Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: DIDN’T OUR HEARTS BURN WITHIN US…? VOL. 2

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ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE STILL IN THE ARK OF SALVATION? & WARNING FROM THE THRONE OF GRACE. Peached on the 9th of November, 2011 by Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man, The Supreme Intelligence.

2.           THE BLURB: It is easier to destroy than to build. God told us that if we are not careful, all that we have been suffering all these years, that the devil can destroy in a twinkling of an eye.
3.           All we have been building all these years, the devil will destroy it in one second. And then you will be battling with yourself.
4.           What have you been building all these years? Number one that should come uppermost in everybody’s heart is your reputation. The reputation of your family. Your integrity. Your personal integrity which you have been trying to uphold.
5.           Your personal character. Your personal reputation which you have been trying your best to preserve unspotted, unblamable in the sight of God and in the sight of man.
6.           Your Faith which you have been holding tenaciously to. Your belief which is your Faith. These are the major things which, if the devil will tamper with any, your eternal race is automatically jeopardized.
7.           The moment the devil tampers with your personal reputation you have been building all these years, preserving, sustaining; your personal integrity, the integrity of your family which is evidently seen in the character and developments of your children and all the members of the family; your Faith in Christ which has remained immovable, unshakable, unqueriable, unquestionable which has not been easy for you to sustain; if the devil will tamper with any of them, your journey to Paradise is automatically jeopardized. You are going to have difficulties, because these three things cannot be built overnight.
8.           Reconstruction and rehabilitation take much time, more time than erecting a new structure. It is easier to erect a new structure on a virgin land than to erect one fresh on the same spot where an old structure was pulled down.
9.           For you to do it, you must excavate the old foundation and it costs much. You spend more time, more money, more energy, more labour than you spent at the initial stage.
10.        It is just like students that write exams carelessly. If you are writing your WEAC and you are careless, and you register a failure in one of the papers that will qualify you for admission into any university, you have jeopardized your desire to enter university. Is it not true?
11.        And when you want to re-write it again, if you are not careful, you may fail subjects you passed before. That is why I still maintain that the best forum, the best atmosphere, the best environment whereby a student can stay and make the best of success in academics remains the classroom. The lecture hall.
12.        Once you leave it and begin to write as an external candidate, truly speaking, too many external things will work against you. Too many external distractions, external desires must war against your ambition.
13.        That is why only few have succeeded in making it externally. But a good number of progressives make it internally. The help you need, you will get it easier internally than externally.
14.        The same thing is applicable to the family. Any training you do not receive internally from your home, from your parents, you will find it difficult to get it externally. Once you leave the home, you are likely to come into contact with spoilers, snipers, backbiters. You come into contact with never-do-wells who have nothing to offer you than foolishness.
15.        The best advice, the best training that will give you your desired success, you must get it from your home, from your parents because nobody means well for you more than your parents.
16.        Nobody wishes you well more than your parents. Nobody prays for your welfare more than your parents, for they pass sleepless nights. And their expectations towards you are expectations of greatness and not of failure.
17.        That is why all children are indebted to their parents until they fulfill, they meet the expectations of the parents. Intelligent ones try to make it to surprise everybody even in the face of all odds.
18.        In the face of people who do not believe they will achieve it, they will strive to achieve it so that they (the people) would stand humiliated.
19.        Once a child is driven by his ambition and the prayers of the parents concerning him, the expectations of the family towards him, he touches the sky. But a child that is not driven by these things, must always work towards bringing woes, shame, ridicule, to himself or herself and to the parents by failing their expectations.
20.        When you are hearing what He is saying, “If you are not careful, that which you have been struggling to build, to uphold all these years, if you are not careful, the devil can spoil it in one second.”
21.        First of all, know what that thing is. It is something you have laid your life on the line for. After all, that thing which the fowl is searching for under the rain is very important to the fowl.
22.        Your parents can pay your school fees with the money set aside for their feeding. They will send the money to you so that you can feed and do other things, yet they go to bed on empty stomach. They will deny themselves of their basic needs to meet your own, because they believe that in the end, you will be their crown.
23.        After crowning yourself with success, you will crown your parents with the glory. Parents take glory. Is it not true? The achiever takes the pride that is associated with achievements.
24.        Is there any other gain I have rather than telling people, “My child performed very well. It is my child that received this. My child did this and that.” Who will profit thereof? My child. Who then takes the glory thereof? I am the one: “That is My child.” Who has been raise to a position of honour? My child.
25.        You must know that which the devil is trying to touch, to spoil in your life. Your records which the devil is trying to tarnish, dent your reputation and your image because of your carelessness, your madness. Your incurable madness.
26.        “This is a spiritual matter. You can wander away from the truth in your heart and still be coming to Fellowship, shouting Amen and coming to the pulpit.”
27.        Brethren, put your hands together for God! It happens in men. It also happens in women. It happens in children as well as adults. Wander away from the truth in your heart and still be coming to Fellowship, shouting Amen, clapping your hands, sitting on the front pew.
28.        When God is testifying about you, you need to be very careful. Your redemption is incomplete until you are clothed with the immortal body. What will be dressed with the immortal bodies is nothing but Christ and Christ alone. Not Christ minus. Not Christ plus.”
29.        “Everything happens according to prophecy...”
30.        Are you sure you are still in the Ark of salvation.
31.        “…Nobody that is numbered among the Elects that are found in the Son of Man will taste of natural death except it is the perfect will of God concerning that person….” Yes!
32.        “…otherwise the rest will remain alive and be partakers of this promised translation…” Amen.

I am making a declaration for I know you are all too tender; you are young men and women naturally.”
2.            Who is making this declaration? Who? He that knows the end from the beginning. The Alpha and The Omega. He that could tell Bro Sam in 2008 when he married a wife without a child how he will have his children, the way they will come and what they will be. The Almighty God Himself is making a declaration.
3.           If you are wise, you do not need to play. Know where what will kill you is coming from. The local fowl said that the reason why it raises its head intermittently while drinking water is because the thing that kills it comes from above.
4.           Even you as the reader, read such that you will comprehend what you are reading. Do not tell Me you have it in your house. Let us read it again.
5.            I am making a declaration for I know you are all too tender; you are young men and women naturally. If the devil does not tamper with your lives through your relations and enemies; if you are allowed to live here on earth and die naturally;
6.           Many of you will still live till the next forty years, fifty years, some seventy years, but I want to say that the promise of immortality can never linger to that extent. The whole thing is almost over. It is almost over. Remember we are counting in days…”
7.           “…At one point or the other, God has spoken concerning you or your wife or your husband or your children…”
8.            This is pure truth, if you know who God is and how He speaks to people. We received a Message titled, WHY YOU MUST BE MINGFUL OF THE WORDS THAT ROARED ON YOU.
9.           That every Word spoken concerning you, if you are not careful and then carry out the instruction thereof, before your eyes, play play, play play, it will come to pass.
10.        “At one point or the other, God has spoken concerning you or your wife or your husband or your children and only you will know when it comes to pass….
11.        As the Message is going on, if you hear your name, you know. Everybody has a lot going on in His mind. Finish...”
12.        What is your name? Do you want God to call you Innocent? Or call you Malachy? When God describes your character, the spirit that is ruling your life, has He not called your name?
13.        “You see why it is very dangerous to come to this place and play hypocrisy? ...”
14.        Why it is dangerous to come before God and play hypocrisy.
15.        “Anybody that leaves the Ark cannot enter again because there is no way you can enter again because the whole doors have been locked.”
16.        “….In that same chapter of the Bible, where all these things were said, did you also pay attention to where God spoke about judgment?
17.        Many were rejoicing on Wednesday, but without making sure that they were not among those God said He was going judge. Those that have secret plans thinking that God does not know; …”
18.        Those that have secret plans thinking that God does not know. They were numbered among those that God will judge as we read from the Holy Scriptures.
19.        The calibre of people God will judge. He will judge also people that have secret plans thinking that God does not know about them. He included those people among those He will judge.
20.        “…Those that speak ill of their fellow human beings, He called them ‘slanderers’, those who do not judge uprightly, those that get annoyed when an evil doer is rebuked, people that obstruct the way of justice, God said He will judge.”
21.        Those that get annoyed when an evil man or woman is rebuked, corrected, they feel unhappy. Those that obstruct the truth; Those that bias the minds of the people from believing God, God will bring to judgment.
22.        “…I have already said that chicken pox is coming, measles is coming, meningitis is coming, whooping cough is coming. There is no type of sickness that will not come…”
23.        Meningitis is ravaging the Northern states as is contained in our New Year Message, because of the scorching heat. Federal government is battling with meningitis right now.
24.        “…The reason why God called us is to save us and not to destroy us, but let us not use our own hands to destroy our selves.”
25.        The reason why God called us.
26.        “…The reason why God called us is to save us and not to destroy us, but let us not use our own hands to destroy our selves.” Amen!
27.        “…From Norway, it entered the ship with the stock fish and when it was time to use the stock fish, the carton and bag, notwithstanding what they passed through with the stock fish from where it was purchased, were all discarded because they are not good to be cooked and they are not good to be kept in the house and eventually they were burnt. Do you understand this statement?
28.        For they were unprofitable in all things on arrival. They were only useful for wrapping the stockfish. But on arrival, the stock fish was unwrapped. The wrapper, although it was smelling like the stock fish, became unprofitable.
29.        Who will like to be that wrapper that travelled such a long distance with the real jewels? Who will like to be the container that contains the jewels? On arrival, the jewels were redeemed and the carton was abandoned.
30.        “…Your redemption is incomplete until you are clothed with the immortal body. What will be dressed with immortal body is nothing but Christ and Christ alone…
31.        …Thus, Christ, The Son of Man forgives all manner of sins that it might be known and believed that The Son of Man has the power to forgive sins…. Amen.

WARNING FROM THE THRONE OF GRACE:” Warning from God. Nobody has been killed because he said the truth, instead men are been killed because of telling lies…
2.           Instead, men have been killed, imprisoned, even for life, for telling lies that the Word of God might come to pass, that no liar will inherit eternal life. A habitual liar is a habitual criminal, for a liar is an unreliable, undependable, untrustworthy person.
3.           Nobody puts his confidence on a liar. The most deceitful human being on earth is a liar and the devil is the father of all liars. Is it not Bible? No lie is of the truth and Christ is the Truth, the Way and the Life.
4.           You can begin to know who your father is. And whoever your father is, is where your eternal destiny lies. Wherever you originated from is the same place you are going back to.
5.           If you originated from God, once you appear here, you will live the life of one that originated from God, because the character of a child is a reminder of who the father is. A child resembles either his father or his mother. One that neither resembles the father nor the mother, where then did that child originate? Definitely from the treacherous one.
6.           When the child is returning, where does he return to? The treacherous one. This is because it has been said and written that wherever a man originates is where he will return to.
7.           If you originated from God, you must return to God. If you originated from the devil, you must return to the devil. How do you know who is who? By their fruits. By their character. That is how you know who is who.
8.           No lie is of the Truth! God is the Truth! Christ is The Truth, the Way and The Life. No man cometh to the Father except through the Truth. What Satan uses to deceive people is: ‘It does not matter’ What?
9.           What Satan uses to deceive people is: ‘It does not matter’…
10.        It does not matter. What is there? That is why the Prophet said, “When a man departs from the Spirit of Christ, telling lies becomes a light thing in his eyes.”
11.        In another Message, THE DECEIT OF THE EVIL ONE, he said, “The greatest deceit the devil uses to destroy people is by making sin a light thing in their eyes.”
12.        For that reason, the Scripture concluded everything by saying, “Falsehood, sin, which is lying; Falsehood begins with lying. It is glamour. It is a thing to pride about. It is a thing of glory to one that is devoid of truth, who is destitute of truth.”
13.        Falsehood, deceit, sin, evil is sweet and joyful and a thing of pride to one that is destitute of the truth, one the devil has place on the path of destruction.
14.        “What Satan uses to deceive people is this: ‘It does not matter. It is lying through your trade and occupation that you will make it.’”
15.        “…That is why a liar is a murderer. A liar commits every kind of evil. He is a traitor. He is a betrayer. There is nothing that is not found in a liar. When he speaketh a lie, he maketh it truth…”
16.        Brethren, put your hands together for God! When he speaketh a lie, he affirms it to be truth. He aims at convincing everybody to believe he is speaking the truth.
17.        Do you know that God is here? I now believe strongly that the Word of God is the discerner of the hearts of men, searches the hearts, is alive and active, pierces the soul, the bone, the marrow, sieves out all the deceit that is in a man. Nothing is hidden from the eyes of the Lord whom we are having dealings with.
18.        I was having conversation with My wife while we were in the bed discussing about Fellowship. I told her that I do not know how the Spirit moves convincing men of sin. That I am only relying on God today. I do not know the personality. I do not know the vessel. I do not know how God will go.
19.        But all I am trusting God is this: He will complete our efforts, for He is going to meet all of us at the point of our needs. So when I went to the parlour, I knelt down.
20.        I requested for no other thing than God touching the hearts of all positively so that by the time we will be leaving this place today, we will say to ourselves, “DIDN’T OUR HEARTS BURN WITHIN US EVEN WHEN WE WERE HEARING THE WORD OF GOD HE TAUGHT AHEAD OF TIME FOR ALL OF US TO BE SAVED?”
21.        For the prophecy said, “I have preserved My Word that you will not perish. Speak My Word for it is My power among My people, so that the Camp of My people must be separated from the Camp of the devil.”
22.        William Branham said that the reason why the Church is just holding on like that, hollering, rolling is because there are no God-anointed men who are holding the Sword of the Spirit in righteousness so that it will continue its cutting and slashing work, which makes the unbeliever uncomfortable on his or her seat until he runs to the alter in repentance, crying for forgiveness.”
23.        This Message was preached in November 2011. Is it effective till today? The Word of God is alive and active. Why of all Messages I saw that were about to be taken to the library, My hand reached this one. I singled it out. I said it is for a purpose that shall be made known unto us.
24.        “There was nothing that is not found in a liar. When he speaketh a lie, he maketh it truth. How long will it last? Only but a moment. Only but a moment.
25.        A lie is short-lived. It must be ripped open. It must be ripped open. Whether you like it or not, it must be ripped open.
26.        Who is making this declaration? The Almighty God who knows the secrets and intents of the hearts of men. Everything is naked before him, even your hidden agenda which He will bring to judgment against you, if you do not retrace and retract your steps.
27.        “If it is not opened today, it must be opened at the end. It is what will betray you. It is also what will put you in the condition of exclaiming, ‘Oh! Is this how I have gone.’”
28.        “…What is it that a man does not know? Anyone that does not know should know it today. A liar is unjustly against himself.” What? “A liar is unjustly against Himself.”
29.        If you believe it say Amen.
30.        “…Anybody that is living the life of falsehood is still living the life of darkness.” Yes!
31.        “…It is extremely important that everybody should meditate in this hour we are in,…”
32.         That I should meditate in this hour that I am in. Personalize it. I am a part of that “everybody.” You are a part of that everybody the Almighty God is referring to, for which cause He is making this declaration.
33.        Bro David Mbah, you are a part of the everybody. Your family is a part of everybody. My own is a part of that everybody.
34.        “It is extremely important that I should meditate in this hour I am in, in order to find out what is holding me,..”
35.        What is holding me.
36.        “…where it is holding me..”
37.        Where it is holding me; The area where it is holding me; Where the devil is having a strong hold in my life. That particular area where the devil is operating in my life. I must discover it, channel my prayers and all my actions towards that area. And I will rest at nothing until I have overcome. Will I overcome? Yes!
38.        With the enabling power of God, when I do the right thing God said I should do, applying the Word of God concerning that particular area the devil is operating in my life.
39.        If it is that area of dishonesty, telling lies, God said, “Speak the truth one to another. Lie not one to the other because you are Brethren. No liar will enter the Kingdom of Heaven for all liars will be under God’s condemnation. Every liar has the devil as his or her father.”
40.        These are the things I will remember. He said, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” To him that knoweth the truth and yet speaketh a lie, to him it is sin because a lie is truth perverted.
41.        If you are not mad; if you are not suffering from mental derangement, your brain will function properly. Your brain will coordinate and corroborate all you are hearing. Collaboration with the Spirit of God shall be made simple.
42.        Application of the Word of God in your daily life is the simplest thing you can do, which produces a simple life. Simplify your life by living according to the Word of God and you make things easier for yourself.
43.        When you roll into trouble, it becomes very easy for people to come to your help. To proffer solution is very easy. A sickness that does not have a pathogen; A sickness that has no cause; you do not know the cause of the sickness; there can never be diagnosis for it. No therapy.
44.        For a Doctor to give therapy to a sickness, he must diagnose it so as to ascertain the pathogen. Otherwise, every effort will be a wasted effort.
45.        Why are you afraid of speaking the truth on a matter that is clear to you? Don’t you know that it is better to speak the truth and be corrected. It is better to be sincerely wrong than to be deliberately wrong. It is better to be sincerely wrong like Saint Paul than to be deliberately wrong.
46.        To be sincerely wrong is a pardonable sin but to be deliberately wrong is an unpardonable sin. If you did not commit evil deliberately, you can be forgiven. But if you deliberately do something that is not approved by God, you are challenging God.
47.        It is disrespect before God, because you deliberately acted outside the will of God, outside the Word of God, outside the Command of God. It is an insult, assault, a brazen display of willful disobedience to God. A rampant display of arrogance God cannot even accommodate. A mark of stubbornness which is idolatry.” Amen.

It is extremely important that I should meditate in this hour I am in, in order to find out what is holding me, where it is holding me and that there is no excuse I can give that will exculpate me from the blame, because I know that which is the truth. I know that which I am supposed to do, I did not do it….
2.           …When you are living the life of truth, you know. When you are living the life of falsehood, you also know. You stand in truth, you are standing with God. You stand in falsehood, you are equally standing with Satan.
3.           To fabricate lie, you keep on looking at the ceiling, your eyes twinkling wiri wiri wiri wiri, your tongue fluttering kpaka kpaka kpaka, where you are looking for what to do to cover the truth.”
4.           Who is like unto God? Who is like unto God? He answers prayers. The Bible made it clear that the entire world come to God with their prayers and supplications because they believe He answers prayers.
5.           Even if He did not answer your own, He answers My own which I make on the behalf all the children of God worldwide, that I never studied anything, neither did I meditate. Not that I was careless over Myself. No!
6.           But I only made a prayer, early hours of the morning and said, “God, this is only but one request.
7.           See the way I am pleading that you meet all of us. At the point of our needs. Every soul. Every family. Not only in Onitsha, but everywhere, globally. Let it be so positive that when we shall be leaving this Fellowship today, we will say, ‘Didn’t our hearts burn within us, even when we were hearing, not only what was preached or what is preached today, but what had already been stored for us so as to restrain is from evil, from offending God.’
8.           Why did God store it? Food in due season; so that the errant child can come back; the errant family can trace their ways back. When you remember where you have fallen, you can make amendments. Is it not true? But what if it is not stored?
9.           No matter how your parents might be shouting on you, your husband shouting, everybody shouting, you might not take them seriously. You might be thinking they are harsh on you unnecessarily.
10.        You may be thinking that they are finding faults where there are no faults. You might be thinking that they hate you: “Everyday, the same Message. Every day, the same Message.”
11.        Has Job made any attempt by rising up from the ash heap? As long as Job is taking pleasure in lying down on the ash heap, the Prophet must keep on prophesying, “Rise up from the ash heap. Thus saith the Lord of Host, rise up from the ash heap.” Any day Job rises up, the Message will be changed.
13.        Do you have any evidence to prove that you are comfortably seated with your ticket in your hand in the Ark of salvation? Do not be numbered among those that are merely having euphoria. Whenever the Message is lifted up, you see euphoria around people. They will be jumping and clapping their hands and dancing about.
14.        Narrow it down to yourself as I have narrowed it down to Myself! Where is devil having that stronghold in your life? After your prayers and meditations, God will reveal to you through the power of the Holy Spirit, “If not for this, I would not have problem on my way.”
15.        If you know that thing which is pricking your conscience, that is telling you “If not for this”, that thing has marked you out of the Kingdom of Heaven, because you are spotted. You are blamable. Nothing spotted, nothing with blemish will ever enter there. It takes God’s nature.
16.        Why are we feasting in Him? Lo, I believe strongly that The Holy Spirit is here. The Holy Ghost is a human being. He has mouth. He speaks. Is it not true?
17.        When He, The Spirit of Truth shall come, one: He will lead you into the knowledge of all truths. Take note: He will remind you of all that He had already thought you. Is it not true? Good!
18.        He will reveal to you, things that are yet to come. What is the essence of reminding you of things you were taught in time past? It is to enable you to make necessary corrections, if any.
19.        You see why I am still holding on to My statement. For a man to make strong imprint on the sand of time, one: He must know his personal history. Your personal history will tell you how you took off. Your background. Everything about you.
20.        If your history does not compel you to raise some queries, it then means you have a “chequered” history.
21.        However, if, from your history, you see too many errors which you cannot afford to reproduce, to continue with, definitely you will be querying yourself, “Why did I, in this life, permit this thing to happen? Why did I, in this life, allow this thing to be associated with me?”
22.        You see! The past has helped you to prepare yourself very well to avoid a repeat occurrence. And from that moment where a decision is taken against the errors of the past, the future becomes glitteringly brighter. I mean, clearer than ever. Sweeter life.
23.        You will begin to enjoy the real life of Christ: ZOE. Zoe! Real life of Christ, where you will be happy without money, without food, without anything, but you are always happy.
24.         Somebody made that statement concerning Me somewhere and My brother-in-law became My mouthpiece. I heard it. Something was happening and the person made that statement, “Every time, this Julie’s husband is always happy. Julie’s husband is happy always and every time! Does anything in this world upset that man?”
25.        My brother-in-law told him, “Ever since I have known that man, even before He married my sister, this is what he is known for, even in the hospital. He worked with my late uncle. So, we have known Him even before He married our sister. We always talk about it. Happy all the time. Happy every time. That now, they have found out why it is so. He is a child of God.”
26.        I heard it with My ears and I pretended I never heard it. And I have told you that God’s people have remained the happiest people on earth.
27.        Greater is He that is Me than he that is troubling Me out there. Is it not true? Those that know their God; Those that are personally and practically acquainted with the God they worship; they aim at nothing but doing exploits. They are happy at all times. And nothing shall by any means upset or offend them.
28.        In other words, they will be habitually happy. Understand the phrases I am using. I am using inspired phrases to explain to the understanding of even the biggest idiot in our midst. You know what an idiot is?
29.        How I wish you can see an animal that is called an “idiot.” Go to your dictionary and you shall see an animal called idiot drawn there. Thus, if I call you an idiot, I am calling you that animal whose picture is in the dictionary: Idiot!
30.        Why should you look sad when God is with you? Why should you look sad when God is with you? Why should you look chekpored when God is still alive?
31.        Even as God is alive, I will still be living like one that is rejected and dejected, living the life of a slave, even when I have been freed from slavery, from the bond of sin, freed from eternal death, freed from the troubles of this present life.
32.        When God Himself had already vowed to grant me, not only His favour, but the favour of all men, including that of my enemies, who then is my headache?  I AM MY ONLY HEADACHE.
33.        Look at our Brother Collins. I remember when he was posted to Delta state. His DPO was troubling him, using religion, making him to join them in their compulsory prayer. He refused. He resisted.
34.        The man started threatening his posting there, threatening even his work, bragging, telling him he is a native of Onitsha, a cousin to late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and things like that, making his stay uncomfortable for him.
35.        Our Brother ran to Me explaining everything. I said, “Thank you for your composure. Thank you for you never replied. Now, go back. Live your life. Any day he comes to you, to trouble you, tell him that you are serving the same Federal Government. That a police officer is a police officer no matter the rank, even if you are a private.”
36.        That the work is of a nature that if a private has been handed a case and he is the IPO (Investigating Police Officer) of that case, the IGP (Inspector General of Police) can never recall the case from his hand until he has finished with the case.
37.        Let him understand that you were not called into the Nigerian police to come and practice religion, but to come and protect the life and property and uphold the laws binding this republic and not religion. That if you wanted to practice religion, that you would not have joined the police.
38.        But be civil. Be civil. Press your matter home if he will dare ask you why anymore. But I am trusting you, this man will turn out to be your best friend from now. He left.
39.        Armed with this truth, he went to the office. He never confronted the man, being his superior officer, being the DPO. He continued living his normal godly life, doing his work as instructed, making sure he was carrying out all actions within the ambits of the police act and the laws of the Federation of Nigeria.
40.        This man became interested in him. That was number one. He started loving him, appreciating him and brought him closest more than any other officer in Delta state. It did not stop there.
41.        The community where he is serving now turned towards him, co-opted him as one of them, which made him now to bring his family down there and the people are happy. People that saw him as enemy now became friends.
42.        The DPO, I told him, remember this work is full of postings, one day, the lot may fall on you. He may be posted out. Today, is he still there? Bro Collins answers, “He is in Adamawa state.” From Delta.
43.        How I wish Peter Onwudinjo is in the fellowship. He will remember My encounter with him and his first son. Of course, the Elders know about it. His first son, Chimezie, who stretched his hands against the father, became arrogant. I thought about the punishment that will be OK.
44.        God arrested them. I called him and his father before the Elders here and said, “Look, you are about to go for your youth service. When you open the website to register online, you will be given four states.
45.        The first thing, you will signify all of them both in the North and in the South. I am going to assure you, not even one will be given to you. I have made up my mind to post you to Boko Haram state. You are going to Maiduguri although you never signed in for Maiduguri.
46.        It never appeared in your first four choices. That is where I am sending you. Where you will not understand their language. You will be forced to eat their food. The sun will ravage you, not even scorching. Ravaging! You will see the amount of flies in Maiduguri.
47.        Then for the first time, while you are there in the bed, you will be hearing the noise of explosives even closest to your door, but nothing will harm you. Just to teach you a lesson. I know you have people that can bring you back. Let them write. Produce the worst report about your health. It will be ignored.”
48.        This boy nearly fainted here. Bro Kelechi, you were around. Even the father knelt down. He said, “Sir, this punishment is too much.” I said, “No. peter Onwudinjo, give way. Let Me punish this boy. He will not die.”
49.        Then when the whole thing came out, of all the four states he chose, not even one appeared. He was posted to Maiduguri according to My Word. A state that never appeared in his platform, talkless of indicating it. I told him. As at that time Maiduguri was boiling.
50.        The son of Bro David who was very faithful, Miracle, when it came to posting, for he was there because his uncle was a professor, I told him, “You have suffered so much there. I am bringing you to your home state. You will serve around your father.” I brought him, placed him in Lokoja, very close to the father.
51.        But this one, he went to all length, wrote his supervisors in the Petroleum University in Warri and so on. They concocted stories. Even that he was epileptic. They forwarded everything. They were all ignored.
52.        At last, his stay was confirmed. I told him I was posting him to a place where he will travel for two days before he would get there. That he should pray that in one of the trips, your vehicle will not spoil in the mid-forest where it will take hundreds of kilometres to come and fetch a mechanic.
53.        And if it happens when he has no money to board another vehicle, he may be there even for one week, but one assurance is that no harm will be done to him.
54.        One day he left here, followed Brethren to Nasarawa and boarded a vehicle to Maiduguri. Along the way in the wilderness, the luxury bus spoilt. They had to encamp there for three consecutive days for he had no kobo to board another vehicle.
55.        He remained calling like the son of Bro Onyema who got stranded on the way. The second day on the highway he called and I said, “My friend, this is a test. You are a soldier. You are an infantry. Why complaining? Don’t you have your riffle? You are now on the highway. Eat cassava raw. Whatever you see, eat raw. Drink flood if you see flood. If you do not see, use sugarcane.” That is the fate of a soldier.
56.        I continued, “What if you are dropped with a parachute in the forest and abandoned there? You will become a wild animal. Be it known to you that you are a gift to the nation.”
57.         He braced up with that statement and he did not die until their vehicle was repaired. He called Me again and I said, fine.
58.        What am I saying? God knows how to punish people. That is why when I look at you, the way you brag and the way you talk, I do not talk, for you know what you are thinking in your heart, both concerning God and what you want to do, but what God is thinking about you, you do not know.
60.        Will your hand sustain you? Will your heart bear without fainting in the day I will rise in wrath to punish you according to your level of disobedience to God’s Word? Of all those that were spoken to, did any of them escape it? How do you think you will escape? Who is going to be your advocate in My hand?
61.        I spoke to My son Wisdom privately in My house and allowed them to go. When they left, I was the one that said, “Put them inside the vehicle”, with instructions about how they will move. They obeyed and left.
62.        I told them to bear it in the mind that there is no where you will make a stop-over without seeing Me there, until you get to your house. He said he knew. I now gave them money. I did not talk.
63.        They got to Umuahia, boarded another vehicle. At that point, where they reached their hostel and they were offloading, immediately the driver said fare well, he was about to pack his things. His phone rang.
64.        He picked the phone and I said, “Wisdom, have you not reached Umuahia?” He said, “Daddy, we just finished offloading our bags from the vehicle. The vehicle just left. It is just for us to take our belongings into the house.”
65.        I said, “Thank you.”
66.        When he was to come back after about two weeks, I instructed him to go and board a vehicle at Peace Mass in the morning and to also call Me when he has boarded. That’s all.
67.        He boarded the vehicle. I did not call. He did not call again. As soon as he arrived at the Peace Park at Oguta Road and came out with his bag, his phone rang, “Wisdom! Have you not arrived the park at Upper Iweka?”
68.        He said, “Daddy, I just came down from the vehicle.”  I then told him to come to shop where I was waiting for him.
69.        He came to the shop and I hailed him, “Sharp man! I hope you understand what transpired? It is the same thing I have told you.” The same way My eyes and satellite are focused on the family of David Mbah, you have caused My eyes to be there in your living place.
70.        Let Me get you convinced that I am The Omnipresent and all that have discovered it, nobody talks to them anymore. Do not look at My face because you cannot understand Me through My face, for My face is always amiable, for I believe in one thing.
71.        Even if you are condemned for execution, condemned to death, government will keep on feeding you, nurturing you. It is that time they will show you the greatest love, for they know you are waiting for time.
72.        The day they will execute you, they would not give you any notice. It is a matter of coming, “Who is so so and so? Lead him out.” And you come out. And that is the end. You would not go back again. My anger will not continue forever. My surveillance is for your own good.
73.        For the Bible said in the Book of Proverbs and I quote, “Whosoever that God loves, He restrains him from the path that leads to death.” Whosoever that God loves, He restrains him from towing the path that leads to death. Is it not scriptural?
74.        But if God hates you, He will close His eyes and see you roll into perdition. I do not want to go further. Brother rewind by rehearsing that whole area. We are not going to preach another Message. After this one we will go and meditate on that which we have heard.
75.        The Cloud has remained here since we came. I am telling you the truth. If you are sweating, you are not sweating because you are feeling the heat. You are sweating because the Word is generating heat in you. Ebebe-Eze! You have put one cup of smile on your face.
76.        The Word is generating heat. Yes! The Word is having a burning effect in your hearts so that by the time we will be going, you will be saying one to another, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us, even when we were hearing this Word of life, Revealing even our hidden motives, Making us to understand that even our hidden plans that are contrary to the wish of God shall be brought into judgment against us.”
77.        And the Almighty is the One saying it. Who has the power to wrestle with the Almighty? Where do you have that strength?  Amen.

When you are living the life of truth, you know. When you are living the life of falsehood, you also know. You stand in truth, you are standing with God. You stand in falsehood, you are equally standing with Satan.
2.           To fabricate lie, you keep on looking at the ceiling, your eyes twinkling wiri wiri wiri wiri, your tongue fluttering kpaka kpaka kpaka, where you are looking for what to do to cover the truth.
3.           You can only bury the truth today. The second day, third day, truth will resurrect. Truth must resurrect from death! Truth endureth to all generations! But a lie does not last long. It is temporal. That is why the triumph of lie is but a little while.”
4.           The triumph of lie, of falsehood, of dishonesty is for a little while, but truth endureth, truth prevails even to all generations.
5.           But for a while that lie shines. After that, weeping and wailing, suffering, mourning, gnashing of teeth, all kinds of troubles accompanying it.
6.           You see what follows lie, falsehood, dishonesty? Whatever might be your gain must be eroded by the sufferings that will come after it. Whatever might be your gain must be ravaged by the accompanying pains and sufferings, sorrow and anguish you have attracted to yourself by living the life of falsehood.
7.           Do you know what it takes anyone who rises to a height of affluence through lies and falsehood? Do you understand what we are saying? What is the essence of fighting against this corruption?
8.           If corrupt practices raise you to a high level, government now carries the person straight into prison like we have seen in the case of three judges; Two high court judges and one supreme court judge. All in the prison custody. Their wealth seized. Their liberty seized.
9.           Check the humiliation and ridicule they have suffered. The pride and arrogance they attracted to themselves in their false lives and false claims.
10.        Even among them were those that claimed they were incorruptible. Incorruptible judges. Today they are corrupt, not only corrupt but superlatively corrupt.
11.        Whatever gain you are making through falsehood is an unjust gain that will tell against you, if not now, sometime, someday.
12.        For that reason, who is a happy man? It is one that lives a very quiet, humble, straight forward, simple transparent and honest life, trusting God and believing God. And in that area of life, there is little or no competition.  
13.        Nobody has ever competed for living an honest and simple life. Check, in every corrupt life, there is corruption. There is always that desire to grab, to carry. The trouble is always there. The clamour to be there, so as to distribute wealth.
14.        I remember when there was the need to appoint the Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria, about nineteen persons reared up their heads. At the end of the day, the man from Adamawa state, who claimed to be innocent when he is not, he carried the show.
15.        Today, see what is happening. A guiltless and innocent man who wanted Nigeria to believe that he would be the best. See what is happening. From one contract alone, which he awarded to his own personal company, he diverted two hundred and twenty million naira into his account.
16.        Then, from the remaining twenty contracts he awarded to other firms, he diverted an amount that is yet to be specified.
17.        Look at the stupid man whose house was searched by the police on orders, who was among the people that were withholding the 2017 Appropriation Bill that was sent to them since November last year, accusing the police of stealing budget document.
18.        The police PRO (Public Relations Officer) came openly and announced to the whole world that they went through thirty-five files they carried from his house. Not even a document had anything to do with Appropriation Bill 2017 or previous years. Nothing like that.
19.        Why making noise? Why did he not tell the whole world how much the Police recovered from his house. Cash of over eighteen million naira. Why did he stack the millions there?
20.        Apart from the dollars and the Arabic currencies he stacked in his house, some of the incriminating documents suggested that he was the man that spearheaded the killing of a prominent Nigerian whose name will soon be made manifest. Correspondences that went between him and the executors, and how he financed it, the police uncovered all. Many many things.
21.        And the Police have, even as I am talking to you, they have a video of everything and members of his family including notable persons. And they signed the document without duress. There was no force. There was no threat. It happened in the day, not in the night.
22.        I monitored it and I am still monitoring it, for it is going to help Me. For the IGP has empowered all of us to blow the whistle, even against the police. So, if they compromise, I will know.
23.        One of the senators from Rivers state was talking concerning the money they said belonged to nobody. He claimed that the money belonged to River state.
24.        One man was trying to bring out a useless opinion, “What if one of the occupants of building claims that the money belongs to him?”
25.        The senator from River state dipped his hand into his pocket, brought out a whistle and blew it immediately, “This man! This man should be searched. I am blowing the whistle telling you that the money belongs to Rivers state. We have enough evidence and this man is saying no to it. Somebody in the building. Who is that somebody who has never come up? He has not heard the voice of EFCC, DSS, police and everything? You are the man.”
26.        I want you to go and buy whistles. I want you to go and buy whistles. Students, you blow whistle against your lecturers, your VCs, your Admin officers, your Principals. Yes! Corrupt practices are everywhere. Remember we are not fighting corruption. We are recovering money stolen through corruption.
27.        If we want to fight corruption, there must be a clear-cut organigram, a machinery we will set in motion which will begin to teach Nigerians contrary to corruption: A new ethical reorientation which starts from nursery schools, to the families, to the general public aiming at imbibing another spirit, another culture that will resist all forms of illegalities and criminalities.
28.        But if you are just recovering money that is stolen from the people, you are not fighting corruption. You are recovering money, stolen funds, and somebody is by your side to carry it away. You recover from A, B will carry it and run because it is a syndicate.
29.        It is just like the National Assembly refusing to endorse the acting EFCC chairman, Magu, saying that reports from DSS accused him of being corrupt. All the members of the National Assembly are corrupt, for the Federal Government called all of them cabals. Their leaders are facing trials ranging from criminality to corruption in too many law courts.
30.        How can corrupt persons find fault with corrupt persons? Nobody has come out to speak the truth yet. Truth will speak itself with time. I know everybody is waiting for the death of Buhari so that twenty presidents will emerge. Let Me stop there.
31.        “Nobody living a life of falsehood proceeds from God.” Yes! “…What I am telling you is truth. If he intentionally steals, he calls it 419, fraud. Whether you call it 419, fraud or you call it duping, God knows it is stealing.
32.        Stealing is stealing, whether you used gun, you pickpocketed, you used trick or even pen, God knows. God knows sin. Every sin God knows.”
33.        Brethren, is it a lie? Every sin, He knows. Every unbelief, He knows. Even the juju on your waist, He knows. Every thought of your heart, He knows
34.        “God knows sin. Every sin God knows. The question you are going to answer is not what you did not do. You must answer question whether good or bad. You must answer!..”
35.        You must answer! You must answer question concerning yourself. You must answer question concerning yourself. Amen.

The Prophet told us that never should there be a moment in this world that we should see sin as a very light thing. That any day sin is light in our eyes, we are doomed. There is no bigger sin or biggest sin…”
2.           No bigger sin or small sin or biggest sin. “…Sin is sin.” No matter where it is found. Sin means unbelief. This is because if you have believed, you would not have lived a sinful life. You will not live the life of disobedience. Living the life of disobedience shows that you never believed.
3.           “Every evil behaviour is sin no matter how you look at it.” Sure! You can say that your conscience did not condemn you. It did! Even as I am talking here now, we all know ourselves.
4.           Brethren, is it a lie? Even a mad man knows himself. If a mad man says he is mindful of what he is doing, what then will a sane person say? A mad man was asked a question, “What is this thing you are doing?” He answered and said, “I am mindful of what I am doing.” What then will a sane person say?
5.           A blind man says he is looking up to something. What will the man with full vision say? Which goes to show that everybody knows him or herself. Everybody knows what he or she is doing and he or she intends to do.
6.           Remember that it will take only God to bring you back from whatever He discovers that will put you into trouble and death, only if you will pay heed.
7.           That is why, if God warns you, points you back from error and you refuse to follow, when trouble comes, he will laugh you to scorn. Then, if you seek His face, you would not find Him.
8.           “Even with this short exhortation you have just heard here now, if you are a child of God, it will look as if a double-edged sword has slashed your heart.” What?
9.           “Even with this short exhortation you have just heard here now, if you are a child of God, it will look as if a double-edged sword has slashed your heart. You will see where you erred immediately.
10.        But if you are not a child of God, you just do your hand like this and begin to look for defense: ‘There is no righteous man in the world. Everyone is a sinner.’ It becomes your message.” Have you heard it.
11.        “Everyone has sinned. Does it mean we shall continue in sin? No sir!” No sir! “God forbid! We agree that everyone has sinned, but does it mean we should strongly continue in sin?”
12.        Continue in unbelief? God forbid! Where is the hope of our salvation then? For God will do everything but cannot save you in unbelief. What is sin? Willful rejection of Truth.
13.        “Seek the Lord while He is to be found. Call upon Him while he is near. An evil man should stop evil. An evil-hearted one should stop evil thoughts. Let him repent and come to God in repentance. He is a merciful God. He will forgive if you move away from evil.
14.        That is Bible.
15.        “But if you harden your heart and go ahead committing evil, thinking God does not know about it, will He find out? ‘After all, it is not only me.’ Do not worry. What will tell you it is only you is on the way.” What?
16.        “…The time when somebody will tell us that he is being persecuted because of this faith and we believe him is gone.” Pure truth! Can it happen?
17.        “How can God bless others and He will not bless you? Can’t you stop and think? Even when God said, ‘Let it be wickedness on Me.’ He took an oath with His Name.
18.        Is there anything greater than God’s Name? He said, ‘Let it be wickedness onto Me if I should nor respect whosoever that respects Me.’” Yes sir!
19.        “It is because of you that He said it. The strength for which you are with God is the same strength that God will be with you. If you regard God as nothing, God will regard you as nothing.” Yes sir!
20.        “You regard God as something, God will regard you as something.
21.        Walk contrary to Him, He will also walk contrary to you. Draw nearer to Him, He will draw nearer to you. Remember that God is far from the wicked, but He heareth the prayers of the righteous, while the prayers of a wicked person is abomination in the sight of God. Are they scriptural truths
22.        A Brother accosted Me right now and asked Me whether it will be possible to print more copies of this Message to enable people that do not have it to have a copy.
23.        I want to ask this question. I want to see your hands up. Not your fingers. Your hands must be above your heads to enable Me do accurate counting.
24.        If you know you will like to have a copy of this Message, lift up your hands above your heads. Only one hand is needed. OK. Because of this popular demand, we are going to meet your needs next week by God’s grace.
25.        All that lifted their hands, please go to Brother Chibuko, put your names down. We do not want to print and have too many left-overs, for too many Local Assemblies do not have this Message.
26.        I am only washing off My hands. I believe they are going to the websites. That is their business. But the intelligent and wise ones will like to have copies for reference sake.
27.        And what is more? It is cheaper to have it here in print, original than to print it from the website. By the time you finish printing from the website, check how much you are spending.
28.        You will be spending almost three thousand naira for one copy. And it can never be like this. It will be too tiny. It would not be bound. You have to do everything yourself.
29.        If you want to have a copy for yourself or for your family, do not go until you put your names there.
30.        Only the number of people that put their names will be produced, with their names imprinted on the copies to avoid other people taking their copies.
31.        I did not say you should give money. Do not give money. When you collect, you give money. Thank you. Amen.

That He will because of me make His Word of non-effect? Never Never!” Never!
2.           “Think about it. All of us that are gathered here, iron sharpeneth iron. Yes sir! We listen to God speak…”
3.            We listen to who? For we have Him in person for our Teacher.
4.           “We listen to God speak. When we hear Him speak, we go and meditate. It becomes a challenge to all of us to scrutinize and monitor our children.”
5.           To do what?
6.           “…to scrutinize and monitor our children.” To do what? “…to scrutinize and monitor our children.”
7.           It will help us to pay heed, to look into the state of our flock within and without, by scrutinizing, examining and monitoring our children, their development, not only academically like Enugu Brethren, but also spiritually, which is the most important. Which is the one that has eternal value.  
8.           “That is why He said, ‘Let he that thinketh he is standing be very careful. Let it not be that you have already fallen, yet you did not know but you are bragging about because the saints have not asked you to walk out from their midst.’”   
9.           Sure! Many are in that picture. Some are walking about in our midst bragging, thinking they are in the Ark, simply because the Elders, the Saints of God have not asked them to leave us. But they know they are out of the way of the Truth. They are merely coming here nominally.
10.        Many are in this particular picture. If you are one of them, you know. If you are not, you know.
11.        The worst thing that will happen to you is to open your mouth and be threatening God by challenging His statement saying, “What if I do not want to stay in the Faith? What if I want to leave this Faith?”
12.        It is your right. Exercise it and go to hell. You can exercise it, but will your hand sustain you? Will your power sustain you? Will your heart bear it? The way God is going to handle you? Are you hearing Me?
13.        Let Me tell you something. Heaven and earth know I am bearing true witness. If I call My wife, you will say she is My wife. I lived in a yard where there was somebody, a lady that was outlawed, reckless in behavior, who was persistently sick. Each time death came nearest to taking her, she will run to My flat.
14.        While I was living behind the house, behind the building, so she was troubling Me for prayers, for anointing oil. I packed into the upstairs, the same way. One day, I gave her a private attention in My parlour. She disclosed everything to Me.
15.        And I told her My mind which was the mind of God, “Please, you should have learnt a lesson from what befell others. A day is coming when I will no longer anoint you or pray for you for what you are presenting to Me is different from what I am witnessing in you. Why not recoil? Why not talk to yourself? Is it not time you got tired of this wild life? What if you contact HIV and it results to AIDS? Acquired Immune-Deficiency Syndrome.”
16.        Do you know what she replied? “Papa Ijeoma forget about all those stories. Anybody who gets infected should die.”
17.         I said, “You are not yet married. Have you given up the hope of getting married? Why the statement, ‘Anybody who gets infected should die?’”
18.        I said, “Look, I do not like this statement. You had better repent. But I see you going to your Church, Winners Chapel and others? You go to night vigil. You do not follow your people to Roman Catholic anymore. What do you learn there?”
19.        She said, “Papa Ijeoma, you have given me what I want. It is this olive oil that I want you to touch for me.” I said, “Thank you, but I have warned you.”
20.        Do you know that a time came when she fell sick onto death? She was taken from one hospital to the other and finally she was taken to Borromeo Hospital. I went there with My wife, live! This is because when the lady made this statement I told My wife. I said, “Look at what this lady said. Look at the efforts I made. Look at her reply.”
21.        We went there. What we saw, no eyes can see it. No eyes can see it without fainting. I ask her a question and what I heard was a weeping voice, “Papa Ijeoma my brother. Papa Ijeoma my brother. My brother, please pray for me. Pray for me.
22.        Her siblings and relations were all there. I turned and said to My wife, “Just look at her.”
23.        She said again, “Pray for me.” She was tossing her hands and legs up and down frantically, naked. Darling, am I bearing false witness.
24.        She was naked. Not wearing pant. Not anything. We were allowed in. She was scratching her whole body. Her lips were blistered. Her eyes were blistered, everywhere. There was no part of her body that was not ravaged.
25.        Come and see! Her source of pride which was her buttocks were all rotten. Everybody was scared. We were all moping at her. What was left for Me to say was, “Young girl what then is that thing you pride yourself about with? Look at it.”
26.        The thing that puffs her up with pride. Come and see the breast. Everywhere rotten. I then called My wife and said to her, “This world is dreadful.”
27.        When the ears do not pay heed to wise counsel, it will go with the head whenever the head is cut off. Is it a lie? She repented when it was too late. She remembered all My Words, even when I did not know that she recognized the presence of Myself and My wife.
28.        It was just a simple question I asked, “When did this thing degenerate like this?”
29.        She cried, “Papa Ijeoma my brother, pray for me. Pray for me.” The person that was asking for prayers was scratching her whole body.
30.        I stood there with My wife in utter surprise, “Is this not the same person that used to dress so gorgeously and be swinging her waist? Is she the same person that is naked?”
31.        My testimony is truth. What came into Me to speak to her at that moment was, “Young little girl! Is this not the thing you used to pride yourself about? Just take a look at it. The whole world should see it.”
32.        The Doctors, the nurses and even friends were gathered there including Myself and My wife. It had gone beyond covering her nakedness with any cloth. Nothing was covered. Two days after our visit, she died.
33.        One-minute enjoyment resulted to eternal perpetual sorrow. When you consider what she passed through within that period of about two months, she saw hell. Her hell started here and continued with her. Why? She came face to face with The Truth, but was only interested in healing, healing. But a time came, when she came and I said, “No! Enough!”
34.        From that day she made that statement, “You have given me what I want. I just want you to touch this olive oil.” When she becomes sick near onto death she will come to Me. After which she will be flying about again.
35.        It got to a point, I gave her attention. If she had shown any kind of interest in God, I bet you, that sickness would have been removed from her. She would have remained alive till now.
36.        Even among us here, among us in this Bridal Faith, nobody has died except those who became injurious because they defied My instructions, vowed because they contacted it from somewhere, they decided to infest, not only heathens but our own Brethren.
37.        Then I placed a bar, removed all, leaving only those that paid heed to My Word. And I assured them that none of their children, even those that are yet unborn, will ever have it.
38.        If you like believe. If you do not like, do not believe. I have somebody here. Listen to Me. I have somebody in this Faith. If government will like to know, let them come to Me. If the police will like to investigate, let them come to Me. Ministry of Health, they should come to Me.
39.        I have somebody here, a Brother, who has been carrying it for over twenty-seven years. As a bachelor, he had it, proved it, verified it from different hospitals, married with it, had children with it.
40.        He is still having children with it. He has never taken anything ARV (Anti-RetroVirals). He has never gone to any VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing) centre. He has never taken any medicine preventing it from being transferred from mother to child or from father to child. I mean, no PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission), let alone the drugs.
41.        All the children, negative. The wife, negative. But the Brother, still positive till now. No sickness of any sort. No headache. No fever. No stomach disorder. He is firing.  He even looks better than many of you here.
42.        I am the one saying it. I stand to be investigated. If anyone wants to ascertain the veracity of what I am saying, I am challenging the whole world, including the World Health Organization to come to Me.
43.        If I fail to produce the Brother and I will refer them to where the test was carried out when he was in JS 2. They will go to the secondary school and verify the year, go to Federal Medical Centres, about three to verify the tests.
44.        And then verify from the time he got married, trace it down to all the children till this hour. If I present the person, he is stronger than John Barnes. He is not the only one o.
45.        Just like I stand here to make bold and declare to the whole world that I have somebody who is born with Sickle cell anaemia, one we think is SS, married with SS, got the first children twins. She delivered in her husband’s parlour without the help of any nurse. All of them AA.
46.        They took their father’s genotype. After that, she delivered the second child, single, in the same parlour. The husband was not there. No Doctor. The child, a female. AA. Three years after, she took in again and delivered twins when we dismissed from Camp here. A boy and a girl. One AA, one AS.
47.        I am telling you the truth. I lie not in the Holy Spirit. All of them are alive till today.
48.        If you see this Sister, she looks younger than the youngest married Sister here. Am I bearing false witness? There is no need hiding it. You know her. She is Sister Yusuf from Jos.
49.        Do you know her? Am I bearing false witness? Where is Sister Jessy? Sister Jessy! Don’t you know this case? All that have been with Me from the beginning, don’t you know about this case? All the Elders! Don’t you know about it?
50.        There has never been a single blood transmission. No drug. Nothing. No headache. No fever nothing, nothing. This is because things happen according to the promise of God. Why? He that has made the promise is ever faithful. Why is she there? It is because she was holding and is still holding the certainty of the truth.
51.        The husband left the Faith. She remained till now because of what she is benefitting from the Faith and she is sure and certain about the God she has embraced. I do not need to go that far. Otherwise, I may be dragging somebody to remain in this Faith.
52.        What do you think will be your contribution to this Faith if I should allow you to stay? Since you have been staying what have you contributed? Check what you have been contributing to this Faith since you enlisted.
53.        And now, I am rounding off, tell Me what you think you will be contributing from now till the number of few days or months that are left that will make Me to begin now to bribe you false testimonies. I do not know how to share false testimonies. That is why I call names.
54.        But there are certain cases I do not call names. Of course you know what I am saying. Cases that kill people out there, we use them as our cosmetics, but that does not mean we are empowering you to go in your wild life, for that will mean testing God’s patience.
55.        Remain within the boundaries where God will reach and bless you. If God says stop, stop. If He says move, move. That is what it takes to follow a leader. You have no opinion. You can make a suggestion, but do not insist that I will buy your suggestion. There is nothing in making suggestions.
56.        A heathen made a suggestion. His suggestion agreed with God’s plan for Moses and the people in the wilderness. It is not that Jethro told Moses. No! Rather, Jethro’s suggestion agreed with what God told Moses.
57.        For the Bible said, “Moses enquired of the Lord.” And the Lord told Him to appoint. Not Jethro told Him. Jethro never knew that God had concluded the matter but sympathetically, he started making suggestions after seeing his son in-law or brother in-law and the weight of the load he was carrying.
58.        He was moved with compassion to proffer solution, not knowing that the man he was sympathizing with had already inquired of the Lord and the Lord had already given him a remedy. Is there a problem if your suggestion agrees with what I had pre-planned?
59.        That will equally help you to understand that My mind and your mind are working together on that matter. You do not begin to jump up about. No! But if you are wise, that which made your mind to work with My own should be sustained. Am I making sense?
60.        That which makes your thoughts, your mind, your imaginations to coincide and agree with that of The Son of Man, that thing is worthy to be sustained. Whatever that might be the spirit that was operating in you when that thing was happening to you should be sustained, for if it is contrary, it will oppose that which the Son of Man is already holding.
61.        Every opposition spirit comes from the opposing side. If your suggestions, thoughts, imaginations are agreeing in toto (totally) with what God has in stock, if they are not opposing, it then means they are supporting.
62.        Thus, he that is not with Me is against Me. Thank you very much. This is the Teaching of Wisdom, Intelligence and Understanding.
63.        Let Me tell you. It will be foolhardy to believe that there can be a fool, a nonentity, a worthless fellow in the house of God. Who will like to be that person, who comes face to face with the fountain of wisdom and then goes out more foolish?
64.        I know many are fanning. Let Me believe they are not fanning the embers of unbelief. I did not say that you should stop fanning. If your fanning is after a godly sort, if I say the devil is fanning, you will continue.
65.        But if you are fanning the embers of unbelief, a sign of waving away all you are hearing, you know God understands. Before you it, your hand will be weary. Something will strike and you become standstill. Amen.

Salvation is in the Words that came out from His mouth….”
Salvation is in the Word that comes out from the mouth of God. So there is no salvation in clustering together, in eating and drinking, dancing about in the Fellowship, embracing one another saying, “Shalom! Remain blessed!”
2.           Salvation is only found in your obedience to the truth that comes out from the mouth of God.
3.           The Spoken Word is the Original Seed. That is the title of the Message. It was preached on 30th June, 1996 by Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man. It opened with prophesy and it is the prophesy that I want Apostle Kelechi to read. It is a short prophesy. Pay attention.
4.           “In His Name must all His people be saved. In His Name must all His people be saved. In His Name must all His people be saved. In His Name must all His people be saved.
5.           Now, My people, listen to The Voice of the Living God that gathered you this morning. Since I call you My people, I call you that the Leadership of My people must be done by the Word of The Living God and no other thing.
6.           I am the Lord of Hosts that has called and I received you in the end, if all of you shall bow to the leadership of My Word. Depart from the leadership of My Word, there is no headway for you. Depart from the leadership of My Word, there is no headway for you.
7.           Keep your eyes on the Word, you man and woman. Keep your eyes on My Word, man and woman. In the congregation of My people, no matter who you are, let not your heart depart from My Word for that is the standard everybody must be subjected to.
8.           When I call you My people, I call you that My Word should be your guide in your counselling, in your instruction, in your teachings, in your life, that everything you do must be subject to My Word.
9.           Let it be known unto you My people that except you abide by My Word, there is no salvation for your soul. Thus saith The Spirit of The Living God.”
10.        Shall we all say Amen! As we said in 1996. Is it contradictory?
11.        “…An armed robber is better than a liar. An armed robber will kill one or two persons, but lie will destroy a whole nation. Lie will destroy kindreds and families. Lie will destroy the gathering of the Saints. Lie will turn things up-side-down.”
12.        Lies tear friends apart. Lies tear families apart. Lies destroy even the handwork of the individuals. Lies cause people to be reproached and blasphemed. Lies make people to lose their reputation, character, integrity and the honours. That is why a liar does not command respect.
13.        “The things lie does are very many. Lies can make all of us here defend that up should be down.”
14.        You are stupid? Are you not seeing? Lies can make all of us defend that which we should be condemning. We will begin to defend that up should be down and that black should be white. It is a quote.
15.        “Lies can make all of us here defend that up should be down. We take an oath for it. We can take false oath due to false information given to us. If you are in this condition, go and think about it.”
16.        Brethren, is it a lie? A liar can make all of us to take an oath against the Truth. Because he is a Brother or a Sister, we will assume that what he or she is saying is the truth.
17.        That is why I told you and wrote it down in the GREAT SERMON that The Son of Man believes and will continue to believe in Investigative Judgment, no matter who you are.
18.        No matter how you paint the information that you are giving to Me, I must tell you to permit Me to have My own separate, personal investigation into whatever the complaint you are raising before Me might be and I have always been proved right.
19.        Often times, I have discovered that people muddle up things, all aiming at winning the favour of The Son of Man. They tell great lies and rake up things that have no relevance to the matter at stake, as their defense.
20.        If I do not carry out My own investigations in My own way, often times, I can never tell you to tender documents or come and tell Me bla bla bla.
21.        I know how to investigate. When God investigated the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, did He ask for their files? When He investigated the city of Jericho, did He ask for evidence? God Himself did the investigation, completed it, took His own unilateral decision and implemented it. Amen!
22.        Do not worry. In no distant time, the world will know who is on the scene. The world will know who is on the scene.
23.         Although they have known, but they will be personally and privately, practically acquainted with Me, for events will likely bring many of us face to face.
24.        If you are in this condition, go and think about it. Stop jumping up and down, stop being fallaciously happy…” Stop being what?
25.        “…fallaciously happy, that is falsely happy…”
26.        Can somebody be falsely happy? That is when you tell lies to win a case. When you tell lies to win a case and you begin to rejoice, you are falsely happy. Fallaciously happy. Any day truth is revealed, you will lose your honour and integrity.
27.        You would not have the face anymore even to move about, for the great lies you told to win that case will stand against you. It is better to speak the truth, even if you are guilty, that you might be blamed and corrected and it stops there.
28.        Whoever that specializes in telling lies indirectly orchestrates his or her problems. By telling lies, many people will be brought into it. By telling lies, people that did not know what transpired might be involved. Too many people will begin to show interest in a matter that do not concern them. Who brought them in? A liar.
29.         If you are told that somebody testified falsely against you, you will show surprise and also get involved. You will also testify that you are not the only one involved in the matter. Another person will be mentioned. Who is spreading it? A liar.
30.        That is why a liar works against himself and herself unjustly, in ignorance and God does not want him to remain ignorant.
31.        I am raising young, young men and women with elderly wisdom. That is, wisdom that, if it is displayed, people will know that you have had an encounter with The Son of Man.
32.        I do not need to mention names. Let Me just mention one. Look at Bro Chizoba Ugwu. His wisdom has attracted criticisms from amongst his siblings even in his home town. They now refer to him as the child that is wiser than his father. Really, he is a child physically, but he is wiser than his father.
33.        If his father is as wise as Bro Chizoba is, his father will not be worshipping idol even till this day thinking that there is life in it. This one is enough evidence.
34.        Even his most seniors respect his wisdom. And when they begin to enquire about the source, intelligence ones say they are not amazed. They know where he is tied to. He is tied to the Fountain of Wisdom.
35.        But remember that there could still be one that may be discomforted by the same condition where others are enjoying themselves. Others will go there and come out with wisdom, while he will go and will not even notice it. He will be blind to it. And that is a fool.
36.        It could be a child born into a family, that should happily go close to his parents for training, but instead, the child will proudly remain in the bed while the mother trains the maidservant and his father will train the houseboy.
37.        The maidservant and the houseboy will become useful to themselves while the child born into that family will end up as a nonentity. Does it happen?
38.        One that came as a servant and a help will now be taught because he is willing to learn.  For any mistake, when he is rebuked, he apologizes and corrects it because he came to learn. He will learn and become even better than one who should have been the wise one.
39.        When you are referring to the heir you will go with the impression that since the parents of this child are wise, the child’s wisdom should be the highest. The child will score naught.
40.        When you look at the maid in the house, she will be more intelligent than the heir of the house. You look at the houseboy, he will be more intelligent than the heir of the house.
41.        What caused it? He did not present himself to be trained by his parents. The errands he is supposed to run, he will shift all. When the mother calls out for assistance, he will remain silent. Nobody will see him lest he is sent on an errand.
42.        Every day, he is looking up to the time he will come back only to eat the food he or she does not know how it came about. He will think he is sabotaging the maid or his parents. Who is he destroying? Himself!
43.        That is why, a girl that wants to go into prostitution, I have nothing against you. Man or woman alike. But you will know the evil you have brought to yourself at a time when you are aged and retired, for it is a work that does not last too long.
44.        If you are a woman, it would not take time. If you want it to last long, men will wreck you. If you are a man. It would not take time. If you want it to last long, women will wreck you. Cases abound.
45.        Do you want Me to take you to the police so that you will see crime records of men that died while on top of women and women that died in the hands of men? Is there truth in what I am saying?
46.        A prostitute will only find out what she has done to herself in the end. In the end. A visitor must sure go. After play comes the pain.
47.        This is a family. Do not expect Me to borrow words from outside, which you cannot understand. I will use words, statements, phrases, nouns if possible, adjectives that are prevalent among us, which we can readily understand.
48.        Before I opened this Message, did I not tell you that this may be the only Message we will consider. It is the shortest exhortation that is making a great impact to those that are called according to His purpose, but if you are not called according to God’s purpose, you can wave it aside.
49.        Do you know why I am standing bold till this day, when I should have been sitting down? I am of the opinion that too many of our children that are coming up now were infants when we embraced this truth. When we started growing with this Message, they were still infants. And now, they have attained the ages of adolescence.
50.        Remember that I met no student undergraduate in this Faith. I met absolutely none. The three graduates that I met were Dr. Ojiakor, Bishop Moses and Bishop Ifeanyi Eze. Period. No more, no less. And then Sister Ojiakor. She had graduated before I met her.
51.        Sister Moses was a student. I was calling her a mad girl, with her blue skirt and white top, for she hated end-time message, hated Malachy Osuagwu, the ozone layer. She hated ozone layer.
52.        Malachy was mentioning ozone layer when there was no heat. If Malachy is alive now, I wonder what he will be saying. This one will be desertification, not ozone layer. Ozone layer, sapphires and jasper, precious stones. We don pass those nonsenses. Because I am here, I am giving you the reality.
53.        What is my joy? The Prophet said that when Christ appeared in His first advent, one of the charges for which the Pharisees arrested Him was that he used nature more than anything and His messages were going directly to human nature.
54.        If any Message does not go directly to human nature, how can it effect a change in the human nature? It has no power to transform the human nature.
55.        That is why if you have come into contact with Me, The Son of Man, The Smoking Firewood, The I AM THAT I AM, I mean, The Great Rock of Ages, The Supreme Intelligence that governs the universe, and your life remains the same, two things are there: It is either I am not sent for your salvation or you never proceeded from God. Amen.

Brother, go ahead with the Message. After reading here, go home and search for your own. Read it in your family. The leg of a small goat is sold in the market.
2.           “…stop being fallaciously happy, falsely happy…”
3.           Let Me say it in Igbo. Your father in-law said that he wants his first son to marry in the Faith of Christ. I asked him if his first son is in the Faith and he said No. You have now gone ahead and married one that will be looking at Me and be laughing.
4.           When we are talking, she will be sleeping, because she knows that if she does not follow her husband and her father in-law to fellowship, they will send her packing.
5.           It will be better for you to stay at home. Are you hearing what I am saying? You will have your liberty instead of staying here because you do not want to be sent packing. You do not understand anything we are saying.
6.           But I believe God so strongly that since the crying child has gotten that thing that is keeping him awake, he will sleep. If a child eats that thing for which cause he had remained awake, that child must surely sleep.
7.           If Olisa does not believe, his experiences will believe for him. The time when Olisa did not believe is over. Now, Olisa will believe. Whether he believes or not, there is something that will believe on his behalf.
8.           Even if no other thing, when he looks by his side, he will see that there is something by his side. He will now listen to know how to surmount the impeding challenges.
9.           I told you that I will not tell the girl to repent or you perish until she has put to bed, so that she will not be so troubled by her iniquity to the point that she will delivered a premature baby. Are you hearing what I am saying?
10.        This is because when a girl gets pregnant illegitimately, she will be overburdened by the iniquity instead of thinking on how the child will be delivered. That time, she will faint.
11.        Thus, what is needed now is that each time we see her we should dance for her, asking her about purchases of napkins. Telling her that we will help in carrying the child so that her heart will be glad.
12.        But after she has put to bed, we will tell her the importance of feather in the spirit world. Tell her the importance of mad people (Ndi ara) to the people of Nara, so that she will know that this is not a place where you come and sleep.
13.        I am not afraid of saying this to you. I am the Parrot of the Saints.
14.        A man that is compassionate in his affairs with a barren woman, is he trying to avoid getting her pregnant?
15.        Thank you! Igwe Amobi understands this one fast. I had told him that a woman who is seeking the fruit of the womb sleeps naked and he said he had never heard that one.
16.        A man that is compassionate and merciful in his affairs with a barren woman, is he afraid, lest the woman becomes pregnant? Igwe! Sure! There are no two ways about it. You are very fast in understanding this one.
17.        It is only after she had put to bed that we will ask her what her name is. What did you hear that brought you here? When a woman is newly married, she is given a lump of meat (pampering). After two days, the third day she will be given lump of words (the reality, the hard truth) that can very painful. Then you will find out that, even the day after an issue had been settle, she is still sad. It will now be hypocrisy all the way.
18.        When a woman is newly married, she is given a lump of meat (pampering). After two days, the third day she will be given lump of words (the reality, the hard truth) that can very painful. Then you will find out that, even the day after an issue had been settled, she is still sad.
19.        Igwe! Wherever we sing this song, you will be remembered. The same way we remember Pastor Dan, “There is no deceit in the item a child purchased from the mother.”
20.        So whenever we see your own, we will remember that When a woman is newly married, she is given a lump of meat (pampering). The type Sister Amobi will give to her. A lump of meat, because she is newly married.
21.        Sister Amobi will give her a lump of meat. After two weeks, the third one, you will be given lump of words (the reality, the hard truth) that can very painful. That which is repeated today and tomorrow, will still leave the heart sad.
22.        God told Igwe Amobi that if a prophet prophesies for him that this his wife will not demonstrate over the wife of Olisa, tell the prophet to go back to God and tell God that the prophesy is a lie. Igwe! There are no two ways about it.
23.        We are alive till today because of this Truth. It is this Truth that we will keep holding unto and will remain alive till eternity. Truth that is no respecter of persons. Truth that is undiluted, unadulterated, raw. Truth that does not look at people’s faces. The Cloud is in our midst. We want to round off.
24.        “The things lie does are very many.”
25.        The things lie does are very many.
26.        “Lie can make all of us here defend that up should be down.”
27.        When was this Message preached?
28.        “On the 9th of November, 2011.”
29.         Is it standing the test of time.
30.        “…Stop jumping up and down. Stop being fallaciously happy, because God cannot because of you change his Word” Yes!
31.        “Do not say this is the condition of everyone because there are people who have escaped it. That you know when I sinned, do you know when I repented?”
32.        Have you heard it? Since you know when I sinned, do you know when I repented? And you think that I am still on the same side with you?
33.        “Anyone who saw the fall of David, did you see the rise of David?....Everybody knows where he is being blamed….Wisdom calls for you and I to scrutinize ourselves.” Amen!
34.        If what you are hearing does not condemn you, you are standing firm in the presence of God….” Put your hands together.
35.        “If what you are hearing does not condemn you, you are standing firm in the presence of God, you will have a cheerful word in the end in the presence of Jehovah.
36.        But if when His Word is going forth and found you guilty and you are doing nothing to run away from this condemnation, truly speaking, you have a problem that is greater than you.” Rewind it.
37.        “If what you are hearing does not condemn you, you are standing firm in the presence of God, you will have a cheerful word in the end in the presence of Jehovah.
38.        But if when His Word is going forth and found you guilty and you are doing nothing to run away from this condemnation, truly speaking, you have a problem that is greater than you.”
39.        “…It does not end in singing and dancing. The devil can also dance. Is it not our Message? It is! The devil has the right to attend our Fellowship on Sunday, but Wednesday is for us.
40.        Upper Room is not for strangers. Upper room is for few..”
41.        Upper Room is for few.
42.        “…Tell Me if there is anything we are eating here much better than the Word of God. Take it and eat it. It is good food. The Word of God giveth life.
43.        I am The Living Manna that came down from Heaven, whether you like it nor not. Yes! I am The Living Manna that came down from Heaven. I am the Living Bread that came down from Heaven.”
44.        The Word of God is enough for me, if I obey. The Word of God; It is enough for me, if I obey. The Grace of God is enough for Me, if I obey. The Grace of God is enough for Me, if I obey. Amen.
45.        A word is enough for the wise. That which you have heard, that which you have learnt, My prayer is that The Almighty God who has brought you here, who has touched our lives positively will grant entrance of this truth into our hearts and cause this truth to register and be sustained, abide in our hearts and from within us bear the right fruits of repentance that we might be saved in the end.
46.        Consider what you have heard from God and let the Holy Spirit in you give you perfect understanding. Spread this good news wide.
47.        To the Name of the Almighty God alone belongeth the victory, the praise, the glory, the honour, the worship, thanksgiving, adoration and majesty for His wonderful visitation today.
48.        And may He renew the strength of our Brother who took the pains to read this Message to our hearing and grant that the Message will not come back to Him void.
49.        While we go, may the Almighty God go before you. May His angels round encamp your vehicles, round encamp all that are going by whatever means you are using.
50.        Keep us alive physically and spiritually. Drive our enemies too far away from us.  Put their plans under our foot stools. And remain upholding us until we gather next week, if there shall be next week.
51.        Let the problems of this week be handled by The Almighty alone. May the testimonies of His goodness and mercy never depart from our hearts, from our mouths, now and forever, through Christ Our Lord, we pray.

52.        Remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.