Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: COME TO THE THRONE OF GRACE VOLUME 1

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I welcome you all to His Presence this day. My heart is filled with joy. I reasoned with
whatever that is Me—whether devil or God—to be here today for your own good.
2. I have too many reasons why I should not be here today but necessity was laid on Me to be bodily and spiritually present! Just to lift your burden, that is all.
3. The greatest burden is the burden of unbelief. Somebody might be wondering what unbelief may look like. Do not forget the fact that God delivered them out of the land of bondage from Egypt, carried them across the Red Sea. But along the way He destroyed all that drew back in the spirit.
4. Backsliding takes place in the heart. That is why the Bible said, “Woe are the backslidden in the heart”. 
5. Thus, I am here to restore your confidence in Whom you have believed so that you do not labour in vain. I know that the battle is in the fiercest stage. Many do not understand that we are in a spiritual warfare.
6. The battle we are fighting is not carnal battle; we are not carrying arms and ammunitions. We are battling against spirits, powers, principalities, authorities that are very wicked. We are battling against anointing that comes from the enemy. We are struggling.
7. Last week, I gave you a little tonic in the morning hours helping you to know that you are not having a peculiar problem meant for you, no! It is a general problem.
8. Understand it that no matter the way the wind is blowing, it must blow out the light of some and blow in the light of some. Thus, the wind that blew off your light caused another one to pick up. Not another wind but the same wind.
9. Whenever the wind blows, lighted candles will go off but the beam of fire will be rekindled. Is it true? Yes sir!
10. I challenged you to go and demonstrate it. Even the rain does not quench the beam of fire. No matter how heavy that rain maybe, go there you will see the smoke, you see the fire still there. When the wind blows, you see the thing going up again but the candle has been put off.
11. Check whether you are a lighted candle or a beam of fire that can never go off come rain, come shine. Time tested memorials. These are the jewels of the earth the Son of Man has come to collect, those that are covenanted in the Son of Man with a sacrifice.
12. Go back to the Covenant God. God can bless you like He blessed Lot but you have no part in the life that God gives. Often times we read, “Remember Lot’s wife,” “As it was in the days of Noah,” “As it was in the days of Lot”. Very common statements we make. But do we pause to survey circumstances that surrounded the various ages mentioned?
13. We are not talking about total lawlessness or violence on the land neither are we talking about hardship, no! These things are with us already. But have you paused to ask yourself why?
14. It pleased the Almighty God to appear before Abraham live which is the last sign the prophet William Branham said the Bride will see and no other sign; Elohim on two feet in the midst of the Bride. He said the next thing is the burning of the whole universe. For the moment He appears in person, He selects the tested jewels.
15. There must be the hour of final selection. In the days of Gideon, forty thousand (40,000) came out. They heard the clarion call “Come all ye that are thirsty, all ye that want to be saved”, they all came out. Forty thousand came out. Everybody rejoiced.
16. The Lord discussed with Gideon without their knowledge. A communication between God and the vessel. Just like I am here, you do not know what I am hearing even concerning you. The same way you do not know the way I am seeing you but you only know the way you are seeing me. You know what you are thinking about me but you do not know what I am thinking about you.
17. Remember that the man in the mask sees everybody but nobody knows who he is until he unmasks himself. And once he is gazing at you, he is thinking about you whether to flog you or to spare or to poison you or to unveil himself. You dare not know that.
18. Now the selection came, God gave the criteria for the selection, gave them instructions through the mouthpiece; “If you know you are married newly and you want to have your honeymoon, you are free go! You know your parents died and you will like to go and bury them, go! You have already cleared your farmland you want to cultivate, go! You have your business engagements, go!”
19.  By the time He looked around, what was left was ten thousand (10,000), thirty thousand (30,000) gone.  The Lord ministered to Gideon again saying; “They are too many.  If I should allow them to go, they will take the glory. They will think that they will conquer with their strength.
20. “No! I am trimming down this crowd. Look at what you will do; take them to the steam, allow them to drink as they wished, give them no regulation, stay at a distance and watch.
21. Every action of a child of God is propelled by the spirit of God. Those that have the same Spirit of God were propelled by the Spirit of God to do the right thing ignorantly. All they knew is that they were there at the stream using their hand to put water in their mouth; another one kneeled down using the tongue to lap the water like a duck.
22. But God spoke to the mouthpiece. A secret conversation was going on, no loud speaker. He said, “Now, look at what you are going to do; all those that lapped like duck, number them. Those that used that hand to take the water into the mouth, number them. Look at the set of people I want, these are the people that did according to my purpose.”
23.  How many? Three hundred (300). How many got disappointed out of the forty thousand? The final selection, thirty nine thousand seven hundred missed it (39,700).
24. This is the hour the Son of Man will tell you the final truth. Not that you have not heard them before, He wants to affirm this truth more and more.
25. I have warned you to be very careful about your perceptions concerning the Son of Man. Perception appears stronger than reality. I am a Realist, why should you be perceiving while I am still here?
26. Do not perceive make sure you are sure and certain so that whether the flight will be now or next minute or anytime, you are there. Once you purchased a ticket and your numbered okayed, you are rest assured. A seat is there. The plane can never take off without you.
27. Even if you are not around, your name will be noised round the whole airport, security officials will be going round until you come or detail somebody who is holding your ticket. Amen.

I have already said welcome to all of you to the Throne of Grace. Yes! It dawned on me that this first Sunday of November I should be with you to handle a Sunday school, a teaching that will make everybody feel good and relaxed.
2. I will start with something you know to something you do not know. I will start with the written message, message of yesteryears to establish you on a firm foundation.
3. Whenever God sends a man, He will rest on the messages of His predecessor and then establish His own so that you will know that God sent Him.
4. God can never send me to come and repeat what Paul said. If the ministry of Paul was all that was needed to save us, why are we here? If the Levitical priesthood had the power to save, why having another priesthood in the other of Melchezedek?
5. If Jesus the Christ ushered us into eternity, why are we here? Why another person coming? Why pointing you to He that will come after Him who will take you into the knowledge of all truth? Which means He did not give you the whole truth and He said that the person will not contradict Him but will remind you of all He said, will tech you all that are yet to come.
6. Thus, whenever a man appears on the scene and say God sent him, only to repeat that which you are conversant with, run away from him. All the Churches are now one, saying the same thing.
7. Only the Son of Man is different and that is why the whole world wants to know who this man is. Where is He? Who taught this man?
8. Today from the website report, we saw South Korea number three raking four thousand plus. Italy is still powering; the home of the pope powering every day. The attraction now is the Bridal chronicles which I contributed even nothing. I told you by the time my photograph will go round the whole world, it is all over.
9. The Bridal faith has become a household faith in the whole world. As unknown, yet known everywhere. I thought I was hiding in Nsugbe but now I have become a household name in Nsugbe.
10. Nobody detects odour for the fly. I am saying that wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will gather.
11. I want to take you back to memory lane. Let me see whether I will do something that will help somebody. You know it is very painful for a military commander, a captain to record casualties in the warfront. I have suffered to carry you to this point, losing you at this time will be very, very painful to me.
12. I can only lose you when I know I have done my best without achieving my aim, then I will declare you lost. Thus, nobody is lost yet because I am still here. As long as I am still walking on earth, there is still hope for the hopeless.
13. Yes! I said yes! But if I leave the scene, anybody that remains here is totally lost! I have demonstrated it using a celebrated Bishop whose testimony you cannot doubt before too many witnesses.
14. I came to him face to face, called his name: “The Bishop, the Bishop! I know you will like to take my photograph, do it.”
15.  Before your eyes, he snapped. I was standing here in the midst of the congregation, no living being appeared there. What he captured was the Godhead that swallowed the whole congregation proving the prophecy to be true: “Only one man will go to rapture, only one man will be translated;” if you are found in Him, not holding your own righteousness which you can boast of having achieved by your self-discipline or whatever you may call it which is rubbish in His eyes. That is the only condition for you to be delivered into paradise.
16. I am larger than the whole inhabitants of the earth. My capacity accommodates both the living and the dead starting from the day Adam was formed. All of them are still looking up to the Son of Man. Maybe you have forgotten the illustration.
17. The owner of the vineyard that was been trampled upon sent His servants, they killed them. He sent His only begotten son, they killed Him. He now decided that no other person will come but Himself. And then stood one side, placed the whole world at one end and declared a war.
18. One man wrestling with the whole human race, stepping into horrible zones no being, no messenger has ever stepped in and got away with it. He openly made proclamations that are horrible and He is still standing immovable, unshakeable yet He is not hidden.
19.  He moves about and whatever He says in the forest, that He will proclaim in the stadium yet no man lays hand on Him. They killed the servant, they killed the messengers, they killed even His own son. He now decided that no other person is coming but the very Elohim, God En Morphe.
20. Job saw Him standing upon this earth in the last days judging the whole earth. Do you know the extent the human race has gone to prove this man even the Islamic world before they could declare Him indestructible?
21. Do you know the attempts they have made? Do you know many that have perished? All in the attempt to destroy Him. He told you to expect Him.
22. William Branham said, “After me cometh no other person but Christ. Elohim coming in human form, standing on two feet.” He said, “If it does not happen the way I have predicted, know that I am a false prophet.”
23.  He went further to say, “I want to tell you, can a man make this type of assertion if God has not spoken to Him?” Before He left, He told you that he has seen Him, “Look at Him, see His stature, the colour of His skin, the height, the weight. This is how He will appear. Even His clean shave.”
24. He told you everything because one day he was in his study room and the young man appeared, he wanted to touch Him, the young man distanced Himself and smiled. He said, “You prophet, go your way you will soon give way.”
25. Then he proclaimed, “Expect Him as a black man coming from one of the jungles in Africa but this is where Americans will perish. This will stumble America. Do not look for Him among the clergy of your own day for He will never be found there. He will not be a great man, He will be very simple. But in Him is the showbread, for we are living on the threshold of the greatest vindication of omnipotent the world has never seen.
26. Tell me whether the world has ever seen the original body of God, whether the world has ever seen the Godhead, whether the world has ever seen even the cloud, the man that descended from God.
27. If He was not sure, do you think He would have invited you to come with your camera and see He that has been talking to you all this while to banish unbelief? You think He was not sure? 
28. And then when He mounted the pulpit He said, “I am the Resurrected Body, I am He that liveth and was dead, I am alive forever more. I hold the key of hell and heaven”.
29. Some of you took it upon yourselves to prove it even went as far as sending the supernatural photographs to FBI in America who confirmed it that it is a supernatural occurrence. It is a supernatural light that struck the lens. They said, “This is purely supernatural for no camera can capture anything abstract. The lens can only capture something that is real object.”
30.  Take your camera and capture air, you cannot capture air. Whatever the lens capture, that thing is an object. What is more, not ordinary object but supernatural object that was changing location, moving. A beam.
31. The prophet said He cometh with a halo over His head. Thus, when you are looking for somebody, you look for one wearing the halo in the form of a rainbow over His head. That is the covenanted man. He is sent as a sign of covenant between God and His people in this age.
32. I am the covenant for God’s people. These are the statements you have been hearing, documented, proved, vindicated and confirmed by the Almighty God.
33. Or do you think that God confirmed all these things just to please the Son of Man? Is God respecting me? God is respecting Himself. No more, no less.
34. Can God confirm a lie? God is confirming truth for He is Truth. Then what can you say about the word that proceeded out of His mouth? The truth is this; I am trying to save the un-savables.
35. When you hear me shouting, I am not shouting for the elects. I have the elects, I have those that I want to adopt. They are not elects according to God’s own foreknowledge but I love them so much that I do not want to forfeit them. Thus, I want to adopt them into my own family.
36. Go to the house of Jacob, adopted children were in the majority. Remember that Abraham adopted four hundred who were not elects. They were all Babylonians, Abraham adopted all into his family.
37. Some would be saved by adoption, some will be saved by election. But nobody can be saved through his own self-striving or effort. Impossible! Whether election or adoption, hear me very well, one man does the whole. We better be careful. Amen.


I want to put you in remembrance of things you heard in the very beginning. I will start from the Epistle of one He loved so much until the love He had for him provoked jealousy, envy and hatred.
2. You know the Lord Jesus loved John so much that wherever He went, He wanted John to there and that relationship provoked many to envy. Is that not right? So go to gospel according to St. John, that is where I want to go.
3. I will visit many, many of his Epistles and letters; let me see whether I can get something that will help all of us here.
4. Before I go to John, let us see 1st Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 4 through 5. . For we speak as messengers from God trusted by Him to tell the truth. We change His message not one bit to suit the ear of those who hear it.
5. For we serve God alone who examines our hearts deepest thoughts. Never once did we try to win you with flattery words as you very well know and God knows we were not just pretending to be your friend so that you will give us money LB. Amen.
6. But just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with glad tidings (gospel) so we speak not to please men but to please God who tests our hearts expecting them to be approved For as you well know we never resorted either to words of flattery or to any cloak to conceal greedy motives or pretexts for gain, as God is our witness. (AMP).
7. Not approved by men but approved by God. Then He entrusted the preaching of the Gospel of Eternal Life into our hands. Remember I am not one of those Apostles. I am reading their documentaries. This is where many of you are missing the whole thing.
8. If I talk to you and you go to the Bible, you are an unbeliever. It then means you do not know who I am. When the Lord Jesus appeared, He never came with any Bible. When He entered the temple, He was given the scroll written by prophet Isaiah.
9. The Bible said that He read only a portion of the scripture that was written concerning Him. He handed it over to them. The problem I am having is that many have forgotten what the Son of Man warned against right from 1993.
10. Remember we are about to celebrate our silver jubilee. By 30th of December, this faith will be precisely 25 years. Take note, a man at 25 is not a kid. If he is serious, he must have graduated from the higher institution. A man that married at 25 never married too early.
11. What of a woman that married at 25? Did she marry too early? Some married at 19, some married at 18. Some even had children at 19. So what makes you a kid?
12. The Son of Man warned saying, “Never for one day should anybody come to me saying Paul said, Peter said, Daniel said, this and that. If you want to follow them, follow them”.
14. That is why your prayer should be that God should strengthen the man at His right hand even the Son of Man so that He will help you to worship God rightly.
15. I told you clearly, I am not Jesus and I will never be Jesus and Jesus was not Christ until Christ made him His Chosen Vessel, then he became Christ. He became God. Until then, he was a mere human being.
16. I told you I am not a messenger of any age, I told you I do not belong to anything called Church or religion. There is no religion that can be credited to God. Every religion is man-made.
17. Mention the religion, I will tell you where it originated and I will tell you the founder. People said that Jesus Christ found Christianity, that is rubbish, absolutely rubbish! Politics brought about Christianity.
18. There is no religion that can be credited to the Almighty God. In the beginning was there any religion? No sir! The whole world was pointed to Christ. There was no religion. Abraham was all and all.
19. Today, we have the religion of the Jews, religion of the Gentiles, religion of this and that. Was it so in the beginning? Who introduced this mess? You see why I am not a Christian, I am not a Muslim, I am not even a free thinker. I do not belong to anything denomination. I run a movement.
20.  I am using the language that will help you believe your prophet, that is why I called it the Bridal Movement. Otherwise, the name of what I am running is in me. 
21. Tell me where you will classify this faith. Place it among the Orthodox, it will say no. Place it among the new generation Churches, it will say no. to Islam it will say no. but it cut across all. To paganism, it will say no. Where do you place it?
22. What is more, I demonstrated it at the beginning using mercury here, all eyes saw it. Mercury is a liquid metal. Drop it on the ground it does not pick anything. It can break into pebbles, you cannot pick it with ordinary hand. Only magnet will collect mercury because it is a liquid metal. That is what this message is all about.
23. I AM THE SUPER MAGNET and I am searching for iron not plastic, not nylon. I do not care where that iron is and how rusty that iron is. I must pick it in its rust entity anyhow because it has magnetic quality. But take it to the waterproof, it will say no. it is synthetic, it is flamboyant.
24. Nevertheless, God said something, that in His mercy, He can consider non-magnetible elements. Only on one condition. Yes, “Only on one condition”.
25. If you place waterproof on top of iron, place magnet, in the attempt to draw the magnet, it will draw the waterproof. But the waterproof must cooperate with the iron otherwise, the wind can blow off the waterproof. So the waterproof must make sure it is wrapped tightly around the iron.
26. If you were with me from the very beginning, show by raising your hand as many as are privileged to be here. This statement I made, was it my original statement? Did I demonstrate it before many witnesses?
27.  I AM HE! Malachi chapter 3:6, Hebrews 13:8.
28. Of course Apostle Kelechi is failing in His ministry gradually. I gave him serious assignment. I want to refresh your memories showing you that Jehovah of the Old Testament, is Jesus Christ of the New Testament so that you begin to see that from the beginning it is Christ, in the middle Christ, in the end Christ. 
29. All the prophets of God had the Spirit of Christ in them not Jesus. Therefore, if you are Jesus’ disciple, go ahead but it is better you are Christ’s disciple. And Christ is nothing but the Anointed One, The Messiah, The Savior. He is here now.
30. If you do not know the difference between these two, you muddle things up and confusion will set in. Once you are confused, you are deceive for no man can be deceived until he is confused.  
31. God is not the author of confusion. The Son of Man is still here to settle all confusions.
32. Malachi 3:6 For I am the Lord, I changeth not for that reason, you children of Jacob are not consumed KJV.
33. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever. KJV.
34. Every family in heaven and on earth must be named after Christ not Jesus. Jesus had a ministry and that ministry was to pay the price of sin. And there is One that will come after Him who will not come for everybody. He is coming with full and final salvation.
35. Yes, full and complete salvation not for everybody, but to those that are eagerly and patiently waiting for Him. It is different from the common salvation which all of us have received.
36. The common salvation is that you have known the truth that pulled you out from the denomination. It is not yet complete salvation. Salvation is incomplete until you have put on the new body. If you have not assumed the glorified estate, you are not like Him.
37.  For that reason, I demonstrated it here. I was at Benjamin, the empty body was there but the Original Body was here that you may believe that I am HE.
38. What is more, nobody opened the door for me. I never pushed the doors apart. Heathens know me more than those that called themselves children of the kingdom.
39. If I perform abracadabra here, it will become the talk of the day. But why should I? Signs and wonders are for unbelievers for the voice went forth aforetime.
40. God first of all gave you a message and in that message He said that whenever I will like to magnify myself, I will show you my original body. That was in 1993 but look at what happened.
41. Remember in 1993, you were less than 20 persons in the fellowship throughout the whole Nigeria and I made a proclamation saying, “If you will follow me faithfully, be patient with me, do not be quick in calling this movement God or devil ,rather be patient. Watch, before your eyes, I will bring down the Pillar of Cloud. Before your eyes, I will bring down the Godhead, before your eyes, I will show you the Original Body of Christ that you may believe that I am He.
42. Of course those that have learnt to believe my word have proved that I am He. For I have brought into existence something that has not existed by My Word. If only you will take it doubting nothing, you will see it coming.
43. And you watch my reaction whenever I make a statement, I feel relaxed. Even if you try to remind me of it, I will flare up. I will tell you to go and relax your mind, if you like do not have faith.
44.  How can I speak twice on a matter? Once the word goes forth, it settles the whole thing.
45. Something was happening in my house for some time now and it is like the thing wanted to trouble me anytime I wanted to be happy for there is no child of God who God will not allow one infirmity or the other to remain there so that you will know that you are a dying man.
46.  If everything is removed from your system, you will be God. You will be boasting, “For over twenty years now I have never taken paracetamol for I have been very healthy.” Na lie! No matter who you are, God will allow one infirmity to remain there.
47. You see, there was this infirmity that came almost disturbing every time I have reasons to be very very happy. One night like that, I sensed that problem, the person that was passing through the problem was praying deep in the heart, praying that God should remember that case not knowing that it had already become a finished matter.
48.  I said, “Ok I will do something.” While she was awake, I caused the spirit of sleep to rest on her for only two minutes. You can sleep for one minute, you can sleep for two minutes. However, I wanted her to sleep for two minutes so that I can hear the snoring first.
49. When I heard the snoring, my hand went there and pulled the thing out. Immediately, she sprang up for the thing was painful. Less than one minute, she was like somebody that woke up from the grave, the joy was great, for the body became free.”
50.  She watched over herself, shook her body and then wanted to share the experience, I said, “No, no, no. I do not need it.” I asked her, “Is this the first? Has it not been happening this way?”
51. Whatever God is from the very beginning, that is what He is today. He has never changed and His program has remained the same.
52. We are still on course because He has not finished with mankind. Restoration is incomplete until you are restored to where you were driven away and that is the Garden of Eden.
53. I have told you time without number, the heaven God promised Abraham was documented and I have told you what will happen here. Do not worry, any moment from now I will be here with the few that will survive. God and His people will rule this earth In righteousness.
54. Now I want you to cast your mind back to Sodom and Gomorrah. Elohim appeared before Abraham in human form, told him what He was about to do in Sodom and Gomorrah for the horrible reports emanating from the two cities troubled God so much that He decided to come down in person.
55. Abraham pleaded for the salvation of Sodom and Gomorrah, God listened to him and said, “Ok, now I have heard your plea, if I can see hundred people righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah, I must surely spare the cities.”
56. Abraham went, came back empty handed. He pleaded for fifty, God said, “No problem. If I see fifty, I will spare Sodom and Gomorrah.”
57. Abraham went, came back, not even one. He narrowed it down to ten, God sent Him. He narrowed it to five, God sent him. He narrowed it to one, God sent him. Not even one. Abraham fainted.
58. It now dawn on him to make another plea, “My Lord, if I have found favour in your sight, I have my nephew and his family sojourning there. Can you please save their lives for my sake?” Seeing that they have become friends.
59. Go back to message YOU ARE MY FRIENDS. Read that message, “You are my friends.” Then the Lord said, “For your sake I will spare their lives only on one condition. I am sending two of my angels to them, if they will hearken to them, follow my instructions, I assure you I will guarantee their safety. But where they say no, I am not obligatory to save them.”
60. You know the story. While they delayed, God Himself held them by His own hand and dragged them out of the city. Even the wife perished outside the city not inside. God dragged all of them out.
61. “Run to the same place you have chosen to go, I assure you for your sake destruction can never get there for I have given Abraham my word of promise which I cannot cancel.”
62. The woman drew back outside the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. The rest ran to the chosen place and got secured. God intended that new nations would come out from there. Let me stop there. 
63. Why was it impossible to find one person? They were all depending on their ability. They trusted in themselves instead of trusting in what God can do.  They trusted in their power, they trusted in their morality and everything failed them.
64. However, look at Abraham, Abraham never obtained the promise because he was righteous. Was it not the scripture? It is there that God never gave the promise to Abraham because he was righteous or he did anything good.
65. Abraham was a notorious sinner. But he did one thing, he trusted in One who has the power to save the ungodly. He pinned his hope on Him and then his faith was imputed upon him as his righteousness. Hence, he has become the father of our faith.
66. You will be blessed with faithful Abraham if you have the same faith which he exercised in God which made him not to withhold his only son provided God will be pleased.
67. Moreover, there was no command God gave to Abraham which Abraham argued with. Even when God told him, “Depart from your people and go,” he said Amen and went. No negotiation. Only Lot negotiated conditions.
68. Why? Lot was not in the covenant of God but it was a plea made by a friend requesting only but one thing “escape” from Sodom not eternal life, not inheritance for Lot has no inheritance in Canaan.
69. God never saved Lot. It was Abraham that took his nephew and his family. And when they got there, his nephew became covetous, started struggling with others over land. Then Abraham being one in the bosom of God, he starved. God told him His way of doing things, He said, “Abraham, now cross your hands. Ask him to make his choice. Abraham now crossed his hands, the right hand now became the left, the left became the right.
70. He said, “Make your choice.” Because God was not with him, Lot made the wrong choice. He chose Sodom and Gomorrah because his hand was there. He saw arable land but he did not see death. He saw wealth, he saw prosperity, but he did not see death. He never asked why the hand was crossed. He never noticed it.
71. That was how Jacob crossed his hand. Isaac also crossed his hand.  So crossing of hands has become one of the attributes of God. But I am here. Do you expect me to cross my hand?
72.  How can I cross my hand, am I afraid of you? Anywhere I want to place you is where I will place you whether you like it or not. 
73. John and James came struggling for the position, Jesus Christ said, “I don’t have this power, only my Father.” And Jesus was the son of God who came and they killed him. The Father is here. THE FATHER IS HERE, LIVE.
74. Three visitations. Three appearances. “If a masquerade appears three times, it will go”.  Amen.

Gospel according to St. John from chapter 1. John told them saying I merely baptize with water but right here in the crowd is someone you have never met. Who will soon begin His ministry among you.
2. Verse 26 in King James version. John answered them saying, I baptize with water but there standeth one among you whom you know not. He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe latchet’s I am not worthy to unloose
3. Verse 26 through 31, Living Bible. John answered them saying I merely baptize with water but right here in the crowd is someone you have never met.
4. Right here in the crowd is someone you have never met. You do not know Him.
5. Who will soon begin His ministry among you…
6. “Who will soon begin His ministry among you”. He was in the midst of the people and they knew Him not. How I wish all of you were with me from the very beginning. There would not be any need rehearsing these things.
7. Some think I am the one that started the Bridal Faith. Even where I am living, they think I own the Church. I do not own any. This ministry was here before I came. I met it at Ugwumba in 1990 with all the ministers. Many died, many ran away, some are here till today.
8. In 1990, they were answering Bible Believers Assembly. Even Bro Orjiakor you were there, Apostle Kelechi, Amankem, Chime, John Ekwueme, even the sisters. And they have been there for over ten years oh before I came.
9. Moreover, I never came as a minister, I came as Mr. Nobody. I sat down. In their running around, I never joined them for one day. I never attended anything called wedding, ceremony among them.  Never, never! They were praying for something, I never knew what they were praying for.
10. They were mentioning William Braham, I knew him not. When they were saying Branham, I was quoting Bible. They were carrying sermon books, I was carrying Bible.
11. Well, sharing this experience will be absolutely useless. The first day they used me as an interpreter; their Pastor opened his mouth and testified, “This man is a man of God,” and this was the same pastor that told me to kneel down to enable him cast the devil out of me for correcting their madness which they called preaching and their noisemaking which they were using to disturb their neighbours.
12. He said, “Who is this man correcting us?” I raised my hand. He said, “Come forward, this is devil.” About nine ministers placed their hands on me at the same time. I do not know who was casting and who was binding. All of them prayed and prayed. I was the devil that visited them.
13. I laughed at them and they sat down quietly. It continued until one day they were worried among themselves. Even the debate, I never joined because immediately I met them they were debating the name they will give their Church, that it will not be Bible Believers Assembly. I closed my mouth for I know the voice that is leading me.
14.  One day like that, they said that their Sunday school teacher was not around, that I should come and encourage them. I said, “Did I tell you I am a minister? What will I use? I do not know anything sermon book and I cannot read Ken-Tucking English.” I was less than three months old.
15. They pleaded and pleaded, I said, “Ok permit me to use the Bible.” They said that I am free to use the Bible. I said ok no problem.
16. I handled a teaching and that teaching I titled it “Perfect Love”. For that was what was missing among them. I never knew anything they were calling “altar call.”
17. By the time I was rounding up the teaching, the whole altar filled. People crying and shouting even the Pastor. I was astonished. I asked, “What is happening? Is that how you worship God? Men and women trying to kill themselves at the altar? Is this confession?”
18. In fact I met them as worshipers of Baal. Balaam religion, that was what I met. I was the one God used to preach separation in 1992 which made them not to take their Holy Communion. After which Bro Ben Okezue mounted the pulpit and said, “Is there not a cause?” A very big fight.
19. I humiliated all that worth something in the End-time. From there, they knew that something was coming out. Enquiries started. 
20. You see, John was telling them, “Among you is one you have never met, you don’t know Him. Who will soon begin His ministry among you. Remember He was in the world, the world knew Him not.
21. John told them saying I merely baptize with water but right here in the crowd is someone you have never met. Who will soon begin His ministry among you and I am not even fit to be His slave. This incident took place at Bethany a village at the other side of the Jordan river where John was baptizing.
22. The next day, John saw Jesus coming towards him he said look here is the lamb of God who takes away the worlds sin. He is the one I was talking about when I said John told them saying I merely baptize with water but right here in the crowd is someone you have never met. Who will soon begin His ministry among you. Soon a man far greater than Is coming … .
23. Did he say a ghost? No sir! A man far greater than I am. If you were there, won’t you be wondering who could be this man who is in the crowd that could be greater than John who was highly valued by the Jews as a man sent by God.
24. They wondered, “Who could be this man in our midst and we do not know Him but John is saying that He is greater than him?”
25. Soon, a man far greater than I is coming, He existed long before me…”
26. By birth, John was senior to Him but spiritually, He was there before John was formed in his mother’s womb. Before anything else, He was there.
27. I didn’t know He was the one but I am here baptizing with water in other to point Him out to you the nation of Israel. Then John told about seeing the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descending from heaven….
28. In the form of a dove, was it a dove? No sir!  In the semblance of a dove, in a twinkling of an eye John saw Him. The congregation didn’t see it. John was the only one seeing Him for he was the prophet. .
29. …Then John told about seeing the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descending from heaven….
30. Did it happen here? Before the photograph was the taken, three brothers that had the gift of vision had already seen the Cloud coming from the eastern door, resting on the pulpit above the head of The Apostle.
31. Charles Nwaobiara saw the thing, Ernest Agada saw it, Bishop Ebenezer also saw it and narrated everything before us, before the photograph was taken. Even Charles saw the whole thing moving, trying to engulf the whole congregation.
32. Then John told about seeing the Holy spirit in the form of a dove descending from haven and resting upon Jesus. I didn’t know He was the one John said again but at the time God sent me to baptize, He told me, when you see the Holy spirit descending
33. Did God tell the people of Israel? No sir! It was a communication between John and God. God told him a sign to watch out for.
34. when you see the Holy Spirit descending and resting upon someone
35. “Resting upon someone” and nobody knew the person for no name was given. He did not see when the Holy Spirit rested upon the man called Jesus. Someone can be anybody.
36. The same way William Branham told us, “When He will appear on the scene, look at how you will know Him. The Cloud will vindicate who He is.”
37. Thus, He does not require any further introduction. Whosoever you see vindicated in the Cloud, He is the One.
38. When you see the Holy Spirit descending and resting upon someone, He is the one being baptized with the Holy spirit. I saw it happen to this man...
39. I saw it happen to who?
40.  This man and I therefore testify that He is the Son of God.
41. “I therefore testify that He is not “a” “The” son of God”.
42. The following day, as John was standing with two of his disciples, Jesus walked by, John looked at Him intently and declared see there is the lamb of God”.
43. Then John’s two disciples turned and followed Jesus. Jesus looked around and saw them following, what do you want He asked them? Sir they replied, where do you live? Come and see He said.
44. So they went with Him to the place where He was staying and were with Him from about four o’clock that afternoon until the evening.
45. So he had a dwelling place?
46. One of these men was Andrew Simon Peter’s brother. Andrew then went to find his brother Peter and told him we have found the Messiah and he brought Peter to meet Jesus. LB.
47.  Somebody can be in your midst even for your own good yet you may not know. Remember He was in the world, the world knew Him not.
48. John chapter 1 verse 10 Living Bible. But although He made the world, the world never recognized Him when He came.
49. Who made the world? Although He made the world, when He came out in human nature, the world never recognized Him.
50. Verse 14. And Christ became a human being.
51. Christ became what? A human being.
52. And Christ became a human being and lived here among us.
53. He lived here on earth among us. Is it not true? And there in the congregation they knew Him not for they were having a picture of what He would look like. They never knew He would be like them. An ordinary man just as they are. Amen.



Second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 16, Living Bible. So we have stopped evaluating others by what the world thinks about them. Once I mistakenly thought of Christ that way...

2. “Once I mistakenly thought of Christ that way”.

3. as though he were merely a human being.

4. Merely as a human being like myself”.

5. How differently I feel now.

6. “How differently I feel now”.

7. (AMP)  consequently from now on we estimate and regard no one from a purely human point of view in terms of natural standards of value.

8. Otherwise you explain away your Saviour. You see why William Branham said “Don’t try explaining supernatural things. By so doing, you will explain away your God you have come to worship, for He is a supernatural God that does supernatural things.”

9.  If you take delight in explaining everything you see in a human being from human perception, truly speaking you will miss God. You may even slap Him, you may rebuke Him. And this is the problem we are having now.

10. In His simplicity He ceases to be God but when He rages, He is regarded as God. This is the problem we are having now.

11. Consequently, from now on we estimate and regard no one from a purely human point of view in terms of natural standards of value. No, even though we once estimate Christ from a human point of view…

12. We once committed this crime estimating Him from a human point of view as an ordinary human being like us. “Who is He? Is He not a human being like us? Please let us hear word!” He will still be looking at you while you are talking rubbish.

13. …and as a man, yet now we have such knowledge of Him.

14. “Now we have such knowledge of Him”

15. … that we know Him no longer in terms of the flesh. 

16. “We know Him no longer in terms of the flesh”. I am sharing testimonies of people that ran this race before you. You must have your own testimony of how you started, of where you are and whenever you will get to the end.

17. “The toils of the road will seem nothing when we get to the end of that road”. When we get to the end of the road, all that we have passed through now will seem nothing for the sufferings of this present time are nothing to be compared to the glory that awaits us if we can endure till the end.

18.  Look at the struggle, the struggle is the struggle of unbelief. As long as you have not come to the Throne of Grace, truly speaking, you will remain struggling to overcome.

19. Everything about human nature, you must get out of human nature for you to join the supernatural nature. For the natural and the supernatural nature cannot blend. One is opposed to the other. The spirit sometime maybe willing, the flesh maybe saying no. Why? The individual has not come to the Throne of Grace. 

20. I am sending a fresh invitation to all and sundry if you are sure and certain that you have not come to the Throne of Grace, today is your day. For I am just trying to lay a foundation before I will speak.

21. The moment you come to the Throne of Grace, fear of destruction vanishes. You will never be afraid of any amazement by day or by night. You will be settled.

22. There is no amount of preaching that will instill anything fear in you or that will make you to be troubled because you are a part of it. I said, “You are a part of it”.

23. One thing is to know about Grace, another thing is to come to the Throne of Grace. Grace has throne. Do not worry, I am coming to something.

24. Remember this is another way I am introducing Christ so as to create faith. I am not done with the teaching we started “Have Faith in God”.

25. You must know the God before you exercise your faith. Knowing Him means knowing Him beyond human realm, beyond human perception. Many maybe acquainted with him in the flesh, as a human being but will be far from Him in the spirit.

26. The moment the Spirit of Christ abhors you, you are doomed! Remember that Judas was called His friend even when he was in error but the spirit of Christ had already abhorred Judas. Christ never gave him the impression that he was an enemy. Rather He commanded him, “That which you want to do, go and do it quickly.”

27. After accomplishing it, he came back asking for mercy. It was late, he hanged himself. I am going further. 

28. We will go to First John 1-2 using Living Bible. They are popular scriptures. Remember my foundation, which is our motto here. I am not trying to bribe your conscience into believing me, no. I am not trying to use mere words of oratory to seduce you, no.

29. As I am allowed to preach this Gospel approved by God so I speak to you not aiming at pleasing anybody, not making you believe that we are friends so that I can get one advantage or the other from you.

30. What is that thing you think you can offer me? Tell me what it is! There is nothing! My whole life is dependent on Somebody you do not know. You are looking at Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be His Holy Name) “Brother, Brother, Brother…”

31. How can you be my brother? How can you be my sister? Often times we use such languages so that we can feel somehow friendly. But I know that you are far from where I am. I know that very well.

32. Often times, you discover that what you think you are is not what the Son of Man takes you to be. Some even marvel even over the telephone conversation. You think I am crazy? I am not crazy.  I am the best you can ever meet.


34. I have never for one day dealt with anybody according to the level of his iniquity. Why attempting it when I know I have only but one day to settle all scores and there will not be any arbiter.

35. Why destroying the devil before his time? No! I will allow him to continue. I have only but one day I will settle my scores with the whole earth.

36. First John 1-2 (LB). Christ was alive when the world began. Yet I myself have seen Him with mine own eyes...

37. “With my own eyes”. You know what Christ is all about. With my own eyes, not hearsay. What am I saying? I am the Lord I changeth not. Therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed. You are not in desolation. You can never be abandoned.

38.  Christ yesterday, today and forever. Then who promised to be with us always even till the end of the world? Christ. Has the world come to an end? If He is here with us, what will you call it? He is here according to His promises for in Him, His prophecies are ye and Amen and He watches over His word.

39. He said, “I will never leave you as orphans. I will come again and be with you. A little while, the world will see me no more but you will keep on seeing me. Because I live, you must live also.”

40. I am expanding your understanding that you will now be understanding the real meaning of the scriptures for He is in your midst in human form as He earlier promised.

41. The prophets also prophesied. Maybe you are not happy that He visited you in your own day. That you happened to be the people the prophets saw and asked, “Who could be the beneficiaries of this marvelous grace anytime it shall be revealed, when God will no longer be demanding people to work out their own righteousness but amazing grace will now do that for them which they could not do?” You must come to the Throne of Grace.

42. Christ was alive when the world began. Yet I myself have seen Him with mine own eyes yet I myself have seen Him with my own eyes and listened to Him speak...

43. “Listened to Him speak”. Somebody must have this testimony in our day otherwise, the Word of God is of non-effect. No matter whatever people preach out there, the reality is in the Bride. Is it not true?

44. When we shall see Him, we shall be like Him for we shall see Him just as He is. Mere human being like us yet He is the Elohim.  

45. I have touched Him with my own hands, He is God’s message of life.

46. Colossians 1:16 LB, Christ Himself was in the world before the world began.

47. Christ Himself was in the world. Christ Himself not Jesus is the Creator. Remember that He was there before the world began but Jesus was not there. 

48. Christ Himself was in the world before the world began, but Jesus was not there. Rather, Christ in the prophets prophesied about the coming of the Messiah who shall be called Emmanuel, meaning God with us. I hope I am giving you this teaching at the level you can understand.

49. I do not want to soar high. I am going so low.  Even the deaf and dumb will hear me, and believe this message. Jesus had a beginning, Jesus had an end. Jesus stated from the day He was born till the day He vanished in the clouds of heaven and promised to be back in a New Name not as Jesus.

50.  And nobody knoweth the new Name except Him to who it is revealed. LO, HE COMETH IN A NEW NAME.  You see where they missed it?

51. Some read the account of St. Paul but they do not know that the message of St. Paul was for the people of that age (AD 70), that at mention of the name “Jesus” every knee will bow, this and that.

52. That was for that day. For that was the name given to them from where they could be saved.

53. However, when William Branham came, whoever that was living in that age and said he did not believe, that was his doom for the only way to believe God is to believe in Him whom He has sent in your day.

54. Thus, do not say, “I believe in Jesus, I do not believe in Branham.” You have not believed in any.

55. If they had believed Moses, they would have believed Christ for the spirit of Christ was the same spirit operating in Jesus. But the people said, “We are Moses’ disciples. Concerning this one, no!”

56.  The one they indicted told them, “Even that Moses, you never believed Him. If you had believed Him, believing in me would have been made very easy for he spoke concerning me, He saw also my day and rejoiced.”

57.  The reason why you cannot understand me is because you are not a part of me. For that, to implement my messages will be difficult to you.

58. How can you implement my word when you do not have my spirit, you do not have my nature! It is like asking a dog to behave like a goat. It is impossible. They are two different natures.

59. I am trying to see if I can graft some to the original tree. That is what I called adoption. I can graft tangerine to orange or to grape. But I cannot graft tangerine to coconut tree or palm tree or paw-paw.

60. If I am an expert which I am, I can present a tree with different leaves all attached to one stem just to make sure I carry that person or the persons.

61. I must find an opening where I will squeeze that person in the stem nourished from my loins. Because I have noticed that nobody wants to perish and people are not perishing because of what they have done but because of what they have not done.

62. A child that is born with a curse, will the child blame himself or the parents? Some are striving to be good even in behavior, in character, they are better than many of us here but they have no part in the life Christ gives.

63. Is it possible that somebody will behave very well, have good reputation, command respect yet God will drop him and pick a criminal? Yes! The criminal is a seed of Abraham.

64. Remember that God was able to save a prostitute in the days of Jesus for she was a seed of Abraham.

65. Those that took refuge in the house of Abraham obtained favour. Favour was extended to them for the services they rendered to Abraham who was a friend of God. For the sake of Abraham, He put all of them together and named them Abraham seed. Abraham even used some to complete the twelve tribes of Israel who were not from the beginning elects of God even according to foreknowledge.

66. The prophet said God would save too many heathens you do not know for loving the children of God. He said they may not be even in your fellowship for one day, they may not join in your feast of love, but God is taking note of their labours of love.

67. Thus, cast not away your confidence that has a great recompense of love.

68. I am still here, as long as I am here, nobody is lost. Even those that left us, many may declare them lost. Has the Son of Man said so? Do you know whether we are relating but they do not come to fellowship?

69. Do you know whether from time to time they seek help from me and I help them. We interact yet they do not come here.

70. Do not declare anybody lost until you enter paradise and you look for that person and you did not see him. For translation must spring surprises. It is not he that runneth, not he that willeth but God that showeth mercy.

71. He decides who will be at the left and who will be at the right not you. What is more, He is here. What can you say about these thousands that are in the Son of Man globally? Some call me, some write. Some do not even call but they are always there.

72. You think they are there in vain? Am I sharing bread other than the word? Don’t you think they have seen something in Me which they have not found elsewhere?

73. If they have the opportunity to come down, don’t you think they will come here? If I am a hungry man, I will not be in Nigeria. All these invitations, I would have been honouring them from one city to another city. But far be it from me to flout My Word. 

74. I AM HE, I DO NOT GO TO MOHAMMED. WHETHER MOHAMMED LIKES IT OR NOT, HE MUST COME TO ME.  If I want to make myself popular, you want to tell me that I cannot raise money for flight ticket? That I cannot obtain visa?

75. Brethren, I am going to Canada, I am going to America, this and that. Let me go to Nairobi- Kenya here. How much will it cost? By the time I come back I will be sharing testimonies of how I romanced with them and then ate their food, this and that. “Far be it from me”. I know more than that!

76. If they refuse to travel down here, they will never see Me beyond photographs and visions until we shall feast together in Paradise.

77. When I had my last communion with you, I announced it, “I will never eat this concha bread with you anymore, neither will I drink this wine with you again until we shall drink and eat together in paradise”.

78.  If I am to organize it now, where will we get the money? Who will start it? If we start by the normal time, can we finish till morning? It ceases to be communion.

79.  Who will prepare the bread that will go round? How many cartons of wine? Who will remain standing at my age? No!  You think I can wash your feet now young and old? My waist will break.

80. Blessed are those that are privileged to receive the hand of the Son of Man washing their feet, giving them concha bread, giving them wine.

81. If you know you were privileged to attend one, two, three or more of the feast of the Lord’s Supper, show by raising your hand.

82. I mean the Apostle washed your feet. You are a blessed people. It is a testimony of its own. At least while I have mentioned it, I have seen the picture now. I have seen the appearance of the Apostle. I have seen the event that marked every occasion.

83. Many do not know what we call Holy Communion neither do they know what we call Holy Convocation. We have gone afar! We have travelled far. And you think I am crazy? I am not crazy.

84. Do not be carried away by that experience. Your fathers had it in the wilderness and they could not continue with Him, they perished.

85. I myself have seen Him, heard Him speak, touched Him with my hands, He is God’s messenger of life. Christ Himself was the Creator. Amen.