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In the East, three gates; on the north, three gates; south,
three gates and west three gates. The wall of the city had twelve foundations and in them the name of the twelve apostles of the lamb.
2.          Is it scriptural now? Yes! Do not worry. One of these days we will be having our new names in our hands which
nobody knows except He that holds the names. On that day also we will know the New Name of God because God is going to have a New Name. I will have a New Name, Amen.
3.          You did not get the message. That is why you could not echo “Amen”. You did not get the message, and I am telling you that we are already in that New Jerusalem. I said we are in that new Jerusalem.
4.          Let me show you in the book of Hebrews, why must I turn these pages? Where are we welcomed to? To mount Zion, Heavenly Jerusalem!
5.          Here, what are we? Innumerable saints! Company of saints! Where are we sitting? In heavenly places!
6.          Are we sitting alone? With Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah in our midst. Where are we registered? That is where the New Jerusalem came down from. Then when you see the abomination that maketh desolate standing in the Holy place, let me stop there.
7.          The letter killeth. It requires somebody to come and open your eyes and show you where it is. I know everybody is expecting a new earth that will come down from the sky and a new heaven coming down from heaven. Then where is heaven? I said, where is heaven?
8.          I will make all things new for the present earth and the present heaven will fizzle out, destroyed with time. Because fire will destroy it, that goes to show that it has been here also.
9.          Where is Garden of Eden? In the sky? Where was Abraham promised? Where are we going to inherit? All that was promised to Abraham, was where? Let me stop there.
10.      You should know more than that. Have I not taught you? Some people that are expecting New Jerusalem, if that New Jerusalem will descend, where will it land? In your father’s family?
11.      If the new earth will come, where will it land? Who will divide it? Because seeing that the waters will be caught up with fire, when the new earth comes down, where will it land? Who will divide it and separate the sea again and the dry land? 
12.      May be, there would not be fish again. God will start new creation or when the new earth is coming, the new earth will come with river, with fish, with everything and come down.
13.      The wicked is going to be removed with every works of evil and the righteous will walk on the ashes of the wicked. Then the righteous will be preserved in Paradise.
14.      We are promised Paradise. And in that Paradise, the Lamb that will be in the midst of Paradise will be our Light. We have no need of electricity, the Lamb will provide all that we need.
15.      And from there, we will increase and multiply and fill the whole earth, when righteousness will be reigning on the earth and death, sickness, disease, hardship will all be decreed out of man’s life
16.      God never intended that Adam and Eve will die. Let me stop there. It is not My message now. Let us go back to where we were reading. Amen. 

First Corinthians 4. It is expected that the servant should be faithful in all that is committed to his hand.
2.          1 Corinthians 4:1-2 (AMP). So then, let us (apostles) be tasked upon as ministering servants of Christ and stewards (trustees) of the mysteries (the secret purposes) of God. Moreover, it is (essentially) required of stewards that a man should be found faithful (proving himself worthy of trust). Amp.
3.          Proving himself worthy of trust. It is very very essential that a man of God who is entrusted with these secrets of God, mystic secrets of this Faith should be found trustworthy, should be found faithful. It is not a man that should be deceiving the Church or giving us impression that he is right when he is wrong.
4.          It is not a man the Church will be doubting his character. It must be a man of unquestionable integrity, unquestionable character, somebody the Church will look all round and place their trust and confidence in Him and being a steward to the Church, He owes it as a duty also never never to cause the Church to regret placing Him in that office.
5.          All these years, this Church has been filled with regrets. We fill somebody in an office, a little while, we regret why we placed that person there because of sinful manifestations, ungodly characters that have been following the person. It is not following the person. It is following his entire household.
6.           You are living witnesses within the short period Brother Joshua has identified with this Faith. He has seen more than meets the eye. He is a living witness also and our brother Kelechi preached a message ahead of time, “Learning from experience”. I believe he must have learnt a great lesson from what befell others. If he did not learn anything, what befell them must befall him and on his own side, it will be called foolishness.
7.          A wise man will not wait until evil will befall him before he will learn a lesson but when he hears about evil befalling others he will learn a lesson from there, tighten up his belt.
8.          In other words, it is expected that a steward should be found faithful in what is committed into his hands. As a steward, you must do your job as one that will give account of his stewardship.
9.          If we are stewards, in other words, we are servants to somebody. One day we are going to be called to give account of our stewardship in this life, not in the life to come. So it is one of the reasons why people make shipwreck of their calling.
10.      They see their calling as carnal and not spiritual. They see themselves as lords and not servants. They don’t see themselves as people that will give account of their calling rather they see themselves as one who people are coming to give account to.
11.      If I should use the words of Brother Mike, the day he was ordained a deacon in this Church, he was asked to come and say a word to the Church, then he quoted a scripture. He said he was going to use the word of Rehoboam, what Rehoboam told the people of Israel when he gathered them to address them.
12.      He said young men advised him that he should tell the people: “My father flogged you twelve strokes, I will give you twenty four strokes. My father ruled you with ordinary stick, I will rule you with iron, not ordinary iron but hot iron”. Go and play that tape that day.
13.      In other words, all the ministers that were before him, they ruled the Church with soft, soft hands. In his own reign, it was operation “mkpocha”, no nonsense, spare no evil. But the reverse became the case.
14.      The Church courageously followed. We behaved better than the people of Rehoboam’s day. When they heard this type of threat from one that was coming to become king, they said, “To your tents Oh Israel”.
15.      But when we heard it, we said, “God, give us the enabling power to follow”. But unfortunately our brother failed us and failed himself also.
16.      Brother Joshua, I do not know what you are going to tell the Church today, but will you speak to the Church today? The answer is yes. Something must be credited to you today. That on the day of your ordination, that you said so so and so to the Church; you made a pledge or you vowed a vow even with your wife.
17.      We must walk worthy of the vocation whereby we are called. If we are called to be stewards, let us walk worthy of this calling so that he that has called us to that position will not regret calling us.
18.      Thus, that confidence reposed in us will not be a misplaced confidence because the whole confidence we placed in Brother Mike, later became a misplaced confidence. Brother Mike, I will not appeal to you not to be offended because if I should be permitted to speak to the Church on this ordaining of the Deacons, there is no way I can say two words without remembering you, without remembering how great you failed this Church. I am telling you so that it will serve as a lesson to the new deacon.
19.      While I am talking to Brother Joshua, I am still talking to those that are also on trial, especially Brother Goddy Tobechukwu, you have picked a good name but is your life actually praising God? Do you have a good report following you within and without?
20.      All these people that have been having businesses with you, there is no record of one that has not told us of how you have cheated him in one way or the other, how unfaithful you have been with them in business and yet you are facing a trial.
21.      How do you think you are going to succeed in that post when you are not even ready to amend that dirty record? You have not even seen it as something that can hinder you from entering the kingdom of God because Deacon’s ticket is express ticket to the kingdom of God. Once you collect that ticket, it is forever settled.
22.      As long as you are safe guarding it, nothing will stop you from entering the kingdom of God but when you forfeit it, throw it away, to get it again, you will pay the same price you paid in the beginning. There is no way they can issue you free ticket, free of charge, stamp it ok. Impossible!
23.      Do you know that somebody can be given opportunity to travel out, to visit foreign countries? There is a way you can abuse that privilege, the embassy will collect their passport from you and then stamp it undesired element, undesired element, all through and with a letter, they will stop you from stepping your feet in that country forever because you have abused that privilege.
24.      There is a way you will fail in a particular office, we will cancel your passport to that office. We will not even permit you to dream of it again. Nobody will dare nominate you to that office again because you have become a disgrace to that office
25.      Thus, do not think I am going to read letters to you. I am going to speak to you in the language and level all of us will understand. So as stewards, we must understand that we are having people that are having their eyes on us every day.
26.      We are indebted to the Church that has invited us to that position to discharge our duties scripturally to the Church.
27.      When any man has failed a Church, he has failed God. When any man is appointed to any position by the Church, God has appointed that person to that position.
28.      In other words, whatever the Church approves, God has approved it. Whatsoever the Church has set free, God has set it free.
29.      But what is the duty of the Apostle in that Church? It is to place a seal, the remarkable seal, confirming it because in Him is committed to be a Trustee of all God’s secret counsel concerning all ministries in the Church. If He stamps it, nobody can revoke it. Anybody that is removed from that place, he comes and then places his stamp there, is rejected.
30.      That’s why no Church can remove any minister without my confirmation. No matter his shortcoming, the highest they can do is to report to me through their elders. They will meet, discuss the matter and then report to me and then they will expect my reaction. They will send for my information and necessary action.
31.      Brother Joshua today, in the next few minutes, you are going to fill a gap in this Church and in the Churches of Christ worldwide. If you die a Deacon, you are going to resurrect a Deacon. Thus, you are to collect your express ticket into the kingdom of God today.
32.      One of the reasons why people do not know the value is because they do not know the meaning of that ticket. For that reason, they handle it anyhow both the man and the family. If this is the express ticket that will take you into the kingdom of God, you, your wife, your children, what will be your duty?
33.      All of you will rally round to preserve this ticket. If it is means building a strong hold, strong safe made of steel, put the ticket there. Your wife must be up and doing, your children must be up and doing.
34.      However, where the woman says, “Well it does not concern me”, and the man says; “Once a deacon always, a deacon”, he is gone. He must surely make shipwreck. Amen.

I am speaking to you on a topic: WHY PEOPLE MAKE SHIPWRECK IN THEIR CALLINGS. Today, you are going to fill the office of a deacon.
2.          Acts of Apostles Chapter 6 verse 6. “And in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration.
3.          Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables.
4.          Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.
5.          And the saying pleased the whole multitude: and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost, and Philip, and Prochorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicolas a proselyte of Anitoch;
6.          Whom they set before the apostles: and when they had prayed, they laid their hands on them. Acts 6:1-6 (KJV).
7.          This Philip we noticed here, despite his position in the Church as a steward, remember he was a steward. Out of the multitude, he was chosen, he was numbered among the seven that had honest report and full of the Holy Ghost.
8.          Brother Joshua, do you have honest report? Are you full of the Holy Ghost? This Philip was equally married. His own daughters were prophetesses in the Church. The same Philip baptized the Ethiopian Eunuch. He preached to him, opened his eyes of understanding.
9.          The same Philip was raptured away because he had Holy Ghost and he appeared at another place. His office as a steward in the Church did not stop him from preaching within and without. He raised his family as a model. And his daughters maintained enviable reports in the Church. Seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost.
10.      I thought by today the number would have increased but till now, only one person is standing here. Those that are still on trial are still giving bad, bad reports. If it is not coming from you, it is coming from your wife. There is no way you can suppress your feeling so that you become a deacon.
11.       After ordaining you, your real colour will come out. If you are a wife, you suppress your feeling, and then start putting on man-made characters; I mean worked up characters. Maybe, if you were not putting on cheerful face before, now you put on cheerful face – “Sister, God bless you, God bless you,” so that we will mark you good.
12.      If you deceive us and your husband comes into that office, your real colour will come out. Then you and your husband will be removed shamefully.
13.      I think it is better for somebody to wait until he is fully qualified to fill that gap than for somebody to hurry into that office and then make a shipwreck because the fall will be a great fall. It is a shameful fall because it is such a fall that is not easy to recover from.
14.      When you are waiting for your qualification, by God’s grace, you may be qualified but if you just hurry yourself into it, and you fail; to come up again, is not easy.
15.       Watch the man Stephen, that he was a steward in the Church, that did not stop him from preaching the word. Because he was having the mystic secret of the faith with a pure conscience and he was filled with Holy Ghost, that was why he even became the first martyr - the first public preaching where blood was shed.
16.      He was mindful of his calling but here in Onitsha Church, what fools them, why people make shipwreck of that office, is that they see the office as police man office carrying stick, and looking after little children; waking up the people that are about to sleep. They will touch them with stick, flog some.
17.       Bro Joshua, the office is more than carrying shovel and digging a hole to bury children’s faeces; it is more than looking after sleeping babies. Until a man sees this office beyond that, he must surely make shipwreck.
18.      Previous Deacons that failed did not know that a call to be a deacon is a call to perfect Christ in the flesh. I say, a call to be a deacon is a call to perfect Christ in the flesh. Stephen perfected Christ in the flesh. Even at the point of death, he was not provoked.
19.      He said, “God do not lay this as a charge against them”, and the Bible said the heaven opened.
20.      Watch Philip. The same report followed him. If he did not know the secret of the Faith, do you think he would have opened the eyes of the Ethiopian Eunuch?
21.      If he did not know his calling, when the spirit of God asked him to stand up and to go out, that somebody was meeting him, he was filled with the Holy Ghost, always meditating on the things “that are holy”, “things that are pure”, maintaining a good report.
22.      If he was always occupied with the thought of fornication and adultery, thinking of whom he would visit carnally, do you think he would have heard the voice of the Holy Ghost?
23.      In other words, a deacon is one that must be holy, instructed to the duty whereby he is called, the wife also must be a helping minister to that man, a checking minister to that man. You must always work hand in hand with your husband.
24.      In other words, you must know the qualification of that office. Thus, when you see your husband trying to lower it, you will shout and scream. If he does not want to listen, you will report to the elders to come and see because you do not want to be ridiculed out of it. It is better you do not go into that office than to be ridiculed out of it as a result of sin.
25.       Another reason why people make shipwreck of that calling: they do not know that their lives are influencing somebody near them. You should know that your life is influencing somebody, somebody is watching you as an elder, not an ordinary man in the Church, that whatever you do, a younger person by your side may be carried away, thinking that that is the way the thing should be done, not knowing that you are an erring minister, an erring deacon.
26.      Let me tell you, do you know that it is easier or easiest for me to deceive any of these sisters here than an ordinary member of the Church? Do you know that? 
27.      I am saying that it is easier for me to fall into adultery or fornication or kissing or touching these sisters here, both married or unmarried, than for an ordinary member of the Church.
28.      It will take Holy Ghost in that sister to say “no”. She will arm herself with one truth: “After all it is God in human form, the Son of Man. Whatever He is doing is God. Maybe God has found favour in my eyes to lie with me, or to touch me or to kiss me. Maybe God told Him to do it to me”.
29.      Do you not know that it will take Holy Ghost to make the person say “no” and point the person to the word, that God is not God of unrighteousness, that He is a Holy God. He has Holy eyes than to behold iniquity; that He went about doing good, no sin was found in Him.
30.      How can this one come and be rubbing with sin. Has God changed? It must take Holy Ghost in somebody because God can never neglect His word for ever. God must echo “Amen to His word”.
31.      Thus, if there comes any minister that acts contrary to the revealed word, he is an erring minister. Do not follow his ways, do not follow his examples, do not give in to his temptations I do not care what he will tell you after. Whether he will tell you that he is tempting you or trying you, God does not tempt any man with sin. I say, God does not tempt any man with evil. We have to be very careful. Once bitten, twice shy.
33.      Laziness is sin because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. From morning till night, somebody cannot find a passage of the scripture to keep his soul busy but will only be ruminating his mind with evil, evil things because he is idle. He is lazy, he does not want to work. Do you not know that preaching is work?
34.      On the day Stephen went out to preach, did he consult the pastors? He was led by the Holy Ghost. He went out and opened his mouth, started preaching.
35.      On the day Philip went to preach by revelation, he did not consult anybody. But once somebody is appointed to the office of a deacon, he will carry bulala in his hand, then no more preaching. He will be idling away his time.
36.       If he does not know a better thing to do, he will be visiting every kind of widow in the street, visiting every kind of married and unmarried women. Public places, I mean places of sin, will be his delight. What do you think? He will crash land. I say, he will crash land!
37.      Let me tell you, a preaching minister is a victorious minister. Preaching transforms a man. If I know I have preached my message in Onitsha, if I know I have become popular, my message has gone places, my name has gone places, it then means I must be careful the way I walk. I must be careful the way I will behave myself.
38.      Some people think the Church belongs to the Apostle, then only the Apostle is popular, they are not popular and for that reason they can behave anyhow.
40.      When a man loses every feeling of shame, what will follow is shipwreck because shame keeps a man away from evil. If you are a man that will always like to hold your head high wherever you go, you will dare not think of evil because evil will put you to shame but when a man gets rid of shame, oh, sin means nothing to him, sin becomes a way of life.
41.      That was where I ran mad with our brother, Mike. I said, “How can I believe this report? This same vehicle with everything that is written on that vehicle, with loud speakers that are always on top of the vehicle, you drive the vehicle to the place of sin, with the message going in the speakers and you park the vehicle and everybody is going round the vehicle, reading what is written there; you drive it home, they will read it at home; you drive it to your friends, they will read what is written on it round; the same place where you advertised yourself, you still go there to commit iniquity! I say you are a mad man, you ran amok.
42.      I said you are a mad man. It is only a mad man that can do that. Somebody you told to “repent or you perish”, you gave tracts, you accused him, displayed your faith before him, parked your vehicle in his face and he went around the vehicle, saw what is written on it. The vehicle you drive round Onitsha, run round the whole Nigeria, still drive the same vehicle, park it and then commit iniquity in it. Is that not madness?
43.      It is only recently that I killed that madness. I will still kill this madness. It was this last time that Bro Francis came and sold his scrap of vehicles. That was the day I killed it because all along, I have been telling my brother to try to find out why God was not happy with him. What is following you, what you are seeing and crying is the evidence that God has hated you.
44.      But there is something you have done somewhere which has caused God to hate you but you have been neglecting that thing and then God is exposing you through this one. So your sin is not this one. If you try to remedy this one while the other one is there, you will not succeed. After a little while, you will fall again.
45.      But few weeks ago, before our pastor, I cut off the head of that snake because I trailed that lengthy snake. All along, we have been seeing the tail only, a little while, we cut off the tail, it made like this and remained alive. We cut half again but this time around I traced its head, cut off the head.
46.      The same thing I did in Jos, tracked the problem which nobody has ever heard with his ears, nobody has known it except he that is guilty of it. I opened the wide thing and then cut off the neck.
47.      And on that day, a brother saw a vision of two snakes lying very close to the pulpit with their heads cut off. One was a woman, the other a man. And they represented Bro Ignatius and the sister who were opposing all the ministers. They were possessed by the devil.
48.      The foam that came out of her mouth, how I wish all of you went to Jos. If you want to know what happened, go to Brother Joseph, he will tell you. When somebody has lost feeling of shame, he becomes a beast.
49.      In other words before you misbehave yourself, pause a little and ask, “What will my brethren say if they hear that this is what I have done? How will I stay in their midst? Will I run away? What will my family say? All these people that have known me as a child of God, what will I tell them?
50.      “What will I tell my brethren in other local Churches? Is there any reasonable excuse I can give?”
51.      That is why somebody will echo in his heart, “Far be it from me!” To be tempted is not sin but when you yield to that temptation, you have committed sin. Amen.

Instead of saying, “Brother Joshua, it is you that he is talking to”, I am talking to Brother Amankem, Brother Chime, Brother Christian, Bro Dan Nwadike, Emma Ejimnkonye. I am talking to all the brothers in the Church, I am talking to all the sisters.
2.          I will still come to that of sisters very soon, lest you will be tempted to think that I am talking to Brother Joshua. Every brother has a ministry. Every brother in the Church is a steward.
3.          The kingdom of God is a kingdom of service. Nobody is idle in the House of God. You are idle because you love idleness.  You do not know what to do. Liberate yourself in your surroundings. Let people living around you know your Faith.
4.          Go out, take a follower, take a brother, a partner, go and preach the word. You have become lazy because of Hard Truth and Last Trumpet messages.
5.          Nobody can go out and preach until he collects copies. Some do not even preach, they keep the books and go away. Let the book do the preaching
6.          But I told you how the book should be distributed. Sit somebody down, if he has believed your message, leave the book behind. But today the book will go ahead.
7.          A mad man can distribute books. “Preaching made easy. Brother has made our preaching very easy, very easy. It is the question of giving them the books. Everything is in the book”.
8.          Some will even tell you that they are not preaching to you, that everything is in the book.  Can the book answer questions? It is because you are lazy. Nobody can go out preaching until the whole Church will program one like Deeper life Bible Church does. Set Church program like Deeper life Bible Church. Then the Church can go into preaching.
9.           If you are waiting for me to appoint you area leader, evangelical team leader, you have failed woefully. There is no such position in the Bible,
10.      I do not want you to love me today. If I had wanted you to love me, I would have put on love uniform. Let us go into the scriptures again.
11.      1st Timothy chapter three from verse 1 to 4. “This is a true saying, if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work”
12.      “A Bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant,
13.      Underline that word.
14.       …vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach. Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre, but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity”. (KJV).
15.      Living Bible It is a true saying that if a man wants to be a pastor…
16.      If a man wants to be what? A pastor! In other words, a Bishop is occupying pastoral office. A pastor also is occupying bishopric office. You will notice that a deacon also who is a servant, steward, is equally occupying pastoral office.
17.      He that helps a President is also a President. I am saying that a Vice President is a President. The deputy Governor is a Governor. In the absence of the President, the Vice is there. That is why we have been failing. We do not see these offices from the scriptures. That is why we fail to see the scriptural demand of the office.
18.      It is a true saying that if a man wants to be a pastor he has a good ambition. For a pastor must be a good man whose life cannot be spoken against. He must have only one wife, and he must be hardworking and thoughtful, orderly, and full of good deeds.
19.      He must enjoy having guests in his home, and must be a good Bible teacher. He must not be a drinker or quarrelsome, but he must be gentle and kind, and not be one who loves money. He must have a well-behaved family, with children who obey quickly and quietly. (LB).
20.      He must enjoy having guests in his home. Enjoy, not hate! Yes, Amen. Read it in your own.
21.      The saying is true and irrefutable: if any man [eagerly] seeks the office of bishop (superintendent, overseer), he desires an excellent task (work).
22.      Now a bishop (superintendent, overseer) must give no grounds for accusation but must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, circumspect and temperate and self-controlled; [he must be] sensible and well behaved and dignified and lead an orderly (disciplined) life; [he must be] hospitable [showing love for and being a friend to the believers, especially strangers or foreigners, and be] a capable and qualified teacher, Not given to wine, not combative but gentle and considerate, not quarrelsome but fore-bearing and peaceable, and not a lover of money [insatiable for wealth and ready to obtain it by questionable means]. (Amplified).
23.      Note that word! When a man is insatiable for money, he is ready to obtain it by questionable means, (Uzo n’ezighi ezi). Yet, he does not consider the office he is holding. What occupies his mind is money.
24.      No matter how the money is coming, he does not care. It has nothing to do with his calling. When a man is having such a spirit, what will stop him from crash landing? When a man places pursuit of money first before his calling, has he not become an idolater? What is covetousness? Is it not idolatry?
25.       Now, I want to talk to you that the qualification for a bishop is the qualification for every child of God. This bishop is a member of the Church, he did not jump down from anywhere. He is part and parcel of the Church, he is drawn from among us.
26.      Why should we not be like him? Did he receive another message? Was there any extra mural classes for him?  Did he organize special class where the Apostle came and taught him? He received the same message alongside the entire Church, while others were failing, he vowed a vow that he must practise the message that he received with his entire family and the eyes of the Church were on him.
27.       When he never expected it, he found himself in the office. But the Bible said that this office must be desired. For you to desire the office, the Bible said that you have desired a very noble work.
28.      The problem why people make shipwreck is that they do not desire the office rather they are appointed to that office. You know somebody can be appointed to be the Governor of a state when he never desired it. He did not work for it, simply because his friend is the Head of States. Politically he is appointed to that office. It did not cost him anything. Hence he can abuse it. I say, he can abuse it.
29.      But if somebody is desiring to be the Governor of a State, he must work hard to meet the demands of that office, to convince the Head of States that he is qualified beyond measure to occupy that seat. So it is with a deacon in the Church, with a bishop in the Church.
30.      Number one, you must desire it, that when you are desiring it, you must first of all get yourself handy with the demands of that office. You must know the qualification of that office and then work towards attaining the height.
31.      Your wife must know the demands of that office and must work seriously to attain the height. Your children must know the demands of that office because it is a family office. If the man is qualified and the woman is not qualified, the man can never go into that office.
32.      If the husband and wife are qualified, the children are not qualified, they can never smell that office. Thus I call it a family office.
33.      Let me go further. First of all, note that you must be vigilant; you must be apt to teach.
34.       Let me go back to that statement: “A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober.”
35.      In other words any time we come near you or you come near us in the Church, in your family, everywhere, we must see you as sober as sober can be. In your work place, you must be sober; in your market place, you must be sober and of a good behaviour within and without and must be joyful when you see strangers coming into your house.
36.      That is: “I ga-abu ohuru obia gbaba egwu” (You should be one that rejoices and dances for joy whenever he entertains strangers.
37.      I will call you another Brother Obadiah. If you know Brother Obadiah, he is in his happiest mood anytime he sees any brother around. Even if he has no money in his pocket, the way he will receive you will make you feel at home. I know his sorrow. It is that unrepentant woman. Let me continue.
38.      He must be one that ruleth well his own household, having his children in subjection with all gravity.
39.      Yes! In other words, Brother Joshua, for you to be a successful deacon you must justify the confidence reposed in you today by God and the entire saints of God, by ruling over your own household with Godly fear. You must exercise full authority and control over this your wife and all your children must be ready to give account by day or by night.
40.      Otherwise, you are making a shipwreck. You must be a man enough to condemn your wife where she must be condemned.
41.      Any day you see yourself as one that is above correction by your wife, you crash land. Your crash landing will be very very great. In other words, if you want to survive, listen to your wife. In every nonsense there is a little sense.
42.      If our Brother Mike had listened to the voice of his wife, he would have remained alive till today.
43.      At times, a man can be carnal. Being carnal does not mean committing adultery or fornication. You may be carnal when you give yourself over to sleeping in the bench, sleeping in the bed, idling away your time, sitting relaxed when you can go out for job, when you can go out for preaching, you wait in the house until the woman will come back and prepare food for you. You have finished your life, you crash land because if you are busy, Satan has no time to come in.
44.      Satan can never trick you until you have stopped under an oak tree. Watch the young prophet, the young prophet. God sent him to Bethel to go and declare “woe” to Jeroboam’s altar in Bethel.
45.      God warned him seriously never to go through that first road he used while coming; never to eat or drink in any man’s house.
46.      While he was going home, first of all, he went through that same old path. Along the way, he sat down under an oak tree. There, where he sat down, he started meditating on what he forfeited when he refused to accept a lot of riches they promised him. While he was meditating, the old prophet met him there and then started pleading with him to follow him home to eat and drink.
47.      If you read the Bible very well, when Jeroboam made the request, he replied; “I will not go back for God will smite me”. But this time around, when he started thinking of the things he forfeited, the old prophet met him, beckoned him to come back with him.
48.      He started changing: “I may not come back, I may”. He was no longer sure. He became a stammerer because when a man commits a grievous sin against himself, he becomes a stammerer. He can no longer  make a straight forward statement.
49.      Do not be the type that will clamp down on your wife because of your position as a deacon. Humble yourself down, pay attention. Even if you will not to take the suggestion, pay attention first. Maybe along the way, God will use that suggestion to help you, though you said you would not take it. God may meet you somehow and bring back that same suggestion.
50.       Anything knowledge that is acquired is not a waste. Sometimes, someday, God may use it to help you. Even those that have left this Faith, what they have gotten from this Faith is helping them.
51.      Somebody told us that he used our message to judge a case in the market one day. A lawyer told us how he used our Hard Truth, I mean, our message to address some people. So by and by, you must need the message one way or the other.
52.       A deacon must be out to teach. In other words, he must study to show himself approved unto God as a workman that needs not be ashamed but rightly teaching the truth. “Until I come, give yourself to study and to teach”.
53.      Any time you neglect to study and pray, you make shipwreck. It is one of the reasons why our brother Mike failed. He was very weak in studying and in praying but he could stay one place and eat one goat, drink one carton of wine, sleep for many hours. He can run round the whole of Nigeria in one day. But to settle down and study, is too hard for him.
54.      Difficult for him to kneel down and pray with every amount of seriousness. You know, when you pray spiritually, you know but when you approach prayer casually, you know. When a man prays and gets up, he feels very strong and he knows that he has really prayed.
55.      I know when I have made a deep petition to God. I know when I have just casually approached prayer. Serious prayers give us inner strength. Serious study makes us deep rooted, strong children of God, not shaken by anything because in any situation you find yourself, there is a scripture that is holding you there, making it impossible for you to shake.
56.      Anywhere they carry you to, there is a scripture hanging you there, you cannot fall. When you are about to fall, you will land on a scripture. You stand up there.
57.      However, when you are empty barrel, when you fall, you will be doing things human beings are not even meant to do. You will be behaving like a very old Lion.
58.      When a lion grows too old, he will be eating frog, (awo)! (Agu ka nka, eribezie awo). Amen.

Let me go to verse eight, lest brother will think that he is now vying for the post of a bishop.
2.          Likewise must the deacons be grave, not double tongued.
3.          In other words, your “yes” must be yes, your “no”, no. Not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre; Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience (like Philip and Stephen who died in defence of this faith).
4.          And let these also first be proved, then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless. Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things. Faithful in all things.
5.          Verses eight through eleven. “In like manner the deacons [must be] worthy of respect, not shifty and double-talkers but sincere in what they say, not given to much wine, not greedy for base gain [craving wealth and resorting to ignoble and dishonest methods of getting it].
6.          They must possess the mystic secret of the faith [Christian truth as hidden from ungodly men] with a clear conscience. And let them also be tried and investigated and proved first; then, if they turn out to be above reproach, let them serve [as deacons].
7.          [The] women likewise must be worthy of respect and serious, not gossipers, but temperate and self-controlled, [thoroughly] trustworthy in all things. 1Timothy 3:8-11 (AMP)
8.          The deacons must be the same sort of good, steady men as the pastors. They must not be heavy drinkers and must not be greedy for money. They must be earnest, wholehearted followers of Christ, who is the hidden Source of their Faith.
9.          Before they are asked to be deacons, they should be given other jobs in the Church as a test of their character and ability, and if they do well, then they may be chosen as deacons. Their wives must be thoughtful, not heavy drinkers, not gossipers, but faithful in everything they do. (LB) Amen.
10.      If there is any office that is challenging, I think it is this office. If there is any office any true seed of God should covet, it is this office.
11.      When a man is blameless, vigilant, sober, trustworthy, faithful in everything, what will hinder him from entering into the kingdom of heaven? Any other hindrance?
12.      You see why I call it express ticket to heaven, confirmed ticket by the Church, that we have approved this brother and his family, especially his wife. We have taken our time to investigate his actions concerning all we have committed into his hands.
13.      Is there any way we have committed anything into the hand of Brother Joshua from the time  we placed him as a  deacon on trial, has the Church committed anything into his hands? How did he carry those things out? What of the wife, any reproach? Any blame?
14.      I know we have committed something into his hands, especially during the camp meeting. I myself also have committed a lot of things into his hands. I have even traveled out with him several times. I have visited many local Churches with him.
15.      I can testify about his character but concerning the wife, I have not committed anything into her hand but as a Church, is there any way we have received any evil report on her side; For which cause you think our brother is not qualified to be in this office? No way. Okay. Glory be to God.
16.      Pastor of the Church, you have been pasturing this woman, pasturing the husband. Is there anything you have committed into their hands and you found them wanting? Have you called our brother to give an account of anything and you discovered that he was double tongued? No.
17.      I thank God for all these testimonies because when you want to know about the flock, invite the shepherd. We do not do anything secret in the Church. Concerning the children, is there any evil report coming from their side?
18.      Is there any way we think or we are feeling that our brother is failing in his duty as a father to control his children? Or is it that when he receives evil report concerning his children, he will treat them casually? Any way? No! Bishop Nnachor, you are living closest to him.
19.      Glory be to God. So you want me now to agree that our brother and his wife and family have fulfilled all these scriptures we have read now.
20.      Titus chapter 1 from verse 5-8. “For this cause left I thee in crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting and ordain elders in every city as I had appointed thee. If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children, not accused of riot or unruly behaviour.
21.      For a bishop must be blameless as the steward of God, (a helper according to Good News Bible is a deacon), a steward, not self willed, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre.
22.       But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men (not evil men), sober, just, holy…
23.       (that’s what I want to strike, holy!),
24.      …temperate”.
25.      All these things we are reading out from the Holy Scriptures, Onyema is saying “no” to all of them. When you open your house for hospitality, will you hide those people under the ceiling. Saint Paul stayed many years with Priscilla and Aquila. He stayed many weeks or months with Lydia.
26.      There was a place he stayed for three good years, living with people in the same house plus the brethren that went with him.
27.      At times, I start to wonder. If you feel that brethren living with you are becoming a burden, maybe you do not have money to feed them again, why not tell the elders in the Church instead of rioting or demonstrating carnally.
28.      After all, the Church cannot impose anything on you but from reports I have received so far, a lot of brethren living with people are making contribution towards their feeding. Some provide for their soap and many other things. Some even make their contribution for payment of rent.
29.      Why the problem them? I say why the problem? But we still have the records of some that are harbouring brethren for years, taking good care of them in every way, not even expecting them to make even a little contribution.
30.      The highest contribution they can make is to go to the kitchen, prepare their food and eat. And yet no complaining, no murmuring. In other words, Onyema is saying that those people are now living with a redeemed body, that is why they are living in harmony otherwise, they will be living in pieces. Or maybe he thinks we are bearing false report.
31.       Let me just tell you one thing I know. If a brother or a sister is feeling free wherever he is living, it will reflect in her health. I mean, her body or his body will reflect it; whether she is eating or not but if somebody is in bondage somewhere, if you like kill goat every day, prepare the best food every day, the body will testify that the person is in bondage.
32.      So we notice from the book of Titus that the Bible is still saying the same thing, showing us qualifications of stewards. Anybody that is called to preach this gospel or to occupy one office or the other in the Church, must be blameless, holy, temperate, not accused of covetousness.
33.      If making money is your problem, you can never be satisfied. To all stewards to all children of God, men and woman, the Bible is saying in Titus 2:7-8; “In all things, showing yourself a pattern of good works: in doctrine, showing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity, sound speech that can not be condemned that he that is on the contrary path may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you”.  KJV.
34.      Living Bible. Titus 1:6. If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly”.
35.      They will not be novice in the faith. They will not be novice in the faith. They are well informed about the faith, well informed about the doctrines, informed about the order and conduct of the Church and they will be prepared to pass it unto others.
36.      Any knowledge you have acquired and you cannot pass it unto others, you have not acquired it. That was where our brother failed. I do not know any message that can be credited to him except pilgrims and strangers which was Kumuyi Sermon.
37.      I heard that message far back 1984 in Deeper life. Pilgrims and strangers and Kumuyi was hovering over Hebrews 11, attitude of a stranger, attitude of a pilgrim, conviction of a stranger conviction of a pilgrim.
38.      Any day you start copying Pentecostal message, that is where you die because it has nothing to do with holy living; it cannot impact true righteousness in a man. When you see a deacon on the pulpit, everybody will shift from his seat because it is a checking ministry that can call other ministers even to order.
39.      When you see a deacon on the pulpit, you know a police man is on the pulpit to arrest individuals that are living false lives. A deacon calls everything by it’s name, stands people up in the Church, tells them where they are failing because while he is at the back, he sees everything that everybody is doing while in the Church and while he visits them in the families, he sees them even in their private homes. That is his position in the Church.
40.      A steward; he is serving them in the Church and home also. He must be a man of unquestionable character, somebody that the Apostle can send out anytime, the Church can send him out anytime in the name of the Church and he carries out the assignment faithfully.
41.      The wife must not be a gossip, must not be a lazy woman, must be always joyful, especially when visitors are in her house. Must be prepared to serve by day or by night.
42.      Sister Joshua, listen to me, there is nothing like lateness or late night in the deacon’s house. My joy is that you were a hotelier before and  you could wake up by 3: 00am and then start preparing food. So this one will not be a new thing to you.
43.      But you can prepare the food that you do not have the spirit to give to human beings. Do you know that people are fond of that? I know some families even in this faith where having food is not the problem. The food might be there, but they do not have the spirit to serve it to brethren or even to outsiders that visit them.
44.       Even when they notice that the people are hungry, they can hardly do that. Even if you command them to serve the food, they can hardly do it. When they want to do it, they will do it very sluggishly until the person will even notice that sister actually does not want to serve food. What I am telling you is truth.
45.      If I come to your house, if there is disagreement on who will serve the meal, I know that one very well. One was to serve me yesterday with disagreement and I closed my eyes and ate with disagreement because I was hungry. I ignored the disagreement.
46.      Then after eating, I will face Mr disagreement. If you serve Me food with disagreement and I am very hungry, I will eat with disagreement. After eating, I will get strength to fight disagreement. So brethren, when you visit any family and they serve you food with disagreement, if you are really hungry, close your eyes over the disagreement. Amen.

One man gave his son a goat to slaughter. After slaughtering, he brought it to the father and asked him whether he did it well. The man answered and said; “If I kill another goat and call you to pieces it, you know that you did the first one very well, but if I fail to call you another time, you know that you did not do the first one very well”.
2.          If after eating in your family that day and left another day, I still come to your house and behave as if I am hungry, you should then know that I am a goat.
3.          Even if the hunger wants to kill me, instead of eating with disagreement, I will better go and eat in the house of my enemy. I better feed from my enemy’s hands than to come and eat with disagreement in your house. Any food you serve with disagreement is poison to the brethren. It is better you hold it than to serve poison. Glory be to God.
4.          Sister Joshua, do not serve us poison, and from today, look at Me, Brother Joshua; Brother Nnachor, look at Me, I do not care the way you will look at it. From today, start looking for accommodation.
5.          Let me tell you that there is a dangerous spirit in that Marine Quarters. What is that spirit? Community Spirit! “We are from one area. We are riverine people. We must live in one place”.
6.          They are not living there because they love it. They are not living there because they do not have money to live in a better house somewhere. They are living there because that is where their community is living.
7.          That is why when you go to their houses, some of them will just decorate it with beautiful television, beautiful fridge; all that will be required to live in a comfortable house, yet they are there with electricity, with fan and everything. It is not a child of God’s environment. It is a dirty environment. God cannot fellowship with you there.
8.          Live in a place where brethren can be attracted to come to your house. There is a place where you will live, even if your food is the best in the whole world, nobody will eat it.
9.          It is better you live in a batcher in Onitsha than to live in a Skyscraper in that riverine area. So start looking for a house immediately. Money is not your problem, but your problem is indecision.
10.      When I got to where our brother is living, he never knew I went to him because of today. I remembered he is about to be ordained a deacon, so I paid him a surprise visit. Before he knew what was happening, I was a
11.      lready in his parlor but before that time, our meeting point has always been the bench outside but this time around, I courageously entered and what I saw made me enter Brother Nnachor’s parlour because my fellowship with Bishop Nnachor has always ended in his workshop.
12.      I have not known him beyond that workshop until this last week. I made this visit in the heat of the day, I mean real heat of the day and I met our Deacon sleeping.
13.      The first day I paid him a visit, I woke him up in the heat of the day. He was still sleeping on the bench outside. It took me even time to wake him up. I tapped his legs three times, no way. I had to hit it hard. You have to pack away immediately. Look for a comfortable house outside. You will not know what the Lord has in store for you until you pack out. If you are living in a place where God cannot come in, pack away from that house.
14.      Your problem is that you do not know that God is a human being. If God is a human being, there are many things He hates. There are certain environments He cannot take in any breath.
15.      Even these little children, only God is keeping them otherwise, the stone there is enough to kill these little children. I do not know why you are there, simply because your community is living there but your real community is not living there.
16.      We form the real community. I will even love to hear that you are living at Ogidi or Ogbunike. Nkwelle is even better than that place. I do not want to know the reason you want to give to Bishop Nnachor.
17.      I know it is painful because you would not like to separate from your mother-in-law, you will be hovering around there. It is a painful pill. Brother Goddy will not shout “Amen” again. Brother Chimee, Bro Christian, Bro Okechukwu, they are no longer saying “Amen”.
18.      Nobody is echoing “Amen” again. It is as if what I am saying is not true. Pastor, have you not gone there before?
19.      Do you not know where they are living? Have you not gone right inside that place? How is that place in your eyes?
20.      Remain blessed. Do you like it? No! That is how God Himself likes those that hate that type of place. Look, there is an important thing I want to let you know. We will not because we are worshipping God, turn to pigs or become mad people.
21.      You can never grow above your environment. What I am telling you is the truth. Let me tell you this little story now. Nobody should be crucified because of this story for it happened live before my eyes. That man made me hate the town called Ijebu Ode.
22.      My uncle went to Ijebu Ode in 1970. When he reached there, he stayed for too long. He did not visit home till 1980. After ten years, he returned with only a big radio set - a radio Cassette and he slotted in a cassette: “Igwe wi – rie anum aye.”
23.      When he was coming back, he went through the old track road, not knowing that the road from Okpala has been constructed.  He even gave bicycle riders his bags to carry, not even motorcyclists. He loaded his bags on one bicycle and the other one carried him.
24.      In his mind, he came to launch that radio cassette as one that returned in a big way. When he came in, he brought out the microphone of that radio and put it in somebody’s mouth and asked the man to start talking. After recording what the man said, he would press the play button to play back what he recorded and then ask the man to listen to his own voice.
25.      As he was demonstrating the thing, everybody kept quiet. In the evening, he brought out wine, called our kinsmen to come and drink, that he also wanted to tell us how he made his journey and what he returned with. He said that he wanted everybody to start singing and talking and he would record all with that radio set.
26.      As he continued talking and talking, we all waited and watched, hoping that he returned with a very huge amount of money or something very very useful. To our surprise, he returned with nothing. This thing made my father angry.
27.      You know, he is a hot tempered man. My father called him “Dee Eze, exercise a little patience. I am coming”. He ran into the house, brought out his own radio cassette. He asked Andrew to go and bring his own, asked everybody to do same. He said to him: “Oshimiri brought this one since seven years ago. Is this what you have called us for? Children in this village are even playing with it. It is no longer in vogue”.
28.      That man became ashamed. What caused it? The place where he was living! There, among his Igbo colleagues, he was the chief and he was the highest there with what he had bought. So think about how he would have been if he bought a television set in that same place.
29.      It is like somebody that was sent to Etche in Rivers State, and he stayed there for twenty years, only to come home in a car, not knowing that children are now playing with cars. This is also what is killing Bro Charles in Onitsha.
30.      In the land of the blind, one-eyed man is the king. If you buy four dry cell battery radio, it will be launched. Your neighbours (co- tenants) will gather and support you with one carton of beer, one carton of soft drink, one carton of this and that. You will be held in high esteem.
31.      In every ceremony there, you will be asked to be their chairman: “come and be our chairman”, because you bought four dry cell battery radio.
32.      The day you will buy a Television set, nobody will sleep in your house. Some people will be coming to your house to watch the television because you are now a king.
33.      If you are living in that type of environment, pack away! You can never make any head way because you will be judging yourself with your environment. You will be saying, “My friend leave, God is blessing me oo. I am doing very well oo. At least, there is nobody here higher than me.”
34.       And you will not know that you are not doing anything until you will realise that you have spent fifteen years there with only four-battery radio cassette.
35.      Let me tell you, emergency puts a man into desperation. There is an environment you will live in and you will find out that you are the poorest there. If you come into your room, you will become ashamed of yourself because you have been seeing how others are. What will it ignite in you? If you are the type that goes to Ogbo Mmanu to work and get money, if you work and get the money, you will use it meaningfully.
36.      I think that is the case of Brother Joshua. I do not know how much work men collect until I started renovating the house because I tried to minimize cost. The person I called for a day’s work said that he will collect One Thousand Naira.
37.      That what I will give him in a day was One Thousand Naira; that if I would not do that, he would collect Five Hundred Naira and after working for two hours, he would sit down and start taking his snuff and also that he will do the work anyhow but if I will give him One Thousand Naira per day, he would relax and do the work.
38.      On the other hand, we should discuss the work, if he gave the price and I accepted, if he liked, he would do the work for one week, that it was not my concern again.
39.      After working I would only come and inspect. The man said that he liked it that way. After considering what the man said, I found out that it was still N1,000 per day.
40.       Tell me how it is that after working and collecting your money in bloc, that you will still not achieve any meaningful thing with it. I noticed that if I agreed to pay One Thousand Naira (N1000) a day, the man would have been there for over one week and he will not do the work to my taste.
41.      The man even told me that he would let me know the secret of work men. Her advised that if I engage a work man to do a work for me, I should not discuss anything day pay with the man but that I should relax, supervise the man working so that at the end of the day, he would give me what I need and will be ready to come back and work for me again.
42.      What am I saying? Until you recognize how wretched you are, challenges that lie ahead of you, you cannot sit up. Let me give you an example.
43.      If your children are in school and you know that if school resumes that you will pay between two and three thousand naira a term, what will you do? If you are a work man that sleeps in the afternoon, time workmen are in Ogbo Mmanu, looking for people that will call them for job and you are sleeping on a bench in the afternoon, where did you learn that?
44.      Who among you here can accuse me of laziness? I mean all of you here. Who among you here can accuse Brother Odoemena of laziness, by rain or sunshine.
45.      Assuming you come today and see me sleeping, wasting my time, not knowing something meaningful I can do to train my children.
46.      Look, your laziness is reproaching this faith. Your laziness is what is turning you to a beggarly being. When you have a very good occupation that will serve you and even help others and you are there walking beggarly.
47.       If I do not know what to do, I will go to Ogbo Mmanu because there is nobody in Ogbo Mmanu that is not engaged every day. It is better I throw away my suit. When I get money, I will put it in on again.
48.      Let me give you this example. There was a man I know very well but I do not know his occupation until the day we wanted to evaluate our soak – away pit.
49.      I was with Brother that day. As I looked up, I saw the people that would do the work coming. One of them was boasting before the daughter of our landlord, saying that he was dealing with faeces that time but on Sunday, he would chase her around and she would not recognize him again.
50.      Then I checked, at the end of the work, they would collect Thirteen Thousand Naira in less than five hours.
51.      Tell me, is there any type of dress the person cannot put on Sundays? Is there any type of perfume he cannot buy? The woman that is running around him knows very well that he is a faeces evacuator.
52.      Let me tell you, every work man is a faeces evacuator. If you are a job man too, you are a faeces evacuator. After evacuating it, they will pay you. If you will not evacuate it, I will carry it out and get the money.
53.      It is better than living a beggarly life. There is nothing that kills somebody more than having the feeling that he is something when he is an empty vessel.
54.      The Bible said that it is better that I dress moderately and be healthy than to put on suit and die of starvation. Remove the suit! A soiled hand makes an oily mouth.  Amen.

Many are causing reproach to this faith due to laziness. Some are afraid of money like Bro John, the teacher. He is afraid of money.
2.          If you give him One Thousand Naira (N1000), he will remain awake for one month. For that reason, he decided not to touch money, he is afraid of money. I know many like that.
3.          There is no other thing that made Okechukwu painter ahead of him except that. Talk of having better work or money, he is ahead of him, but he is sore afraid of money.
4.          If you do not know what you will do with money, get it first, then come and give it to Brother Odoemena, tell him to keep it for you. Just copy the number of the money, any day you want it, if I give it to you and it is not that same money, know that I am a criminal.
5.          When you give me money to keep for you, copy the number but be very careful that Government will not change that currency. If Government changes the currency, I will give it to you like that. But remember that I have told you to go and save it in the bank. Have I not told you these things before? I have seen a victim of this in 1984.
6.          There was a friend of mine that sold medicine at Bridge Head market. He wanted to start a small business for his parents and was giving me money to keep for him for that purpose. I advised him to keep his money in the bank, but he refused. I was keeping the money for him. At times, he would come and collect some.
7.          I continued until 1984 when I traveled to Lagos. When I returned, it was the time to change the currency and my friend was not around. Remember I did not go to the bank. I kept his money in my house. When he returned, he asked me to give him his money.
8.          I took it the way I wrapped it in a waterproof material and cement paper and gave it to him like that. Our neighbours gathered expecting a fight. He was asking me why I did not bank his money and I asked him whether he was a fool. We did not discuss about going to the bank. It was not in my programme.
9.          Assuming he told me to put it in the bank for him, I would have done it, but when I told him to do that, he refused. Then I told him to copy the security number of the currency and that if at any time he would check and discover the number changed, he should know I was a thief.
10.      People were saying that I was wicked and that was the reason why I did not go to the bank. I said yes, that if that was wickedness, let it be. Had it been I spent it, it would have been a different case.
11.      I then told the people to please ask him if he has looked for one kobo since I started keeping money for him. He did not ask me to go to the bank; we did not have such an agreement, so he must collect his money. It was when he became tired, then, I made him realize his folly. I went straight to the bank manager.
12.      After discussing with him, I gave him the money to change. It did not take time. I called the man to come and collect his money but if he was still laying the blame on me, the money would have perished in his hands. So, what am I saying? You people that are afraid of money, rely on your elders and ministers.
13.      Put your trust and confidence in them, like Brother Joshua today. If I want to commit my money into his hands, he must be faithful within and without. Anytime I need it, he will give it to me without telling me stories. That is what it takes to be a child of God.
14.      If you give me money to keep for you, the money will be in my house and I will borrow from another person to do whatever I want to do. I cannot use a kobo out of it because; you may need it at any time. It will be in my house and I will borrow money from another person to eat. There is nothing that will make me touch it, if I will touch it or make use of it, I will discuss it with you and if you accept it, I will borrow it from you.
15.      But to use it anyhow because it is a brother’s money in my hand; money he gave me to keep for him, No! If you squander it like Brother Goddy Tobechukwu, you spoil your record and when you spoil your record before the Church, you are spoiling your record before Almighty God. A deacon should be faithful in all things that are committed into his hands. He should work as one that is going to give account of his stewardship. 
16.      That is why at times there is a way I handle money you will think I am mad. If you want to know how I handle money, consult my wife. Sometimes I take her by surprise, when I will stand up and do just one thing. I will demand the account of the whole money.
17.      If I spend any kobo and I do not know how it went, I will be very very sad, I must know where every kobo goes. If I count it, it must be accurate. The same way if I am giving you money like that, you think I am not taking record of every kobo. I take record of everything just as I take record of the way I spend it.
18.      It is just like this Bro Goddy who is working for me. I know how much money I have given you. That is why I laugh at you. I know how much you have collected from me. Thus, if you are not keeping your record, better go and amend your record.
19.      As long as you are working for me for a pay, definitely I will pay you and you must give me honest account. You are not working for me free of charge. As a result, every kobo you have collected from me, you must account for it. If you do not do that, I will end it doing the work of Five Thousand Naira with Twenty Thousand Naira.
20.      That is why after giving money, telling you what I want you to do, I will go out on my motorcycle and price what I have ordered you to do. So that nobody will accuse Brother Odoemena that he did it free for me; this one free, nothing! That was why I challenged Brother Joshua the other day. I said, “I want you to work today until you work over-time to make up for the previous day you did not work”.
21.      My friend, you were there. I was shouting at him: “You must finish this work today because the work you have there will take two days. It cannot take more than two days. And you now give the work to a man who will do it in two days. Yet you collected Two Thousand Naira. I know I am indebted to you by Two Thousand Naira unless you will tell me you do not want to collect it so as to free my conscience lest somebody will say; “I did this work for brother free of charge”.
22.      I will even prepare to pay you higher than what people are paying you outside so that my conscience will be free. You should not think that I am mad. That was why I ran mad with Brother Nnachor. I hope you read the scripture we read, filthy lucre, greed for money, greed for money! A bishop should not be greedy for money. I still question your bill again.
23.       You have brought it down from Two Thousand Naira to Five Hundred Naira. Pastor did I not tell you? Brother Joshua did I not tell you? I have submitted it to my landlord with question. He asked me why the question.
24.      I said I will never pay this man this Five Hundred Naira. So, do not ever think your bill is Five Hundred Naira. If I give you Two Hundred Naira, it is okay. Do not be greedy for money. When you are working, work honestly, get minimal profit.
25.      You cannot through me cheat another person. I called you with one thing in my mind: that this thing will give me opportunity to buy items from you, to sell what you have in your shop.
26.       I said; “come and look into all these things, any one that is faulty, replace it and anyone you replace, put it down so that the landlord will see everything”, and then you replaced all of them with your own goods.
27.       I do not know who told you to remove the bulbs because the first bill carried bulb; that is one bulb, sixty naira. I saw bulb in the first bill. If I knew, I would have put it down. Pastor did you see the bulb there?
28.       I saw bulb there in the list, but I know you did not even bring one single bulb into my house and not only that, I saw how you inflated the price. I did not bother myself with that, but to give me labour bill of Two Thousand Naira using that old switch you collected from your shop is outrageous.
29.      You removed one switch from the wall, replaced it with your own; then I will pay you for switch and then pay you additional two hundred naira because of the same switch! This is so because for the ten points, you have given me a bill of Two Thousand Naira which amounts to Two Hundred Naira per point.
30.      Have you heard this type of story before? (Unu anutugo udi akuko before?). If you collect switch from your shop, I will pay you for it. You replace my own with an old one and still demand Two Hundred Naira from me. And then you want me to present such a bill?
31.      When a Bishop should not be greedy for money. He will be contented with what he has. When you see us spending money, do not think that there is a place where we packed it. I spend money wisely and if you commit anything that involves money into my hands, as a man of God, I must be faithful. I will do it for you as if I am doing it for myself.
32.      I will not because of you betray my landlord or his son because I am doing it as if it is mine. That I called you as my brother to come and do it will not make me do what is not done elsewhere. Impossible! It will not happen! It is applicable to Brother Goddy.
33.      I told you how I have been labouring in that yard since I packed in there. I have used my own personal money to do a lot of job there without collecting a dime from anybody. The man has committed Thousands of Naira into my hand to carry out assignments which I carried out to the letter and gave him his money.
34.      A bishop must not be greedy for money just like the deacon, like any other child of God. Every true seed of God should not be greedy for money. If naira “passes” you will start shaking. Ah – ah – ah, it should not be. They denied my wife her entitlement because of it. They went to Abuja in December 1996 for their interview.
35.      When they came back, all her colleagues wrote application for refund of expenses, some wrote Fifty Thousand Naira, Five Thousand Naira, Three Thousand Naira, then miscellaneous  bills like that. When it came to her turn, I ordered her to put down only the transport fare for herself and Brother John, which I paid.
36.      At Abuja, our Brother took her around in his car. She did not sleep in any hotel. She enjoyed free food, when she was coming back, brethren brought her back without charge. So because she put down Seven Hundred and something Naira which they spent, all of them rose up against her including my own director.
37.      I was told that my director removed her application himself. They were feeling that her own application will make Abuja reduce their payment.
38.      When they were collecting their claims, they omitted her name. It is better her name is removed than for her to influence bill, only to make money. If this journey ends with money, I will not be a part of this journey, because nobody goes into the grave with money.
39.      Any day I die, my money will die with me. So why spending my time for money in that way. It is this greed for money that killed Brother Mike because he never knew he was occupying scriptural position. So he gave every attention to making money and was trying to sit comfortably in his  office. Can that happen? No!
40.      You see, at times I marvel. Experience has proved to me that many of the people that go all out for money do not know why they are going for money. If you ask the person, why are you going about money this way, there will be no good reason. Some say they want to own a car and build a house, finish. That is all why he is looking for money.
41.      You can hardly know, in fact, find out, one or two people that have the revelation of what money is meant for. That is why we are having problems in the societies. The people that know the worth of money do not have money.
42.      I said, those that know the worth of money, do not have money but somebody that does not know the importance of money always have money. So the qualification for a deacon is the qualification for all children of God. If you are married and you are a child of God, and you can not control your wife and children, already you have failed in the sight of God.
43.      If you are not holy, you are not temperate, not greedy, you are not in any way conscious of your environment, you are living your life anyhow, nothing will stop you from making shipwreck.
44.      So Brother Joshua, the extent God can lead you in this calling is the extent you surrender to God. If you go to the message titled ‘vocation’ that is where I preached too hard against laziness. Jesus was not lazy at all. He was a carpenter.
45.      He had an occupation. He did not play with it. Peter never played with his occupation as a fisherman. So, that you are becoming a deacon today, does not mean you go home and relax. I do not know whether Nigeria has grown to a point where somebody can be in his house and somebody that needs services will come to him. We have not come to that point. Nigeria has not come to that point. We need to go out and search for job.
46.      We go out and canvass for job. We are not medical doctors that are forbidden from arranging advertisement. We are to go out and look for job, even inspite of that prohibition. Do you know that doctors go from house to house, soliciting for patients to come and patronize them? They do it in many ways.
47.      At times they come with invitation cards, some greeting cards. Another day, they will drive in and say that they just want to say “hello”. We know what they are looking for. The man I left his hospital some years ago always brings greeting cards to me. Anybody he sees, he will ask him about me.
48.      But while I was there, he never thought I was contributing to his success. Now that I have left him, so I sent a message to him that I have met God, the doctor of my family not Mercy’s Specialist Hospital because there is no mercy there. I said there is no mercy there. I discovered that all the mercies they were talking about were fake.
49.      When you collect some paracetamol and some little tablets, they will touch your body and ask you to go. In your folder they will write “no bill”. Then you will go rejoicing: “This doctor is very kind, how can I leave him”.
50.       When next you come, he will add the cost in your bill without telling you. He will simply ask you to go and collect your bill. He will recover the money. We know that very well.
51.      If that is not happening, where are they getting money which they are using to build all these sky scrapers? It is from patients. Can you imagine a doctor calling million, mentioning money in billion where Government hospital can never even make five hundred thousand a day. So do not patronize such people any more, patronize God and His people.  I said, patronize God and His people!
52.      And so Bro Joshua, in conclusion, once bitten twice shy. We have seen a lot of things in this Church. You are a living witness also.
53.      Many that have occupied this office have failed us woefully and have caused us such a great sorrow that we have found it even difficult to forget. Each time we mention this office of deacon, we feel like leaving it vacant forever.
54.      Nevertheless, for the word of God to come to pass, somebody must fill the gap. But are you the one? Do you have the drive and initiative to occupy this seat and preserve it till the end? Not occupying it today and abandoning it tomorrow.
55.      Sister Joshua, are you of the type by the day and by the night, you will stand behind your husband to preserve this office in holiness and in righteousness until all the Churches will hear about it for good and not for evil. It is not only loving your husband but taking good care of your children within and without.
56.      Let me just help you a little. There was a day I went to collect my children in the school. I never knew that your children are in that school. So one of them followed me and was calling me brother. The headmistress shouted on that one, she was not happy with the boy at all.
57.      I said, “madam what is wrong?” She said that this boy is very stubborn and he is empty headed. I underlined the two words: “stubborn” and “empty headed”. In other words you must also visit your children in the school. From time to time, know how they are faring.
58.      It is not enough to leave them in the hands of nature. If it will please you, attend P.T.A meeting where the welfare of your children is discussed. Maybe you will learn something that will help you or hear something that will help you concerning your children.
59.      That place you are living in, I call it army barracks.  Yet your children are expected to hold on a very good behaviour among all the children that are there.
60.      I believe the environment is spoiling the children of the bishop because each time I visit them, I normally see these little ones outside and the way I see them outside is not pleasing to me. I see them very loose, very very loose especially the other little one that resembles the mother. I do not know her name. Okay, Chidimma. A little while, you see her outside.
61.      In the morning, you will go out and come back in the evening. You do not know what is happening at home again until Saturday. Please change your environment. With this word of comfort and consolation, I am wishing Brother Joshua the best he is wishing himself.
62.      If you are wishing yourself evil, I am wishing you the best of evil, if you are wishing yourself good; I am wishing you the best of good, the same thing I wish every elect of God. I am wishing all of you all that you are wishing yourselves.
63.      Remain blessed in Him eternally. Rise up and let us pray. I want you to commit Brother Joshua into the hand of God.
64.      While Brother Joshua will come forward with the wife, facing the Church, I invite the Pastor, the Bishops and Elders, the Apostles, come out. Commit them into the hand of God, pray that the Almighty God will guide and help them.
65.      Let the Elders come out, the same way we reconsecrate our marriages anytime we are wedding, the same way we rededicate our services to God anytime we are ordaining any office in the Church.
66.      All the Elders, if there is any way you have come short of His glory. Is there any way you feel you are not living up to expectation, any area you feel you are failing God, this is another opportunity for you to say; “God, I have come also to rededicate myself and my services to you”, praying for your guidance and your protection. Amen!