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Our heavenly father here we come before you just as we are hiding nothing
from you. We are here because you bid us to come and we know it is not in vain. We pray for those who are on their way especially those who their vehicle spoiled.
2.           If you spoiled it for them not to be here reasons best known to you, let it be so. But if devil has done it to hinder them from fellowship, please make a way for them. As many as are here already, father we have praised you with all our hearts.
3.           We have worshiped you but not with all our strength for we believe we have enough strength for tomorrow because you live we must face tomorrow. You are the source of our life, the source of our strength we can do nothing without you. We therefore plead that you turn us around today. Let your perfect will concerning us be fulfilled in our lives.
4.           Create no room for the enemy to tempt our heart away. As we look up to you for help may we never go home disappointed. Touch us with the touch of love, turn us around, overhaul us.
5.           Touch that particular impenetrable heart, that stubborn heart, that arrogant heart, touch that heart. That heart of stone, break it this morning by the entrance of thy word. Force yourself into that heart. Save all that are desiring salvation from you. When your word will go forth this morning, create oh God enough space in our heart to receive, accommodate, retain for our own good your engrafted word that is able to save us from your wrath and from the wrath of men. Father we bow down and reverence you for who you are. Let the weather be clement.
6.           May there be no distraction whatsoever. Let thy Holy Spirit posses the camp. Let your influence be felt in every local assembly where you have chosen for yourself. Saturate the heart of thy children with divine love.
7.           Make your ministers flaming fire, do not allow them to compromise your word. May they never compromise their holy and high calling in Christ, May they stand for the truth. May they stand there oh God for judgment. May they stand there in righteousness father putting your people in right standing with you.
8.           I stand in the gap for those that are worshiping you from all the ends of the earth wherever this gospel truth has been spread.
9.           Father unite them to the God head and save all of us together so that thy word will come to pass as documented in the book of Revelation that on that day when salvation shall be made complete, when your saints shall be clothed with immortal bodies, they shall be drawn from the four corners of the earth and the angels shall be asking questions; where cometh this people putting on white garment.
10.        May we all be numbered among the first fruits that will step their feet into paradise. That is the earnest of our expectation. May we never be denied of it for you had already said in your words that it is our right in you, the right of our new body, it is our right.
11.        Father having bestowed this honour upon us let it be so. Remember we are standing by your promise not by your law. Your promise went forth to our father Abraham when there was no law and you made it clear in your Holy word that the law that came four hundred and thirty years after the promise can never nullify the promise or make it of none effect.
12.        Law or no law, bridge or no bridge, the promise standeth sure. Upon this faith we rest our prayers this day. Let it be unto us according to our faith. Hearken unto our petitions.
13.        Do according to your will through Christ our Lord we have prayed. Amen!

I want to admire the Camp. It is not by might, it is not by power, it is just by the Grace of God. We are not in any way better than the people out there.
2.           He that opened our eyes of understanding blinded them. He said that He came so those that claim they see might be made blind, and those that said they are blind, their eyes might be opened.
3.            He gave some believing heart to believe the truth, and He gave some unbelieving heart to believe lies for the world lieth in wickedness.
4.           Who did the selection? The Almighty God! Who included you in the number? The Almighty God! I only appeared to show you who you are and then for you to know who your God is.
5.           I came to introduce Myself not to the world but to my own for my sheep must surely recognize Me. My stature may change, everything in Me may change but my Voice remaineth the same from generation to generation. That is the unchangeable thing in a human being.
6.           Even if I become dumb like Jesus Christ became dumb, beside the Sepulcher, He put on another uniform, another physical appearance. Mary Magdalene and many others that were there that early morning saw Him and likened Him to be a watchman.
7.           How do you know God? We have a message titled “How Do You Know God?” I want to touch few things there for your own good not that you do not believe in Me. Even if you do not believe in me, I believe in myself.
8.           The Message “Three Kinds of Righteousness,” page 153: I know I am God, I know I have children but they do not have express ticket to paradise. They will get it the same time you get your own.
9.           Do you know what it takes to get a presidential handshake?  You can never get a presidential handshake unless you are a member of the innermost circle.
10.        A good number of the National Executive Council Members have not even had a handshake with the president. For they must first get seated, get settled. Once he appears, he goes to his seat; he salutes everybody at the same time. For you to have a presidential handshake, it is not easy.
11.        Even if you are called to come and receive a national honour, he delegates someone who will issue the honour. Sparingly you see him stepping down from the seat only to exchange handshake with a few, withdraws to his seat. Even your governor, do you think it is easy to get his handshake?
12.        You can get his handshake when he is aspiring to be the governor. The moment he takes the throne of governorship, he becomes untouchable. People rejoice when they get handshake from dignitaries but greater than the greatest dignitary is here.
13.        The Lord Jesus made it clear that a greater than David, Moses, a greater than Noah, a greater than Solomon was there. When He was upbraiding them who thought He was far from them, He said, “No. The Queen of Sheba must rise up in judgment against this generation, for when she heard of the wisdom of Solomon, a mere man, she got the revelation, she rejoiced, travelled a long distance.”
14.         The Bible said that she saddled her ass with her maidservants, travelled three-month’s journey, ninety-day’s journey to Jerusalem just to get the handshake of the King Solomon. So that she might behold the wisdom of Solomon that it was noised abroad. A woman took it upon herself.
15.         The Bible said she got there and was warmly welcomed by the king. She was ushered into the king’s palace. First, she sat down and admired the beauty of the palace, the beauty of the compound, the next thing, she perspicuously watched the orderliness of the kingdom, the wives, children, the male servants, the female servants: the way they were going about doing things decently and in order.
16.         That became another pass mark but there was something she was looking for which was greater than that, which was the wisdom noised abroad.
17.        Luckily for her, two women were contending for one living child. One delivered her baby in the hospital and the baby died. Covetously, she collected another woman’s baby for she was desiring to go home with a living baby. It became a trouble between the two, the contention became so high, so deadly that the matter was brought before King Solomon and it happened the day the Queen of Sheba was there.
18.        She watched Solomon displaying his wisdom in handing down judgment. You know the story very well. He enquired, he demanded for evidence, proof of ownership of the baby.
19.        He never bothered about the blood coming out of their bodies; both were still having blood for they delivered the same day. Hence that could not be an admissible evidence. He never considered their breast that was burst and running with milk for that was normal.
20.        The wisdom of God rested upon him. He said, “Okay, I know what will happen now. Choose between these two options. I will assign this baby to one of you for good whether she is the owner or not; or you permit me to divide the baby into two, you go home with half each.”
21.        The disclaimer shouted for joy “Praise be the king, praise be the Almighty God who give you this wisdom, a Daniel has come into judgment at last! Your judgment  is acceptable my lord”.
22.        But the owner of the child wept sore: “Oh king, don’t ever attempt it, this is genocide. Don’t ever do it, it is a height of injustice to humanity! Don’t harden your heart against my baby, instead give this baby to this woman. When this baby survives and grows up, this baby must surely go for the owner.”
23.         The king looked upon and looked down, shook his head in amazement for that was what he had already decided within himself, kept it secret. He rose up from his seat, entered his judgment room and then came out.
24.        He said, “Women, listen to me, I am a king over Israel, I own this compound, the task of Israel rests upon my shoulders, I have the right of life and death in Israel.
25.        “This is my verdict: weeping woman, just thank your stars that I have a very honourable visitor, otherwise, today would have been your darkest day! You are a wicked woman, you know you are not the owner of this child and you hardened your heart and appeared before my throne of judgment to test my capacity, just go home today and thank your stars that I can never attempt shedding blood in the presence of my guest.”
26.        To the real mother of the child he said, “Madam, it shall be well with you. Take your baby, go home. Guards, go to the barn, enter the compound, load in a truck all that is needed to raise this child. Take this woman and her baby back home.”
27.         It was there and then that the woman apologized for her wickedness, the Queen of Sheba had not seen such a king or never had she seen such display of wisdom from above. A case that would have been adjourned indefinitely was handled in less than one hour by knowledge. “This is wisdom actually,” she nodded.
28.        But when Jesus made this illustration, he added something. He said, “In spite the commendation for her act, a greater than Solomon is here. No matter the Almighty God’s commendation about Moses, that of all creatures, that of all men born of women, there was none to compare to Moses in humility, in transparency, in love, which compelled Him to speak to Moses face to face and mouth to mouth. A good commendation from the Almighty.
29.        The Lord Jesus rehearsed it and added a greater than Moses is here. You are my witnesses that the first judgment God handed was judgment against Moses, judgment against Solomon. Nobody could find Moses’ fault but the Almighty. Moses erred exceedingly but grace softened it.
30.        A time came when Moses didn’t know what to do, it behoveth even the heathens to counsel him. He made grievous mistake just like David who made the worst yet a man after God’s own heart. Nobody can find fault with David but God. But He faulted them that He may be the Justifier of all.
31.         He condemned the Jews, condemned the Gentiles, placed them on the same platform that He may justify them all together by Grace not by their own righteousness or works of the Law for all of them failed woefully.
32.        The Bible recorded that in spite of Solomon’s wisdom, God warned him never to marry from forbidden nations. Is it not true? It is sir!
33.        How faithful was he to that instruction? For Solomon not only married from forbidden nations, the Bible recorded that the seven hundred wives, all from forbidden nations.
34.        He permitted them to come into the palace with their different idols. We went out again according to the scripture and picked three hundred women as concubines, making it one thousand.
35.        The Bible recorded that every Sabbath Day; he abandoned the temple and was feasting in the shrine erected by his numerous wives: that outlandish women made Solomon to err. Then this wisdom that cannot permit you to obey God’s instruction, where did it come from.
36.         The Son of Man is filled with wisdom from above and this wisdom cannot permit me to reverence God, this wisdom cannot make Me to obey God and you still believe! This Grace can do wonders! Unmerited favour.
37.        What can you say about Peter, what can you say about Paul, people that recanted their faith publicly? There were scriptures I read; of course you know them, I have taught you. Amen.

I am a Teaching Priest. Where there is no teaching priest, the people of God must go into idolatry. That is why Job said, “Teach me and show me wherein I have erred”.
2.           Until you are taught, you will not see your error and until you see your error, you cannot effect correction. Is it not true?
3.           It was the day David entered the temple the word of God went forth. David saw that his feet nearly slipped off, he nearly failed God. It was there and then he saw that what was making him err was not the spirit of God but the spirit of competition. He was desiring to be one of the rich people in the world.
4.           God said that the prosperity of the wicked is a great temptation to the righteous. This is the reason why we cannot check corruption in Nigeria. A nation that celebrates corrupt individuals can never check corruption.
5.           In every community, corrupt people are celebrated. When you are living in a world where the end justifies the means, corruption is always on its peak. That is why people do not rush to the seat of power to administer the nation but to grab the wealth of the nation.
6.           Even from the highly celebrated and regarded people that are seated here on earth, the Supreme Court judges are corrupt; Appeal court judges are corrupt; High court judges corrupt; Lower court judges corrupt; Magistrate court corrupt; village court corrupt. Corruption is in every heart!  
7.           It is only a seed of God that you can see a heart purified but they are in the minority. Corruption doesn’t mean getting to public places you can be Mr. Nothing and be corrupt minded. The simplicity that is in the Son of Man can corrupt many people and you become a corrupt unbeliever before God.
8.           There is something in a presidential handshake. Greater than the president of any nation is in the Bride, believe it if you can.
9.           If I do not know who I am, I won’t introduce myself. I introduced myself and the Elohim vindicated it. What else are you looking for? I am not looking for any human being’s vindication or approval.
10.        He that sent Me has approved my candidature. He made His choice and His choice is final whether you accept it or not, it is the final verdict! You either hear Him or you perish for I am the beloved of the Father. I know that to be true.
11.        I AM THE BELOVED OF THE FATHER.  And nobody is sanctified outside the Beloved. You are called into the Beloved for you to be sanctified in the Beloved, hence He transferred you from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of His Dear Son for He is the Beloved Son in Whom He is well pleased, hear ye Him.
12.        Be very careful else I will hit your eye glass into your eyes. You love euphoria even at your age. By now you should have stabilized that is why I sparingly feature you on serious occasions. Inspite of your long experience with brethren not with God.
13.         Three Kinds Of Righteousness,” page 153 verse 97, preached on 14th October 2012. I know I am the Son of Man…
14.         I know I am the Son of Man. I am not “a” Son of Man. The article “the” That is what makes the separation.
15.        Ezekiel was “a” Son of Man. I am THE Son of Man. The prophet even explained this matter better. He said, “I am A Son of Man. I am not THE Son of Man. The Son of Man is He that will come after me.”
16.         I know I am the Son of Man. I know that the Deity dwells in me…
17.        I am sure and certain that the Deity dwells in me. I am God’s Tabernacle. God is tabernacling in me, I am that house made without hands which He has chosen to make His abode, His dwelling place without consulting you; for this is the purpose He purposed in Himself concerning me before the world began, after the counsel of His own will. Thus, it is an unchallengeable action.
18.        If you sue Him, which judge will handle the case? Who will prosecute Him? Who will arrest Him?
19.        Pilate thought he had authority, He (Christ) told him, “You have no authority unless it is being given to you by my Father in heaven.” Pilate ran mad.
20.        I know that I am God made visible in human form…
21.         I know very well that I am God made visible in human form. Remember I was not addressing one man, I was addressing a large crowd, innumerable witnesses that have the right to enquire, to investigate, to evaluate and things like that. They were given the chance to fault me, fault my preaching.
22.        You see why The Son of Man said, “Criticize me, it is your right. Criticize me constructively, destructively, it is your right. You have no right to subscribe to my faith until you are convinced that I am He.”
23.         It is an individual conviction and it is a divine operation. Conviction is divine. You must be sure and certain that the attributes of the Deity are traceable to me. More so, His more sure word of prophecy which can never fail, has never failed and will never fail! (SELAH). You must be sure and certain. You won’t say, “Somebody told me.” No.
24.        When the people came they said, “We are sure and convinced not because you told us, we have seen Him, we have verified, His claims are perfectly true.”
25.         I know I am married, from my loins my children came…
26.        I know that very well, I equally know it is a stumbling block to Jesuits, not to children of God. If you are a Jesuit, you strongly believe in celibacy.
27.        Your doom can be the day God is presenting His children, but if you are a seed of God, you will know that His Name is Elah Elohim (He that dwells with His own family).
28.         Introduce any God without a family, the Jews will say No. From my loins! Jesus never made this statement for he was a pure blooded bachelor who knew nothing called wife. Family wahala (trouble) he does not know. Hence he could not propagate any doctrine in marriage.
29.         How can you discuss marriage when you are inexperienced? He handed down the totality of the message unto He that will come after him, The Son of Man, the Spirit of Truth Who will guide you into the knowledge of all the truths.
30.        He had many things he could have told his people, but they could not bear the truth, nevertheless he bid them farewell.
31.        Even at that time, the chiefest of all the apostles was a beggar. Peter was a beggar. Immediately the Lord allowed him to go fishing, he took his brethren, went back to fishing. Read the Bible.
32.        A day came Jesus was coming, Peter was naked at the bank of the river, when he saw the Lord Jesus coming, he told the rest; “Look at him, he is coming!”
33.         In his naked estate he dived into the river Whaa! A diver. But the Master saw him afar off and said; “Peter, raise your head from the water, I saw you naked.”
34.         Many of you do this. I know all of you. There is no family that hears that the Son of Man is visiting them without going about with fire-fighting approach. You see road maintenance workers patch-patching, wash-washing, removing the cobwebs everywhere, tidying up.
35.        And if eventually the Son of Man breezes into that place, He knows the difference between a permanent feature and a temporal atmosphere created for Him for that day.
36.        Those that took their time and tidied up very well before His arrival will be proud to introduce Him: “Daddy! Come to this room, Daddy! Step your feet into our bedroom. Because the bedroom have been tidied. But before that day,  what was the nature of your bedroom?
37.        If He had paid you a surprise visit, do you think you will say “Daddy! Come into my bedroom”? You can never do that!
38.        Peter Was naked and dived into the river thinking that he could cover up his nakedness. The Lord saw him afar. Peter forgot that He was the one that saw Nathaniel leaning on the oak tree.
39.        He said, “Nathaniel, when you were afar off I saw you. A man whose heart was without guile. Nathaniel! Follow me, you will see greater things ahead.”
40.         Just like I promised many of you who were with me in the beginning: “Whether you understood me or not, follow me anyhow. As I move along, follow me. But make no mistake of being resistant because you are tied to a superior motor with vibrant engine. The cord tying you to that motor is stronger than you, mightier than you. If you try to put resistance up, He will drag you contrary to Himself. He will pull you down and then be dragging you on the ground. The wounds will be many.”
41.        But to survive, all you have to do is to do a little jogging, follow the vehicle. You reduce the strain. I know I am married and I have children.
42.         However I have not given them express ticket to Paradise…
43.        I have not given any of them any express ticket to Paradise. I am a just God. I judge in fairness and equity. That is why I told you to be very cautious about me. I am fair and firm and I do not consider you on your face value. Your face value means nothing to Me.
44.        Have you understood me, if there should be one that should collect express ticket that is automatic entrance, it will start with my family.  
45.        Number one being my wife, number two being my children. Then they do not need to be listening to me. If there should be one to be given express ticket in Jesus’ day, the mother Mary should be the number one, the father should be number two.
46.        Though the father impregnated the mother, the mother reserved the right to kill the baby in the labour room. Am I making sense? Yes sir! If in the upper room, the mother is the number one to be there.
47.        In the upper room when the Lord Jesus gave the instruction; “Go yea and preach the gospel of the kingdom to every nation, but tarry ye first in Jerusalem. Until you are endowed with the power from on high then you will be my witness. First starting from Jerusalem to Judea and to the outermost part of the earth.”
48.        Mary the mother of Jesus became number one to obey that instruction. Acts of the Apostles recorded that they were one hundred and twenty in number, all of them including Mary the mother of Jesus Christ.
49.        He could have said, “Actually she is my mother, why should she go there? My mother stay at home, I will take care of you.” Any lesson to learn there?
50.        Even if I want to give express ticket, it is my right, that is if I will. That the Lord Jesus said, “What if I will that John will not die again? Will you challenge Him? I am saying that, Peter, the chiefest of all the apostles, was not converted, for he was still a devil.
51.        Before Jesus Christ departed finally from his sight, He said, “Peter, the devil wanted to destroy you but I prayed for you that your faith fail not. Peter! Anytime you are converted, strengthen your brethren.”
52.        You see, he repented without being converted. You can repent, you can change your mind without being converted. That is why the Bible said, repent and be converted that your sins maybe blotted out.
53.        Repentance means sorry for your wrong doing. You can say sorry for your wrong doings even hundred times a day but you are not yet converted. The moment you are converted you put on a new spirit, a new body, a new heart everything all around you becomes entirely new—a new awakening.
54.        It is only then that you begin to receive the refreshing wind of awakening of the Holy Spirit, blossoming in your heart, then your heart will be at rest. You will no longer be seeing things and judging things from the human perception for you are now a changed individual with changed mind and changed vision.
55.        That is why if any man be in Christ he is an entirely new creature. You cannot fashion your life after your old order; never, never. So your repentance means nothing, God is looking for your conversion.
56.        Because Peter was not converted, the Master left them, Peter went back to Jerusalem and then lured others back to Jerusalem. The resultant effect was that they denied Christ, denied the faith and then we saw a resurgence of the ancient Mosaic Law. That was how the Mosaic Law got transferred to the New Testament era.
57.        Something that the Lord Jesus Christ came and put an end to, nailed all of them to the Cross, making it impossible for the devil to accuse he that believeth in Him of any sin for where there is no law, there is no sin. And the only way not to transgress the law is not to have it at all.
58.        The law will always show you that you are wrong and that is where it will stop but can never show you the way out.
59.        We saw a resurgence of what Christ had already abolished in His body on the Cross of Calvary. We that have believed in that Christ, the scripture said we are completely absolved, declared free from guilt, from all those old things, sins which we could not have been justified under the laws of Moses and now Christ has set us free. He said that we should remain free and resist anybody that is trying to yoke us into that bondage again.
60.        Some came asking questions” “What if we believe Christ only to discover in the end that believing in Him has disappointed us?”
61.        The scripture said He replied them, “Let no man ever think this rubbish about Christ our Lord, rather we shall become transgressors if we begin to rebuild the old system which had already been pulled down”. He went further and said that the Law has been abolished but does it mean you are free to behave anyhow?  He said, “God forbid.”
62.         God has transferred you from the laws of Moses to the laws of His dear Son, The Son of Man Who is the Judge of the living and the dead. He is to tell you what you will do and what you will not do. Amen.

Look at the message, “How do you know God?” There is an encounter there. If you have this message, don’t show interest in what affected others.
2.           “How do you know God?” chapter one page 24 verse 15. You have your Bible it is taken from St. John’s Gospel chapter 20 verse 1.
3.           The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulcher, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulcher.
4.           Then she runneth, and cometh to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and saith unto them, They have taken away the Lord out of the sepulcher, and we know not where they have laid him.
5.           Peter therefore went forth, and that other disciple, and came to the sepulcher.
6.           So they ran both together: and the other disciple did outrun Peter and came first to the sepulcher. And he stooping down, and looking in, saw the linen clothes lying; yet went he not in.
7.           Then cometh Simon Peter following him, and went into the sepulcher, and seeth the linen clothes lie,
8.           And the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself. Then went in also that other disciple, which came first to the sepulcher, and he saw, and believed.
9.           For as yet they knew not the Scripture, that he must rise again from the dead. Then the disciples went away again unto their own home.
10.        Now watch out, Mary stood by the side of the sepulcher weeping but Peter was not weeping; John was not weeping. They went straight back to their houses. “After all, the tomb is empty! Let us go home,” and they must have stayed in their houses. But this woman stood there weeping, then something happened. 
11.        But Mary stood without at the sepulcher weeping: and as she wept, she stooped down, and looked into the sepulcher, And seeth two angels in white sitting, the one at the head, and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain..
12.        She saw what Peter and John never saw. Something that was hidden from Peter and John was revealed to the woman who was there weeping for she patiently wept, agonizing, she was not sensual. Not sensational. From her heart, she sorrowed.
13.        Look at the reaction of Peter and John, getting there, they saw the sepulcher open, they concluded that the report might be true, they went away. They cared not about the body of their Master but this woman remained there weeping.
14.        I have told brethren every time that I don’t know why women are favoured in God’s ministry. I can trace it from Genesis to Revelation. Women are highly favoured inspite of their stubbornness, their arrogance, their stony heart and the foolishness that are unbridled in them.
15.        We can succeed in checking everything in a woman not these three things, it has no age limit. It is from cradle to the grave.
16.        Women are foolish, men are stupid. They are two different things. I better chose to be foolish than to be stupid. Because in everything that appears to be foolish, look into it very well it contains a little sense but there is no sense in stupidity and that is why stupid people are despotic, they are tyrants and do not accept they are wrong no matter how you place their faults before them.
17.        Especially in our own side of the world where undue recognition is given to somebody because of his manhood or gender which has nothing to do with intelligence, it has nothing to do even with productivity. Let me stop there.
18.        Watch the virtues in the women, they were sure and certain of their Messiah, they were convinced especially Mary Magdalene who was privileged to come face to face with the Messiah, used her long hair to clean the feet of the Master, even offered the costliest perfume, perfumed the body, her art of worship, her mode of worship generated envy and jealousy; even generated criticism among the hypocrites like Peter who were murmuring in their hearts.
19.        “If Jesus is the prophet, He would have known, He would have discerned this woman that is kissing and caressing His body. How dare the prophet from God embrace this notorious prostitute?”
20.         Then Judas came forward and said, “Why lavishing this great amount of money on perfume when we have needy people around? This money that is used to buy this costly perfume would have been used to help the poor around!”
21.        The Master noted what they muttered in their hearts. He said, “Peter, I know you are offended, I have visited your family several times even to heal your mother-in-law have you offered me a cup of cold water? Have you even offered me a seat in your house, Peter?
22.        “Judas, are you not carrying the money that belong to all of us? Why have you not been distributing it to the poor and the needy in the streets, why are you offended at this perfume? If the money was given to you, that could have been all that the needy people needed all their lives? Judas, you see needy people every day but the Son of Man is only seen sparingly.”
23.        “He that succeeds in climbing an iroko tree should endeavour to collect fire wood from it because it is not easy to climb an iroko tree.”
24.        With this, He disgraced them, humiliated them. They died but their spirits are alive operating in human beings even this moment.
25.        Because they stood behind weeping not hypocritically, out of the abundance of the sorrow in their hearts, they expressed their faith. They were even desiring to carry the corpse, to bury the corpse somewhere if they can have the corpse, they were wondering who could have removed the corpse from the sepulcher.
26.        Now stooping and looking into the grave, they saw two angels at both ends of the grave which John and Peter never saw. Why? They never cared. They never knew the Master had already put on the Theophany Body. He was there but they could not see Him. He saw them walking away, He saw the women, He tested their faith, tested their patience.
27.        With the Theophany Body He came here, stood by the side of the pulpit, watching the congregation as they came to fellowship. People thought He was residing at 20 Benjamin Street, they never knew He was in the Fellowship in keeping with His Vow that He will be in the Fellowship before any other elder, enjoined you to be in the Fellowship on time.
28.        Though you tried to be in the Fellowship on time but you never beat Him. He was in the Fellowship before you came. Quietly He leaned on the pulpit.
29.        The woman was weeping, she never knew that the God she was sympathizing with was there in His Theopany Body, a body that can appear and disappear.
30.        You remember when they were gathered in one room as a result of the persecution of the Jews. The Bible said that they closed the doors and the windows. While they were sitting there praying, He appeared and said, “Peace be unto you.”
31.         He never knocked at the door, He never came down from the roof neither did He push any window open. So He watches over us and we know it not. In that theophany estate, He can shuttle the whole world round in less than one minute because He travels as a thought.
32.        If He wants to see you in America, it takes Him one second, He is there. Close your eyes and open them He is in London. He knows your contact point, He knows your name, He calls you without using your telephone number.
33.        If you are directly connected to Him, you will always be hearing Him speak to you. Sometimes you may hear and pause, standstill and look around, you will see nobody. You know the voice you heard was very distinct especially when it is a question, “Where are you going to? What are you doing here?”
34.         A brother unconsciously broke a bottle of beer because of the question, “What are you doing here?” He shook his head. His associates in the beer parlour wondered what happened to him. He got up, unconsciously he pushed the table down, paid for the bottles and wine, and that was the end of the drinking. He went home.
35.        It is an experience, it is personal. You do not say, “God, I want you to see me that way.” He has his own way of seeing you. Do not forget the testimony of a sister. When they were at Amazu oil, that had a serious accident after Oye Olisa if you are going to Ogidi after that sharp bend where their vehicle crashed with a tipper. It was a sister when we were at Amazu oil or the other side.
36.        Where there was an accident and she saw herself at the other side of the road she knew not, with her baby in her hand. We have too many cases like that where a vehicle crashed and people were looking for the driver, the driver was somewhere else watching the vehicle in flames.
37.        When God is all out to save, He stops at nothing. He was all out to save Mary Magdalene and her friends, nobody was directing Him. People that were finding fault with them no matter what their occupation is, they got disappointed because if they were given salvation to distribute, if they were the author of salvation, this women would have missed it. They stood disqualified.
38.        Now look at this two women that were disqualified by Peter and John, sorrowfully remained at the sepulcher, weeping. Remember they took off early in the morning with oil to anoint the body as it was the custom of the Jews but getting there, while they were murmuring among themselves who could helped them remove the stone, they discovered the tomb was already empty. 
39.        Mary looked there, supernatural beings were found there. Remember when they were told that the Master had resurrected they believed it not because they forgot what He had earlier told them and they went away carelessly like that. They never knew the Master was there watching them, watching their reactions.
40.        Peter and John entered the tomb, but they entered in unbelief. An unbeliever can never see the face of God. In unbelief he doubted and entered. Visible sign of unbelief, he first of all said, “I do not believe.” He doubted and entered.
41.        John entered and saw nothing, the women remained there and saw two angels. If they could go back and tell the people that entered the sepulcher that when you left we stooped low and saw two angels, will they believe this one? No sir! Without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness.
42.        And they say unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? She saith unto them, Because they have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him. And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.
43.        Are you really following this encounter? How can you tell me especially Mary Magdalene in whom was cast out seven demons, who lavished her love on the Messiah to the point that people were even suspecting that Jesus will marry her, that Jesus could be standing beside her; Mary was likening the Lord Jesus to be a watchman, a guard.
44.        What could have taken place in the body that hindered Mary from recognizing this man? HOW DO YOU KNOW GOD?
45.        Mary knew Him by His stature, by His garment, by His physical appearance. Mary had already muttered in her heart that if that could be the Lord at least there would be wounds all over His body for the body was battered, He was brutally handled, naked. The body was blistered and He resurrected in less than three days and three nights.
46.        I said “LESS THAN”, because I am here. If He was crucified on Friday evening to avoid the Sabbath which takes place from 6pm to 6pm, the following day that was Sabbath, check 6pm on Friday to 6pm on Saturday. Did the prophet say “three days and three nights?”
47.        The prophet said, “After three days and three nights, He will resurrect.” He said that anybody expecting resurrection before the expiration of three days and three nights is making a mistake. Then He hit them below the belt.
48.        If early hours of the first day of the week being Sunday, the sepulcher was open, the body was in the grave as interned by Joseph of Aremathia in his own tomb, Friday night, let us believe Saturday night. But by Sunday morning the tomb was open.
49.        In other words, it wasn’t up to three nights, it was not up to three days. You can hold the Bible and miss God. That was why when He came, God’s people recognized His parousal then Herod summoned his astrologers, his teachers and magicians, charged them with the responsibility to search the scrolls, to search the laws and find out for him what the prophet foretold concerning His coming.
50.        Why they were searching the scriptures, He was already searching the scripture with Simeon the high priest. Herod remained searching the scripture till the twelfth year; he remained searching, the man was teaching lawyers, doctors, Pharisees in the temple. But the unbelievers remained searching.
51.        Like He has been here for years, some people are still searching for Him, looking for the Living among the dead. Because the Bible said that if you refuse the truth, you must find yourself in the congregation of the dead.
52.        Refuse the truth from God and then find yourself in the congregation of the dead. They might be alive physically but spiritually they are dead, eternally separated from God. 
53.        Jesus saith unto her, why weepest thou? Whom seeketh thou?  
54.        Who speakest thou? Jesus. For the first time He opened His mouth, look at the language “woman”. The controversial language between Him and Mary the mother, for Mary was offended that all references to her was woman.
55.        That is why I charged everybody while teaching from Genesis to Revelation, if you see anywhere Jesus referred to Mary as my mother, come and show me and I will come down from the pulpit. It is not documented in the whole of the scriptures. At least if we have not read the Bible remember we read it three times from Genesis to Revelation compulsorily before I delved into criticizing the Bible.
56.        I carried all of you along until we all joined hand and condemned the Bible that the Bible is not the word of God. We proved it before everybody. That the Bible is the word of God, we proved it before everybody. I showed you the two sides of the coin, making it impossible for anybody to seduce your heart away from God.
57.         Now Jesus said unto Mary, “Woman, Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou?”
58.         She supposing Him to be a gardener. Don’t laugh at this encounter, it is a good encounter. How do you know God? If you know an Army General by his uniform, you are bound to miss him any day he disguises himself.
59.        If you know a High court judge by the gown and the wig which is official costume, any day you see him playing badminton you may call him this boy, this boy.
60.        Jesus is likened to a mere guard. To the woman, Jesus was a gardener, he that guarded the sepulcher.  
61.         She, supposing him to be the gardener, saith unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away…
62.        Have you seen that this woman was desperate? The men were casual in their worship but this woman was badly desperate. Her impression was not leaving.
63.        “If you are the one that took the corpse away, please show me where you dumped the corpse that I will go there and carry the corpse, that is why I am here, to give Him a befitting burial in my own way, within my capacity as a woman.”
64.         That which the men could not do, a woman assumed full responsibility without any iota of hypocrisy. Identifying with Him while he was alive, identifying with Him in death, identifying with Him even in resurrection. That we may know Him and be acquainted with Him and the power of His resurrection and being made conformable to his death. This woman fulfilled all.
65.        Jesus now pierced His eyes into her and called her using the same tone, the same manner. Just like one illustration I gave you when I handled this matter, a lady that was betrothed to a man; she was presumed dead in a motor accident but she later revived, underwent a plastic surgery. The face was removed, another face was pasted there.
66.        One day she came into contact with her fiancé who had already mourned her exit. While they were discussing and discussing, she pierced her eyes into the man’s face.
67.        The man watched the stature, it was different from the one he knew. When the lady was convinced he never recognized her anymore due to plastic surgery, she now whistled their popular music that blended their friendship.
68.        Immediately she whistled it, the man was shocked, stood on amazement, gazed at the figure, the lady kept quiet. The man couldn’t make a move, the lady whistled it again, whistled it over and over, the man now advanced to her. Then she opened her mouth and called the man by his name which was only known between the two. This man exclaimed Sunita! The embrace was more than warm, the tears of joy started rolling down their cheeks.
69.        Look at the Messiah, this time around it was not “woman,” Jesus now called “Mary.” For the first time Mary replied Rabboni for Mary recognized that voice: “Rabboni!”
70.        Rushed forward to embrace Him and the man drew back and said “hold it!  This is not the body you can touch anyhow.  This is a new body, I have not yet ascended to my father and your father, my God and your God, but now go and announce the goodnews to your brethren, tell them you have seen me, I am risen and I am coming to Galilee to see their faces.”
71.        What a goodnew! If you were Mary, while running back, there could be accident on the way because of joy. Hidden from the men, revealed to the woman for the woman was willing to do that which the men could not do, expressed faith beyond that of men. Incomparable faith.
72.        When we read about women of faith, this woman that has already been condemned, earmarked for execution has now become the holiest of all, the first that embraced the Theophany Body with her eyes.
73.        Jesus saith unto her, “Mary” and she turned herself and said unto Him, “Rabboni;” which is to say Master.
74.        Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master.
75.        Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.
76.        Saint Paul even told the brethren to salute too many sisters whose names were written in God’s Book Of Life. Saint Paul being the Angel Messenger knew them. Who documented them if not Paul?
77.        Those whose faith was established in His word and it was imputed upon them as their righteousness. Their faith in the revealed messenger of their day became their justification and he recommended them to the brethren.
78.        You want to tell me that the Son Of Man does not know them. Those that have been erased and those that are still perching. He knows those that have been marked asterisk, given time to see whether they can amend their ways like Bishop David sitting down in the Fellowship.
79.        I do not mince words because I told you last week that I have asterisk on your name. You are not in right standing with me, of course you know. Do you not know? Have I not placed your card before you? Over and over. Am I afraid of anybody? The only thing you can do is to walk away from me.
80.        Like the learned fellow who wanted to be saved and Jesus gave him the condition of salvation, he walked away. Where he was heading to, was it the path of salvation? No Sir!
81.        You better understand what you are doing, you search the scriptures because in the scriptures you think you have eternal life but they testified of me, but you refused to come to me that I may give you eternal life. Is that not scriptural?
82.        People carry the Bible and turn the pages for they think that is where they can get eternal life but the Bible said, “Eternal life is not in me.” You cannot find eternal life in the Bible, but the Bible will introduce you to He that holds eternal life.
83.        We know that The Son of Man has appeared and has given us the spirit to understand the truth and we are in Him that is True, even in The Son Of Man, this is the true God that holds the eternal life.
84.        You must know the true God, differentiate between the true God and the false god and that is eternal life. But many do not know that He has appeared or He has been here, because it is not a noise-making ministry. He cannot quench a burning flax neither will you hear His voice on the street.
85.        He is not a worldwide messenger. He came for His own and His own only know Him. He came for those that have been eagerly and patiently waiting for salvation. Unto them will He appear the second time not to deal with their sins, no, but to give them eternal life. No more, no less.
86.        I am not here to deal with sin, sin have been taken care of, unless you do not believe, but when you believe, it shall be unto you according to your faith. Amen.

John 20: 18, Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she has seen the Lord, and that he had spoken these things unto her…
2.           You must know me beyond my stature. Remember the message; “God in Despised Places.” Have you forgotten? Despise me not for I am black. Is it scriptural? Yes Sir!
3.           Who is this man that cometh from Edom wearing dyed garment? Despise me not because I am black for the sun has acted on Me.
4.           We are living within the Equatorial zone where the sun is very hot. So it is common for anybody that is brought up in that area to have a dark skin. There is nothing abnormal in our pigmentation, but know me beyond my pigment otherwise, the encounter between Rabboni and Mary may likely occur.
5.           This is different from my supernatural visitation which many have been privileged to have, right from the very beginning.
6.           I will not forget, I thank God Bishop Ifeanyi Eze is here. There was a day at Eha-amufu, your wife was living with Brother Ojiakor, as at then you were not yet married to her.
7.           The sister was equally there, our sister Ojiakor was in the back yard with all of them and they were peeling cassava. One afternoon like that, a native doctor appeared with his native doctor’s bag wearing rubber sandals with beard hair, appeared before them in the backyard in the day, everybody stood up, wanted to embrace him, he ran in to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the parlour. They raised alarm and followed him, he entered the store where they packed drugs, when he entered there, he hid himself by leaning on the wall.
8.           Everybody rushed him, a little while, brother Ojiakor rushed in. While he was standing, Brother Izundu rushed in. They said, “Daddy came, we saw Him, He is in the house, there was a very intensive search for Daddy.
9.           Daddy leaned on the wall, became a part of the wall. They were running everywhere, until they got tired and then formed a very big congregation, discussion ensued.
10.        “Are you sure you saw him?” “Certainly, even when He was coming I saw Him coming before you arrived.” It was equal experience. So argument ensued, our brothers could not believe the sisters.
11.        Brother Ojiakor and Brother Izundu said, “No, you do not know what you saw, maybe you were discussing Him.” They said, there was no discussion, we were peeling cassava.
12.        Sister said, “Can you imagine a mother like me to begin to deceive you, I equally saw his back when he was entering. He is here.”
13.        They said did he fly away? So when the argument died down, they began to rest, The Son of Man gently went away and then called them and told them all that transpired in their house. It became a testimony among us.
14.        The first visitation was Brother Mike Emmanuel, that was where the brethren started knowing that something strange has visited us, for he was in the bed with the wife in the night and they were discussing The Son Of Man, The Son Of Man became the number three in the bed, recorded all, A to Z.
15.        Went to their pastor, narrated all they said, so that he will know, gave him the time he visited them in the bed at exactly 2 o’clock in the morning. They became three in number in the bed.
16.        A little while that same day, late Brother Ferdinand Uzoma came with his own dream where The Son of Man paid a surprise visit to Brother Mike’s house and recorded all they were saying concerning Him and the faith. I was sitting down when he narrated the dream to the pastor also and went away.
17.        The pastor took it upon himself to verify because I told him I was there live. He summoned the husband and wife with a question; “At about this hour in the night, were you awake?”
18.        They said yes! “Tell me, I am your pastor in confidence, were you having any discussion?” They said yes!
19.        “What and what were you discussing and who was the center of your discussion? They said, “Apostle Peter Odoemena.” And look at what we were discussing. He recorded all, came to the pulpit.
20.        Brethren, is it how the whole thing happened? That was when faith started in you. God wanted to create faith. Bon Diuka said it that God is a silent listener to every secret conversation. That which you are saying it is secret, you think nobody is hearing, God is recording. And from that day, discernment appeared. God started discerning everybody.
21.        Fear came into the camp. God has not changed, only that He does not want to embarrass people again. But that time, no matter who you are, God will trace you from the day you were born, give you your records and the world will listen to you to say no or to confirm.
22.        Of course you must confirm because He will only tell you what you did and also go further to tell you the one you are planning to do. And that was where the problem came. Many dumped many, many plans.
23.        Even one that came all the way from Lagos who was not even our member, came with false identity card, yet a pastor, doing fraudulent business in Lagos with his pastors there. He sat down, the Lord picked on him and said, “Stand up there! You are a minister in the End time over the years but you are a criminal for your pastor is a criminal. You are here with a false identity card.”   
24.        See sweat all over his body. By the time we knew it, he went to the altar, lied flat, dipped his hand and brought up an identity card and said, “Brethren, it is fake. My pastor printed and gave it to us to be doing the business for him. How I wished my wife is here.” The thing was noised abroad.
25.        One came from Main Market pretending to be mad. They brought him before me, hell was let loose that day. Among all that came to see me for deliverance he was there to test my power. When it came to his turn, I stood before him, called him by his name. He said no and I said, “This is your real name, you came with another man’s name.”
26.         He said, “Yes, it is my junior brother’s name.”
27.        I said,  “You told them you are mad but you are not mad, you are very sensible. The person that is mad is your brother.” He said, “Sir! It is true.”
28.        “Why have you come to tempt me? You heard about me, and you came to tempt my power. If not for one thing, I would have allowed the spirit of madness to possess you right now so that you will know what it takes to be mad. Nevertheless, I have come to save you. Do not ever try it again! Go, your brother is healed by the time you get home, and then come back and testify.”
29.         He left, the next time he came was to share testimony of his brother’s healing. Among us here many who ran mad and got healed here. Brethren am I bearing false witness? No Sir!
30.        You remembered what happened here one night when a destructive spirit possessed a sister and she came after me to the pulpit. No matter how the Deacons struggled to hold her, no way. Foam was coming out. I came forward and commanded all to leave her.
31.        She was coming menacingly before everybody with the intent to destroy and was speaking esoteric language, very fierce! I ordered everybody to leave her alone, that it was an encounter between me and the spirit. Everybody stood still.
32.        When she was coming, I moved and then I captured the spirit, brought them to my seat and then gave charge. With my left hand I said, “Walk by my side.”
33.        Gradually she talked and talked, hovered, came and stood by my side. With her right hand around my neck, proclaimed her delivered, removed her hand and commanded her to go, and that was the end.
34.         She is worshipping till today. She was the one that proclaimed my Name without seeing, without hearing about me. She mentioned my Name, “You are the Almighty God, Apostle Peter Odoemena, my salvation is in your hands.”
35.         That was where I captured the bottle that fell off from her body, white bottle. She struggled to collect it and I dived and collected it before many witnesses, living bottle that vanished before our eyes here.
36.        That was night also, the lightening came, quenched the light, stopped the P.A system and was hanging there illuminating the whole camp before we heard the voice “Thus it behoveth on the Son of Man to fulfill all righteousness”.
37.        When history is forgotten the mistakes of the past maybe repeated. For that I gave you a message titled, “Don’t forget that which your eyes have seen, your mouths proclaimed and your hand handled lest the fear of God departs from your heart and you begin to disbelieve Him.”
38.         I am your brother. In every dispensation, God has always been drawn from among human beings. Even in the spirit world, He was not existing alone. If He was existing alone who received the voice “Come let us create man in our own image after our own likeness”.
39.        I mean He was referring to individuals, is it not true? When a mad man is having conversation, he is having conversation with somebody you cannot see but he is seeing them.
40.        There is no chief priest that does not see spirit. Whenever a dog barks, if it is not because of something visible, it is because of something invisible. Anything that is not visible, does it have a shadow? No sir!
41.        Anything that is not an object does not have a shadow. A pinhole camera can never pick the air, a pinhole camera must pick an object. This is the rule, the light from the object must strike the lens, the lens will converge.
42.        If you are focusing, focus well, adjust the aperture and the binoculars, you will get the Son of Man rightly.
43.        Let me tell you, Brother Ojiakor has been a favoured Brother from the beginning. I know why I am saying it. You know I served in the same ministry with the wife but it was short-lived. No sooner we came together that she secured admission into the university.
44.        We were all together in the accounts department under Achebe and Ikeronwa, Nwaeze and the rest of them. I cannot forget it and her father and Mr. Nwalu. Her father who is still alive till today who incidentally was living there. From there, I knew Bro. Ojiakor.
45.        After graduating as a medical doctor, I was privileged to be in his house the day his hospital was commissioned at Umuoji. The pastor from the Grace of God officiated but nobody knew me as anything for his father-in-law insisted that I must be there for we were relating as one family.
46.        He played a key role in my life, he is over hundred years and he is still alive till today. He was instrumental to my marriage, my first accommodation after marriage because my landlord never believed I married my wife for he said I presented my younger sister to him.
47.        I said, “No, she is my life.” My landlord said no that no bachelor will live in his house. I had to call my director to come and testify. So when I had my first baby, it was sister’s mother that took care of Ijeoma before my mother-in-law came.
48.        Even when my mother-in-law left, sister’s mother continued so we have been running a unique family for a very long time, very long time. When the Almighty God moved them to Enugu-Ezike, we continued working together.
49.        One afternoon, I decided to tell them that He that took them there never left them alone. Brother went to buy something in the market, sister and the children were in the house doing some domestic chores.
50.        All of a sudden they rushed out “Daddy, daddy!” Sister rushed thinking that the husband had came back. They followed me to the parlour, sister rushed to the parlour, brother was not there.
51.        “Where is your daddy?” They replied, “Daddy-Son of Man is here, He is here now! All of us saw Him!”
52.        Knowing that sister will doubt, I entered another room and in that room, I backed the door. I didn’t want her to see my face but the children saw my face. Immediately she rushed there, she saw my blue safari, for I went on a blue safari with my rubber sandals.
53.        Immediately she saw me, she was shocked! And then I became the entrance to the room. They could not see any other thing but the door opened. While they were wondering in amazement, the spirit left.
54.        No sooner than I left that her husband breezed in with his vehicle, they told him what happened. When he came down here, the voice asked him, “I hope you are not another doubting Thomas. At Eha-amufu you did not see. This time around I have paid another visit.”
55.        Then when they stayed together at Eha- amufu, I wanted to do something extraordinary because I was not in a good form. It was Bishop Ifeanyi Eze that used his lady’s motorcycle to see me off to a place where his motorcycle spoiled.
56.        It was raining heavily that Sunday morning. I commanded him to go back. He insisted he must follow me and trekked from Ebonyi Bridge. We were to trek to Nkalagu junction. What a long distance, early hours of the morning, on a Sunday!
57.        Thou he insisted, I was not happy with him, I told him to go back. I commanded him to go back. Then I left, in my own way, having made up my mind for something.
58.        When I stood in-between the heavens and the earth watching the speed at which the water was flowing, I changed my bag from my right hand to my left hand. A decision had already been taken. Instead of seeing myself in the river, I saw myself on the main road in less than one second and there was an on waiting vehicle written Psalms 121. I entered that vehicle, that is all I can say.
59.        In less than fifteen minutes, I was in Onitsha fellowship. So I covered Eha-amufu to Onitsha fellowship in less than twenty five minutes and it was at a time when the road was very horrible.
60.        Nobody could believe it until the brethren came here for fellowship, heard the story and said the exact time I left. Brethren from Onitsha told them the exact time I went to the pulpit. I never sat down and nobody touched my body.
61.        You can embrace the Son of Man now because this is Grace. Grace has removed the mask, the veil has been rent into two but in the beginning it was not so. Do not forget the experiences you had here.
62.        One came here with unclean hands to take the Holy Communion, the thing gripped her, the one in her hand remained in her hand till the following day. And then when she made her confession, the Lord set her free from her guilt, that communion now crossed her gullet and entered the stomach.
63.        I collected the one she tightly held in her hand for almost twenty four hours. Consecrated it again, before brethren it started smoking, I handed it over to her to eat it. She ate it hot.
64.        We are not talking about the dead resurrecting, we are not here because of those signs and wonders, we are here because of eternal life and there can never be eternal life without these things being associated with it.
65.        These are the things that make the ministry very, very enjoyable. It makes the journey a pleasurable trip! I mean when you enter a vehicle with super air condition, with nice music flowing from the speakers, if the driver is a good driver and the vehicle is okay, the journey is made shorter.
66.        We don’t share these testimonies to attract your attention, no. My boat is filled to capacity.
67.        I was told of one Ambassador that will be coming, the way they were expecting the ambassador coming troubled me so much, I said, “No, I am not excited about his coming, he is nothing but what he is. Why the escort, why the scrambling to bring him to me?”
68.        My boat is already filled. I don’t need anybody, I am offloading. Be it known to you that I am only filling vacant seats. I am not bringing in new people because I have empty seats not yet filled, No!
69.        There are those I filled and I decided to lay them off. That is why I am still admitting people till today because if I am a good team manager, a good coach, I cannot limit myself to twenty two players, I will go beyond twenty-two, I will raise first eleven, second eleven and even third eleven.
70.        I must have my feeder team from where I can fill any vacant seats because I hate suffering defeat. I HATE SUFFERING DEFEAT. So I create room for deficiency. Amen.
71.        This is the much I want you to take from this message. In your free time or private places, read the message “How Do You Know God?” You will see so many scriptures that will tell you to be relaxed.
72.        Having Him in person as your teacher is a privilege but the most important is having your own townsman, your own brother of the same blood, of the same language, custom, tradition and all what may to be your Kinsman Redeemer.
73.        You are highly favoured to have someone Who understands even your infirmities, to be your Kinsman Redeemer. You don’t need anybody to begin to tell Him about you and what you are passing through for He takes a share in your troubles being your townsman, your joy is His joy, your sorrow is His sorrow.
74.        If He doesn’t save you, who else will? Maybe you need a foreigner. “Oh how love you, oh how I adore thee the great Jehovah is now my kinsman and all God’s fullness dwelleth in Him”.
75.        Go through the message “How Do you Know God?” Do not say you have read it before for the word of God is constantly alive and active. Amen.

The message “Seventy Weeks of Daniel Explained,” preached on 8th August 1993 at the household of God Opi by The Son of Man.  
2.          The earlier you recognize who you are, the better for you. This is redemption in completeness, you cannot read it in any philosophical book, your theological institution is useless-nonsense.
3.          The people of God must be taught by God, have God in person as their own Teacher. I am only sent to open your eyes of understanding to see what Christ has already done for you but the Laws which have beclouded your eyes have not allowed you to benefit from the deposit your Father paid in for you all these years.
76.        Do not mind all these hopeless people that were withholding our rule for hundreds of years because of enviousness and selfishness.
77.        .  “An excerpt from the message Seventy weeks of Daniel explained. The blog”. If God gives a human being what made Him God, He ceases to be God. In other words He cannot be God again.
78.        No matter how He loves you, He will give you the little that will make you to understand Him and become His friend. But that which makes Him God is inside Him. An excerpt from the message seventy weeks of Daniel explained verse 4 page 22.
2.           St John’s gospel, chapter 4 verse 28. So Jesus in a sermon in the temple called out, you know me and where I was born and where I was raised. But I am the representative of one you do not know and He is truth. (LB).
3.           Whereupon Jesus called out as He taught in the temple [ porches], Do you know Me, and do you know where I am from? I have not come on My own authority and of My own accord and as self-appointed, but the One Who sent Me is true (real, genuine, steadfast); and Him you do not know! (AMP).
4.           St. John chapter 2 verse 4 through 5: Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come. His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.
5.           “Woman” who was He referring to? He was referring to His mother. Today you will call it an insult. “It must be His time to do it and His season for it. In other words If time for grace have not come, there is no way He will send someone to preach grace”.
6.           They wondered when these things will take place and who will be the possible beneficiaries and they were told to give way, it wasn’t for them.
7.           Seventy weeks of Daniel explained,” page 32 verse 30: “…Pope will cause the whole world to wage war against Israel which will lead to Armageddon, where the Almighty will intervene and at the end of it we shall be ushered into eternity…”
8.           Who will enjoin the world? Pope.
9.           …It is still far from now
10.        IT IS STILL FAR FROM NOW. Put your hands together! Eat the Word for the journey is still too far. The word of God is our marijuana. It intoxicates us like alcohol. We are addicted to the word of God. So we stagger as if we took marijuana.
11.        When one is addicted to marijuana, he begins to think that he is in heaven not knowing that he is in hell because there is always a very nice euphoria that is associated with it. I call it small madness.
12.         “You think you are living in heaven but you are living in hell, time will know, time will tell”. A little while you see him picking leaves along the road, he becomes a scavenger because he felt he is living in heaven. Comfortable or uncomfortable, remain inside.
13.        Page 45 verse chapter 2. Angelic visitation.
14.        Often times we bypass Angelic visitation because we do not know the mystery. The same way people bypass God because they do not know the mystery. Without controversy, great is the mystery of God for God appears in human form. Is it not scriptural?
15.        Angels also appears in human form. The two Angels that went to Jericho, were they not Caleb and Joshua? But they were called Angels.
16.        What can you say about the Angel that visited Mary called the man Gabriel? The Bible wrote the man Gabriel.
17.        And when the woman was astonished as to the visitation, the promise went forth. The reply of the woman was very clear. Mary said to Angel Gabriel “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word”.
18.        That was after asking a question, “How can this be possible seeing that I have not known any man from childhood, how comes that I should be the mother of the Messiah of the world?”
19.         He said, “Fear not about it, think not about it. Tonight the Holy Ghost, the spirit of the Holy Ghost will overshadow you and you will conceive and give birth to a child who will be the saviour of the world.”
20.        She said, “Let it be done unto thy maidservant according to thy word.”
21.         It was that experience that guided her perfectly to tell the stewards at the marriage feast at Cana saying, “Whatever He commanded you to do, do it”.
22.        But if you were there would you not have quarreled? You were serving and the wine finished, you needed wine but the woman never knew that wine had finished.
23.        She went to the son supposedly and the son was furious about it. “Woman, what have I to do with you for my time has not yet come.”
24.        Deep in her heart, she knew that the message has been passed, His reaction notwithstanding. Though He was hostile to the woman. The woman knew that she had already imparted the message on Him.
25.        This is the place the Roman Catholics based their faith that if you go to the Son through the mother, that you will succeed.
26.        Before they knew it they exalted the mother above the Son. But the mother will stand in judgment against them in the last day by asking them a question: “Was there any time I introduced myself to you as a saviour or as a mediator between God and man? For Christ remained the Mediator between God and man. Was there any day I died for your sin? Was there any day I promised to cleanse your sin?
27.        What I am telling you is what I am telling my people over there, Whatsoever my Son commands you to do, do it.”
28.         With this they will stand condemned, Mary will stand justified. Acting like Mary can grant you salvation but acting like Catholics by celebrating Mary above the Saviour will send you to hell.
29.        Mary never venerated herself but venerated her Son to the point of waiting together with the Apostles in the Upper Room pending the inflow of the Holy Spirit on the Pentecost day. Is it not true?
30.        If you were expecting wine and the instruction says, “Come with your containers, come with your jerry cans,” you might be expecting the Messiah to give you money to go and buy fresh wine. You might be thinking that He will command you to go to the wine tapper, may be from house to house and get more wine.
31.        But unfortunately, the Messiah they were pointed to, gave a charge: “Now drop the jerry cans in line.”
32.        They were hopelessly waiting for miracle and the miracle was nothing short of giving them money or commanding them where to go and get fresh wine.
33.        And the man said, “Fill all these jerry cans with water”.
34.        If you were there don’t you think you would have murmured? Hot tempered people might carry their jerry cans and go away: “What type of nonsense is this? We are saying that the wine has finished and this man is telling us to fill the cans with water, will we start with wine and close with water?
35.        “What type of nonsense is this? Is this what Mary told us that whatsoever He commands us to do, we should? Even the people that had little wine in their gallon, water was poured into the gallon.”
36.        You see, they requested for wine, they were told to fill the jerry cans with water. By faith in the spoken word of Mary, faith was applied, they filled the jerry cans with water.
37.        The voice said, “Draw the wine and give to the people”. They carried the wine, tasted it, the wine became better than the one they were drinking before.
38.        That is why I gave you a message: “When your wine finishes, invite the Wine Dresser, the wine dresser, calling Christ in the time of crisis”.
39.        Sometimes the wine in your marriage can be exhausted because marriage is a wine. It is very sweet, it intoxicates. But that which is sweet and intoxicates may turn to be sour.
40.        Sometimes the fresh wine will be finished and everywhere will be noise-making because Christ is no longer there, crisis must be there.
41.        At any point in time you are either living in Christ or in crisis. Decree Christ out of your family and you must get crisis. Decree Christ out of your life, crisis must surely set in: crisis in decision, crisis in management, crisis in health, crisis in faith. Crisis means crisis.
42.        Sorry for this interruption, I love having interludes, it creates opportunity for refreshment, I will divert you and bring you back again.
43.        A straight forward journey without diversion leads to nothing.
44.        “He will come from one of the jungles in Africa, Some of you will not die, some of you will live and see this prophecy come to pass”.
45.         And it has come to pass in my own day while I am here.
46.        Let us see the report from the websites. Here is the grand total of the countries last week. Two hundred thousand, three hundred and fifty seven respondents on the website.
47.        Is it not amazing? It is sir! I have gone beyond the number of countries in the world. I have even gone into villages, towns and communities because often times we record two hundred and seventy something when we have only but two hundred countries.
48.        Thus, while I am alive the prophecy has come to pass. The gospel of Christ has encircled the whole earth. There is no island where this message has not entered, selecting the elects.
49.        Anywhere this message went to, the elects must pick it. For God said He must positionally place all the elects of God where the person will be privileged not only to notice what God is doing in his day but will be a part of it.
50.         Because if you are a seed of God, you must be a part of what God is doing in your day. Is it not true? It is sir! It can never bypass you and how it will come your way, you cannot know. But will it come?
51.        Yes! It is just like this morning, if you know what it takes to shake hands with the Son of Man, happy are you.
52.        If the hand of the Son of Man made an indelible mark without oil, without ink, the hand He placed, touched under anointing on the dashboard of a vehicle, remained there permanent. They have scrubbed it, they have used bleach, used every chemical. Each time the thing dried up, the fingers are there.
53.        If that could happen to an inanimate object, what do you think placing His hand on your forehead means?
54.        Tell me who will erase it. When you hear that God is placing the mark or seal of ownership on His own and the devil is also marking, who will see the mark He placed? God.
55.        If I place a seal on a document and there is a matter that requires verification, a learned judge will present the paper to whosoever is my advocate, present it to your client for identification: “Who owns this seal?”
56.        “He says, “This is my seal.” That settles the matter.
57.        I know my own, my own bears my seal. That is why nobody can pluck my own out of my hand. If I don’t reject him, nothing will reject him. I am the One that will reject, I am the One that will accept and if I accept, I have accepted. Your murmuring, your complaining oh, your criticism oh whether it suits you or not, it makes no meaning. Because what is written is written.
58.        Greater than any ink, greater than any biro pen, is in my palm. Let me tell you, the best thing a friend seeks from a nice friend is a handshake, a warm welcome.
59.        Has this prophecy come to pass? Yes sir! A good number of us are still alive and the thing has happened at last. If that is the case, we are expecting the rest to come in the same manner others are happening, so the rest will also line up.
60.         For He that proclaimed those that come to pass is He that proclaimed those that we are waiting and He is still saying more.
61.        There is something in a handshake. When the brethren in Judea had that the brethren in Syria had received the gospel truth, had accepted Christ, they rejoiced exceedingly.
62.        What did they do? They rushed to Samaria and gave them handshake to continue in Him. There is something in a handshake.
63.        Even the Bible enjoins us to give a brother, a sister a warm brotherly handshake. You are welcome to the kingdom, you are welcome to the city of God where both He that sanctifies and they that are sanctified are all but one for which cause He is not ashamed to identify with them as brethren.
64.        If I have been made acceptable in the beloved, who will now reject me? Who will reject somebody whom the Father has made acceptable in the beloved? Tell me, has the devil any access to the person? No sir!
65.        This is why when you know this truth and you are grounded and settled in this truth oh no! you will be praying for the worst to come.
66.        One that is grounded and rooted in the faith of the Son of Man is never amazed either by day or by night.
67.        Tell me what will separate us from the love of God. We have crossed the riven veil where the glory never fails. We are now sitting in the presence of the Lord, having fellowship with Him.




Now I know That Thou Art A Man of God” preached on 28 February 1999, page 177 verse 13-14” You didn’t get the Message. I have always told you that when He looks into the congregation, He’s looking for one person.

2.           Anywhere you like, go and stay, He doesn’t know you. You are not known of the Father until you have been revealed to Him. If He never presents you to the Father, you are lost.

3.           You are only saved in the Beloved; in Him you live, you move, you have your being. Without Him, you have no inheritance in His Father.

4.           Let us read the Scripture again. When I read it in the two versions, I will come down and that is where I am boiling the Message down to.

5.           When you know the source of the Spoken Word, that the source of Spoken Word is the Message of God sent to you in your day, happy are you.

6.            That He has become a Human Being living among you, married with children, is not deviating from the order; it has been God’s way from the very beginning.

7.           SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL EXPLAINED, page 49 from verse 10: A sister is in our midst today because of how the Lord dealt with her. She was sitting down in one of their seats in their parlour, she was completely fed up with was happening in the denomination. They were praying one night when the Lord talked to her, stood before her face to face and she saw the face of the man. Then the man gave her a copy of the Holy Bible saying; this will solve your problem. She never knew where to locate the man. After about four months, a young man came to them, preached the gospel to them and told them stories and testimonies. Lo the man was their relation who requested to serve with them in their denomination so the woman decided to go to that church. When she got to the church, nobody knew why she was in their midst. She continued watching the man’s preaching until the service ended. She went home and told the husband “I have seen that man that gave me the Bible come and see”.  .

8.           This woman is now in her grave. For God Who is no respecter of persons handled her case and rested it very well. Of course you know the person. If you do not know the person, see your ministers. That is why nobody can brag before God.

9.           “You are the Pillar that holds my life, Everlasting Father you are the Pillar that holds my life”.

10.        She fumbled and I ran out of patience with her after series of warning for God cannot destroy a person without first of all warning him or her. No matter the good you think you are doing, maybe the favour you think you are showing the Son of Man, be very careful.

11.        Any day you err or pride sets in, all the good you did will be completely forgotten. A new record will be created for you and that will be very, very deadly.

12.        If you die in that dirty record, you are perishing. Will the Son of Man permit you to perish? Yes! Because it is a challenge to His authority.

13.        You see, when you look at the form, the nature of a magistrate court, if you see the set up of a magistrate court, especially from this side of our state, you can hardly believe that somebody can be imprisoned from there.

14.        Magistrates do not dress gorgeously like other judges. They look simple, they look very friendly. If you are with them when the court is in session and watch the way they interact with the plaintiff, with the defendants, with their advocates, you can hardly believe that the court is in session.

15.        Not until when the court will rise and the Policemen standby will march you into the standby black Maria at the orders of a little girl who might be sitting down there as the overall judge. I said a little girl, it can be a little boy.

16.        Any day you allow the simplicity that is in Christ to overlap His Lordship over you, you are gone! Do not allow the simplicity that is in Christ to overlap His Lordship over you.

17.        This is why many people go to jail for contempt. You see magistrates, you see judges becoming furious, sentence them according to law for contempt of the law, to teach others a lesson because no judge placed himself or herself there.

18.        It is an authority. If it is so with this earthly court, what can you say, the highest seat of judgment placed by the Almighty God, is it not the body of Christ? This is the seat of judgment, the highest so far.

19.        That was why I revealed to you in 1997 in the message the mystery of Angels preached in 1996, I told you clearly that you cannot receive the visitation of Angel Gabriel again. Moreover, and if you receive any Angel today and He is not putting on the face of Apostle Peter Odoemena, go home and pray. Even if it is looking too old, it is my face. An excerpt from the message seventy weeks of Daniel page 50 verse 13.  

20.        How many knows the woman Mrs. Uchenna Nwodo, former Principal of St. Theresa Secondary School Nsukka, wife of the ex-local government chairman of Igbo-etiti. The younger brother to the former Governor of Anambra State, Okwesilieze Nwodo. A celebrated woman who joined this faith.

21.        I remember in one of my visitations at Nsukka, too many people were there, I told her to stand up.

22.        “Let the heavens and earth bear me witness: I will show you three signs, (i) this your husband that loves and cherishes you so much, that has never for one day spanked you will not only beat you because of your faith in Christ, but will also pull your leg out. Publicly! Note it that is number one sign.

23.        “Number two, the man must lock you up in a room naked and invite people to laugh at you.

24.        “Finally, if you must enter into the Kingdom Of Heaven, get ready, you must enter as a man not as a woman. For that reason, quit like men. Where you cannot go by this, I can see you gradually going back to Roman Catholic and will end it going to pilgrimage in Rome.”

25.        It fulfilled to the latter when the husband became a local government chairman. As at that time the prophecy went forth, the husband was just jobless, who was managing with Dr. Okey Odunze who was vying for Governorship and he was managing the man’s hotel at Abuja.

26.        From there, his brother, the ex- governor invited him, gave him the chairmanship position at Ogbede, Igbo-etiti.

27.        Gradually the wife left the faith and became the first lady in the Local Government. Before we knew it, they went to Rome to kiss the feet of Pope. Finally they went to Jerusalem by nomination.

28.        When they came back, she sent a book to me “My voyage to the holy city”. And I wrote a piece of note to her: “Remember my prophecy”.

29.        God keeps records. Tell me anybody that abandoned this faith and I will tell you all that I told him, documented, in writing, in book form, I made all things public.

30.        I have been waiting for people to arrest me but it appears everybody is scared for arresting me means bringing upon themselves trouble they cannot bear.

31.        How can you arrest a parrot? Put me inside prison you set all the prisoners free. I will be the governor general in the prison. It will be another church from where I will be publishing more books.

32.        You bury me, better! I will rest for three nights. Three good nights, nobody will phone me. I will remain there having quiet rest.

33.        One cool of the evening, I will begin to shake your hands again. Many will run away, many will embrace me.

34.        Mary did not run away, Mary rushed to embrace the Lord. The Lord said, “Touch me not!” That woman really has faith! I know why I am saying it.

35.        I attended a burial service in my hometown in those days. The reverend father who officiated was there saying their so-called celebrated an uncelebrated high mass and low mass, with candles being burnt in the day light, invoking spirits.

36.         While we were there, everybody gathered, the choir singing, we never knew what happened, nobody was observant, the casket fell down.

37.        Before people knew what took place, the reverend father was number one to run away. Even the Christian mothers, everybody on the run. Members of the choir, everybody on the run. Even the family members jumped the fence.

38.        It was after the stampede that people gathered gradually. An elderly man noticed that one of the legs of the table carrying the casket was faulty and got broken, hence the weight leaned on that side and pushed down the casket.

39.        The corpse was already lying on the ground but too many people wounded themselves especially the elderly women who could not run.

40.        People pushed them down and marched on them. And I was wondering, what if this woman resurrected, which means nobody would have embraced her. So they were rejoicing because the woman died.

41.        What if God said “Let this woman walk?” It means nobody would have the courage to embrace the woman as a mother or things like that. Something is wrong with us.

42.        Then why do we cry when people die when we are not ready to accept them when they resurrect? Why the weeping and crying that somebody died, your beloved one died when you are not ready to embrace him if he comes back to life?

43.        I told brethren what happened recently at Isialangwa where a man was in the mortuary was sitting in his house, comfortably in his house.

44.        The traditional ruler could not believe, members of his family ran away. The man was abandoned there, the corpse in the mortuary. Every now and then the man will be resting in his chair life.

45.        One afternoon, the traditional ruler who was doubting sent members of his cabinet to go and find out whether the report was true. The man had already stayed in the mortuary for over nine months because of what was happening in the family.

46.        The wife ran away, the children, everybody ran away. One afternoon like that, members of the cabinet, elderly men, some were coming with their walking stick.

47.        They went to the compound, the young man who reported the matter was in their company, pointed to the palour and ran. He said, “Go there you will see him.” So then went.

48.        While they were going, some were afraid, one who pretended to be courageous was leading other elders. He was hailing him, where is he, where is he while he was going towards the man’s door.

49.        He got to the door, saw the seat, nobody was sitting there. The man was not happy he shouted, “What type of deceit is this? What type of rumour is this? Come and see, nobody is in this house.”

50.        As he came out, the rest wanted to go through the other side. Lo and behold the man came from the opposing side.

51.        All of them shouted in amazement  “hei!” All of them on the run. Both their walking sticks, all of them fell down. Wonders will never cease.

52.        The doubting Thomas became the number one to find his way. Anyone that fell will rise and continue running.

53.        The thing attracted the attention of the traditional ruler who now taxed the community and they buried the man after a year and three months in the mortuary, but too many rituals were involved before that thing stopped.

54.        Do not doubt me. I think I have too many witnesses here. Papa Uwakwe is here. It took place at Amapu Ntigha in Isialangwa also.

55.        They know the man, they know the family, I equally know the man. They built their house, decorated their house and went to the town, everywhere sealed and locked.

56.        But a stranger was always there with their cooking, eating and drinking, who came from nowhere. Several times the community gathered, the man was not mad, how he managed to enter nobody knew, everywhere was locked. They carried him to Ubakala near Umuahia, dropped him on the highway and went away.

57.        In the night, the man came back, remained there till morning and has been staying morning and night. They will see him moving about. Where he bought his cooking utensils, nobody coold say. They started consulting mediums, they carried him to Owerrinta, went back, the man came back.

58.        Then they discovered they were having dealings with a spirit. When they succeed, they now lifted the man, carried him across Imo bridge, dumped him at the other side Ngo-Okpuala, rested him there with some rituals, they went and cleansed the house, that is the end till today.

59.        Papa Uwakwe don’t you know the story?  It is in your village, I know the family very well. Live! I am not telling you stories. This is a live situation and I know the family, I know the people in that family.

60.        I was consulted by one of the members of the family who was my ex-colleague. I was the one that directed him on what to do.

61.        “Go and see the eldest man in the family, spirits do not cross river. Take him across the river he will not come back again.”

62.        That was what he did but you cannot do it without offering him some gifts. And they offered gifts of animals so the man settled.

63.        I am a spirit being. Let me tell you, all principalities and power, even spiritual wickedness in the high places were all created by Him and for His own use and purpose. Will there be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it? No sir!

64.        He that maketh peace and also createth war, He killeth and He maketh alive, He saves and He destroys. Who is He? THE ALMIGHTY GOD!

65.        You must know the Personality you are having dealings with, His attitude, His character, whatever you see in Him is determined by His mission at any given time.

66.        If He on a destructive mission of course you know He can be another Centurion like the one Joshua met. But if it is to attend a party, He wears His feasting regalia.

67.        If He wants to be sociable, He is the best you can come into contact with like I danced to your admiration this morning. I became the best dancer.

68.        Do we worship God with ogirishi tree? No sir! It depicts idolatry. There is one that will disarm you of idolatry. Emergency puts a man into desperation. Do you think it is easy for you to stay with me for one day? Even for one minute? No sir!

69.        Let me tell you what I have noticed. Families that receive the invitation of the Son man find it difficult to sleep, not because they are afraid that He may ravage their house.

70.        Their fear is that a Supernatural Being is residing with them and that is why those who are habitual noisemakers, you see them putting padlocks on their lips. Until I break the ice by provoking laughter, everywhere will remain chilled.

71.        One that went about asking her brothers and sisters how they managed to cope with the Son of Man. She heard that the Son of man can even way lay somebody on the road, deal with that person summarily and continue His journey and fear gripped her.

72.        She said no, no, no. fear gripped her. She said “But how did you manage to sleep when He comes to your house? I do not think I will sleep in that house.”

73.         Where will you run to? When you close your doors at night, will you prevent the spirit of the dead from coming in? If death wants to visit you, will the closing of your doors save you? You see why you must feel relaxed.

74.        I AM NOT AN EVIL GHOST. I AM A HOLY GHOST. You know what a ghost is? You see a ghost, embrace a ghost, you talk to a ghost but you know it is a ghost. It is not harmful unless it is on a destructive mission.

75.        We have evil ghost, we have Holy Ghost. I know that very well. Let me just tell you something, I have said it time without number. I and many others were privileged to eat banana and groundnut sold by a dead man, here in Onitsha for many years, who lived very close to where Sister Egbuna and the husband were living.

76.        That was Jideofor Nzeegwu Street by Awka road. That man was there for many years. In the town they were using tomato cup to measure groundnut 5 naira. That man was selling full cigarette cup 5 naira. He use limestone to fry his own groundnut, peeled many, bottled them, but one amazing thing was there, he will never enquire, the groundnut was only bought and he was bringing the thing in many big bags is that he finished the sales everyday together with the banana. The following morning by seven o’ clock, everywhere is filled again.

77.        Passersby, motorists were parking and buying, people that organized parties were booking from the man. We were not even anxious to know who and who were his workers, who were helping him to fry the groundnut or where the groundnut were coming from.

78.        After many years. He lived in a yard with a landlord and the landlord was also patronizing him, buying groundnut and banana like us. My director was sending me from Benjamin to buy that man’s special groundnut.

79.        All of us were privileged to eat the banana and the groundnut. How many knows the place I am referring to? Show by raising your hand.

80.        One afternoon like that, some people identified him as their son who died many years and then came to Onitsha and established a business.

81.        They went home and published it there, the people did not believe.  One day, they came in the afternoon. The man saw them and left both the bags of groundnut, banana, everything and went to the yard. They enquired and traced him to the yard.

82.        They got there, they saw the house open, they saw everything in the house, there was nobody. They went to the landlord the landlord said they should get to the main road. They told the landlord that they came from the main road.

83.        They enquired about the workers, the man said he has not seen the workers but he knows that there are too many people that work for him, that there will be noise in his flat from night till morning, that the groundnut is a wonderful one that Onitsha patronizes it.

84.        Then the people opened up with their story. They said they came with a van to pack him and his property. They presented the photograph, the man confirmed it. They told him the time this young man died long time ago in a motor accident in Benin City and was brought down here and they never knew he relocated and established a business.

85.        The landlord joined in searching the flat, the man was not seen. The people went to police and made a report, the police equally came to verify. The groundnut and everything remained there for over one week before they were evacuated. That was the end of the journey for the man. When the thing was noised abroad, all of us that ate the groundnut, ate the banana became afraid.

86.        Listen to me. Too many things happened. I know why I am bringing these things out. I have told you of our colleague’s elder brother who is from Owerri here, Ata, the brother who was an evangelist working in Lagos, well placed man, picked a lady along Ikorodu who was coming to Asaba. 

87.        They continued their journey until he stopped, bought soft drinks and things like that on the way, got to Asaba, the lady said she was going to Onitsha, got to bridge, at the centre of the bridge, the lady halted the driver who gave her the little opportunity to ride with him.

88.        She said, “You are a perfect gentle man, all our discussions have been Godly, continue with it. Now do not be afraid. This is the extent I will go with you. When you get to the bridge, go with everything I purchased with you, both your own and my own. But carry what you see, put it in the River Niger.

89.        The young man turned and saw a very big python that coiled on the seat with the head and the eyes furious. Listen to me because we cannot talk about angels without talking about good and bad angels.

90.        The man was astonished. He prayed calling Jesus name, no way. He came down from that vehicle Lo and behold there were police officers in front, he went to them, told them that there was something there. Narrated his experience, one of the police officers said he will see, came there and saw the thing. He said, “Well since it commanded you to put that thing inside the river, put it and let us see.”

91.        The man prayed, lifted the big snake before the police, threw it inside the river, the thing went into the river and then sprang her head, the same lady.

92.        Do not say hei, the one that is responsible for all the accidents that took place along Onitsha- Enugu express way in those days was picked by Asikwuo motors. Ogbonmanu by old motors Onitsha knew about it. He picked this lady along Enugu and drove the lady innocently down to our line in Omogba phase two.

93.        The lady said she will not go to Onitsha anymore. Commanded Asikwuo motors that this vehicle must be placed for sale that he should not attempt using it, that she was responsible for all the accidents that occurred between Onitsha and Enugu.

94.        That she is the angel assigned to destroy human lives. That he was lucky that he never messed her up in the vehicle. She said okay you can move.

95.        He moved, the lady stood at the middle of the main road and moved round, the man saw her from the rear mirror and she vanished. Do not say eh!

96.        I went to Enugu to confirm fellowship centre at the house of ex-justice Umezulike before many witnesses, I went with my station wagon.

97.        Bro. Mike went with me with his vehicle. I was carrying my wife, the wife of Nnamdi Ogbogu, Dr, Ogechi Igwe was in front of my car. Then remember the testimony all the churches they went, they never casted devil there but after my visitation, they saw a big snake that came out of their house and entered the bush.

98.        I told brethren that this is a test. I never drank a cup of water, I tasted no food. Inspite of all they served, I tasted nothing because I was under strict command.

99.        I left Enugu precisely ten minutes after six, we were desiring to enter Onitsha without light. Getting to Obunofia that is, Udi side, Bro. Mike was following me closely, we were making one twenty, one forty, from nowhere, the road was very clear, we just saw a lady standing at the centre of the main road, very beautiful lady, well dressed, Ogechi Igwe shouted finish! Because the speed, by my side is a very big tipper abandoned by Construction Company and a cashew tree.

100.    In between the road, gutter and the cashew tree could not enter my vehicle. The other side of the main road was a big cashew tree. There was no way my vehicle will go there and we remain alive.

101.    Bro. Mike was following closely so if I should stop I will summersault, he will hit me and we will all perish.

102.    Remember it was a decision that has to be taken in less than one minute because the way I saw it, what I would do to avert the danger, the arithmetic was finished in less than two seconds. I placed my vehicle in between the gutter and the main road.

103.    It is better we crash than to kill that lady because if I kill the lady, I will be guilty of manslaughter which I have hated with perfect hatred. I do not want to stain my hands with blood.

104.    I checked my vehicle, placed it in between. To my own amazement the gutter gave way, I entered the gutter, the four tyres went up instead of somersaulting, the vehicle went the other way, Bro. Mike went the other way, instead of crushing the lady, two of us came out at a point.

105.    The whole noise that was made in the vehicle, what we saw when we soft pedaled, we saw the lady shook her head and then vanished. Not that the Son of Man saw, everybody saw the thing live.

106.    I told brethren, I told you that the devil must wait for us on the high way and that is why I do not like anybody driving me because I take harsh decisions when I see emergency.

107.    What I am trying to say is that when you hear spirit being, they are living with you, they maybe your good colleagues in the office, they maybe your good tenants in the yard. I am not one of them, even if I am, I am the best.

108.    This was the thing that scared my people from embracing the faith. Bro. Mike’s sister went around peddling spurious and unfounded stories around me because we are relations.

109.    She came to Onitsha, went to Catholic watchman and announced it that nobody should embrace this faith that the leader of the faith happens to be her brother who died, was buried but he migrated somewhere, came back with the wife and children and the thing went wide.

110.    If I died and was buried, why did my people allow me to build a house the same place I died and was buried? The same people that buried me, permitted me to build a house in the same compound not another or could it be that I died in Jerusalem and then came to Nigeria? But I know I died and came back to life.

111.    I know that one but it is not for you to know where it took place. I know I migrated for your sake, I know that one very, very well.

112.    If you are not happy that I traced you here, it then means you are foolish and unreasonable. I traced you here! No more, no less and for me to find you, I identified with you in everything.

113.    This is God’s plan of salvation for you and for me in everything no mistake about it. Rejoice after hearing my story. Bro. Ojiakor is it a lie, at one time you are rejoicing, at another time you are crying and weeping.

114.    What type of a man is this, somebody might be thinking that He is an implacable human being. Na lie. He is the most amiable human being if you will understand His ways but His ways are too high.

115.    Often times it passeth human understanding. That is the much we will take today. If you are not satisfied, I apologize, try me next time.

116.   On this note, I 1say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.  Amen.