Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS PART 1

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Permit Me to use this very opportunity offered Me now by His grace to be here, for I came back weak last night or yesterday evening.

2.           You will hear the testimonies of how we fared, for the LORD gave us a very wonderful outing. I learnt something. I have been talking about it.
3.           This time around, I have updated too many things about security. I gave you a Message titled, SECURITY IS OF THE LORD.
4.           That the LORD will sustain my going out and My coming in, does it mean that I can deliberately jump in front of an on-coming vehicle so that God will deliver Me?
5.           Jesus, being the Almighty God raked the Scripture which the Devil quoted, “That if he falls down from the cliff, that nothing will happen to him and the bones will not be broken.”
6.           And the Devil came and said, “If you know that if you are the one that was quoted that will come as God, Messiah, who will jump down and your legs will not be broken, now that I am here, demonstrate it. Then I will bow down before you.”
7.           That God is your security does not mean that you can go and hang yourself. Do you understand Me? Be intelligent. I have always been warning like the security operatives.
8.           BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS. For your life has no duplicate. Do not send your selves to your early graves.
9.           If you have accomplished all your mission on earth, do not commit suicide. Wait for your own appointed time. There is nothing good in the grave. Thus, hasten not your way into the grave. Even if you have debts you cannot pay, do not kill yourself to avert payment, for you cannot avert it. Yes!
10.        Whoever that is left in the family must pay the debt. Like Bro Iyke Ezindu. They enjoyed a man’s land and said he was giving them the land because they were taking care of him and things like that. Now the man is dead. Any debt this man owed, you must pay! Burial! You. Everything! You.
11.        Thus, you have inherited both assets and liabilities. Even the troubles he created, na you go continue. His enemies must be on your throat, because you were the one arming him.
12.         Whether you were the one or not, it is presumed that you were the person he was using to fight him.
13.        You were supplying the money, arms, everything, encouraging him. Hence you planted him in your house, taking good care of him. All the enemies he incurred, they are all going to be on you.
14.        Please be security conscious, especially this Christmas period when people will be trying to catch up with the wind as if they have not been having Christmas. Do you understand Me? They have been celebrating lots and lots of Christmas celebrations and have remained the same.
15.        Transporters, every year you see them rushing. I mean, trying to get the whole money in the world. You begin to ask them, “What of the previous years? How much did you save? Is this the only Christmas you saw as your season? Other seasons, how much did you save?”
16.        What of the hoodlums who are now on the prowl for which cause the Inspector General of Police is mobilizing all the police that are mobilize-able? Not every police man is mobilize-able. Some are there in the payroll, but they cannot run. They cannot walk.
17.        ! In order that their families will not starve, they retain them in the payroll. They are incapacitated, but the time for their retirement is not yet come. Thus, they cannot mobilize such people.
18.        Another set will be those with potbelly like Me, with heavy hip muscle. They are only good at the check-points, “Hold it there! Open your booth. What is in that bag? Bring your particulars!”
19.        Then, he will sit down on an improvised chair. He will be looking at the particulars as if he is seeing the contents. He is not seeing anything. He is delaying you so that you will hurriedly bring out money. That is delay tactics.  
20.        Those people cannot be mobilized. Why are they (Police) even mobilizing? This is because this is another devilish celebration where people can kill and maim because of eating and drinking, partying, merriment, surfeiting.
21.        If you watch from November till now, all celebrations are fixed between November, December and early January. And this is the time law enforcement agents suffer terribly. Security risks everywhere.   
22.        Remember. When one is all out to make money by all means, he can employ different tactics. I learnt something. Be security conscious. Our Brother who uses to accompany Me whenever I am making a trip is an Assistant Inspector of Police, you know him. He went to Ibadan to write his final year degree exams in the University of Nigeria, Ibadan.
23.        For the sake of that trip, he travelled by night, arrived his house late in the night on Thursday. Friday morning, he came. The other one I assigned him to his Pastor who was coming from 19th Squad Port Harcourt. This is because I know the hour we are in.
24.        They came, but the one that travelled with Me took his position and did his work. For security purposes, I have told you, be very careful the way you use your telephone.
25.         Your telephone has become your greatest enemy you are harbouring in your house that is not paying any rent. Rather you pay rent to the telephone every day.
26.        The use of the telephone can put you into serious troubles. Hear Me well. Every day, the Devil is injecting into the society new new appliances, new, new applications. Not every application is useful for a child of God who is desiring the best for himself and his family.
27.        I warned you time without number. Do not give out your phone numbers to people you do not know; People whose integrity, whose characters you cannot stand in for. Even here, anybody that is holding your telephone number is holding you.
28.         Yes! By the mobile application of tracking people using their phone numbers, you do not know who has logged on your number in his phone that has the application in his phone to know where you are at any given moment.
29.        If you are using Android phone, your life is constantly in danger. If you are using WhatsApp, or you are using the other application they call the video App, your life is constantly in danger.
30.        If you are using your video App, as long as your phone is on, the person you are calling, you do not know whether he has a video App. Once he dials you and you see him, you know he has it. But if he is funny, he will not dial you.
31.        If you dial out, he will see you. He knows where you are. He knows everything even the dress you are wearing. If he wants to get you, it is a matter of forwarding it to people he is using to track you, give them the exact place where you are, the dress you are wearing, where you are heading to, which you had already disclosed during your discussion over the phone, thinking you are discussing with a friend, not knowing that you are discussing with an enemy.
32.        The Police are having serious times now to beat hoodlums. It is because the general public is not cooperating with the instructions the Police is dishing out every day in the media, both print and electronic media, especially this time around.
33.        Whoever that knows where you are, hears your conversations, can get you with ease. And when you enter a public place or any office, please, be intelligent and wise.
34.        If you notice that there is a camera there, behave well. Behave well. If there is any eventuality in that place, the Police lays hand on the content of the camera, all that are seen there, they are all suspects. You must answer for offence you know not, for you were seen there. I hope I am making sense.
35.        Please, be very, very careful about the use of your phones. The banks have been alerting all of you that save money in the banks to make sure you do not disclose your PIN [Personal Identification Number], your Account number to anybody. Even if the bank is the one calling you to disclose, they say come over to the nearest branch.
36.        The same way, they are warning: If you are transacting business with your customers, do not allow them to lift your goods or carry you goods because you received alert. This is because there are some applications now that people are using that gives false alert.
37.        You see credit. You go to the bank, nothing is there, but your goods have been carted away. If these things are not happening, there would not be any need for warning.
38.        And I have warned you concerning e-banking. Be very careful. I have been warning and I am still warning. Cases abound. And I told you, My own friend told Me his brother’s experience. He was abducted by unknown persons.
39.        While they were calling his relations asking for ransom, the relations went to the Police. They [Police] advised them. They came back.
40.        They could not wait for the Police to do their work. They paid the ransom. The hoodlums carried the same man to another area, away from where they were staying.
41.        Now, [they] noticed his Android phone and that he was maintaining a nice account with Diamond Bank. The Application was there. They tortured him. To avoid being killed, he gave them the PIN. They used the PIN to transfer all his money on a daily basis to over thirty different accounts across Nigeria.
42.        And anyone they transferred out, the person that will collect it will collect it and the alert will come back there that this money has been withdrawn, deducted from the account. So they were doing. They told the young man to relax and that they wanted to release him but they discovered this one and that money still dey.
43.          They were using his money to buy pepper soup, chicken, salad, everything. The only defect he suffered was that they tied his eyes so that he would not know where he was kept. On a daily basis, they were even buying perfume for him, helping him to take real bath, provided nice accommodation. They said, “Enjoy your money with us.”
44.         He stayed there for three weeks, until they made sure the whole money was flushed to different accounts.
45.        You may say, “Why not use BVN?” What is BVN? Who will give you BVN without the Police? Without the Police going to the bank, nobody can obtain BVN that links another man’s account.
46.        It is like going to MTN to get information. You cannot do it because you have the money. It takes the Police to go there. And then where do you have the money again to go through the rigors of the Police where you know that when you are lodging a complaint, you must pay for the biro pen, pay for the paper, pay for the transport, pay for everything.
47.        And the money you would have used, they are all gone. The days you spent there, you have wasted your time, your money and so on. And I have told you. Do not put any Application in your phone that is capable of erasing your account in one day.
48.        The same is applicable to the use of ATM card. I thank God I have bankers here. The day I was talking about this matter, our Brother who is an ex-banker confirmed it before Brethren. Whoever that opened your ATM account holds your PIN, whether you like it or not.
49.        If he does not tamper with your account, it is because his conscience is not allowing him to do that. Secondly, he wants to protect his job, in case, the whole thing will leak. Whoever that opens your ATM card holds your account.
50.        The same way, if you go to bank to withdraw money, cases abound right now. If you doubt Me, let us go to the Police starting from Inland Town. Cases abound where cashiers in the bank collude with criminals to rob their customers of the money they paid them.
51.        The person paying you is in possession of your phone number. Every other particulars, they are there, because he downloads your particulars before he pays you. It is a matter of using phone to call the people, describe you, your colour, your cloth, your vehicle and the amount.
52.        And before you know it, you will be hearing, “All correct! All correct!”
53.        Remember two years ago, what happened here in Onitsha! I would not mention the name of the bank, but it was made public. A lady was involved, who paid a customer. How much was the money? Just only five hundred and fifty thousand naira, as at that time and then, used phone to arrange for the boys.
54.        They followed the man to Awka Road, stopped him, fired in the air and said, “Bring the money. Bring the thing!”
55.        They collected it. The man went back to the bank and went straight to the lady cashier, “My dear, I am not suspecting anybody. I am not going to the Police. Give me my money. You were the one that paid me now. Look at what happened on the Okada. I have lost the money.”
56.        Trouble ensued. The bank hall manager was interested. Supervisors came. They took the man upstairs. Bank officials followed. They called the lady. While they were there interviewing the lady, the phone was ringing and the lady refused to answer. The Manager said, “Can you give me the phone?”
57.        She surrendered the phone. The man put the phone on speak-out. A little while, the thing came again. The man handed it over in the presence of the police that was working in the bank.
58.        While the lady held it, “Auntie! It is all over. All correct. All correct. Exactly what it is. Five fifty. It is five fifty. I say no fear. We dey for house.
59.        The lady slumped down. The police chained her immediately, alerted their colleagues, they traced her down to 3-3. On getting to the place, the boys suspected and started firing ahead of time. The police over-powered them, recovered the money, wounded them and arrested four boys. Amen.

Be security conscious. If you are driving your vehicle and you notice the way people are following you, forget where you are going, take another track that will lead you to the Police checkpoint or Army checkpoint or Police station.
2.           Change direction. If you change and they change, you change and they change, run furiously. Enter the station. Forget where you were going to.
3.           Remember it saved Me when I was driving station wagon, on the day My wife delivered Chukwudi at Court Road, Onitsha. I went there with My Brother to know what was happening. I saw the way that small vehicle moved and reversed furiously.
4.           When I noticed the way they were heading, I came out from that hospital, put My vehicle on the move. Immediately, they did U-turn. I horridly sped off. Immediately I entered the Area Commander’s gate, that time it was open, they stopped and then reversed and then went back through Court Road again.
5.           At that same hour, we started hearing gun shots. This is because I was vigilant I noticed what was happening. It has happened to Me several times. It can happen to you.
6.           Another story is this: This time around, they can deliberately jam you. They can deliberately hit you, for they know you must surely come out.
7.           So, if they hit you from behind or by the side and you notice the caliber of people and the vehicle that hit you, as long as your motor can move, move. Do not stop until you get to the nearest Police checkpoint or Police station.
8.           Recently, I became a victim, but I used intelligence. Somebody hit My vehicle along My street. I came out. I blew the horn. He had already parked. People gathered. I said, “My dear. Ah Ah! I blew the horn two times. Why are you hitting Me.”
9.           He examined Me from head to toe and said, “If not that you are not a young man, I would have rubbished you here and shattered your legs.”
10.        I said, “My dear, do not do it. If you do it, your conscience will never set you free.” For more than five minutes, he was examining Me and I knew he was out for something.
11.        I removed My eyeglasses. I repositioned Myself, for whatever he will use must come out from his body or his vehicle. So, when I repositioned Myself, he said, “What if I kill you here?”
12.        I said, “Do not kill Me. You gain nothing. You jammed Me. You were coming back. Look at what you did. See where it touched. What if somebody was standing there? You would have killed that person. Were you not the one that came out from the hotel and I was following your vehicle? See My house. I am in My house already.”
13.        So people gathered, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” One came out, “Ah! Daddy, He is a soldier oo. He is a soldier oo.”
14.         I did not reply to that one, for he plaited Bob Marley hair [a young man] that flowed from the head to the buttocks. I was watching their countenances.
15.        I never knew a security man was upstairs watching the drama. This thing was happening around 3 O’clock in the afternoon. So, I looked at the number. It was carrying foreign number. Latest Highlander. I said, “My dear, It is unfortunate that this thing happened. Your vehicle has no dent, but see My own. It is pressed in; But it is an old car.”
16.        He cleaned his car. No dent. My own was pressed in. when he moved forward, I opened the booth, used my hand and pressed it out. He said, “Sir! I wanted to enter my vehicle and then, come out with my gun and gun you to pieces here.”
17.        I said, “Are you still threatening?” He said, “It is not a threat, but for your age. I for enter my vehicle now and then rip your stomach open.
18.        I said, “Thank God you have not done it, but do not try it.” He said, “You can go.”I moved My motor. My head was filled to the brim with thoughts. I did not utter a word until I got home.
19.         I called My family and told them, “Look at the experience I had on My street now, now, now, now.” A stone throw to My house. In My own street. The boys would have lynched this boy if I had reacted otherwise. It happened on a Thursday.
20.        On Monday, a security official stopped Me at the same place with My son and narrated what took place. He said, “Daddy, Thank God for you. The way you reacted, we learnt a lot. I was there with my Pump Action® watching your reaction, but he never knew I saw the drama.”
21.        Do you know that this young man, his wife who we now know as girlfriend went and beat his neighbour’s wife who is pregnant? She beat the woman down because the husband is a soldier. The man was invited. He took the wife to the Police at 3-3.
22.        The Police took him to Army gate and reported that their colleague committed crime using his wife to kill somebody’s wife who is pregnant. The soldiers said, “No. They do not have any soldier living in that area.” They now carried their vehicle to the Police with the woman. They went. On getting there, they met the woman and the husband.
23.        They arrested all of them. They then searched the house and got two rifles, two army uniforms: one Captain, one Major, one dagger and one supersonic camera. They carried all of them to 312 Battalion [Army Barracks]. Hell was let loose.
24.        There, he confessed that he is a rapist and that he uses this supersonic camera with his men to get money. That when they arrest or abduct gorgeous women they feel the husband has money; they will make them go naked with a man on top. Then they will photograph, post to the husband or even paste it on his door, demanding money. Otherwise the wife will go on the net.
25.        Then, they do kidnapping. They confessed. After everything, the Army now handed everything over to the Police. The boy showed Me the camera, showed Me the dagger. He said, “I will now be using the dagger and camera for I was a part of the operation.” He said, “Daddy, God has answered your prayer.”
26.        Too many of them put on Army uniform. Some wear the trousers alone. Some wear the Polo. Some wear the shirt. Some of them were army officers that abandoned their jobs.
27.        They ran away like some Police officers. Some Police officers that are dismissed still parade themselves using their ID cards to extort money from people and do many things. BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS.
28.        If you notice any such things around your house, around yourself, report to the nearest Police. No matter how corrupt the police are assumed to be, there are still some good people there.
29.        Thus, do not just stay because it is said that the Police is corrupt. For that reason, you will not report it. Report it, whether they will intervene or not. At least, let there be record. BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS.
30.        Your ATM card, remember, can wipe off your account in one month, no matter the amount you have there. It is such a dangerous material that you can use it in many banks.
31.         Access Bank can give you ATM card. With it, you can withdraw money from all the banks in Nigeria. It is another way of carrying your money in one card. It is worse than cheque.
32.        So, if you are using all these things, be very careful. And when you go to withdraw money using your ATM card, ensure that nobody is standing behind you. This is because if anybody is standing behind you, after that transaction, you will get another alert. He can go to Asaba and finish your account. It has happened here. Amen.
33.        Another thing I want to say at this point in time: Be very, very careful in the use of your telephone, in the use of your vehicles, motorcycles, Keke, everything. BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS. Amen.

Let me go further. To the families and every other individual, this is harmattan period. Wild fire has always been a regular occurrence during harmattan and it spreads rapidly.
2.           Be conscious of your environment. Make sure hunters, hunters who are all out to catch bush rats or grass-cutters do not set bushes around you on fire that will affect you and even affect your health.
3.           If you notice such things, do not ask who put the fire, go and quench it. Control it, for it may affect you. Before you go to bed, Sisters, Brothers, it is our responsibility not that of your wife. All hands must be on deck.
4.           If you are using gas, gas is not yet switched off until the content of the pipe is let off. So, what is the best way you can use it? Stop the gas and allow the flame in the burner to continue. Until the flame stops itself, the gas is still in the pipe.
5.           Remember it was my mode of controlling it that saved Me and My family from being erased from the surface of the earth. Eleven of us would have been roasted one night like that. The cylinder was the one I bought two days before the inferno. It never exploded because the pipe was free from gas.
6.           If you are fond of using the automatic stove, once you switch off, you think you have switched off, the pipe is still open, the tank is still open which is the supply point. Until the supply point is stopped, anything can happen to your house. I hope I am making sense.
7.           When you come into your house to light your stove, and you perceive the odour of gas, please do not light your stove until the odour fizzles out. Otherwise, you can be inside fire without knowing it.
8.           Finally, finally, if you buy your kerosene, especially now that people that want to become billionaires overnight have started, their means of making brisk money every Christmas period, bunkers everywhere, kerosene can mix up with fuel.
9.           So, for you to use kerosene in your stove, pour a little in a plate, use a stick of match and light it. If it does not catch fire, pour it into the stove. You know it is kerosene.
10.        But if it catches fire, no matter how small. It can catch and fire dies off. It catches the fire dies off. Please do not ever use it. It is adulterated kerosene. BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS. It can erase your whole family in less than two minutes.
11.        Another area is kerosene lamp explosion. Kerosene stove explosion. I have seen Brethren in those days, in spite of My warnings, in their attempt to put off the light in the stove, they use water, “Fia! Fia!” They splash water. 
12.        Some use their mouth to blow air. They think it is all over. Sometimes, the light can sink down. And the stove may be burning within. You do not know. In your attempt to carry it somewhere, the thing may explode.
13.        It killed on Madam Irukwe here in Onitsha. Bro Shed knows the woman. My wife knows the woman. We attended her burial. It erased a family in Asaba some years back. Kerosene stove explosion.
14.        If you want to quench your stove, lower the thread. When you lower the thread, you can now blow off the fire. By so doing, you will save your life and that of your entire family.
15.        Remember, in this Faith, the use of candle light is absolutely prohibited. I do not care what your excuse might be. 
16.        The Faith of the Son of Man says, “No! to the use of candle light.” To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I do not know why I am led into telling you this. be security conscious.
17.        If you park you vehicle in an open space where others are parked, you do not know who is meaning evil to you.
18.        Make sure your vehicle is well locked to avoid your enemies planting something dangerous inside your car and use their phones to alert security agencies.
19.        You enter a public place, behave well. Search the whole area. Search the refrigerators. Search every nook and corner. Go to the reception. Find out if they are using cameras. Tell them to stop.
20.        And then, prepare your family before you go. Have the time you will have the last discussion with your family until you switch your phone off.
21.        Remember My experience in the year 2014 with My junior brother, when we were pursued by kidnappers while preparing for My late mother’s burial. While they were calling from Umuobasi Amavo in Abia [State], they were advancing.
22.        And they never knew I was using My discussion and My phone. I knew how many minutes it was taking Me for My phone to connect them. This is because whenever they called they will tell Me one thing or the other and then tell Me to call back.
23.        Thus, when they started calling and I was responding, sometimes I called, I noticed that the time [interval] was reducing gradually. Then it became clear to Me that while they were calling Me, telling Me where I should come and meet them at Abia, they were already at Okpuala.
24.        They were heading to My house, for they had already known that I was there in My house, for somebody detailed them to come and collect money from Me before I will bury My mother.
25.        You know the story. That was the time I had that accident while trying to escape. With knickers and bathroom slippers, I drove from My home town.
26.        So when I watched the whole thing, I evolved My own strategy. I would not go through the popular route. I switched off all My lines. My brother switched off. We left the house, ran to the Police. We met staff that were on duty.
27.        The first thing they told Me was to switch off My phone. I said it was already switched off. Then they said I should switch one on and call them. I switched on, called them, the Police officer collected the phone, discussed with them.
28.        They noticed the voice was no longer My own. They now switched off and handed over to Me and said, “They are very close to your house. They were trailing you. Now, continue your journey to Owerri. We are on duty here. Otherwise, we would have gone there. When you get to Owerri, report at FIB. They will begin to trail them now. Give them every information.” 
29.        I left. It was in the process that I had that accident. And while I opened My phones to tell My wife that we had serious accident on the way, but we were not injured, but the vehicle was damaged. Alloyed wheels, two of them, broken into pieces. The two tyres fell off. Because of the speed, I hit a vertical bar on the road.
30.        What happened? Immediately I switched on the phones, the first call that came became the people. They were the people that came with small van and shot randomly, which now made Me to flood the area with Police officers and Imo State Security Network officials. And then, we had a wonderful burial. After the burial, they still called again.
31.        Be intelligent! Be watchful! Funny, funny things happening. But if you happened to be one of them hiding in our midst, I assure you of one thing, you have trailed on a dangerous ground, for there can never be such criminal act without an insider who is aiding and abating it. It must take an insider. So, if you happen to be the insider, you are trailing on a dangerous ground, for your sins must surely find you out.
32.        I am sure and certain about what I am saying. When we checked into the hotel that was unknown to us, our brother did his work as a Police officer, trained. A superior officer.
33.        Before our eyes, he climbed all the wardrobes, searched everywhere before he allowed us to settle down. He checked the whole beds because anybody can use the hotel. Things may be forgotten there that might be dangerous. Things may also be planted there.
34.        So, to all of you that are hearing me right now, a stitch in time saves nine. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
35.        Finally, this is harmattan. Have it at the back of your mind that communication may be disrupted as a result of the weather condition.
36.        If you dial and it says, “switched off”, the line may be open, but because of network, weather problem, it will be reading, “Switched off.”
37.        If you begin to make case with somebody, you see, you will be having problems. The person may be sincere. The line is on, but it is network problem.
38.        These things are manmade. They are electronics. They are wireless. It may be ringing in your eyes, in your ears, yet it is not ringing out. The whole thing will end at the disc there.
39.        Sometimes, you lift up your phones, you can see up to ten missed calls, yet not even one rang out and when you try to explain, you will be labeled a liar. These things are likely to happen. So, if you know that these things are true, be intelligent, be wise.
40.        Otherwise, you may corrupt yourselves and get yourself away from God’s salvation, because of anger and bitterness. It may lead you to quarreling. It may lead you to empty threats. It may lead you to making caustic remarks. It may lead you to unnecessary suspicion.
41.        Always bear it at the back of your mind that what you are holding is an electronic gadget, scientific in nature, that has its own ups and downs. There is not even one that can be perfect. Not even one.
42.         If it is saying engaged, this and that, sometimes it may be wrong information. I have received several times “Your last call lasted for three minutes, this and that. This is the amount”, when I made no call and it occurs especially from Etisalat® (Now known as 9-Mobile®).
43.        Another one that is like this one is this: Be careful that you do not receive calls while driving, for the call you want to receive may be a business call. May be, by the time accident occurs while you are trying to receive the call, you now notice that what is calling you is number 251.
44.        A useless call from one of these GSM operators embarrassing customers, especially when you are driving. Some may call up to three or four times at a stretch. You think there is emergency, only for you to see 0421.
45.        What if in the attempt to struggle to grip your phone, you lose control of the steering? A Brother told Me how he wounded himself while rushing to pick his phone. His slippers slipped off and he fell on the ground, wounding himself, only to pick the phone and noticed missed call. MTN.
46.        What am I trying to say? There is one wisdom that will save all of us from all these devilish inventions, devilish gadgets that we are now employing. Some of them have become injurious to us. Some have become threats even to our living.
47.        Expensive in the sense that you load with your precious money. You do not know how much you are spending until the end of the month, you calculate the amount of money you have spent loading phones, including the ones people loaded in your phone. Add them together.
49.         Be very careful the way you use services that are offered you by devilish equipment, for God never manufactured even one. To God be the glory.
50.        My good morning to you is BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS. If you recorded what I said, this is My part 1 for today. It should come out separately. Do not mix it up with the Message. Amen.

Those in the PA system, you should pray hard o! Danger is lurking on your area. And Brother Vin will be number one victim, followed by Brother Philip.
2.           We have been using this PA system for over fifteen years. The reason why it has not been mastered till today is lack of seriousness and commitment on the side of the manipulators. The operators are careless.
3.           I think the essence of the installation of that thing is to amplify the voice of the Ministers so that they do not strain their voices. Bro Vin came to Nsukka to mess up things yesterday.
4.           I will punish you in My own way and in My own due time. Get ready for Me from now. I have given you series of warnings. It came to a point where you thought I was kidding, but now I am out.
5.           If I open My mouth before the Congregation and declare that I will punish you, run to hell, I must surely punish you. And there is nowhere you will run to that I will not catch you. Try Me from now. It is not a threat. Those that have received it, they know it is not a threat, but where you think it is an empty threat, try it from now.
6.           I went to the place where I intended to close down, because I have a family there. For the sake of that family, just like Lot was a family in Sodom and Gomorrah that belonged to Abraham, Abraham went to all length to make sure that Lot was saved with his family. Only a careless wife, care-free wife, stubborn wife missed it. The rest escaped.
7.           I have really declared the Fellowship centre in Enugu opened. If I tell you the reason why I did it, you will marvel. I have vested interest in few families there and it is their closest. For that reason, I have to reopen it.
8.           Deep in Me right here, until I change My mind, if it will be possible, they are going to get a new Pastor from now. A new Pastor will be in Enugu from now. When I finish, you will know that I have finished.
9.           I thank God I can see Brother David from Umuahia in the Fellowship. I prayed that you will be here today together with your wife and you are here.
10.        I have been longing to see you. I am not numbered among those proselytes that will go to all length to make converts after which they turn them to be much more converts, candidates for hell than of heaven.
11.        You are very stupid Bro David! I dispossessed you of your pride, for nothing destroys a young man more than pride. Pride of life, maybe as a result of your status, the position you occupy, your academic attainment, your wealth, your fame. These things can promote the level of pride in an individual and pride goeth before a fall.
12.        When I searched your heart, I investigated you down to Ekwegbe. I showed Brethren your hometown both on Friday and yesterday: See where Bro David came from, Ekwegbe in Igbo-Etiti Local Government, recognizing one thing. You are the only son of your parents that has survived till today.
13.        I saw where you were coming from. A Pharmacist that was trained under the worst of conditions. You were heading to destruction, but God did not want you to destroy yourself with your carelessness and reckless life which you imbibed as a result of poor friendship in the university. A first class Pharmacist. Licensed.
14.        By influence, you picked up an appointment with a broadcasting station and then became the General Manager of Cosmo Radio, owned by Chimaroke. When I told you what will befall your establishment, you doubted it and I placed it as a sign. Before your eyes, it happened.
15.        At a time when the court had given ruling in your favour, I turned the ruling up-side-down. Another ruling came. All of you were whisked away. The whole ventures owned by Chimaroke.
16.        I want to declare it. After ten years of that struggle, though he has been playing some gimmicks around himself not around Nigerians, claiming he went for heart surgery and this and that, presenting the certificate that he went for heart surgery just a few months ago, but unknown to him, the hospital stamp read 2014, for which cause he is now declared a wanted man to appear in the court, dead or alive.
17.        All the ventures sent representatives to the high court in Lagos and pleaded guilty. Not even one escaped it, including your own company. All your arrears, I told you to regard them as a waste. Till today, have you collected a dime? [Bro David said, No!]
18.        How many years you just served. You forfeited millions. The little you would have used to, at least, help your family, because of Pride, you went and purchased the costliest Mercedes Wagon, super air-conditioned, Mercedes 550 model, when you were not even feeding your family well.
19.        You watched your height. You watched your office. That celebrated vehicle would give you the air of omnipotence and the air of the creator of the universe, especially when you will be holding your cigarette while driving.
20.        What is more, how can you go and obtain a loan for luxury? You obtained a loan to enable you buy a vehicle for luxury.
21.        Is it not madness? It is like borrowing money to entertain the public which I normally warn against. It means living false life.
22.        I monitored the way things were going, your promoters. Number one became Fryde Okoh, your bosom friend, who turned out to be the worst spoiler, who could not even correct you using his age and experience. Rather he was aiding and abating your reckless life.
23.        I have been waiting for the day you will come so that I will judge you before the public and then give you My own condition for your salvation, if you need eternal life. But if you want to remain My friend like others, you are free. But I love you and I showed interest in your affairs because you are the only son.
24.        I would not talk about any other thing. Where you are now, you can tell the story. I do not need to make it public. You know where you are now. You know what you are doing and you know how you came about it, for the idea was never in your mind.
25.        If you were told that such a thing could come your way, you could not have believed it. Until the Son of Man asked you a question and then directed you on what to do to enable Him complement the work.
26.        Even your movement from Enugu with your family which you resisted and opposed vehemently until I threatened you. Can you imagine a young man like you maintaining two families? Can it work? Never.
27.        I deliberately disarmed you. Yes! I can assume anything I want to assume, use any agent I want, provided My aim is achieved to save your life, save your family. I said I must do something.
28.        I did it to My daughter. My wife is My witness and others who heard Me, though she cannot be a good witness, but her husband can. Look at him, Pastor Chidubem. When he married My first daughter, it was a struggle between two of us. I never for one day allowed him to have possession of her.
29.        I stood My legs on the ground. You can only have possession of her when she must have completed her university career. We entered into that agreement.
30.        When they were talking about pregnancy, I said, “You want My daughter to be pregnant and continue in the school? Are you stupid? Was it the agreement?”
31.        You fooled Me that I should allow you pay the bride price and do everything so that the world will know that she now belongs to you, but she is still Mine. And she must stay where I say she must stay. Corner corner, corner corner, you cornered her out of Bro Ojiakor’s house where they were leaving comfortably and got a “better” accommodation.
32.        Being a lady, filled with influence and desirous of following her husband’s instruction, she followed. Then the junior sister followed. I went there live, severally. You were there. No matter how they praised it, I condemned it because whatever I hate, I hate it.
33.        Many that heard My Voice even at Nsukka, “That if I never spared My own delight, My first daughter, punishing her, who are you?” If the Almighty never spared His only begotten Son, who are you? He made Him sin, who knew no sin, condemned Him to execution.
34.        The earlier you know Me the better. If you do not know Me beyond your friend, your townsman, your kinsman, your this and that, your husband, your father, you are completely lost! I am on My way home. I owe you nothing, but the declaration of this Truth.
35.        A little while, out of love, youthful exuberance, useless agreement, he went and bought a Nissan Sunny car for his wife to be using to go to school at a time I was trying to inject a little discipline into her, because early marriage carries a lot of pride. And I was trying to check it. Then he made matters worse.
36.        Before we knew it, she drove from Enugu down here and took delight even in driving the husband. I and My wife rose against it. Even if you are an expert driver, allow your husband to be driving. And the husband was even happy, no matter how we protested, I am here. I will tell you the last truth about My life, about My family. Go and verify.
37.        You see, this thing became very burdensome to Me. One morning, I called My wife and said, “Look, this vehicle will put My daughter into trouble. It will jeopardize her life.” Several times, I saw her waylaid on the road from the campus to where they were living. They used that and she was gunned by unknown boys because of that car.
38.        While she was lying helpless in the pool of blood, I rushed and then brought her back to life. The thing occurred twice. I called her, “Where is your car?”
39.        She said, “Daddy, it is with Me. It is packed here.” I then said, “Tell your husband take this car back to Port Harcourt. You do not need it. He should be going to work with it.”
40.        Afterall, that was the first car you purchased. Why must your first car go to your wife, exposing her danger of all sorts? And if Amazing Grace never projected, a little girl of less than twenty years, having her own car, having a husband, who do you think she will listen to again?
41.        In many ways we corrupt ourselves, corrupt our families. I never corrupted My daughter as at that time. At that age, you were the one. You created the trouble. I know I must judge you in the end.
42.        I am waiting for something and what I have been waiting for is with Me already so that I can talk to the world using My family; That if I do not spare My family, do not ever think I will spare you.
43.        You are not so important to Me. You are not so dear to Me that I can spare you. I can never value you more than My family.
44.        Who are you? What do you think you can offer Me that My family cannot offer Me, even more?  I have vested interest in My family and their eternal security.
45.        And My family is made up of My wife, My biological sons and daughters, My sons in-law, their wives My grandchildren. These are the people that make up My family. Any other person can be co-opted into it if he wants it.If he wants it. But when you do not want it, it does not make you a sinner. We will remain friends. We help ourselves. We fellowship together.
46.        But I can only drop My son in-law if, after declaring the Truth to him, he does not believe Me, he thinks I am mentally bereft. Only then will I drop him that the Scriptures might be fulfilled. But I will make sure, this time around, that My daughters are not involved.
47.        This is because, if you are wise and understanding, for you to have an in-law, son in-law, make sure he is one that will help your daughter to understand and follow God every day, understand God more, beef up the faith. Forget about money and funfair. They have no value in the life that Christ offers.
48.        Whoever that cannot help you to serve God in spirit and in truth, grown in the Faith of Christ, is not qualified to be your husband, is not qualified to be your wife. I do not care who that person might be. A social woman is a devil. A social man is a devil. Amen.

Bro David, because of your testimony I attended to you, when you came, sat down under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I was the Lecturer.
2.           At the end, you said, “This is more or less a seminar. We came here to receive lectures.” For your sake, I dismissed everybody that day by 4.30. From morning till evening, contrary to My stipulated time.
3.           You never complained. You said you never knew it was up to 4.30, that you have never sat down in anything called Church for more than 30 minutes without walking away, but this time around that you never felt even to go out and ease yourself.
4.           And you never knew that the time was even flying up to 4.30, that this is supernatural occurrence. Was it not your testimony Bro David? (Bro David answers, “It is, My Lord.”) Thank you.
5.           Then, you approached Me and told Me that you were a habitual smoker. I said, “Thank you, go ahead and smoke. I will buy more for you.” You then later came back and told Me that from that day, you never used money and collected a stick of cigar from anybody. I said, “Keep it up! Because by so doing, you save your life, save the future of your children, because if you die in your youth, you cause a lot of trouble to your family.”
6.           What am I saying? I want to tell Bro David that if I could harden My heart and allowed My son in-law to come to Enugu; Filled with joy, carried his wife, carried the sister and others, they went to Crunches® or whatever you may call it, Eating centre. Just as we use to have it now.
7.           A man that is desiring to please his wife by all means. If you feel the way you do it is by taking her out, one day you take her out and come back empty handed. That was a part of the youthful exuberance. It was in him. It was in the wife. It was in those that accompanied them. 
8.           Then, I monitored the situation. I did not want to talk. He was the one that drove the vehicle to the place. They went in, ate their Indomie®, ate Macaroni, ate everything eatable. They took their ice cream. Romeo and Juliet with others. That was what they understood honey moon to be.
9.           They never knew the Omniscient, the All-Seeing Eyes of the LORD caught them there, saw what they were doing, desiring pleasure more than the Word of God. For whoever that desires to live in pleasure can never please God. I do not care who you are.
10.        He parked his vehicle very well.  By the time they finished their entertainment and came out, the vehicle was seen no more. That was how he lost his Nisan Sunny, a very expensive car like Corolla® in those days. And I was wondering how they will be going back.
11.        And tenants will ask them, “Gentlemen, you went there with your car and you are coming back holding the key without the car.”
12.        Consider the cost of what you ate and the cost of the vehicle. Check the inconveniences. Consider the shock. They called Me.
13.        I said, “Do not worry. I am in control. I will hijack the vehicle. Do not worry. I will return it to you. Do not worry. I will get it. I must go to the police. The police must track it down. Do not worry.”
14.        I called My wife and said, “God has answered My prayers, for this is the only way I can disarm these two. Otherwise, the influence may even crossover.”
15.         Yes! I may have a spillover of such deadly influence, because I am running a large family and this happens to be, I mean, My first issue. My first son in-law marrying My first daughter. I disarmed them.
16.        That pride, that self-ego, everything associated with it died down, at least, for a little while. I heaved a sigh of relief. My dream changed. We could speak and they would now hear.
17.        Now, Bro David, that was your condition. My Brother sit down there. I looked at him one day he came with that motor. I wanted to show you what it takes to ride an exotic vehicle of that magnitude. I tampered with it while I was in the pulpit. When he came out after the service, to start the vehicle became a problem. The vehicle parked, refused to start and refused to move.
18.        The battery OK, fuel is there, everything intact. A brand new vehicle that brought them from Enugu refused to move. I grounded it there. He called his Engineers. The sweated it out.
19.         When I came out, he complained. I went round the vehicle. I said, “My friend, of all vehicles, this is the one you have chosen.”
20.        Then, when I considered the children, love projected. I allowed them to go. They left, yet I was not satisfied. It is unheard of.
21.        One day, it was the Dee-day. God made up his mind to save his life, save the life of the family, save them from starvation. This is because, if you have not attained the capacity to buy a car, and you buy one, your family may die of starvation in your attempt to maintain the vehicle.
22.        That is what killed Onyema Njom, who bought a vehicle when he was living from hand to mouth. If you cannot repair your vehicle whenever it damages, it then means you are not qualified to ride it.
23.        Bro David took his wife and his children, including his mother in-law because the baby was sick a little. They went to hospital in Enugu. At the end of it, they came out, only for those who needed the vehicle to come there. They entered the same vehicle with him.
24.         He became their driver. They told him plainly, “Gentleman, panic not. We will return your vehicle to you. And because it is night, we will do you a real favour. Drive us safely or allow us to drive you.
25.        “Tell us where you are living. We will drive you and your whole family, including mother in-law to your house je je. You come down. When we finish, we bring back your car.”
26.        He could not talk. They drove him, his family including his mother in-law safely and gently to his gate, Waaa! Asked them to come down. They came down. The vehicle reversed and went away. That was the end of the journey.
27.         Bro David, did anybody slap you? (Bro David answers, “No, My Lord.”) Was your life threatened? (Bro David answers, “No, My Lord.”)
28.        He made his contacts because, being the General Manager of a broadcasting firm, all the police in Enugu and beyond knew him. All the dragnets, including Lagos and Abuja, he used even the SARS [Special Anti-Robbery Squad]. Was there any headway? (No sir.)
29.         Then the Lord told Him to exercise patience. That since he graduated in the university, he has never had the opportunity to practice what he learnt. He has never been given a real job from God.
30.        This is because employment from God must have job security. It is a MUST. It must be promising. It must be a place where you can rise. You grow through the ranks. You can be there and budget what you will be doing tomorrow.
31.        He exercised patience. In God’s own due time, God reminded him. God directed him. And today, he has testified to Me that he does not consider money. That his joy is that, for the first time, he has been given the privilege to practice his profession since he finished his internship.
32.        Can you imagine a Pharmacist becoming a broadcaster? Is it not misplacement of value? Abject misplacement of value.  
33.        Now, you have come thus far with the Son of Man to the point that you have known me, that even where you are living now, you can talk about it. When you were asked to move your family from Enugu, where to move them to became a problem. Finally finally, they are settled.
34.        You are coming up gradually. What is more? You have no competitor in your place of work. I mean, it is a place where you can stay and tell people, “If you want to see me, come this way.” It is not a place that is meant for criminals.
35.        Having come thus far, how many years now? Why must you now go back to the garbage? Was there any rough life or is there any rough life which you can say you never experienced? Even if you did not practice, you saw people practicing all.
36.        This is because whoever that passes through the four walls of any university, even if he never identified with the hoodlums, you saw what they were practicing. You did not subscribe to them because your conscience never permitted you to do that. You knew more than them.
37.        This is because once a man has chosen the way he will live his life, he has chosen the way he wants to die. Like I told our Brother yesterday before witnesses, why he must restrain his passion and do the right thing.
38.        For wherever a young man is standing in his youth, wherever you are standing in your youth, man or woman, determines where you will sit down in your old age.
39.        If you decide to stand on thorns because they are not piercing your legs, do not worry. In your old age, you will retire on thorns.
40.        I want you to understand this basic fact. Anything can be retired. Anything can be declared to be retired,. not Experience. Experience can never go on retirement. It must be used. Whether in the youth, in the old age, experience must come to play.
41.        Experience must play out. So you can retire everything, not experience. Whether you like it or not, you must use it. And the experience you will use, the choice is vested in your hands.
42.        If you experience both good and bad, the one that you will like to use is the one that will enhance your ambition, prolong your life, help you to live at peace with God and your fellow man.
43.        To tell Me to pray for you, like Fryde Okoh is writing Me, even this morning, that he has been a chain smoker, even from his school days until now he is nearing 70 years. That he formed a habit he cannot break and that I should pray for him.
44.        I said, “Well, there is no habit that cannot be broken. It is there because a decision has not been taken against it.” Can one be drowned in a river he has not entered? Is he sincere? He is not sincere. And he has never been sincere.  
45.        Destiny is a matter of choice and not a matter of chance. Thus, do not tell Me your destiny is evil. It is because you do not know the consequences of evil. And you have decided to embark on it. You have habitually been acquainted with it and you have vowed within yourself never to break it. No habit is unbreakable.
46.        It is true that it is easier to acquire a habit than to break it. That is when one delights himself, derives pleasure in evil habits. This is because evil is pleasure to anyone that is destitute of the Truth. One who is bereft of the Truth delights in evil. He prides himself with something he should be ashamed of.
47.        How he can consume one carton and smoke twenty packets in one day, harass people. “Challenge me and I will ridicule you publicly. I will cripple you.”
48.        That which he should be ashamed of, he now prides himself about with it. Wherever he enters, trouble ensues. If you dare tell him the Truth, he will threaten to pull down the roof. Amen.



Now, I am doing My weeding. I spared you because there is no Fellowship ground where I have recognized in Umuahia. For that reason, Umuahia is permitted to be coming here and any other place.

2.           I have received letters. One from Elder Akparanta, justifying God for taking prompt action. He said, “Daddy, now I have believed fully, not that I have been doubting. You are the Almighty God. You see all things and you know all things.

3.           “If not for your divine intervention, there could have been a blood bath in Umuahia Fellowship. I affirm your statement. ‘It is never a Fellowship but a war front. A battle ground.’”

4.           This morning, I received another lengthy letter from Bro Sam Mwantu. He said, “Daddy, your actions are justified. You are indeed the Almighty. If anybody is denying knowledge of what is happening in Umuahia, that person is not sincere to his conscience.

5.           “Umuahia has never been a Fellowship of love. Umuahia has always been a battle field. And if not for your intervention by closing it indefinitely, worst things would have happened.” The letter is here now.

6.           And I do not believe anybody can query, ask Me why and the offence they committed, if not Brother Nath, who is the root cause of the whole thing together with his entire family that has never been in peace from End-time till this day, which made his father in-law to fight him in My presence.

7.           I can never forget that night we slept there, talking from evening till morning. The man sprang up, ordered the security to lock up the gate against Nath.

8.           That he has been sparing his life, not tonight. That he will kill Nath, bury Nath and that we should go and call the Commissioner of Police.

9.           We thought he was kidding, he gripped Nath. We separated them and I said, “Sir, but this is your son in-law.”

10.        The man vehemently disagreed, “No, No! I hate him. I hate this man. He is not a child of God.”

11.        Then to the wife, the same problem. A man marries his character. What did they produce? Athens and Spartans. That is what they produced. That is why, in Umuahia, they are fighting Punic War.

12.        There is always the war there between Athens and Spartans. Who are the Athens? Brother Mwantu and his group.

13.        Who are the Spartans? Nath and his group. Yet, they are sons-in-law to one family, one man, one husband, but they can never see eye to eye.

14.        What are they fighting for? If I happen to be a woman, somebody might be thinking that they are struggling over who will possess the Son of Man, but I thank God I am a man. To God be the glory. Amen.