Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: COME TO THE THRONE OF GRACE VOLUME 2

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Colossians 1:16. Christ Himself is the creator who made everything in heaven and
on earth...
2. “He made everything in heaven and on earth”. 
3. The things you can see and the things you cannot see.
4. Visible and invisible and things like that. In the Book of John, you would come across where John said, “I am earthly and Christ is heavenly. This one that came from heaven is mightier than I am. I speak of earthly things and He speaks of heavenly things.”
5. Not many understood Him. However, those that really understand Him confirmed that really He (Christ) is the Fountain of Truth. He said many will go to the attraction while many will go to Christ”.
6. I am the attraction, He is the Christ. Therefore, if you are heavenly, you must follow the Heavenly Messenger. If you are earthly, you follow earthly messenger.
7. Anyone that is earthly, cannot understand Heavenly Message for they are heavenly designed, designated to meet heavenly purposes. How can you be earthly and understand heavenly things?
8. Did anybody see Him landing from the sky? However, John said He came from heaven because John knew where heaven is. If I say heaven now, your eyes will go to the sky. Is heaven the sky? No sir!
9. He is the one that proceeded from God and God is dwelling in Him. In addition, anybody He has placed in right standing with Himself, He has promoted that person to heavenly dignity. If you are with Christ, you are in heaven. Is it not true?  
10. You have passed from death unto life. Wherever Christ is, that is heaven. Are you not sitting in heavenly places? We are! With who? Christ.
11. Take away Christ now, are you in heavenly places? Today it is heavenly places, tomorrow students will be in our fellowship hall. Do you call it heavenly place? No sir! Christ has left.
12. The presence of Christ makes it a heavenly place. Remember I am not talking to the world. I am talking to my people. When God sends a man, He predestines the people that will receive the man.
13. Now, He has come Himself. He came to meet a people that have been eagerly, patiently waiting for Him. Moreover, wherever they embrace Him, you see them rejoicing. Their joy will know no bounds at all.
14. Let me go back. John 3:25-33, Living Bible translation. One day someone began an argument with Johns disciples
15. Take note of it: “one day” an argument ensued between someone and John’s disciple.
16. Remember after the introduction of the Messiah, the Bible said some of John’s disciples left him and followed Christ while some said over their dead body. They continued with John.
17.  John told them he was not the Messiah, they continued following him anyhow. John had already absorbed himself by declaring to them: “I am not what you think I am. What you are looking for is what I am looking for.”
18. Can you find anything in the bag of someone who is in need? No sir! He showed them the Messiah but they refused following Him because they have stayed too long with John.
19. One day someone began an argument with Johns disciples telling them that Jesus baptism was the best. So they came to John and said master the man you met on the other side of the Jordan river, the one you said was the Messiah… 
20. “The one you said was the Messiah,” have you heard it? They did not believe. They were like the children Sceva who came to cast out demons using the name of Jesus the Christ which Paul preached. Not which they believed.
21. They said, “Master, the one you said is the Messiah, we met Him baptizing and His followers are saying that His own is better than your own. We quarreled with them, we told them to shut up their mouth. They were blaspheming.”
22. They were sincerely wrong doing God a service outside His will. Be very careful, your attachment with anyone God sends in your dispensation can be destructive if you are not having the Spirit of God. If you have the Spirit of God, you move with God.
23. Immediately John finished with John, nobody has any right to follow John again. It was because of the way they were glued to John that made God to erase John. God decided that Herod should behead John to stop people following him.
24. When God finishes with a vessel, He buries him in the ground so as to stop his followers from continuing. If God never removed Moses, Joshua would not have had even one follower.
25. So they came to John and said master the man you met on the other side of the Jordan river, the one you said was the Messiah, He is baptizing too and everybody is going over there instead of coming here to us. John replied God in heaven appoints each man’s work. My work is to prepare the way for that man.
26.  “My work is to prepare the way for that man”. I can never go beyond it. Like Jesus was used as a Lamb without blemish to pay the penalty of sin on the Cross which the blood of animals could not remove. No more, no less.
27. It was not for salvation, it was for atonement. It was of propitiation. He knew where His own stopped and told you to expect One that is coming who will now give you the fullness which will bring you to perfection.
28. Even when St. Paul came, he said, “We are working with the dim light. What we are holding now is imperfect. When that which is perfect will appear on the scene, we will drop all that is imperfect. For whatever they were holding could not make anybody perfect. They were all faulty.
29. Now the perfect on is on the scene, the Holy God appearing, the Perfect One appearing, the Faithful One appearing. Because no man is good but God. No man is Holy but God, nobody is perfect but God. Nobody is righteous but God. Nobody is anything but God. That is why it is God in you that worketh in you after the counsel of His own will.
30. …my work Is to prepare a way for that man so that everyone will go to Him. You yourselves know how plainly I told you.
31. “You know how plainly I told you”. I never impersonated, I never claimed what I am not. Can anybody blame John again? John has washed off his hands like William Branham the last prophet, he washed off his hands.
32. Thus, saying you do not believe the Son of Man is a sure sign that from the very beginning, you never believed.
33. And to make sure the Son of Man must be believed, he said, “Two of us cannot stay here at the same time. Whenever He comes, He will increase and I will decrease. One of these days, I will stay in this Holy pulpit, read my last scripture and give way. Nobody will see me again. He that will come will come”.
34. And no other person is coming but Christ in human form riding the trail. Has he not washed off his hands? He told you to expect Him in one of the jungles in Africa, told you what He would do. John told them plainly.
35. “Remember as John the Baptist foreran the first coming, so William Branham foreran the second coming, otherwise the world would have been smitten with a curse.” That was the voice we heard.
36.  The Angel declared it openly in the air as William Branham was commissioned: “As John the Baptist foreran my first coming, so shall your messenger fore an my second coming, otherwise I will smite the earth with a curse.”
37.  What if someone comes claiming one thing or the other, you talk about Branham, and he says he does not know Branham? Who then foreran the ministry?
38. Everything is happening according to prophecy. For by a prophet, God brought them out of Egypt. By the words of the prophet, they were established. Therefore, you must believe the words of the prophets and the Apostles if you must live.
39. You yourselves know how plainly I told you that I am not the Messiah. I am here to prepare the way for Him that is all.  The crowd will naturally go to the main attraction.
40. “The crowd” will naturally like to go where there is attraction. Are you following the crowd or the Cloud? The Children of God follow the CLOUD while the children of the world follow the CROWD.
41. They sound alike but they mean different things. One is heavenly, the other is earthly. One is for salvation, the other is for destruction.
42. The crowd will naturally go to the main attraction. The Bride will go where the Bridegroom is...
43. Who will go? “The Bride will go where the Bridegroom is”.
44. A Bridegroom’s friend rejoices with him. I am the Bridegroom’s friend.
45. I am what?  The Bridegroom’s friend. So He was a Watchman. Is it the Best man that is wedding? No sir!
46. And I am filled with joy for the success. He must become greater and greater and I must become less and less and less. He has come from heaven and He is greater than anyone else.
47. “He has come from heaven and He is greater than anyone else”. Was He not the one that was delivered by Mary? Mary was the one that carried Him in her womb for nine months. However, He came from heaven. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
48. John has confirmed He came from heaven. “Ignorant people will be wondering this boy, when? See the father the carpenter, see the mother. Please give way! This is what you people are using to deceive people! Look at a boy whose mother carried in her arms that you said He came from heaven”. 
49. A natural man cannot understand Spiritual things. You see why you cannot evaluate a human being from the human perspective otherwise you will evaluate Christ your Creator that way, He becomes equal with you, you destroy yourself.
50. If after this message you have not come to the Throne of Grace, I can boldly declare you lost! Because I am revealing to you all you should know so that your faith can never be moved, your conviction can never be moved.
51. Let me know what that person will use to shake you. Let me know the preaching. Who is the preacher who is wiser than the Elohim who is standing in the midst of the Bride?
52. Naturally the Bride will to where the Bridegroom is. I am the Bridegroom, so whosoever that is attached to me is a representation of the Bride. Is it not true? It is sir!
53. Thus, I believe a good number of you are here because the Bridegroom is here. If that is not the reason why you are here, you are wasting your time. If there is any other consideration for which you are here if not that you want to be where the Bridegroom is, you have missed it all. You should be pitied of all men. You are running in vain.
54. In addition, if that is the reason why you are here, you must do whatsoever He has commanded you to do for you have not gone this way before. Better pay attention now because we are going to do our final selection and selection is based on conviction.
55. He has come from heaven and He is greater than anyone else…
56. “He is greater than anyone else” If I say I am the greatest, am I making noise? No sir!
57. Let me tell you, up till today I am the greatest and I know I am the greatest. I KNOW I AM NOT GREAT, I AM NOT GREATER, I AM THE GREATEST FOR I HAVE TRAILED ON NO-GO-AREAS. And I am still here talking and will remain talking until I call it quit.
58. For I have the right, the power to drop my life, I have the power to take it. If I am afraid, will I be making public statements? No sir! I would have been going about with Police escort. You must know the God you are worshiping. Amen.

The cloud is in the Camp. I deemed it necessary to officiate today first Sunday of November. Let me pump into you the strength that will see you up to next year if there will be next year.
2. Yes! Knowledge is power, knowledge is strength! I am giving you strength for today and strength for tomorrow for you to know whom you are, whom you have believed.
3. “Yes I know whom I have believed and I am not persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day”.
4. To Him that is able to keep you from falling be the glory, be the honour, the praise, thanksgiving, adoration, worthy forever.
5. Yes! The Apostles saw Him as one that is able to keep us from falling. He will not allow us to fall. Even if it comes to me as a thought, God will forbid it.
6. No matter the situation around me, He will not allow me to fall. And He will not allow us to fall. He should take the glory and no other person. I am not the one holding myself rather His Grace. Can you hold yourself? You cannot uphold yourself. The cloud is here.
7. He has come from heaven and He is greater than anyone else. I am of the earth and my understanding is limited to the things of the earth.
8. Have you seen it? He confessed he has limited understanding and it is limited to earthly things. However, this man speaketh heavenly things into existence here on earth.
9. A heavenly being walking on two feet in the midst of creatures He made. I do not know whether the crime is why must it be Brother Odoemena. If it is not Brother Odoemena, will it be you? “If e no be me oh na who God go bless oh” Na me!
10. I did not bribe God. Not because of anything good I did or evil I did. This is His Eternal Purpose which He purposed concerning me before the world began and He made His selection and the lot fell on me in the whole world like it fell on the Lord Jesus, it fell on the Prophets, it fell on William Branham, now the lot fell on Brother Odoemena globally.
11. I am happy! Note it, happy, glorious, to be envied is the one whom the Lord had already selected to bear His Name in the whole world. One man! And William Branham preached it before it happened. It rested upon one in a million. That God is looking for one man.
12. One man that He will control by His word, use Him as an instrument. One man in the whole world and the lot fell on me.
13. Bishop Ebenezer said before he died by revelation, that, “Never have I come across a man as meek and gentle as this man. If God will use me (Bishop Ebenezer) one-tenth the way He has been using the Son of Man, nobody will see me. People will die every day.
14. Before you see me, you will go there, fill your form. You will pass through so many rigors and protocols. In addition, I will have need of escort. If you disobey, I will punish you here”.
15. Let me tell you something, I want to give you one experience that does not fizzle out of my memory so quickly. When I married my wife in 1988, she noticed one thing that was my major fault, according to her. Because we were in the same office, we were living in a wicked world as it is wicked till today. There is no man who is moving about without enemies around him.
16. You see, my wife noticed my type of fellow, she nearly fainted. Why? She was nurturing in mind that she might lose me prematurely because of my nature.
17. One day we went home, she never told me she was reporting me to my mother, not until I was summoned, she was sitting down there. She said, “Mama, pay attention to what I am going to say. If your son dies, I am not responsible and I will never dream of killing my husband for I love Him. But what will kill your son is that He does not listen, He does not pay attention.
18. “He loves His enemies more than His friends. People that are all out to kill Him, these are the people He rushes to. He does not believe that anybody can harm Him. This is why I must tell you. Tell Papa. If you know how you can talk to Him, talk to Him.”
19. I laughed, my mother laughed. She said, “Nwanyi new ulo (a woman that takes care of the home), it never started today. We now believe it is the way God made Him. They will not kill Him. We are nursing the same fear even here at home.”
20.  She started giving instances. At the end of the day, I laughed for that was my stock in trade that time. If you talk, talk, look at my face, I laugh and then you will be provoked the more that you are talking to someone and He is laughing.
21.  Well, you know every natural man must think that way even right now. I do not have enemy, I do not have friend. If you ask me my enemy, I have told my family my enemy, I have told my family my friend.
22. I have one enemy, I have one friend. My friend is Christ, my enemy is the devil. For every action of man is either influenced by Christ or by the devil.
23. Thus, I do not see you misbehaving, I see the devil using you as an instrument because you decided to yield to him. You decided to become an instrument in his hand, then he started using you.
24.  However, if you have given yourself to Christ, Christ will be using you. So you are not my enemy because of what you are doing. My enemy is that person who has been responsible for that evil behavior from the very beginning.  
25. He has come from heaven and He is greater than anyone else. I am of the earth and my understanding is limited to the things of the earth. He tells what He has seen and heard but how few...
26.  “He tells what He has seen and heard,” as a heavenly being standing on earth communicating with somebody you know not.  Won’t it be foolishness for you to doubt a heavenly being or you say, “I will not believe, let me go and hear thus says the Lord.”
27. You behave like the Jews who wanted to hear, when they got there, they ran away. They said, “We will not hear again. God, please talk to Moses, let him talk to us.”
28.  Some even think that the Son of Man is enjoying a field day. That is the way you look at it. But how I wish all of you are prophets!
29.  He tells what He has seen and heard but how few believe what He tells them?
30. But how few believe what He tells them”. Why not pause. How few people, not many. Remember, the other one the crowd pay attention to because it is earthly. But this one is heavenly, only few people pay attention to Him.
31. We are shouting every Sunday that God is getting people from all over the world. Do you know the population of the world? The people God identified so far from the website, are not up to one over five hundred. We are not even one over one million. We are just a drop in a bucket.
32. Just like in Nigeria, the totality of people that make up the Bride both unbelievers in our midst, mixed-multitudes, we are not up to one over one million. Why? That the scriptures might be fulfilled that in every dispensation God’s people are always few.
33. Why should you concern yourself about the few? Strive to be among the few. That is all! If you look at us, you may think that we are large in number. How many people are from your village? How many of your siblings? Even from your own local Government, how many are here?  Do you think that God does not know what He I doing?
34. You are a privileged for coming face to face with God, you saw the Son of Man, shook His hand, ate and drank with Him. “You are privileged”. You see why you must be happy at all times.
35. Pause a little, you will see that the whole scriptures so far read, all dovetailing into the ministry of the Son of Man in the midst of the Bride, how only few people pay attention because He is a heavenly being with a heavenly message.
36. However, look at people that point people to earthly things, earthly messengers, come and see the crowd. They are surging there every day, building cathedral, universities, attractions everywhere, Programs this December. Their programs have filled the Televisions including Reinhard Bonnke.
37. He said he is coming to Lagos for the last time. The other day he came last time, this time he came last time because they have money-minting machine in Lagos. Only a few people pay attention to heavenly messenger.
38. If a message is from God, only God’s people will hear and believe. The rest will not.  I believe I am the Bridegroom, you are the Bride. No change, whatever it produced that time is still a continuation.
39. I told you that worshiping God is a continuation. It does not change for God does not change. When the multitude were milling around Him, He knew they were not serious. When He made a statement, the crowd left leaving only twelve. Among the twelve, one was a pagan.
40. Only a few paid attention to Him. By paying attention, only a few believed Him, only a few understood Him, only a few worked with Him.
41. Are you among the few? Are you in that number saved by grace? I am in that number saved by grace.
42. You see why the devil does not want to give you rest for we are sons and daughters of God. The rest of the people around us are under the power and control of the devil. Anybody who has any diabolic ambition here can never succeed, because greater is He that is with us than he that has caged that person.
43. Often times after hearing the testimonies that follow the Son of Man, they will come here to test, to try. After sometime, they vanish. Fear not little flock it is your father’s good will to give you His kingdom. It is a settled matter.
44. For the prophet said, “That little group out there in the wilderness setting out, believing His word, that is where Christ will be revealed and that is the group that will go into rapture”.
45. For nothing will go into rapture but Christ. Without Christ you will not have rapturing faith.
46. Greater peace have they that know the Lord and nothing shall by any means offend them. Amen.

Remember when I start a teaching, I do not end it that day. I do not know how long this teaching will last for I want to join it with “have faith in God.” I may not get to the point today but let me continue.
2. Those who believed Him discovered that God is a fountain of truth….
3. Those who believed Him discovered that God is what? A Fountain Of Truth!  The Inexhaustible Fountain Of Truth where the Word that gives Life comes out from. 
4. Nobody has ever fellowshipped where the Son of Man ministered and said that the word he heard is not true. They will tell you that this truth is very hard.
5. Looking at this man, the strictness in His voice is scaring. He is a no-nonsense Preacher Who will never compromise His teaching for anything at all.
6. Knowing who I am, tell me what you will use to bribe me to become your friend? I do not need friendship with anybody. For this one sent by God speaks God’s words for God’s Spirit is upon Him without measure or limit.
7. But why do you limit someone whom God has not limited? Which means anybody that has no limit to what He will do, Is He not the Almighty? He is the Almighty because He can do all things. He has no limit.
8. You see why I told you to be very careful that you do not discover something God cannot do. Any day you discover it, your race stops. He said, “I am the Almighty God, the God of all flesh. Is there anything impossible for me to do?” He said never, never. For with God all things are possible.
9. Can you imagine a man that told you “Innocent or guilty, I will destroy.”  With your innocence, He will destroy you. This is the man you will honour, fear, revere Him.
10. If He is saving you, He is saving you because He wants to save you, He wants you to be with Him eternally not because you worked for it. He has His reason for selecting you among those that will stand by His side. And when He is out for you, if you like jump into hell, He will jump into hell and bring you out because He is the One that is coming for you.
11. Anywhere you run to, He will be there and bring you back. If He wants to lose you, kneel down at the door, let the door be open, if you creep in, He will send you out, you crawl in He will drag you out. He will place a stumbling block you can never cross so that He will label you an unbeliever and tell you, “You cannot enter because of unbelief.”
12.  Who placed the stumbling block? God! He knew those that will rise and those that will fall. If God does not want you, He knows what He will do to stumble you out.
13. Anybody He wants to save, there is no obstacle God will not help him to cross. He must surmount all obstacles. I am telling you the truth. It is then that you will discover that there is no temptation that will come to you which by your side you will not see God making a way out because He has volunteered to save you for His Name’s sake
14. Therefore, if you make Him your refuge, you will be happy all the days of your life.
15. The father loves this man because He is His son.
16. The Father loves what? This man! In Him is the father revealed.  Show us the father, show us the father. How long will I be with you yet you do not know me. If you have seen me, you have seen the father. You said you believe in the Son, you do not believe in the Father, you have not believed at all.
17. Believe in my Father, believe also in me for I and my Father are one for in me dwelleth the Father. Without me, no eyes will see the Father. I am the way, I am The Truth, I am The Light. No one cometh to my Father except by me. I am the only Authorized Signature, sealed. I do not have assistant.
18. Thus, the passport to heaven, the visa to heaven must be stamped by the Son of Man only. Bring the passport, this is visa to heaven, I will stamp it, sign it and then tell you to go. For only He has the Father sealed and sent.
19. Amplified version of the Bible said He is the only Authorized Signature that takes your name into heaven.
20. You can never enter any nation without a visa. If you enter illegally, you will be deported. If you enter illegally, you will never move about. Your movement will be restricted. Is it not true?
21. Any day you will arrive, you will either be imprisoned or deported. So you are likened to one that entered heaven through the window. You are a thief! You must come through the door and I am The Door. By me, all will enter and have rest.
22. Whoever that comes through the window is a thief. Once the person is seen, he will be tied leg and hand and will be thrown out through the place he came in into the outer darkness.
23. If you are rejoicing when I am showing you preserved document, I wonder what you will be doing when I will be talking to you because the Spoken Word is the original. Not mere talking by the demonstration, the power of the Holy Spirit.
24. I sprinkled pure water upon all of you to make you clean first. To enable you pay attention and I hope you are happy. I cannot pause this teaching because of anybody. Amen.

I go further brethren. St. John’s Gospel chapter 7 verse 28. It is becoming my anthem here.
2.  Where upon Jesus called out as He taught in the temple porches. Do you know me?
3. Do you know me? After shouting so far in this temple, I am asking you do you know me? Do you know who I am? Has the Son of Man become a revelation to you? Or are you still estimating me by human standard?
4.  Are you using your natural human perception on the Son of Man? It is your right. But you are erring. Do you know me? If you say “yes sir!” Good. Do you know me and where I am from?
5. John knew where He came from but you do you know? Do you know who I am? Do you know where I came from? Do you know where I am going to?
6. Bro. Ifeanyi, you are now appreciating the Son of Man and the faith. When I was forcing you to come down from Cotonu, it was like moving a milestone. I told you to come down let me fill the gap, I want to fill the gap created by wasted years.
7. I am happy that you later believed and it started happening to you according to my word just like Bro. Onyema Eze. He would have been mightier than what he is but from time to time, he places a mountain before himself, not the Son of Man. I am telling you the whole truth.
8. He knows where we started. Well, let us continue moving. I hope nobody is doubting me? Do not say no sir, say you are not doubting me. There is nothing that will stop somebody from doubting me. For all of you do not belong to me.
9. I am the one, out of my magnanimity, who have decided to make some allowances for you, borne out of deep compassion and consideration for the terror that awaits the wicked.
10. When we see the terror, we persuade all men to change their attitudes, their mind and believe this gospel.
11.  Do you know me? Do you know where I am from? I have not come of my own authority and of my own accord and as self appointed. But the one who sent me is true, real, genuine, steadfast. And Him you do not know. (Amp)
12. God appoints the way every man will go. He assigns work to everybody. He is the One that makes His own choice of the person who will bear His Name. And He has confirmed before many witnesses of which you are among those witnesses that the Son of Man is not an impersonator.
13. I never sent myself. He that sent me is always with me, vindicating and confirming even the words of my mouth before all of you. Where is the basis of unbelief? Will you confirm that I am the Fountain Of Truth and tomorrow I become the fountain of lies?
14. One fountain producing bitter water and sweet water? You are out of the way of truth if you have such perception! I want your faith to settle in the Word of God and not in the word of a mere man.
15. So Jesus in a sermon in the temple called out yes you know me and where I was born and raised but I am the representative of one you do not know and He is truth.(LB)
16. I am the Representative of One you do not know. Which means if you have seen me, you have seen that person you do not run up and down looking for that person. He is here.
17. This foundation alone can help you to understand other messages in your houses. It pays to know the source of the messages you are holding. If you do not know the source, you can never take the message seriously.
18. You must know where it is coming from before you begin to obey. Before you begin to proffer your own opinion or idea, you must know who is giving the directive. That will tell you what to do whether it is going to be negotiable or non-negotiable.
19. Anybody worshiping an idol he does not know will die prematurely because he will not know when he did what the idol is against. Is it a lie?
20.  1st John 5:19-20 We know that we are children of God and all the rest of the world around us are under Satan’s power and control.(LB)
21. Do not allow “we to deceive you. Do not generalize, rather personalize. Are you sure you are a child of God? Do you have an unquestionable evidence that you are a child of God?
22. For the scripture says that the Spirit of God beareth witness with our own Spirit that we belong to God. And the Spirit of God is the word of God which you are hearing. The word I am giving to you, they are Spirit, they are life.
23. The word you are hearing, is it making you to feel comfortable? Or is it disturbing your peace? Is it provoking you to anger or is it reassuring you of what is happening in you? Does it agree with the Spirit that is operating in you? These questions must be asked and answered by individuals.
24. If there is anything running contrary, put a halt there. God cannot be false, God cannot be untrue. The truth is this; you love God, you want to be saved. But unfortunately, you do not belong to God.
25. You are not perishing because you committed crime or you are stubborn, no. you are perishing because there unto you are ordained. Are people ordained to perdition?
26. Yes! I will show you some people that are ordained to perdition. But as far as I am here, I can change the record. As long as I am standing here, I hold the key of both hell and heaven. He that could change the story of Jabez is the same God.
27. Remember He was the one that changed the story of Ruth a Moabite. Without God, Ruth was lost. I am still here.  Cases abound. Nobody should be declared lost until it is over. And it is not over until it is over. That is when you look at the Son of Man, you look at yourself, we appear and disappear. Then it is all over.
28. Anybody walking here when we shall be visiting them with the rod of iron, I mean to make vengeance, that person is one that should be pitied. But while I am still here, there is still hope if only you can hear, understand and change your mind.
29. Is it possible that the Son of Man can know those whose names are in the Book of Life? Yes sir! Did St. Paul know those whose names were written in the Book of Life? Yes sir! St. Paul knew them, he mentioned even their names whose names were written in the Book of Life. 
30. If he does not know, Christ was not in him. You want to tell me that the president of Nigeria does not know the names of his ministers, he does not know their portfolios, he does not know their phone numbers?
31. Hear me very well, I do not care the number of soldiers or police men we have. All of them have their folders and we have a database where we have every information concerning every officer.
32. I run a databank. I mean a real databank to make sure I make no mistake at all. I want to tell you the secret of what I am doing now. If you are working on a very important document and you sensed the danger of power becoming erratic, you work a little and save the one you had already done so that in the event of power failure, the one that has been already worked will not be affected.
33.  You type, you save and continue typing. Am I making sense? Yes sir! This is the only way, it is a strategy no messenger of God ever employed. That is why before they know it, the ones they thought they had already captured will escape. In the attempt to go for that one, the rest will scatter.
34. For that reason, the Son of Man has adopted a new strategy: purify and seal, sanctify and seal. So that when the whole thing is over, it is a matter of combining the record. Finish. It is a new strategy.
35. Once I lead you across the divide and notice that there is a big curve between you and hell, I will leave you there and then continue. I have crossed you the other side of the Jordan River, if you like sleep there not until I come there. But to cross and come back, no way. Then I will see you and fish you.
36. But if I get one or two, I will cross them there, come back again still searching. If I wait until I cluster all of them together and make them perfect at the same time, till eternity we will remain here. And by so doing, to count my number has been made very easy.
37. If you ask me the number I have now if you are what I think you are, I will close my eyes and give you the number now here and it will be shocking. It is nothing to write home about! This is what compelled me to start all over. Let me see at least if I can get a handful. No more, no less.
38. What brethren look like in the fellowship is not what they are in their homes. It is not what they are in their private closet, in their business sites. I am telling you the truth. I lie not. This place is to receive teachings, out there is to practice it.
39. 1st John 5:19-20 We know that we are children of God and all the rest of the world around us are under satan’s power and control. And we know that Christ God’s son has come to help us understand and find the true God…
40.  He has come to help us understand who the true God is, so that we a stop beating about the bush, we stop imagining what God will look like. This is the essence of Christ, God’s own Son appearing: To help us understand and then find who the True God is.
41. And now we are in God, in Jesus Christ His son who is the only true God and He is eternal life. (LB)
42. You see, note that was John. Do not say that was that time. I am the Resurrected Body. Who first died? The body that died was Jesus, the body that came back to life was Christ. The body that is here is Brother Odoemena. The Quickening Power is Christ. 
43. And who is Christ? God! For it was the Spirit of Christ in Jesus that made him God. Is it not scripture? Then the Spirit of Christ in Brother Odoemena will it make Him devil? No sir! If you do not believe that I am He, believe that the Spirit of Christ Is in me. Then who am I?
44. William Branham said, “The totality of what Jesus said, the prophets said, were summarized in one thing.”
45.  They were laboring for one thing causing people to believe that God really sent them. That they proceeded from God”.
46. Apostle Kelechi is it not true? It is sir! God even told them, “If you can convince people into believing that I sent you, not even cancer can stand on your way.”
47.  Remember it is in this faith that you have seen that power even the Resurrection Power. We have our reasons why we do not project all those things lest this place will become cage of unclean birds.
48. If you do not believe that God is a human being, that is the basis of your trouble. You are the very antichrist that was promised to come and now there are many of them in the world that do not believe that God is a human being.
49. Have you now believed that God is a human being? Have you now believed? Is it a revelation that God is a human being?
50. One thing is to believe, another thing is to point us to who that person is. You can believe that God is a human being but not this one. Yes! Because when Jesus came, they said “Yes we know that Christ will come, where He is coming from nobody will know. Where He is going nobody will know. But not this one. 
51. “For this one, we know where he was born, we can talk about him. So he cannot be the anticipated Christ. Let us wait for the one that is coming.”
52.  So you can believe that God is a human being because you read it. You believe He is the same yesterday, today and forever, because you read it.
53. If He appears to you as a human being, will you believe? Many are called, few are chosen. I am not in doubt as to why I am having difficulties saving many. It never started today.
54. I am a heavenly messenger with a heavenly message. Only a few will believe me, the rest will not. They will have many other reasons why they are here not because of the Bridegroom in the midst of the bride.  You can follow God for many things not for eternal life.
55. However, if you are wise, of all things lay hold on eternal life. Whatever maybe the reason why you are coming to me is what you will get and that will determine the level of price you will pay.  
56. For everything there is a price to pay. If it is for eternal life, the Idea of drawing back will never come to your mind for you will endure with me till the end. For only then shall you be declared saved.
57. God cannot save you today and lose you tomorrow. He is not in that business. You may have euphoria thinking that you are getting saved when you are in hell.
58. I am here to help you understand who God is so that you may worship Him well. The message I am giving you is not meant to be taken with your head. It must have a resting place in your heart so that your mind and attitude will change for the better. Amen.

Titus 1:2 Paul, a bond servant of God, an Apostle, a special messenger of our Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah, to stimulate and promote the faith of God’s own chosen ones and to lead them on to accurate discernment and recognition of and acquaintance with the truth which belongs to and harmonizes with and tends to Godliness.
2. Resting in the hope of eternal life, life which the ever truthful God who cannot deceive, promised before the world or ages of time began (AMP).
3. Paul, the messenger of Christ and slave of Jesus Christ, I have been sent to bring faith to those who God has chosen and to teach them to know God’s truth. The kind of truth that changes life so that they can have Eternal Life which God promised them before the world began and He cannot lie. (LB)
4. So that you can have Eternal Life promised you by God, your new bodies promised you by God which He cannot change. For God can never deceive you. God can never tell lies on this matter.
5. Therefore, when you accept the revelation of the truth so far given to you, your vision will change, your attitude will change, your mind will change. Even your mentality will change for the better.
6. There will be noise around you. You become sober, meek and lowly. You begin to cherish heavenly things more than earthly things. The fear of God will begin to dominate your heart.
7. No more estimating God from a human perception as if He is your mate. You begin to revere God, honour and respect Him. His fear will posses you because you would not like to fall into His judgment.
8. Anybody that knows the Name of God will worship God. If you do not know who the president of Nigeria is, you will be mentioning his name anyhow.
9. However, if you know who he is, nobody will tell you to shut your mouth that he is a dignitary. Even the angels cannot speak evil of him. When they were contending over the body of Moses, even Micheal the archangel never rained abuses on Lucifer. But he rather said “May God rebuke thee.” Why? He never wanted to enter into God’s condemnation.
10. Now I go to the message. Philippians 2:1-7 is there any such thing as Christians cheering each other up? Do you love me enough to want to help me? Does it mean anything to you that we are brothers in the Lord?
11. Sharing the same Spirit, are your hearts tender as sympathetic at all? Then make me truly happy by loving each other and by agreeing whole heartedly with each other, working together with one heart and mind and purpose.
12. Do not be selfish, do not live to make a good impression of others. Be humble thinking of others as better than yourself. Do not just think about your own affairs…
13. thinking of others better than yourself and stop exalting yourself more than what you are. This is what pride produces. Pride and stubbornness, arroganc.
14. But be interested in what others do and what they are doing....
15. Be interested in your brothers’ and sisters’ affair. Be interested in what they are doing. No more “I do-not-care” attitude, playing individual game in the field of play. No!
16. Your attitude should be the kind that was showed us by Jesus the Christ who thou He was God, He did not demand and cling to His right as God. But laid aside His mighty power and glory, taking the disguise of a slave and becoming like men. (LB)
17. Verse 5 KJV; let this mind be in you which was also in Jesus Christ who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal.
18. He thought it not robbery to be equal with man. His simplicity never made people to look down on His authority over them. If you allow the simplicity that is Christ to corrupt you to begin to look down on Christ, it is a sure sign that you are not from God.
19. The simplicity that is also in your parents will also make you to look down on them. For a child that does not respect the parents cannot respect God. A woman that does not respect her husband cannot respect God for these things are spirits and a sure sign that that individual never proceeded from God.
20.  Let the Spirit that is in Christ be in you who although He is God, has humbled Himself among us, in humility, in simplicity, in honesty of purpose. He is there showing you a living example.
21. However, a good number of you are always puffed up with pride, arrogance, stupidity and haughtiness! Exalting yourself more than what you are! Not knowing that when you exalt yourself, God will debase you.
22. If you humble yourself, God will exalt you. For God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Why not come to the Throne of Grace this day. May God help us.
23. Philippians 2:13-17 Not in your own strength, for it is God  who is all the while effectually at work in you…
24. You cannot do anything by your own strength. You can of yourself do nothing. Then why the haughtiness? Why the arrogance? Why the pride? It is God that is constantly and effectually at work in you if you are a child of God.
25. But if you are not a child of God, it is the devil that is constantly and effectually at work in you, making you to disobey God, bringing you in enmity with God, making you even to treat the word of God with contempt. To you, impunity means nothing. 
26. When the devil is at work in you constantly and effectually, you will always like to have your way: “Let God say whatever He wants to say, I will do whatever I want to do”.
27. To you, God is deceiving you, a sure sign that the person is out of the way of truth. One that is out of the truth is of the opinion that God is always deceiving him.  But he does not know that he is habouring the devil who is the deceiver, who is giving him false hope that he can do anything without God.
28. Tell me that thing you think you can do without God and I will show you the day you failed.
29. “…energizing and creating in you the power and desire both to will…
30. He creates in us the power and the desire. Note the key words. If you want to do it by yourself, you are bound to fail for there are forces that are acting on you that are making it impossible for you to obey God.
31. However, if you are a seed of God, it is God Himself that is constantly and effectively at work in you, providing you with the power, providing you with the desire to do God a service according to His will. For as a child of God, you have no option.
32. “…and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight…
33. For whose good pleasure? For God’s pleasure and satisfaction.  You see why the Bible said we must do everything as unto the Lord.
36. Anybody the dog sees and barks all the time, the person is not a good fellow. Others crossed and the dog did not bark but immediately he crossed, the dog started barking. He should go and examine himself.
37. Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining against God and questioning and doubting among yourselves.
38. If a human being born of a woman can complain against God, it then means God is a liar for God cannot have a child that will be against Him. Do not allow your position to fool you into thinking that all your children will be children of God.
39. I started last Sunday by showing you example that a man of God can have children of the devil. A woman of God can have children of the devil. It takes a child of the devil to grumble, murmur, complain against God.
40. Can a man strife with His Maker? A potter who is holding the clay in his hand and the clay will be striving against the potter, is it possible? This is what many of you are.
41. By this description, you will now know where you belong to whether you belong to God or you belong to the world but you are desiring salvation. Maybe you love the things of God but unfortunately, you have no part in the life that God gives. How do you know?
42. The more you try, the more you are failing, the more you are struggling the more you are failing. A child of God does not struggle to overcome anything for he has nothing to overcome for it is God that is effectually and constantly at work in him, creating the strength and the power, enabling power for the person to do that which is pleasing in the sight of God to the satisfaction of God.
43. However, when you see somebody struggling, you will end it up working out your salvation with fear and trembling. Like St. Paul was telling them and later came back to tell you, “You contribute nothing to your salvation for it is free.”
44.  But to those he sensed were finding fault with him, he gave them cost of discipleship, indirectly telling them to work out their own salvation: “Since my own message cannot save you, since the message of grace cannot save you, now, work out your own with fear and tremble.”
45. To God be the glory. The moment you are murmuring, you are grumbling, you are complaining, disputing against God, the truth is that you must work out your own salvation.
46. For Christ cannot save you, you cannot strife with your Maker and expect Him to save you. You have already marked yourself out of His salvation plan. This is the truth about the matter.
47. Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining against God and questioning and doubting among yourselves… 
48. Questioning and doubting as to whether God is teaching is true or false. Have you believed? John’s disciples may be better than some of you who could say “That man you baptized, you said was the Messiah,” not the one they believed.
49. “…That you may show yourself to be blameless...
50.  That you may show yourself what? Blameless! Walking before Him blameless. Zechariah and the wife Elizabeth walked before God blameless and many others like that.
51. “…That you may show yourself to be blameless and guileless, innocent and uncontaminated children of God without blemish…
52. “Uncontaminated!” You know what contamination is all about? A drop of acid in a bottle of soft drink has contaminated it. Is it not true? To God be the glory.
53. HOW MANY SITTING DOWN HERE ARE NOT CONTAMINATED? HOW MANY ARE IN RIGHT STANDING WITH CHRIST HERE EVEN AS I AM STANDING NOW? I have revealed Christ and I am coming to reveal Him the more. We are now going to see the steps we are going to take.
54. faultless, unrebukable, in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation Spiritually perverted and perverse, among whom you are seen as bright lights stars of beacons shinning out clearly in the dark world.
55. Holding to it and offering to all men the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I may have something of which exultantly to rejoice and glory in that I did not run my race in vain.
56. Note it, “In that I did not run my race in vain”. After running the race, you come back empty-handed because of what you did to yourself.
57. Can it be possible for somebody to run this race in vain? It is like someone that was sent to school, after spending so many years in school, he came out empty-handed without certificate both his labour, school fees, everything gone.
58. If you go to the message titled “Running towards the Mark,” I highlighted this in that message that you must have a target which is run so that you obtain the trophy.
59. Do not run using the Olympic motto that says “the idea is not to win but to participate.” It is a useless motto. My idea is to win and not to participate. I am not merely participating in the race. I want to run and win that trophy.
60. You must know why you are running. If what you think this faith is, is not what it is giving you now, it is not yet late. You can make a U-turn. For many came in thinking it is a new movement.
61. There is nothing new in it.  It is a continuation of the Church in the wilderness and the journey is stopping in Paradise. Even if it is an agbero that brought you into this Faith, there is a price to pay. There is going to be “operation show your ticket” anytime from now.
62. If you must enter a stadium to watch a football match, you must hold your ticket. Get ready, for the “token” must be weighed. The token is a MUST! If I have changed it, I would have told you.
63. ...or spend my labour to no purpose…
64. This is the joy of every overcomer. When you rejoice in the end, you will rejoice that you never labored in vain. Amen.
Romans 1:14: for I owe a great debt to you and to and to everyone else both to civilized people and uncivilized people alike.
2. To the learned and unlearned, the blind, the lame, the deaf even one that is spiritually poor, a great debt and this is the debt I am paying.
3. The debt is that I must help you understand who the true God is to enable you worship Him rightly that you may have Eternal Life in the end.
4. If after showing you all these things and you volunteer not to walk with me, I will not destroy you, rather I have wash off my hands from your blood.
5. I am a debtor, both to the Greeks and the Barbarian, both to the wise and the unwise.KJV
6. Romans 1:1, for I owe a great debt to you and to and to everyone else both to civilized people and uncivilized people alike. Yes to the educated and the uneducated alike.
7.  So to the fullest extent of my ability, I am ready to come also unto you in Rome to preach God’s good news for I am not ashamed of this good news about Christ. It is God’s powerful method of bringing all who believe it to heaven...
8. But as many that do not believe it are going to hell.
9. This message was preached to the Jews alone but now, everyone is invited to come to God in this same way. This good news makes us know that God makes us ready for heaven, make us right in God’s sight when we put our faith and trust in Christ to save us.
10. This is accomplished by start to finish by faith as the scripture says it. The man who finds life will find it through trusting in God.
11. It is accomplished by start to finish by what? Faith!
12. But God chose His anger from heaven against those sinful evil men who pushed the truth aside from them. God reveals His anger against sinful people.”
13. What makes them sinners is because they do not believe the truth. Who pushed the truth aside from them?  He is not ready to hear the truth. He has a convenient time for you to tell him the truth. Until that time, you are wasting your time.
14. As you are about telling him the truth, he is dressing up to go out. When you come to fellowship, he will be number one to sit down. Do we have such people that can hardly by revelation come to the Throne of Grace that they may obtain favour and strength that will help them to survive in this evil day?  
15. Bring out the truth, they will push it aside. It does not concern them. “Eh please keep it I am coming back, in the evening when I come back”. If we must reason with the scriptures or pray together, it must be announced ahead of time.
16.  If prior notice is not given, no gathering. Even where prior notice will be given, all that will come will come late. And while they are late, they are also in a haste: “If you know what you want to say please say it fast so that I will go where I want to go to. Messages do not finish”.
17. The reaction is the interpretation. I mean the response is the interpretation. Has it become a revelation that although we are many here, only few believe in the Son of Man.
18. Some do not even think of listening to the word at all. Before you will say one word, he will tell you, “I have my sermon book in the bag, when I get where I am going to, I will sit down and read it. I thank God everything is in the book.”
19. In other words, the book has replaced the anointing. There is no need coming to fellowship again. Everybody will be staying at home reading sermon book.
20. Why do we gather, why do we have ministers since everybody can read? But can everybody understand? Don’t we have diversities of gifts? Diversities of administration? Why is it like that?
21. They err not knowing whom God is. They have not come to the Throne of Grace. For that reason, nothing has touched their lives. The message they have received has not rested in their hearts so as to produce the needed fruit at the right time. These are murmurers and complainers, disputers and grumblers who even agitate against God. This is their category. Men and women alike.
22.  Before you will open your mouth, they will tell you, “God knows my heart.” Yes, God knows your heart that you are a pagan for you have no time for God and God has no time for you. Such people may have time for anything but not for the word of God.
23. They are tired, the word has become so common to them that it has lost its impact. One who is not a child of God, does the word of God touch his heart? No sir! The word of God does not concern him because he is not a child of God.  
24.  Do we have such evil people who push away the truth from them? For the truth about God is known to them instinctively...  
25. “is known to them instinctively,” even to those that do not go to school. You see why I am a debtor to those that are educated and those that are not educated. 
26. You cannot tell me that you are not hearing what I am saying because you did not go to school. No! God cannot save you because you are educated. No!
27. You do not worship God with education. It is in the mind, it is a nature. Worshiping God is a nature. If you do not have that nature, it is a sign that you are not from God. Then if you are tired of going, do not stand on the way of others.
28. I am on my way; if you do not want to go, do not hinder me. Give way! The same way you pushed the truth out of the way, push yourself out of the way and allow those that want to continue to continue.
29. For the truth about God is known to them instinctively God has put this knowledge in them.
30. Since earliest time, men have seen the earth and all God made that have known of His existence and great external power. So they will have no excuse when they stand before God at the judgment day. Yes they knew about Him all round 
31. They knew about Him all round”. You can begin to tell them that God is like a four-footed beast. They know more than that.
32. They knew about Him all round but they will not admit it or worship Him all right.
33. They could not admit or worship God,” for every word of God that comes to them, they have something to say. A little comment, they feel agitated. Before you know it, they start demonstration
34. Who are they demonstrating against? God! A sure sign that they never proceeded from God. It is not easy for a human being to look at his fellow human being and call him devil.
35. But by their fruits ye shall know them. Give yourself a name. Now we have known God, tell me what will stop us from worshiping God, from doing Him a service according to His own will. Should we continue to murmur and grumble, to complain? Should we continue to set His word aside? 
36. Even if you set the Word aside, the Word will ever remain what it is. Your unbelief can never change the mind of God. Can a man’s unbelief hinder God from doing His will? No sir! Will it make the Word of God not to be effective? No sir!
37. This calmness that has taken over the real message, I wonder whether this is not a devilish silence. This is a suffocating silence. I want to see you walking out not sitting down and dying.
38. When they refused the message, they stood up collectively saying that this is a difficult and unbearable message. “Who can stand to hear it?” Collectively, they trooped out. This is what in am expecting to see.
39. As I am allowed by God to preach this gospel, I faint not. And I will never use any cloak of covetousness to handle this word nor sweet words of oratory pretending to claim you as my friends so that you will give me money or to exploit you.
40. Such shoddy practices, the Son of Man had already debunked. Although I never for one day indulged in such a mess, rather I allowed myself to be defrauded even by so-called brethren that peace will rain.
41. You are my witnesses for I have a mission to accomplish and I am rounding up.
42. Yes they knew about Him all round but they would not admit it or worship Him or even thank Him for all His daily care.
43. They are ungrateful, somebody who cannot find time to thank God for His daily care. Even if they are being called, “Please come together let us thank God at least we are alive.” You see people murmuring and walking up and down as if they do not understand what we are saying.
44. “Come let us praise God who made us to be alive.” He will ask you are you “Am I the only one that is alive? This life you have, what is the gain?” He is the one that knows a life that is useful and the one that is not useful.
45.  And after a while, they began to think up silly ideas of what God was like and what He wanted them to do.  
46. Note it “silly ideas” of what God is like and what God wants them to do because they have become the devil’s workshop. By setting aside the truth, they have set God aside, they have welcomed the devil.
47. They now settle down quietly, you think they are thinking of good things, they are struggling with the devil who has anointed him with every kind of evil spirit to begin to reason out silly silly ideas that will keep them far removed from God.
48. He is not bringing them closer. The devil will throw them very far where the hand of God can never reach them. The devil will put them in the isolation camp: no talking, no salutation.
49. The married ones that are victims will be serving their husbands food as if they are serving pigs. Some will be sending their children, “Go and give your father food”.
50. Some will carry it, place it on the table and command, “Go and eat your food oh! I have placed it on the table!” Because it has become the home of the devil. For setting aside the truth you welcome lies.
51. For you must reject the truth for you to believe a lie. Then the devil will come with silly, silly suggestions, silly counseling, silly messages which you will call anointing.
52. Silly messages! What God should look like and what God should be demanding from us. He has become superior to God so as to tell God what God should be demanding from them. They will tell God how they will like to worship Him not the God telling them how they should worship Him.
53. If it is possible, they will like God to worship them. Before you know it, their mode of worship will change. They will be worshiping creature more than the Creator. They will be worshipping mammon. I mean unrighteous mammon.
54. They will be worshiping their wives, the will be worshiping their children, they will be worshiping their work, they will be worshiping things unimaginable. Some will be worshiping sleep for sleep is a spirit also.
55. Why? God has given them over to reprobate spirit. Their hearts have been smeared with a hot iron. No matter how you talk, it has become impenetrable because a hardening insensitivity has beclouded the person.
56. Instead of repenting, the person will become violent. Instead of changing he becomes violent. Instead of pleading for forgiveness, he will be nagging and ranting.
57. I am describing all these things, physical and spiritual features of one that is out of the way of God who has no part in the Life that God gives.
58. One that is not numbered among the few that have believed in the Heavenly Messenger who came with a heavenly message that is running contrary to their nature, to their lifestyle.
59. A heavenly message runs contrary to the life of a natural person. Is it not true? It is sir! That is why a natural minded fellow understandeth nothing about what God is doing. For spiritual things can only be spiritually discerned, spiritually comprehended.
60. Even as I am talking to you now, many have not understood what I am saying. When we dismiss, he/she will ask you, “Please what was the Son of Man saying?”
61.  Even the one that knows the truth will say, “Every time he will be telling us the same thing.” As if he has understood it.
62. As you have been hearing this truth every time, what have you done? Did you do what you are meant to do and He continued to tell you about the same thing?
63. Even as I am talking to you now, those that confirmed this truth as it is prevalent in their homes, they are in trouble today. I am telling you the truth.
64. To those that will shuttle on the highway, there may not be a single testimony until they get home. Everybody will sit down with straight face!
65. Demonstrate against the Son of Man not against your brother or sister.  I am the Preacher. Why demonstrating against somebody who never preached? Nobody wrote me a letter, nobody phoned me to tell me what is prevalent in our homes.
66. Don’t I know you? Don’t I know who you are? Don’t I know the spirit that is in operation in you? DO YOU REALLY KNOW ME? DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHERE I COME FROM?
67.  Maybe you are estimating me from the human point of view. Everything about you is naked before me. If you know that which is about you which you think I do not know, keep it to yourself and I will tell the whole world about it here that which you alone know.
68. Watch such people, anybody that has made up his or her mind to go to hell, will like to drag too many people along. If it is a family, they drag their children along, they drag their maidservants, they drag anybody that yield to them.
69. In addition, whatever they will use to entice such people will be against God which the individual will love most to show how you that the person has become a tempter. Amen.



The Cloud is in the camp. If I do not speak out, tomorrow you may call me a wicked fellow. However, by speaking out, you will know your position in the Son of Man.

2.  You must know your status in Christ. If you do not know your status in Christ, you are likely to labour in vain.

3. You cannot use your feelings to put yourself into Christ. What puts you into Christ is the state of your heart, what locks you out is the state of your heart.

4. You are free to do whatever you want to do, say what you want to say, God judges every man’s motive.

5. A silly fellow is always right in his or her thinking.  The bible said if you think are righteous and holy, it says has God said so? What evidence do you have before God? This is over exaltation of oneself which leads to abject failure.

6. Stop living in the splendor of unbelief, living in the glamour of iniquity after knowing God. Then knowing God profits you nothing.

7. I do not want to go further. Let me round up because I know I will provoke many if I go further. However, will I stop from provoking you?  I want to provoke you after a Godly sort peradventure you will be pricked in your heart, your conscience will prick you and you begin to seek a way back to God if the door has not been locked against you. Yes!

8. Tthe book of Hebrews chapter 10 verse 23-29(LB) Now we can look forward to the salvation God has promised us. There is no longer any hope of doubt.

9. Now we have known God, now that the Son of Man has appeared and has given us the understanding to know who the True God is and we are in Him that is True even in His son, the Son of Man, the Son of His pleasure whom He has made Heir over all things.

10.  Who before our eyes is our own true God and Eternal Life. We can be sure, we can be guaranteed of full and complete salvation which He has brought to those who are eagerly and patiently waiting for Him, for as many as are likeminded, that is all. Not everybody.

11. If you are not likeminded with me, it then means you have another spirit, I am not for you, you are not for me. You cannot have my nature and I cannot have your nature. For that, we cannot dwell together eternally.

12. Now we can look forward to the salvation God has promised us. There is no longer any hope of doubt. 

13. There is no longer any iota of doubt in us as to whether God will keep to His promise or not.

14. We can now tell others that salvation is ours.

15.  We can do what? Tell others that salvation is ours. That is as many as are that have come to this level of faith, realization, awareness, conviction, you can now boldly make a proclamation without stammering that the promised Paradise belongs to me come what may.

16. I am not saying by the Grace of God. No! I am sure and certain, let the heaven and earth be removed from their positions, my position in Christ will not be removed. Finish! For I know whom I have believed.

17. As we can tell others that salvation is ours for there is no question that we do not know what it is...

18. Who can question God as to know what God can do what He said He will do.

19. “…in response to what He has done. Let us out do others in doing good and in being kind…”

20. Let us out do others in doing what? In doing good. If there should be competition among us, let it be in doing good. Let me outclass Brother Onyeka in doing good. Let me bypass Brother Solomon in doing good, not in doing evil.

21. Let us compete in doing good not in gossiping, not competition in being against the truth, in causing trouble. They will be going about gossiping.

22. Now we are in the era of politics, both men and women are involved. People who will go to hell because of politics are in heaven today.

23. “…in response to all He has done for us, let us outdo each other in being helpful and kind to others in doing good…”

24.  Let us tell others the benefit we have derived in God in response to all His blessings upon us, upon our lives and upon our families. Let us reciprocate it by striving to do something good better than one another.

25. Let us outdo each other in being helpful and kind to others in doing good Let us not neglect our Church meetings as some people do.

26. But encourage and warm each other especially now the day of his coming back is drawing near. If anyone sins deliberately by rejecting the savior after knowing the truth of forgiveness.

27. Now, if anybody will develop unbelief deliberately after coming to this level of truth, this revelation.  If you say you do not believe, it is not an anointing rather you decided not to believe. It is not that it is not clear to you.

28.  “I will not do it,” you were the one that said it. Finish! Will you be forced? Then wait for the outcome!

29. This sin is not covered by Christ’s death. There is no way to get rid of it….

30. “There is no way to get rid of it”.

31. “…there will be nothing to look up to but the terrible punishment of God’s anger which will consume all His enemies.

32. A man who refused to obey the Lord by Moses was killed even without mercy if there were two or three witnesses to his sin.

33. Think how much more terrible the punishment will be for those who have trampled underfoot the Son of God and treated with cleansing blood as though it were common and unhallowed and insulted and outgrow the holy Spirit who bring God’s mercy to His people.

34. I hope we understood it? I am just laying a foundation for a teaching. I will come up later.

35. Hebrews 6:4-6 there is no use trying to bring you back to the law again…

36.  There is no use trying to bring that evil person back to the Lord again.

37. If you have once understood the good news and tasted for yourself..

38. “If you have once understood the good news and tasted for yourself that the message is true from God”

39. “…the good things of heaven and cheered in the Holy Spirit and know how good the word of God is and felt the mighty powers of the word coming forth and then have turned against God, you cannot bring yourself to repent again if you have nailed the Son of God to the cross again by rejecting Him, holding Him up to mockery and to public shame. (LB)

40. For it is impossible to restore and bring again to repentance those who have once for all enlightened, who have consciously tasted the heavenly gift and have become sharers of the Holy Spirit and have felt how good the word of God is and the mighty powers of the age and world to come, if they then deviate and turn away from their allegiance it is impossible to bring them back to repentance for because while, as long as they nail upon the Son of God afresh as far as they are concerned and holding Him up to contempt and shame and public disgrace. (AMP)

41. Do not be shocked at what I am reading. Let us read a little from Jude verse 3, Living Bible; you will see that there were people that escaped the wrath of God and later perished because they did not continue in His goodness.

42. They left their former estate, forgot what they were, they could not be renewed, they could not be restored.

43. Dearly loved friends, I have been planning to write you some thoughts about the salvation God has given us.

44. But now I find I must write of something else instead, urging you to stoutly defend the truth which God give...

45. Gallantly defend the truth which God has given to us. We are for the truth, we can never be against the truth.

46. Gallantly you defend the truth you have received from God. At any time, you are either defending or betraying the truth.

47. Once and for all to all His people  to keep without change through the years. I said this because some Godless teachers have won their way in among you seeing that after we become Christians  we can do just as we like without fear of God’s punishment.

48. Is this what Grace of God is all about? No sir! To do as we like? No sir!  And God will not punish us?

49. Godless teachers are everywhere for every habit you are manifesting, there is a teacher somewhere. It may not be a physical teacher, it maybe a spiritual teacher who is perverting the truth you have heard in you!

50. What I am telling you is the truth. If God places you in the congregation of the lost, you will be having fellowship with evil spirits.

51.  All the messages you said you have believed, the evil spirit will tell you how you will obey them and tell you what God meant in the message which is not true because you have set aside the truth.

52. Hebrews 4:16; let us then confidently and fearlessly and boldly draw near to the Throne of Grace the throne of God’s unmerited favour to us sinners, that we may receive mercy for our failures and find grace to help in good time for every need appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it.( AMP)  

53. so let us come boldly to the very throne of God and stay there to receive His mercy and to find grace to help us in our times of need.(LB)

54. With these scriptures, I commit you into the hand of He that will keep you from falling until the day we shall meet again, until then, bye for now.

55.  On this note, I say, bye for today. Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally, Remain blessed.