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You are all blessed in Him eternally. We thank God on behalf
of those that are in Jerusalem presently, and equally for the lives of all that would have been in His Presence in Jerusalem but for one thing or the other, they could not make it.
2.           We equally praise Him on behalf of our brethren globally. Wherever they are gathered today to worship Him,
our prayer is that He will visit them in a mighty way.
3.           I am sure that some people might be on their way to this place, we equally believe they will arrive safely.
4.           You are a wonderful people; wonderful in the sense that God has given you a resting place, a place where you could go at the end of the day to worship your Maker in your own way; a place you can go and get reconciled to God.
5.           If God never provided a place like this, there was no way we could be reconciled to God. There could be many things you will struggle to make right on your own but no way, for there was no help around you. Instead of getting help, you get condemnation.  Instead of getting help, you will be getting discouraging words until your heart will faint.
6.           But when you come before the Presence of the Lord and get home, if you come with all your heart, your life must be renewed. Yes, your life must be renewed.
7.           Because this is the only place where you will come and hear the comforting word that will give you a place among those that are sanctified by the faith that is in Christ. This is the only place you can come and be comforted. If you are in His Presence and you are not comforted, there is nowhere in this world under the planet where you can be comforted.
8.           If the word of God is not your comfort, truly speaking, you will never be comforted till eternity.
9.           This is where we come and lay our burdens down at His feet. We heave the sigh of relief. If God never provided a place like this, many of us would have died of hypertension. I am telling you.
10.        This is the only place where you pay no kobo and get remedy for your hypertension, for your troubled condition. God made this place a home for the homeless. The only place where you can be made acceptable in the beloved is in the presence of Almighty God.
11.        You might be rejected everywhere but when you come to Him, you are made acceptable in the Beloved. This is where you will see dignified inclusion. God extended His magnanimity to all of us, by including us in the number He could say, “These are My children”.
12.        Yes, He never gave us a servant’s position, “No”, He gave us the position of son-ship, daughter-ship; even when we wandered away from Him for too long. When we realized our folly and came back, He grafted us back to where we left, to our former position. He never gave us a place with the servants. Never, never, never!
13.        Let Me see that brother and the wife, “Chinedu” who fulfilled the words that went to Him and announce it to Me through the wife. I want to see him with the family.
14.        Come with your family! Come just as you are! Come with your family. I said, your family. You have a family. Come with your family. Come with your family. Is this the child? Ok, she is here with Me already. Very good. You are here already with Me. Fine baby, you are blessed.
15.        Are you surprised? They were given only one condition. They were not expelled, they were not dis-fellowshiped.
16.        The voice, “Go and fulfill all the marital obligation with the heathens. Whenever you finish and there is time, you can come back with your family and worship God if you want.”
17.        Was there any other condition? This was all. And I remained monitoring them. When she gave birth, I told you. They never for one day kept Me in the dark. They were reporting to Me through Sister Mary, (former) and then Miracle.
18.        Oftentimes, Chisom will call, but the husband never called Me. I kept monitoring until just last week. When they went to Udi, I was told ahead of time, I was given the date. I suggested to them the personalities that will be there so that the plan of God will not be defeated.
19.        We prayed over it, Osy took the position of the father. That’s her uncle. Then, Professor Eze of Michael Opara University, God never wanted him to be there. He volunteered to be there. That is his uncle also.
20.        Inspite of all the efforts he made, God frustrated him because he could have made things difficult for them. So, we really thank God.
21.        Even Reverend Tony Njom was equally there. Relatives gathered as he performed all his traditional rights according to Udi custom and tradition. They paid the bride price, they did the traditional wedding. The community officially handed our daughter as a wife to Brother Chinedu. They are already blessed with a child.
22.        When the whole thing was over, Miracle Eze gave Me the run-down of the event and then proceeded to Enugu for the final discussion with Reverend Tony who was very much pleased with what took place there. I was equally pleased.
23.        Later, I received a call from our daughter Chisom, “Daddy, look at what happened.” I told her that I knew all.
24.        “You have finished everything, all in your hand with your husband. If you want to come and worship God, the door is open, we are still here. If you do not want, all in your hands.”
25.         She rejoiced exceedingly over the phone. I equally told the elders in My house yesterday. She is not the only one. This is the home coming week. All that flew away are coming back. All that flew away are coming back.
26.        Last week, our first pastor at Opi, you call him former but he does not believe he is former. He is still affirming that he is one of us, that he is even studying the message more than many of you sitting down here and I believe it is truth. He has been struggling but last week he succeeded in getting me, live. We discussed at length. He was over joyed.
27.        Onyema Isaac, you are highly favoured also. So, I gave him an express ticket for he merits it. He has double advantages. If he is not saved through in-law-ship, he will be saved through the other side. And he is no other person but brother Mike of Opi, together with his younger Brother Ikechukwu. They have been clamouring to come back but last week, I approved it.
28.        He is a veterinary doctor while Ikechukwu is now an accountant. He read from the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. Mike from University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus. That is not all.
29.        Innocent that has been pestering Me went to Nassarawa to fellowship with them. He begged for forgiveness and restoration. They refused him, then commanded him to go and see Me. He said, he would not go to Onitsha until he was restored; that he will be meeting the Son of Man as a fully restored brother although he never left before and that he had remained in the Faith, just like Mike who said he never kissed any denomination for any reason at all.
30.        Hence, he said, “How can you imagine me, I will rather stay with pagans than staying with the denominations. I know more than them. What would they offer me?”
31.        He said, “Daddy, I never left for one day. I had a problem and that problem I made it known to you, not the Faith, not to anybody, it is Father Abraham, you call Kingsley Agbo.”
32.        And he is still hot until I pacified him last week. The last encounter we had at Opi, you remember when Apostle Sunday married. He was with us doing everything but immediately he saw Kingsley Agbo, hell was let loose. He opened up again, ready to fight.
33.        He asked Me many questions concerning him (Father Abraham) which I knew he was right. I was left with no other alternative than to give him express ticket.
34.        Innocent, they wanted to force him out of fellowship, the man said no: “You have no right to put me away from my father’s family. You cannot try it! I am not leaving this premise. It is either you restore me or you allow me to fellowship just at the gate outside. But to push me out of the premises, nobody can try it!”
35.        They said, he was violent, I said “Yes”. He should be violent because he knows who he is. Because he was violent, refused to leave, it became a fight among the brethren.
36.        Brother Friday asked him whether it was by force. He said, “Whether force or peace, I must be restored.”
37.        Then Bishop David came outside and gave him order, “You have to leave here or I will order the deacons to push you out”. He replied, “Push Me? Not in this fellowship. Is it by force?”
38.        He said, “Whether you like it or not, I will come back”. They now called Me to intervene. I have intervened. You know, he has been writing, he has been pleading. I know why I have been keeping him outside.
39.        Because a group of travelers, runaway soldiers, a group sent him to go and pave way for them. They sent Enoch first. Enoch came from Lokoja, subjourned with us, slept with Apostle Kelechi, fellowshipped here. Few weeks after, I started receiving phone calls without numbers but the voice were distinct.
40.        Questions were irrelevant for I never entertained their silly questions. So, now Innocent is fighting every day. I pray he will succeed. In short, he has succeeded because I have given him a mandate. He should come to Onitsha and see Me live. Any day he does that, he is restored to the family.
41.        A member of the family is a member of the family, though he may wander away like the prodigal son, when he exhausts all he has, definitely he must surely return to the family.
42.        If he comes back, will he be given a servant position? That same seat he left is the seat he will occupy because it is the home coming week. All that flew away that really belong to the family of God must surely fly back. Nobody will invite them. They are following the events.
43.        There is something greater than them that will compel them to fly back. So, I have spread My arms to welcome such rebellious children because they are now tired. They have exhausted everything and they are living beggarly lives while we are enjoying life here.
44.        Thus, why would they be wasting their time out there when their follow brethren are blossoming? They are coming back. They are coming back one by one, two by two. Hence, our duty is to say, “You are welcome”.
45.        Brother Chinedu and family, you are happily welcome. You are not strangers, you are not foreigners, you are fellow citizens with us. Fellow citizens of the kingdom of heaven and you belong to this household of God.
46.        Thus, exercise your liberty. Let no man ever put you in bondage. Amen.

Join Me as  we sing from our only believe Song Book. Be seated, I do not want to keep you standing. “Only Believe Song Book Page 135, Hymn Number 106.
2.           “O happy day that fixed my choice; on thee, my Saviour and my God! Well may this glowing heart rejoice, and tell its raptures all abroad.
3.           Happy day, happy day, when Saviour washed my sins away! He taught me how to watch and pray, and live rejoicing every day. Happy day, happy day, when Saviour washed my sins away.”
4.           Page 137, Hymn Number 108. “Time is filled with swift transition, naught of earth unmoved can stand, build your hope on things eternal, hold to God’s unchanging hand”.
5.           Meditate on what you sang. If there be any other thing deceiving the world if not this world’s vain riches, I do not know. Every effort of man is geared towards acquiring the whole wealth of this world which will rapidly decay, decompose, fizzle out even with the possessor.
6.           Why gripping, why grabbing, why killing, why telling great lies, hindering ourselves from obtaining the Promise. The elders that were with Me yesterday, you heard the mind of God concerning the hour, that many are sitting down here wasting their time because they have given themselves over to falsehood. They have become habitual liars, not knowing the consequence.
7.           The first sin ever recorded was lying. Whoever that indulges in it, takes pleasure in it, has devil as his father. He is the father of all liars and abides not in the truth. And no liar will inherit the kingdom of heaven. And God cannot change His program because of you.
8.           Why making it your favourite sin? Why romancing in that which will destroy you? You say it is light? Well, I do not know.
9.           The first sin Adam and Eve committed was nothing but telling lies. And they forfeited the kingdom of heaven as at that time for which cause, every other iniquity started manifesting.
10.        The father of all iniquities is lies. The father of every sin is lying. And whoever that tells lies knows the truth. If you do not know the truth, you can never tell lies. Then, it is a deliberate act. It is a calculated act. It is a willful act. You must willfully dishonor, disregard, set aside the truth for you to tell lies, reasons best known to you, without knowing the awful implications.
11.        A liar is a deceiver, a liar is a murderer, a liar is a criminal and what is funny about it, a lie has only but a short time, but truth endureth to all generations.
12.        God is the Truth; Christ is the Truth, the Way and the Life. Nobody enters paradise, if not through the truth. Take away Truth, there is no God.
13.        Thus, whoever that indulges in lying is living in darkness even till this hour. Darkness has comprehended the individual that he will not see the Light of the Glory of the Gospel of Christ.
14.        I have seen everything; I have not seen a man that is punished for telling the truth. Even if he is punished, it must be vindicated. But people get maximum consequence for telling lies. Instead of a truth to imprison you, it will set you free.
15.        If truth does not set you free, what else will set you free? If truth does not set you free, God is a liar. You will know the truth; truth must surely set you free. Truth sets you at liberty with your fellow man and with God, but lie puts you in bondage; in bondage, in fear, before your fellow man and before God.
16.        I am telling the truth. When you tell lies with the intent to deceive so as to get whatever you want, you live in fear.
17.        You enjoy the wealth but live in fear because it must be ripped open one day. It must be ripped open for lies can never endure to all generations. But truth endureth to all generations.
18.        That is why anything that is acquired in falsehood, in deceit, does not pass from generation to generation. It fizzles out like a wind for it has no foundation.
19.        Be very careful. The kingdom of God has been revealed. The kingdom of heaven is now about to be opened. Only those who are in the kingdom of God and remain faithful will make the kingdom of heaven.
20.        The kingdom of God is not heaven. Heaven is not the kingdom of God. Take note of what I am saying. The kingdom of God prepares people for the kingdom of heaven. You are in the kingdom of God.
21.        Even the devil has the right to be here. But the devil does not have the right to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is another thing. You can be saved and destroyed along the way.
22.        Your salvation is not eternal life until you are clothed with immortal body. Is it not true? Did not God save them from the land of Egypt, brought them through the wilderness, took them across the Red Sea, along the way, He destroyed those that believed not, that were found among the saved? Those that never believed were saved from Egypt, they were taken across the Sea, they were fed by God.
23.        Do not allow the sun, the rainfall, the air you are breathing, to deceive you. That is the manifestation that God gives liberally. God gives liberally, He permits all these things to reach both the saved and the unsaved. Both the disobedient and the obedient. Amen.

2.           I know many gathered here today to hear what the Son of Man will say concerning the year 2017. This is an entirely new year. Another year away from the previous ones as far as the Son of Man is concerned.
3.           Concerning the world, it is a continuation of the troubles of the previous years. But to us, it is unfolding a new thing. This year, the Lord is all out for the Bride and the Bride alone.
4.            I have no program with the world. If there is any program I have, it is with the Middle East. Whatever I have with the gentile world, it is to make sure I know those that are with Me and they will know that I am also with them.
5.           You might be romancing with sin and the devil will tell you that it does not matter, that everybody is a liar. Well, go ahead. Go ahead! Keep on thinking that everybody is a liar and then everybody will go to hell.
6.           “All have sinned, all have sinned.” I do not believe in that. All have not sinned. You might see Me where I sinned, but you did not see where I repented.
7.            You saw me standing, you never know when I sat down. You saw me outside, but you did not know when I entered inside. It does not take one million years to make a decision that will save your life. A decision that can endure till eternity can be taken in a second.
8.           You could see him wallowing in sin, but you cannot see him when he repented. That is why the word comes to us on a daily basis.
9.           And the message said, “We repent every day.” Whenever the word of God goes forth, every elect catches it by revelation and he repents there. Is it not what we pray for, that God will touch us with the touch of love and then reprove us where we have gone wrong to enable us amend it. For we do not want to have any problem along the way.
10.        You will see what the prophet said concerning, “Disappointed Expectation.” “Disappointed expectation,” lest you stay here, at the end, you call Me a wicked minister.
11.        I am not a wicked minister. No, I will reveal everything to everybody including Myself, for I am involved. No matter how the Captain of our salvation was made perfect before He was sent, yet His life is tied to this same Gospel, not to any other gospel. And God watches over Him 24 hours of the day. If He perverts it for selfish reasons, the Lord will surely destroy Him.
12.        By the prophet, the Lord brought His people out of the land of bondage, the land of sin. By the word of the prophet, He established them.
13.        We are established because we followed He that brought us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of His dear Son where the light of His glory is shining upon us every day. By His word, we are established. But as many as have despised His word are running to and fro and so they will remain running until they will meet their doom at last.
14.         What will take me back to the world. The world is far from me as I am far from the world. As heaven is far away from the earth, so is the Bride far away from the world.
15.         Is there any attraction in the world? What is in the world again any man can think he will enjoy? Is it the violence? Is it the hardship? The pestilence and disease, the rampant death? Tell Me!
16.        Is it your money that has become mere promissory note, valueless? Go to market with millions and come back empty handed. Tell Me what is in the world again any man can boast of enjoying again.
17.        Your celebrated positions in the office earn you nothing, absolutely nothing, but sorrows and pains; sorrows and pains, troubles!
18.        We have to be very careful. The devil is behind the affairs of this world. The devil is the man behind the affairs of this world, mounting undue pressure on every man, making it impossible for them to know the hour they are in.
19.        It is only we that know the hour. I am telling you the truth. Only the real sons and daughters of God are conscious of the hour they are in, because a Star is sent that is guiding us, revealing everything to us.
20.        Thus, that which you are holding very, very tightly, thinking that tomorrow will be better, then you begin to reign upon the earth. That is what will put you into hell.
21.        Covet not this world vain riches which will ever decay. The greatest mansion must go into ashes whether we like it or not. Even when we are alive, we see too many of them going into flames. Gigantic structures going into flames while the owners are alive.
22.        God has ear-marked this world for fire. The riches, everything here must fizzle out. They must, whether we like it or not. Your unbelief can never change it; your doubt cannot alter it.
23.        That is why you must be sensible the way you approach the world’s affairs. Be very, very sensible and sensitive. Do not give your wholesome life into the affairs of this world, otherwise, you will regret.
24.        We have come to the end of all things. If you do not know, the hand writing is already on the wall. The more you strive to grabble the situation, the more you are failing. No man has the remedy again and it is not peculiar to your nation alone, it is a global phenomenon. It is global. Who has the solution to the global problem?
25.        A woman professor, Professor Nwoye, spoke elaborately recently and I said that this is the type of My woman; who came out, criticizing the federal government of their deceiving programme.
26.        How can you alleviate poverty in Nigeria by giving out a misery pittance; I said, a misery pittance of five thousand naira (#5000) to the poorest of the poor. What was the yardstick? What was the measuring rod used in measuring the poorest of the poor? Tell Me, who stratifies human beings in Nigeria according to the level of acquisition of wealth?
27.        This is another way of enriching the rich. For the rich are given the responsibility to disburse to whosoever they think is the poorest among the poor. How do we know the poorest? How many are they? Where are they? What and what are their names? Where are their locations?
28.        Do you know their contact addresses? For some of them are under the flyovers in Lagos, in Upper-Iweka, everywhere. Some are sleeping in the gutter without any contact address.
29.        Who is the poorest of the poor? Who is the poor, who is the poorer, who is the poorest? How many of them belong to each local government? How much is doled out to alleviate that poverty?
30.        Inspite of all the poverty alleviation programmes, where have we arrived at? We have become even more miserable now than ever. They are mere gimmicks aimed at fooling the foolish, the poor.
31.         Granted there could be such people that can accept that they are the poorest of the poor, tell Me, “To what extent can five thousand naira a month alleviate the person’s condition; I mean terrible condition?”
32.        What is he going to do with five thousand naira? And in a corrupt society like ours, everybody will assume he is the poorest of the poor. Maybe they will be distributing the money along the streets. Some people will be recruited that anywhere you see the poorest of the poor, you dash him five thousand, put his name down.”
33.        Then, if he collects this month, how is he sure that the distributors will see him next month? Ok, some can even collect in Upper-Iweka and relocate to New-market to collect another and then relocate to Awada and collect another one.
34.        Let Me tell you, Nigeria is ridiculing her citizens. This is the highest ridicule. And the man that accepts that he is the poorest of the poor is the most stupid human being on earth.
35.        Whoever that accepts that five thousand naira as a remedy to his impoverished condition, let Me tell, he is the most stupid human being, he is not even worthy to live. What can five thousand naira fetch that will help that poorest man to become rich?
36.        Five thousand naira multiplied by twelve, (5000×12=#60,000) sixty thousand naira a year. This is Buhari’s plan, Buhari’s idea. A nation that has no adviser is a nation that is in penury.
37.        What are we trying to say? Can you now see that the nation is not protecting your interest, not even one bit? Is this the job we said they should create for the teeming unemployed youths? Is this how to create wealth? The answer is no!
38.        I am telling you that every effort we are making will fail. Even the Omnipotent can never implement this policy. No man born of a woman can implement this policy in the third world such as ours. Not even in the advanced world, nobody has ever succeeded in implementing it.
39.        Where do you recline your faith then? To the Almighty God. No more, no less. If God does not save you from your condition, definitely you will die in that miserable condition. This is why you are to look unto God as the Author and Finisher of everything in your life.
40.        If you are depending on human beings, you are failing. Do not be surprised that many people will travel to Abuja to collect five thousand naira. They will spend fifteen thousand to collect five thousand.
41.        If it is done in the local governments, people will strangle one another because of five thousand. Many will die. Many will die because of five thousand Naira- ridiculing the nation?
42.        Brethren, pause a little. What type of government is this? This is the best they have come out with in the year 2017. To God be the glory. Amen.

I have something for you, but before then, there is a message I would like to rehearse here. I want to use it as an introduction. I do not know the content, I just picked it there and I believe it has something for all of us as an introductory message.  
2.           This message was preached around 1997. It was a repeat of the message I handled in 1993. The message, “The Apostle Introduces Himself to His people”.
4.           Every office in the church is what? Competitive, except the office of the Son of Man which is not a church office. He is designated into it.
5.           Yes, that is why I do not seek membership. I do not go about seeking membership of this Faith because I have no competitor. I have no competitor.
6.           Who is My competitor? Absolutely nobody because I am a Divine Instrument. For anybody to work with Me, he must work himself into Me first; be worthy of My confidence, then he will work with Me.
7.           I will make him a vessel of honour. That is why I throw it open to everybody. I have no friend. You have to strive. You have to strive to attain it.  
8.             Bro James Nnaemeka, Shalom! I know it is well with you. To God be the Glory. I have not seen Brother Ugoala in the Camp. Where is he? He did not come? (A Brother said, “He did not come.”)
9.           What stopped him? Who said so? Did you not get My instruction? All that I excommunicated should come here. I do not care the Local Church. I do not want to know the reason why the person is outside.
10.         I hope there is no one outside? Okay. That person would have received a state pardon today. I do not want somebody who will be reading and thinking about his business in the main-market.
11.        I know when you are absent-minded; I know when you are there. He was not there. His structure was there, the real self was not there. He had no confidence and he knows why.
12.        If you are not living right, there is no way you can handle this message. Even to read it in the general public, you will be afraid. The pulpit itself will be frightening you for you know you are not worthy to be there.
13.        (Apostle Kelechi on the pulpit) Even if My Voice is very low, at least, you could have helped him. Maybe I will call somebody whose face, you will delight in. So, let Me call Brother Okechukwu Paul to come and open this salutation.
14.        He was their delight as at that time.
15.        Bishop Okechukwu, please come. May be the Church will appreciate your face. YOU KNOW, I AM THE GREATEST ENEMY EVERYWHERE, BUT IF YOU LOVE GOD YOU MUST LOVE ME.
16.        If you love God, you must love the Son of Man. As at that time, Okechukwu Nwankpa was preferred to the Son of Man for he was the one comforting them in error, while the Son of Man by their assessment was too strict, very wicked.
18.        My friend come in, come in, come in. Apostle Ojiakor, stop calling Brother David. Put your hands together for God. Rush in immediately. Take your seat. There is joy in heaven when a sinner turns repenting.
19.        Apostle Ojiakor, can you tell the church what happened? “Almighty God just came here and told me to go and call Bishop David to restore Brother Innocent now, now. I just went outside. Look at my phone, I switched it on and I was dialing Bishop David’s number only to hear; Brother Ojiakor, stop! Innocent is here.” Halleluiah.
20.        Known unto God are all His works from the foundation of the world. Why must it be now? Why must it be today? Why must it be this message? The cloud is in the camp. Home going week.
21.        I told you, they are flying in from the East, West, North, South, all that belong to God must surely go back to God. I do not care how many years, I do not care about the crime they committed, they are tired, they are finding their ways back home.
22.        Can you please come to the altar immediately. Come here!
23.        I told you here what is happening. And I have told you that I have given Brother Mike an express ticket. I told you concerning this young man. But he never told Me he is coming today. He is here to testify.
24.        And whatever might be the content of the message, I knew not. I picked it there. I wanted to use it as a foundation for My teaching. I am yet to call, you will see more one of these days.
25.        There is joy in heaven over the lost sheep that finds his way back home. I told you that the prodigal son, because he was the child of the father, an elect according to His foreknowledge, nobody preached to him to repent or perish.
26.        He was the one that arrested himself. He was the one that took the decision to go home even if he would be given a servant’s position, he cared not.
27.        I told you not to bother, wherever you may be, when the hour comes, there is a compelling force that will bring you home. Give Me the olive oil. How many of them today? Four. Go back to your seat and enjoy your freedom.
28.        Many do not know him. He is the son of a king. A prince. Is it not wonderful? Is it not marvelous? It beats human imagination. Confer your love towards all of them that came back today, they are your brethren, fear them not. They are members of the family of God.
29.        It is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our eyes. Do you  see why I said you should not panic? Do not press any of them. Do not ever pray: “God, bring him back”. No, no, no. Will they come back? I said, yes.
30.        I told you, nobody ever left this Faith. You think they left? They never left. There was something that enticed them and they went after it. That all of them would be disappointed and they will find their ways back.
31.        To God be the glory. Pastor Dan made a statement in those days. He said that his joy is always one thing, “If God will call Pastor Dan, you are a criminal, you are this and that; I will say, “Amen Lord”, for one thing is that, “God knows that I am here.”
32.        If He knows that you are here, it then means there is a provision for you. You see, we did not go far. We did not go far and things started happening. Amen.

The Apostle Introduces Himself to His people, the Background.
2.           Do not forget the fact that this is another Jubilee. This is another Jubilee year. Do not forget it. This is another seventh year. The jubilee year, 2017.
3.            Every seven years, there must be a great event among God’s people. All the outcast must regain their freedom. All, not minus, slaves must be set free, iniquity must be pardoned, deaths are cancelled. Of course, you know that. Do we have it as a doctrine? Yes. The jubilee year, every seven years. That is why we are Jews.
4.           The Apostle Introduces Himself to His people, the Background. Preached 26th December, 1997. Camp meeting in the evening.
5.           A day preceding His birthday. That is His birthday eve.  
6.           Sister Obiageli! You are today Sister. How I wish you will remain a Sister forever. But I would say that unless you fight hard, you might be a Sister today and be a pagan tomorrow.
7.           Put your hands together. Did it come to pass? To the letter.
8.           Sister Obianuju! Have you won the battle? The battle is still on! I hope they will not arrest us here. The battle is still on. You ran away from the battle front. You ran away from the battlefront.
9.           Did they arrest us? Yes. They came with the police, and the police came with barrages of accusation. Brethren were panicking, I told them to sit down, I must get him dis-convicted, disarmed.
10.        All of them that came, I presented Myself and opened My mouth, started from genesis, I traced scriptures until the eyes of the police officers opened. Instead of arresting, they requested for our sermon books. And started asking what they could do to become our members.
11.        They warned the man that invited them to desist from giving wrong information to the police. They abandoned him and went away. That was the end of the arrest.   Truth arrested them.     
12.        I have not even seen My wife in the Camp. Has she been excommunicated? Is she in the Camp at all? Maybe she is offended that I am back. I say, maybe. Could it be that she wants to be Madam Vashti? I said could it be. Well, maybe something is wrong somewhere.
13.        Where is she? You do not know what we are saying. Sir, can you tell them what we are saying. Report by Okechukwu Nwankpa.
14.        What we are saying is that the Apostle visited this very Camp here severally when we were in the North. In one of the reports He came back with, he told us that he saw the condition of His wife, that she is very weak in the Camp.
15.        Can you remember what transpired? She was passing through the early pregnancy trouble, something that never happened started happening in My absence.
16.        While I was away on a missionary trip to the Northern States, the devil attacked her at home. She developed severe bleeding. Even in the camp, sister Ngozi also was near unto death.
17.         Apostle Ojiakor and our former brother, Dr Igwe, Sister Chika Onyema, they were attending to them. My wife was on infusion. Sister Ngozi, the same thing, she was transfused. So, she could not get up when I breezed in. Her absence was conspicuous, I flared up immediately.
18.        Then, later I was told that she was already in the isolation camp with the instruction by the doctors that she should remain there; that she will not even come into the congregation lest the child will be aborted.
19.        I said okay, no wahala. My wife will remain there with Sister Ngozi and the rest? This will be the greatest joke in the meeting. I simply rushed there, with my hand; I removed the infusion and everything.
20.        I said, “Carry your seat, enter the congregation. Start dancing, start praising God!” She recovered immediately, stood up and left, started dancing and everything and that was the end of the bleeding.
21.        To sister Ngozi, I ordered them to remove that nonsense and bring her in. So; all of them came inside the camp. And that was the end of that attack. Is it not wonderful? I was shuttling that time.
22.        You heard the report, in one of those trips; I came back, narrated to them what I saw about Onitsha. The camp was in session when I breezed in from the North.
23.        When we make a sign, we know what we are saying. You are all welcome in the Name of Christ our Lord.
24.        There is no handset that time, no GSM. So, it requires God to shuttle. In a second, He will shuttle to Onitsha, a second; He will be back with the situation report.
25.        I salute all the Elders from all the Local Churches. I salute all in the Name of Christ our Lord. Mostly, I reverence God who has sustained all of you here.
26.         We have been praying for you. Satan wanted to use water to punish you, but we intervened. The same way Satan wanted to use weather to suffer us in Jos, but God intervened.  We are glad.
27.        I came here with greetings from our Brethren. I marvelled when I came in and saw this type of crowd. It is almost the number we met in the North.
28.        If they came here this year, I do not believe we would have accommodated them unless we would make use of may be three or four bags of food in each Local groupings, because the turnout there was equally great.
29.        That is true. I divided the camp into two. The northern camp, the southern camp. And the turnout was so great in the north that only God saved us there.
30.        You remember what happened that day? That was the day we were there, there was no light, they said that the only transformer in that area spoiled many months ago. They hired three generating sets preparatory for the meeting, before their eyes, the three generator spoiled at the same time. There was no hope in sight.
31.        Ben Adiukwu ran helter-skelter together with Joe Ukpong, no way. Hell was let loose. Because there was no electricity, there was no water at Jos. For many months, Jos suffered. That was the period we came. And it was in the harmattan period. That abattoir, Oh no! Only God saved us in that meeting.
32.        The moment we fixed camp there, I thank God for the squad leader who exhibited maturity in keeping vigil over us. But something great happened. They took Me to the fellowship hall, it was okay for the meeting but there was no hope of getting light. So, they were complaining bitterly.
33.        I said, “Okay, there is no problem. Let the elders stop murmuring and complaining, God must make a way. I think this is the hall? Light has never been my problem because God Himself is the light. Do not worry, by the time we will start the meeting, the Lord must do something.”
34.         They were wondering what that thing could be that the Lord will do, when efforts made to get generator failed. While they were watching, I called Joe, and said, “My son follow Me”. Immediately he followed Me and I turned my back, there was light everywhere.
35.        The whole elders stood, there was a type of jubilation as never before. We saw people rolling on the ground, some kneeling, some jumping, praising the Son of Man
36.        Before we knew it, Joe and his people started their own praise, everywhere. Then another challenge became water. And I told them clearly. Note it, until the camp is over, the light will never blink and it never blinked. Water became a problem.
37.        We looked up and looked down. What I asked was, “Is there any reservoir?” They said they had one but filled with animal dung because of harmattan. I went there; saw the pit, open pit. Sisters were ready to cook, no water.
38.         I entered My cubicle again, called Bishop Musa, then elder Yusuf, I called the pastors with the instruction, “Go and gather whatever you know you could gather to get water.” They said, “Nowhere to get water.”
39.        I said, “No problem, you will get water, get everything ready.  Now, go outside.”
40.         While we were there, the weather changed, less than thirty minutes, there were a colossal downpour that attracted the whole police, because they were there, heard Me speak, they were seeing things happening, the officer told his bodyguard, shook My hand and then we exchanged some discussions.
41.        He said, “Feel free, we will give you security until you leave this place”.
42.        I said, “Sir, I am not afraid, I do not need your security. I want your presence here to see whether God can save you”.
43.        It rained heavily, filled the whole place, the reservoir. Our brethren were wondering what will happen, I told them, “Follow Me gentlemen”, we got there, I used my hand to remove the grasses on top of the water.
44.        I said, “Give Me one tumbler there,” they gave Me, I took one tumbler, took water and drank it in the field, commanded everybody to take water there, “Drink, cook, take your bath, if there be any outbreak of cholera, epidemic, I should be held responsible.” Whenever the tank was about to finish, they will send a note, another rain will come.
45.        I converted harmattan period to a rainy season. That was where we heard that word, “Na Him, na Him, na Him, na Him, na Him, na Him”.
46.        Through mighty signs and wonders, the Lord brought the Gentiles to obedience to the truth. Many of you are living witnesses. Some are dead, some are still alive. Some strayed away and they will soon be back, because you cannot deny what your eyes saw.
47.        Some thought it was magic; some attributed it to the devil. Well, the devil is still alive. We need such magicians. We need such magicians. Then, I went to the foodstuffs, that was where the greatest miracle took place.
48.        Going by the population of the camp, the food they purchased, you can imagine a situation where I was compelled to bring out money for them to go and buy a bag of rice, bag of garri to see whether we can stay at least for two nights.
49.        The food was very small for they were miserably poor. They were only depending on our goodwill. But the ground was so much. Then, I called sister Jessy and then sister Yusuf, Sister Thomas, follow Me, open that pot. Is that all? They said yes.
50.        Do not panic, do not complain, just continue to cook. Until you cook the last grain, do not come to Me. They said ‘Amen’. They remained cooking and serving, cooking and serving for three consecutive days and still had a great leftover, all from that pot. Just like what happened here in 2011.
51.         It happened here, the whole Nigeria gathered and the voice said, Sister Ozioma, you and your group, let nobody ever come to me to say this and that until you have finished the last grain.
52.        But I am assuring you, you will distribute food to many families at the end. But the greatest happened when they finished all they cooked the previous night, shared the food.
53.        In the morning requesting for money to go and buy garri, buy this. I called Brother Emma Agu.
54.        Brother Emma Agu came with many brothers. Let us go to the kitchen. You said garri had finished; even sister Goddy Tochukwu was there with sister Ozioma. All the empty coolers they kept there, I said, “Open this one.” They opened, it was filled.
55.        “Open this one,” filled. “Open this one,” filled. “You said you have no meat, open this one,” filled. They were astonished: “But we finished this thing.”
56.        I said, “Begin to share food.” If you call it abracadabra, we want you to do your own. It never started and ended with the Son of Man. It is because they do not know the scriptures. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
57.        That which He did there at sundry times, He is repeating again and again. What He did in time past; it is what He is recycling that men will fear before Him.
58.        If it does not happen that way. He has told lies or you have missed Him. You met a deceiving spirit, something that resembled Him but it is not Him. That is why He decided to come in person and then wave hands at everybody.
59.        Nobody can say, he has not seen the Original Body. That is the end of the whole controversy.
60.        You have seen the Godhead, you have seen all the characteristic features of the Elohim and you have seen Him in person revealing His Original Body. Amen.

You know I have decided to suspend the reading of events from the website. From the day I removed the pictures here, I stopped reading events from the website. The one that I have here now, America is coming first, Indonesia, Nigeria is third.
2.           They are still trooping in there in thousands. Israel in thousand, two thousand something, UAE, two thousand and…. Russia federation, two thousand and…. And somebody is in Nigeria making domestic argument.
3.           Who takes you seriously? Even if I banish all of you here, I lose nothing. Because those that have believed in Me are by far greater than the number you know.
4.           In the whole Nigeria, you are not up to four thousand and there is no week we do not have up to two hundred and something thousand on a weekly basis, all feeding from the website.
5.           In the in over one hundred and ninety countries covered by the Son of Man and His message, I am connected to over one hundred million people worldwide.
6.           How many people are here? How many are here? You are just a drop in a bucket. You are only here to fulfill prophecy.
7.           “From that little group out there in the wilderness, set out, believing His word, God springs up a revival that encircles the earth”. That is what you are fulfilling.
8.           Remember the message, “The Apostle introduces Himself to His people, not to the world”. Remember that time I told you, “By the time you will see My photograph around the world, it is all over. Any time from now, My photograph will go round the whole world.”
9.           How it will come, nobody knows. Today, has it come to pass? Even those in Bermuda Triangle, Antigua and Barbuda. And I told you that God can do without you.
10.         The world will continue without you. Nobody is indispensable in the sight of God. That is why our Brother Innocent is restored. As I thought on My ways, I ran back to God.
11.        He left at a time when few brethren in Lokoja were given a responsibility, a privilege to be printing sermon books for us. How many sermon books did we print? About seven. They started bragging, they were puffed up with pride, the Lord showed them the way out.
12.        How many publications do we have now? How many publication, how many messages do we have in print today? I have seven hundred and twenty two in the website but we have over a thousand in print in all our libraries.
13.        God can do without anybody. When you come to the point where you begin to brag that you are this, God will set you aside. It is then that the work will now start in a way you cannot expect. They were printing one in three months, but we print weekly. We print weekly now.
14.        Why do you brag? Can you brag before God? Who are you? Can you brag for God? Let Me tell you, William Branham said that God does not move.
15.        Wherever you left God is where you will meet Him. He is balanced and relaxed at a place, after running helter-skelter, you come back and meet Him. The devil no human being can avoid.
16.        You call Me a devil, that is what I am to you. You call Me God, that is what I am to you. Whatever you call Me, makes no meaning. It does not add, it does not subtract from what I am.
17.        That you do not believe, it does not concern Me. That is your business. I remain what I am. This is My background for My teaching.
18.        Before we say few words to you, I will invite our Brother Andrew Sariki to come and say Shalom to the Church.
19.        You remember Andrew Sariki was also there that time. Dadinkuwa, is he here today?
20.         That was the man that shouted at Opi in one of our camp meetings, “Any day our brethren in Igbo land start talking nonsense, we will come and bundle the Son of Man to the North.”
21.        It is not he that willeth, it is not he that runneth, but God that showeth mercy. That you are still in this most holy Faith today, is it by your own making? It is the grace of God. Do not boast.
22.        You are not the one holding the rock, the rock is the one holding you.
23.        Bro Andrew Sariki! Come and say Shalom to the Church.”
24.        Note this great names, where are they today? They have fallen by the wayside and you are still marching on. Remember what the Lord said, “I will not show you My original body until I have removed all the mixed multitudes.
25.        I will stumble all of them out and then I raised messages that trimmed down the crowd. Bring the bible, I will tell you that it is not the truth. Threw it away, then lovers of the Bible said no (Tufiakwa), now we know He is the devil.
26.        I opened the gate and allowed them to go with the instruction, whoever that wants to follow should go. For three good months, I sat down and continued to watch.
27.        When they left, the voice said, “Do not throw away your bible until you see the Son of Man throwing away His own”.  
28.        PASTOR ELIJAH FROM THE CHURCH AT ZONKWUA SALUTES THE BRETHREN: I am greeting you all in the name of Christ our Lord. Alleluia! My name is Elijah, the Pastor of Zonkwua. I see this as a great privilege to be counted worthy to see the fulfilment of that which our Prophet William Branham foretold us.
29.        I want Brother Ojiakor to share his experience with Brother David now. I told you to go and call Brother David, tell him that the man they were talking about is here. He is no longer a man but a brother. He is in fellowship; so that whenever he is going back to Abuja, nobody will run away.
30.        .(Brother Ojiakor speaks). “I did as Almighty God told me to inform Bishop David that Innocent is now here with us.
31.        He was very happy. Then he told me that while they were coming down to Jerusalem last week, on 26th of December, that Usman met him and told him to salute the Son of Man on his behalf.
32.        That he came down, unfolded the whole thing both at Nsugbe and in fellowship here. But immediately he got back to Nasarawa, Usman had about their coming back, rushed to his house. The first question was, “Did you greet the Son of Man?” he said, that he forgot.
33.        That Usman flared up. Was very much annoyed with him. He (Bishop David) now asked him why he wanted to know whether he saluted the Son of Man?
34.        He (Usman) said that he wanted to know what the Son of Man’s reaction will be if his name was mentioned before the Son of Man. That he wanted to come back. So, he gave him the Son of Man’s number and asked him to call the Son of Man.
35.        When I narrated it to the Son of Man, He told me that he has been calling Him. You are blessed brethren.
36.        I told you, they are flying back. Remember you were a runaway soldier that fought in the fellowship. He was going to fellowship every Saturday, praying and singing.
37.        One day, Pastor ran into him and tried to push him away, hell was let loose: “If you dare try it, two of us will die in this temple now, now. You cannot force me out of my father’s house.”
38.        Before I stop, I will not fail to share this testimony, that before the Son of Man came, we did not want to take any chances at all.
39.        We left to go and wait for him around 2 O’clock in the afternoon and we positioned ourselves in different places to make sure we will not miss Him this time or to allow anything that will put Him off or upset Him, so that all that God has for us, that we might be able to get it.
40.        But as God would have it, we waited there from 2 O’clock till around 7pm in the night.
41.        God called them. We were there together with our Pastor, but God put a veil over our eyes and they passed through us.
42.        And we were only there waiting and we have vowed to wait even till 12 midnight because we are certain that the vision cannot fail. A Brother came up and told us that the Son of Man is in the Camp.
43.        We said, “How manage? How manage?” You know there is a scripture that says, “When they will be asking, because of the events happening, they will be wondering where it is taking place.
44.        They will only hear, ‘HE HAS COME AND HE HAS GONE’. ”Praise be to God. In all of these, God lifting us up as my Brother has said. Praise be to God.
45.        THE VOICE OF THE LORD: Brother, was there any prophecy in your midst before that time that He will come, though you wait, that you will miss Him?
46.        THE SAME BROTHER ANSWERS AGAIN: There was a prophecy like that. Just like My Brother was saying, that when they waited, they went into prayers. Then the prophecy came forth that said, “I SAY I AM COMING. THAT I AM COMING. I AM ON MY WAY TO DO MY WORK.”
47.        Sure, I did not go alone. Apostle Ojiakor, you were with Me. Evangelist Anayo and some others. We really arrived late.
48.        Before we arrived, all the elders in the North were waiting for us at the junction, that Air-Force junction immediately after that school.
49.        They said they were there to lead us to the camp ground. They waited till about 8 o’clock in the night. They vowed they will never go until we arrived.
50.        While they were there, we arrived there. The vehicle stopped us, I saw them loading their bags, I touched My brethren and said, look I know they are waiting for us.
51.        Do not worry, we will take them unawares. We passed through their midst, entered another vehicle, they were there watching us but they could not recognize us. We went straight to the camp ground.
52.        There was jubilation in the camp. Those in the camp were asking the road we followed. We told them we followed the right road.
53.        I even saw Joe Ukpong with his motorcycle and his sweater. I saw Wesley Fihala and I know they were waiting for us, but we do not want to alert them.
54.        While they were waiting, some people came from the camp to announce to them that the person they were waiting for was already in the camp and he passed through them.
55.        Wesley said, “Never, never”. Yusuf said, “Impossible”.
56.        Ben Adiukwu said, “Impossible, we have been here since 4 o’clock. Did they fly in the air?” Joe Ukpong came with motorcycle and saw us seated. You see, God can do many things.
57.        Instead of praising God, some stumbled. We know that God does something miraculous, but anyone that is not a seed of God must surely stumble, for he will give it another interpretation because he does not know scriptures. That while they gathered, the Lord Jesus breezed in and said, “Peace be unto you”.
58.        The doors were locked for they were afraid of the Jews. How did he manage to come into their midst. They knew it not. For such a thing to happen again is it not God repeating what He did before?
59.        Anyway, they err not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God.  
60.        Sister Umezulike! God bless you. Where is Brother Ozor? Brother Ozor.
61.        Wonderful! Ozor that was mentioned in My house even yesterday. Ozor, a very nice elder in our midst. Very lanky, unassuming man.
62.        Brother Emeka from Umuokanne. God bless you. You are here at last. Where is Brother Leo? Brother Leo! Shalom sir! I thank God.
63.        Bro John from Nsukka. Where is your wife? God bless you ma. You are welcome. What of Sister Uchenna? Uchenna Nwando.
64.        Brother Isaac! I hope that your sister is here. She refused to come? Glory be to God.
65.        Bro Steven from Owerri. You are welcome. I hope you have contacted some people in Abakiliki. Not yet. Ok.
66.        Steven the immigration officer. The immigration officer in charge of Ebonyi State as at that time.
67.        But do not give them the condition that they will believe your Message before you give them passport. Do not give them a condition that they must believe your Gospel before you give them passport.  
68.        He was the chief passport officer in charge of Ebonyi State.
69.        Is that Brother Ugoala? Alleluia! I hope nobody is surprised. If any other person is surprised, Bishop Okechukwu is not surprised because I told him that it is only death that will stop Brother Ugoala from coming down.

70.        If it means trekking, he will trek down. He was restored on the 22nd. Just like our Brother, Sebastian. He has been restored for over three weeks now, but he is still somewhere fasting and praying. The danger of living isolated life.  Amen.