Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: HOLDING UNTO THE CERTAINTY OF THE FAITH 1

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“Truth has no substitute”

I hope it is all well with all of us? I am surprised at the capacity crowd. Who is manning this PA system? The crowd
is somehow greater than what it used to be. I hope nothing is compelling you to be here? I hope you are not compelled by fear? No! I will find it difficult to take you seriously.
2.          I know you are all monitoring world events. When you see slightest thing happen, you see people rushing back to God. Somebody who is not afraid of God, but whenever there is lightning, you see him running for safety, yet you are not afraid of God. Just a little shaking of two weeks. A little shaking. Looking at your faces, I can see fear written.
3.          Why are you afraid? It is because, from the beginning, you made no enquiry. If you had enquired and you were sure and convinced, nobody will be afraid of anything. Rather, you will be saying, ‘God hasten action.’ Hasten action!
4.          I knew ahead of time that many will love to be in Jerusalem this day to know what the Son of Man will say concerning the global developments especially as it affects us here. What if I refuse to say anything? What do you expect to hear from Me which you have never heard?
5.          The entire world might be taken unawares but not those that are in the Faith of The Son of Man. It is what you have been anticipating. And I told you, gradually, it is going to unfold. Though it delays, wait for it.
6.          It will take the world unawares. It will hit the world below the belt but not you. You had already been prepared. You knew what will take place at any point in time.
7.          I told you one of these days, there must be a slight thing, a provocation that will trigger off something very disastrous. And the super powers will be venting their anger. The fight for supremacy will begin to rear its head up.
8.          Well, we are watching and we are waiting. If you are afraid, it is a sure sign that from the very beginning, you never enquired about this Faith before you enlisted. Is this not the one we met at Nsukka? You are blessed.
9.          It has been My desire that Nsukka should make a way for you and your children to be here at least, once in a while, so that you will be acquainted with what this Faith is all about: The fullness of the Faith.
10.     I have a teaching handed down in 1996 by Watson Fihala who was nothing until I ordained him a Teacher. The testimonies are there. The man that could not turn the pages of the Bible was ordained a teacher contrary to his choice.
11.     From that moment, the spirit of that office immediately possessed him and he became the best of all the teachers in the Bridal Faith in a twinkling of an eye: a man that could not boldly express himself.
12.     Those that desire that office missed it. What happened in Jos brought persecution upon Me. For what they were before I met them, I said, “No.”
13.    By the time I met them, their pastor was Ben Adikwu. And they were calling that Church “Ben Adikwu’s Church.” As it is being called in End Time Message.
14.    In the End Time, Churches take the names of the pastors or whoever that started it. But we thank God we are not fooling anybody. Neither are we fooling ourselves.
15.    I am gradually going through that teaching. I saw the hand of God at work and it is still at work. We would have considered it but for one thing. Then I will show you Watson Fihala’s position.
16.    Some of you that might gone through it, I believe you felt happy and equally felt condemned. If you are a Seed of God, you will be happy that God is the One finding fault with you. The remedy is also in the Message.
17.    In short, that teaching, I called it “Brother Goddy Ikechebere’s favourite teaching.” Brother Goddy Ikechebere used Watson’s title ‘Inquery’ (Enquire). The greatest Message that makes the greatest impact in the life of Goddy Ikechebere, according to him: Inquery!
18.    If you are sitting down here without enquiring about this faith, you are not one of us. You are nominally going to fellowship. It is your right.
19.    If you are here and you are of age, simply because your parents are here, your relations are here, your husbands are here, your wives are here, for that reason, it becomes your family Church, well, I pity you!
20.    If you were a minor like we have too many minor here, and your parentS introduced you to this fellowship of the saintS, the moment you attain the age of adolescenCE – that is 12 years and above—12 years precisely, the number of years the Lord Jesus Christ clocked and then his ministry took off.
21.    At 12, it is believed that you can differentiate between a man and a woman, Between what is good and what is bad. At 12, it is believed that you know what is best for you. You can even begin to protect your life from untimely death. Is it not true? So, you are a developed human being.
22.    it is hopeD at that age, if you are still alive and you are still following your parents, common sense demands that you begin to enquire why your parents have decided to settle down in that fellowship. What have they seen in that group that made them to make it their home – their resting PLACE?
23.    If you do not enquire as an individual and get your own personal conviction about why your parent says it must be this place or never, you are not one of us. You will be blown about by the wind of time. You would not know exactly what we are doing.
24.    A sure sign is this, your going to fellowship will be through persuasion. If you are not persuaded, you will not go. And because you have no conviction, there will be no interest. You will never show concern. Because you can only show concern when you are convinced.
25.    And the moment you are convinced, your faith settles down. Christ becomes your anchor by day and by night. If your rest is not in Christ, truly speaking, you are lost.
26.    life is all about is not all about marriage, all about money OR wealth, all about education. NO!
27.    But life is all about Christ, Because the most pitiable individual on earth, the most pitiable human being on earth, is not one that is poor because he has no money or he has no common sense or he is numbered among the physically challenged people in the society, no.
28.    the most pitiable human being on earth is the human being, who, no matter how highly placed or lowly placed, is living a life void of Christ. That is the most pitiable human being on earth.
29.    He deserves the greatest pity from whosoever that is acquainted with him or with her because he has no hope of tomorrow.
30.    And no matter the level of education he acquired without Christ, it is absolutely useless because there is no sense of direction. That is why you see too many people that touched the sky in academic attainment, in wealth acquisition and that is the end of it all.
31.    What will disarm the whole world is around us. People must surely run helter-skelter. If you really want to understand Me very well, go to back to the Message I told you the entire world must go after using their last kobo. And that message is. “This Generation in Prophecy.”
32.    Whatever that is happening here; by here I mean the entire universe, had already been prophesied, documented by The Son of Man chronologically. The role America will play to ignite Armageddon – the Third World War. The role Russia will play. They were all documented.
33.    I am here just to confirm the updates. Events are made clear by prophecy. I have received too many print outs from the Internet; all speaking the same thing.
34.    If you are in the dark, it is because the Light of Christ has not illuminated your heart. If the Light of Truth has ever illuminated your heart, you will not be in the dark again.
35.    I am not going to talk you as people that are in the dark. I want to talk to you as people whose hearts have been illuminated by the Gospel of Christ, the Truth and nothing but the Truth.  Amen.

For the past two weeks now, we have been talking on the need for all of us to hold the certainty of the Truth. You must not hold Truth, you must hold the certainty of Truth. Truth you have verified using everything available to you.
2.        You have used history, you have events, you have used pictures, you have used nature, everything you could lay hand on to verify the Truth. That is why, we are not here to fool ourselves or to fool our hearers.
3.        We give you the truth. we encourage you not to accept it because we are talking. We encourage you to do a lot of investigations so as to ascertain personally whether what you are receiving is truth or false, Or whether it is being giving to you as truth with wrong motive Because often times, you can give somebody the truth with wrong motive or impure motive.
4.        Ascertain the truth. ascertain our motives. Find out whether we are delivering the truth with impure motive. what Do you really want to achieve in your life? Is it what we are striving to be? What is the essence of the gospel of Christ?
5.        It is nothing but to present you spotless in the sight of God. It is nothing but to make sure that the spirit of Christ dwells in you richly, Presenting you as Christ Himself, The original creature created in the image of God, spotless, without wrinkle or blemish in the sight of God.
6.        That is why the Apostles prayed, ministered relentlessly, having only but one target: That they will never stop until they saw Christ formed in the believers, for Christ in you the hope of glory.Do not die in this Church as an unbeliever, as a hypocrite, otherwise, you are committing suicide.
7.        This Faith is the Land of Truth. But unfortunately, this Truth is not meant for everybody. Truth is directed to those that havethe believing heart to believe the Truth. Is it not true? God has given us believing hearts to believe the Truth.
8.        And each time Truth is revealed, according to the Acts of the Apostles, all that were ordained to salvation believed. All that were ordained to condemnation avoided the Truth.
9.        Thus,  if you are ordained to salvation, you are ordained to believe the Truth, For there unto you are born.
10.    Jesus was asked a question, “Are you a King?” He said, “Sure, it has come out of your mouth. For thereunto I was born to be a King.”
11.    Whatever you are, whatever you are manifesting must be what you are born thereunto. And until you fulfil it, you will never have rest.
12.    If you are ordained to be a criminal, until you fulfil all the criminal tendencies in your life, you will never have rest. If you are born to fulfill God’s will, you will rest at nothing, you will always be having that sense of non-fulfilment Until you are sure and certain that you have done the will of the father that sent you. For thereunto you are born and you cannot do otherwise. Compelling you to do otherwise means helping you to kill yourself.
13.    You know the difference between an eagle and other birds. You can cage other birds but you can never cage an eagle. If you cage an eagle, it will keep on hitting its head on the cage until it dies.
14.    Find out whether you are where you ought to be. Whether you are where you are meant to be, Because if you are not meant to serve God, from creation, you are not ordained to serve God And you be will be forcing yourself into God, You will be doing your conscience more harm than good.
15.    And there is no way you can adjust favourably. Whatever you will be doing is ordinary human manipulations so that people will not be talking about you always.
16.    You will be manipulating; you will be fabricating. Everything about your life will be counterfeiting. There is no original life. Original life is inborn.
17.    And that is why if you see somebody who is naturally ordained by God for a good cause and for ONE reason or the other, he begins to misbehave, it does not last long. It is because he is unguided.
18.    The moment he receives the truth, for thereunto he is born, no human being can cage him again. There is nothing you can promise that person that will make him to remain there. He must jump out for he has heard the voice of his father which he can never resist.
19.    If you are not ordained to be in this Bridal Faith, the last move God is making on earth, there is no way you can feel comfortable with all you are going to hear in this faith. For our teachings, our lifestyle will always be provoking you to anger. You will be feEling highly disturbed.
20.    A sure sign that you are disturbed, you will be avoiding brethren, avoiding fellowship, avoiding contact with anything doctrine of Christ, message of Son of Man, you would not like to hear them.
21.    They will be making you to feel very much uneasy. Why? It is not a part of you. You are trying to fabricate, to manipulate yourself into it. No! Nobody can add himself into Christ, but you are born into Christ. If you are not born in My family, you are not My biological child.
22.    No matter how you try to manipulate it, you cannot fit in. You can never fit in. No matter how long you have stayed, you can stay in this faith, get married, have children; you are still a stranger to My household. Is it not true?
23.    If you were not in God before the world began, you cannot be added to God along the way. You can be added to a group. You cannot be added to God. For all that were in Christ were in Him before the world began. So, they were born into Christ not into the Church.
24.    If you were born into the Church, oh, oh, oh,Na him be say, your decision is, “I will never leave this Church till I die.” But if you are born into Christ, wherever Christ goes, you are going with Him.
25.    If Christ moves away from this Bridal Faith, and He is found in another place, even if they called it devil, all that belong to Christ will follow Him to the devil’s congregation, for thereunto they are born. Whatever you want to call them, call them.
26.    If you are born into Roman Catholic, that is where you will die. That is what you will be defending. If you are born into Anglican, you are an Anglican. You are born into Baptist, you are a Baptist. You are born into Deeper Life, you are a Deeper Life.
27.    That is why, if you go out and make a statement contrary to that which they know, you begin to see them defending their groups; ‘I am an Anglican.’‘I am a Catholic.’ You can hardly see one saying, ‘I am Christ.’
28.    If they want to generalize, they will say, ‘I am a Christian.’ They will say, “From which group?” Yes! Sabbatarians say they are Christians. Cherubim and Seraphim, Christians. Every kind of Bible carrier, Christians. AMORC, Christians. All of them, Christians. Which group?
29.    And these groups do not agree with each other. A Deeper Life pastor can never minister in Roman Catholic Church. A CMS pastor cannot even minister there. A Baptist pastor cannot minister there. Seventh-Days Adventist cannot.
30.    What can you say about Jehovah’s Witness? Who will allow them in the Deeper Life? But they are all Christians. What can you say about Cherubim and Seraphim, the Sabbatarian, Odozi-obodo and the rest of them? Who will recognize them?
31.    Yet, all of them form the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). Which means, they are one. Although, they have different names. And yet, each group defends what they believe.
32.    But in Christ, we are one. One Christ, that is God, One baptism, one doctrine, one spirit, one life, everything one. Unity! You cannot hear this one believing this, another one believing another. No! the doctrine must be one. The character must be one. The spirit must be one. Everything one. For God is one And His name one. Is it not scripture?
33.    God is one, His Name one. There must be uniformity in everything. In name, in doctrine, in everything. Thus, this idea of defending, you are defending where you are born. And that is where you have your vested interest.
34.    If you are born in Christ, you have vested interest in Christ. That is where you will die. that is where you are resurrecting. That is your final resting point. Amen.
35.    you see, If this place is where you are born into and where you are ordained even before the world began, it then means it is your home. It is your home. Am I making sense?
36.    Now, there is one particular feature about home which often times we neglect. Your home will flourish depending on how you take care of it. If you take care of your home, your home will take care of you. If you do not take care of your home, your home will not take care of you. Reason along the same line with Me.
37.    A man that does not take care of his home, can that home take care of him? What of children that do not take care of the home? Can that home take care of those children? Well, think properly before you respond.
38.    Do not just respond because the Son of Man is saying it. Life experiences teach us great lessons. No place is like home. Is it true?
39.    The home of every true seed of God is Christ And Christ is the anointed word of God. the word of God is our resting point, Not catechism, not human idea, not human philosophy as we see them displaying. In everything, we have a target, That your faith rests not on the words of men but on the words of God.  Amen.

I expected a larger crowd than this today because of events around us. I expected it. To Me it is not a surprise.
2.        In the message, This Generation in PropheCy, remember there is a pending prophecy there: “Will Russia bomb America?” God said Yes. Yes! God went further to put something there: “Any day Russia drops one single bomb in America, that is the end of the world.”
3.        God said, “I show you a sign. All these muscles they have been flexing all these years, pilling weapons of mass destructions, the moment they start experimenting them, there would not be any going back until the whole thing will culminate into the Third World War.
4.        “The last action Israel will take against Palestine will provoke the entire world. But before then, Jerusalem will become a burden stone to the whole nations on earth. All discussions will be centered on how to move Jerusalem away from Israel and give it to Palestine.
5.        Will the agreement be signed? Yes! Will it be in favour of Israel? No! Will Israel honour it? No! For they will make a U-turn, rescind on the agreement, violate it and then take a drastic action against Palestine.
6.        Will Palestine be recognized as a nation by the UN? Yes! Will Israel permit them? No! For Palestine can never be a nation, a separate nation in the Middle East. Because that is the home of Jesus Christ. That is the home of Father David.”
7.        But father David cause this trouble. I believe the hand of the Lord permitted it. How can a man spend his money to buy his land? Instead of conquering them and possessing the land as commanded by the Almighty God, he stopped where his forefathers stopped.
8.        And then used eight hundred shekels of silver to buy the Ornan Valley from a man called Ornan, the Jebusite. Agreement was signed and David endorsed it.
9.        Little did he know that Israel must go into captivity which created rooms for the Arabs to have rule over the whole of Middle East for eight hundred years.
10.    The Jews lost their identity pending the time of the restoration of all things as was spoken through the mouth of Holy Prophets. You see where the mistake was made? And immediately the Arabs took control, they erected their glorious Mosque at no other place than the place where Solomon pitched the temple of God – Solomon’s Porch. The same Valley of Ornan where the glory of God came down.
11.    Israel went into foreign lands, became idolaters for a long time until all that knew about this deal died, their generations gone. Future generation now raked up the relics as parchments, archeological parchments, read about the land. You see where the trouble started?
12.    Well, I am not talking about the Middle East now for the matter at stake has gone beyond Middle East. When it started, I announced it here far back 1994 – count down 94 in this same Valley of Decision, that sooner than you think, the whole world will be engulfed by terrorism.
13.    Violence must fill the whole earth. For the world must be filled with violence. But no nation shall be exempted, not even Nigeria.
14.    Remember, when there was nothing like suicide bombing, The Son of Man announced it: A new spate of crime is coming up in Nigeria which will go round.”
15.     When there was nothing like kidnapping, the Son of Man announced it and told you that it will start from the South East, gradually, it will engulf the whole Nigeria. Before our eyes, something that never existed came into existence and has been ravaging Nigeria till today.
16.    Where are the Boko Haram-captured girls? I mean, while they were saying they have wiped off everybody in Sambisa Forest, where are those little girls? If they are not in Sambisa Forest, where are they?
17.    I told you not to take them seriously when they said they rescued 22 g. The GOC commanding 7 Armored Brigade, Mai Malari Brigade in Maiduguri said No, that he never saw any. They never came to Abuja through Sambisa. They did not come from the air. They did not come from the sea. Then, where did they come from?
18.    Why were they banned from being interviewed by the press? Why did they ban everybody? Where did they come from and they were only seen in Asokoro hospital? Not ordinary hospital, but DSS hospital.  Not army, not police, but DSS hospital. What connection has DSS hospital with those 22 girls?
19.    And what is the funniest thing? All of them came from Adamawa State. And they were all Christians, 22 in number. Who is deceiving who? Where are the rest? They promised within eighteen days, the rest will be released. Where are they? Not even one was released.
20.    The GOC told us the whole truth that in the attempt to rescue Sambisa, it was obvious that the bombs cleared all of them, if they were there. Where are they? We now agreed Sambisa Forest has been cleared.
21.    When they were making that noise, what did I tell you? I told you, “This is insurgence.” Buhari said it will end by December 31st last year. I said, this is absolutely rubbish. Let no man ever take him seriously. No human being can eradicate insurgence. It is not an organized war. It is not a regiment. You do not know who is who.
22.    Okay, last week, they said Boko Haram captured another 42 students, whisk them away. Where were the soldiers and police? They kidnapped another 42.
23.    At another time, they kidnapped 29. This time, 42. Since that day, suicide bombing has never ceased, rather it has assumed another dimension.
24.    They have now entered the villages, attacking the market sporadically because it is insurgence. You do not know who is who. And I told you clearly, off your eyes from economy, off your eyes from politics and any other thing. This is a sign from above. It is a sign from above. We are getting our own fair share.
25.    You call it Boko Haram, that is the name in Nigeria. They said they are against Western Education when all of them are graduates. Super, super graduates; well trained in handling of arms and ammunitions.
26.    If you watch the sophistry by which they displayed all these things, you will know that they are trained guys. Even the super bomber, those you call infants, they are well trained.
27.    It is called Boko Haram here in Nigeria. Hezbollah in Lebanon. ISIS in Iraq and in Iran. It is the same Al-Qaeda network having different names in different countries. Is it not true?
28.    Go to Pakistan, it is called the Taliban. It is the same group. They are covering the globe gradually. The hand of God is there.
29.    You have been prepared to wait for all these things. Thus, do not be shaken in mind, unless you are a hypocrite. Unless you are sitting down here without holding the certainty of this Faith because you did no enquiry so that you have your own personal conviction.  Amen.

You know people are fond of joining groups clapping hands because we are living in the days of Praise the Lord. Once you hear, Praise the Lord, Jesus Igweee! Jesuseeehh! Holy Ghost! That is the Holy Ghost age.
2.         Anybody who is desiring to do God a service will join them immediately and be dancing. It is not in this faith. That is why we do not make any noise on the street.
3.        Thus, if you are here today, you are highly blessed. That is, if you are ordained to be here. If you came by your own divine revelation. But if you were pushed, compelled, persuaded, you were promised heaven on earth, because often times, parents bribe their children if they must go to Fellowship.
4.        “In short, if you follow me to fellowship today, all your requests must be met. Bring that bill, I will sign it.”
5.        You are offering your children bribe to follow you so that so that you have a little peace. You do not trust them if they should stay at home. They may wander away and cause more havoc. For that reason, you will like them to be where you are.
6.        They will give you conditions. Yes now! This is because it is not their desire. You are the one desiring them to follow you. They will give you conditions. You are bribing them. We do not offer anybody bribe to worship God.
7.        That is why we have no promise to make other than that which God has already made to those that will worship Him faithfully. We are here to confirm that promise.
8.        “So, Come! Bring the sick, bring the lame, bring this and that, not here. Come and you will become millionaire,” not in this Faith.
9.        You just come here because of eternal life. Any other thing, na you sabi. Yes!
10.    If God is owing us, He is owing us only but one thing: Our new bodies. It is our right which we must collect from Him if we meet the standard.  
11.    Last week, too many things actually happened. It started two weeks ago. Remember before now, we received a horrible threat from Russia. I read it here, we equally have it in the file. Russia said, “Any time the Islamic Jihadist, the Islamic Hardliners ISIS attacks Russia, that that will mark the end of Islam. That they will demolish all Mosque worldwide.”
12.    I read it, filed it, laughed at it. I know why I laughed. What is happening? Why the movements? Be orderly. Two weeks ago, Islamic hardliners shocked Russia, went to the most populous motor park in Russia, bombed it. Broad day attack.
13.    Suicide bombers penetrated the security and killed over 29 persons, damaged property worth millions of Euro and they are not shaking in mind. Russia started accusing America.
14.    Remember, there can never be war without a fight. A fight is not a war. If I fight you, I am not warring with you. If I declare a fight, there can be a mediator who will come and separate us and then we make peace.
15.    But once it is war, heads must roll. One party must be defeated. One party must be subdued because it is war. Every arsenal in possession must be displayed because it is war. It is not a fight.
16.    Thus, before our eyes, Islamic Jihadist shocked Russia. The security officers in Russia started thinking on how to handle the situation because the relationship between Russia and America got polarized during Trump’s election where Russia was accused of hacking their websites. The trouble is still on.
17.    Obama threatened Russia before he left that seat. He said, “For performing this criminal act against America, Russia can never go unpunished.” But how Russia will be punished was unknown to Russia.
18.    When Russia was attacked two weeks ago, they accused America for sponsoring the Islamic Jihadist, which Russia has never ceased from accusing America. And the Son of Man has been constantly alerting the world to be wary of America. America is behind all terrorist organization in the world
19.    If you check all their arms and ammunitions including that of Boko Haram in Nigeria, they are all made in America. Even the two recent aeroplanes that were imported by unknown person which at the end of the day, security officers impounded, delivered to Nigeria Air Force, MIG 70 and 90, super cruisers, multipurpose that can do bombing and strafing. All of them 14 seaters.
20.    Air Marshall Sadiq Abubakar collected it. Immediately it was delivered, the owner surfaced. It became Amechi, the former governor of Rivers State. But why was he quiet all the while? Why did he import them? What was he going to use military aircraft for?
21.    Probably he imported them preparatory for the election and the thing could not arrive before he was ousted through the polls. Nobody could ask him questions because he belongs to the popular part – the ruling party where no man commits crime.
22.    Remember My stance on this corruption. I have made it clear. I have documented it. Every noise that is being made about anti-corruption is just a ruse. Do not ever take anybody seriously, not even Buhari. It is a devise to suppress his opponents. He is not sincere. Nobody can fight it because it is a hotline. You cannot fight it. It is a hotline.
23.    Why did I call it a hotline? The most lucrative industry in Nigeria today is corruption.
24.    There is no industry as lucrative as corruption. And it is very easy to establish. You do not need to borrow money from any bank to establish the industry called corruption.
25.    With hundred-naira biro pen, you have established a very big industry. If you can provide a very small android handset, you have established a big industry of corruption. If you happen to buy a laptop, it is no longer an industry. It becomes a PLC.
26.    What am I saying? Doubt Me not. There is no business that is flourishing in Nigeria more than corruption. All these skyscrapers you are seeing, they are products of corruption. Private agencies, corruption. Money laundry, corruption. That industry is really flourishing.
27.    That is why you see people abandoning their professions and going after it headlong, ready to kill, ready to vandalize. It has no limit.
28.    In all the Universities in Nigeria today, lecturers are killing themselves. Why? It is because of that big industry which never spared the VC. The VC is there. All of them like that. It is a big industry.
29.    How can you check it? Any man trying to check it is trailing on a very hotline because people that are there will never spare you.
30.    Can you imagine a situation where the president himself used his own mouth to tell the nation that Nigeria is being governed, run, by cabal? Referring to the National Assembly as cabals. Governors, cabal. Then, what is he? He is the head, commander in chief, president of the cabals.We better address this truth.
31.    Last week, I read it in the newspaper. I heard it over the radio that the Inspector General of Police is compelling the police nationwide to stop collecting money before granting people bail.
32.    I said, “Look at this man. What were you doing before you became IGP? Whatever they are doing is what you were doing. They will stop when they become IGPs.” Because where he is now is the peak. He is the CEO of that industry.
33.    If the police are corrupt, it started from the top. Hence, if we want to check corruption, let us be sincere. Everybody must come out. But, is it possible? He is expecting the impossible.
34.    Even all of you shouting here now, you are all corrupt. Your children are corrupt. Parents are corrupt. There is no family where you can never see traces of corruption if you know the meaning of corruption.
35.    All business men are corrupt. Business women, corrupt. Students, corrupt. Teachers, corrupt. Lecturers, corrupt. Corruption everywhere!
36.    Who then will be saved? How can God save a corrupt person Or live eternally with a corrupt person? Why are they corrupt? The heart is devoid of truth.  
37.    The moment truth is not in your heart, love is not in your heart, Patriotism can never be in your heart. Nobody is patriotic again.
38.    This is why heaven is narrowing down every minute. God is looking for one person, two or three who will take Him seriously, purify their hearts by the entrance of the word of God, vow a vow that they will live a transparent life before God and before man just like all the Apostles who were so transparent that they appeared before all men and said, “Who can accuse us of sin?”
39.    Judge me, investigate me, try me from all ramifications. Do not use your feelings. Use the doctrines of Christ. Weigh me in the balance. Anywhere you find me wanting, call my attention. And it is expected that a savant should be as perfect as the master.
40.    Thus, do not just sit down here and whenever Truth goes out, you confirm it. Yes! It is your responsibility to confirm it, but it is not Truth until it is evidently made manifest in your life.  Amen.

We have seen that in spite of the threat, the Islamic Jihadists bombed Russia. Last week, you all heard it. Some saw it being televised. I equally monitored it. We are waiting. We are watching.
2.        If you do not know what is happening, it was as clear as the day. America took unilateral decision as they did in the days of George Bush against Iraq, without conferring with anybody, without conferring with United Nations Security Council, single-handedly bombed Syria.
3.        Remember President Trump in his maiden statement said, “Removing Bashir Assad, the president of Syria is not the priority of Trump’s administration.” But now, it has become his priority.
4.        He defied the whole world because of that action which took the lives of innocent citizens, civilians including infants, destroyed a nation’s military airbase with a baseless, spurious and unfounded allegation that the president of Syria used chemical weapons upon innocent citizens, killing over 400 in 2015.
5.        A case that had already been investigated by the UN and proved to be nonexistence. A case that was even proved against the rebels. That the rebels were the people that used the chemical weapons.
6.        Who supplied the chemical weapon? America. America has been defending rebels. Wherever there is a military uprising in the world, America must be behind it.
7.        That is why, even the president of American threatened the whole world that there is no president in any part of the world America vows to remove, which they will never remove.
8.        What a threat to the whole world America is becoming? America, why are you backing the rebels, instead of bringing about peace? The same way they backed rebels in Egypt and removed Hosni Mubarak.
9.        They backed rebels in Libya and killed Gadaffi. They backed rebels in Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein. The same way they back rebels in Iraq during the Gulf War.
10.    Why? America enriches herself through terrorism. They stir up troubles in all the nations so as to sell arms and ammunitions which is America’s only stock in trade.
11.    That was what Israel noticed and kept America at a distance. No matter how Netanyahu is jubilating over the attack, it is because Israel has been threatening to attack Syria.
12.    It is a neighbouring country and because they believe there was no way Israel could have been attacked in the past without somebody using Syria.
13.    Hence, they decided to demolish Syria, making it impossible for America to use it or Russia to attack Israel through it. Divide and rule. What is the position of Nigeria in this situation?
14.    Now, Russia is backing the legally constituted government of Syria. Russia has been backing that government to crush rebellion. America backing rebels to oust the government. Indirectly now, there appears to be a cold war between Russia and America over Syria.
15.    I remember the other time I read it here, confirmed it that the next World War must be ignited in Assyria. The King of the North is already there, gradually transferring its military headquarters from Moscow to Aleppo.
16.    And this was the trick America wanted to use to recognize Palestine and then use Eastern Jerusalem to frustrate Israel. Because it favoured Mahmud Abbas, he consented to it.
17.    Recently, Trump held a serious talk with Mahmud Abbas and the Egyptian president over the same matter. We are coming closer to something brethren.
18.    It is not why we are gathering here but we cannot gather without keeping you informed about global developments so that you know the hour you are in.
19.    When these things are happening, what do you do? You remember prophecies you have heard concerning all these global events. For events are made clear by prophesies.
20.    We are watching, we are waiting. Last night, America deployed their warships to Syria. And saying, UN or no UN, that this morning, the military will be deployed to Syria. The warships are now in the high seas. The military will follow suit. Which means, there is going to be something somewhere.
21.    Do you think Russia will keep quiet? What can you say concerning Iran and Iraq? Will they keep quiet? Saudi Arabia will betray the Arab League. Do you know why? Because the only outlet they have is America. That is their only outlet.
22.    For that reason, they will be playing double roles. But when it heats up, you will know that Arab is Arab. After all, the headquarters of Islam is Riyadh, Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
23.    With time, the Lord willing, I will show you a document left behind by Shah of Iran before he was shown the way out of that office.
24.    I have some documents that I want you to seen. Too many of them are lying down there but these ones are pertinent.
25.    I want to read just a few. If you want to have more than this, you can come to ME after. I have about 55 different printouts. Amen.

US sends message to the world: We’re back. With 59 cruise missiles, US sends message to the world: We’re back:While Israel, Saudis, Syrian rebels delight at the attack on Assad’s Shayrat air base, one airstrike does not make for a new foreign policy. Judah Ari Gross April 7, 2017, 4:06 pm.
2.        After two days of uncertainty from the US administration, following a chemical attack by the Bashar Assad regime, the Americans sent a message to the world on Thursday night in the least subtle way possible: with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired straight at a Syrian air base.
3.        It was a message directed toward Assad and the people of Syria, to allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia, foes like Iran and North Korea, the US’s greatest enemy Russia, and to the American public back at home.
4.        Internationally, the 59 Raytheon Co. missiles fired from the USS Ross and USS Porter told American partners — and enemies — that despite the “America First” rhetoric, the US is again very much a factor on the world stage.
5.        Domestically, it was a sign that US President Donald Trump, whose administration has seen false-starts, failures and pushback, would take decisive action when he deemed it necessary.
6.        Each Tomahawk missile costs between $500,000 and $1.5 million, depending on the model, so the cost to the US for the strike is at least in the tens of millions.
7.        “They are telling their allies in the Middle East: You are not alone,” said Yaakov Amidror, a former national security adviser and IDF general, in a phone briefing on Friday organized by the Israel Project.
8.        Breaking from the navel gazing so prevalent in this part of the world, the strike on Syria should also be at least briefly considered in the context of North Korea, which has been antagonizing the United States with nuclear and ballistic missile tests — vide the strike occurring during Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jin Ping, who holds considerable cachet over Pyongyang.
9.        Though a clear message, the early Friday morning bombardment on the Shayrat air base in Homs was, to a large extent, symbolic: The Assad aircraft that carried out the apparent sarin gas attack took off from Shayrat.
10.    According to the Kremlin, the US informed the Russians ahead of the attack, and they predictably passed along the message to the Syrian military, allowing them to clear the air field and prevent large numbers of casualties…”
11.    Please, recall to your minds the events that happened and the Son of Man said, “Everybody should write it down this day, this date. ‘Today marked the beginning of the end of the world. And from now, it will never stop again until it will culminate into the long awaited Armageddon, which is the Third World War.’ He said, ‘expect Russia to kindle it any time from now.’”
12.    “…Dozens of Tomahawks were fired, but reportedly only nine people were killed and nine planes were destroyed. The Russian S-400 air defense battery — considered one of the best in the world — apparently did not strike down a single US missile, either because it couldn’t or because the Russian military opted not to intervene.
13.    For followers of Israeli security news, the early morning strike — a large-scale attack on a military site with few deaths — should seem familiar. The IDF has been carrying out such strikes for years against Hamas observation posts and infrastructure in Gaza. It’s about a one-off message — namely, “cut it out” — rather than the opening shot of a new campaign. (The latter would look more like the Tomahawk barrage on Baghdad in 2003 that kick started the Iraq War.)
14.    The US has yet to give any indication that Friday’s airstrikes portend further American involvement in the Syrian civil war, beyond its current efforts there fighting the Islamic State terror group.
15.    Though the US missile attack may act as a warning message to Iran against using nonconventional weapons — e.g. a nuclear bomb — in the future, it is not likely to have much of an immediate impact on Israeli security, according to Amidror, who is now a fellow at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies think-tank. But the long-term effect of the American foray into the Syrian mire — on Israel and the world — is far from clear.

A message to Iran
16.    A message to Iran: In the Jewish state, in Saudi Arabia and — this cannot be forgotten — among many Syrian civilians, the missile strike was praised as a godsend. “I am going to name my son Donald, if I have one. This man is a hero. He has balls,” QusaiZakaria, a Syrian activist who was injured in Assad’s 2013 chemical weapons attack, told the Telegraph newspaper.
17.    Similar, near-messianic sentiments were expressed by other Syrian civilians across social media, praising Trump and the airstrikes against the Syrian Army.
18.    But for Israel and Saudi Arabia, the staunch enemies of Assad’s ally Iran, the US missile strike was seen through the lens of their fight with the Shiite axis being led by the Islamic Republic and stood in stark contrast to Barack Obama’s inaction against the Syrian regime after the 2013 chemical weapon attack, in which over 1,000 people were killed.
19.    “Israel fully supports President Trump’s decision and hopes that this message of resolve in the face of the Assad regime’s horrific actions will resonate not only in Damascus, but in Tehran, Pyongyang and elsewhere,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement of support.
20.    Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman praised the cruise missile attack as well, calling it “important, necessary and moral.” But Liberman also shrewdly noted the significance of the US letting Israel know about the strike beforehand.
21.    “The American update to the IDF and security establishment before the attack in Syria is further proof of the strength of the relationship and depth of the connection between Israel and its largest ally, the United States,” the defense minister said in a statement…”
22.    Remember what God said concerning this unholy alliance. Go back to that This Generation in PropheCy.
23.    He said, “At the initial stage, America will take side with Israel. But along the way, America will pull out and then join the United Nations to attack Israel.”
24.    Remember this same Netanyahu was the one that made it known to the whole world on the 16th of March when 70 countries that made up the UN gathered and voted against Israel, including America. The man said, “It has become clear to Israel that America is our known enemy.”
25.    You cannot fight a war without starting with a fight. Fight before war. There must be a fight before a war. You do not fight without pushing and poking at the opponent’s mouth. Before you know it, they will begin to fight and they will be separated: “What is the problem? Okay, that is enough.”
26.    But if it is war, it is “Operation Shed Blood.” No mercy! Employ whatever you have and destroy your opponent.
27.    “…The Israel Defense Forces, which usually keeps mum on international issues, released a statement saying that when it was notified of the attack, it too “expressed its support for the decision.” ‘The feeling in Israel was that Obama didn’t see Iran as part of the problem. Trump does’.
28.    In Israeli minds, Obama’s refusal to adhere to his “red lines” about chemical attacks gave carte blanche not only to Assad to act as he pleased, but also allowed Iran to remain entrenched in Syria and paved the way for Russia to bring its influence and weapons into the region.
29.    “The feeling in Israel was that Obama didn’t see Iran as part of the problem. Trump, by contrast, appears to view Iran as part of the problem,” Chagai Tzuriel, the director-general of the Intelligence Ministry, told The Times of Israel last month.
30.    In the state-run Saudi Press Agency on Friday, Riyadh lauded the “courageous decision” by Trump, adding that the Assad regime only had itself to blame for the retaliatory strike in light of the “odious crimes it had committed for years against the Syrian people.”
31.    Inside the war-torn nation, though some like Zakaria saw Trump’s bombardment as heralding a profound change in US policy, rebel militias praised the bombing, but expressed concern that it would ultimately have little to no effect.
32.    “We welcome any action that will put an end to the regime that is committing the worst crimes in history,” said Colonel Ahmed Osman, of the Turkey-backed Sultan Murad rebel group.
33.    Mohamed Alloush, a key figure in the Army of Islam rebel faction, wrote on Twitter: “Hitting one airbase is not enough, there are 26 airbases that target civilians.” As of Friday afternoon, the United States has given no indication that it intends to do more than hit one airbase.
34.    The US military is engaged in fighting across the Middle East and Africa — wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, smaller operations in Somalia and Yemen, among others — and is operating intensively in the South Chinese Sea.
35.    Expanding the US military’s role in Syria beyond its current capacity in the coalition against the Islamic State would be a tough domestic sell for Trump, who ran on an isolationist platform.
36.    But for Israel in the meantime, Amidror said that an attack by Syria or the Iranian proxy Hezbollah is “less likely” in the short term than it was before, owing to their knowledge that the Trump administration is watching the region more carefully and potentially with a finger on the trigger. Beyond the immediate future, the view gets murkier.
37.    For the past six years, analysts and experts of every stripe and pedigree have attempted to prophesy what will happen next in Syria’s civil war, and nearly all have eaten their words.
38.    Israel hopes that Friday’s bombardment will act as a deterrent to the Shiite axis gaining strength in the Middle East. But at the same time, it may drive the Iran-led force into deeper ties with Russia.
39.    Following the attack, Moscow reportedly promised to help Assad build up his already formidable air defense program — a potential harbinger of complications for Israel, which carries out airstrikes in Syria against Hezbollah weapons caches on a reportedly regular basis.
40.    Earlier this week, a top security official said that had Obama in 2013 sent a single jet to Damascus to just drop a bag of water on Assad’s palace, history would have taken a different course.
41.    But nearly four years later and with considerably more Russian involvement, Trump’s 59 Tomahawk missiles might not be enough to turn the tide in Syria. “Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched.”

Russia Sends Warships Toward
U.S. Navy after Syria Bombing
42.    Russia Sends Warships Toward U.S. Navy after Syria Bombing. By Tom O'ConnorOn 4/7/17 at 3:49 PM.
43.    “…Russia deployed its most advanced Black Sea frigate Friday into the eastern Mediterranean, where U.S. Navy destroyers had launched an airstrike earlier that day against the Moscow-backed Syrian military.
44.    As Russian leadership condemned the U.S.' first intentional attack on the military of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since the country's six-year conflict began, Russia's Admiral Grigorovich frigate…”
45.    While we are reading the excerpt, give attention to This Generation in Prophecy. You all have your booklets. We want to read page 192 from verse 23.
46.    “It is noteworthy to mention that Israel is well favoured by God. The happening in Israel is very significant to the world as God has in His Majesty potentially chosen event in Israel as the world mirror for End Time Believers…”
47.    Brother Ifeanyi Eze, you have been promoted to a HOD. Any day you mess up in reading, I will use My hand to recommend your removal. I placed you there. I will remove you.
48.    I gave you the job when you were hopeless. I am behind it as long as you are proving faithful. Any silly thing around you, of course you know I do not threaten anybody. It does not take Me more than five minutes, you get your letter.
49.    “…The happening in Israel is very significant to the world as God has in His Majesty potentially chosen event in Israel as the world mirror for End Time Believers.
50.    The Israelite will not respect the peace accord with Palestine. They do not fear any nation when it comes to war. An average Israeli soldier goes to battle with the consciousness of God and they never believe they could lose a war.
51.    They have the biblical backing of the Almighty God. God is so much in love with them that the scripture said, “The nation that curses them shall be cursed. And he that blesses them shall remain blessed.”
52.    Finally, in the word of Albert Einstein, “Man now has the power of destruction from which he has no means to protect himself.”
53.    Human beings now possessed the power of destroying themselves without having the power to protect themselves. For they have used their hands to manufacture weapons of mass destructions which they can no longer control.
54.    In other words, man has become a terror to himself and to his fellow men. God said He will not destroy a human race, but the human race will destroy themselves with their hands.
55.    “This excerpt is called from Sunday Tribune 28th February, 1999, page 25. This excerpt was inspired by the spirit of God. No human being that believes the Holy Scripture will argue or dismiss this inspired exposition.
56.    The Watchman is very happy to note that ancient writers even were inspired to predict the end of this generation even about 400 years ago.
57.    Russia, America, Japan, Iraq, Iran etc., are expressing great fear over the possible sudden explosion of their heavily timed and computerized atomic and nuclear bombs with their disastrous effect on mankind worldwide.
58.    Can some of these dangerous bombs explode without somebody detonating them? The answer is Yes. Any time that the time that is fixed for a time bomb expires, it must surely explode.
59.    This is why, there is bomb detonating units in both the army and police forces in all the countries of the world to handle such deadly cases.
60.    In effect, mankind has manufactured, with their hands, the things that will lastly destroy them without mercy. If third World War, comes at the end of this generation, how many nations will survive it, taking into consideration, the level of long range missiles many countries have stored with the help…”
61.    Like the one used in Syria. They were fired from America and they never missed the spot.It is not face to face fighting now. If America wants to destroy Onitsha, they will only take the bearing.
62.    They know the number of kilometers, they know the speed of the missile, they know the location. Computerized it, simply fire! If it goes by that speed, once it clocks that number of miles, it will land.
63.    You see where we are? Are you surprised? Somebody can now, with the help of aeroplane, go round the whole world and come back. In less than 24 hours, you go round the whole world. With the help of aeroplane, people now attend wedding ceremonies in London from Nigeria and come back that same day, as if London is main market.
64.    You see, the type of war we are talking is not the type Hitler fought. No! It is not that Napoleonic war. No! This is another type of war – Nuclear War! Chemical War!
65.    Remember that Iraq threatened the whole world when America became very, very harsh to them. They threatened to release a biological bomb that will infest the whole world with anthrax diseases, which if it was fired according to them, will reduce the population of the world by three quarters. So, only one quarter will remain. Biological weapon!
66.    The one they were accusing Assad regime was ordinary gas. Chemical. What can you say about biological weapon which contain different types of diseases? It can release this so called Cerebrospinal Meningitis. I want you to see that the world has been sitting on a time bomb and the time bomb is about to explode. Who will escape?
67.    You see why the Lord Jesus said, “You should remain faithful, remain obedient, obeying His word so that you can count yourself worthy to escape all these things that are coming upon the earth.”
68.    Only the faithfuls of the Lord will escape it. For which cause, this small group, this minority handpicked by God Himself from all over the world are gathering examining world events with prophesies.Bishop Ifeanyi, read like a man and come down.
69.    “If Third World War comes at the end of this generations will survive taking into consideration the level of long raged missiles many nations has stored with the help of modified computers systems.
70.    But the Third World War will not come out. Will there be war at all? Surely yes! All the nations in the world must condemned the last action Israel will take against Palestine and will join themselves together under the UN Treaty or Accord and attack Israel including America and Britain…”
71.    Including America and Britain. Remember that this was from the Obama that voted against Israel.
72.    “This is the long awaited Armageddon war where God Himself will display His Supernatural Authority and Power over all the nations of the world. This is not the matter at stake for now please.”
73.    This generation in prophecy had already highlighted, that whenever it starts, it is God alone that will bring about the victory over His own people.
74.    If you belong to the Israel of God according to the scriptures, it is only in Christ that you have your escape. Outside Christ, you have no escape. Anybody taking refuge outsideChrist is taking a false refuge. Your weapons of warfare will fail you. Your strength will fail you.
75.    What do you have? When you do not have something that can conquer Boko Haram. Ordinary militia. Ordinary guerilla, we cannot conquer. How can you begin to point at America or Russia, France, Japan, China? Abeg! We better calm down. We better calm down.   Let us visit the except again. Amen.

RUSSIA Sends Warships Toward U.S. Navy after Syria Bombing. By Tom O'ConnorOn 4/7/17 at 3:49 PM.
2.        Russia deployed its most advanced Black Sea frigate Friday into the eastern Mediterranean, where U.S. Navy destroyers had launched an airstrike earlier that day against the Moscow-backed Syrian military.” This one happened on Friday.
3.        “As Russian leadership condemned the U.S.' first intentional attack on the military of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since the country's six-year conflict began, Russia's Admiral Grigorovich frigate reportedly left its port of Sevastopol, Crimea, and headed toward the U.S. destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross.
4.        The vessels had launched a barrage of 59 Tomahawk missiles early Friday morning against Syria's Shayrat Airfield, which Washington alleged was the origin of a suspected chemical attack on the Syrian rebel-held city of Idlib.
5.        Moscow argued the toxic discharge was the result of a Syrian airstrike on a chemical weapons facility used by rebels and has said it would take "a complex of measures" to protect Syrian troops from further U.S. action.
6.        Russia's 4,000-ton warship came equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles,…” Russian what? “Russia's 4,000-ton warship…”
7.        Abeg, make una pay attention o-o-o. Is this a joking matter? It is no longer a child’s play. Do you know how much the government of Russia is spending daily to maintain it there? Do you know how much America government is spending daily to maintain their own? See the two super powers.
8.        God had earlier told us, “Fix our eyes on the King of the North.” Will Russia bomb America? God said, “Yes! But any day Russia drops a bomb in America, that is the end of the world.”
9.        Remember the day He gave us the date that marked the beginning of the end of the world. It was not the end. He said, “Today marks the beginning.” And since that day, watch how events has been happening one after the other. One after the other. One after the other.
10.    “Russia's 4,000-ton warship came equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles one of Moscow's latest and most deadly high-tech projectiles, and was  headed to dock in the Syrian city of Tartus, according to Russia's official TASS News Agency.
11.    The ship's movement was also confirmed by Turkish ship spotter YorukIsik, who told the U.S. Naval Institute's news agency that the ship had crossed the Bosphorus Strait only nine days after docking from a previous Mediterranean voyage.
12.    The Admiral Grigorovich frigate was involved in joint naval drills conducted Wednesday between Russia and Turkey. Russia's Black Sea Fleet and the Turkish navy trained for both defense and rescue operations in a rare sign of recent cooperation between Moscow and Ankara, which have supported opposing alliances in Europe and the Middle East. 
13.    Turkey, a member of NATO, has supported insurgent groups in Syria opposed to Assad. Russian President Vladimir Putin viewed President Donald Trump's decision to launch airstrikes on the Syrian airbase as "a significant blow to Russian-American relations, which were already in a sorry state," according to Putin's official spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.
14.    Russia's defense ministry also voided an air defense deal between the U.S. and Russian military in Syria as the two powers hold parallel campaigns against the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, and other jihadist groups.
15.    The operations conducted by the U.S. and Russia frequently bring their respective forces near one another and the deal was intended to prevent potential clashes.”

Are these the battle
lines for World War Three?
16.    “Are these the battle lines for World War Three? Graphic shows which countries are siding with Russia or the US in their support – or condemnation – of Assad. April 7, 2017.
17.    President Donald Trump, 70, launched airstrikes on a Bashar al-Assad controlled airbase in Syria on Thursday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today praised the American airstrike following the chemical attack.
18.    He said that the strikes sent a ‘strong and clear’ message that chemical weapons will not be tolerated in 2017. Both Britain and Australia praised the US action as an ‘appropriate response’ to what happened in the week. Syria and Russia have denounced it as an ‘act of aggression’ with Putin saying it damages relationship with US.
19.    The US airstrikes on a Syrian regime airbase have hardened the dividing lines across the world in regards to the Assad regime. Mail Online has set out world leaders’ positions on the conflict, which clearly shows the split between pro and anti-Assad countries.
20.    It suggests which side of the battle line countries would position themselves on should the escalating crisis turn into an all-out global conflict.
21.    The US military fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles at the Al Shayrat military Airfield near Hom on Thursday. Britain, Israel, Canada, France, Germany and Turkey all spoke out strongly in their condemnation of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, following the strikes on Friday.
22.    Meanwhile, Russia has blasted the US, with the country’s UN envoy accusing President Trump of ‘violating international law’ by firing at an airbase near Homs. Britain and Israel today specifically praised Trump’s airstrikes, which took place in the wake of a deadly poison gas attack on a rebel-held town in Syria.
23.    This puts them at odds with countries including Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Algeria and Venezuela, who have all shown their support for Assad in the past. France and Germany today said that Assad bears ‘sole responsibility’ for the US strike.
24.    On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the strike saying it sent a ‘strong and clear’ message that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated.
25.    He said: ‘Israel fully supports President Trump’s decision and hopes that this message of resolve in the face of the Assad regime’s horrific actions will resonate not only in Damascus, but in Tehran, Pyongyang and elsewhere.’
26.    The attacks in neighboring Syria have worried Israel, which has warned against ‘game-changing’ weapons reaching Hezbollah in Lebanon from Syria.
27.    The Israeli leader and Israel’s ambassador to the U.N., Danny Danon, hope America’s actions will send a ‘significant message’ to the likes of Iran and North Korea, where leaders have repeatedly ignored warnings against the use of such weapons.
28.    The Israel Defense Forces said Friday that Israel, along with many other international allies, were informed by the US ahead of the military strike, which saw at least 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from two American naval destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean strike the Shayrat Airfield north of Damascus.
29.    The strike was in retaliation for a deadly chemical weapons attack Tuesday in the northern Syrian province of Idlib that left at least 86 people dead. Britain backed the US missile strike, describing it as an ‘appropriate response’, as the government offered its full support to Trump’s targeted assault.
30.    A No 10 spokeswoman said: ‘The UK Government fully supports the US action, which we believe was an appropriate response to the barbaric chemical weapons attack launched by the Syrian regime, and is intended to deter further attacks.’ 
31.    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande said Syrian president Assad bore ‘sole responsibility’ for the US strike on a regime airbase. In a joint statement on Friday, they said: ‘After the chemical weapons massacre of April 4 on Khan Sheikhun in northwestern Syria, a military installation of the Syrian regime was destroyed by a US air strike last night.
32.    President Assad bears sole responsibility for this development.’ Hollande added that the US strike was what France had been calling for in the wake of the 2013 chemical attack.”
33.    Let us go to Bridal Watch and know whether there are some prophecies relating to all these developments. Amen.

Bridal Watch Volume 6, page 65 verse 77-78 “Now, we are still forging ahead. I am trying to address the global situation to keep you abreast of the hour that God said, “Keep your eyes on the King of the North.”
2.        Looking at the way we are sitting down, you might be thinking that nothing is happening. Things are really happening in diverse places at different forms.
3.        Do not allow Nigeria’s situation to over blind you into believing that the problem is limited to Nigeria. No! But remember there is going to be a very big problem that will spark off soon. The long awaited Third World War where our translation is tied to. Amen.” Quote the message, quote the page.
4.        Bridal Watch (No place to hide) Volume 6, preached Sunday, 24 April, 2016. Household of God Onitsha by Apostle Peter Odoemena. The Son of Man, the Supreme Intelligent.  Page 65 verse 77-78.
5.        “Now, we are still forging ahead. I am trying to address the global situation to keep you abreast of the hour that God said, “Keep your eyes on the King of the North.”
6.        Keep your eyes on the King of the North, which is Russia.
7.        Looking at the way we are sitting down, you might be thinking that nothing is happening. Things are really happening in diverse places at different forms.
8.        Do not allow Nigeria situation to over blind you into believing that the problem is limited to Nigeria. No! But remember there is going to be a very big problem that will spark off soon…”
9.        There is going to be a very big problem that will spark off soon. As at 2016, God saw the problem, a global one that will spark off soon.
10.    “But remember there is going to be a very big problem that will spark off soon. The long awaited Third World War…” What? “The long awaited Third World War where our translation is tied to. Amen.”
11.    Where what is tied to? Our translation. For God had already said it. It is guaranteed that your translation will come during troublous times. That settles it.You will be translated during troublous times. Do not panic about it.
12.    In the message this generation in prophecy, I think God said something there. The last lap, this generation is about to end. That is the topic.
13.    The last message there, the sub-topic there said, “Is the end of this generation a secret?” I want a good reader to read not Brother Ojiakor, not Brother Ifeanyi. It is unfortunate, Ngosike is not here today. Brother Kelechi, try.
14.    The day Noah entered into the ark was a secret to the entire world. But to Noah and his family, it was not a secret.” Is it true?
15.    The day Noah and his family entered the ark, the world knew it not. But Noah and his family, was it a secret? Did the Bible say it is going to be a secret thing to you?
16.    He said, “It is going to be secret to the world, but concerning the hour and the day, I need not to write to you for you know it already.” Is that not right?
17.    If you know scripture, happy are you. When the Lord Jesus was asked a question, he said, “No man knoweth the day nor the hour but my father which is in heaven.” Known unto God. It is only but a day known unto the Lord. Is it true?
18.    That the Son knoweth it not. No angel knows it but the Father. Where is the Father? They were asking him, “Show us the father. Then, we will rest.” Then he replied again, “Have I been with you all these while and yet you do not know me?”
19.    Who said, Noah, about this time the morrow, with your family, enter? And he supervised the entry. When they finished, the Bible said, “He (God) locked it, took the key with Him”,making it impossible for his relations who will repent to come in.
20.    Because being a man of sympathy, when he saw the whole thing happening, people got tired of constructing gutters and thing like that. They rushedto the place asking for entry. He could have opened it being a passionate man but he was not holding the key. He has the key of hell and of heaven. He takes in there whosoever He wants.
21.    Look at the case of Lot, He (God) supervised it. He said, “Make haste. We are setting this place ablaze in the next few hours. Look at where you will run to. Make haste. Leave everything behind.”
22.    While they delayed, the angels were patients beckoning on them to move. When they over delayed, God held Lot by the hand and dragged him out.
23.    When these things were happening, the world around Lot knew it not. What was about to take place the following day had already being announced to Lot and family, their exit supervised by God.
24.    God said, “I will remain here. I will not destroy it until you have run to the safe land.” Even when he made another choice, God said, “Provided you will get there, destruction will not come down.”
25.    If you read further, it said, “Immediately God saw that Lot and the two daughters had been secured, He set the world ablaze. That self-same day, fire rained down from above and ravaged the whole earth.”
26.    It was a secret to the world, but to Lot, was it a secret? Why? The Almighty was there in human form talking, encouraging, leading, directing. The destroyer was there.
27.    In the land of Jericho, destruction of Jericho was a sudden event to all living in Jericho. Was it a surprise to Rehab? Rehab knew even the hour. Why? She received the angels of destruction.
28.    They made a covenant with her which she kept to the hurt of their soul because when God makes a covenant binding his soul, He does not draw back. If He should draw back, He will go back to the cross.
29.    Anybody can be a truce breaker, a covenant breaker, not God. Do you believe that? If there is going to be a day known unto the Lord, and it shall not over-delayed by a second, do we have one that is in the bosom of the father?
30.    What did the Scripture say concerning the person? He that is in the bosom of the Father, knows the mind of the Father. But this is the greatest secret according to the Great Sermon locked up.
31.    The days of vengeance is in My heart sayeth the Lord God Almighty. Even when you read it in the Acts of the Apostles, “He has appointed a day He is going to judge the world in righteousness by Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah.”
32.    And He went further to explain it that the Father judgeth no man, but has committed judgement into the hands of His Dear Son, for He is The Son of Man.
33.    He gave a sign which He fulfilled, by causing Him to resurrect from the dead. Hence the invitation,“Come and you will see the Resurrected Body.”
34.    Was it not that that got all of us convinced? From that day, our eyes beheld the Resurrected Body.
35.    A little while He said, “I will show you, bring down before your eyes the Godhead where you are all connected to”, to confirm the words of the prophet that only one man will go to rapture not two. For in Him all of you are emptied.
36.    All that is in God, He emptied into Christ. All that is in Christ, He emptied into the Church. The Church and Christ became one. And it is only in the Godhead that all of you will be presented spotless, blameless, unreprovable, no blemish.
37.    For He is not presenting you to another person but to Himself that you may dwell with Him eternally. For which cause He came to manifest His nature as your ticket to paradise, with a warning, “If you do not have this nature, you will never dwell with Me eternally.”
38.    When they were trying to ask further questions, He said, “Do not worry. Just follow Me. Towards the end, I will show you. Whenever I want to magnify Myself in the midst of My people, I will show them My Original Body.”
39.    Then, with your eyes, you have seen the Theophany Body. The body that could appear and disappear which is the body He promised all of you.
40.    Through the preaching of the Gospel Truth, the Theophany body has been brought into focus, confirming the Scriptures.Through the preaching of the gospel of Christ, immortality has been brought into existence.
41.    You see why you must enquire by asking very hard question like the Queen of Sheba.
42.    Until you are convinced, sure and certain about the personality you are having dealings WITH; you have no right to echo amen in this faith.
43.    And you are not My disciple, I am not sent for you, you are not for Me. You are far from Me as I am far from you. You are equally far from the salvation for which cause I am sent.
44.    Remember I told you, I read it in the teaching, Watson Fihala, was making everybody to know, “Never will God save everybody here.” That never, no matter the way you present yourself, there is no way everybody in this Bridal Faith can be saved.
45.    If you see My own copy, I littered it with lines. For your sake, your teacher, give Me that message, Learn of Me. I spoke concerning Watson Fihala.
46.    Remember for his sake, I placed another course on the devil that deceived him,“That it shall not be well with the devil forever who tampered with Watson and Ben Okezue”, for the two were sent out at the same timed by the Elders.
47.    Watson heard a voice when he wanted to commit suicide here. He went to Jos, prayed, before then, he heard a voice, “Weston Fihala, God will deceive you.” And God really deceived him when he had already made up his mind to commit suicide.
48.    Just like somebody told Me recently that our Bishop Joe Ukpong said, “Any day it became a revelation to him that he will not be saved at the end by the Son of Man, that he will commit suicide. That life means nothing without Christ.”
49.    I said, “Look at this foolish man. Is it by force? Or do you think committing suicide will shake Me?” No! Do not commit suicide but change your mind. Judas committed suicide. Was it the remedy? He made matters worse. Maybe, if he had followed, the serious wrong might have been forgiven. This is pure truth.
50.    That is why Samuel told the people of Israel, “Though you have offended the Lord your God, please, do not run away from Him. Keep on following. Remain faithful. Keep on pleading your case. He is a merciful God. He is your father. Towards the end, He may forgive you.”
51.    Do you think it is easy for a father to banish his child forever? It is not easy. You can still restore him as your child but deny him of all the privileges of a child.
52.    I want to know what the Holy Spirit said concerning Watson Fihala, even when Watson has been excommunicated.
53.    the Great Sermon, Epistle 9, “Can God change His mind concerning Hid word?” Watson Fihala appeared there with the rest of them.
54.    Learn of Me. Give it to somebody else, your voice is cracked. Bishop Ifeanyi is not a good teacher. A good teacher must be a good reader fluent in English Language. But this man’s way is very, very unpredictable.
55.    I wonder what you are offering your people. A social scientist like you. You should be an orator.  You read political science, if you were to practice it, won’t you be an orator? How can you move the audience if you cannot get them convinced through your oratory? You are not qualified from My own assessment even to be in the class room. It is better you come to The One that did not go to school like Me to teach you.
56.    Learn of Me, preached on 11th August, 2002, Pg. 14. 11th August 2002. Let us know what God said concerning Watson Fihala. Do you know why I am reading it? When you are going through that teaching, you will be filled with awe. Truly speaking, you will begin to see your own revelation from there, if you are intelligent.
57.    That is why St. Paul said, “Let he that think he standeth be very careful, lest he falls”, because all that this young man taught against, he fulfilled to the letter. In the same December he handled it, that December, he became guilty. Not another time.
58.    You see why God said, “Do not preach Me a sermon, live Me a sermon.” Your life, your character must be worthy of your gospel. Or else, do not preach.
59.    If you do not respect and obey your gospel, who do you want to obey? And I have been hammering it here that the greatest gospel that make the greatest impact is not what you are saying with your mouth but your character. And that is integrity.
60.    You are written Epistles read of all men. You do not need to go about and tell Me, I belong to Christ, Bride of Christ Ministry. I do not want to hear that. Let your life teach Me. If you cannot say, “Follow me as I follow Christ. Imitate me. Learn of me. Please give way.” Give way!
61.    Remember the challenge of last week. All Ministers were giving assignment. “If through your own self-evaluation, examination, scrutiny, you are sure and convinced that you are occupying an office God never ordained you into, please, resign immediately. Give way, so that we will know and recognize the number of Ministers that are called into The Fivefold Ministry.” I do not know how many Ministers went home to do that work.
62.    When you finish, don’t go to any other person. Come to me. I am the one that raked it up, read it. I am the one that commanded you to do so in your best interest.
63.    If you are sure and certain, you are answering Apostle and God never ordained you Apostle, you are not born into that office, you do not have the qualities of that office, you do not even manifest the gifts attached to that office and it does not give you joy staying there, you are not making foolproof of that ministry, please, vacate immediately. After all, nobody is paying you there. Why destroying your life?
64.    I may not be a Pastor. I may not be an Evangelist. I may not be a Prophet. I may not be a Teacher. I may not be an Apostle. I may not be a Son of Man.
65.    But if at the end of everything, I will hear, “Enter paradise which your Father prepared for you before the world began, what else do I need?” Tell me. What else?“Your sins that are many are forgiven you for Christ sake. Enter ye, paradise prepared for you by your Father before the world began.” Tell Me, is there any other price greater than this?
66.    If you are occupying an office as a minister, remember, you will be judged by all you have taught, all You have evangelized. If you refuse to make foolproof of that ministry, you are likened to a shrewd servant that buried his talent in the ground. You must be cast into the outer darkness.
67.    Because the gifts of Christ are given to you not to profit thereby. If you are called of God, and the Lord bestowed you with heavenly gift, the gifts are not for you to profit. The gift is to profit others, not you. That is how you know counterfeit men of God.
68.    If they say they have gift of healing, they will be using it to make money. They will be using it to make a name. A great man of God with healing, come with this, come with that. Gift from God makes a man humble, meek and lowly, for he recognizes God, The Giver of the gift and sees himself as a mere vessel that is been used to help humanity. Hence, God said, “Freely you receive, freely you give.” Is it happening again?
69.    Go to the counterfeit Churches or counterfeit ministers. Prayer is money. Everything is money, money, money. They have commercialized even the gift of God, if they have any. They are all placed for sale. Christ for sale. Too many Judases.
70.    You see why we are not a denomination, why we are a little group away from all, why we are hated by the unbelieving world, why we are in the minority because majority has never served God’s interest.
71.    Majority has never, will never, can never serve God’s interest. Even in the wilderness, Moses was there having over two million people around him. When they were sent to Canaan to survey the land, the majority conspire against the Truth to tell lies.
72.    Only two came back. Caleb and Joshua. The Bible said, “They have another Spirit.” They were in the minority.
73.    That is why, I do not believe in that your stupid adage. whether you see it in the Bible or not, stupid means stupid. Who fault is it?
74.    i am The Son of Man because I am the truth, I am the way, I am the light, no man seeth God or cometh to God or talks of eternal life without Me.
75.    I am the only One sealed and sent by the Almighty. Standing in His presence, I make all My declarations. I know where I am standing, of course, you know Me by now.
76.    I may not be like somebody, but you know Me because you have been acquainted with Me. Watch what is happening out there. compare it with what is happening within here.
77.    That stupid truth that by the witnesses of two or three shall the truth be established. Rubbish! Absolutely rubbish. One million can conspire to tell lies.
78.    When Jesus Christ was to be condemned, the Bible recorded mean persons were hired to come and testify against Him. They were more than five hundred. Amen.