Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: HOUR OF LAST MINUTE CORRECTION VOLUME 1

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Revelation 21:6. “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will
give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

We thank God for the journey so far. The tide is gathering every day. Who no know, go know. I do not know how many of you that listened to the Pope of Roman Catholic Church when he was addressing thousands of people in his home base inside St. Peter’s Basilica. Now preparing for their Christmas Carol.
2.           He said, “I was very much excited about what they were planning. But the most important thing is that everybody should get ready for Armageddon, for the third world war is imminent. From all indications, Russia, Japan and China are not prepared to compromise with America again. And the decision America has so far reached with Israel is enough to spark off Armageddon.”
3.           The best friend of the Jews and the greatest enemy of Americans in human policies has been made the ambassador of America in Israel. America is not happy with his appointment but they will do nothing against it.
4.           Something is happening there right now. Evacuation is still going on in Syria. Up till this morning, thousands are being evacuated from Aleppo which is the military base established by Russia from where we are expecting the mayhem to start.
5.           Remember what God said concerning Syria and the King of the North. What is more, Putin the president of Russia is flexing muscles again with America. America accused Russia before the whole world of hacking America E-mail and tampered with their election.
6.           Obama came up last week and told Russia to get ready that Russia will never go unpunished. That no nation has ever attempted it and got away with it. Last night, Putin wrote a feedback that they are ready.  
7.           Whatever that is left in Ukraine will be ravaged this time around. Brother, fear not. I know you are going to Ukraine it will never affect you. Even if it happens in the house where you are living, forget about it. Nothing will happen to you.
8.           In spite of all that is happening in the North, we have not received any adverse report from any quarter. I hope you know that Zonkwua, Gwodogwodo, Kafanchan have been besieged by their greatest enemy. The whole of Gwodwogodo became refugees overnight. That is Kaduna South here in Nigeria.
9.           God earlier told us that we should get ready to dance. The same way He told us that Jos would dance again. And it happened. Another music is coming for Jos and this will be worst of it all.
10.        While Jos will be dancing, Kano will be dancing. But the greatest abracadabra will take place in Lagos. Of course you know, you have been told. They have been arresting them from time to time. One day, one day before our eyes, we will begin to hear too many stories concerning Lagos, the pride of Nigeria.
11.        Abuja is a finished matter. Nothing is left in Abuja. Nothing is left. we are not talking about Nigeria now, we are fixing our eyes in the Middle East from where everything will start from.
12.        America is trembling. North Korea is all out for America. Iran is out for America. Iraq is seeking revenge. America is in trouble.
13.        Their new president said he would withdraw American troops in foreign lands to come and fortify America against the impending attack by the coalition of Russia, Japan and China. The three super powers.
14.        China has been looking for opportunity to ravage America. And it has come at last. When these super powers will begin to war, who will suffer? When the two elephants are fighting, who suffers? Of course, we have started feeling the whole thing. We have started feeling it here. The wind is blowing.
15.        By next Sunday, everybody will be saying happy Christmas. But looking at the environment, there is no sign of Christmas celebration. They have nothing to celebrate. Nigeria has nothing to celebrate.
16.        The whole newspapers could not write any goodwill message to the president. Today, I bought vanguard newspaper, it is empty. No goodwill message for the president that celebrated 74th birthday yesterday.
17.        In addition, his daughter wedded. No goodwill message. Only the cake that was presented to him, that was what is in the paper. Because there is nothing to celebrate.
18.        How many years? Fifty-six years of wasted effort. Wasted fifty-six years. At fifty-six, nobody is still a boy. If we are nothing at fifty-six, at sixty, we shall be nothing. So, fifty-six wasted years. Nothing to celebrate!
19.        When the number of internally displaced persons are almost outnumbered the population of Nigeria, what are we going to celebrate? The level of hardship we are experiencing now was not even experienced during Nigeria civil war.
20.        The numbers of lives we are losing daily are by far greater than the lives we lost during the three-year Civil War. Remember the year is still on. Who knows how they are going to celebrate the Christmas here!
21.        We talk of the Middle East, there was nothing to celebrate. Every attempt is geared towards heaping arms and ammunitions ready for war. Whether we agree to it or not, the war must come! The war must come! Just keep on watching.
22.        Too many countries are going to withdraw from EU. Many also will withdraw from UN because of the new policies that will come up from America which will not favour the Third World.
23.        Countries are withdrawing every day from the international criminal court. Do not worry, with time, what will become of UN will be a mere nomenclature. It will be existing in a name.
24.        Who is going to respect their policies? Events in Gambia speak louder than anything. No country wants to be colonized again. Thus, obeying UN is another way of submitting to the super powers.
25.        Get ready all of you that are here hearing My voice. Go back to all the messages so far received, for therein you will discover your mistakes. Correct them if you have the courage to do so for your own good. Look away from ME; look up to your messages. Amen.

I want us to consider a message this morning titled, “Find out the purpose you are fulfilling in this ministry volume 2.”  
2.           In no distant time, I will stop coming to the pulpit to decide for you messages you will consider. Any one you are led to read, you read. If you have a message higher than that one, go and preach it. This is My stand for now.
3.           Thank God Bishop Nath you are here. Reports reaching Me from your Local Assembly is not in your best interest. Moreover, I have been told that every effort so far made to correct you has proved abortive because you want to make yourself lord over them.
4.           I handled the message you were quoting in 1997 and I know the areas that are still relevant to the hour and those that are not relevant to the hour. Do not ever stir up trouble in your Local Assembly otherwise, in My fury, I will scatter all of you.
5.           I am not ready now to tolerate any trouble emanating from any local assembly. The only solution I have for any trouble coming from any Local Assembly is to scatter them. That is the only solution because it is a sign you are tired of worshipping God.
6.           While you are tired, I will scatter all of you. And there is no effort you will make   to assemble that will yield any fruit. You will remain scattered until the whole thing is over. I will not gather you again.
7.           Since I scattered Aba, you have seen their elders here, they have been crying, weeping, writing, sending representatives. But to ME, they are useless representations which I cannot consider even till eternity. That is My life.
8.           If you do not know Me, go and kneel down, enquire of Me very well. I may talk to you casually thinking I am joking. I am not joking. I mean what I say, I say what I mean. Thus, be very careful.
9.           Because of you, I can scatter that Local Assembly because you have even over stayed. You are still there because I want you to be there for one thing: at least, the hospitality you showed us when the battle was too hot cannot be easily forgotten.
10.        Hence, when I open My Book of Remembrance, I will go to the column of Brother Nath. I will read your contributions and ask Myself what I have used to reward you. If the answer is nothing, you will stay.
11.        However, if I noticed there was a time I rewarded you, I will throw you away. Thus, do not throw yourself away.  
12.        If you do not know what musical instruments are all about, come to Me. Our pulpit is not a musical instrument. David never used it. Did he? The ones David used which brought condemnation to him were itemized in the scriptures.
13.        We do not have any of them here for our worship. Then why troubling the brethren? If you do not have anything to preach, sit down. Must you preach all the time?
14.        We clap our hands so as to calm down the anger of the Lord. We employ everything that is in us to worship God. We sweat it out. We do not employ those nonsenses. I think I know more than that. I know the limitations.
15.        Even if I want to use them, who will condemn Me? My own will be holy musical instrument. For whatever I touch is holy. Hence, I can use whatever I want, to worship God.
16.        I can even sacrifice a human being and God will not count it against Me. After all, Abraham sacrificed a human being at the command of the Lord.
17.        Bro Nath, do not trouble a peaceful family. If you do not know where you are, if you appear to be confused, go back to The Great Sermon. Have you heard Me?
18.        Let Me not hear any noise again emanating from that Local Assembly because of you! You are in a place to put things in order. Why do you scatter? Amen.

We thank God that we are still here, and we will remain here as long as He wants us to remain. However, be it known to you that everything is over!
2.           Everything is over! If there is a little provision, it is not for you. It is for those that are in distant lands I have decided to go after. Like the one I fetched last week.
3.           As early as 8 O’clock in the morning, I started making calls enquiring about his whereabouts. Brethren continued searching, some called their family. Finally, they gave Me his phone numbers and that of the wife.
4.           I said, “No! The instruction said that he is the one that will call. He had only but seven hours to enter the Ark.”
5.            While they were looking for him, the time was reducing to three hours. Barely two hours and twenty-two minutes left, My phone rang. Lo and behold, that was the person.
6.           He opened up said, “My father, I have been desiring to come and see you but my problem is this: I do not know where you are living now, I heard you have packed away. And the brethren are not prepared to lead me to you. I have an encounter with you last week which I wanted to share with you and it is not a phone matter.”
7.           “What is the matter for which you are calling?” I continued, “This is all I want. I want to know your faith, what do you really believe?”
8.           He said, “What else will I believe if not you. I am still in you; I will remain in you. I do not have two gods; you remain the One. I confessed it, I preached it, I established it. I have been looking for a way of restoration but the Elders I contacted said they will not restore me.”
9.           I said, “Thank you very much; I have gotten what I needed. You can stay where you are that is all.” And that was Barrister Ogbonna Okpoke.
10.        I sought him, I found him. I came to find Joe Ogbuka, I found him, he had already made sincere effort to be restored at Nsukka. He even came to the fellowship ground begging.
11.        I ordered them never to receive him for he has closed his door. He closed the door against himself by becoming diabolically bad. Very destructive!
12.        While I was sharing My experiences, I was told how he destroyed his newly married wife and destroyed his younger brother who erected upstairs and everything, because of his crave for materialism so that there won’t be any other competitor in the compound.
13.        He has eliminated one that established the compound by making him go mental. And he is not making any headway in his profession because the whole of Nsukka have known about his diabolical way. Nobody patronizes him again.
14.        The report reaching Me which I confirm live, made it absolutely impossible for Me to open up My bowels of mercy. I am still reaching many outsides. As many as I wish, I will go after them. I do not wait until they will come. I am the One going after them and I must get all of them!   
15.        I will not give you their names otherwise, you will be faster than Me. Because I do not have their numbers but you have all. I know the Almighty will help Me to make sure that all He committed into My hands I will lose not even one except those who are ordained to Perdition that the scriptures might be fulfilled.
16.        That one is settled and do not ask Me about your relations or this and that. You do not know who they are, you do not know where they are coming from, you don’t even know whether they have already been taken care of. You cannot tell!
17.        We were sharing our experiences even in My house. I told those who were with Me which My wife confirmed, that of all that came out from the loins of Sister Umezulike, her daughter Miracle from childbirth, from the day she was born till today, has remained a different child altogether. Very homely, very humble, easily entreated, having the fear of God.
18.        Even our children that have been acquainted with her confirmed My observation to be true. She remains the only one that never allowed the stubbornness of the parents to influence her wrongly. For the parents by nature are stubborn! And they should be.
19.        Yesterday, My eyes opened further and I shared the experiences with all that came to My house. Rejoice exceedingly if you are in this faith. Rejoice exceedingly!
20.        Let Me give you one reason why you must rejoice. Some people here think that their problem is money. Some think the reason why their families are not enjoying peace is because they have no money.
21.        Now, what can you say about families that have the money, their daughters are married to influential men, they are comfortable; parents, very comfortable, all their daughters delivered their babies either in Canada, London, America or Germany.
22.        A good number of their sons are members of the National Assembly. And not even one is serving without bagging PhD. I was privileged to receive the family yesterday and My eyes opened as never before.
23.        Tell Me what could be the cause of the problem in such family where they have what life entails. Money is there, materials, I mean, they can live anywhere they want in any part of the world comfortably. Yet, in the home, there is no peace.       
24.        And the trouble is not because of what they believe or what they do not believe. The troubles appear to be natural.
25.        We have natural problems which only the Almighty God can regulate. Not solving. God cannot solve a natural problem, rather, He will regulate it. How does He regulate it? He uses His word to regulate the natural problems.
26.        Let Me ask you a question. That a man came back, parked his vehicle–him and his driver came back together with escorts. The wife served him food, he finished eating, everybody thought all was well. His wife turned and he told her, “Come, have we laughed today?”
27.        She said, “What?” he said, “Have we laughed today?”
28.        The woman looked at the man and asked another question: “Has it become a way of life in this family that we must fight on that every day? Who made this law in this family?”
29.        While he was asking these questions, the woman poured a dirty water on the husband and the man flared up. It is like a story but it is true and real.
30.        Another one is like the other. The woman is a calm woman. But this man, each time he comes back from work, he would become another person altogether. However, the worst happened last week which brought them to My house asking for deliverance.
31.        That a man, food was kept for him, went into his room, changed his dress and came back to the sitting room demonstrating: “I am going to beat somebody today! Maria, I am going to beat somebody today!” The wife gently ran away from the house.
32.        He went after her, caught her and brought her back to the house and started beating her. He hit her and beat her to the ground. This is a spirit. Every evening, he must fight her. If he does not fight in his house, he would go and fight at the recreation club. Everybody will be running for his or her life.
33.        Igwe, is this not surprising? You see, quarreling is a spirit. That is what I am saying. Do not handle a spiritual matter carnally. It requires prayers, it requires understanding, it requires patience. There is nothing that cannot happen. That is what I want to tell you people.
34.        Don’t come up and say your condition is the worst. It is not. If money is your problem, I will give you money; you will discover that your problem is still there.
35.        You think it is children, God will give you children, problem is still there. If it is marriage, God will give you a wife. You think it is a husband, God will give you a husband; you will discover that your problem is still there.
36.        That means problem is natural, it is spiritual. Let us try to regulate it so that we can dwell together in harmony. And the regulatory instrument is the Word of God if you obey. I say if you obey.

Let us listen to the message. The food God stored for us ahead of time for the hour is becoming very, very critical. It is becoming excessively bad. Yesterday, you saw what happened at Akwa Ibom.
2.           The worst governor is now ruling Akwa Ibom. Yes, the worst governor, ecumenical governor who invited all the denominations for Christmas Carol.
3.           He was gathered them there, even reverend fathers were there, including the useless man they called Don Moore from America with the whole musicians in Nigeria. Christmas carol going on there till daybreak.
4.           Then, the useless Professor Osinbajo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria there in Abuja gathered his own group, inter-denominational, including the Muslims in another Christmas carol. You see, it is now Christmas carol. No separation! Balaam’s religion!
5.           You see what is happening in the End Time? It is becoming clearer every day. To a mere man, a natural man, it is good, it is proper, it is acceptable. I listened to him talk in the Mosque, almost all the politicians in Nigeria whether Christian or Muslim or Hindu were there.
6.           They were there to celebrate the wedding between the daughter of Buhari, that is Zahra Buhari and the husband, Ahmed Indimi. The cream of the nation gathered.
7.           Present were President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara and many State Governors. Others at the reception included Ministers, members of the diplomatic corps, traditional and religious leaders, Alhaji Bola Tinubu, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otadola, Chief Arthur Eze, Chief Bisi Akande and many others from across the country.
8.           Osinbajo was there addressing. Archbishop was there. Representative of the Pope was equally there. There was nothing bad by their own conclusion. This is what the world needs: “Let come together, it does not matter.”
9.           You see why you remain the only group away from all! Yes, the only group away from all. Why are you separate? The Word of God separated you. The Word of God separated you.
10.        The Word (Christ) called you out from among them and ordered you to remain separate and you obeyed.
11.        Take note of what I am saying. Somebody might be thinking we are fanatical, we are not! We are not fanatics for we are well informed. We know what we believe.
12.        The only people that cannot compromise remains the Jews. They will never! Even when the Pope visited Israel, the Jews never compromise.
13.        But the Orthodox Catholics and the Arabs got united. This is uniting time. A sure sign that we have come to the end of everything. Birds of the same feather must now flock together.
14.        They gathered and felt very much rejoicing, entertaining themselves with all kinds of musical instruments. How I wish Bro Nath watched it. You could have gone there for it is behind your house. Go to Uyo, tell the governor that he is the very antichrist.
15.        This is what we called Balaam’s religion. Balaam’s religion: “Come together we are one.” Confederation, which God warned even from the Old Testament: “Steer clear from anything confederation; it is mark of the beast.”
16.        Take note. The devil knows what he is doing. God has built a hedge around us using His Word as a standard which we will find difficult to flout. Even if you deliberately flout it, your conscience will ask you why? Amen.

Let us hear from the message. “Find out the Purpose You Are Fulfilling in This Faith, volume two. Page 21 verse 2, “Volume two of the message, “Jesus in Relation to the Resurrection of the Dead,” all you are desiring to have in it will only make you a noise maker.
2.           It is just a show of knowledge above others. But I want to give you something that will sustain you so that after making noise, your salvation will remain sure.”
4.           I want to give you something so that after making noise, your salvation will remain sure.
7.            “…I am telling you God’s truth, because no commandment will be grievous provided it is from the mouth of Christ...”
8.           Have you heard it? This message was preached in the year 2000. Cast your mind back to the message we considered in volume one “Action is faith expressed.”
9.           Are they not saying the same thing now? They are! Yet, they were not preached the same year and they were not preached by the same person. That message you heard in the morning, was initiated by Apostle Kelechi not the Son of Man. I only rounded it up. “…I am telling you God’s truth, because no commandment will be grievous provided it is from the mouth of Christ; it shall be my righteousness if I shall obey it.” It shall be what? It shall be my righteousness…, if I do what? If I obey it.
10.         “…Why not go back to the message, “WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL BE MY RIGHTEOUSNESS?” Who knows what will be my righteousness before God? It is the name I gave to a brother who uttered that statement while we were working during one of our camp meetings.
11.        20.     I mean Brother Okafor from Opi carrying a head-pan of sand. That time, he was rich. I looked at him and said, “Brother Okafor, why carrying this big head-pan with sand on your head?” He said, “Sir, allow me to carry it. Who knows what will be my righteousness in the sight of God?”
12.        I said, “Sir, please continue. Sir, please continue.” He said, “Leave me, let me carry this sand on my head, who knows what will be my righteousness before God.”
13.         “…We want to look into the scriptures to see things we must follow if we must remain in this sanctified condition. If anybody tells you the condition of staying in the Faith, he will as well supply you with all the necessary equipments needed for you to stay in this Faith.” Is it a lie?
14.         “…He will provide you with everything, for if he does not do it, one day you start going to Main Market Onitsha to make both ends meet. But both ends can never meet now. Before you know it, it will be: “I nearly died’.”
15.        Those that their business is more important to them than the word of God. For them to gather the one they will feed on in the next world. You must come back with “I nearly died!”. You discover that in spite of all your labour, you are not richer than those that are labouring in the will of God.
16.        When you are labouring in the will of God, He prospers you for God maketh a man rich. He addeth no sorrow to it. I have said it often and often, I still maintain it.
17.        Any work that hinders a man from serving God is not from God. The Lord has no hand in that work; he has no hand in that business. And watch, if that person is a seed of God, he can never prosper there. The more he labours, the poorer he becomes.
18.        Work is ordained of God. That is, to work is divine. Divinely instructed but a child of God does not do every kind of work. There is a kind of work that a child of God does and there is a kind of work they will give to him or her, he or she will say bye-bye.
19.        How is it that you will give a child of God work for you to pay him, he will be doing that for him to get money and it will hinder him from worshipping God? Will you use money to get your salvation? If death comes, will your money save you? If sickness comes, will your money be enough to cure you? Why killing yourself?
20.         “…Thus, in as much as we are not trying to lavish our time, I will take the thing one by one trusting God that you will catch me along the way.
21.        Bear with me in my foolishness because I am not a wise man. However, I believe I will be wise in the end. Let me sound foolish today but in the end let me be wise...”
22.        Put your hands together for the Son of Man. Yet, you are clapping for the “most foolish” man in the gathering in the whole world. A man that said He will only be a wise man in the end that He prefers to remain foolish as He is now trusting God that in the end that He will be wise. And that is the Man you are clapping for? Well, let Me hold My peace.
23.         “…My topic is Sixteen Secrets of Retaining Your Sanctified Estate.”
24.        Remember, you must have been sanctified, cleansed and washed by the word—the spirit is in there already—before you begin to talk about retaining your sanctified estate. What if as we are trying to reveal this secret, you are yet to come in?
25.        The spirit is yet to come in for the Prophet said and I quote “If the spirit is in there, the action is of God. But if the spirit is not there, the action cannot be of God for the action will be opposed to the revealed word.”
26.        That is how you know when you are having the spirit of God for no spirit of God in a man challenges the spirit of God in another man. For the spirit of God can never call any of the things of God accursed. Deep calleth deep!
27.        If we have this spirit, our action must be one. Everything will be one! But if the spirit is not there, there must be discord, discrepancies, confusion and you are not deceived until you are confused. You are not confused until you want to have your way.
28.         “…If there is any message that you will lay in your heart or write boldly in your heart, I think it is this message...”
29.        What did God say concerning this message? Lay it in your heart, write it boldly…, is it in your jotter? In your heart. Where it cannot be cleansed because once you receive the truth your conscience cannot deny, you are in trouble. Any where you like, run to, you must be hostile. You must be hostile!
30.         “…God helping us, if we remain in this Faith doubting nothing, nobody will miss the catching away of the saints...”
31.        If we remain in this faith, conditional! Doubting nothing, nobody will miss the translation of the saints. Our former pastor said, “Any day he leaves this faith, that is the presence of God that he stands condemned.” But whoever that abides in the faith, remains in His presence, stands justified. For at a point in time, you are either justified or condemned. Am I making sense?
32.        “…God helping us...”
33.        God helping us, we are depending on His help. I am not the one holding myself. Do not try to help yourself, you cannot succeed. Can a man help himself? The help of man is vain.
34.         “…God helping us, if we remain in this Faith, doubting nothing, nobody will miss the catching away of the saints. Because I believe we have fully repented. We have changed our views, we have changed our minds...”
35.        This is the belief of the Son of Man. But have you repented? Have you changed your mind? Yes sir! YOU CAN ONLY REPENT IF YOU ARE A SEED OF GOD. IF YOU ARE NOT A SEED OF GOD, YOU WILL ONLY HAVE SORROW FOR SIN, SORROW FOR UNBELIEF BUT YOU WILL NEVER REPENT.
36.         “…As a result, when you think that you are so important and you think that you can exist alone; your place will be easily forgotten very soon, because without me you can do nothing.
37.        After all, you were not in this Faith before, you did not know anything about this Faith, whether it is white or black, you did not know...”
38.        Is there anybody that knew about this faith before? How can you begin to find fault with something you never knew? It was not introduced to you, a way you have never trailed before and you begin to find fault with it.
39.        This is a manifestation of the highest stupidity and it is common with men: A student claiming to know more than the Professor. Not even a student, a first year student is condemning his Professor. Well, I do not know what to say again.
40.        This is one of the reasons why soldiers do not take insults anyhow especially from the junior ranks. Can you imagine a recruit accusing a Major of not knowing how to hand rifle. I mean, there is a way it sounds. A recruit, not even a sergeant or second lieutenant, not even a captain,  saying “Our Major does not know how to handle a rifle.”
41.        So, you know how to handle rifle? Which one? He will use you to test it, then you will know. “Let me know whether I can handle it,” you will “tar, tar, tar.” You will say, “Ah, ah, my leg, my leg!”
42.        Yes, you have taught him how to handle rifle. He has used your leg and then ordered the ambulance to take you to the nearest military hospital. Yes, the Major has license to kill.
43.         “…You were even in darkness thinking that you were doing God a service; you did not know that you were serving diverse spirits and diverse lords. You hadn’t this Faith before. Can your eyes now open more than He that opened your eyes?...”
44.        The blind Bartimaeus is now seeing more than Jesus Christ. Yet, he remained blind until Jesus Christ came. When his eyes were opened, he started introducing Jesus Christ to Niger Bridge.
45.        Note it again, number one step we must take is to make sure we maintain this strong link...”
46.        Maintain this strong link! Son of Man, our link to the truth. The only Bridge to peace. The Bridge that takes us across hell and lands us in the land of peace which is Paradise. Maintain strong link. Not ordinary link.
47.         “…Note it again, number one step we must take is to make sure we maintain this strong link. It should not be porous at all. No gaps because once there is a little gap, the wind can just attack in there and then pull you out.
48.        Even, you can be deceased in that gap. Once there is a gap between you and Christ, there is a problem there, because sin creates separation.”
49.        Abi na lie? No sir! Do not say it does not matter, this is what cause divorce in marriage. When the woman begins to take everything light. The man says, “Madam, this is what I want.” She will say, “Eh, but wait, wait.”
50.        The man says again, “This is what I want madam, please!” “Okay, if it is only this, it is enough!” Do not worry, the grass cutter says, “There will be an end to the business for every trader to go home.” Brother Philip, am I telling lies? He said, “No.”
51.         “…The only thing that will separate you from the Godhead is unbelief, wrong behaviour, when you are no longer fixing your eyes upon Christ; you are no longer seeing him as your Leader and your Instructor Whom you are bound to obey by day and by night.’
52.        Was it not what our former pastor was emphasising on? Hence he could say, I am just ordinary clay in his hand. Let Him do whatever He wants with me. But the moment He steps in, he said, “He is now taking too much...”
53.        What happened? The word that brought him in pushed him out and asked him to petition to heaven, let the Almighty ask the Son of Man why? But what are we seeing? His place is completely forgotten. Many people that were vying for that position automatically occupied it.
54.        Even if mercifully I tell him to come back, they will not give way for him. Not even our sisters can even give way. Everybody is holding his or her seat firmly. Will he sit on somebody? I am telling you the truth.
55.        Page 97 from verse 39. I am making it clear to you that when a man dies, whatever he does or is known for dies as well. When a man dies, whatever he is known for dies that day. Great men—by human assessment—that appeared here and that was the end of whatever was their boast. We are not taking any pin out of this place.
56.        Whatever we are doing, we are doing it at the command of the Lord. Not to inherit, no! However,  if you want to inherit, begin with My own house, come and inherit it. Nobody will query you.
57.        Only rats are there, go and live there. Do not pay rent, go the village at Mbaise, stay there free of charge. Tell God that rapture should not take place or translation should not affect you so that you will take it.
58.        Any day God will translate His children, they put on immortality, say, “God, exclude me and my children so that we can occupy this house.”
59.        Jehovah Witness people will soon be on the run. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will be on the run. Do you know that River Niger will be on the run? Mountains and rocks will be on the run too, everything will be on the run. All things must be removed from their places whether they like it or not. I no dey talk am because I get mouth, I dey talk am because na true o-o-o.
60.         “…Sunday First October, 2000, in the message titled “The Revelation of the Church of Christ”, we saw that the Church means ecclesia, called out, separated from the world. That is why we do not follow worldly fashion, we do not go the way of the world, we are in the world of our own and we are one.”
65.        Page 103 from verse 53, “I have restored one today, that is the son of Brother Onyema Eze, Ndubuisi Eze. I restored him this day because he can never be better outside. He should better stay with the youths, listen to godly counsel and begin to think on what he will do to be a man.
66.        It is a shameful thing for one a man not to rated with his peers…”
67.        But his parents didn’t want him to stay. His father joined hands with the mother to throw the boy out of this faith because of materialism. And the boy is perishing outside without any hope of survival for tomorrow. The blood of that boy must be required from his parents whether they like it or not!
68.        Brother Emeka of Household of God Enugu. Brother Ojiakor, I hope you got My message? Did he respond? I want you to come forward. He is not in the camp?
69.        While I was roving throughout the Local Assemblies, I stumbled into his house and I was left with no other choice than to send for him. He is the man I have chosen at Enugu to replace the late Elder Onodugo. Opi is still vacant, Onitsha is still vacant.  Amen.


Remain blessed brethren. We really thank God for the opportunity He has given us to always be in His presence and for us to hear from Him at every point in time. We thank God.
2.           God has never left us without His Presence. At each point in time, He keeps us abreast of what is happening so that as many of us that trust Him, those have come to Him with all our hearts will never be disappointed.
3.           Brethren, let me read something. God said something. There is always one important thing God has always made us to understand and that is the reason why we keep on gathering at each point in time we gather together.
4.           The message “In Him is the Father Revealed.” God came for a purpose and that is why we read today the message “Find out the Purpose You Are Fulfilling in This Ministry.”
5.            Anybody can fulfill any of the purposes. There is God’s purpose and there is another purpose that is not of God. And it is important for us when we come before the presence of God that the only reason why God has gathered us is to fulfill His purpose. And this should be our major objective.
6.           That is why He told us very, very clearly that we must make sure we remove every hindrance. Secondly, we become persistence. We read it today “Secrets That Can Make Us to Remain in Our Sanctified Estate.” Listen to what God is saying.
7.           I am reading from “In Him is the Father Revealed,” page 167 verse 13 “If you are a disciple, and you do not know how to follow leadership; you are not a disciple. A disciple fixes his eyes on his leader. No more, no less.”
8.           We are following a leader. And we are called to be disciples. People are disciples everywhere but somebody must become God’s own disciple. Automatically, God has become that person’s own Leader. What is more, God has never led any man astray from the very beginning. It has always been for the good of the people God has always been leading.
9.            “...I have told you that if the only crime you will commit in this world is putting your faith into practice the way I have taught you, you have not committed any crime before God...”
10.        And the greatest thing that can happen to us and the best thing that will happen to any human being is not to commit a crime before God.
11.        People commit crimes. You can commit a crime against the state; commit a crime against an individual. But the greatest crime anybody can commit is the crime against Almighty God.
12.        God knows the consequences of crime anybody commits against Him. That is why, those that God love, He will called them, He will gather them and present them to Himself and tell them the way they can avoid committing crime before Him.
13.        And if He does not tell them, surely, they must commit crime like every other human being. And what awaits every other human being will come upon them. That is exactly why we understand that God loves us.
14.        Verse 14 “I have told you that if the only crime you will commit in this world is putting your faith into practice the way I have taught you, you have not committed any crime before God.
15.        Have I not been telling you that? However, if you are walking contrary to the Faith, rejoice not.”
16.        Every day we gather, every time we gather, God discusses with us. He is only making effort so we do not walk contrary to the faith. That is the only thing.
17.        I looked at the calendar one day and I saw the one for this month and it said, “The last sign on earth, God, a Paradox.”
18.        If God is a Paradox as the scriptures made us to understand that to some He is a savour of life while to some a savour of death. Now, if God has given us expo ‘Last Sign’: the thing you will see and will not see any other thing and then the end will come.
19.        For the Bible told us very clearly that there are people the end of the world will come upon and we are the generation that is fulfilling the coming of the end of the world.
20.        Now, if the end of the world will come and God warned us that it is going to be on a disastrous note and we have seen the evidence everywhere that it is going to happening on a disastrous note; then, you can now see the reason why we should thank God, why we should praise Him because we heard Him say, “The only preoccupation we have today is just to worship Him (God).” And He has done everything.
21.        He told us He has completed the work to make sure we succeeded in worshipping Him. There is a particular place God told us that He is bringing us to a level, He is trying every effort at least make sure that at least, one day, one day we will worship Him.
22.        That was why a time came God went forth and said, “Have you worshiped Me even for one day?”
23.        Just for one day, just one day, we will give Him the worship, the praises, the reverence, everything that is due to Almighty despite how He has appeared to us.
24.        Because as a human being, He has appeared to us for the Bible said that He is a stumbling block to those that He has not called but salvation to those He wants to save.
25.        And we have heard Him telling us even today how He has gone round to bring in even somebody who by human speaking and human level we have concluded the person is lost. But God said he is not lost.
26.        God is telling us that if we commit crime, the only crime we commit is that we succeeded in doing what Almighty told us to do, that we have not committed any crime against God.
27.        And He has made it clear to everybody and to human race that it is a criminal offence not to do what the Son of Man is teaching us. That is why they are blaspheming. That is why they are saying no.
28.        That is why people are rejecting. That is why they preferred to gather in other condition, other platform than to gather under the Bride of Christ Ministry. Because they believe to gather under this Ministry, to harken to the voice of the Son of Man is what? A crime!
29.        If it is not a crime, they would have been here. God is warning us, telling us today that the only way we can stay and not commit any crime against Almighty God is to do all that He has taught us.
30.        And the only way to commit crime against the Almighty that created the whole heaven and earth that is swiftly coming to destroy all the ungodly, the only way you can commit crime against Him is to begin to walk contrary to the faith that has been revealed to us. That is exactly what God is telling us.
34.        All of us have to answer to those names.
35.        “...THE TIME FOR PLAYING CRAFTINESS IS OVER, THE TIME FOR SUBTLETY IS OVER. THE TIME FOR LYING IS OVER. YOU CAN DO THAT IN YOUR FAMILIES, BUT NOT IN MY PRESENCE. Every such of manifestation, I will see it as a test of My patience and I must accept it as a challenge.”
36.        The best thing all of us must surely do, is that we must not do anything so that the Son of Man will not see what we are doing as a challenge.
37.        Just as we heard this morning, He spoke to our brother the Bishop, that if he causes much trouble his local assembly, that He will scatter them. And we heard that voice that the people He threatened that He will scatter in the days gone by, He scattered them. Concerning Abagana, He said, “I will scatter them” and He scattered them. Till today, they remained scattered.
38.        We have seen what God is telling us because we have wronged Him. He said, “I must accept it as a challenge because you have caused Me to cause Myself sorrow that you might have joy.”
39.        God caused Himself sorrow that I might have what? Joy! “I say you have provoked Me to cause Myself sorrow that you might have joy. What is revealed in your picture is not meant for natural men. No human being born of a man is qualified to use his eyes to glance at it because you are drawn from the Gentiles you knew not God.”
40.        We heard it how God was telling us that it took Him time to severe us from idolatry, to bring us to the point where we are. And He still repeating it this morning as we heard Him. Why we should not pay any attention at all to whatever that is going on outside in the name of religion or church.  
41.        Anything whatsoever, we should not pay attention to it. No matter the people that are acquitted to it, no matter the people that are propagating it, no matter the people that are organizing it, even if our meal ticket is tied to that thing, we should not pay attention.
42.        If we do so, we must have succeeded in walking contrary to what the Son of Man has taught us. And we must have succeeded in committing crime against Almighty. Amen.


I believe what God is telling us is that we should make sure just as we heard it, get rid of every hindrance. That we should not commit crime against Almighty God. Because once somebody commits crime, it becomes a crime that is unacceptable to God. It becomes unpardonable.
2.            “I travelled a long distance with you and this is the last sign and the last move…”
3.           We heard it. “Expect nothing higher than this.” Except nothing higher than this. This is your rapture.”
4.           And since God is telling us of Armageddon, we are now seeing the only way out of getting into the troubles and the bane of Armageddon that is coming to visit the whole earth is translation of the saints.
5.           We heard it, “When two elephant fights, the grass will suffer.” Every time such thing takes place including the Second World War, millions of people died. And He has told us that one single weapon they have now, the whole weapon they used during the second World War is not up to one single weapon they have now.
6.           Tell me if they have more than that, I mean millions of such weapons already waiting.
7.           The Lord speaks: Just one weapon Russian developed a weapon that is capable of shooting up the temperature of the earth to over ten thousand degrees Fahrenheit in less than one minute. The intensity of heat it will generate will be so high.
8.           Iran is boasting of having developed a biological bomb that will eradicate the whole earth in less than 48 hours. And they are all out to test whatever they have manufactured.
9.           This is why Donald Trump won the election. To enable America test their power. Wait for it, it is on the way. They have been piling all these weapons for many years without testing them. This is testing time. YES, Testing time.
10.        And they have allied themselves into two blocs. So, wait and see. Wait and then see.   
11.          And God is telling us what He is doing in our midst is our rapture and is our paradise. The only way we can escape the troubles and the temptations, the tribulations, the destruction, everything that will come upon the face of the earth is to put on immortal body.
12.        The Lord speaks: Being in your indestructible estate and be moving here. As Christ rose from the dead with immortal body – Theophany body, He was here on earth appearing and disappearing for forty days and forty nights. So shall the elect.
13.        Those that died in Christ will come forth, the living in Christ will be translated. The two will meet themselves, recognize themselves, remain here on earth, showcase themselves before the heathens for forty days and forty nights. For God can never change his program.
14.        When He resurrected from the dead, put on theophany body, He presented Himself to the public for them to see that resurrection is reality. For them to see the fulfilment of His word that says, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whosoever that believeth in Me even if he dies, he shall rise again.”
15.        So, that same spirit that caused Jesus to rise up from the dead is here in the Bride. The fullness of the Elohim is here with us. The same thing that quickened His mortal body is here to quicken our mortal body as many that are found in Him that are not holding their own righteousness but His own righteousness.
16.        Even the prophet William Branham saw it and even proclaimed it that when you will put on your theophany body, you will walk here on earth for forty days and forty nights before you vanish.
17.        Thus, it shall be one day known unto the Lord. It shall be one day known unto the Lord and He shall never over delay by a second. We are watching, we are waiting.  
18.         He said, “I travelled a long distance with you and this is the last sign and the last move. Expect nothing higher than this. This is your rapture, this is your paradise, this is your eternal life. For you have seen Him that is True, you are in Him that is True even the Son of Man. He is the true God and Eternal Life.” Gbam! Gbam!! Gbam!!!
19.        We can now understand where we are.
20.        The Lord speaks: We have seen Him that is True, we are in Him that is True, even in the Son of Man, God En-Morphy, this is the True God and Eternal Life. Whoever that believes in Him shall never taste of eternal death.
21.        That is why the call kept on coming every day for us to hearken to His Voice. Because from the very beginning, it has always been ‘HEAR YE HIM.’ For we know we will be hearing Him, hearing is not just the thing hitting our ear but we must open our hearts to Him, then, Eternal Life will become our portion.  
22.        The Lord speaks: “The Beginning and the Ending Of Gentile’s Dispensation,” page 86 from verse 16 through 20. “But the bible said, woe is he that is asking for the coming of the day of the Lord.
23.        It is not going to be a day of blessing, not a day of rejoicing but a day of sorrow, a day of the gnashing of teeth, a day of doom, a day of darkness, a day of gloominess.
24.        If this ministry will not come, that day will take us by surprise. So, the ministry is to prepare a people that will escape that day.” Amen!  
25.        “…It is to prepare a people that will escape that day, people that will count themselves worthy to escape all that will come upon the children of disobedience.” Amen!
26.        The essence of our gathering is to prepare us so that we can escape the horrors that will befall the children of disobedience.
27.        When the Lord promise to come and make a quick riddance on the earth and no flesh shall be saved except those that are found in Him not holding their own righteousness but His own righteousness.
28.        He is coming for the righteous, he is not coming for the self-righteous. He knows the type of righteousness He is looking for. Wherever He comes in contact with it, He marks that individual.
29.        We can see very clearly that God has brought us here so that we can be able to escape. After all, He told us clearly “Multitude, multitude in the Valley Of Decision. That day of the Lord is coming swiftly upon the children of disobedience.” And this place is the Valley Of Decision.
30.        That is why God told us clearly that anybody that comes here either you leave here condemned or you leave here justified. Either you and I have been counted worthy to stand before the Son of Man that very day.
31.        Because there is a day every human being even those that do not want to see Him, even those that hate Him, even those that do not want anything to be mentioned around Him, they will all stand before the Son of Man whether they like it or not.
32.        God is telling us and we know that, that day is fast approaching. After all, the scriptures made it very clear that He has appointed a day He will judge the whole world by that Man.
33.        He has proved to us that He will surely do it by making Him stay alive even though He was being regarded as being dead. That is why He told us that: “I am He that liveth and was dead and I am alive forever.”
34.        He has never left the face of the earth and He is now telling us the last thing He will do, the last thing He is doing is to gather His own elect, gather people that have make covenant with Him by sacrifice. They must have abandoned some other things.
35.        In economics, they called it ‘opportunity cost.’ And God called it here “Cost of Discipleship.”
36.        You cannot have both. You cannot be with the world and be with God.
37.        The Lord speaks: Impossible! You cannot be with the Cloud and be with the crowd. There must be a demarcation. Choose between the Cloud and the crowd.
38.        Outside, they are having the crowd, inside here we are having the Cloud. In addition, we must take side. It has always been like that in every age. Who is on the Lord’s side?
39.        Out there, is the crowd, in here is the Cloud. Who is on the Lord’s side? Who will make up his or her mind to stay with God no matter whatever it is going to cost him or her? We must lose, we must make a sacrifice. Part of our problem is that we refused to make sacrifices. We refused!
40.        In addition, you cannot eat your cake and have it. I cannot eat my cake and have it. We must make a choice! Yes, we must make a choice. After all, God told us, “Somebody must choose the good path.
41.        Today, somebody must decide the path he will choose. We are busy every day making decisions as to where we are allying ourselves. Every blessed day, every moment we must ally either to the left or to the right. That is where we are.




Brethren, we can understand what God is telling us. This is a warning to every one of us in the name; mentioned or place your name there. For that is the only way it will be profitable to you.

2.           “God was not destructive until He reveals Himself to His people in the days gone by.” After doing everything, showing us. He has always been placing it that way. I give you life and death. Either you choose left or you choose right. Hence, there must be choice. There must be choice.

3.           Everything anybody must do, he must make a choice. And we heard it this morning, God telling us we should go back to all the messages we have heard before. That if you are courageous enough, I am courageous enough, we should go and make corrections.

4.           It is a very, very important voice to us at this time, which we must not neglect. Because if He did not love us, He will not tell us anything. The Bible said, “It will come upon them suddenly and they won’t know.”

5.           The same way He appeared in the temple suddenly, they did not know, the same way the end will come suddenly upon the world but it is not for us.

6.           From the time He started, He was telling us, signalling the “end, the end, the end. Look at the way it will be, look at what is going to happen, look at what is not going to happen. Who will escape and who will not escape.” Gave us even what the labour looks like.

7.           The Lord speaks: Labour takes a careless woman unaware. But one that is mindful of herself, is conscious of the expected date of delivery knowing that on or before that date or after, something must take place. Therefore, she packed her bags ahead of the date. However, a careless one ignores all. Ignores warnings, instructions, everything.

8.           We have received enough instructions, we have received enough signs, we have been given our expected date of the departure. They are with us.

9.           Even till today, that arithmetic, the number, nobody has succeeded in coming up with the accurate date. Let us continue.

10.        Therefore, we can understand what God is doing for us. He said, “God is not destructive…”

11.        It is not that God is prepared to destroy anybody but God become destructive on the side of the person when the person refuses to accept all that God said ahead of time. And when trouble comes, that is why God said, “Blame yourself and not God.”

12.        Somebody will say, “Look at what God is doing to me.” Therefore, God is speaking to us. Let me continue.

13.        “He was not destructive until He revealed Himself to His people in the days gone by. When Korah, Dathan, Abiram and all the seventy elders of Israel came out and saw God, ate with Him, rejoice with Him, men and little children, all of them were rejoicing in the presence of God and glorifying Him.

14.        When they saw the Spirit that was in Moses was taken, and was placed on all of them, they prophesied until Joshua came to Moses and said, “Why can’t you stop these people not to go on prophesying.”

15.        Now, we can now see what God is doing for us. It is very, very clear. He told us that it is the last move. He told us it is our eternal life. He told us it is our paradise, it is our translation, though hidden from the rest of the world.

16.        You and I must make sure we are able to escape the things that are already on the face of the earth. Every sign, He gave us a message titled, ‘The last sign has been displayed.’ What again remains my brethren?

17.        You can understand what God is talking about. See it very well that the time has come for us to get ready. We have so many messages. One is, “Get ready for your flight.” The other one is, “The tide is gathering.” Everything, God has given us A to Z so that we will escape the corruption that is in this world through lust.

18.        Because it is what our eyes is seeing, what your ears are hearing, what our hands are touching, the things we can see, we can touch, the feelings we are having, these are the things that are enslaving the entire human race.

19.        That is why when they gather in their big churches, they are happy, they clap hands and dance. They think nothing is happening even when it is evidently clear that churches are collapsing everywhere.

20.        God told us many years ago that He is going to expose all their nakedness. And we are seeing it on a daily basis. They are all happening.

21.        Therefore, brethren, I want us to understand what God is telling us. Let me read further again, what God is doing in our midst. What He is trying to help us to do.

22.        “The Last Sign Has Been Displayed,” page 97 verse 2. “You are all my witnesses that it has never been easy. I had my own pill, the toughest pill ever for no man of God has ever suffered what I suffered...

23.        Didn’t we read it today again? The greatest rebellion, within and without. From those highly trusted people. No man has ever escape rebellion from those highly trusted people.

24.        God has suffered the greatest deal. For no man of God has ever suffered what He has suffered. Nobody has ever endured what I endure all for your sake, for my sake. I forfeited all My right and privileges, I only depended on Him.

25.        Ministers, men of God that went in the days gone by, they have always been supported, they have been fed, they have always been taken care of by the people they have been leading.

26.        Watch it; this is the only ministry where the person that is spearheading the ministry is making the greatest contribution to the success of the ministry.

27.        We heard it, and it sounds very, very painful. Somebody will labour, work to make money, come again and take care of His people.

28.        St. Paul made it very clear. He said, “If I give you spiritual things, am I not supposed to need carnal things from you? If you give me carnal things, is it wrong? But it is not so.”

29.        Nothing is free o-o-o! Everything in this world is not free. But somebody must be paying for it.

30.        If you hear Grace, Grace, somebody paid for it. If we are having an easy ride concerning this faith, simplifying the faith, somebody is paying for it. Somebody is suffering more than any other person for it. I hope you are getting what I am saying.

31.        Can you now understand? He said, ‘I forfeited all My rights and privileges, , I only depended on Him. No more, no less.The life I am living now is not My own life but of He that sent Me.’

32.        That is why God will always tell us from time to time, you have your own time, you can go anywhere you like, decide whatever you want to decide but it is not for the Son of Man.  He must do what He that is telling Him to do. Irrespective to any other thing at all.

33.        “I am not in very much in haste because your brethren out there at the other ends of the earth as you are, as we are here, so they are there.’

34.        There is a particular place God was telling us that if translation takes place now, that many are going to miss it.

35.        The Lord speaks: Even here. He said, “The longsuffering of God is for our salvation.’”If there is no correction to be made, God would not have referred us the way we will make the correction.

36.        God told us what we would do to make the necessary correction. That means that many, many things are still amiss. But the work has been completed. But we have not gotten to the standard of the work.

37.        Because the voice told us many years ago, He said, “Yes, the work is completed but it has not been completed in you and in I.’

38.        Look at what God is telling us in the message (THE LAST SIGN HAS BEEN DISPLAYED) from verse 3. ‘The life I am living now is not my own life, but of He that sent Me.

39.        I am not in very much haste because your brethren out there at the other ends of the earth, as we are here, so they are there and in the next two months from now till December I believe I will round off the project.

40.        Talk of the Middle East, you are all following. Let it be known to you that God has started judging the whole parts of the earth. He has started judging all counterfeit Churches and there is no going back.

41.        All that blinded the world, God has started visiting them at their various synagogues. Watch, the last that will collapse is that Babylon, the great whore, the mother of all these harlots. That will be the last that will fall and the fall shall be very great for that is where all the kings and rulers of this world have committed fornication—the home of all abomination, the manufacturer of all evil and so on.

42.        But God is going to humiliate her and all her daughters. From now watch, all these cages of unclean birds, the Lord is going to visit them one by one, but He wants to hide you away first so that the destruction will not affect you.

43.        That is His business. He told us years ago that if somebody is running from an enemy and you want to hide, you enter into a corner where you think you are hidden and your legs are out, once the enemy comes there, through your legs he will pull you out.

44.        That if somebody wants to hide, he should hide completely so that nobody will see him at all.

45.        The Lord speaks: In the message, ‘Hiding under the Rock Of Ages.’  We can understand that God wants to hide us completely. And from time to time we keep on disobeying, imagine that situation. That is why God gets provoked.

46.        Where danger is lurking, He is hiding somebody from evil, and the person is insisting on going out to see.

47.        The reason why He is talking to us is that He knows what is going to happen. I must be persuaded, you must be persuaded because God said, “Seeing the wrath of God we persuade all men... All men mean those that are called of God.

48.        Everything He is doing is for the sake of the elect. The Bible said, ‘If the thing is not cut short, nobody will be saved. But for the sake of the elect, He must cut it short.”

49.        We are complaining from time to time because of situation. What if it reaches to the point where people will be eating their children?

50.        God wants to hide you away first, hide me away first so that destruction will not affect you, it will not affect me.

51.        For it has been the manner of the Elohim. It has been His manner hiding away the righteous before destroying the wicked. For He has never destroyed the wicked in the midst of the righteous.

52.        And we know the type of righteousness God is talking about. God’s kind of righteousness. And righteousness is by obedience to the word of God. My righteousness is not this one I do not do this one, I do not do the other one.

53.        That is why He told us very clearly which we read that if the only crime we will commit is to do whatever the Son of Man tells us to do, that we have never committed any crime. No evil is associated with us.

54.        You refuse to join them in their prayers. “This man, why don’t you join us? You do not love gathering together, you are not a Godly person. You are separating yourself, you are this, you are that.”

55.         Yes, let Me become that evil person provided God is happy with me.

56.        Because most of the time, they try to know us trying to talk about love as if to say they know what is love.

57.        I went home sometimes and they told me that my family is saying that all the people that refused to join them in their family meeting, that they are granting amnesty to everybody. They should come.

58.        The Lord speaks: It is a trick; they are suffering from hunger. They know those that will help them, so they are now calling for all of them. You know heathens are very crafty.

59.        They said that whether you have stayed long and you have not paid your dues and every other thing, just bring two gallons of wine and five thousand naira, they would forgive all your sins.

60.        They noticed they have been losing a lot. You see, my people started disturbing me. I said that I am not a part of it and I will not come.

61.        When I was discussing with them, when those that came gathered and discussed, because after drinking, it is their manner. Because the most important thing for them is the quantity of palm wine.

62.        Now, the same people that were persuading me to join were the same people that were telling me the different factions in the family meeting. When you join the wrong faction, they will make sure they fine you, giving you fine every meeting day.

63.        It is village politics. I did not need anybody to tell me that it is not meant for me. That it is a way of luring somebody away.

64.        You should be blamed for giving them a second. Such matters do not need any response. After all, silence is an answer carried in a different way.

65.        However, if you have ignored them, continue in your way, nobody would stop you again.

66.        How I wish all of you would be courageous as I am. Take a decision to bury yourself, finish. The dead must be buried whether they like it or not. If they say they will not bury, when decomposition sets in, government will step in, provide vehicle without pay, labourers will come.

67.        Frighten them that day; flood that place with police and vigilante boys. Let them use bulala to whip them off.

68.        Just place one Hilux van. Everybody will be on the run for nobody will like to enter the Hilux. Go inside, he will say no, I do not know them.”

69.        You can understand that it is a trick to lure us out from our hiding place. And we must say no. take our stand and keep on taking our stand till the end.

70.        God is saying it has been His manner to hide away the righteous before destroying the wicked. For He has never destroyed the wicked in the midst of the righteous.

71.        They are an abomination before God. He knows how to preserve the righteous until the day of their Redemption.

72.        That is why He is keen on attracting us to Himself. Any day anything attracts you or me out of the Son of Man, then, we are not part of the redemption.

73.        But as long as something is there, attracting us to Him, coming before His presence and listening to His voice, surely, the magnet must magnet us. We must be kept away from the trouble that will befall the heathens.

74.        The Lord speaks: Nobody can get rid of you without first of all pulling you out from your faith. Then, you lose the security the Son of Man offers. They capture you straight away.

75.        I do not know why people are afraid. The heathens are rubbish! The scripture noticed they are rubbish and asked a question, “Why should the heathen rage and the nation imagine vain things? Why should they rage?”

76.        Our brother told Me that his people penalized him to the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand naira and so on to enable them come and join hands in burying their late mother.

77.        I said, “If you pay it, you are stupid! They are not needed. Go and resolve the matter with your maternal home. Fix a date, bury your mother, heaven will not fall. Finish.”

78.        God knows how to hide the righteous until the day of their redemption. He also knows how to preserve the ungodly until the day of their destruction.

79.        He kept them busy with carols, kept them bubbling with crusade, kept them busy with eating and drinking, marriage, every type of unimaginable programs, they will keep on having it and they will never know what is going on.

80.        Because if they will be sober, even the Bible said it that God decided to blind them so that they will not see, hearing they will hear but they will never understand. Why? So that they will remain blinded.

81.        Because God knows that once they see and understand, they perceive, they hear and understand, then, their wilful rejection of the truth will be forgiven them.

82.        But as long as they are there busy organising programs, everybody is in crusade, everybody is in convention, everybody is in conference, everybody is in building activities, church work, God’s work, crusade, preaching, mobilization, all of them going on.

83.        God will keep on keeping them there in ungodliness. The pastor is doing the worst thing unto them, they will still remain there.

84.        Despite what happened to Synagogue, are people not surging up till now? Everywhere, their pastors are deceiving them doing every kind of unimaginable things on them.

85.         People are surging to prayer houses, collecting their money, collecting everything they have, rendering them useless. Yet, they remain blind.

86.         God said that He will preserve the ungodly until the day of their destruction.

87.        He also knows how to preserve the ungodly until the day of his final destruction. Amen.­