           The real Anambrarians are not vying for anything, but Ebonyi indigenes, resident in Anambra – Ebonyi, Abia indigenes. Note these two states. In Imo, it is completely unknown. Ebonyi and Abia indigenes resident in Anambra, they are the people spearheading it and the nation has marked them.
4.           They will not only attract a heavy bombardment from the Federal Government, they will also attract bombing. The first suicide bombing in Igbo land. Expect it this year.”
5.           I hope you are all aware that the first bomb exploded in Onitsha last week? And it shattered, NTA Onitsha. How many saw it? It was televised nationwide.NTA Star Times, Onitsha was bombed last week. Building shattered.
6.           As I am talking to you now, it is not functioning again. No life was lost. Some improvised explosive devices that did not explode were recovered by the police. The Commissioner of Police came all the way from Awka, the Army came, theCivil Defense came too. The location is there. Just adjacent Federal Housing Gate along 3-3 Road.
7.           It was nationally televised, it was in the newspapers. As I am talking to you now, the rubbles are still there. They said three arrests were made. But the three arrests turned out to be innocent commercial motorcyclists.
8.           The Army was there, the police was there and the people outsmarted all of them. They carried out the hoodlum activities and went away untouched.
9.           Remember what God said, “By and by, the Igbo must join; Igbo people because of money. But they will not like to commit suicide. For no Igbo man will like to die without chopping the money. They will join in the attack.”We recorded the first last week. It is there.
10.        What is more, when it will be happening here, it will be happening in the North central. An insurgent group is coming up. They have been building up for over twenty years.”
11.        An insurgent group is coming up. As at the time this message was preached, there was nothing called Niger Delta Avengers. Niger Delta Avengers came into existence in the month of March. But this message was preached 1st January, 2016. Three months after, an insurgent group, unknown, appeared. And we have been dancing their music till today.
12.        Buhari noticed it and it is being spearheaded by Ibrahim BadamosiBabagida and Atiku. These two notable individuals are spearheading it; and it has been on over the years.
13.        Nobody has ever touched them until Buhari assumed this post. Buhari is not happy that it is touched. Who touched it? An army general – the Chief of Army Defense…”Burattai touched it.
14.        “…and over a thousand eight hundred, according to the figure, were massacred in a broad day light which geared up demonstrations in all the United Arab Emirates.”
15.        Burattai touched it and Buhari is not happy that he touched it. And for touching the thing, the Northern Militants have vowed to capture Buharialive. Not to kill him.
16.        Have you not read about it? It is in all the News Papers. The leaders made a statement on Thursday saying, “I wonder how one that arm them could turn around to kill them. We must capture him. He is answerable not only to the Northerners but to the whole Nigeria.”
17.        About two weeks ago, Northern Leaders went to him asking for restructuring of Nigeria. His reply was, “Why? How?” three days later, they carried a demonstration against him into Aso Rock. Northern Leaders!A house that is divided against itself.
18.        His spokesman came up to tell Nigerians that Buhari is gradually restructuring Nigeria. They are all in the news. What holds us together is the head and it is about to be touched.
19.        Pressure is there. Read Newspapers, listen to news. Eminent Nigerians are speaking with one voice: “Restructuring of Nigeria is the answer.”
20.        On Friday, the Sun newspaper carried it, an eminent nationalist, aNortherner warning Buhari. He Said, “You better settle down and restructure this nation or else, the nation will restructure itself like Yugoslavia.”
21.        How many read it? It is in the newspaper: “If you do not settle down and do it quietly and peacefully, the nation will restructure itself like Yugoslavia.” He said, “If it happens, many nations will emerge. If it happens, many nations will emerge. So, settle down now and do it in the right way.”
22.        The President has already ordered oil exploratory, foreign oil exploratory, charged NNPC with the responsibilities to explore oil in all the Northern States and see to the possibility of drilling oil in the Northern States. For that is the single product that holds Nigeria together.
23.        Take away the oil, whatever a geographical area has can sustain her. Then, if it happens, remember the fear of dominations by the Igbos has always been in the hearts of all Niger Deltans. Igbo domination.
24.        If they should carry arms against the Igbos, can we withstand them? What if they will say, they will never allow the Igbo’s to control them and our economy? Can we suppress them? Going by the militarization of that area over the years, if the Igbo’s should stay on their own, do they have the wherewithal to survive even for one year?
25.        No source of income, no product. Nothing, nothing. The Igbos believed in buying and selling which has never sustained any country.
26.        Thus, the Gross Domestic Product in Igbo land is zero. Gross National Product, zero. In other words, the clamour for independence by the Igbos is like a mirage.
27.        They are clamouring having their eyes on the wealth of the Niger Deltans. And the Niger Deltans wouldn’t like to be colonized again if they happened to be librated.
28.        Let us continue to review the message. God said, “The problem, God will unleash mayhem and it will be a global one. Disaster upon disaster.”
29.        Be it known to you that we have recorded two earthquakes in Nigeria. Even last week, all in Kaduna. Natural disasters, natural disasters, all of them are here with us.
30.        Last night, I heard it in the 9 o’clock television news that the Nigerians Aero authority is threatening to ground the remaining airlines this week because of the bankingeconomic situation. Arab Contractors grounded. Last week, Arik Air, grounded. The remaining two will ground this week.
31.        In other words, the water ways, zero. Air ways, zero. Transportation, road transportation zero. Where is AmechiRotimi? The entire South East notably Enugu and Ebonyi State even some Abia areas have been cut off from the rest of Nigeria.
32.        Our brethren left their houses this morning by 5 o’clock from Enugu; they are yet to arriveJerusalem. So, it is now cheaper, more convenient to travel from Onitsha to Lagos, less time consuming, than to travel from Onitsha to Enugu or Enugu to Onitsha.
33.        If it is not Amazing Grace, we would have been numbered among those that were televised last night by NTA. Even the radio message.
34.        The state banned the use of Ebenebe road yesterday because of detestation that took place. And I said, “So we could have been victims? People that got trapped in the wilderness of Ebenebe because of the road were vandalized by the hoodlums. Property looted, women raped.”
35.        Please, listen to news. Many slept in the bush, some slept in the swamps. For that reason, the state banned out-rightly yesterday the use of Ebenebeen-route Enugu or other places.
36.        Thus, we now have one route. That of Uzouwani, of course you know it is a risk only a useless fellow will take. Nobody that means well for himself will ever take it.
37.        Hence, the only route approved is Ufuma, Inyi, Ache, Oji. That is the approved road by the government and by the Federal Road Safety. Anybody taking any other route is doing it at his or her own risk which we undertook and we nearly perished. We nearly perished.
38.        Amazing grace brought us out from the mouth of lion. No human being in sight, no building in sight. If we must run, how many kilometers are we going to run?And the vehicle could not make a U-turn. It is forward ever. No U-turn.
39.        If the vehicle spoils, no mechanic in sight. No commercial motorcycle, no sachet water because no building in sight. That is where we were trapped for hours in Agwugwuowa wilderness.
40.        So please, we will dismiss on time to enable us reason together on the way forward for our brethren that come from those states. I cannot afford to risk their lives. Their lives are very important to us.
41.        Can you imagine somebody that left his house since 5 o’clock from Enugu here, up till now, they are still at Oko.
42.        I mean, they took Oji, Achi, Inyi to Ufuma before coming to Oko. It is like somebody that is coming to Onitsha. You will get to Owerri, from Owerri to Okigwe. Okigwe to Awka before coming to Onitsha.
43.        Well, you don’t know what you are enjoying in Jerusalem until you step out. All of us that took the risk during this burial, we saw hell.
44.        We were imagining what life could be if our vehicles were among those that were trapped in the mould? This news of what took place there yesterday maybe, we would have been victims also. Amen.

Buhari is not the messiah and can never be the messiah of Nigeria. And don’t ever think that the situation will be better tomorrow. Every day, things are getting worse.
2.           The same army that told Nigerians they captured them, that they will soon be handed over for prosecution, the army is denying knowledge of their whereabouts.
3.           And they have given our president up to January 15th to make a public statement on the matter, panel of inquiry or panel of enquiry or he will hear from them. Let nobody ever take it as an empty threat.”
4.           Yesterday news says that, “A part of the report has been released.” A part, a part.
5.           I want you to see that Nigeria is already engulfed. The economy that is based on oil and the managers of the oil sector are now coming with deregulation, regulation, removal of fuel subsidy or not, fixing prices below or above, they are absolutely confused.
6.           Fixing prices with effect from January 1, is it the way out? When ₦87 was not complied with, ₦87 was not complied with even in NNPC controlled filling stations – fixing prices for commodities you do not have, fixing prices for commodities that find their routes into Nigeria from another countries, different routes. Permitting individuals now to build refineries, how can you permit them?
7.           You liberalize the oil sector, they build refineries, import their crude, refine and do all these things, you begin to regulate their prices, is it possible? You remove regulation; fuel will be sold at ₦350 per litre.
8.           Take note. Even last week or two weeks ago in Imo State, it should be two weeks ago. I mean Imo State. Imo State sold N400 and N450. And there was trouble everywhere. Federal Government came down again to stop everything. And the committee is still sitting.
9.           You can imagine what life would look like if we begin to buy fuel at the rate of N400 or N450 naira per litre. Right now, the minimum wage Nigeria pays cannot buy a bag of rice. I mean local rice.
10.        Local rice is now 20 thousand naira, nineteen thousand five hundred naira. And our minimum wage is eighteen thousand. Foreign rice is 24 thousand naira. Minimum wage cannot buy a bag of rice. How can somebody survive?
11.        We are marching on. We were told ahead of time, we can never be the worst hit. That government will increase our hardship through politics.
12.        Politics, the worst type of politics, the winner takes all.That is our political system.
13.        Then who and who can afford to buy it? It affects every aspect of our activities including school fees and the food you eat…”
14.        Already, a problem is coming. We are not yet certain whether our students will go back to school again because ASUU is set for a show down. The ultimatum expires today. Which means our undergraduates may not go back to school because the president kept quiet over the ultimatum.
15.        Besides, the Federal Ministry of Education has come out with new school fees for all unity schools in Nigeria. If it is possible, they are going to scrap off all Federal Government Colleges. All Federal Universities will pay like private universities from this coming academic session.
16.        Federal Government Colleges that were enjoying good times before will pay between 180 and 200 thousand naira a term. Which means in a session, approximately six hundred thousand naira.And that was the school that was meant for the indigent Nigerians.
17.        Federal Universities that were having good times as well will pay between 150 and 200 thousand naira. They said, “The idea is to meet the cost of running the schools.” In other words, education will be for the rich. And the rich are in the minority.
18.        We are now living in a nation where the rich is getting richer, the poor getting poorer.Every day, things are getting worse.
19.        What is the hope of the common man? If the common man cannot provide the basic food, tell Me if there be any family that doesn’t feed on rice or garri. Go and price yam, the Northerners are calling potato ‘Buhair’s yam.’ For that is the much their money can buy.
20.        They don’t have money to buy yam tubers. They now resort to potato. Please, when you have your time, turn in your television, not to watch movie but to listen to news. Watch documentaries from the states. Global documentaries. Then, you begin to appreciate what is happening.
21.        Brethren were talking concerning the flood in Nigeria; they were talking about the South East. I said, “No, the South East is like the rest of other parts of Nigeria. A documentary from Ilorin Kwara shows that a good number of the community’s towns were trapped and are still trapped.”
22.        What of Aba to Calabar, Aba to CalabarRoad, no vehicle can ever attempt it. From Umuahia to AkwaIbom is a death trap. The boundary between Owerri and Port Harcourt, once it rains, nobody attempts it. Then, from Elelelawan to Alogi Aba road, it is better you trek. Onitsha to Enugu express way, nobody ever mention that again. Old road, it is a story of the past.
23.        OsunState completely cut off. Too many communities in the Western States are no longer in the Nigerian system of roads. And the Federal Government is keeping quiet because the man that is controlling, flies in the air.
24.        I don’t mean Buhari. All administrations before Buhari came, failed Nigeria including Obasanjo.
25.        Thus, let nobody crucify Buhari: A man who doesn’t have the capacity, the money is not there to award contracts, what do you expect him to do under this condition?
26.        The worst is yet to come o-o-o! the worst is yet to come. Don’t worry, time will vindicate Me.
27.        Goodluck deceived Nigerians into believing American gimmick that Nigeria was the fastest growing economy in Africa when Nigeria was crumbling due to corruption that reached its peak in the days of Goodluck Jonathan.
28.        A man that came from Bayelsa State who never constructed any motorable road in Bayelsa State. Make the condition of living even in Bayelsa State worst.
29.        I don’t want to speak because what will speak is already with us.yes, what will speak is already with us. It is fast approaching when nobody will vie for that presidential seat again.
30.        Pray that the man that is there will not resign because of pressure. Many are calling for his resignation. And nobody has the capacity to come up. How can he resign when nobody is coming?
31.        People will run away from Aso Rock because they cannot afford to be there to harbor the pressure that is coming when the purse is empty.
32.        Almost all the banks are having problems now. There is no financial institution that is not having financial difficulties. Some have resulted to slashing of salaries of the workers. Some have removed all the allowances if the staff must be retained. While some gave options, “Take half salary or retrenchment. Give us a reply.”
33.        If you retrench them, where are they going to? What are they going to do? Tell me how much you can give to somebody in the life of the poor economic situation that will help him establish a viable business.
34.        How much are you going to give somebody now that will enable him establish even yam business? Or to establish rice business. How many bags of rice will he buy?
35.        Landlords are equally in the show for they are going to the same market. The only commodity they have is their buildings. “Pay me my rent. Buhari has buharied everything. So, my rent is now from 25 to 50 thousand naira. If you are not prepared, go to the village.”
36.        Let me tell you. 99 percent of the lawyers here are now dying of starvation. When there is no money, trouble will control itself. You cannot prosecute your cases without money. You cannot hire a legal practitioner without money.Thus, they now resort to vying for power of attorney from landlords.
37.        And right now, they are not ejecting tenants again. Tenants are owing landlords and they are refusing to pack away. No court is ready to entertain such silly cases again.
38.        They now resort to a ploy, “Give quit notice in exchange of five thousand.” So that the landlord will know he is doing something.
39.        Collect quit notice; use five thousand naira to cancel it. Remain where you are, after all things are hard. The tide is gathering all round. There is no business that is flourishing again. I am telling you God’s truth.
40.        Robbers are now tired for they have nothing to rob. The man you want to rob, he is looking for somebody he will rob.“Bring the thing,” he will kneel down and give you everything.
41.        You carry vehicle, nobody will buy it. You carry property; they will catch you while soliciting for buyers when nobody will buy. You look for cash, the cash is not there.No business, no money, nothing, nothing. We are dying o-o-o.
42.        We are not fighting any civil war but we are not better than any nation that is fighting civil war. Have you ever heard in the history of mankind that there can be refugees in their countries when there is no war? Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are trying to become half of our population and no money to feed them. No money!
43.        America is battling with their legislation. The Senate is resisting. What is the legislation? The national census shows that unproductive people are in the majority. And they are now of the opinion that 70 years and above should be helped to die. They are fixing maximum age, 70 years.
44.        Thus, anybody that is 71 should not go to hospital. Britain has removed old age allowances. They don’t have money to feed unproductive aged people who are now in the majority. Structural readjustment here and there.
45.        We are watching. Too many organizations are fighting the fate of America now. That nobody should help somebody to die rather they should allow people to die whenever God wants them to die.Instead of helping them to die, stop giving them allowance. No more old age allowances.
46.        Are you sure unproductive people are not in the majority in Nigeria? You don’t know what I am saying until you became a pensioner. You will see people that should not be mentioned filling for pension.
47.        We want to review that thing. Untold hardship facing everybody now. There is no family that is not getting a fair share. For God said, “We must get our own fair share. But we cannot be the worst hit.”Are we not getting our fair share? If you say it is not coming to your own end, you are a liar!
48.        When prices of essentials items are rising and salaries of workers are stagnant, what do you expect? In the face of rising inflation, government is embarking on salary cut…”
49.        Even last night, they said the rate of inflation in Nigeria in August rose to 14.7 percent. In August, 14.7 per cent increase in August. That of September will be up to 25 per cent.
50.        I want you to see that both the leader and the led are all confused for God said when this trouble will start, every attempt to grapple with it will fail for the hand of God is there,…”
51.        Sure! In the health sector, the thing has collapsed completely. We don’t talk of health care again. No more health care service delivery in Nigeria. Almost all the government hospitals are now government mortuaries. Mortuaries are now flourishing more than hospitals. Individuals are constructing mortuaries.
52.        Yes, because the number of corpses are increasing every day. The numbers of mortuaries in Anambra State particular are by far greater than the number of government hospitals.More are coming up like filling stations to meet with the existing death toll. So it is in every other state.
53.        What is responsible? When hunger and starvation comes, sickness comes due to malnutrition, what will be the outcome? Mortuary one-way. Because of the poor economic situation, what Nigeria has been fighting against has resurfaced again in another grand style. For you can’t beat Nigerians hollow.
54.        Nobody is protecting the drugs anymore. What they thought was the remedy has been faked. You can’t use that microchip number to confirm drugs again. Counterfeit drugs now have it. Call that number, it will say, “Okay.” Yet, it is fake!
55.        They want to make both ends meet. Besides, they are very expensive. Drugs are now very expensive. Because when you want to talk about health, you talk about food and drug. For there can never be a healthy nation without a healthy health care delivery system.
56.        Begin to see where we are heading to. When the family cannot provide the needed recommended drugs, they have no money for food; they have no money for drugs. May be we will resort to traditional medicine. Even that one is more expensive than orthodox medicine.
57.        In all you pay before you receive attention. Whether your condition will be better or not, you must pay first.Go to hospital now, before doctors will attend to your case, they will tell you to go and deposit certain amount. He will charge you before treating you. And the treatment is for a certain period, after which, you pay more money.
58.        He will tell you that your money will expire when you come next time. That one has expired. Yet, the patient cannot be discharged.
59.        The time when bills are prepared by hospitals at the point of discharge of the patient is over. No patient is discharged again. Rather, patients now discharge themselves.
60.        Whenever your money is exhausted, you discharge yourself. If you wait until doctor will discharge, the Church will make contribution for you. Amen.

New Year Message , page 81 verse 36, “I want you to see that both the leader and the led are all confused for God said when this trouble will start, every attempt to grapple with it will fail for the hand of God is there,…”
2.           Is it not failing? All efforts so far made, no one has yielded a positive result.
3.           Don’t complain; don’t murmur because you were told ahead of time that government must surely increase your hardship through politics. We have seen what is happening.”
4.           1993! Signs of our Time. 1993!
5.           Never have we come to this point in the history of the nation where naira is being changed for dollar at ₦300…”
6.           But today, it is five hundred and twenty naira. By January 1st, it was 300. But as I am talking to you now, it is five hundred and twenty naira per dollar. Look at how far we have gone. Naira has become ordinary toilet roll.
7.           Now, tell Me the miracle Buhari will perform to generate 7 trillion naira budget. The more the inflation is rising, the more inflation is inflating our budget, but cannot inflate our revenue generation ability. Where is he hoping to generate the revenue to finance ₦6.8 trillion budget, which is ₦7 trillion?”
8.           When he finished approximately 4.8 trillion in one-quarter. And now, he is borrowing from Japan and China to finance the budget.
9.           In Nigeria, all these pressure groups must change their tactics. They are changing their plans. It is this year that Nigeria will see what we call oil pipe line vanderlization of the last order.”
10.        Who will speak and it will come to pass?Almighty God. January 1st. We have seen a new insurgent group, we have seen hardship stAring us in the face. We have seen the worst form of oil pipeline vandalization as never witnessed in Nigeria BEFORE.
11.        It then means, only God had the remedy. He that knows the end from the beginning is the only One that must control this situation. Apart from God, any other person is wasting time.
12.        I told you that every quarter of the year, we should gather to review the New Year package. And know whether it is fulfilling or not.
13.        In Nigeria, all these pressure groups must change their tactics…
14.        What! All pressure groups must change their tactics.
15.        If they go further in their discussions to privatize the refineries, all of them must go into flames…”
16.        Note the one. If Nigeria will go further to privatize the refineries, all the refineries must go into flames.
17.        We are coming to something. I want your eyes of understanding to open, because one thing is to know what is ahead of you another is to plan ahead of time…”
18.        One thing is to know what is ahead of you, another thing is to plan ahead of time.
19.        Seeing that things cannot get better this year…”
20.        Seeing that things cannot get better this year, but your nation is saying you should expect better times ahead, be are seeing it with our eyes now.
21.        That is why I said, “Are we sure that before night today we will not hear about suicide bombing here and there? Are we sure that they will not greet Nigeria good morning and happy new year with bombing somewhere for I know it is mere gimmick for anybody to say that Boko Haram will come to an end.”
22.        And it happened that day in Bornu State. They said they were doing New Year for Buhari.
23.        Even up to 25th December 2015, Texas, America had a very bad peel together with England as some cities were flooded together with the whole of Texas. Building were submerged in millions, thousands lost their lives as a result of the flooding. May be you don’t watch it. I watched the thing. It’s horrifying.”
24.        Even last week, Oshogbo had their worst pill. Flood ravaged a particular area in Oshogbo. Many buildings submerged. Human lives lost, properties lost.
25.        Even in Lagos, few weeks ago, there was a landslide that happened in Lagos and it killed one person in the IDPs camp.
26.        Instead of coming to their rescue, Governor Ambode used caterpillar to bulldoze all those shantieswithout making any provision for the location of over three thousand IDPs members there. They are dying in the open air.
27.        No food, no shelter, no health care. Human beings created like us. Why are they refugees in their own country? Who is pursuing them? Nigerians pursuing Nigerians.
28.        Towards the ending of the year, you saw what happened in china. The rubbles have not been cleared; and this is the beginning of sorrows for God said earlier, when we begin to see these things happen, we should not be shaken in minds as if the end had already come; that it is the beginning of sorrows.
29.        But in all these things, we shall remain safe if we embrace God without hypocrisy. Anybody who doesn’t fear and honour God will be one of the victims of the disaster that will unfold even from today.”
30.        Hunger is killing people in India right now. People are dying in their country because of hunger. Amen.

I will show you one naked sign. There is going to be an outbreak of epidemic greater than ebola. Nigeria will get her own fair share.
2.           It will ravage many nations, a new disease that will be caused by intense heat for dry season this year 2016 will extend, will go beyond the normal period. Note it. They will attribute it to climatic change.
3.           The rain will come back but not too early. Because of the intense heat, there is going to be an outbreak of epidemic, not only in Nigeria, but in many countries. The worst heat in Nigeria will be in the Northern part. Wait for it.”
4.           Wait for it! Wait for it!!Are you surprised? Before the order came, banning the usage of the old road, expressway and so on, I had already proclaimed it. I had already proclaimed it. I had announced the routes:“It must be either of the two.”Ufuma, Inyi.
5.           I even enjoined brethren to go and find out the nature of that road that any moment from that day I spoke about it, I was in Enugu, I came down here,I echoed it. Hammered on it for them to go and investigate that road that sooner than they thought, they will be using Ufuma, Inyi, Ache and Oji-River.
6.           Another route will be Umunze, Ogbunka, and Isochi to four corner then head to Awkunanaw. Today, I am vindicated again. And yesterday, the state and the Road Safety banned the use of Ebenebe through Agwugwuowa, Ezeagu toNineth-Mile because of what happened in the wilderness, which we narrowly escaped.
7.           Those that got trapped in the wilderness were vandalized, properties looted, some of their women raped in the wilderness. There was no help insight. Even as at this morning, too many vehicles are still there with the police asked to go and keep watch.
8.           In other words, that road is now out of use. Of course, we used it in disobedience. No sensible human being will ever attempt trying to ply that road. It is not even a route meant for human beings. It is only good for herdsmen. It has no road, it is not even a road, in short, I do not know what to call that place. We narrowly escaped death. And we give God the glory.
9.           Ufuma, Inyi, Ache and Oji-River are longer, they are safer and longer but not without troubles anyway for there are some bad spots. The worst that will happen there is for the big trucks to locate that place; that will be the end. If the big trucks will ply that route for one week, it will not be motorable again.
10.        Then, the remaining route is a death route possessed by the Fulani herdsmen. And that road is Uzuwani, Enugu to Nsukka. Some brethren risked their lives last week, contributed money; Peace Mass took them through that route. They came back with regret. It is a risk, a venture I can never advise anybody to make unless you have decided to commit suicide.
11.        In other words, we must restructure.And that is why I am happy that you are at Jerusalem at last. I programmed brethren from Enugu to come in a motorcade with those coming from Opi so that all of them will master that road.
12.        When we shall be discussing, we shall be having one voice as per the route we shall be taking, not only for fellowship but for some other commitments. The remedy is clear. If I wait until we discuss, we may end at nothing.
13.        It is true they arrived late, I know the reason. Brethren from Enugu were waiting for those from Opi who were misguided. If they had taken My approved route, they would have been in Jerusalem earlier than the time they arrived. Because on Sunday, that Nsukka expressway is always empty in the morning hours.
14.        From Opi Junction to Oji-River where I said all of them should wait, should be 45 minutes, the nature of the road notwithstanding.
15.        Thus, I took that into consideration, but when I called, Opi took the new route from Opi to Nike, came out again at Nineth-Mile. No, no, no, no. It is not the way!
16.        Whether you are coming from Enugu, Nsukka, Nineth-Mile first. Make no mistake of taking four corner, it is not even better for you. Use Onyeama, everybody must come out at Nineth-Mile. Through Udi, you are almost at Oji-River, then, you begin to manage your life with other road commuters.
17.        Brother IK Obasanya boarded a public conveyance while coming back from Opi when we had left, he arrived Onitsha before us. Even those that followed public transport that took that Ufuma route from Enugu arrived Onitsha even an hour plus before private car owners will now arrive because they missed the route.
18.        Now I believe you have mastered the road. I will now give you my mind on everything. Correct me if I err. I remembered I mounted the pulpit one day and said, “From the look of things, I may stop all coming from Enugu and Nsukka from coming to fellowship in Onitsha.”
19.        How many heard it? I said, “Because of the nature of the roads,” that was when I came back from Opi where I paid them a condolence visit. That I cannot afford to risk their lives. And that was the day I said, “Our fellowship here cannot exceed 2 pm henceforth.” I said that I may end it stopping them. Make arrangements on how they will be feeding from messages here.”
20.        If there is any time that is suitable for the implementation of that Voice, it is now. All the roads leading to Enugu and Nsukka have become death traps. Begin to imagine the condition of the people if their vehicle spoils in the night. The chances of survival are very slim. In the case of road accident, who comes to their rescue? Absolutely, nobody!
21.        Just like when we were stranded in the wilderness – in the swamp, vehicles littered the whole forest. Even if there could be a rescue vehicle, will that vehicle fly on top of other vehicles? No way! More so, when no vehicle could make a U-turn. If you dare try a U-turn, you will land in the ditch or in the swamp.
22.        Be as it may, I am slamming My own order. It may be very painful; it can never be painful as death. It may be very painful but not more painful than death.Take note!
23.        henceforth, all these local assemblies that are badly affected by these poor road networks will remain in their local assemblies until the situation of the road improves. Presumably during the raining season.
24.        This order may not last long for I am sure and certain that the states that are badly affected will begin to do some repairs during the dry season.
25.        Please, in the interim, in your best interest, there is no exemption. If I should exempt one, many will feel unhappy. I know you may say, “Allow us to take the risk; we are equal to the task.” But one day, it will prove you wrong. I don’t want that risk.
26.        All and sundry, our communication from now will be by phone. Enugu, Nsukka, Opi, Eha-Amufu, Enugu-Ezike. I know it is a painful decision. I know how you will be feeling about it. But God will fill the gap. AMEN.

Now, readjust your minds immediately. If you have a known enemy whose face you wouldn’t like to be seeing in the fellowship, begin to make that person a known friend. If you have enemy whose voice is very caustic, please, make his words your sweet perfume.
2.           Adjust your minds for I am sure and certain that the influx of brethren from other local assemblies to Jerusalemare determined by two things.
3.           One, few will like to worship where the action is, live. While the majority are running away from the fellowship of their known enemies. Am I making sense?
4.           Your known enemy is no longer your enemy but your friend. For you can convert your own enemy to a friend by showing him a larger heart. Develop a larger heart. Larger accommodation and then be number one to manifest that love. For the greatest love you can manifest to anybody is forgiveness.
5.           Be number one to forgive.For when you forgive, you unburden your mind, unburden your conscience. But to those who have vowed never to change, I call them people of robust consciences, Robust hearts.
6.           Please, begin to make your consciences, your hearts fragile. God appreciates people with fragile hearts, fragile consciences.
7.           What did I mean by this? People that will not act rashly. They consider too many things. One, they consider their individuality,personality AND integrity. They consider the faith, they consider the people around them, they consider their reputation AND that of their family.
8.           EQUALLY, They consider the reaction of people what they will say if such a thing will be traced to them. These are people with fragile minds, fragile consciences.
9.           But those with robust hearts, robust conscience fall within the bracket that do not consider anything, They will say, “Let the heavens fall. Over my dead body. Man die go.”
10.        It is from this group of people that all forms of criminalities emerge. And they wreck the greatest havoc to humanity.People with robust hearts, robust consciences.
11.        Please, begin to make your hearts fragile. Begin to make your consciences fragile. Begin to apply the Golden Rule: Do to others that which you will like to receive from them. Pinching yourself before attempting pinching others.
12.        If we can develop this right attitudetowards one another, our fellowship will be a sweet and wonderful one. A divine fellowship. Nobody will be running away from his brother, from his sister so as to enjoy fellowship somewhere.
13.        The God in the fellowship at Nsukka is the God in the fellowship at Onitsha. It is the same God in every place where He has confirmed His presence, networked in the same Godhead.
14.        Thus, whether it beApollos that is ministering there or Paul or Peter, or Andrew, it is the same faith, the same spirit, the same God.
15.        Tell me the song that we sing in Jerusalem that is not sang in other local assemblies. Or can you tell methat the way we dance in Jerusalem is different from the way others dance? Is there any message we receive in Jerusalem that is not global?
16.        What am I saying? You want to see the Son of Man’s face very bright and clear, go to the calendar. If you do not have calendar, go to the Bridal Chronicles. Don’t you have sermons books? His pictures are there. You can even have handshake with the picture by faith.
17.        After all, when you were worshipping Jesus, you were kissing him by faith, touching him by faith, having handshake with Jesus by faith. How many of you ever saw him leading in praises, leading in prayers and dancing?
18.        If you cannot worship God in distant lands, you can never worship God in near lands. Thus, that God that is in distant lands is the same God that is here. He is ever near you.
19.        The Bible said, “I am not a God that is afar. I am also near.” Reach out and you will touch His garment. The fountain is flowing everywhere for you, for Me and for everyonewhosoever that will come believing.
20.        The problem I am seeing is this: Many go to fellowship to see their fellow human beings while few go to see Christ. And whatever you want to see in the fellowship, surely, is what will be before your eyes.
21.        Remember, you do not know whether something took place overnight. Whether one of your enemies has become the anointed one. Because he indicts you, he finds fault with you because you are to be blamed. You hate him; you hate to see his face.
22.        What if he is the one holding the message that will save you from you dejected condition? You see, your impure mind and impure heart has created a barrier between you and Christ, who isministering to you using the vessel you hate.
23.        Be very, very careful. That is why; you must first of all know what brings you to fellowship. Why you risk your life going to fellowship forfeiting your pleasure out there.
24.        I do not think it is for you to come and embrace anyone, have handshake, chat, exchange gift of all sorts. Never, never.
25.        If that is why you gather, I speak to you most solemnly in the Name of He that is in Me, you have missed it all.I do not care the way you look at it more so, when we are there not when we are almost there. We are there, yes.
26.        This is not where you can risk your life because of vain, intangible and inconsequential things that you just decided to allow to flood your mind.Inconsequential things that do not add any meaning to life that Christ gives.
27.        I have spoken to you in diverse manners, making you understand that things that trouble you sometimes are things that do not exist. They are figments of imaginations and thoughts of your hearts born out of robust minds, robust consciences.
28.        You begin to think that God is like you. God is not like you. If God is to work according to your robust minds and consciences, people will be reinvented every minute.
29.        You better begin now to understand the facts. If you believe that I am revealing the truth, believe also that God is the One inspiring me to reveal it.
30.        You might be having these problems lingering in your minds all these years. You might be carrying it along, getting on with it thinking you are getting saved in the end. Let Me tell you, the highest favour God will show you is to reveal to you where you are wrong, where you are erring not knowing it.
31.        Remember My message, “Self-justification, first step towards failure.”Self-justification, first step towards failure, self-commendation, self-justification. Allow God to justify you, allow God to commend you.
32.        He that compares himself to another, the Bible said, “He is silly and unreasonable.” He that wants to earn men’s commendation is the most foolish. Walk towards earning God’s commendation.
33.        That which is driving you away from your local assembly when God is still there, when God has not closed it down, the same thing will frustrate you wherever you run to. Anywhere you like run to.
34.        Hear Me well. If your conscience is wrong at Nsukka, it can never be made right in Onitsha. You are like a man that is running from the presence of God. You are running with your problem. Anywhere you find yourself, if that problem doesn’t find you out;you will find the problem out. If your sin does not find you out, you must surely find your sin out.
35.        Hence, running from Nsukka to Onitsha, Enugu to Onitsha, Port Harcourt to Onitsha, Lagos to Onitsha,Nasarawa to Onitsha does not amend the situation. The gain thereof is, that which you know and you think others do not know—not knowing that they knew it but they are afraid of being misunderstood, for that reason, they suppress it and give you the impression that they are with you when they are not with you. When you come face to face with the Elohim, it is like darkness coming before the light. Everything shall be made manifest.
36.        For once the light from the lighthouse reflects, beams its light in the congregation, the heart of every man is discerned. Everything is made bare. Your picture comes to you and to you alone. That is why the Son of Man remains the Urimand the Thummimof the Bride.
37.        You might be hiding it for years, carrying on with it, don’t worry. If your iniquity does not find you out, you must find out your iniquity. For when the beam of light is thrown into the hearts of men from the lighthouse, your iniquity will no longer find you out, but you will find your iniquity out.
38.        Thus, don’t say, “Oh, I am gone. Whatever that hinders me from coming to Onitsha fellowship, this road.” Na lie. It is not the road. Even before the road got to this state of its deplorable condition, I had earlier signified that a day is coming when I will stop all of you from coming to Jerusalem. For your coming is no longer helpful to Onitsha and to yourselves.
39.        A situation where somebody can stay away from his local assembly for six months. He will only be featuring on a Wednesdays. Sometimes, very late to discuss family matters. To chat, having discussion together.
40.        Let Me tell you the truth. For a football team to achieve success, they must stay together and blend together for a considerable period of time. It is the failure of Nigeria to recognize this that is hindering us from recording resounding success in football.
41.        A situation where we invite professional footballers, sometimes two days to the tournament, three days to the tournament to come and play with the locally brought up players. And some of them are imported into Nigeria from different countries with different playing styles.
42.        For every country has its own playing style. And you want them to come and win? Impossible! Impossible!! Impossible!!! They must stay together for a period of time. Blend, master themselves,master their movements and then agree on their styles of play.
43.        The same way it is in every local assembly. You must stay together, blend together, address your inadequacies. Whatever might be your human imperfections, learn to address them domestically as your own family.
44.        Don’t just be coming down to Jerusalem, when a message is going on, you are jumping up and down. You are jumping up and down because your minds and your eyes are focusing on somebody that is at home who doesn’t know what is happening in Jerusalem.
45.        You have received enough, all of you, whether ministers or non-ministers. Male and female alike. I believe you have been empowered enough by your coming to Jerusalem so that you can be the overseer of your own families over there. It will help Me settle down in Onitsha and know the extent they have gone all round. I say, all round.
46.        You know whenever we gather, you have become our member. Like I saw today, Pastor Dan was reluctant in opening the fellowship for he was having his eyes outside when all of Onitsha members were seated. For there were some people he was expecting.
47.        Are you their pastor? Do we have general overseer? You are not their pastor. You are pastoring Onitsha not Enugu, Nsukka and so on. They are not even accountable to you. Some of them are even running away from their own civic responsibilities to their local assemblies.
48.        They don’t give offering in their local assemblies, they don’t give in Jerusalem. They have that free minds, the money we could have used for offering, we use it for transportation. All of them are for God.
49.        Shut up your mouth! Who said all of them are for God?Onitsha will not even give; they will be depending on foreigners. Whatever they see in their offering bag, they say it is Onitsha. How is it Onitsha when half of the members in the fellowship came from other local assemblies?
50.        How can we assess you? You think say I be mumu? I nobemumu. Enough is enough! If I had not signaled this ahead of time, you might be thinking that I am taking you unawares.
51.        When the road was still motorable, I signaled it after My trip to Nsukka, that is,Opi. I evaluated the road; I gave you a warning sign. Before ever the government came, I have notified all of you. Now, government confirmed it.
52.        What is the basis of this faith? We are not following a blind Leader. We are following a Visionary Leader. A Leader with foresight who speculates accurately and then makes His plans ahead of time waiting for the D-day.
53.        There is nothing that will happen that will stop us from worshipping God.Yes! There was one South African musician who came up one morning,noticed that his mentors had gone, all of them by violence.
54.        He was of the opinion that people came all out to stifle out the life of reggae in the music world. He was thrilled by his thoughts about reggae. He came up, “Nothing will stop reggae.” Nothing can stop reggae. Few months after, they killed him. Another one took over:“Reggae continue.”
55.        Nothing can stop this movement not even the exit of the Son of Man on the scene. This movement is divine, this movement is supreme. This movement is heavenly. This movement is piloted divinely. Nothing in this life nor in the life to come can stop it! For there has never been a movement to compare to this. It is outstanding, unique, away from all.
56.        Do you know one thing with this Faith? This is the only movement I know where you do not need to scramble to be in front. Anywhere you are globally, you are in front. There is no where you will stay and say you are behind or you are hidden. You are in front.
57.        Thus, those with robust consciences, robust minds, I hope you will agree with Me that He that knoweth the secrets and intents of human hearts has stolen the show.
58.        He has been watching over us for some times now, keeping quiet, waiting for the D-day. I am not talking about those that come from other local assemblies; there are still those that have such hearts, such consciences in all the local assemblies. It does not profit you anything.
59.        I am talking to all of you. And I am sure and certain that you must have understood Me along the line. But where you want to feign ignorance, remain ignorant. But I have spoken. And I know one of these days, what you have heard this morning will no longer be a story but will be a fact. A fact! A fact!! A fact!!! A fact!!!!
60.        Stop running away from your fellow brethren. If they are wrong, they are wrong because you think they are wrong. But are you right? If you think I am wrong, I am wrong before you! But why not place that person that is wrong on the line of the message, on the line of the doctrines. Peradventure, the doctrines will justify him.
61.        But when you placed him along the line of your robust consciences and robust minds, you may destroy an innocent fellow. You may even condemn somebody who is better preferred to you. Like Judah wanted to kill a woman that was better preferred to Judah.
62.        You see why it is very, very necessary for you to know what it takes for one to be wrong and someone to be right. But let Me put it the other way.
63.        Is there any way you can justify yourself in your hatred? You hate your fellow brother; you hate your fellow sister. You are a murderer. Tell Me how you are going to justify yourself!
64.        And the moment that hate takes over, nothing good can come from that fellow again. But when you believe that to love is to correct, for any love that is not corrective does not come from GOD. WHAT effort have you made towards correcting that wrong, that abnormally?
65.        Remember, in correction we are guided; every correction must be done in love not with wicked and malicious intension. You don’t correct somebody because of what you want to get from that person. No!
66.        Beliberally minded expecting nothing in return only to put the person right with Christ.That should be your aim. Don’t ever correct me so that I will be your slave. No!
67.        Yes, when you correct me so that I will be your slave, you have enslaved me. You have a wrong motive. The motive is to gain and not to save.
68.        But when you correct me to be an independent man, you get me established. Make me realize what I am and what is ahead of me so that I can reposition myself for better times AHEAD. THEN, correction is now palatable, godly, admissible,justifiable.When you are rebuking somebody, find out why?
69.        Often times, we rebuke where there should not be rebuke. Just to instill unnecessary fear that will give us that AIR of dominance over an individual’s conscience.When you dominate the conscience of an individual, he is a perpetual slave. He cannot exercise his liberty. She cannot exercise her conscience anymore.
70.        You begin to think and do everything for that person. Then, automatically that PERSON BECOMES a robot. A complete robot. Now God has given us liberty, not liberty to do evil but liberty to do good.
71.        robust hearts, robust consciences, I am talking to all of you, become fragile immediately. I say, become fragile. Begin to consider the feelings of others. Place the welfare of others before you.
72.        Begin to think of what you can do to better their lots instead of what you can do to better your own. In the END, you will discover that God will meet their own and meet your own.
73.        Begin to think home, how people will look at it if Brother John will BECOME a man through your help. How will Brother John look at you if through your assistance Brother John has realized who he is And not making him more a candidate of hell.
74.        Because there is a stupid, devilish, lawmany exhibit among themselves. Why do I call it stupid and devilish? You enslave the person’s conscience to buy your views to the extent that whosoever you hate, you will force that person to hate that person.
75.        Is that not enough, thoughtful, somebody whose face you don’t want to see? Otherwise, he becomes a rebel. Have you not caged and enslaveD that person using your robust conscience?
76.        Why must I hate somebody who does me no evil simply because I am friendly to you? That is false friendship. It is false friendship. False association. Say no.
77.        if you have any quarrel with Brother Osegbo and it comes to my knowledge, if I love two of you, I will make myself self appointed mediator aiming at reconciling two of you so that fellowship will continue.
78.        William Branham said, “If you are in God, a child of God, and you see brethren quarrelling, you know they are out of the way of salvation. all you have to do is to bring them together into harmony, into love, into affection and put them back to fellowship.” Is it not true?
79.        You don’t just because you hate brother A, you just go into polarize an already polarized atmosphere. StrainING the relationship more. Making reconciliation almost impossible.
80.        For once hostility sets in, the hearts resents every voice of reasoning because it is robust, impenetrable, over anointed, burdened:“I must to know why. He should tell me why.”
81.        Even if he tells you why, will you believe? The only reason you will believe is the one that agrees with what your robust conscience has already concluded. Drawing judgement against an individual before hearing from him.
82.        Why? Because there is that robust conscience that pronounces everybody guilty before trial.  AMEN.

With these few words, I have decided to send our brethren from theses local assemblies afore mentioned back to their local assemblies for good. Nevertheless, there is a slight adjustment.
2.           This order will continue until further notice even if the road is reconstructed and rehabilitated tomorrow, this order will stay until further notice. We are still brethren in like precious faith.
3.           What is that light adjustment? If I have need for you, I wouldn’t mind traveling to Enugu through Umuahia provided I will get to Enugu, solve my problem and come back. Vice-versa.
4.           If I don’t say this, I will see a situation where robust minded people will give My message undue interpretation. Making people to believe that the Son of Man banned them out-rightly even brethren coming to Onitsha to do their business. Nobody will come to Main market, nobody will do anything. If you travel and cross boromeo or they see you at Upper Iweka, elders will descend on the person.
5.           People like Apostle Kelechi cannot go to Nsukka to measure Curtain again. Am I banning public transport? Is there any way the road will be so bad that there won’t be road commuters?
6.           I know what I am saying. I am minimizing risk to the barest minimum. I cannot afford to risk the life of a whole family as a result of the pot holes we have. Never, never. Neither will I jeopardize brethren from having their fellowship.
7.           You can make your own fellowship much more wonderful than Onitsha. If what makes Onitsha very wonderful or much more wonderful than others is the presence of the Son of Man, why not create a conducive atmosphere where the Son of Man alone can risk coming to you. For it is expedient that one should die that many should be saved.That is, if I am disposed to make it. I hope I am making sense?
8.           The adjustment goes further again. Local assemblies can volunteer to meet and then evolve their own way of getting their messages. This they can do by connecting live to our live fellowship here through the internet.
9.           Or by sending trust worthy persons not more than two with high powered recording equipment to be here to record messages for you which you will be playing on Wednesdays. For it is easier to sponsor two than for the whole local assembly to be here. The risk is at its barest minimum.
10.        Anybody that is nominated to go and represent which you will be changing, if you are people with fragile consciences. But if you are robust minded, you must have your favourites:“It must be apostle, it must be deacon. It must be this.” No, no, no.
11.        That is why, even here in Onitsha, no matter where we want to go, because of what I noticed in them, I made it My own order, you can nominate whosoever you want, all nominations are subject to My approval.When they bring the names, I will delete many, substitute them with many.
12.        I even did it in this last one. Those who heard they were going later received phone calls, “Daddy deleted your names.” So, if you want to fight, come and fight Me. More so, when I was in the same vehicle. I even banned Bishop Nnachor.
13.        After travelling with Me that day, I said, “You will never travel with Me in the vehicle again.” He never committed crime. But I hate stopping the vehicle from time to time because you want to ease yourself. If you know your bladder is weak, avoid much drinking. When you drink palm wine, you drink bear, you drink soft drink, you drink sachet water, you eat food. Behave like Me.
14.        If it is possible, if I stop the vehicle once, second one, I will spank on you. And I may stop where I am sure you have drenched your trouser. Or, when you will be so much pressed that by the time you jumped down from the vehicle, people will know what is taking place. It is not a good development. It endangers life.
15.        The same way it is with people that stop at intervals to make minor, minor purchases they could have done before taking off.
16.        A woman nearly caused the death of Brother Mike Emmanuel while they were coming from Enugu because of corn.
17.        They never knew that kidnappers were following them. Not until they shot sporadically, Brother Mike speed up. They went after them—you know the story—pursuing and shooting because he was carrying bank managers. They thought he was carrying money from Enugu.
18.        What caused it? A silly woman stopped at Ugwuoba to buy roasted maize. You know it is common with some silly women:“Please, stop let me buy maize.” Not in the vehicle that is carrying Me.
19.        Learn to behave. Anything can disqualify you from My team if you are not intelligent. It can be the way you ate while I was on the dinning table with you. You may not know that I am watching everybody. The way you drank. Before you know it, I will slam an order.
20.        Those I disqualified at Enugu were restored at Enugu because they know more than Me. And I could not talk. I couldn’t talk. That is why, I find it difficult to receive complains that emanated from such individuals for they have not changed.
21.        I saw some of them at Opi in their same old character. To such people, flouting instructions means nothing to them. BUT a wise man is very careful with INSTRUCTION. BUT when you misapply instructions, it may boomerang.
22.        For He that has instructed you KNOWs better than you. He knows the result He wants to GET OUT of every instruction. Obey it; it is for your own good. To your own credit.
23.        Just as I just give this instruction now, if you think you are wiser than Me, flout it. I will be here. Anybody waiting for somebody in his house, does the person feel waistpain? We will be here and be hearing, “Nnam, nnam, nnam, what happened today.”
24.        Shut up your mouth! What is that thing that happened? Nothing happened. If your vehicle spoils on a good road, is it where that is bad that it will not spoil? Will you know he that will stop for you to enter his vehicle simply because your vehicle spoils? Will you know who will stop and say, “Did you say your vehicle spoil? Oya, madam, oga, enter this one. Will you?”
25.        Gently, once you look, he will show you the thing, you will enter the vehicle and leave the rest there. Then, phone calls will be coming to Daddy.
26.        “Daddy, unknown person stopped when we were repairing our vehicle. They picked our mummy, they picked our daddy,they picked this and that.”
27.        Because hoodlums operate most in those areas that are very bad. The are they soft area of operation for hoodlums.
28.        I know what I am doing. Your safety is My concern both spiritually and physically. Your comfort, your relaxation, your joy. For there is no joy in a family that is having somebody that is apprehended by anybody. Nobody goes to bed to sleep.
29.        Be very careful. I know what I am saying. I am not pleading with you but I am talking to you. After all, whether you come here or not,My voice will remain echoing.
30.        If you cannot worship God where you are, if you are among those that are going to the websites every day, you will be tired. But they are never tired. Thousands are going there every week because they believe that there is shewbread there. There is honey in the Rock.
31.        The money they are spending in browsing, they believe it is not a waste. Many of them are spending much more than you are spending for your transportation. Go and browse for an hour or two, know the amount you are going to spend.
32.        But I don’t want you to do browsing; you will get the messages live. Begin to adjust. There is nothing wrong in what I am saying if only you can now say, “God, thank you for saving me from this my robust heart, my robust conscience.”
33.        Say, “God, begin to give me the fragile mind, fragile heart.” If my heart is not fragile, if my conscience is not fragile, I do not think I will slam this order. What affects you will not touch Me one bit. But I am very much concerned.
34.        I show interest in all you are passing through for I put My place in your position. And I am of the opinion that you are putting in everything.
35.        But to those who say they will continue to risk their lives because of the troubles in their homes, in their local assemblies due to faces they wouldn’t like to worship with, please, adjustimmediately. I say adjust. It shall be well with you if you pay heed to My words. Thank you very much. Amen.

Let Me use this opportunity to thank all of you that really prayed for our journey to Opi, to and fro. God really answered your prayers.
2.           Those that went there live are not better than those that didn’t go. For all that didn’t go, their hearts were also there. The feelings we were having there, when we came back, our testimonies were the same.
3.           Even while we were there, they were calling us with the view to knowing the situation. How we were fairing.
4.           So, to those people that couldn’t go physically, you were there spiritually. The Bible said in the days of St. Paul, “Whether I am present or absent, remember I am with you spiritually.”
5.           We give praise on behalf of everybody to the Lord God Almighty who gave us the victory there. All round victory. In short, God made a Name for Himself. From the beginning till the end.
6.           The Lord initiated a move and He completed it. In short, God confirmed His Word that He doesn’t have any uncompleted project with any man. He gave us absolute victory. We enjoyed the burial.
7.           The weather remained clement according to My word until the body of the late man was interred. And I warned that the Church people should hasten up for the hand holding the rain will remove it the moment the body is lowered to the grave.
8.           I said to Brother Chukwudubem over two times. I am telling you; of course you know that there is a hand holding it. And the moment the body is lowered, remember I will be leaving you. And the hand will come down. So it happened.
9.           All through the night, I was calling Deacon Vin, we were calling Deacon Sunday, monitoring the weather. I called My wife, she said, “Daddy, no rain.”
10.        They killed their cow under a clean, clear atmosphere. Had everything for the night a victory. If it had rained, there could have been a great disturbance.
11.        The Lord piloted everything. Even those that were all out to foment trouble, they vanished from outside. We never noticed the appearance of any. The Lord did a great thing.
12.        The family prepared very well but from the look of things, if I say it, it is not a lie. The Bride of Christ Ministry buried the father of Pastor Chukwudubem.
13.        We were expecting to see a big congregation of Anglican people dancing, rejoicing even after the burial. Or filling the field. Brethren, we saw nothing.
14.        Then, when I couldn’t see them, in My own way, I stole the show. I stole the show. I came out in full swing to make the people know that really, the oldest man in the community joined his ancestors.
15.        We made a great noise from his compound. Emerging when we are going to the Church, we took half of the field intending to see the people, nothing. Immediately we left the field, there was nobody again.
16.        Then, we carried the noise to the family. I know that what happened has been noised abroad. The Lord humiliated all our foes even the man’s first son who is on the opposing side could not find his feet. He was hiding his face in shame. For what he saw marveled him. He could not described it.
17.        Our brother’s mother and the most elderly sister were jubiliating as if they were a part of us. The community felt very happy.
18.        I use to tell you always. It is one that cut the palm fronts that goat follows. Do not because of what people are saying rest your hands on your legs. Struggle to be that fronts. If you cut down the fronts, then you will realize that there is a goat that is feeling hungry.
19.        When we arrived, they knew the Bride of Christ Ministry was around. Even Opi brethren couldn’t recognize their Pastor; the pastor couldn’t not recognize the members. All eyes were on the man that stole the show to the point that people thought I was the chief mourner.
20.        Yes, we stole the show. Since they do not know what is good, we came there to show them what is good.We turned the whole thing into a very joyous ceremony. It was no longer a burial but a wonderful, joyous ceremony. What is more, everything was peacefuland orderly.
21.        I praised the efforts of our elders who were there ahead of time and organized everything according to our faith. I praised the industry of our sisters who went there to prepare the food and other things I have not come across before.
22.        Well, I have heard the names of the people that spearheaded the thing. Maybe, I will organize a mini cocktail party with a view in testing them. There were things I delighted Myself in eating where they use toothpicks picked something I call it “Make me well.”
23.        Nevertheless, they were crafty. I saw Apostle Kelechi and some others when we sat down. We saw something they covered with foil everywhere. Everybody was eyeing the thing and they were trying to open the thing. I said, “No, let us go to the field. When we come back, we settle down.”
24.        Immediately we came back and uncovered the thing, nobody knew the content of that thing. But saliva was coming out. Whatever the thing might be, I don’t want to bother Myself. I focusedMy attention on the ‘make Me well’ because they made it easy for Me to eat with toothpick.
25.        A little while, I saw Bishop Nnachor was eyeing one. I said, “Bishop, open it. Use two hands.” He opened it, lo and behold; it was garden egg o-o-o. Sisters, you are wonderful o-o-o.
26.        We looked at ourselves, brethren, begin to open your own. Lightly, they will open and peep,then close it again.There was one in front of Me. They used stick to pierce it. I knew the thing could be fruits o-o-o. But I have never seen fruits prepared in that form.
27.        I pulled the plate closer, examine the thing. Lo and behold, it became My worst fruit. I say, “So it is pawpaw that this people prepared like this?”
28.        I was thinking it was imported something, maybe from Shopritewhich they wanted us to use. Sisters, you are wonderful! You are really wonderful! It was no longer a burial; in short, we had a very nice banquet. Real banquet.
29.        Brother Chidubem, well, we cannot fail to say thank you. We cannot fail. You are a man! You are a man! If I call you the man of the year, it is not a misnomer. You are a man and all the brethren that threw their weight behind you transformed the abandoned building overnight within a space of one month and three weeks. An abandoned structure became a plaza. A plaza, real plaza within and without.
30.        If there is any man of the year I know, you are worthy of My award as the man of the year. This is pure truth.
31.        I was the man of the year last year; you are the man of the year this year. Brother Ojiakor was a man of the year in his own year but you outclassed him for you did your own in haste. It is unbelievable but it is real.
32.        Compelled by circumstance, propelled by personality, oh no, I thank God. These two things are there. A man that is compelled by circumstance, and is propelled by personality went about relentlessly day and night transforming a dream into reality.
33.        These are the two motivators. He recognized that he has achieved a height where the death of his father can attract the cream of the people of Opi and the cream of his workplace. And the worth of a man is in his hometown.
34.        You can fly aeroplane in the township, you must park it somewhere. What if the people came and there was no comfortable place to sit down.
35.        Maybe…, Brother Chidubem, your father’s death has made you a king. Remain a king forever. Don’t ever lower it down, don’t ever lower it down. Assume it immediately. After all, your father conferred it on you before he died.
36.        Take your title given to you by your father. Stand up there straight away. This is the position everybody should attain in this faith. You stand up in your family, convince them that you are worshipping a living God who makesthe impossible possible.
37.        A man they were calling one year, one block. That was his name in his home town. The same way they were calling Me. But those people were still in the shanties. The one year one block has become a plaza. I mean a tourist attraction.
38.        Look at how beautifully located. But it was located in the swamp – abandoned swamp. Everybody hated even to erect anything there. He called Me, I say, take it. He was a youth corps members that time.
39.        He erected something, I pulled it down.“Don’t go again; I will give you a job. If you don’t have another land, I will give you a place. Look at where you are heading to then, you will build a house.
40.        “This place, swamp, don’t worry, God will do something. We journeyed along. The pool of water that has always been there over the years, no vehicle ever crosses it.”
41.        That route you diverted to Enugu. It was a pool of water. Brother Ojiakor, is it not true?Nsukka people know what I am saying to be true.
42.        As we journeyed along, immediately the house was set, from nowhere, the governor of Enugu State started constructing the road. From Opi to Nike, the shortest distance to Enugu.
43.        Play, play, play, play, it become a reality. Government constructed a gutter for him; government constructed the slab leading to his house.
44.        They considered the structure as a structure that has come to stay that the owner might have a place that will enter his house. Government used their money to construct the two gutters, used their money to construct the slab for him giving him an entry. Easy entry.
45.        Why must they come in when we were about to do a work in the house? Why has government not recognized it all these years? Why must it be now?
46.        We are serving the God that attracts blessings. To be acquainted with God is to be acquainted with His blessings and protection. To be far from God, is to be far from His blessings and protections.
47.        The presence of God in that house attracted government attention, attracted blessings. Today, the structure has become an edifice located at the central of attraction.
48.        All vehicles now coming from Enugu that is the route. A very busy route by day and by night. Don’t worry; any moment from now,Opi will be saying something.
49.        I am sure and certain that that junction, because of that junction, ENTRACO deport and that structure. There is going to be a police post there. Police will be posted there to control traffic.And by so doing, we don’t need to talk again.
50.        Brethren, we don’t know what we are benefitting in this faith. One with God is greater than majority.Watch all of them that are without Christ, they were without angels. What covered the road were angels.
51.        We littered the road, possessed everywhere, stopped the traffic; it is because you are in this faith. Assuming you are not in this faith, what can you say about those that abandoned the faith? Nobody felt the presence of Andy and the wife. Nobody! Nobody!
52.        A sure sign, not even his people from Delta State were there. Nobody! What of the first son who is a pastor in the End Time? No End Timer was there. Not even one.
53.        I mean, we must be proud of the God we are worshipping. Yes! We came with our God, we possessed the whole place. Even the god of the Anglican ran away. On our appearance, all Anglicans were by the way side. See all of them moving to their houses. We possessed the land.
54.         When we were about to go, come and see, while we were coming out from left and right, all of them were standing watching waving their hands.
55.        I learnt immediately we left, they trooped into the house. The real feast started again. While the other end was deserted. To God be the glory.
56.        Please, please, please, please, learn to manage yourself. When you are managing yourself, and you are managing your resources, you are in-directing managing your future. You are in-directly managing your future. When you mismanage yourself and your resources, automatically, you have MISMANAGED your future.
57.        Whatever we are rejoicing at, whatever that gave us joy is as a result of proper self management. Proper management of resources. And then, the future was X-rayed. Thank you everybody and remain blessed.
58.        Brethren remain blessed. Let us give a big applauds to Almighty God. Really, I appreciated what God is doing in our midst.
59.         And I thank God immensely, right from the death of the father of our pastor till this day; there is no evil report around them. It is not easy to ply the highway and run around in such type of great burial.
60.        There is no evil report, no accident. We praise God that all of us that attended there came back safely. So we are very happy to God for a victory to a brother is a victory to all of us.amen.

Now, let us consider the message “We stumble over the simplicity of God.”This message was preached on 9th February, 2014. At the household of God Onitsha by Apostle Peter Odoemena the Son of Man.The Supreme Intelligence.
2.           People stumble over the simplicity of God.If you pay attention to the testimony of our brother, you find out that whatever God told him was very simple. If he looks at it carnally, he will never achieve anything.
3.           When God said something good to you, He says it very simple by eyes of faith. But carnally minded one, the person will say, “How can this work? How can this work? How can this work?” before you know it, the person will stumble over God’s simplicity.
4.           And God can never do anything great without coming in a simple way. Very simple that will fly over the head of so called wise men of the world.
5.           In this Bridal faith, a wise man of the world is not one that is placed on the high seat in the government; it is one that do not know God in his day. Filled with his own carnal knowledge and wisdom of the world.
6.           He may be poor financially but such is a wise man of the world. But one that has the Christ in him is one that understands God and followed God in a very simple way and it make great meaning to his life.
7.           While we are waiting and watching, I want to comfort everybody in this message. If you can understand Me in this message, you will remain happy in this faith until the day you will be clothed with your immortality.”
8.           When this statement was made, was there any thunder that strike? Did the face of heaven change? Did anything supernatural happen? It is just a simple statement in His simplicity.
9.           The Almighty is saying that if you and I will understand Him in this Bridal Faith, we will remain happy in this faith until the day we will be clothed with immortality.
10.        Now, this calls for serious understanding. He is not suffering any one of us for I want to remain happy. For if, you are not happy, you cannot be clothed with immortality.
11.        This calls for soberness for everyone us that want to be clothed with immortality to see the reason why we ought to understand the Supreme Deity in our midst in this faith.
12.        Understand His statement, understand His directive, understand every word that comes out from His mouth. It is just to make us to be happy so that in that happy mood, we will be clothed with immortality. This is an eternal promise that nothing can change to as many that understand Him.
13.        there are many here who have heard terrifying voices from the son of man which has not been reversed. Your heart grows cold each time you remember it. I
14.        f any preacher comes to the pulpit and repeats the same thing which you know you did, and you heard the voice of the son of man concerning it, fellowship is a closedmatter for you that day.
15.        Today is your day if you are in that category. I want to give you your final remedy today. I want to consider a topic no minister has ever considered in this pulpit.”
16.        If you are in that category that heard a voice of the Son of Man against your behavior, He said that today is your remedy.You see, God coming in a simple way.
17.        For that reason, I want to revisit the Great Sermon. The Great Sermon is our number one handbook. If you do not come with your own, it is a sign of unbelief.”
18.        You see, every fellowship day, the Great Sermon supposed to be in our bag which we come to fellowship with. It is unfortunate that some of our brethren here do not come with their own.
19.        The Great Sermon is given free of charge. It is given free of charge. God has never sold it for one day. So, if you do not come to fellowship with your Great Sermon, God said, “It is a sign of unbelief.”
20.        You are an unbeliever. You are a sinner. Unbelief is what? Sin! So, if you do not come to fellowship with your Great Sermon, you are an unbeliever before God.
21.        Let Me tell you, the Bridal Bible is the Great Sermon…”
22.        The Bridal Bible is what? The Great Sermon.
23.        For God carried forward all that we need from the Bible and explained everything in the language and level all of us will understand and preserved it for our children yet unborn…” The Great Sermon stands the taste of time, from ages to ages.
24.        For that is the only way they will be saved along side with us. Please, I want you to understand My mission.
25.        Recently, (on a Wednesday), we read it during the evening fellowship that salvation goes to families. The Bible said in the days of the Apostle who walked with Jesus Christ that every family that is in heaven and on earth shall be named after Jesus.”
26.        In other words, the salvation for that day was for the family of Joseph. Remember, the thing that stumble people in every man of God, number one: His occupation. Number two: The place He comes from. Because by nature, we stumble over simplicity.
27.        Check from the scriptures, check histories. God has never used any great man to achieve anything. No man of God has ever been great until God made that person great.
28.        Abraham was not great until God made him great. Lot was not great. Let us start from the very beginning. Moses was just a slave, a bastard raised in Pharaoh’s house by pharaoh’s daughter. Moses was picked from the river.
29.        If it happened in this our own time, anybody that knew how he was picked up would tell you that he was picked from the river and his powers are from marine spirits. After all, he was fetched with a basket from the river.
30.        That is exactly what they will say. Even Pharaoh in his day said, “Ah, ah, Moses, you just came here to perform magic.
31.        Do you know that here is the home of magician? He went to callJannes and Jambresto perform the same magic.You know Moses was trained in the house of Pharaoh.
32.        The truth is that God does whatever that seems right in His own eyes and not in the eyes of man because His ways are not our ways, neither His thoughts our thoughts.” Period!

33.        With this few statement, I say remain blessed brethren. We have seen that God can change His mind about His Word. Amen.