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Remain blessed brethren. I wish to thank all of you for your prayers that helped us to succeed in our meeting at Nsukka last week and I wish you could keep on praying for
yourselves that the LORD will save you from this hour.
2. Last Sunday, while encouraging you, I put you in remembrance of the promises of God for us that are tied to time. There was nothing before you but I am aware that something had been on. Something is on even now.
3. Remember I am always here every first day of the week. After that, you know where I normally go and you know what I am doing until I am through. If you go back to the Message, THE AUGUST VISIT, the chapter 7 of it, I told some people that 2017 is a precarious year.
4. Whatever might be the problem between Israel and Palestine, if it is not decided in the year 2017, that I will feel wounded. 
5. BRIDAL WATCH VOLUMES 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I have X-rayed everything. PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME. God’s prophecies. I have X-rayed all these things. Thus, nothing is taking you unawares.
6. If you go back to the Message of the last Ministers’ Meeting, I have never hidden anything from anybody, but you have forgetful spirit.
7. Last Sunday, nothing was happening around you, but I know that something was about to take place. I said it that you should not lose sight of the hour we are in as if God has abandoned us. No! That you should always remember that God promised that Israel will stay in captivity in Egypt for 400 years.
8. And that they never left Egypt until 430 years and that was God’s own 400 years. I also said that you should remember that Hezekiah prayed that God should add one day and that God added fifteen days. Did I say so last Sunday?
9. Then, by Tuesday, it started happening. By Wednesday, I remained in My house monitoring and spreading the information to all the Local Assemblies in Nigeria, drawing their attention to the predicted event that is now on. And I told you, “It will take one single event to take place and the rest of the prophecies will line up.”
10. Do not feel this will happen. After this, another. No! It is not that way. On the day the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, over a million prophecies came to pass, written and unwritten.
11. Remember, not all prophecies are written. All that Prophet Agabus prophesied, can we trace them? There are too many other prophecies that are not documented. No man can document what I have said with My mouth within the shortest period I have been with you. How old am I?
12. Remember, because of these events, I drew your attention that 2017 is going to be another jubilee year. I opened My gate to returnees. All that were exiled from home, that they are free now to come back unconditionally until I will lock up My gate on the 31st of December. Whatever will follow will be made known to you by The Son of Man
13. Since then, they have been returning gradually. And remember that God made it known to all of us to watch out for the last action Israel will take against Palestine and what the whole world will do to Israel.
14. Why am I touching that one? FIX YOUR EYES ON ISRAEL. It is your calendar. When you want to know the time of the day you are living in, you look at the clock, but when you want to know what God is doing in the Bride, you look at Israel, for it is your timetable.
15. I am here for a purpose. Of course you know. Before I began to talk about eternal life, a shift away from common salvation, I made it known to you why it has become very necessary.
16. Otherwise, many are likely to run in vain, pursuing common salvation thinking they are pursuing eternal life. They do  not know that the two are not one, for you can get salvation and perish.
17. Those that stayed with Me in the Upper Room at Nsukka got a full taste of the whole thing: Three ways by which God offers eternal life to people He wants to offer. I am not here to rehearse it, No!
18. Today is to enable Me rejoiced with all of you, that the ball is still rolling. The ball is still rolling.The fire God kindled since 1994, the fire is still burning and it is increasing in tempo.
19. The Book of Zechariah chapter 12 verse 1 through 4: Living Bible, King Kames, Good News, NIV, RSV, Amplified. Call it any translation.
20. “The burden of the word of the Lord for Israel, saith the Lord, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him.
21. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.
22. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
23. In that day, saith the Lord, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: …..”KJV
24. “This is the fate of Israel,….”
25. Here is the fate of Israel, long-prophesied, predicted by the Almighty God.
26. “This is the fate of Israel,as pronounced by the Lord, who stretched out the heavens, laid the foundation of the earth, and formed the spirit of man within him:
27. “I will make Jerusalem and Judah like a cup of poison to all the nearby nations that send their armies to surround Jerusalem.
28. Jerusalem will be a heavy stone burdening the world. And though all the nations of the earth unite in an attempt to move her,….”
29. In an attempt to do what? Move her.
30. And though all the nations of the earth unite in an attempt to move her,they will all be crushed.
31. “In that day,” says the Lord, “I will bewilder the armies drawn up against her, and make fools of them, for I will watch over the people of Judah, but blind all her enemies.” Amen.LB
32. “This is a message about Israel from the Lord, the Lord who spread out the skies, created the earth, and gave life to man. He says,
33. “I will make Jerusalem like a cup of wine; the nations round her will drink and stagger like drunken men. And when they besiege Jerusalem, the cities of the rest of Judah will also be besieged.
34. But when that time comes, I will make Jerusalem like a heavy stone—any nation that tries to lift it will be hurt. All the nations of the world will join forces to attack her.
35. At that time I will terrify all their horses and make all their riders go mad……” Amen GNB
36. “The burden or oracle (the thing to be lifted up) of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: Thus says the Lord, Who stretches out the heavens and lays the foundation of the earth and forms the spirit of man within him:
37. Behold, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup or bowl of reeling to all the peoples round about, and in the siege against Jerusalem will there also be a siege against and upon Judah.
38. And in that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples; all who lift it or burden themselves with it shall be sorely wounded. And all the nations of the earth shall come and gather together against it.
39. In that day, says the Lord, I will smite every horse [of the armies that contend against Jerusalem] with terror and panic and his rider with madness; and I will open My eyes and regard with favor the house of Judah and will smite every horse of the opposing nations with blindness. Amen. AMP
40. Let us look into the Message, THE AUGUST VISIT, Chapter 7 Page 92 from verse 1 – 6: “Do you know that you are in God’s time frame? Do you have the idea? I said that I do not pray that we should stay longer than necessary.”
41. The Message was preached on Tuesday, 28 October, 2014. 
42. “Do you know that you are in God’s time frame? Do you have the idea? I said that I do not pray that we should stay longer than necessary.
43. If it crosses 2107, I will be wounded, unless there is any other thing. We are only waiting for one sign – For Israel to be defeated on the round table, Finish! And when they will be regaining their freedom with the barrel of the gun, that will be the end.
44. That is the last battle they will fight with the Gentiles. It is not a battle of sword and gun. It is a round table battle. They will forfeit the Temple Mount.”
45. They will forfeit the Temple Mount which is the most controversial thing even now.
46. How can Jerusalem be the Capital of two nations? To begin with, how can Palestine be a sovereign state? What delayed America and other nations from moving their embassies to Jerusalem since 1948? Why must it take 70 years for them to implement practically the recognition they accorded Israel to exist as a sovereign nation under the umbrella of the United Nations?
47. Why did it linger? Why were they paying cosmetic approach to such a delicate matter, thereby polarizing the conflict in the Middle East?
48. Ask me. I will answer. It is because UN felt they made a mistake. After recognizing Israel as a sovereign nation in 1948, the same UN condemned itself saying that they have made a grievous mistake by creating a “problem baby,” not only for the Middle East, but for the entire world.
49. Yes, a “problem baby.” A “burdensome stone.” Why is the United Nations standing against the eternal capital of Israel? Up till this morning, the UN secretary General is still bent on two-state solution.
50. That Jerusalem must be divided into two: East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem. One for the Arabs, the other one for Israel.That of the Arabs is Judah, the home of Father David and the Lord Jesus Christ, where the Temple Mount is. I want to know what we heard about it.
51. “This is the last battle they will fight with the Gentiles. It is not a battle of sword and gun; It is a round table battle. They will forfeit the Temple Mount. The city of Father David must be sold. You know what I said about it.
52. The whole discussions and every attempt are geared towards giving Palestine that celebrated city, Judah with East Jerusalem as their capital. There is nothing else; and they will succeed through United Nations”
53. And they will succeed through United Nations.
54. “However, it would not last long. And Israel will regain it. That is the basis of the Pope’s tour of the whole world; The two-state solution, which cannot offer solution. Palestine can never be a sovereign state. Jerusalem can never be moved, but Damascus…..”
55. Jerusalem can never be moved, but Damascus, the capital of Syria must be moved.
56. “Jerusalem can never be moved, but Damascus, the capital of Syria must be moved. One Rabbi was asking, “What are we going to tell our children yet unborn? That we sold the city, the Ornan valley where the glory of God came down and Solomon’s Temple was constructed? That we sold it to the Arabs?” He said that it was difficult.” Amen.
57. BRIDAL WATCH VOLUME 2 [ISRAEL AND PALESTINE IN PROPHECY], Preached on 30th March, 2014. Pg. 91 verse 23. “In other words, the Word of God will continue to fulfill for you and me to occupy.
58. For Israel to exist as a sovereign state, they must subdue the Arabs and fight that battle which they dodged, which they stopped. The stopped and then started building the state. That is where the LORD said they must go back and continue with the war”
59. Let us know what the Jewish Rabbis told Trump. “RABBIS TO TRUMP: 'YOU ARE FULFILLING PROPHECIES': 250 rabbis sent thank you letter praising Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem, telling him 'You will be eternally remembered in the history of the Jews'; SATMAR: decision can harm Jews worldwide.
60. Kobi Nachshoni |Published:  07.12.17 , 15:34 Some 250 Israeli rabbis, including Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, sent a thank you letter to US President Donald Trump praising him for his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
61. The letter, initiated by the Safed's Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu and delivered by Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, told the American president, "You have a rare privilege to be the first president to recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel."
62. "We are privileged to be living in a generation that is repeatedly witnessing the words of the prophets coming true," said the rabbis, "Jews have made aliyah and are continuing to come to the land of Israel from all corners of the world.
63. Israel triumphs over its enemies time after time, the mountains of Israel offer generous bounty and the economy is booming."
64. 'YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED IN THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS PEOPLE': "We are privileged to be seeing the rebuilding of Jerusalem," wrote the rabbis. "'Children play in its streets' (Zechariah 8:4) and we are confident in the fulfillment of all the prophecies.
65. The United States is privileged to be one of the first nations to support the establishment of the State of Israel. US presidents have had the privilege of being at Israel's side and being a partner in the fulfillment of the vision of the prophets regarding the return to Zion and the establishment of the State of Israel."
66. They continued, "We are confident that you will be remembered in the history of the Jewish people as one who stood at the forefront fearlessly. May it be His will that God's promise to Joshua (1:9) should be fulfilled in you:
67. 'Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go'—amen, amen."
68. The letter was signed by rabbis of a wide range of communities, including rabbinical judges and yeshiva heads. Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, national religious leader Rabbi HaimDrukman, the Rabbi of SafedShmuelEliyahu and Rabbi ElyakimLevanon of the Samaria region are some of the prominent signatories.
69. "The American people recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel," said Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council. "We commend the president in his decision, but we ought to remember that Israel is an independent state and only it can make decisions for itself."
70. THE LETTER: "With this recognition, we see the fulfillment of another step in the completion of the prophecy of Isaiah that the nations of the world will recognize the centrality of Jerusalem," said Rabbi Eliyahu.
71. "'For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.
72. The nations will see your vindication' (Isaiah 62:1). We hope that other enlightened and believing nations will follow in the footsteps of the United States."
73. SATMAR CAUTIOUS ABOUT OPPOSING TRUMP: Rabbis of a sub-sect of the anti-Zionist Hassidic sect of Satmar have called on the American president not to move the embassy to Jerusalem because it can endanger Jews in Israel and all over the world who "will pay a price for the misdeeds of the Zionists."
74. "Jerusalem is a holy city from a religious and spiritual, but not political, perspective," claimed the ultra-Orthodox rabbis.
75. They pointed out that after the UN recognition of Israel the rabbis of the Orthodox Council of Jerusalem requested that the holy city remain under international sovereignty.
76. In ads they published in the American media, they said that Israel cannot declare Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews "since the capital of American Jews is Washington; the capital of Russian Jews is Moscow; the capital of French Jews is Paris; the capital of British Jews is London and the capital of Iranian Jews is Tehran, Jerusalem however is a holy, and not a political, city."
77. The official Satmar court was ambivalent about how to respond to Trump. On the one hand, they oppose Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.
78. On the other hand, the reasoning behind their opposition to Zionism is the exile mentality that there is a religious obligation to refrain from provoking and antagonizing the nations of the world and maintain a controversial Jewish state.
79. Accordingly, criticism of the White House, itself a form of provocation of the government under which Jews reside, is an unviable position. Therefore, the Satmar Rebbe, the leader of the community, has remained silent on the matter and it is being handled by smaller sub-sect.”
80. AMID JERUSALEM TENSIONS, EU AND JORDAN STRESS BACKING FOR TWO-STATE DEAL: Jordanian FM says 'we cannot give up' on Israeli-Palestinian peace, while Mogherini says negotiated statehood accord is 'only realistic solution'By AFP and TOI staff8 December 2017, 6:22 pm7
81. BRUSSELS — The EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and her Jordanian counterpart AymanSafadi said Friday that they would not abandon the two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
82. “We definitely don’t give up,” Mogherini said, after US President Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital sent shock waves through the region and sparked protests.
83. She said the Oslo Accords of 1993 and 1995 — which started a process aimed at achieving a peace treaty and fulfilling “the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination” — remained the objective. The “only realistic solution is based on two states with Jerusalem as the capital of both states,” she said….
84. ABBAS SAYS TRUMP’S JERUSALEM DECISION ENDS HISTORIC US ROLE AS PEACE BROKER: PA leader calls for emergency meeting of PLO to form a response; says move is a reward to Israel for 'occupation, settlement, apartheid and ethnic cleansing ‘By DovLieber6 December 2017, 10:29 pm.
85. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday said US President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has ended Washington’s historic role as the key sponsor for Israel-Palestinian peace talks, and called for an emergency meeting of the Palestinian leadership.
86. “These reprehensible and rejected measures constitute a deliberate undermining of all peace efforts,” said Abbas of Trump’s decision. Abbas said Trump’s speech “represents a declaration that the United States has withdrawn from playing the role it has played in the past decades in sponsoring the peace process.”
87. Abbas accused Trump of “violating international resolutions and bilateral agreements,” and said the decision was a “reward to Israel for denying agreements and defying international legitimacy that encourages it to continue the policy of occupation, settlement, apartheid and ethnic cleansing.”…….
88. RUSSIA SAYS TRUMP’S JERUSALEM DECLARATION ‘DEFIES COMMON SENSE’: 'Deeply concerned' Putin to visit Turkey for talks on Jerusalem, Syria; Erdogan has threatened to cut ties with Israel over US embassy move By AFP 8 December 2017, 6:34 pm.
89. The United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “defies common sense,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday.
90. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he was “deeply concerned” by Washington’s decision to recognize Jerusalem. In a telephone conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Putin called for the Palestinians and Israel to “hold back” and renew negotiations.
91. Putin will visit Turkey on Monday for talks with Erdogan on Syria and Jerusalem, the Turkish presidency said Friday.Putin will visit Ankara “at the invitation of” Erdogan, the presidency said in a statement, adding that the talks would focus on the latest developments on Jerusalem and the situation in Syria.
92. The Kremlin confirmed the visit, saying the two men planned to “discuss current questions of bilateral cooperation and above all the progress of joint projects in energy.”
93. This appeared to be a reference to the Turk Stream pipeline that is being built under the Black Sea to pump Russian natural gas to Turkey, and also to the Akkuyu nuclear power plant Moscow is building in southern Turkey.
95. “ISRAEL BRACES FOR VIOLENT PROTESTS OVER TRUMP JERUSALEM ANNOUNCEMENT: By Sue Surkes and AP 6 December 2017, 12:39 am10 Palestinians burned pictures of US President Donald Trump in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Tuesday night, as anger ramped up over an expected announcement by Trump Wednesday of US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”  Amen.

GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME, Preached on 2nd January, 2011 Pg. vs. 14 – 15:“Do I begin to mention the kingdoms? Don’t you know them again? What is more, you know the various beasts that appeared, controlling those Kingdoms, starting from Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar) to Medes and Persia where Alexander the Great featured.
2. We saw the man called Napoleon. We even saw the attempts Hitler made; we saw the great kingdom emerging in Europe. We now saw Constantine of Constantinople from where power was transferred to the Popes.
3. It is no longer emperor. The throne of the emperor became the throne of the papacy and it was during the reign of the papacy that Almighty God established His own Kingdom on Earth, which is the Church.”
4. No more Emperor Caesar. The Caesars ceased. The Pharaohs are continuing in Egypt. The Kings are continuing in Jordan and Morocco. Caesars ceased. Papacy took over. Hard to believe, yet real.
5. “The fight is now between the Church and the Church, Church verses Church.”Abi no be the battle?
6. “It is no longer nation versus nation. It is now Christ versus papacy, God’s organization versus man’s system or organization.”
7. Man-made! Political!
8. Verse 17:“It continued till today, but Prophet Daniel who saw the beginning and ending of the Gentile Dispensation made it clear to all of us that somebody appeared; He appeared from the Clouds of Heavens to deal treacherously with this beast;” Sure!
9. “..and according to the book of Revelation, out of His mouth proceeds a great sword (the Word) with which He will smite the beast.
10. Verse 18 – 19:You see a Kingdom that is without hands warring against a super kingdom that has everything; and with the sword of His mouth, He made an open spectacle of the beast, put an end to His dominion; got him crushed and finally He was rewarded by the Ancient of Days.
11. For none was able to deal treacherously and decisively with the Fourth Kingdom if not He that came down from Heaven, in the Cloud. No other person had the power to do it.
12. Is that not Scriptural? This is the Message titled, GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME [INTRODUCTION]. After the introduction, the Voice said, “This is the much you will know for now. By the time I will come back to it, everything shall be made plain. Nobody will be in doubt as to who is the one controlling this world.”
13. No matter the strength of the noise they are making, the strength of the noise is the Vatican City, a nation in a nation; anyway, let us finish with the rehearsal.
14. If you love your life, do everything you can to get reconciled to Christ and His Body before the 29th of December, for by 30th. I have heard from some of you that you will be celebrating 25 years Anniversary of this Ministry.
15. I only heard it recently. Well, I am not against it, but I am against celebrating 25 years of unbelief, 25 years of naked hypocrisy. That is what I am against.
16. I have reasons. Let me just use one instance now. I just handled it. I was talking to some Elders in the Upper Room at Nsukka. I had My reason why I booked accommodations, but the people I reserved some rooms failed themselves. I had to convert everything.
17. I had already prepared three other extra rooms and I know the people I reserved the rooms for. I do not care about their numbers. When they failed to come, having their reasons, I had no choice than to cancel those things.
18. But those that complied, they had a nice time. All of them were privileged to stay in the executive suites and this is how it will be. I know what I am saying.
19. I know where I am standing. I know whom I have chosen. I know those that are trying to force themselves in Me.
20. In fact, it was there that My wife heard a Message that made her to stay awake till half-past eleven.
21. Sister Ojiakor could not sleep. Though she was dosing, but when her handset fell down, she collected it and then widened her eyes more, for what was coming out was not something somebody will sleep over.
22. When we went to our beds, I do not think we slept. There, the testimonies continued. Sister Ojiakor exclaimed, “O! We have been believing and even preaching to others things, that are not in the Bible claiming they are there in the Bible.”
23. Bro Ojiakor’s eyes opened. Bro Collins could not utter a word. He was shivering for he was reading also.
24.  Anyone they read, I asked them, “What you are believing, is it found here?” Even your Apostles, teachers, climb the pulpit, hammering them on you, yet what they were saying is one million miles away from what we read.
25. The message was titled, AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH: MYSTERY REVEALED, for the mystery of the two generations were revealed in the Upper Room, but unfortunately, the people that were billed to be there refused to be there. Nobody should be forced. But those that were there had a nice time.
26. Soldiers were there carrying their arms, for they were burying one of their Majors that died. So they came from everywhere and flooded the place.
27. Some other people might be there, but little did they realize that God’s people were holding serious talks in one of the rooms in the Upper House.
28. They were there and God was there with His people and they knew Him not. Some went to wedding to celebrate the wedding with Bro Sam and the family.
29. Some celebrated the wedding. In short, some wedded The Son of Man. Some wedded The Son of Man both man and woman alike. I call it the Upper Room wedding.
30. Pay attention to this introduction, because there is a reason why I want to rehearse it. This is to enable Me give you the fullness of the Message any time from now. This Message went forth on January 2, 2011 and if there should be a meeting, may be The Son of Man is likely to appear again during that Meeting or He will appear January 1 or some other time.
31. The Son of Man may appear again. He may. If we wish Him to appear, He may appear, for He told Nsukka, “Meet Me there 30th December and you will hear what I have for you.”And it is not the end of the year. It is not over until it is over. Finish!
32. As I am standing here, anything can happen. I have a dream from a Brother, a Pastor. And that dream, I do not want to make it public. He should keep it to himself and the family. That’s all. It is already here. I have filed it away with My signature. Why?
33. The dream came to Me a day after the fair. He had the dream on Tuesday, 5th. Why delaying it till today? Am I living in Jericho?
34. It is in line with the hour and it is almost what is about to take place. That is where we are heading to. Be conscious of the hour you are living in. Glory be to God. Amen.

Many here do not know what we call THE SWORD. That SWORD is always there. We saw the thing: What He lifted above all of us—AN UNFAILING SIGN.
2. In short by today, I declare that SWORD restored here again, so that you know where we took off.
3. No man woke up and began to make a sword. We know how we came about all these things. Place that sword there again. I hope it is in the other place. Paste it there again from today.
4. And then, do not remove the Divine Personality in the Godhead, from where all those Supernaturals are coming out. That is the rallying point of every Elect. The reason for your suffering. The reason for your toiling day and night. The reason for taking risks.
5. We left Nsukka yesterday at about few minutes after three. In spite of the bad roads, for I had already told Brethren, “Pack everything. No matter the time the wedding will end, we are going back.”
6. Considering that we used about four hours to go to Nsukka, they were afraid as to whether we will get to Onitsha before it will be dark. Moreso, when I do not drive in the night. I told them, “Going back will be faster to Me than that one. The same road we will ply. Fear not. I will sleep in My house.”
7. This is because the tragedy I use to run away from repeated. While trying to take unnecessary precautions, they made matters worse. Who can believe it? Thatsuch a great wedding, a great feast, an event took place, The Son of Man went there, even went without food and there was food.
8. I thank God for Bro Sam. You heard Me. I said all that will happen and you were doubting Me, giving Me the impression that I will eat and that was at Nsukka also. But before your eyes, it fulfilled to the letters. Stop doubting Me. Stop doubting My Words. I know all of you.
9. I know who the devil will use to attack Me, to weaken Me. There is no Place I have evergone and had things very easy, no matter how you try.
10. Let Me tell you. The salt in that soup alone is enough to make three more pots. Not that the person did it deliberately. It was not deliberate. It was mere water.
11.  I thank God there was no conspiracy both men and women. Not even a dog tasted it, except The Son of Man, for conscience sake. Lest, whoever that prepared it might be thinking otherwise.
12. Allow Me to take care of Myself. And you saw what took place. You wanted to take care of Me. You saw where you went to. I called you back. You saw where I directed you.
13. From Onitsha, I told you to go to Barracks. Look at what I want you to look for and you got there. You saw what happened. Anything God does is very cheap. Very cheap. The money you would have spent for one room paid for more than four.
14. You wanted to go to Area Command for Police security. I stopped you. The security we had is enough to keep Anambra as a whole and we paid no kobo. Both Captain and Major, Sergeant, Corporal; All of them, heavy arms.
15. You saw them. Who brought them? Why must it be that day? If you want Me to talk, I will say, “If I required anything because I was envisaging trouble, My God had already sent His Agents, Trained Gunmen, Combatants who are combat-ready from East, West and North.”
16. And there was no other place they chose to stay than where The Son of Man is. All civilians were chased away. Fear gripped everybody, for The Son of Man was there, superlatively guided, with heavy artillery for which we paid no kobo. Fear God! Can you rescue God?
17. Our problem is talking while God is talking to you. You have missed the way. When God speaks, stop talking and listen to see if you can understand what He [God] is saying. This is because, if you listen, you will understand where He is pointing you to and to do it becomes very easy.
18. But when God is talking and you are also talking and even offering suggestions, who has ever been His counselor? Who has ever been his teacher or guide? Let us be careful Brethren.
19. Another one is over-confidence. Note it, over-confidence kills. I want some others to give the testimony, not The Son of Man.
20. An Igbo adage says that the man who killed a lion cannot be the same person that will pluck out the eyes. Yes! This is because The Son of Man became the order of the day.
21. I carefully sat down somewhere and allowed them to fill their spaces. All calls met with uncoordinated replies. I sat where I was, watching them and drinking My wine.
22. When I investigated thoroughly and discovered that nothing was moving, I selected the people that were around Me and said, “Let us change location. Let us go and fill the high table. Let Me go and bring the celebrants Myself.”
23. I became the best man. My wife, the best woman, to bring them in. The whole atmosphere was charged. That was the time I displayed that which makes Me the Big Masquerade in the midst of the Saints. I danced and danced, dancing forth and back.
24. When I brought in the celebrants, I now took the centre stage, because I have awakened the attention of the whole guests at the wedding. I now demanded for a certain tempo of the music so that you will know whether I am the Big Masquerade indeed.
25. You do not speak fish into a soup. Whoever that wins Me should become the Big Masquerade. Language changed. I became: SMOKING FIREWOOD THE 1ST. THE END OF ALL THINGS.
26. The whole place was agog with joy. If not for our destination, I would have made an indelible impression in Nsukka with the extent of My dancing steps.
27. At the end of the day, I entered My vehicle, few minutes after three and I was resting in My house at Nsugbe at exactly 5:30pm. In less than two hours thirty minutes, I was resting in My house, took My bath and settled, in spite of the bad roads. Not for Me.
28. Where the devil wanted to be funny, we slowed down. Our Brother said, “Daddy, let us watch a little.”
29. He looked forward, corked his rifle, we started seeing movements. Then we ignored the people that were making U-turn. A good number of people them.
30. We almost joined them. He said, “Let us watch them.” He made calls, then we zoomed off. No obstacles. Nothing, nothing. But going by what we saw, if we were not courageous, we would have joined them. I believe somebody deceived them into believing otherwise about those obstructions.
31. But he was intelligent. He is a trained officer. He noticed that too many vehicles had taken off. Without asking, nobody was talking, then we sped off until we got home.
32. There are testimonies to share. The wedding of weddings. The wedding of the year. Nsukka hosting The Son of Man twice in less than two or three months. It has never happened.
33. Anywhere we are having a wedding ceremony, whoever that finds Bro Loveday there should chase him away. Apostle Ugo, chase him away. They must all go away from the wedding. Do not chase Bro Collins away. He has signed a pact with Me. He has promised Me. yes, we have signed a pact.
34. But for these two people; In short, stop calling him “Apostle Ugo.” He is now “Mr. Ugo.” “Mr. Loveday.”
35. Egbema people do not do wedding. Rather, they marry many many wives. Thus, as they marry, they have their eyes on the time when their wives will be up to three or four. It can never happen again!
36. These two people, Mr. Ugo, Mr. Loveday; I hope the Pastor is paying attention! Mr. Ugo! He is not a bachelor. He is married with too many children. Mr. Ugochukwu! Mr Loveday!
37. Yes! He is now Brother Sam. He is no more Mr. Sam. He has paid his debt. One that has not presented a cow for the funeral of his father, does he attend another man’s burial with a cow? Let Me see you come and feast with us at weddings again.
38. I want to see a situation where two of you will tell Me today that you will wed here, may be 30th or 31st. No postponement. “Wait till next time”, no reach am o.
39. If you tell me it will be next week I will invite everybody here. Will it be here? Will you do it here? One after the other. No Combine business. One after the other. No combine business. Thank you. Thank you. Sit down!
40. Who will like to miss Paradise? When you miss Paradise, it then means that you have missed fellowship with The Son of Man eternally. This is because I am not only in Imo State to witness what Rochas is doing.
41. I am the Director-General of the Ministry of Happiness and Couples’ fulfillment [or Permanent Secretary]. Let his sister be the Commissioner. I am the Permanent Secretary, Coordinator of Happiness and Couples’ fulfillment.
42. We are rehearsing the Message. Off your minds from the “all work, no play.” Amen.
GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME Pg. 18 vs. 18: “You see a kingdom that is made without hands warring against a super kingdom that has everything. And with the Sword of His mouth, He made an open spectacle of the beast. Put an end to his dominion”
2. He made the whole world to know who beast really is. With the Sword of His mouth, He exposed who the beast is. BEHOLD THE MAN OF SIN.
3. REPORTS FROM THE WEBSITES as we have it today. Let us see the first 13.  I am here with the Messages they read. The Messages they read are all here.
4. As we continue, we will read more of them. To show you the attention the world is giving to the websites, nobody is joking there, because they need eternal life.
5. “ Page views by countries:”
6. CHRONICLES: “Spanning from 3rd Dec to 9th Dec. 2017 and endorsed this morning 10th Dec. 2017 by The Son of Man. Number 1, Nigeria – 6,821. Number 2, Ethiopia – 5,641”
7. Ethiopia! The only country in Africa that worships a human God. East Africa. Their God is a human being, in the sense that they have always believed that God is a Man. Remember, that was where the Ethiopian Eunuch came from and was heading to Jerusalem, for which cause God sent Philip to go and help him.
8. Thus, they know about Scriptures. For the man was on the horse reading Scriptures. God sent Philip in the name of Jesus Christ, in the New Testament to go and help the man.
9. When he got there, he [Philip] asked, “Sir, understandeth thou what thou readest?”
10.  He [the Ethiopian Eunuch] replied, “How can I understand, if no man helps me.” He [Philip] expounded the man’s understanding, until the man saw water and said, “Philip, seeing that there is water here, what hinders you from baptizing me? I have believed.”
11. Today, people will say they believe, but they stay back. But this man believed on his way to Jerusalem, and they started implementing there immediately. You cannot hear the truth and postpone believing it. Truth postponed is truth not implemented. 
12. “Number 3, Russian Federation –”
13. What? Atheist nation. I told you, they are not atheists, but the truth is that they do not believe things anyhow. It is a scientific nation. They proved all the supernatural occurrences here, they proved the Messages and they changed their minds. Look at Russia, number 3. BRIDAL CHRONICLES. You have your copies that is like album.
14. I saw a young man here, who drove in with a car. A small Camry®I do not know if it is Camry® or Toyota®. He is gone? Good! This is because I told Bro Kelechi to watch out.
15. They said somebody brought him here. Somebody Chibuzor. Na you! He is denying oo. Chibuzor Chikezie is denying. But you said Chibuzor Chikezie? Stand up! Let your Brother see you. Okay, Brother, sit down.
16. This is not the place for everybody. Unless I leave the scene now. The world will gather here. But as long as I am here, it is not for the world yet. When God leaves a place, the world will gather. Once God is still there, everybody is scared. Only a few. Only the Elects and friends of the Elects can come and settle down. The rest would not.
17. “Number 3, Russian Federation –5,253. Number 4, USA – 4,417. Number 5, Canada – 4,179. Number 6, Italy, 4,117”
18. Put your hands together!
19. “Number 7, Israel –3622.”  “Number 8, Kenya – 3362. Bulgaria – 2634. Swaziland – 2374. Number 11, Ghana – 2261. Morocco - 2261” 100% Islam. “Number 13, Jordan – 2213” Amen! 100% Islam.
20. These are areas where the Bible cannot enter, Jesus never tried it, Moses never tried it, The Son of Man is there. Yet, nobody touches him. This is because they killed My Messengers. They killed My Son.I decided to come to see things for Myself.
21. Spanning from 3rd Dec to 9th Dec. 2017 and endorsed this morning 10th Dec. 2017 by The Son of Man.
22.  PREVIEW! “USA – 5521. Nigeria – 5111.”
23. Nigeria is no longer in the lead.
24. “Number 3, UAE…” 
25. What? United Arab Emirates. Which means that the Decider of what is happening in the Middle East is in our midst. It is raging because He has not been called to the scene. But He is preparing a people who will rule that place with Him. United Arab Emirates!
26. “Number 3, UAE – 4782…”
27. Prohibited place for both Jesus, Christianity, Bible, preaching, even songs. Who are you? More than four thousand embracing the Message of The Son of Man. Have you now believed with all your heart that God, whom we serve, does not belong to church, no denomination?
28. He is the God of all flesh and with Him, nothing is impossible. The people you are against, all that do not believe in your own faith is rejected. Never.
29. What will unite us? Truth. Without Truth, all unity is false unity. Muslims will be saved. Christians will be saved. Pagans will be saved. Let Me put it that way:
30. Only on one condition: If they will believe in the revealed Christ of their day, who has the power to justify the ungodly. Their faith shall be counted unto them for their righteousness.
31. “Number 3, UAE – 4,782. Umber 4, Israel – 3321. Russia – 3,311. Singapore – 3,261. Georgia – 3,244. Number 8, Thailand – 3018. China – 3,641. Equatorial Guinea –2,610. Number 11, France – 2,317. Australia – 2, 181.”
32. Who is that person that claims he or she is being deceived? Who is deceiving you? Is it the Message that was prophesied by false prophets that it will never cross Upper-Iweka?
33. People like Mr. Ugo who came for investigation, being a Pastor in the Endtime, highly respected, revered amongst his mates because of his seriousness with the Message of the prophet. He came to verify with others. He armed himself to fight using quotes and everything.
34. At the end, he went back and declared, “Brethren, what I met is not something anybody can fight. I met something that beat the imaginations of everybody. Better follow me. Let us go and see it again. As for me, No! A sensible man cannot fight the Truth orinitiate a battle you know you cannot win.”
35. He said, “What weapon are you going to use?” Pastor Promise said, “Are you sure?”
36. He said, “Come. Bring more people. Let us go. Come and see with your eyes and hear with your ears. They said He was contradicting the prophet, but we noticed He is the only believer of the prophet and in Him, the prophecies are fulfilled.” This is because, when you believe, there is going to be a performance of that which is promised.
37. Bro Ben died so many times because of it and resurrected many times. When there was nothing at Obosima, we were at Ohuba, He [God] said, “Stop struggling. The Church is not at Ohuba. I am taking off. The Church is at Obosima. Do not ask Me how it will happen.
38. “An End-timer that is well respected, whom you do not know will believe this Faith. Announce it in Obosima. His church will divide. Elects will remain.”
39. In less than three months, a man came to Me with him, introducing himself as an ancient Pastor in the Endtime, by name Columbus, who became one of the earliest Bishops. He verified the Truth, went back and preached in his church, the church divided.
40. He said to Emma, “Carry your group. Go! As for me, this one, whether He is from Mbaise or He is an Arab, I am not after. As long as these Truths are vindicated, that is where I will pitch my tent. His place of origin means nothing.”
41. Can anything good come out from Jerusalem? From Bethlehem? From Middle East? No! Emma took that group [a faction] away. Columbus and the remnants stayed.
42. Before your eyes, that prophecy, “The Church will not be at Ohuba.” The Church was confirmed at Obosima. He said, “Stop wasting your time in Ohuba. The Church is at Obosima.” 1993! When we were using Obadiah’s Park, where I fell down with My Bible and wounded Myself.
43. I said, “No, this is not the venue. This is not the venue.” For they have already beautified their Fellowship centre. Very nice place. The best of all. Stepping in there, “No!” Instead of entering, I fell down and wounded My knees. My Bible went into the air. I stood alone, watched and said, “No No-No! It is not here. It is Obosima.”
44. And I never knew any place called Obosima that time. It is just like, “It must be Church at Nkpor” when there was nothing called Church at Nkpor. Before we knew it, by the Spoken Word, something that has never existed came into existence.
45. The Lord God Almighty can, because of you, establish a Fellowship in a place where there should not be a Fellowship to have a meeting point with you.
46. As I am talking, you think I am playing. Because of one family, I refused to close Nsukka. Because of one family or two, I reopened Enugu.
47. For Umuahia, it never existed, though they were trying, making efforts, but there was nothing in Me suggesting that it could be a place of Fellowship.
48. Pageviews by countries: Number 1 is Netherlands, that is Holland –4,652…”
49. Number 1 is what? Netherlands. What? Netherlands. Holland! Number 1!
50. The Message has gone to the uttermost part of the world. It is the everlasting Gospel that was promised to encircle the whole earth. And God said it will start from Amazu as a mustard seed.
52. “Netherlands –4,652. USA – 4,563. Nigeria – 4,521. Israel – 4,315. Germany – 4,157. Ukraine – 4,120. South Africa – 3,854. Russia – 3,671. Indonesia – 3,517. Romania – 3,247. South Korea – 3,162. Brazil – 3,142.”
53. Total (Chronicles): COUNTRIES 72, VIEWERS 80,908.Grand total (Bride of Christ & Preview): COUNTRIES 218, VIEWERS 259,064.
54. In one week! Continue to doubt and I will continue to move. 
55. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME Verse 22 and 24: “……“The Son of Man that came from the Cloud to put an end to the reign and throne of the Fourth Kingdom, which Daniel saw, was that Jesus Christ? If that was Jesus Christ, why are we still dominated?
56. Why is the beast still in control even till this very hour? Then, if Jesus was Son of Man, who then was the One that was revealed to John in the Island of Patmos when Jesus had come and gone? Could it be that same Jesus?”
57. “…What is He doing? God is using His Word to create enmity in the hearts of His children against all forms of Romanism wherever they are found, against anything that is antichrist sign or symptom.”
58. Verse 35: “When I entered the vehicle, my mind was still fixed on the young man. I remembered the shouts he made the day Abagana was judged in the night. He was in his room and he said, “Abagana brethren, we are in trouble! God has spoken and He cannot reverse it.””
59. Bro Chimee was there.“I really thank God for what He is doing in our midst. He that started the good works in us has taken us thus far…”
60. “….and where we are now and the Promised Land is a little distance away….” Amen.

GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME Verse 37: “WORSHIPPING GOD IS A MATTER OF CHOICE: Brother Shadrach, I asked you a question and you thought I was kidding and the question is back in Me again. Will Lot’s wife manifest in your house again in the year 2011?
2. You said no, that that one had been taken good care of in the year 2010. Note your word. This is a new year, the year 2011. We do not know how long we are going to stay here on Earth. We do not know whether it will be one day, two days or more than.
3. Bro Shed, I hope you are paying attention. Remember My discussion with you about two days ago or three when you came to Me in your house. Have you forgotten? Remember you were the one that said that time, you were sure and certain that Lot’s wife must manifest in your house.
4. Look at the reminder. After many years, three days ago, you came to My house. You know what you told Me. 
5. “Sister Shadrach, shedding tears in your eyes is not what is needed. Nobody is forced to worship God. Worshiping God is a matter of choice. If the choice of God your husband has made does not agree with your own, you have no right to continue with him anyhow.  The highest thing you can do is to say no to that God. When you say no to that God because you are an unbeliever, the unbelieving partner can now depart.”
6. “Verse 45 - 46: “I remember what you told us that you predicted that Lot’s wife would manifest in your house. Brother Victor, you were my witness; and Lot’s wife actually manifested. Many people were there.
7. I recorded it that day; and today, I asked you the question; you answered it publicly. If what you said is truth, it then means that you are using cane. You can only take a horse to the river but there is no amount of flogging that can cause that horse to drink water.
8. You should not show any interest unless you are concerned, but the worst thing that will happen to you this day is if you give us the impression that your wife is an unbeliever and by the end of it all, we begin to see your wife as a believer and you as the very unbeliever.
9. “Pg. 36 Verse 59 – 60 ……The moment you are a seed of God, and it has come to you by revelation that you proceeded from God before the world began; and your name was there before the world began, nothing gives you joy more than fellowship.
10. Staying away from fellowship keeps you restless. You will never feel you are alive until you have seen somebody who will tell you what happened in the fellowship.
11. As long as you have not heard the testimony of how the fellowship went, you will remain restless. You will be running from one Brother to another; not for food or drink. No! You want to hook up.
12. However, one who is not a seed of God, even if he stays away from fellowship for one million days, it makes no meaning to him or her……”
13. Today, not another day, even now, Sister Okoh is restored. Sister Chika Onyema, restored. Sister Pascal, restored. Their husbands will remain excommunicated.
14. “However, one who is not a seed of God, even if he stays away from fellowship for one million days, it makes no meaning to him or her…”
15. And it has come to My knowledge, note it. I want everybody to go home, man and woman, every family, go and do a thorough work in your family. Check from Genesis to Revelation. Women have served God more than men. Women are more loyal to God, more faithful to God than men.
16. Men are using their positions to hinder women from worshipping God, according to the revelation they have. This is because they [men] tie salvation to marriage, which God did not do. Men tie salvation to marriage, thereby frustrating their wives. Go and check very well to see what is causing problems in their homes.
17. It is worshipping God according to the desire of their hearts. And their husbands who are hypocrites, eye service men, not willing to work, but they hinder them as authorities.
18. You see why God made a provided way. And the Message has come out, titled: I HAVE NOT COME TO BRING PEACE UPON THE EARTH. And I am watching to see where we are landing from now.
19. A lot of women have revelations, right revelations on how they will serve God, but their husbands are the problems, for they claim they are the head. If you are the head over your wife, Christ is the head over you. If Christ is head over you, Christ is the overall head, over you and your wife.
20. Why then making regulations and stipulations that run contrary to the truth, to the Faith. I have told you, I am not tampering with your marriages.
21. Marry according to what you have in your minds, because with money, your husbands married you, but with money you cannot get eternal life.
22. You are married according to your village traditions, customs and so on. You can never use them to obtain eternal life. The choice is now yours. Thank you.I said it for many reasons.
23. If you believe that you are a man that married, My wife is here. My children are here. Woe is Me if I should stand on her way to express her faith in Christ. Woe is Me if I stand on the way of My children to express their faith in Christ. What am I then? Who am I serving?
24. And I have told you, check for yourselves: Is there any way a woman can come all out to obey the Word of God revealed to her by revelation without living in peace with the husband, unless the husband is a devil who can never be pleased.
25. If I belong to God, My wife belongs to God, My desire is her desire. Where I am heading to is where she is heading to. The same is applicable to our children.
26. No controversy between Noah and his family. No controversy between Abraham and Sarah, however, there was a controversy between Lot and the wife. There was a controversy between Ahab and Jezebel, for Ahab was a son of God, but Jezebel was a daughter of Ethbaal. Anywhere there is controversy, look into it.
27. Like today, Bro Goddy is in the family of God. All his children, in the family of God, including his first son and his first daughter. All of them joined together to condemn the attitude of his wife, Ngozi. God condemned it, gave Ngozi time to repent.
28. Instead, she changed her phone line, packed away, ran away. Wherever she is, Sister UK Nwanga, I will hold you guilty until you reveal it. This is because these are the two I know that move together.
29. If you do not know where she is, you do not have the phone you can use to reach her, nobody knows her business site, the husband has spoken to us this morning. The voice of her husband and those of all her children, the voice is one.
30. You do not know where she is? You do not even have her phone number. [Sister UK Nwanga said she does not have her phone number, neither does she know her whereabouts.] Okay, thank you. Sit down. She has exonerated herself.
31. Bro Goddy take note. Sister is not guilty. She does not know her whereabouts. If they were friends, that na before. You cannot destroy a man or a woman for offence he or she never committed. It is injustice.
32. I have told you what you will do. The earlier you do it, the better. Joe is here. You see Joe. You see John Ekwueme. That is where you start it, together with all your children. Take them to Orlu. Declare your stand. Come back with your children. What the law would have charged you some money to effect has effected itself. Finish! No lawyer is needed again. 
33. This is because when a woman runs away from her matrimonial home without the husband pushing her away, no apology. No court. It is all over. You only go there and tell them, the situation so that if she dies, nobody will come to you.
34. And I want to say it to those who know the nature of her problem. I mean, her health. Remember it is something The Son of Man has been holding: That her set are no more, worldwide. Not even one.
35. It is only in this Bridal Faith that I vowed a vow, “If that dreaded sickness ever kills anybody here, look at the reason why that person will die. He or she has violated My laws. And has become injurious, not only to us but to other people. For that, the person is not worthy to live.”
36. But as long as the person is walking in agreement with Me, I know the hands I am using to hold that thing. So, when you finish, let Me know. Then, I will let her loose and remove My hand.
37. Pg. 37 verse 61“However, one who is not a seed of God, even if he stays away from fellowship for one million days, it makes no meaning to him or her. He will even prefer that time, for he prefers the pleasures in the world to worshiping God.” Pure Truth!
38. Pg. 39 vs. 66 “……..You were there outside feeling the influence of God, but we were inside the fellowship in His Presence. Nevertheless, you should have squeezed yourselves inside anyhow for nobody can be saved outside the Ark.”
39. ” If you are not in the Ark, you are not in the Ark.
40. Pg. 40 vs. 67 – 68“I paused and continued again, “Revival outside the Ark is not a good revival. No matter how hot the Ark is, jump inside it anyhow. Find your way inside anyhow.” She said that they were cooking for us. I said, “But nobody has ever been saved through cooking.
41. Remember the good man of the house; he provided the house, provided cooking materials, but he was not a part of the food. So, choose the good path, for Martha chose to cook and serve the Lord, while Mary chose to sit down at the Lord’s feet.”
42. Making the right choice. Choosing the good path.
43. Pg. 41 vs. 71 “I remember Friday night, during the ministers’ meeting, during the midnight romance with The Son of Man, the revealed Christ together with the ministers.
44. It got to a point when almost all the ministers were standing up and they were pulling closer and closer, until they blocked everywhere and I continued drawing back. They continued following because the Word was pulling them along, which is the Super Magnet. It cannot magnet a plastic.”
45. Pure Truth!
46. Pg. 44 vs. 1, 3 & 4:“Mama Chigozie, you welcome to the fellowship of the Saints in Jerusalem….”Orlu!“…….She came with more than one million demons. Human beings saw what came out of her body.
47. She struggled. She wanted to collect it. I dived and then collected it. Then she fainted. I seized that thing that fell of and that was the end. That time she was mad with many evil spirits. It is just like late Sister Elizabeth Eze and Sister Elizabeth Nnachor….”
48. And also the wife of late Deacon Joshua Akpe whose legs I touched under anointing. The following day, the leg was ripped open. Black blood like palm kernel oil started from the market to flow out from her leg.
49. She ran to the nearest family of late Bro Ferdinand Uzoma to wash it. The more they were washing it, the more the thing was flowing out. She ran home with Okada. Immediately red blood came out, the thing sealed.
50. And that was how the poison that entered her body before she got married and that has been troubling her, often paralyzed her, that was how God got rid of the poison from the system.
51. What brought Igwe Amobi to this Fellowship? Was it not the spiritual operation God did to the cancerous breast of the wife?
52. Mere touch on the breast, He said, “Let nobody ever touch it again. You will see what will come out.” She went to bed. Before morning, blood and pus filled the bed. The following day, the husband rushed here.
53. Do we have the wife of late Deacon Paul Agubalu here? Is she here? Yes! Look at another picture. She was poisoned. All eyes saw the leg, heavily swollen, pure red. The well know rapidly spreading type of putrefying sores. And we were wondering what would happen to her.
54. There was no medicine. It became her turn. The Son of Man touched the whole of her leg and commanded them to go. That was the end of the story.
55. The other one, He [God] allowed the whole world to see. That of the wife of Igwe Amobi. I hope she is here. Look at her. Both Abba, Ogidi, all of you. You were seeing the bone. God allowed the thing to remain like that. She was smelling. Igwe Amobi could not bear the thing. A horrible sight. I refused to go. I told them to keep quiet that she will walk with her legs. The whole thing will heal.
56. I said that any day it will heal, I will show you the person that poisoned the woman. The man will get his own and he will die. The day Sister walked, that man contacted the poison he prepared. In less than one week, he died in front of their house. Sit down.
57. And that is his [Igwe Amobi’s] uncle. I said that I would not tell him the person that is responsible for the thing, but he will see the person with his own eyes. Look at what is going to happen.
58. It is just like Bro Ojiakor who was standing at the verge of entering his grave. I told everybody here, “Bro Ojiakor, do not go to Umuoji again”, for he wanted to go. “The battle is not yours. I will return it to him. No matter the news you will hear from now, do not go, unless I instruct you to go.”
59. What happened? He that carried it received the thing in return in less than one week. That was all.
60. We better begin now to think about ourselves, not about the Son of Man. Do not think about Me. What are you going to think about Me?Tell Me what you are going to think about Me. No. Nothing. Think about yourself.
61. God gave the days of Noah120 years to mend their ways. How many years has God given you? You think He will give you a hundred and twenty. As at that time, Noah was 600 years. Can you clock 600 today?
62. From the time of David, it narrowed down to 70. If there will be any grace, you can go beyond 70, but with sicknesses. So, God will not give you 120 when He never allotted 120 to The Son of Man. Will you be older than Me. You dey craze. Amen.

3. Living Bible translation. Isaiah 55: 6-7: Why must it take Bro Ojiakor to rush there? You are all drones. Bro Ojiakor, go back to the pulpit.
4. “Seek the Lord while you can find Him. Call upon Him now while He is near. Let men cast off their wicked deeds;…”
5. Let men and women cast off their wicked deeds.
6. “Let them banish from their minds the very thought of doing wrong!”
7. Let them do what?
8. “Let them banish from their minds the very thought of doing wrong!”
9. Do what? Banish from their minds the thought of doing wrong.
10. “Let them turn to the Lord that He may have mercy upon them and to our God for He will abundantly pardon!”
11. Proverbs 28:13. As many as are looking for second chance.
12. “A man who refuses to admit his mistakes can never be successful.”
13. A man or a woman that refuses to admit his or her mistakes can never never be successful.
14. “But if he confesses and forsakes them, he gets another chance.”
15. If he confesses and forsakes them, he gets another chance.
16. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME, Pg. 46 vs. 6 – 8:“Mama Chigozie, may you be saved in Him eternally. Look at Sister Joshua. We were sharing her testimony recently. I told the Elders that her name is contained in the Great Sermon [And Holy Spirit Inspired Epistles].
17. Everybody can see why the devil wanted to destroy her in the beginning. The gift of God in anybody finds its own way. It has become clear that this is the gift of God; it is no longer make-up.
18. Nobody is in doubt as to whether this is a gift of God or not. If she will forget everything, she will never forget the day My Holy hand pricked her leg…”
19. The same thing I was saying here as if I read this Message. 2011 Message!
20. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME, Pg. 48 vs. 10 – 11: “Do you know one amazing thing? No red blood came out: it was only black blood. That had been the poison that had been in her right from Kaduna, from the day she got married.
21. She carried the poison in her body and had her children who are now grown-ups. The thing continued taking money from her and her husband. However, the day anointing was going on in the Camp, the LORD said, ‘That is the end.’”
22. She now turned to be an ungrateful person who turned her back to the very Source of favour.
23. Verse 12: “These are personal experiences. Sustained by My personal experiences. Somebody can attribute it to the devil, but she knows that it is not the devil. Even if it is the devil, I like this devil that can save life.”
24. Ezema! I like this devil that can save life. That is the testimony from Ohebe-Dim when I visited your family and saw your father. What happened at Nsukka yesterday was a shocker. I saw your brother who was lying down in the bush when he got tired as their vehicle spoilt.
25. While in the bush, a 911 truck lost control and ran across him. He came to Me at Nsukka. I could not recognize him anymore.
26. I said, “Man, who are you?” This was because of the way he came and humbled himself before Me. He said, “I am Ezema’s brother.” And he mentioned his name.
27.  I then asked him, “Were you the one whose intestines even came out?” He said, “I am the one.” I turned to the people around Me and began to share the testimony. He was looking bigger and better than Ezema. This young man, his intestines came out.
28. Can you imagine one that is sleeping for he was tired in the bush? From nowhere, 911 lost control and ran across him. He was taken to orthopedic, everywhere and finally he was rested at My feet.
29. Not a single bone was lost. No part of his intestine was cut. God knit everything back. He presented himself to Me yesterday. I had a lot of people there, even Sister Umezulike.
30. You were around with your sister. You saw him standing before Me just to present himself. Somebody lying down in the bush, 911 ran across him as he was sleeping. Well, to God be the Glory.
31. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME, Pg. 54 vs. 7 – 8:“you know, when somebody is condemned and awaiting execution, no type of food presented to him gives him joy, for he knows that one day, it will be over. He that believes not is condemned already. Yes! For judgment of God appears. No more. No less.
32. If you do not believe, you are condemned, but if you believe, you believe to the saving of your soul. Please, do not allow anybody to put you on voicemail….” What? “Please, do not allow anybody to put you on voicemail….”
33. To take away the joy of your salvation or hinder you from worshipping God according to the revelation you have for Him, for you came into this world alone. Nobody came here with husband or wife.
34. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME, Pg. 55 vs. 9: “When I saw the woman on Thursday, which was 30th December 2010, she was hale and hearty. The people at home said that after cooking, the woman took her bath. In the presence if her husband, she slumped down and died.
35. She was a very beautiful woman. In fact, I looked up and looked down, left and right, when the news was made known to Me and I said one thing. “So this woman is lost eternally.”
36. Yes! She saw the Kingdom, but could not avail herself of the opportunity, for we were all living together.
37. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME, Pg. 61 vs. 22 “If it is a place where a human being could be dropped and he dies, it would not be a fearful place. No prophet of God ever painted the picture of hellfire as a pleasurable place.
38. Prophet Isaiah said that because of unbelief and idolatry perpetrated by a woman, that hellfire has been expanded.
39. All the denominations are helping in expanding hellfire. They are building more churches to accommodate more people.
40. Jesus said that they will go to all length to make converts and when they make a convert, they make that person more a candidate of hellfire than before…..” Brethren, is it a lie?
41. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME, Pg. 63 vs. 27 – 28:“I had an experience recently. After one of our wonderful Fellowships in Jerusalem, that was precisely the day Deacon Vin told Me his own experience, where we gathered and something was happening. Before he knew it something took place.
42. He started wondering, “So what Daddy has been telling us has happened. We have put on immortality”, but not everybody.
43. He did not say that he saw everybody. At least, he was very much concerned about himself, that he was transformed and he said it was by the Spoken Word….”
44. Jesus even said it. You are clean, but not all of you. I have made you clean by my word, but not all of you. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Ame.

GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME, Pg. 67 vs. 37 “Brethren, rejoice in Him exceedingly. Rejoice in Him, O Heavens, for God our maker has defeated the fourth beast. He has snatched the power from him completely. You have completely escaped if you have been following strictly, spiritually up to this very moment…..”
2. And you know He has established His Throne in Italy which is, in time past, was not mentioned. The throne of God, established in Italy. Who has ever mentioned it? Nobody.
3. For the first time, Italy has embraced doctrines that run contrary to Roman Catholic dogmas; embraced a Man that has appeared in the name of the LORD, outside the pope; Acknowledging Him to be the Messiah that has come and favouring some people somewhere.
4. “Brethren, rejoice in Him exceedingly. Rejoice in Him, O Heavens, for God our maker has defeated the fourth beast. He has snatched the power from him completely. You have completely escaped if you have been following strictly, spiritually up to this very moment…..”
5. Only God alone will reveal to you as an individual, the extent of investigations, nations, individuals, presidents of countries have carried out on The Son of Man before they allowed their countries to subscribe to The Son of Man in thousands. Instead of arresting Him or commanding Him to close His mouth, you see all of them now rushing to Him.
6. “….If by now, you have not been justified in the spirit, relax and rest. If you have not been justified in the spirit, if by now there is something suggesting to you that you may abandon this Faith today or tomorrow, relax and rest.”
7. You are lost to eternity. You are completely lost.
8. Verse 38: “If it becomes too much, I will leave the Faith for you and go my way!”
9. The person bragging. Your wife threatening you or you threatening your wife or your children or your Ministers.
10. Yes! You can threaten your Ministers. “If you continue to harass me this way, I will abandon this Faith for you.” Yes!
11. If this spirit is operating in you, you may not voice it out. You may be nursing it in your heart as a feeling. Better vacate and stop deceiving yourself.
12. Let Me tell you what is happening now. I love you. I know those I hate and I know why I hate them. They equally know that I hate them. They know why I hate them.
13. Any day The Son of Man begins to approve for you, things that run contrary to Teachings, that will make you to compete with the world, The Son of Man has already rejected you. He has started giving you your heart’s desire.
14. Any day I begin to give you authority to absent yourself from the Fellowship of the Saints or to do something I know that is against the doctrines of Christ that we have received, which God has confirmed to be true, and you begin to rejoice, “Daddy has approved it. I told Him. He approved it”, He has already discarded you.
15. When God discards a man or a woman, He begins to dance to the tunes of the person’s desires.
16. That is why, if you are in the hand of God and you come before a man of God, you bind Him with an oath to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.
17. But where He discerns that you are making a mockery of His Words, He will be dancing to your tune.
18. If you want to go to Jericho, He will approve it. You want to go to Zakibiam, Zungeruwa, Tarkum, He will approve it. Even if you want to kill to make money, he will say, “Good! Go ahead.”
19. But you notice that in return, when you come to present your offering, He will say, No! That He does not want it. That He has no need of it. A sure sign that He has already concluded your case.
20. Elders! You know such a case. He said, “Pray for Me.” I said, “For what?” You come with your offering, your big thanksgiving. He will say, “No NoNo! I do not want it.”
21.  You buy your house, build your house and you tell Him to come and dedicate it, He will say, “No! I do not come to such places.”
22. “I bought a new car. Can you please lay hand on it?”
23. He will tell you, “Do not disgrace yourself. I have no hand in it.”
24. And to confirm it, I will expose the whole thing so that the world will know that I have no hand there, but I gave him the desire of his heart.
25. Let us see the reason why God confirmed Noah. Genesis Chapter 6 verse 8 in Living Bible translation and Amplified: “But Noah was a pleasure to the Lord…” What?
26. . If you have believed this Faith and believed what you are reading, are you a pleasure to Me?
27. Can I look at you and say you are My beloved son in whom I am well pleased? Or am I reserving you as object of wrath, using your services that I may destroy you in the end?
28. Living Bible:“But Noah was a pleasure to the Lord. Here is the story of Noah. He was the only truly righteous man living on earth that time.”
29. HE WAS THE ONLY TRULY RIGHTEOUS MAN LIVING ON EARTH THAT TIME. He tried always to conduct his affairs according to the will of God.
30. “He was the only truly righteous man living on earth that time. He tried always to conduct his affairs according to God’s will. And he had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Meanwhile, the crime rate was rising rapidly across the earth”
31. The crime rate was rising rapidly across the earth, yet, he was found faithful
32. Amplified: “But Noah found grace (favour) in the eyes of the Lord. This is the history of the generations of Noah. Noah was a just and righteous man, blameless in his [evil] generation;…..” What? “…blameless in his [evil] generation;”
33. Blameless in his evil generation. Evil, in the sense that there was rising crime rate as we have it in out day. Remember the Message in the Upper Room.
35. Mystery revealed! This is because, if you do not know what happened in those days, you would not know what to expect now that The Son of Man has finally been revealed. And He is in your midst. Expecting contrary means finding yourself out of the way of the prophecy.
37. At a time when there will be rising increase, astronomical increase in crime rate. That is the time I am here. At a time when there will be population explosion, I am here. I came according to prophecy. Abi na lie?
38. If you do not know what happened, for which cause the warning went forth, now that I have finally arrived, you must miss it, miss the essence of My coming in your own day. You may play church around Me and perish, play smartness around Me and perish. Yes!
39. Unbelievers planning thanksgiving. Not thanksgiving. They said celebration. I called them unbelievers.
40. Pastor Thomas, are you not unbelievers. Come closer. Let them see you. You are a Pastor in Jerusalem. Going by what you handle every Sunday, are you not unbelievers? [We are sir, Pastor Thomas answered] Good!
41. A Fellowship venue that says they are worshiping God and we have never collected more than N1,300 from them as offering every week. Some, six hundred and something naira. Big Fellowships!
42.  Every Sunday, they gather here to exchange money. Ten ten naira, Five five naira and so on. Here! I thank God I do not touch it. He handles all these things. I have My reason why I do not allow your money to come near Me. I have My reasons.
43. If you say you want to give Me money pay it into that account there. It is private. It is personal. From there, I can give him instruction on what to do. Or you pay it into the Missionary Account. Do not pay it into My Account, except the few people under the Scholarship arrangement and I have instructed them where the money should go. I have My reasons.
44. When I heard about this eating and drinking, I told you, “Now you will know the people outside the Faith of Christ.”
45. You earmarked about N1.2million or N2million you will use. No problem. This money will be raised within one month. Watch people that are operating outside this Faith.
46.  A Local Assembly that has never given us even N10,000 for Publication or for Missionary work can give us N500,000 for eating and drinking. Is it happening?
47.  The poorest among them even sent N50,000 recently, when they have not sent N5,000 for the first time. Those that could not give a dime even when their fellow Brethren died, they have given up to N200,000 for eating and drinking.
48. Instead of calling Me to know what we are doing, the call I receive is, “How many days are we going to stay at the Camp Meeting?” Some have started even telling Me their programmes. How they will travel and finally they will land here on the 25th and then remain for the “Camp Meeting”. Some said they will arrive 28th and remain until the “Camp Meeting” is over.
49. Who is planning Camp Meeting? Let the organizers of the ceremony begin now to tell your fellow Brethren what you are planning. If you are planning for a Camp Meeting, I do not know.
50. If you are planning for Anniversary, nobody has ever approached Me for it. I do not know the local content.  Neither do I know the international content. Thank you.
51. A gathering of the heathen. Gathering of unbelievers. Feast of Baal. Let Me ask. Do you have a committee that is handling it? I am asking everybody. [No committee yet, Apostle Ojiakor answered] Thank you.
52. This is because I am asking in the air, for I am hearing with the hearing of the ears. To Me, it is a rumour.
53. Yes! To Me, it is like I heard that Brother Mode is coming to marry somebody in Onitsha. It is a rumour.
54. Nobody has ever come to that and I can never subscribe to marriage in the air. Otherwise, I will go to Malaysia. Malaisia. Malaise means bad. Malaise means sickness. Malady. Yes!
55. Malaysia is a noun coined out from malaise [adjective], which was derived from malady. We will be breaking it anyhow.
56. Why is it that whenever mention is made concerning eating and drinking, merriment, everybody becomes Rochas Okorocha? Rochas Okorocha! The wife and the Commissioner, the sister, seconded by the Governor of Cross-River who loves eating and drinking.
57.  Then number three is the Governor of Anambra State. Governor Happiness! This is quite true now. He does not hide it. Anyway, let me reserve My comments, because it is a rumour.
58. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME Pg. 68 vs. 38: “…Do you know My joy? The last excommunication is hellfire; it is not excommunication where you go out and come back. You will go out and not come back again….” Amen!
59. Verse 39: “You may be thinking that God is frightening us. God is not frightening us. He is telling us the whole truth….”
60. God is not frightening anybody. If you think that God is frightening you using hellfire, you are a fool of all fools.
61. What can you say about the prophets of old, even the Lord Jesus? Who amongst them feigned ignorance of the truth about hellfire? Not even one.
62.  This is because when any man is on his way to perdition, because the devil has deluded his mind, he begins to see God from another dimension.
63. My greatest joy now is that God goes ahead of all of us. He now stops us before we can constitute obstacle for Him. Yes! He kills malaria before malaria will attack Him.
64. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME Pg. 69 vs. 39: “…The highest thing you can do is to demonstrate against the Truth. No more. No less. Talk of repenting, no way. For the wicked will continue to do wickedly and the godly will continue to do godly…” People will continue to demonstrate against the truth, but they will not repent again.
65. Note it and know where you belong to: Whether you are demonstrating against the Truth or you are a part of the Truth. Can a man carry out demonstration against himself? If you are Truth, can you demonstrate against Truth?
66. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME Pg. 69 vs. 40 – 41: “God said that the worst mistake is the mistake one will make at the dying minute, when there will be no room for correction. I have never seen one that died because of starvation. Rather, I have seen many people that died because of what they ate.
67. As a result, starvation does not kill, but can only make you to develop a big head and a small neck. However, you will not die. But you may die because of what you have eaten. Instead of being killed by what I eat, I better go hungry and stay alive.
69. I believe God. I believe the Scriptures. I believe the Prophets that a day is coming very swiftly, when we shall gather in the Fellowship of the Saints and we will never go home again”
70. And this was the dream that was presented to Me today, where it took place. And nobody had that dream but a Pastor in this Faith, drawn from Onitsha Fellowship. Bye!
71. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME Pg. 70 vs. 42: “A day is coming, when God’s children will gather in worship of His Majesty, presenting themselves to Him in worship, in praise, in thanksgiving,…..” Doing what? Presenting themselves to Him in worship. “…and they will go home with Him eternally.”
72. GOD’S PROPHECIES ARE TIED TO TIME Pg. 73 vs. 48 – 49: “…We must speak the Truth in love. We have one spirit. If there be anyone in our midst that has another spirit, the Word of God will surely reveal it. Yes! The sin of the person must surely find him out because God said that iniquity can never hide in the Congregation of the children of God…..
73. .....If you are a seed of God, an Elect according to His own purpose, there is something you will notice around yourself. No matter how pretty you look, you appear very light.
74. No matter your weight, you appear light, because what makes your weight light or heavy is in your heart….”Yes sir!
75. “…If your heart is not pure, your weight will be very heavy. And you know that a living human being does not have weight.”This is pure Truth!
76.  “A dead man has weight.” This is pure Truth!
77. “Watch how you behave when your heart is not right with God and with yourself….” The steps will be shaking the ground. The ground will be vibrating because of the weight. For the heart is not right with God and it is not right with his fellow man. The weight increases.
78. “Watch how you behave when your heart is not right with God and with yourself. You know that if you are a seed of God, once your heart is not right with God, your heart will not be right with yourself alsoand you will be restless. However, the moment it is settled, you become cotton wool.” That is pure Truth!
79. Verse 55:“Brethren, if you are still heavy in the hand of God up till this time,….”
80. You are lost.
81. “Those that are completely cleansed, they feel sad when they see anybody manifesting unbelief, for they do not know why the person cannot believe….”
82. That’s Truth! And what the person does not want to believe.
83. This is because the person does not want to tell us his own version. If God has used you to replace The Son of Man, come and declare. We went to bury the dead at Akokwa. All the knights of saint Christopher and saint Paul gathered, wearing red and everything, with everybody carrying staff.
84. Their leader said that the staff they were carrying was a representation of the staff of Moses.
85. I turned to Apostle Kelechi and said, “How many are carrying Moses’ staff? Which means Moses multiplied, the staff equally multiplied.”
86. When Moses died, the Lord killed Moses. The Lord carried Moses and carried the staff. Anywhere Moses was buried, nobody knew.
87.  The Lord took the staff to Himself, not until He appointed Joshua. The Lord appeared before Joshua and handed over the staff to him. We call it staff of office. Staff of office. With that same staff, Joshua parted River Jordan.
88. Elijah had a mantle. When he vanished, the Lord collected the mantle and handed it over to Elisha. With it Elisha parted the sea, healed the sick and did everything. I can trace all of them and where they ended. The two staff.
89. Elisha’s staff was John the Baptist’s staff. Elisha’s staff was Elijah’s staff, not another. It was the one John the Baptist collected and it ended with Branham. Am I making sense?
90. Moses staff was handed over to Jesus Christ. The staff of Jesus Christ is in the hand of The Son of Man, for two of them came with the same Scriptural Commission doing the same work, spear-heading Exodus. The Son of Man is spear-heading the Last Exodus, which is the third Exodus.  
91. Until we finish with this Message, the introductory part, you would not hear about what is ahead of you again.
92. But I promise to be in your midst every first day of the week. You want to see Me live and be acquainted with Me, come down here.
93. You want to worship under My influence, stay where you are. Jerusalem is My Home and can never be moved.
94. On this note, I say, bye for today. Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally, Remain blessed. Amen.