Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: HOUR OF LAST MINUTE CORRECTION VOLUME 2

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By Bishop Ifeanyi Eze

You must have known your status in Christ. Even while I am still here you are afraid, afraid of what? For there is no fear in love. Perfect love drives away all fears.
2.           Fears of what? Fear of hellfire? No! Fear of what? He has saved us from His wrath for believing in Him.
3.           His people are having assurance of salvation, having nothing to fear again. He has saved us from His wrath for believing in Him Whom He has sent. For that is all you can do to fulfil all the righteous demand of God, no other thing.
4.           Yes, no other thing! To remain righteous means to believe Him whom He has sent. That is what God said. By believing in Him whom He has sent, that settles the matter.
5.           However, where you say you will not believe because of over-familiarity or one thing or the other, there is no salvation for you. But to them that believe, He gave them power to become sons and daughters of God even those that believe in His Name.
6.           Remember, the revelation of the New Name of God. For the Name of God is revealed from dispensation to dispensation. Just like the righteousness of God.
7.           We read it, we heard it that we are not walking with the faith of Elijah, neither are we walking with the faith of Job but we are walking with the faith of the Son of Man that will save somebody in this age. It is the faith that is revealed to them by that man whom God has anointed for that purpose. How God anointed Jesus with the spirit of God and he went about doing good.
8.           Today, we can say how God anointed Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be His Most Holy Name, Selah) with the Holy Spirit and He went about doing good and healing those that were oppressed by the spirit of the devil, for God is FULLY in Him. Not God is WITH Him, but the FULLNESS of God is dwelling in Him.
9.           What could not be corrected in the years gone by are now being corrected today.
10.        The last evidence, the last sign, the unmistakable evidence that something is about to take place. God is giving the final remedy. He is not making any mistake at all. Things that were like that, that somebody could say it could be this; it could be that, it is no longer like that now. Things are boldly and clearly declared.
11.        If you read the scripture, you can hardly see any place where Jesus said “I am the Almighty God.” Jesus never opened his mouth; he was making references to somebody.
12.        But today, somebody is standing before you and me saying, “I am He. I am the very Almighty God. If you will live, it is Me. If you will die, it is Me.” A personality!
13.        It is the people that saw the type of references, allegory and say, “You are a man and claiming to be God.” Because by their assessment, anybody born by God is god. But this one is not Son of God.
14.        That is why we are having the fullness, the restoration of all things. Nothing is being left for chance. Nothing is being left for debate. It is either you are there or you are not there.
15.        In the time of Jesus, there were secret disciples. Those that will come in the night. Those that will wait and go behind. This one, it is either you declare it that the Son of Man is your God or He is not your God: Declare it that He is your God or He is not your God.
16.        And if He is my God and He is your God, He becomes a burden, because the only responsibility a worshipper owes his God is to worship the God. He has responsibility, He has a burden, He has a demand. Call it even duty. It is a debt. And if He doesn’t succeed in worshipping that person, He is owing.
17.        And we will not remain debtors. We must worship Almighty God that has been revealed to us face to face. That has always been the emphases of this ministry.
18.        We must come to the point where this debt many have accumulated over the years must be paid! We must pay it hundred per cent! not 99 per cent.
19.        Let me tell you, St. Paul made allusion (reference) to Christ, Peter made allusion to Christ. This one making allusion. This one is straight forward declaring it that this very man, this very person is the creator of heaven and earth.
20.        All the Jews believed that Moses was sent by God. All the people believed in the time of Jesus, that He was sent by God. St. Paul was sent by God. They were messengers.
21.        But today, we must go beyond what they believe. We heard it, where we read today said, “He is producing super saints.” They produced saints but we are producing super saints. If we do not produce super saints, we have not done anything extraordinary.
22.        God is speaking to me and to you. He said, “Thus, what was the righteousness of God in Noah’s day cannot be righteousness…”
23.        That is why we have no scripture, we have no Bible, we don’t have any other thing to back-up what we are doing except “The Son of Man said.”  
24.        I do not have any back-up to what I am doing; you do not have any back-up to whatever you are doing, except, “the Son of Man said it’’. If you say “Noah said,” you are wasting your time!
25.        “The faith of Noah is not your faith, the righteousness of David is not our righteousness otherwise, we will be killing people anyhow.”
26.        He killed them and it was accounted to him as a man that was after God’s heart. Because when he killed God’s enemy, God was happy. But the one we are following said that He has no business with the crowd.
27.        If you read the commission, God made it clear to us that He is like a reed, He does not harm people. Somebody that possesses the greatest destructive power and instrument, yet, He is not destroying. He does not harm.
28.        He respects Himself even at the greatest provocation. But He is not David o-o-o! That somebody denied him food; it is enough impetus to carry his men to destroy an entire family.  
29.        David killed his enemies and God counted it for him as his righteousness. But in our own dispensation, you must love your enemies, do good to them. If you kill, you are a transgressor.
30.        The faith of the Pentecostal is not our faith; it is not your faith for you are far from Pentecost. Pentecost is in AD 70. Check how many years. Imagine somebody bringing the method and the way of doing things that took place in AD 70.
31.        When somebody quotes scriptures to back up his actions that are contrary to the voice of the Son of Man, where is the person operating? He is operating in the primitive age. We have left that one long, long time ago.
32.        “…What is more, we have left William Branham. The time of restoration of all things. We have left that one long time ago. Now, it is manifestation of sons and daughters of God. The world has been travailing in pain. We have seen religion…”
33.        Have we not seen it? Some of us even drank it.
34.        “…We have seen churches, but we have not seen the true sons and daughters of God who will manifest the life of Christ. A life emanating from somebody.”
35.        Bishop Ifeanyi Eze speaks: Whatever God tells me must be something that is contrary to human nature. Anything that is easy for you to do as a human being, God does not specialize in that one. He specializes in that one that is difficult for you to do as a human being.
36.        And when He sees that, it then means your faith will no longer be dependent on what you can do. Your faith will be dependent on what somebody is doing through you or through me.
37.        We have not seen the true sons and daughters of God who will manifest the life of Christ…’
38.        Not my life, not the life of religious people, but the life of Christ. But this is the hour and moment of truth and moment of reality. This is your own time, my own time.
39.        Any moment from now, it is going to be the moment of darkness. Gross darkness is about to cover the whole earth. I said, gross darkness is about to cover the whole earth. I said, gross darkness.”
40.        Is it not gross darkness, the more you explain, the more you talk about what God is doing, the blinder they are, the more they argue over it! The more they say no, the more they cannot understand.
41.        I am working with our sister, Mary. She normally addresses me as Bishop. When they see me, they will call Bishop and they will start laughing.
42.        They said, “How can you be Bishop without Cathedral? Where is your diocese?”
43.        To them, they know what they expect from somebody who is at that level. They are blind; they cannot even understand what God is doing. All that God is talking about; they are strangers to it. They are ignorant to it.
44.        “…What is more, I told you and I made it clear as at 1996 that you should try to eat the word.”
45.        Eat the word
46.         “…Take the word for the journey is still too far, for you have never gone this way before. No living being have ever trail on this way.” Amen.


By Bishop Ifeanyi Eze

The Great Sermon. WE HAVE A MANPhilip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.
2.           And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see. John 1:45-46, KJV.
3.           Bishop Ifeanyi Eze speaks: Is it different that our own is narrowed down to a place of abode, narrowed down to everything you want to narrow down to. Even more! All in the bid to simplify the message.
4.           The consolation of the people of God in every dispensation is complete only when they find a man from God who can save them from their plights and guide them safely throughout their lives here on earth…”
5.           Somebody told me a joke that somebody was dancing in Catholic Church and they thought the man was mental.
6.           The Reverend father asked him, “Where do the people that die go to?” and the man asked the Reverend Father, “Have I died before? How can I know where they go?”
7.           You have not been through this way before and I have not been through this way before. Somebody knows the way, somebody is guiding us, somebody is leading us.
8.           The Lord speaks: And that is why the Cloud came to lead a people that never knew the way. Without the Cloud, nobody will know the way to paradise.
9.           Any group that receives the visitation of the Cloud, that is the group that is approved, deemed fit to possess paradise. Be with Him that will guide them there eternally.
10.        For He said, “I am going to prepare a place for you, when I finish, I will come, and I will take you to Myself.” Nobody came down, nobody came to take us, but He that promised to come and take us. That wherever I am, there you shall be. Comfort yourselves with these words.
11.        For Him to come to take us home, it is in keeping with the promise. Even when we thought He was not around, He made it clear: “Just a little while, the world will see Me no more but you will see Me. I will never leave you comfortless; I will come and be with you. For I will be with you always even till the end of the world.”
12.        These promises are for us not for the crowd out there. “Will you reveal yourself unto us and not to the world?” He said “Yes! Unto you is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom but concerning those outside, it is not for them.”
13.        Outside are robbers, sinners, wolves. Inside are the redeemed of God. Chosen, elect according to His foreknowledge. No more, no less. If you happened to be one of such people, why won’t you glorify the Name of the Lord?
14.        And it is not by your human effort, not by your self-striving, lest you will begin to boast that you tried a lot. It is Amazing Grace that He rejected eminent personalities, eminent individuals and condescended so low as to co-opt mean, mean persons—by world estimation—to Himself.
15.        Intending to use things that are nothing to confound the wise. Where lies the wisdom of the wise men of this world, since in their wisdom, they cannot behold the majesty; don’t you know their wisdom has become foolishness?
16.        God has rigged away all human intellect and decided to go the way that is called the way of foolishness meant for foolish people. To God be the glory. The foolishness of God is wiser than men. So, accommodate Me anyhow in My foolishness.
17.        We can understand that somebody must guide us, who will save them from their plights and guide them safely throughout their life here on earth’. Since I do not know the way without Him, you do not know the way without Him, it is very, very important and empirical that I must listen to Him, depend on Him, rely on Him, confined in Him.
18.         See Him as the Source of my existence. See Him as my all and all. And to wrap it up, see Him as my continuous living here. My immortality, my life after death – everything!
19.        That is why God is telling us very clearly because most of the problems we have is that when God is telling us the problems, our eyes are away from where God is pointing to. Our eyes will be on some other things. Especially, material existence.
20.        We heard it that nobody should think that money is his or her problem. After all, He told us that once you cannot survive materially, you cannot survive spiritually. That the basis of your spiritual existence determines every other thing.
21.        After all, every philosopher knows that atom is not the end of everything. It is something unseen, must be behind whatever that happens. They know it!
22.        We must go back to the beginning, the original which is the Word, which is the Spirit, the Eternal Spirit where everything comes from. Once that one is sorted out, every other thing will line up in its place.
23.        When God came out, saw the whole earth without form, without shape, just His word made out the light and darkness melted away. The word has order, has the way things are organized because God spoke.
24.        All we need is the voice of the Son of Man if we must survive. That is why He said, that has become the consolation when you see a man that comes from God, He will guide me, He will guide you throughout our plight. There are so many plights.
25.        Okay, don’t we see most of the times we will be driving, He will say, do not take this way, take the other way. Can you understand whether accident will take place in that place or not? But somebody seeth all things, knows how to place it.
26.        Let me tell you, a manufacturer knows every parts of the vehicle. He knows the one that will spoil tomorrow; he knows the one that will not spoil tomorrow. Sometimes, he writes it in the manual but the engineer that designed it is not dependent on the manual.
27.        What he designs is inside him. He can tell you, what he can write down is only limited to what he can put in words or write down at that particular time. But the rest about the vehicle is inside the designer of the vehicle.
28.        Thus, if you can hear him, you will have something more than the manual he gave you. It has always been like that, that somebody must guide me through my life difficulties.
29.        Just as we heard it now that every effort they are making to bring you together, come together, come together, love, love, love, sharing, sharing, there is love in sharing. They are all saying all those things they are the things, they are using to lure us away so that we meet our death.
30.        After all, family meeting means places where they kill us. Death places, death trap! Either you are in the township, they said their village, their community is having meeting, he said, “Any association, the only thing they are thinking how to do is how to bury somebody.”
31.        He said that if that is all their discussion, you better run away. Is it not what God has taught us?
32.        We have no reason to pay attention tomorrow. Even, ignore anybody that raises it up: “Don’t disturb my peace.” God knows where the death traps are, God knows where destructions are, He knows what will happen in the world.
33.        That human beings created by God are going to behave like animals and beasts and they are going to do things that will destroy human beings. And then He said, look at the way of escape.
34.        He said, “Before they know it, sudden destruction will come upon the world and there will be no way of escape. Because they were not told ahead of time.
35.        They said, “To be forewarned, is to be forearmed.” I can escape danger if I can escape ahead of time. We must have somebody who will guide us safely because the world is full of insecurity.
36.        Everywhere is trouble. Trouble on the land. But somebody has designed how you can safely walk through the earth. A man that will reveal the mind of God to them.
37.        When somebody can tell you the mind of God, how God is thinking, since God is Omnipotent, the one that owns the whole earth, decides what happens.
38.        Nebuchadnezzar confirmed it by saying, “He does things that nobody can tell Him: ‘what are you doing?’ Nobody can tell Him: ‘why are you doing these things’ nobody can challenge His authority.” He saw it by experience.
39.        Now, if you can know the mind of the person who has the final decision over whatever happens on the earth, He is not devil from the way they are talking. It is not devil.
40.        You know, Pentecostals have promoted the devil. Everything devil, devil, devil, devil! Until nobody talks about God.
41.        But the Bible is saying, ‘He who opens the heart of men and looks the hearts of men.’ That in the world, there will be provocation, nations will be provoking one another. God told us that and we know it. And He is the one doing it. Gathering the heathen for a very, very big slaughter. Very, very big slaughter.
42.        He is the one gathering it. If you like o-o-o, people called it devil or whatever. God is behind it. After all, William Branham said so, that two messengers were sent by God to blind the denominations. Hence, they cannot see any difference.
43.        Who united Catholics and Pentecostals and Protestants? Is it not the two messengers namely Billy Graham and Oral Roberts? Billy Graham representing the Protestants, Oral Roberts representing the Pentecostals. And today, they don’t know the difference between Pentecostals and Catholics. Somebody did it.
44.        Who will help us to escape confidently not taking the mark of the beast? Not being mark for eternal destruction because He said, “God is doing the sealing. He sealed some away, He sealed some inside.”
45.        Who will help Me to avoid it, who will help Me to avoid committing unpardonable sin? Who will help you?
46.        Because most of the time we sit down, reject what belongeth for our peace. The same way Jesus came and they rejected what belonged to their peace. And they are facing it until now. Saying, “If we had known in this our day what belong for our peace?”
47.        Who will help you if not He that is sitting in our midst? And that is why we need to hearken, we need to make necessary corrections. God is telling us; we have never been through this way before. Amen.

The last sign has been displayed. It will take He, the Elohim that has been here since the world began, that is why He is encouraging you to take the word, eat the word for you do not know the distance.
2.           Today, if you have refused that word that came to you from above, no hope for you. Food prepared by angels that sustained Elijah. Food prepared by angels that they served him and it became his strength and that food was the word of God. The strength of every true seed of God. The word of God is their seal. That is the mark of approval.
3.           Once my life agrees with the word of God, it is approved. Once your life agrees with the word of God, it is approved. That is why each point in time you see your life, I see my life not agreeing, then our approval condition becomes questionable. That is why we must make sure we stay in our sanctified position. 
4.           ‘…Now, the word Christ is in you, the word does everything. The word baptises you because the word of God is God Himself. He is our baptiser, our sanctifier, our Holiness and our salvation. Our redemption and our everything.
5.            He is our consolation for without Him we can do nothing. That is why your faith is not anchored on what you can do or what you cannot do but in Him that is able to justify the ungodly. Finish. Gbam! Gbam!! Gbam!!!
6.           And once you rest there, you are secured in Him eternally. For God cannot love you today and hate you tomorrow. If God loves you, he will love you till the end. But you must be His own. I know My sheep, My sheep heareth My voice and they follow.
7.           The Lord speaks: Elder Uguala, you are a seed of God. I gave you the hardest pill according to the level of your stubbornness and you wept sore. I allowed you to walk on a lonely road, no help insight until you almost fainted.
8.           If God loves you, He will love you till the end but you must be His own…”
9.           The Lord speaks: Bro Solomon, I shared this experience with you today while we were coming from Upper Iweka. My encounter with Elder Uguala that I did him great harm and My heart pricked Me seeing him walking on a lonely road.
10.        No help insight. Weeping, crying like a baby. A little while, he will kneel down at the centre of a main road with his hands up crying and everybody has gone.
11.        If God loves you, He will love you till the end but you must be His own. I know My sheep, My sheep heareth My voice and they follow. If you are not numbered among My sheep as I am talking to you now, you are not happy.
12.        For you think I am wasting your time. Your business will be ruminating your heart. The man who promised to come and carry twenty cartons of goods, finish your warehouse like a brother called Me on the phone.” Amen.
13.        “…Brother IK Obasanya, I am talking to you. The appointment you booked, you esteem higher than the word of God. You will be another Mather who gave herself over to cooking food, everything in entertaining the master thinking that salvation will come through that entertainment for the family.
14.        There is nothing wrong in entertainment but give priority to the word of God. Watch Mary, Mary sat down at the master’s feet hearing the word of God. She chose the path no human being could take away from her. It is a personal choice.
15.        So, the matter is a personal choice. The choice you are making on the type of God you will worship will determine your eternal destiny…”
16.        If we have chosen this God, it will determine our eternal destiny.
17.        Eternal life is once and for all no second chance. “Let me try again,” not eternal life. You are drawn from the Gentiles; you are not a part of the original Olive Tree. You were cut off from God’s life, everything about God was strange to you.”
18.        God said, ‘He travelled a long distance with us all in the bid He will cut us off completely from what  has been holding us.”
19.        “...Everything about God was strange to you. For your sake, God decided to cut off His own people to graft you in, using you to provoke them to jealousy.”
20.        Was it not the voice we heard last Sunday?
21.        “...It is only in the Gentile world that the name of Jehovah is reverenced...”
22.        The Lord speaks: And they became envious of us.
23.        “...The Jews are still fighting wars. For killing the Prince of Peace, they got it hot. No Jew gives real allegiance to God. Their hands are still bloody; even till now, they are fighting. All their boundaries are still surrounded.”
24.        Reports from our website, The Bridal Chronicles. Chronicles of the Bridal Faith Worldwide, report from our website generated on December 17th 2016 at 11:42 am.
25.        Countries, page views: Nigeria: 3,327. Russian Federation, 3, 621. Israel: 3, 521.
26.        Why not put your hands together! This is the Bridal Chronicle. I am not talking about the Bride of Christ Preview, the library. This is the Chronicles alone for this last week. Just one week. Look at Israel.
27.        God displayed His Splendour here, His Glory here, provoking them to jealousy!
28.        United Arab Emirates: 2, 4.... Put your hands together! It is evidently clear that the Son of Man remain the link between the moon and the star. I am the link between the moon and the star.
29.        I can now recognize you. The windows of heavens are open, the blessings are falling today, there is joy, joy, joy in my heart for saviour makes everything right. I gave Him my old tattered garment, He gave me a robe of pure white, am feasting today on the manna for that is why I am happy today.
30.        The gospel of the Kingdom has gone to every nation and we know the end is here. Have you considered the message of the Son of Man?
31.        If He never answered, another prayer, if He never supplies another need, the blood sacrifice on Calvary tree, it’s enough, enough for me.
32.        Is a enough that I am save by His grace, it is enough that He died in my place, just thank Him and praise Him  His face I see, it’s enough, enough for me.
33.        There is nothing like entertainment but God gives priority to the word of God. Mary sat down at the master’s feet hearing the word of God; she chose the path no human being can take away from her. It is personal choice.
34.        The type of choice you are making on the type of God you will worship will determine your eternal destiny. Eternal life is once and for all no second chance. Let me try again, it is not eternal life.
35.        You were drawn from the Gentiles, you were not a part of the original Olive Tree. You were cut off from God’s life, everything about God was strange to you. For your sake, God decided to cut  His people off to graft you in, using you to provoke them to jealousy.”
36.        God said that it is only in the Gentile land that His Name is called and now it is over. Now, He has turned to the Jews intending to put an end to their troubles to graft them back.
37.        Send it to Bishop Obadiah. Take the message titled “I am with him always” to Obadiah. Heaven and earth will pass away, My love for him is irreversible.  
38.        Bishop Ifeanyi Eze speaks: God is confirming before us every time that the end has come upon us. He said that it is only in the Gentile land that the Name of God is called and now, it is over.
39.        Now, He has turned to the Jews intending to put an end to their troubles and graft them back. The cutting off of the Jews initially was to bring in the Gentiles. What do you think the cutting off of the Gentiles mean to the Jews? God said, ‘it is resurrection from the dead.’
40.        You see no other sign but the sign of Jonah. Within a twinkling of an eye, we will meet Him together in the air and we shall part no more.
41.        If you have this hope in you, you will remain in your sanctified estate. In no distant time, it shall be over. In all my efforts for 20 years, this is the much I could gather in the Gentiles.
42.        The Lord speaks: You are blessed. Give Elder Ugoala one Bridal polo. You can put it on from now on. Use it the way you are led even to come to fellowship. To go to work but DO NOT use it to stay at home. It is not for that purpose. Allow somebody to ask you, how cometh this? Man and woman, young and old. Amen.
43.        We thank God for what He has done for us. What then is left for us to do? We must hearken to His voice. He has spoken to us, so He is doing and the last one He will do.
44.        We have a promise and our eyes must be on that promise so that we will be able to escape the destruction that is on the face of the earth.  
45.        The Lord speaks: Are you preparing for Christmas? Are you ready for a camp meeting? The answer is no! You are hypocrites! You will only be ready if the Son of Man will bear the whole cost. That is the only condition that will confirm that you will be ready. Amen.


By Apostle Luke Ojiakor

To God be the glory. Can we put our hands together brethren! God is indeed good to us. Thank you sir.
2.           Since morning, He has been blessing us. I want us to look at this message, the Salvation Link For Your Age Has Been Revealed.
3.           And I tell you, it is from this that the Almighty called out what our Bishop took us to, “In Him is the Father revealed chapter three says, page 38 verse 4.”
4.           The Salvation Link for Your Age Has Been Revealed chapter three is on page 38 verse 4. “I told you from the beginning that I do not say these things to trap you in this Church; no! Nor to make myself something. That if you feel that I am deceiving you, take your bag go away. Has it not been my Voice? It has been.
5.           If you feel that I am deceiving you in this Church, just carry your bag go away. If I plead with you to come back, know that I do not know myself.”
6.           Why? Because this is the only source of eternal life. This is the only place. In Him! When Bishop was talking, Holy Ghost speaking to us through him, I looked up to the Godhead, it is just one man.
7.           When Bishop Moses captured it on the 8th of April 2012, we were all there. As he adjusted the camera of his handset and snapped Almighty God, a human figure moving. The Bishop said that he saw darkness. He snapped anyhow. Lo and behold, he captured the Godhead.
8.           In other words, that same Cloud the Jews…, now, turning to the Jews, he said cutting off the Gentiles, what do you think grafting in the Jews means?
9.           He said, He first of all cut them off to use us to provoke them to jealousy. Thus, the Cloud first and foremost came to us. And they saw it in the website. Do you now see why Israel is ranking number three? Do not be surprised; very soon, they will overtake every other nation. Don’t be surprised! Because what transpired, what happened at the border…,
10.        The Lord speaks: It is only in the Middle East that the meaning of the Cloud visitING a people is not only understood but very much pronounced. That is where the impact is felt. And they know that the Cloud can never appear or visit a people anyhow. It is to take a people for Himself. It is to confirm the people He has chosen.
11.        By the presence of the Cloud, the Jews now know that actually there is another flock from another place he has now brought to be one with them. Why are they taking it much more serious now? He has appeared in the Gentiles provoking them to jealousy. If He never did this, they wouldn’t take His appearance seriously.
12.        It is only in the Middle East, the Gentiles do not know anything called the Cloud. They do not know anything called Cloud, they cannot recognize His presence. Of cause, He cannot appear in their midst. He knows the people He is looking for. The Cloud came over to the Gentiles to look for the lost sheep of Israel. And wherever He found them, there He will settle.
13.        Brethren, He cut them off. But He told us it took Him years to thrill us, to teach us, to get us understand Him. But the Jews, it is just one little thing they will see, and that is the sign.
14.        The Lord speaks: The unbelief has been banished for once and for all.
15.        You see, let me read here again. Verse 6. “now you have seen Him, you have known Him.” Have we not seen Him? Have we not known Him?
16.        “…It becomes a burden, a responsibility for you to develop your own personal approach to Him. It now behoves on you to develop your own personal approach to Him.
17.        The Lord speaks: Not collective approach which is the bane of Apostle Ojiakor.
18.        Yes sir, yes sir! Even this morning, He spoke to me about it. It is a personal approach.
19.        The Lord speaks: Everything between man and God is personal. You must be personally connected, you must be personally acquainted, you must be personally and practically according to the scripture. It is not mere paying lip service.
20.        Time for earmarking is over; this is the period of eye-marking. We are no longer earmarking without eye marking anything. This is the time for eye-marking. A blind fellow said that there is nothing like what one uses his eyes to see. Apostle Kelechi says it pays to be an eyewitness. We are no longer earmarking, we are now eye-marking.
21.        It now behoves on you to develop your own personal approach to Him. For the time of ignoranCE He over looked.”
22.        A man that finds it difficult to persuade his entire family to eye mark what his eyes have eye marked, how do you think he will find it very easy to persuade a mixed-multitude like this to see things the way he is seeing it?
23.        A man that has not succeeded in carrying his family along without having difficulties, how can he carry the whole population along without difficulties? Is it possible? This is where we failed.
24.        When you failed to HEARKEN to the word that there can be mass grave but there can never be a mass casket, that settles the matter.
25.        It must be one man, one casket. One child, one casket. No casket has ever accommodated two bodies. But one grave can accommodate one casket. But it must be one casket, one grave.
26.        Brethren, it is true. Carrying along the entire Bride is not easy.
27.        The Lord speaks: Worshipping of God is a spiritual affair. Any day it becomes carnal affair it becomes eye service. It becomes unprofitable.
28.        “To all of you that are in this Faith, while you are rejoicing, not rejoicing in hope, for hope is something you have not seen but you believe it will be. Is the vindication hope? No.”
29.        This visitation, is it hope again? Is it not very clear?
30.        The Lord speaks: Hope means, earmarking. This is eye marking. We have seen it. Hope means, I heard about it. That is earmarking.
31.        in time past we hopeD for it…”
32.        To be practically connected with Him means to embrace Him because of who He is and on the basis of what He is. Practically connected. Physically, spiritually connected.
33.        If Obadiah is not physically, practically, spiritually connected to the Son of Man, definitely, his name would have fizzled out of My mouth. But the name Obadiah is evergreen like Ugoala. That is why he cried like a baby for I punished him beyond measure. I even accused him falsely so that he will repent. But today, I have given him a new dress.
34.        in time past we hopeD for it, we looked for it but now it has come to pass. THUS, the promiseD salvation now belongS to us. You do not go out and begin to think whether you have eternal life or not, you have all passED from death unto life.
35.        God has given us eternal LIFE, THAT eternal life is in somebody. Now, it is now yours for you have believed in Him whom He has sent. THE ONLY SOURCE OF ETERNAL LIFE.”
36.        And incidentally, God is saying that our belief will be complete when we practically get fully acquainted with Him. And I believe that is true.
37.        In the beginning people thought it was an empty boast, some thought He was joking. It came to a point where they regarded it as the greatest joke of the generation that a man could be a human being and claim to be God.
38.        They were saying it in blindness even among you. What is more, the Voice continued to roar, “Believe it if you can, I am HE.” Do you know Me more than I know myself? Do you know where I came down from? Do you know why I am sent? Did you invite Me?”
39.        Did any of us invite the Son of Man? Can you just imagine His level of mercy? Almighty God called me and said, “Brother Ojiakor, we do not know what we are enjoying in this faith.” And we heard it this morning again.
40.        Honestly, God has given us everything. He has settled our hearts. That the people out there are millionaires and trillionaires, yet they do not have the slightest iota of peace. You see them, you think they are enjoying life they are not enjoying anything. They are in hell.
41.        The Lord speaks: Pure hell!
42.        They are in hell. But look at us. I remembered one man that came to my office; he looked at me and said, “My friend, you are looking younger and younger.” Immediately my wife breezed in, he said, “Madam, you are girlish.” You are looking like a girl. And we did our master’s in public health. Dr Ezesinachi. He is working here.
43.        The Lord speaks: Pure truth! It is not an exaggeration.
44.        I said, it is God doing it. Listen to me; honestly, we have the greatest treasure. To have it, you must have life first before you can enjoy anything. You must be alive and have peace.
45.        He has come, that is why even the voice that went forth this morning, I was pricked deeply. It is not waiting for the crowd, for the multitude, trying to make everybody agree. Yet, the work of God must be done and it is as many as God has inspired to do that work.
46.        The Lord speaks: Anybody that looked older than his age in this faith is not in the faith of the Son of Man. Because one thing that is evident, once you are in the faith of the Son of Man and you are a seed of God, your strength is renewed, your physical appearance is renewed. Everything, you download everything. You start life anew.
47.        And people that knew you in the past will be astonished, they will be wondering whether you are still in Nigeria. Not because of the food you are eating, not because you have anything. It is the joy of the Holy Spirit. The joy of your salvation.
48.        For greater peace have they that know the Lord and nothing shall offend them because anything pertaining to God is absolutely peaceful. Completely peaceful!
49.        We are a peculiar people. Somebody was asking Me a question the other day saying, ‘Why is it that you don’t get older? Will you remain like this?’ I said, ‘What do you understand by being old? You get older when you are not in Christ. If you are not in Christ, you will become older. If you are in Christ, what you will be is ‘every year young.’
50.        Look at Elder Nwogbu, all that he gave birth to; they are now looking as if they are the one that gave birth to him. They are using staff to assist themselves to move about. Some of them have gone blind.
51.         This is our own cult. They want to know the secret of our composure in Christ. Why we don’t complain, why we don’t murmur, why? Our cases are different. The more they look, the less they see. As dying yet, we live. They eat more than us for they have the means. But we look much more nourished, we are much more peaceful than them. Amen.


By Apostle Luke Ojiakor




THE SALVATION LINK FOR YOUR AGE HAS BEEN REVEALED, PAGE 44 Verse 17, “I know my mission on Earth.  I am not saying that you should believe, if you have not believed by now, it is because from the beginning of the world you were not a part of God.”

2.           The Lord speaks: Sure!

3.           I was talking to some Elders saying “This was what was promised Elder Davison Ikwuagwu of Umunguma. That he will never see death until he uses his eyes to see his Messiah. Thus now he can sleep.”

4.           The Lord speaks: Now he can sleep and he slept.


6.           All! And He told us, their unbelief will be taking away, we all will be changed. And those that slept in the Lord will also get up and spend forty days and forty nights moving about as it happened to Jesus the Christ. All that slept, He would wake up.

7.           “Maybe you do not know that a day cometh that the dead in Christ shall hear the Son, that is, they will hear the Voice of the Son of Man and all of them will come out. It is a Voice they cannot resist.” Gbam!

8.           The dead can never, never resist that voice. I remember Almighty God told us here, talked about that brother in Bayelsa State. That he was called, who came here and passed away.

9.           Almighty God called, He said, “He did not hear because while he was alive, while he was in the flesh physically, he wasn’t paying heed to the voice of Almighty God. Therefore, he passed unto death.”

10.        Assuming he had been acquainted with that voice and he was called, he would have responded and come back. Knowing that these things are true, God is saying how we should close ranks with Him. It is on me, it is equally on you.

11.        What has God told me, what has God told you? Nobody has any excuse. Remember all we heard since morning especially when Bishop Ifeanyi was here, he read many places. We should tremble at it.

12.        Verse 21, I have shown you a sign using a live seed. Plant a live seed; heap the whole soil upon it, the land must surely crack. Nobody helps the chick that is coming out of the egg shell. It uses its beak to perforate the egg. You see the little thing struggling, you think it is dying. It is not dying, it is forcing its way out. However, when you make attempt to help it, you kill it.

13.        A branch that sprout out on its own without being attached to any tree. The Righteous Branch, a branch that grew out on its own. The Self-existing One. Glory be to God in the highest. Amen.

14.        Isaiah chapter 53, Living Bible. The branch springing out of its own. Who has ever believed our report and to whom is the hand of the Lord revealed? Like a tender plant, springing up on its own. 

15.        But oh, how few believe it. Who will listen? To whom will God reveal His saving power?

16.        To whom will God reveal His saving power. Oh, how few people will believe it? Not many people, few people. To whom will God reveal His saving power?

17.        In God’s eyes, he was like a tender green shoot, sprouting from a root in dry and sterile ground. But in our eyes, there was no attractiveness at all. Nothing to make people want Him. We despise him and rejected him – a man of sorrows acquainted with grief.”

18.        A man of sorrows acquainted with grief, yet, He was smitten, He was beaten and we feigned ignorance. We were careless.

19.        Well, when Bishop Ifeanyi was on the pulpit, he read this same thing: “I have traveled far.” It is in the message “The Last Sign has Been Revealed.”

20.        Nobody has ever suffered, nobody has ever forfeited what the Son of Man has forfeited for you and for me. Of all the messengers that have been coming, He is the Greatest! He didn’t come from a collage or theology; he was not among the clergy. Never, never. It is God En-morphy. God Himself coming down, suddenly, He has come into His temple.  

21.        You have seen the revealed Christ fully, you have seen the Father. Hence, when you believe in the Son, believe also in the Father for the Father and the Son are one.”

22.        Didn’t we hear this morning? The Father and the Son are one. It says, believe in God, believe also in Me. Who is God, who is He? One Being!

23.        “…You believe in Jesus Christ, fine, you do well, the God of yester years. However, believe also in the Son of Man for Jesus Christ saw the days of the Son of Man and He spoke concerning the Son of Man.”

24.        Jesus spoke concerning the Son of Man. Hear me brethren, is it not true? Is it not scripture? When He the Comforter shall come, when He, I have yet many things to tell you, to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.

25.        When He, and we heard Him saying it here: “Holy Ghost is a man, Holy Ghost is a person, Holy Ghost has mouth, Holy Ghost has eyes, He can see, He can speak, He can hear. He has ears.”

26.        Let us understand. Jesus the Christ spoke about the Son of Man. Even Moses spoke about Him. Abraham spoke about Him.

27.        God has told us time without number; I do not know whether to call it a dream or how to separate a dream from vision. All I know is that this is what I am seeing. It is as clear as that. It is a simple message.

28.         What is the separating line between Son of Man as a man and Son of Man as God? He said, “If you know the dividing line, up to you. I do not know, for I do not joke.”

29.        After all, it has always been the still small voice. When He is roaring, we deem to pay more heed. When it comes as a casual statement, we deem to feel brother, brother. Seeing these things, is there anybody that is having doubt again in Him? Assurance has been made clear. We are fully in Him.

30.        When this photograph was taken and all of us were fully engulf in him, all of us were swallowed up in Him. And He said, it is one person that is going into rapture. Look at different dreams coming up lately, dreams coming up now. All of them dovetailing.

31.        There is one message, “Be on the Alert.” We have to be on THE ALERT and we have to be on THE RED ALERT. Telling us how we ought to pay heed to every word He has given to us.

32.        All the Prophets of old foretold about the coming of the Son of Man…”

33.        Didn’t I tell you that? It is even here. Abraham spoke about the Son of Man, he foretold about the Son of Man. All the prophets of old.

34.        At times, I just stay quiet and watch myself. I asked myself this question: what actually has God found in me, what actually prompted God to just seek me, to get me, to pull me along.

35.        He is the one pulling me along; he is the one pulling you along. If not, we could have gone away. We could have abandoned this faith. But He is the one.

36.        Then I see many that have gone. The great question is, who is keeping you? Who is giving you that believing heart? The love of God, the love of God. Who am I? Who are you brethren?

37.        That is why we should re-examine ourselves brethren. Re-examine your faith. Define your position in the Son of Man. Define your status; I define my status in Christ. So, they foretold of the Son of Man.

38.        All the Prophets of old foretold about the coming of the Son of Man. In all circles, you are standing on a solid foundation, immovable, unshaken—but not everybody.” But not everybody, but not everybody. Who is speaking? God!

39.        He said, we are standing on a solid foundation, unshakable, immovable, but not everybody. I leave it there.

40.        “…There can never be a crowd like this without some strangers infiltrating.”

41.        “…You know you can change everything but nature.” You can change everything but nature. He told us this morning that we have to have that divine instrument to regulate our nature. To tame our endemic nature and that is the word of God. The word of God! For He says, whether good or bad, stay in the ark. Whether good or bad, stay in the ark. Don’t jump out.

42.        From now, bridle your tongue, circumcise your heart. If it is possible, take padlock and lock up your lips; otherwise, your mouth can destroy you. You may say you never meant it, but it has been credited to you. It is in your account, to withdraw it, it is not easy.”

43.        You know you He warned us again somewhere. He said, “What you pen down can be cancelled. But what came out of your mouth, come out of my mouth he said, it is very difficult to withdraw. And it travelled far.

44.        He says if you know how fast words spoken travelled, we should be careful. That even the snoring you are having on your bed in the thickest of the night can travel miles somebody somewhere will be hearing your snoring, hear my snoring. How we must be careful of what we say.

45.        From now, bridle your tongue, circumcise your heart. If it is possible, take padlock and lock up your lips; otherwise, your mouth can destroy you. You may say you never meant it, but it has been credited to you. It is in your account, to withdraw it, it is not easy. From now, bridle your tongue. Retrace your steps, circumcise your heart and conscience.”

46.        And exactly that is what we heard in the morning again. That we should go back to the messages, crosscheck our lives and make corrections because time is finished.

47.        See God calling people in His house, He is following them, watching them as many as have remained unadulterated, He is calling them back. That tells you that time is no more. And the Cloud is here.

48.        Walk before Him in love and in fear for He is a Consuming Fire yet He is God of love.”

49.        The God that has come to us, making Himself plain to us is not another one but the same old God; Who existed even when the world was without form, The Ancient of Days. Let the Lord be your fear, let Him be your dread if you must survive.”

50.        Note it: If I must survive.

51.        Please brethren, this calls for pondering. Keep quiet, think about it. Let the Lord be our fear, our dread! If we have the fear of God in our hearts, is there any need rebelling again? Is there any need saying no to definite instruction God has given to us? That we should have his spirit that He has purposed to save us.

52.        Page 55 verse 22 “The Faith is one, the Church is one. It is one Church, it is one Body, one baptism, one Christ, everything one. That is unity of the Body.”

53.        And God has talked to us on the Unity of the Body, recently he re-enacted the message.

54.        “…Whatever we hate in Onitsha must be hated in all other congregations. We are not running two bodies the family is one. The revealed Christ is one who is our Leader.”

55.        For we have never gone through this way before. We must follow Him. When He came down, He told us, “I sent My Angel before you, do not provoke Him to anger, don’t go to the left, don’t go to the right.”

56.         That is why the Cloud receives us. For once the Cloud comes, it depicts, IT SHOWS EXODUS. He has come to lead His people to Himself.

57.        Brethren, who actually snapped this? We have to speak to ourselves individually. Individually, personally. Personally, be convinced as an individual not because the Pastor said, not because Evangelist said, but as an individual, that, this is the Elohim Who has come for your sake and for my sake and handpicked us.

58.        “…We are not running two bodies, the family is One. The revealed Christ is one, who is our Leader. We have only but one Voice and one message. Whatever I teach in Jerusalem, the same I teach in all the Churches of Christ worldwide.”

59.        “Why You Must Be Mindful Of The Words Of The Apostles And Prophets” page 56 verse 44, “The Faith calls white, white; and black, black. This Faith is not partial in judgment. It does not respect anybody but Christ.

60.        Whatever we are doing in this Faith, we aim at pleasing Him who has called us. We aim at preserving this Faith, keeping it unspotted in every manner—that has been our target.”

61.        In this faith, whatever we do, we intend to do everything to further the course of this faith. Brethren, I want to ask, actually, today is 18th December 2016.

62.        Now, I want us to look back from January this year, Almighty God has lamented over and over about my attitude and your attitude even this morning, He even called me again. And negligence, my negligence to the course of our duty in Christ.

63.        What do we have to show all these years in the Bride of Christ Ministry? All we have been having like printing messages, like printing from the websites, we have been doing that all along. Last year, we heard this one He started.

64.        Are we going to go with nothing this year? Almighty God talked about, He said, “Pray for Me while I pray for you. Pray hard that you will counted worthy to partake of the upcoming Thanksgiving Service.” How many people heard it?

65.        Pray that you will partake in the upcoming thanksgiving service: A day we just come together to thank God for His mercy, for His goodness in our lives.

66.        Look at us rejoicing that we are saved, we are the redeemed of this age in the Gentile world. We are rejoicing over what God has done  our families are peaceful. People out there are languishing in confusion, in unrest.

67.        Brethren, we are having peace whether we eat or we do not eat, we are at home  with our God. Who is responsible? He lamented, if He does not initiate a thing and carried it to 85 percent, that thing cannot be done.

68.        That we have never embarked on anything collectively, the burden of Christ here and carry that thing till the end. We will just say we will do it; we will not do it and just left it undone.

69.        And this year, 30th December 2016, this ministry will clock 24 years. Am I right? Do the simple arithmetic. 30th December 2016. For the faith came in 30th December 1992. So, subtract 1992 from 2016. How many years? Is it not 24 years? Is it not 24 years?

70.        The Lord speaks: 24 years!

71.        Moreover, the question to me and to you is, a child that is 24 years, any human being that is 24 years, is that person a small child? Any teacher that has taught his student, his children, his pupils for 24 good years; every now and then, teaching and teaching and teaching, at the end of 24 years, nobody seems to be matured. Something that took the teacher 24 years to teach and nobody mastered it, will the teacher be happy?

72.        Let me say, if my own family will not record any achievement for years from January to December, will my family be happy? Will your family be happy that you did not record anything at all that you can say “this is what you have achieved this year”?

73.        This is where we are. Do we just stay like that? Do we just allow the year, how many days remaining? Today is 18th, 18 minus 31 is what? 13 days.

74.        Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.