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You are welcome to His presence this day. My heart is filled with joy seeing
your faces. Let me believe that I will see your heart and not your faces, for your faces can be deceitful. As deceitful as you are sitting down in the Fellowship.
2.           If all of you have believed in the Son of Man, why am I still preaching? Why am I still labouring? If all of you have believed the truth of the Gospel of Christ, why are you still labouring? Why are you still striving?
3.           This is pure truth. How can you pay the fare, collect your ticket, sit down in a vehicle and still carry your load on your head sweating? Are you not stupid? You are the burden bearer. Remove your burden and you said, “Bring it back to me, I need it”. Since you know everything, do you know more than the scriptures? Do you know more than the scriptures?
4.           I was showing Apostle Kelechi something. The same Bible you are holding said, “Thou shall not swear in the Name of God and by anything in heaven and on earth and everything. Let your yea be yea; and your nay be nay”.
5.           The same Bible enjoined you to swear on the Name of the Lord your God. The same God swore in His Name. The same God bound us with an oath even in the New Testament, covenanted us with an everlasting covenant with an oath.
6.           I will tell you why many are fumbling and why many are getting lost yet they do not know. The Bible wrote it clear and wide that the only way for not breaking the Law is by not having any Law at all. And Laws are no longer for us who strive hard to be saved, transferred us from the Laws of Moses into the Laws of THE SON OF MAN Who is the Justifier of the living and the dead, Who even the dead are looking up to, for without Him, they have no hope of even the first Resurrection talk more of paradise. Why? The Elohim is here, but how many believe that?
7.           All of you are heathens! I will show you why you are heathens. Yes,  I will show you what makes you heathens. You are behaving like your forefathers. You love the things of God but you hate God! You can appreciate My gift but you hate Me!
8.           The Cloud will remain here until I say it is all over for today. I may even go further beyond the Cloud depending on what I want to achieve today. Until it is achieved, I will do unimaginable things. If it means turning out to be destructive, I will be, provided I will achieve My aim.
9.           A good centurion is not interested in the number of casualties but in the victory. For whatever casualty rate he suffered to obtain victory is worth forfeiting, is worth suffering. Is it not true?
10.        If you are a captain in the army and you are tied to a company or a platoon, you are not interested in coming back with one person; your interest is to come back with victory. That is all.
11.        You may not come back with anybody but yourself and your rifle, yet you won the battle. Oftentimes, a good captain can blow off both himself and the soldiers under his command just to achieve his target: “The vandals have been wiped off although it chopped my head and that of my officers and men but at last, we achieved victory. They are no longer there.”
12.        Every Man of God is a risk taker. How many believe that? He risks His life; He risks the lives of all that are following Him.
13.        It is better for a warrior to blow off his head than for his enemy to capture him alive. That is a mark of a centurion; a good soldier; a trained one. How can the devil capture me? It is impossible!
14.        I have not called you devil, but you will call yourselves devils today. Because, if you are gods, I will not be having problems that I am having among you.
15.        I am not having problems with the heathens. They are not in my program for now. I am having problems with the so-called followers of God. I will like even darkness to come down in the Fellowship, so do not look at what is happening.
16.        The more I talk, the more it is descending upon you. It is not coming from anywhere, it is here. I want us to sing for joy for His presence is ever here.
17.        You do not know what happened; Solomon of all Solomons though he was married to seven hundred wives and three hundred women-friends or concubines or whatever you may call it according to the translation you are using, he went into idolatry by following his numerous wives to worship their gods.
18.        But each time he stepped into the Tabernacle, into the Temple of the Lord, what happens? The Glory came down. Thick smoke filled the Temple. Why? Solomon kept Him there. In him dwelleth the fullness of the God-head bodily.
19.        I have read the scriptures, I never read anywhere, where God said, “I killed Solomon or I sent him to exile because he offended Me.”
20.        Solomon deliberately even walked contrary and remained there undaunted for he is the judge over himself. If he wanted to go on exile he will go, but as long as he did not want to go he remained there. Once he is there, God is there.
21.        I will show you something that makes you a heathen. I do not know how many people that are worshipping God here, but I can see thousands following God. YOU CAN FOLLOW GOD WITHOUT WORSHIPPING GOD. Is it not true?
22.        All that followed the Prophet, were they believers of the Prophet? Some were even mockers. Among some of them were his notable enemies who were even praying that he should fail that they may mock him, laugh at him, yet he carried all of them along.
23.        You have your apostles, teachers, Pastors and so on but they have not for one day sat down to teach you the best way you can follow a man sent by God bearing the Name of God in your own day; so that you will not destroy yourself prematurely, ignorantly, foolishly.
24.        Ignorance can lead to self-destruction. Lack of knowledge kills.
25.        Let us sing to the glory of God so that we will remain friends. If I continue this way, we will not be friends today. But I want us to be friends to as many as will wish to be friends with Me.
26.        I do not solicit for your friendship. I want you to hate Me with perfect hatred so that I will be justified in handling your case. I want to sing from the bridal hymn book, number 60, Page 76.
27.        Do you like the atmosphere in the camp? Is it making you good? It is for you. “My Faith has found a resting place, not in device nor creed; trust in the ever living One, His wounds for me shall plead. I need no other argument, I need no other plea, it is enough that saviour came, and that He came for me.”
28.        Are you still in doubt? Have your doubt ended or are you still living in fear and doubt as to whether the Lord who came to save is able to save you? A sinful soul you are. Are you entertaining doubt as to whether He will accept you or cast you out? Whoever that cometh unto Me, I will in no wise cast away.
29.        I was telling some brethren in My house, the magnanimous nature of the God we serve, the Creator. His betrayer was in front of Him, with all his evil plans he wanted to unleash, even the money he collected from his enemies to hand Him over.
30.        Yet the Master knew everything and called him, “My friend, that which you have purposed to do, do it quickly, so that you will have rest”.
31.        And yet, hypocritically, when He spotted him out, though He knew he was there, others were asking; “Master, is it I?” He joined; “Master, is it I? Is it I?”
32.        He asked question because others asked. But when he was commanded to do that which he willeth, he alone left, came back with the enemies.
33.        But the master said, “All of you are mine. Did I not know that among you, there is a devil? I selected all of you, I called you mine, yet among you, I was sure and certain, one of you is a devil that the scriptures might be fulfilled.”
34.        He looked at the devil and called him, “My friend” not “My enemy.” A little while, His friend committed suicide. Amen.

Relax your mind and listen to Me everybody. I salute you in His Most Holy Name. Today is a wonderful feast globally. We rejoice with as many as have the same faith we have. And we believe that God is the greatest. Allahu Akabar.
2.           Yes, we believe it that there shall be peace upon the children of God. So, peace be unto you. But unfortunately, the people that are celebrating are celebrating in ignorance.
3.           They think that God is still served in the same old letters of the Law by slaughtering rams, by fasting, by praying, by going through too many rigors. That is the much they know.
4.           You don’t need to blame them because their clock stopped. Yes, their clock stopped. Gross darkness covered them and they are seeing the Light of His presence from afar off. That is why you see many of them rejoicing in the website.
5.           When I got the report from the website, I rejoiced exceedingly. But unfortunately, Nigeria came second; American five thousand and (5000+) in the same Bridal Chronicles where God pasted something for the whole world to see. Only those that are acquainted with that thing will stop. You cannot stop until you are a part of the sign.
6.           The Prophet said, “Every sign from God is a stop sign.” Every sign from God, supernatural occurrence from God to every seed of God is a sign for you to halt. Do not make a move further.
7.           Check all, when Moses saw the sign in the wilderness, fire raging, but the leaves were green, the fire was not destroying anything. It was strange to Moses. Moses halted. When Moses halted, patiently he became quiet. He was calm for such a thing had never occurred before.
8.           While he waited, a voice proceeded from the flaming fire saying “Moses, remove thy shoes for where you are standing is holy”. Moses chilled.
9.           It was there and then that Moses knew that he had ignorantly stumbled into God`s domain; God`s kingdom. Immediately, he humbled himself before the Supreme Beam of light and removed his shoes.
10.        The voice proceeded “I have chosen you of all men to bear My Name. I have made you a deliverer to deliver My people from this land of bondage. This day you are God. I will give you for a Prophet, your mouthpiece; your brother Aaron.
11.        “Seeing you are a stammerer, you will have difficulty in communication. You talk to Aaron, Aaron will talk to them, but I will talk to you mouth to mouth, face to face. And I will lead you in the way thou shall go for you have never gone this way before. For that, My Presence will go before you and direct you in the part to follow.”
12.        If you can trace God’s way of doing things from the beginning, you will arrive where you are now. Then the question arises, who is your leader? Are you sure He is the one leading you?
13.        Are you sure that He that does not change, the same yesterday, today and forever, are you sure He is the one leading and guiding you? Or are you being deceived even by your conscience that has been seared with a hot iron? Your impenetrable heart that can never receive and adapt to the Word of God?
14.        I will show you where God has found fault with ninety-nine point five percent (99.5%) of the members of this Faith. From the very beginning, I know that God’s people have been few and I know He will justify those He wants to justify freely, not everybody.
15.        Some will work out their own salvation; some will have their own vested on them without working, without labouring. They will just hear, “Enter! Go!”
16.        Anybody could have worked for salvation not Zachaeus. Zachaeus heard, “Today, salvation has come to your house.”
17.        When he wanted to work, God said, “I do not need that. I do not need that.” He wanted to make a plea; God said, “I am not interested in your plea. I said today,” finish.
18.        Every sign from God is a stop sign and when the sign stops you, you wait. If you are driving on the high way, number one rule you must observe is that you must see many signs, all speaking different things.
19.        For you to be a good driver, you must observe the road signs. Neglect the road signs and run into difficulty. If you are negotiating a bend, you will see a sign afar telling you to slow down. If you are approaching a hill, you will see a sign telling you to check your brake.
20.        If you are approaching a market place, you will see a sign telling you “soft pedal” for a market place is a busy place. When you are approaching a hospital in case of eventuality, you see a sign. You are approaching a church, you see a sign. You are approaching some bumps, you see sign. And there is always a stop sign.
21.        When you see stop, stop means halt, do not move. Until you are commanded to move, if you move before the time it is an offence, for the traffic light has said “stop.” It is not “Get ready.”   
22.        I AM A SIGN TO THIS GENERATION AND I AM THE LAST SIGN. The promised sign God gave to Abraham before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was the sign of a Man, God appearing in human form.
23.        The next thing according to the Prophets and the scriptures, Sodom and Gomorrah went into flames. So shall THE SON OF MAN be the last sign to this generation and voice of the age. The voice of the Arch Angel.
24.         Of all that God sent, there was not even one that was left with a commission to carry the everlasting Gospel round the globe. A stop sign. When they halted, they began to read about the sign.
25.        Those that were divinely connected to God, hooked up. Remember that the sign that halted some, others could not even know what it is all about. The sign that Mr “A” saw and stopped was the same sign which Mr “B” saw and continued moving.
26.        Why? Because he does not know what the sign is all about and he does not want to know. Somebody saw this sign and halted, took a look at it several times until he became acquainted with it, until it became his daily bread. Reason being that he saw a sign and the voice following the sign.
27.        I really thank God for many things. If by now you are still busy carrying the Bible about, it is a sure sign that you are a stranger to God. For the contents of the Bible are now in you.
28.        There is no aspect, from the Law to the Prophets, to Psalms, to New Testament, to Revelation, though you may not quote line by line, precept upon precept, but the contents are all in you.
29.        If any speaks contrary, something in you will say, “No. You do not know the truth.” Why? “The Prophet said,” and I have taught you that; “You do not kill yourself expecting the Holy Ghost to come in bit by bit, you do not need to fast and pray for the Holy Ghost to wrap you.”
30.        There is no extraordinary sacrifice you are going to render, all you have to do is to accept with all your heart the message of He whom God has sent, you have accepted He that sent Him. All the attributes, one second will tabernacle in you.
31.        You do not need to work for knowledge, after knowledge, you work for virtue, after virtue, you work for faith, after faith, you work for that. It is not like that.
32.        If I come into your house, the fullness of what I am is in your house. If you believe Me as the Creator of heavens and earth, who in sundry times and even now has given too many people, individuals, families even the privilege of hosting Him. When they hosted Him, they hosted the Creator of Heavens and earth.
33.        What Abraham hosted was not God-minus. Abraham and Sarah hosted the Elohim, killed goat, killed everything, did everything.
34.        In the days of the Prophets, the Prophet said they regarded them as Prophets but they were God in human form. That is why disobedience to their word was disobedience to God, for they were the physical representation of God in their various days.
35.        And whosoever that receiveth a Prophet in the name of a Prophet automatically receives the Prophet’s reward. It was by that revelation that a woman who was longing for a child solicited with the husband to mitigate the suffering of a man of God who was trekking long distance just to render services to their area, in their day.
36.        “We have a very big mansion, too many rooms are vacant, why can’t we give him one.”
37.        They summoned him, “Please if we have found favour in your eyes.” They were beckoning on God who never came to them for accommodation; they decided voluntarily to offer God a resting place in their house.
38.        The Prophet considered the motives, everything, accepted them, accepted their offering, sojourned there, made that place His temporary headquarters. All the people living around were seeing the man going out and coming in, but the husband and wife knew that the Great Jehovah was tabernacling in their house, even if it was for that day. What a wonderful privilege. Then the blessings of God automatically followed, a barren woman became pregnant, had a baby girl. The husband’s name was not associated.
39.        Even when the girl died, the woman saddled her ass with the maidservant to the Prophet and said, “Prophet, the baby you gave me is dead”.
40.        The Prophet shook his head, the Prophet never asked, “Where is your husband” for He was a source of that baby. For that baby would not have come without the Prophet.
41.        A reward to the family for hosting God, for respecting and honouring God, God gave them Himself, for a memorial. Then God went with the woman straight, “Where is the corpse?” He asked.
42.        The Bible said that she brought the corpse out. The Prophet examined, touched, no way, He used His mouth and placed on the mouth of the baby and breathed into the corpse the breath of life and the baby came back to life. He said, “Sister, take your baby,” and then the Prophet left.
44.         If you watch, let me use a prostitute who was even avoided by all gentlemen. When Caleb and Joshua—the angels of destruction—ran into her house, what happened later? She hid them under her bed. For she knew that these men were messengers of God.
45.        The people that were gentle people, church people, were pursuing them; calling them devils, but the prostitute called them messengers from God.
46.        For receiving them, harbouring them as messengers of God, they entered into an everlasting covenant with her which they honoured, for a memorial to generations to come. Is it not true?
47.        If you watch Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot recognized them as messengers of God who came for destruction but the people saw them as mere men who they could commit their homosexuality with.
48.        For honouring them and even pledging his life and the lives of his two virgin daughters, he said, “I have two daughters, they are pure blooded virgins, take them, do as you wish.”
49.        They said, “no we want to lie with these men”, which was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot pledged his life. For doing so, they entered into an Everlasting Covenant with Lot. Even when Lot was incapable of keeping it, they helped Lot to obey. Even dragged Lot by the hand.
50.        Why? There was an everlasting covenant. Reason being that by revelation, he honoured them in the eyes of Almighty God.
51.        In the days of Paul and Barnabas, the people said, “The gods have appeared to us in the likeness of a human being. They went into their houses and came out with wonderful gifts to honour, to sacrifice.” Amen.

Now, I want to address you on one thing, but first and foremost, let Me tell you why many are going to be condemned in the end.
2.           There is no condemnation to as many as are in Christ who do not work after the flesh. After the flesh means, who do not obey the Laws of Moses. For the Law worketh in the flesh.
3.            Once we say, you are flesh, you are carnal, it then means you are a legalist. Search the scriptures. But to those who are saved by Christ, they have no confidence in the flesh. For the flesh profited nothing.
4.           And by the deeds of the flesh no man has ever pleased God nor be justified in the sight of God. The Law is carnal but we are spiritual. Is it not scriptural? Yes sir.
5.           The Law worketh wrath. Nothing is as provocative as Law. It worketh wrath. That is why it does not achieve the righteousness of God which is by faith to them that believe in Christ.
6.           The revealed God in your day is the Christ of your day. Christ was in the world before the world began, but Jesus was not in the world. All the Prophets of old had the Spirit of Christ in them, for without the Spirit of Christ, they were nothing.
7.           It was the same Spirit of Christ in Jesus that made Him God; the same Spirit was in the Prophets that made them God.
8.           Now, in the message titled, “My people do not know Me;” If I say few things, you can search for the rest in your private time.
10.        YOU DO NOT TREAT HIM AS GOD. YOU DO NOT WORSHIP HIM AS GOD. Hence, you know Him to your condemnation. Knowing Him as God, whom you cannot obey, worship, reverence is your condemnation.
11.        I will show you few ways and then you can search out the rest. If you go back to the very word go. Whenever God said He was going to visit a people, while anticipating His coming, they will see a man sent by God.
12.         Who is that person God sent? In the eyes of God, He is God. In our own eyes, we see him as a human being. But in there is the Deity. When God said that He does not live in a temple made with human hands, that He has decided to mold for Himself a House where He will dwell not made with human hands.
13.        Begin to imagine what that structure will look like. And then He went further to say, “You are the temple templing Christ”. When He dwelleth in the body He chose to dwell, using that body as ordinary mask, He the Almighty voiced out, “The tabernacle of God is now among men”.
14.         When they were expecting the kingdom to come from somewhere, He said “Lo I tell you, the Kingdom of God cometh not with time to be observed with human naked eyes. I tell you, the kingdom of God is here with you already in your heart, around you”.
15.        Up till today, some are still praying, “Let thy kingdom come, let thy will be done”.
16.        If by now that kingdom has not come, throw it away. Just like the Catholic told you, “If by now, Jesus has not returned,forget about it. But we are sure and certain, He has returned. But He is somewhere favouring a group of people”.
17.        Go to the website, Italy is ranking two thousand plus. I mean, the home of the Pope. Can you now see the possibility of the Pope and the subject rushing there, reading everything. We have their number. Two thousand plus, Italy every week, home of the Pope. Headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.
18.        Now, I want you to see something from another perspective. The guilt of your forefathers is your guilt. I think I have something there in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 18.
19.        Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 5. I am sure there is something there. “The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren…
20.        Behave like lively stones. Everybody sitting down as a dummy. Did I call anybody’s name? Reading the Bible is not a ministry. It is not something you will say it is for ministers. What are you? Are you a minister in eating and drinking and not a minister of the Word of God?
21.        Another translation, Living Bible.
22.        “The nations you replaced all do these evil things, but the Lord your God will not permit you to do such things….
23.        The Lord your God will not permit you to do the evils,
24.        the nations you are replacing…
25.        The nations you are taking their positions were practicing. You cannot pattern your life after the lifestyle of the people you met there. That is why I am still saying that the place where you are does not make you what you are but will tell the world who you are; the material you are made up of.
26.        And the genesis of the whole thing starts from the origin. If you are of bad specie of coconut or of pear drawn from Onitsha, let it be planted in Czechoslovakia, you are the same thing, you are a bad specie. Plant it in any part of the world, the soil can never change it.
27.        A bad specie of pear, even if it is planted in Onitsha, it will remain bad. Plant it anywhere; it will remain a bad specie. The soil can never change the nature.
28.         Wherever you are, you are there with your shadow. Wherever a man is, there his shadow is. And once there is shadow, it is a sure sign that there is light there. For without light, there is no shadow.
29.        Wherever there is light, and there is darkness, God is there. Another thing you will notice is that for there to be shadow, there must be an opaque body.
30.        I am not talking about image; there is a great difference between an image and a shadow. An image will present you for what you are, but a shadow will paint a block picture of resemblance of a human being.
31.        Verse 15, “Instead, He will raise up for you a Prophet like Me,…
32.        God will raise up for you a Prophet like Me.
33.        An Israeli,…
34.        Who?
35.        An Israeli…
36.         did He say a stranger? No.
37.        Remember, He was having dealings with Israel. That was when they were in His program, before they were cut off and we now came in. When we were drafted in, you should not be expecting Him to go and pick an Israeli to come and be a leader in the Gentiles. As He tabernacled in the Israeli to lead Israel, so shall He tabernacle in one of you, a Gentile Brother drawn from among you to talk to you.
38.         Hence the Bible recorded that God gave Jesus Christ as a Saviour to Israel not to the Gentiles. For as at that time, the time of the Gentiles was not yet come.
39.        The Gentiles merely heard about Him, but they were not a part of the mission, for their time was not yet come. When their time was come, there was an open door.
40.        Many of you are still carrying over Jesus. You cannot carry Jesus and carry Apostle Peter (Blessed Be to His Holy Name). You cannot carry Jesus and carry the Son of Man. He saw the days of the Son of Man, He pointed people to the days of the Son of Man.
41.        When The Son of Man has appeared, where is the position of Jesus? Jesus has not a position when Paul entered the Gentile world. Paul became the Christ revealed to the Gentiles in his own dispensation. You will see your condemnation as I talk.
42.        Instead, he will raise up for you a Prophet like me, an Israeli, a man to whom...
43.        Did He say a woman?
44.        ...a man to whom you must listen and whom you must obey.
45.        To whom you M.U.S.T, whether you like it or not. You must listen to.
46.        I am showing you this because it was repeated in Acts of the Apostles. It was repeated over and over by Jesus Christ. As He dealt with them over there that time, so He is dealing with you in your own day, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never left them ignorantly unnoticed.
47.        He told them He was going to a place where they could not come. Some thought He was going to commit suicide, others said, “Could it be he is now migrating to the despised of the Gentiles where we could not go”?
48.        Because there is enmity between the Jews and the Gentiles. He ran there so that when He will be coming, the words of the Prophets will come to pass, “Behold Israel, your God cometh now from afar”. No longer, “Your God is with you”. God will now come to you from afar.
49.        When He went there, He went there to fulfill His word that He is crossing over there, for He had another sheep that was not of the first one. They He must bring that they may be one flock, one shepherd.
50.        That He was going there to seek the lost sheep of Israel. And this lost sheep remain the only people that will see the stop sign, recognize it and halt.
51.        Why? They are divinely connected, divinely oriented, ordained for this salvation. And He positionally placed them, He also draws them to Himself. “No man can come to Me except My Father brings him to Me”.
52.        “Instead, he will raise up for you a Prophet like me, an Israeli, a man to whom you must listen and whom you must obey.
53.        It shall come to pass.
54.        For this is what you yourselves begged of God at Mount Horeb.
55.        There at the foot of the mountain you begged that you might not have to listen to the terrifying voice of God again,…
56.        It shall come to pass, it is written there.
57.        Verse 18 of the same place: I will raise up from among them a Prophet, an Israeli like you. I will tell him what to say, and he shall be my spokesman to the people. I will personally deal with anyone who will not listen to him…
58.        I will do what? I will personally handle the case of anybody no matter who you are. God will personally deal with you. My people perish because of lack of knowledge.
59.        Ignorance is a deliberate misfortune. For you have chosen to be ignorant. That is why St. Paul came to a point that he said, “If anyone wants to be ignorant after all these explanations, let he or she remain ignorant”.
60.        If after knowing the truth, you still claim you do not know the truth, because you want to have your way, remain ignorant.
61.        The reason why people claim to be ignorant of the truth that is evidently set out before them which they use their mouths even to propagate to people outside, but when it comes to them, they become stammerers, they claim lack of knowledge, it is because they want to have their ways. I am telling you the whole truth. Amen.

If God wanted you to have your way, He would not have given you His own mouthpiece who you must listen to in all things.
2.           “And it shall come to pass, if any for any reason refuse to obey Him, I the Supreme God will handle that person, deal with that person personally.”
3.           St. Paul said that it is a grievous thing for a man to fall into the hand of God for God is what? A consuming fire, a ravaging fire.
4.           I mean that as many as have not received with pure hearts the Person God sent to them, refused to listen to Him, refused to obey Him for reasons best known to them, number one is that they do not believe Him to be God, they do not even believe that it is God that is speaking to them through Him.
5.           For that reason, that God they are expecting to see which they are pointing at somewhere in the blues, that God they have rejected because of the Personality He decided to use to talk to them, that God has now vowed, “Seeing you want to hear from Me, you want to see My power, do not worry, I will personally deal with you. Moses, give way”.
6.           A time came when they wanted to hear from God, no longer Moses, God said, “Moses, they have well spoken, give way, let Me handle them”. What happened? Heads rolled. 
7.           The same people rushed to God and said, “Please”. How did they go to God? They went to Moses and said, “Moses please, go to God, plead with Him. We are finished. We have sinned against you; we have sinned against God by demanding to hear Him direct. From henceforth, go and tell Him, we will not say it again. We will not hear from Him. Let Him speak to us through you.
8.           “All you will tell us in the Name of the Lord, we must obey. And if there be any that refuses, he must be stoned to death.”
9.            God said they have well spoken. What is more, many have paid the price of disobedience, of their stupidity, arrogance and willful neglect.
10.        Let Me tell you something, you want to see the proof of God speaking through Me, is it not a message here? By now, is anybody seeking the proof of God speaking through the Son of Man?
11.        It means that if you are in this Faith, if you have been following, I want to say it, make it crystal clear, drum it into your ears for the last time. Anything pertaining to God and Godliness, His attributes, His characteristics, both His visible and invisible qualities have been made known to the Bride and all of them emanated from one man not two sources, one source. For that, you are without excuse, but unfortunately, as your fathers behaved so are you behaving.
12.        When Jesus Christ was given to them as the Messiah, the Saviour, He came contrary to their expectations, doing things they could not imagine. They said He was a man of very low morals. That He has demoralized the Jews and things like that, for that reason, He was not God. He was a drunkard, He was a glutton, He was a fornicator, He was this and that.
13.        They said, “After all, we know the father, we know the mother, we know everything about Him even His relations.” Is it not a sign of rejection?
14.        The Bible said, for that reason they believed Him not. But as many as believe in Him—remember He came to His own, His own rejected Him—but as many as believed in Him, to them He gave the right of son-ship, daughter-ship, on the basis of their Faith, not on the basis of being Jews or Israeli.
15.        Now, when Moses was there, who was God? I want to show you something. Not everybody believed Moses to be God. Moses would be talking to them, instead of paying attention, they were expecting Jehovah somewhere. All their reference would be in Jehovah in the presence of Moses.
16.        It is happening here. 99.5% here are not going to be saved because of this guilt. Yet whenever the anger of the Lord is kindled against them, instead of going to God, they came to Moses. Because God said, “I am giving you Moses as God, his brother Aaron as Prophet”.
17.        When they rejected Moses as God, who did they reject? God! There was a Jehovah they had in mind not Moses. All references to Jehovah in the presence of Moses had only but one connotation, “Idolatry”.
18.        Worshipping another god than the revealed God is idolatry. Those that came with their lips each time there was a mighty war, “Moses is God!” After a while it will fizzle out. He became a mere man.
19.        Prominent among such people were Aaron and Marian, His own biological relations. That was where it started. Members of His own family became first unbelievers, became first idolaters. The fear of God left them.
20.        When God said, “Fear Him, reverence Him with all your heart, all your strength, serve God”. Which God was He referring to?
21.        Desire His word more than your necessary food, who was that God whose work must be esteemed more than your necessary food in the days of Moses? Who were they commanded to obey to the letter in all things, listen to?
22.        Yet, He was talking, they were rebelling, having their minds set on a Jehovah somewhere. So it happened in all the Prophets. The Lord Jesus came and met it.
23.        To the Jews, although He declared Himself, declared His mission, did everything, He told them “Except you believe that I am He, you are perishing in your sins”, they were telling Him, “We believe God, the Almighty Jehovah, He is our Father not you.
24.        “The Prophet told us that our God cometh and when He shall come as our Messiah, we will not know where He is coming from neither shall we know where He is going but it is not you, small boy. We know your father, we know you a common carpenter, poor man. If you are God, why are you labouring even more than us? The rain is beating you every day, the sun is beating you. Early hours you have left, you are struggling to get food. You are even owing debt. You are seeking help. Look at your buttocks; look at the buttock of one that said he is God!”
25.        If you dare point at Him as your God, they will say, “Shut up your mouth! You are deceived! Do you not know scriptures? Did God say that your God will be from you as a human being?”
26.        They err not knowing the scriptures nor the Power of God. For if they had known the scriptures, they would have known the things pertaining to their own age.
27.        By searching the scriptures, they should have discovered what was meant for them, the type of Messiah that will come and what He will do. But they were of the opinion that whenever the Messiah appears, their troubles will stop. They never knew that the appearance of every Messiah increases the problems of the people.
28.        When Moses went to Egypt, their problems increased. The Prophet increased their problems. Daniel increased their problem in Babylon. Everybody. Jesus came, the problem increased. Paul went, the problem increased.
29.        Even Paul damaged people’s occupation. Paul attacked people’s occupation; demolished idols, statues they were molding to make money, bringing untold hardship.
30.        Jesus the Christ was there and they were telling Him in His face that their God is coming; they are expecting their God. All references to their God, God was not the Man that was there.
31.        To them, the man that was sitting down before them was an impersonator, an imposter, a deceiver who nobody should listen to. It has always been like that.
32.        How can somebody who said he believes in God, come to Moses and tell Moses that God revealed to him? “I prayed and God told me, I had a dream, God revealed to me”. You are telling Moses.
33.         At the end of the day, Moses said, “Ok, we thank God for all these things, to God be the glory”.
34.        There is God somewhere and that is the one you are referring to. For God cannot do anything in the city and bypass the Prophet.
35.        Whatever God wants to do, the first point of call is the person He is dwelling in. that is where the idea is coming out, that is where the voice is coming out, that is where the plan is coming out, everything is coming out from there.
36.        If you say, “I am going to see God in His office;” you are going to meet with that Man where God established His office.
37.        I do not know how many people that are serving God. It is because you are idolaters, that is why the people you point to God have faith in God more than you!
38.        People that are living very close to the river do not have water in their pot. You have known God, you have known His attributes, you have believed that they are pure truth, that is why you tell people out there and convince them, and the people you tell about your God will believe your God more than you.
39.         People that are living far from the stream strive to collect enough water from the stream that will serve their needs for some days, for they know that the stream is very far. But somebody whose backyard is the stream, he takes things for granted. “It is not far from my house, whenever I want water, I will go”.
40.        He will discover that in the night, water might be needed, only to discover that the whole pots are empty and he cannot step out that night with lantern to get water from the stream. If he attempts it, by the time he will go out at midnight and come back, the damage has been done. This is the case of Onitsha in particular. Let Me call it a name.
41.        Anybody that is saved in Onitsha has received the highest grace! Their pots are eventually empty, men and women. Why? They have only but one testimony, “The Son of Man, the living God is in our midst”.
42.        There is no other testimony. “We have Him in person, we know Him, we shake hands with Him, we eat, we drink with Him. Every evening we go to His house and then we chat”. That is the testimony.
43.        But in there, their storage tanks are empty. No fear of God, no reverential fear, no respect, no obedience to His word, no loyalty. Somebody sang a song saying that God is asking us, where is My respect? Where is My reverence?” If I am God over you, where is My respect, where is My honour?
44.        If you read the book of Romans, the Bible said, “Although they knew God, they could not give Him His due honour, respect, reverence or even obey Him”.
45.        If you know the Man that is wearing the mask, maybe He happens to be your elder brother, for that reason, you refuse to give way when the big masquerade is coming, because you dishonoured Him, He will humiliate you. He must surely dishonour you, treat you like a stranger. He will even be harsh on you more than on anybody else because it is a great dishonour which He can never overlook.
46.        This is why everything I have done in the Bride, Onitsha extinguishes the fire. Others then borrow a cue from Onitsha. For they think that where The Son of Man is, is where He should be believed more. Unto you God first appeared to draw a people unto Himself.
47.        But if I call Jerusalem a home of unbelief, it is scriptural. Is there any attribute of God that is not displayed? From the Word of God, is there any area you can hold and say, “This is where the Word of God is dislocated or misinterpreted or misapplied?”
48.         If you are the only person that has discovered that fault, please come up. Because, of the thousands and millions so far recorded worldwide, nobody has ever found a single fault. All are just praising God after verification of facts, because only facts are convincing.
49.        All of you here, 99.5% are worshipping an imaginary God! If I carry out a test plain here, I will be vindicated. You know yourselves that come to Me, sit down in My presence and tell Me the revelation you received from God. And that revelation runs contrary to the truth. “The Lord revealed to me”.
50.        Some said, “The Lord spoke to me”. I said, “Ok, let me hear what the Lord spoke to you.” It will end up being the imaginations of their own hearts which they want to exalt above the word of God which is the Spirit of Truth.
51.        For when a man is desperate in having his way, he will coin out dreams, visions, revelations to support his move which run contrary to the Perfect Will of God. The whole thing aiming at deceiving an innocent heart into taking side with him. Especially where they have made several attempts and failed, they now resort to using falsely anointed dreams, visions, prophecies, insinuations of all sorts as backup.
52.         There was no way God could minister to Cornelius without telling Peter.
53.        The Prophet William Branham said something, that if there be a Prophet of God in a city, that whatever God wants to carry out in that city, the first place of call will be a Prophet. Maybe you do not know that God in human form is the Urim Thummim that does not fail.
54.        But if they are not checked, those dreams, visions, prophecies and insinuations of all sorts can rise to the height of becoming, “Thus saith the Lord” especially if they are coming from influential people. Not because they have money.
55.        There are some people that do not have money, they do not have anything but they are influential. They have the mouth. They can use their mouth to influence the whole world into error. That is why God is always alive in the midst of the people He wants to save otherwise, by now such people would have polluted us so as to achieve their personal objectives.
56.        Do you know that some even come to Me to say that I told them and I will begin to wonder where we discussed. They will say that they were praying and I appeared.
57.        You were praying, I THE SON OF MAN appeared and I told you what? Simply tell us you were praying and you slept and then dreams started coming after the thoughts of your heart.
58.        Do not say that THE SON OF MAN appeared and you heard My voice. Am I so crazy that I do not know where I have been and where I have not been?
59.        I can only be where I want to be for a mission I want to achieve. And I cannot forget My instruction to you. That is why whatever that happens, once you raise it up, I will call your mind back. Take you back. And once you see it, you will be giving God the glory, for I have saved you from blaspheming God.
60.        Now, how many unbelievers do we have in this Faith? As I am talking to you now, some are having their faiths on the Cross of Calvary. Some are having their faiths on the Lamb that was slain. Only one percent here are fixing their eyes on the Resurrected Body.
61.        Why looking for the living among the dead? I am telling you, many here are still having their reference on one God that promised to come. And when He will come, they will be a part of that one not this One.
62.        I thank God that His Presence is ever here. Whoever that falls within this category, does he know God? He is paying lip service to God. His mouth is shouting God while his heart is far away.
63.        If I say, “If God will permit”, “By the grace of God”, instead of taking Me by My word that I can of Myself do nothing, why guaranteeing you something I know I do not have the power to give until He wants Me to do it? I do nothing outside His command, for He that is in Me is Mightier than Me. He directs Me. I do not have even the word of My own to utter. It is what He has put in My mouth that I will declare.
64.        If He wants Me to wake up the dead, I will simply command the dead to rise. If He wants Me to bury, I will simply bury. If He wants Me to pray for the sick and the person will recover, I will pray.
65.        Where He says, “Do not pray”, no matter your pressure on Me, even if you carry the person and place in My house, at My doorstep, I do not open My mouth. The highest thing you can hear is “Relax your mind, take that person back.” I will not even stretch out My hand to touch.
66.         Why stretching My hand to touch somebody I know I am not commanded to do so? In whose name will I do it then? In whose authority?
67.        When you heard Jesus saying He was going to pray, He was doing this and that, to who was He praying to? He was soliciting with the Father that dwelleth in Him. For He could not do anything on His own without the permission of He that sent Him who is with Him always.
68.        Watch these people. A time came, God commanded Moses, “Moses, please lay hand on seventy elders, use them to administer the affairs of your people and My people. What you will do, anoint them with ‘a part’ of your spirit”.
69.        Note the scripture: “A part”. Assuming Moses had hundred parts, only a part will be used. One part only. What is that part? A part of the Spirit of God that was in Moses to rest on the seventy elders, helping them to understand Moses. Helping them to do the work Moses would assign to them, for no man can understand God without a part of the Spirit of God in him.
70.        Nobody can do the work God assigns to him without that Spirit of God helping him. You can never obey the word of God without the Spirit of God helping you.
71.        But the totality, the fullness of the Spirit of God dwelleth in Moses. Hence, the instruction was, “If you come across any difficulty in the administration of justice, please come back to Me”.     
72.        There was no case Moses handled and it was referred to God. Moses was the Supreme Judge, the Final of all finals. Hence, a young man who went to fetch firewood on a Sabbath day was brought before Him. The reason might be okay. The next thing was that Moses enquired of the Lord what will be done to the man, God said, “Stone him to death.”
73.        If Moses had said, “set him free”, nobody had any other option. Nobody would have spoken otherwise for He said; “Set him free”. For all authority in heavens and on earth has been conferred on Christ as the Creator of heavens and earth. Amen.

Watch, all authority in heavens and on earth has been conferred on Christ as the Creator of heavens and earth.
2.           Colossians 1:16, “Christ Himself is the creator of heaven and earth, thing that are visible, thing that are invisible all for Himself and for His own use.
3.           Living Bible, “For His own use including principalities and power”.
4.           There is no evil spirit without God. Equally, there is no good spirit without God. If God wants to use the evil spirit to torment you, He will use it. If He wants to use the good spirit to bless you, He will do it.
5.           If that spirit, a part of that spirit dwelleth in them, they will do all the works of God rightly. But a little while, pride set in because they started doing extraordinary things. Things they could not imagine. They started arrogating powers to themselves.
6.           They now went to Moses, “You are taking too much. Must we remain your slaves? How can we be doing this type of work? Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop. We know you, carry your cross alone,” and the rebellion started.
7.           They forgot about Miriam and Aaron. Then Korah, Dathan and Abiram rose up. Before they knew it, some others came up. What happened? The Earth opened and consumed them. The rest that were left, fire came down and devoured them. The fear of God came back to the camp, then they bowed down before Moses and worshiped Him as God.
8.           Philetus, Hymenaeus and Alexandra never learnt their lessons. Barnabas never learnt his lesson, for those things happened aforetime for our learning, documented as a warning unto us that we should not go that way.
9.           For we are living at a time when the end of everything shall come. We cannot afford to make such silly mistakes. Because a portion of the spirit was bestowed on you, you think you have become equal with God. You become another Lucifer, exalting yourself above the Master. Shying away from your responsibilities because you think you are over used while another person is taking the glory.
10.        “Nobody knows we are here. Nobody knows we are ministers, they only know the Son of Man. Let Him bear the suffering that is meant for Him.”
11.        This is in Onitsha. From Onitsha, it extended to all other local assemblies. As the Word of God when forth from Onitsha, because unto us, God is first revealed; the same way, unto us here in Onitsha, unbelief, evil was revealed. And evil practices went forth from Onitsha and engulfed others.
12.        Onitsha, you are the mother of the rest of the local assemblies. If you are a whore, your daughters must be whorish. If you are evil, you daughters are evil.
13.        You see why, for any man to survive, Christ and Christ alone must remain the Author and Finisher of your faith. You must of a necessity look up to Him.
14.        As many as looked unto Moses, not even one was destroyed, not even one rebelled, not even one dodged his or her responsibilities. But as many as looked unto Aaron, Marian, Korah, Dathan, Abiram and the rest of them, they perished with them, for the Bible said, “Over forty thousand people perished”. Loyalist of disobedient seventy elders.
15.        However, as long as Joshua and Caleb were alive, their eyes were on Moses. And they maintained their good record from the beginning till the end. They were such great loyalist to Moses. Faithful ministers.
16.        That a day came when God called Moses because he was a stammerer, to raise his hand towards the sky to enable them destroy their enemies, as long as the hand remained up.
17.        Because of his weight, after a while, the hand started paining him, Joshua and Caleb rushed immediately, one supported the left hand, one supported the right hand. Why? No successful man of God ever works alone.
18.        Moses never invited them, but duty invited them. They desired to succeed. They desired to do the will of God which is to exterminate the enemies. They saw the hand collapsing for the man was becoming older, weaker, for he has been labouring more than others.
19.         They did not want the man to grow wearied, they rushed, one supported the left hand, the other supported the right hand. As they gave the support, the enemies remained running, and so the Lord won the battle.
20.        Many are praying that if it is possible; let THE SON OF MAN slump down and die now while talking. What He is building, they are destroying behind Him. Nobody can mount the pulpit now and establish falsehood while I am here. But they establish it in their houses, in their work places, on the streets.
21.        Then, they become expert preachers to those that care to listen to them. The camp is not polluted because I know whom I have chosen. These things are happening that My Words will come to pass: that in every local assembly, the mixed multitude, strangers are in the majority. And in every move of God, God’s people have remained few. Do not ask Me, “How many will be saved”. Strive that you may be in the number.
22.        A time came, Saint Paul said; “They have deserted me, every man seeking his own.” The world swallowed all of them up. John Mark went to Cyprus, saw business flourishing, he said he will not go further. A little while, Paul turned to Barnabas, “Let us go to the people we gave the Gospel and know how they are faring”.
23.        Barnabas said over his dead body. That he will not go if the man from Cyprus would not go. Paul asked why. “Seeing that he left us in Cyprus because of material things, let us go.” He (Barnabas) contended with Paul. Little did he know he was contending with Christ.
24.        God saw Barnabas, yet God placed His Name on Paul. A MAN BEARING GOD’S NAME IS NOTHING BUT GOD HIMSELF. A Chosen Vessel unto God to bear His Name, Barnabas had the gut to challenge, because he had a portion of the spirit, a part of the spirit. But the totality of God was in St. Paul.
25.        William Branham said, “You see this light you see on top of my head, I am not pointing at it because I am the one there, it is just a small vindication that God has sent Me to forerun, I am laying a foundation of One that is to come. When He will come, this spirit will never be in a measure”.
26.        Others had the Spirit of Christ in measure, but Christ will have the spirit of God in its fullness. Then, if Christ has come with the fullness of the vindication of who He is, standing before Him and making reference to another Christ somewhere, either past Christ or coming Christ, what does it signify? Idolatry!
27.        Even when He had made a declaration: “After Me cometh no other.” Yet, another one is being anticipated. Is it not a rejection of one that is on the scene?
28.        You must reject the one on the scene for you to accept the one that is yet to come. You must reject the truth for you to believe a lie. You must reject Moses for you to accept the teachings of Balaam.
29.        I initiated something, they killed it. Anyone I initiated, they will kill it, cripple it. Why? That the Word of God might come to pass. God said, “A day is coming when I will flourish you with blessings, furnish you well, well. You will marry wives, have children, build goodly houses, dwell in safety, nobody troubling you again. Be very careful that you do no forsake your God, who brought you out from the land of bondage and has made you what you are”.
30.        How many still have God in their programmes?
31.        Colossians 1:16 living Bible. “Christ himself is the creator who made everything in heaven and earth, the thing we can see and things we can’t; the spirit world with its kings and kingdom,…
32.        The spirit world with its kings and kingdom. Who created them? Christ.
33.        …its rulers and authorities: all were made by Christ for His own use.
34.        Note, all were made by Christ for His own use and glory. All human beings here, God created you as He might use you in one way or the other, for His own glory: for His own use and glory.
35.        Whenever reference is made to God in every dispensation, children of God have no other God in mind than the one standing before them or the one they are pointing to.
36.        You have pointed many to this God and they believed although they have not seen, which fulfilled the message that says, “Blessed are those who did not see and yet they believed.”
37.         What of you that are having interaction with Him, hearing Him, touching Him, having everything in common with Him, yet your purses are empty?
38.        You can sit somebody down and narrate everything that has transpired which you are a witness, use Bible to balance, use nature to balance, point them to Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be to His Holy Name) as the very living God and they will believe only to discover that you that have done this, you still have your own imaginary God not this one you are pointing them to.
39.        You see why many will succeed in helping others in entering heaven; they themselves will be locked out. Why? They know this truth; they point people to it, when you think they are believing, you do not know they are taking it seriously. And they now turn to Me, believing that I am God and whatever I say to them, because they believe, so it shall happen.
40.        One of them proved My words one day and nearly embarrassed Me. One afternoon like that, he said; “Son of Man, I know it is unofficial for me to call this line. It is not to embarrass, it is just to appreciate You. Your word has come just as You spoke.
41.        “The first one You told me, it happened. The second one, it happened. Even this last one You called me, You said, ‘look at what is about to take place.’
42.        “You gave me date and even time frame. You said between this date and this date, and so it has happened this afternoon now, now, now, within the time frame.”
43.        I said no, no, no, this one is beyond My comprehension. Let Me call You at once. There are reasons why I do not share many testimonies affecting some loyalists to Me.
44.        I have loyalists; I do not share their testimonies anyhow. Their testimonies are best known to Me. Their performances are in My palms. Remember I call them children of consolation. Those I will see and I will be consoled and they have passed series of tests for Me to confirm their souls. And having confirmed their souls, it is everlasting.
45.        How many are there? Few men and women. A brother called Me from somewhere telling Me something last week. Immediately he finished, I gave him the mind of God: “Look at the way it will happen. Do not go alone; pick your brother from Enugu. Tell him to wait for you on the road. When you get there, be watchful. The moment it gets to this way as I have told you, make no mistake of staying back, rush to My house.”
46.        He said, “Amen”. But the impression that was given to him was that it was an easy thing. I said ‘no’. When they got there, hell was let loose. It was contrary to the voice of the invitation. All that I told them started happening.
47.        They looked at themselves; the man thought they were foolish. The man never knew that they were given a sign; they were working with a sign. The man thought he was clever. It is because they kept quiet.
48.        When he finished, they looked at him and left. The man never said “welcome”, he never said. “farewell”. The hostility in him was so clear. Our brethren left the whole area, applied wisdom that they will not call me from that area. That they will get to the main road first.
49.        When they got to Lagos express way, there they halted and called Me. “Daddy, what we saw is wonderful just as You said. We are on our way to Onitsha.”
50.         I said, “With all pleasure, come back”. And the Lord made a way for them. There was no single holdup on the bridge, no holdup in Onitsha, no holdup along Nsugbe road and they made the journey in less than one hour.
51.        We had a very quiet night, had our fellowship in the morning. Under the anointing, the word went forth “You will not go again, you will not see him today again. He will call you not for this; look at what he will present, look at the plan. So, go.”
52.        Along the way, the man called when they were at Ezeagu, almost Enugu. When the man called, he changed his plan and brought another plan exactly what I had earlier told them. “Look at the way it will happen.” Argument now ensued and at the end of the day, we had the victory.
55.        Whoever that trusts the Lord can never be put to shame and will never suffer any disappointment. Because the mouth of God has already promised. Many are loyal and faithful to another god they have in their minds but for this One in the midst of the Bride? No!
56.        “If He is God, why are we passing through all these things? If He is what He is claiming to be, why are things like this? What of Himself? Every day, He is suffering under the rain, He is complaining that things are hard.”
57.        Do they believe God? He said that He allowed Himself to suffer all those things so that they can be your succourer when you are in such period of distress. So that there is nothing you can pass through that He has not in one way or the other experienced.
58.        Hence, He is now in a better position to help you up so that you will not be discouraged. Assuming He has no experience, He will have nothing to offer you in such a troublous condition. He learnt obedience through the things He suffered; not the things He gained.
59.        Many of you are worshipping idols not in ignorance, you are deliberately doing it. Every disobedience to the Son of Man’s Word is a deliberate action because I have hidden nothing from you.
60.        I have even challenged you to go round, if you ever come across anywhere, any man with a biblical supernatural vindication, with a voice accompanying the vindication which dovetailed with the Word of God, revealing God in His original body, please invite Me to the place.
61.        If such a thing had appeared in America, America would not be rushing to our website. If such a thing is in Israel, will they be in the website? If the Pope is the being, will the Italians be there? If Mohammed has resurrected and became the being, will UAE be there? The Arab world, all of them are there.
62.        Who is the person drawing the attention? One Man. Where is He? He is the one talking to you now. But how many have believed Him to be the one? Tell me the area God has not touched.
63.        “Are you the one that should come or should we expect another?” Has that problem not been solved? “Show us the Father.” In Him is the Father revealed. Has that problem not been solved?
64.        Tell Me if there is any unanswered question in this Faith. If you know any unanswered question scripturally and by manifestation of truth vindicated and confirmed by the Almighty Himself to be true, if you know there is any unanswered question, please bring it out.
65.        Then every disloyalty, every disservice, every disobedience, every negligence is a calculated act, a willful omission, a deliberate act. Somebody thought about it, examined it, scrutinized it, weighed it all-round, and decided to effect it.
66.        That is why God pardons all acts except rebellion, for nobody wakes up in the morning to rebel. Nobody wakes up in the morning to plot coup, to plot coup can take even many years.  Amen.



Watch all that rebelled and I withdrew the spirit of Christ from them; I made it known to all of you, where are they today?

2.           I was able to withdraw the spirit because I was the One that ordained them, gave them a portion of My spirit to enable them work with Me.

3.           They became proud, arrogant, puffed up. I humiliated them out, withdrew My spirit from them. Some have left, some are wanderers even now.

4.           He that has ordained you is the One that bestowed a part of His spirit on you. He has authority to withdraw His property. Are you not witnesses?

5.           I begin to say too many things, prominent among them was a very nice programme aimed at blending you and your children. I established children’s classes, established classes even for sisters, for the youths.

6.           It was during that period that I gave even our youths great youth empowerment messages that shot them up to higher heights. All of them became academically ambitious.

7.           I motivated them with motivational messages during such Sunday schools. After the Sunday school, we would come together, ask questions. I visited too many classes supervising their activities; gave them pastors and teachers.

8.           What is more, I asked the question in My house whether there was a day I mounted the pulpit and disbanded Sunday school for children and for other classes? The answer was “No”.

9.           Then, the question was, “Who frustrated it?” I established it, nurtured it for years. Then, surrendered it for the Pastors and teachers, because they are the administrators of the Local Churches. They could have continued from there. Instead of continuing, they frustrated it out.

10.        See their children today, they only come to Fellowship to sleep and eat biscuits. They learn nothing. Even the instructions God said you should pass on to your children, they do not pass the instruction to the children at home, they do not pass the instruction in the Fellowship.

11.        If they cannot learn the Word of God in the Fellowship of the saints, why do you bring them here? Do you bring them to Fellowship to become a disturbance to you?

12.        What is more, to enable them enjoy their classes, I even purchased chairs for the little children. The day I separated them from their mothers, we started seeing the children remaining calm. But the ministers in Onitsha frustrated it, other local assemblies saw that Onitsha has disbanded it, they joined.

13.        The reason is, “THE SON OF MAN is in Onitsha, seeing that He did not talk about it, maybe He has said that nobody should do it again.”

14.        None even had the gut of asking Me by phone or in person: “Sir, why are these things no longer functional?” To know what will be My reply. Nobody has ever asked Me this question unless from My home. And that will be My wife, who has been showing strict concern over it.

15.        And My answer has always been the same thing: “It is their business from henceforth. I do not have a single minor in My house. An undergraduate is not a minor. Seeing they want their children to be outlaws like that, hooligans, it is up to them.

16.        I even used Roman Catholics and their Block Rosary to teach them lessons on how they should catch them young. The messages for the children had already been handed out in prints.

17.        Will I kill Myself? Can one man form a football team? I will be the players; I will be the goal keeper. Is it done? Why? They are of the opinion that it is unnecessary labouring with Him, after all, Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop.

18.        That was the condition Moses saw Himself. They thought He was enjoying life, Moses said, “How I wish all Israelis would be Prophets and enjoy that which I am enjoying. How I wish there is one that can volunteer to take My position even here, host brethren, attend to their needs spiritually and physically.

19.        I will be among the brethren that will be coming to you, leave your house whenever I want. I will be furnishing your house with food, drink, everything. Your wife will be doing the cooking, you will be going to the market. I will even be giving you money, let you and your wife be doing the cooking, do everything, do your business, take care of your children, drive your motor about and then serve God. Enjoy the life, that is all. Do not complain, do not murmur, do not ever be hostile.

20.        Common consultation, the people you think you could consult, whenever it comes to such matters, you see them weeping. The person that is coming to consult will be feeling disappointed. Because the person he came to, share his problems with has nothing to offer.

21.        They have been given ample opportunity, privileges to shine forth. Whatever you have seen in all the ministers in Onitsha now, that is the best they have attained after over twenty years and they will never go higher than that! The same way, they are wicked to themselves!

22.        I studied their setup, their numerous problems among them, I personally decided, I remember that day, I used My personal money to inaugurate it.

23.         I said, “You should be setting aside at least a day, one Wednesday for a special offering to beef up your financial stand, so that whenever need arises, you will not know where need will arise. Instead of running round, you simply go there, take money and solve the problem.”

24.        It is for your own good. I am not a signatory to your accounts; I have no access to your money. Igwe Amobi and Pastor Dan are the signatories.

25.        I monitored it, implemented it before their eyes. A time came when we had a financial problem that needed everybody to be levied, I said, “No. Do not levy anybody, go to that your pocket, use some money their charter two vehicles, take brethren to the condolence visit and come back.”

26.         They obeyed because enough money was there. Instead of continuing, they now frustrated it. It does not work anymore. It is not even mentioned.










36.        Your target should be that you are coming to meet with Him face to face. For in Him dwelleth the Showbread, He is the Fountain. You want to feed from the Fountain. You do not want to stay outside and be hearing from people distorted messages, because there is no way you can stay back and somebody will give you the wholesome message without distorting it in one way or the other.

37.        And as it is being distorted from one hand to the other, so it will lose its value. It will no longer achieve the mission. Some will even water it down so much that it will not yield fruit anymore. Find out why you are shuttling to Onitsha because you cannot find something from a beggar. Onitsha was thinking they have arrived, they never knew they are poor, miserable, empty.

38.        Until He Himself weighs you in His own balance and approves of your weight, do not rejoice. God has His own weighing scale. He scales all of us, He knows our worth.

39.        Finally, the same measure you measure unto God is what you must get. Whatever God is to you is what you are to Him. The same treatment you give out to Christ is what you will get in return.

40.        If He is God over you, He has dominion, authority, control over you; He will also confer you with similar authority in heaven and on earth, and even ask you to ask whatever you will.

41.        That is a blank cheque and it shall be granted unto you. Because you have locked yourself into His heart, you have convinced Him beyond reasonable doubt as a faithful follower worthy of His confidence.

42.        I made a statement last week and it provoked many to anger, provoked many to gossip. It is your right; I am not saying it to win your approval.

43.        In all, no matter his human weaknesses, his academic qualifications are useless and baseless for I never met him as a rich man, I never met him as a noble man, I met him the same way I met all of you.

44.        Some of you were even better off than him. There is nobody here in this faith that carries this faith as his own personal problem more than Apostle Ojiakor.

45.        Let the devil hear Me, let God hear Me, for the devil cannot do any other thing. The last battle he fought has been won and that is the end. That is the end.

46.        Somebody might be thinking that he doles out money. Will he dole out money he does not have? How many mouths is he feeding? He has his personal responsibilities.

47.        YOU CAN GIVE OUT MONEY FOR THE MINISTRY YET, YOU ARE NOT A PART OF THE MINISTRY. Thus, God does not use that freewill donation to judge your participation or your loyalty.

48.        You must give yourself, give your heart, give your life before you begin to give your money. When you have not surrendered your time, you have not surrendered your intellect, you have not surrendered even your personality to the Faith, surrendering your money is basically useless, absolutely useless.

49.        Can money work without somebody using it? If everybody should drop physical cash on the floor, can it do anything of its own? It takes one who will forfeit his time, his strength, risk his life to use the money to do something. If everybody will drop money, who does the job?

50.        But Apostle Ojiakor will first of all give himself, give his service, give his money. He will even go further by enquiring, coming up with suggestions, even discovering for himself areas of need, bringing them before Me, the affected people may not know.

51.        But every other person is selfish, all-round selfish. Concerning the ministry, it is not their headache. After all, the Almighty God is there. Can Almighty God be there without His children?

52.        Ela-Elohim means One Who is living in His family with His children. If you are His children, it then means you are errant children, you are children of Belial, for you do not support your parents in any way. The work of the vineyard does not give you concern.

53.        In terms of Local Assembly, only one Local Assembly and that is Port Harcourt. If there be any other one, I know it not.

54.        If you give Me one naira and say it is for the personal upkeep of the Son of Man, you have defined it. It is not for missionary. Is it not true? Because you said it is for His personal upkeep, I can use it to buy banana, I can dash it out and I will thank you if you need My thank you.

55.        But if it is for the missionary work, it is not for personal upkeep. It is for the furtherance of the Gospel. I had earlier said it and that is exactly what it is.

56.        How many in this Faith have the work of the ministry in their hearts? Forget about the Son of Man, He is a stranger, He is Almighty God.

57.        References to God in the Bride go to another God somewhere, not this One in the midst of the Bride. Not the revealed One in the midst of the Bride.

58.        This One is meant for preaching. But the One that deserves the honour, the respect, the loyalty is somewhere. Even one of the elders came to Me in My house, “God who lives in heaven knows that what I am telling you is truth”. His hands lifted towards the sky.

59.        An elder here came to Me and I asked him, “My friend, are you speaking the truth in love?”

60.        He said, “Sir, God in heaven knows that I am telling you the truth”. I said, “Okay, since God in heaven knows you are telling Me the truth, no need. Stop.”

61.         If an elder is standing before Me and pointing to heaven quoting that God in heaven knows he is telling Me the truth, I am now the liar. I am the God living on earth. Does he know what it takes for God to be in heavenly places? Do you know what it takes for us to sit in heavenly places in Christ?

62.        Do you know what it takes for one to be transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son where you now have the privilege of calling Him Abba Father, for He is the One that has espoused you to the Father. Without Him, the Father is unknown to you.

63.        He is also the One that espoused the Father’s name to you because he wanted to. How many unbelievers are here, men and women, how many unbelievers, how many heathens, how many idolaters do we have here?

64.        On this note, I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________