Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING (PART 1)

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To God be the glory. In every season, we must worship the Lord. Whether it is in the heat of the day; whether it is sunny. This is raining season. We know that.
2.           And if there is no rain, we will be crying, we will be asking God “why”, because it is the season. Worship God in season and out of season.

3.           As far as we are alive, God must be worshiped. And He has allowed us to be alive today because He still wants our worship. For there are people who want God to allow them to worship Him but He did not allow them. Too many people have been fasting and praying, asking God for His favour to be in His presence.
4.           Unfortunately, what they have been seeing and where they have been going has been places they can never see God. They have been going to places they will never smell God. If we are going, we would not even remember whether they are existing.
5.           But today, let there be sun, let there be rain, as far as it is fellowship day, we know what we get from His Presence. We know what we gain from the presence of the Lord. We know the blessings that follow our coming here. In fact, we cannot stop worshipping God, we cannot stop praising God. We cannot stop lifting up His name.
6.           I, that is speaking to you here had an experience this morning which I must share with you.
7.           I woke up in the morning after reading a message “Awake Thou That Sleepeth for the Night Is Far Spent.” That was last Sunday message.
8.           I called my family, we read it. We say, “Oh, wonderful.” That God said that the first worship must start from the family: We must start worshipping God from our family. That is where God is first worshipped. That is where the real fellowship is.
9.           Because there, the word of God penetrate into our hearts. There, everybody takes his or her own portion.
10.        And God told us everybody must be awake. This is the hour to be awake because the night is far spent. The only thing now is morning, morning, morning. And it is in the hands of the Lord to announce that morning.
11.        Brethren, this morning, it is unusual. I woke up, I told my wife and children, “Let us pray before I travel.” We gathered and prayed. We thanked the Lord, we gave Him praise.
12.        And I said, “God, you have been leading me safely going and coming back, you have been leading our brethren all the way, they have been going and coming back. Today, let it be the same thing.” I left.
13.        On the way, there was rain. Heavy rain! At Orifite, our vehicle lost control. The driver was managing it. He wanted to hit a place, no way because it is highway. The man managed to swerve to one place, then veered off into a big gutter. And the flood was much in that gutter.
14.        Immediately we entered that gutter, the whole place was filled with water. But I know I am going to worship the living God. He has never promised us to die on the way while coming to worship Him.
15.        He said, “As far as you are coming to worship with pure heart, surely, the Lord will give you protection, no matter the troubles on the highway.”
16.        All the passengers were shouting Jesus, Jesus, Jesus when their saviour is there. Yes, for my sake, God will save them because I have called upon the only name I know that can save. And immediately I called that name, I held myself.
17.        The first thing I did was to find my way out, jump out of that vehicle. Stop another vehicle; continued on my way, because I know that where I am heading to is where I will see God face to face.
18.        And God has never allowed us to be put to shame any time, any day. For anybody coming to God must be rest assured provided you have known who God is. And you have known who you are. And you have known the place you are coming to.
19.        There is no fear or any alarm of any trouble on the way. There is no panic because God has spoken. And if we believe in Him and His word, so shall it be unto us.
20.        This morning we have gathered. And we have gathered to praise Him, to worship Him, to show Him that we are happy, for last week, a lot of stories, a lot of troubles, a lot of problems.
21.        People saying this or that. People dying in different ways. Hearing what is happening in the international community, the whole world, they are in turmoil. They are in trouble, in peril.
22.        We hear about earthquake, we hear about all these. When we go back to the scriptures, we will see that these things were foretold. They are prophecies that said it is going to happen at the last days. And so it is happening.
23.        If we consider Matthew chapter 24, we will see earthquake, turmoil, riots, wars, rumour of wars. Troubles, kingdom rising against kingdoms. We are observing it on a daily basis. And everything is ticking towards the end, the end, the end. And He that is in our Midst has already announced the beginning of the end.
24.        The day Pope visited them, He said, “Today marks the beginning of the end of the world.” And now, the Gospel of the Kingdom has gone round the whole earth. We should expect nothing but the end.
25.        And He that will bring the end is already here. The Almighty God is already here. He is all out to fulfill His word. And in the process of fulfilling His word, anything can happen.
26.        In one of the villages around us, I saw wind came and blew everywhere. Palm trees fell, other trees fell, houses fell. I was talking to Brother Uche. I said, “My brother, can you see?”
27.        God has agents He can use to destroy the earth. If He wants, He can use wind. He can use rain. He can use fire. He can use anything.
28.        Just the blowing of the wind, you see people running, houses collapsing. I mean troubles. Breeze gbaa!
29.        Why? The wind. Something you cannot hold, something you cannot hide from. You do not know where it is coming from. You do not know where it is going.
30.        That is why man must fear God. That is why we must respect and reverence Him, because nobody knows what God is thinking at any point in time. And except the Son of Man opens His mind or His mouth, we would not know what God is thinking at a particular time.
31.        That is why He said, “It is not what you are thinking about God that matters, not what I am thinking about God that matters, but what God is thinking about us.” It is not what the world is thinking about God that matters but what God is saying about the world.
32.        It is not what people are saying concerning the hour that matters, but what God is saying concerning the hour. That is what matters. And God said we should be awake.
33.        It is not a sleeping time. It is a time to make sure that our houses, our homes, our families experience real worship, real fellowship, where the word will be broken down and everybody will take his or her own portion, and know the hour we are living in, and be sure and certain that we are actually fellowshipping and worshipping with the Almighty God in truth and in spirit.
34.        For circumstance, an event around us has proved that we should worship God in truth and in spirit. Things that have been happening around us have told us that, it is not only coming here to sit down that matters. Things that are happening around us have proved to us that it is not only carrying the sermon books that matters.
35.        Things happening around us have proved to us that it is not having a vehicle, having a house, having a wife, having children, having certificate that matters. For something greater than all those things is already on the scene. And the only way we can escape is to pay heed.
36.        Any time you step into His Presence; any time, any day we are crossing the gate of the fellowship hall, we are here on a strict business with God, on a strict business with eternity, on a strict business with salvation, on a strict business with the father of all spirits.
37.        He that monitors all we have done. He that had known all from the beginning. He that knows all the way we have gone throughout the week; He that knows what we are about to do. He that knows what we have done. He that knows what we are doing. He that knows what we were thinking before. He that knows what we are thinking now. He that knows what we shall think tomorrow. He knows all.
38.        Thus, any time we are stepping into this place, something must strike our hearts. And that is, “Where am I going to? Where am I actually going to? Why do I ply the highways?
39.        And as I am plying the highways, where am I going to? Who am I going to see? What is His interest? What is interesting in sitting around a man? What is the interest of God in coming? What is my own interest in coming here? Why are we actually here?”
40.        Yes, the rain has actually beaten some of us. We are soaked. We are coming cold and everything. We have come. We parked that one aside. And we are wondering the reasons.
41.        The reason, why we are asking the question is this: “Why are we here? Why did we step in here today?” Somebody brought us and that is God. There is a purpose. There is a reason best known to Him.
42.        By His word, He has revealed His purpose and reason for bringing us here. Because he has kept us alive, we owe Him service, we owe Him worship, we owe Him praises, we owe Him adoration, we owe Him respect, we owe Him reverence.
43.        And the rain will never stop us. The sun will never stop us. Trouble will never stop us. Problem will never stop us. Because if someone will be thinking too much of his problem, will that be the solution to that problem? The answer is no! amen.

I was considering somewhere within the week about a message. My mind struck the Bridal Watch. I went there. I was considering that message. Considering that message, I saw certain places that revived me.
2.           You see; if you have that message that says, “AWAKE THOU THAT SLEEPETH FOR THE NIGHT IS FAR SPENT”, go to that message.
3.           Do not have the message for having sake. Do not allow our library to be a decoration, a decorative place while we boast we have many sermon books. That is not the issue.
4.           Because a lot of things that are distracting human beings are all out now, keeping man away from his God, but by the help of God, the grace of God through the Son of Man, He is reminding us, reviving us, motivating us to know that we should not be ignorant about the hour we are living in.
5.           Things are happening. Things are happening and God is taking note of all, watching everything. And for that reason, we should be conscious. We should wake from slumber, from sleeping, from claiming that we do not know what is going on; or we do not understand what is going on. No!
6.           We are here today. It is another day. It is another important day God has made. And God has something to say anytime we are in His presence. He will remind us of what He has said already.
7.           He will say something again which should guide us and protect us and lead us. By tomorrow, as far as God is alive, He keeps on speaking. He will keep on leading. He will be directing.
8.           As far as we are alive and God is alive, we will keep on moving. He is a moving body. The ministry is a moving body. It has crossed Onitsha. It has crossed Nigeria. It has crossed Africa. It has crossed West Africa. It has gone into the world. It is moving everywhere.
9.           All over the world, the spirit is moving. All over the world, the spirit is moving like a mighty revelation touching every elect of God, making them to understand the hour we are living in.
10.        During the time of William Marrion Branham, we did not see him face to face. But through his sermon books, those who are dedicated to his ministry then, who love the things of the Lord, helped to spread those messages, and today, it came into the hand of some people to touch every predestinated elect.
11.        Mere seeing those sermon books, we did not depend on the sermon books, but the sermon books were pointing us to something. Immediately that God arrived, whom Branham foreran, we identified Him because Branham described Him, showed us who He is, the time He is coming, how His ministry will be, how people will hate Him or speak evil against Him, both the greatness that is in Him, how the whole earth must surely feel the impact of His message. And that is the impact of revelation.
12.        We saw it happen. And today, not only through sermon books, but God has allowed the websites to come. And through internet, He has gone round. The spirit of God is moving from place to place, from nation to nation, from country to country in a strict business.
13.        Something must hold those that are looking for Him. Those that He has been looking for; those that have been with Him from the foundation of the world; The time has come for us to recognize where we are and who is our God. Thank God He has helped us.
14.        Let us go to the message titled BRIDAL WATCH, there is something that struck me there. The first page. “If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him?”
15.         If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him? People who are looking for God in the sky, looking for God in the dream, looking for God in the vision, looking for God in the blues, looking for God in the forest, looking for God in the mountain;
16.        They never knew or they have not known because it is not revealed to them that God is a man. It is a basic thing we believe here. These are things that are commonly believed among us.
17.        If God is not a man, how can we relate with Him? If you are marrying air, and you say you are married, are you not stupid? If a woman is married to ordinary blues, ordinary sky, ordinary air and she say that she is married, boasting, jumping up and down, I love God, I am married to God, that person is wasting her time.
18.        You (The Bride) must be married to a man; A visible Man; A visible Human Being that can talk to you and you talk back to that person. That is pure truth.
19.        Brethren, every messenger of God in every age has always been God-Man; As God to save and as a man to make enemies of God doubt Him. Despise Him and reject Him. Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden. I repeat, yet in Him is the Almighty hidden.
20.        Now we have found where the Almighty is hidden. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Amen.

Remain blessed everybody. The spirit is very much willing, but the flesh is weak. It has been My desire to be in this pulpit for sometimes now, but the flesh has been under strict torment that the spirit will prosper.
2.           I am just here to help you understand that the journey is not yet over. For the message we received from the very beginning said, “IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL IT IS OVER.”
3.           Let nobody ever go about rejoicing. Disaster still awaits you on the way. I have told you that the secret of winning any tournament lies in fighting till the end. A coward throws in the towel before the last blast of the whistle.
4.           And I made you to understand that all you have been building all these years, laboring all these years to attain, if you are not careful, the devil can destroy all in one second. For that reason, we should be on the alert at all times.
5.           In other words, the word of Jesus Christ will remain our sustenance even till today. That we should be ready at all times. If we do not meet him in this flesh, we will meet him in death. Whether we like it or not, every flesh must taste of death in one way or the other.
6.           For there to be translation or transformation, for you to be clothed with immortality, you must taste death. For where there is no death, there is no resurrection.
7.           Forget about death and let us face the reality of this Faith. That we are alive till today is because we are conscious of the hour. By being alive, I mean spiritually alive.
8.           As many as are not conscious of the hour are spiritually dead. They see the world as something that will never end. If you are in that category, I pity you. The world has a beginning; the world must have an end. Whether we like it or not, God is about to put an end to all human rebellion.
9.           Sooner than we think, wickedness will be a thing of the past. Here on earth, righteousness must surely reign. God must rule here on earth with His saints in righteousness. Your unbelief cannot change it.
10.        We have seen the world. We have seen where the world is heading to. We have seen the celebrated high places falling. We have seen nations falling. We have seen many things removed even from their places.
11.        There is no sign God has not displayed. In the heavenly realm, we have seen signs. On earth, we have seen signs. The climatic change is a sign. This rain we have experienced today, it is not falling within its due time.
12.        This is the rain we expected between February and March. Remember, this is May which should be the peak of the rain. So, it is a mark of the climatic change. God is behind every change in the atmosphere. For there is nobody that can change nature if not God.
14.        We are worshipping a supernatural God And there is no way a natural being can fulfill the supernatural demands. For a natural being to fulfill supernatural demands, he must be transformed within.
15.        He will begin to reason supernaturally. He will begin to think supernaturally. He will begin to act supernaturally. And when supernatural meets with natural, he becomes an odd ball. He is grossly misunderstood. His ways, his thoughts, his ideas differs from that of the natural man.
16.        The problem we are having is that we are talking to naturals, not supernaturals. A natural man can never understand the things of God for the things of God are supernatural.
17.        A natural-minded fellow UNDERSTANDS not the things of the spirit for they are supernaturally discerned. And this is where we are having problems. We see bunch of naturals sitting down in the churches, Filling the benches.
18.        You think you are addressing supernaturals like yourself, Only to discover at last THAT you are merely talking to naturals.
19.        A natural-minded fellow cannot understand God. For you to understand God, you must have the mind of God. The scriptures said, “We have the mind of God, we understand all things.” If you do not have the mind of God, you cannot understand God.
20.        Hear Me very well, the ways of God are too high and they passeth all human understanding. Human understanding means natural understanding.
21.        If you want to understand God, using your human senses, your natural senses, truly speaking, you will miss God.
22.        And this has been the area where people have been missing God. You equate God to mere natural men. No! God is Supernatural. Although He is visible, although you can see Him. Yet, the supernatural attributes are there.
23.        Jesus Christ was born a human being. He lived here on earth as a human being, but he was supernatural in the midst of naturals. That was why when he was addressing his disciples he made it clear.
24.        He said, “I used naturals examples and you find it difficult to understand ME. If you cannot understand the natural examples, it is of no use introducing you to spiritual matters. For they can only be spiritually DISCERNED.” So, this is where we are having our problems.
25.        Because they are naturals, they could forecast the weather accurately. But they limited themselves to those things their eyes can see, to natural understanding. Hence, they omitted the most important matter the weightier matter.
26.        He upbraided them and said, “You could forecast the weather accurately, but why can’t you discern the hour you are living in?” You can forecast accurately that it is going to rain and it must surely rain. It is going to be hot weather, and it will be hot weather.
27.        But concerning the hour you are in, it appears many are blind to the hour. Because you wake up from your bed on a daily basis, you think it is going to be continuous. No! It is terminating at a time when you least expected.
28.        Even if it does not terminate abruptly by translation, what do you think about meeting your death? Like Brother Ben came face to face with his own death this morning. But because his hour was not yet come, he escaped.
29.        Too many times, Jesus the Christ met with death face to face, but because his hour was not yet come, he escaped. St. Paul met with death face to face several times, but because his hour was not yet come, he escaped. But when the hour actually came, Jesus could no longer escape, Saint Paul never escaped and so it was with others.
30.        You must know the hour you are in. If you do not know the hour you are in, definitely that day must surely come to you as a surprise. And you can hardly escape.
31.        Do not allow what your eyes are seeing to fool you. Whatever eyes are seeing, they are purely temporal. There is not even one that is supernatural. Anything that is temporally is not supernatural.
32.        Remember that we are talking about The Supernatural God, The Supernatural Intelligence that controls the universe, The Supernatural Being and we are talking about the Supernatural believers of today. Yes!
33.        When the Supernatural meets with Supernatural, it becomes a supernatural also. AM I MAKING SENSE? What makes you supernatural is the entrance of the word of God into your heart. The moment the word of God settles in your heart, you are transformed within.
34.        Outside, you look like a natural man. But inside, a REGENERATION has taken place. You are no longer a natural man, For you do not reason like a natural man. And you cannot behave like a natural man. For you behave according to what is in you. Amen.

The words I speak to you, they are spirit, they are life. Thus, do not begin to wonder where the spirit is. The spirit is the word.
2.           When the word settles in you, the word automatically becomes a spirit that directs your actions. That directs your thoughts. That directs your ways. That directs even your footsteps.
3.           When you hear that the footsteps of the righteous are directed by the Almighty God. Try to reason with Me this moment supernaturally. Because I am yet to introduce the little topic. I may not handle it today.
4.           It is not in the hand of a man to direct his steps. The same way, your steps dictate your ways. I said, your steps are not different from your ways. So, it is not in the power of a man to direct his ways.
5.           If it is the Almighty that directs the footsteps of the righteous, one, underline it the righteous. What is the righteousness of the saints? What is your righteousness before God? It is Christ is you.
6.           If Christ is not your righteousness, you are not righteous in the sight of God. And Christ is the Word, the Anointed One. Christ is that Spirit.
7.           When you talk of Christ, you are talking of the Word. When you talk about the Word, you are talking about the Spirit. If Christ was the Word, for in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God. The Word was made flesh. Oh no!
8.           So, when we talk about the Spirit, we are talking about the Word. When we are talking about the Word, we are talking about the Spirit. We are talking about Christ. When you hear that Christ in you the hope of glory, we are saying, the Word of God in you the hope of glory.
9.           We are talking about the word of God you are hearing, yes! Because there is no way the word can be in you without first of all coming through your ears. Yes! Underline it!
10.        Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of God. If the Word of God is not in you, Christ is not in you. The Word of God must be settled in your heart. Have its rightful place in your heart and then becomes your dictator.
11.        Hear Me this very moment before I will introduce the topic. Whoever that is being led by a fellow man is a slave to that man. Whoever that depends on his fellow man to think for him, to speak for him, to act for him, to do everything is bewitched. That person is bewitched because your fellow man now reasons for you. he does everything for you. He has dominion over you. He has authority over you. You are a slave to that man. That is what it takes to be a slave.
12.        Now, there is but one person that will have dominion over you and your life will not be in danger. When your fellow man is having dominion over you, your life is in danger. Disaster awaits you. But there is only but one that should have dominion over you, That should have authority over you. Your life will be secure. And there is no other person if not the word of God.
13.        The word of God is Christ, the anointed one. The only thing that is given authority to have dominion over every child of God. That in everything, the word of God will have the pre-eminence.
14.        In other words, the word of God dictates your habit, Your mode of speech, your mode of dressing, your mode of talking, your mode of hearing, your mode of seeing things, your mode of reasoning. Your mode of doing your everyday activities.
15.        If there be anything you want to do and it does not agree with the word, it is because there is no truth in that thing. Am I making sense?
16.        If your actions does not agree with the revealed word of God to you, Christ is not in your action, Christ is not in your reasoning, Christ is not in your plan. The word of God in you lifts up the standard in your heart. And that acts becomes your principle of life. Am I making?
17.        But where the Word of God is not in your heart, hear Me very well. You will live a life without a standard. A life without a standard is a life without a principle. You are prone to attack from within and without. You are not insulated from harm by day or by night. You are running the greatest risk for your life will never be secure.
18.        For that reason, every true seed of God has always desired that Christ must have dominion over him. At any point in time, it is either Christ is having dominion over you or sin – unbelief. That is why the saints of old prayed that sin will not have dominion over them. That unbelief to God’s Word should not have dominion, have authority over them.
19.        Remember as a child of God, your final authority is the Word of God. For whatever the Word of God authorizes is perfect in His sight. Whatever the Word of God disapproves is completely disapproved.
20.        For you to understand this truth, you must transform yourself from natural to supernatural. Then, you have the ability to test every spirit. To prove every spirit. When the Word of God is not there, the spirit of God is not there. You cannot prove all things. You cannot test every spirit to know where the spirit belongs to. You cannot even discern the spirit behind people characters, actions and things like that.  Amen.

Lean not on your
own understanding (1)
I just want to use the little strength that is in ME to ignite a message that will last long. My text will be taken from the scripture I want to read.
2.           The book of Proverbs chapter 3 verse 5. (Two translations, I want: King James Bible and Living Bible translation).
3.           Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, And lean not upon thine own understanding:” KJV.
4.           If you want favour with both God and man, and reputation for good judgment and common sense. Then, trust the Lord completely. Do not ever trust yourself.” LB.
5.           I want a good reader to handle that Bible for Me. Illiterate students. Illiterate graduates and undergraduates that dominate the Bridal Faith. Sunday Chukwu, you are number one. You claim to be a teacher of English when you cannot read. But you are a talkative.
6.           If you want favour with both God and man, and reputation for good judgment and common sense. Then, trust the Lord completely. Do not ever trust yourself.” LB.
7.           Then, trust the Lord completely. Do not ever make the mistake of trusting yourself. Repeat it again. Dictate it.
8.           If you want favour with both God and man,…”
9.           You want to obtain favour from God and your fellow man,
10.        “…and reputation for good judgment and common sense…”
11.        And you want to have a reputation for good judgment and common sense
12.        “…Then, trust the Lord completely. Do not ever trust yourself.” LB.
13.        Trust the Lord completely. Do not ever make the mistake of trusting yourself.
14.        Proverbs 3 verse 5. “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart,…”
15.        Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
16.        “…And lean not upon thine own understanding:” KJV.
17.        And do not make the mistake of leaning on your own personal understanding. So, My short exhortation is there already. Lean not on your own understanding.  
18.        There is only one supernatural being that is a repository of all knowledge. Apart from that Supernatural Intelligence, every other person is a misclaimer or disclaimer. He is claiming what he is not. Claiming what she is not. There is only one person that has infinite knowledge. Every natural man has a finite knowledge. But God has infinite knowledge.
19.        For you to lean on your own understanding, it then means you have limited yourself. You cannot go far. For you can only go as far as your own knowledge can carry you.
20.        A man that only depends on his own understanding can never live a life higher than his understanding. Can never have anything called success higher than his own understanding. He has already put a peg on his way.
21.        And the moment somebody comes to a point where he cannot learn again, automatically he becomes old. He stops growing. For you to continue to grow, you must continue to learn.
22.        Hence we say, “There is no limit to learning.” Every passing day is a learning process. If you feel your own understanding of life is all you need or it is all that life entails or it is enough for you, definitely, you cannot go far again.
23.        You have inhibited completely; you have inhibited the inflow of new knowledge and ideas. And this is the person God cannot operate with. God cannot operate with the person who has already limited his own future spiritually, physically to his own understanding.
24.        Which means, whatever he does not know, does not exist. Anything he does not know is either a lie or devilish or does not exist. This is the origin of all human failures.
25.        This is the origin of all human failures. And this is the reason why too many people find it difficult to believe God because they have come to the point where they believe they have known everything a human being should know. Especially, things pertaining to God. When God Himself who has infinite knowledge has already made it clear to everybody that “The ways of God are too high and passeth all human understand.”
26.        If the ways of God are too high, and passeth all human understanding, who is adequate to come and tell us he has the full knowledge of God? He knows what God can do and what God cannot do.
27.        This man has a reputation for wrong judgment and wrong reasoning. And this person cannot trust in God. For he had already trusted in himself. Trust not in yourself. Lean not on your own understanding if you really want God to lead you.
28.        This was the bane of the Jews when Jesus saw them and proclaimed them to be blind. They said, “No! We are not blind, we are seeing with our eyes. After all, we are not born of fornication like you. We are sons and daughters of Abraham.”
29.        They claimed they knew more than the Messiah. A natural man claiming to know more than the Supernatural. Some even came attempting to correct Him. While some came finding fault.
30.        For you to find fault with a man, you must have known higher than that man. The student that is finding fault with the teacher will soon correct the examination paper. This is true.
31.        I told you My experience many years ago when I was writing My school Cert. We entered the hall to write Biology. The first question, a compulsory question, was to explain vividly all that we knew about Pollution.
32.        Because we were not taught pollution, except many of us who read geography, chemistry and other sciences. But no Biology master ever taught us pollution. Fellow students started to correct the thing writing pollination. Even the examiners, the invigilators supported them.
33.        But I knew WAEC could not have made such a silly mistake and used this question as number one. Making it compulsory. No! Let Me write all I know about pollution. Whether environment, water, whatever. Even human pollution. I will wrote all I knew.
34.        I took off using green house pollution. At the end of the day, we came out, interactions ensued. I became an odd fellow. I said, “Okay, no problem. All I know is that I have written all I know about pollution vividly.”
35.        At the end of the day, the same students in the attempt to make sure they never wrote off point, they came across one biology book written by Dr. Anyawu. Before then, they were basing their facts on Stone and Cozen, Ewusie and things like that. We got that questions and answers from Anyawu verbatim – word for word. We saw pollution.
36.        What was the origin of their failure? They were trying to correct the examiner. The examiner was testing your knowledge and you were finding fault with Him. Yet, hoping to make first class.
37.        God is our Instructor, He is instructing us with His Word. Then, in the time of test for there must be test. The essence of the test is to know whether you mastered the instructions or not.
38.        Any subject you fail as a student, it is a sure sign you have not mastered it. For any mistake you make in life, it reveals the level of understanding you have in that knowledge – in that course or that thing you did.
39.        Failure in any thing is a sign you have not become a master over it. And you want to be a master, that is why you are being tutored. The examiner equally wants to master it that is why he is laboring every day teaching, encouraging, correcting aiming at making you a master over it. Amen.
40.        God is testing us on a daily basis. Testing from God comes in different forms. You will notice that in all the testS, no matter how they are coming, they fALL within the ambits of the messages. The ambits of the instructions so far given to us.
41.        But one that leans on his personal understanding, one that trusts in his own ability instead of trusting God, will begin to find fault. Will begin to attempt to correct God’s mistakes. Amen.
42.        In all situations, what God is expecting is: He wants to see all of us balancing whatever we want to do with the revealed word.
43.        The essence of reasoning before you talk is because you know that a word that proceeds out of your mouth can hardly be withdrawn. Even if you say I withdraw, tender apology, the effect remains there.  
44.        For that reason, we know that every word we speak, every action we manifest has consequences. That is why, we reason first before we talk. We reason before we act.
45.        Now, as a seed of God, we fumble because we do not reason along God’s own line. We reason along our personal understanding. The way we understand. This is the way I know it. This is the way it should be done.
46.        Nobody will ask, “How does God want this thing to be done?” This has been the bane of all our brethren. Nobody wants to know how God wants that thing to be done.
47.        But all they want to do is to do something that can be credited to them as their own achievement. God does not want it that way.
48.        God wants all glory, all honour, everything to be attributed to Him and to Him alone. THAT IS WHY WE SAY, “HAVE YOUR WAY, OH LORD. WHERE HE LEADS ME, I WILL FOLLOW.”
49.        How does God lead His people? By His word! The prophet William Branham said, “All these years, God has been looking for a people He will lead by His word.”
50.        How does God lead? By His word! If you are not led by the word of God, you are not led by the spirit of God. For the word and the spirit are one. And if any is not led by the spirit of God, he doesn’t belong to God.
51.        Every true seed of God must be led by the spirit of God. And the spirit of God is nothing but the word of God which you are hearing. That is THE spirit. that is life.
52.        When you are not allowing God to lead you, let it be known to you that your own human senses are controlling you. And there is nobody who permits his human reasoning, human senses to control him without making grievous mistakes which he will regret after. For man is subject to errors.
53.        God knows that man’s ways are evil. Is that not scripture? This is the way God concluded everything about man. That the ways of man are always evil. You can hardly see a man or a woman whose ways, whose thoughts are the thoughts of God, whose ways are the ways of God.
54.        For that reason, you should not make the mistake of leaning on your own understanding. For your own understanding is limited and can never take you far.
55.        Trust in God, do not trust in yourself. Do not trust in what you can do and in what you cannot do. But only trust in what God can do. God can do all things.
56.        And if you are a seed of God, endued with the spirit of truth in you, which is the word of God, you are also going to do all things. Yes! you can do all things because Christ is already in you strengthening you.
57.        Hence St. Paul could say, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Strengthening means, enabling power that is derived from the word of God. I can do all things by the enabling power, enabling authority I have derived from the word of God that is in me.
58.        When you are saying the spirit in me says no, the spirit in me does this, have you tested that spirit to know whether it is your human spirit or God’s spirit? The spirit spoke to me. The spirit told me. Which spirit?
59.        Is it the spirit of Christ or the spirit of the devil or your own human spirit? Because when a man wants to resist the word of God, he builds a defense. He builds a defense.
60.        The spirit revealed to me. Which spirit? The spirit of God in you cannot reveal to you something contrary to God’s word.
61.        Any day the spirit of God in a man begins to reveal to that person anything that is against the will of God, God has plotted a coup against Himself. And the body that is divided against himself must surely collapse.
62.        It is the spirit that reveals, reveals, reveals. Spoke to me, spoke to me. Know and test that spirit. If that spirit and whatever that is coming out of that spirit do not agree with the revealed word of God, it is an evidence that that spirit is not from God. It is an impersonating spirit.
63.        Hear Me very well. There are too many impersonating spirits. William Branham made it clear in his own day that often times, people come in contact with spirit that resembles the spirit of Christ. But it is not Christ.
64.        How do you know when the spirit is from Christ and when the spirit is not from Christ? You watch where the spirit is leading you to. You compare it to the revealed word. If the two do not agree, it is because there is no truth there. Amen.
65.        Please, God is enjoining us that we should stop leaning on our personal understanding. Trust in God and you have a reputation for sound judgment and sound reasoning. Whoever that lacks knowledge should enquire of God, for He is the fountain of all knowledge.
66.        When you say no to God’s own way, definitely, you are going to continue groping in darkness. Find out for yourself where all your human failures have been coming from. If you do not trace them to all I have already mentioned, know that I am not standing in His presence. The ways of man are evil. Amen.

Lean not on your
own understanding (2)
The book of Isaiah chapter 55 verse 8 through 9. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” KJV.
2.            “This plan of mine is not what you workout. Neither are my thoughts the same as yours. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than yours and my thoughts than yours.”
3.           My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways. As the heaven is far away from the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways. And so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts. Who is making these statements? The Almighty God.
4.           How can a natural man understand this type of God with his natural sense, with his natural mind? For there is no way you can please God until your thoughts and the thoughts of God are one. Your ways and the ways of God are one.
5.           God recognized this truth and came out with the solution that the only way the mortal man can understand the immortal God is by making that person immortal. There is no way a natural man can understand the thoughts and ways of a supernatural one, unless the natural is transformed to supernatural.
6.           Thus, it takes a supernatural being to understand a supernatural God. It takes a supernatural believer to know the ways of God, to have the thoughts of God. That is why the bible says, “We have the unction and we know all things.”
7.           You have the mind of God. Every true seed of God must have the mind of God. You must have the spirit of God. It is a must! It is not a feeling, it is a definite knowledge you can stand and quote.
8.           You must come to a point where nobody can deceive you on this matter. Because the Word of God in you have already raised a standard that will say no to anything that is contrary to the revealed Word.
9.           This is the problem we are having with our children when they find it difficult to follow the teachings we give them. You see them compromising with their fellow students. You see some of them being carried away by sentiments. Some are being influenced very easily by a wrong habit! Because they have not received the engrafted word of God which is able to transform them within.
10.        Hear Me. Anybody that is not transformed within is blind. A blind man is not one that does not see but it is one that cannot discern the things of God. A blind man is not one that cannot see physically, but one that does not discern the things of God. When he sees God, he calls Him devil.
11.        When he sees devil, he calls him god. He does not know what is PROPER AND IMPROPER DRESSING IS. He does not know what constitutes proper and improper habit. Proper and improper eating. Proper and improper talking. Proper and improper association. Because there is no standard, nothing, nothing, nothing.
12.        In My own language: That person is doing,” try your luck. The person is doing what I will call, “try your luck”. If he tries and fails, he will try again. If peradventure he tries and gets it right, praise God. He is not sure, hear Me well.
13.        A student that knows his worth in a subject, for example, mathematics, after solving that problem, that question, he stands on his own assertion that this is the correct answer. No matter where you take it, no matter the formula you take in solving it, you must arrive at this figure.
14.        For two plus two must be four. The arithmetic is there. And there is nothing anybody can say after the exam that will make him to doubt whether he got it right or not, for he is sure and certain.
15.        This is the practical experience. You do not need to begin to look at the sky to know whether the spirit of Christ is controlling you or not. But remember that the righteous man is an abomination to the ungodly. Understand it!
16.        Although we are in the same fellowship hearing the same message, pay attention. Not all of us are believing. All of us are hearing but not all of us are believing. The word of God cannot have effect on your life until you believe.
17.        Hearing will make you sober. Believing will transform you. I do not know whether you got the statement. Hearing the word of God even makes the devil sober that moment, But believing transforms the hearer.
18.        That is why the bible says, “We should not be hearers alone deceiving ourselves. Rather, we should be doers of the word.”
19.        The thoughts of God are high, higher than that natural-minded fellow. In order to understand Him, He decides to transform us. The work of transformation starts by hearing the word. Then, allowing the word of God to settle in our hearts.
20.        And from there, begins to work in and through us, Making us to be like God. For God is the word. He does nothing but the word. He understands nothing but the word. So it is with every child of God. You must come to a point where every of your action must be the word or never.
21.        You cannot be the Word in the morning and the voice in the afternoon. No! You must be the word all-round. All our actions must be dictated by the Word of God. Only then can we win God’s approval. When the Word of God speaks, and the speech is in agreement with your thought, you do not need a prophet to tell you that you are in agreement with God. You have become a master. This is true.
22.        A student of mathematics will come to a point where he will become an author. Yes! He will be setting papers and marking papers.
23.        You must come to a point where nobody will deceive you by Thus Saith The Lord, or deceive you using dream or vision: “I saw it in a vision. I did this and that. The spirit spoke to me or it was revealed.”
24.        You cannot be deceived. You will be waiting until he will land. Let him hover around. He must land. The moment he lands, you will give that place a name. One way!
25.        Remember, all that have the same spirit behave alike. But if there be any who does not have that spirit, his own life will be different because he does not have the spirit of Christ. And all that have the spirit of Christ in them belong to God. They can never call the things of God accursed. They can never find fault with God.
26.        Because finding fault with God means finding fault with yourself. Yes now! If you succeed in faulting God, you have faulted yourself. For you are the visible representation of that invisible God. For without you, God is inactive.
27.        The active side of God is a human being. Take away the human being, God cannot act. The prophet said from the time He created Adam and Eve; He stopped using any other instrument of mechanical device and started using human beings. And he can never change his program. So, the active side of God has always been a human being.
28.        A human being endued with the spirit of God is a supernatural being. It is when you come to this point that we can look at you from the spiritual side. You are now endued with authority to judge all things and no man can judge you. For a spiritual man judgeth all things and he, no man will judge.
29.        Who is the man that will judge you? Can a natural man judge spiritual man? No! Can God judge God? No! It is only in this estate that you can escape from God’s judgment, for your mind is now the mind of God. Your thought, the thought of God, your ways, the ways of God. Everything agrees with God.
30.        At that point, there is nothing that will come to you unawares again. Before the thing happens, the spirit has already started telling you all is not well. Danger is ahead. Pray! You are not safe here. Get away from here. That is why a seed of God cannot say no to the Voice of the Spirit. For he knows that the Voice of the Spirit is nothing but the Voice of the Elohim.
31.        LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. YOUR UNDERSTANDING IS LIMITED. THAT OF GOD IS UNLIMITED. Even if you run to the sky, you have not limited God’s understanding.
32.        We are still proceeding a little. The book of Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 through 12. “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord…”
33.        Who knows the plan He has for you? You see why you must not lean on your own understanding? No matter the level of understanding you will have, do you know the plans God has for you? You cannot know it unless you are endued with the spirit of God.
34.        Once you are endued with the spirit of God which is the word of God, automatically, you know the plans of God for you. For the plan of God for every child of God is revealed in His Word.
35.        I do not know whether I am making sense? God can do nothing but revealeth His will to His servants the prophets. The will of God for you is revealed in His Word at one time or the other.
36.        When you have the spirit of God, you will know the plans God has for you. No mistakes about it. Whatever that comes your way, you will place that thing where it belongs to. For you know that thing is coming from God.
37.        Whether it is palatable or is not palatable, it is coming from God. Then, you will settle down immediately because your mind and god’s mind must meet. All things work together for good to those that love and trust God, To those that do not lean on their own understanding, But only put their trust in God.
38.        All things work together for good to those that love God, to those that are called according to His purpose. That is, to those that are fitting to God’s own purpose. The moment you are fitting          to His word, you are fitting to His purpose. For the purpose of God is that a child of God must fit in to God’s plan.
39.        What is the purpose of all parents towards their children? They have good intention for their children. they educate and nurture them intending to make them fitting into their plans. That is why any parent that does not plan for the children is not worthy to be given one child. A man that does not have plans for the children is not worthy to have children at all.
40.        When you have your child, you educate and inform, you do everything intending to cause that child to be fitting into your plan and the child is turning renegade, do you feel happy? Do you feel happy to have a child that is not fitting into your plan? Amen!
41.        Any man that is having children that are not fitting into his plan should pray very hard. Otherwise, there can never be continuity of that linage. A linage that is about to fizzle out can never raise children that will be fitting into the parents’ plan. That is how you know a linage that will fizzle out. And the parents can never be happy. Amen.
42.        God is overjoyed seeing His children fitting into His plans. And this is only made possible by believing His Revealed Word.
43.        Remember, that this Headstone we are talking about, the Headstone uniting with the body means Christ uniting with the church. And that is the hope of translation. That is the hope of immortality. That is the hope of eternal life which is the essence of our gathering. Otherwise, our gathering is useless nonsense. It is a social gathering.
44.        This is why we emphasize on this so that you know why you are paying your transport fare, taking the risk coming down here. The Apostle said, “To whom do we go to seeing that you alone have the word of eternal life. And we are sure and certain.”
45.        You must be sure and certain. It is on that note that you have become strongly rooted, grounded, immovable, unshakable, steadfast. For there is no force in heaven, on earth, beneath the earth, even force that is yet to come that can remove you from your established condition. The bible said you should be established. I say stabilized! Do not only be established and established, be also stabilized.
46.        That is where we are having our problems. Instead of people striving to take in the engrafted word of God that is able to transform them from natural to supernatural so that you have the hope of translation. For God is only translating the mortal body that is having supernatural being within.
47.        Hear Me very well. St. Paul knew the need for this thing. He said, “To the churches, I will never stop preaching to you until Christ is formed in you.”
48.        I will never stop talking, correcting, stop rebuking, indicting, instructing until Christ has been built in your heart. It is the word of God that builds Christ in the heart of man. Amen.
49.        For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. They are plans of good and not of evil. To give you a future and hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen.” LB.
50.        For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me,…” Then shall ye call upon me “…and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.” KJV.
51.        and I will hearken unto you.” KJV. And I will hearken unto You “… And ye shall seek me, and find me,…” And ye shall seek Me and find Me “…when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”
52.        When ye shall search for Me with all your heart. I mean, it does not contradict scripture at all. That if the two shall agree on earth as touching on one thing, it shall be granted unto you. Hence we could say that the spirit of Christ beareth witness with our own spirit that we are sons and daughters of God.
53.        The spirit of Christ in you, the word of God is bearing witness with the one you are possessing already. That the two are one. No contradiction. He said, then, call upon Me, pray unto Me, I will answer immediately. I will answer immediately.
54.        That is why I could tell people that walk to and fro, from one prayer group to another prayer group. No! Whatever hinders your prayers in your house will hinder your prayers here.
55.        Answering your prayer is one thing, you do not have the spirit that prays for you. You do not have the spirit that prays for you. You pray as a natural man. And you make your demands from God as a natural man.
56.        But if you make supplications in the spirit as a supernatural being, you do not know what to pray for, You do not know what you ask, But there is a spirit in you that does the prayers with a language you cannot understand.
57.        Often times, when you kneel down you do not know what to pray. Often times, you appear to be confused. It is because you lost connection from the Godhead. First of all, go back to the word, do that which you are suppose to do.
58.        Harmonize, synchronize your life everything with the word. Be in the agreement with the word. Kneel down, do not open your mouth. I mean, you see what is called prayers.
59.        Prayer is not what Pastor Dan did this morning. I call it mechanical prayer. We have mechanical worship, we have spiritual worship. When you go into spiritual worship, I know.
60.        I quarreled with Apostle Kelechi this morning, for he could not even understand himself. I asked a question, “My friend, are you here for physical exercise to drive out cold or to worship God? Shame on you! You cannot control this fellowship even in My absence. Even when you could discern that I am weak as a result of sickness.”
61.        I commanded Brother Ben to go and lay a foundation to see whether there is something in him that will condemn him further. Why? The spirit is not there.
62.        Why? You may be hearing the word. It makes you sober. Even the devil will be sober. But believing will transform you. I have always been telling you. Your prayer does one thing. It transforms your knowledge into a quickening power.
63.        Prayer transforms your knowledge which is supernatural into supernatural power. Hence, we bear things natural beings cannot bear with joy. We pass through difficulties with joy. We place them where they belong to.
64.        A spiritually-minded fellow, a supernatural being, places every earthly thing earthly. Heavenly things heavenly. He knows where he pins his hope.
65.        Where do you pin your hope? Is it to things that are here materially or things that are unseeing, things that are eternal? Where do you pin yourself?
66.        You cannot take the right decision; you cannot make the right choice until you have harmonized the spirit. Without Christ guiding you, you cannot make the right choice in life.
67.        Even to students, you find it difficult to make the right choice in life. You may chose career because you can see people flourishing in those careers. For that reason, you pick it and that thing will be a flop because you did not ask from God.
68.        You do not know God’s plans for you. You did not balance things before you went forth. You indulge in those things because you see others doing it. No! It is because you have no standard yet.
69.        I do not believe in dying while praying. You can only die while praying because you are praying mechanically. You sweat because you pray mechanically. You get tired because you are the one praying.
70.        But if the spirit is praying for you, you do not know whether you are there for one minute or not. And it is the spirit in you that makes you to pray at all times.
71.        Even while driving, you are praying. In the kitchen, you are praying. In the bed, you are praying. Whether your eyes are open or closed, you are praying. For the spirit is constantly at work lifting you higher and higher.
72.        Even while transacting business, you are counting money, but the spirit is still at work. If it is not happening to you this way, stop and think. Stop and think! No matter your profession; you will be thinking that while you are on the bed sleeping, you are at the same time praying.
73.        You are lying down, nobody is hearing you but you are praying. You are taking your bath, you are praying. You are in the toilet, you are still praying. Yet, you are not opening your mouth. It keeps you restless. When you want to stop, the thing will not stop. When you want to praise, it is the spirit that does the praises.
74.        That is why, there are certain praises the spirit will enact from the bed, the thing will continue to be humming in your heart, in your ears, to your work place back home, till the following day. While in the vehicle, the thing is there.
75.        Anywhere, the thing is there. Some maybe strange songs you heard from nobody. The spirit will compose the new song that will meet the demand of the hour.
76.        It is at this point that you will conclude that you are sure and certain that this thing that is happening to you cannot be devil. For the devil has no hand in a child of God that is renewed in the spirit of Christ. Where is the place for the devil? Absolutely nowhere. Nowhere!
77.        Do you know that it is the spirit of Christ in you that sieves all information? The spirit will tell you the one you will listen to and the one you should not listen to. Amen.

Lean not on your
own understanding (3)
To God be the glory. This message is not new but I want to visit it from another dimension. Lean not on your own understanding. Jeremiah chapter 3 verse 23.
2.           We are weary of worshiping idols on the hills and of having orgies on the mountains. It is all a farce. Only in the Lord our God can Israel ever find her help and her salvation.” LB.
3.           Only in the Lord our God can we find what? Our help and our salvation.
4.           Truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains: truly in the LORD our God is the salvation of Israel.” (KJV). Amen.
5.           You see why you must lean on God and not on your own understanding? A time came when the people of Israel thought by their own understanding, their salvation cometh from the hills, from the mountains.
6.           Hence, even the woman of Samaria pointed Jesus Christ to Mount Gezirim where their father worshipped. Hoping that salvation could only come to the Jews or to Samarians or to Israel from the mountain.
7.           Lean not on your own understanding. That place where you think by your understanding, by your own estimation that help is coming from, may be where death is coming from. How will you know? By balancing it with the word of God. It is when you come to terms with the word of God that you will realize that help is not coming from there. It is not coming from babalawo (Herbalist).
8.           It is not coming from the mountain or valley or from the river. It is not coming from the shrine there. That your hope and salvation is only coming from the Almighty God. For if God does not help you, who will help you? If God does not save, who will save? For besides him there is no saviour. So, salvation is in vain that is hoped for, coming from the mountain.
9.           The ways of man has always been evil. Lean not on your own understanding. It is not the way you think but the way God wants it. Amen.
10.        Consider for yourself. All the places you thought you were going to get help, is it not disappointment that you end up getting in such places? Where you think you are going to get saved, is it not where you meet death?
11.        Do you know that the person whom you rely on to give you a befitting burial may not even see your corpse? Yes! The woodpecker threatened to peck down seven trees, if his mother dies. But by the time the woodpecker’s mother died, he had a terrible boil on the mouth.
12.        Yes! Lean not on your own understanding. Trust not in yourself. But trust and rely on God. Let God dictate your ways.
13.        Let God have dominion over your thought, over all your actions. Though you may be misunderstood by people around you; Yes! Misconception is a part of life. The only person that will approve of your conduct is a supernatural being like you. For Deep calleth deep.
14.        You cannot expect a natural-minded fellow to understand your ways so as to praise you. No! You are not at par with that fellow. He does not know the ways of God; he does not know who God is. He does not have the spirit of God.
15.        So, he will always call the things of God accursed because he cannot understand. For he is a natural-minded fellow.
16.        A natural-minded fellow understandeth not the things of the spirit for they are spiritually discerned. Spiritual things are meant for spiritual people. natural things are meant for carnal people; Carnal people!
17.        That is why those that are living in the flesh can never please God. If all your desire is to beautify your flesh, nourish the flesh, your whole attention is to garnish this flesh, you can never please God.
18.        Let Me tell you. It is true that nobody is given a choice to make and he chooses suffering. But suffering is the best form of life. Suffering is the best form of life. Any life without suffering; a life devoid of suffering is an empty life. Life devoid of suffering, devoid of pain, devoid of sorrow, devoid of anguish is an empty life.
19.        Any road that does not have obstacles leads to nowhere. A road that leads to real success must be froth with ups and downs; Mountains and valleys; Thorns and thistles. It is always a warfare.
20.        Any road that will lead to real success will always have many obstacles, to discourage the cowards who walk by sight. But the courageous people will like to brave the odds. Yes! A coward can never taste honey. You cannot get honey anyhow. You must get the honey comb. And you must be ready to bear the stinging of bees.
21.        Whether you are using naked fire or using water or chemical, bees must surely sting you. A coward, after considering the bee hive, how the bees will be flying and will be considering people that were stung to death by bees, he will say no, I will not. He will prefer to buy the thing from the market. But a good farmer knows that the ones in the market are adulterated. He goes for the raw honey.
22.        Any road that is not froth with obstacles, actually, that road leads to nowhere. Nowhere! Success makes a man a real man. Makes a woman a real woman.
23.        Watch children that are born with golden spoon in their mouth. They turned out to be nuisances. That is why, great men can hardly come from great families. Great men can hardly come from great families.
24.        Watch all notable great men today; even past and present. They are all traceable to peasant home. Poor families with very poor orientations. But they brave the odds of life, challenge themselves and challenge their future, pin their hope on God and with the help of God, they scale through.
25.        Your salvation is not coming from the mountain. Think not that your salvation will come from the valley or come from wherever your understanding goes to. No! Reverse it immediately. I say do what? Make a U-turn. Make a U-turn! Your salvation is coming from Christ and Christ alone. Your help is coming from Christ and Christ alone.
26.        If he does not help, who will help? Lean not on your own understanding. It will fool you. It has been fooling many. All those that are hoping on their carnal brothers or carnal sisters to help them, where are they today? If you have any place which you think your help will come from and become a person in life. After helping you a little, he will remove the ladder. If after helping you on getting to the top, he will remove the ladder. Amen.
27.        I wish to go further. Proverbs chapter 16 verse 1 and verse 4 “We can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God's hands.” Verse 4 “The Lord has made everything for his own purposes--even the wicked for punishment.” (LB).
28.        The Lord has made everything for his own purposes--even the wicked for God’s own punishment.
29.        The preparations of the heart is in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.
30.        The preparation of the heart is in man. It is in the hand of man to propose whatever he wants to do.
31.        The preparations of the heart is in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.
32.        The answer of what? Of the tongue. Is from the Lord! It is in the power of a man to make his plans but it requires God to establish them.
33.        Hence, you do not look for your salvation from the mountain, from the valley. You can prepare your mind and prepare your heart. You can make your plans for today and even tomorrow.
34.        Two plus two equals four. Four plus four  equals eight. Eight minus eight equals zero. You have planned everything. Did you consult God? Did you consult God concerning tomorrow?
35.        You have planned that which you want to do today; even the one you will do tomorrow, even the one you will do in the years to come. God will be quiet, looking at you.
36.        Verse 4, “The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.” KJV.
37.        He has made everything for Himself even the wicked for his own punishment. The wicked for God’s own punishment. He made the person to be so. Who is that wicked fellow? He does not compare and contrast before he acts. He has no part in the life that Christ gives.
38.        But you that have a part in God, has it come to you that it is not your knowledge that establishes you? It is not because you are wiser than others that you are established. You can mete out your various plans, how things will work for you. Without God approving it, you are coming to nothing.
39.        And this is why people begin to quarrel among themselves. This is why people begin to look for those that have taken their star and those that have taken their destinies.
40.        This destiny in question, what was it before it was taken from the owner? If you know what your destiny is, will you allow anybody to take it away from you? What are you that will attract somebody to you to the extent of taking away your destiny?
41.        Could your destiny feed you? What has your destiny done for you before? Anybody that takes your destiny has inherited poverty. A motor park tout who claims that his brother has taken his (tout’s) destiny, is it honourable to be a motor park tout as a means of livelihood?
42.        Since he took it away from you, why has he not become the president of the touts? Will he combine the destiny of being a tout with that of Academics? How will it sound? Academic-Tout!
43.        Man proposes but God disposes. It is not the way you want but the way God wants. It is not the way you see it but the way God sees it. Now, if you have the mind of God, you must begin to see it the way God sees it. If you want to indulge in a plan that will not work, you know. If you harden your heart and do it, it will not work.
44.        Even before you embark on it, you had already published it that it will not work. You are attempting it to please people around you, so that they will not think you are folding your arms; to let them know you are doing something.
45.        But deep in you, you know there is no headway. Hence, when you fail, before people will come, you will equally to tell them, “In short, I knew about it. I just decided to do it, but in short, I knew the thing won’t work.”
46.        How can it work when you had already compared and noticed that the hand of God is not there? In the business you want to indulge in, have you enquired of the Lord? He said, “Enquire of Me and I will show you the right way.” Enquire of Me and I will show you the right way. The right way!
47.        Enquire of Me, says the Lord. Do not go to the native doctor to enquire. Your help will not come from there. Your salvation will not come from there. Rather, your doom and destruction can come from there.
48.        Enquire of the Lord and He will show you the right way. If you go to a man, he will show you his own way. And will compel you to follow it that way. How will you do that? Settle down with the word of God. Know what the word of God is saying concerning that thing you want to embark on.
49.        Sometimes, we know the truth, but we challenge our consciences. Anybody that knows the truth and acts contrary is challenging his conscience. You know the truth about the matter and you acted contrary, deliberately, You challenge your conscience.
50.        Your thoughts are not My thoughts. Neither are your ways My ways. Lean not on your own understanding. In those good old days, people were saying that the fathers ate the grape and the children feel the sour taste. That God visited the iniquities of the children with the offences committed by their parents.
51.        And God said, “This type of proverb will not be repeated in this land again. For the righteousness of the righteous will be upon his head. The wickedness of the wicked will be upon his head. A
52.        ny soul that sinneth shall surely die. The iniquity of the father will not be required from the son. Neither will the son pay the price for the sin of the parents. No more!
53.        Ezekiel chapter 18 verse 1 through 5. “Then the Lord's message came to me again. "Why do people use this proverb about the land of Israel: The children are punished for their fathers' sins?
54.        As I live," says the Lord God, "you will not use this proverb anymore in Israel, for all souls are mine to judge--fathers and sons alike--and my rule is this:…”
55.        My rule is this: “…It is for a man's own sins that he will die.” For a man own sins he will die.
56.        "But if a man is just and does what is lawful and right,” and has not gone out to the mountains to feast before the idols of Israel and worship them, and does not commit adultery nor lie with any woman during the time of her menstruation; and he is a merciful creditor, not holding onto the items given to him in pledge by poor debtors, and is no robber but gives food to the hungry and clothes to those in need; and grants loans without interest, and stays away from sin, and is honest and fair when judging others, and obeys my laws--that man is just," says the Lord, "and he shall surely live.” (LB).
57.        The summary of it all is this: That the children will no longer suffer for the sins caused by their fathers, neither will the father suffer because of the sins of the children.
58.        The righteousness of the righteous is upon his or her head. The wickedness of the wicked is upon his or her head. So, by this the idea of what I am passing through is as a result of my father’s sin does not exist.
59.        It is your own willful disobedience to God’s Word that will determine your fate. Your willful obedience to God’s Word will also determine your fate. God is not going to call any name, because of your willful disobedience to His Word or will anybody suffer for your willful disobedience.
60.        If a wicked fellow dies in his wickedness, he is going to hell fire straight. If a sinner continues in sin, dies in sin, straight on to hell fire. But if at any point he repents and comes back to God, his sinful pass will be erased. If he dies, he is going to heaven.
61.        But if a righteous man at any point stops his righteousness and begins to practice evil, the righteous past will be completely forgotten. If he dies, he is going to hell for he died a sinful human being.
62.        This should be a guide to us, that your righteousness should be an everlasting righteousness. By your righteousness I mean, your obedience to God’s Word which is counted unto us as our righteousness.
63.        For we are sons and daughters of Abraham. And the Bible said, “Abraham obeyed God and it was counted to him as his righteousness. And you are sons and daughters of Abraham if you obey God.” Am I making sense?
64.        Thus, your obedience should be a continuous one. That is why the Bible said, “He that follows till the end, the same shall be saved.” If at any point you feel your righteousness has become too much that you do not want to continue in it, get ready. I say, get ready. The consequences are very, very grievous.
65.        So, your righteousness is not righteousness in the sight of God until you persevere unto the end. You hold on to the profession of your faith without wavering from beginning till the end.
66.        But if you were in error all these while and today the word has touched you, you make a U-turn and come back to God. Your sinful past will be completely forgotten. A new and enviable record will be open for you today. And if you can maintain it safely till the end, surely, you are getting eternal life.
67.        Remember that God had earlier said that, if He wants to destroy a city and he sees people like Job and some others, they will save only but their own lives. They would not save you.
68.        So, there is no way your father’s intercession can save you in that type of trouble, When you are saying ‘no’ to God’s word, you do not want Christ to be found in your life which is the word of GOD; you have no hope of glory. For Christ in us is the hope of glory. Lean not on your own understanding.
69.        There was a time people were thinking that way, but today, God is calling for total change of mind. When you change your mind, you will change your thought. Your mind, your thoughts, your ways and that of God’s way will become one.
70.        Then, call upon God in the time of trouble, pray unto Him, if He does not answer, know that I am not talking to you from the presence of the Almighty. Let your relationship with God be cordial – be friendly, be harmonious. Call upon Him, He must surely answer you.
71.        So, do not go about telling people that God does not answer your prayers. You know why God does not answer your prayers. You are the one praying, the spirit has not prayed for you for one day. For you do not have the spirit.
72.        Where you have no spirit of Christ, let it be known to you, that you have no intercessor. A man without the spirit of Christ is a man without intercessor. For it is the spirit that intercedes for us.
73.        I want to read another scripture. Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 29 through 30. “The people shall no longer quote this proverb--"Children pay for their fathers' sins." For everyone shall die for his own sins--the person eating sour grapes is the one whose teeth are set on edge.” LB.
74.        Have you seen it? Lean not on your own understanding part one. Amen.

Please, pay attention. This information came late. This information came very late. I mean, what he is about to read. I received it this morning from Bauchi state through one of our brothers there.
2.           But it is good you know the contents. Very, very good that you know the contents and then compare it to messages so far received. And know the hour you are in.
3.           “THE MYSTERY OF APC. OUR ISIS AGENDA: WE WILL WIN BY JIHAD. GENERAL ELECTION 2015. From Alhaji Ganiyu Mohammed and Sheik A. Abubakar. I said that presidency must come to the North this year 2015 through Mohammadu Buhari which is Hausa/Fulani; Core North.
4.           Do not vote any Christians because Christians are pigs with us. The Quran tells us to demolish their churches. Do not support the churches. Do not support the following people: The Birom, Tiv, the Kataf, the Jarwa, the Zoo, the Seyawi, the Batama, the Jukun, the Idoma etc, who are Christians in the North.
5.           We formed Boko Haram – the militant group to replace Maitatsine.” To replace Maitatsine of 1989.
6.           “…We have solicited funds from all prominent Muslims and Islamic funds to finance Boko Haram. Nigerian army cannot defeat us because America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the entire Arab world have given support to us this time to take over the presidency.
7.           Infidels - that is Christians - cannot continue ruling us. We asked Mallam Sambo to resign. All Islamic sons and daughters whether in PDP or in any political party and be in support of APC-Buhari candidate as president come 29th May, 2015.
8.           We have made ready weapons, armory. We have captured the largest church in Nigeria the RCCG. (Redeemed Christian Church of God.)
9.           “…Obasanjo is in support. Yoruba’s are always playing double standards. That is why we want to use them. No church should be allowed to operate in all the capital cities of Nigeria.
10.        Sharia law must be put in place. Allah gave us Quran to obey. I repeat, no Muslim should summit to all the infidels and pigs and dogs in Nigeria. As a nation, we do not have economic power. Oil and Petroleum, we do not have. It is only politics that we have. Let us fight for it.
11.        Goodluck cannot win election. If he wins, we will use force to mar and kill and wipe away all the churches. Goodluck is an infidel.
12.        Sheik Usman Dan Fodio led a Jihad to rise from the North to the South, down East and under. Most of the governors are with us. Amechi, Rochas, Orji etc. It is either ISIS or sword. AK47 have been brought by some of our generals. We must take Nigeria.
13.        We have empowered General Buhari to take over the power. Some of their Bishops and Pastors both in the North and South especially their pastors are going to vote for APC. We have divided Plateau State. APC has taken over Plateau.
14.        All the pigs and dogs, that is the Biroms, we will drive them to Niger where they came from. Or else, we will force them to accept Islam just as we did to the city of Antioch – present Turkey and their suburbs.
15.        Remember: No Quran, no Nigeria. Nigeria is an Islamic nation since 1989. When we kill the men, their wives will become our wives. Our prophet taught us in Quran that one bloodshed to spread Allah’s religion, Quran, is a guarantee ticket to heaven.
16.        In Quran, Sura chapter 4 verse 14-29. Chapter 5 verse 84, 101, 104. ‘The Prophet taught that love is not as important as obedience or submission.’
17.        Quran has warned you not to have anything to do with unbelievers – that is Christians who are pigs. Wage war against the Jews and Christians. Take their wives to be your slaves. Quran is superior to Bible. The entire Bible is corrupted and you must not read it. Our Quran contains one hundred and fourteen Sura’s or chapters and with 77,639 words.
18.        Christians and Jews are infidels. They are idolaters. They are the worst created beings and their churches are like beer parlours and prostitute houses. Muslims are the best created human beings. In the Sura chapter 6 verse 51.
19.        Our prophet taught us that Christians and Jews are idol worshippers and pigs. That is swines. We can use money to convert them to Islam. All these institutions must stand. Islamic bank, Sharia laws, OIC, Islamic University, Islamic constitution and etc.
20.        We have captured Bornu, Adamawa, Yobe, Gombe States. We must rule our nation. It is our inheritance. This is how we conquer other nations like Basrah.
21.        We turned Reverend Romanus to Muslim and many of their pastors. Fifty thousand Christians renounced their faith in other to get employment and property in the state. We succeeded in other countries stronger than Nigeria, we must succeed.
22.        Until we install Emir in Jos, Emir in Bornu, Emir in Cross River, Emir in Rivers State, Emir in Anambra State, Emir in Delta State and other prominent cities. PDP will fail. APC must win.
23.        We held meeting with Professor Attahiru Jega secretly that this is our turn. As we conquered Indonesia and North Africa, so we must conquer Nigeria. We must use every resource.
24.        To all our Islamic brothers and faithful Muslims. Copied to The Secretary to Islamic Affairs in Africa, Vice President of Nigeria. Distributed to all Islamic Faithful’s. Alhaji Abubakar Mohammed and his group.” Is it a strange news? It is just a confirmation. Amen.



Remain blessed brethren. We thank God who made us to be here. We have heard what he said. And if we compare it with our messages, we will know that this is not a news. It is not new to us. This is not a news – not new to us.
2.           We knew ahead of time. Nothing happens, without God, first of all revealing it to us. It is like the same thing I read from the Newspapers from one prominent learned man from the North. His sons were asking him some question concerning the past election.
3.           The man said that, “The reason why Jonathan failed was that, the learned men in the North and their Emirs – their clergy told them plainly that they should not vote for Jonathan. That is why he failed. Most of them that are in authority with him are fooling him.”
4.           I read it from the newspaper. But I won’t tell you the son of the prominent man from the North.
5.           Now, you know we are not Nigerians, but we are posted to Nigeria as sons and daughters of God to fulfill God’s purpose for us in this our own dispensation.
6.           Having known all these things, for God plainly told us that He will ignite trouble in the whole world. And when that trouble starts, it will point the attention of the whole world towards that event, that trouble.
7.           And it is in the midst of that trouble that the translation will take place. And that is why we are here waiting consciously, sincerely, truthfully and faithfully to the commission He has given to us. For we have a guide that is guiding us.
8.           As we see the days approaching, and we see events fulfilling in accordance to prophecy, we tighten our belt.
9.           To those that enter aeroplane for travelling, immediately they entered the plane, the passengers are set, immediately the pilot comes in, he will address them that everybody should tighten up his belt for the plane is ready to take-off.
10.        If you do not tighten your belt, immediately the plane will take-off, it is certain that you must surely fall down. Is that true? But when you tighten up your belt very well, let the plane run faster, let it fly in any form it wants to take, you are fitted tightly to your seat.
11.        God who knows the end from the beginning, who has watched our hearts, having promised us that He must do everything in His power to get our last release from this earth.
12.        And we know very sure and certain that after the Bridal Ministry, after we finish worshipping God in the flesh, immediately transformation or translation takes place, there is no other human being here on earth that will worship God in the flesh. The worshipping of God will cease immediately immortality sets in and that is the greatest promise God made to His people.
13.        Both those that are alive here and remained in the faith and those that have slept in Christ, they are waiting for us. Thus, whether we are alive or in death, we are all in Christ.
14.        That is why the exhortation went forth that we should not lean on our own understanding. For if you want to follow God step by step, you must rely solemnly on His own precept. If he says stand up, you stand up. If he says sit down, you sit down. If He warned that you should not do that thing you are doing, you stop. For He knows better than you.
15.        There is no field of life Almighty God has not touched as long as salvation, eternal life and paradise is concerned. For He knows very well that the devil is very cunning. And he will do everything in his power to deceive people. But not the seed of God. Not the elect! For the scripture said, “If it will be possible, the very elect will be deceived”. But it can never be possible.
16.        Just as He said that it will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God. That is a man that got his wealth, his riches, that have no place in his heart for God. Which means, God said, “forget about such person entering the Kingdom of heaven.” Since it is impossible for a camel to pass through the eyes of a needle.
17.        And since He said that, “The signs and wonders and miracles the devil will display, if it is possible, the very elect will be deceive.” Which means, the elect can never be deceived.
18.        Thus, we are very grateful to God. We should pay strict attention to God’s word. God has given us Messages, Everything that will make us like God Himself. Just like God has come down low this morning, trying to explain to us the purpose of this Bridal Ministry.
19.        The reason why Christ came in all the ages and in our own day, He Himself came down to impact His own spirit into us not another.
20.        For God has looked up and down to find out what He will do to as many as will put their confidence and trust in Him as a sure sign that His promise is yea and amen. He looked up and down; He sees nothing better than Himself. Then, He gave Himself.
21.        That God wants to live in you and make you like Himself. That you will become God Himself. Remember, if you go to Genesis chapter 3, when the serpent came to deceive Eve. He said, “If you eat that fruit, that tree of life, free of knowledge of good and evil. It will make you to become like God. Knowing good and evil immediately you take the tree and eat.”
22.        If you go to chapter 3 down, there God said, “Now, man has become like one of us, knowing what is good and what is evil. If I allow him to put forth his hand and eat the tree of life, he will live eternally in such condition of sin.”  
23.        In other to hinder man not to eat in that condition, He placed a flaming sword revolving over the tree of life. But now, God wants His sons and daughters that have come into this flesh to become like Him.
24.        In righteousness, in holiness, in perfection, in having His own mind, His own thought, knowing what to do at its own right time. It is only a man that can do whatever he wants to do at any given time without knowing the consequences, without knowing whether that thing is befitting to do that thing or not, without giving any reason, any thought. As long as that thing seems right in his own eyes, even if it is to the detriment of all around him, he does not care. Amen.



I AND MY FAMILY WILL WORSHIP CHRIST ALONE. Page 157 verse 37 down. “When we were in deeper life church, far back in the year 1983, 1984 and 1985. I remember in Lagos when Kumuyi was ministering. Kumuyi vowed never to join Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).
2.           Kumuyi vowed before us at the University of Lagos, Akoka. He said and I quote, “I will prefer to die than to get myself acquainted to the Christian Association of Nigeria whose head is Arch Bishop Okegie. I will never even try it.”
3.           However, today Kumuyi is there. Why is he a member? This is because CAN gave an order that any church that goes by name mission, maybe, Grace of God Mission or anything Mission, that church license will be revoked. For you to renew your license in the internal affairs unit, Abuja, you must go to CAN.
4.           You see, government register churches and give them license to operate. The only group of people that can never operate with license is This Most Holy group the Bridal Faith.”
5.           You see why God is interested in this Bridal Faith?
6.           “…Now, we are not affiliated to anybody. We exist alone. Let Me tell you what God did to us. We all that came all the way from End Time, immediately God came down through the Son of Man, He banished correspondence fellowship because there is no fornication more than remaining with old association. That is what put many of us into trouble.
7.           God will tell us one thing. You see a brother, from what he read, will be saying another thing. bringing confusion. If you are in this Bridal Faith, you still have interest in any group of people under heaven except this Bridal Faith, you are a whore, a fornicator, an adulterer. You have already received the mark of the beast sitting down here yet you do not know.
8.           William Braham was asked, “Why are you hitting it hard? He said that it ought to be struck harder. For people do not see the implication of all these things. Sitting and hiding cunningness, deceiving people.
9.           You think you are worshipping God not knowing you are worshipping the devil in disguise. The Bridal Ministry has remained the only Ministry that can never worship the devil in any form or shape.”
10.        Why? We have God in person that is guiding us. Just like He explained here this morning, speaking to us that many of us are having problem because we lean on our own understanding.
11.        If it is not that way we see it, we will not do it. No matter how God will come down, display His signs, speak to us in plain language, explaining to us how His spirit moves, still, you see some sitting down without paying attention. And they are expecting translation. They are expecting paradise.
12.        You do not know the way to paradise; you do not know the means of being translated. And One that knew it, One that has it, One that knows what it takes to bring you into that rapturing condition, the Elohim Himself, who is immortal, The only being that is immortal is here giving direction on how we should behave and act, for us to obtain that immortality from Him. And you are saying no.
13.        “…Let us see what Prophet Branham said in the Seven Church Ages. Seven Church ages by William Branham page 93. This was exactly what took place after Moses led Israel out of Egypt…”
14.        People that lean only on their own understanding.
15.        The way of God was to lead the people by the cloud of fire and prophetic utterances. The way of God was to lead the people by the cloud of fire and prophetic utterances.
16.        Miracles and signs and God-given wonders. This was to be accomplished by God’s selected and God’s ordained and God’s equipped and God-sent Man.”
17.        This was to be accomplished by God’s Elected and God’s ordained and God’s equipped and God-sent Man. No other person will be fit to be there. It must be God selecting such a person.
18.        Why we should not lean upon our own understanding. Why we should see things the way God has placed it. If you do not see it that way, then you are a counterfeit. You are a very good instrument in the hand of Satan to fight the move of God. Starting with yourself, to those sitting around you.
19.        “…Now, know note such people. God’s way of leading His people has been through the Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire.”
20.        Has been the only God’s way of leading.
21.        That is why, we are rejoicing we have where to place our feet and quote our authority.”
22.        We have where to place our feet and quote our authority.
23.        “…If you are not led by God’s elected, God ordained, God equipped, God-sent Man, one that is leading you is not from God.”
24.        As we have heard in this message, if somebody is speaking on your behalf, talking on your behalf, doing everything on your behalf, you are a slave to that person. He is blinding your eyes.
25.        For one that is blind is not one that is not seeing physically, but one that cannot discern God, discern the spirit that is in a man, discern whether it is God that is leading or not. You are the blindest person that ever lived on earth.
26.        But we are very grateful that in this Bridal Faith, from inception of this Bridal Faith, it has been God-equipped, God selected, God ordained Man leading. For as many as have left this faith or as many as have been put outside the faith because of their disobedience, it is because of their disobedience, lack of loyalty to God equipped, God selected, God ordained Man leading His people.
27.        That is why we show him the way out. And as many that sit down in this Bridal Faith till now that is not coping or moving at the same pace with the Faith is because of the same matter.
28.        They find it difficult to allow the Word of God which is the spirit of God, which is God Himself to have dominion over them. As long as God does not have preeminence in you, He cannot translate you. For what will translate you is not in you.
29.        “…Now, if you have not come to a point in this Bridal Faith where you are sure and certain of where you are standing, that you can put a challenge to all that claim to be this and that, could tell you the experience they had from God that made them to say what they are saying, and if that person says he has met God and the person will acknowledge that what you are saying in this Bridal Ministry is of God, you must come to that point.”
30.        From the beginning of this ministry, God told us plainly: He said, “Fly up, go wherever you want to go, you will receive a voice that will tell you go down, He is there on earth.”
31.        The type of spirit, whatever you want to be, the realm you want to reach in the spiritual world, go. You will be pointed back here on earth.
32.        “…You can’t come to God and have dealing with God and remain the same.” You see our coming to fellowship this morning here is not in vain. For we have gotten something in us. God has rekindled the light in us.
33.        He has opened our eyes of understanding. He has brought us back to Himself. As many as are sincere will know that what is killing them is because, they are leaning on their own understanding.
34.        “…The experience and what you see with God will blow off your brain and make you mad, intoxicate you so much that you have been consumed with the zeal of the Supernatural being that has been in existence before the world existed.”
35.        The experience and what you see with God will blow off your brain and make you mad. Intoxicate you so much that you have been consumed with the zeal of the Supernatural Being that has been in existence before the world existed.
36.        “…Do not people say that we are worshipping idol and that God is not with us? If God is not with us, why all these Supernatural occurrences in our midst? Now, William Branham predicted in 1955 that the Capstone will come some day to receive His church…”
37.        In 1955 when most of us here, our parents have not been given birth to. Some of the parents that were born, they are old now. Some are grandfather, great grandfather, great, great grandfathers. He predicted in 1955 that the Capstone will come some day to receive His church – His Bride - unto Himself.
38.        In one of our messages, the Son of Man said, “Immediately the building is completed, the Headstone which is the Capstone will come down to receive His church. This has been our authority that God is leading His people by the Pillar of Cloud and Fire with prophetic utterances.
39.        Just like what was read before I came down here, did we not know ahead of time? Was it not prophetic utterance God has given to us? Event that will transpire in Nigeria. Watch those places the man mentioned. Until they instituted their Emirs in those cities, their caliphates in those cities, they will not rest.
40.        Cast your mind back, far back 1997 or 1998. God told us concerning Jos that has been at peace. Every foreigner that comes to Nigeria, expatriate will like to stay in Jos. He said, “This city that has been in peace for long will soon see troubles.”
41.        Troubles that will come out from there will ignite the rest of the countries, cities in Nigeria. We thought it was play, play. Before we knew it, Jos started boiling. All those cities started boiling. God promised to lead His people by the Pillar of Cloud and prophetic utterances.
42.        Now, if it is accomplished by God-selected, God-ordained, God-revealed, God-sent man, you will find God sent men you will find in all the ages. Not one that will come and claim that he is this and that.
43.        This must be accomplished by God-selected, God-ordained, God-equipped and God-sent men. With the whole camp being dominated by the Holy Ghost move. That is why there is no sensation in our midst. You can’t claim to be this and that in this Bridal Faith. Can you? No sir!
44.        VALLEY OF DECISION page 25 verse 4-7. However, there is something He must do before that decree comes forth. Gather your people together in the Valley of Decision. Take this decision together O ye nation that is not desired by the world.”
45.        The people He is looking for are the Sons and Daughters of God. It is just like when Jesus was born, Herod gave a decree, a charge, that from the time he was born, two years down, that all children between two years and below should be killed.
46.        Before the decision could go forth, God revealed it to Joseph and Mary through an angel that told them to move down to Egypt. That same night, the decree will go forth in the morning, that same night, he was taken to Egypt.
47.        And all the children that were born between that two years period, from the time the wise men came to Jerusalem and enquired about where the King of Judah was born to the present time Herod found out that the wise men have seen him and went through another way, all those children were killed.
48.        Then, there was crying everywhere. While the particular person that they were looking for has escaped. The same thing is applicable to the Bride. All these troubles you see that is befalling the whole world, it is because of the Bride, the Elect. That is what they are looking for. That is what the devil is looking for.
49.        He is trying to get the Bride. He is trying to get the Elect. But not knowing that before the decree will come forth, before his plan will come out to be accomplished, the translation has taken place. God has taken out His own people – His elect.
50.        Remember we are not living in our own days. The hour we are living in is completely the hour of God. The grace of God. And it will be terminated abruptly without giving any notice. And that is why the warning is coming for us to go back where we came out from. For us to rely solemnly on God who justifies the ungodly.
51.        “…Take decision together O ye nation that is not desired by the world that has been destitute to be slaughtered.” Who is that nation? The Nation of God. The Bride, the chosen, the elect. The world do not desire them and they have been selected for slaughter.
52.        “Gather your people together; take decision to seek the Lord.”
53.        Take decision to seek who? The Lord!
54.        To seek righteousness, to seek meekness, to seek righteous judgment which is the only way to escape from His anger. If you hear these words and harden your heart, well, I have announced His coming.”
55.        Just as we heard, LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING PART 1. After hearing it, you continue by hardening your heart in whatever you are doing, which God has warned us seriously that anybody that does not have the spirit of God is a self destructive person. You will destroy yourself by your own hand. But once you have the spirit of God which is God’s Word in you, He is your house, He is your mouth, He is your ear, He is your brain, He is your leg, He is everything to you. For you cannot make a step without enquiring from Him.
56.        Watch David. David did not have any trouble, no war. Nobody could overthrow him in the war. For every step he takes, he enquires from God. There was a time the Philistine came against him, he enquired and he said go, I will give them into your hand.
57.        David went and destroyed them. Scatter all of them. Thinking that he has destroyed them completely. The Philistine went back, gather themselves and regroup again in greater number than what they were before. Then, they started coming to wage war against David.
58.        Then, David heard about it and went to God and said, “God, do you want me to go to this war? Will you give them into my hand? God said, “O.K. wait. Do not go down yet. But when you see the move of the moving trees, you will know that the Lord your God has gone before you, have gone before you to destroy your enemy.
59.        Then from that moving tree, you see the move there, follow that road, you will overcome them.”
60.        David paid strict attention. Waited strictly. Sat down, the enemies were coming, then he was hearing their noise, he waited. His eyes was on that moving tree. He did not see any move.
61.        He waited patiently no matter the sound and the noise of his enemy coming greatly, very close. David relaxed patiently for he has never seen God move. And immediately he saw God moves at the moving tree, David stood up with his men and went through that moving tree and he overcame his enemies.
62.        And God has told us, the only way we can overcame is to allow His spirit, which is His Word to enter into us through hearing and settle in our heart. Not only to be sober. Not only being sober. After hearing the Word of God, you become sober and immediately you leave God’s presence, the whole thing will vanish out of your heart.
63.        Vanishes out of your ears. Vanishes, you will not remember or have any remorse, any remembrance of God’s dealing with you while you are going, after God has spoken to you; which means the person has killed himself and not God.
64.        See where we are now. See events as they are unfolding on a daily basis. Go to that message, “AWAKE THOU THAT SLEEPETH FOR THE NIGHT IS FAR SPENT.” Anybody that goes through that message without seeing himself or herself in the light of the word is not from God.
65.        If God Himself, the Vessel He is Living in was pleading for forgiveness, pleading for his attitude on what He suppose to do. What of you? Watch your prayer life; watch your study life, watch your meditation, watch the course you are pursuing every second of the day.
66.        For God said, “Pray always, in season and out of season.” The matter has explained it now. You may be carrying a pot of soup; your fellow woman will be looking at you as you are carrying the pot of soup, not knowing you are praying while you are carrying your pot of soup.
67.        You are praying while you are cooking, you are praying while you are in your offices discharging your duties as civil servant. You are praying while you are a uniformed man in your post of duty. You are still praying while you are a uniformed man doing whatever you are doing there.
68.        Others may be seeing you as ordinary police officer or army officer not knowing you are a seed of God there praying, meditating on God’s word. And as long as you are there meditating, praying, God can never allow the bullet of the enemy to get you.
69.        As a student in schools and colleges and Universities, you are meditating and praying wherever you are. Tell me, who is that crooked and wicked one that will get you? In your yard the same thing. Wherever you are, the same thing.
70.        For the scripture told us plainly that, “We are the children of God and every other person outside us are under the control and power of the evil one.” That is why; the only protection we have is the spirit of Christ in us. The only safe ground we have is the spirit of Christ in us. Without it, we are prone to every attack and daring dart of the enemy.
71.        For the spirit said that the only way the devil will get you as a child of God is to attack you in your prayer life, attack you in your study and meditation, cause you to lose interest in the messages of your day, cause you to lose interest. Nothing will stimulate you again to go and study a message.
72.        He will try to becloud your mind with these material things which have no eternal value which is giving the world sleepless night.

73.        But we are here and God will guide us safely for this has been a great lesson to God’s people in all the ages that they have a Man from God that lead them, guiding them in all their troubles here on earth for them to serve God rightly. With these few words, I say, remain blessed brethren. Amen.