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The dangerS of
marrying an ungodly woman
Watch Naboth who was killed because of inheritance. What happened? Watch the woman Jezebel who was marrying her
husband, who was just answering “Mrs.”, having a man as a passive man she placed inside her innerwear and used tight, used everything and wrapped the man very well. And the man will be suffocating inside.
2.           Yes! This is the age where such women are many, remember Jezebel is a spirit. She died but the spirit is at work. That is why God referred to outlandish women, ladies as daughters of Jezebel.
3.           Ahab, the Bible recorded that he was a son of God who married the daughter of Ethbaal. The chief priest of Baal had a daughter who was fair to look at. And that attracted a son of God, Ahab.
4.           That was why when God wanted to destroy Ahab and the family, He sent a prophet who came and proclaimed doom. What happened? Ahab fell flat on the ground for he heard the voice of God, poured ashes on himself, rolling on the ground, crying for help, asking for forgiveness.
5.           And God said, “See how Ahab has repented with sorrow and ashes. As long as I live, I will never permit this punishment to befall his family while he is alive. But any day he dies, I must surely wipe off his generation.” A wasted generation.
6.           While the man was crying rolling on the ground, the wife was laughing, for she could not understand. She could not hear the voice of God. She never knew who was punishing the husband while the husband was crying, putting on ashes.
7.           The danger of marrying an ungodly woman. When you are having dealings with God your father, she will not understand for she is carnal. She is not spiritual. She has not connection with God.That is why God said, you as a child of God should not make any mistake of marrying a heathen who is in the church.
8.           Let Me tell you. We are in danger here. Our lives are in danger. The future of our children is equally in danger, if we are not careful.
9.           What am I saying? We are of the opinion that God’s Word is Truth and must be obeyed to the letter. For that reason, we insist that we marry from among ourselves. The devil has noticed it.
10.        How do we know our members? By being regular to fellowship, regular to our activities, we now conclude they are our members. She is a sister. He is a brother. You see, we have erred.  
11.        There is no Message God or the Son of Man gave us that said, “The only way you know your member is by coming to Church, sitting down with them.” Never, never.
12.        This is because the devil can come and sit down in the Church. She can stay here as long as there are brothers who are not yet married. If he is a man, as long as sisters are still coming up, he will sit down. One day, you see a Jezebel marrying an Ahab.
13.        I do not believe Ahab saw Jezebel as an outlandish lady and went after her. Jezebel suppressed everything, hid her identity, dressed like a people of Israel, became a Jewess in appearance. Ahab went to her. Immediately he brought her into the house, the first child was born, hell was let loose. The nature manifested and the man chilled.
14.        No stupid man will go for a woman that is stubborn, reckless, godless, heartless and un-submissive even from the word go. You only presented wine and then found out that this person is completely devilish, answering you back, and you still went ahead with wine to marry her?
15.        This is why I do not blame any brother or any sister that makes a U-turn in marriage discussions along the way. This is because it is better to cut it short before it is consummated. The Cloud is in the camp.
16.        Better nip it in the bud by discontinuing in the discussion. Either party will know what took place. Because if something godly was seen and established, the discussion would have been a continues one till the end. That it got stalled along the way goes to show that something is wrong.
17.        Hear Me very well. God wants to stop an Ahab from marrying a Jezebel in the Church or stop Jezebel from running after a son of God called Ahab in the church.
18.        Remember where the problem started. In the book of Genesis chapter 6: Sons of God came down on earth, saw daughters of men, that they were fair to look at. They started picking all of them as wives as they chose. It is no more Thus saith the Lord. It was the case of “make your choice.” They were all in the Church.
19.        You can marry a devil in the Church for the devil goes to church. Am I making sense?
20.        Where did God discovered the devil? Was it not in the church? God asked, “Who are you? Where are you coming from?” He said, “I am walking to and fro.”
21.        That is why God said, “Be vigilant because your enemy, your adversary is going about you, seeking whom to devour.”
22.        If your own yardstick, your parameter for knowing who is who, who is in the Faith is from the faces of those sitting down in the fellowship, you will marry a devil.  
23.        What is the bane of our brethren? God said, “If any man says he is a Seed of God, give him the Word test.” The Word test is “Declare your Faith in Christ”. Highlight it. Do not flatter. Do not pamper. Do not water it down. Be strict while declaring it. Remain steadfast.
24.        If the person approves of the Faith, give him a test. For when they believed, they surrendered their wicked works, they were burnt, and they left their people and followed Christ. They continued in the Apostles doctrines and in fellowship of the saints.
25.        This is because they had already repented before coming in. You do not come into the Church to repent. No! You come into fellowship to continue with the Apostles doctrines, and in fellowship, and in breaking of bread. Is that not Apostolic?
26.        But today, you see somebody, once he goes out and sees a beautiful lady, daughters of Jezebel, the Word test is, “Your face is familiar. It is like we have met before. In short, I love you. How I wish; How I wish you can follow me to my church. I will marry you.”
27.        Once you mention marriage to a lady, in these days where hundred women are going after one man; mention marriage, she can never say no. Even if you do not have the money, she will supply you with money. This is because they are no longer marrying or being given in marriage.
28.        They are looking for men they will take their names. The most important thing is to answer Mrs. That is the most important thing. Whether she is fulfilling her mission on earth or not, it is immaterial.
29.        Are you married? “I have a woman.” You see! Look at the introduction, “That is my woman,” not my wife. “That is my woman.” My brother! Up you! I can see your woman, but I am not seeing your wife. Yes!
30.        A Brother introduced Me to his woman but not his wife. I praised him for picking a nice woman, not a wife. Anywhere I see that Brother, I will ask, “How about your woman?”So such ladies, her husbands are, “My man.Na my man”. Not my husband. My man.
31.        Go to the message titled, “the appearance of ladies in the church.” Too many ladies have appeared in the Church to seduce the hearts of the children of God away from the truth. Any day you replace salvation by marriage, you are doomed.
32.        Remember, you have no right to think of marriage until you are filled with the Holy Spirit so that you can be in the position to discern between good and bad, discern between God and the devil, for there are too many spirit that resemble the spirit of God but they are not God. They are impersonating spirit.
33.        If you want to see impersonation, tell your girlfriend that you are making preparation to introduce yourself to her parents. Come and see the highest impersonation.
34.        If you give her three thousand to go and prepare food, she may use her own money and return one thousand five hundred to you, giving you the impression that she is not expensive.
35.        But if you are My type of a fellow, and you are served that food, you will know that the worth of the food is more than five thousand naira. You keep on enjoying it. You do not know that somebody is complementing the whole thing until she comes in.
36.        Try to give her three thousand, you will hear another question, “So, all you have been eating all this while, they tasted like three-thousand-naira worth of food? Or do you think I was engaging in prostitution? If you do not know what is obtainable in the market, write the list, use three thousand naira, go and buy it. You are in the house eating so much food. You do not know what I am passing through. Is the food worth three thousand naira to you?” Ladies in the Church.
37.        If we can go back to the origin; the origin means, when you are set for marriage, you look for a spirit-filled man, a spirit-filled woman. How do you know them? Be strict with your faith. Introduce Christ. be strict with it!
38.        Not when you are talking about your faith, you are having your left hand on the shoulder or neck of a woman.
39.        You cannot place your head on the laps of Delilah and expect to wake up in Paradise. Is it possible? NO SIR!
40.        Place your head on the laps of Delilah and you wake up in Canaan? Na lie! You are waking up in the land of the Philistine (YOUR ENEMIES) where they will remove your eyes.
41.        What am I saying? Bridle your tongues brethren. Begin to control your emotions. Do not give your words anyhow for a man is nothing but his word. Often times, you use your words to commit yourselves. Even when you do not mean those things. I am telling you the truth.
42.        You see this word “I love you”, it has put too many people into trouble. “I will marry you” has ruined many families: “If only you agree, I will marry you.” She will say, “Why should I not agree? Do you mean it?”
43.        The next thing, pregnancy! You say, “No”, she will say, “You are not running anywhere o-o-o. You are not running anywhere. I have heard how you have been escaping. This is what you are known for. But for this one, e don hook you for neck. Na me and you.’
44.        Too many are over-desperate in capturing men of their choices. Bridle your tongues. Bridle your emotions. Control your impulses. Otherwise, you are likely to run into difficulties at this closing hour of the history of the world.
45.        What is needed now is greater than marriage. It is greater than “I love you”, “I love you”, when you know you cannot establish that love. You cannot establish that love because it is not there.
46.        To our sisters, be very careful. Do not give in too easily to that sentiment, “I love you”. Do not ever agree. Test that person with the Faith. Tell him, if he is really serious, he should come forward. Number one, go to the elders and let them know. If he says after, go your way.
47.        If he surmounts that one, direct him to your parents. But be very careful, for not all parents are godly. Often times, some parents are more over-ambitious about this marriage issue more than their daughters, more than their sons.
48.        Often times, some women compel their daughters to marry people they do not want. When the presence of your daughters has started discomforting you in the house, where are you driving them to?
49.        When you begin to call them names, telling them that their mates have gotten married, what are you aiming at? If they should run to somebody, you will be number one to condemn them. They bring in a barrow pusher, if tomorrow they come to you for help, trouble will come out, “I don’t want anybody to trouble me.
50.        Were you not the one that compelled her to marry a barrow pusher? Somebody who does not have the wherewithal even to take off in marriage. You have given her out to a man that you may continue to bear their responsibilities till eternity. Then, the essence of marriage is completely defeated.
51.        How I wish parents will reason along the same line with Me. I do not say it for saying sake. My wife knows the truth on this matter. All My children know this truth. I delight in living with My children.
52.        You are not worthy to knock at My door asking for the hand of My daughter in marriage unless you have the wherewithal to convince Me that My daughter will feel comfortable in your hands.
53.        I do not want your help but help yourself and help your family so that when I come to your house, I will sit down as a proud father, when I look around and see that you are faring well. No nagging. No biting. No one devouring the other. No threats.
54.        Mothers, be very careful! Fathers, be very careful! If you are wise and understanding, you will never compel your daughter(s) to repeat the mistake you made. A wise father will never allow his sons to repeat the same mistake he made. For that reason, he does not hide it from them. He highlights all intending to keep them away from silly behaviours.
55.        What is testimony? Testimony is sharing your lives experiences, whether good or bad, intending to raise a better tomorrow. My better tomorrow is not Myself anymore. I am on my way home. My better tomorrow, if we tarry here, will be seen in My children.
56.        If they cooperate with Me by paying attention to My instructions, tomorrow will be better for them. But when they reject My counsel, I will be better because the world where I started My own life differs from the present world.
57.        Yes! I started when one kobo was money, but today, hundred naira is no money. Good, I have gone far. Amen.

Please, I do not know why I vied off. This issue of marriage will put many into hell. It will also put many to heaven. Marriage is likened to the affairs of this life. Be very careful.
2.           If you are poor AND IMPOVERISHED, you fall within the indigent class. if you manage your poverty very well, you will go to heaven. If you are wealthy and manage your wealth very well, you will go to heaven. THUS, what takes you to hell or heaven is not the wealth or the poverty but the way you manage them.
3.           If in your poverty, you begin to envy the rich, you become jealous, greedy, you begin to think evil, talk evil of the wealthy fellow, you begin to insinuate too many things that do not exist around him, only to paint him bad, definitely, your poverty has taken you to hell fire.
4.           If you are a rich man and you use your rich, your wealth to benefit the poor, to benefit the masses because the worth of the wealth is measured by its output and not by its input; It is a gift that is not given to you to profit thereby.
5.           If you use it generously without victimizing the poor, oppressing the widows and the orphans, making unnecessary cases, truly speaking, God will justify you. Your wealth will take you to heaven. HENCE, both wealth and poverty, they are one in the sight of God.
6.           I am here to declare the wholesome truth, which if you believe, will change your entire life, your entire vision and you have rest of mind. For there can never be the rich without the poor. Neither can there be poor without the rich. It is one of the laws of diametrical opposition. And you can never be rich and poor.
7.           But, in effect, you are poor when you are without Christ; Whether you have money or not, before God, you are poor. THUS, what makes you a poor man is not because you do not have naira and kobo. it is because you do not have Christ.
8.           If you have Christ, Christ is your sufficiency. Christ becomes your sufficiency. Is that true? Is it not our message? Once you have Christ, you are happy 24 hours. Yes! this is because godliness with contentment is great gain.
9.           Even if it is water you take, with godliness, you are satisfied. Even if it is ordinary BEANS CAKE (akara). if it is ordinary pap, God will use it to nourish you provided you are not envying one who is killing goat every day.
10.        “He is killing cow.” You SHOULD NOT condemn him because he is not responsible for your own estate. God decided to make him rich for reasons best known to God. God also Decided to make you poor for reasons best known to Him.
11.        What can you say? You have been envying everything. Have you envied the destitute, I mean, the physically challenged person? Who has ever envied them? Who has ever envied the beggar on the street? Are they not human beings like you? What if you are one of them?
12.        I want you to place your head on your pillows and have your rest. Because when you meet Christ, all your burdens are laid down. High blood pressure vanishes.
13.        This is because life will begin to have meaning to you, but to the wicked, life has no meaning because he counts on money, money, money, money. And he becomes restless. Before you know it, his appetite will snap.
14.        He will be passing sleepless nights. He becomes over-hostile to everybody. A little while, he will be looking for people that are responsible for his hardship as if he is the only one facing hardship. He will say, “It must be my uncle at home. One woman like that threatened me and said that I must beg bread.” Nobody is responsible!
15.        Economic recession is global. The way it is affecting you differs from the way it is affecting another person. Your problems are limited to your capacity. Life challenges are not domicile in any particular place. They are everywhere.
16.        Let us face the stark realities of life. Let us serve God. Let us worship the Lord. Serve humanity. More so, when we see the day approaching. Events around us make everything clearer that we are almost at the end, at the verge of the end of all things. Then, where will you be in the end? Where will you be?
17.        This is not the time we will be fusing and quarrelling over irrelevant things. NO! NO!
18.        I was reading something there. LEARN OF ME. I was talking about Watson Fihala. We have the Message, “enquire to know who you are dealing with”.
19.        You might be wondering what made Watson to make a shipwreck. Could it be that this young man has perished? What will be his position in the end? Please pay attention.
20.        Learn of Me page 14 verse 14. Preached in 2002, on August 11th. “I was discussing with Bishop Joe this morning…”
21.        And that is Bishop Joe Ukpong.
22.        “I was discussing with Bishop Joe this morning concerning our former brother Watson Fihala whom I know we are meeting the other way.”
23.        Whom I know we are meeting the other way. You will know why we are meeting him. Whom I know we are meeting the other way. He is not the only one. He is not the only one.
24.        I am the justifier, I am the Son of Man, if I set you free, you are free indeed. If I declare you guilty, you are guilty. If I want you to stand, you will stand. If I want you to fail, you will fail. This is pure truth.
25.        For God knows those that will rise and those that will fall. If you doubt Me, bragging that you cannot do it. What happened to others will happen to you there. You will go there and call Me devil and equally call this Faith false.
26.        “By and by, he can never get lost…”
27.        By and by, he can never get lost. Though the flesh be eaten by maggots, for God permitted the devil to torment Job with instruction, “Touch not his soul. Torment him well well.”
28.        We are meeting him at the other side. By and by, he will never perish.
29.        “By and by, he can never get lost. He is a true seed.”
30.        He is a true seed. I know My sheep, My sheep knoweth Me, I called them by their names and they will never perish. Neither will anything snatch them out of My hands. The Father who give them to Me is stronger than any mighty force. No matter how that force might be, I do not care. Yes! I am The Consolation of the Saints.
31.        I always tell you here that you think some people left this Faith but I do not know one. I do not know any. Until you meet one of them and interact, hear their confessions. See how sober.
32.        “He knows what he is doing as an old prophet.”
33.        He knows what he is doing as an old prophet.
34.        “That is why he is liberating people around him and he is the best friend of the Church at Jos. Always associating with them trying to come in with true intension.
35.        I told you clearly, I know Watson Fihala, he is a man without guile. I know that very well.”
36.        A man without guile.
37.        “I know that very well. I know some of you here that are in the bondage of their wives. Because of the nature they have which do not permit you to display what is in you.
38.        The Message of marriage and divorce is for such people.”
39.        The Message of marriage and divorce is for such people who cannot liberate themselves from the tutelage of their wives. Who are always aiming at pleasing their wives contrary to what God said.
40.        No matter how godly to think you are, no matter how holy spirit-filled, there is no man filled with the Holy Ghost to the brim that is desperate on pleasing his wife without displeasing God.
41.        No matter how your heart is filled with Holy Spirit, be a Saint even, as long as all your life’s efforts are geared towards pleasing your wife, there is nothing in this world that will stop you from displeasing God.
42.        You will remain in enmity with God till eternity because there is no way your wife will not behave, talk, act in a way that will make you deny God, live a life that is against God or even live your life against the truth. You may even persecute an innocent man so as to please your wife. That goes to show that she never proceeded from God.
43.        “The message marriage and divorce is for such people. I am telling you the truth. I was talking to My wife last night as I was congratulating her because I have never seen an industrious woman like her.
44.        I admired her so much yesterday, how she mobilized herself and all her maidservants, all that was in the house, she mobilized everyone. She never knew I was sitting down watching everything. She remained busy in the kitchen from morning till night.
45.        Very busy, yet talking care of the children, combining everything. And by 8:30, the whole house had already finished everything and we were resting. In short, all that came and ate before one after the other because yesterday was a very busy day.”
46.        I do not want to continue with Watson again. If I commend My wife, find out why. If you are envious, behave like her. If she commends Me, do not ask why. Rather examine Me very well, scrutinize Me, evaluate Me, use whatever you have and then challenge your husband.
47.        That is why I love the Brother who made a statement. The wife was always accusing him of neglect. And this Brother is constantly using My wife as example, “Can’t you borrow a cue from Sister Nzubechi? Don’t you see the way she worships her husband? She does not joke with the Son of Man.”
48.        The husband looked at her from head to toe and said, “Look, let me tell you the whole truth. Any day you start behaving like Nzubechi, I will be behaving like the Son of Man.”
49.        For that is the Message that is given to us, “Look unto Abraham your father.” To the women, “look unto Sarah, your mother.”
50.        Any day Sister Nzubechi becomes your icon, you are living example in my house, I will prove to you that I am the representation of the Son of Man. Not when you are misbehaving, you are stubborn even to my instructions, you want me to behave like the Son of Man.”
51.        Have you not heard even Apostle Kelechi telling you their own experiences concerning Sister Nzubechi, how Son of Man clamps down on her? Instead of reacting, she will be very, very happy and cheep in something that will make everybody feel good.
52.        You think it is easy to marry the Son of Man? Of course I have told you that I am the worst of all men. That is why I challenge Sister Ngozi here. How I know a good wife.
53.        It is the responsibility of a good wife to tame her husband. Men are tamed the same way we tame wild animals. A responsible wife tames her husband, causes the husband to walk orderly, to think home by her good charisma.
54.        While a stupid wife repels the husband. When your character is scary, the man abandons the house. Of course, you know, there are many places that will say, “You are happily welcome.”
55.         If they welcome a rejected man, do not ever make any noise. For the unwelcome Christ must have a place where they will say, “You are welcome.”
56.        Great Sermon, Epistle 9, page 235, chapter 3 verse 1-3. “Now, concerning those ministers who left the faith and are now enemies of the faith, I wish to speak for the first time…”
57.        I wish to speak for the first time.
58.        Watson Fihala: All of you were aware how he went about duping brethren of many thousands of Naira and even duping widows from Church to Church.
59.        He acknowledged his guilt before all the Elders in this Faith in December 1996 and was collectively dis-fellowshipped from the body of Christ in accordance with our Faith.”
60.        You see the sin he committed. How many were there in 1996? I am still alive and I was among the Elders. We were twelve Elders drawn from all Local Assemblies including his own in Jos. From Kaduna, Nsen, from Zonkwa, from Aba and the rest of them.
61.        His case was judged together with Brother Ben Okezue. They were found guilty and sent away. There is something in documentation. Amen.

Bridal Watch, Volume 6, page 27 verse 14 through 17. Global events as we collected. We want to recollect global events as they are tied to the prophecies so that you know where we are. It would not stop Me from giving you the Message for today. I want to keep you abreast of the hour.
2.           The Lord Jesus Christ came to the point where we are now and then, his disciples came to him and they were asking him questions concerning the hour, “Master, what will be the signs of the end of the world?”
3.           He now opened his mouth and said, “You could predict the weather accurately. You could look at the weather and say it is going to be sunny weather and it will be so. It is going to be rainy or windy and it will be so. How is it that you cannot predict the hour you are living in?”
4.           Events are made clear by prophecies, because you are the children of the prophets and of the promise that was made unto the fathers which the Son of Man has come to confirm.
5.           What am I saying? Every event here on earth is a fulfilment of prophecy. When we keep our eyes on the prophecies, we will no longer be taken unawares.
6.           Do you know one thing that gladdens My heart? If you read the archeological parchments, the order of events in the end time and the way they are fulfilling, you will surely acknowledge that really, God is in our midst. Why?
7.           History is normally written after events. Is it not true? Whatever that is happening today will be history tomorrow. But to God, He writes history before events. He will tell you things that will happen, what to expect, step by step, many many years before they will begin to happen, to prove to you that He knows the end from the very beginning. Hence, He is called “The Alfa and Omega, The Beginning and the End.”
8.           He that knows the beginning of My life knows the end of my life. He that put me in my mother’s womb knows how I will come out, what I will be, what I will pass through, the way I will end it. My duty is to walk with Him and be perfect. My duty is to walk with Him for there unto I am born.
9.           I have scrutinized Myself several times and I cannot see any other thing I can do better than what I am doing. For thereunto I am born. No matter the way you look at it, it does not concern Me. I cannot do otherwise for thereunto, I am born. Who can separate Me from the love of Christ? It is too late.
10.        I am ageing every day; I am no longer a kid. I have seen many days. I have divided My days more than half. Tell Me what you think is likely to influence Me again. What is that thing?
11.        Nevertheless, I am not the one upholding Myself. There is one greater than this flesh that is upholding Me.  
12.        Bridal Watch, Volume 6, page 27 verse 14 through 17. “America is boiling right now…”
13.        What? America is boiling right now. Is it not true? America has been boiling. When was that Message handled? Sunday, 24th April, 2016. 2016! Now, America is boiling.
14.        America is boiling right now. They would be going to the polls by December this year. The primaries so far conducted by their political parties all ended in chaos. We better watch.
15.        What is more, the rift between Russia and America is deepening every day…” What?  “..the rift between Russia and America is deepening every day.
16.        Remember God said we should keep our eyes on the king of the North. That whether we like it or not, the king of the North (Russia) must attack USA.
17.        And any day it starts, that is the Third World War…”
18.        Any day it starts, that is, The Third World War.
19.        “…For America and Russia are now all out to pull the entire world into the Third World War which is Armageddon.”
20.        Brethren, put your hands together! I do not think there is any other prophecy clearer than this. Look at the date God announced it. See when it is fulfilling.
21.        That is why worshipping God in any gathering where there is no prophet is worshipping God in blindness, for there is none that will hear from God and tell the people. They are worshipping without a watchman for they have theologically trained pastors, Bible college pastors who has nothing to offer.
22.        Some of them, their businesses collapsed and they started looking for work. They were given work as pastors for a pay. Sometimes, they retire them. They go on retirement o-o-o. Collect retirement benefit. They go on transfer.
23.        Their deacons and elders are there to raise money to pay salaries. When their salaries are delayed, you see them going on strike. Pastors going on strike, refusing to go to the pulpit because they are not paid their salaries for two months. He that pays the piper dictates the tune.
24.        You can never be there unless you are born to be there. If you are not born to be there, you can never be there.
25.        “America and Russia are now all out to pull the entire world into the Third World War which is Armageddon. Israel is equally in the picture disagreeing with Russia sharply.”
26.        Disagreeing with Russia sharply even as we read this morning.
27.        “…Israel is equally observing their Passover this time with tight security because of the last week’s incidence of bus bomb blast.”
28.        Bridal Watch Volume 6, page 34 verse 22-26. “That is the battle of Gog and Magog. That is the battle of the great deceiver of the world and then the King of the North who will join hands with the king of Assyria, the present Syria. He will not only supply arms, he will supply personnel…”
29.        He will not only supply arms, he will supply personnel. The prophecy went forth ahead of time. Whatever they are doing, do they know that they are fulfilling prophecy?
30.        If you are carrying the Bible, you will never know this one. Jesus never knew this one. The Apostles never knew this one, but The Son of Man, in whose generation you are is The Hidden Revealer. We are living in the days of The Son of Man and not in the days of the Apostles. This is the day of the Son of Man.
31.        He is to tell you what God has in stock for you. He alone knows the way of escape for all mankind, for He has come as an Angel of Judgment and at the same time, as a Messenger who holds the full and complete salvation to give to those who have been eagerly and patiently waiting for Him. Not everybody.
32.        I am not dealing with sin. Jesus Christ has finished with sin. I am here for My own mission which He had already alerted the world and they were in expectation.
33.        When the Messengers were coming, they were thinking that they were the one as they thought John the Baptist was the one or that Elijah was the one. He said, “No!”
34.        The Seven Church Messengers appeared. In each generation, they were asking them if they were the expected Son of Man. They said, “No.”
35.        William Branham said, “I am A SON OF MAN but THE Son of Man is on the way. I am here as John the Baptist to prepare a way for the Son of Man. One day, I will preach my last gospel, read my last epistle, everything and I will give way. He that will come will be on the throne, whose foundation I have been laying all these years.”
36.        He said, “No other person but God En-Morphy, Christ in human form riding the trail.”
37.        He went further to say, “This will choke you.” To the Elects, he said, “Do not allow this to choke you for America will not accept this.” But we thank God.
38.        Bridal Chronicles website report. Somebody should read it it. Sunday Chukwu, collect it. Brother Ojiakor is willing to read but his voice is cracked. Maybe he had night vigil with the Pentecostal Fellowship in the campus.
39.        Yes! Who believe that it is through noise making you will know who is worshipping God. It is not through noise making. If you are thinking that it is through noise making, one day, you become prophets of Baal who gathered and shouted on top of their voices, calling Baal.
40.        And the quiet prophet said, “Keep on calling. Maybe he went somewhere. Shout louder. Maybe he is in a deep sleep. Try to wake him from slumber.” But when he wanted to pray in a quiet way, he said, “God of heaven and earth, that it might be known that I am...” Amen.
41.        You remember what happened at Amazu Oil? The same altar God rearranged, He said, “Lord of heavens and earth, if I have succeeded in placing this altar right, confirm it.” You saw what took place? Whoom!  Everybody shivered.
42.        That was how we started our revival. He is referred to as the One that consumes sacrifices with fire. Why are we scared at times? You should not be scared. Give glory to God. We read how His head is filled with wool as The Ancient of Days. But one day, it was no longer scripture.
43.        You all gathered, a Man came out from a human being, the Ancient of Days, an old man wearing wool. Live! Everybody on the run. Why running? He went back to the same vessel. Why are you scared?
44.        Brethren came from Jos. Communion table was prepared. That was the day Bishop Ifeanyi narrowly escaped death because of the sickness called, “I can’t just say.”
45.        See, Brother Ben died here. The vision of the casket was seen by Jos. But when the whole thing happened, they fled from the window. The forest was set on fire. Everybody on the run. I thought you came to worship God? And somebody fell down and died because of his iniquity. All of you ran away.
46.        We were praying that what happened in the days of Ananias and Sapphira should repeat. Then, it repeated. Brethren abandoned Me and ran away. If God never came down and said, “My friend! If we allow this, nobody will eat this communion. Rise up to enable us go to the communion table.”
47.        He rose up, lost his teeth. Blood filled the ground. People that ran into the bush came back again. Everybody was scared from going to the communion table.
48.        We started our feet washing. Brethren carried the basin. Wherever I stooped low to wash Brethren’s feet, come and see sweat. Before I will untie the towel from My waste, sweat had already filled their body.
49.        I said, “God save Me. Is it how we shall worship you? I think it is better we worship Him in spirit than for us to worship Him physically.”
50.        You must count yourself as a blessed people that what could not happen in the big, big, super, super denominations, are happening in the midst of these people that are considered as babes. Babes!
51.        Any big name IN OUR MIDST? Despised things of the world, God decided to walk in OUR midst, Proving Himself to be the only God that is found in despised places.
52.        Watch, America will not only supply arms.
53.        “…He will not only supply arms, he will supply personnel…”
54.        America will supply personnel. Have they not done it today? Apart from supplying arms, they have deployed their warship. They have deployed their aeroplanes. They have deployed their military. Something that was not known as at the time this prophecy went forth. Today, this prophecy is fulfilled. Jesus did not know this one.
55.        Go to the churches so-called, they know nothing about the development. All they know is that, “My friend, have you heard what happened? They said there was a bomb blast.”
56.        Whatever the implication may be, he does not know. He knows nothing about what God has said concerning it. Whatever that will be the follow up to that event, he knows not. You see why everything will take them unawares? But you are not in the dark as that day should take you unawares.
57.        “…he will supply everything, he will fight in the air and on the land. And in the end, victory will come to God, whether you believe it or not…”
58.        And in the end, victory will come to God whether you believe it or not. America will fight in the air and on the land.
59.        “…The East must win the West.” The East! M.U.S.T! “The East must win the West.If you watch the setup of the battle, it is now clear. It is the East versus the West…”
60.        Abi na lie? The battle line has been drawn. There can never be any warfare without a battle line. As we have seen the two leaders: America on one side. Russia on the other side.
61.        “…America is supporting the West. Russia is supporting the East. The East is NATO. The West is UN. The West is UN. The East is NATO. The super leader of the East is Russia. The super leader of West is America.”
62.        Put your hands together Brethren! We can see the whole thing happening. God writing history before event. If He that said all these things and they are fulfilling, He is promising us our new bodies which He has also displayed before our eyes, it is no longer a story, it is no longer a figment of imagination, it is not a feeling but real, why then are we afraid?
63.        Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know he holds my future, my life is worth a living just because He lives.
64.         “…And that is why, Nigeria has craftily cemented its stand before the whole world as an Islamic country. We have ceased from being a secular state whether you like it or not.”
65.        Event are made clear by prophecy(Israel and Palestine in focus) was preached on 8th April, 2003. 2003, 8th April the Message events are made clear by prophecy(Israel and Palestine in prophecy).
66.        I will play the tape. It is 1994. It is there on my table there. And I believe I MUST hear some things that are in line with the hour we are in, especially events in the Middle-East. THAT RUSSIA IS KEEPING QUIET FOR NOW IS PROPHETIC.”
67.        That Russia is keeping quiet for now is prophetic. 2003!  Russia was still quiet.
68.        “…THAT AMERICA IS NOW THE POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD IS PROPHETIC. Thus, if we do not have all those prophecies, we will not know when they are fulfilling.” Sure!
70.        If we do not follow prophetic events strictly, we would not know when we should be serious and when we should be playing. We may be playing at a time when we should be very serious. Amen.

Events are made
clear by prophecy (2)
Events are made clear by prophecy, preached on 8th April, 3003. Page 60 verse 31-39.
2.           “Thus, if I have been telling you that a great thing is coming to devastate the Earth, to render it desolate, that at the end of it all, that the world will be reduced by three quarters—only one-quarter will be remaining—is it prophetic? Is it scriptural?  In other words, I am in line. I know what I am saying.
3.           Please notice that there is going to be a great event around the Middle East. Do you know that up till this very moment, in spite of the heat of the war, the allied forces have not even crossed Euphrates? They are not in possession of Euphrates.
4.           The battle is still on in the northern part of Iraq. The battle is still on and many nations are still mediating, holding meetings upon meetings so as to know the role they are going to play.
5.           Some have not fully decided, like France. In spite of the threat, Jacques Chirac (The President of France) was saying last night, that no amount of intimidation from America would make his government rush into taking action, that they are still studying America and Britain in line with human conscience. ANYBODY THAT IS FIGHTING A WAR THAT IS AGAINST HIS CONSCIENCE IS A BEAST. Sure!
6.           Two days ago, American fighters were quoted as killing 1,500 innocent souls, innocent civilians in their attempt to enter Baghdad and while they were doing that, foolishly, the king of the North (Russia) is having problem with America. Russia is having problem with America. Their relationship has been strained because of this Gulf War.
7.           Russia refused to withdraw their embassy from Iraq and refused to join America and has declared for Iraq. America is still trying to negotiate with them. Just two days ago, American soldiers shelled Russian convoys, wounding the Russian Ambassador to Iraq, and yesterday, the President of Russia refused discussions with George Bush and all his emissary saying, “No discussion. I have only sent in our protest letter. We will still meet to discuss the matter”.
8.           The news had it that the proposed meeting with Bush has been overshadowed by the action the Coalition Forces took against the Russian envoy by leaving the Russian Ambassador to Iraq half dead, thereby worsening the declining relationship between Russia and America.
9.           Note it, understand the global problem and see whether you can tie the global problem to prophecies because we are living at a time when everything shall come to an end, not another generation to come. It is this our generation, the generation where Christ is revealed in human form. That is the generation that will wind up everything.
10.        Nothing is left. Once Christ is revealed in His Body, which is the Church, nothing is left than the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Prophet said so. It is scriptural. The Elohim has been revealed in human form. (Selah).
11.        What is left? To crush all living. Nothing is left. That is why for years now, God has been busy trying to gather His Elect, trying to secure His own, before the whole world will go into blazes. Amen.”
12.        Bridal Watch Volume 4, preached on Sunday 7th June, 2015. At the Household of God Onitsha, by Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man, the Supreme Intelligence. Page 82 verse 1 –15.
13.        Verse 89, page 166. “Thus, look away from the politics…” Look away from politics, it is not our problem.…look away from the economy and any other thing… Look away from the economy and any other thing.…look unto religion.
14.        Fix your eyes on Russia. Any day Russia drops a bomb in America, that is the end of the world. Amen and amen. Do you know that the two are now flexing their muscles over Ukraine and Syria? Muscles are flexed.
15.        Two weeks ago they embarked on combat-readiness training for their army. They said they were trying to make their military combat-ready, that anything can happen from now, if America continues to support Ukraine.
16.        America trained their own, warned the whole world that if they begin to hear explosion from the pacific, that nobody should panic. That it was a part of the training program outline for their soldiers to make them combat-ready.
17.        Iran is there, having hooked with Russia, threatening America over Syria, threatening Israel over Syria. America is fond of removing government. What is stopping them from removing the government in Syria.
18.        I will tell you something with time. Let it be known to you that El-Shabbab of Somalia has finally captured a village in Nairobi, Kenya. They have made that village their operational base…”
19.        And they have sent a strong message to America this morning. It is on My table here. El-Shabbab and Hezbollah, the two Islamic hardliners sent joint message to America this morning to expect the worst from now.
20.        Remember, on Friday in Sweden, that is Stockholm, an Islamic Jihadist, one man hijacked a truck. What happened in Berlin happened in Stockholm. He used a truck in the day time and ran into the biggest shopping mall in Stockholm. The case is on right now.
21.        For that reason, Sweden closed all offices, shops and super market of all sorts. And the whereabouts of the driver is still unknown. Casualties are still in the hospitals. Have they captured the man at last? Praise God. They said they have captured the driver at last. That is, the hijacker of the truck.
22.        I want you to see where we are heading to. It is gradually shifting away from using bomb to using anything at all.
23.        What can you say about the increase in suicide cases? Yes, suicide cases! This one is no longer suicide bomber. I mean, among our people who are psychologically sound, taking away their lives at will. Including some doctors - a medical doctor.
24.        One was revealed recently, a female medical doctor also. All the bridges in Lagos are being patrolled by soldiers now. No stopping. No parking. Because they now park and jump into the lagoon. Even here in the East, they said it is economy depression. Economic hardship.
25.        Well, to Me, I know that the hand of God is behind it. We are above that nonsense. We have seen 99, what is 100? More so, when we were told to expect harder times ahead. That it will get worse as we journey along. It will get to a point where our money cannot fetch anything.
26.         Is it possible for a cripple to be caught unawares by a war that had been previously announced?
27.        Why are they committing suicide? They are committing suicide because they do not have Christ. Nothing is sustaining them. They are on their own. Amen.           

THE Great Sermon. Let us consider Epistles 14 and Epistles 17. Epistles 14, page 319. HEADING: “What must we do that we may work the works of God?”
2.           If you do not come to fellowship with your own copies of the Epistles, it is a sure sign of a departure from the Faith. Do you go to war with bare hands? The strength of every soldier is his rifle.
3.           Thus, if you go to fellowship leaving your sermon book behind, you are like a soldier that goes to battle without a rifle.
4.           Epistles 14 and Epistles 17. “Dear elect of God according to His foreknowledge…”
5.           Note God’s salutation. The salutation means a lot. You are Elects of God according to His fore knowledge. If you do not fall within this category, whatever we are going to discuss does not concern you. You are a stranger to whatever we are going to teach.
6.           “Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled. Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you:
7.           for him hath God the Father sealed. Then said they unto him, what shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, this is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.” (John 6:26-29, KJV).
8.           Any other thing? Any other thing?
9.           Jesus answered them, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, you have been searching for Me, not because you saw the miracles and signs but because you were fed with the loaves and were filled and satisfied. Stop toiling and doing and producing for the food that perishes and decomposes [in the using], but strive and work and produce rather for the [lasting] food which endures [continually] unto life eternal; the Son of Man will give (furnish) you that, for God the Father has authorized and certified Him and put His seal of endorsement upon Him….”
10.        God put His seal of what? Endorsement! God conferred Him with authority. God conferred authority on The Son of Man to furnish you with all that you need to meet God’s demands – God’s standard.
11.        “In Moses day, He pointed His people to Moses, His chosen one in whom dwelt the name and the fullness of God that day. And the Lord saith unto Moses, “Lo, I come unto thee in a thick cloud that the people may hear when I speak with thee and believe thee forever and Moses” (Exodus 19;9 KJV)
12.        You see why God appeared to Moses in the form of Pillar of Cloud: To enable the people to believe him, to honour him and to believe that God has sent him. Did He do the same in our midst? To banish unbelief.
13.        What has never happened before, He made that to happen. With the Word of His mouth, He spoke a dove into existence. And many eyes saw the dove. He told the dove to go, but the dove stayed.
14.        The second time, he bade the dove to go. When it was now time for the dove to go, when many Elders have seen the dove, I said to it, “My friend, you can now go.”
15.        We have seen many things. We never gathered in His Presence because of signs and wonders. We never gathered because of Abracadabra. We have gathered because of God’s Word. And I will give you the Word until you will say, “Never have I come across a man speaking like this.”
16.        I want you to guide Me. There are two young men that fellowshipped with us here last week. Who brought them?
17.        Apostle Kelechi replied: They are the friend of Emma Iwuno. He told me that they will come that last Sunday. They are friends of Emma Iwuno. One of them that came last week Sunday brought his friend.
18.        Okay, they are good friends. They are welcomed because they comported themselves very well, paid rapt attention to the message, confirmed the truth and went home testifying of the truth:
19.        That they have never come across a place like this. And they never knew that such a place like this exist here in Anambra. They were wondering why they have not even heard of it before.
20.        Yes! Do not be surprised. Apollos never heard of Jesus Christ. He was going about preaching the message of John the Baptist for many years, until he ran into the hands of Aquila and Priscilla –husband and wife.
21.        They noticed the way he was eloquent in handling the scriptures, talking and demonstrating, thinking he was holding the message of his day. He never knew he was holding the message of yesteryears. He was walking in the light of another age.
22.        If not for the husband and wife, Apollos would have perished. Is it not Bible? Very clear! If the man had already concluded, “I have known everything, after all, I am an evangelist”, he would not have humbled himself down to listen to a voice or to hear a man who opened his eyes.
23.         He now saw that they were no longer in the days of John the Baptist and that another person is on the scene. He got re-baptized.
24.        In other words, Authority has changed hands. God changing His dress. God changing His Temple. God changing His tabernacle. For the Tabernacle of God will always be among men.
25.        “…For Moses truly said unto the fathers, a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.
26.        And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people. Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after, as many as have spoken, have likewise foretold of these days.
27.        Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, and in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed.
28.        Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities.” (Acts 3:22-26, KJV).
29.        He was the only begotten son of God in whom He was well pleased. Besides, the Name of God dwelt in Him without measure. In Him was the fullness of God bodily like Abraham, Moses, Joshua etc. These men in their days, were the visible representation or manifestation of the invisible God.”Abi na lie?
30.        “Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias.”
31.        That is trinity. And God said, No!
32.        “While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.”
33.        Hear ye Him. One voice, one God. Many voices, many people, many gods. One voice, one God.
34.        And one man stood, no longer three for He is the end of the law and of the prophet. For Moses was the representation of the law, while Elijah was the representation of the prophet.
35.        All Christ did was to come to fulfill all that were spoken concerning Him by the law and by the prophets.
36.        “In the days of the Apostles, when the Jews who were visited by God, turned His message down due to over familiarity and ignorance of the Holy Scriptures, God then rejected them, though for a little while and went to the Gentiles.”
37.        They turned down the message due to over familiarity: “We know him. We know his father. We know his mother. We know his brothers and sisters. We know how he was born. How can He come and tell us now that He is God? He is not God. He is a human being. He can tell us God is using Him. We can believe. How can He be God?”
38.        “Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said, It was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles.”
39.        When you put away the gospel of Christ that COMES to you from God’s appointed, confirmed messenger, you count yourself unworthy of everlasting life. You have counted yourself out of God’s salvation because you have not believed in Him whom He has sent.
40.        You know in our own world, it is easier to believe that God sent a man, if the man is an American, if he is a German, if he is a Russian, if he is an Italian. It is easier to believe that. But to believe He is an Igbo man, from Nigeria or from Mbaise, the number one people that will reject Him will be His own people.
41.        Then others will be saying, “If what He is saying is what He is, why is it that His people do not believe Him?”
42.        They will not know that a prophet does not have any honour among His own people. Only those selected of God before the world began in His community will recognize Him, accept Him. The rest will not.
43.        The rest will call Him, “A good man, but concerning this one He is talking now, that is to Him. All I know, I am a born Catholic. I am a born Assemblies of God. I am a born CMS. I was born and brought up in Deeper Life and I married in Deeper Life. I started in Odoziobodo. I am now in Cherubim and Seraphim.”
44.        And another one will be, “I have gone to all the churches, what are you going to tell him? All I know is that, as long as I am holding the Bible, I will not perish.”
45.        You do not know that you can hold the Bible and miss God. For the Jews were holding the scroll, the law and they missed God. Is it not true?
46.        The Lord Jesus was here teaching, have been here for many years, but Herod was busy with all his teachers searching the scriptures to find out what the prophets said will happen when the Messiah will come. By the time they finished searching, they heard, “He has come, He has gone.”
47.        “…delivering thee from the people, and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee, to open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” (Acts 26:17-18 KJV)
48.        Sanctified by the Faith that is in Me. When you believe a man sent by God, His Faith which you have believed automatically sanctifies you, whose Faith makes you holy in everything. No more, no less!
49.        Some think that I am the Angel or Messenger to any Church Age, please, I am not…” I am not!
50.        “Before the Angel Messenger to the Laodecia Church Age died (Prophet Branham), he pointed all to a ministry coming after him whose foundation he laid.He was to forerun a ministry and he said that that ministry is not a group or a denomination but a Man.”
51.        Is it not true? When you believe in your prophet, you will be established for by the prophet, the Lord Himself brought His people out from the land of bondage as we were in the land of bondage.
52.        It took a prophet, by the Word of prophecy to bring us out.  And by the words of the prophets, we are established. When we got established, all he prophesied started fulfilling. That is why, you must be mindful of the Words spoken unto you by God’s Prophets and Apostles.
53.        We have it in a book form: Why we must be mindful of the words of God’s Prophets and Apostles.
54.        Let Me just ask you this question: Of all those so-called men of God you have ever come across, both in Nigeria and beyond, have you ever come across the works of any as par doctrines?
55.        I mean, taking time: This is just one. This book is just one. I mean, this book is just one out of the hundreds containing doctrines. That was what the Lord Jesus Christ did. Hence, when he was arrested, the first question was: What are his doctrines? And who and who have believed Him?
56.        When he appeared to defend, he said, “My doctrines are not mine but that of He that sent Me. You want to know about my doctrines, I have never for one day spoken in secret, I have spoken in the synagogues, in the open places and I have even documented My doctrines. Go and ask those that have been following Me.”
57.        When a man is sure and certain about his teachings, his doctrines, he is not afraid in putting them in writing, throwing them to the whole world, asking for objection, if any. But instead of objecting, people are commending, praising God.
58.        In that our printout from Bridal Chronicles (, look at what I have here by countries: Nigeria: 4,715.
59.        I know you believe I am blind. Is it not true? Why not go and tell them that A Man who is blind is reading with His eyes, which the man who is even blind wearing glasses cannot read. The two ironies of the Son of Man.
60.        Yes! Nigeria, 4,715. Number two is Israel with 3,621 followed by United State: 3,621. Uganda: 3,617. Russian Federation: 3, 331. I mean in one-week.
61.        Look at this great, great, great nations. Look at America. See number two here, Israel. What do you think a Jew can see and stop? You know what the Bridal Chronicle contains. What do you think a Jew saw and stopped?
62.        There is no other thing than that thing which they were demanding from the Lord Jesus. After everything, they demand “A”: “Show us a sign that we may believe in you. We have seen the dead resurrecting. It is common. We have seen people making water to be wine. It is common. We have seen the sick healed. No problem. These things have been with us. We want A sign.”
63.        He discerned what they were looking for and  said, “You see no other sign than the sign of Jonas.”
64.        But here, He said, “I am here with Moses’ commission as the Angel of Judgement. Provoke Him not.”
65.        There is this Message or publication we distributed today titled, “Upset the faith of the Son of Man and end it in the grave. I gave Mike Udor a personal copy, gave the wife, Mike Udor’s copy.
66.        He has been having dreams, yet he is not afraid. He is dreaming. He sees no other person but himself romancing every day with late Brother Victor Ugwu. A dead man romancing with the living.
67.        That was how Paul Agubalu romanced with Victor Ugwu, continued inviting him until Victor answered, “I am coming but not now.”
68.         A little while, he joined. Of all the brethren in this Onitsha, only Mike Udor is hosting Victor, a dead man. Any day you respond to the invitation, please, tell your wife! Amen.

I am He that has been walking and walked in the midst of the Seven Candle Sticks.”
2.            I am He that has been walking and is still walking in the midst of the Seven Candle Sticks. Thus, I am never an angel messenger to any age.
3.           “…I am only gathering the loose ends from the first Angel Church Messenger to the last, to raise a bride for Christ.
4.           The bride must go where the bridegroom is while the world will go where the attraction is.”
5.           Is it not true? Wherever the husband-man is, that is where the wife should be. I am not the attraction. If you want attraction, go out there.
6.           I am the Bridegroom. The Bride will go where the Bridegroom is. There can never be a Ministry of the Bride if the Bridegroom is not there.
7.           Who then owns the Ministry? Every decoration a woman is putting on is to make the woman presentable to her own husband, appealing to her own husband.
8.           Any day a woman starts dressing to appeal the people out there, the marriage is gone. Every dressing is aiming at winning the confidence, the approval of her own husband because all her desires must be upon her own husband. And he will have rule over her in all things according to the scriptures.
9.           Any day it is shifted, whoever that shifted it has turned the word of God upside down. And this is why the world is upside down today because self-appointed men of God, in their bid to win many converts so that they will have very huge money as offering, tithes, this and that, in other to become popular, they now turned things upside down.
10.        Recognizing that women are always in the majority, they now started using women against their husbands. A woman can never be declared guilty, if her case is brought before her pastor and her husband.
11.        A man can only win his case with the wife if it is decided by the pastor and if the man has a lot of money and is giving the pastor bags of rice, yam tubers, everything, even paying rent. That man will be winning.
12.        But if the woman is buoyant, at least, the last chunk of every fowl that is killed in the house is prepared deliciously and secretly taken to the pastor.
Even when the man will be perceiving the flavor of the chicken, he will not eat. Na him be say, that man don go. The house don finish.
13.        If the woman falls within the category of those that minister to the needs of that pastor, that support the pastor even if the pastor is in error, they will be defending the pastor, no more. And that is the state of all counterfeit churches. They turn things upside down.
14.        That is why it is affecting them now, because any seed a man soweth, that he must reap. A good number of then now are having problems with their wives. Some of them, their wives have opened their own ministries. Abandoning the Church where the husband is the pastor and opened her own.
15.        Check all the prayer houses, everywhere. A good number of them are now owned by pastor’s wives. And they now have association (Sisters Fellowship International).
16.        Check all their members. They have pastors, apostles, evangelist, everything. And I called them “Ogbu di society”, (club of Husband killers).“Ogbu di society”.
17.        They are the people behind the National Widows Association of Nigeria, registered. There is one here in Onitsha in St. Andrews Church. Widows now have association. Sisters have their own fellowship where they minister to themselves.
18.        What is more, when you look at them, their appearances will tell you to begin to run for your life. Run for your life. There is fire on the mountain, run, run, run.
19.        Let Me tell you. If it is not the effectiveness of the Word of God that we receive in this Faith, a good number of your wives would have become staunch members – ardent members, because it will favour some of them who take delight in wearing trouser, wearing body hug, wearing jeans, chinos with super eyeglasses. I am telling you the truth.
20.        A good number of them might be riding jeep by now. Because sisters fellowship is competition for jeep riders. Kill your husband and get two jeeps. Finish!
21.        She will say, “That is a light thing now. With N20 rat poison, I will send him to the spirit world.”
22.         Then, business men will lay hand on her because she must be tutored on the various ways to capture men. Silly men!
23.        Take them to native doctors who will prepare concoctions, eat and die. You will be hearing, “Oyoyo rice!Oyoyo rice!” From wheel barrow to Shoprite. Oyoyo rice!
24.        Even when a stupid man like Me will carry My own drink and tell the world, “Run away from Oyoyo rice.” They will say no.
25.        Eat and drive your wife away. Eat and refuse to taste anything from your house. Eat and hate your wife. Oyoyo rice!
26.        You know what I mean by oyoyo rice? Forget about the one they carry with wheel barrow. Be spiritual.   
27.        Before now, native doctors were having a field day because of pastors who were looking for powers to attract large crowds.
28.        But today, native doctors are flourishing because of divorcees, young widows and then flashy ladies that want to capture vibrant young men as husbands.
29.        Whatever the native doctor will tell them to do, they will do. Money, they will pay. Carry concoction, plant in their private parts, placed in their hair, put some in the cup, some in the soup, some under the pillow to make sure that whoever that comes in must, at least, be captured. Operation “spare them not.” Silly men will fall into the trap.
30.        If it is a young man who is discussing marital issues, he will forget it. No more marriage discussion. Where he is, he is comfortable.
31.        A young divorcee or widow is holding him captive. He becomes the woman’s ATM. Automatic Teller Machine. His duty will be paying school fees through Android phone. You pay school fees, you pay house rent, you do everything.
32.        Just for the asking, “Wait, wait. Give me that phone. Just now. Stay here. Okay. It is gone.”
33.        And the family is dying of starvation. If you mention marriage, he will say, forget it. When we are talking about going away, you are talking about marriage. Because he doesn’t know he is in bondage. Something has blinded his eyes.
34.        Because he walked contrary to the Faith, God now walks contrary to him. It is only people that walk contrary to this Faith that fall into that trap, for they lose their security without knowing. And they become victims.
35.        Everywhere is calm. There is a remedy. I am still here. If events around you are suggesting that it is not happening in vain, that there must be some forces beyond your control that is ruling you, you know.
36.         The Deliverer has come. Yes, the Deliverer has come.
37.        Such people earn fantastic salaries but they cannot feed their families, because the larger chunk of the salary goes away unnoticeable. It is used to service somebody somewhere who diabolically worked on him and then pinned him down. Before you know it, the business will collapse.
38.        Well, if you love your life, young men, remember, I do not know the musician, “When money no dey, all the girls will run away”
39.        I do not know the person that sang it but I love that music: “When money no dey, the women will scamper away.”
40.        When your pump is still rushing, you have no problem. You will be the talk of the day. ATM! But any day it finishes, the water stops rushing, they will all run away. Is there anything which is eaten or spent that will not finish?
41.        If hunger is ravaging your family, think about it, peradventure, the essence of all the struggles does not actually get home to the family. It stops outside.
42.        Yes! Especially now that people are fond on telling great lies. Somebody that is paid hundred thousand naira, when he gets home, he will say he was paid forty thousand naira. If you talk, he will swear, “True to God.”
43.        We do not talk about the traders. Does his wife go with him to his shop? He equally does not go with the wife to her own shop.
44.        Bro Sunday Akpu obi! There is a way you looked at Me now. There is something about that look. I captured the eyes. That look made an impact. The way you flashed Me the eyes and removed your eyes, it is like e get the way wey the thin take go. It is not yet too late.
45.        Let Me tell you. I am not crazy. I am not funny. I mean what I say. I say what I mean. If nobody is guilty of this, it would not have proceeded out of My mouth.
46.        Because it proceeded and remained persistent, although it is coming out in a casual way, it is just to respect humanity. I know somebody here is corrupt more than the extent I have highlighted. Amen.

I am not the attraction just like Christ is not the attraction.” Sure!
2.           “In His first advent to the Jews, John was the attraction. My message is not a pleasant one at all to the world.”
3.           Never, never!
4.           “And there is nothing good in Me that will make them come to me.”
5.           What do I have? Who am I? Am I even up to the people they call ‘man of God’?
6.           For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: He hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.” (Isa. 53:2, KJV).
7.           There is no beauty that we should desire Him.
8.           “For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe” (1 Thess. 2:13, KJV).
9.           “And my temptation which was in my flesh ye despised not, nor rejected; but received me as an angel of God, even as Christ Jesus.” (Gal. 4:14, KJV).
10.        This is now our own day. Do we have a messenger from God to reveal the mind of God to us?Do we have someone we call Rabbi (Great Teacher) who has espoused us to the Word of God in our day?
11.        Do we have any infallible Supernatural sign or evidence which no flesh can impersonate surrounding His ministry? Did He come with a Scriptural Commission like others that appeared before Him?
12.        From His scriptural commission, if any, what office is He occupying? From the office He occupies, Who is He?”
13.        Who is this Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man?
14.        “Disbelieving the Messenger of your day due to over familiarity or ignorance of the Holy Scriptures marks the beginning of your eternal destruction…” Sure!
15.        “When a people of God or nation of God fails to recognize the presence of God in their day, He (God) will permit them even to adopt Laws and customs that will even destroy them or make them God’s perpetual enemy.
16.        Recognizing God in your day means nothing but accepting, believing, depending, relying, confiding and trusting in Him whom God has sent in your day no matter His relationship with you or His race or tribe.”
17.        “….In the Church at Antioch there were some prophets and teachers: Barnabas. Simon (called Black),…”
18.        Simon called Black. A black man.
19.        “…Among the prophets and teachers of the Church at Antioch were Barnabas and Simeon (also called the black man), Lucius (from Cyrene), Manaen (the foster – brother of king Herod), and Paul.
20.        One day, as these men were worshipping and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, Dedicate Barnabas and Paul for a special job I have for them.
21.        So after more fasting and prayers, the men laid their hands on them – and sent them on their way. Directed by the Holy Spirit they went to Seleucia and sailed to Cyprus. (Acts 13:1-4, LB).”
22.        Herod’s foster brother was one of disciples of Christ. Herod’s business manager’s wife, was also a disciple of Christ.
23.         What then hindered Herod? Seeing that Herod never condemned Christ, but instead justified Him. What kept Herod away from the salvation of Christ?
24.        One answer: He was not born thereunto. His manager’s wife was born there unto. His foster brother was born there unto. But Herod and his business manager were born unto their business.
25.        “For everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord (invoking Him as Lord) will be saved. But how are people to call upon Him Whom they have not believed (in Whom they have no faith, on Whom they have no reliance?”
26.        When you have no faith in the revealed new Name of God in your day, you have no right to begin to call that Name, for the Name cannot offer you the protection, the blessing and whatever you may have in mind. For you have no trust, confidence, reliance, dependence on that Name.
27.        “Whoever that receives the messenger that God sends in his day, has received God in his day…”
28.        “…For this reason the wisdom of God said, I will send them prophets and messengers; they will kill some of them and persecute others.” (Luke 11:49; GNB).
29.        The wisdom of God said. And the Bible said that Christ is the wisdom of God.
30.        “When Jesus appeared in the days of the Jews, instead of believing Him, they called Him devil; or Belzebub even when the devil called Him Son of the Most High God.
31.        But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, this fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils. (Matt. 12:24; KJV).
32.        Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?” (John 8:48; KJV).
33.        If you see devil and call him God and you see God and call Him devil, the truth is still there: You neither know the devil nor God.
34.        “To believe in Him Whom He has sent is understanding and to obey His words is Wisdom…”
35.        “….And he went out from thence, and came into his own country; and his disciples followed him. And when the Sabbath day was come, he began to teach in the synagogue: and many hearing him were astonished, saying, from whence hath this man these things? and what wisdom is this which is given unto him, that even such mighty works are wrought by his hands? Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Judah, and Simon?...”
36.        “Is not this the carpenter? The son of Joseph and Mary? This little boy I know the day he was born. What are you even saying? Look at his shop. I know his siblings.”
37.        “…and are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended at him.” (Mark 6:1-3; KJV).
38.        They were offended at him. Instead of praising God for choosing one of their sons to bear His Name that they might be saved o-o-o, they got offended” Why must it be this boy? Carpenter? Carpenter!
39.        “Jesus went away from there and came to His [own] country and hometown [Nazareth], and His disciples followed [with] Him.
40.        And on the Sabbath He began to teach in the synagogue; and many who listened to Him were utterly astonished, saying, Where did this Man acquire all this?
41.        What is the wisdom [the broad and full intelligence which has been] given to Him? What mighty works and exhibitions of power are wrought by His hands! Is not this the Carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon?
42.        And are not His sisters here among us? And they took offense at Him and were hurt [that is, they disapproved of Him, and it hindered them from acknowledging His authority] and they were caused to stumble and fall.” (Mark 6:1-3; AMP).
43.        Over familiarity!
44.        Jesus left that place and went back to His hometown, followed by his disciples. On the Sabbath He began to teach in the synagogue. Many people were there; and when they heard Him, they were all amazed; where did He get all this? They asked, what wisdom is this that has been given Him? How does He perform miracles?
45.        Isn’t this the Carpenter, the Son of Mary and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon? Aren’t His sisters living here? And so they rejected Him.” (Mark 6:1-3; GNB).
46.        His people rejected him. Number one, because of his occupation. A common carpenter. Number two, over familiarity.
47.        They know the parents. How poor they were. The father was a carpenter. The mother was a domestic housewife. They were not numbered among the noble men in their community.
48.        If Jesus had originated from the house of Pharaoh, everybody would have believed. If he came from Pilate’s house, they would believe. If he came from Herod house or Caesars’s house, they would believe.
49.        But he came from a poor family that had nothing to eat, that could not even take the wife to a maternity home, hence, she delivered inside the bush and this boy is now God.
50.        “Abeg! One that is deceived is the one who is beaten. Let nobody tell me that. If you want to know about him, come and ask me. He is my younger brother. Do not listen to him.”
51.         For that reason, they rejected him and counted themselves unworthy of everlasting life. He now turned over to another set of people.
52.        Considering this Faith, if it were a Pentecostal faith, the whole of Mbaise people will be here. The whole of Imo State will be here. I am telling you the truth. All from these south east will be here.
53.        But there is one thing I want you to know: Anywhere God is, nobody will go there except the people to Whom He is sent. Only few will go to Him for He is not the attraction. But whenever He lives the scene, the whole world will crowd there. It becomes their gathering point.
54.        They will be talking about the Messiah that came when He had gone. In other words, a man of God is only recognized and accepted by the few for whom He is sent when he is there. The rest will only acknowledge Him when He had already finished His mission and has given way.
55.        When God leaves a place, the people will occupy that place. When God is in a place, nobody goes there except those He invites by Himself. For no man can come unto Me unless he is invited by My father.
56.        If God never invited you to this faith, you are wasting your time – you are a spectator.
57.        He will not even recognize your presence because He never called you. But if you are called and chosen, relax. When you go to bed, have a quiet sleep.
58.        “Now here is a command, dear brothers, given in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by His authority; stay away from any Christian who spend his days in laziness and does not follow the ideal of hard work we set up for you.
59.        For you well know that you ought to follow our examples; you never saw us loafing; we never accepted food from anyone without buying it; we worked hard day and night for the money we needed to live on, in order that we would not be a burden to any of you.
60.        It wasn’t that we didn’t have the right to ask you to feed us, but we wanted to show you, first hand, how you should work for your living.
61.        Even while we were still there with you we gave you this rule, he who does not work shall not eat. Yet, we hear that some of you are living in laziness, refusing to work, and wasting your time in gossiping” (2 Thess. 3:6-11; LB).
62.        Is it not fulfilling every day? If God never came down with this doctrine, many of us would not have followed the ideal of hard work. He not only gave us the Message as a doctrine, He laid a perfect example and He has been following it even till this afternoon.
63.        What excuses have you to remain lazy, remain idle, refused to work and only going about discussing politics, discussing events in the city? Eye witnesses of account you never witnessed; Eye witnesses of events you never saw. To God be the glory.
64.        Pray for one another, encourage one another unto good works. Shun evil and do good.

65.        Remain blessed in Him eternally.