Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: I AM BRINGING ALL FAMILIES BACK Vol. 2

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Proverbs 31: 30, Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised…”
2.          A woman that honours her husband honours God, and she stands to be praised.

3.          “…Give her credit for all she does. She deserves the respect of everyone…”
4.          That woman should be given the credit for her lovely deeds. And every person stands to respect such a capable wife. But the contrary attracts the contrary. This was not a part of the message.
5.          When you humble yourself, submit yourself to the will of your husband, fit into his dreams, visions and aspirations, and God will bless you by promoting you. You earn promotion.
6.          When God promotes your husband, he promotes your family. Your children will not give you trouble. You will be a blessed mother with Godly children.
7.          Even if you are barren, God will open your womb and bless you with children so that you will be numbered among happy mothers as recorded in Psalms 133; that God will give Godly children to the barren and make her a happy mother.
8.          Promotion will come in every aspect of your human endeavour. In your office, promotion, because God is with you. In your business site, promotion. Your children also will be partakers of the same promotion because when God promotes the family, the children will reap the benefits. Opportunities will be opened to them as children that are born in a first class family.
9.          You will take your children above poverty level for they are privileged to be born in a Godly family that is dignified. Why? Because their mother threw her weight behind their father and built a formidable home. But where a destroyer is, it is not like that.
10.     Watch a capable woman, the next thing the woman will be doing is to be praying for the husband, praying for the children, praying for herself. Because she has surrendered to the husband in everything. She has no regret again.
11.     The husband has no room in his heart to begin to do unjustly to the wife. There is no room for rebuke, no room for indictment, no room for neglect, no room for violation, for the man is pleased. For you cannot be pleased with your wife, praising and adoring your wife and at the same time violating her. Can it be possible? No sir!
12.     Because you have already built a great confidence in her. Whether you are there or not, provided she is there you are protected, the home is protected. She even takes decisions in your absence which you will only come to ratify. No problem again.
13.     Then if she is a prayerful one, peradventure the husband will like to misbehave, as one that is in the program of the Almighty God, her prayer brings her husband back to the path of moral rectitude straight away.
14.     The husband can never wander away because the love of the wife, the love of the family, coupled with the fear of God had already entangled him. Even if he takes a wrong decision out of fear—out of anything—that will affect the wife adversely, Almighty God will begin to fight for her.
15.     When you are in God’s program for good, God will be defending you, God will be fighting for you.
16.     Let me give you the case of Abimeleck. You know the case of Abraham and Sarah. When they were coming from the land of Babylon, they were going to Canaan where God said they should go.
17.     Immediately they got there, there was a great famine on the land. Abraham was tempted to take the wife to Egypt. While they stepped into Egypt, Sarah being a beautiful wife, Abraham became afraid of the touts in Egypt, became afraid of the Pharaoh of Egypt by name Abimeleck.
18.     His fear was that because of the beauty of the wife, they might seduce her away. Peradventure if he will try to defend her they may kill him.   Abraham was not ready to lay down his life to protect the wife yet they were in love.
19.     Abraham now surrendered the wife to Abimeleck pretending she was no longer a wife but a sister.  You see, he surrendered the wife to violation, out of fear. That is why any marriage that is not protective, should not be entered into.
20.     First thing a woman is looking from the hand of the husband is PROTECTION, spiritually, socially, morally and otherwise. And for a man to protect the woman, she must be humble, she must be meek, she must be lowly, she must be submissive, she must be easily entreated, she must be peaceful, she must be of such a brand that will always be appreciative, even small things.
21.     If you are not appreciative over small things, you cannot be appreciative over big things.
22.     Watch, Abimeleck took over the woman because she was wrongly introduced. When you wrongly introduce your wife before people around you, you have betrayed her. You have even handed her over to violation. Anybody can begin to talk to her anyhow, She loses her respect, she loses her honour, she loses her integrity, vice versa.
23.     That is why we say that respect is reciprocal. A woman will strive to work herself into the heart of her husband and if she succeeds in doing that like the children do, the man owns it as a responsibility to offer her protection—umbrella!
24.     He will never live to see the woman suffer deprivation; he will never live to see this woman suffer violation. He will even prefer to die that his wife might live.
25.     Am I making sense at all? Yes Sir! Am i talking to human beings? Yes Sir! Am I talking to people or things that resemble human beings? I hope the devil is not deceiving you into thinking that the Man Son of Man is talking to you for His own good?
26.     It is well with Me already. But it is not yet well with you. I am removing things that have already become obstacles on your way to Paradise. Do not ever pretend that I am beating about the air. No! It is real. It is operational in your families if you are sincere.
27.     No matter how highly placed; you may be highly placed in the eyes of the brethren but lowly placed in the eyes of the Lord because of what is happening in your home. I am telling you the truth.
28.     You know whosoever that exposes his own people think his own is the worst; but there are people  that are passing true serious troubles, passing sleepless nights, but when they come before the brethren, they embrace and chat. Giving the impression that all is well, such disease is incurable.
29.     Whosoever that hides his sin, it will kill him. So what am I saying, Abraham disowned the woman, handed the woman over to violation. Because of fear, Abraham could no longer protect her.
30.     Even the love in him could not allow him protect the integrity of the wife in a strange land. A woman that followed him, confided in him, depending on him, relying on him, labouring for his own goals. I want you to pause a little there.
31.     Now the woman kept quiet because she could not resist and this man stretched forth his hand and handed his wife over to another man because he is the king of that place, for violation. Taking your wife to the enemy’s territory thereby defying God’s injunction.
32.     And I was watching Sarah spiritually; being led away by the man and Abraham sat down watching his wife he brought all the way from Babylon into Canaan.
33.     And in defiance of God’s instruction, he took this woman to the enemy’s territory and handed her over for violation. For your wife now to pay the penalty of your error.
34.     That is why any man that does not give the woman that protection against social defect, against violations of all sorts, even violations by your relations.
35.     Like I gave you the testimony, often times, a man who calls himself a brother, bargained, conspired, reasoned with his own heathen people in his maternal home to surrender his wife to them for torture.
36.     It is contained in our message; you have it. Often times, incapable men are marrying wives, marrying the capable wife, thereby mis-mating, hence this lured him into handing his over wife to his heathen people for violation.
37.     When a man stands before his heathen relations to condemn his wife and even supply information that will make people to write the woman off and see her as a naked devil, and the man still has the gut to go to the same bed with the woman, raise children with the woman, eat food prepared by the woman, that man is eating poison he prepared with his hands.
38.     Watch, God intervened for that capable wife, a virtuous wife. Because it is difficult to find, who can find it if not God.
39.     That is why if you want to marry, pray and wait on God—man and woman. Do not do it hastily. Anything can be done hastily not choosing a life partner. It takes years, it takes prayers, it takes questions and answers, it takes investigations, it takes counseling.
40.     Because the woman was virtuous, very much innocent, playing the roles she ought to play by supporting the husband and she queried the husband not for she remained submissive even unto death. For she was following a man she knew not.
41.     But one thing was clear. The man came because he had the authority to snatch any woman he wanted. And the husband did nothing to protect her but instead sold her away, and watched her being led away by King Abimeleck.
42.     The Almighty God saw the woman as she marched liked a sheep marked for slaughter behind a king she knew not; to pay the price of the iniquity she committed not. The penalty the husband ought to have paid. The Lord who intercedes for righteous people, interceded.
43.     Immediately they got home and sat down, the Lord spoke to Abimeleck: “Oh king Abimeleck you have the power to do as you chose, please touch not this woman. She is the wife of my prophet.
44.     “The man who came to you for refuge, is my prophet. I ordained and called him. Touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm. Do not violate his wife. Send her back to him if you must live and see tomorrow!”
45.     Abimeleck lifted up his eyes towards the sky, and said, “At thy word my Lord. I am sending her back.” About turn! He brought her back.
46.     Before Abraham stood Abimeleck, with indictment: “Oh prophet of God Abraham, why have you decided to put me into this great trouble? Why did you deny your wife before me, and told me she is your sister, why did you hide your identity from me?
47.     “You should have told me you are a prophet of God that you came for refuge. Look at the trouble you have caused me and my family!”
48.     In spite of returning the woman untampered with, God struck all the female daughters of Abimeleck with bareness for seven years.
49.     Begin to wonder what would have happened if Abimeleck touched her. If mere repenting and bringing her back attracted penalty, wonder now what could have happened.
50.     You see, that the prayers of a righteous person, availeth much. That when you are in God’s program, God is also in your program. When you are defending the truth, God is equally defending you.
51.     As she yielded to her husband, she yielded to her God and the God Who knoweth the hearts of all, intervened for her. She was unharmed! God never permitted that shameful evil to befall her.
52.     One of the benefits of submitting to your own husband who represents your God. The children will be Godly children that will not take delight in violence.
53.     “The Bible said, “She will be blessed with peaceful children”.
54.     There is no way children can be peaceful without being progressive. Watch children that are not peaceful, they are not controlled. They go out of parental control. Among them are drug abusers, among them are criminals of all sorts. They end it breaking the hearts of their parents.  
55.     Please pray for me as I pray for you. I do not know what brought this woman to the altar. I do not know what she heard that brought her to the altar.
56.     Whatever the thing might be, I will like to hear it after fellowship. Merely kneeling down is not enough. I believe she heard something.
57.     You know, revelation strikes. Do not laugh at her. God is here with her. Nobody called her out.
58.     What is more, I cannot remember the last time I saw somebody walking straight, defying these arrays of indescribable eyes and knelt before the Almighty God. Because she was convicted by her conscience.
59.     I handled it as a topic.  “Convicted by their Consciences.” If you are convicted by your conscience and you do not bow down your head wherever you are and begin to seek God’s face, it then goes to show that you have wandered into the region of the lost where hardening in insensitivity has already enveloped you.
60.     But if you have not been enveloped by hardening in insensitivity, this word you have hard must surely come to you, attacking that evil; wreck it up, use it as a sharp razor, slicing and cutting it as if you are fainting even on your seat.
61.     The word of God is quicker and sharper than any double-edged sword, piercing your sins in asunder.
62.     Sister, go back to your seat and see me after fellowship.
63.    Please all of you take note I heard there has been warning and warnings according to my instructions.
64.    Feed your children before coming to fellowship. If they feel hungry and you want to feed them, common sense will tell you to take them outside. Feed them and be hasty if you want the right benefit from here.
65.    But where you do not want to come in, you can stay with them and remain playing with them outside. Like those that come with vehicles, once they take their children to the vehicles, we say “until next Sunday.”
66.    They will be waiting until signals will be given to them. They feel they are cheating us. Some pretend they are listening to the message. How can you listen to the message when you are not concentrating? My eyes catch all those things but they mean nothing to me. Amen.

I am growing weaker everyday but the Lord has remained my strength.
2.          Now let me help many of you. The book of Hebrews chapter 12 from verse 1; Living Bible, “Since we have such a huge crowd of men of faith watching us from the ground stand, let us strip off anything that slows us down or hold us back and especially those things that wrap themselves round our feet”.
3.          I will throw you where I will not fetch you again.
4.          “Since we have such a huge crowd of men of faith…”
5.          Does it occur to you that all eyes are on you? Does it occur to you that any leg that makes sharp movement, there is an unseen eyes watching it? Does something tell you that there is no way a bird will fly without anyone seeing its anus?
6.          Doesn’t your mind tell you that this thing you know, someone knows it more than you?  Does your mind tell you that, that thing you think it is a secret the Lord will make it to be known? 
7.          You have been living in peace with your husband, we know. Your children also know. If you are at variance with your husband we know and your children also know. Then men and women of faith whose eyes are opened round about us, they are also on the know about it. Thus, make no mistake from henceforth of attempting to suppress it. Rather, guard up your loins and stand against it.
8.          Say “no” to all those wicked spirits that anoint you and you will begin to have mixed feelings that constitute great obstacles on your way to Eternal Life, great obstacles to believing God. Great obstacles to taking His words seriously.
9.          You begin to see God from the opposing side as a result of those dangerous spirits that have crept into your life with dangerous anointing, generating ill feelings, ill thoughts in you, luring you into impure habits; unjustifiable actions in the sight of God and wrong decisions in life. They are all inspirations generated by such evil spirits.
10.     What causes it? A loophole is created somewhere and the devil capitalizes on that gap. Evil flooded into your life in millions and then you become hot, un-necessarily hot. You become violent without a reasonable cause, you become destructively quiet.
11.     We have peaceful quietness, we have destructive quietness. Do not say, “Did you hear my voice? After all I was quiet.”
12.     You were not quiet. It would have been better you spoke than to assume that destructive quietness when you were boiling inside, ready to kill. Do we have occasions where people behave that way? Yes Sir! Both men and women.
13.     You will not know the extent the person is aggrieved until you give the person opportunity to speak.
14.     Number one sign is that unnecessary tears will begin to roll down the cheeks. Then watch the first statement that will come out. W, it will be like fire. And that is one that is observing quietness and peace.
15.     …”Since we have such a great crowd of people watching us”.
16.     Are they watching The Son of Man alone, are they watching the family of the Son of Man alone? No Sir! All of us!
17.     Scriptures …”let us strip off those things that slow us down”. 
18.     Let me tell you, if you are riding your vehicle on a top speed, you are still accelerating, the vehicle unnecessarily slows down, something has gone wrong. Before you will know it, gradually, gradually, the vehicle will park.
19.     Sometimes the vehicle may be zooming but refused to move. The engine is zooming quite alright, your leg is on the throttle, but the vehicle refuses to move.
20.     Are you like that type of vehicle? The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. The spirit is willing: the engine is zooming but the tyres refused to move. The gear refused to move. But the spirit is willing. Do you belong to that category here?
21.     Let us strip off. Let us cast away all encumbrances, all those things that weigh us down spiritually. Let us put them aside. Put them in the dustbin because, whatever you will remember and your spirit will become cold is past. It cannot be present. For there is no offence anybody is committing here now which can weigh you down.
22.     Is there any crime that anybody is committing here now that can weigh you down? No Sir! Any crime, whatever evil behavior you will remember now, for which cause your mood will change, trace it, it is past.
23.     If it never happened yesterday, it happened before yesterday. Why is it affecting you today, it is because you carried it forward. It takes a foolish man to permit the sorrows of yesterday to deprive him of the joy of today.
24.     Sufficient for the day is the trouble thereof. Is it not true? It is Sir! Whatever provocation, whatever anger, whatever malice, whatever you can remember and then it begins to hunt you today, remember, that thing is not occurring now. It must be something that is past which you refused to place as past.
25.     If somebody dies, from the time he dies, all references to that man is past. We will be saying “Once upon a time.” Anything that will be credited to that man will be “once upon a time.”  “There was,” you cannot say “there is.” He existed “before” not “now.”
26.     The only thing that can weigh you down is what is happening in you now. Any offence, any omission, any crime that is not today, should not affect today.
27.     If you allow yesterday to affect today adversely, you are blind. You are an unbeliever. My exaltation before you get your message today will be aimed at helping you to forget yesterday. Place yesterday where it belongs to.
28.     If I can succeed, holding unto the fresh message I gave you concerning family, giving you an update of your protective device, I believe I have done something today. Because after giving you messages, I will give you something that will help you retain them.
29.     I have given you messages concerning how God created man, formed family, the type of union He wanted to exist, and how we should be playing supportive roles as wives to our husband; how husbands should develop the visions, the dreams to enable the wife fit in, how the children will come up, continue from where the parents stopped.
30.     Scriptures  …”let us strip off those things that will slow us down or hold us back, and especially those things that wrap themselves so tightly to our feet and strip us off”... Amen!
31.     Especially, those things that wrap themselves to us tightly. After all your labours, you will have nothing to present because you are renewing it.
32.     Instead of dropping, you are carrying it over. I want you to drop it today and once you drop it, you will not see it tomorrow. It will be like the Pharaoh of yesterday which cannot appear today to start pursuing us.
33.     “Pharaoh pursued us!” That was yesterday. Today, “We have crossed the Red Sea. We are not seeing Pharaoh neither are we seeing his armies now.” 
34.     Verse 2: “keep your eyes on the Lord, our leader and instructor, He was willing to die a shameful death on the cross because of the joy He knew will be His afterwards and now He sits in the throne of honour, in the presence of God”.
35.     After watching, after taking cognizance of men and women  of faith who are standing by, having their eyes on us, either to condemn or to justify, to speak good or evil of us, remember, a progressive man does not want evil to be associated with him or his family.
36.     A man that does not take cognizance of things that can constitute evil and evil reports, can never succeed in life. Tell me a man without shame, a woman without shame, and I will show you one that has lived an empty life.
37.     Show me a man or a woman that has lost all feelings of shame, they can talk anyhow, behave anyhow, dress anyhow, do things anyhow, and I will show you wind without water. I will show you people that lived here on earth and achieved nothing meaningful; they stayed without leaving anything tangible as legacy.
38.     Every progressive man or woman has his or her no-go-area. He has too many things he will not like to be associated with him. There are things that will be mentioned around him and he will cover his face in shame. He would not like to go on the street for if he was told he will go that way, he will never believe it.
39.     But if he happens to get up, he will take a decision that it will not reoccur. This is one of the experiences we get from the past. Not to renew the past. The past helps us to take a decision against today. Against re-occurring, not to renew it so that the sorrows of the past will accompany the future.
40.     No! Do not allow that! Look at the Lord Jesus Christ. We should look at Him as our Instructor, Who has resurrected from the dead, manifested in the midst of the Bride as the Resurrected Body. He that liveth and was dead, and He is alive forevermore. He Who holds the keys of heaven and hell, walking on two feet in the midst of the bride; preparing the bride for a home-going.
41.     He came with full and complete salvation in his hand to those that are eagerly and patiently waiting for it. And He is on the scene and we are not only beholding his similitude, we are beholding his life instructions, teachings, exalting, encouraging, leading the way. I mean, tell us what will make us to fail. Unless we have decided to fail.
42.     Even if you were not covenanted before, your love for the people of the covenant will give you the paradise. The love a Moabite displayed, gave her an exalted position.
43.     God will save you because you belong to Him. He will save you because you love the truth. He will save you because you are a friend of the truth.
44.     Just as I was talking to Brother John Onyia concerning the mother: “The way you are talking, you are talking as if you have authority over the corpse, No! As long God liveth and I live, your mother was my friend. No more, no less. So whatever mercy that was extended to your mother is extended to her because she was my friend.”  Amen.

Now watch, looking unto Christ who is the Author and Finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endureth  the cross, despite the cruel death on the cross of Calvary lastly he was exalted to a place of highest honour.
2.          Why are we suffering? We have something at stake. What is at stake, does it warrant what we are passing through? Be your own judge.
3.          What you are going after for which cause you travelled long distances to be here, for which cause you are sitting down, hearing one man addressing you; all you have been passing through as a result of what is ahead of you, if you must get it, will it be enough, will it be sufficient, will it suffice for all the troubles you have been passing through so far?
4.          Jesus weighed what was ahead of him. When he weighed it, he made some comparisons. He was convinced that the joy that awaited him was by far greater than what he will pass through.
5.          That he was likened to woman that was under labour. The thought of coming out of labour room with the child in her hand gives her joy that surpasses all the agony and sufferings she passed through. Is it not true?
6.          You see what energized Christ, what helped Him to bear the Cross, even the death penalty that was proclaimed against Him, to die like a criminal on the Cross; was what was set before Him.
7.          For the joy that awaited him if He will endure till the end, made Him to say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”
8.          Thus, He counted them as nothing, mere refuse bin and then transferred the same wisdom and knowledge to us. Seeing that He has demonstrated resurrection from the dead and we have seen it and it is real, now we are convinced.
9.          Though eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of man what God has prepared  for us, we are sure and convinced holding the certainty of this truth: That the sufferings of this present time is nothing to be compared to His Glory that shall be revealed on us if we shall get there safely.
10.     If I will endure to the end, what awaits me there is by far greater than what I have spent in getting it.
11.     A student that is laboring in the classroom, in the lecture halls, is laboring to obtain a certificate that is perishable.
12.     But notice, in spite of all the gruesome troubles he might be passing through, he will be bearing all the laws, having his eyes on that certificate. If the Lord will grant him life and he obtains that certificate, the joy of getting the certificate, has outclassed all the sufferings.
13.     He will no longer remember that he was eating food without meat, that he was trekking long distances to school. If God will bless him with a nice job, I mean the salary for three months will place him on a sound pedestal. The joy of controlling his own personal money where he will be the disburser, he is the accountant-general.
14.     The accountant-general of his  own finances. If he likes, he will pocket some behind, some in front and things like that. If he comes home, we will be running around him as if he is holding the water of life.
15.     The joy is too much: “Oh at last I am now an executive officer, controlling my own money, controlling my own company. Why? Because I struggled till the end and at the end I was not disappointed. My expectations never failed me.”
16.      The joy he is deriving now has by far surpassed all the rigors he passed through and it is the joy of obtaining that position, that keeps his hope flying.
17.     Many are in this most holy faith without having any target. We say Eternal Life, we say paradise they do not know what it means. They do not know what it looks like. They do not know what they will gain if peradventure they will be beneficiaries of that new body.
18.     Some are still believing that when calamity will come, nobody will be spared while some are believing that there will not be any other calamity than the one we are passing through.
19.     Some believe that when man dies, it is all over. Thus, no matter what your believe is, as many as are like minded with me, I am talking to you. As many as are like minded with me, hell is real, heaven is real, God is real.
20.     There is no price anybody pays to get Eternal Life that should be regretted. Those who ran this race successfully before us never regretted anything. Do you know that because of the gain ahead, somewhere desiring even to go ahead of time?
21.     Someone sang a song saying that if your spiritual eyes should be opened and you see where Prophet Elijah is holding unto by faith, you will pray to leave this world.
22.     Thus, whatever might be the mocking, whether cruel or not cruel, the shame, the chastisements, the Lord threw them behind and was always and constantly looking forward to getting that trophy which becomes his everlasting consolation.
23.     If at the end of the day, after your labour some will be comforted with everlasting comfort, with Eternal Life from here using this message and you gain everlasting condemnation, how will you feel?
24.      Tell me how you will feel? That you heard that some were saved in our midst and you were not among. You will be like one in a classroom, wrote exams, after all the teachings, the result came out; others passed and you failed, why did you fail? Lack of seriousness.
\ Besides, that one cannot be a good example because you can repeat. But this one has no second chance. Once you miss it, you have missed it. You are waiting for the wrath of God: The Great Tribulation. That is what you are waiting for.
25.     That is why St. Paul said, “Seeing the terror of God, the horror, the horror coming from the presence of God to destroy the earth, to make it desolate, we persuade all men to believe Christ that they might be saved.”
26.     Look at the secret. Put away every past thing and stop renewing your sinful past. If God is the one that has forgiven you, and God says He will never remember your sins again, why do you specialize in remembering your sin? Why do you specialize in carrying your sins forward?
27.     Is there any righteous man that sinneth not? There is no human being that has a clean record from beginning to finish. Even Jesus Christ never had it. He only had it by faith but by action he was a sinner. For sin means breaking of God’s law and he broke the law.
28.     Sin means infraction of the law. Better believe this truth. But he did not come to be justified by the law. He came to be justified by the spirit and He was justified.
29.     By the deeds of the laws we erred at one time or the other. But grace has come without any reference to the law. Love manifested, love projected, and all of us were grafted in. Seeing that we now love, the commendation is that we should continue in love.
30.     If you love me, keep my teaching, keep my words, for there is no other way love can be proved if not by continuing in that  which you have been taught. Holding it steadfast, immovable, unshakable so that you will appear unreprovable and spotless in the sight of God.
31.     And when you hold it, the same love will manifest itself in all your actions. You will be number one to forgive whosoever that has offended you because God never waited until you repented before he forgive you. Even when you were sinners like me, God died for you.
32.     Then you begin to appreciate that the greatest manifestation of love is forgiveness. You begin to show love one to another. As God has loved you and forgave your trespasses, the same way you ought to love and forgive your brother and sisters and any other people remembering that in time past you were foolish, you were blind, you misbehaved.
33.     There is nobody sitting down here who never misbehaved in time past. But the experiences of yesteryears, have helped us to take decisions never to go back to those unprofitable lifestyles, for when we indulged in them, we gained nothing.
34.     But when we changed and looked upto Christ, we became reasonable individuals.  We began benefiting from living a controlled life; controlled by the fear and love of God. Is it not true?
35.     Do not bring back the past, God is not like you, Who will forgive and remember. If you say forgive me, if tomorrow, I do you little harm, you begin to remember twenty times I have offended you since the world began.
36.     You have your textbook or diary, you may not have it handy, you may have it in your heart. Every day is addition of new offences somebody committed. You do not even write your own
37.      As you write my own, so God is writing your own. He that is holding someone on the ground is holding himself.
38.     I thank God that when you are writing against me and I am erasing that of others, I am justified before God when you are condemned. For you know how much you are holding me guilty but you do not know how much I have set people free in my own heart. I am setting people free and you are busy holding guilty. In the end, we will know who will be justified.
39.     When you pray say, “Father forgive us our trespasses even as we forgive those that trespassed against us.”
40.     If you do not forgive others the offence they committed against you, how do you think that God will forgive your own? The secret of forgiving, lies in forgiving others.
41.     Is there anything too difficult to forgive, not even one. How many times will somebody sin against you a day, and then come to you asking and saying he is sorry, that you should forgive? Four hundred and ninety times a day.
42.     They said even if the name of the person is Mr sin or Mr. Provoker; then the question arises, must the person come to you to ask for forgiveness before you forgive him? No!
43.     It said forgive him even without the person coming or even knowing set him free. Because when you set him free, you free your conscience, you free your heart, you restore relationship the same way God will do. Do you remember them again? No Sir!
44.     Any day you remember them, the past will come back, you will look gloomy again. Can God give us assignment which He cannot do? No Sir!
45.     Now He said we should look unto Him. He is the Author and Finisher, the beginning and ending of our faith. Which means we must inculcate His habits, His attitude. Amen.

Isaiah 43:25 KJV. “I even I, I am he that…”
2.          Who is introducing himself? Almighty God!
3.           “…blotted out thy transgressions…”.
4.          That does what? Blotted out thy transgressions.
5.          “…for my own sake…”
6.           For my own sake, because I wanted to, not because you merited it, not because you asked for it. When you were yet sinners, He came and was nailed to the Cross.
7.          The least of His laws which you could not obey, He now obeyed them for you by paying the penalty you should have paid, paid the debt you would not pay for His Name sake; so that His Name might be perpetually glorified in Himself.
8.          Remember that He did all these things that we might live the righteousness of God. Hence, the righteousness we now possess is not our own but God is our righteousness.
9.          Yes, I even I, I am He that blotted out your transgressions.
10.     ”…I, even I, am he that blotted out thy transgressions for my own sake, and will not remember thy sins…”
11.     And will not, I will not remember, I will never call to remembrance your sin of yesteryears, your sin of yesterday. Even the one you committed before coming here now.  
12.     The Cloud is in the camp because since you are here, you have been passing through the refining process. You have being cleansed, you have being washed by the Word that has been coming to you.
13.     This is why it is impossible for the devil to accuse any of you because you are constantly standing in His presence, covered by His glory. And His unfailing promise is that He will present you righteous, holy, perfect in his own eyes, for that, He made a provision. You see why you must look up to Him as the beginning and ending.
14.     Maybe before you came here today, the devil was holding you captive. This is one of the armour. God said you should arm yourself with the word of God, use it as your breastplate, as your helmet, that even if the devil come to you, you will tell him that the Lord has spoken to my hearing and I believe that He has blotted out my transgressions. He will not remember them again. He holds nothing to the heart against any of his elects.
15.     The same way you ought to do one to another. Why do you say I have forgiven you and you continue to remind yourself, you put yourself in remembrance. The things you said you have forgiven, they are still fresh in your memory. Have you really forgiven? No Sir!
16.     You see why you are not moving forward! For nobody remembers the sinful past and moves forward. Assuming you are travelling to Enugu and holding onto your steering and you are speeding to Enugu and your eyes are behind, you have missed the track. Disaster is likely to occur. Is it true? Yes Sir!
17.     Amplified version Isaiah 43vs 25 …”I even I, I am He who blots out and cancels your transgressions, for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins”
18.     LB, …”I yet,  I alone Am He who blots away your sins for my own sake, I will never think of them again.
19.     I will never think of them again. Never will I wreak them up against you again. In another place, it said “I have put them in the ocean of forgetfulness where I will no longer have any remembrance of the former things against you.”
20.      What do you mean by former? Former is that today is 13th, 13th is former, 13th is past, today is a new day, today when you hear His word, harden not your heart. Today is the acceptable day, today is the day of salvation. God is operating on today and not on yesterday.
21.     What is your relationship with God now? If He will call it quit now, He is taking you based on what you are now. Not on what you were before coming. What you were hours ago, has already been taken control of, it has been taken care of by the washing of the water, by the word.
22.     That is why we repent every day. We repent every day. If you are a seed of God, you can repent even 10 times, 100 times a day. There are certain statements you will make; something will strike you instantly, you will withdraw.
23.      There are certain things that will come, generate something, you will counter it. There are certain actions you will take, before you will know, you will kneel down and say, “Father I am sorry, I did not mean to do it.”
24.     Whatever that convicts you of wrongdoing, is nearer to you and it is in you. He wants you to come out instantly there. He didn’t want you to continue with it.
25.     Once you failed to do what you ought to do instantly there, the devil has come to magnify it, he will say “Why should you do it? Don’t ever do that, are you mad? Are you the only one doing it? Is it not what others are doing?” The devil has started inspiring you.
26.     “If you do it, they will take you as a fool.” You become his servant. Once you do it, you will continue doing it. You now become hardened: “I will do it, whatever that will come out of it, let it come out! If it is death, does a man die two times? If it is death let me die?” Are you the one saying it? The devil is saying it through your mouth.
27.     The Lord is the One introducing Himself as One that has decided to blot out your transgressions, my transgressions for His Name sake.
28.     Let me tell you, the Lord never saved Israel because they were plenty in number. He never declared them righteous because they did anything good or bad.
29.     Of all men, they were the most stubborn, stiff-necked, hard-hearted. They were idolaters yet the love of God projected for His Name sake. Simply because He wanted to. And He will not remember their iniquities again. If God says it, it is guaranteed. Anything wrecking it up, is from the opposing side. That is why you are given the equipment. 
30.     Any thought contrary that will generate a contrary feeling in you, that will try to exalt itself contrary to the word you are hearing, is an opposing spirit opposing thought, opposing word. Whatever the thing might be, that will try to exalt itself contrary to the will of God, God said you must bring it under subjection. Subject it under the authority of the word of God.
31.     Let the word of God raise up a standard saying, “ I have been forgiven and I am forgiven. God has set me free, I am not quarrelling with you.” Pardon is not pardon unless it is accepted.
32.     When you hear, “Go in the liberty that Christ has set you free and don’t sin again. Go and sin no more.” Amen!
33.     I want to wreck up something, God said something that interest me. I want to show you what God does.
34.     Isaiah 43 from verse 18 through 20.…” Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Don’t ever remember the former things again.
35.     Stop considering old things, that is past things.
36.     …”Behold, now I will do a new thing…
37.     I will do a new thing which I am doing now.
38.     …”now it shall spring forth, shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.
39.     Now it shall all spring forth. Will you not be known about it?
40.     Amp 18-20 …”Do not [earnestly] remember the former things, neither consider the things of old”.
41.     Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth, do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.
42.     Do not earnestly constantly trouble yourself. You fix your hand on the jaw? It happened in the morning not now. This is afternoon.
43.     Don’t we have 12 hours in a day? It happened even in the morning not now, last night, not even now. If it is not afraid, let it come and happen now. If that thing knows that it is not afraid, let it come and happen now.
44.     Do you beat a child in the presence of the mother? No Sir! “I think it tempted me in the night, it tempted me in the morning, it should come and tempt me now. It should come so that I will place my hands on the jaw.”
45.     Because that is what the devil wants. It wants you to place your hands on your jaw. Then isolate you from people, isolate you from God so that you will commit spiritual suicide. Spiritual suicide!
46.     The devil will tell you that your condition is the worst: “This life you are living, what is the gain? Is it not better you are dead?” You will agree with him and say it is true. Then he will tell you what you will do and die immediately!
47.     …”do not earnestly remember the former things…
48.     When you keep on remembering the former things, you can no longer go ahead, you will be marking time.
49.     If someone asks you what you are thinking, you will say, “I am thinking about yesterday. This thing that happened yesterday eh!”
50.     Even if water came into your place and carried away your properties like Pastor Dan, that was yesterday. Is it today? No Sir! 
51.     It will still carry it again, just wait until rain starts again. If the rain falls and it never carried it away, come and use your hand and do so. This is the truth! If what you are thinking never happened, come and use your hand and do it.
52.     What you did yesterday, will not hinder you paradise but what you are doing at the point when Christ calls you home. That day two will be in the bed and one shall be taken. Did God say two were in the bed? They were two in the bed all along but that day was another day. For the word of God to come to pass, He will take one and leave the other.
53.     Where were they, it was still the same place they were that it took place. That is why God said we should be vigilant for we do not know the hour when the man of the house will call it quit. It can be now, it can be any time so be ready at all times. If you have this consciousness in you, you will always be happy.
54.     More so, that thing which you think is the greatest has been common experiences others have been passing through. The secret lies in setting the past apart and go your way.
55.     I came back home hungry and the devil told me that I will go to bed hungry, I told him it is a lie. Instead I will go to bed hungry, I will eat bread. Did you understand what I am saying?
56.     Do not ever agree that what you were yesterday that discourages you, will also come today again. No! Whatever that is the troubles of yesterday, went away with yesterday, both the joy, sorrow, everything. Today is a new day. Face it and stop meditating, considering.
57.     …”Do not earnestly remember ye the former things…”
58.     He will give his whole life and be hustling, if it a woman, she will check how many times the husband has given her money in a week, check how many times the husband shouted on her, check all the children.
59.     If the day breaks, if you wake her up, there will be misunderstanding. What she will present to you is what happened since the days of our forefathers. If you say, she will say that the mother once told her, the mother told her but the mother is dead.  The father told her but the father is dead, “Our people said it.”
60.     The dead must come back to life today. That is why I am sent. To comfort the broken-hearted, to create hope for the hopeless. To say to the weakling, “Rise and strengthen yourself.”
61.     Let the weak, say “I am strong! I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I will no longer be discouraged, I will never allow my past experiences to discourage me from achieving greater height.
62.     Are you afraid of death, while going to war? Will a man use because he could not make any sales and refused to go to market another day? No Sir! What is even wrong with you people?
63.     Check very well, most of the things that have been disturbing you, your peace, shattering your soul, even that of your family, they are things that happened in time past, not even one is traceable to today.
64.     …“Do not earnestly remember the former things neither remembering the former things, Behold, I am doing a new thing…”
65.     I am! Presently, whatever I do now, is a new thing.
66.     …and now it springs forth, do you not perceive….?
67.     Now it has sprang forth can we not  perceive it.
68.     …”and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness…”
69.     I will even make a way in the wilderness. Where it is impossible for there to be a way, God said He will make a way. Have you come to a place, have you come to the end of the road? God said you have not come to the end. He is going to make a way.
70.     …”he will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert…”
71.     I will also create rivers in the desert, a desert a place where it is unthinkable for anybody to get fresh water. The Lord said have you come to such a place? I will create a pool of water there. I will do it for my Name sake that you may glorify me.
72.     Have you come to a point where you want to give up? Anywhere you place your hand happens to be dry until you begin to conclude that God has left you, Na lie! You are the one saying so.
73.     If you can be steadfast and stand still, you will hear a voice behind you, “Go little, further, you will see a pool of water there. Do not give up! Your salvation is already around.” 
74.     Living Bible verse 20 …”but forget all that, it is nothing compared to what am going to do, for I am going to do a brand new thing, I have already begun. Don’t you see it, I will make a road through the wilderness of the world, for my people to go home and create rivers for them in the desert…” amen.

Exodus 14:13-14 KJV …”and Moses said unto the people fear ye not, stand till and see the salvation of the Lord, the Lord shall fight for you…”
2.          Who shall fight for you? The Lord!  
3.          …”and ye shall hold your peace…”
4.           Amplified …”Moses told the people, fear not, stand still (firm, confident, undismayed,) and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians you have seen today, you shall never see again…”
5.           A time came when the people became hopeless and helpless, shattered and devastated without any hope insight, no hope of salvation. Behind was Pharaoh and his army, by the two sides were the walls of the river, there was no way and the Lord said through His servant, “Stand still. Do not be dismayed, do not be shattered, you will see the salvation of God come through today.”
6.           He went further to tell them that the Pharaoh and the armies, you are seeing today, you will see no more. No more! All those Pharaohs that were pursing you in your yard, pursuing you on the street, in your business, with his armies.
7.          Remember the devil is likened to a pharaoh with all his armies waging war against you on a daily basis. You could recognize them as those evils that wrapped themselves around you tightly. When you struggle to loose  grip of them, no way.
8.          And the Lord is saying, “When they held the Israelites tightly without giving room for them, the Lord came and fought for them.”
9.           That which you cannot accomplish, The Lord said He will accomplish them for you, liberate you, you see your salvation coming through today. Those things will become stories of the past, then you glorify God.
10.     It can be sickness pining you down. It can be sickness you may have been inflicted by the devil all these years. Any money you get, you spend in the hospitals. No rest! The Lord is capable of taking it away. If only you can exercise your faith in His deliverance.
11.      If you do not have the faith to believe, do not hinder others. Faith requires no reasoning. The Lord said today and it is today.
12.      “…the Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest”.
13.     Stand still, Let nothing terrify you anymore. In St. John`s gospel Chapter 11:7-10; a time came when the Lord Jesus got threat from his enemies in Judaea, He told his disciples that His life was under threat. They recorded it in their hearts and diaries. The following day, he wanted to go to Judaea instead of saying Amen, they reminded him of the threat.
14.     John 11:7-10 KJV, “Then after that saith He to his disciples, let us go into Judaea again. His disciples said unto Him, master, the jews of late sought to stone thee, and goest thou thither again?”  
15.     Have you seen it? Yes Sir! What happened yesterday, the threat of yesterday was what they reminded him.
16.     Jesus answered, are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not because he seeth the light of this world.
17.     Don’t we have twelve hours in a day? Why are you reminding me of what took place yesterday? Are you trying to carry yesterday over; we are going there. If they like let them kill us there. Stop reminding me of my yesterday’s failures. They were failures of yesterday.
18.     Don’t we have twelve hours? Just think about the twelve hours, forget about yesterday. Unless you can go back to yesterday and pass another night yesterday, then I will take you seriously. If you cannot do it, close your mouth. You are the accuser of the brethren who does not believe in God’s promises.
19.     The accuser of the brethren does not believe in God’s promises. To him, all God’s promises are things that will come in future, things that happened before, things that happens in the future. But to the believer, they believe now, now, now.
20.     Martha believed resurrection from the dead but it will be in some time in the future. Mary believed instantly there. God said instantly. When you hear the word of God, harden not your heart, as in the days of tribulation.
21.     Today is the acceptable day. Today is a day of salvation, tomorrow maybe late. I may not have a tomorrow. But now I have today, let nobody rob me of my joy. And because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
22.     The joy of today will carry me into tomorrow. For the God Who is talking to me today, I will meet tomorrow. I am not meeting another God tomorrow because He lives, I will be there. For wherever He is, there I will be.
23.     People talk as if there is going to be another God tomorrow Who will hand me over to the devil. No! The call I received is call of salvation. Not call of destruction.
24.     God never called us to receive His wrath. But to receive salvation that is in Christ. And I have responded. Do not allow any obvious trouble individual to come and buffet you about. I want to preserve something in you now.
25.     “But if a man walketh in the night, he stumbleth because there is no light in him.”
26.     Living Bible, “finally after two days, he said to his disciples… let us go to Judaea but the disciples objected…
27.     After how many days?  Two days! These people need to be given eye drop. But do not condemn them. Many of you are still remembering that of twenty years ago. This one is just two days.
28.     That of Brother Goddy`s own  has reached three or four years. There is no condemnation to any man that is in Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah, who does not walk by the leading of the flesh, but by the leading of the spirit. For the law of the spirits has set us free from the law of the flesh
29.     …..Are you blind? The Lord knew that offences will come. He said, “In everything, do not allow the sun go down in your anger.” Be angry and sin not.
30.     But some peoples anger last for years, yet they claim they are children of God. Their anger goes beyond the stipulated evening time. Rolls into night, continues through morning of another day. Why? An unforgiven heart of unbelief. The same way they do not know that God is writing their judgment. When you bend down to look at something in a hole, somebody will be looking at your buttocks.
31.     The Lord Jesus said it: “Be angry and sin not. Let not the sun go down in your anger, do not allow any root of bitterness in your heart whereby many are defiled. It is very hard.”
32.     Why are you looking at your husband? Shut up! Am I the One that is a liar? If you look at him again, I will tell him to accuse you before me now. Because of this word, she has remembered who upset her.
33.     Because there is something the devil told her. She will be angry from morning till morning, while God is saying that you should not allow it to be in your heart, her own will stay up to weeks.
34.     Brother Onyema Eze’s wife, I know you are above hellfire and heaven. Choose one between the two. When one is above hell or heaven, she is above devil and God. What the person is, is :”Whatever I see let me take.”
35.     Leave Goddy alone! He knows why he is rejoicing. Stop making noise. You think he is crazy, he is not crazy! That woman or that sister that knelt down, I hope you have been set free? (Yes Sir!) Standup there and clap your hands. Go and sin no more!
36.     The Cloud is in the camp. And the Cloud has remained in the camp since morning till now. The cloud has never shifted one bit. We are still in the camp.
37.     The disciples raised objection saying, “Master, have you forgotten what happened two days ago?” They were earnestly thinking of former things, always considering the things of old more than forty eight hours.
38.     They objected to the Master’s move: “Master, are you out of your senses? How dare you forget too easily the threat of the people of Judea two days ago? Do you want to go there and perish? Or do you think it was an empty threat?”
39.     The Master retorted, “Gentlemen, be of good cheer. Don’t we have twelve hours in a day? Why putting me in remembrance of things that happened two days ago?” How I wish brethren can begin to adjust.
40.     …”but his disciples objected, Master they said only a few days ago the Jewish leaders in Judea were trying to kill you are you going there again? Jesus replied there are twelve hours of daylight everyday and during every hour of it a man can walk safely and not stumble.”
41.     Let me give you your security.
42.     Philippians. 3:13 king  James version: Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended. But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.
43.     Amplified version: Note dear brothers, I am still not all that I should be…”
44.     I have not started feeling as if I have arrived. I am still on course. I am still laboring on. Over confidence can make you to stop. When you think you have mastered everything, you have attained perfection when the Master has not marked you; the master has not examined you, He has not even justified you, why justifying yourself?
45.     I have always been telling my children that the greatest form of attack is defense. A football team never loses in a match until after scoring two or three goals against their opponent, instead of continuing hitting in the midfield, they recline to defense.
46.     At that defense, horrible mistakes can be made. Any little infringement inside the penalty yard box, a goal is converted straight away. Before you know it, once they succeed in opening one avenue, they will be pulling there, blasting there. Pile pressure on the goal keeper and the defense. And pressure automatically breaks resistance.
47.     Then in less than five minutes, you see a team qualifying, going ahead beating their opponent. It happened in Nigeria. Yes! In 1989 when Nigeria disgraced Russia, came all the way from four nil, three minutes to go, they equalized and defeated Russia.
48.     It is not over until you have heard the last whistle. As a good boxer, you do not need to fall on the ground when your opponent is still standing. No! The devil has not died.
49.     We are only equipped with the instrument with which to ward off all his arrows. No matter how they are coming we have been equipped to ward off all those insidious attacks.
50.     When we are armed with the truth, armed with the word of God, armed with the spirit of God, there is no room for the devil to enter. We are renewing our hearts and minds daily by the entrance of the word of God, fortifying ourselves.
51.     That was what Jesus the Christ did. Through prayers, through meditation, he was able to withstand the arms of the devil and after that, he the devil is still at work, he has never slept.
52.     Do not believe the nonsense people say that they are casting the devil into abyss, into bottomless pit every day. Who brought him out? You cast it into bottomless pit, the following day you come again casting the same devil into bottomless pit. Who gave the devil the ladder which he used in climbing out of it?
53.     One thing I did that gave me victory is, forgetting the past, pressing on to the future, having my eyes on my target, that I will never stop my journey half way. No matter the trials and temptations, no matter how the devil will try to accuse me, buffet me about, I will never deter.
54.     What should be your secret? On the way to Calvary, how many times did Jesus Christ  fall? It was not easy. There is no righteous man that falleth not. You are not a failure because you failed down. You are a failure because you failed and refused to get up. For a righteous man falleth ten times and riseth up ten times.
55.     On the way to Calvary, the joy was set before Christ, the glory was there. He was bearing the Cross, the burden of sin. He fell down several times. Watch each time he fell down, he was helped up. He never fell at a particular spot twice. He moved forward, in front He fell again. He was helped up, he moved forward, he fell again.
56.     In all the fallings, he was moving forward until He got to a point where He was almost exhausted, a helper came from the opposite direction. You cannot run this race alone. You cannot cross Jordan alone. There must be somebody who will come and help you cross Jordan. There must be somebody for God will not allow you to get exhausted along the way, otherwise your aim and my aim will be defeated.
57.     That is why He said He will help you. “He will help you”. With His right hand of righteousness, He will uphold you for you cannot make it without God. That is why even believing is not of your own efforts. It is God that is helping you even to obey.
58.     What can you boast of doing alone, absolutely nothing, for without God you can do nothing! That is why you must have confidence in Him, in his leadership, in the person He has sent so that He will help you till the end
59.     Living Bible, “Though dear brothers I am still not all I should be, but I am bringing all my energies to bear on this one thing…”
60.     Bringing all my energy to bear in one thing, all that it takes me to be a human being, all my hope, I bring all of them together in one thing.
61.     “…Forgetting the Past…”
62.     Do what? Forgetting the past.  Did God say renew the past? No Sir! Did God say consider old things? No Sir!
63.     What is past?  By my time, it is about ten minutes after two, I may be wrong with my clock. If you are making reference to seven o’clock in the morning, you are making reference to the past. Is it a lie?
64.     “Hey! I nearly died while coming to fellowship in the morning. A tricycle rider (Keke Napep) nearly killed me in the morning. Praise God with me”. Then you were told that after fellowship, you will board a tricycle you exclaimed, “Noo! keke Napep nearly killed me in the morning.”
65.      Was keke banned because it nearly killed you? No Sir! “Keke would have killed me.” It was in the morning not now: “I will enter keke!” Amen!
66.     Do you know that there are many people that are alive that do not have a today? They do not have a today. Every utterance is yesterday:
67.     “The other day that passed, what you did to me.” Anytime you are with such a fellow, you will never hear of today from his or her mouth. Such a fellow can never progress in the faith. He will not be progressive in his business because he is dwelling on the past. It is the devil at work in you not God frustrating your today because of disappointment of yesterday, is the work of the devil.
68.     Brethren, I do not think or feel I have apprehended all I have been desiring, one thing I do is putting all my energies together.
69.      “…forgetting the past and what  lies ahead of you…”
70.     Do you have what lies ahead of you? Yes Sir! Ahead of me? Yes Sir! If we continue with the past, can we get there? No Sir! Can our past experiences help us to get there? No Sir!
71.     If you continue to carry it forward, take time; for you may hold yourself captive not God. Why? Because you never accepted the offer of free salvation He extended to you. Because you are looking for a way you will contribute at least something that can be credited to you, so that on that day, God will say, “Well done my child.”
72.     I hope we do not have Pentecostals in this fellowship? Who will pray and tell us what God told them when they win many souls, labour through fasting, through prayers, through self denial. God will say “Well done.” Amen.

Brethren, bear with me. I want to tell you something. I have come to the point where my predecessors reached and they became disgusted. I have over stayed and it has started telling on me all round.
2.          It nearly took me into taking a decision last week. Let me say it. I am here on this sacred desk where I cannot tell lies. Only one thing sustained me from taking that decision.
3.          The vineyard is gradually ripening but the ripe fruits are scanty. They are below my expectation, the number in particular is very appalling. I feel the number I have seen, does not justify my labour so far.
4.          I would have achieved more than this but for your unbelief which kept me under the law for too many years. You only started believing me four years ago. From 30th December 1992, the Bride in general started believing in me four years ago. Before then, they were paying mere lip service. And I am not happy with this situation.
5.          Some are ripened only but one side while the other side has not received sunshine at all. Some are flowering, giving signs that they will bear fruits. But whether the fruit will abide or not, it is unpredicted. I feel disgusted, not tired.
6.          This is the decision that kept me. Philippians chapter 1 Verse 23 through 24, “Sometimes I want to leave, and other time I don’t. for I love to go and be with Christ …”
7.          Sometimes, I want to depart. Some other time, I do not want it. For I love to go back to where I came from to reunite with He that sent me.
8.          “…how much happier for me than being here…”
9.          I feel happier going back, reuniting with Him than remaining here, feeling disgusted and dissatisfied. But one thing!
10.     “…but the fact is that I can be of more help to you by staying…”
11.     The verse where the whole thing is hanging is: “I have looked round I have not seen even one that has manifested the courage, the patience, the love, the understanding, the accommodation that is required, that has attained the spiritual height where brethren can take him the same way they have taken me”.
12.     I have not seen one that can stand and make a statement and stand there and the brethren will take him seriously. Let alone leading.
13.     When they are finding difficulties leading their homes, some of their children are defiance. Their wives defiance, brethren living round about them have nothing to boast of, nothing to learn.
14.     A good number of them do not command respect in the eyes of fellow brethren. Hence, they talk to them anyhow. Treat them with contempt. Simply because of the way they made themselves for they have over compromised with the flock.
15.     Compromise is not only with the word. There is a way a leader compromises with the flock, he loses his respect, his honour and integrity.
16.     If you watch the president, often times he distances himself from the National Assembly and from every other person.
17.     No matter how tongues will be wagging, he remains undaunted. Call him whatever you want to call him, you are exercising your right of freedom of speech. He remains what he is.
18.     I have looked into the ministers, not even one has a sense of vision about this faith, some do not even know where this faith is heading to. Not even one boldly give this faith the protection it deserves.
19.     In other words, I am still having it standing before my eyes that it is going to be,: Take away the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.
20.     If you know that minister you know that have patience, understanding, love, and the spirit of forgiveness, the Minister that is lowly, meek and of good rapport, who the brethren can rally round, anywhere the person is found, in our local assembly, please put it in the memo and give it to me because I want to leave the scene.
21.     There is no other thing sustaining me. I am of the opinion that If I should depart, I have laboured in vain. Whatever I have been building all these years, the devil will use the ministers to destroy.
22.     For all that has been having the spirit bubbling in them “I can do it, I can do it” will destroy themselves and the flock.
23.     If you are not a qualified driver, you are not a driver. “I can drive” is not a driver. You can move a vehicle but you are not a driver. You may have the license but you are not a driver.
24.     What makes you a driver is the professionalism you display in handling the steering on the road, whether street or lane or high way. Whatever you may call it, recognizing that every living thing, have the right of life.
25.     But it is not so. How can I hand over to people that are worshipping their wives? To the point that if their wives will tell them to kill Brother James Nnaemeka, they will kill him. Even without investigating, James Nnaemeka has become an enemy because the minister’s wife hates James Nnaemeka.
26.     Any sister whose face the wife hates, has become an enemy and it must be injected into the heart of the husband who will have no other preaching but the sister. Using the pulpit to war against themselves which is reflecting in all your local assembly.
27.     Is that the assembly I will leave in this wilderness? No sir! I have been looking forward to one all these years, who will place one of his legs on my casket and then continue with the truth from where I stopped without compromise. I have not seen even one.
28.     Does it mean I will die here? God forbid! Must I wait till eternity, God forbid. I have noticed that I am waiting for people that have refused to go away.
29.     What I said before, I wish to withdraw. Before, before I used to say that I will wait no matter how long it will take for my desire is that all of us will go together. It will not happen that way again.
30.     I will be going because I have over stayed, I have made up my mind to go. And I will be going with the few that are ready to go.
31.     What about the rest? I do not know. When will it take place, whenever it will take place. It can be now, it can be anytime.
32.     No messenger has ever come closest to the people of God more than the Son of Man. No messenger has ever come so low even to appreciate their individual problems. No messenger has ever tried it.
33.     I am not praising myself. The Almighty has already glorified me. He knows that I am bearing the testimony of a true witness.
34.     Check your scriptures, check history, no messenger has ever addressed the people’s problem more than the Son of Man. Recognizing both the big and the small, the mighty, the great and even the nonentity, recognizing even the poor and needy, without discrimination.
35.     I have never for one day operated a class fellowship, creating room for the big and no room for the little.
36.     Let me say that I have even identified with the base people more than the great or the seemingly great by their own assessment. I have never tolerated anything Sanhedrin’s court, never, never!
37.     What is the reason for this unripening of this fruit? Must we remain immature every day? When you look at the guava tree, you see green, green fruits with flowers on their head. To pluck them out, you will not have the hand because they are not yet matured.  
38.     You wait for them to mature, 2,3 years, they are still hanging there, looking fresh, not maturing. Ever learning and not coming to perfection.
39.     All the people you might be having your eyes on, they all have different problems. Which they know as individuals but they cannot share them with you.
40.     Now if you want to mature, the reason or the truth is, learn to retain the information you have been receiving. Amen.

Let me give you something. 1 Cor. 3:16-17 Amplified; Do you not discern and understand that you, the whole Church at Corinth are God`s temple, His sanctuary and God`s spirit has a permanent dwelling in you to be at home in you collectively as a Church and as an individual.
2.          Did God say temporary dwelling place? No Sir! Permanent not temporary.
3.          Once the Spirit of God is dwelling in you permanently, your life stabilizes. Your character will no longer be erratic. By this, I can know those that are unripe and those that are ripened.
4.          Once you get ripened, you stabilize. People can have a high level of confidence in you.
5.          Verse 17: If anyone does hurt to God`s temple or corrupt it with false doctrines, or destroys it, God will do hurt to him and bring him to the corruption of death and destroy him.
6.          For the temple of God is holy, sacred to him. And that temple you the believing Church and it`s individual believers are.
7.          2 Cor. 2:17 Amp; for we are not like so many, like husters making a thread on, peddling  God`s word, short changing and adulterating the divine message but like men of sincerity and purest motive as commissioned and sent by God, we speak his message in Christ the messiah in the very sight and presence of God.
8.          Kjv ; for we are not as many which corrupt the word of God, but as of sincerity ,but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.
9.          We are not as many which corrupt the word of God. If you want to survive, I will tell you something you must avoid.
10.     Today government is fighting corruption using diverse measures the way they understand corruption.
11.     We have spiritual corruption and physical corruption. But in all, corruption is corruption.
12.     Physically speaking, all forms of illegalities are corruption. I do not care about where that illegality is found. Whether in your family or mine. Any action contrary, any word contrary to the approved will of God is corruption.
13.     You are painting a false picture of the word of God which is Christ. You are giving Christ a blasphemous Name.
14.     Now I want you to understand that spiritual death is much more dangerous than physical death. Somebody can die and still be walking about. That is the worst death.
15.     Spiritual corruption is worse than physical corruption. In physical corruption, whatever you might have stolen could be recovered. You might be punished instantly by the government because of your corrupt or sharp practices.
16.     But the spiritual corruption will sentence you to eternal hell. The spiritual corruption goes with you to the throne of judgment. You must appear before the throne of judgment because of your carelessness.
17.     What is corruption? Corruption is the last tool the devil is using to operate against the bride. As corruption is been used by fraudulent agents to weaken the economy more and more, and create more hardship to the populace, so is the devil using corruption to weaken the bride, rendering us useless. This is hard to believe.
18.     I will use the example i have been using since last week. Your handset has a memory card the same is applicable to your computer.
19.     The operational system of the computer was designed using the operational or functional system of the human body. The most sensitive area remains the brain box or the hard disk.
20.     The hard disk contains all useful information and the information that is contained in the hard disk is highly valued more than the cost of the computer system.
21.     The information that is contained in your memory card in your handset is much more valuable than the cost of the handset.
22.     That is why whenever the handset is stolen, the owner pleads that he should be given the memory card. For the memory card contains valuable information.
23.     Your hard disk which you use in your laptops, that is where you store valuable information, the students even value it more than their necessary food. You do not joke with them over their hard disk.
24.     God installed hard disk in every human being and that is the human heart. Nobody can measure the amount of information that is stored in the human heart.
25.     From the day the person was born till the day he will leave this earth, information will keep on storing in the human heart. And in the human heart are over one trillion files. Whatever he wants to recall to mind, he will only open the file in the heart.
26.     If he says, “The property I have at Umuoji now,” the heart automatically brings the folder forward. You see the file open. How the land was purchased, expenses, you see everything in that file.
27.     Like Brother Orjiakor is here, if he wants to turn the folder to the medical center, the heart automatically brings the file. If he wants the file for his personal clinic, the heart brings it. If he wants to know the events in all the departments in his medical center, the files are in the heart.
28.     The same way you store information in the files in your computer system, in your handset.
29.     The cloud is still here. Respect Him. do not allow the devil to make this message pass you by. It is short, it is brief.
30.     You read about corruption from the Bible, you have heard about corruption.  
31.     When you say that your phone is corrupt, your handset is corrupt, it then means virus has attacked your handset. It has attacked you laptop, your computer system.
32.     The moment the memory card is corrupt, what happens? The whole information that were stored there, vanishes in one second.
33.     No matter how you try to trace the information, you will not get any, files gone. The same way, if the hard disk of a computer system is corrupt, which means, it is attacked by virus, the whole information in the hard disk is gone. The system will be there empty. The owner will be filled with regret.
34.     How did the virus come? It is a self-duplicating computer program that interferes with a computer's hardware or operating system, that is, the basic software that runs the computer. It is a program. A little exposure, a wrong exposure of your computer attracts the invasion of virus.
35.     The virus comes in millions. It can be in your honest attempt to download information from the Internet, you see the virus entering. Your eyes will not behold it. And it comes in millions. Want is more, the computer must follow the virus' instructions.
36.     At the end of the day’s work, you go to bed thinking all is well. In the morning, you power on your system only to see everywhere blank. What happened? The enemy has done that.
37.     You will be confused, you will be shattered, you will be devastated, you begin to run helter-skelter to see whether you can retrieve any, you discover that you won’t find even one. Even if there is anyone there, it is also corrupt. You dare not begin to make use of it, you dare not begin to log on new information once the system is already corrupt.
38.     You see why it is impossible to refine the police, the army and every other organization. The National Assembly was quoted to be controlled by cabals right from the days of old, up till today. Why? The cabals are still there. Why? Old bottle, containing new wine.
39.     But this time it is old bottle containing old wine. And the old wine is continuing anyhow, age notwithstanding. You bring in new officers the old ones will corrupt them for they will not have the power to change the old corrupt system. They will be forced to join them.
40.     Now watch, when your system is corrupt, it is corrupt. Any information that is left there is equally corrupt. If you log on a new information, it may accept it immediately but before you go it will wipe off. A sure sign that the dangerous virus is still at work.
41.      How does it come, no eyes can see it. It comes at a time when you can hardly pre-meditate. What created the room? Your in ability to update the anti protective virus program.
42.     As the system is being magnified, applications magnified, so also the manufacturers continue to manufacture Anti-protective virus programs.
43.     You might be having the old one you installed 2 or 3 years ago without updating and upgrading it. It may no longer have the strength to protect your computer system. You will be basking on the old record.
44.     “Brother, why not go and update your antivirus?” “No, no no! My system is ok, it is still current.”
45.     You see, you are basking on old record. What you did before for that reason, you find it not necessary to crosscheck so as to update. Before you know it, you open your system and see nothing.
46.     For that reason, you must, learn to update and upgrade your anti-protective virus program.
47.     The word of God is prone to attack by spiritual virus. Microscope in nature, the eyes do not visualize it and it does not give a sign before attacking.
48.     How does it operate, it is as a result of undue exposure of your heart, undue exercise of your heart to wrong feelings, wrong ideas.
49.     You opened the gate. Instead of getting your heart filled with the word of God, saturated with the love of God, you subject your heart to be meditating on foolish past things.
50.     What is more, the devil has seen an opportunity to come like a flood. The moment he comes, your feelings changes, your mood changes. Everything changes.
51.     What is the work it will do? It will erase completely your whole knowledge of the word of God. Even make you, bring you to a state where you can no longer remember what is written in John chapter 3 verse 16.
52.     You cannot search the scriptures anymore. If I quote Isaiah, you will go to Revelation. The messages, the same thing, the ones you had already stored, will vanish. You cannot quote “thus is written in this message”. There is no message you can lay your hand on and tell people the content without reading.
53.     Your heart is corrupt and the corruption has erased completely everything because the virus is still retained. You want to inject in new information, it gets there momentarily, within three minutes, it is erased because the virus is still at work.
54.     What do you do in this circumstance, if you must have your handset, your laptop, there is only but one remedy. You must flash it or format it to get rid of every information, whether good or bad.
55.     Become a new born bird, innocent, immaculate, a new born bird. The moment you forma your laptop, you discover that there is nothing wrong with the system. The system is still okay and perfect. Then you now install an up-to-date anti-protective program against virus.
56.     Begin now to seek information here and there which you have lost as a result of the attack.
57.     Go to people that are dependable, reload yourself again. And then from that day, begin to update that antivirus program which is the word of God.
58.     You renew your mind, renew the right spirit in you, by the entrance of the word of God in your heart daily. By meditating on things that are noble, things that are pure, things that are good, things that are of honest report. Let it become your habit. By these, you have fortified yourself.
59.     Finally, do not forget prayers. Jesus Christ never went to solitary places or mountains to think. He went there to meditate on what was ahead of him and to pray, committing his soul into the hands of the Father.
60.     Often times, we create solitary places where we can begin to think evil things worldly, worldly things. Things that cannot help us even one bit to achieve our target.
61.     Often times, we go there and begin to think about those that offended us, how we shall retaliate, actions we shall take. Some will go there and begin to think about their official encumbrances, some go there to think about family disputes and things like that.
62.     Some go to think about business. But that was not what Jesus went there to do. He went there, creating a solitary place devoid of all forms of distractions to enable him pray and meditate. And he meant business with it.
63.     It can be on your bed, it can be while you are driving.  Remember he that placed them in the song, he was singing privately also. If he was not singing it privately, He would not be reading them in the congregation in Hymns.
64.      If you are happy, you sing songs make merriments, exercise your heart in righteousness and the devil that operates with the spiritual virus, will not see anywhere from where it can penetrate.
65.     Remember how it comes. In the attempt to flush it, flush all if you leave one stake, that one stake will also multiply and engulf the whole system.
66.     Why? A little leaven that is permitted, leaveneth the whole lump. So you do not leave a particular stake, or any traceable stake of it.
67.     As much as you can trace it in your life, flush all. And begin from the beginning to reload yourself, by desiring the fresh milk of the word of God, by desiring prayers the same way you desire water. By going for that which is always edifying in the eyes of God, pleasing in the sight Of God. 
68.     Praying constantly that God will uphold you. If you can operate within the confines of the revealed Word of God, which is God’s own armour that is given to you as a shield to ward off the attacks of the devil, I bet you, nothing stops you from getting into paradise safe and secured.
69.     If you have fallen within the group that were attacked by the virus where you have become confused to the point that if you are placed in the pulpit as a minister, you will not know where to start. 
70.     At home you will not know where to start, you carry the Bible, you place it on the ground, you carry our book, you will not know anything.
71.     Your revival can only come anytime you come to fellowship. After fellowship, revival stops.
72.     If you have fallen within this category, please go and flush yourself.
73.     On this note, I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.