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“Truth has no substitute” 
Our Heavenly Father here we are before You just as we are. We are naked
before You for there is nothing concerning human being you do not have in Your hand.
2.           You created us because You wanted to. You fashioned us to suit your divine purpose. You brought us into existence, you sustained us hence we could live till this day, not in vain, that your own divine purpose might be fulfilled.
3.           You created us for different purposes to fulfill different assignments here on earth, so we are not accidentally here. We are here because You bid us to be here. If you never gave us the enabling power we would not be here.
4.           For there are thousands and millions of people who are desiring to have this privilege but no way. Because it is Your Divine purpose concerning us which you purposed within yourself and after the counsel of your own will before the world began.
5.           And you oh God gave us the enabling spirit, the enabling help to be here, we say may all glory, praise, honour, adoration, thanksgiving, worship and majesty be ascribed to you alone through Christ our Lord, Amen!
6.           You are the Most High God, the Most Holy, The Most Righteous, the Most Faithful, The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate God, The Most Tolerant God, The Most Patient God that I have ever come across, the only God that is mindful of His words, Father unto you we have come, we bow down and reverence You because of Who You are.
7.           There is no God that forgiveth iniquity but You. Father, that is what we have found in you. for in you alone there is forgiveness of all wrath. You are the only God that does not deal with your people according to the level of their iniquity. Instead you are counseling them, paying the debt we could not pay, for you knoweth our sins that we are mere mortals, ordinary dust.
8.           Father for that reason you made an everlasting provision for our reconciliation to mercy hence we are standing before you this morning rapped in your own righteousness and not in our own, for we have no righteousness we can present to you other than that one which you decided to input upon us because of what you accomplished—oh God—on our behalf.
9.           Even when we were not human being you decided—oh God—to make that atonement sacrifice, an eternal one that is there oh God, and will stand there till eternity for those whose name had already been documented in your own Book Of Life and now Oh God with the manifestation of time we are here, standing in your Righteousness covered by Your Presence.
10.        Father, you have your unfailing purpose that we should be like you, may that divine purpose never be defeated. Amen!
11.        You are the one that started the good work in us for you are the Almighty God, Father we are the workmanship of your hand, the flock of thy pasture. If you wipe us away from your presence, your divine purpose even for creating us will be frustrated, what will it profit you to labour in vain?
12.        Far be it from you to tell lies. We are standing upon your promise this day that whosoever that cometh unto you, you will no wise cast away. We have come to you just as we are thanking and appreciating you for what we have witnessed as your doings in our lives, in our children, in our work places, everywhere.
13.        Mostly Oh God this day, giving us eternal salvation which you are the Author. Father, we owe you a lot while we live. Open our eyes of understanding to behold your Majesty on a daily basis so that we will remain appreciative, having saved us from your wrath and the wrath of men we are a blessed people indeed.
14.        Father we thank you, words are not enough to express our innermost feeling, only eternity can speak for us. Continue in the work you have initiated, may you never relent until your divine purpose is achieved.
15.        Father, we thank you on the behalf of our Brother and Pastor Obinna Ugoala who passed on last week because you wanted it to be so, otherwise he could have remained living but you said it is enough and called him home.
16.        We give you the glory, we give you the honour, we give you the praise. More so when you gave him the last opportunity, what type of love is this, you never allowed him Oh God to pass on without appearing before him without sending angels to him, for him in particular.
17.        You knew he was coming home and you did as you purposed. We are grateful to you and will ever remain grateful. Give all of us, Oh God, that last minute opportunity, help us, never to allow that opportunity to elude us because of rebellion, because of stiff-nakedness, help the living to learn from the dead for you can never withdraw any man from here without fist of all warning him, appearing before him, bringing his records before him.
18.        We know you for that and you have not even changed, and nothing will ever make you to change even as I am standing here in your stay.
19.        Father we thank you, our hearts are filled with joy for answering our prayers, performing your word, performing your oath by releasing our Brother Obinna from Port Harcourt in the hand of his captors.
20.         In spite of the number of days he remained in their hands, Your Glory covered him, nobody tortured him, he was not tormented rather he was attended to, as if he was living in his house. The same was applicable to all that was abducted with him because you listen to the plea of your children everywhere. You did even more than we requested from you, you brought him out at the appointed time, more so when you told us that it happened to him as a warning that the rest may fear before you and assured us that he is coming alive, told us even the day we should expect him. You followed everything from the beginning till the end.
21.        What can we say to all these things, if you are with us Almighty God, who can be against us?
22.        To you belongeth all the victory, the glory, the honour, the praise the worship, the adoration and thanksgiving forever and ever. Amen!
23.         Father we pray for those on their highways, even those whose vehicles spoilt, father, if spoiling the vehicle is all that is needed to save their lives, may that vehicle never start again, but when they turn it back to where they are coming from, let that vehicle start and take them home safely. Amen!
24.        But if it is the enemy that spoilt the vehicle, Father! Engineer the vehicle immediately, let them find themselves to this place.
25.        We are thanking you on behalf of our Brother Chukwudi Mensah who lost his father by death and you took them to Togo far away from Nigeria, enabled them to bury their late father honourably and came back safely.
26.        There were too many people that travelled even on promotion interviews, long distances away from their locations you granted all of them journey mercies, Father we really thank you, we are hopefully believing that when the result of the promotion will be published their names Oh God will be in the upper list as those that have been promoted Amen!
27.        There are so many other who are going to attend their own promotion interviews shorter from now, we hand them over to your care, promotion can only come from you the Almighty God. Promote your people in their work places, promote them at home, promote them in their businesses, promote them in every aspect of human life that they may rejoice exceedingly in You.
28.        Comfort our Sister who went home to bury her late mother, Father! We are hopefully believing that the whole thing went well and she will come back here safely Amen!
29.        As many as are within the category like Brother Austin in Lagos who equally lost his father in-law yesterday Father! Back them up. Do not allow them to weep or to sorrow as people that have no help, provide help for them, Amen!
30.         In all circumstances in life, be there for your children Amen!
31.        I am standing in the gap of all and sundry that are called by your name Amen! Stem the tide of hardship that has befallen them. You told us ahead of time that harder times are ahead, you promise we will never be the worst heat, may it be according to thy word this day Amen!
32.         Open our eyes, open our ears, give us sharp understanding and whoever you are going to use here to encourage us with thy word, dwell in him without measure, let him speak as an oracle of God that we will leave in your presence.
33.        Do not allow anything manmade, diabolic in any form or shape to distract our attention. Both young and old Father let there be an in-depth revelation of whatever we are going to hear from now till we say it is all over for today.
34.        Withhold the rain from disturbing our peace, let the weather be clement for us that at the end of the day we shall go home rejoicing that you have touched us with the touch of love.
35.        Heal the sick, comfort the broken hearted, strengthen the feeble, let the weak say “I am strong.”
36.        Father! We bow down and say Thank you, having heard our plea through Christ our Lord we pray AMEN!



Where is Pastor Dan? He is not in the fellowship. Where did he go? There is a little problem he is trying to solve? The problem cropped up in the night or this morning? In the yard or outside the yard?  
2.           Okay, outside the yard. It has nothing to do with his nuclear family; it is an external problem somewhere. These questions are pertinent.
3.           We were together last night, he obtained permission from me that he will like to travel home at the end of today’s worship, to send drugs to his father who you know is almost at the brink of entering the grave, having clocked over one hundred years.
4.           I approved of his trip on the condition that if the weather remains ok for him and we happen to dismiss on time: These are the two conditions so he is to decide.
5.           Good news to all of you, just as you heard in my prayers. Our Pastor at Mbaise Brother Obinna Ugoala died last weekend. That should be on Friday.
6.           The news came to me on Friday morning that he died early hours of Friday morning and there is nothing anybody can do than to say glory be to God.
7.           If I am to speak, I will say that he even overstayed. Yes, he overstayed. God gave him that privilege to stay longer than he should have stayed. If he abused the privilege, nobody should be blamed but him. Recognizing what was around him, I made a provision for him ahead of time. I have witnesses to that. I sent two angels to him, one was drawn from Aba.
8.           The youngest Pastor in the faith as a Local Assembly—apart from the student’s fellowship—and that is our Pastor Chinemezu and then Brother IK Ezindu who was drawn from among them. I programmed them on a missionary assignment with a strict assignment, giving them my words to pass unto all that were at Mbaise with specific instructions.
9.           Number one, I obtained permission from Pastor Obinna, obtained permission from Bishop Obadiah, I called all of them, gave my message direct: “Brother IK, stay clear from your wife. Do not ever touch her, do not reason with her, go upstairs, stay alone. Look at what I want you to do; do not look at anybody’s face, preach even against yourself, let me see whether Pastor Obinna can be saved for he has laboured with us in this faith and I would not like him to get lost alongside with others.
10.        “I am sending Pastor Chinemezu from Aba with specific instruction. Do not ever reason with him. He is coming straight from Aba to the fellowship center with only but one witness who will do the recording for him and for me. He is to record whatever that will proceed out of your mouth and out of the mouth of Pastor Chinemezu. To you, you will handle the Sunday school.”
11.        What is more, I gave Pastor Chinemezu the message, “Do not add, do not subtract. When you go, go straight to the fellowship, enter nobody’s house.” That is one.
12.        “Do not collect a glass of water from anybody; let not your hand enter your mouth. When you finish your message, come down and sit down. Continue recording until Brother IK will come down for he will come after you.
13.         “I know you are in love with him and his family, you will like to drop them at Mbaise at the end of the day, do not try it! Once he comes down from the pulpit, enter your vehicle with the brother who must have accompanied you—the choice is yours—one way to Aba.  No matter how they beckon you to take a glass of water, do not take. Do not help any, one way to Aba, your life is tied to this instruction;” he said, “Amen My Lord.”
14.        Finally I said, “Be there before eight o’clock. If it is possible, be number one to be there. Do not disclose to them your mission. I want to know the time they come to fellowship and how they come to fellowship.” He said, “Amen My Lord.”
15.        To Brother IK, I gave him his own instruction: “Stay clear from your wife and everybody. Be alone with Christ. Go upstairs; do not reason with flesh and blood. You are to remain in the pulpit until you come down. Nobody should call you down either with a note or in any form. Do not consider anybody’s face. Speak as you are led for God will put the words in your mouth. Let me see whether Pastor Obinna can be saved, this may be the last message he will hear. If he messes it up, he will regret.”
16.         I then called Pastor Obinna live, repeated the whole thing to him: “Make no mistake of calling Brother IK down from the pulpit. Tell your members to open their hearts, receive the word, act on the word. I am sending these two because of you, it may be the last message you will hear.” He said Amen! I closed my mouth. that was all.
17.        Later I called our brother from Aba to be cautious while driving. He said, “Daddy, all are in your hands. I will do as You instructed me.”
18.        Report that reached me on that day at the end of the whole thing confirmed that he was strict in observing the instructions to the latter.
19.        Brother IK never knew the instruction for I never told him. Pastor Obinna never knew the instruction. Nobody knew the instructions but the brother and the Pastor Chinemezu.
20.        At the end of the ministration, as it has always been their manner, they had already prepared food and everything, Brother IK wanted to take him home for there was still time, they wanted to offer him some water to drink and he said No. He entered his vehicle, one way to Aba. 
21.        From Aba he called me and said; “Daddy, I discharged the message according to your instruction.” I said; “Thank you for the work well done.”
22.        While I was waiting I was not alone. Pastor Thomas was by my side, that same day my phone rang, it was Pastor Obinna, just very direct and brief, the shortest message: “Daddy, remain blessed. Daddy, we saw the person you sent to us, thank you!” He switched off.
23.        I called him, “Pastor Obinna, listen to me. I do not need a prophet to tell me that you were not happy, you were highly provoked by their ministrations. What you have given to me now, is it a pastoral report? Missionaries came to you, stayed in the pulpit from morning till evening, is this the report of their activities? Simply because you were provoked to anger, confirm it if I am telling lies.”
24.         He said; “Daddy, of a truth I am not the only one, anybody in Mbaise who said he is not provoked is telling lies.”
25.         I said, “Well, the worst that happened to all of you is using somebody you called a devil to be your messenger. Now, I am charging you in the Name of the Lord whom I am standing in His Feet, I want to have a comprehensive report, pastoral report of their visitation to your Local Assembly. Forward it to me on Sunday if you will remain alive till Sunday. I want to have it. Even if it is sixty pages, I will read all.”
26.        I called Brother IK who gave me a little thing, and I said, “No, I do not need it orally, I want to have it as a report and I have already instructed Pastor Chinemezu to write comprehensively on his observations: his ministrations and everything. Two, the messages that were recorded, I will like to have both in print and in soft copy.”
27.        Pastor Obinna volunteered he will do it, I was very happy. He later called, I picked his call, he said; “Daddy, I am on my knees. I am begging for forgiveness!”
28.        I said, “My friend, it is too late! Remember I told you that I am sending them for your sake, for you laboured with us and I would not like to forfeit you.”
29.         Then I remembered while narrating my experience with him to Brother IK, I reminded Brother IK.
30.        I said, “Brother IK, two times death visited Pastor Obinna, all in the midnight, you are living witnesses all of you there, even members of his family. The first day he was almost gone, I was standing by his side, while you were calling APOSTLE PETER, SON OF MAN, I raised him up. Everybody was astonished that he came out the following morning looking as if nothing happened even rode his motorcycle to Nguru.
31.        The second time they thought it was all over, his drugs failed him, everything failed, they were expecting him to give up, I came, watched him, called him back and then handed him over to his son who was by the side.”
32.        I said, “Brother IK, these two cases are very, very clear! I know why I am revisiting them. Be my witness. Others may deny, there is another thing coming up, only you will be my witness and that will happen at Mbaise again.”
33.        I also reminded him the day he was my witness with Brother Joe the Teacher, when I spoke to him concerning his trouble with his mother, the younger brother over their father’s possession. I spoke at length.
34.         I told him, “As your father was covered with sand in the grave, he left everything behind, the same way, one day you will be covered! Be careful that your mother will not cover your grave.”
35.        You see, that day I was talking to Brother IK. I said it loud and clear; “Brother IK, because he does not want to repent, he does not want to change, that same sickness is coming again and this time around, when it strikes, I will turn my back. He will kiss the dust.”
36.         Brother IK said; “Daddy please.” I said, “Do not open your mouth on this matter. I am just telling you this so that you will be my witness.”
37.        That is why nobody called me to tell me that it was this and that, for he was healthy till 8 o’ clock in the night, took people that came to him back to their homes. 1 o’clock in the morning, the problem started, before 3 o’clock he was gone. Nobody called me.
38.        Apostle Kelechi told me what happened, that he was already in the mortuary. I said, “Thank you very much. I knew about it.” Nobody ever informed me.
39.        I called my wife, called Brother IK, placed my phone on speak out for Brother IK to rehearse to the hearing of my wife because not everything that you share with your wife especially matters you know are supernatural, they are purely spiritual.
40.        If I want to go to war, I do not need to tell her, but my countenance will tell her that there is something hovering around.
41.        If you happened to be with me, know me very well, you know when I am not in the right mood. I may be eating and drinking with you even when I want to destroy you.
42.        Let me sound it clear. I want all of you to join me, help me warn Bishop Nnachor, warn Deacon Mike Emmanuel to stop tempting me. I have given them the last warning before Elders, even yesterday.
43.        Elders am I bearing false witness? (No Sir). Don’t you know what has been happening between this two. I said before you that from now, they will hear the sound. Stop trying my patience!
44.        I told you, I have changed my mind. There were things I vowed I will not do for your sake but now I will do more than that! Credit it to me, if I do not do it, I am not the Almighty God, because I have come to a point where people are taking me for a ride.
45.        I have become so cheap, I mean nothing in their eyes anymore because of over familiarity and my friendliness with them. Thus, I am withdrawing too many aspects of my Deity, I am recoiling gradually and by the time I am through, the world will know that I am through.
46.        I am not threatening anybody neither am I frightening anybody. No, but if your heart is right, your heart is pure, you have nothing to be afraid of.
47.        The cloud is in the camp bearing me witness. God can never destroy a man without first of all warning him.
48.        I received a text message last night, there are too many text messages all praising the Almighty God for the release of our Brother Obinna. I got many of them. Too many were calling, too many were sending messages.
49.        I appreciated your concern, but let me tell you, just like I told one before Elders angrily; “Leave my house now! In the next three minutes if you do not leave, I will open my gate, once you cross my gate, and I lock it, I will destroy you outside my gate. If I do not destroy you, know that I am not THE SON OF MAN!
50.        Nobody told him to run away. The father came, did as the son did, he got the same message. Brother Mike came with subtlety, he got the same message before the Elders.
51.        I love all of you with the love of God, my heart is pure, ready to assist you in any form or shape, but once you take me for a ride, you will pay dearly for it from henceforth.
52.        Because I have told you time without number, anytime a masquerade, a dangerous masquerade is provoked to the point of removing his head so that people will see him, all that are around him must know that their lives are in danger.
53.        Because he is no longer afraid of what you will say or what you will do. Pull down the heaven, that is the worst you can do. If you provoke a masquerade to the point he removes his mask for you to see him, your life is in danger!
54.        I referred the Elders to Brother IK Ezindu, and I thank God he is here now. Whatever you want to know about the missionary trip, I thank God he came also with the report, for our Brother Chinemezu submitted the report as directed, I have everything live. Amen.

Now, to brother Obinna of Port Harcourt, I will ask you questions and I will close my mouth. Brother Obinna is not surprised at what took place. He was not surprised at all.
2.           Because, one, the vehicle he entered was not premeditated, it was a vehicle that was coming from somewhere carrying people.
3.            There at Upper Iweka he was the one that waved the vehicle down, and said “Port Harcourt!” They said, “Enter!” He entered.
4.           Nearing Port Harcourt, the vehicle was halted, four persons were handpicked. Two women, two men.
5.           Looking at the passengers, I do not believe that our Brother was gorgeously dressed. We know him, we know his stature, what do you think could have compelled the people, even if they were looking for money, looking at brother Obinna, they knew he has nothing to offer. But why must Brother Obinna be one of the victims?
6.           Do you think he was looking much more gorgeous than any of them as they are coming from Abuja? Impossible! Let it be known to you that Saturday proceeding that day, I received a phone call.
7.           The phone call came twice, I ignored it. A little while I was tempted to call back then I thought they were staff of EEDC. Then the man who picked the call said, “Yes, yes, yes we have been trying your number because one of your brothers was going from Port Harcourt to Abuja and he had a ghastly motor accident. We are Road safety officials.”
8.           I asked, “Road safety officials where?” They replied, “Gwagwalada. The accident occurred even very close to our post in Gwagwalada. He is very much unconscious.”
9.           I said, “Where is he?” They said, “We have taken him to Gwagwalada specialist hospital.”
10.         I said, “Please may I know his name?” They said we don’t know his name, he has no luggage, no I.d card, nothing-nothing. He was very much unconscious.”
11.         “How did you manage to get my number?” I asked.
12.        They said, “We got it through his phone, his battery was flat, the first number was this one then we called.”
13.        I said, “After calling the phone remained flat?” They said yes.
14.        I said, “Okay thank you let me introduce myself.” I gave them a little introduction of my personality.
15.        What I heard was cheiiii! There was calm. After a while I said, “Hello,” he said “Sir, sir.”
16.         I continued, “You said cheiiii! Has he died?” He said no, no, no.
17.        I said, “Okay, I have too many people in Abuja. I am making good arrangement. They are coming to Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital to identify with whoever the person might be.”
18.        He said, “No, no, no! Sir, there is no need sending people. All you have to do is to send card to this number so that we will be communicating you.”
19.        I said, “Thank you very much, consider it done!” I switched off.
20.        I called Port Harcourt, our pastor said there was nobody that travelled from there. I said okay. I called Umuahia because of Elder Akparanta had earlier intimated me that he might be travelling to Abuja for their promotion exercise but he never gave me the date.
21.        I called Pastor Sam Mwantu, he told me he knew about it that he has not travelled. I called Elder Akparanta he responded. He told me he will be travelling on Tuesday the following week.
22.        I then told them what prompted my call; then I halted. Throughout that Saturday, no such call came again. Then on Sunday this incident took place and I was told that it was a vehicle that was coming down from Lagos. Later it boiled down to a vehicle that was coming down from Abuja, picked our brother there, the same Abuja.
23.        I do not need a prophet to tell me, they meet the line. They were the people monitoring concerning that incident for it was a planned deal for the people they took were three government officials. Only Bro. Obinna was an ordinary fellow who never had anything in his pocket.
24.        What is more, to show you that it was a real plan, their luggage was not tampered with. All of them including Bro. Obinna’s shoes, we got all including the women, they said drop all. Including the deputy superintendent of Police who was serving in DSS whose identity was not known for his identity card was inside his luggage.
25.        Being an intelligent officer, they took him as an ordinary man, he hid his identity hence they took him as an ordinary man. That was why all the announcements in the televisions, that man was not featured for intelligence was around him.
26.        To our brother, he was unknown. The company never knew him as a passenger. The police could not say anything around him rather the way he entered made him a suspect.
27.        If not that we followed it legally, he would have been rearrested for the company made a strong allegation against him and the driver but we diffused all.
28.        Now let me tell you something. Immediately I heard about that kidnap I made a statement before many elders and I will ask this question: if you happen to be in my house or somewhere else whether my wife, my children or elders and I made a statement to your hearing that our brother will stay long there, show by raising up your hand. Brethren look around. These were the people around me. These hands up.
29.        While you were praying for his release, I told you he will stay long. If you heard from my mouth that the people will not call until weekend please show by raising your hand. Thank you very much.
30.        On that weekend Saturday, they called. After paying the ransom, our Brother Chidubem called me I said don’t expect him yet. If you heard from my mouth that he is there healthy, kicking, that they are taking good care of him, that he is coming out alive, that it is a warning to him. if you heard it from my mouth, show by raising up your hand.
31.        Brethren I hope you are seeing? I know why I am saying all these things. God can never do anything without a witness.
32.        If you heard that he entered that trap because of his disobedience to my instruction as he has always been disobeying me. If you heard it from my mouth show by raising up your hands. More hands. Thank you.
33.        Now to crown it all, how I wish the spouse is in the Fellowship. They came to me last Sunday, she called me, full of appreciation. If you heard it from my mouth that he will be released this last weekend, show by raising up your hand. Brethren look around.
34.        How I wish those two sisters are around! They came to me after fellowship last Sunday weeping. I told the wife before the sister, “Go home and have your rest. Your husband is coming alive between Friday and Saturday.” She said, “Amen my Lord” and left.
35.         I even went further to say that nobody kidnapped him but God so that he will reach his station quicker than he thought. I gave him an instruction that could have delayed him. He felt I was crazy by dismissing the fellowship on time to enable me attend to too many people that were waiting, including himself.
36.        The instruction went to him, “Go and get Igwe Amobi let us discuss this list.” He said Amen. Bro Kelechi you were there.
37.        Then I continued attending to people waiting for him to come with Igwe Amobi. At the end of the day, Bro Igwe Amobi came to me with a flying sheet telling me that Bro Obinna came to him there and told him to hold it that he was going to Umuahia, that the would-be mother-in-law told him to come so that she will discuss the list with him that Brother Amobi should hold this one, then he  left.
38.        He came I said, “Igwe, why holding this thing, is it not the list I said you should come with brother Obinna? Is he having another duplicate?”  Bro Igwe said he brought out two.
39.        I asked, “Where is he?” Brother replied, “He has gone. What do we now discuss?”
40.        I called Bro. Kelechi and I said, “Have you seen why I find it very difficult to depend on anybody? You see how unreliable people can be? This is something we want to discuss for his own good.” Then I started narrating many things.
41.        Brother Ugoo the Apostle will be my witness even Bro. Loveday. From the day I committed crime against him, he switched off from me and that was the day our daughter Afoma had her traditional wedding.
42.        Bro John was carrying us the vehicle spoiled, Brother Ojiakor carried us. Inside the vehicle, I never spared Bro. Obinna and Bro. Mode the police officer. I called two of them browsers for they were only browsing our daughters.
43.        After browsing, they will name the person one thing or the other and then push the person aside. Because I was in that vehicle with elders, two of them were there. I did not mince words.
44.        I indicted him. Pastor Thomas you were inside that vehicle.  Apostle Ojiakor, were you not the one carrying us?
45.        Brother Ugoo opened up and spoke more than myself on the matter. After the traditional wedding, they never called me again. I became his enemy to the point that even when he succeeded in getting a wife, he never called me.
46.        His elders said they were coming to tell me that they saw somebody and I said until they come. They did not come, rather they told me that there is a way they will like to handle it, that the mother of the sister is in our midst but she is staying somewhere.
47.        I said, “Is she a student?” They said yes. I called Bro Kelechi and many others. I said, “Since they are hiding the person, pregnancy cannot be covered with the hands. If I do not know the lady, I will know the parents by and by. As God could have it also, the parents hid it away from me, they have finished everything until they ran into difficulty.
48.         It was the difficulty that made the parents to run to Me. I walked them out. Yet he never called me. I was the one that called Bro Obinna, congratulating him, then indicted him for his actions and so on. Even, I told him that one day he will use lantern to look for me. Ask him.
49.        The fellowship he attended that day was prompted by invitation not by the Son of Man. That is why I said I will not speak until he comes out. His would-be mother-in-law invited him for she was not there in Umuahia were they accepted the consent of the family to marry her daughter. She was at Awkuzu.
50.        When they gave the list, she now called the woman who invited her to come with the list in the fellowship so that she will look into it so that they will discuss. That was what brought him to fellowship.
51.        When he came to Onitsha, the woman could not come to fellowship. You see why his eyes were fixed on Umuahia for the person that invited him was not in the fellowship.
52.        Last week the woman came, I descended on her. I said, “Woman, were you not the one that gave our brother the list he got from your people over there, what stopped you from coming to fellowship?”
53.        She wanted to kneel down and I said, “Do not kneel down, tell me!” She said, “Sir, I had wanted to come but I had no transport money.”
54.        I said, “Thank. But you have heard what befell him.”
55.        If you are coming to worship God, please come to worship God. If you are coming for another thing, please find out a convenient date. Even if you are coming to discuss something private, make sure it is discussed with me and I give you appointment to come on a Sunday. What is more, I know whenever I do so; I will create room for you.
56.        Another thing I want to hammer is this: I have no doctrine or teaching that says if anybody feels blessed by God that the thank giving must be in my house at Nsugbe. Please take note of that.
57.         You have no right to come to Nsugbe for thanksgiving without first of all telling me. For you will not know whether I will be around, you do not know whether the day you will like to come will be convenient for me or not.
58.        Finally, you do not know the nature of my family as at that time. Is it all the time that things are good for a man? No sir!
59.        More so when you know you are not coming alone but with many people, sometimes your entire family. Please take note and correct all these imbalances. Amen.



Let me have your Bible as we read two scriptures. Just two scriptures after which whoever the Lord will use will come.
2.           Matthew 26. Amplified, living Bible for clearer understanding not neglecting King James. Anybody can read. Reading the Bible is not a ministry.
3.           Matthew 26: 29-30 Amplified: I say unto you, I shall not drink again of this fruit of vine until that day when I drink it with you, new of surplus quantity in my father`s kingdom. And when they have sung a hymn, they went out to the mount of olive.     
4.           Living Bible: Mark my words, I will not drink this wine again, until the day I drink it new with you in my father’s kingdom. And when they have sung a hymn they went out to the mount of Olive.
5.           I hope the message is clear. Was the Lord excluded? No Sir. Who was the One leading? The Lord. Who made that statement “I will not drink of this cup again?” The Lord. I hope he was talking to people. Yes Sir.
6.            He was not talking to outsiders. He was talking to his own people who were with him presumably, his disciples notably the apostles.
7.           “And when they have sang a hymn, He lead them to the mount of Olive” and that was where he vanished into the cloud.
8.           Hebrews 2 verse 11 through 13. Amplified; For both he who sanctifies, making men holy, and those who are sanctified, all have one father and for this reason, he is not ashamed to call them brethren.
9.           For he said I will declare your, the father’s name to my brethren I the midst of the worshipping congregation I will sing hymns of praise to you.
10.        In the midst of the worshipping congregation I will sing. I do not think a goat was talking to people. I do not think the wind was talking. I mean, He that was talking was His Majesty, the Man at the right hand of the Elohim. Has he changed? No Sir. 
11.        If singing songs with you have made me to look simple, if singing hymns with you or leading you to the mountain or things like that, have spoiled you, you need to be pitied!
12.        Christ is identified by his attributes, by His characteristics. “In the midst of the worshipping congregation I will sing”.
13.        Verse 13; And again he said my trust and assured reliance and confidence hope shall be filled in him and yet again here I am, I and the children whom God has given me. Amen!
14.        Who do you think He was referring to as children? His disciples. Before you, a young man not up to forty years was referring to Peter who was a father of many children as a child.
15.        He was referring to those that believed Him as his children, not only brethren but children, and you are feeling offended, you are saying “How old is He?”
16.         If you were there when he said “before Abraham I was”, you would have been numbered among his persecutors. You would have been numbered among his oppressors because of unbelief and your canal ways of seeing things, understanding things, your canal ways of reasoning.
17.         Instead of applying faith by believing in Him whom He has sent. He made Him lower than the angels, made Him to look like any of you here, made it possible for Him to be in the worship, the Prophet William Braham said that God goes to Church. Is it not true?
18.        God goes to Church, sits down in the pew with you, he said the same way, the devil goes to Church, sit down in the pew; pew means seat.
19.        The devil was sitting inside the Church while worshipping God, the Almighty God spotted him out asked him question: “Where do you come from? Who are you? Where do you come from?”
20.         He said, “I am walking to and fro all over the earth.” Anywhere he heard, “Praise the Lord,” he will enter. Children of God gathered to worship God, the devil also came. Read the Bible, find out.
21.         How can you worship God when God is not there? That God introduced the Name of the Father to you, is it not because He in your midst? Did He introduce that Name to the world? No! Only to the worshipping congregation, the people He called his brethren.
22.        You must know the Name of your Father and from that day you will be relaxed while worshipping Him, so that what you think is abstract will be real to you personally.
23.        If God is not real, to be personally and practically acquainted with Him will be impossible. Is it not true?
24.        If Christ is identified by His characteristics, you must be acquainted with Him personally and practically for you to know His characteristics so that no matter how He masquerades Himself, no matter how he disguises Himself you must know Him. No mistake about God.
25.        Hebrews 2 verses 11-13 living Bible; We who have been made holy by Jesus now have the same father he has that is why Jesus is not ashamed to call us his brothers. For he said in the book of Psalm; I will talk to my brothers about God my father and…”
26.         I will talk to my brothers about God my father who is also their Father.
27.        …and together we will sing his praises…”
28.        And together, we will sing his praises.
29.        ….At another time, I will put my trust in God along with my brothers and at still another time, see, here am I, and the children God gave me…”
30.         Finish! On this note I invite Apostle Ojiakor to the pulpit for the Sunday school. Everybody should sit down here today, after today you can resume in your different classes. If you see devil in him talking to you, bear it with joy, if you see God in him talking to you, bear it with joy.
31.        But where you cannot bear it, walk out but do not rebel in my presence. It is better you walk out, save your life than to rebel in my presence.
32.         I was telling brethren why I am happy with my siblings who were with me in this faith, when they discovered they could not make it, they discovered that they never had that spirit even to worship God, they concluded that staying with me in this faith will hinder them from achieving their goals.
33.         They did not disturb me, they did not disturb this faith, all of them left. When they left they are no longer hypocrites. Can you call them hypocrites?
34.        No sir, I mean they told themselves the truth and then left alongside others. I will respect them whenever we come together, I mean for telling themselves the naked truth.
35.        Wherever they see you they love and cherish you, they encourage you to continue but on their side they saw it was an impossible race. But what can you say about the idiots, who know very well who they are and come and hide in our midst.
36.        Hypocrites cannot be drawn from outside, hypocrites are inside. A heathen out there cannot be a hypocrite in this faith. A hypocrite is one that is sitting down with us, shaking hands with us, praising God, writing messages, even preaching but in practice, he denies all.
37.        Is it not what hypocrisy is all about? That is why the Bible said that such hypocrisy cannot be hidden for too long, time and event will expose all for what they really are, for what they really are.
38.        I got a text message yesterday praising God for releasing Brother Obinna that God justified Himself, justified His claim and closed the mouths of all gainsayers that even as at yesterday many tongues have started wagging as per his kidnap as if the ransom was paid to the Son of Man.
39.        Whoever maybe the people whose tongues are wagging, they may be right. Exercise your right of talking but be careful. You only know what you are thinking about God and your fellow human beings but what God is thinking about you, you do not know.
40.        You only know the way you are seeing and judging God and human beings but the way God is judging you, looking at you, you know it not.
41.        You only know when you will strike but when God will strike, you know it not and the way He will strike, you cannot phantom it out. What is God called? He that kills a man when life is sweet to him. Amen.

Genesis 17:1 (KJV); And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect. 
2.           Apostle Ojiakor: Almighty God told Abraham “I AM THE ALMIGHTY GOD, WALK BEFORE ME AND BE PERFECT.” To Moses, He told him; I AM THE I AM.
3.           In Exodus chapter 3 the same Almighty God. In Malachi 3:6, the same Almighty God. Remember the ages, Moses was pleading before Almighty God, bowing down before Him for the sake of people of Israel that God should tamper justice with mercy.
4.           At a stage, God said, “Moses give way, let me deal with this people. Enough is enough!” And God is still lamenting. People are now taking it as a right, tempting God. We have to be very careful!
5.           Malachi 3:6, “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.
6.           If you check in King James Version, it is written “LORD” and that means Jehovah. He does not change. That which He was when He called Abraham is what He still is. That is why we heard the testimony about Obinna of Mbaise.
7.           The Devil came, He pushed him out because He is the Almighty God. He came back again, He withstood him, then the third time, He left him because he decided to kick the bucket.
8.           What is more, He keeps on warning us: “Brethren, what do we gain that children kept on provoking their parents. What do these children gain? Do they gain anything?” No sir! They will gain disappointment, they will gain punishment, they will gain failure, no success. It may end in death. Please let us be careful.
9.           Fivefold Worship, preached in 1993. We have: (i) Singing, that is Hymns (ii) Teaching (iii) preaching (iv) offering (v) prayer.
10.        Give without your left hand knowing what you gave.
11.        The Son of Man: Were we practicing it before? Yes sir! Was there any time we were practicing it? Yes sir! Before many witnesses, meeting the needs of brethren even in other local assemblies, taking care of families without families knowing where the whole thing was coming out from.
12.        Even distributing dresses, wears of all sorts including shoes, shirts, wrapper, even suit were given to ministers.  
13.        If you do not want to give, do not give. But when you want to give, give cheerfully. One should give on the first day of the week as God has prospered Him. Set aside what you want to give on the day of fellowship within the week. Offering is ordained of God.
14.        The prophet said that your worship is incomplete without your offering. It is your sacrifice to the Lord.  What was happening in the worshiping congregation, what do you think was happening when the Lord Jesus spotted a widow, what was happening, who were they giving the offering to?
15.        But He noticed one who gave the best and the greatest. In the days of Moses was there offering? Yes sir! In the days of Abraham who started giving offering, was it not Abraham? It was! Free will.
16.        You give from what you have. You will not borrow to give. If you do not have, go to the giver and pray to Him for Him to give you.  Brethren if we have been living right, God wouldn`t have been talking this way.
17.        This message was handled in the first Minister’s Meeting at Abagana. From 1993 to 2017 is 24 years. We have lived in disobedience.
18.        Please pay attention and correct all the wrongs in your lives. That is the essence of preaching, that is why God is labouring. It is not believing, “I can quote it off head, talk about it,” but implementation is what matters. God rejoiced that a local assembly did something. They were cheating God, the Elders.
19.         Then the Elders came to God, made their confessions. From the day the Lord said, “Brethren from other local assemblies do not cast your offering here, cast in your local assemblies, they have been casting their offering there, using their offering, at the end of the day, they will say they have given offering.
20.        The Almighty God inspired the local assembly, one day they came to God and confessed. The same thing is applicable to all the local assemblies. No local assembly is exempted. Enugu is guilty, Onitsha is guilty, all the local assemblies are guilty.        
21.        Flesh and blood I told them never revealed this to them. It is in line with the revelation of who God is.  Until you get it, you can`t worship aright. You will keep on worshiping amiss.
22.        God has given you everything, even the teachings, the doctrines, and you decided to worship amiss. It is your decision. You keep on doing it, God will keep on worshiping Himself aright. If you are unfaithful, He will remain faithful. He told them, “Although you got the revelation, in application you are wrong.”
23.        Almighty God visited three local assemblies. We have the message in print. At Enugu, He said: “Why have you decided to run this race without a baton?
24.        Running a relay race without a baton, what are you going to present at the end? It is better you never ran. You were given a baton, you dropped the baton and started running. Even if you are coming first, you are presenting nothing.  
25.        Now Almighty God told them; the God in Badger Skin. We refer to as the Son of Man was the One that revealed this thing to you. immediately they repented. In application, they missed it all. In application, they collected all, divided it into three, one for the Almighty God, one for themselves and one for so, so, so and so.
26.        The question is, if we all know we see shrines here and there, if a goat is used as an offering or sacrifice to an idol, the person that brought the goat when going, does he go back with that goat? No sir!
27.        Did Abraham collect offering from Melchizedek? No sir! But this is what we have been doing. We give here and later take it out and start distributing it again. Using what we gave yet we say we have given to God. This is the same in all the local assemblies and God is just watching.
28.        Not even Catholics do it. No denomination ever attempts it. It is only done among people that said that they are children of God. You worship amiss. You worship what you know not and you worship amiss.
29.        But He introduced Himself to you the God your Bible revealed, told you to go home and know whether you can worship Him. He never forced Himself on you.
30.        Then He came out with the doctrines, everything vindicated. You can be in error God can never be in error. No matter how many years you have been in error, God can never identify with you in error.
31.        God will only vindicate Himself, His word and the vessel He has sent. Some even quarrel over it like the sons of Eli. They do not know that offering to God has killed many, wiped off many families for abusing it. Families have been wiped off because of offering, starting from Old Testament to New Testament.
32.        What killed Ananias, was it not voluntary offering? What killed the wife? Voluntary offering! Who indicted them? The apostles. Is that all? They told lies. They asked, “Why are you behaving this way?  You have the right to take it home. Nobody forced it on you. Now you volunteered to do it, why are you hypocritical?”
33.        It is terrible! In local assemblies, people have their eyes on offering given to God so-called. No Pentecostal tries it, no denomination tries it. Even in the days of William Branham, nobody attempted it.
34.        Even when he was collecting Tithe, nobody attempted it. He was even in the five-fold. Nobody was in the five-fold but him. 
35.        Even when he left, nobody gave to the five-fold and collected from the fivefold. Maybe the widow that gave her widow’s mite later went and collected it.
36.        Let nobody ever open his mouth to say that he or she has given offering to God in this Bridal Faith from 1992 till now. You have been doing what I call “collections for your personal use.” You put your resources together to meet everything you want.
37.        When you want to buy P.A system, you have your eyes there. When you want to buy battery, it is from there, everything is from there. You want to open library, you take the money from there, everything from there yet you said you have given the offering to God.
38.        Stop telling lies and accept the truth! How I wish I am to teach this thing again. Apostle Ojiakor stop preaching, show them scriptures. For they erred not knowing the scriptures. But you know the scriptures. If you do not know the scriptures, why having it as your doctrine?
39.        Go to the message titled “Church order” and “God’s plan to establishing His Church.” Go to “The New Testament Church and it’s administration,” they are all there.
40.        Don`t tell me you do not know scriptures. I purchased all of you with scriptures. I espoused all of you to the word of testimonies which established you in this truth and God came down and confirmed it that I never deceived your ears.
41.        For I said, “God, if I succeeded in setting this altar right, please vindicate it before many witnesses.”
42.        The Lord came down and vindicated it. What else do you need? The altar is right but the worshipers worship the way they like. They worship amiss! The Samarians worshiped amiss.
43.        You can be sincerely wrong! It can never make it right! This was that first year exam everybody failed for the whole thing has been happening as it has been happening.
44.        Carry over, carry over because they never accepted God to be a man. Because they never knew Him as a man, every step He took, they said He was taking too much.
45.        And He said, “Leave it!  Whether you understand or you do not understand, follow me anyhow. Since you are seeking proof of God speaking through me, one assurance is this, towards the end, you will understand all things. For everything shall be made plain. Nobody shall remain in doubt as who God is then you go back and re-write your exam.  Amen.

Second Corinthians 8:1-5 (KJV); Moreover, brethren, we do you to wit of the grace of God bestowed on the churches of Macedonia;
2.           How that in a great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality.
3.           For to their power, I bear record, yea, and beyond their power they were willing of themselves;
4.           Praying us with much entreaty that we would receive the gift, and take upon us the fellowship of the ministering to the saints.
5.           And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God.
6.           A matter that was so serious that even some trusted brethren were detailed to go to brethren from house to house and collect it: “If possible, issue them a receipt!”
7.           St. Paul said that you are doing it with me so that your account will increase daily. Who was St. Paul? He was God. They were pleading with St. Paul that St. Paul should accept the gift. Read from living Bible, verse 4 and verse 5.
8.           They thought He was a hungry man but others were pleading for him to collect it from them. Some were giving grudgingly, some were murmuring and complaining while some were begging for their gift to be accepted that they will like to be a part of what God is doing.
9.           Living Bible; verses 4 and 5:They begged us again and again for the gracious privilege of sharing in the gift for the Christians in Jerusalem. Best of all, they went beyond our highest hopes, for their first action was to dedicate themselves to the Lord and to us for whatever directions God might give them.”
10.        In other words, they knew who the Lord was and who He is. They dedicated themselves to God and believed us to be messengers sent by God. Unlike those that couldn’t recognize messengers from God and couldn’t give them water or anything.
11.        There has never been an offering to the Lord without God Himself supervising it.  Check in the Old Testament. Even in the New Testament, it was Peter standing there. There were “apostles” but there was “The Apostle” and the “High Priest” of our calling. And whatever they were bringing, they were bringing it at The Apostle’s feet.
12.         Does it mean they were tying it on His eyes? No sir! Under His supervising eyes hence He could spot out Sapphira and Ananias.
13.        If Jesus was not supervising, He could not have noticed the woman who gave the greatest, just a penny, a widow’s mite: That wherever this gospel might be preached her name must be remembered. Is it not scriptural? It is sir.
14.        Brethren, first and foremost is dedicating ourselves to Almighty God. If we know Him, what stops us? What is more, He has been clamouring, charging us to be acquainted with Him, to know Him, has He not done everything? Revealing everything about Himself to us, how is our hearts, what are you taking this God to be? They dedicated themselves to the Apostle.
15.        Romans chapter 12:1-2 (KJV); I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
16.        And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Living Bible; and so dear brothers, I plead with you to give your bodies to God. Let them be a pleasing sacrifice.”
17.        To dedicate yourself to God, there is no way you can give what you do not have when you have not given yourself. I am now an offering. I do not own myself again. If I understand that my whole life is courtesy of this God, I will not be alive if God does not want me to be alive. Even if I get anything, it is God that gave it to me. If God doesn’t do it, let it remain there, that is my belief. Man by nature is very, very selfish.
18.        Let me tell you, the whole ministers in this faith who were with me from the beginning, if there is the hottest part of hell, that is where He will put you into.
19.        Because before your eyes, the Son of Man established offering, I even wrote letters, sent it to all of you to distribute in all the local assemblies. You are my witnesses! You went and came back with reports.
20.        Sometimes it will be read but today, it has become a private affair. They now turn the Gospel of Christ into another thing. Covetous men and women patterning after Okey Nwankpa, They eat it yet they call it offering to God. You gave to God and told God what He will use it to do. It now turned to local assembly affair.
21.        After giving, it will be shared there. Yet they are giving it to God. As if we received no doctrine, as if I never implemented it to the letter, using you as my messengers.
22.        There is a compilation of this “Offering.” Apostle Kelechi, remind me where there are those letters in book form compiled by Joseph of Lokoja.  I gave it to individuals, everybody.
23.        Bro. Kelechi, you are doomed if you do not bring it out and read before the household! You better get up from the grave. You are just parading yourself.
24.        Let me tell you something; until you set aside the word of God, you will not go into error. Nobody goes into error without first of all setting the word of God aside.
25.        When you set aside the word of God, what you will manifest will be the word of man. When people want to have their way, they set aside the word of God and leave God behind.
26.        Thank God you are bearing witnesses. I did not stop at the long hand, I succeeded in printing it in book bigger than “The Great Sermon.” I have never for one day done something without witnesses. No successful man ever works alone. Thank God you have confirmed it.
27.        I remembered there was a day I succeeded in including Jos, both Dadinkowa, Esem, everybody, they have their own! I remember I used to come to this fellowship with many bags of rice, many bags of garri, yam tubers, etc.  But instead of meeting the needs of the brethren with offerings given to God, you want God to go and steal!
28.        Thieves in the camp, covetous people, very, very covetous people, idolaters! That first year exam, only very few passed. Continue to doubt and I will continue to move. I will not wait for anybody until I get to the end.
29.        When the trumpet shall sound, then we will see the latecomers. You think you can jump into Paradise with unbelief, never, never. God must be worshipped whether you like it or not!
30.        I have called you my people, I will never depart from among you, when you sin I must punish you, I must be God over you whether you like it or not! You are all testifying against yourselves that you are not only witnesses, you are partakers.
31.        I only gave gift from my offering and the gift was not only offered to Onitsha but to all the Local Assemblies. Yet inspite of that, many still accused The Son of Man of using their money.
32.        Which money? Is it the one you are holding, you are controlling, you are using but use my name to collect it! You give the impression that you are giving to God but God’s hand is empty!
33.        He hears about giving offering to Him with His ears, but He does not see it. You are false accusers!
34.        I told you in a message titled “Testify against Me” that many will come up with accusations against The Son of Man. Who is worshipping who? God is now worshipping the worshippers!
35.        He that must come to God must first of all believe that He (God) exists. For you to come to God, you must believe that He exists and you must know how He is worshipped.  
36.        I have washed my hand, for God has finished with you but you have not finished with God! You are all debtors in the temple!
37.        And so dear brothers, I plead with you to give your bodies to God, let them be a living sacrifice, holy a kind that he can accept when you think on what he has done for you is this too much to act?
38.        When you think on what God has done for you, I think on what God has done for me, is it too hard to yield myself, for you to yield yourself to God, as a sacrifice? Let God use you the more, the way He wants for your own good, for my good. Man hates himself, man is selfish. Now, when you yield yourself, a living sacrifice, whatever you are going to offer unto God, how are you going to offer it? Amen.

Brother Ben has found out something from the message titled; “See the Lord in the Lord” page 71 verse 16:
2.           “In the Message titled ‘Knowing Your Status in Christ,’ we saw reasons why the land must surely crack. The land must surely crack. In life or in death, the plume must come out.”
3.           This was the point the photograph was taken. You see, the heathens walk about worshipping their idols called Jesus. If you believe it say amen. Amen!
4.           Thus, anybody worshipping that name now is an idolater. If you are offended, come and slap Me. If I am telling lies or deceiving you, why God coming to confirm the truth from my mouth? Do you know the truth more than God?
5.           Page 49, verse 3, 'We have shown you the Pillar of Cloud as it was captured around an Individual we worship...'
6.           Note that IT WAS CAPTURED AROUND “AN INDIVIDUAL” we worshipped. You may call it heresy, that is the way we worship our God.
7.            We can never worship until we see the Cloud around an Individual, around an Altar, The Vindicated Apostle. We can never place our sacrifice in any other place than there.
12.         “…We have shown you the Pillar of Cloud as it was captured around an Individual we worship so that you will know that He that called us is very much around us. If we gather and He is not in our midst, our gathering is useless-nonsense.”
13.        When was this message handled? It was handled on 13th may 2012. Any antiquity? No Sir! Any false accusation? No Sir.
14.        As far back as 2012. Have we ever amended our ways? We are even making matters worse. Iniquity abounds in our midst. Simply say Amen to it.
15.        Iniquity is something we know we have been taught, we should not even attempt, we go ahead doing it anyhow and still claiming we are worshipping God. Is there any good way of doing a wrong thing? No Sir.
16.        When Peter preached, when Philip preached, when Paul preached people were pricked in their hearts: Men and brethren what shall we do? He has shown us what we should do and He is still saying it now.
17.        Let us begin now. Let us begin, I mean this change of heart. We must all implement these things for our salvation, for our good.
18.        2 Corinthians 9 from verse 2 living Bible: “I realize that I really don’t even need to mention this to you about helping God’s people…
19.        Remember God challenged us and God was hundred percent wise, that we have never been coming to Him asking Him questions on matters that have not been clear to us.
20.        We pretend we have understood everything, in implementation, we scored zero, even till now have we started, is it ambiguous, is it not clear, what is expected of us even in this matter?
21.        If it is not clear, let us go to him and ask questions, let us go to the messages he has handed unto us, and then go through it and get things clarified and then start implementing.  When we start, we will begin to make God happy, seeing us manifesting His Word.
22.        (Scripture continues) I realize that I really don’t even need to mention this to you about helping God’s people for I know how eager you are to do it and I boasted to the friends in Macedonia that you were ready to send an offering a year ago….
23.        I have boasted to our friends in Macedonia that YOU CORINTHIANS, you were ready even a year ago.
24.        In other words they were doing the thing, and Apostle Paul was even boasting with them, about their attitude. Amen.

Let YOUR GLORY BE ON WHAT CHRIST HAS DONE FOR YOU VOLUME 2,” Chapter one: Worshipping God Is a Strict Business: I want today to be another special day in your heart.
2.           I want to inject a level of truth you have not attained all these years. You have attained some heights in everything but you have never attained even one millimeter as height in this regard. For you muddle things up…”
3.           Note it, you have not attain even one millimeter. You know what millimeter is? Less than an inch, you have not attained one millimeter in this one.
4.           “…You have attained some heights in everything but you have never attained even 1mm as height in this regard. For you muddle things up. There is no separating line. You can dash Me food for feeding as I am used to dashing some people for feeding. Is it offering to God?
5.           If I give you money to go and establish your business, am I offering anything to God? It is just like the money we spend on our children for their studies. Is it offering to God? We want to alleviate their sufferings, it has nothing to do with God.
6.           Offering that is meant for God is meant for God and only God knows how He will use it. That is where men of God die…”
7.           When was this message handled? It was handled on 4th December 2016. Why not blush your faces? You see why self-justification is very dangerous?
8.           If you go further you will hear what He said; that those that will hear “Depart from me for I do not know you” that they are going to be in thousands. Only a scanty people who caught this revelation will make it.
9.           You have attained that height in other areas but there is one area where you have never attained even one millimeter all these years. And that is where ministers die. The death of everybody.
10.         How can the ministers die and the congregation will remain alive? I thank God these things have been documented long, long time ago: why you must go back to the very beginning. Revelation called it First love.
11.        Except you go back to your first love, I must spill you out of my mouth. For before your eyes, these things were believed and implemented to the letter, to the glory of God the Father. (Selah).
12.        (Scripture continues) 2 Corinthians 9 from verse 2 living Bible: “…In fact, it was your enthusiasm that stirred up many of them to begin helping.
13.        But I am sending these brothers just to be sure that you really are ready, as I told them you would be, with your money all collected. I don't want it to turn out that I was wrong in my boasting about you. I would be humiliated--and so would you--if some Macedonian Christians came with me, only to find that you still weren't ready after all I had told them!
14.        So I thought I should send these brothers ahead of me to make sure the gift you promised is ready. But I want it to be a willing gift, not one given under pressure…”
15.        I want it to be a real what? Willing gift. And not as if it was being given under pressure, as if you were being pressurized to give.
16.        (Scripture continues)“….Remember this--a farmer who plants only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who plants generously will get a generous crop…”
17.        Remember the message “The Good Shepherd.” God has spoken to us, taught us in diverse ways, honestly in diverse ways.
18.        We are our problem. If you give little you expect little. If you take a big yam tuber and cultivate, make a big hole put it in there, add manure at last you expect a bumper harvest, God giving enough sunlight and rainfall.
19.        But if you take small tuber, put it in there, bet me you are going to get a very small harvest.  If you sow sparingly, you reap sparingly. The question is this; that thing you are giving, who gave it to you? It is all because you have not yielded yourself.
20.         In other words, to you it is your own.  You laboured for it, you worked for it. Are you the only person that has worked? Are you the only person living?
21.        Your age mates, many of them have died. Many times you have come face to face with death and the Almighty God came to your aid. Let us understand...
22.        (Scripture continues) 2 Corinthians 9 from verse 6“…Remember this--a farmer who plants only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who plants generously will get a generous crop.
23.        You must each make up your own mind as to how much you should give. Don't give reluctantly or in response to pressure. For God loves the person who gives cheerfully. …”
24.        God loves a cheerful giver! Cheerful givers are what God loves. Don’t say because that brother gave, therefore you must give that same amount.
25.        Or you give only to go back and start regretting and start feeling that you have given so much: ”This amount that I gave is too much,” you are regretting.
26.        Verse twelve So two good things will happen--the needs of the Christians in Jerusalem will be met, and they will joyfully express their thanksgiving to God.
27.        First Corinthians 16 Verse 1-2 (LB) Now about the money being collected for the Christians in Jerusalem: You should follow the same procedures I gave to the churches in Galatia. …”
28.        Instruction, because they knew who he was and the office he was occupying just as they knew that of Saint Peter, they knew that of Jesus the Christ, they knew that of Moses, and all others.
29.        Abraham recognized Melchizedek. Is it because we are Gentiles, was Abraham not a Gentile? You must be a Gentile before you become a Jew. Abraham was a Gentile, he saw God, respected God and we are claiming we are children of Abraham.
30.        Galatia, Corinth, Philippi, they are all in Asia Minor. Not even one in the land of the Jewish nation. There was not even one single Church in the land of Israel.
31.        Israel never worshipped God in the Church, never, never! So when you hear about Corinth, Rome, this and that, they are all Gentiles.
32.        Verse 2, “On every Lord’s Day each of you should put aside something from what you have earned during the week, and use it for this offering. The amount depends on how much the Lord has helped you earn.”  
33.        Apostle Ojiakor: The amount depends on how much God has prospered you. Did God call it one-tenth? No Sir! You are at liberty, it not compulsory. It is if you want to. It is an act of worship. And God cannot be worshipped by everybody.
34.        Let me say this, I said it at Enugu, let me give myself as an example. When I am coming to fellowship, if God has prospered me this week and I am giving ten naira, and the following week it seems I do not have anything at all, maybe just a little, I will not insist on giving ten naira but as God has prospered me.
35.        Then the following week, assuming God prospered me so much, I must not stop at ten naira for it is between me and God. Do not cage yourself and say it must be this.
36.        Now if you do not have that much, you find out that you have bound yourself and you are now guilty.
37.         “See The Lord in the Lord” page 75 verse 28. “But God in His simplicity revealed Himself to people that do not even desire Him. DO NOT SAY YOU ARE WORSHIPPING GOD; YOU HAVE NEVER WORSHIPPED GOD FOR ONE DAY. YOU HAVE NEVER; NOBODY IN THIS MOST HOLY FAITH CAN SAY ‘I HAVE WORSHIPPED THIS GOD.’
41.        Can anybody say; “Show us the Original Body, show us the God Head, show us the Cloud?” We have seen the Sign from Heaven that we may believe in you.
42.        You will see no other sign than the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah and that maybe the last message you may hear. You may not have that privilege or opportunity to hear this message again.
43.        If Brother Obinna the Pastor of Mbaise had believed in me, if he had believed in my word, he would have known that if he had accepted the messengers I sent, he has accepted me indirectly. Rejecting them means rejecting me for they never came with their own words. They came with the words of He that sent them.
44.         Instead of believing in spite of my warning ahead of time, he rebelled to his own peril. He thought there could be a better day ahead, he entered the mortuary.
45.         Listen to the testimony following his death, how he was struggling, brethren were there to help him but he refused every help. He was even biting Deacon Chinedu when they were trying to force him into the vehicle. He was struggling, shouting and screaming that he does not want to enter the vehicle, yet he was not drunk.
46.        He was the one that came back with his motorcycle, ate his food, drank his water, took his bath. What made him mad? What made him violent? You must have the day of your last argument, your last rebellion. Standing before him was a Pillar he could not push.
47.        No man joins his ancestors without being judge. You can never leave this planet earth without God appearing before you for the last time. It is a matter between you and Person you never believed!
48.        The rich fool, nobody visited him but the Lord Jesus: “Oh ye fool , you have been rejoicing in the day, now I require your breath from you.”
49.        I have said this time without number that if you do not meet Me while you are alive, you will meet Me while dying. If you do not meet Me while going to heaven, you will meet Me while going to hell.
50.        I hold the keys of hell and heaven. I am the Judge of the living and the dead. If you call it a joke, keep on rebelling until your rebellion becomes injurious to me. If I do not visit you, disbelieve me till eternity.
51.        But the day I will visit your rebellion is what you do not know and the style. But there must be warning before visitation.
52.        I am waiting for their invitation. They will announce when he will be buried and I will announce the way he will be buried and the tomb he will be placed.
53.        Igwe Amobi said “yes sir,” are you better than him? A disobedient man died, all of you who are disobedient will go and bury him because he has not been obedient to me.
54.        You are alive yet you are disobedient to me. Can you condemn him? Are you better than him?
55.        Let me tell you, every act of disobedience is rebellion in the sight of God and I have told you that there is no act of worship that will make God to change.
57.        Do you see why I do not solicit for members? If I had wanted a big cathedral, do you think would have limited myself in your midst? At least I would have honoured many invitations abroad. While coming back, I will be numbered among the rich ministers internationally.
58.        What is more, I will be having my international accounts here and there, shuttling from one state in America to the other, from one country to another as you can see all of them lined up there. Where they do not invite me, I will go there. I know what I will preach and they will not allow me to go.
59.        By the time I tour twenty to twenty-five countries, all of you will line up in the airport to give me a rousing welcome in a convoy. By now I would have been going around with escort. Tell me what they have which I do not have even more but I received a commission from God which cannot be flouted because my life is tied to my commission.
60.        I do not make noise. I am simply in appearance but mighty in speech. A burning candle you cannot quench.
61.        Apostle Ojiakor; we have seen preaching, teaching but when it comes to offering, how do you give?”
62.        Some run away even when God liberalized them from what they were doing before. You were going from seat to seat, a little while you started filing like Roman Catholics.
63.        God said, “No, leave the bag there; there is an unseen eyes that watch every hand there. Nobody should be compelled to go there, leave it there! If you want to go, you go. If you do not want to go, go and rest. No problem but the teaching is there.”
64.        When I handled that teaching, I never policed you about. A child of God cannot be policed about by anybody but the word of God is his policeman. If you are a child of God, a police man assigned to you is the word of God which is the Spirit of Truth.
65.        Even when you flout it, your conscience will tell you that you are not obeying. You have never worshiped God here. If God is saying from the beginning, who can say it? You can never say “except me.”
66.        “I told them, I know about it.” After telling them what did you do? You are still in captivity with them. Amen.

Romans 15: 25- 27(LB): “But before I come, I must go to Jerusalem to take a gift to the believers[l] there.
2.           For you see, the believers in Macedonia and Achaia[m] have eagerly taken up an offering for the poor among the believers in Jerusalem.
3.           They were glad to do this because they feel they owe a real debt to them.”
4.           Apostle Ojiakor, use your own personal experience. Was there no time you were passing through difficult times? (Yes Sir!). Even to a time of even becoming hopelessly hopeless. (Yes Sir!).
5.           Two or more occasions like that missionaries arrived without given you prior notice. And so it happened to many families for nobody was given any advanced notice.
6.           Some even came back from their work places only to see something that was dropped with their neighbours with an instruction: “Whenever the owner of this room comes back, please deliver the letter attached so that they will know the source.”
7.           All of you were the people I was using. Blessed be the spirit of Bishop Moses. From time to time his vehicle would be loaded and from that point, I will reassign a letter to him telling him the way the thing will go and they were carried out.
8.           Many of you have received big, big envelops here, not even in the congregation, even in your homes. Missionaries were detailed to meet you there.
9.           Covetous people came and changed the message, set the doctrine aside. It became “selected Ministers affair.” Whenever they are holding meeting or discussions, it will be centered on the same money they said they gave to God. Sometimes they fight and quarrel. I am telling you the truth.
10.        Any little thing, they will pick up the phone and call Igwe Amobi and ask him how much was in the purse. He said it is God’s money but it is his own.
11.        Apostle Ojiakor: brethren God started doing it from the very beginning. When I was at Enugu-Ezike, I received mine.
12.        There was no discrimination. It was done everywhere: Aba, Mbaise, Owerri, everywhere. I thank God those missionaries, some are still alive. I used them as my agents with my letter heading emanating from the Apostle’s office which is the established Missionary Office.
13.        Covetous men and women stopped it! I know that even now instead of brethren to feel happy and distribute it, brethren now feel happy to distribute it to their heathen relations who hate them and hate this faith.
14.        God said that we should love everybody but love more, brethren that are in the same faith with us. But I remember those days I was receiving materials even from sisters, the ones they never needed, they never told me who needed them but I know where they will be sent to.
15.        Today some of them want to give and present themselves; and on presentation, the person will say, “No I don’t need it,” because that means belittling the person. But assuming it is presented according to the doctrines of Christ, it may come from Onitsha and sent outside Onitsha.
16.        Verse 27:  They were glad to do this because they feel they owe a real debt to them. Since the Gentiles received the spiritual blessings of the Good News from the believers in Jerusalem, they feel the least they can do in return is to help them financially…”
17.        They were spiritually enriched, being blessed, Assurance of salvation. They recognized the source and tried to offer what they could offer.
18.        Because there were some people among them suffering terrible hardship and since this Good News of Salvation came to them, they thought it wise they should contribute to the welfare of the people who were privileged to bring this gospel to them.
19.        The Voice went forth from Jerusalem because UNTO US GOD FIRST APPEARED TO CHOOSE A PEOPLE UNTO HIMSELF. You are indebted to God! We stand utterly condemned before God.
20.        Apostle Ojiakor; then the question arises; who actually should offer to God? We should check ourselves. Who should offer? The worshiper? YES!
21.        Exodus 40:13-14 (KJV):  And thou shalt put upon Aaron the holy garments, and anoint him, and sanctify him; that he may minister unto me in the priest's office.
22.        And thou shalt bring his sons, and clothe them with coats.”
23.        Whatever God does is everlasting: From generation to generation.
24.        Numbers 25:10-13; And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying, Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel, while he was zealous for my sake among them, that I consumed not the children of Israel in my jealousy.
25.        Wherefore say, Behold, I give unto him my covenant of peace:
26.        And he shall have it, and his seed after him, even the covenant of an everlasting priesthood; because he was zealous for his God, and made an atonement for the children of Israel.”
27.        To Aaron, it was given. To his son, it was given. Phinehas was a pillar and his zeal earned him that priesthood. He gave himself to the Lord and the zeal of the things of the Lord consumed him, otherwise there is no way you can offer anything.
28.        Hebrews 8:3; KJV: “For every high priest is ordained to offer gifts and sacrifices: wherefore it is of necessity that this man have somewhat also to offer.”
29.        Hebrews 5:1, KJV:For every high priest taken from among men is ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins:
30.        It is the duty of one that is ordained a priest to offer acceptable sacrifices unto God.
31.        Exodus 19:1-6: In the third month, when the children of Israel were gone forth out of the land of Egypt, the same day came they into the wilderness of Sinai.
32.        For they were departed from Rephidim, and were come to the desert of Sinai, and had pitched in the wilderness; and there Israel camped before the mount.
33.        And Moses went up unto God, and the LORD called unto him out of the mountain, saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel;
34.        Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself.
35.        Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:
36.        And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel. KJV. Amen.

Let Your Glory Be In What Christ Has Done Volume 2,” chapter 1 WORSHIPING GOD IS A STRICT BUSINESS; want today to be another special day in your heart. I want to inject a level of truth you have not attained all these years.
2.           You have attained some heights in everything but you have never attained even 1mm as height in this regard. For you muddle things up. There is no separating line. You can dash Me food for feeding as I am used to dashing some people for feeding. Is it offering to God?
3.           If I give you money to go and establish your business, am I offering anything to God? It is just like the money we spend on our children for their studies. Is it offering to God? We want to alleviate their sufferings, it has nothing to do with God.
4.           Offering that is meant for God is meant for God and only God knows how He will use it. That is where men of God die. When they use offerings meant for God without enquiring of the Lord, you see them incurring the wrath of God. For the owner knows what that offering will be used for, and you cannot change it. You have no right to change it, it must go there!
5.           You see why we are not a denomination. In the denominations, they preach tithe, they preach whatever they preach just to enrich themselves, build mansions, colleges, universities and everything, industries.
6.           Last night, one was advertising a multibillion Naira hotel, the owner of one Church in Lagos. They advertised it on Dove television. That man owns that television, Dove channel television. That is Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Lagos, a prominent preacher in the likeness of T.B. Joshua. If you have your television, open Dove channel television today; you will see the owner there. He ministers 24 hours. He launched his hotel in Lagos yesterday.
7.           Every Tom, Dick and Harry embraced that multibillion Naira hotel with accommodations of all sorts for the lower class, middle class, executive and things like that. And the prices are beyond the reach of the common man; just like the type T.B Joshua built, came out to tell us that airplane flew over it and then, the noise of the airplane forced it to collapse, compressed it.
8.           We are having a serious business with God. Worshipping of God is a business, it is an occupation.
9.           When the two angels of God went to Jericho, they told Rehab; “Look, woman, we are in a strict business with you. Look at our agreement which we are entering into strict business with you. If you divulge this information, we are not to be held liable for your destruction! But if you keep it secret as we have given it to you, we assure you, no soul from your family will see destruction”. So it happened. It is a strict business.
10.        You have entered into a business contract with God. The contraction and agreement must be strictly observed if you must get what you want and get saved.
11.        Otherwise, you will miss the track, misplace your offering, misplace your faith and on that day, your account will be zero.
12.        “Thus saith the Lord: let not the wise and skillful person glory and boast in his wisdom and skill; let not the mighty and powerful person glory and boast in his strength and power; let not the person who is rich [in physical gratification and earthly wealth] glory and boast in his [temporal satisfactions and earthly] riches…”
13.        Temporal satisfactions and earthly riches. Temporal, manmade, no spiritual undertone, it is not eternal.
14.        “…But let him who glories glory in this: that he understands and knows Me [personally and practically,…”
15.        He understands and knows Me, personally and practically, not theoretically, not imaginary. Worshipping God is an individual matter, it is purely a personal matter.
16.        Nobody is forced into it. It is by revelation, it is purely voluntary, it is willingly. You do not need to consult A, consult B before we go and worship God. And going to go and give offering to God, you gather the whole world to come and beat drum.
17.        And then whoever that is representing God in your day will gather his own witnesses and then begin to plan for a ceremony he will organize in reception.
18.        “…But let him who glories glory in this: that he understands and knows Me…”
19.        He understands and knows Me personally and also practically.
20.        “…[personally and practically, directly discerning…”
21.        Directly discerning My character. I want you to dictate it. Directly discerning. Was it not what I told you? You have to discern. For where there is no spiritual discernment, the people err. Discernment leads to vision. There must be a vision in everything you do and vision is discernment. You have to discern.
22.        Let Me tell you, you do not need to go far to know the feelings of God around you. If you are acquainted with God and you know who God is. You know how He relates with you, when your relationship with God is cordial, when you are on the right track.
23.        Then you know when He severes relationship with you. Without even talking, you will know the reason why. You will know why it is not as it used to be. How do you get it?
24.        By directly discerning, for you have been personally and practically acquainted with Him. You have known Him. In that regard, you can even stand for Him. If anybody makes a statement crediting it to Him, your personal and practical acquaintance with Him over the years will place you in a position to say “no” or “yes” to that person. And when the matter is revealed to Him, you will be justified.
25.        That person will acknowledge that he really told lies, with intent to deceive or to get one thing or the other fraudulently. But he misfired for he went to somebody that has been acquainted with God personally, practically, by direct discernment, not by teaching or this and that. It is a matter.
26.        Hell fire is for you or any other person as an individual. Heaven is for you or for any other person as an individual. Have you ever seen a casket containing two persons? Many corpses may be dropped in the mortuary but they will go home one by one in a single casket.   (from verse 1-27).
27.        Brethren, cast your minds on what we just heard from that message, then what we read in Exodus, that Phinehas had the revelation; the zeal of God was on him. He never consulted anybody, he went straight and that earned him a place in the Lord.
28.        It is practical, personal, you do not need to consult anybody. “How are we going to do it, how are we going to do this” That is serving or worshipping God.
29.        Let me quickly separate something, where we read there it says; “It is basically for God.” God alone has to decide what that thing should be used for.
30.        If we offer when we offer here, we are offering. He decided in the beginning. When we are offering here, nobody should touch or ever budget anything from there.
31.        It was invaded by greedy dogs who came into this faith having their eyes on the offering bag. Some even stored the money in their houses even when they received the instruction: “Every fellowship day, whatever that is your offering, pay it into the bank.”
32.         But they hide it under their beds. They paid a little in the bank, the larger sum of the money is hidden under their beds without any authorization, without anybody knowing.
33.        What if it is stolen, who would know that such a huge amount of money is hidden under the bed? Yet it is God’s money. Corrupt practices in the Bridal faith.
34.        We have a message titled; “Faithfulness Explained.” Who is that faithful fellow? Everybody claims to be faithful but God is saying, “A faithful fellow I have never found in the Bride. In every work, reprobates.”
35.        Apostle Ojiakor: Brethren let me ask a question, if God say Pastor Dan is the pastor and God brings money or gives him money say five thousand (N5,000)  and said, “Go to Aba, do this or that, then come back.” Pastor goes and comes back.
36.        Apostle Ojiakor, hold it there! Even you, do not say “hmm,’ God said even you, everybody, evolve your individual way, system of worshipping the revealed God.
37.        “See The Lord in the Lord,” page 30 verse 32 to 33. “You can be a minister and still go to Hell. IF YOU ARE A MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL, YOU NEED SALVATION MORE THAN ANY OTHER, OTHERWISE YOU WILL LABOUR IN VAIN.
39.        You do what? Evolve your individual way, develop your own individual way that will be acceptable in the sight of God. That individual way you will evolve must agree with the revealed word of God.
40.         Remember, not everybody is obedient to the truth for there are many who are disobedient. Not all have our faith though that they might be here, their faith differs from the faith of The Son Of Man.
41.        But they are using this faith as a cloak, as an insurance, when they die, their burial will be very, very gorgeous and sumptuous. When they want to organize any party, any feast, brethren will come and jump around. Is that paradise? No Sir!
43.        Your personal revelation may tell you to sit down in your house, that He is everywhere: “Thank God, He is everywhere,” He can be also in Hell. He can also go to Roman Catholic, dine with them and sit down there simply because He is everywhere.
44.        God is not everywhere! He has never been everywhere and cannot be everywhere. Thus, be very careful about the two altars: Bethel and Dan. I DO NOT KNOW WHY I AM LED TO SPEAK THIS WAY. MINISTERS BE CAREFUL. Amen.”
45.        Two altars: Bethel and Dan, erected to oppose the True Temple. To hinder worshippers from worshipping God in the Approved Place. Saying they are all but one.
46.        “Whether you are up or down there is no problem but the problem is let it be that you are somewhere. See Dan, see Bethel, you are free to go to anyone. Anywhere it is done it is the same.”
47.        We are handling spirits, destructive and bewitching spirit.
48.        Apostle Ojiakor: It is by personal revelation, individual revelation. You do not have a meeting to agree on how you should offer. What are we? We have read Exodus verse 19 that we are a royal priesthood, a solid nation.
49.        Nsukka received the revelation and called a meeting and the meeting led them into more errors.  Amen.

First Peter 2:1- 9; Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings, As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:
2.           If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious. To whom coming, as unto a living stone, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God, and precious,
3.           Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.
4.           Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded.
5.           Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner,
6.           And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.
7.           But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light…”
8.           There must be a reception. Why must it be Jesus Christ? Because He was The Apostle and the High Priest of our profession as at that time to the people He was sent to. A priest in the Order of Melchizedek: One that will come after Him whom He said will not speak on His own but whatever He heareth from Him, that He will give to you continual.
9.           The Resurrected Body is alive and will remain alive forevermore. (Selah). He is the same Voice, the same Spirit, the same Christ coming to round off the program. He is no longer walking in the midst of the seven candlesticks, but coming here, live!
10.        He never sent anybody but He sent Himself because He has revealed His Original Body, what else do you want?
11.        Revelation 22:16; I Jesus have sent my angel to testify unto you these things in the Churches. I am the root and offspring of David and the bright and morning star.
12.        Where you hear Jesus, better erase it and put Christ. That name Jesus is still in the Bible. Remember, we do not have Jesus in the Bible.  
13.        It was the name given to them by which they recognized Him. He was born as a man and given the name Jesus.
14.        Anybody can answer Jesus. Jesus is the same thing as Joshua, Yahushua. Where you see Jesus, He was referring to Christ and it is the same Christ that is in the midst of the seven candlesticks.
15.        In other words, the seven Church AGES’ messengers were in His hand and that Being (Personality) is here.
16.        From the message “Be on The Red Alert,” I read an article by a Muslim cleric, that on the last day, there is going to be a little group, they will not be Muslims, they will not be Christians.
17.        He said, “Allah will reveal Himself in their midst and they will live with Allah forever.” Then I read another one titled “The return of Jesus. This will stumble Christians.”
18.        That they will not believe that the prophet said that He will return in human form as a married man with children, with family from Africa but He will die in Saudi Arabia.
19.        Have you wondered why all the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia, instead of attacking the Son of Man, they are bowing before Him? Nations are bowing before Him, Islam is bowing before Him, Christianity is bowing before Him, all occult grows are bowing before Him. He doesn`t belong to any of them.
20.        If you are a part of Nigeria, you will remain here. If your bad behaviours are being mentioned, you will keep calm but when another man’s name is mentioned, you will jump up. You think you can cover this matter up?
21.        You can never use your political inclination to cover it up neither can your religious raiment cover it up. This is the pure truth.
22.        I told you that the problem of Nigeria is as old as this nation. From the very beginning the rulers, you know we have never had leaders. The rulers got it wrong.
23.        In 1964, of course, many of you were not born, that was the last election and the last census that caused the trouble which resulted to Anarchy from the Western Region.
24.         From there, the thought of military takeover was mooted out which culminated into the Civil War precisely January 1966.
25.        When they got there, they wanted to move us forward under the parliamentary system, they got it wrong. They formed three political parties along religious and tribal lines: The NCNC in the Eastern region made up of the whole of south-south, south East. They formed NCNC and then a part of mid-western region led by Denis Osadebe in those days. They formed NCNC.
26.        The Northern people formed the Northern People’s Congress (NPC) which was purely Islamic.
27.        Then the Western region formed their own the United Progressive Alliance which could not even unite Nigeria. It was purely a mess up.
28.        Every effort aimed at correcting the mistake ended in the creation of a new state called Middle Belt which was not there before then, to complete it four. They made mockery of the whole thing. So leave it there you are making mockery of God that is where we are.
29.        Leave Nigeria to handle Nigeria`s affair but if you are children of the kingdom, matters concerning the kingdom are responsibilities you cannot shelve. Shelve it and stumble into hell. Solve it and get your ticket to Paradise. Because until you clear all the arrears, all the carryovers, you get nowhere.
30.        If you do not pass all your exams, you cannot collect your certificate from any university. No school issues you statement of result when you have not graduated. Let it remain one course, you will remain there.
31.        What all of you failed is what I call general paper, general course. It would have been fail and fail out but God allowed you to retake it. Whenever your eyes become clear, you will go back and re-write your own.
32.        What can you say about people that died before now, what will be their fate? They died with carryover they did not clear, what do you think is their fate? I want to answer it so that I will clear doubt.
33.        Only the Almighty God in our midst knows those that have cleared their own and those that never cleared their own because it is an individual affair. God said that not all passed it. A few passed but many failed! Amen.

Apostle Ojiakor: from today brethren, when we give offering let nobody tamper with it, offering belongs to God. All at the feet of Almighty God.
2.           Now to show you that this matter is very serious, when offerings iare given either in cash or material, they belong to God.
3.           1 Samuel 2:12-17; Now the sons of Eli were the sons of Belial, they know not God.
4.           They did not know the Lord. And because they did not know the Lord they can never ever honour the Lord.   
5.           “And the priests' custom with the people was, that , when any man offered sacrifice, the priest's servant came, while the flesh was in seething, with a fleshhook of three teeth in his hand;
6.           And he struck it into the pan, or kettle, or caldron, or pot; all that the fleshhook brought up the priest took for himself. So they did in Shiloh unto all the Israelites that came thither.
7.           Also before they burnt the fat, the priest's servant came, and said to the man that sacrificed, Give flesh to roast for the priest; for he will not have sodden flesh of thee, but raw.
8.           And if any man said unto him, Let them not fail to burn the fat presently, and then take as much as thy soul desireth; then he would answer him, Nay ; but thou shalt give it me now: and if not, I will take it by force.”
9.           Offering done to God, the sons of Eli were coming, forcing people to give them offering meant for Almighty God. Taking the thing by force.
10.        Wherefore the sin of the young men was very great before the LORD: for men abhorred the offering of the LORD. KJV.
11.        Because of that, men abhor the offering of the Lord.
12.        Verse 17 living Bible; so the sin of these young men was very great in the eyes of the Lord for they cheated the peoples offering to the Lord with contempt.
13.        People were giving offering; it was those that were close to it, sons of the High priest Eli, Hophni and Phinehas.
14.         Elders, Bishops, Apostles, Deacons handling the offering we must be very careful.
15.        Eli, their father knew about it. I was asking a question, Almighty God said to Pastor Dan, “Go to Aba with this sum of money. He went and came back with some balance. Will he now because of it start spending it frivolously anyhow? No Sir!
16.        Do you know that God is watching you? Or you are given money by the household to go and buy something, because it is not your personal money, you use it anyhow? God is watching. Look at how they gave here.
17.        1 Samuel Chapter two Verse 27 to 29 living Bible; One day, a prophet came to Eli, and gave him this message from the Lord. Didn’t I demonstrate my powers when the people of Israel were placed in Egypt?
18.        Didn’t I chose your ancestor Levi from among all the brothers to be my priest and to sacrifice upon my altar and to burn incense and to wear a priest hood robe as he serve me?
19.        Didn’t I assign the sacrificial offering to you free? Then why are you so greedy for all the other offerings which are brought to me? Why have you honoured your sons more than me, for you and they have become far from…  
20.        You have become far, both you and your children. From God’s offering. Let us read it as if the Levi was not there.
21.        1 sam 2:29, KJV; Wherefore kick yea at my sacrifice…
22.        Why do you kick at my sacrifice?
23.        …and at mine offering which I have commanded in my habitation…
24.        God Himself has commanded this offering to be in his habitation because it is not everywhere you will drop the offering.  You see those that actually offered.
25.         And you see people that kicked at it, “Sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas. Why are you kicking at my offering? I have commanded it should be in my sanctuary and you are now messing it up. You are nullifying my own offering.” We have done more than that.
26.        …and honoureth thy sons above me to make yourselves fat with the chiefest of all the offering of Israel my people?
27.        You are honouring yourselves above God. We are honouring ourselves above Almighty God in our midst. We are even honouring ourselves individually above Almighty God, and God is wondering and watching.
28.        The Son of Man: Examine your Relationship with Christ page 41 verse 45;  “Note it very well, if you want to be careful, I will tell you the point where you will be  careful with The Son Of Man.
29.        Any moment you begin to expect Thank You from The Son of Man, you are gone. The Son Of Man will give you 24 hours basket of Thank You in less than one hour.
30.         I repeat, The Son of Man will give you more than 24 Ghana-must-go bags of Thank You in less than one hour. Your destruction is in the Ghana-must-go.
31.        One day, He will give you one with an inscription which The Son of Man will place on it, I am checking out. You will say, “Brother I saw an inscription that said I am checking out. I will say, “Take it anyhow,” finish! All of them na Thank You.
32.        1 Sam 3:10-14 and 18 KJV; And the Lord came and stood and called as at the other times, Sammuel, Sammuel. Then Sammuel answered speak for thy servant heareth. And the Lord said to Sammuel Behold I will do a thing in Israel at which both the ears of everyone that heareth it shall tingle. In that day, I will perform against Eli all things which I have spoken concerning his house. When I begin, I will also make an end.  
33.        Eli the high priest, the Levite, he was there, he could not control this, his children were just messing up and God rose up. God also rose up also here but his mercy projected. How we should be very careful.
34.        Today as we are hearing His voice let us never, never harden our hearts. As we have heard over and over let us no longer harden our hearts.
35.        For I have told him that I will judge his house forever for the iniquity which he knoweth, because his sons make themselves vile and he restrained them not.
36.        And therefore I have sworn unto the house of Eli, that the iniquity of Eli shall not be purged with sacrifice nor offering forever.
37.        The Son of Man: This the much we will take for the Sunday school. We thank God for the journey so far as we invite Apostle Kelechi to the pulpit for he has been running a message; The greatest stumbling block of all the ages, God is a man, and it takes human being to worship a human God.
38.        We have not scored even one millimeter, not that we heard it today, it is a message that is documented long ago. Amen.





Remain blessed brethren. We thank God for what He is doing in our midst. He does not want us to perish. If He wants us to perish He would not have called us back. It has been God’s manner of doing things.

2.          From time to time he will call his people back and indict them on their faces, rehearsing all his good deeds to them and to their fathers and what he tend to do if they will turn back and follow him.

3.          Have it at the back of your mind that when we talk about rebellion, just one word, simple instruction given to you, and you look down on it, it has become rebellion. “Go there and sit down,” and you reached there and stand up, it has become rebellion.

4.          So our eyes have opened. The God we are worshipping that has been a man all these years has given us the teachings on how we ought to do and worship him rightly, repeating to us what we have neglected all these years as we have been worshipping amidst stated on the part of offering.

5.          What I want you to have at the back of your mind, if you go back to the Old Testament, every offering that is presented to God must be handed down to the priest in charge of that house of God.

6.          A Priest is here to handle it. If it is offering, when you go there, you hand it over to the priest. If it is a sin of unintentionally, for the scripture said that when a community committed sin by disobeying the word of God unintentionally they did not know about it, any day they recognized it, the leaders of the community will bring a He goat, and present it to the high priest.

7.           And it is the High priest that will give instruction on what that thing should be done with. At the end of it, the leaders and the community will be forgiven.

8.          Now God summed up all these into one sacrifice, the High priest of our profession which is Christ whom we are worshipping in a human form.

9.           Neglecting this teachings is what made us what we are today, we cover our faces in shame both myself and all the ministers. We are very sorry for neglecting these teachings and God will recognize our sorry, our repentance when we go back to the teachings and mean business with it.

10.      The Son of Man; Has God ever close his mouth on this matter? No Sir! Even the message of December 2016 look at it there, 2012 see it there. Every year there must be a message touching on this unbelief.

11.      Apostle Kelechi; Today is the last day for this unbelief.

12.      The Son of Man; It is an individual matter do not speak on behalf of your congregation. You only know yourself. Do you know the mind of your pastor by your right there? No Sir! Do you know how changeable human beings can be?

13.      Apostle Kelechi; Really, worshipping God is an individual affair. God has been a man right from the beginning and it has been a stumbling block. It is because of this stumbling block that has made many of us not to pay attention to his teachings.

14.      Just like the Jews told Jesus, “You, being a mere man making yourself God.” And they told Moses in his day that he was taking too much because to them he was a mere man. For he told them, if you believe my teachings, my doctrines you will have eternal life in you but he is just a mere man.

15.      To the prophets they told them clearly, leave our country, go to another place, go and tell them, we have no need of what you are saying. So, God has been a man is the greatest stumbling block. When you obey God, the scripture said that God said he will make in Zion a stumbling block, a rock of an offence.

16.      Who are those that will stumble? Those that do not believe. Those that do not believe stumble at his word, every statement he makes they must reason it out.

17.      The Son of Man; They have their interpretations even this one they heard this morning, they will gather around and then begin to discuss it. They will proffer their opinions, interpretations will come out. At the end of the day, it will be ridiculed into oblivion.

18.      Apostle Kelechi; Believe that we are the only group here on earth closing the history of worshiping God in this flesh.

19.      THE SON OF MAN; This is the Bride of Christ as I am talking to you now. If you look at a maize, the cover will be fine but once you open it you will see fibre, you open another one, you will see three or four grains.

20.      The Son Of Man appeared and heaven and earth stood still and they know it not. Nobody in this bridal faith is having any battle with the devil. Your battle is between you and your God The devil will not destroy any of you but God will destroy you.

21.      If you are having any matter anywhere, trace it the matter is between you and your God and you were told ahead of time like Joshua told them; you cannot worship this God for He will surely destroy all of you for I know you to be stiff necked people, hard hearted and stubborn. He will destroy you.

22.      Dr. Igwe Ogechi saw it, proclaimed it as a teacher from the pulpit that you have succeeded in calling down a masquerade you cannot worship that by and by, He will destroy you.

23.      He took his family and ran away that the time for the destruction has not yet come. When He brought them out from the wilderness, the devil has no hand anymore, it was a matter between them and God for they refused that God should have rule over them and God told them clearly that He must have rule over them then battle ensued. Who won the battle at last?

24.      God won the battle, their carcasses littered the wilderness because with many of them who remained rebellious, God was not happy with them, he stopped their journey.

25.      If He could not spare Moses for disobedience, prepare your defence while He makes the case with you. Prepare your defence as God makes a case with you. I think you will stay alive before you begin to argue your case. Some will argue when they resurrect to eternal damnation while some will argue into the grave.

26.      You are not fighting with anybody. You are fighting with one whom you claim is your God. Go back and check it while we are still here you will notice that all your temptations are coming from your so-called brethren.

27.      Is either your wife, your children who have refused to obey you, to work according to the precept you laid down.

28.      It is coming from those that said they are serving God, claiming to believe what you have believed but in practise, they deny it. Check the trails and temptations that are coming to you, check all you cannot see one coming from your heathen relation.

29.      Your heathen relations have mastered you, they have known that you cannot compromise any longer with them. They know you are peculiar and they know who your God is. Before you will speak, they will say it is Apostle Peter Odoemena( The Son of Man) and they respect the Son of Man to the core while many of you are sore afraid of Him.

30.      Mention His Name you see them keeping quiet, they shrink for many have know Him  beyond human imagination and have come to the conclusion that He is not mere being but rather hiding in the midst of human beings.

31.      The whole trials and temptations if there be any check all of them they are emanating from among you, among your so-called brethren.

32.      Check all very well starting from your family, nuclear family. The greatest temptation is coming there.

33.      The unbelievers in your family who are still here sitting down are stirring up rebellion even against you, rebellion against your word, rebellion against you.

34.      They don`t want to obey, they don`t want others to obey. Nobody is ridiculing you but people that are in this faith. Nobody is sneering at you but people that are here. Nobody is mocking you but people that are in fellowship with you.

35.      Nobody is scandalizing you except your fellow brother, fellow sister. Go and check it very well if you are receiving any attack it is from among you. If you are poisoned tomorrow, don`t check your relations for none of your relations will poison you.

36.      You poison will emanate from people that are in this faith. If anybody is coming from outside to do you harm here, he will hire somebody here who believes what you believe.

37.      I mean by your own assessment you think he believe. Go away he will not go away, be one of us he will not be one of us. They are the people that stir up the heathens against you. I am telling you the truth.

38.       If there be anything between you and the heathen, they will go secretly to incite them against you even tell them to deal with you ruthlessly I am telling you the truth.

39.      That is why the war is now within and begins with your nuclear family. Off your eyes from your father, your mother, your sister who is not in this faith, they have known your stand. They know you are a different fellow all together but look at where the problem is now.

40.      If there is a gang up, check it, it is a gang up in the faith against brethren in the faith. God is seeing all. He knows those that are doing it. They think they are hiding, they are not hiding. The unseen eyes of the Lord see all things even what is happening inside you. I am telling you the truth.

41.      If I say be on the alert, I am not saying it for people out there, they are afraid of them as you are afraid of them.

42.      But someone who you can trust here thinking that he is one of you. This is the much we will take from the throne of truth today, meditate on it and imbibe the spirit of understanding.

43.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.