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know the point
where you were called
The D-day draweth near. And you do not know the hour he  He will terminate the whole journey for we are in His own day.
2.           When you have the opportunity to be in His presence, humble yourself down, pay strict attention to the Word. For God is now dealing with us individually not collectively.

3.           Pay attention to this message. “The Book of Revelation Fulfilling,” page 186. I am still coming to something. There was something I wanted to show you in the book titled “Behold the Man of Sin.”  That is where God talked about Ephraim, God spoke about Ephraim. 
4.           “Behold the Man of Sin,” page 11 verse 14-17: “This is the time all the frustrated elect of God should recognize the Voice of their Father and come home and have their rest with their brethren. The Lord Who scattered Israel is now gathering them again in their homeland.
5.          ‘Therefore say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will even gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.’ (Ezek 11:17, KJV).
6.          ‘For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.’ (Ezek. 36: 24, KJV).
7.          At the same time the Lord who caused Ephraim to become a Gentile has come to the rescue of Ephraim from slavery and servitude because God cannot abandon His own. Israel is incomplete without Ephraim. Ephraim is God’s firstborn.”
8.          Israel is incomplete without Ephraim. You can now see that Ephraim is the arrow while Judah is the bow. What is more, the strength of the bow is in the arrow—God bringing Ephraim and joining Ephraim to Judah, and THE TWO will be a MIGHTY SWORD in His hand to crush the heathens.
7.           Can you see in all the Messages, God has been hammering on Ephraimite, why you are what you are! If you are not an Ephraimite; you can never be comfortable in this Faith. For this is the only Faith that unites the Gentiles with the Jews without any further demands. God is not demanding any other thing from the Jews. Equally, He is not demanding any other thing from the Gentiles. You are comfortable. You must be an Ephraimite for you to be comfortable in this Faith.
8.           Note, nobody will teach Judah to stay in peace with Ephraim, nobody will teach Reuben to stay in peace with Gar. You can never teach Joseph to be at peace with Dan.
9.           Watch the people that are troubling us in this camp, they are foreigners to God, that is, foreigners to the commonwealth of Israel. They are the people troubling us.
2.          Verse 17-18: “…At the same time the Lord who caused Ephraim to become a Gentile has come to the rescue of Ephraim from slavery and servitude because God cannot abandon His own. Israel is incomplete without Ephraim. Ephraim is God’s firstborn.
3.          “They shall come with weeping, and with supplications will I lead them: I will cause them to walk by the rivers of waters in a straight way, wherein they shall not stumble: for I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn…. Is Ephraim my dear son? is he a pleasant child? for since I spoke against him, I do earnestly remember him still: therefore my bowels are troubled for him; I will surely have mercy upon him, saith the LORD.” (Jeremiah 31: 9, 20, KJV).
10.        Brethren, are we really taking note of these things at all? We are gathering according to God’s promise. Two gatherings are going on: the Bride is gathering in the Gentile world, while Israel is gathering in the Jewish world. For the two must be saved at the same time. We are entering Paradise the same day.
11.        Nobody has ever entered there (Paradise); everybody is still on the journey. God is calling you to return all ye despised of my people; and we have returned. The Star that is leading you, this is your THIRD EXODUS, and we are now at the Gate. We are waiting for only but one thing, who is delaying us here? The Jews! Judah is delaying us. What is delaying the Bride? It is now God’s program with the Jew! That of the Gentiles is all over.
12.        Let me tell you the next thing you should expect. Take note of it as I reveal these things. I will start with the Middle East.
13.        We have been talking about Israel and Palestine, and God said that Israel must sign that agreement ignorantly. That in less than 48 hours after signing the agreement, Israel will realise her mistake and resign from the agreement. God said that anybody that stays here among us and witnessed the signing of that agreement should forget about rapture and wait for the great tribulation. William Branham equally said so.
14.        Please note, this is a serious matter. I want you to know that Israel has started given concession to Palestine; Israel is about signing the agreement. Barack Obama, the President of America has succeeded partially in convincing the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu to see the need in signing the agreement, so as to reduce the humanitarian crises in Palestine and Golan Heights (a disputed upland region on the border between Israel and Syria, northeast of the Sea of Galilee).
15.        Recently, while Israel is still considering his plea, they sent relief materials to Palestine and then deployed six war ships to Gaza Strip and West Bank. Remember I told you that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), United Nations (UN), America, and then the Arab League came together with one voice that Israel must sign the agreement on or before 30th September the year 2011 or face sanctions from them.
16.        The contents of the sanctions were not made public, and if these four blocs will sanction Israel, economically, and otherwise; in other words Israel will not have diplomatic relations established in the world, no relief materials across to Israel again. That will mean disaster.
17.        I want you also to know that the people that are behind everything in Israel today are operating without Prophets. They are doing everything without Prophets. Elijah and Moses will not appear until the agreement is signed. You will never hear “Thus Saith the Lord of Hosts” on the streets of Israel. It is after signing the agreement that the Lord will raise the two who will proclaim “Thus Saith the Lord” and they must be killed.
18.        Note, all these years all I have been saying concerning Israel in prophecy, He (God) said, “Leave this one,” but now I can never say leave it for it is your timetable and my timetable. Events there will signify your departure.
19.        I am saying that what is happening there are events that are associated with the departure of the Bride of Christ. Now they are considering signing it. Another reason they said they are going to sign it is to enable them join hands together and stop the trouble in Syria and Cyprus, then Yemen. However, will the trouble stop? No! The troubles are part of the signs God placed that will happen.
20.        In addition, we know our flight is near. My prayer is that I will not be here to witness the signing of that pact. Before now, nobody has ever mentioned anything around disagreement and things like that. It is unheard of. Now, while that is going on there, the entire world is in trouble.
21.        I hope you have heard about the volcanic eruption in Kano, something that has never happened since the history of Nigeria happened in Kano recently—where a volcano erupted and magma extruded and then demolished houses and things like that.
22.         The gas emitted from the volcano caused blindness in that village, and they are expecting that the first earthquake in Nigeria may happen that place; while there is a big landslide in Ibadan. Amen.
23.      That is the much we will take from that book for now. Before I address you on the developments so far, I can see that I have a full house. I will first of all get you acquainted with the news of your timetable. That is, news from Israel.
24.        Israel remains your timetable. God deals with Israel as a nation. He deals with the Gentiles as a Church. By the Church I mean, God’s own Holy Nation, Holy Family in the Gentiles. A nation of God in the Gentiles. That is exactly what I mean by the Church.
25.        Let no man fool you into believing that Jesus Christ in his day started any Church in his day. As long as God lives and I live, whether you believe the Bible or history or any other thing, the truth is this: no human being can point anybody to any Church which can be credited to Jesus Christ.
26.        Jesus Christ was not a messenger to any age. Just note it. Jesus was not a messenger to any age. For that, he never started any Church anywhere.
27.        Until he died, no Church was formed by Jesus. If people are telling you that they are in the Church of Jesus Christ, they are lairs, they are deceivers.
28.        If I say Church of Christ, I know what I mean. I know the Christ I am referring to. If there was a Church that could be credited to him, he didn’t go beyond the people that believed him while he was alive. And there was no place he left them and say they should continue to gather there.
29.        Jesus was born a Jew and he practice Judaism. That was why when he left the scene, his followers were confused. They didn’t know what to do. They have to continue with the temple worship with their Jewish father’s.
30.        Do not ever forget the fact that the temple Jesus officiated was the one that was built in Jerusalem before he was born. The synagogue, where the priest and rabbi officiated, please underline this truth.
31.        If there will be time as we journey along or as we wait there are so many things I will like to share with you privately. By you, I mean the elders that have the courage to come near me. For not all have the courage. In fact, when you are on the offensive side, of course you know you will be afraid.
32.        If a child is on the offensive side, approaching the parents become difficult. But if the child is doing the will of the parents, he runs around them. Enters everywhere.  The same way it is between God and His children.
33.        Let no man ever fool you into thinking that Jesus started any Church. The first messenger of the Church Age or the second age, was it Jesus? Ministers, I am asking you a question? Was it Jesus? Look at the First Angel Messenger here, was it Jesus? What of the second? Was it Jesus? What of the last Laodicea, was it Jesus? You must know exactly what you believe. Otherwise, you will be fooled.
34.        There are things that are scaring to hear. If William Branham never appeared, nobody would have believed that after every messenger, the followers will denominate. Tell Me a messenger that appeared, had followers, left the scene and his followers refused to denominate? Mention one! 
35.        From number one Church Age to the last, I say mention one. Some do not know that immediately Paul left the scene, his followers denominated. The sign of departure from the way was there.
36.        They were claiming to be of Paul, of Apollo’s, of this. He fought against it. But immediately he gave way, they did that which they intended. When the Second Messenger came, immediately he gave way, they denominated.
37.        Can anybody point to any group historically that is still existing till today that can be credited to Jesus Christ. You know some do not know that even Peter, the Chiefest of all the Apostles, never started any Church. Yes, he never started any Church.
38.        He ended it in the temple with the Jews. He practiced Judaism. Then if Judaism can save, Islam can save also. Christianity can also save.
39.        If you do not know, know it this day that what people called Christianity, what they practice as Christianity is modern Judaism. I say, it is modern Judaism. Or you can call it refined Judaism.
40.        William Branham said, “All that came before me were reformers.” How many believed that they were reformers? Martin Luther was a reformer. Wesley was a reformer. All of them, they were reformers.
41.        For there was apostasy immediately after the departure of the First Angel Messenger. There was a total departure from the truth. Then, reformers appeared one after the other. And they reformed nothing.
42.        The product of whatever they reformed is what is being practiced till today. How many believe that to be true? Do you know that when William Branham appeared, he appeared as a prophet and also as an evangelist? Do you believe that?
43.        He came with “thus saith the Lord.” Do you believe that until he died, the only place he owns and he can preach as his own fellowship centre which is not even a Church remains his own Branham’s tabernacle?
44.        It was not named after Jesus Christ. It was registered by American Government as Prophet William Marion Branham’s Tabernacle. Am I bearing false witness?
45.        Then, if that was the only light that was shining in darkness while he was there, what was the faith of the Christian movement?
46.        For his emergence concluded all of them in unbelief, including the Bible they were holding. “A Branhamite,” that is what they called themselves.
47.        A Branhamite accosted our Apostle Ojiakor after one of our outings during the burial ceremony, so the young man approached him and said, “The way you were talking and quoting, it appears you believe Prophet Branham.” He said “Yes.”
48.        He said, “No, I doubt you. If you have believed Branham, you wouldn’t be quoting Bible for that makes the faith of Branham useless.” Brother Ojiakor, am I bearing false witness?
49.        He said, “There is no way you can go to the pulpit with the Bible. For the fact that you are still holding the Bible, prove that you do not believe the prophet.”
50.        William Branham knew the position of the Bible but he was sore afraid in all his outing to the Nazarenes, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal and so on, he would tell them, “There are too many things I believe which I cannot say among you, lest I will scatter you. But when I get home, in my own tabernacle, I will publish the wholesome truth.”
51.        He was afraid of scattering them. He didn’t want to be accused of being a confusionist. Secondly, he was going about collecting money from them in the name of tithe and offering. Yet, he didn’t belong to them.
52.        He said, “He received a commission to go out and call the elect out of those organized groups. Come out from among them, lest you take the mark of the beast.” How many came out?
53.        Then, before he left the scene, grievous wolves had already manifested. Not that they were manifesting, too many grievous wolves had already come to light when he was still alive. And they started establishing their personal tabernacles after Branham.
54.        You will hear, “William cage tabernacle.” You will hear, “Bible believers tabernacle.” So, so and so tabernacle. That is why when the message came to Nigeria, you will hear, “Elijah’s Church or Elijah’s tabernacle.” They were all credited to their owners.
55.        I do not know whether you are following Me at all. I am saying that immediately the prophet left the scene, it was the end of everything because he established no Church. God never called him to establish any Church anywhere.
56.        He never established even one except his tabernacle located in his house. And people were running thousands of miles to go there. Immediately he died, the cave collapsed. And that was the end. If you do not know what this faith was all about, know it now.
57.        I was addressing some elders in My house who carry “calling,” “chosen” and “election” beyond what it is.
58.        If you say you are an elect according to God’s own knowledge, you were chosen in Him before the world began, you were this and that. Fine!
59.        Be very careful that you are not quoting somebody’s election. Or claiming somebody’s election. St. Paul could make such a statement, but you are not St. Paul.
60.        Before you make such a statement, you must be sure and certain. For you can never be called or elected or chosen before the angel messenger of your age appeared.
61.        For the person that will call YOU is the messenger of your day whose voice you must hear. For that is the voice that is allotted to your age. Before then, nobody has called you, nobody elected you, and nobody has chosen you.
62.        I do not care what Peter was. For Peter was at the sea or sea shore before the messenger of salvation of his day came. And say, “Peter, follow me” James, “Follow me.” Andrew, “Follow me.” Bartholomew, Nathaniel, Matthew, Luke, Silvanus, Timothy oh no, “Follow me.”
63.        The rest wanted to follow, he said, “Wait, go and count the cost.” And the costs started by asking them go into the water to be baptized. You must be baptized before you can follow me. Did he give those people he called conditions?
64.        You must know the point where you were called. Many are called few are chosen. If you are a chosen person, somebody must choose you before you become a chosen person.
65.        That is why Jesus told them, “Didn’t I choose you twelve? Didn’t I choose twelve of you? Did I not know that among you, there must be a traitor? That the scripture might be fulfilled.”
66.        Which scripture? The scripture that was written concerning him. There was no way he could have chosen them without including one in whom that scripture will be fulfilled.
67.        Before then, they were called. Secondly, they were chosen. Thirdly, they were commissioned. Called, chosen and commissioned. Amen.

Now, note it, you cannot be an elect of a dispensation you never appeared. Otherwise, you will be an elect according to Moses faith. But Moses took off from where you are. Moses is not your messenger.
2.           If William Branham said, “That the guilt of this world has remained the people living in the glare of past dispensation.” If Pentecost was very far from Martin Luther, Wesley, Branham. How far is Pentecost from you?
3.           If the message for Pentecost was for Pentecost day, he said, “It couldn’t be carried to Martin. Martin will say no.” It couldn’t be carried to Columba, to Irenus. No! It is not their message. It is for another age that is past. Then to William Branham, he said, “It is too far away.”
4.           Moses message was far from Paul. But the useless book you called Bible compounded the whole thing. Because the writers and compilers jammed messages together. Collected from different dispensations not only dispensations, different works.
5.           The Bible you are holding is about five hundred and something years. Five hundred and five years today or there about. 505!
6.           But I bought one animal film, opened my computer for I wanted to see what the world looked like before the mother earth appeared.
7.           There were people we called the primitive men. From there I saw the various ages. I saw the Stone Age. I saw the Golden Age. I equally saw the Iron Age and the nature of people that lived that time.
8.           I was privilege to see the group of animals that was called rhinoceros whose age ended fourteen thousand years ago. I equally saw a mother-chimpanzee, fifteen thousand years ago.
9.           I saw different types of elephant that appeared. Different types of lions and tigers that appeared fourteen thousand years ago. Who can now estimate the age of the world?
10.        Who can estimate the age of the world? What am I saying? Before your eyes, you were privileged to read before you Archeological Parchment, that is, the Talmuds of the Sanhedrin. We photocopied the whole thing and many of you are holding copies till today.
11.        The Talmuds was written thousands of years before the first Bible came into existence. The Talmuds existed before Jesus was born. We saw the handwriting of Caiaphas there. Various trials Jesus passed through. There we saw the people that were following him. That his believers were made up of base people, base individuals.
12.        That he was accused of producing people with very low morals. Always surrounding himself with women, drunkards, criminals and prostitutes. To the point that the father said “He was disappointed in him.” The mother also felt disappointed. The Jews felt disappointed.
13.        The parents where even admonishing him that if he should be king in their land, he should be associating with kings instead of associating with base, base people.
14.        To crown it all, he discouraged his followers from paying tithe and worshipping in the temple, and warned them never to observe all the Jewish Laws which Moses commanded that anybody that flouted any of them should be put to death. They wondered what could make that man to have been sent by God.
15.        Judging from what he was doing, the manner of people that followed him, they concluded, “This man couldn’t be sent by God. This man must be a devil.”
16.        Tell Me today the Church you know that can be credited to this man! Is there any Church that can be credited to him? If he is the beginning and ending of everything, remember that we are talking about the Sovereign Spirit this time which manifested Himself in a Personality as He has always been doing.
17.        In the first, He laid the foundation. He never started any Church. At the end of everything, the same Spirit appeared again to round off the program. And dissociate Himself from all the Church ages. Hence, no Church can be credited to Him.
18.        If He is fellowshipping or having anything, He is doing it in the one that is already on the ground. He saw him there.
19.        Whose elect are you AND When were you elected? St. Paul knew who he was until the day he was called “Saul, Saul.”
20.        He knew where he belongs to until the day he was called. That was the day he separated and followed the voice.
21.         Philip knew where he belongs to until he was called. Apollo’s knew where he belongs to until he was called.
22.        You are not called, you are not elected, you are not chosen until the messenger of your day appeared. And you must hear your name before you must respond. If you do not hear your name and you just run, you will become MaRtha.
23.        The prophet said something. “When God sends a man with a message, he gives him people that will believe Him.”
24.        Hence, when Jesus looked at them he said, “No man can come to me except the Father brings him. And anybody He brings to Me, I will not cast him away. I will give him Eternal Life.”
25.        But there are many that will come to him when He never called them. But they are interested, He watched them. No matter the interest you show, no problem. It was fine, for it is your right to show interest.
26.        But look at Nathaniel, he said, “Nathaniel, when you were there under that fig tree, I saw you. Follow Me; an Israelite that has no guile and you will see greater things ahead.”
27.        Yet, there were Pharisees, pious and virtues Pharisees, Mary Magdalene became his delight.
28.        If anybody could go and purchase perfume and begin to spray like Mary Magdalene, thinking that that was what she did to obtain favour. It is like Mary was following him because of food and drink. But the messenger had already made His choice. Finish!
29.        Be very careful. When you talk about “election and chosen” and all worth not, be very, very careful. Otherwise, any imaginary god called you.
30.        William Branham said, “The elect of God must come from the various Church Ages. For every Church age must come with his or her own elect.”
31.        In other words, William Branham cannot appear with Paul’s own convert. He cannot come with Paul’s own elect. Martin Luther will not come with Wesley’s elect. He said, “On that day, all the messengers will appear with all that believed them; they will line up behind them.”
32.        be very careful. If you open the websites, where we have the sermon books and see William Branham’s quotes, we are not aiming at espousing you to Branham, no! We are trying to help you know that what is happening in your day was prophesied long, long time ago. We are trying to help you see that you are a part of the fulfillment of the prophecies that went ahead of time concerning this hour. Not that we are pushing you to Branham’s day.
33.        Hear me very well. The prophecy or the voice William Branham received said and I quote, “As John the Baptist foreran his first advent – first coming, so shall your message forerun His second coming.” Underline it.
34.        And there can never be a message without a messenger. The moment a message introduces the second return, the Resurrected Body, it has finished.
35.        Immediately John the Baptist introduced the Messiah that day, those that knew the truth left John the Baptist and followed the Messiah. Even those that continued to follow him anyhow, asked him a question.
37.        What am I saying? That we placed William Branham’s photograph, it is an attraction. Otherwise, many, many are lost. Remember, it wasn’t easy to believe Jesus when he came.
38.        They said, “We knew Moses, but concerning this man, we know him not.”
39.        There were some that said, “We know Prophet Branham, but concerning this man, we do not know Him. But besides, He is a black man. Can any good thing come from the black especially Nigeria?”
40.        The moment the websites are opened and they begin to read the prophecies; their eyes will begin to open. The prophet said we should go to Africa, that is where He is coming from and as a black man. That this will stumble America.

Well, good news to you, we have a print out we printed from our website. This is the map of the world. This map of the world indicated countries that have read our books.
2.           This is the one we printed on Thursday. If not for the problem of the Internet, we would have printed Friday up till this morning. You will see everything as it was recorded. You see countries, see all of them.
3.           Nigeria, 1, 310. This one is Nigeria alone as at that Thursday. You see, you are here, some people are there. You do not know where they are.
4.           Right now in this fellowship, are we up to one thousand?  But one thousand plus on Thursday alone recorded. They read the messages. They opened the cyber and read from there.
5.           One of our brothers here, that is Brother Victor Nnachor, after going through it, wrote a letter to us on the contact page posting it to our E-mail. Thanking and praising God all the way from Taraba. He said, “It is a wonder, it is marvelous, it is unbelievable!”
6.           Another person also in Onitsha, that person could be one of us here. If you are here, raise your hand up. That person wrote on the contact page and posted it to us. We have received it.
7.           Number two: United States, 101. United States of America on Thursday alone recorded 101. Thus, we could be here and in America at the same time. And all over Nigeria.
8.           Number three: Zimbabwe: 11. Number four: United Kingdom; 9. United Kingdom on Thursday, nine. Senegal: 7. Number 6: China; 3. Number 7: France; 3. India: 2. Singapore: 2. Canada: 1.
9.           Are you surprised? Every elect of God must be positionally  placed not only to see what God is doing in His day but to be a part of it.
10.        Remember what God said, it can be one from your locality. It can be one person from your state. It can be one person from your local government. It can be one person from your country. Who knows who the person will be?
11.        Do you know these people that opened the cyber? Do you know them? Do you know them? No sir! I believe that God must direct all that belong to Him that will be saved in this age to the website.
12.        Do you think we are launching THE MESSAGES in the web with a name? We are launching MESSAGES in the air as a commission from God as the only way those that are in far off countries will be acquainted with what is happening. And also, as a witness against this generation.
13.        Hence, the world has no excuse. We are still working and while we are working, people have started hooking up with it. We have not made any advert to help people to know what is happening.
14.        So these people now stumbled into it. They stumbled into it. They can use laptops or cyber. They stumbled into it. And look at the number that stumbled into it in Nigeria. And more are stumbling into it every passing day.
15.        There is no day somebody will not stumble into it. One that has heard will inform the other. They are calling on our private phone numbers so that they will get in touch with Me on the phone. And I am saying no.
16.        If calls from Nigeria are disturbing Me, how can I sit down and answer them from all over the world? Because if you watch, while we are saying “Good morning,” some are saying “good night.” Some are sleeping. Some are saying “good afternoon.”
17.        The phone must be on twenty-four hours. I will be a receptionist. Then, how many handsets will I display so that the calls will be coming.
18.        So, recognizing that, it is cumbersome. My phone number will not be there. If you do not believe what I have written, if you see Me face to face, you will not believe. Blessed are those who will not see with their eyes but will also believe.
19.        What is more, we have left a wonderful legacy. We have left wonderful footprints on the sands of time. Even if we leave the scene now, we have left something which the world will continue to quote till eternity.
20.        For the moment you open the website, you will not only see pictures, you will begin to see messages. You will begin to open different books. As you begin to read, you begin to be appreciative of the pictures you are seeing.
21.        Thus, it is not a man advertizing himself. Intelligent people before they recorded from their countries, must have read very, very well things that must have made them to be astonished.
22.        They have began to ask questions, began to make enquiries: “So, this type of a thing could be on the land all these years and we do not know!”

Watch, we are not parading any man, we are presenting something to the world. Something that is astonishing and that is salvation.
2.           Hear Me well. Each time a messenger is sent in any age, he comes with salvation in His hand. Every messenger from GOD comes with salvation in His hand. Note it!
3.           Unless God is not here. But when God appears, He appears with complete salvation. When God comes fully, He comes with full and complete salvation.
4.           You know people do not know what the second coming of Christ is all about. It is written clearly in Hebrews chapter 2, when he will come, how He will come and what He will do.
5.           He will not deal with sin anymore for that has been taken care of. He comes with FULL AND COMPLETE SALVATION to those who are patiently and eagerly waiting for Him. Not to everybody.
6.           How many people are going to Church now because of salvation? Definitely nobody. Nobody goes to Church because of salvation. Many have concluded in their hearts that there is nothing like salvation.
7.            They are just going to ease their frustration and to seek material possession. It is hard to believe, but it is true.
8.           In case you want to write to us any message, write to our E-mail box. We will collect it. Pen down our E-mail address. If you want print outs contact, it is not everybody.
9.           I don’t want fraudsters to operate it. Whatever you want to call us, call us. Send it there.
10.        To those who love to open the hotspot, those are the people I will give that one. But many of you are not computer literate. Some people do not know how to operate their handsets.
11.        I do not know how many people have joined the hackers, that is, cyber fraudsters. People that visit people’s websites for criminal purposes. Such ignorant people who advertize their businesses in people’s cyber. It has become a common practice worldwide especially in Nigeria.
12.        We fenced our own, we blocked our own. Even if you use expert card, you can never infest our own. With this our website, I am not afraid.
13.        In our websites, by His grace, we have logged on 38 messages. Apart from quotes from the prophet. We have launched 38 books in there. The 38 books is excluded from the 6 we logged in from the Great Sermon. I believe we are making a progress in that regard.
14.        Before Wednesday this week, the Lord willing, we maybe upload about fifteen other books whose copies are ready right now. For your information, these are books or messages that are there already.
15.        Apart from William Branham’s quotes, the history of the faith, messages from the Great Sermon that is “Salvation by grace, Justification by faith, why people hate preaching salvation by grace of God alone.”
16.        They are all there. “The Accuser of the Brethren,” surely, the law has been abolished. If I am afraid, I do not think I would have logged on all those messages for the whole world to know and then crucify Me publicly.
17.        But instead of crucifying Me, they are praising God. What is my joy? Of all that have read so far from all the countries, not even one has ever found fault with us. Not even one has ever criticized us. Rather, they are thanking God for what is happening.
18.        Then, who is that person that will be making noise in Onitsha? It is still a domestic noise and should be placed in the kitchen or in the toilet. I mean, people that worth something worldwide including Nigeria.
19.        If I am not sure of what I am teaching you, how can I go out? If it is not true, how can God confirm it? If Christ is wrong, I am wrong.
20.        You are Christ’s ambassadors if you have believed the Son of Man. And once you are Christ’s ambassador, you become Christ’s representatives. Anybody that is opposing you is opposing Christ.
21.        You don’t give him even a second that the truth of the gospel will continue. Whatever you want to talk, talk it is your right. But do not talk near Me. You don’t carry it near Me.
22.        I am an ambassador of Christ. A representative. Whatever Christ stands for, that is what I am standing for. No more, no less. He that is not with Me is against Me.
23.        Hear Me well. You must HATE somebody before you speak evil of him. Is it not true? You must hate Christ before you speak evil of Christ. Wise people are conscious; they do not open their mouth anyhow lest they incur the wrath of the nation to themselves with the words of their mouth.
24.        We are not practicing religion. Religion is out there. We are called out from religion to embrace the truth. For there is no truth in any religion. Religion is full of propaganda. Religion is full of politics, divide and rule. That is religion. That is why Christ is not a religious being. He doesn’t belong to any religious group.
25.        Read the books. Number one: The covenant God Number two: As I thought on my ways. Number three: Blow the trumpet in Zion. Four: My people do not know Me. 5: Adding value to human lives. 6: Are you a Church goer or a true worshipper of God.
26.        7: As I thought on my ways volume 2. 8: As I thought on my ways volume 1. 9: Be diligent to protect your mindset. 10: Beware of esoteric language. 11: Brief history of the Bride of Christ. 12: Catch them young. 13: Check point explained. 14: Examine your family life.
27.        15: Follow the Cloud volume 1 Evidence that the Son of Man is the Elohim. Follow the Cloud volume 2 Evidence that the Son of Man is the Elohim. 17: Forgiveness. 18: God in despised places. 19: God’s nature is our ticket to paradise. 20: I am with you always volume 3.
28.        21: No deception is of the truth volume 2. 22: No deception is of the truth volume 1 the foundation message. Prophet Marion William Branham’s quotes. Re-examine your faith. Salvation is by grace and not by works. Seven steps to realize the promises of God henceforth. Son of Man: Our Link to the truth. Strive to be a star.
29.        This salvation is by grace alone is the topic we used from Epistle three. When you open it, don’t stop. Continue to read along. You will see Epistle four, Epistle five, Epistle 6, they lined up.
30.        But to make sure we get space, we gave it only one title and then separated the titles along the way. After salvation is by faith alone, you will see, “justification is by faith and not by works.” You continue to read until you finish the Epistles. So that whatever you want to talk, you are free then to talk.
31.        Yes, I made it that way because people are fond of giving excuses. Somebody believing salvation by grace alone and then stop.
32.        I decided to trick the entire world by using that salvation is by grace alone. And once you open it, it doesn’t stop again until you end it in the accuser of the brethren. It is unfortunate that many of us have not opened this thing.
33.        Strive to be a star. Take my yoke, the covenant God, the investigative judgment of God before the catching away of the saints. The revelation of latent powers volume 1. The unguided moment in a man’s life and the greatness of politeness. The basis of our faith. When the spark flies in your marital relationship. Where do you belong to? Moses or Christ? Or grace, laws or faith? You are the children of the prophet volume 2.
34.        These messages are already there for the entire world to see. We are not in the computer, we are in the web. We are in the global network. So, if we are in your computer, we may be in your own computer alone. We are in the global network.
35.        Wherever there is light, we are there. Wherever there is darkness, we are there. Wherever there is breath of life, we are there. We are even in the high seas. We are in the oceans, in the mountains, in the valleys. If there is life in the grave, we are there. If the bottomless pit is open, which is called hell, we are also there.
36.        Christ has traced all mankind. He has traced all mankind to their finalities. To their final point. Because He is the angel of judgement that will appear in the last days to bring judgment upon the whole earth and then the wrath of God will strike.
37.        Do not allow God to judge you in the end. St. Paul saw it, he said, “No, no, no, no. it is not a good thing for one to appear before the judgment throne of God.” William Branham said, “I do not ask for His judgement, I ask for His mercy.”
38.        And that is what a very intelligent fellow must ask from God. Mercy and not judgement. For in the day of judgement, who will stand? On the day of judgement of God, is there any flesh that can stand it? No flesh can stand it.
39.        That is why the angels, who lost their first estate and were chained, are placed in a custody waiting for the day destruction. They are restless. They are running up and down for they don’t want to be punished alone.
40.        They know they are going to be punished, they now vowed a vow, they must not be punished alone. They must lure people out who will suffer the punishment with them. They know what they are doing. Amen.

By next Sunday God willing, we shall be having our thanksgiving service. For Onitsha, we shall be here.
2.           Other local assemblies will be in their own centre. I will tell you how it will take place as we continue.
3.           Last week was a very wonderful one. If it has not been the Lord that intervened, we would have been sorrowing beyond expectation.
4.           At Isi-Ala-Ngwa, we lost a brother by death. We call him a brother because they restored him before he died. Before his restoration, he had a record that he always stayed away from fellowship.
5.           In his own family, he will only come to fellowship the way he wants. Always quarreling with his wife. One week in the fellowship, one year outside.
6.           He had a new baby. He came to them, pleaded for forgiveness. They restored him. Not less than one week, he felt sick. Though he was sick, I knew it.
7.           The sickness became severe; finally, he died on Thursday. He has been with us over seven years but unknown to almost everybody. I wondered whether he has visited Onitsha for one day. His name is Chimezie.
8.           So, I instructed him, to Bishop Chike in particular, when he quoted that Pastor Jeffery came to Onitsha with a report when his case was brought before Me.
9.           I said, “He should close that chapter for I am not interested. And if he dies, let nobody ever call me. I will not respond. I am stopping every hypocrite.”
10.        I said it before their hearing that a day is coming when somebody will die in this Faith; I will never subscribe to that person’s burial because he is a hypocrite.
11.        If you are in this most holy Faith because you want a befitting burial whenever you die, you better decide this moment: Go to any Church of your choice, they will take care of you.
12.        As far as I live in this Bridal faith, a known hypocrite should pray that he or she will not die. Otherwise, the corpse is the responsibility of the relations.
13.        If you are in this most holy Faith and  you are expecting that when you die, we will give you a befitting burial, whether you are behaving well or not, whether you are one of us or not, change your mind now.
14.        I instructed that they should tell his relations to bury him immediately. “I am not coming, I am not sending anybody.”
15.        They said, “We are ready to bury him that day but we had no money to buy casket.”
16.        I told the brethren to help them. I am expecting them here today to know whether they have buried him or not.
17.        Yesterday also, we lost another sister by death at Aba. Sister Oluchi. The one that has been giving us headache with Pastor Isaac Monday. The one that made us to take risk to go to Aba to force her out of Pastor Isaac’s house. Pastor Isaac refused and she refused.
18.        They were excommunicated and they remained outside for two years. When they were restored, they said she was pregnant and things like that. I do not know how Aba restored them. The child died.
19.        Yesterday, the lady died. Brother IK Ezindu, I hope you are here! Because you were a part of the trouble that time.
20.        I instructed immediately that they should call her parents to come and carry her corpse down to her hometown.
21.        I remember the day Pastor Mantu called Me because of her. I did not mince words. I told him straight away, “I am not interested. If she dies, do not tell Me. Simply tell her parents to come and carry her.” Finish.
22.        And immediately, they obeyed. Invited her parent, helped them to get an ambulance; she was carried home to Isiagwu in Ebonyi State where she was buried immediately. I really thank God for all these things.
23.        I equally thank God while I was discussing with the Elders in My house concerning our Brother Atah who is very responsible to this ministry. Very, very resourceful; very much devoted to the cause of Christ.
24.        From the day he enlisted into the Faith in Lagos till today, that brother has been working relentlessly and very quiet. He doesn’t complain. He passes through hardship with us.
25.        He is instrumental to the establishment of the library. He has been helping us in transcribing. He is working relentlessly.
26.        I was discussing with the elders that I was planning to bring him down here. Three days before we will open the library together. While the brethren that will be interested will be going there one by one to know what is happening there, I never knew that the devil was planning against him.
27.        That same night that was Friday night, he was returning from Brother Tony’s place where they were working for Me all to make sure we achieved our aim.
28.        He left Brother Tony’s house around 8:30 in the night, boarded tricycle (keke napep), they were four passengers and the driver in that tricycle.
29.        Along GRA, a mad privately owned Mercedes car, came from nowhere to cross the road furiously without applying brake and ran across this tricycle. Hit it from the side, the thing fell down, the driver climbed the tricycle.
30.        Tricycle that has no protection. In front, no protection. At the back, waterproof. By the sides, human beings. The Mercedes car ran cross the passengers and our Brother Atah was there.
31.        Immediately the report came to Me that night, I gave instruction both the driver of the car, Brother Tony that was alerted and many other people that were there, they should chatter a vehicle, carry all of them to Orthopedic.
32.        I alerted Brother Ojiakor for he knew nothing about it. I alerted Pastor Ejike, Pascal and all of them. Commanded them to rush to Orthopedic with instruction, “If he is bleeding, all of you should donate one, one pint, save his life.”
33.        Even this morning, I called him; he was even showing interest in coming today in his weakness and pains.
34.        I said, “No, remain there. Let Brother Elue come. With Brother Elue and Brother Obinna from Port-Harcourt we will continue from where we stopped.
35.        We thank God that we did not lose our brother. I equally thank all the brethren at Enugu for their quick response. You did a recommendable job. If you did not rush there, Satan could have gained advantage. We thank God.
36.        So far, this is the much you should know about the ministry activities.  Amen.

We read very horrifying news from Palestine yesterday. And everything is narrowing down every day.
2.           While we were still in My house, our Brother Emeka Nwanga also downloaded one which was also frightening.
3.           God said, “You should watch as we see events unfold on a daily basis.” Do you know that apart from all of you that are following the Son of Man, do you know that the rest of mankind have not seen the handwriting on the wall?
4.           Even the End-Timers don’t know what is happening. Churches do not know what is happening. The highest thing they can say is that they are seeing events that mark the end of the age but they don’t know where they are.
5.           But we know the hour, we know where we are, we know what we are expecting. We are expecting something to come but the entire world feels that these things are natural occurrences. Even if they read these reports in the newspapers, they do not attach meanings to them at all.
6.           News from the Middle East. “Abbas, asks for the state of Palestinian. Presses for full UN membership. Additional pressure mounts over prospective bids next week.”
7.           Prospective bids next week. Precisely on the 23rd which is Friday, by 12 noon. The UN Security Council will meet to decide the case of Palestine. The final mandate will be 23rd September.
8.           Additional pressure mounts over the prospective bid next week. UN diplomat has been scrambling to help us in the controversy. Though, some analysts suggest the decision to take the vote to the Security Council will reflect a political phosphorate by the Palestinian leader.
9.           Abba concluded his speech on Friday by acknowledging other options presumably, referring to his government at list to weigh a vote of decision at UN General Assembly next week.
10.        We of the North may include of the full membership bid. And as for the other options, we have not taken decision, he said.
11.        While the United States have vowed to veto a full membership application…”
12.        United States have done what? Vowed! To do what? Veto! Do you know that US is not a member of United Nations? Yet, they have veto power. To veto full membership of Palestinian in the UN Security Council as a nation. Already, they have a president.
13.        “…while the United States has vowed to veto the full member application if it actually come before the Security Council next week Friday, the Palestinian also will go to General Assembly where only a majority vote will be needed to get lesser status that is equivalent to observant state senior to the position that Vatican honorably vote. A vote in its favour will be all but assured…”
14.        Vatican City! What did I tell you? The Pope who is in charge of the Vatican has already assured Palestine of their vote. For Vatican is entitled to one vote and it has been assured.
15.        Who is now left out? Who is not in support of Palestine to become a sovereign state with their capital in Jerusalem? 23rd of September is the day.
16.        Am I talking about rapture? We are talking about events they are near or nearest to the proposed day. Do you see why the devil is not happy with you?
17.        The Palestinian Territory knows the status of a permanent observant entity and as observer, the dedication to speak to the General Assembly.
18.          A successful vote either come to establish state with define border. But afford the Palestinian government and operated financial status allowing them to pursue legal action against Israel.”
19.        Allowing them to do what? Pursuing legal action against Israel. Allowing Palestine to do what? Taking legal action against Israel. Who is to authorize the legal-ship? The United Nations.
20.        This Friday is the D-day. Admitting Palestine with Abbas, whether Israel likes it or not.
21.        The entire world is now tensed up against Israel. It is “operation move Jerusalem from its position.” Jerusalem cannot be moved.
22.        What is more, God said, “When they shall conclude plans, the whole world to come together against God’s people, the Almighty God will slaughter the nations.”
23.        Remember it is just one word. A word from His mouth will slaughter them. When you see the tide gathering, how do you feel? Some think we are making noise. We are not making noise.
24.        “…Abbas, expected to summit a request for full membership on Friday.”
25.        There are too many other reports which we decided to save. At the end of the day you can read it on your own. When you enter cyber cafe, if you have money, after printing out whatever that took you there, download international news so that you know where you are.
26.        This is why we are making frantic efforts to equip our library very well so that we will be connected to the whole world. And those that will be serving in the library will be writing out reports from the Net which we will be reading out before all of you anytime we gather. To be current on what is happening.
27.        Tell Me the Church which you will go and be acquainted with this information. Tell Me the gathering, tell Me the lecturer in any university who will spend time to lecture you on this things. How do you think you will perish after knowing this truth?
28.        To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This week we have rolled in, you know what is about to take place. Nothing is taking us unawares.
29.        An Israeli army chief warns of Middle East war. The Nation. Published September 7th, 2011
30.        Israeli army chief warns of Middle East war. The nation newspaper, September 7th, 2011. It is still current. I say, it is still current. Today is 18th, so it is still current.
31.        The Commander of Israeli sole front on issue on stafony by the Middle East is decided by full scale multi war that will see use of mass destruction…”
32.        What! If you are in today’s fellowship, happy are you. We are not following devised fables. Before these things will happen, God had already told us. You see why we are not panicking?
33.        Looking at the physical structures in the world, one can hardly believe that one day, all of them will not be seen again. The building of the whole earth will soon vanish away.
34.        I read a report that said, “Scientist in America discovered a new planet.” Somebody said, “It is not a new planet but a new world.”
35.         He said, it is that one that is coming to replace this one we are enjoying. For that one is a better one. They call it, the planet.”
36.        You know the world is a planet. That one is also a planet. It is new, it is not among the nine planets, it is the tenth planet. Why is this planet coming down?
37.        Remember, when it was coming before, they said, “It was a heavy object larger than the size of the earth. And they predicted that by the end of October that it is likely to touch the earth. When it touches the earth, nothing will survive.
38.        There is a natural mystic flowing in the air. If you listen carefully now, you will hear. There is no name they have not given it.
39.        Last week, it now became clearer in vision that it is a mass. Something that is round across the whole sky. Another planet altogether. And the best of all the planets descending upon the earth. And they said it is coming to replace this one.
40.        Maybe it is coming with inhabitants. Are you getting the message? Maybe while it is descending, it is the New Jerusalem that is coming from above. A New Jerusalem, a new earth, a new heaven with new, new inhabitants: “Behold, I make all things new.”
41.        There has never been a period of mass destruction from God without God first of all sending somebody to come and call out His own, who will escape it. For if He doesn’t send somebody, no flesh will be saved.
42.        The Commander of Israeli sole front on issue on stafony by the Middle East is slated for full scale multi war that will see the use of mass destruction.
43.        Major General Ahab told a press conference in Tel Aviv as a result the possibility of multi fought war that he preached including the potential use of mass destruction. But yesterday, Israel Defense Minister, Ehud Barrack…”
44.        Israel Ehud Barrack, the former Israel Prime Minister. He is the present Israeli defense minister. It is like Jonathan using Babangida as Defense Minister.
45.        “…while talking in senior border …,he said, he could see Israel adversary to lunch a large scale of it. I am also convinced that one of our enemies will then use chemical weapons against Israel not now and not in the future he added.”
46.        “…General Isifet himself took to Israel army to explain that his comment has been taken out of context.”
47.        His comment has been taken out of context.
48.        “…General Ismeali Isifet took to army radio to explain that his comment has been taking out of context he maintained …
49.        We thank God for the report also. We also thank our brother who saw it and printed it and preserved it till today.
50.        Fix your eyes on Israel. Fix your eyes on the Middle East. And God said this morning that the whole thing we are expecting, the first step into it which will determine where everybody will go; that the first step will be taken this week on Friday which is 23rd 2011. That is the first step that will determine the fate of all mankind.
51.        When we were talking about it some years ago, it was when were saying it is coming. But today, even last week, I told you that we are no longer counting in months or years, but we are now counting in days.
52.        Even as I am talking now, anything can happen. Where My eyes is, I will not be here beyond the day of the signing of the agreement. I will not be here beyond that day in this flesh that can feel pains. No! I will not be here.
53.        If I will be here, I will be in My indestructible body to supervise everything. To observe what will happen.
54.        I really thank God. Don’t ever think we are marking time. We are not marking time. I used a luxury bus that is bound to Lagos or Kano as My illustration.
55.        If you enter the bus and fix your eyes on the floor of the bus, you can hardly believe that it is moving, for everything appears to be normal. The seats are in their usual way. But the vehicle will be moving on a top speed.
56.        You will be hearing the driver telling you, “We are now at Ore,” “We are now at Shagamu.” “This is Ibadan expressway.” You begin to wonder how manage! But the seats are here.
57.        Every day we come to fellowship here, we think we are not moving. When we go to bed and wake up in the morning, go to market and come back, go to schools and come back, your work place and come back it will be as if we are in a place. Something is happening.
58.        Your vehicle is moving faster than ever. Maybe you have not observed that the night unfolds faster than ever. Even night and day. Say good morning now, before you know it, the night will fall.
59.        Can you remember it was this year that we held our ministers’ meeting? We have entered another ember month. Before you know it now, it will be “Happy New Year.”
60.        If we can look outside there, we can see one of the firewood we used in cooking. See September here.
61.        God moves in mysterious ways. Now you know where you are, regard anything that is coming from the opposing side as your greatest enemy. Opposing feelings, opposing thoughts, opposing imaginations, opposing actions, opposing utterances, regard them as your greatest enemy.
62.        Hear Me well. If Noah WAs troubled in the ark by any of the animals he put there, the same window from where he cast out the dove, the dove flew round, came back to the ark, that window, WAS still open.
63.        The door WAs locked, the window WAs openED. If any animal which he put there becAme a menace to him, the window WAs open. He must cast it out. Where will it land? Inside the water.
64.        If you become uncontrollable in the ark, if you become uncontrollable in the ark, the door is locked but the window is open. I will lower you from the window into the water. The water I mean is the world. The waters signifY the world.
65.        In here is Christ and eternal life. Out there, is the devil and eternal destruction. I don’t plead with you to stay in the ark. Neither do I persuade you to join them there. The choice belongs to you.
66.        Remember the voice, He said, “From henceforth, I wish to make it clear that this faith that is committed into My trust will no longer condole any act of insubordination from anybody no matter how highly placed. No matter your relations with the Son of Man.” How many heard it? Thank you very much.
67.        Wise food for thoughts. In a highly dynamic world those who have not fixed their minds with new information may end up at Dead Sea where no life or success thrives.
68.        Ability to learn new things is critical to our success in all facets of life. The foundation of regrettable spirit is un-wiliness to learn new things that are capable of changing our lives and situations for the better.
69.        Your refusal to learn new things will never stop the world from moving forward but will only concede you to the dustbin.
70.        It has been very noted that even if you put two video cards in the company of one million wise people, after a short period, the two mediocre must ultimately be drawn to each other and stick together in a permanent datum of failures.
71.        Great achievers, they retain towards the company of those that are wiser than they and therefore add value to their lives.
72.        Join the wise group if you want to be successful in all facets of life. Do not be a fool who does not concede or acknowledge superiority because he or she arrogates to himself or herself a repository of all knowledge.
73.        When you refuse to learn, you refuse to move forward and must fizzle out into the oblivion. The past offers more help in advancement more than anything. Amen.