Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: I AM BRINGING ALL FAMILIES BACK Vol. 1

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Are you in this Faith? Preached on 29/12/2004: by Apostle Peter Odoemena (The Son of Man)
2.          The cup you used in measuring to God is what God will use to measure unto you. The wife of Bro Mike Udor served Mike by decorating the bed, bringing out water for Bro Mike
to bath, etc., whenever Bro Mike comes to Nsukka without our brother knowing she was advertising fake product.
2.          She is not worthy to be a wife. Nobody should entertain any report from her. She is deadly and a murderer. She deceived the husband.
3.          Listen to the messages concerning marriage. Wherever you want to marry, if you are a radical, recoil. Do not ever behave in a way she will think that one day you will marry her; otherwise your life is in danger.
4.          God called Bro. Mike Udor and the wife picked the phone, sighed and insulted Him (God) claiming she did not know that it was the Son of Man calling.
5.          What is more, she is still doing it till today. She is fond of insulting the Son of Man till date. The Son of Man has all our reports right from the village and He is monitoring all of us to know when we have repented.  If He wants to know anything about any of us, He will pick the person’s report.
6.          You will come in contact with the Son of Man in one way or the other so that you will constantly be remembered, either for good or for evil.
7.          Where the battle started is where it will end. For the battle started in our homes; that is where the devil touched that spoiled the whole world. And I told you this battle will end in the family.
8.          If you are here patterning after someone, you are deceiving yourself. The only thing you have to pattern after is the word of God. There is a way you will carry out judgement without investigations and kill an innocent man.
9.          Often times the most violent becomes guilty. It is not taking a case to court that matters. It is winning the case.
10.     You are blessed brethren. I love the atmosphere in the camp. How I wish you will sustain it. I equally wish it is not in fear. If it is out of fear, you will be destroyed.
11.     I want you to open your hearts and ears. I do not know how long I am going to stay on the pulpit. I may sound strange in a way.
12.     Bear with me. I may be foolish to the foolish but wise to the wise. And so it should be.
13.     I thank all of you that are in this faith. I praise your patience and courage. Moreover, my desire is that you remain steadfast unto the end.  Nobody is crowned until he gets to the end.
14.     If you go to your friend`s house for something very vital and the you are told he is not around that he will soon be back. You waited for him maybe from morning till 5 o’clock in the evening and you became tired maybe for one reason or the other, you left his house promising to be back the following day.
15.     You did a wonderful thing but the truth is that you waited in vain. The following day, if you maybe privilege to be back as you promised you will be surprised to hear, no sooner than you left that the man appeared.
16.     That if you had remained for at least 5 minutes more you would have met him. The man knew he told you to come. He knew he told you to wait. He knew he must be back. However, you ran out of patience. He that told you to wait meant it. He promised he will be back there is no way he would have remained in exile.
17.     Thus, leaving the house where he said you should wait when you are aware he knew you are in the house. He knew you were waiting, he knew. He told you to wait.
18.     If you are wise and understanding, as long as he has taken pleasure in staying too long outside, I will take pleasure in remaining in his house.
19.     If he gets in the midnight and decides I should go, he knows how to help me back to my house. He comes back and decides I should spend the night with him, better. I want us to think about it before we develop it as an attitude.
20.     How many have gone through this message “Upset the faith of the Son of Man and end it in the grave”, how many have gone through it?  Only two hands. I know it is scaring you away. Let it not scare you away. But will you like to upset the faith of the Son of Man?
21.     You had better go through it. I do not intend to read it but I used it as my jotter. I do not intend to read it for there is nothing there I will read. But I used it as my jotter.
22.     Now for you to understand me because I have outlined many teachings that will help me rectify naked shortcomings I have observed in almost every family in this Bridal Faith. I have decided to give you a background. 
23.     We are living in the era of restitution of all things. If not nothing is fallen away, there will be no need of restoration.
24.     There must be a fallen away before restoration. For God`s healing attributes to be made manifest, somebody must fall sick. Where there is no sick fellow, the healing power of God cannot be made manifest.
25.      There can never be correction where there is no fault. Somebody must have defaulted before correction is made. I will like you to have these two things. I will not like to over flog this message or teaching.
26.     Believe the account of God’s creature. The reason why human beings are what they are today, I will touch it trusting God that if you understand it, you will go home happy. Amen.

The reason why we are passing through troubles is because no human being is formed or created by the Spoken Word, which is the Original Seed.
2.          All human beings that emanated on earth from the first being here were all man-made, artificial, imperfect. They were miniature gods. They were shadows.  
3.          If you go to the biblical account of Creation, Apart from human beings, every other thing God created, was through the power of the Spoken Word. They are all incorruptible.
4.          When He came to man, God began to use a part of His Creation to make a creature in the semblance of Himself. God molded a statue. The first being called a man was molded as a lifeless statue in the semblance of a being
5.          Brother John, you are a Professional artist, trained in an institution. Bishop Okoh is one of them. They can use my photograph now and mould a semblance of my stature. There was no mirror, there was no photograph.
6.          The Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth, after separating the waters from the land, He separated darkness from light, He stood beside the water and saw His reflection in the water as a mirror.
7.          He mirrored Himself in the wide ocean. He admired His stature, admired Himself. In His attempt to get a companion, an idea came into him. For he had power enough even to use the word of His mouth to control all creatures.
8.          With the word of the mouth, all animals in the sea were created. With the word of the mouth all animals were created. With the word of the mouth all animals in the forest were created.  
9.          Remember, some animals are by far bigger and larger than human beings. Remember not even one was violent. They were all there before the idea of bringing His picture into existence came into His mind.
10.     With His words, He could supervise their activities, both those in the sea, in the forest and in the air. Even their mode of production had already been spoken that they must produce a seed after their kind.
11.     Yet there was no human being. He never deemed it fit to use the Spoken Word to say let me multiply for there is no way God could use Spoken Word to multiply Himself.
12.     He wanted the creatures to behold His semblance who He will give the authority, to help Him supervise all those creatures. Then while standing beside the water, He saw His reflection as if He was standing before a mirror. If you doubt what I am , go to a clean water, stand by the side at the time of early morning; you will see your picture.
13.     For the first time, God saw Himself and how He looked liked.
14.     For if he never existed as a being he would not have molded His image. Then He sat down, used the dust of the earth in form of clay, with water, He mixed something that was brittle. 
15.     We did it as hand work when we were coming up in school. I want you to see where the art of molding structures and statues started. People borrowed a clue from what God did.
16.     Now He started forming something. You know it was trial and error: Molding the thing using dust of the earth and water. The mixture was very nice. It was not a day`s work.
17.     He continued making the thing until the thing became hardened as an erect structure. He fitted the legs, the hands and things like that. Then dressed the head. Placed the eyes where they should be, the nose and things like that. He wanted to keep Himself busy, that was why the idea came.
18.     Then look at what happened, He stood a distance after the work, watched the structure as a monument, as an effigy, lifeless. He used His own colour. Remember He painted one.
19.     Now when He used the whole thing to suit His purpose, then He walked away. From a distance, He examined that thing again. He came back: “What will I do to transform this inanimate object to a living being so that all these organs I have fitted will start moving.”
20.      The hands were there, they were not moving. The eyes were  blind. Everything artificial. Then He came up with another idea. Being the Almighty, He metamorphosed again into a spirit form.
21.     He said, “I have become a living spirit and I will always be. I will use the same power I have to inject life into this thing as a living spirit now no longer a human being.”
22.     I hope I am making sense? Yes Sir! There is something we call artificial respiration. If somebody collapses, if somebody faints, a courageous fellow by the side can help. Put your mouth on the person’s mouth, your nose on the person’s nose.
23.     Press the stomach gradually so that there will be peristalsis, keep on breathing in and out. Within three minutes, the person will stand up. It is called artificial respiration. This is how we were resuscitating people especially during the war.
24.     If you happened to be among Red Cross Society that is the first thing. You learn artificial respiration; you learn how to place people on recovery position before you begin to learn other aspects. These things are working.
25.     Now God breathed into His nostrils. You see where we now started tracing whatever a human being is made up of. He breathed into this nostrils being a living spirit, the breath of life.
26.     “The Bible said, “And man became a living soul.” You see, you can never separate the soul of man from the man. Man became a living soul. Living in the sense that he can now move about. Soul in the sense that what is in him, is infused in him supernaturally. The supernatural God artificially transferred His life into the inanimate object and the hands started moving.
27.     Everything the man is made up of was exactly the content of the Almighty God. And God looked at the man and other creatures and said behold they are perfect. They met His standard. He jubilated for a work well done. Then the rested in His labour.
28.     Check the account of Creation when He rested in His labour, His face was full of admiration.
29.     Watching the ways the animals were interacting, the fishes in the sea were swimming together, God started seeing a sort of communal  life but there was something He observed that was void: He saw them males and females. Hence they could reproduce but unfortunately, He molded Himself. One that was like Him.
30.     In other words, there was no room for reproduction. Others could reproduce for He used the Spoken Word to make them males and females and gave them charge to go and reproduce  but unfortunately, He molded a man like Himself without any reproductive organ and having made that mistake, He decided to do something.
31.     Do not ask Him why. Do not assume equality with God for if God wanted you to assume equality with Him, He would have created you with the Spoken Word. He decided you must be the workmanship of His hand.
32.     You are the God’s workmanship, you are God’s craft, handwork. Is it not scriptural? Are we not the workmanship of God? We are likened to the flock of His pasture.  Amen.

As He journeyed along with other creatures, He then noticed a serious omission. Having that prospect that all others were two, except man and man cannot reproduce of himself.
2.           Concerning plant, He has already made them both males and females, hence they can reproduce asexually.
3.          We have male paw-paw tree, we have female paw-paw tree. Check all the plants they have males and females. He now decided to make the reproductive side of the man and it cannot be any of the animals.
4.          It must be something in semblance of the man which is easier to make because the original had already been placed there.
5.          Hear me very well. It does not require science but spermatozoa for of another person to fertilize a woman.  It does not require research. It is human being to human being. It is likened to blood transfusion.
6.          But for you to use the blood of another animal on a human being, a lot of researches, experiments are needed before it can be successfully carried out. So far, it has not succeeded.
7.          Nobody has ever succeeded because man and lower animals are of different species. Hence, the only specie from where a female can be produced remains that original specie which is male.
8.          And according to law of nature, the female can only come from the part of the male for nothing will fit in there but a human being. No other animal can fit in there.  He made a woman using all He placed in the man, then they were standing naked. No clothing.
9.          If there was any modification, it was merely created, the part way for production. Which He had already done by Spoken Word in animals. So he had little or no difficulty for the pathway of reproduction he gave the animals is exactly the path way of reproduction He inserted in man. Not another one. So He did not go to college again. He had already spoken that into existence.
10.     Then we began to see two human beings. You do not need to tell me that they never needed themselves. They needed themselves like any other animals. There was no other brother except that one God molded first. There was no other sister, there was no other family.
11.     If it takes husband and wife to form a family, they had already formed a family.  Then God commanded them to reproduce like any other animals, replenish the earth without regulation. Yes, without regulation!
12.     Now we have seen the family. It has come into existence. Whatever might be the crime that made God to push them out of that paradise was committed by the human beings there.
13.     Restoration is incomplete until they are back to the same original place where they were driven away.
14.     Government is making frantic efforts in reconstructing and rehabilitating the Northeast. Having only but one aim, which is to restore the internally displayed persons back to their homeland.
15.     Thus, no matter how we are assisting them, as long as they are in exile, we have not completed the work. The work is only complete when they are fully restored and settled in their homeland. The feast they will enjoy there will be better than whatever they are enjoying in exile. So no place is better than home.
16.     When God sent them away to forestall the tendency of coming back there to be into it, He placed a flaming sword that revolves there so that nobody attempts settling there until the time of the restitution of all things.  
17.     If He had used the Spoken Word to create man, he would not have fallen away. There was nothing that could have made man to be corrupt. Anything man made must see corruption whether we like it or not. But the word of God remains incorruptible. It is an incorruptible seed. I hope I am coming to something?
18.     Now, in that first family, there was no religion there, there was worship but there was no religion. Get me right for that is exactly where I am heading to. If you miss it today, do not come to me again on this matter.
19.     In that Garden of Eden, standing two individuals who later became husband and wife because God had already approved of the union. Was there anything called religion? No sir!
20.      There was no Church there. There was no temple. No mosque, No Cathedral. Nobody was accused of unbelief. There was no way Adam could accuse Eve. Eve could not accuse Adam. It behooves God to accuse two of them for they were to be accused. They went ahead of God and rolled into error.
21.     Just like God gave instruction to them in Acts of the Apostles: “Go ye into the words and baptize, telling them to repent and things like”.
22.     Some people ran without waiting but those that waited heard another instruction: “But tarry ye in Jerusalem until you will be endued with power and then when the Holy Ghost will come, you well be my witnesses first to Jerusalem (2) Judea (3) To Samaria (4) To the uttermost part.”
23.      A guide line has been given because they waited. I can give you this microphone now and say, “Bishop Ifeanyi Eze take this microphone.” If he is foolish, he will be talking.
24.     But if he is wise, he will be waiting for further instruction. If the instruction is not coming forth, he will say, “Master, what will thou do with this microphone?” then I will tell him, speakthus  saith the Lord .”
25.      That was what took place. Husband and wife were there. The woman was presented to Adam, “Look at her, she is now your partner. Whatever name you want to give her, give her,” and the man called her “woman”–“Eve.”
26.     We are coming to something. If they had waited, God would have told them the mode of reproduction. He said, “Increase and multiply and fill the earth,” but He never told them how they should go about it and the sequence.
27.     Simply because they saw other animals mating, they saw some moving with their young ones; instead of waiting, they started experimenting. In the process of experimenting, they jumped the bail. The Lord found fault with them.
28.     What did it result, of all animals God created, they have seasons for mating as regulated by God except human beings. A human being is having sexual urge both man and woman; even in pregnancy, even while nursing baby.
29.     in some animals, the moment the female becomes pregnant, it ceases. In some, until there is a certain sign, something coming out of the female`s body, the male will not be attracted. Even in the fowls, there must be heat period, the period of roasting. Then the male will be attracted. That is how God regulated all.
30.     But to man, man violated himself and herself. The man violated his wife. The wife caused the man to violate her. She yielded to violation, hence nature was disorganized.
31.     God knew that there must be a fallen away. Whatever God sets in motion is aimed at restoring man back to his lost estate. However, note where I am landing.
32.     In that Garden of Eden, there was no other Church, no mosque, no religion but God was worshiped. And He was worshiped as equal. He delighted in that worship hence He could come every cool of the evening for the normal worship.
33.     Until one day, He came, He saw nobody sitting down; nobody to reason with. And I believe it was during that worship, God wanted to train them how they will stay together, worship and things like that before telling them the way they will reproduce.  
34.     They peeped into the unknown and God was not happy. Because  they had done that, the Lord now legalized it when a damage has been done. The two creatures were born at the same time. For the first time, we started seeing denomination in one family. One opposed to the other, yet had the attribute of worship in them.
35.     Eve worshiping the source from where she came, yet in the same family. That is why even till today, it is only a woman who can say who  owns the baby in her womb. No matter how a man brags, it is the woman that knows the owner of the baby.
36.     They are answering the same name, born in the same family, claiming one father. That was why Almighty God wanted to absolve Himself from blame. He separated from whatever that happened.
37.     He said that Cain came out from the treacherous one and must continue with the deeds of his father. Hence the first murderer appeared, the first liar appeared, the first deceiver appeared deceiving his younger one. Younger in the sense that he was the one that came out first. After, the other came out. That was the origin of evil.
38.     And from there, we began to see the over spreading of abomination that maketh desolation. Hence we are now struggling.  And if God never left us with a remnant from the lineage of Seth, begin to wonder what we would have been. Art of envy, jealousy, cruelty emerged.
39.     The two gods were opposed one to one another. The angry one slaughtered his brother for worshiping the true God. Then worshiping of God, stopped. We do not know how many years that elapsed before Seth was born. The Bible said, “People started calling the Name of God of hosts again.”
40.     While Cain lived with his own generation, nobody mentioned the Name of Jehovah. The Name was forgotten. Idolatry reigned. You must know the history and you must know where you are heading to.
41.      If you do not know where you are coming from, to appreciate what is happening now will be very, very difficult.  
42.     The Son of Man has come to help you trace your history because the only thing He has given me as an instrument is what He has been using. He uses His word. For my sheep heareth my word and they follow me. The voice of a stranger, they do not hear.
43.     Hence, the word had to come forth. Whoever that embraces the word with joy, whoever that allows the word to take its right effect in his heart, automatically is placed in right standing with God. He stands justified, unreprovable in the sight of God.  He assumes equal status with God. For there is nothing in Him that will make anybody stumble.
44.     Now we are coming forth. There was no domination until this one appeared, and one suppressed the other and gained prominence. Truth vanished because when there was no God to worship, there was no truth to propagate.
45.     Then the question arises “what stopped Adam & Eve from continuing to mention the name of God who created them? For they compromised with the first son, Cain. They compromised with their grandchildren and built a big denomination that knew not God.
46.     Who taught Seth the Name of God, who taught Seth to mention the Name of God seeing that the whole family went into idolatry? They became Roman Catholics and Anglicans in a family.
47.     Super family, all the members belong to one Church or the other and you came out from nowhere speaking another language, new, unknown to your family, which they find difficult to embrace. No matter how you try to introduce that God, they are shaking their head.
48.     For it was a new God they knew not. Their father never knew Him. Introduced that God to them. You become an odd fellow in a big family holding to a God that was unknown.
49.     Your fathers know not, your mothers knew not. None of your relations ever called the name let alone worshiping Him. I will tell you how it embraces women. Amen.

If you are a woman, you are going to be saved by being a seed of God; if you are a seed of God if you are a seed of God, your salvation is guaranteed.
2.          If you are a woman, you are born outside the Covenant of God, and His people and you happened to marry a man who is covenanted with God, a seed of God, being a seed of God has now justified you. The faith of your husband has made you holy
3.          Is it not scriptural? It is sir! Even St. Paul said so while treating marriage: “Oh ye man, do not drive away that woman because of her stubbornness, rebellion and things like that”.
4.          How do you know that your faith will not justify her: “Oh woman that is a seed of God, despise not your husband who is not a seed of God, for your faith justifies your husband; this is what I called dignified inclusion in the salvation of God.
5.          One that was out of God’s program, out of the way of salvation can be co-opted in a dignified way by marrying a man of dignity, rated by God.
6.          Let me give you an example. I want you to understand the mystery that is made known to all of us from the account of Ruth. She was a Moabite. Ruth being a Moabite, had no hand, had no place in the salvation that God gives.
7.          Then she was married to her husband together with Orpah. Unfortunately, the two sons of Elimelech died. The husband of Ruth died. Ruth tied herself to her mother-in-law Naomi who happened to be a Jewess, rendering selfless services to her.
8.          Even her mother-in-law compelled her to go back and re-marry for she was too tender to be a widow, the woman said no: “Wherever you go, I will go. Your God will be my God. Your people will be my people, where you  die, I will die . For that, entreat me not to go back.
9.          “Do not ever prevail on me to go back, to re-marry even if I do not have a child. I cannot leave you in this wilderness, I cannot abandon you. I love you my mother-in-law. I love your people, I love your God,” this and that.
10.     Then love projected this woman came forth, made good arrangement for Ruth. I will never allow this lady to go. Although she was a Moabite her love can never go unrewarded.
11.     What happened? She now recommended Ruth to Boaz. In the process, she made an arrangement for the two to stay together. Pregnancy resulted, marriage was contracted. From Boaz, came Obed from Obed, came Jesse from Jesse came David. From David, came Solomon. From Solomon came the Lord Jesus Christ.
12.     Who became the grandmother, the great grandmother of Jesus Christ? Ruth! Great grandmother of a man after God’s own heart, David. She was the great grandmother of Solomon.
13.      What brought that salvation to her? Her love, her faithfulness, her perseverance. Her perseverance! Understanding, patience, accommodation, that tolerance. Are you surprised that God could come from despised places without covenant?
14.     If the wife of Moses had behaved that way, being an Egyptian don’t you think that God would have included her? You see in every nation, in every place, whosoever that feareth, honoureth and serveth the Lord, the same is made acceptable unto Him.
15.     There is no Moabite there; there is no Egyptian there but only men and women that are counted faithfully.
16.     Ruth was very, very humble. You see, she was submissive even to her mother-in-law. She carried the virtue even to her own husband, Boaz. Because if you are humble, there are too many things you will gain. Humility will give you the favour of God. Because with humility, you will find yourself fulfilling your husband’s dreams and ambitions.
17.     Without Humility, foresight, understanding and love, no woman can find herself in the dreams and aspirations of the husband for that is the main purpose.
18.     The main purpose why God gave Eve to Adam was to be a helper meant for his needs, a helper: someone who will fit in into Adam’s program—helping Adam to fulfill his dreams and aspirations for every man, every man has a dream, a vision.
19.     No woman has a dream or vision. The duty of the woman is to subscribe to that of the husband.
20.      Let us see the characteristics of a virtuous wife. See what a virtuous wife does.
21.     Proverbs 31:1, Good News Bible. “These are the solemn words which King Lemuel's mother said to him: “You are my own dear son, the answer to my prayers. What shall I tell you? Don't spend all your energy on sex…
22.     Who was instructing the son? The mother was instructing the son to preserve his youth so that he will not become useless by spending his energy on sex. Like we are living in a sexual age, “over sexual age.”
23.     Every facet of human life, speaks sex. We have never seen a “sexious” age like our age: our music sex, dressing sex, utterances, sex, relationship sex. No honest and neat relationships anymore.
24.     Check everything, all our movies sexy, a “sexious” age! Look at the instruction given to a young man who wanted to be progressive.
25.     . …“and all your money on women...
26.     Ahead of time a virtuous woman was instructing her son. How I wish our mothers will learn from this woman. And our sons and daughters will pay attention to the words of their mothers as they are being instructed in a Godly way but some might be thinking that their freedom are being caged:
27.     “God has given us liberty, nobody should cage me, I am of age! Are you controlling me? After all I am in the university, did you follow me there? I am of age,” that’s the language.
28.     “…they have destroyed kings. Listen, Lemuel. Kings should not drink wine or have a craving for alcohol.”
29.     Kings should not be drunks. You cannot be a drunk and be intelligent. You must know how to control your appetite. If you want to be a king, a ruler, a leader, be sensible. Know how to handle these things.   
30.     …When they drink, they forget the laws and ignore the rights of people in need. Alcohol is for people who are dying.
31.     Alcohol is for people who want to die!
32.     “…For those in misery, let them drink and forget their poverty and unhappiness…”
33.     If you are in misery, you are poor. You have lost every hope of becoming something tomorrow. Ok! You can now drink, anywhere you die, becomes your grave. You will become a public entertainer because you have lost every hope.
34.     This is why we come to God face to face, live! We learn from Him, we renew our strength and that saves us from being corrupt. I am coming to something. Remember I am building a foundation.
35.     “…Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless. Speak for them and be a righteous judge. Protect the rights of the poor and needy.
36.     How hard it is to find a capable wife! She is worth far more than jewels! Her husband puts his confidence in her”.
37.     Incapable wives everywhere! A wife that is incapable shatters the dreams and aspirations of the man.
38.     Whatever is the vision of the man, whatever the man has amassed for himself, a useless woman that calls herself a wife will shatter all. Destroyer! She does not remember tomorrow.
39.     The only thing that concerns her is cloth. She is ready to sew twenty in one week. Is it plaiting of her hair, that one is like garri to her because, she is a useless and reckless fellow.
40.     Who can find a capable wife? Very difficult to find. It is not littered everywhere. It is not something you can pick even from the main road.
41.     You do not even get it by coming to Church. The reason why many of you are moving from one Church to another and have not selected one is because you are looking for a capable wife. I appreciate it but how capable are you?
42.     A brother told me that he has experimented too many sisters and found out that they are all waste papers, boreholes. And that he has made up his mind to marry a virgin.
43.     I said, “Thank you. Are you a virgin? Are you not a prostitute? Even by tasting them, you are practicing prostitution. It will take a silly sister to subscribe to you for you are a browser. After browsing, you put inside the recycled bin. And begin to publish their faults.”
44.      The same is applicable to so-called sisters. A good numbers of them are equally browsers. If you are not a browser, why going for a brother’s money, why spending weekends with him, why the text messages; making his heart to be aflame, giving the impression that you are with him only for him to be sending money to you through your account. At the end you will tell us that he is a browser. Are you not a browser?
45.     It takes a capable man to marry a capable wife. Any day a capable man marries an incapable woman, they have mis-mated. The dreams and aspirations of that man can never materialize even till eternity. They will all end in the pipeline as mere wishful thinking.
46.     Verse ten. …How hard is it to find a capable wife…
47.     How hard it is to find a capable wife? It is not easy, it hard find a capable wife, a woman that knows the value of a husband.
48.     Some think that what it takes to be a capable wife is to open their legs and produce twenty children in one year. Rubbish! You are bringing curse, pains, sorrows and agony.
49.     Marriage goes beyond opening your legs and raising children. While some are looking for people they will be commanding about, “Go and prepare pepper soup! I want bitter leaf soup,” this and that, just to express authority. You do not know the meaning of marriage; you are not a capable husband. Amen.

Remember where I stopped, that Ruth was capable, humble, responsive and submissive because first step towards maintaining an ideal home begins with submission. I don’t need to revisit marriage message. You know all these.
2.          For the wife, irrespective of her academic attainment, social status, must of a necessity, as an obligation from God, submit herself to her own  husband in all things. Where a wife is not submissive, she will never be happy. For the husband will never feel happy with her.
3.          The happiness of the wife is dependent upon the happiness of the husband. Any woman that feels happy when her husband is unhappy with her, is a prostitute. Prostitute in the sense that she has too many people out there who can make her feel happy.
4.          Hence she can do without the man, and no man feels happy living under one roof with such a human being, and that human being is the most destructive human being.
5.          She causes hypertension. She brings about premature death so that she can now ride aeroplane and then assume an air of flamboyance with her equals you know not.
6.          A capable wife finds herself in the dreams, in the visions of her husband. For it is the man’s dreams, it is the man’s visions to succeed, to be a man that makes God assign him a helper needed for his dreams and visions.
7.          If I have a dream of having children, building a house, buying a car, God knows very well that they are good dreams. I am not perfect and God knows I cannot achieve these things alone; especially this issue of giving me children.
8.          Even if He gives me children, can I raise them alone? No! my wife is also needed. That is why God said that any woman that does not play a supportive role should not be treated as a wife but be treated as a visitor.
9.          When the woman comes as a capable wife and the man is capable, all she has to do is to throw her weight behind the man.
10.     I told you that humility, love, honesty of purpose, self-realization, by self-realization, I mean knowing the office you are occupying which your husband has already created for you and for you alone; for every woman is sitting in a created office.
11.     You were staying with your parents until the man came, pulled you out from your parents and has given you a place where you now have confidence in yourself, you also create confidence in people.
12.     You can now minister to the needs of people. Something you were not doing when you were in your father’s house. The man has given you a dignified position.
13.     Proverb 31: 10 “…How hard it is to find a capable wife! She is worth far more than jewels!…”
14.     She is valued more than ornament, the costliest ornament is nothing to be compared to a capable wife.
15.     “…Her husband puts his confidence in her, and he will never be poor …”
16.     First sign of being married to a destroyer is that you will be struggling with poverty. All your labours will be wasted, for you do not have someone that will manage it.
17.     That man that developed strong confidence in the wife as a capable wife, where lies the idea of the man searching the room to know where the woman kept money? Does it arise? No way!
18.     For the woman does not have her own money. For whatever she has, now belongs to the man for she has come to help the man to achieve his dreams which no other person is capable of doing but you.
19.     Two of you have raised a family that is called your own. Starting with the children called your own, the house your own; vehicle, your own; future achievements your own; everything your own.
20.     It is not even joint venture. It is sole venture for which cause, the two are not two but one. But if you marry an incapable wife, you are two because you are not from one womb. Two of you are not from one womb. If you marry a capable wife, two of you came from one womb. Yes!
21.     Almighty God said He bore us in His own womb. God said that He is carrying us in his womb which means that the womb that bore me is the same that bore my wife.
22.     If I and my wife are from the same womb, it means that the God that give birth to my wife is the same that gave birth to me, because without God, there is no conception. We are one. She now fits in into my program.
23.     Check the scriptures, there is no where the Lord said a man should fit in into a woman’s program. Never! There is no scripture that said that a man is a helpmate to a woman. It does not appear anywhere in the scriptures. Even the Holy Koran made no provision for that.
24.     Holy Koran demands much more submission than the Bible to the point that they stone them to death for disrespecting their husband, sometimes they cut off their hand.
25.     Even at a thought of suspicion, if a Muslim suspects the wife of flirting, though he never caught her with any man, he brings the matter to the temple, the ruling is that one of the legs would be cut off so that she will be walking with one leg. That will stop flirting. If she steals or suspected of stealing, one hand would be cut off.
26.     Once you see a woman professing Islam with one leg cut off or one hand cut off, she was accused of stealing or fornicating. If she is caught, she must be stoned to death no matter how highly placed.
27.     Take for example, there was a little drama the other time our president said, “I do not know the party my wife belongs to. But one thing I know is that she belongs to my kitchen and my bedroom,” being a Muslim.
28.     Remember whether you are calling them Muslim, they are serving the same Jehovah of Ibrahim, Ishiaku and Yakubu - God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That is the God of Ismailia.
29.     Why is Muslim more strict? Because they refused the influence of European religion. They never allowed Europe to colonize their faith. Hence, it remained raw.
30.     If you watch all their laws, Sharia laws, if they want to charge you to court, you go to Sharia court. Even now they have started charging Christians to Sharia Court, using Islamic laws against them.
31.     You go to Alikali court, then you face the music there, where a man can be ordered to be flogged thirty six strokes by three hefty men, for wrongful misbehaviours.
32.     I am not reversing you to any of them, I am standing for the truth. I do not bend any of them for one bit
33.     A capable wife finds herself fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the husband, plays a supportive role, a family builder. That is why the Bible said, “A virtuous woman builds her family but a foolish woman destroys her family.”
34.     A virtuous woman is a capable woman; a dignified woman who has found herself in a dignified office for her husband has given her a dignified inclusion in his body.
35.     Let me give you an example. There is no way I can officiate in this bridal faith as the Son of Man without marrying a wife, raise children so as to show the world example.
36.     “I am the ELAH ELOHIM”, One that dwells with my family. I have my nuclear family, all of you are integral part of my family. Now, if I am exalted the next person you check by my side will be my wife. Wherever my photograph is, she will be placed beside mine. 
37.     What if she never married me? She has been rightly placed because I am rightly placed. She is being placed in a dignified position because the husband is in a dignified position.
38.     You see, every effort a woman is making to support the husband, she is supporting herself. When you help by putting the resources of your husband together and build a good home, who enjoys it, you and your children.
39.     But a silly woman does not see this because she is not a capable wife. Instead of organizing herself, she will be walking from pillar to post, from house to house as a gossip. Spreading rumours, discouraging people that are trying to do good with horrible stories emanating from her relationship with her husband. She can hardly paint a good picture of her husband. Never! Never! 
40.     Because once the heart is dark, everything is dark.
41.     “…As long as she lives, she does him good”.
42.     Look at the decision of that capable wife, as long as that capable wife lives, as long as she is alive, she does her husband good.
43.     Look at the decision, and that was the decision of Ruth to Naomi which she extended to her husband Boaz which earned her a refuge in the sight of God, that led into the Messiah coming into existence from the womb of a woman that was despised.
44.     Do not forget that Mary, the mother of Jesus was an Egyptian woman. Do not forget the fact that even Jesus came from a place where the prophets never said that a priest or even a prophet will come from, a despised place.
45.     I am coming to something, as long as she lives, she is strong willed that she must be of a help, a benefit to the man. That she will never live to see this man regretting marrying her.
46.     She will never live to see this man opening his mouth to say, “I regret the day I came into contact with you. I must justify the confidence, the love he had already reposed on me by bringing me out of my parents’ house and giving me a place.”
47.     Anybody listening two fools who are there depicting their movies, flashing them in the televisions, holding ungodly discussions, and after hearing, your heart is over- charged; you begin to see yourself as one that is being cheated by your husband; because you are communicating with worldly women, evil women, spirits in human form. Some of them working with you in your offices.
48.     You are having interactions with them and you learn their wicked ways and you want to implement it in a godly home, bringing ungodly character, unwholesome behaviour into a godly home, which you had already instituted using the word of God; that person will be the most foolish human being. You become the destroyer of your own house.
49.     …As long as she lives, she does him good and never harm.She keeps herself busy making wool and linen cloth.
50.     She brings home food from out-of-the-way places, as merchant ships do…” 
51.     All her labour is geared towards maintaining her home. Nobody reminds her of her responsibilities, for she has vowed within herself to be of immense benefit to the man. To help build this man up so that the man will not be poor.  That the man will say, “Of a truth of all women, you are the best!”
52.     She is striving to win the best position. What did I tell you? I said that a capable wife is humble, submissive, obedient, easily entreated and very peaceful.
53.     It takes a woman with these qualities to fit in into her husband’s program. You see that when a woman fits in into her husband’s visions, aspirations and dreams, all her labour will be geared towards fulfilling them.
54.      Her labour, both money, material things, everything there. Not  frustrating the man’s ambition, not becoming a burden to the neglect of the vision of the family which the husband had in mind and then went after her.
55.     How many married women in our midst will like to enjoy poverty? How many will like to enjoy hardship? If you do not support your husband in building the family up, what you are avoiding must surely come to you.
56.     Refuse to do what you are supposed to do, and you will get what you were avoiding, what you have hated.

Proverbs 31: 15, “She gets up before daylight to prepare food for her family and to tell her servant women what to do…” 
2.          A capable wife, does not require a reminder to get up early in the morning to go about family chores; but one that is not capable will insist that she must wake the husband up. She will turn things upside down.
3.          Even if the husband wakes her up, she will be grumbling. “Now I am feeling sleepy, why are you waking me up, don’t you have hands to light up the stove and take the children to school?
4.          “Is that why you are waking me, have I not prepared food? Go and warm it, feed the children and take them to school!”  It is happening in many families!
5.          A man that is subjected to this torture, tell me what will stop him from being poor? A man uses the early hours of the morning to think seriously on how to face the day’s activities.
6.          If there should be anybody that should be allowed some time to think in the morning, it should be the man for the woman’s job is already specified. They are all there.
7.          She gets up early. It is a routine work. But no man has routine thinking. I say no man has routine thinking, never! Never!.
8.          Every new day comes with new thoughts, new challenges, requires new ideas on how to go about them.
9.          If anybody should be allowed undisturbed in the early hours of the morning, it should be the man. To enable him reason and carve out how he will go about the day’s activities. But to the woman, the duties are specified there.
10.     A capable wife gets up early in the morning and goes about her normal duties to keep the family going. But one that is not capable will be snoring. You wake her up, she will be staggering. If you are not careful, she will start nagging. The morning salutation will be a very big sigh “ mtchew mtchew mtchew”
11.     If you use the morning to start sighing, you have opened your morning on a very bad note. Throughout that day you will remain sighing.
12.     “…She looks at land and buys it …”   
13.     Is not true? Who owns that land? The husband! She surrenders it to the husband, what is the aim? To build the husband up.
14.     “…and with money she has earned she plants a vineyard…”
15.     But an incapable wife cannot put this in her agenda. Everything must be done by her husband or never. A man that accepts it will remain impoverished for life!
16.     “…she is a hard worker…”
17.     What? A hard worker. Remember we are talking about the qualities of a capable wife who is submissive, obedient, humble, peaceful, industrious and easily entreated.
18.     “…She is a hard worker, strong and industrious. She knows the value of everything she makes, and works late into the night…”
19.     But one that is not capable, will go to bed before everybody. By 4 O’clock, she is weak: “I am tired today”.
20.     There is no baby she is breast-feeding. How many persons is she feeding? They may not be up to two or three: “I am tired oh!”
21.     Did you do farm work? No! Did you go to market with some goods? Even if you went to market with some goods, were you hawking? Is it not when you reach the market, you sit at a place?
22.     If a banana seller, orange seller, suya, groundnut passes by, you call the person.  You will be adding weight like the wife of Bro. Philip and Bro shed.
23.     Yes! A woman that is doing that type of business sitting in one place must add weight whether she likes it or not. Whether she sold market or not, she must eat.
24.     Do you think I am lying? No sir! It is a must that she must eat, take soft drink, take malt, pure water, everything. It now becomes a routine. If she comes back home she will still eat. And many things she will eat in between both the ones they will dash her. This is true.
25.     If her neighbor buys something, she will tell her to take one. She will take. Another person will tell her, “Madam take two,” she will take. She did not buy anyone but she will be eating it gladly.
26.     If someone wins raffle in the market, the person will buy a crate of soft drink, she will drink and dance for the person. If someone’s daughter puts to bed, she will rub powder and dance for the person, eat gala. You will see her getting fat like the wife of Bro Onyema Eze. You will see her getting fat.
27.     Do you think someone gets fat in vain?  It is what the person ate. What of the ones in office, they eat more than others. If they are not well controlled, they will be like the wife of Bro. Igwe Amaobi.
28.     She will tell you that this is where it is reigning now. They will bring kunu, zobo, soyabeans, she will drink. It is in the office that they share it. Anyone that comes, she will tell you to keep it on her table and add straw to it. She will be sipping it.
29.     If someone that sells African salad comes, she will eat and drop the plate and drink water while Igwe Amaobi will be at home looking around. If she comes back, she will say, “If you know you are hungry, enter the kitchen and prepare what you will eat.” Later they will say she is adding weight.
30.     Note it, it is what someone eats that makes the person fat. Check all our sisters that are into petty trading, look at Sister U.K, look at how she is. She is obsessed. If she comes back, she will stay like an ocean.
31.     She will be sending her children on errand “Go and buy jollof rice, tell them, “Add kpomo, plantain. Also get a cold sachet water for me.”
32.      Later she will tell you that she is having ulcer. She will eat at home, in the shop, she will take water and other things.  If someone wins lottery, the person will entertain them: “Madam take one,” she will take. What will make the person not to be fat?
33.     If there is anything you want to tell your wife now Bro. Igwe Amobi, let me give you the microphone so that you will tell her now, she is fat.
34.     If there is anything, tell her now because I know when a man uses style to talk to the wife. Because The Son of Man is saying, then you will use it as a point of reference. Look at her here and talk to her.
35.     We are talking about a careless wife and her role. Why a man gives a woman a dignified position, a dignified inclusion in his family; allows her to bear his name wherever she is even till death. Why the man takes delight in raising children from such a woman.
36.     Because when you marry a woman that is incapable, she will give birth to incapable children, children that will trouble you. Children that will make you to be poorer than you think. Because they will fulfill all that their mother will tell them. They will go the way of their mother.
37.     But when you marry a capable woman, she will raise capable children. Give them instructions that will help them succeed even where others failed.
38.     Like we have seen from the scriptures the woman telling the son: “Avoid too much sex. It will weary you down, it has ruined many people. Avoid lavishing your money on women for this will impoverish you”.
39.     It will take a capable wife to gather the sons together and tell them the implications of all these social vices. She never said this will hinder you from going to hell. No!
40.     But she indirectly told them: “Continuing in this wrong life will make you to begin to suffer hellfire from here. You create your hellfire here.
41.     Forget about prosperity, forget about success because you have created no room for that to thrive. For that reason, do not go that way. There is time for everything.”
42.     She spins her own thread and weaves her own cloth. She is generous to the poor and needy. She doesn't worry when it snows, because her family has warm clothing.
43.     She makes bedspreads and wears clothes of fine purple linen.
44.     Her husband is well known, one of the leading citizens.…”
45.     Have you seen it? Who has promoted the husband? The wife! You see, when a woman is humble, submissive, she attracts promotion to the family. First, the promotion goes to the husband, in the attempt to promote her husband, she has promoted herself. Is it not true? It is sir!
46.     If the husband is going, he will be proud as a prominent citizen. The woman will be a prominent wife.
47.     If I am the first figure in Nigeria, my wife is a first figure. If Buhari is not a first figure among the men, the wife will not be called the first woman. It is not true? That she is the first lady is because the husband is first.
48.     How I wish we can see this. That humility, obedience to the truth, submissive to your husband promotes you because when you humble yourself, God will exalt you.
49.     When you fit in into your husband’s dreams and aspirations, even God will begin to fight for you. I said God will fight for you. I will give you reasons.
50.     “…She makes clothes and belts, and sells them to merchants. She is strong and respected and not afraid of the future…”
51.     She is never afraid of the future, come what may because she is industrious, godly, she knows how to process her vessel in honour.
52.     “…she speaks with a gentle wisdom...”
53.     She does not rattle, she does not even rant, she speaks with a gentle wisdom. Nothing is as offensive to a man more than having his wife ranting on him. Before the man will speak one, the wife has spoken hundred. Nothing is as offensive as that.
54.     But it is not so with a capable wife. She talks intelligently, she talks in wisdom, she talks with humility recognizing her position in her husband. She comes up with useful suggestion in a very humble way.
55.     You can come up with a good suggestion but in a bad way. When you come to your husband with a good suggestion and try to impress it on him by ranting because he is showing signs of resentment, instead of trying to convince him, you flare up, you have made it impossible for him to pay attention. He will walk you out of his presence. Knowing that you are stubborn and stupid for you cannot discern authority.
56.     But when you approach your husband with humility, respect, submitting, using the language that is not offensive; even if he is a lion, he must melt down. Yes, he must melt down!
57.     There are two things that are very, very offensive to a man. One, ranting. Number two, is snubbing.
58.     Snubbing makes a man look foolish. You are talking to your wife and she gives you no attention. You see her walking away from you. A wife that forms that habit is not a capable wife. She is not even worthy to live under the same roof with a man. Even if your husband is foolish, he deserves some elements of respect, he demands a reply, an explanation.
59.     Watch all that snubs, they are stubborn, they are the type that will give a reply in disguise; reply in the mood-provoking way. What is that reply that is provoking? Examining the man from head to toe and then reply with a sigh and walk away.
60.     If you have this spirit and you are bragging with it, you are playing with hellfire. For you are joking with one who is vested with the authority to recommend you before God to be either good or bad. And his recommendation depends on the way you have treated him.
61.     Will God pay attention, Yes! For it behoveth your husband to give account of the wife of his youth. Whether you like it or not.
62.     If I declare my wife justified, nobody will condemn her. The Almighty will not condemn her.  Even in the law court, once I am willing to live with my wife in spite of her shortcoming, no court will grant me divorce.
63.     Court will only grant me divorce when I open my mouth and I say I am tired that if you dare discharge her and send me to live with her, I will surely commit murder. On that note, no love is lost between the two again and the court grants them divorce. Amen.

I have not gone to the message. I am building a background. Because whatever I am going to say will be thought-provoking. It may not be a message you are conversant with.
2.          But I will start with one you are conversant with and go to the one that may look somehow strange. It may sound horrible but bear with me. Inside every nonsense, there must be a little sense. Self-justification, the origin of failure. Self-commendation, self justification the origin of failure.
3.          Even if you are performing wonderfully well, allow people to speak. Don’t speak. A man in law is never allowed to be a judge over his own case. You cannot be a plaintiff and a defendant over your case and also the presiding judge. You are equally the prosecutor.
4.          That is where I disagree with President Buhari. The executives have no right to set up a Panel of Inquiry with the president presiding, APC government officials, the government in power, three persons only, all of them APC, all of them supreme house, serving one interest.
5.          You tell me to go and investigate my colleague who is also serving my interest. It is an indirect way of telling them to go and share the money so that the world will not know what is happening. If I come out and say that this money belongs to A, we have seen it, we have seen evidence, nobody will query us.
6.          Since it was not drawn from any bank, it will not be banked anywhere. We can place it where we can place it and then tell you the owner has taken the money.
7.          Government owns it and government has taken it, finish. Have you been hearing anything about it, the next thing is that the authority has travelled on medical treatment.
8.          Since he has travelled, then the subsequent report is that appropriation bill that was there since December, has been passed. Then chibok girls released, then the other one gone! Who is deceiving who? We know what is happening.
9.          Then the next day the newspapers have it that the principal of the chibok college said that none of the girls appeared in the list. Then the governors said when nothing was lost, nothing can be found. We are all in Nigeria.
10.     I wanted them to be arrested. The first twenty one, till now their parents have not seen them, we do not know where they are, they are yet to go and where must they be re-surfacing? From the sky. Only to a see a mysterious army vehicle driving into Aso Rock.
11.     From which forest? The forest that was cleared, the same that was cleared, bombed the university of Maiduguri yesterday. University of Maiduguri was bombed yesterday amidst of students writing exams.
12.     It killed one security official, wounded too many but it never disturbed the activities but Sambisa forest was cleared and nobody was found. Later this people started resurfacing from families, from homes, from skies and all looking pretty good.
13.     And this time around, out of the eighty two none was pregnant, none was married, none was carrying a child. To God be the glory! We are here. We will know who own the skull, I mean the mass graves the G.O.C  found in Sambisa. We will know those people they said the Nigeria Air Force used grenade to kill ignorantly and things like that. When the bomb landed in I.D.P camp, we saw what took place.
14.     What of Sambisa? Up till today, Shekau is still talking. The man that killed him came up and said that he did not die. But the man who said he gunned him down, he is the man that told us that he is alive. We better face the reality. Follow me, do not follow Nigeria, do not follow anything, Follow me!
15.     “I told you their president is coming back but not to rule. But to say that whosoever that is in that sit should continue. Go ahead! We know what we are doing. If he dies, there will be problem. If he resigns, there will be problem. So do not pray for the two.
16.     Let him remain alive and continue holding brief until the four years are over so that Nigeria will go to the polls because if death comes, constitution or no constitution, the will of the North must be done. And the will of the North is that we do not want a reoccurrence of the mistake of Yar`adua asking Goodluck to continue which paved way for the second tenure.
17.     Obedience or no obedience, loyalty or no loyalty, a room is been paved. In the event of death, resignation, nobody is there but Bukola Saraki. Do not worry we are coming to something. Only then will you begin to hear that the vice president is not an elective office but appointed office.
18.      Only one person was elected to be president. That is Buhari, he now appointed his friend. In the case of Jonathan, there was a recommendation that he was loyal, faithful to Yar’adua.
19.     For that the Northerners put their thumb. He now co-opted Sambo, the former governor of Kaduna (between May 2007 – 19 May 2010) to please them there.
20.     When they noticed their mistakes it was too late, and the loyalty paved him a room for the first tenure. The second tenure the Northerners could not bear it any more. Yes now!
21.     We are coming to something. It is arithmetic. I am coming to something please, remember what I am handling. I am not handling Nigeria and her issues. I am handling issues as they affect us, as they affect our eternal race.
22.     A capable wife, remember I am talking on the needs concerning our wives to strive to fit in into the visions, dreams and aspirations of their husband so that the home will enjoy peace and progress.
23.     If you go to Family menu volume one, it says, “there can never be progress in a family devoid of peace.” Any investment made in that family is like a wartime investment. It can never yield any meaningful fruit. No woman succeeds without the support of the husband.”
24.      Listen to me, that the Bible did not say that with the permission of the husband, the woman purchased land, cultivated this and that. I know some people will like to bring that interpretation.
25.     Did the Bible said, I should obtain permission from my husband? Yes! The Bible said so. That the man has already reposed a great confidence in the wife. Do you know what it takes to repose a great confidence in somebody?
26.     It is that confidence that I reposed in my wife, that gives her access to my money, to all my accounts. It gives her all access to everything I have believing that whatever she is struggling to get is coming to me. It is also coming to the family. She is no longer an outsider. She is a bonafide member of the family, bearing the family’s need, protecting the family’s integrity.
27.     Whatever I am standing for is what she is standing for.  Protecting and defending, making sure poverty is not associated with us. Making sure that I am dignified so that she might be dignified.
28.     Look at the young man Macron Emmanuel who won the presidential election in France at the age of 39. The same age with Brother Nnamdi Nnachor.
29.     Because he has been dignified, automatically, the wife who is senior to him by twenty five years. The woman is sixty four years while the young man is thirty nine years. The woman has been dignified also.
30.     What am I trying to say? When a man is exalted, the wife is exalted. Whenever a man is debased, the wife is also debased. All efforts must be geared towards one thing: Building a progressive, peaceful and successful home from where kings and rulers will now emerge.
31.     Is it a lie? No sir! That woman “Lemuel” saw the son coming up from a royal family, desiring to be a king. She never hesitated. She never waited for the husband, she started instructing the son on the qualities of a king. Things a king must surely avoid if he must make it. Simply because she was desiring the royalty of the family to continue.
32.     Hence, she has thrown her weight, her full support to the husband’s family which now automatically becomes her own.
33.     But such women that are not capable, do not even regard the place their husbands placed them as their home. They are merely sitting down there as strangers, having their eyes somewhere. They give their children the wrong impression.
34.     Whatever investment they want to do, they do it in secret. They do not bring it to the knowledge of their husbands. Giving the children the impression that they have better plans for them than their father, thereby building two different families.
35.     Any day a woman begins to give the children the impression that she is laboring for them, she has good idea for them more than their father, she is indirectly building two families. The family ceases to be united.
36.     Will she succeed? Never! Never! It must surely crumble because it is outside the will of God. For God never said a woman should be an independent investor for the family.
37.     She is not independent of her husband: “I can do without him,” not there! Even if you are the sole provider, you are providing for the family not for yourself. To make a name for yourself, No! To pack your children over to your side No! To create enmity among them  No! Amen!
38.     “She is always busy and looks after her family's needs. Her children show their appreciation, and her husband praises her…”
39.     Oh no! Notice how the whole thing goes. Her children shows appreciation, her husband also praises her efforts.
40.     A capable wife, you see you do not bribe the hearts of your children to love you. Whether they like it or not, as long as what you are doing is sinking well with them they are seeing you as a mother that is playing a supportive role and not a destructive role.
41.     For a woman that is playing a destructive role, impairs the future of her children ignorantly because there is a way you will take the lead and your husband will abandon you and your children: “Since you can do it without me, go ahead”
42.     And in that regard, the children suffer because wherever two elephants fight, the grass must suffer.
43.     No matter the struggles of a woman, she has some limitations. She has some limit. There is a limit your resources can carry you.
44.     “…He says, ‘Many women are good wives’….”
45.     Look at what the man is saying to the wife: “A good number of women are good wives!”
46.     …” but you are the best of them all’…
47.     I have found you to be the best wife.” Let me tell you, Even a pig appreciates a good thing. Nobody does that which is good and earns a rebuke or indictment.
48.     You can only earn indictment when your good is evil spoken of, when you begin to ridicule your husband, when you begin to ride over him, because you feel you are making more contributions to the family more than him, your good will be evil spoken of.
49.     The man will say, “Away with you and your wealth. I do not need it anymore! It is better I go about begging than to enjoy this type of support from you. This support that is humiliating me, this support that is making you not to condescend, that is making you not to be submissive to my word, this support that has made me a slave, a house boy in your eyes and in your hand. I can never tolerate it anymore! Let me die of starvation!”
50.     In other words, whatever support a woman should give to her husband, must be supported by love for the husband. Submission- whole hearted submission to the husband; submitting to the will of the husband.
51.     It must be such that will make her remain humble, meek, lowly, ready to accept even further instructions from the man. It must be such that will make the man continue to hold his head high.
52.     I mean owning his respect, owning his honour and integrity. If it is not accompanied by these, it can never be peaceful. It must be haughty, it must be violent, it must be arrogant, it must be stubborn, it must be full of pride. And these things will debase a man’s integrity.
53.     How do you notice when these evils are associated with a woman’s contribution in the home? If you refuse on noticing these things to say “thank you,” to say “I appreciate,” you have committed a heinous crime worthy of death.
54.     Demonstration will start, “Of all I am doing in this house, you have never for one day appreciated me for that. I do not know whether I should kill myself for you,” this and that. The tongue will begin to wag.
55.      Then peradventure, you have a need before her: “Please I have a need of just one thousand naira (N1,000).”
56.     She will say, “Did you give me any money to keep for you? Is it not three thousand naira only(N3,000) that you give me for food in a month? Since this week have you asked me whether I and these children have eaten? All you know is to be drinking about!”
57.     And that is a woman that is playing a supportive role and at the same time violent. Instead of you to be fed by such a woman and be disgraced, it is better you go hungry. Do not accept any support from your wife that will aim at humiliating you instead of exalting you.
58.     A capable wife aims at exalting the husband’s status, placing the husband in a dignified position so that she will be dignified with the husband. And the children will enjoy the benefits of a dignified family. That is a testimony that is hard to share. But I will share it.
59.     I know many will believe, some will say, some will say that is how He talks.
60.     I asked my wife a question this weekend whether she consulted our children in Umudike. She said yes! I asked, “Are they well at all?”
61.     She said, “Yes but what they told me did not sink down well with me.” In short I asked what could that be?
62.     She said, “Can you imagine Daddy, that Chukwudi told me they prepared egusi soup with only crayfish and maggi, no meat, no fish, nothing nothing. And they have been eating it like that since Tuesday.”
63.      I asked, “Does it mean their money have exhausted?” She said they have a little money left but they are trying to manage it. I collected the phone from her. I verified it to be true. Although I was rebuking them, but tears were rolling down my cheeks.
64.     (A brother shouted “Tears of joy“. The Elohim told him to shut up his mouth. Be joyful over such a thing. It is your own tears of joy not my own tears of joy).
65.     They said, “Daddy, we are trying to manage, things are very expensive. To buy fish here is very expensive. Everything is very expensive, Daddy. If you see one thousand naira (N1,000) worth of meat, three pieces. Daddy, we just want to manage the money. We ate it and we enjoyed it, we put crayfish and maggi.”
66.     I said, “So you mean it? What of the goat meat I gave you the other day? They said, daddy we reserved that one for our stew on Sunday “I said you reserved meat for stew on Sunday?
67.     And since Tuesday you have been eating rubbish? Do you not know that it will affect your health adversely? I said tomorrow morning, empty the whole meat you have been preserving for stew. Put all of them inside that your stoup. Warm it and stop living like slaves when I am alive.”
68.     I said, “You got me weeping since I heard the story. So it is true? I am still alive. If I can take care of you when you were five there, is not now you are two that I cannot take care of you?”
69.      Please while economizing not at the detriment of your health. They over stepped. “I said they over stepped,” yes. It is a part of my teaching in the home. Because life turns a man up and down. But look at the way they over implemented it.
70.     I am happy that they took it into their hearts. But I am not happy that they over stepped.  But I am still alive. My joy is that even if they had little money, they did not say, “Let us finish it. After all Daddy has money,” this and that. They remembered that tomorrow might be too bleak and they were thinking about the future. Amen.

Proverbs 31: 28, “Her children show their appreciation, and her husband praises her. He says, “Many women are good wives, but you are the best of them all…”
2.          The man will be commending the wife saying, “I have seen a lot of good women but you are very outstanding. You are in a world of your own.”
3.          Honest as a result of real love born out of her genuine, selfless contributions to the growth of the family.
4.          Any service that is not selfless is provocative. Whatever service  you are rendering to your family that is not selfless, must be provocative. It must be accompanied by too many things that will make the man hate you and whatever you are contributing.
5.          No man will like to accept something that will debase his honour. Because you are helping a man, he does not worth anything before you again, you now start insulting him.
6.          If I tell you to sit down, I have committed a crime, you will be pointing at me as if you are talking to your child.
7.          Before you will say it, I will slap the hell out of you! I will tell you that the home belongs to me. There was never a time you established it for me. I have established it before I brought you in.
8.          That you are helping me is it a crime? As you are helping me, so also I am helping you, at the same time all of us will rejoice together. Is it not true?
9.          Brethren, I am bringing all families back. For many of you had already wandered away. I have started seeing wives playing individual game. Their husbands playing individual games. Feeding money is now causing trouble as if the money is being dashed to you.
10.     Anyone that is told to bring money for feeding, it will now become a crime as if the money is being dashed out. Is the person eating outside? He/she takes part in the eating. If the wife gets her own, she will tell you that she vowed a vow that her money will not be used in feeding again.
11.     If your money did not enter the kitchen, whose money will enter there? Are you using it to build a house? If the money a woman gets is for domestic use, that of the man is for investment.
12.     What can you say about this woman who used her money to purchase land? Used money to cultivate farm, all to boost the glory of the husband. She never gets angry.
13.     “All my hustling is for you, you are using your money to cater for your people and I am here training your children for you.” Why? Because a woman that is not capable, thinks that she is training the children for the husband—as if she is training orphans.
14.     “I am here training your children for you and I am suffering!” It is her own children that she is training oh! Look at the reference alone—very, very unpleasant.      
15.     On the side of the man, he is very, very interested in the house. He has no regret or whatsoever. He places his wife there. He is the one that is blessing the family, both the children and their mother. They are all his byproducts.
16.     My wife is my byproduct. She is the sweat of my labour. My children are my byproducts. They are the essence of my labour, for the continuity of the family that is credited to my wife and myself. Does one person own a child? No sir!
17.     Let us have this balanced view as we received it from the very beginning from where many are now departed. One that is assisting now thinks she is helping her husband and no longer herself. Some now think that their husbands are impoverishing them.
18.     “My husband is now exhausting my money!” So a woman now has her own money. A man now has our money. Some men are being accused of not knowing where their money is.
19.     If your wife does not know where your money is, you have a problem. Your wife is not telling you to bring your money and spread on the table, your wife is telling you that it is your responsibility to declare your assets and liabilities to her and your children from time to time.
20.     Whatever you are investing, are you investing it for who? You are investing for the family made up of your wife and your children for their security. Because a man that wants to secure the future and that of the family, indulges in investment. The wife in recognition of this, throws her weight behind him.  
21.     Thus, when a woman is behaving in a godly way, she wins the approval of her husband. Her husband will be recognizing her, remembering her everywhere, even before his relations. He will be attributing all his successes to the woman. She takes the credit.
22.     Behind every successful man, there is such a capable wife. If not for my wife, all these things you are seeing now, you would not have seen them. How many of you were there when I buried my late mother?
23.     I said, “The casket should remain outside the gate until my wife comes.” I insisted, “She must be the one to usher the casket into the compound for there was no gate here until I married her.
24.      “The whole area was forest. My people bearing witness. We cleared it. My mother was living in a hut. Whatever this compound is today that could attract this type of national burial, she was the one that threw her weight behind me. Hence we could achieve this.
25.     “Nobody is adequate to bring in this corpse inside this compound if not her. Besides, she is number one, others that are coming, are coming to feast where she labored,” and the casket waited.
26.     Everybody was full of commendation for her for they were bearing witness. Assuming she was not capable, we would have remained in that hut. Even if I meted out an idea of erecting a structure, she would have challenged it. Asking me why that will be in the village when we do not have in the township. She will not even remember that charity begins at home. And every man must go home, either in life or in death. If you do not go home alive, you will go home dead.
27.     Nothing promotes a man more than having a house in his own home. If you like build skyscrapers in the township but you do not have two rooms in the village where you can stay and receive visitors in case of eventuality, when that day comes, you will cover your face in shame.
28.     A woman that has no kitchen in her hometown is not yet married. I said so before Uzoakoli people and everybody in Umuoji when I ushered Bro. Ojiakor and the wife into their house.
29.     I said, “Sister Ojiakor, it is today that you are married to Ojiakor’s family. All the while, you have remained a township wife for you have no kitchen. Enter your kitchen and perform as you wish without interruption. Order your children, tell them what to do. Transfer your seat to your kitchen for that is your office. Anybody you allowed is allowed. Anybody you disallowed, is disallowed. It is your kitchen.” And from that day, she started enjoying her marriage.
30.     No woman enjoys her marriage no matter how rich your husband is until you have settled her down in her own personal kitchen where there is no competitor.
31.     Is it not my ancient teaching? That before you think of marriage, make sure you have a room or two that can be called your own which you cannot share with your father, brother as a family house.
32.     I want you to see why and I am always in support of brethren who come to me, desiring to build houses in their homes. I even wake them up from their slumber. Tell them the need, support them, guide them, encourage them never to relent. And no regret whatsoever.
33.     Apart from your wife, what makes you a man is the foundation of your building. From that day, the village will know that you are coming up. But if you enjoy the township duplex when you have no room in the village, pray that eventuality will not happen. Your nakedness will make you cover your face in shame.
34.     I am saying that it is a curse to be a big man in the township and a poor man in the village. To God be the glory. Amen!
35.     A woman that plays this important role as a capable wife, wins the approval of her own husband, wins the approval of everybody because her fame must be noised abroad as a builder, not a destroyer.
36.     Remember at any point in time, you are either a builder or a destroyer.  When you suffer and build a home, you will be jealous over that home because you know what it takes you to build the home. You will never allow any virus to corrupt that home.
37.     Charm is deceptive and beauty disappears…”
38.     One that uses charm to marry, one that uses charm to run his family.  If you go to the message titled “Who is the head, who is in control of your family,” I gave you three families: God`s controlled family, Satan controlled family, Charm controlled family.
39.     If you are the type that uses charm to run your family, one that uses charm to win approval of your husband or wife, it will expire one day. Charm is deceptive. Every charm has an expiry date.
40.     If you use a charm on either a man or a woman to follow you, know that any day that charm expires, you are in trouble. You will jump through the window.
41.     God knew ahead of time that such a thing must happen and we are living in the day were we have expert ladies and men that are patronizing native doctors.
42.     Too many families are being run today with charms.  Where a woman will tell the husband to sit down, he will obey immediately. She will tell him to lie down, he will obey. If someone wants to talk, she will tell the person that she has given the man condition. Am I bearing false witness? No sir!
43.     God knew it ahead of time and said, “Do not try it, because it is deceptive.”
44.     You will be seeking the hand of a lady in marriage and she refuses, you will go to a native doctor. He will tell you to wrap it in a gift and send it to her. Once her hand touches it, no more: “Just call her on phone the next day she will agree to your proposal.”
45.     The charm may work for you and she will accept your proposal. But any day the charm expires, you are in trouble. You may ask whether this thing is happening? The answer is yes! It is prevalent even in our midst.
46.     I am telling you that many of you here visit prayer houses. You visit many prophets outside this Faith. You know what is leading you there. Many of you have oils in your homes other than olive oil.
47.     They are not Vaseline oils but oils you collected from native doctors, prayer houses, women prophetesses for one reason or the other. You have even the ones they gave you to put on your eyelids to seduce men so that you can collect their money. Just at a request.
48.     Hence such silly men now have a nickname ATM. That is what they call them. Just slot the request, he will count the money and give you. You will take it immediately and leave. While the family is burning, the ATM will be paying anyhow.  ATM! If you go to UBA, it will pay, you go to GTB, it will pay, anywhere.
49.     He will tell you that we do not spend a lot, we spend little. I am only having little interest.
50.     Do not use charm of any sort. Gift can be charm for gift blinds. “I love you” when you do not mean it can be charm. “I want to marry you” when you do not mean it can be charm. Your wealth can be charm.
51.     Your oratory can be charm. You can have sweet tongue that you can use to convince anybody. You can even use your position. You can even arrogate yourself even position you do not occupy.
52.     You can use your bank account: “If you can keep a wine on my behalf and tell my people you will marry me, I will give you my bank account straight. But until then, do not tell me to give you money! If you are serious that you want us to go and inform my people, give them wine. Once you do so, I will give you money.” It is charm!
53.     When the money finishes, love will disappear. Love don go!  When money no dey, everybody will be on the run. Money has finished. Do not ever make the mistake of using charm.
54.     Do not charm your man, do not charm your woman. Do not charm your husband, do not charm your wife. Do not even charm your parents. Even the youths indulge in such sharp practices. Do not do it for they are all deceptive. For they do not endure for too long; they have expiry date.
55.     Once they expire, they cease to exist and once the captive is set free, the captor’s life is in danger.
56.     …”Charm is deceptive and beauty disappears…”
57.     You paint your mouth, you paint your nose, you apply the one that will be painted on the face, you pierce your ears, you pierce your nose, you rub on your mouth, you rub on your ear, you will wear on the neck, you will wear earrings. All of them, are they not to beautify yourself?
58.     Beauty is deceptive. It does not last long especially now they are all illusion, they are all mask which the devil manufactured; turning white to black and turning black to white.
59.     A young man testified one day how he married a fair complexioned lady, they wedded. Less than three months, this lady became like charcoal.
60.     The man started avoiding her contact. Avoiding her food and everything until one day, the woman humbled herself, summoned the man and said, “My darling, I knew from the beginning that I deceived you. I gave you the impression that I was fair complexioned. I knew I was on drugs that changed my colour for I discerned that men are now going after fair complexioned ladies.
61.     “In our group, we decided to effect a change. I knew the real nature will come out. I am really sorry! If you married me because of the colour of my skin, I deceived you but I thought you said you love me?
62.     “If you really love me, this is the time, accept me even in my dark skin colour. If you want me to reverse to that fair complexion, the danger is that I may develop cancer for the drug is not taken for too long. Can you bear it if I become cancerous?” The man walked away from there.

63.     Beauty is deceptive, charm is deceptive. But there is something that is not deceptive: Godly character coupled with contentment, godly character coupled with contentment! One being contented in what he has or in what God gave him. What God gives to me satisfies me. Goodliness with contentment is great gain. Amen.