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Remain blessed Brethren. We thank God who made it possible for all of us to be alive and healthy, and to be in His presence. Some are alive but they are not healthy.
2.          Some are alive but they are not in His presence. So we thank God.  So let me read out this experience:

3.          MY WIFE’S EXPERIENCE WHEN SHE WAS SICK: My wife had a stomach upset that led to frequent stooling all through the night of Monday through Tuesday this week (that is, last week).
4.          By the morning of Tuesday, I went and bought Flagyl® and a pain reliever which Sis Chinwendu recommended for her because the problem persisted alongside complaints of pain. While hoping that the drugs will improve her condition, her condition deteriorated on Tuesday night towards the dawn of Wednesday morning.
5.          As a matter of fact, towards midnight, her condition became so bad that she started losing strength and was giving up. However, I trusted that God will see us through. When this was happening, she started making statement that pointed to her giving up completely.
6.          First, she told us. By then every member of the family had woken up. That we should overlook the misbehavior of our second daughter and endeavour to take proper care of her son.
7.          Secondly she was talking of Bishop Moses’ presence in the room. After that she was no longer audible until when she told us Bishop Moses had left and we should go and close the door.
8.          After this, her condition improved. When morning came (that is, Wednesday morning), she was taken to Apostle Ojiakor’s clinic where she was treated and discharged later in the day.
9.          Later on, she told us what transpired when Bishop Moses came. According to her, when Bishop Moses came, he came asking her whether she was now prepared for them to move?
10.      She equally noticed that someone who later turned out to be The Son of Man was behind Bishop Moses. The Son of Man now checked and then indicated that before she will go with Bishop Moses, she will answer four questions satisfactorily.
11.      The first question was on whether her son has now gotten married, to which she said No. the second question was on whether her husband knew where she was going. She said, No.
12.      At this juncture, The Son of Man told her that if she fails to answer satisfactorily, is it the rest of the question she will succeed? Then The Son of Man told her that He will however ask the third question.
13.      The third question was on whether she had satisfactorily lived her life as a child of God, which she replied, No. Then The Son of Man told her that since she failed to answer the questions already asked satisfactorily, it was needless asking the fourth question.
14.      That she is not going anywhere. Then Bishop Moses left. That was the time she told us Bishop Moses had gone and we should go and close the door. Signed – Bishop Ifeanyi Eze. Household of God, Enugu. Amen.
15.      We thank God for what He is doing in our midst. This is an experience. There are lots of things God is doing which people do not know. We thank God. Amen.

The Message, COPING WITH A REBELLIOUS CHILD, preached on Sunday 29th March, 2009 by The Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena at the Household of God, Onitsha.
2.           “Watch people that carry their handset every minute, their handsets are constantly faulty. If they are not watching film with their handsets, they are programming one thing or the other.
3.           That is not the purpose of the handset. Handset is nothing but a telephone. The essence of a telephone is to send out and receive messages. Anything outside that is devilish.
4.           Send out your messages either by calling or by sending text messages, receive your calls or read your text messages. Hold your handset. Do not use it as stereo and do not use it as television. Some even use it as calculator. Some use it as diaries.
5.           These things are there quite alright but they were installed to enable you spoil your handsets with your hands, because if you can use it for the purpose it was constructed, one handset can last for thirty years provided it does not fall down accidentally or it does not drop into a pool of water.”
6.           My Missionary handset has lasted for nine years and three months and I use it more than any of you, just receiving and making calls. That handset does not rest.
7.           What is more, I have not changed the battery for one day. I have changed the cover twice, but I have not changed the battery. It is still functioning. Nine years and three months.
8.           “Are you in that number saved by Grace? I am in that number saved by Grace. I contributed nothing to my salvation. There is nothing I can contribute – nothing, absolutely nothing.
9.           By my power I achieved nothing. By my works, I only attained self-righteousness which cometh by obedience to rules and regulations – Self-righteousness! Nevertheless, it could not take me anywhere.”
10.        I want to put you in remembrance of one ancient prophecy the Prophet William Branham repeated over and over in different sermons.
11.        In one of the sermons titled, SATAN’S EDEN, he said, “Church! Watch! I make this proclamation in the Name of the Lord and if I am not sure, I would not say it. I know my voice is being heard all over the world on this all-important issue.”
12.        Take note. “Any day you see the Roman Catholics, the Anglicans, the Presbyterians, the Baptists, the Seventh-Day Adventists and so on going Pentecostal, know it is all over. This is going to be the end time revival that saves nobody.”
13.        The same prophecy he repeated in the message titled, THE CHURCH AND ITS CONDITION. This message, this prophecy went forth in Jeffersonville in Indiana far back 1963. What are we seeing now? What are we seeing now?
14.        You see when the prophecy went forth? Before My eyes and your eyes, you see the whole thing happening. William Branham said, “The moment it happens, all ye Elects of God, hold on to the Word of God, The infallible Word.
15.        You will see the entire world now trooping into those Churches, having a revival and hollering. They think they are getting saved. They do not know that they are in the region of the lost. I have said this in the name of the Lord and you know that THUS SAITH THE LORD CAN NEVER FAIL. I can put my signature to it.”
16.        If somebody who lived that time, being a Catholic was told that such a thing could happen as we are witnessing today, it is unbelievable. This is because, as at that time alone, touching the Bible was an abomination, at least in the Roman Catholic Church.
17.        Only one man can touch the Bible and that is the reverend father. He touches only the portion he will extract for that day. If any other person touches the Bible, he must go for confession.
18.         To the Anglicans, we now call them Anglicans. They were called Protestants, Church Missionary Society (CMS). They were Protestants. As at 1963, there was no sign of Pentecostalism in Nigeria. We had missionary Churches: Presbyterians, Baptists, Seventh-Day Adventists and their likes.
19.        But today, you can see what is happening. Even, as at that time, they were not called Christians. When you mention Christians, the reference goes to Catholics, for apart from members of the Catholic, nobody was a Christian.
20.        Anglicans, we call them now, were answering Protestants. A Baptist was answering a Baptist, “I am a Baptist.” “I am a Presbyterian.” “I am a Methodist.” That was the language, but when they confederated they took a name—a unifying name: Christians!
21.        Nobody here was alive in human form when Isaiah the Prophet saw the world confederating. And he warned by prophesying saying, “A day is coming when the talk of the day will be, ‘Let us come together.’”
22.        He said, “Do not join them in saying confederacy, confederacy.” He went further to say, “They shall gather together, but not by my Spirit.” Isaiah the Prophet saw it.
23.        Just like Jeremiah the Prophet who lived in the days of the Prophets. He prophesied against our own day as we can see in the Book of Jeremiah, chapter twenty-three.
24.        In the days of the Prophets, no mention was made about the Church. We had priests who officiated in the temple. But the Prophet foresaw ahead of time, the day when the Church will come into existence.
25.        Remember the Church was pre-planned right from Genesis chapter one. It took God considerable time to plan the Church before it was established. It was a gradual process. If you go to the Book of Jeremiah chapter twenty-three, let us read from verse one there and see how it started.
26.        “Woe unto the Pastors.”  Woe be unto the Pastors. As at that time, there was no place called Church. Once you mention Pastors, you are referring to the Church. You are referring to the shepherd.  
27.        You see, the Prophet saw it afar off. He saw the Church in the making and what will be the condition of that Church. Who was behind the Prophets? The Alpha and The Omega.
28.        Each time God sends a Messenger, He not only reveals to that Messenger what was happening then, He will reveal to him, things that are yet to come. Hence He writes history before events, so that when they will begin to come, nobody will be taken unaware.
29.        Woe unto you Pastors at a time when we had priests officiating in the temple. We had kings. It was an abomination for them to swap offices.
30.        If the Prophet attempted officiating in the temple as a priest, he will die. If the priest attempted officiating as a Prophet, he will die. If a king renders sacrifice that is meant for the office of the priest, he will die.
31.        You see, this Prophet remained in his office and he foresaw the time the Church will be in existence. He saw the administrative setup.
32.        He saw how the Pastors will abandon the flock. How they will shy away from their responsibilities. How the flock will be running helter-skelter, for there would not be anybody to feed them with the right food; the sheep’s food.
33.        “Woe unto the Pastors. This is for all the Pastors that destroy and scattered the sheep of My pasture, Saith the Lord.”
34.        They destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture.
35.        “Therefore, Thus Saith the Lord God of Israel against the Pastors that feed My people” Against the Pastors that do what? “feed My people. You have scattered My flock and driven them away and has not visited them. Behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, Saith the Lord. And will gather the remnant of My flock..”
36.        I will do what? Gather the remnant of My flock. Prophecy! When the Prophet speaks, do not judge the statement by what you are seeing then, for what makes him a Seer is that he sees afar off; things that will come here even decades after his departure.
37.        And will gather the remnant of My flock out of all countries.”
38.        Out of what? All countries, not Nigeria alone.
39.        And will gather the remnant of My flock out of all countries whither I have driven them and will bring them again to their fold and they shall be fruitful and increase.
40.        I will set up shepherds…”
41.        I will do what?
42.        “…set up shepherds over them which shall feed them and they shall fear no more or be dismayed. Neither shall they be lacking Saith the Lord.
43.        Behold the days come, Saith the Lord that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch.”
44.        He has called the Name. And that was the one that said, “Apart from this flock, I still have another flock that is not of this fold. They, I must bring in that there might be One Shepherd, One Flock.”
45.        You see the essence of the everlasting Gospel that will go round the globe. It is for the Elects. Gathering them around the Word that there might be One Shepherd, One Flock. In Him, there would not be Jews, there would not be Gentiles. In Him, there would not be Nigeria, there would not be Egypt. But we shall all be one in HIM.
46.        That is why in HIM, all His children that are scattered worldwide are united. He is the uniting point. And this uniting point is contrary to the uniting point of the last days, for we are living in the era of uniting time.
47.        People are uniting. They are getting into form gradually and the speed is very high. If you do not belong to any union now, even in your offices, people will begin to cast aspersions on you.
48.        You may be denied of your basic rights simply because you are saying no to the association, to the union. Even in the markets, union.
49.        Everywhere people are uniting because the Prophet saw it and called the message, UNITING TIMES OF THE END. In the end, people will be uniting: Village unions, everything. He said in that message, “They are forcing you in.”
50.        In the message titled, PERSECUTED, BUT NOT FORSAKEN, He said, “They are forcing you in.” They will make conditions you must fulfil and you must be a member if you must get anything and so they will keep on squeezing you. It will come to a point when they will squeeze you out of your Fellowship centres because you do not belong to the union of the Churches and that the Churches will be speaking with one voice.
51.        He said, “That time, all of you will go to your homes. You will be worshipping God in your homes as individuals and families.”
52.        He said, “You see why it is necessary for you to lay hold on The Word of God for that is what will sustain you that time. I can see the squeeze coming.”
53.        Look at the Prophet Jeremiah who saw this thing. Prophet Isaiah saw confederation. People fulfill prophecies ignorantly. They do not know that what they are calling good, right, Christian unity, Islamic unity; everything is winding up in one thing.
54.        Both Islam and Christians, they are all one. One voice. And people think it is the best thing that is happening to the world, but look at what God said ahead of time concerning the matter.  
55.        Thus, if you are a Pastor or you happen to be a Pastor over God’s Flock, remember it is a privilege.
56.        Be very careful, lest you will be numbered among these people God saw that scattered His people, by not visiting them, by not feeding them with the sheep’s food. You might be one of them and God had already declared woe. Woe!
57.        If they were not scattered, God would not have appeared to gather them together from where they were driven to. Amen.

Coping With a Rebellious Child," page 20 from verse 29. You see, what you think is upsetting Me is strengthening My Faith.” Amen!
2.           “Yes! All those persecutions, cruel mockery, ridicules, scandals, they all strengthened Saint Paul in his day” Yes!
3.           “…You are a father or mother here, you undoubtedly passed through this stage of life. The most delicate stage of life is the youthful stage.
4.           It is the most destructive stage of life. It is a stage where too many things attract the attention of the youth and most of the things they delight themselves in are those things that would destroy them ignorantly.”
5.           About some weeks ago, I do not know whether some of you were privileged to hear or to watch the devilish program that was slotted in the air without any useful social content. It was tagged Big Brother Naija.
6.           Is there anybody who is sensible, who has some elements of moral virtues in him or her that will congratulate whosoever that permitted that nonsense to be slotted? And when they slotted it, they presented a fantastic and attractive offer a Hilux® van with twenty-five million naira, tempting our youth.
7.           Mere seeing the promise and the sponsors of the program, useless youth rushed into the program to compete for the first position. They got initiated into something that would destroy them and their future.
8.           Let Me tell you. God will punish our rulers. All the sponsors of that program can never go unpunished! Nemesis must surely catch up on them. They are the destroyers of this world, not even our youth, because it is global. I wonder the type of picture it painted.
9.           The first day I saw the thing, it could not sink well with Me. They were drinking. They were dancing that day. At another time, I opened it. I wanted to know why My children should signify their interest in watching such a thing.
10.        I examined it; there was nothing good I could see. I then banned them outrightly and for that reason, I refused to recharge their own so that if anybody wanted to watch, the person will come upstairs and use My own.
11.        I blocked their line. Forbade them from watching anything at all, unless they will come, sit down where I am sitting down. This is because, if I am not there, it is off. You can only put it on if I am there or my wife is there with them.
12.        This is because such things might be good if they are controlled. If they are poorly controlled, they can be destructive.
13.        Now I began to wonder what the Nigerian Films Censors Board saw in that nonsense that made them to approve of it and some other programs similar to that.
14.        What happened? Too many things were hidden in that thing. Only those that competed and failed opened up, one attempted suicide in Lagos. And she opened up to tell the whole world what she passed through and why she decided to commit suicide.
15.        She said that if she knew that she would fail, that she would not have yielded to the humiliation she yielded herself to. What they featured in the television were a little. It was just a smokescreen. Too many hidden things happened among the youth.
16.        If they could display where they were eating faeces, eating earthworm raw and many other things, then do you know that even the day they went nude shamelessly, they exhibited, before this lady opened up to tell the world, I mean, the Nigeria Police that rescued her life, what happened behind that never featured in the screen, all to get the money.
17.        Even relations of those that competed for that nonsense, on hearing what they passed through came out and declared that the labour was not worth the candle. That the amount was nothing compared to the humiliation they yielded themselves to. They debased themselves in different forms.
18.        Now, look at what it resulted into. On Wednesday last week, 3rd of May, I do not know whether you have heard about it or you have read it. They have been revisiting this internet television with a view to restraining our youth from that nonsense.
19.        A public school in Ikoyi, Lagos, a secondary school; they wrote their WAEC examinations. Then, last Wednesday was the day they wrote the last paper. The boys in that school conspired among themselves secretly to arm themselves with dangerous weapons.
20.        On that day, they concluded they must rape all the female students in that school in the day as a part of their own Big Brother Nigeria. That if Nigeria could support such a thing, there is no need going far, that they will begin to practice it immediately. They concluded and came to school, unknown to the female students, unknown to the school authorities.
21.        They went into the hall and wrote their exams as usual. At the end of the day, the invigilators left, security officers left. A good number of the teachers vacated. By the nature of the school, the wall of the fence is higher than anybody. Nobody could see what was happening in the school from outside.
22.        These boys started their actions, went to the gate and chained the two security men, tied their legs and packed them somewhere. The security men never knew what they were up to. They locked the gate. They then ran to the school building which was behind their school field, a distance away from the gate.
23.        They then started chanting jubilation songs and praises, giving the impression that they were jubilating that the exams were over. I want you to begin to see where they are now.
24.        The principal of the school was there. The vice was there. The rest had left because they had no business with the school anymore.
25.         A little while, the woman was telling the whole world, even on Saturday. She heard some people screaming, crying for help and people were running helter-skelter and crying as if armed robbers invaded the school.
26.        The woman peeped from the window and saw students clustering and some were saying, “Go ahead! Go ahead!” Then, one was lying on the ground with too many on top of her. So they were doing it everywhere, in the field and the whole premises.
27.        The woman raised alarm. One of the students who was around was commanded to go and find out whether they were fighting or playing. That one went, they went after her. Then reported that they were raping the female ones.
28.        They came with plastic pistols, using it to terrify the ladies and some other persons. Then razor blades, sharp scissors. Anyone they gripped, from the back, they open the whole uniform, tore the whole thing to shreds, placed the person on the ground. It became a sex spree.
29.        So, they were doing it. Then the vice principal, a married woman of age rushed to see if she could calm them down. They gripped the woman and floored her on the ground. She became one of the victims.
30.        While she was screaming, the principal jumped from the window and ran into their hands. They gripped her also, used razor blade to tear her cloth. If you see her legs, you will feel sorry for her. They mutilated her body and equally raped her.
31.        While they were making their confessions, they closed (blurred) their eyes. You know that is the normal thing. Then it was one, a boy they detailed to use his Android to video the drama and that they will post it in the air.
32.         You see, the boy’s conscience could not permit him. He was crying within according to him. He was doing the work. He did it very well, but managed to jump the fence, went to Obalende, submitted the Android to the police.
33.        The police now carried him. Over a platoon rushed, cordoned off the school. The students started running helter-skelter. As I am talking to you now, many are still in the hospital there at Ribadu Road.
34.        While they were running helter-skelter, the police succeeded in arresting twenty-two. One of them happened to be a son of a tenant that was equally guilty of raping the landlord’s daughter, who ran to him for safety.
35.        The police are interrogating them now. As at Saturday, that was yesterday morning, by 10am, they were making open confessions in the police at Alagbon close, where they packed all of them for now. Their parents are coming.
36.        They said they were not rapists, that they were influenced by the program Big Brother Naija. Some said they were influenced by Nollywood sexy programs. Some said they were influenced by sexy music which they hear and watch in the television.
37.        If you watch their defense, they headed one side. That Nigeria is responsible for the corruption. Nigeria is producing the crime people are committing. Crime must be produced before somebody will commit it. This is the truth about the whole matter.
38.        If Nigeria could permit the airing of films, advertisement of music that have very poor social contents; they are permitted and our children have advanced, even if they do not have it in their homes, they download them using their phones.
39.        This is because we are living in an age where people delight themselves in evil more than good. Do not say your children do not watch television. You are a liar! They download everything. Amen.

Now, look at the Message, COPING WITH A REBELLIOUS CHILD. God started with handset.
2.          Immediately handset was introduced in the days of Obasanjo’s first tenure, remember what God said, “That I am of the view that dangerous weapons should not be allowed to be found in the hands of fools. That in My own opinion, let us begin by disarming our children of handsets and television.” Do we have it? Yes sir.
3.          With the rifle, with the gun, you will kill few individuals. With the handset, you can destroy families. I am telling you the truth. Even things I predicted, how people will use false messages to tear homes apart.
4.          Two weeks after I handled that Message we started reading reports. I am telling you the story of what is happening now.
5.          That somebody who came all out to tear a family into pieces reached forth to a woman’s handset without the woman knowing that an unknown person collected her handset, used her handset to text a message to a boy and then dropped the handset before the woman, went to his friends, they opened the message column, saw it, they forwarded the message to the husband of the woman.
6.          From that day, I warned My wife and I warned My children, “If you are careless over your phone, one day, you will weep.”
7.          Remember I follow My Messages strictly. You are My witnesses and you will remain My witnesses, come day, come night, that I banned our children from opening WHATSapP accounts. Those that opened, I commanded to shut them down! I banned them from chatting.
8.          I said, “If these things are not checked, one day, you will see yourself nude, the whole world will see you, when you were never naked before anybody. Somebody will lay hands on your photograph and derobe you.” If they could do so to the pope, placed the pope on top of a woman and published it there.
9.          They know how they can get somebody, carry your head and place it there. They can change even the dress you are wearing from black to white and white to red. They can even put trouser on a woman. As you are sitting down on this plastic chair, they can even place you on a king’s chair.
10.      The earlier you know these things, the better for you. Who warned against these things ahead of time? God. Are they coming to pass now? Yes! These are the evils that are living among us, with us, in us. They are living among us. They are living with us. They are living in us.
11.      Why? Due to our willful disobedience to God’s instructions. We feel we know better than God. And My question is this: Before the introduction of all these applications in the phones, were you not conversing with people? Even before the introduction of the telephone, were you not having access to your fellow human beings?
12.      Something that is meant to bridge the gap, to save you time, to save you trouble, the devil has collected it, perverted it and it is now becoming a hydra-headed evil that is increasingly impossible to stamp out. It is easier to import an idol than to deport an idol.
13.      You see why you must be spiritual! If you are not spiritual, you cannot be selective. If you are not selective, everything will be good for you. More so, when, instead of using Christ as your example, you will be using people whose senses have been seared with hot iron. People that have no part in the life that Christ gives will become your example.
14.      Let me tell you, if you want to run away from this nonsense, because I have seen that it has come to stay in the hearts of evil-minded fellows in our midst; I am not shouting to people outside. Will they hear Me? They will call Me a useless man who is trying to take them back to the ancient order.
15.      I want to help you, if you can be helped. Let me say it. I am crying like a chick that is being carried by a hawk. The chick says she is not crying that the hawk, the captor would release her, but that the world might hear her voice.
16.      I am not shouting so that anything will come out of it. I am shouting so that the Word of God will come to pass in Me for He said that if I speak to them and they refuse to obey, I will call on God so that Heaven and earth will hear My Voice. Heaven and earth, hear me. All creatures, hear Me. Not that you are repenting. Not that you are changing.
17.      This hydra-headed evil has ravaged every family. Even mothers and fathers are not spared. People that are meant to stand up against it are the people now perpetrating it, supporting it. Thus, when one man rises to check it, his Voice becomes a minority Voice.
18.      There are too many excuses people will have. Yes! Even a murderer has excuse. A suicider has excuse. There is no evil anybody will perpetrate without having a defense. The prophet even said so, “When one is out of the way of truth, he develops many defenses. He can even use the Bible for a defense.”
19.      That which God said No, means He does not admit it. Something is good because God said it is good. It is bad because God said it is bad. It can be good to people out there, but among God’s people, it is not good. It is not a good instrument, but we can modify the use. We can regulate it.
20.      If you cannot regulate the spirit that is in you, you cannot regulate the handset, you cannot regulate the television, you cannot regulate even the vehicles; your motorcycles, your motor, your Keke NAPEP will be a problem to you.
21.      Instead of using them for the purpose God gave them to you, they will be used to destroy your life and destroy many. You see them as vehicles that will convey you to places you dare not dream about. Just put fuel there, provided the headlamp is shining, no night again. Anytime I come back, even if I come back by 1 O’clock AM, I will blow horn.
22.       Many, many things are happening. Let Me tell you. The worst thing that would happen to a child of God is to borrow a devilish example. Devilish example are copied from immoral people. People that have no moral values. They have no integrity to protect. They have no part in the life that Christ gives.
23.      If you watch our Sisters, mothers and their daughters alike, you watch our fathers; please, I am not ridiculing anybody. Neither am I tendering apology against the truth.
24.      The level of make-ups that I am seeing depicts the picture that we are out of the way of truth. I can see daughters of Jezebel manifesting. I said, “Daughters of Jezebel!” In the beginning, it was not so.
25.      Remember, in My message titled, SPIRITUAL REALMS, I highlighted the spirits behind the manufacturing of all these make-ups. You may call it eye pencils. You may call it eye lead. Remember I only approved your powder (white powder) and your wet lips. Apart from these two, the Son of Man did not approve any other one.
26.      I approved your cosmetics and I gave you the power to choose the one that is suitable to your skin. The same way I approved of your hairdo, provided it must be absolutely black. You are My witnesses.
27.      If you go back to Message titled, “THE CODE, ORDER AND CONDUCT OF THE CHURCH”, which you are now behaving as if we have no doctrine. Show Me a church that dresses anyhow, behaves anyhow, talks anyhow, I will show you a church without doctrine. I will show you a Church without Christ.
28.      If Christ is in our midst, where is the evidence? If we are not feeling comfortable, what is discomforting us? Unbelievers are in the majority. Mixed multitude.
29.      God said, “In every Local Assembly, the mixed multitude is always in the majority and these are the people that frustrate the Spirit of Truth for they can hardly allow Truth to prevail. They will go to all lengths to say, ‘e no go work.’” They will say in their hearts, “e no go work.” And they will make sure they prevail.
30.      What is the aim of beautification? Begin to know the spirit behind whatever you are doing. For you to wake up in the morning and stand before the mirror and begin to beautify your face, your body and things like that, there is a picture you want to project. Is that picture in tune with the doctrines of Christ? Will you be admissible in the sight of God or will God say No?
31.      That is why, for you to begin to beautify yourself, you must have the Spirit of God, so that you will have the right judgment concerning that thing, even the dress you are putting on. If you do not have the right judgment, you will portray another Christ, another doctrine, because a strange character is another doctrine.
32.      Remember there is a curse upon anybody that will come to us preaching doctrine other than that we have received. Let that person be accursed. Anathema.
33.      I went further to tell you how you will know when you are behaving properly. That God said, “We should use the world to judge. That when the world is going to the right, we should go to the left. When the world goes to the left, we should go to the right.” By this, we can have the right judgment. Any moment we fuse, it is either the world has repented or we have compromised.
34.      Hold this Word raw. Do not compromise it. What it produced before is what it will produce today. I moderated it and I equally cited pictures. Let your moderation be seen by all men. Is it not scriptural? Live your life within moderation. Let your make-up be moderate. Your hairdo, moderate. Type of dress, moderate.
35.      Even to our boys. I queried my son this morning when I saw him. He said he came from Umudike and I said, “What happened to your hair?”
36.       He stammered, “I did not know I will be coming today. I called Mummy last night.”
37.      I said, “For that reason, you did not enter a barbing saloon!”
38.      Then I had already called all of you and placed Myself. I said, “Look at Me from head to toe. This is how I want you to be for you are men.” Nzubechi, am I bearing false witness? Enyinnaya, did I do so? Wisdom, what about you?
39.      That day I chased all of them back to the barbing saloon. You should not run away from the barber. Remain with the barber until he is through. I should be your example.
40.      The same thing I challenged My wife. If you cannot tell your daughters, stand bold and say, “’Whatever you are seeing in me, do,’ you are the one bringing trouble upon yourself. If My sons will act like Me, do like Me, I will have peace with them, but if your daughters are not behaving like you, definitely they will bring shame to you.”
41.      You would not have rest because in the kitchen, you are with them. In the room, they are with you. If they marry they are still with you. Everywhere, they are with you. But to the sons, who are the pillars of the home, no leave no transfer. All of us will be there.
42.      I was overjoyed on Wednesday when My family came back with striking testimonies of how the Message went, touching everybody, I said, “This is an addendum. Additional.”
43.      This is because last Sunday is still fresh. I have continued to receive calls from here and there. Even people that never came here were calling Me from far places that they heard the testimony.
44.      Those that have the Spirit of God, when they were going, their hearts continued talking all round, from the beginning till the end.
45.      Let Me tell you. From time to time, ask yourself whether you are still holding unto the Faith you are professing; whether you are still holding unto the Truth about this Bridal Faith or you have strayed away, because it is easy to backslide. One step away from the Truth, you are no longer with God. God is no longer with you. Amen.

We have a Message titled A WORTHLESS FELLOW. YES, A WORTHLESS FELLOW. A WORTHLESS FELLOW. I am not going to read the prophecy. Let Me read just the preface. That is, the introduction.
2.           “Everybody has the right to come into the Kingdom of God, but not everybody has the right to come into the Kingdom of Heaven. They are two different Kingdoms.”
3.           I saw it there this morning. I collected this Message from Apostle Kelechi. My eyes went there. I underlined too many things. I saw Israel and Palestine in Prophecy. I saw a prophecy I ought to read today, because it has come to pass already.
4.           And I never knew it is contained in this Message, for there are too many prophecies. They are scattered here and there. Anyone you stumble into, you will be astonished that it has come to pass.
5.           “They are two different Kingdoms.”
6.           They are two different Kingdoms. This is the Kingdom of God. The devil can be here. God can be here. Baptism adds you to Fellowship. So, the devil goes to Church. God goes to Church.
7.           That we are here does not make it the Kingdom of Heaven. You may end your fellowship here, but you will not be in the Invincible Union of the Bride.  
8.           The Bridegroom will not include you in the number, but here, you have the right. You can embrace Him, talk to Him, serve Him in one way or the other, but in that invincible Union, you are not there.
9.           “They are two different Kingdoms. As a human being, you have the right to come into the kingdom of God. After all we can add somebody into the Kingdom of God. Baptism adds you to the Fellowship. But that is all.
10.        Disobedience to God’s Word takes you away from Fellowship.”
11.        What? Disfellowships you from God. Disobedience to God’s Word disfellowships you from God. Is it not true?
12.        If you love God, abide in His teachings. He will abide with you. But the moment you become disobedient, God dissociates from you.
13.        “Disobedience to God’s Word takes you away from Fellowship. Do you know that. Baptism will add you to the fellowship. Non-continuance with the Word will take you away from Fellowship.
14.        Disobedience to God’s Word is rebellion in the sight of God. It is idolatry. And the Bible said, ‘It is witchcraft.’ I do not know how many witches and wizards we have in this Church.” – The Son of Man (Change your Heart and Mind, Pg. 102)
15.        God is ever mindful of His Word. Better take it into your hearts. But if you have concluded that God does not exist, it is useless calling upon Him, that is a sure sign that you are a foolish fellow. You have already assigned yourself a place in hellfire. You are merely coming here, deceiving yourself.
16.        God has not assigned any to hellfire yet, but you can assign yourself to hellfire, while you are here.  
17.        When you assign yourself a place in Heaven, you pattern after the teaching you have received. When you assign yourself to eternal destruction, you say, “No!” to the teachings and then say “Yes!” to the spirit that is now in you, leading you, teaching and directing you. There is no need shouting or making noise over this matter.
18.        What am I saying? It will take a stupid fellow to say No to God’s instructions. If God says, “Close all your WHATSAPP accounts”, close all chatting accounts, if they have accounts. Restrict your phones to making calls and receiving calls.
19.        I still want to warn on your calls. Every day, new applications are inserted. When you open your phone to chat with somebody or you are receiving call from somebody or when you are making calls, be intelligent enough, because what you are saying may be used against you tomorrow, for what you are saying may be recorded without your knowledge. The application is already there.
20.        For that reason, be wise. Select your words for you might be recorded and when it will be replayed, your voice will testify against you.  
21.        Another reason is this: Maybe you do not know. All the transactions you have had with people, using your phone, whether text message, chatting, WHATSAPP, receiving or making calls, they can be reproduced in less than one hour if the need arises.
22.        It is a matter of walking across to the police, order will be given by the DPO, a police officer will be assigned to go to that telecommunication company. From the day you inserted your SIM card and made hello, everything, both in-coming calls, out-going calls, text messages, everything will be in a CD. The world will hear all.
23.        That was why Nigeria has been able now, at least, to control kidnapping to a great extent. Be very careful with the way you use scientific equipment. Otherwise, you are likely to destroy yourself and your future. The ocean can never drown one who has not stepped into it.
24.        I am saying that a True Seed of God has a sieve. A spiritual sieve God molded and inserted there and we call it believing heart to believe the truth. Whatever you are seeing in a civilized world, there is the Spirit of Truth in you that does the sifting, selecting that which is approved of God and rejecting that which is not approved of God.
25.        Why? For you to know these things, you must learn to study so as to show yourself approved unto God a vessel, a workman, a Sister, a Brother, a wife, a husband that need not be ashamed, but rightly dividing the Word of God because it is already in you.
26.        By dividing, it means, sharing, spreading and manifesting. This is because whether man or woman, you are a Minister, ministering in one way or the other. Every wife is a Minister. Husbands, Ministers.
27.         Little children you are all Ministers. You minister to the need of your parents. Is it not true?
28.        Your ministration starts from the home, by ministering to the needs of your parents and to the needs of the people living round about you. From there, you proceed.
29.        When you make yourself a vessel of honour, you will be honoured by everybody. God will make use of you. But when you dishonour yourself by dishonouring God’s Word, He will hand you over to the spirit of dishonor where no man, no woman can honour you again, for you have made yourself dishonourable in the sight of God. You have rendered yourself unapproved.
30.        For that reason, God said, in the Book of 2nd Corinthians 13, He said, “Examine yourself to know whether you are still in the Faith.” Do you not know? Can’t you find out yourself (not Christ, not God) from your ever increasing, progressive experience, whether the Spirit of Christ is still leading you or not.
31.        If you cannot know, find out for yourself whether the Spirit is still in you, controlling and leading, dictating, directing. If you cannot find this, He said, “Let it be known to you that you have become a counterfeit that will be disallowed, disapproved, rejected by God on trial.” Is it not the Truth? Is it not scriptural?
32.        Stop behaving as if God has abandoned us when God is still here. If you can misbehave yourself in the presence of God, what will be your condition when you stray away? The Cloud is here. Permit Me, the Spirit is willing to minister, but the flesh is weak.
33.        “If you watch the society today, a good number of our youth like to enlist in the force, not to serve the nation but to terrorize and intimidate their fellow men.”
34.        To terrorize, harass, embarrass and intimidate their fellow human beings. All aiming at extortion, extorting money and materials from them.
35.        “I mean that the youth desire the use of force more than peaceful approach to issues…” Brethren, is it a lie?
36.        “…Nothing disturbs the peace of the society more than unguided youth.”
37.        Unguided youth distorts the peace of the society more than any other thing.
38.        “If parents refuse to guide their youth in the fear of God, they are bound to forfeit them to the winds of time.”
39.        All these students that perpetrated that hoodlum activity in Lagos, were they not products of families?
40.        What do you think could be responsible apart from the social influence? Poor Parental Upbringing. Poor, godless Parental Upbringing.
41.        The one that rushed to the Nigeria Police to give the information might be one that had a little godly spirit, dissociated himself, pretended he was doing the video for them.
42.        If it was not God in him, definitely he would have taken delight in uploading it in the air, instead of submitting it to the security operatives for necessary actions.
43.        I am not excluding those ladies that were involved. They were birds of the same feather. After all, many escaped. One fought until she was almost naked and resisted defilement.
44.        Most of them were those that belong to clubs, the video clubs, Naija Bet club, Big Brother club, Naija club and things like that, because we are now living in club times.
45.        Even, all the football clubs in the world have their members here. Hence, wherever you go, you see clubbers. Even parents are not excluded. I said, “Parents are not excluded.”
46.        Let Me tell you. God noticed all these things. Why fighting corruption when parents are corrupt? All families are corrupt and you want to check corruption?
47.        For corruption to be checked, parents must be subjected to the rigors of Adult Ethical Re-orientation. The homes need rehabilitation, reconstruction, otherwise, we are making a mess of the whole thing.
48.        Students pretend their handsets are serving good purposes. My question is this: What purposes are your laptops serving? Some have connected even their laptops. That one has become another bedroom television. That one gives them broader view of the world. It is a matter of having their megabytes (MB). No more! You see them downloading everything.
49.        It will take a godless fellow to indulge in such silly act. It takes a godless fellow, a worthless fellow to indulge in such a silly act.
50.        Why are they becoming self-destructive? It is because they are defying godly counsel. Destroying themselves with their own hands. Amen.

Mothers! You have a role to play. Fathers! You have a role to play and the role starts with yourself. The role starts with yourself. If you are a mother, dress like a mother. Beautify yourself like a mother. Talk like a mother.
2.           Challenge your children, so that they will borrow a cue from you. Stop initiating falsehood only to turn round to blame your daughters. Stop praising people. Stop praising something that is not praise-worthy. Stand up against it and be sincere
3.           How do I know you are sincere? Action speaks louder than voice.
4.           Let Me use this instance. When My children came back and I noticed that their hair was not the way I instructed, Brethren were there. We were all outside. I summoned them, “Come here! Was this the instruction? About turn!” Straight away!
5.           They said, “In the morning.”
6.           I said, “Before I open My mouth again, you have crossed the gate!?
7.            Gently all of them left. They came back and presented themselves to Me. I said thank you very much. So this is possible? From henceforth, this is the way I want it. Action speaks louder than voice.
8.           “The person in the prison yard is not worse than the one that is moving freely about the street. He is moving about freely because he has not been caught while the one in the prison is there because of his own misfortune.”
9.           Brethren is it a lie? Don’t we have more thieves outside.
10.        “At this stage of life, the ladies parade the streets half-naked with their handbags, flickering their eyes sideways and twisting their waist so as to attract the attention of stupid persons like them. They have unbridled desire for men for the sake of money and HIV/AIDS in return…” Yes!
11.        “At this stage, they pay every kind of visit to their friends, attend night parties and keep the worst type of company without the consent of their parents…” Sure!
12.         “There is no age that has produced more mad youth that parade the streets and market than our age.
13.        Mentally deranged youth.
14.        This is so because our youth find it very difficult to listen to and obey good advice even from their parents.”
15.        “…As a result of wrong habits the youth inculcate in their youthful days, they can hardly make good husbands and wives, hence they run broken homes with mischievous children that cause them sorrow and pain during old age…” Pure Truth!
16.        “…So, little children, please give Me your attention; the youth in particular, teenagers, especially from 13 to 20 years, both male and female…”
17.        When was this Message preached?
18.         Sunday, 29th March 2009.
19.        So, that is the Message we are hearing now? How many years today? Eight years ago.
20.        All of you that are now adults, most of you were infants as at that time. You were minors. Let Me help you. If you think you have grown up to adolescence, whatever might be your age this moment, do minus eight. That will give you your age when this Message went forth.
21.        And God preserved it for you so that by the time you will attain this age that you are now, where you have started giving us headache, when you are becoming a cancer, not a canker, a cancer in the bones of your parents.
22.        Yes! A stubborn child, a recalcitrant child is a cancer in the bones of his or her parents. An incorrigible child is a cancer, just like a nagging wife is a cancer in the bones of the husband.
23.        Some of you have become diseases ravaging your various families. When you are directed to the right, you go to the left, giving the impression that your parents are saying nothing, that they do not instruct you.
24.        You have become blasphemers, not only of God, but of your families. This is because when you are disobedient to parental instructions, you paint another picture of your parents.
25.        You give the impression they are no longer caring. After all people that see you believe that you take off from home. Your parents might have seen you. Since they closed their mouths, it is a sure sign that they are in support.
26.        They may not be there. They may not know what your parents are passing through and the extent they are laboring. And that is why I am still reminding all of you the dangers inherent in your very noxious actions, for we receive teachings.
27.        God said that a curse, a perpetual curse abides on anybody that will introduce evil in the house of a man of God. Parents! Try to put your children in remembrance of all these quotes. We have it in tapes.
28.        We have it in book forms, that God has already placed a perpetual curse upon that child, upon that maid, upon that houseboy, upon that mother, upon that father who will introduce evil where evil is forbidden.
29.        This is because the family of a Man of God should be exemplary. The wife, exemplary. The children, exemplary because the Man of God stands tall among the crowd as an example, as a leader whose steps must be followed.
30.        The same way the children ought to stand tall. If after receiving parental instructions, you go out to portray another picture, you are that blasphemer that is introducing evil in the house of a Man of God.
31.        Whatever God had earlier spoken must surely befall you, for God is no respecter of persons. Unless you repent even this morning with ashes on your body. Better take note of what I am saying.
32.        When God gave us these Messages, He sealed all of them with an oath. I have never handled a message that was not vindicated. Any Message I handed down here, God had always vindicated it at one time or the other and is still vindicating it.
33.        I gave another Message that the children of a Man of God, children from godly homes should be godly, should be examples to others. I made comparisms.
34.        I showed you pictures of the people who came from the loins of a Man of God, and God said they were children of Belial. They were children of devil for they were devil-possessed children.
35.        I gave you a Message that will help you to know who you are. What is that Message? Give yourself a Name. For your character is nothing but your name.
36.        To the Men, Ministers of the New Testament, I gave you a Message, “Do not be a governor that ruled the world very well, but lost control of the administration of your family.” That in everything you do, your family first.
37.        Finally, I gave you a Message, BE DILIGENT TO LOOK INTO THE STATE OF THY FLOCK, otherwise many will grow wild because of lack of supervision. But if you supervise them, you will be in a position to isolate those that need isolation.
38.        Quarantine them. Separate them from the rest so that they will not contaminate others and then address them as individuals. If they recover, re-integrate them. If they die there, bury them. It is better you lose your eye, get into the Kingdom of Heaven, than to carry your eyes and go to hell.
39.        Last week, I know many of you saw the pictures. A head-on collision that happened along Lagos-Ibadan express way. That was yesterday morning by 6am. Twenty-six persons including infants lost their lives, eleven hospitalized.
40.        Were they mere animals? They are human beings. Did they predict death? Never! They entered their vehicles en route to Lagos. The other one en route to Ibadan. But they ended it there. Any room for repentance? No! It is all over.
41.        The Message is provoking Me, nevertheless, I will give you a remedy. Amen.

Coping With a Rebellious Child," page 44 from verse 5. The youth! Take note of this Message. By the youth, I mean anybody that is within the productive age.”
2.           Productive age! Yes! Productive age!
3.           “If you are within the productive age of 13 to 50 years, you are a youth”
4.           13 to 50 years, God is talking to you, not excluding sixty and above, because as long as God liveth, we are all infants in His sight and unless you assess yourself, acknowledge, concede that you are an infant, you have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven, for your adult sense will take you to hell.
5.           Except you comport yourselves like little children in the sight of God, you will never smell the Kingdom of Heaven.
6.           Watch, a small child takes delight in abiding to instructions and going even extra mile with every amount of joy.
7.           If the child errs and you smite that child by way of correction, although the child will cry and weep, the next minute, the child will run back.
8.            You can never see the child demonstrating against the parents, refusing to eat, recoiling and retracting, refusing to do any work, murmuring and complaining. A child does not possess that evil habit. It takes a demonic possessed adult to indulge in such behavior.
9.           “What is more, as long as we live, everybody must pass through it. If you have not passed through this delicate age group, get ready, you are on your way to jamming it.”  
10.        “All parents in this Faith passed through it. Few escaped the trouble there. Many fell victim but God saved them by His Grace.”
11.        Brethren, is it a lie?
12.        “What do we do to save our children at this age? Only one thing is necessary: That we should believe and practice this Message.”
13.        We shall believe and practice this Message before their eyes.
14.        “It may be brief, but may God help you and help me to understand it and be courageous enough to put it into practice so that we will save ourselves from the blame, the reproach, the pain and the anguish that are associated with different disappointments.
16.        A bad child is the most expensive child in the world. A bad child! Remember, the foundation of a bad man starts with a bad child. A bad wife is a bad wife because she was bad from her youth and graduated to madam badness.
17.        A bad husband is bad because he started with badness. He was very bad in his youth and graduated to Oga Kpata Kpata (The Boss) with that same habit.
18.        “If you were in the Fellowship the day this Message was handled, show by raising your hand.”
19.        I was there. After all na Me handle am.
20.        “If you know you have strictly complied to these Words according to injunction of God, show by raising your hand. Tell yourself the truth.”
21.        I am number one. If you are not in a position to gather your children together and stand bold, plead with them, no fear of any amazement, reprisal or incrimination of any sort, testify against Me.
22.        I have been with you all these years. You have been hearing My Voice, “If, in any form or shape, I have influenced you to do evil, please pinpoint it before all of us so that you will be justified.” Everywhere was calm.
23.        I said, “This has become very necessary so that I will be in a position to know when you are acting due to external influence or out of your own volition, you have decided to go that way. You have made up your mind to be deviant.”
24.        And that helped Me to devise the appropriate instrument to match with your challenge. And they know Me for one thing that I do not make any empty threat. What I will do is already in Me.
25.        “If you know you have strictly complied to the words of this Message – your age not withstanding – show by raising your hand. Be courageous! Blessed be the Name of the Lord”
26.        I do not know how you run your own family. You do not know how I run My own, but I make My own public. I call witnesses.
27.        If you have never come to a point where you can stand or where you have stood boldly, before your wife and your children lining behind her, and open your mouth of righteousness to tell them that you know their records because you married their mother, you were responsible for their pregnancies you took care of all.
28.        From the first day they were born in the labour room till today, that you know your records. You know their performances. You know their good sides. You know their bad sides. And that you are going to reward them in the end.
29.        Yes! Borrowing a cue from Jacob. Your position is incontestable. I will place your records before you, making you understand that I know everything about you: “Look at the way you have been behaving Wisdom. Look at the way you have been behaving Chiamaka. Ebube, look at the way you have been behaving. Chukwudi look at the way have been behaving. Obinna, the same thing.”
30.        All of them! “Look at what I have against you. This one look at what I have against you. If you do not amend it, this is where I am waiting for you.”
31.        If you do not have the moral courage to affirm this truth, not by threat, but by honesty of purpose, you are not a man over your family. The is no excuse anybody can admit for failure. Failure is inadmissible in a family that is desirous of achieving success.
32.        I told you reasons why God decided that I should marry. It is not that I take delight in living with a wife. It is for your sake, because that was the first place the devil struck, from where the devil spoilt the world. By one man’s sin, sin entered the world. So, by one man’s righteousness, righteousness spreads across the world.
33.        I met no family in this Faith until I established one. The same way I met no Christ, I met no doctrine. What I met were false doctrines, false teachings. I met no child of God, so to say, but I met church-goers. I met Bible carriers.
34.        That which was lacking, I came to introduce so that the world can serve God rightly and begin to see God’s original plan for instituting family and I gave you the Message, MARRIAGE, THE OLDEST INSTITUTION ORDAINED OF GOD.
35.        From marriage, we began to see the appearance of godly children who are now trying to be ungodly, due to stupidity, foolishness, modernism, which is idolatry, and then, unbridled desire for wealth acquisition that made parents to abandon the respective responsibilities towards their homes.
36.        Every attention now is geared towards amassing wealth. Who controls the wealth when you leave the scene? Reviving the economy without having real human capital developed individuals to man the revived economy will be a zero sum game. Absolutely a zero sum game.
37.        Let Me tell you. After undergoing The Son of Man’s refining process and you still appear foolish, let it be known to you that you were born with stupidity.
38.        As the blacksmith uses fire, hot fire to refine gold, so The Son of Man uses the fire that proceeds from His mouth to refine God’s jewels.
39.        Thus, you are among the jewels of the earth if you are numbered among those that submitted, that cooperated and collaborated with The Son of Man’s refining Messages.
40.        The Goldsmith uses naked fire to refine physical gold. God uses the fire from the mouth of the Almighty, from the mouth of the Messenger He has sent to refine His own gold, His own jewels.
41.         Remember, it is the same fire that goes out of the mouth of God, which He has used to subdue even the very Anti-Christ. Amen.
42.        We are not here for preaching. We are not here to compete for oratory. We are here for something greater than that. And that is why, if after sitting down here under the anointing of Truth, and we still manifest foolishness, of course, you have given yourself a name.
43.        A worthless fellow among God’s people. A worthless fellow, one that is unprofitable in all things. Amen.

CATCH THEM YOUNG, page 60 verse 1 through 6: ‘University education is not meant for every kind of character.’” Yes!
2.           “‘If you notice in your child some signs of stubbornness, lack of humility, insincerity and pride, please, do not sponsor him or her in any university because that child is over-expensive and you are sponsoring your child into an American world which I call Hollywood Gang.’”
3.           Today, it is Nollywood Gang.
4.           “You have to watch the males and the females, because in the university, you see a lot of characters there and whatever he is in your presence will determine what he is going to be there….”
5.           “…Parents, have you seen the advice? Many have forgotten it. Your children that are clamouring to go to university or to higher institution, name it whatever you want to name it, are they worthy of your confidence?
6.           Are they dependable? Are they reliable enough? Do you have your trust and confidence in them that you are not sponsoring people that will come out and murder you?
7.           Are you sure that they have become godly enough so as to avoid bad influences where they are heading to – where it is believed that all that are there are adults, matured enough to have control of their emotions, control of their tempers, impulses and so on?”
8.           Pause a little there. As at that time we heard this Message, we had very few of them in the universities, and a good number of them were struggling to secure admission.
9.           Now, we can boast of having too many of them as graduates. If we are sincere to ourselves and our children also sincere to themselves, today will be a day we will never forget.
10.        Whatever role you are playing is glaring before you. It is believed that one that has been exposed to such a higher level of academic attainment, higher level of exposure, who started from God, the Origin, The Fundamentals.
11.        He started his journey through life in Christ, for most of them were born and brought up and they are still continuing with the Message, if as at this time I am standing here, they have not created that confidence in the hearts of the parents to believe in them, when do you think they will begin to create it?
12.        Pause a little. This is a practical teaching. It is our Sunday School. I am not preaching a sermon here. I just want to practicalize this Message. Narrow it down to your family as it affects you.
13.        It is believed that the moment they attain the height they have attained so far, whether they be employed or unemployed, I mean, they will no longer be burdensome. By burdensome I mean troublesome.
14.        If at a time when they should be assisting the parents in taking care of the junior ones, using their experiences, they now want parents to be shouting, screaming, kneeling down to be praying for them to be of good behavior, are they not murderers in disguise? Are they not visible murderers?
15.        Any child that causes parents to pass sleepless nights is a murderer! If your trouble which you are generating at a time when you should be suing for peace, going for that which makes for peace, reasoning on how you should be a relief, now you turn out to be a burden your parents can no longer bear, a disturbance, that person is a proven murderer. He is a blood sucker. He should be feared. He should be given a place with the murderers.
16.        It is like we are having an uneasy calm in our homes. Silence is not a solution to a problem. Are you getting what I am saying? And this is the world we are living in that makes the people to stay in silence, lest they be ridiculed.
17.        People are of the opinions, there is a general consensus that whatever that is happening in my home is happening in every home. Why over-exposing your own? Why this? Why that?
18.        And this kind of rubbish can only emanate from a tongue that is not refined by God’s refining fire.
19.        An unrefined tongue, an unrefined brain concludes this assertion that because your children are becoming uncontrollably bad, you now believe it is the same everywhere. How do you know? Are you omnipresent?
20.        Watch those that keep quiet, suppressing their feelings, the same way, they die in silence. Keep silent over your problem and increase it, multiply it. The best way of checking evil, God said, is by exposing it. Let those that sin be exposed publicly so that the rest will fear.
21.        The highest thing they can do is to hate Me. Hate Me. Am I looking at your face? Are we from the same womb? Your mother is not My mother. Even if My own children will demonstrate against Me, are we from the same womb? Is your mother’s name Catherine? Your mother is Juliana. My mother is Catherine.
22.        We better begin now to fight our way into the Kingdom of Heaven, for the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence. Only the violent will get it by force.
23.        Otherwise, I am seeing a picture where the children we trained are trying to intimidate, embarrass, harass, frighten and even aiming at subduing us so that we will be afraid of them.
24.        They want to become untouchables. They want to scare us away. They want to build isolation camps for themselves, while we are still alive. Is it not a profession of failure?
25.        Whoever that is sponsoring it is sponsoring illegality in the midst of the Bride, it will never augur well with that person.
26.        I have kept quiet for too long over this matter, simply because everything must be done by The Son of Man. That is why I appreciated the Message I heard here last Wednesday. Compromisers who call themselves Minsters can hardly go to the pulpit and call names and ask the persons to stand up, even their own wives and children. They do not do that again.
27.        People like Deacon Vin who is now goat killer. Bishop Nnachor, copywriter and many of them. You have nothing to share with the brethren, you have nothing to give your family. Can a man give something he does not have?
28.        I know why they are scared from going to the pulpit. It is because they are not living right with the Gospel. Their families are not right. They are not right. The boldness is not there to mount the pulpit.
29.        Watch the way their children are coming up. It is like the Okro tree in attempting to grow taller than the owner.
30.        Our children are becoming more violent than pagans. More violent that pagans in every aspect of life. They now tell lies more than the devil. I call them lie manufacturers.
31.        They now manufacture lies, take pleasure in lies because they do not know that the origin of lies is the devil and the father of all liars. Wherever he is there his children will be.
32.        I am seeing a picture where brethren are losing control of their homes, forfeiting their families into the hands of the devil at this crucial moment, compromising their holy and high calling in Christ by keeping quiet when they should speak.
33.        They now take delight in eating and drinking, running around. When we announce one feast here, you see all of them becoming Ministers. Ministers during feasts. No Minister of the Word.
34.        No Deacon is in this Faith again except Deacon Sunday Ugorji. That is the only Deacon. We call Bro. Mike Deacon. Is he a Deacon? Is Mike Emmanuel a Deacon? Deacon Vin, we call him a Deacon. Is he a Deacon?
35.        We have no Bishop. We have only but one Apostle who is struggling to stand on his feet. He is struggling. He is not standing on his feet. Rather he is riding on the back of The Son of Man. If the Son of Man sits down, that is the end of the journey.
36.        I want to see Apostles. Apostles that will stand on their two feet and declare the wholesome Word of God without fear or favour and be ready to implement it, to enforce it. There is not even one that has that boldness that will make him to preach as an Apostle.
37.        I measure Apostles by their strictness in the handling of the Word of God, in enforcing the Word of God. It starts from their families. It starts with their children, because if you cannot run your family well, you have no part in the Administrative Set-up of The Church.
38.        This is because your administrative capability is measured from your home. How do you administer the affairs of your home? How do you administer your children? Everything. Every aspect of your home.
39.        If the Queen of Sheba will pay you a courtesy visit, can you convince the queen of Sheba that you are the wife of He that is being noised abroad? When the Queen of Sheba came she started enquiring by looking at the whole environment.
40.        From the children to the maidservants to the houseboys to the arrangement of property in the house, their movements, their services, their orderliness, their dressings, I mean, their relationship with themselves, their relationship with outsiders.
41.        Then she watched the man Solomon display his judgment. I mean, the judgment he handled was a display of the highest wisdom and the woman bowed down in submission to the wiser counsel.
42.        But if the woman should tell you to exhibit it in your homes today, would we not be seeing a shattered family?
43.        A family where the husband is moving towards the right, the wife towards the left. The children are moving haphazardly. Some are in front. Some are in the middle. It is like mad family!
44.        From all indications, it is like the salt is losing its savour. From what I am seeing, it is like the salt is gradually losing its savour. When salt loses its savour, it becomes as worthless as sand. Is it too late to arrest this situation? Is it too late?
45.        I can see what I call real spiritual meltdown in the Bride. Spiritual amnesia which, if not quickly controlled, may be disastrous tomorrow and nobody is spared. If gold can rust, what can we say about ordinary metal?
46.        If the children of men of God, so called, are now the people showing bad examples, what can you say about the rest of the Flock? You see why we must find out where we have fallen.
47.        It started by failing in your offices, where Deacons now see their offices as mere walking about as if they are Roman Catholic Church wardens just to wake up people that are feeling asleep.
48.        You use your stick and then press them on the head, share kola, share wine, but not Deacons that can mount the pulpit and use the Message to beef-up the faith of the Bride.
49.        We do not have Teachers anymore. That one is gone and it is gone forever. We do not have a single Evangelist in this Faith anymore except Ben Okezue.
50.        Once we say we want to hear Evangelism, Ben Okezue. If he is not there, nobody is there.
51.        How many folds will perfect the Bride? How many folds Ministry? Is it one fold? Two folds? But we cannot even boast of one fold.
53.        I am not even one of your Elders. That is why I do not attend your Elders’ meetings, because My presence will hinder you from discussing whatever you want to discuss.
54.        I operate alone and use whosoever I want to use to achieve My goal, whether you are a Minister or not.
56.        That is why, in My family, first, what I AM and then I introduced it. It is helping them to understand that whoever that comes in the Name of God has always emanated from a family.
57.        And many of them were instructed to marry and then raise children. That never removed them from what they are, that even today, the president is married with children.
58.        Even if he is bed-ridden, he is still the president. As long as he is in that office, nobody signs for him without his instruction. The authority is still there until his tenure expires.
59.        You are having dealings with One that has no beginning of days or ending of days. A Priest in the order of Melchizedek. That is why you must be very careful. Otherwise, you will destroy yourselves with your own hands. Amen.

To begin with, believe it if you can, that a bad child, whether male or female is the most expensive child in the world. An ingrate, …”
2.           An what? “An ingrate.”
3.           Never grateful. You do good to the child, the child pays you back with evil. A bad child can never appreciate any good thing.
4.           A bad child cannot appreciate even a good advice. Stick out your neck to train an ingrate, what you will get is disappointment.
5.           “…Somebody that is never grateful to God. Somebody that can never appreciate any good thing from the parents, but instead, will be thinking on how to wreck havoc…”
6.           he will be thinking of how to wreck havoc.
7.           “..Coping with a rebellious child! Is there any rebel in your house?”
8.            This is a question. We all came from different houses. If you have a rebel in your house you know. Being silent, is it the remedy?
9.           Let Me say it. There is no family sitting down here without a rebel or two. That child that is giving you headache, that is stubborn to you, resisting your instructions and things like that, what is the child?
10.         A REBEL! No matter the age of that child. Even if that child is one month old. That child is a rebel.
11.        After all, rebellion starts from the womb. Rebellion starts right inside the womb. Right inside the fetal sac. The mother will never see sleep. The child will be kicking with both the hands and the legs. Stretching and twisting, trying to jump out before the time.
12.        As soon as the child is born the labour room, the eyes are open. The eyes will be flickering indiscriminately about the room. This one is not the case of waiting for four or five days. The child has started seeing very well.
13.        The following day, the child is already laughing. The child will look at the mother’s face and laugh and you will be wondering whether the child started laughing in the womb.
14.         “It is very easy to identify a rebel outside…”
15.        In another man’s house.
16.        “…but very difficult to call one a rebel inside”
17.        Your own! Your own! To call your own a rebel is very difficult.
18.        “In Military parlance, a rebel is one that is always plotting coup against the government, coup against leadership, coup against peaceful order. Anybody that is not working for peace is working for trouble..”
19.        Brethren, is it a lie?
20.        “…A trouble maker, a discordant person, an incontinent personality, an insatiable human being (a human being that is never satisfied), an ingrate (one that can never appreciate a good thing), that is a rebel.”
21.         An insatiable human being. Not even satisfied by Grace.
22.        “Do you have such a person in your house? Parents! It is a good question. There is hope for you. That is why I want to come out.
23.        For the fact that almost 99% of the people that are in the Fellowship this day testified that they were guilty of the Message, PRESERVE YOUR YOUTH AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS, is it not an indication that our families are filled with rebels?
24.        It is an indication that our families are flooded, over-flooded with rebels.
26.        Why can’t a wise person pause? Instead of asking, “Is it I”, why not ask, “Why must it be Me? Why must I be this rebel God is referring to?”
27.         For God is not talking to GTC building. God is talking to human beings that are sitting down here, a prepared place away from all, where we can come together face to face with Him, hear Him speak.
28.        He is the Fountain of Truth. All that have the Spirit of Truth will confirm this to be Truth.
29.        “As many as were in this Faith when the Message, PRESERVE YOUR YOUTH AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS was preached the Lord said, ‘Now you have heard the counsel from God.
30.        You have heard instructions from God. If by tomorrow or in the near future, you start misbehaving yourself contrary to what you have heard, who will you blame.’” Blame yourself and not God.
31.        “Will you blame your misbehavior on your parents’ inability to talk to you or on the weakness of the Message or your voluntary decision never to obey godly advice.
32.        When you have decided that even if your case is taken to the president; in other words, ‘Report to God if you can! Let the heavens fall.’”
33.        Take it to The Son of Man.
34.        “You can be a rebellious mother expecting to have angels as children.” What? “You can be a rebellious mother expecting to have angels as children. Can that happen” Never! “Can it work? No! I do not want to talk about that one”
36.        Character formation starts from the family.
37.        “There can never be godly children from a family where the wife finds it difficult to obey the words of her husband.” Rewind it! Nobody said amen.
38.        “Character formation starts from the family. There can never be godly children from a family where the wife finds it difficult to obey the words of her husband.” Amen!
39.        “The moment the woman does not take the words of her husband serious, nothing in this life nor in the life to come will ever make the children to take the words of their father serious.”
40.        If you believe it say Amen.
41.        “That is why God said, ‘A woman that is disrespecting the words of her husband, quarrelling with her husband, calling her husband names in the presence of her children, should understand that the young shall grow, that she is laying a very bad example that will be very hard to destroy.’”
42.        There is God in the midst of the Bride. The Truth of God reacheth unto the Clouds.
43.        “If you are fond of calling your husband names, abusing your husband, insulting your husband, even saying it vocally to the hearing of your children, sometimes poisoning their hearts against their father, telling them that their father hates them, get ready.
44.        You are sowing a seed which you will reap in the nearest future. Why? The young must surely grow.”
45.        Brethren, put your hands together for God! Is there any other thing troubling us in this world other than this? God does not trouble any family on earth. Go round the globe, there is no congregation of human beings where you will receive this Truth.
46.        This has been the bane of all families. The solution is not in academic attainment. The solution is not in going to Church. The person may be a knight of this and that, take the title of Ezinne (Good mother), yet there is war in the person’s house.
47.        The person may be “His Royal Majesty”, “His Royal Highness”, Igwe Okaa Omee 1, go into his house. He may be the president of Nigeria, go into his house. This matter does not respect anybody.
48.        Truth respects only those that respect Truth. Disrespect Truth, Truth will expose you. Truth will expose you.
49.        Why? Truth must live to vindicate itself. Truth must prevail come what may. Your unbelief can never hinder it from being effective.
50.        To whom much is given, much is being expected. We have been over taught. Bishop Isaac Igwe said this thing in 1996.
51.        But if he could make such a statement based on where we were as at that time, begin to see if we shall tell him to go and talk now.
52.        We have advanced too far away from where we were in 1996, for there has never been any passing day God closed His mouth.
53.        If He is not talking here, He is talking in His family. In His office, He is talking. In His vehicle, He is talking. Everywhere, He is talking.
54.        “…Children love somebody that gives them security even when they are in error and the only person that has been proved guilty of offering such false security to their children has remained their mother.”
55.        They avoid the Truth.
56.        “EVERY REBELLION HAS A SPONSOR:” Pause a little. How many can tell Me reasons why children go through their mothers in order to get the favour of their father, especially when they felt their father may turn down their request.
57.        They lobby their mother as one that knows the trick, the language, the attitude, the style she will use to get the man do it, even contrary to his decision.
58.        If you are My type of a fellow, you would not have difficulties there. I do not condemn My children for coming to Me through their mother, but I call it first step.
59.        The second step is, “Have you finished? Go and tell him to come and see Me.” That’s all. And it is irrevocable. Tell him to come and see Me.
60.        “My friend, I have heard your request through your mother. Present it before Me and get Me convinced why I should do it.”
61.        If I do not do it that way, I am a fool of all fools. The conclusion is that I am out of My senses. Their mother now reasons for Me.
62.        And when they know that for every request, they must present their defense, when you present your budget, your estimates, you defend it.
63.        At the end of the day, I will tell them, “Ok. Thank you. I have heard from you. Put it in writing, itemize and do the estimate. Then bring it to Me.”
64.         I am instilling something in them, not for My sake, but for their sake, for I am still of the opinion that the young must grow. What I am today, if we remain here, is what they will be tomorrow.
65.        Whatever their mother is today, if we remain here, that is what they will be tomorrow. Is it not true?
66.        All our youths here, you are father aspirants. The spinster, mother aspirants. Not Olisa. Olisa knew all the contents of the Bible when he was too tender. He knew the contents of the Holy book at infancy.
67.        “God said, using one adage, ‘if when the kite comes and takes one,’ He said, ‘the kite has taken one that knows.
68.        After taking the ones that know and believe, the kite will take those that did not know and did not believe’
69.        Brethren, is it not true? When the kite is through with the obedient preys, it will start taking the disobedient preys. If the kite succeeds in taking all available chickens, and what is left appears to be the lizard, it will carry the lizards anyhow. When a lion gets old, it will feed on frogs.
71.        Every rebellion is directed to the head. The Authority that is in power.
72.        “Any action that is geared towards upsetting the head of the family is a rebellious action.”
73.        Any action. Any attitude anybody is displaying in the family, that is upsetting the head of the family is a rebellious action.
74.        When the eyes go blind, the eyebrow will now assume the responsibility of the eyes. You do not tell a deaf that there is commotion in the market place.
75.         When the pillar of a house collapses, the house must surely fall on human beings, whether you believe it or not. The stubborn one obeys inside her burial mat. Everybody will then be on the run.
76.        This is because any day a man dies, that is also the end of his activities. Yes! The sheep that is growing a horn should have a strong neck.
77.        The creeping plant that stumbles a water bearer should equally stretch out its legs to swim in the water.
78.        “…See yourself as a human being. Why did God place a head on you? You will notice one thing with the head. The head is the head-quarters of the house.
79.        It is the head that contains the brain, the eyes, the nose, the ears, the mouth. Everything that keeps the body alive is in the brain.”
80.        This is why the head is the leader, for all leadership qualities are embedded on that head. It may be small in outlook, but mighty in works.
81.        Can you not see a very big ship in the ocean, that carry goods Nigeria cannot even exhaust even in the next nine months, has only but one Captain.
82.        The cargo plane has only but one Pilot. The Luxury bus with the whole load has only but one Driver. Is it not a mystery? The head with the capacity to carry the elephant’s trap will always carry it.
83.        “For that reason, when you cut off the head, the entire body will be standing still.”
84.        The mouth that demanded that the head should be cut off will also follow the head when it is cut off.
85.        The ear that is insensitive to instruction will also follow the head whenever the head is cut off. The eyes that have refused to see will also follow the head whenever the head is cut off.
86.        A Sister who identified with us newly testified to an aged Sister who has been with us here and is still with us. While they were sharing their testimonies she said, “Sister, the worst thing that will happen to a woman is to lose her husband when the children have not found their feet.” She said, “It is the worst of all the curses.”
87.        You can imagine what prompted a woman to make such a statement. Brethren pause. It is difficult for one that has two hands, two legs intact to struggle and feed himself, begin to think of the condition of another person with only one hand and one leg.
88.        Any day the head of the family dies, what will be left will be one leg, one hand, one eye, one ear with the other half gone.
89.        Will the ones that are left be enough for the challenges ahead? Two were not enough. Will one now be in excess? Stop and think.
90.        “That I am walking about, is the head. Somebody is not catching this Message.” At all!
91.        “Please understand Me. Every youth is a product of a family. These youths we are referring to, did they drop from the sky? Are they not products of families? Some came from my family. Some came from your family.”
92.        Are we referring to the youths outside our midst? What business have we with them? We have no business with because they that are outside, God will judge.
93.        “When you are sponsoring a coup against the headship and think you are doing a right thing, can you move forward without the head? You know, a woman that has her husband around he does not know the sufferings of a widow.”
94.        The same is applicable to the children.
95.        “You cannot appreciate your parents until you are married”
96.        Both male and female.
97.        “…Sometimes we think we just came out and became adults like that.” This is pure truth.
98.        “What am I trying to say? There is no short cut in raising a child”
99.        Are these the rigors a mother will pass through and afterwards, her child will turn rebellious to the parents, when that child is supposed to be a helper to them to alleviate their sufferings and give them the assurance that their labour of love will never be in vain.
100.     “…At every stage of child’s development, somebody cared, somebody sacrificed.” Yes! “That is why the Scripture says, ‘it is an act of wickedness for anybody to neglect to take care of his parents at old age.’”
101.     “He that is upsetting his parents in his youth, has he any good programme for the parents at old age?” Never!
102.     “They spent their life under rain, sunshine, under horrible conditions to make you what you think you are and the reward they are getting is threatening their life, upsetting their peace, you are incurring everlasting curse, everlasting disaster.”
103.     Who is talking to us?
104.     “If I do not talk to you from the Throne of God’s Mercy, ...”
105.     Have you seen it?
106.     “You will not know the consequences of your actions, the consequences of your plans.”
107.     “…Another thing I remembered was this: I said, ‘Well, to Me, there was a time I was 100% dependent on my parents.’
108.     There is no human being who was not dependent on his parents at one time or the other. 100% for shelter, for feeding, for clothing, for school fees, for everything. 100%”
109.     Brethren, is it a lie?
110.      “There is no age a man or a woman will attain and be permitted to rebel against his parents.
111.     There is no age a woman will attain in her marital life and begins to disregard the words of her husband.”
112.     “How would you feel if one morning, your sons and daughters will drive to your township residence and say, ‘Daddy and Mummy, enough of this township residence, you have stayed in the township enough.
113.     All of you are going home.’ You think they are joking. They pack all your luggage, pack you and your wife down home. Place you in a comfortable apartment, promise you that whatever you need is their concern.
114.     That you should not borrow from anybody. ‘Do not complain’, give you somebody that will serve you at home. How will you feel if you have that privilege?”
115.     That means I will remain here on earth till eternity. I will not die again. Provide Me with a driver, a steward and a gateman. Who am I then? I will keep enjoying Myself.
116.     “You cannot tell Me that you will live a life of disobedience today, quarrel with your parents because you have the strength as a young man, then when they are old enough, you start obeying them. Is that possible?
117.     Number one: Your parents will never be old because the trouble you are giving them will cause them hypertension. Worry will kill them. You will become the killer of your mother and the killer of your father.
118.     The blood of your parents will be on your head and head of your children and children’s children from generation to generation to generation.”

119.      Brethren, put your hands together for God! God really wants our families to be Paradise here on earth. Amen.