Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: HOW DO YOU KNOW THE SON OF MAN?

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 Revelation 21:6. “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Heavenly father, Holy and righteous God is Your Name. Till eternity you will remain what you are for there is no unrighteousness in you.
2.          You are the faithful God, the most Holy, the most compassionate, the most merciful, the most tolerant God full of forbearance, full of understanding.
3.          You are the only God that is alive even forever more, worthy of our worship, worthy oh Lord of our reverence, worthy of our thanksgiving, you are the mighty God that created the heavens and the earth, the fullness thereof, the only God that liveth forever and ever. Only you must we worship with our lives here on earth.
4.          We make this solemn plea: may you never permit the deceitful spirit that deceived those that went astray to ever creep into our live.  Severe us from the counsel of the wicked, help us to walk in the path way of the righteous so that it shall be well with us even till the end.
5.          Father, continue to guide us on this pathway of truth, may we never come to a point where we will begin to doubt you, father even your leadership as to whether you will be able to take us to the promised land or not for that was the problem of the people in the wilderness.
6.          They forgot all that their eyes saw, they forgot what they heard with their ears, they forgot all they handled with their hands, along the way, doubt set in as to whether you that started the journey in Egypt will be able to take them to the promised land hence they desired to make for themselves another leader that would lead them back to Egypt and there they perished.
7.          May we never at any time oh God desire to have a leader that will take us back to the same land of bondage from where you salvaged us. We are satisfied with you, lead us along, we know you are able to complete the work you started.
8.          For you started the good work in us and you will never end it midway, you will accomplish it so that at the end, you will close the mouth of all gainsayers.
9.           Father we bow down and reverence you for who you are. Thank you for yesterday, thank you for today, thank you for the journey mercies.
10.      Father we bring before your focus this very morning the plight of all the destitute and physically challenged persons scattered all over the globe who are desiring salvation but they do not know how to go about it.
11.      As many as that belong to you even before the world began, reach out for them, save them for your Name sake unconditionally.
12.      We present to you oh God as many as are languishing in the prison custody worldwide, in the police cells, in dungeon of various types, as many as are languishing even in the hands of kidnappers, father divine, we bring their cases before you, overlook all their shortcomings, overlook their human weaknesses and imperfections for they are common among all men.
13.      If you are to judge iniquity, we wouldn’t be here for we are not in any way better than those people there. We are here enjoying freedom because you decided to grant it unto us not that we merited it.
14.      We therefore pray that you step into their situation. Release all you know you must save even to the utmost. Father we bow down before you, we exalt your Most Holy Name, the entire world come to you with prayers because they know and believe you answer prayers.
15.      You have never for one day ignored our prayers; you have been meeting all our requests. I therefore bring before you this hour as many as are desiring salvation in distant lands whether they have heard about the Son of Man or not but as long as they have that spirit of Christ in them, reach out for them no matter where they are, extend your salvation to all of them in your own miraculous way.
16.      Here in the bride, a privileged people oh God, not because of their righteousness, not because of anything good they have done. It is simply because you decided out of your own will to manifest yourself in the midst of the bride, that is why we are enjoying your warm presence.
17.      Father, I make a plea on their behalf; save even the weakest among us, save even the vilest offender. Today is another day, let the days gone by suffice for all that we did in compromise to our faith.
18.      Let it surfice for the deeds of the heathens which we cannot deny we practised with them and let this morning mark a turning point in the lives of all that are called by your Name, open a new leaf for everybody this day, young and old and let this new leaf be an enviable record, neat and clean that will beget us spotless from now till the day this mortal bodies shall be translated.
19.      You are able to do more than that for you know how to preserve that which is committed into your hands. Preserve our souls as we commit them into your hands this day.
20.      Lord we pray for our children that are in distant lands as well even our brethren that are in horrible places including those that have found themselves in the internally displaced persons camp.
21.      There are some that are running helter-skelter even in their own homeland as a result of troubles. There are some that have been rendered homeless as a result of natural disaster, father please step into their situations, solve their problems and save their souls.
22.      We bring before your focus because we believe that you are the God of the living and the dead, all that died as a result of natural disaster, road mishaps, peradventure there could be some among them whose names were written in the Lamb’s Book Of Life from the foundation of the world, I make this solemn plea; may the blood of Christ that maketh an eternal atonement, atone for their shortcomings.
23.      On the resurrection morning, father, cause them to resurrect unto eternal life and not eternal damnation.
24.      Lord we thank you. I stand between the heavens and the earth and I say oh Lord live forever as I believe you have heard my plea and you will touch our hearts positively today.
25.      Let thy name be perpetually glorified, may the weather be clement for us. Peradventure there are people coming on the highways, father go before them and make a way for them.
26.      Heal the sick among us, comfort the broken-hearted, strengthen all feeble knees, let all those who are weak in the spirit say, “I am strong in the Lord.”
27.      Father, we bow down once again and say thank you Lord for having heard our prayers through Christ our Lord we have prayed, Amen!

God is worthy to be worshipped. If you are a seed of God, worship is your attribute. If you know who God is, twenty-four hours of the day, you are happy.
2.          Nothing shall by any means offend you. Lay hold on Eternal Life. Everything on this earth is passing away with time. I know that you are all listening to news, every day we hear horrible things.
3.          The year 2016, God called it a year of disaster. The year 2017, the Lord said that it is a continuation and that the whole thing will increase more in every passing day. Disaster of all sorts, I mean God has not failed in His Word.
4.          This 2017, from January till now, we have witnessed disaster of all kinds. That is why I keep on telling you that you should not put your trust on anything outside Christ. Whatever that you think is eternal outside Christ, it is the devil that is deceiving you.
5.          If you were living in that mighty building in Lagos that collapsed in Lagos Island last week, the horrifying picture is in the Internet, a four-storey building, gigantic structure, inhabited by human beings, collapsed.
6.          People woke up in the morning, going about their normal businesses including offices that were there. Before they knew it, the building crumbled from the foundation into the sea
7.          What is more, watch the way the building was gradually tilting downwards, people were jumping down, some were running helter-skelter, some photographed, some videoed the whole thing until it finally landed into the lagoon.
8.          Watch the volume of the water that went up, the property, the human beings, everything was buried in the lagoon.
9.          What if you were one of the occupants? Up till today NEMA is saying that they don’t know the number of casualties. They only rescued thirty dead bodies, that is all they know.
10.      The number of people that were buried in the building right inside the lagoon up till now, nobody can fathom it out. Are they not human beings created by God? Human beings like you! What if you were one of them?
11.      You saw the holocaust that took place along Lokoja-Abuja road the same last week, not in the night. Up till this very hour, nobody can estimate the number of corpses, human lives that were lost. Two heavily loaded tankers with fuel were trying to dodge a mighty pothole and they clashed.
12.      They had a head-on collision, their tanks exploded and fire engulfed the whole area. One eighteen-sitter bus that ran into it was roasted together with the passengers, everybody, beyond recognition. Both the forest, building, everything within the vicinity, burnt to ashes.
13.      What if you were travelling in that eighteen-sitter bus? Do you think they perished because they were sinners? What can you say about the occupants of that building that collapsed into the ocean?
14.      Do you think you are better, you are much more righteous than them? are you holier than them? I tell you if you do not repent, you will perish like them.
15.      They might even be better than you for some of them have not heard about this Gospel truth. If you do not repent, if you do not change your mind no matter who you are, and walk right with God, I bet you, you will have the same fate with them.
16.      The Lord Jesus made the same statement I am making this morning when He was told that Herod used some people’s head to sacrifice to his god.
17.      While He was thinking about it, another news came that a building collapsed and killed too many people. The reporters gave the impression that those people died or passed through that situation because they were sinners. Jesus said, “No, it never befell them because you were righteous than them, but except you repent, you will also go that same way.”
18.      Any day you wake up, move about, you are moving about with your death. Do not see your life alone, see your death. They are all in you. Cases abound where people went to their Church to pray, died while praying.
19.      My late neighbour invited prayer warriors to come and pray for her sick husband; they really prayed, by the time they woke up after their prayers, the woman who invited the prayer warriors was kneeling down and died.
20.      If she knew she would have died, she wouldn’t have invited prayer warriors to pray for the husband’s recovery, and she died while praying.
21.      You see why it is necessary for us to obey God? I want us to read one scripture that touches my heart.
22.      “Silently now we wait for thee, ready my God thy will to see, open my eyes illuminate me, Spirit Divine”. Amen.

St. John’s Gospel chapter 7 verse 28 only. I am not going to finish the scriptures.
2.           Then cried Jesus in the temple as He taught…
3.           Then CRIED Jesus as He taught. It was not that Jesus SPOKE; it was not that He TALKED, He CRIED OUT. There is a great difference between TALKING and Crying.
4.           Then cried Jesus in the temple as he taught, saying, Ye both know me, and ye know whence I am: and I am not come of myself, but he that sent me is true, whom ye know not. (KJV)  
5.           so Jesus in a sermon in the temple called out, you know me and where I was born and where I was raised…
6.           You know me where I was born and brought up.
7.           But I am the representative of one you do not know and He is truth. (LB).
8.           I am the representative of one you do not know and He is true. Representative of truth
9.           Whereupon Jesus called out as He taught in the temple [ porches], Do you know Me, and do you know where I am from? I have not come on My own authority and of My own accord and as self-appointed, but the One Who sent Me is true (real, genuine, steadfast); and Him you do not know! (AMP).
10.        As Jesus taught in the temple, He said in a loud voice, do you really know me and where I am from, I have not come on my own authority, He who sent me is truthful, however  you do not know Him. GNB.
11.        Then Jesus, still teaching in the temple courts, cried out, “Yes, you know me, and you know where I am from. I am not here on my own, but he who sent me is true. You do not know him. NIV.
12.        YOU DO NOT KNOW HIM. Do you have any other translation? Okay, I have exhausted the ones you have. Let us consider it with Living Bible translation again.
13.        You know me, know where I was brought up from…
14.        You can talk about me because you know me, you know where I was born, you know my parents, you know my brothers and sisters, you know even my village but “I AM THE REPRESENTATIVE OF ONE YOU DO NOT KNOW AND HE IS TRUE AND FAITHFUL”.  
15.        Let us repeat Amplified again. (AMP) Whereupon Jesus called out as He taught in the temple [ porches], Do you know Me, and do you know where I am from? I have not come on My own authority and of My own accord and as self-appointed
16.         Note it, he said, “I am not self-appointed and no one appointed me from among you.” Nobody voted me into power.
17.        Thus, nobody can impeach me. I am not representing anybody here. He that I am representing you know not. so I am not your representative. If you believe me, you do well. If you do not believe me, you do better.”
18.         but the one who sent me is true (real, genuine, steadfast; and Him you do not know! 
20.        How do you know me? How do you know Him (The Son of Man)? How do you know this man? What is He to you? It is this problem that destroyed the Jews.
21.        What destroyed the Jews was over familiarity. We know Him, we know where He was born, we know how He was raised, we can talk about even His controversial conception, we are living here with His brothers and sisters, we can take you to the mother’s house.
22.        Hence Caiaphas was referred to the mother’s house. We can as well take you to His workshop where He does His business. Because they know all these things about Him, that was where they stopped.
23.        They stumbled out! They never knew Him as one that was sent by a Superior Authority, that is, by their own Creator. They never knew Him as a representative of the Almighty God Whom they did not know. “
24.        If I am appointed by God, if Authority is conferred on Me by The Almighty God and I am sent in this day as His Representative to introduce who He is to humanity, receiving Me means receiving Him. Rejecting Me means rejecting Him.
25.         If they had known who sent Me, in whose stead I am standing, believing me would have been made easy. Thus, your salvation is still questionable!
26.         You are looking for salvation, you are looking for healing, you are looking for Eternal Life but the Source of all is in your midst.
27.        Your sinful and wicked eyes cannot see Him. Why? You know Him, you know where He was born and how He was raised, you know where He is living, you know even His business site, His parents are very, very familiar to you but there is something about Him which you do not know and that is the point of your destruction.
28.        There was a time we know Osinbajo as a professor in the university, as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), being a lawyer who hails from the Yoruba land. We knew him also as a pastor, that is all we knew about him.
29.        But today he is a representative of authority not by self-appointment. The Nation placed him there. The Acting President is the President. Whatever he has endorsed, the president has endorsed it. Whatever he has commissioned, the president has commissioned.
30.        He is now acting on behalf of the president, Commander- In-Chief of the Nigerian Armed forces. The totalities of all the uniforms are now his investiture. He can put on the IGP’s dress, Customs General’s dress, civil Defence dress, Army General dress, all; because he is now the embodiment of all which he wasn’t before.
31.        As a minister, we have a date when his ministry started. His people cannot claim ownership of him anymore; he is now the property of the nation. His people cannot approach him anyhow again. Both his brothers and sisters biologically, not even one can touch his dress. For you to come nearer, you must go through the protocols.
32.        Someone who in time past was easily accessible. They could telephone him demanding his attention, in few hours, he would be there with his driver. It is no longer like that. He now moves about with presidential jet, presidential guard, presidential security. I am using natural to type spiritual.
33.        When the Lord Jesus Christ was about to pay the price, Peter thought it was a physical battle, he pulled out his sword, the Master said, “Drop it down, do not do it! If it is a physical battle, I know what I will do. All the powers in heaven and on earth are in my hands, it is a matter of raising my hand, my father will dispatch trillions of angels who will come to make war and destroy the enemy.”
34.        The same way the Elohim dwelleth in Elisha, enemies encompassed them about, the servant shouted; “Master, can’t you see the enemies in millions descending from the hill to ravage our city?”
35.         Elisha laughed because his servant was blind. The servant saw a man with limited power but he could not see a man with unlimited power surrounded by millions of Angels of War.
36.        Elisha just made a prayer and said, “LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes that he may see.” And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.
37.        Elisha just made a prayer that the man may behold the angels of war, that he may see that He that was with them was by far greater than those that were coming to wage war: for the man to see the angels assigned to the representative of Jehovah to watch over him, to guide him the way he must go.
38.        The servant saw something that marveled them. Natural things type spiritual.
39.        Jesus was not assigned with earthly security but the heavenly guards were there. Amen.

How do you know God? How do you know the Son of Man? Do you know Him like the Jews knew the Lord Jesus and other prophets?
2.           Over familiarity is the greatest destroyer! That the power in heaven and on earth has been compressed into a Being who became a branch that never grew from any stem, a branch that developed on His own, not hanging on any, not deriving nourishment or trait from any but it is hanging alone: A Self-Existing One.
3.           No man appointed Him. No man conferred authority on Him. No man voted Him into power. But your eyes are limited to the natural things.
4.           No man is saved by Christ until He steps into the office of Christ. For you to be saved by Christ, you must walk yourself into the office of Christ. You cannot behold Acting President Osinbajo without walking into that office.
5.            I want to tell you that many, sitting down in the Fellowship, hearing me, have never known me beyond the way the Jews knew Jesus Christ. He that sent Me is with Me. My Father has never left Me, He is still with Me for I do those things that pleases Him.
6.           When God sends a man, He goes with Him. God doesn’t send somebody and stays somewhere else. You want to see God, who do you look for? The Representative! You want to see The Almighty, in Him is the Almighty hidden, in Him also is the Almighty going to be revealed.
7.           Now what am I trying to say? He that sent me is truth, I have manifested Him, I have manifested the truth, I have lived the life of truth, I have shown you the Father, I have shown you the Godhead, I have manifested all the Attributes of the Elohim as a proof that the Elohim is not in the Cloud but in the midst of the Bride.
8.           What is more, the Deity is hidden in the Personality called THE SON OF MAN Whom you have not welcomed for if you have welcomed Him, you would have rested. 
9.           For the fact that you are still restive, questioning many things, doubting many things, you are still struggling to live right with Him, it is a sure sign that you have not rested! Something is still wrong with you!
10.        Because the moment you accept Him by welcoming Him, you are no longer standing on your own, you are now standing in His power, you are standing in His Righteousness, you are standing in His Holiness, you are standing in His Perfection.
11.        But because you have not welcomed Him, you are going to work out your own righteousness. And in the attempt to work out your own righteousness, you are all perishing for you have rejected the way that is provided for you!
12.        If you have welcomed Him for who He is, why do you find it difficult obeying His word and yet you want salvation from Him, why do you wrestle with His word?
13.        You wrestle with His instructions, why do you query the actions of God? Who made you judge over God? It is a sure sign that you have not even believed that He is what He is telling you He is.
14.        In spite of all He has shown you, you will see no other sign than the Sign of Translation and that is the time you will be left here. Then those that were wrapped in His Righteousness will go with Him.
15.        Those that are holding unto their own righteousness will wait until the day God will make a way for self-righteous people but it can never be in the Ministry of The Son of Man.
16.        We know who is coming with that ministry; it is not The Son of Man.
17.         In your private place or time, see whether there is any meaning in the scripture we have read, see whether it is relevant to you, see whether you have succeeded where the Jews failed!
18.        See the Lord in the Lord. Yes, see the Lord in the Lord. From the scriptures, have you seen the Lord in the Lord?
19.        Many are yet to see the Lord in the Lord. Some are seeing even the devil not in the Lord but in the Bride.
20.         Let us see that scriptures again in between the lines.
21.        (AMP) where upon Jesus called out in the temple [ porches] … it was such a serious issue that Jesus did not only talk
22.        He cried out so that heaven and earth will hear Him because He manifested the Truth, He manifested the Father, He showed you everything, He told you that the Father dweleth in Him. He that is coming in His stead, what will He be, will He have another Father? 
23.        From the time you believed that the Holy Spirit is an unseen spirit which will guide and teach you, was there any day you came in contact with the Rainbow, was there any attribute of God? Was there any Holy Ghost baptism that revealed the Cloud to you?  Or the Rainbow or Bright Light or Thick Darkness? You never for one day!
24.        No Holy Ghost baptism even revealed the Godhead; no Holy Ghost baptism showed you the Godhead. These things were confirmations of Christ’s Teaching in the temple.
26.         I have manifested the truth, I have shown you the Godhead, I have also manifested the Father, so the Father is a Reality.
27.        HE THAT SENT ME IS A REALITY THAT IS WHY WE ARE REALISTS. We are realists for we are not worshiping an imaginary God. What we have anchored our faith in is very clear to us: He is TRUE, He is REAL, He is STEADFAST, He is FAULTLESS. What then brethren is the basis of your unbelief?
28.        Is it because you know me, where I was born, where I was raised, my parents, my occupation?
29.        I grew up with many of you, lived in the same yard with many of you and we are still living together, having everything in common, is that what is stumbling you? 
30.        Maybe you were thinking that I will be an extra ordinary being that will be hanging somewhere in the air and the supernatural legs will be touching the ground.
31.        I think what is killing you are your vain imaginations and foolish thoughts that are giving you the impression that you are right and God is wrong. You said you are right and God is proved wrong—as wicked as you are!
32.        Who can find fault with God? Tell me what you think is God’s fault and that God’s fault may be your righteousness because you have outclassed God!
33.        Let us read that scripture again. Let us read it with perfect understanding because it was not documented today. It has been lying low there until you became unbelievers for you do not know who God is.
34.        This is my own contribution to the teaching; “The Greatest Stumbling Block in All the Ages: God Is a Human Being.” Amen.

One man that called Me, he said his name is Ambassador I.B from Abuja who had an encounter with our Brother Abu, an aged man.
2.           Brother Abu called me yesterday to tell me that the man called him and came to his house from 9am till 2pm. He expounded the scriptures to the man. The man has been an Ambassador to many countries; he came from Ugep in Cross River State.
3.           I spent 48 minutes with him excluding his own time with many revelations about The Son of Man before he jumped out of the denominations, ran into William Branham’s sermon books, preached and condemned all the Churches and then preached a message titled “Cry out against the System” before the Lord appeared to him and showed him something in his room.
4.           Here was his experience. In the daylight where he was living, there was no tap. The tap was inside the bathroom but water was not gushing out, but one afternoon, water was splashing inside his bathroom.
5.           He ran in there to see whether Abuja municipality has given them water. Getting there, he saw a Man standing and then water was rushing out from his eyes, live, in the afternoon.
6.           He wanted to run but the Man beckoned him not to run. The Man pierced His eyes into his eyes. He mentioned His stature, everything, His height, His weight.
7.           The Man said, “All these years, you have been striving; preaching—since 1990—concerning Me but now is your time to know who I am.” Then the tap stopped, the man vanished: The Fountain of Living Water.
8.           Out of fear, he left his house, boarded a vehicle into the city and started sharing his experience in the bus not knowing that Elder Abu was inside the bus.
9.           So while he was talking, our brother kept quiet until he finished his teaching and testimony of how he encountered the Lord in America, in Singapore, in India, where he served as an ambassador, how the Lord brought him back from America and commissioned him with the preaching of the Gospel.
10.        When they came down, Brother Abu took him to a corner, enquired from him whether he has ever heard about The Son of Man, he replied, “Yes, several times.”
11.         Our Brother asked him, “Have you seen Him?” He replied again, “I have seen Him but the way I saw Him was in spirit form.”
12.        He narrated his experience and told Brother Abu that wherever he comes in contact with that Man, he will recognize Him.
13.        While they were chatting and chatting, Brother Abu was holding one of the sermon books (our message), the man collected the sermon book from him and said, “Look at the man, see the young man!” Then that made the discussion very easy.
14.         He was not the only one that had such experience. We have a sister in Enugu—that sister is still there now—who by revelation came into contact with The Son of Man whom she has never seen all her life, heard the voice.
15.        One day she went somewhere, heard the cassette, the message that was playing, she said; “This was the Voice that spoke to me.”
16.        You can confirm from it from Enugu brethren. She is still there.
17.         You see, when I was talking to the man that every elect of God must be positionally placed where he will not only see what God is doing in His day but be a partaker, he said; “It is for me not another person.”
18.        As I am talking to you now, he booked an appointment with Me to be in Onitsha next week but I directed him back to the source that opened his eyes wide. He is in the fellowship in Abuja this moment. By next week, Bro. Abu is bringing him to Me. He said he is coming just for one thing: to have a handshake.
19.        There is another one I printed from the website, one Enemuo, this one is from Obosi.
20.        (The content of the message from Mr. Ifeanyi Israel Enemuo): “Mr. Ifeanyi Israel Enemuo. Subject: ‘Joining The Bridal Ministry.’ The Son of Man, good day my Lord. I do read your messages online.
21.        In fact, my spirit agrees to and accept your messages. I am really thirsty and eager to be a partaker of your blessing in the Household of God. I really need your help because I cannot help myself. Street: Number 16 Nzenweaku street,  Awada Obosi”.
22.        It is not this one. This can be another Enemuo or a relation of the barrister. It cannot be this one. We will locate this one. I have someone living at Awada. Brother Chika I think you are living in Awada? (Yes sir). Ok we will locate his address, we will help him to be here. The phone number is here, we will get in touch with him, keep the letter.
23.        You see, through the study of the messages, his eyes opened but there are some who read and became blinder.
24.        God opening the eyes of some and closing the eyes of some which is the essence of Christ appearing in every dispensation. If you claim you know, God will make you blind. You claim you see, God will make you blind.
25.        If you accept you are blind and you do not know anything, the Lord will come your way.
26.        Since you said you do not know and somebody has come to teach you, why are you challenging the teaching? Can you challenge something you know not? I think you can challenge something you are conversant with.
27.        This is a wicked generation! A generation that rises in judgment against their Creator. Instead of rejoicing that a rejected people, a people that were once dwelling in the land of darkness, the light of salvation has come to them; they carried arms, they rebelled and  quarreled.
28.        People that had no hand in the salvation that Christ gives, heathens by nature, God cut us off from His salvation and now His Grace has brought you into relationship with Him; you now enter into eternal relationship with Him SIMPLY BECAUSE HE HAS DECIDED TO, NOT THAT YOU THRUST YOURSELF ON HIM. HE DECIDED (GRACE).
29.        Instead of saying, “Lord, You are happily welcome, thank you,” you rejected Him. You are the most wicked generation!  Amen.

Let us read that scripture again. He was teaching in the temple as I am teaching in the temple this moment. I am not talking, I am crying out that what happened before is happening again.
2.           Whereupon Jesus called out as He taught in the temple [ porches], Do you know Me, and do you know where I am from? I have not come on My own authority and of My own accord and as self-appointed, but the One Who sent Me is true (real, genuine, steadfast); and Him you do not know! (AMP).
3.           HE IS TRUE, STEADFAST, TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE, WHOM YOU DO NOT KNOW. But He has decided to make Himself known to you yet you do not believe!
4.           You read about Him, you read about His characteristics, you read about everything that depicts His Presence. There is no sign documented in the scriptures which you have not read. You know all His Attributes because you have read them.
5.           Nobody has ever manifested them if not the Lord Jesus Christ. He manifested not all. Note it; He manifested God’s Attributes but not all. The same way He never gave them the totality of the truth for they could not bear the truth.
6.           Then He referred them to The Son of Man Who is the Spirit Of Truth Who will come after Him (Jesus)  for He (The Son of Man)  is Truth Himself. No falsehood in Him.
7.           He is not coming because He wants to come. He will not appoint Himself. He is not coming on His own accord. There one whom you do not know who is real, faithful, steadfast, dependable. Then what is your problem brethren?
8.           Your problem is still the same old ancient problem: “I know Him, I know where He hails from. I know where He is living. I know His parents, I can talk about His conception. He is my townsman. What are you people telling us, do you want me to take you to His village for you to see His siblings? He told you that He came from heaven and He is going back to heaven and you believed?
9.           “He told you that He is the Creator of the whole universe and you believed? Didn’t you see His father and mother? He is God and His people are dying and He kept quiet? They are dying of hunger and He kept quiet! Look at how His father and mother are and He is still a carpenter.”
10.        Who were they judging? God! Why? Because of blindness and ignorance in them. If you are ignorant today, it is a deliberate misfortune, a self-inflicted injury.
11.        When St. Paul manifested all, He said, “If any man wants to be ignorant, let him remain ignorant.”
12.        It is a deliberate act, a deliberate disobedience, flagrant disobedience, not that you do not know the truth, for I have manifested the Truth. I have manifested all the Characteristic Features of the Elohim. I have lived a life of obedience so your disobedience is a willful act. A deliberate disobedience.
13.        Simply accept it so that when you send yourself to hell, you will not blame the Son of Man but yourself!
14.        It is applicable to all the members of my family. If they must be saved, they must see me beyond their father.
15.        If the children of the Prophet must be saved, they must see their father beyond their father and see Him from His Prophetic Office. He was their father, now look at what He is.
16.        Osinbajo is their father; look at what he is today. If the children will transgress the law, the law must take its course. If the wife will transgress the law, the law must take its course for the law established the office. The
17.        Note it very well, The Supreme Law Giver is here. The Judge of the whole earth is here, Who said He judgeth no man but has committed judgment into the hands of His Representative, The Son of Man.
18.        The Representative, who is          He representing? God! Have you seen why I told you from the very beginning while declaring who I am that every man sent by God must have a Scriptural Commission?
19.        The scriptural commission of a man sent by God will tell you who He is, the office He occupies, what His mission will be. Thus, if any man says that God called him, let he announce his scriptural commission and let him manifest it so that we will believe him.
20.        But no man has ever come, not even one, rather you see all of them saying the same thing. The Prophet said that God cannot send a man only to repeat what others said or to tow the line of others, never, never!
21.        When God sends a person, a new thing is expected for God said He is going to do a new thing. The former things are gone. You see why our message stands alone? It stands alone. If you compromise it, the message will say NO.
22.        YOU MUST KNOW THE PERSONALITY YOU ARE HAVING DEALINGS WITH. Some are having dealings with Brother Odoemena, Nzubechi’s husband, the father of so-so-so and so.
23.        But some are having dealings with the Almighty God (The Son of Man) Apostle Peter Odoemena (Blessed be His Most Holy Name, Selah).
24.        Whatever He is to you is what you are to Him. Remember that the parents even met Him at the temple teaching and they were trying to bring Him out of the place thinking that He had over stayed.
25.        Maybe they were in sympathy with Him. Hence they sent words to Him: “Please, tell Him that His parents are here looking for Him.”
26.         He said, “Who are my parents? Who are my father, my mother, etc? They are this people hearing me.”
27.        He told them, “Don’t you know I must be after my Father’s business? My aim is to do the will of He that sent me and accomplish it.”
28.        And to you also, you should not give your whole attention to carnal food, garri (cassava flour), beans, bread, etc. Strive for the food which the Son of Man giveth for He alone has the Father sealed: The Representative of the Father Whom you do not know.
29.         For the purpose that He might be made known to you, The Son of Man came and manifested the Father, the Truth, everything, even the Godhead.
30.        What is the basis of your unbelief? If you do not know a general beyond his uniform, your destruction is imminent. You must know a general beyond his garment so that even if he is in mufti, you will know that he is a general.
31.        But if you know him in uniform alone, any day he is in mufti, your life is in danger because as a general, he has every right to disguise himself. No man directs him, he acts as he willeth.
32.        John 7: 28 again, Living Bible translation. (LB) … so Jesus in a sermon in the temple called out, you know me and where I was born and where I was raised. But I am the representative of one you do not know and He is truth.
33.        With these few words backed up by this scripture, I hand you over to the message Titled: “It Is Time To Seek the Lord.”
34.        IT IS TIME TO SEEK THE LORD. Seek ye the Lord while there is time, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his wicked ways and unrighteousness; let him turn to God with immediate effect for the time of this ignorance God overlooked.
35.        He is calling on everybody to change your heart and change your mind.     If you want salvation from God, change your views. Obedience takes place in the heart compliance takes place in the brain, in the senses.
36.        That is why compliance is done by grudging, complaining and murmuring. Obedience is done gladly.  Your mouth maybe saying another thing and your mind is saying another thing. Amen.

IT IS TIME TO SEEK THE LORD: “Whoever fears God, obeys God for the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”.
2.            Brother John Onyia, please you here at last record as much as you can for your entire family especially your mother who is about to join her ancestors.
3.           Has she joined her ancestors? Yes sir! How many weeks after? Check the message date and then find out the day she joined her ancestors. February 26th, 2017.
4.           Bro John, when did your mother join her ancestors? The message was preached on May 4th so she was privileged to hear this message.
5.           If Bro John never passed this message, he would have been guilty for God mentioned her name, for God was interested.
6.           He said, “Record for your family especially for your mother who is about to join her ancestors,” and she joined. Is this message in agreement with the scripture we read? Yes sir!
7.            If you understood the scripture we read, believing this message is easy for you now know who is talking to you, you can say “this is the resurrected body, this is the Alpha and the Omega, He that is to come the Almighty.”
8.            Oh how I love Him, oh how I adore thee, oh how I praise thee my all in all. The Great Jehovah is now my townsman, and all God’s fullness, dwelleth in Him!
9.           Last week He made it clear here that nobody voted Him into that office, nobody appointed Him. If you were asked to vote, nobody would have voted Him.
10.        The Elohim made His choice and His choice is final! Whether it suits you or not, that is His own Divine Purpose which He purposed in Himself before the world began, after the counsel of His own will and it is all over
11.        For thereunto I am born. I have no other mission for thereunto I am born. You ask me whether I am a king, I will say “thou sayeth.” You ask me “what is truth?” I will say, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to my Father except by Me for in Me is the Father revealed.
12.        Yes! In Me is the Hidden Bread, the Hidden Manna, the Shewbread. Forget about the badger skin! If you know the badger skin, you have known nothing. He came to His own and His own rejected Him like they have rejected Him. And He is trying to force Himself into them, no way!
13.        The God we are worshipping is real. If He is not real you wouldn’t have photographed Him. Only facts are convincing. I am convinced, are you convinced?
14.        “Obedience is Better than Sacrifice,” preached on 29th July 1994. Page 3. “It is true that I am an ordinary human being by appearance. Whosoever God sent in every dispensation is God’s tabernacle. He is God’s dwelling place, He is where God is hiding. He must always be a human being.
15.        He cannot be walking with wings because God is dwelling in him, no! He remains a mere human being in appearance but He is a supernatural Human Being the other way round in that He can change situations. Believe it if you can.”
16.        They will tell you that no eyes can see Him. Also, they will tell you “All eyes shall see him.” As what? Man has problem. Man loves the things of God but hates God and equally hates himself.
17.        When the Lord Jesus introduced Himself, how many believed? He said; I have told you who I am, I came from the Father and you believe me not.”
18.        Will I kill myself for you people? Even if He kills Himself, will they believe? There is no disease as dreaded as unbelief. It is worse than HIV/AIDS, worse than tuberculosis.
19.        Written word he will not believe, spoken word he will not believe, nature, he did not believe. What did such a person come here to do? What he wants is Church. Nobody is in the Faith of Christ.
20.        It is time to seek the Lord, everybody. Do not exempt yourself. Place yourself on the plumb line of the Word of God. Even the much we have read so far find out whether you are still in this faith of Christ.
21.        The truth is that God is trying to see whether somebody will come in but nobody is coming in. They are just milling around the Son of Man, not even one believed in Him.
22.        Let me tell you, when you do not believe the written word, you do not believe the Spoken Word, you do not believe even nature, what do you believe? You are totally lost.!
23.        No preacher ever uses nature more than Christ. What Christ preaches is natural message. If my teaching is against your nature, you are an antichrist. God’s doctrines must be suitable to God’s sons and daughters for it behooves the sons and daughters of God to teach outsiders how their God is worshiped.
24.        David said, “If you restore me oh Lord, I will teach sinners your way and they will worship you. The heathens shall clap hands for you.”
25.         What surprises me is that some do not understand what I am saying. Their heads are up. If it is to write, they can write verbatim, verbatim reporters but they understand nothing.
26.        If the reason why you are coming is for you to be buried when you die, it is better you die now for a time will come when the dead will bury the dead. It is better you die now so that the living will bury you. Do not wait till the dead will bury the dead.
27.        Or you are coming so that a ceremony will be held for you, it is better you die now so that a ceremony will be held for you, because a time will come when the people that came for the ceremony will be on the run. There will be no ceremony at that time because there would be nowhere to celebrate; everybody would be on the run.
28.        A time will come where somebody will park his car and run away. Also, one without a car will be running. If there is a road block, someone that is driving will leave his car and run away. Can you conquer the situation by running? No sir!
29.        I hope we are balancing everything? Do not gather knowledge that will destroy you, rather, gather faith that will save you.
30.        Faith in the word grants salvation not knowledge of the faith. Faith in the express word of God saves.
31.        The message you are hearing, your fathers heard it but they never mingled it with faith for that, it profiteth them nothing. The word destroyed them.
32.        Thus, if you do not apply faith to what you have heard, what you have heard will destroy you. It will profit you nothing. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God and the word you are hearing even now; you have been hearing all these years but you never exercised faith, rather you exercise sense.
33.        You are following God with sense. Nobody has been saved by the use of five human senses.
34.        If the Son of Man sets you free, you are free indeed! That is if you know who He is. If you know Him beyond His family upbringing, his relations, I mean His community and every other thing that is associated with a normal human being; if you know Him beyond that, if you know Him as a Representative, physical Representative of He you do not know—salvation is still far from many. Heaven is still far from many people.
35.        Mad people will enter on time more than sensible people. That is if you can welcome the unwelcomed Christ, if you can get rid of over familiarity: “I know Him, I know how He was born and brought up. I know where He is living. I know His business site, His brothers, sisters and parents are with us.” Amen.

You must Know Your Status in Christ. Hit the ball on the wall and be the same goal keeper whether you like it or not. If you do good, it is in on your head. You do bad, it is on your head! All the deceit, they are on you! All the hypocrisies, they are on you.
2.           The time you say you do not know God is over. If you do not believe the one the Son of Man said, believe the one that was written before you were born because you were not the first person to worship God. 
3.           Whatever you are doing now, you are not doing it for the Son of Man, never, never! The condition the Lord will use to save mad people will not be the condition He will use to save the sensible people, never!
4.           IT IS TIME TO SEEK THE LORD. Rest at nothing until you are sure and certain He has placed you in right standing with Himself. Until then, salvation is too far.
5.           Some will get literary salvation while some will get practical salvation.
6.           Literary salvation is head-knowledge of what salvation is all about but the practical salvation is enjoyment of salvation, the reality. You can have literary knowledge of something without having the experience. Is not true?
7.           This is the day you have to seek the Lord and find Him. Seek the Lord when you can find Him. Call on Him when He is near. Which means a time will come when you will call on Him and He will not be near. A time will come when you will look for Him but you will not see Him.
8.           He that lives an ungodly life should stop it, he that has hardened up his mind and remained stiff-necked should stop it. He should reverse and repent so that he will get mercy; he will get forgiveness from God, so that God will count him as a righteous man, for him to stand at the right hand of the Son of Man.
9.           So that when the Son of man will enter that land which His Father promised, you will enter with Him. For if the Son of Man did not take you in, you will not come in for He is the One holding the key. Is there any other person holding it, is there any other person it was given to? No sir!
10.         Are you the one holding it? No sir! Ask yourself whether you will go with the saints if the translation occurs. When the Lord shall come to take the saints away on the Glorious Day, will you go with Him? It is a question for you. Answer my dear brethren. It is a life question.
11.        No second chance! If you miss it, you have missed it all, it is not negotiable! “I will try again” is not in the Kingdom Of Heaven. “Give me a second chance,” not in the Kingdom Of Heaven. Once you have missed it, you have missed it.
12.        Sister Ozioma, what will destroy you is compromise with your heathen children. You can believe everything but you can hardly believe that your children that are not in this Faith will perish. You do not believe that one. You do not even believe that they are against you until you see yourself in hell.
13.        If you are wise and intelligent, whoever you may be whatever will form for any reason at all will be the presence of a fellowship centre where you will be in constant fellowship with God and the brethren, where your faith will be renewed.
14.        It is not where you will eat and drink and be fat. It is not where your pocket will be enriched with money. You may get all of them and still perish!
15.        Where there is no spiritual nourishment, that person is in the desert! Do you know that it is easier to worship God alone in the wilderness than to worship God with the heathens? It is easier to worship God in spirit and in truth in the prison custody than to worship God in liberty and in truth with the heathens.
16.        If you are at liberty with the heathens, your spiritual life is in danger. I am not saying it and hiding. Anybody that says that what I am saying is a lie should try it and see. Try it and see how it is.
17.        If you are in the midst of those that when you say “Amen” they will say “Amen,” you say “Jesus is Lord” and they say “Jesus is Lord,” you say “the Son of Man is Lord” and  they say the same thing, you do not know what the Lord has done for you.
18.        Until you go to a place where you will kneel down to pray and someone will tap you on the back and ask you what you are doing. Do you know that any service rendered to the heathens is a service rendered to an idol?
19.        The worst is that is no matter the kindness you show to the heathens, they will not appreciate it. They must pay you back with evil. If you are not careful they will accuse you falsely, give you a name you can never erase till you die, cause you sorrow and pain that will even cause you to be hypertensive.
20.        If you do not know what I am saying, you better pray. To those of you that are still in their productive ages, from time to time you raise children; if your mother-in-law comes to take care of your wife that is nursing a new baby, you notice that your fellowship is in bondage—unless it is one that is in love with this faith.
21.        How do you know that one? Attack her religion and then watch her reaction. The only people that will stay with you and feel happy are those that worship idols, Idolaters because they believe that whatever you are saying is for those who belong to you, but as for him, he is in another world where you cannot come.
22.        But invite these churchgoers as your in-laws, to kneel down and pray, you will be in bondage. If you wake up early in the morning to clap your hand, she will frown at it; saying that you are making noise when she is sleeping.
23.         Before you know it, you will hear a strange question: “What type of Church is this, what is the name of this your Church? It is like you people want to chase me away from your house! If you want me to go, you tell me! Not when somebody is sleeping, you will be clapping your hands!”
24.        What is more, the worst that will happen is to keep her in the house and then go to fellowship. Number one is, you have failed God, you have failed yourself for God made it mandatory that everybody in your house, strangers, servants, qualification for staying with you is that they will worship the God you worship. If I am good, come and see what makes me to be good.”  Amen.

The book of Leviticus chapter 26 verse 21 to 28 says; If you walk contrary unto me and will not hearken unto me, I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins.
2.           You offend in one, you receive punishment seven times.
3.           If you walk contrary to me, I will walk contrary to you.
4.           So the ball you hit on the wall must bounce back! You walk contrary to God, He will walk contrary to you. Then why complaining, why calling Him an unjust God? Will you sow plantain and harvest paw-paw?
5.           Who is talking to you? The Almighty God!  He will punish you how many times? Seven times for one iniquity. And He will not tell you what He will use to smite you the seven times.
6.            The other one, He said that He will first of all wipe off all your children, you bury all your children in less than one month and then become a childless father or mother. That is first stage.
7.           He will ravage all the crops in your farm so that you will die of starvation.
8.           Then He will spoil your means of living, block everywhere. No work, no money, no food, no children.
9.           Finally, pestilence and diseases. Pestilences and diseases, what will follow? Instead of repenting, they will be blaspheming God because of the sufferings so that God will be justified in wiping the remaining people off, no remedy.
10.        Because of one evil, you receive seven different punishments. Has He changed? No sir!
11.        I love Him for one thing; He never forced us to worship Him. The first message He gave us is: THE GOD YOUR BIBLE REVEALED.
12.        After which He said, “You can go home and check for yourselves whether you can worship this God. If after cross checking, you are of the view that you can make it, come and let us take off.”
13.         When they came to the Master, He gave them cost of discipleship, “Go and count the cost.” After counting the cost, they came back again and said, “To whom do we go to?”
14.        They were looking at Him, casualties were falling while others were going. There can never be a battle without casualties, otherwise it is no battle. Even it remains one person, the battle will continue.
15.        Do we have any covenant with God? Yes sir! For the Son of Man is a covenant to us, for God’s people in this generation. He did not only appear, He is symbolized by the Rainbow over His head: A sign of God’s perpetual covenant.
16.        Not like the one He had with your fathers, but this is an entirely new one! He also came to confirm the promises that were made unto the fathers which the Law that came later could not cancel.
17.        You must know the personality that is in the midst of the Bride just as the man talked about He that walked in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks and He is here on the scene.
18.        When it was revealed to him far back in 1990 in USA, that others have been talking about Him, that He has appeared and he was sure and certain that it was in Nigeria but where to locate Him, he knew not.
19.         Don’t worry, if he comes you will hear from Him. But today brethren from Nasarawa will hear him, his experiences and why he came out from all denominations. A highly placed individual, not a beggar. An educated man who came from Ugep in Cross River State. An ambassador for that matter, he is not a beggar. Somebody who is older than Elder Ugoala by age.
20.        …And if after hearing these things and you harden your heart
21.        If after hearing these things and you harden your heart, the worst punishment will come. I will walk contrary to you in wrath.
22.        Who can stand the wrath of God? Nobody! Do you know what it means for God to meet somebody in wrath? Pray that the anger and fury of the Lord will not be revealed on you, you will melt.
23.        He that will tell you ahead of time, prepare your mind. He will tell you, “Look at what is coming to you,” and before your eyes it will come.
24.        Apostle Kelechi, you are empowered to give the dream to Pastor Dan in the presence of his wife and give him my interpretation thereof. Give him my interpretation of the dream thereof.
25.        Note it, give him the dream in the presence of the wife, give him my interpretation thereof for we are serving the God that interprets dreams, that revealeth secrets.
26.        Daniel said, “Give me a little time and I will interpret the dream for I am serving the only God that interprets dreams.” Joseph also said, “The God that interprets dreams is here.”
27.         Give Pastor Dan the dream before his wife, give them the interpretation from Me.
28.        …I will chastise you seven times for one sin
29.        Who can withstand God’s chastisement even once? Nobody! Even once and then now God is saying seven times to chastise a man, the man will melt. Even one throws you off the balance talk more of seven times.
30.        Who will like to bury his child twice? If you have seven, within one month, you will bury the seven of them and you and your wife will be looking at yourselves.
31.        You know if another man’s corpse is being carried, it is like where a log of wood is being carried. You will now start telling the man about the stories of Job. You know people are somehow!
32.        If someone comes to you to tell you about the story of Job in order to sympathize with you, tell him get out! “Must all of us pass through the same experience? Show me the way out and you are telling me about what befell Job. Am I Job?”
33.        You see why I am warning you: you know what you are thinking about God in your heart but what God is thinking about you, you know it not. You know all you are planning to do but what God is planning about you, you know not.
34.        That is why God is saying, “Can your heart bear it, can your strength sustain you, can your heart endure the day I will visit you according to your iniquity? Can your hand hold you, can your strength sustain you, can your heart be strong, can you endure the day the Lord will remember you on what you know you are not meant to do and you go ahead doing it?
35.         Bishop Okoh God loves you. I say God loves you. Fill your basin with oil now not a few. The amount of obedience you show to the word of God will determine the amount of interest God will show in you.
36.        The amount of obedience children show to their parents determines the amount of interest their parents will show in their welfare. When a wicked child is coming, everybody is afraid.
37.        But when an obedient child is coming, everybody will be happy to welcome him. Whoever that is sponsoring him will be happy. If it is the mother, she will go to market to buy a special gift and her voice will be reaching the cloud.
38.        She will say that whosoever that knows he is a man should come out. She is referring to her husband.  When you see the man, he will be afraid. There is no collective reward, it goes to individuals.
39.        “Who is greater than Jehovah Lord divine?  There is no one greater than Jehovah Lord divine. Exalt Him, excellent Jehovah, marvelous Jehovah, there is no one greater than Jehovah Lord divine”.  Amen.



St. John’s gospel chapter 7 verse 28 Amplified and Living Bible.  (LB) … so Jesus in a sermon in the temple called out, you know me and where I was born and where I was raised. But I am the representative of one you do not know and He is truth.

2.           Compare and contrast. Can we rightly now say we have known Him and we are acquainted with Him? Can we say so now?

3.            If in time past we knew Him not, we could have been acquainted with somebody we knew not, both physically and practically even personally.

4.            Now He has manifested Himself, He has shown us everything, truth has become a human being; CAN WE RIGHTLY STAND AND SAY NOW WE KNOW HIM AND ARE ACQUAINTED WITH HIM? Can we say so now?

5.           Anybody after all these teaching who is still in doubt, to begin with, the Son of Man never came for that person. If there is a day He has spoken to us in plain language and no longer in parables, I think it is today.

6.           We can now say we have known Him, we have seen the Father, we are now acquainted with Him. Hence from that day we were convinced, that is the day we begin to show concern.

7.          Whereupon Jesus called out as He taught in the temple [porches], Do you know Me, and do you know where I am from? I have not come on My own authority and of My own accord and as self-appointed, but the One Who sent Me is true (real, genuine, steadfast); and Him you do not know! (AMP).

8.           Real and genuine. A greater testimony is in the message titled Three kinds of righteousness page 153 verse 97 preached on 14th October 2012.

9.           I know I am the Son of Man, I know that the deity dwells in me, I know that I am God made visible in human form, I know I am married, from my loins my children came.

10.        However I have not given them express ticket to paradise. Have you understood me, if there is a way I will give them express ticket that is automatic ticket. Number one being my wife, number two being my children. Then they do not need to listen to me.

11.        If there should be anyone to be given express ticket in Jesus’ day, the mother, Mary should be the number one, the father should be number two. Though the father impregnated the mother, the mother reserved the right to kill the baby in the labour room.

12.        If in the upper room, the mother is meant to be number one to be there, if you are intelligent and wise, think twice especially now the Son of Man has left the Mercy Seat and He is telling you to keep your plea inside your hand bag. Let nobody come to plead with me, do not come to plead with me for my ears are deaf to your pleading. Man and woman, know thyself”. 

13.        Nobody is given an express ticket to Paradise. When mama died, she was thrown into hell because of her disobedience but an Unseen Hand came and told the Lord, “Son of Man, remember she is your mother. Please save her.” And that was her saving grace.

14.        That is why since she died, she has never appeared to any of her sons, any of her daughter, not even myself or my wife in a dream or vision. Her spirit has never for one day made any noise even in my compound.

15.        Bro. IK, am I bearing false witness? (No sir!) None of your children has ever been embarrassed by day or by night. It was that saving point that saved her but the elders in my house heard what happened in the other side when I was making comparison between those that slept in Christ and those that slept outside Christ.

16.        Few ministers will get the message from Mbaise and they will know why Pastor Obinna struggled into hell. Because it is not an easy thing to go to hell: you fight, you struggle into hell. For he was given the last minute privilege and he abused it.

17.        But somebody you might be calling a heathen who trusted in the Son of Man was given a privilege and she quietly slept as the Son of Man told all her children without troubling anybody.

18.        Even when she slept, they thought she was sleeping for they discussed. But this one was fighting, biting and kicking because he saw where he was going, he saw where he was heading to.

19.        No one who is about to die that does not see where he is going to. Stay by the bed side, if the person is shouting, he saw something. If he is violent while dying, he saw something. It is not by fighting. If he is violent, he is struggling with something. There is a place he is going to but he doesn’t want to go that way, but no way out.

20.        If you watch the saints, they will gather people, address them and then sleep.

21.        I told you the case of my father, he threw a party, rejoiced and drank with them. We were preparing for a ceremony that would be held on Friday; he hosted the ceremony and they left. The same people who he called, called me and said, “Your father has left.” I wondered.

22.        Watch Bishop Ebenezer, he ate and drank with his family, clothed himself and then slept. Even Elder Ikwuagwu, he addressed everybody even the son, the daughter,  they thought he wanted to sleep, they even helped him to the bed and then the man slept with the face full of smile.

23.        Let me just say but a few. What can you say about Bishop Moses who even preached a sermon and addressed everybody, then gently placed his head on the pillow and then slept?

24.        But where you see people fighting, kicking and disturbing everybody, don’t worry. Go back to the message we received in 1993, God described all.

25.        You will not sleep until you see where you are going to and it is usually clear but you cannot struggle out of it again, because you must be given the last minute privilege.

26.        Pray that you will recognize your own that you may die the death of the righteous. The faithful, they don’t die, they sleep in the Lord. If you look at their face, you will see that they are sleeping. I am telling you the truth.

27.        When Deacon Joshua died, they saw what it took for somebody to go to hell. Even in the hospital where his corpse was received, everybody was scared. Come and see the wrinkles on his face because he was fighting, he collapsed and died.

28.        Are these things making you to be afraid? If you are afraid while I am here, you do not believe in me. Believe in me, that is all you need. What is more, when you believe in Me, you walk in my footsteps, that is all you need.

29.        Believe in me means walking in my footsteps. There is no other way I will know you believe in Me if not by walking in my foot step.

30.        You cannot say you believe in the Son of Man and you are walking contrary, going zig-zag.

31.        I have given some last warning. I gave Bishop David of Nasarawa warning last week and I equally threatened Brother Stephen the welder, investigations are still on going on him.

32.        If I prove him guilty, he will hear the music. He will dance to the beating of the drum the Son of Man would beat for him. I told him before the elders that I do not need to frighten anybody. If I prove him guilty, I must beat the drum whether he likes it or not, and he must dance!

33.        I have warned many. Bro. Ojiakor, apology is not repentance. I have read your apology, be very careful! Often times the head of the family can deceive the family. Often times the family can deceive the head of the family.

34.        The Prophet said, “Often times, the pastor can lead the Church astray. often times, the Church can lead the Pastor astray.” So be very careful! That is why you must be grounded and rooted in the truth so that nobody will deceive you.

35.        That somebody deceived you, is it excuse before God? No sir! Don’t prepare your excuses for apology is not repentance. You can write one million pages, it is not what I am looking for.

36.        The secret of remaining steadfast in this faith lies in seeing yourself and your casket. See yourself like Pastor Obinna. Do not see your wife, do not see your children for they will not enter.

37.        People who put their fellow human being into enmity with God don’t share in the pains and troubles with them. Once he puts you in enmity with God, he runs away.

38.        Don’t you know that the cause of every problem is not the first to die? He dies last. When death will come, it will first of all kill all that are useful and leave him. When he will die, there will be no one to bury him because the people that are meant to buy coffin for his burial have all died.

39.        God knows how to punish the wicked. When we see the terror of God, we persuade all men to repent.

40.        Let me sound this warning again. There is something I have observed, some have observed while many have not observed it. As long as The Son of Man is alive and God is alive, this place we stay and worship God does not belong to Onitsha on Sunday.

41.        Every first day of the week is our central fellowship. Onitsha can only own it on Wednesday. This is Galilee of the Gentiles. It Is our Jerusalem. So every first day of the week, Onitsha doesn’t own it.

42.        All announcements pertaining to Onitsha should be done on Wednesday. If you have anything to tell them, tell them to wait after fellowship. Don’t ever usurp authority if you have anything to tell them, tell them to wait. Amen.