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Thursday, 3 November 2016


        “THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE” “Truth has no substitute”

If God should speak to you not in a dream but through a man, can you behave that way, can you do it?

2.        This is the God you have come to worship. He can demand that which you will look at and say it is impossible.
3.        Sarah didn’t quote the Bible, “How can God that said thou shall not kill ask you to kill your son?  What is He going to do with a dead boy? How can God who condemned Cain for killing Abel ask you to kill Isaac?’’ 
4.        She didn’t quote Bible? You worship God by faith not by sight. If you follow the letters, there are so many things you can doubt in the Bible but if you follow the Spirit, you believe all. The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life.
5.        I am telling you the nature of the person you have invited here and the nature of Message you must expect. He will not speak to you the things that will be pleasant to your ears.
6.        He will give you commandments that are not hard to try your faith. You know all these things we said human beings obeyed them.
7.        If God told us to behave that way today and we say no, can we be justified in the sight of God?
8.         Sister, what is your real name? Sister, ‘Uchenna Nwodo’. Okay, sit down. To whom much is given, much is expected. It is very rare to see Me establishing any Church on this type of foundation.
9.        I have taken My time to make sure that I tell Churches things like this when they are of age. If I had established all the Churches this way, nobody would have believed God one day and this place would have become cage of unclean birds.
10.    Every Tom, Dick and Harry would have entered, but I am establishing you in a plain foundation because that is the stage where you entered. You came in when the Veil is broken. Now My message is over.  I will not go to any Church to suffer again.
11.    Thus, if you are expecting Me to come here and show you doctrines, they are already in tapes and in human beings. I have committed it into the hands of faithful men and they are now able to teach you what I have thought them.
12.    They have known Me, My doctrines, My manner of life. They are fully established in the present truth. Hence, they are not shaking. That is why I am not lavishing My time on doctrines, but I believe you will hear them, believe them, trust in them the same way you believe Me.
13.    St Paul said, “Whether I send Silvanus or Titus, hear them, receive them the same way you receive me, the same way you believe me for they are coming to you with that which I have given to them. But when I come to you, I will give you the abundance of mysteries that you may know my knowledge of God so that your faith will be established fully”.
15.     If your ministers fail, they should blame themselves; if your ministers fail, they have failed themselves. God will mark them bad. As for Me, I have accomplished My task. I have committed it into the hands of faithful men.
16.    I have come here to ordain elders of the Church and set things in order. Then, the Church will take off. You are an independent and autonomous Church. You don’t have any hope anywhere except in heaven.
17.    We are meeting in Jerusalem as brethren in like-precious faith and we are meeting on equal stand. There is no super Church that has power over another Church. Church at Onitsha is equal with the Church at Enugu-Ezike, equal with the Church at Nsukka, but they have only a privilege.  They are privileged because the word of God must first be spoken in Jerusalem and that is where the doctrine comes from and the resident Apostle is there.
18.    For any problem, the elders will come down to Jerusalem. From there, all the elders drawn from other Churches will sit down and then they and the Holy Spirit will agree and write letters, sometimes giving the Church laws.
19.    Whatsoever they bind here is bound in heaven. We are back again. This is the Original Church. Beware of dogs; they are very much around.
20.    They will never allow you to enjoy this liberty; secretly and craftily, they will come in and you think they are coming to believe. They will come with too many questions and before you know it, they have taken prominent positions and they will trouble you.
21.    What do you do? You rally round your ministers and throw them out. Don’t give them even an hour; no chance! Tell them that it is not here.  If you are coming here, you must believe our message and live by it. To come with your Pentecostal idea, not here. 
22.    We have left Egypt; we are now in Canaan, the Promised Land. We are now enjoying Canaan and nobody will take us back to Egypt. We say no.
23.    I am going to speak to you on HARD TRUTH, but pray that God will give you the unction to see that the commandment of God is not hard to keep, but if you make it hard, it will become hard.
24.    As I was telling recently, it requires a foolish person to destroy his television in this modern day. It requires a foolish person to change his mind concerning his university education or even change his course to choose a course that will give him liberty to worship God.
25.    So many courses are not Godly. Even the university environment is not good for a child of God. So, you that are in a University town, if you are tempted to choose your course, choose a course that God will be interested in.
26.    Like our Brother was trying to give me the impression that he wants to study medicine, you don’t know what you want to study; you don’t know what you are choosing, but you will know it now.
27.    You know I am a married Father; I am not a Roman Catholic father. Adults, note it; there is no way, whether you want to do Paediatrics or the one that will solve the problem of AIDS, there is always the elementary stage of medicine and that which you are trying to avoid, you must meet it there.
28.    If mere looking at a woman will cause a man to lust, what of when that woman is naked and you are asked  to use gloves and touch everywhere in her body, you want to tell Me that that man will remain a man without being aroused? That man must have died twenty times. 
29.    And because it is a spirit, they carry it that way into their private clinics and that is where every immoral practice is climaxed. These private clinics, I call them private chalets. You don’t know what happens in that chalet until somebody there resigns and embraces this Holy Ghost Faith. Then you will know that the cases for which they tell women to pull off don’t even warrant pulling off.
30.    A friend that is not an elect, has, because of this matter resigned from that place, a well-known medical practitioner. He is now doing business in Onitsha because what happened in the clinic rocked the foundation of his family and he became too scandalous. Then he sold off everything.
31.    He said it was a dangerous spirit; he said after his prayers (after praying that he will not do it again), he still sees himself in it again and again. He said even some women love it and expressly come because of it.
32.    Yes, it is true. How can a child of God take such a profession that will expose him to danger when the Bible said that we should flee from every appearance of evil?
33.    IN THIS FAITH, EVERY MARRIED SISTER IS A SACRED COW. Nobody, no man has the right to see your nakedness except your own husband. Our pregnant sisters deliver in the hands of midwives. It is scriptural.
34.    Nurses attend to them. It is not the duty of the doctor, the doctor can only come when there is danger, but many carnal doctors take it upon themselves, inserting one finger, two fingers into the woman’s body.
35.    We should know more than that. No midwife has time for two fingers, three fingers, no. They know what to do. It is their work; it is woman to woman affair. Courageously, they will see that the woman delivers safely.
36.    Since the Lord came down, have we buried any Sister who died during child bearing? Even in Egypt where Moses was born, who were taking care of the hospitals? The midwives. Egyptians know more than that.
37.    IT IS ONLY IN THE GENTILE LAND THAT A MAN ENJOYS ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE TO OPEN HER LEGS. God forbid and God is saying, ‘The time of this ignorance, God overlooked.’ Amen.
Now, God is calling everybody to repent. I know I’m not sounding too hard on you people. What am I doing?
2.        I want to cut off occasions of they that claim they are something because I know that Nsukka is filled with religion.
3.         Every kind of religion is here and they will come here to upset your faith. Some will come to you and say “Why do you say that you don’t use instrumental music? Why are you condemning instrumental music?
4.        “Every Church approves it; every crusade approves it. By the way, why do you clap your hands?”
5.        I want to cut off these occasions before I go into the message proper. I will only preach one message and that one message will be enough for all of you, but all this while, what am I doing? I am watering the ground. It is not easy to till this ground.
6.        know Whom you have believed; you know Who is declaring this message to you. There is something in the vessel you are receiving the message from.
7.         I want to speak to you on a little topic, “WHY WE DO NOT USE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC IN WORSHIP”.
8.        Yesterday, I cut off a lot of occasions for those that will tell you viewing television doesn’t matter; film doesn’t matter. I want to show you the type of people you are.
9.        After showing you this, I will now tell you why God has decided to choose you and what manner of people you are in the sight of God so that you can preserve your liberty in Him and you won’t use your liberty to do what is wrong.
10.     Bear with Me a little while, while I show you something in furtherance of the Gospel. Ministers that came with Me make your notes. Forget about what I told you in your local Churches about this matter.
11.    If you go by your jotters and fold your hands, by the time I get to the middle, you will say, “Had I known,” because I am dealing with this Church according to the level of sin in this place.
12.    I am raising a standard because here I have noticed that many of these cults in the name of Churches are being spearheaded by learned personalities that have travelled far and wide.
13.    I’m not a learned man; the little grammar I speak here is by Divine Providence. (Selah). You know it is very hard for people to take Me seriously when I say that I didn’t go to school.
14.    I didn’t go to school. Some of us here can speak but cannot write; some can write but cannot speak, but on My own part, it is the Lord’s doing and it marvelous in My sight.
15.    HARD TRUTH was written in less than five hours; CRY OUT AGAINST THE SYSTEM was the hand work of twelve angels and LAST TRUMPET was ‘Thus saith the Lord.’
16.    Did we come with some of the magazines? Can we see some of them? I mean magazines confirming what is in the Faith already. I mean magazines we bought where Federal Government descended on Pentecostal Churches.
17.    I want to show somebody that what we are holding is already fulfilling. Don’t mind that man; he doesn’t know his ministry. The man that packed the books doesn’t know his ministry.
18.    Don’t worry; when your ministers come down to Onitsha, they will see some of them.
19.    Now, I go into the message proper. Ministers from Nsukka, when you come to Onitsha, remind us to photocopy some of the documents. Federal Government has given us eight weeks ultimatum to register this Church or be closed down and we are already in the fourth week. It will expire by 30th of March.
20.    By 30th of this month, any Church that did not register is an illegal Church. After expiration, C.A.N will then come and merge them.
21.    Now, since we cannot register because we are registered in Heaven, will we stop gathering because we are not registered in C.A.N? If you stop gathering, you have denied the Faith.
22.    Then, when you are gathering when you are not registered with Government what are you doing? You are now confronting Government. That is why the Bible called it “Unrighteous decree”. We must reject it.
23.    Now, expect a showdown. This Church is placed for a sign. Many of you will be flogged; arrested and even imprisoned. This Church is set for a sign that must be spoken against in this generation. Amen.

Many people are in cults, initiating their children in the same cults every day. For that reason, hell is enlarged.
2.        Go and read, ‘THE MESSAGE FROM HELL.’ Is it not in your LAST TRUMPET? Had it not been that God pulled you out, you would have been like them.
3.         Back to our topic. I shunned somebody last week because of this musical instrument controversy.
4.        You see, they make for themselves instruments for music like King David. Has God now spared David?  I told ministers that came here with Me; “Don’t say you have heard these things before. Carry them home; that’s your revival.”
5.         There is a time God can pardon your mistakes, but when you come of age, you can no longer go scot free.
6.        God didn’t judge David because he was a king but if a priest, a Levi practiced it, God would deal with him.
7.        Let us repeat it, the same place we read before, “He that put far away the evil day and cause the seed of violence to come nigh that lie upon beds of ivory and stretch themselves upon’
8.        What!!? They lie upon beds of ivory; well-dressed beds; golden beds. Like someone was testifying at Onitsha that he bought his bed at the rate of 1.3 million Naira, that his shoes he bought about one hundred and fifty something thousand Naira and he said it’s golden shoes.
9.        Now the question arises: who gives an elect money to lavish that way? Where did he get that money from? How can somebody be sleeping on that bed and be dreaming of translation? They are fooling you.
10.    All of them are having their programmes expanded, building cathedrals and having twenty years development plan, yet telling you that Translation will take place in the year 2000 and he is embarking on a project that will remain till the year 3000. Who is deceiving who?
11.    If I come here to tell you that Translation is tomorrow and I am building an industry expecting to open it in the year 2000, will you take Me seriously? Don’t mind those people!
12.    Living Bible, “You push away all thoughts of punishment awaiting you, but by your deeds you bring the day of judgement near, you lie on ivory beds surrounded with luxury, eating the meat of the tenderest lambs and the choicest calves. You seek idle sounds to the sound of the harps and fancy yourself to be as great musician as King David.’  
13.    Can you give a clap unto the Lord? Brother AbrahamPaul, this one is sinking somewhere.
14.    God said, ‘I am coming to do a new thing which if somebody told you, you will never believe it.’
15.    All of them will be quoting Psalms 150, but they don’t know the mind of God concerning Psalms 150.
16.     I cannot ask you to drop anything without showing you the Bible background because God is a fountain of knowledge. If anybody asks you to stop anything, ask him, “Why should I stop it?”
17.    If he cannot convince you from the Written Word, run away. It is a tested Faith. Why were we blind all these years? Have we not been reading almost every page in the Bible? Why haven’t we seen these pages in the Bible?
18.    The time for the removal of your blindness had not yet come. When will it come? When the time of the Gentile is over and the number of the Gentiles are complete.
19.     I am coming to something. Brethren that came with Me I know that you are surprised that it didn’t go this way in your Local Church.
20.    Yes, God can never do anything without a witness. It is a doctrine in the Church. The Bible said that Christ is our example for He is the author and finisher of our faith.
21.    He made Himself perfect and became the author of Eternal Salvation unto them that believe.
22.    Now, if Christ is our Leader and the Bible said that the disciples ought to be perfect as the Master, let Me first of all tell you that somebody may even come here and say, ‘You don’t clap your hands,’ and David said, “Clap your hands”, ‘but you clap your hands and neglect instrumental music. So, you are guilty.’
23.     If you cannot beat drum, you cannot clap hands, then you become like ‘Ekulunmiri’ people; the people we call “The brethren”. When they come into their Church, their Church is starchy. They don’t clap hands.
24.    Let us see a passage in Amplified Bible. Because the Bible said that God snipped his hands together.
25.    Ezekiel 21:17, “I will also clap my hands and I will cause my wrath to rest.  I, the Lord has said it.”
26.    What? The Lord has said it and that settles the whole matter. The Lord said, “I will clap my hands and my wrath will be settled, my anger will cool down’, and we are from God.
27.    Thus, we will clap our hands and cool the anger of the Lord. The Bible said that when a sinner repents, the angels in heaven shall clap their hands.
28.    We are the angels on earth sitting in heavenly places in Christ. Hence, we will clap our hands to cool down God’s anger.
29.    Our God said, “I will clap My hands and then bring My wrath to rest, I the Lord have said it”.
30.    Who can close the mouth of the Lord? I know some of you must have come across this question before and you were shaking.
31.    St Mathew 26:30, “And when they have sang an hymn…” Amen.
32.    Who are these people? Jesus and his disciples. Brother Abraham Paul, you better come here. Anything distracting your attention is your enemy. We are speaking life and death. And we have no second chance because we are Gentiles. God picked us and purified us; we have no second chance in God. We are not natural Jews.
33.    If we miss Translation, there is no room for the foolish virgins in the Kingdom of God.
34.    The Voice said, “Depart from me for I know you not.’’ There was no other place the door was opened for them. For that reason, let us make the best use of our chance now.
35.    Matthew 26:30, And when they had sang an hymn, they went out into the mount of olives…”
36.    Jesus and his disciples sang what? A hymn. Brethren you can just imagine.
37.    Song: When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrow like sea billows roll, whatever my lot, thou has thought me to say it is well, it is well with my soul. Hallelujah.
38.    By this, he had instituted vocal praises; no longer instrumental because His Father had already condemned it in the Old Testament and put it aside together with burnt offering, incense and candle.
39.     He said, ‘Burnt offerings I need no more; your candles have become an abomination unto Me; away with them. All of you that fabricate this like King David, I will punish you.’
40.    This was the scripture I read before My neighbor who is a manufacturer of musical instruments and he said he will think over it and I said, “Sir, reasoning will produce unbelief because you are going to reason to see whether there will be an excuse”.
41.    When St. Paul preached, his message spoiled peoples’ business. All that were using graven image in Ephesus to make money, St. Paul’s message spoiled their business because their business were opposed to God’s word and forty men ganged up against him with an oath that they will never drink or eat until they kill Paul.
42.    Anybody that is practicing instrumental music in his Church, together with all the manufacturers of instrumental music, if they hear a man that is saying this thing, what do you think they will do to him? Will they clap hands?
43.    Hell is enlarged My brethren. There is no other place you can know this truth except in the Bridal Faith. They are in the crusade but we are here to confirm the Church.
44.    Crusade is of the devil. No man of God ever engages in Church crusade. Check your Bible. No apostle tried it; Christ didn’t try it and no Church tried it in the Bible. It is mere advertisement of business center and nobody has ever been saved in a crusade.
45.    People go there to exchange pleasantries and it is another home for immorality. Many things go on when the light is off. Look up! I am burying all these deep forces, putting them into eternal silence. I know it is these things that your enemies will use to trouble you.
46.    ‘What makes the difference? You are just one of us. What makes you say you can’t shake my hands?’ The Bible says, “If anybody comes to you without this wholesome word, the word of the Lord Jesus Christ, don’t say God bless you; don’t receive him in your house and don’t even eat with him”.
47.    If you receive him or shake his hands, the Bible said you will become a partaker of his sins. Don’t worry, another minister is coming to mount the pulpit to use Igbo to tell you that you are all called and separated unto holiness.
48.    Why we don’t compromise our Faith; why we live a separated life, for our father Abraham from the beginning was called by God unto separation; God called us for separation. A minister is coming here very soon. I am just paving way.
49.    I am looking for somebody that will say, “God, I thank God we are in apostolic days; let my ministry manifest”.
50.    Can you imagine? The Church at Nsem, Kaduna, Almighty God confirmed the Church in the night Pentecost and an apostle was ordained immediately, the third apostle in this Faith.
51.    If you were asked to say where the third apostle will come, some may think it is Isi-alaNgwa, some may say Obosima, some may even say Eha-mufu or Enugu-Ezike or Aba or Umuokanne or Owerri. Some may even look at Jos; some may think of Dadinkuwa or Zonkwua or Gwodogwodo, but look at where God went and that Brother now is in detention because this Faith.
52.    He is in Kaduna prison now because of this Faith, yet we are marching on. We are victorious; all power belongs to God. Satan is a defeated man.
53.    When God called our Brother, he was in police Cadet School at Zaria, a police cadet officer. He pulled off his uniform, returned it to his commandant and told him, ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ and left for Nsem. The Lord told him he was going to suffer for the Faith.
54.    He is in detention, but not unto death. God sent him there to become prisons’ minister for a while. Don’t worry; he is coming to Onitsha. Already he is released. He is coming to Onitsha. Ministers that are coming, you will see him. What if it pleases God to give you an apostle here? I mean the Church at Nsukka.
55.    What if God will raise an apostle in your midst? It depends on the desire of your heart and the level of consecration you have had; the level of dedication you have made.
56.    Jesus the Christ in His own day sang with his disciples. He has now paved the way: Vocal music, vocal worship,  no longer gbom, gbom, gbom. I am coming to something.
57.     You know the Igbo people say when evil stays for a long time, it becomes a tradition. There is a way evil will linger and it will become tradition and it will take elders that know about it to tell people how it all started and how it used to be, the person that turned it upside down and when the people began to practice it.
58.    It then became tradition and when you try to take people back to the way it used to be, they will refuse. That is the problem. But when a lie stays for thousands of years, does it make it to become truth? No.
59.    I was laughing when I came here and saw some bricklayers, masons, carrying cement, head-pan up and down, I laughed and said if these people had known the hour of their visitation, they would have paused a little.  
60.    But they don’t know the things pertaining to their peace; they don’t know their hour of visitation and you see all of them working, suffering themselves and they cannot see what is happening around them.
61.    People that would have said, “Master, on your feet we lay our burden down; we need your rest”.  Amen.
The Church is marching on. I will now take you into the full Word. Acts 16 verse 25, KJV, “And at midnight, Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God and the prisoners heard them”.
2.        What? Paul and Silas did what? And the prisoners did what? Amen. Did they play instrumental music? They sang praises because they learnt it from the Master. Romans 15 verse 9, And that the gentiles might glorify God for his mercy as it is written for this cause I will confess to thee among the Gentiles and sing unto thy name”.
3.        And do what? Sing unto Thy Name. Did He say, ‘I will play instrumental music unto thy name? That the gentiles might confess to God and sing unto his name.”
4.         1st Corinthian 14 verse 15, “what is it then? I will pray with the spirit and I will pray with understanding also, I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the understanding also”.
5.        What? I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the understanding also. Did he say, ‘I will play instrument?’ NO. But Vocal praises, vocal singing.
6.        Ephesians 5 verse 19, “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs…”
7.        What? Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Did he say, ‘play instrumental music to yourselves?’
8.        Can a man speak to his fellow man with instruments? I am showing you the instruction of the Churches. St Paul said, “That which I teach in the Church at Corinth, I teach in all the Churches.’
9.        Colossians 3:16, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord’’.
10.    Is it clear now? Any instrumental music there?
11.    Hebrews 2:12, “Saying I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the Church will I sing praise unto thee.”
12.     I will do what? In the midst of the Church will I sing praise unto thee. Did he say, ‘In the midst of the Church will I beat drum?’ Or play flute and cymbals which God condemned together with the action of David?
13.    James 5:13 “Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is any merry? Let him sing psalms”.
14.    Is any merry? Let him sing psalms. I am looking forward to seeing ministers that will take up these matters anytime this confirmation of the Church is over. You take your time and educate the whole members of the Church; I mean all that are here from your different local Churches.
15.     Let Me just take you back to history. John Calvin, a Presbyterian, one of the greatest reformers in his day, concerning musical instrument in the praising of God was asked a question, the people said, “Calvin, why is it that you do not use musical instrument in Church worship and in all your gatherings?”
16.    Hear him, “Restoring musical instrument in Church worship today is the same as the burning of incense, animal sacrifice, lighting up of candles and the restoration of keeping of the Sabbath which are the things that were abrogated together with the law”.
17.    Did you get the message? That was Calvin’s reply in Calvin’s commentary page 22.
18.    Number 2,  John Wesley, a reformer and a great man too, a Methodist, when he was asked about the use of musical instrument in Church worship in his own day replied thus, ‘I have no opposition to the organ in our chapel provided it is neither seen nor heard.’
19.    John’s commentary volume 4 page 686. Charles Spurgeon who preached for twenty years in the metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle in London harbouring over 5,000 people, when asked why he did not permit the use of musical instrument in all his services, said and quoted 1st Corinthian 14 verse 15, ‘What is it then? I will pray with the spirit and I will pray with the understanding also. I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the understanding also.’
20.    He then added, ‘I would as soon pray to God with machinery also and musical instrument as well.’
21.    Did you hear him? If I should sing to God with machinery, I will also pray to God with machinery and musical instrument.
22.    We continue with the Bible, 2nd John 1:9 “Whosoever transgresseth and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son”.
23.    The doctrine of Christ in the New Testament is that we must worship Him with vocal praise and clapping of hands. Instrumental music is out of use. It can never be seen or heard. If anybody is not continuing in this doctrine of Christ, what he has is devil. It is an addition.
24.     Let Me show you scriptures more. When Babylon was falling as seen in Revelation, many people were afflicted because their businesses were spoiled.  
25.    Revelation 18 verse 22-24.And the voice of the harpers, and musicians and of pipers and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found anymore in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee.
26.    And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee, and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all that were slain upon the earth”.
27.    That is where Babylon is falling in Revelation 18.
28.    Living Bible, “Never again will the sound of music be there, no more pianos, saxophones and trumpets...”
29.    You see where that thing is found? It is not in the Church but in Babylon.
30.    “…No industry of any kind will ever again exist and there will be no longer milling of the grain. Dark, dark will be her nights; not even a lamp in a window will ever be seen again. No more joyous wedding bells and happy voices of the bridegrooms and the brides.
31.    Her businessmen were known around the world and she deceived all nations with her sorceries and she was responsible for the blood of all the martyred prophets and the saints”.
32.    This is the mother of all harlots which is the Roman Catholic Church with all her adulterous daughters. It is all scriptural. If you cannot balance it, then you are not an elect.
33.    The Bible called her a great whore with her daughters after her likeness; like mother like daughter. Now, you see that musicians and all these things are associated with that great whore. They are associated with Babylon and not with God’s Church.
34.    With all these, is anybody left in doubt? Is anybody still having double mind on why we do not permit instrumental music? Have you seen that even the reformers that had trials in their day did not use it? They all condemned it.
35.    All these so-called Latter Day Saints, Pentecostals, Moabites and his people, have you all seen now that they are all Canaanites and these are the people the Lord commanded you and me to ensure that we do not pattern our lifestyle after their culture for they are the ones we will meet in the land of Canaan.
36.     We should make sure that we don’t marry their daughters and we should not affiliate with them. The Lord didn’t drive them away. They remained there. We are here with them. Are they not here? These are the pleasure lovers.
37.    It was through this type of thing that they lured the people of Israel into compromise. When Moab celebrated a feast, gave invitation to Israel and said, “Come together, we are one”. When they came, the Bible said they were dancing, eating and making merriment.
38.    They rose up, lusted after one another and started coming fornication. The Lord killed many of them and Bible said we shouldn’t behave that way. Is it not Bible? Can we see it?
39.     1st Corinthians 10:6-8, “Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things as they as they also lusted. Neither be ye idolaters as were some of them.
40.    As it is written, the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play. Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed  and fell in one day three and twenty thousand’’.
41.    In verse 12, the Bible said, “Let he that thinketh he standeth take heed, lest he fall”.
42.     If maybe one day, they just invite you and before you know it, you will be dancing like this and you say you are dancing for God. Na lie.
43.    When you want to dance for God, it must be in the Assembly of the Believers, in the gathering of the Saints, in the Church of the First Born where you sing praises in the Spirit. You make melody in your heart, you dance in the spirit, not the type they do and say, “Ngangan’egbu m egbu” when God hates pride.
44.    And pride is killing them. Everything they are doing is completely left, left. God said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” but they dance, “Ogaranya n’imechukwu, ogaranyan’imechineke” the rich in the Lord..
45.    The Bible said, “Mind not high things; condescend with men of low estate,” but do they believe that? No.
46.    Everybody is aiming at V-Boot, duplex, helicopter. Do they believe that scripture?
47.    Three things that kill every man of God, every elect; number one: women; number two: money; number three: popularity. Run away from these things.
48.    You want to be popular like a Moabite? You want your ministry to shoot up? You are digging your grave for you can’t please man and God.
49.    St Paul said, ‘If you have raiment and food, be content with it.’ Did he include house? Why? The Son of Man has nowhere to place his head. Birds of the forest have their nest, animals have their bush, but the Son of Man has nowhere to place his head, but if you have raiment and food, be content.’
50.    St. Paul said, “I have learnt how to live in plenty and in time of scarcity”. St Paul told us in the Holy Book that Timothy endured hardship.
51.    We are not called to believe Christ only, but to suffer with Him also. If we suffer with Him, we shall reign with Him.
52.    Somebody might say, “Christ didn’t call Me to suffer. Our father Abraham had so many riches”.
53.    They that will go after riches will pierce themselves with so many sorrows and will abandon the Faith, for the pursuit of money is the root of all evil.
54.    Anywhere there is music, anywhere there is dancing, there is piano, there is guitar, harp, there is fornication there.
55.    You know one thing with the Pentecostals? They know themselves; even their ministers. They know their fellow ladies they are enjoying; even, they gossip with it among themselves, ‘I believe you know she is the GS’s girlfriend. Please, don’t go there.’
56.    They know themselves, even the married ones in their midst. They know all, but they have no boldness to condemn it and secondly, they themselves have not escaped. They are still neck-deep.  Amen.

Watch, like what you see on campus, campus doesn’t produce children of God. They produce smart fornicators; very smart fornicators. Go there you will see business boys that are not ready to graduate in the next ten years. I call them business boys.
2.        What is their target? To make sure that they come to lectures with their private cars. They are lecturers’ delight. I call them, “lecturers’ delight”.
3.        You don’t know what I mean; they just run and run and make the thing mainly on weekends, come there and use it (the money) to visit the lecturers.
4.        They just ask, ‘How many electives?’ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.’ They will perform the magic and check out, one way! You know what I am saying.
5.        To the women, it just a way of life. You see sincere young men being stressed by these women. They really suffer them. Some can stay nine years without graduating. They can clear all the papers, yet they refuse to let them go because they didn’t offer anything.  
6.        I asked one of the professors, ‘Why is it that every now and then, you graduate ladies anyhow? There is no more qualification for entry; women can come in there without result and continue.’
7.          The man turned and said, ‘Do you know what we are doing?’ ‘You know, by nature age doesn’t have mercy on ladies. Age doesn’t show them mercy. So, for that reason, we normally lower their pass mark.’
8.        He went further, If we pass men 15, we pass ladies at 25 because if we delay them for too long, they can become too old in this school and people will be scared and nobody can marry them again. For that reason, we know that they have little or nothing to offer to the society.  The moment they marry, that may even be the end of the certificate.
9.        ‘We know many of them cannot defend it. So, we try as much as we can to show them a little favour; churn them out anyhow. But to these boys, they make the crux of the society. We pin them down anyhow to make sure that they work hard.’
10.    I asked, ‘What of these boys that do business outside?’
11.    He said,Well, we know them, their parents are millionaires. They are just in the school for the fun of it. They are our delight; we use them to augment our little take home pay.’
12.    I said, ‘Sir, shake my hand.’ This professor is living at Onitsha and he is at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He came to Me; gave me an open note to collect his tithe from My colleague that was doing a mature programme. That my colleague doesn’t attend any lecture, but what he does is that he goes from office to office to collect his tithe. At the end of the sixth year, they programmed the thing.  After all, the man is on level 12. The lecturer is on level twelve. The certificate is level 8, step 2.
13.    Do you see what I mean? We know more than that. Some of them cannot draft ordinary letter; ordinary memo they cannot write. Why are you dying because of something that profits you nothing? It is rubbish.
14.    Education, if it passes reading and writing, is useless, more especially to ladies, to every woman.  You can imagine people that go there to read home economics. What is home economics when they cannot even economize garri? I don’t want to expose many of them.
15.    It is just like some of them that say they went to the university to study English; I call them mad people. When did Nigeria become an English country? Why not start speaking grammar here? You have not even finished studying Igbo, let alone studying English.
16.    Who will listen to your English? Is it your relations or your cousins or your little Children? Are we in an English society? They know what they are looking for.
17.    This is the war: Everybody wants to be Dr Mrs. until people that didn’t go to secondary school are now parading themselves as doctors. If you have PhD, I liken you to Paul Nweke who also has a PhD without going to secondary school. I liken you to Umar Ukpai who is now answering Dr without going to university. I liken you to a Modika, a photographer that is now a doctor; a photographer at No. 11 Ugwunabamkpa.  
18.    What of Chike, my friend in Glory Church? Today he is now a doctor. Ordinary drop out from CKC is now Dr Reverend Chike. If you look at the way they dress they look like doctors indeed. I thank God we have a lot of choir people that used to dress with that acada costume.
19.    Even little kids are now graduating at the age of 7. That means it is useless nonsense, but Satan is using it to ruin all of you. People that have obtained it, what did they do with it? Go to Main Market and see many. Most of them are doctors doing nothing. Go to parks, most of them are drivers.
20.    Where is the job in Nigeria? I said where is the job? Better bend down and start rethinking and be content with the little God has bestowed on you. Don’t betray the confidence He has reposed on you.
21.    Always remember you are an elect. Choose an honorable vocation as an elect. Just imagine our Sister that went to a college at Nsugbe and there she went and choose a bad course: African religious studies. And the lecturer told her that it was a great wind that parted the Red Sea. She came back to the Church and said, ‘Brother I have a question. They told us in the school that a great wind parted the Red Sea.’
22.    I said, ‘Okay, did the Bible say a great wind parted it?’ She said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Okay go and tell them what the Bible said.’
23.    She said, ‘But if I write it I will fail.’ I said, ‘Okay, go and tell lies and pass it.’ She saw that the thing was almost impossible; she accepted it.
24.    I am telling you truth; I am not telling you stories. Education is full of lies no matter the discipline. Can you imagine the riddle? Christopher Columbus discovered America and when he got to America he was received by the Red Indians. When he got to America for the first time in his life, the Red Indians received him.
25.    The question arose: ‘Who then discovered America? Is it Christopher Columbus or the Red Indians?’ If Mongo Park discovered River Niger were we not drinking from it before he came?
26.    Education is full of lies. If somebody should tell you that Odoemena discovered Nsukka, that when he went to Nsukka, he was received by the people of this land maybe Eha-alumona; if Ehalumona was at Nsukka before Odoemena came, who then discovered Nsukka?
27.    Education is full of lies. They just want to test your brilliance. Earthly knowledge; your ability to memorize. Medicine is ordinary handwork. It is not education.
28.     Even ordinary work maid, if he stays in the operation room there with a medical doctor for one year, she must know how to operate. She will buy thread, buy that put all of them together and then sow it up.
29.    Stop fooling yourselves and face the reality. Christ in you the hope of glory. If Christ is not in you, glory not.  Amen.

There is something I will show you before I stop. I want to pave way. 1st Kings 19.   
2.        I enquired about a man that was in Deeper Life, John Oko. He was the pastor of Deeper Life in Nsukka. He ministered along side with me at Onitsha in those days until he was transferred to Nsukka because of the problem.
3.         I learnt he came here has become the General Superintendent of a group. We are in the age of erecting synagogues. Do you know that? The time of erecting synagogues.
4.        First Kings 19:11. (KJV), And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the LORD. And, behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the LORD;’
5.        Strong what? I have heard that in Nsukka many people go about blowing many, many things. Sometimes, we heard of people that come with wind and fire, wind and fire, wind and fire, wind and fire! You think God is there; God is not in wind and fire.
6.        Holy Ghost Fire macham macham, Holy Ghost fire macham macham, Holy Ghost fire macham macham.’
7.        A little while, they turned Christianity into occultism, ‘Holy Ghost fire, Holy Ghost fire, Holy Ghost fire, Holy Ghost kill, Holy Ghost kill, Holy Ghost smash ,’ as if they have seen Holy Ghost kill.
8.        Some even go about boxing, ‘Die by fire, die by fire!’ wind and fire never started today.
9.        I am cutting off all occasions where the people can come here to drag you to captivity again because if you allow anyone to drag you into captivity, God is not sending anybody to come and redeem you. You will die in it. That you are pulled out from there is amazing grace.
10.    Sometime ago many of you were shaking your heads, some were even calling it Devil. But now, your devil has become your God. God has pardoned you because you did it out of ignorance.
11.    Like Saint Paul who persecuted the Jewish religion with a pure conscience. That’s why God has called all of you here.
12.    ‘But the LORD was not in the wind:’
13.    What? A great wind was blowing that broke the rocks into pieces, somebody passing by will say, ‘Nnaa, this man is preaching ooo,’ a very big wind; everybody shaking and shaking, the rock pieces, pieces, ‘God, God, God,’ everybody believed it was from God. This was because they heard the Lord will pass by. Everybody called it God.
14.    Then Elijah came, stood still, watched, listened, opened his ears; he heard nothing; it was an empty wind. He went back to his cave. It was mere attraction. Ordinary wind, foaming water.
15.    Let’s go ahead,  ‘And after the wind and earthquake;’
16.     Miracle thunder, miracle earthquake, everywhere shaking, until they call it miracle extravaganza. Something no one mentioned in the Bible; something nobody advertised in the Bible; miracle explosion; miracle earthquake. Everybody was going there; the whole Nsukka.
17.    The Man of God came, stood somewhere, yes, But the LORD was not in the earthquake:’
18.    When the man of God stood still he didn’t hear anything. Back to his cave he went. The Lord was not there. It was an ordinary earthquake. It cannot save anybody. Something happened again,And after the earthquake, a fire;’
19.    Fire came down from heaven; one was speaking, ‘Holy Ghost Fire ; fire, fire, fire,’ the Bible said, ‘on the last days the antichrist and other agents will perform great signs and wonders and will even cause fire to come down from heaven; that if it is possible, you will be deceived.’
20.    But you are not following signs and wonders; you are following an infallible sign; one, an infallible word; two, supernatural vindication which no human being can impersonate.
21.    But the LORD was not in the fire:’
22.    who kindled the fire? It is the enemy. Every time, ‘Holy Ghost fire, wind, fire, Holy Ghost fire,’ giri, giri, giri everywhere, revival, revival, revival. God is not there.
23.    But watch God, ‘And after the fire, a still small voice’. What! A still small voice which is what the prophet has been longing for.’
24.    And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle,’
25.    His heart is now settled. A lot of people have been deceived because of the great wind. ‘Come and see a great man of God; come and see a great woman of God.’ Check your Bible, no matter how God uses a messenger of God, nobody has ever answered a great man of God. Check your Bible.
26.    No man arrogated the things of God to a man; not even one person. When they wanted to worship them, they said, ‘No, we are human beings. We are His servants.
27.    Worship God; Praise God. Give God the glory for God can never share his glory with any man. 
28.    Psalms 119:9. He sent redemption unto His people, he hath commanded his covenant forever, holy and reverend is His name”
29.    What? Holy and what? Reverend. Can a man take the title of God? All these, ‘Most Holy Reverend; His Holiness; Reverend Dr Mrs. so, so and so,’ this is enough to condemn them all.
30.    Can God share His title with any man? “Reverend”  is one of the Deity’s titles, the title of God. No man in the Bible ever took this title “Reverend”.
31.    Peter didn’t take it, although Peter was holding the key. No apostle took it; no disciple took it; it is not an office in the Church; it is not an office any man can occupy.
32.    It is not for the deacon; it is not for the bishops; it is not for the apostle or the teachers or the prophets or the evangelists. It is the office of God; His Majesty; The office of His Majesty.
33.    Look at Umar Ukpai, now answering Reverend Umar Ukpai; Dr Paul Nweke, Reverend; Reverend everybody.  It is only fools that hastily run to the place where angels are afraid of.
34.    Any day God will condemn this world, the whole world will be surprised to see that people they have been following all these years have all become cannon fodders.
35.    The Lord is not a respecter of persons. Amen. There is faith in this Church. I don’t feel like coming down, but I feel I should give way for some other ministers to come and at least, say something.
36.    I have not given you My message yet but I am watering the ground. Apollos will come and do his own work. I do my own, Apollos will do his own, but God giveth them the grace.
37.    Thus, whether I speak or they speak, it is the same God. God bless you all. We make a joyful noise unto the Lord not with any machinery, but with everything that is in us, we worship the Lord.
38.     Somebody somewhere might be thinking that we are drunk, but brethren we are not drunk. It is early hours of the morning, we cannot be drunk now, never.
39.    There is faith in this Church. While I purposed to go, somebody cancelled it. I thought I would be leaving even from bed to Onitsha to take you by surprise, but along the line, somebody mellowed Me.
40.    There is a child of consolation in the Camp; otherwise, I would have been on My way by now because by and by I must attend fellowship at Onitsha.
41.    They will never go until they see us. If you tell them to stay till 4 or 6 o’clock, they will stay. We are meeting them there.
42.    We are in fellowship here; if you don’t know how to praise God while you are on this earth, when you meet God in heaven, well, you will be behaving like the angels in heaven.
43.    The Bible said that they can never join us in songs. The least here is greater than the angels in heaven. The angels didn’t know anything about the blood of Christ, have no part in that precious blood.
44.    But you are purchased, the highest price, you are the master’s purchase. We give God the glory.
45.    My greatest inconvenience here is heat; otherwise, there is joy in My heart. I would have thought you how to praise God.
46.    God help Me to say few things and then commit you into the hands of God. Hallelujah. I know you all know how to use this song book. That’s why I have not been bothering Myself. Even if you don’t know how to use it, your brethren will teach you.

47.    I want to restrict myself to that which is most useful for which purpose you have gathered. Amen.