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Remain blessed brethren. There is one thing I want you to understand about this life and your relationship with God and the Devil. Once you have a relationship with God, truly
speaking, if you are not careful, you may have a relationship with the Devil at the same time.
2.           Brother Joe Onuoha you have been in this fellowship for some time now. I do not need to fool you, you are the one fooling yourself. The Son of Man cannot save anybody into believing that he is saved when you are in the region of the lost.
3.           The only way you can know the mind of God concerning yourself is by paying attention to His word. When the word goes forth from the mouth of the Person He has chosen, find your position there. The way God is seeing you, whatever you are to God, you must hear it from His mouth.
4.           In every dispensation, God must have a mouthpiece believe it if you can. I am not here to harass or intimidate anybody. If I should do that, what is my profit? Are you feeding me? Am I feeding you? What do you thinking you are doing for me? What do you think I am gaining by your gathering here?
5.           Tell me what you think I am gaining and I will tell you what I am losing. I am even losing my life, I am even losing my liberty, I am losing everything to make sure you are saved. For your sake I have made myself poor that you might become the riches of Christ revealed in your day
6.           If you doubt me go to Grace of God Mission, Paul Nwachukwu has nothing. For one week now they have been there for their national convention because he is saying what the world delights in. the whole world is there.
7.           If he needs money, I want to tell you that fifty naira from everybody that is there for one week will give this man not less than one billion naira. More so when he collects tithe, he breaks curses, he breaks covenant, all for payment. He does consultations, all for a pay. He prophecies, he sees visions, he sees dreams, he interprets, all to get money. So it is to others.
8.           At the end of the one week international convention, this man will make over a billion naira. Why won’t he have his own university, secondary school and others everywhere? So it is to others.
9.           What have I to offer to the world? Absolutely nothing but Eternal Life for that cause I am sent. For there unto I am ordained, separated from my mother’s womb for the preaching of the Gospel of Eternal Life.  Only those that are desirous of Eternal Life will come to me, the rest will never.
10.        Thus, if you are coming to me because of miracles, you are coming to me because of signs and wonders, to enrich yourself, to become a big man in the world, please get out from this Faith. From the beginning I have sounded this alarm.
11.        Have I ever fooled your ears into believing that I am sent to come and make you rich? You said No sir! I was sent and I am sent and I will still be here even to impoverish you.
12.        Yes! How do I impoverish you? By disarming you of all the things of the world that will hinder you from possessing Eternal Life. That is why I said let the wicked change from his wicked ways, the fraudulent change, the unrighteous change, the criminal, change. All those illegal and criminal ways of acquiring worldly wealth, The Son of Man is stamping them out.
13.        If I am desirous of that illegal wealth, I will be promoting it, I will be praying for drug addicts, drug peddlers, I will be praying for 419 people (fraudsters) here, I will be praying for every kind of criminal to go and have success so that in the end they will flood my cottage with all kinds of vehicles.
14.        Cases abound including that man where people parked jeep of all sorts with all the particulars inside the vehicle and sent to the GS. Who has ever done it in this most holy faith? Even if you do it, you know I will not accept it.
15.        Instead of accepting it, I will query the source: “Tell me how you came about it.” Yes! As long as I live and the Lord liveth I can never enjoy wages of unrighteousness. Never, never!
16.        I have turned down your gifts as poor as you are. I have queried your gifts, turned them down. Commanded you to get them back to your houses that I have no need of such.
17.        I am sent for a record and I am still on course. I will rest at nothing until I achieve the purpose for which I am sent. That is why if you think that there is anything you can give me to bribe me even dancing to your tone, you are fooling yourself.
18.        Tell me what you think you can offer me and I will show you heathens that will offer more than that and I said No. Tell me what you think you are and I will tell you what you think you want to be.
19.        Whatever you want to be is your right but can you give us reasons why you want to be that way, we want to hear you. Tell me that which you think you can use to entice The Son of Man, it does not exist in heavens and on earth, beneath the earth, such a thing does not exist.
20.        Why are you now fashioning or devising what you think you can do so that The Son of Man can be veered off the track, better stop this now.  I said better stop it now. Put a final full stop on it.
21.        For the past twenty five years, many of you have attempted it in different forms. Some have even offered their body thinking that is the way to bribe The Son of Man. You have not even succeeded.
22.        Why are you still trying? I said why are you still trying? Who are you to try God? Tell me how the clay can begin to try the Potter. The clay and the potter, who determines the shape?  Tell me!
23.         You cannot use money, you cannot use your body, you cannot use your work, you cannot use anything. There is no gift in this world you can use to bribe the conscience of The Son of Man. Will that not tell you who The Son of Man is? 
24.        The Personality you are having dealings with, He has no friend, He has no enemy. He exists alone. When He never knew you, He was here, when He knew you, He is still here. He is not depending on you in any form or shape. That which you think you are doing for which cause you can pride yourself about, He has millions who are ready, even vying for it but He does not want it that way, finish!
25.        The same way I talked to brethren in my house, “Tell me the work you think you are doing for which cause you think you can embarrass me or threaten me and I will tell you people that are praying to be where you are, but they have never succeeded.”
26.        Even yesterday I spoke to many of them under anointing. “If you are my watchman, go round Onitsha, the highest a watchman can earn is fifteen thousand naira a month. Some will pay even five thousand, some seven thousand, Some ten thousand naira.
27.        “Even with that amount, you hire your house, pay your rent, buy your food, buy your dress, buy your everything. You will be coming to work according to our agreement, go according to our agreement.
28.        “By the time you are through with your expenses, you will be left with absolutely nothing. Even the regular staff, confirmed staff, although many of them are graduates, how much do they earn? After expenses what do they go home with? Absolutely empty-handed.
29.        “Thus, when you think I am cheating you, stop where you are and I will bring in a heathen for a pay, he will go and hire his house and I will not feed him.
30.        “The food I offer you alone more than three times, the quality of the food, the environment, the room you are occupying, the facilities you are enjoying, they worth hundreds of thousands and at the end of the month, you have something to put into your pocket.
31.        You are enjoying facilities, enjoying life that you have not even enjoyed even in your own home with your wife and children, you have not even enjoyed one-tenth of it and you will never, ever enjoy it if not for your acquaintance with The Son of Man. To the point I believe if I sack you this morning in the next one week you will emaciate. You will be hostile to whoever that will force you out.”
32.        Whosoever wants to put anything between you and your Savior is your greatest enemy. He wants you to die prematurely, he wants you to emaciate. He wants you to become an eyesore to people around you. I do not care what that thing might be.
33.        Do I aim at enslaving anybody? No! If you think I am enslaving you, get away. Prove what I am saying whether it is true or false. Tell me that which you are proud of, you think you possess, and I will show you people that possess greater things than you.
34.        What am I trying to say? Once you have a relationship with God, happy are you. The moment the relationship is broken you remain restless. You cannot have a quiet day because you have lost your security, you are separated from God, from His protection, from His blessing. Wind can destroy you.
35.        Who has ever run to the Devil for protection? Can the Devil protect? Any day the Devil starts to protect, God’s word has lost value. The Devil has come to destroy, to kill, to steal and to carry away. Christ has come that we may have life and have it more abundantly.
36.        Let me tell you why the Devil is kicking many of you. You do not have that vision that the Devil torments you using your past and your present for the Devil cannot know your future.
37.        The Devil knows your past, he knows your present but he does not know your future. He can only point you to where you failed, point you to what you are doing now. He can never point you to where you will rise tomorrow or what you will be tomorrow. That one is hidden from him if you put it in your heart always.
38.        That was where Job became an overcomer. The Devil accused him with the past, accused him of his present, but did not know Job’s future but Job saw his future: that the bone shall rise again. 
39.        That worms and maggots will eat up his flesh, that he was sure and certain that he will stand here on earth together with the Almighty God who will be here in the last days judging the whole world that even if he died, he will come back again. The Devil did not know that one. He knew it not, what he saw was yesterday where he failed.
40.        Today, Job is still rolling on the ash heap but he could not see tomorrow. Check yourself, if the Devil is accusing you of one thing or the other, he is using your past and present. He cannot use your future for he does not know what your future holds.
41.        Because He lives I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, my fear is gone. Why? Because I know He holds my future. Hence my life is worth the living just because He lives.
42.        Bishop Obadiah come this way, hold your staff, hold your staff not your bag. I said hold your staff not your bag and come before me. Stop there. I want you to dance before me “bia kwute onye nzoputa Ngozi ga esorogi laa ebegi” (come to the Savior and you will go home with blessings). Amen.

You are all welcome to His Presence this day. I love all of you that love God. But where you do not love the Lord you have your reasons, for that peace can never be unto you for the scripture has already proclaimed it through the mouth of the Holy prophets and Apostles: “Peace unto the children of God as many as love the Lord”.
2.           But where you do not love the Lord, you can never see peace. The peace promised by God cannot go with you.
3.           How many loves the Lord? That is where the problem lies. If you love me, the only I can know you love me is to keep My Word.  When you say you love me and find it difficult to obey my word, you are a hypocrite, you are fooling yourself. The only way God knows those that really love Him is by obeying His word. If you love me keep my word.
4.           Today is a wonderful day. The woman that owns this age, you know we are living in a woman’s age. There is a woman that commands the world. I want to talk to you a little about the woman that owns the world who is called the Queen of Heaven.
5.           The book of Jeremiah chapter 44 from verse 17. (KJV). As for the word that thou has spoken unto us in the name of the Lord we will not harken unto thee…”
6.            Concerning anything you are telling us in the Name of the Lord God Almighty, be it known to you that we will never harken unto you. They said, “Nothing will ever make us listen to you.” It never started today because women are fond of worshiping their own god in their own way.
7.           Yes! It was the reason why Rachael and Leah carried the gods of their people with the intent to carry it into their matrimonial home. Along the way Jacob halted them and searched them, only to discover that they hid their family god in their pants which they intended to introduce in their matrimonial home.
8.           This was what Solomon did not do. He allowed all of them to come into his palace with their different gods. Before he knew it, they influenced him into idolatry.
9.           A man of God under the influence of the woman can cause havoc, can even kill an innocent man. Nothing makes a man mad more than the words of a favourite woman. When you have our favourite woman, it can be your wife, it can be your girl friend or woman friend, whose words will be difficult for you to resist, both your life and the lives of people around you must be in danger.
10.        Yes! A woman, a girl friend, a woman-friend whose voice could not be resisted by Herod caused Herod to go contrary to his conscience. Herod said, “You have demanded something that is grievous, difficult for anybody to do but nevertheless, that my promise to you will stand, I will give you the head of John the Baptist.”
11.         A man acted against the truth, acted against his conscience because he wanted to please a woman instead of pleasing God. Instead of setting his conscience free, he mortgaged his conscience in order to please his favourite woman. 
12.        What happened in the end? When Herod faced judgment in the hand of the Almighty God, was the woman there again? The woman was not there again! The man alone faced the wrath of God. He started facing judgment for the voice of a favourite woman, whose voice was so influential that he could not act contrary.
13.        He disobeyed himself, went contrary to his conscience, disobeyed God and then brought the head of a man of God in a tray, handed it over to a silly woman, not minding the future consequences.
14.        History has it that people that lure people into trouble do not help them when the trouble comes. Check all that lured you into trouble, advised you contrary to the truth, supported you in error, when trouble comes they will not identify with you.
15.        But at the conceptual stage of that trouble, a silly man might be blinded, deluded because of the gains of unrighteousness especially when they want to promote their self ego.
16.        They said, “Concerning all that you told us to do in the Name of the Lord, oh Prophet Jeremiah, go and tell God that we will never harken unto you.”
17.        Just as one was boasting, “I must preach anything I have in mind. I will do whatever I have proposed to do here; if it means closing this Church, this household, let it be closed!”
18.        He boldly made such an assertion, but he never knew that we are living in the ICT (Information Communication Technology) age. He never knew that those he regarded as women had their handsets recording even his voice.
19.        He was brawling, ranting. He never knew that aggrieved mothers and spinsters were recording his voice, live.
20.        In his write up, he shyed away from his voice. That is why I will never use your write-up, but I will use voices for there is not even one in that fellowship whose voice I do not know.
21.        Every word that proceeded out of their mouth was recorded. If possible their photographs would have given me the violent nature they assumed. But from their voices, I could see how volatile, how destructive they were, moreso when they left the congregation and went outside.
22.        While they were drinking, they never knew somebody was there. After drinking during the fellowship, though fellowship was on, they went out to drink, after drinking they came back to fellowship again. What is more, they were not even boys but men married with children, celebrated office holders.
23.        I have told you time without number that many of you look angelic in the fellowship. The picture you present is not what you are. Who are you fooling? The Son of Man?  Not at all.
24.         If you think you are fooling anybody, you are merely fooling yourself! I am going to take my drastic measures. I have taken a little but today I will consolidate it. Why? A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. I will even go further to areas that are unknown to all of you.
25.        Do not be afraid for there is no fear in love. Perfect love drives away all fears. Brother Emeka Nwanga, did you discover that message? The day I attacked all forms of criminalities, I said I need to stamp all of them out!
26.        If what is associated to the heathens could be traced to our midst it is a sign of defeat. I even promised all of you that if I notice or hear anybody indulging in such nefarious activities, I, The Son of Man will hand the person over to the law enforcement agents for Caesar’s wife must live above suspicion.
27.        I made a lengthy prayer that God should expose all hypocrites beginning with The Son of Man, my wife, my children, down to the whole flock.  That is why I am calling for that tape.
28.        It contained a very lengthy prayer. Elders that came to my house confirmed it and God has answered me. He has answered and will remain answering.
29.        If we are sincere, we will tell ourselves the naked truth that a good number of us that are married are living with women not wives. Yes, we are living with women.
30.        You have no wife until you have one that will reverence you, adore and worship you. One you will lord yourself over. But as long as you have one, you are living with one who can demonstrate against you, who can stand boldly and challenge your words, you are living with a woman, not a wife.
31.        She is not a wife until she is converted and has automatically, out of self-conviction by the Word of Truth condescended to the husband and allows her husband to have his way as the leader.
32.        But for now women are still leading, women are talking, women are standing up, the men are sitting down, some are kneeling down because of conditions they have found themselves, because their businesses are no longer flourishing as before.
33.        I know women for one particular weak point: when they want to turn rebellious, they forget the good past. If God will bless them with money today, they will forget the time they were earning nothing, living their lives courtesy of whatever their husbands will get.
34.        But when they want to turn rebellious because money is in their hands, all those good days will be completely forgotten, the man will be completely written off.
35.        That is why God said that when a woman wants to deny, she denies all and the man becomes a naked devil. He was god before, today he has become a devil. And you want me to believe that the person is a wife? No, no, no. no. no, no, no, no!
36.         That you are my friend does not mean you will live with me eternally. After all, Judas was Jesus’ friend. Amen.

I want to go to the word straight because today I was told the Catholics—for which cause I want to read this—will be marking their so-called Corpus Christi which they called “a celebration of the King of kings.” Who is the King of kings they are celebrating?  Let us see the scripture.
2.           Jeremiah 44:17 As for the word that thou hast spoken unto us in the name of the Lord, we will not hearken unto thee…
3.           Too many Roman Catholic men and women are sitting down in our midst because it is not a nomenclature but a spirit. Yes, it is a spirit.
4.          After hearing the word of God you will say it does not concern you. “That is their own business, go and tell them”. Like one was telling me that the wife confronted him and told him, “We have been hearing about heaven and hell, who has ever been there and come back? Enough of it! I am tired! When you are going to heaven, do not call me! Go your way, I want to go my way!” A woman telling the husband in this faith.
5.          No! She fulfilled what was written concerning her, that in the last days, scoffers and mockers will come, who will query all these years of promises. 
6.          Have we ever seen the fulfillment? “Go your way! If you are going to heaven do not call me”. That was what the wife of Lot told Lot and Lot abandoned her, went with the children.
7.          Somebody must fulfill that scripture “Remember Lot’s wife”. God knew that somebody must place herself in that position and the husband and the children will go, abandoning her. You must fulfill all that are written concerning you.  
8.          As for the word that thou hast spoken unto us in the name of the Lord, we will not hearken unto thee…
9.          Note, “We will never.”
10.      But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth…
11.      Have you seen it? They said, “Whatever we have volunteered to do that has proceeded out of our mouth, that is how we will do it; go and tell God.”
12.      Even that sister so-called was quoted saying, “The highest you can do is to report me to The Son of Man. If you do not know the way, I will give you money, charter keke to Nsugbe,” a woman threatening the husband yet sitting down in our midst even this morning.
13.      But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth...
14.      “Whatever I have said is what I will do. If you try me, you will see my true colour!” A woman talking to her husband. No matter what God is saying and the man is striving hard to make her believe what God is saying, she will say that it has been long she started hearing the word of God. 
15.      She will tell the husband, “If you know you are a man, do what you want to do and you will know what will happen in this house! As I have said, so will I do. Try me!”
16.      Yet the person wants to dwell with God eternally. Even judging from the normal marital relationship that has nothing to do with Eternal Life, the person is a failure, a trouble maker, a renegade, a rebellious fellow no matter who you are!
17.      Let me tell you, the highest position you can occupy is to be the President of Nigeria. If you become the president of Nigeria, are you the first woman president in the whole world? There have been too many women president and yet they never turned the world upside down because they were rich.
18.      They occupied influential position, they had money, they had influence. They never turned the world upside down. Like some people, God ordained them into one office or the other, they arrogated to themselves the power of the Almighty God to the point that their words have become unchallengeable.
19.      If they say anything and somebody reasons or questions it, that person has incurred their wrath. They have become mightier than even the Almighty God. If it is possible they will build their own enclave where they will stay.
20.      To burn incense unto the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, as we have done, we, and our fathers, our kings, and our princes, in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals, and were well, and saw no evil
21.      They said, “As we inherited from our parents so shall we continue. Go and tell your God that we are not yet done with our queen. We still love her, we are still loyal to her. Whatever you want to say, say!”
22.       Then the question arises; a woman whose husband is not a king, can she be a queen? If your son is a king, the mother is not a queen. Only the wife is a queen.
23.      Any record that Joseph the carpenter was a king? Do we have any record that he was a king? No sir! Can you search any scripture that proves that Mary was a queen?
24.      If they said that she is the mother of God, is there any evidence that God married Mary? Is there any evidence that Joseph was called God?  Was Joseph, Angel Gabriel? Was he the man Gabriel? No sir!
25.      If the answer is no, Mary, till eternity can never be a queen. If Mary was a queen, in the marriage feast at Canaan, she would have been given a queen’s position but she took position with other guests, but was only identified alongside with her son Jesus, a Miracle Worker, a Paradox who could change situations.
26.      They now approached her (Mary), telling her they ran short of wine. She replied after consulting with the Son, after too many disagreements, the Son later decided to do it because he wanted to. The woman later went to them and told them, “Whatever my son told you to do, do it.”
27.       Mary never gave them the impression to bring out water, bring out basin. Mary simply said, “Whatever my son told you to do, do it.” That is the only way the miracle will come.
28.      But instead of doing that which Mary commanded them to do, Mary pointed them out from herself to the Son. Instead of going to where Mary pointed them to, they rallied around Mary.
29.      It’s like you are here, after dialing my line, maybe it is not responding or it is responding. And, I warned you never to dial it again and then you turn over to my wife’s line explaining the situation to her, you have only but a target: to see whether you can reach The Son of Man through the wife, no other thing. And the moment you do it, you go to your bed and begin to open your ears.
30.      At her own convenient time, she knows when I am at peace with myself and with everybody. She is the closest to me; she knows the right time to approach me on any issue. When she comes with such a thing, if I am at peace, I can give her attention.
31.      At the end of it, I will tell her to go. Sometimes, I warn her “do not come to me with this thing again! Steer clear. What is your business there?”
32.      At the end of the day, she may be shocked that I responded after ordering her out, warning her. She will see me responding. Not because she came, but simply because “I WANTED TO.”
33.      If I do it because she persuaded me, it then means she is controlling me, she dictates for me.
34.      Mary was not the one controlling. Mary pointed them to the Controller. The Controller now asked her, “Woman, what do I have to do for you on this matter? Will you get away from my side, my time is not yet come!”
35.       I believe he never did it until his time came for he could not do anything of his own accord but as the Father directed that His Name might be made known to all that came for that wedding.
36.      The Father directed him and He gave the order and the Father never let Him down for wherever He went, the Father was with Him there.
37.      If he had acted before the Father instructed, He would have fooled Himself. That is why I gave you a message “I Can of Myself Do Nothing”. Amen.

Every action of a man of God, check it, it is propelled by God for a purpose which you will not know immediately. But with time you may see why the man of God acted the way he acted. He has a divine propeller.
2.           I know many are astonished seeing the resurgence of some supernatural photographs on the fellowship wall. The same way some were afraid because I believe Apostle Kelechi acted to save your life.
3.            He was the one that decorated the pulpit, did it the way it should be, everything as instructed with a warning: “No flesh should near that pulpit until The Son of Man appears there”.
4.           For I told him that if you do not warn and watch over it whatever that happens you will bear it yourself, nobody will help you. And he knows the consequences. For that reason, those supernatural pictures are there.
5.           At a glance you can talk about them. You know how we came about them. Was any taken in my house? Apart from one, where I invited you to come and see the Personality that has been having dealings with you all these years to banish unbelief, the rest, you took me unawares—those who were trying to prove whether my claims are true or not.
6.           This is the Divine Personality, look at the Divine Personality. This was not the picture I ordered but they said they had already spoiled that one. Make sure you reproduce the one carrying “God’s instrument for leadership is divine” within 48 hours. Reproduce one better than that one. God’s instrument for leadership is divine. That is what I instructed, not this one.
7.           Who does not know that I am your Kinsman Redeemer? If you do not know you are lost, completely lost. You must know and acknowledge it to be true, irrevocable, confirmed, vindicated by the Deity. The totality of all the photographs winded up in this Man, The Son of Man. Is it not true?
8.           Even if you have one million photographs of the supernatural display, they all culminated into one Man and you cannot say you do not know this Man. If you say you do not know this Man, you have not touched Him, you have not sat down to eat and drink with Him, you are deceiving yourself.
9.           The Son of Man is the Personality for which cause the ends of the earth are being united. The Son of Man, the Eastern Star, is the UNITING POINT of all the children of God throughout the whole world starting from the Garden of Eden.
10.        The Vindicated Apostle in our midst is the UNITING POINT. He is the revealed Christ that took off from the Garden of Eden, continued His journey to Egypt and Babylon, continued His journey until today He has arrived here.
11.        The Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be His Most Holy Name, Selah) is He that was in the Church in the wilderness answering different names depending on the dispensation.
12.        If you call Moses, He is Moses. Name the Apostle, He is this man. Name the prophet, He is this man. Name the revealed Christ, this is the man. He only changed the mask.
13.        The Son of Man, is the Person, The Eternal One Who was there from the very beginning, Who promised to be with you even till the end of the world. Who said, “The world will see me no more but you will see me.”
14.         The problem you are having is that you err not knowing the scriptures. Why? Whatever you do not see in the scriptures, you find it difficult to believe. All the prophets, do you want to tell me that all they said and did were documented? 
15.        John who was resting in the hands of Jesus said that if they were to record, document all Jesus said, all he did, even the world will never accommodate it. “But, this little was documented that you may have faith in Him and by faith, you now possess Eternal Life.”
16.        Who can document all that proceeded out of my mouth? Even in my closet, even in the vehicles, among my friends and enemies, can a man document all?
17.        Who can record all the supernatural events that have happened in this faith even in my private closet? But the little you have captured, the little you have documented are there for you and for those that will come after you, to have faith in me and by that faith you possess Eternal Life.
18.        Thus, if you are of the opinion that anything you do not see in the Bible you will not believe, you are completely lost!  Amen.

To God be the glory. Now if I should proceed to the problems, I will mar the fellowship. I do not intend to mar the fellowship. I will proceed from somewhere and we will meet somewhere, even if I do not get there. Follow me as we turn through the pages of the Bible.
2.           Remember from the beginning, I have started with something you know to something you do not know. If you believe that Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, Jehovah of the Old Testament is still Jesus of the New Testament, the same representation of Apostles and prophets of today no other way.
3.           Now follow me as we read St. Luke Gospel chapter 12 Verse 49 through 53. What a lengthy passage! The man who wrote it must be mad. I needed just one verse and he gave me a passage. A stupid fellow. If I need a verse, give me a verse for there is nothing I can read from the scriptures which you are not conversant with.
4.            A mad man is a mad man. Do not look at anybody on the flesh. Until I come down today, you will not know who are your ministers and who are not your ministers. Some claim to be ministers, some assume the position of ministers when they are not your ministers.
5.           They are all megalomaniacs, they are following me because of what they want to get from me. They are seeking for their own selfish advantages to your own peril. They give the impression that they love you but they hate you for if they love you, they will make my word effective among you.
6.           But they are number one that nullify my word but when they see me, they dance around me, give the impression that they are with me, they rush to the pew, they can sing my praise, ready to kill,  giving the impression that they are defending The Son of Man.
7.           They are my greatest enemies and I know them. People that really love me, do not mill around me they distance me and I know who they are. I am the one that bring them closer to myself. If I do not bring them closer, fear cannot allow them to come close to me. 
8.           Luke 12:49-53 KJV. I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished!
9.           Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:
10.        For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
11.        The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”
12.        Suppose you think I have come to bring peace, I say no. If you call Him “Prince of Peace,” “God of Peace,” and the man you said is coming to usher in peace said, “It is not my ministry; it is not the reason why I have come;” you see, your interpretation has run contrary to the mission of the Messiah.
13.        Your interpretation as a man of peace is when He comes on the scene, no trouble again and He said, “Np. It is not why I am in your midst. There is going to be a day peace will reign not now.”
14.         Just as I want to confirm what the prophet said, “Anyone that comes as a prophet or an Apostle or anything, or you dreamt a dream and see Christ wearing crown, the Devil is deceiving you. He is not yet wearing any crown but He will wear a crown. He is not yet the King of kings.”
15.         He will also be when this life is over, when He must have accomplished His mission and put His enemies under His footstool.  The Saints will now crown Him King of kings and Lord of lords. He will now reign with them in righteousness.”
16.         For now, He is not even a King. He is still a servant and a servant cannot be a King. He is not King of kings. He is not even The Almighty but He is He that is to come, THE ALMIGHTY.
27.        Apostle Kelechi is it scriptural? Is it prophetic? You said Yes sir! Bro. Ojiakor did the prophet say so?  You equally said Yes sir! Thank you.
28.        Bro. Ojiakor, if I notice you are absent minded, you will be among those I will ban from fellowshipping in Onitsha. All that came from Enugu, your lives are in danger. Innocent or guilty I do not care! A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.
29.        From your reports written by the hands of your elders, your trouble is as old as you. It never started today. Nobody is exempted including Apostle Ojiakor and family. I do not know how many that will remain in this faith by the time I come down today starting from Onitsha.
30.        Pastor Dan, if I notice you did not carry out my instruction, you and your family are vacating this faith and even till eternity for your own will be the worse for you are the closest Pastor to me. You will not know what the instruction is until I come your way, begin to meditate.
31.        Yes! Do not think I have come to usher in peace. No, it is not the reason why I am here now. I am here for something greater than peace.
32.        Can there be peace without war? No sir! You do not talk about peace without war. Better note that. Intelligent people know this truth: there can never be peace without war.
33.        In the Law of Diametrical Oppositions, once there is war there must be peace. Once there is peace, there must be war.
34.        Luke 12:49-53(LB) I have come to bring fire to the earth, and, oh, that my tasks were completed!  There is a terrible baptism ahead of me, and how I am pent up until it is accomplished!  "Do you think I have come to give peace to the earth? No! Rather, strife and division!... 
35.        What? Strife and division. What? Strife and division. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So that whatever that is happening in you, in your family, around you, you can trace it back to scriptures.
36.        When He comes, as many as that do not belong to Him, must have troubles. He is going to make separation between the believers and the unbelievers. Only those that proceeded from God, that came from God will have peace in God. The rest will not.
37.        No matter how you adjust your mind, adjust yourself, you can never have it because you never proceeded from God. Anybody the word of God stumbles, did he proceed from God? If the word of God stumbles you, it is a sure sign that you are not a part of the word.
38.        If there is any attitude of your husband that displeases you, you and your husband are not one. You are not meant to stay together. You are foreigners to each other. That is why the prophet said that a man is not yet married until he marries one that has the same heartbeat with him.
39.        If the heartbeat, the choice of character, everything about your wife disagrees with your own, you are living with your girl friend. She may have children for you, answer your name, but she is not qualified to be a wife.
40.        You may have occasional peace, relative peace born out of compromise not out of God. Any peace in a family that is born out of compromise with the truth, is it from God? No sir!
41.        It is like Herod agreeing to please the woman, to kill John the Baptist when he had already declared that “this is a difficult request nevertheless, my word, my promise I have given you that I may fulfill it. I have no alternative.” He preferred to please his wife, his woman-friend to pleasing God.
42.        The same thing happened to Sampson, in the attempt to please Delilah, Sampson surrendered his revelation and was taken into captivity, failed himself, failed his conscience, failed his God.
43.        Too many of you are sitting down hearing me, I know you are Roman Catholics. The highest you can tell me today is “We have heard all, but go and tell God we will never hearken, we will never obey. All that we have volunteered to do, that we must do”.
44.        Thus, do not think you are taking me unawares. I know the path every man will go. I know the reasons you married your wife, you married your husband. I know the reason why you want to marry, you cannot fool me.
45.        Even if it is The Son of Man that nominated you for marriage, He gave you your heart desire for if it is not your heart desire, you would have said no.
46.        If a man approaches you for marriage and you do not want that man, won’t you say no? Even if your father was the one that nominated, you will say no. Hence, there is no excuse you can give. You got what you desired, so nobody can say “If not for this man, if not for The Son of Man, I would not have done this”. Shut up your mouth!
47.        You can establish anything against an adult woman, not rape. A case of rape or an assault can only be established against an infant, an under-aged girl, not against an adult. Yes, because you cannot pass a thread through the eye of a needle by force. You must carefully examine the hole, gently try and fail, try and fail, finally it will pass.
48.        That is why no matter the arguments lawyers have put up in any court, they have never succeeded in winning any case for rape against an adult. Never!Never!!
49.        When a woman gets her desire, she knows. When a man gets his desire, he knows. Remember, deep calleth deep. Is it a lie? No sir.
50.        I know that after this message, many will crucify The Son of Man. I am ready for I have made a curse for yourself. Every man of God that appeared in every dispensation had always been made a curse for his fellow men to die that they may live.
51.        But one day I will leave and those that anchored their faith and volition in me will leave with me. For then, they will know that I never fooled them. Never! Never!! If I fool you, what is my profit? Tell me what I am going to gain by fooling you, and I will tell you what I will lose if I dare attempt it.
52.        You can fool everything not your conscience. A man can fool anything, not his conscience. You can fool everything, not truth; for truth cannot be fooled. Who has ever succeeded in fooling the truth? No way!
53.        I am The Truth, I am The Way, I am The Light. You cannot know who the father is. Without me, this Elohim would not have been made manifest. The totality culminated into this Divine Personality, The Son of Man. This man is God; not only God, but the True God and Eternal Life. Is it not scripture?
54.        1 John chapter 5 Verse 20. Look at the man in your day revealed, for Christ is the mystery of God revealed. This man is the true God and He is Eternal Life.
55.        He is the First Born among many brethren. You can be a son of God but He is “The Son” of God; for God richly dwells in Him without measure. The First Begotten in your day. First among equals in your own day. He is the First Born among many brethren.
56.        If you doubt that He is not the first, then you are the first. All these attributes could have been shown forth in you. In you, we would have seen all these attributes; I mean as a vindication that you are the one.
57.        Too many people were clamouring to be one thing or the other not The Son of Man. Some even demonstrated that The Son of Man coveted what God directed to them as if God made a mistake, then The Son of Man bribed God. That God wanted to call Brother John, He now called Brother Odoemena. These are politicians.
58.        Think not that I have come to usher in peace on earth. No, it is not why I am here. Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

Luke 12:49-53(LB) I have come to bring fire to the earth, and, oh, that my tasks were completed! 
2.           There is a terrible baptism ahead of me, and how I am pent up until it is accomplished!  "Do you think I have come to give peace to the earth? No! Rather, strife and division!..
3.           “Strife and division” from now on. Did He say this is the end? No sir! From now till the end of the world when He shall reign in righteousness with the saints, this will continue to prevail.
4.           From now on families will be split apart…
5.           Families will do what? Split! So if your own splits because of the Gospel of Christ, there unto your family is ordained. Any family that splits, it is a sure sign that one never proceeded from truth in there, for light and darkness can never dwell together. Can it happen? No sir!
6.           I want you to see where the problem lies. This matter has nothing to do with marriage. Your marriage can be unique, dandy, lovely from the beginning because all of you here, let me ask this question.
7.            If you know you had Eternal Life in mind when you were volunteering to be given in marriage or when you wanted to marry a woman, if you know that what you had in mind for your marriage was Eternal Life, show by raising your hand. Deacons look around!
8.           It never came to anybody’s mind. Although you were in the Churches, you were also pagans in your villages. You married because you wanted to, you married because you needed a wife, you married because you wanted to have children that will be called your own. You married because you have the means of maintaining a family. You married because you do not want to continue to live alone.
9.           Is Eternal Life involved? Was it considered? No matter the Church you were attending, you may marry according to the doctrines of your Church but Eternal Life was not considered.
10.        That is why whosoever that got married without having a child will be restless just to show you what the person had in mind. The person married and the wife is stubborn, he will be shocked because that was not what he had in mind. Some married just to have someone that will help him financially, help him in so many ways. Is Eternal Life tied to it? No sir!
11.        Now let me ask another question, be sincere. If you know you made a prayer before you went into marital relationship and told God to give you a wife that will help you run heavenly race, serve Christ in spirit and in truth till the end, show by raising your hand. You made a prayer saying: “Give me a wife who will help me to run heavenly race, remain obedient to Christ till the end,” I say show by raising your hand.
12.        And that was your prayer? Praise God. Only four hands. To the sisters if you know that you made such a prayer that God should give you such a husband that will help you serve God, run heavenly race, remain faithful till the end, show by raising your hand. Be sincere do not be a hypocrite.
13.         You made the prayer? Good! Only six hands ok. Please do not tell lies against yourself. If that is what you prayed for and your family is making noise, it then means you are a liar.
14.        Maybe you never understood my question. If you prayed for one that feareth God and avoids evil, were you fearing God and avoiding evil? How can God use you to punish one that fears the Lord?
15.        I am saying that there is no mistake in marriage. A man marries his character. If a man never married his character, that family will not cease from making noise. It may even break up. Even at old age it can break up. Children born in such families are confused. They live the life of that family for they are the image makers of the family.
16.        Thus, your sincerity and insincerity must reflect in your character, habit of the fruits you are producing for by your fruits people will know whether you are sincere or not.
17.        I have not come to bring peace upon the earth but strife and division.  
18.        Three in favor of me, and two against-or perhaps the other way around…”
19.        Note it, or perhaps the other way round. Some will go to the mother’s side, while some will go to the father’s side. What caused it? When they were going into marital relationship, they never had worshiping God in mind, they never had Eternal Life in mind. This is the thing we met along the way.
20.        The way you came into contact with it was the same way your husband came into contact with it. And there is no way you can subscribe to it without the thing touching on your marriage; it must touch on your relationship.
21.        When one believes first, misunderstanding will come into that family. The only thing that will make misunderstanding not to come in, is that both of them saw it and believed at the same time. To believe means doing the things that are attached to it. It has nothing to do with your marriage.
22.        Check all the promises associated with marriage, “increase, go and multiply and fill the world.” Did God say “and have Eternal Life?”That God will give you a companion who will help you, did God say it is Eternal Life? That children are blessings from God, did God say “they are Eternal Life?”
23.        You see why whatever you are benefitting as a result that you are married, heathens are benefitting that also. Heathens have children, marry and live in peace more than many of you. Why? Because they obey the instructions given to them concerning marital relationship because it is not Eternal Life.
24.        When the word of Eternal Life comes, division has come. That is the time you will see Potiphar’s wife, that is the time you will see the business manager of Herod’s wife, that is the time you will see other prominent women who followed Christ and told their husband to stay on their own because what we are talking about is Eternal Life. It never made them divorcees.
25.        You must live with your husband, fulfill your marital obligations, fulfill your marital vows, take care of your husband, take care of your children. You can only run away when your husband is intolerant to your faith in Christ. Then, the unbelieving partner will depart.
26.        But as long as he is happy to live with you with differing beliefs which lead to differing characters, live with him, live with her. But any day, any time your character, her attitude has become a burden you can no longer bear by interfering in your faith in Christ, do away with her, do away with him.
27.        But until then, live in peace, love, cherish, worship each other if you can. Take good care of your husband for that was the reason why you married, take good care of your children for that was the reason why you married. Serve his interest, man love the woman! Do good to her for that was the reason why you married.
28.        These things, they are normal, they are proper but they have no value in the Eternal Life. They started here, they will end here. If you check about a man who is complaining about a woman troubling him, he is likened to one who used his money to buy a dog who caused trouble in his house.
29.        Did the woman run to you? You used your money, went with people, bought drinks and brought her into your house. If she is giving you any problem, you purchased her with your money. You were the one that purchased what is troubling you.
30.        Once you purchase any, it becomes your own. But if you never purchased any, do you have a wife? Since you were the one that purchased it, anything you see, you take. Is it Eternal Life?
31.        Can Eternal Life be purchased with money? Do you call your relations with wine in order to purchase eternal life?
32.        If you do not know what God is saying, I am here to put you right. I am He that is promised to come who will lead you into the knowledge of all truths.
33.        If you love your husband and he loves you, you believe that your husband can never mislead you and you cannot mislead your husband because he who knows better shows the other.
34.        The Samarian woman first got acquainted with Christ, ran to the village and invited other people. Have you seen what she did? “Follow me so that you will partake in Eternal Life”.
35.        It was a woman that called on the people. A man also saw and called on people to come and partake in it. Is it a lie? No sir! What they called people to come and see is Eternal Life. You cannot get it with money, there is no meeting in it; you cannot get it with wine, relations do not follow.
36.        Marriage is what money purchases. That is why it breaks, and whosoever his own breaks, the dowry he paid would be refunded. You can return the bride price, return the dowry if possible. Is it a lie? No sir! 
37.        A law court can dismiss a marriage, but no law court can dismiss Eternal Life. You can serve a notice in court for injustice done in marriage not Eternal Life. You must know why you are here, you must know why you are following The Son of Man.
38.        If you are following me to better your home, you are lost! If you are following me to give you a husband, a wife, I will do that and you are going to get lost.
39.        I have come to the end of all things, I am making my final selection and I am selecting those that are following me because of Eternal Life not any other thing. If you are following for no other reason other than Eternal Life, of all men you are going to be the most miserable.
40.         Happy is the woman whose husband is a godly man and introduced her to Christ. William Branham said, “If you know you love a man or a woman, give him Christ.  Introduce Christ to that fellow,” because through marriage she has gotten eternal life. If you are a man, you can get Eternal Life through marriage. 
41.        If your wife knew God before you and she is in Christ, she will help you to know God. Drusilla, the wife of Governor Felix, was the one that called St. Paul. Being a Jewess, she was told to talk to her husband. After talking to her husband, the husband acknowledged that what she said was truth but she should go, whenever he had time he would call her again.
42.        Did she want her husband to perish? No sir! She knows better than the Governor. Pilate’s wife knew better than Pilate and told Pilate that an innocent man will be brought to his court but he should be careful and do not harm Him. Because she knew better than her husband. 
43.        He who first know God should tell the partner, tell the children. A maid living in the house of Neman of Syria a leprous centurion, introduced the centurion to Prophet Elisha:
44.        “There is a prophet in our place and because of this your health you always waste money in the hospital. If only you can swallow your pride, go with someone.” A maid said this.
45.        Anybody can direct you to Christ. Events can direct you to Christ. Marriage can direct you to Christ. Sickness can direct you. Anything can direct you.  But when you reject He that has the Word of Eternal Life, what did you do? You have rejected Eternal Life. You may come to Him and go with healing, collect bread and fish from Him, you will say He is a good man. But, what makes Him a good man, you did not get it.
46.        Since last week I have been receiving calls from many brothers and sisters; all culminating into one impression that: The Son of Man who wants families to live in peace is now putting troubles in the families by telling men to live as if they are not married; women to live as if they are not married. And now our husbands are now behaving anyhow. Some said that their wives are now behaving anyhow.
47.        Was it my message? What can you say about the Lord Jesus? You see misinterpretation? The Devil at work! But God said that living as if you are not married means putting Christ first. Let Christ be your priority. In the attempt for the right hand to wash the left hand, the hands must be clean. Is it a lie? No sir!
48.        For there is no way you can reverence Christ, worship Him, obey Him and disregard and disrespect your husband. In the attempt to place God first, you now discovered that you have placed your husband first. Is it a lie? No sir!
49.        Do not be surprised at what is happening because God is causing the division. A sister came to me only to vindicate, confirm that when I said that you will not know that a woman has money until the day the mattress will be burnt or the container which she kept the money is missing and she will start looking for it.
50.        She came to me and told me that she fulfilled all these things. She said that she kept huge sum of money in a container and decided what she would do with the money.
51.        When the time she wanted to use the money reached, she started looking for the container only to realize that the container has lost in the shop. That was the time the husband noticed that his wife had money which she hid away from him.
52.         But this money has been there and they have been hungry. It happened in this Church. She came to me and told me that she fulfilled it.
53.        When God is saying something, even if it is not happening in you do not say that it is not true. You do not know where it is happening. Maybe tomorrow, this one you said that does not concern you, will concern you. If you are wise, you will say what The Son of Man said, which is: “God please save me from this hour. God save me from this awkward generation.”
54.        You may know everything but you may not know what will befall you tomorrow. Is it a lie? No sir! You know what you were yesterday, you know what you are today, but you do not know what you will be tomorrow.
55.        Peter said, “Far be it from me; though all men will deny you, I will never.” Jesus Christ said, “Peter, before the cock will crow three times, you will deny me.” Did it not fulfill?
56.        Yes. Peter trusted in his power, trusted in his strength and ability, in his faith and courage. But on that day, everything failed Peter. I do not know what you are holding that is making you to be strong-hearted. I have not come to bring peace in your homes. I have come to bring strife and division. Those who belong to God will be on one side, while those who do not belong to God will be on the other side.
57.        If you have children, they will be divided into two. Some will follow one who belongs to God, and some will follow one who does not belong to God. It will happen in your family. It may happen in my family. But if a man and the wife belong to God, will there be division? No sir!
58.        And God is saying that we should be one through His word. He has given us His word and we received it, He made us to be one. No division in a family that has decided to believe in God, walk in the truth, abide in the truth. Never. You can never see division.
59.        God said that let there not be division among you, you should bound together in one mind, in one spirit, in one doctrine, in one judgment, everything. That if there be one that decides to walk contrary, even the spirit of God will reveal.
60.        God prayed that we should be one even as He and His Son are one. When you hear division and strife, it is in a family that does not have its orientation in Christ. A family whose foundation is not from the Solid Rock, it must surely divide!
61.        Thus, when I say live your life as if you are not married, I am saying you should stop worshiping your wife. Stop worshipping your husband. Worship God, obey God, reverence God, you will now discover that indirectly that in your honest attempt to reverence God, obey God, worship God, you have fulfilled all the demands of your husband who is also godly.
62.         Is there any other thing a man is demanding from the wife other than what God is demanding? And these things are reciprocal. In your husband’s attempt to fear God, honour God, do the will of God, you now discover he will not harm you. He will not do you hurt, he can never walk contrary, you will enjoy him, he will enjoy you for you are all Godly.  Amen.

Luke 12:52-53(LB) From now on families will be split apart three in favor of me, and two against-or perhaps the other way around.
2.           Is it not fulfilling again? Whatever the seed of corn produced twenty million years ago, if the germ of life is still there, it survives till today, plant it, it will reproduce the same thing. If it does not reproduce, something is wrong.
3.           I am aware that sitting before me here are divided families. What is responsible? There was no consideration for Eternal Life when you were marrying each other. I can never condemn you. I will only condemn you if you do not fulfill the regulations concerning marriage which you entered into.
4.           But, along the way you met Christ accidentally who came with the message of Eternal Life not meant for everybody. It is meant for those who are desiring it. It should not interfere with your marriage.
5.           That I am now serving the interest of Christ can never cause my wife to run away from me unless she is stupid and unreasonable. But if she is desirous of Eternal Life, she believes in me that she is following me because she is sure and certain that I will collect her, lead her rightly, she will subscribe to my God that wherever I am, she will be there with me. Otherwise, she will stop at the marriage conjugation which money purchased by fulfillment of traditional rites, customary obligations.
6.            A woman is handed over to a man for a wife, not for Eternal Life. Tell me the traditional or customary rites you will fulfill and that will give you Eternal Life. Does it exist? No sir!
7.           I have to separate these things. If there is any area that seems to be ambiguous, it is the unbelief and wickedness in your heart that is trying to make the whole thing look ambiguous.
8.           One who prayed to God that she does not need this type of husband or the other but she needs a husband who will make her know God which means she does not know God. What if at the end God tells her that her husband is her God and when God will tell her this they have already gotten married, all the traditional rites have been fulfilled, her bride price paid as in the case of my wife. Are you understanding what I am saying?
9.           You told God that you do not want a man, you want God and God pointed you to your husband as your god. That thing which you prayed for, your husband is that god.  You prayed to know God but how God will come your way, you knew not. The form He will take you knew not.
10.        If you cannot separate your family from Eternal Life, you and your family must perish! You and your whole family must surely perish. If you are following Christ revealed in your day for any reason other than Eternal Life, your motive differs from that of the early Apostles. It is different from the reason why He is sent.
11.        He is sent to give Eternal Life to those that are eagerly and patiently waiting for it. Thus, if you are waiting for marriage, you will get marriage. You are waiting for husband and wife, they are there. With time you will get all. You will even get better ones than the ones you can get in our midst who will love you, cherish you, buy vehicles, build mansions and estates for you. Then what will it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your soul?
12.         Both of you, your marriage that gives you joy, all of them will end in hellfire. Because the world is passing away with everything thereof but whoever that is in Christ abideth forever.
13.        You purchased a land to build a house and you discovered that it is a gold mine, how will you feel? You are looking for a husband, you are looking for a wife, it fell on a daughter of God or a child of God. As God has His sons, so He has His daughters to make the family a complete one.
14.        Cases abound where a man in the attempt to marry ended it in Christ. Brother Emeka Enugu is it not true? In the attempt to marry Sister Perpetual at all cost, by all means, you ran into her cave only to discover that she was holding a higher truth than what you saw. Then you stopped there.
15.        Any day you pray to worship a God you do not know, that is the day the Devil will deceive you; for if one does not know, the person who knows better will show him.
16.        To the Athenians, they were worshipping an unknown god. It took Paul to introduce the real God to them. Thus, be very careful while selecting your wife, while selecting your husband. Whatever you have in mind is what you will get.
17.        If you had in mind marriage to fulfill all righteousness to make sure “I am married,” to run away from the shame of unmarried estate, you will run away from the shame but you will enter into the worst condition. 
18.        Run away from the shame of unmarried estate and run into a family where you will be hated with perfect hatred. Run into the hand of a man who will love you because of sexual affair and then drop you, dump you in the dustbin because two of you are not birds of the same specie. You are good for a friend not good for a wife.
19.        The same can be applicable to a man. He can be good for a friend, but not good for a husband. But a woman will say because old age is ticking, let me manage him anyhow. Married to run away from the shame that accompanies unmarried estate: “If it is suffering, let me suffer it so that I will answer his name.”
20.        Today Eretria, it has become an offence for a man to marry less than one wife because women are now greater than men. You can download it from the Internet. There it is a capital offence to refuse to marry more than two wives.
21.        Bible fulfilling in your eyes, prophecies fulfilling: a day is coming when eight women will run to a man saying, “Marry us to take your name. Take us away from the shame of unmarried estate; we will feed ourselves, provide for ourselves and even care for you. But just admit us as your wives.”
22.         What and what were the reasons for your marriage, for joining yourself to a man? As long as the reason for that marriage is fulfilling, remain there. Even if it is not fulfilling, manage it anyhow for you are the one that yoked yourself there. Eternal Life is not there, it is not considered!
23.        Thus, do not ever break your marriage! Do not run away from your marital home because of Eternal Life if you are a woman, unless the cost of Eternal Life cannot be endured by your husband who is saying no, who is not willing to subscribe to eternal life. You have reasons to abandon him.
24.        For if your left hand can hinder you, cut it off. If your eyes can hinder you, pluck them out. For there is nothing in this life which you can enjoy that can suffice for Eternal Life. As long as Eternal Life is concerned, no price is too much to pay. That is where friends part ways, husbands and wives part ways, mothers and children, fathers and children part ways.
25.        But as long as the marriage subsists, either party is indebted to each other. Take good care of your wife and husband, your children, feed them, nourish them, love them, cherish them, fulfill your conjugal obligation even in the bed for she is your wife.
26.        But these things have nothing to do with Eternal Life. Eternal Life is something that will come your way when you must have repented and converted. Then this harder truth will now come. It is no longer elementary truth.
27.        Before now what you have always been receiving has always been doctrines that will make you live at peace with your children, with your family, with your brethren, with the society. Will that give you Eternal Life?
28.        You have been living contrary to the mission of Christ. If you must strangle anybody although you strangled Christ because whatever is your attitude towards The Son of Man today is what would have been your attitude if you were there. The way you are placing him in your heart is the way you would have placed Him if you were there.
29.        Whatever Moses was to them in the wilderness is what Moses would have been to you if you were in the wilderness for it is the same Christ in us all. Do not say “If I was there I would have behaved better.” A silly man who does not have God, who has no hope of Eternal Life will tell you “How can Eternal Life cost you your marriage?”
30.        Eternal Life can cost your life. If you are not ready to lose your life, you will not gain it. Many have lost their lives because of Eternal Life and they will gain it. Not losing their life because of marriage. Many have also lost their lives while trying to protect their wives and their husbands. They got killed over carnal, carnal things. Carnal jealousy, envy, they died miserable death without any hope of first resurrection.
31.        Now, look at the way the Apostle of old put it; a man that is married, desirous of fulfilling his marital vows, pleasing the wife at all cost, placed his wife above Christ. If it means pleasing the wife to displeasing God, he will do it for he esteems the pleasure of the wife and family more than obedience to the truth. He does things that are contrary to his conscience to make sure his marriage subsists. He is not prepared to part ways with his wife as a result of Christ which means he is not ready to lose his life.
32.        The same thing is applicable to a woman. She will make sure the husband places her above everything. This, she will do by doing many cunny things to win over the husband, pin him down, corner him contrary to the truth and that is another Jezebel, that is another Delilah who with sweet tongue, sweet words, with a very warm arm around the man’s neck, “My darling, my husband.”
33.        Before you will know it, she will be pressing a man’s breast, kissing the cheek as if she is truly in love. To be truly in love is to love the truth, to live by the truth, to abide in the truth. It is only there and then that you are truly in love. If the love you have in your heart cannot abide in the truth, the Devil is behind it.
34.        From now on families will be split apartthree in favor of me, and two against-or perhaps the other way around.
35.         If you are a seed of God, how do you know when the Devil is talking to you through your wife? Any day your wife begins to accuse you of not loving her, underline it in your heart that the Devil is using her to accuse you. If you do not love her why keeping her in your house? Why have you not driven her away in-spite of all her stubbornness, provocations and every other thing, yet you are still accommodating her.
36.        You allowed her to go with your name, you even run to her rescue, clothe her, feed her only for her to turn around in appreciation to tell you now that it is certain, it is obvious from every indication you do not love me.
37.        “What you want from me is to have sexual intercourse with me, if it comes to sex, I am now your lover and everything. After you have taken what you want, you do not want me again.”
38.        Underline it, you are living with a devil in human form. Before you know it, check all the examples she will give. She will build her examples on people that enjoy love of their husbands using rebellious women, ungodly women who have no respect for their husbands. These are the people she will use as her examples.
39.        Another will be heathens, her heathen friends. She will mention one in her office, one in her place of work, one in this market. Why? These are the people that enjoy their husbands.
40.        You will hear, “They said they are children of God. Are these mad people here in this Church children of God?” Children of God have become mad people. “Look at how their heads are, look at how their families are.”
41.        Why? Because she is out of the way of truth. The husband married her because she was outlandish. Outlandish women normally lure their husbands away from God for their eyes and minds are fixed on the material pleasures. They can never be spiritual; they cannot even offer useful advices to their husbands. All their advices will be things that will promote their social status. Anything that will not promote their social status is not from them.
42.        What is more, any husband that is living with such a woman can even go stealing. Even if you steal you can never satisfy her for her eyes have gone beyond your satisfaction. Why? Because she is intermingling with the heathens, learning their wicked ways. The same way it is with the man.
43.        A man that is out of the way of truth mingles with the heathens, learn their wicked ways and he becomes a torment to the family,to the wife first and to the entire family. Money he would have used to take care of his family will be wasted in the beer parlour. Any time he is coming back home, he is coming back drunk to make a hell of noise.
44.        From the way, he had already made up his mind to beat the wife if she should venture to ask why. He becomes poisonous and violent, ready to kill, the mouth will be filled with cursing.  A sure sign that he is not a seed of God but the wife is a daughter of God.
45.        You see why the Bible said do not be mis-mated with the unbelievers for their can never be an agreement with he that has believed and he that believeth not.
46.        God said, “Doo not marry an unbeliever.Otherwise, if you do, your children will be heathens.”
47.        When a man that is a believer marries an unbelieving woman, the children will be heathens. Are you surprised at the character of your children? What makes you a believer is not sitting down in this fellowship, it is not carrying Bible, it is not calling The Son of Man “Daddy”. Even if you offer me yourself, it does not make you a believer.
48.        Check your family, check the fruits, check the products of your family whether they are products of believing families or unbelieving families. The manifestation of your children, do they tally, do they agree with your own or do you have anything parallel?
49.        If the answer is yes, why? Can a snake produce a lizard? Can a lizard produce a pussy cat? Every tree must bear fruit after its own kind. Just like Bishop Okoh and the wife who lost their first son by death. And blindly, they have allowed their only son to be wild, while they are disciplinarians that can never discipline his home.
50.        if your son spoils tomorrow, you can never say that the university spoiled your son for your son was a spoilt child from home before he went to the university. Before my eyes, your son has been flogged in the fellowship for wrongdoing. The only son of a Bishop.
51.        If tomorrow you are indicted for wrongdoing, will anybody be surprised? The lizard has produced fruit after its own kind. And remember, whatever he is at home will determine the company he will keep in school because a prostitute has not arrived the city until she sees where her type of people are dwelling.
52.        An Indian hemp smoker can never settle down in Onitsha until she sees where his type of people are dwelling. If you are a drunk, you can never settle down until you see where your type of people are dwelling and then use the name of Jesus and “o sing oh sing oh” to be sipping every kind of wine. Birds of the same species flock together.
53.        I know many were expecting me to come and share the testimony of convocation at Umudike, it then means you are blind, you do not know who The Son of Man is; neither can you fathom my ways.
54.        I have not come to bring peace but strife and division. If God said from now on, did He say when it will end? It means till the end of the world. Each time Christ is revealed, this scripture is fulfilled again and again.
55.        Put your hands together for God. If you think I am deceiving you, show me the point of your deceitfulness.
56.        A father will decide one way about me; his son, the other…
57.        The father may decide to follow me, the son will say “I am following my mother. Wherever my mother is,  that is where I will stay. Daddy, stay on your own. If you dare me, I will slap the hell out of you”.
58.        The mother will say, “Do you think this is like before when if you act and I will keep quiet. Say it again!” The child will tell the father, “If you say it again you will pack out of this house!”
59.         We are living in the age where women engineer their sons to push their husband out of the house. The father will decide, the mother will decide contrary. A man will wake up and tell his wife to come so that they will praise God and the woman will take her children out. “Is it what I will do this morning?”
60.         If you call her in the night, she will tell you that she is not ready and she is tired. You call her in the morning; she will tell you that you will waste her time. You wait for her in the afternoon, she will come back late. At the end of the day, where will all those things lead her to? It will lead her to hellfire.
61.        Is there anyone that contain Eternal Life? No sir! Is there anything you will eat that will make you not to be hungry again? No sir! Is there any money you will acquire today that will make you to be wealthier than us?
62.        A sure sign that Christ has stepped into your family, strife and division has set in. Somebody is saying “thank you” outside and for saying thank you come inside, the rest stay outside. Only him, for saying thank you, only you come inside. Who knows what will be my righteousness in the sight of God.
63.        The Bible said truths are known by his children. Wisdom is truth, wisdom is known by his children. If Christ is the Wisdom of God and we are begotten of God, where is our wisdom? Our children must have our wisdom.
64.        Take for instance as I am, I am in Christ, my first son is in Christ, the ones that are following him are in Christ, their mother is in Christ. Tell me where trouble will come from! If there is anybody going contrary, if you want to talk to the person, what you will tell the person is the word of God.
65.         Before you will point the mistake to the person, he or she will kneel down because the person understood what it is. But the person that is telling you to continue talking, “Concerning this word you are telling us in the name of our Lord, continue talking, we will not obey. Whatever we have decided to do is what we will do. If you say that I will not do it, try me and you will see it happen before your eyes. I will do as I have proclaimed from my mouth.”
66.         If the battle that is being fought in the family is being fought in Christ, the battle will be won on time because God is a Winner. But the reason is that one person and his group are in Christ and they are in the minority.
67.        Those who have strength to fight, those who have money, those who have the mouth to talk, people who if they talk it will be heard by everybody, those who know how to cry where they are doing evil so that an innocent man will be killed, they are in the majority. They are on one side.
68.        If you are fond of bribing the consciences of your children against the truth because you are paying their fees, providing for their clothing, everything  and things like that, both you and your children must surely perish whether you like it or not.  That thing that is giving you happiness today will turn into sorrow tomorrow.
69.        If your husband never married you, will you have children? Whose name are your children bearing? Whose name are you bearing? In whose house are you living in? If your husband did not kill you, is it the time he told you to come let us worship God that he will kill you?
70.        Anybody whose troubles are in his family, division is in his family due to Eternal Life, please do not be offended, the word of God is fulfilling. Or your wife turned some of your children against you and you turned some against her, the word of God is fulfilling. If these things do not happen, how can the scriptures be fulfilled? Why not put your hands together for God!  
71.        Every man, every home must go the way it is ordained. I am not here to pamper the truth. Never! Never!! It is not my calling. Because of the series of calls I have received so far I want to show you something.
72.        A father will decide one way about me; his son, the other; mother and daughter will disagree; and the decision of an honored mother-in-law will be spurned by her daughter-in-law.
73.        A father will decide one way about me; his son, the other Then he turned to the crowd and said, "When you see clouds beginning to form in the west, you say, 'Here comes a shower.' And you are right. "When the south wind blows you say, 'Today will be a scorcher.' And it is. Hypocrites!
74.        Hypocrites! You can predict everything accurately but the hour you are living in you cannot accurately predict. May God help all of us. Amen.

The book of Job chapter 27 verse 13 through 14, living Bible translation. Because of the teachings outlined, there are many things I will not touch.
2.           Job 27:13-16 "This is the fate awaiting the wicked from the hand of the Almighty…
3.           This is the fate that awaits the wicked from where? The hand of the Almighty. A wicked man is one who is alive, truth is set out before him, God bearing witness and yet he sets it aside only to have his way. You are wicked and this is your fate that is coming to you from the hands of the Almighty God.
4.           "This is the fate awaiting the wicked from the hand of the Almighty: If he has a multitude of children, it is so that they will die in war or starve to death.
5.           They will die a violent death or starve to death. Those who survive shall be brought down to the grave by disease and plague, with no one to mourn them, not even their wives.
6.           “Not even their wives”.
7.           Job 27:13-14 (AMP)This [which I am about to tell] is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage which oppressors shall receive from the Almighty:  If his children are multiplied, it is for the sword; and his offspring will not have sufficient bread.
8.           Check the fate of all wicked people who amassed wealth but never amassing the knowledge of God. Check when they died, what they left behind, check their children how they died one after the other, diseases and pestilences. Check their properties for which cause they could not serve God, all of them fizzled away.
9.           Check the way they died, they died in misery. I will not tell you their number and I will not tell you the one that happened recently. There was one what killed him was on the process while his people were running around to raise five thousand naira but he died in the chair.
10.        Another one died because there was no seven thousand naira which would be used to purchase blood that will be transfused on him. The whole village both male and female did not give him five thousand naira because he was wicked. We that are close to him knew that he was wicked.
11.        Despite all the charms he has been having, his wife who has been bedridden for seventeen years never knew he was dead. Maggots are coming out of the wife’s body even now. She does not eat, she does not defecate, she does not urinate.
12.        How did the man die? He came out from his house, while in front of his house, a vehicle killed him there at the age of seventy. And the day he died was the day he welcomed his first grandchild and he did not see the child. Is there any curse greater than this?
13.        The rest of his children that are remaining are Indian hemp smokers and prostitutes. Even the ones who were born in 1975, none of them has viable means of livelihood. Because their mother and their father lived very wicked lives.
14.        Gone are the days when a man receives his reward when he is late. You will receive your reward while you are alive. The evils that men do live with them and after them. So, we will not tell you not to plan evil. Go ahead and plan it. If you are planning it for your children, they will experiment it with you.
15.        If you are planning it for your husband, he will be alive and you will reap the fruits of the evil. What I am telling you is the truth. If you plan it for your wife, she will be alive and you will reap the fruits of the evil.
16.        The cloud is here. If I do not tell you this truth, I do not love you.
17.        Reason why you must be mindful of the word of God. We want to look into further scriptures. Jesus was asked a question.
18.        The book of Mathew 22read from verse 23.(LB) But that same day some of the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection after death, came to him and asked…
19.        People that never believed in resurrection after death came to him with a question.
20.        "Sir, Moses said that if a man died without children, his brother should marry the widow and their children would get all the dead man's property. Well, we had among us a family of seven brothers.
21.        The first of these men married and then died, without children, so his widow became the second brother's wife. This brother also died without children, and the wife was passed to the next brother, and so on until she had been the wife of each of them.
22.        And then, she also died. So, whose wife will she be in the resurrection? For she was the wife of all seven of them!" But Jesus said, "Your error is caused by your ignorance of the Scriptures and of God's power!
23.        What? “You err, not knowing the real meaning of the scriptures”. Your errors in words, in action, is caused by your ignorance of the Holy writings. For if you had understood the real meaning of scriptures, you would have behaved rightly, you would have talked rightly. Because the prophet said if you are Christ, it then means the spirit of Christ is abiding in you. If that is true, all your actions and oratory are of Christ. 
24.        But on the contrary, Christ is not in there. It says often times people get themselves acquainted with spirits that resemble the Spirit of Christ. They begin to think that they are getting saved when they are going to hell.
25.        You begin to have the feelings, the sensation that you are doing the right thing, you are protecting God, you are protecting the faith like Bishop Okoh not knowing that you are sincerely wrong!  Everything is borne out of wickedness.
26.        For in the resurrection, there is no marriage; everyone is as the angels in heaven.
27.        In the resurrection, there is no what? Marriage! All the animals God created and allowed a human being to be in charge of them, has a goat a wife called his own? Has a dog a wife called his own?
28.        Tell me, when God created Adam and Eve and gave them command, did He say “Go and marry? Go and increase, multiply and fill the earth? Did He say “Marry this one, marry the other one?” What can you say about those that married, were they not brothers and sisters?
29.        What can you say about Noah where eight survived and God said, “Go and increase and multiply,” members of one family. I do not want to talk about Lot. Otherwise, wicked people will begin to impregnate their daughters because they know how to twist the scriptures.
30.        That is why St. Peter said that many of the things St. Paul said are high to understand by the unlearned and the unspiritual which they wrestle to their own peril, to their own destruction. Some will say “Why not marry your daughter, why not impregnate your wife this and that” because they err not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God.
31.        In the resurrection, if you will be partakers how many do you think you will be? You will return to the original estate. When God will give the instruction to increase and to multiply and fill the earth once again, sons and daughters that resurrected will fill the earth.
32.        Thus, when you talk about marriage, there can never be marriage without money. A man goes for the one he wants, the woman agrees with the one she wants. Sometimes women even buy men using their bottom, using their wealth, using the wealth of even their parents to buy over a man promising a man heaven on earth just to make sure they enslave the man.
33.        If you doubt me all these Nollywood actresses, they are ready to give you millions of dollars provided you volunteer to be their husbands who will take care of their kitchen, wash their dress, iron them, do domestic work while they will be getting money for you and you answer “husband.”
34.        Cases abound where too many bank managers today used money to buy men over for while working in the bank, they are not exposed to social life, they reached menopause while working for money. At old age, they now look for wheelbarrow pushers, okada riders, keke riders provided they have a man behind.
35.         Highly educated, gorgeous, some of them live in furnished flat, ride exotic vehicles, silly men will go for those things, carry a portfolio, enter a flat they never paid for.
36.        I am saying that we are living in the day where men do not suffer to get wife but you must suffer to get Eternal Life. In other words, marriage is around the corner but Eternal Life is not around the corner. If you want to get married to thirty wives today, you can get as many as you want even lorry load.
37.        I said lorry load. If you come to College of Education, go to any University of your choice or Polytechnic, you will use trailer to carry women provided you have where they will stay.
38.        I was following some people one day at Upper Iweka. They were discussing and I was passing and they were about three ladies and they had already come closest to their menopause.
39.        One was feeling so bad wearing her knickers talking to the other: “If God will help me and I get a husband, instead of him leaving me, I will sell what makes me a woman”.
40.        If you see how they were swearing for men. She will sell off what makes her a woman and go to a native doctor for a man’s sake. They now visit native doctors today just to have a husband. What I am telling you is truth.
41.        People go to herbalists today in order to get a man, pay heavily, get concoction, use it the way they are instructed just to tie a man down. Is it Eternal Life?
42.        A lady was commanded by one to use whatever she has at her disposal to obtain the semen of a man in the bed and the lady said, “Trust me. I am with him, I will get it,” and she got it. This is the age.
43.        Some men are also extremely diabolic; they go to all lengths to seduce women because of their wealth and that of their families. They are looking for the people that will make them millionaires and whenever they see such people, they go after them. Whatever price they are going to pay, they will pay provided they get it.
44.        Then the question arises: when this earthly life is over, when we shall see the very Elohim who is Resurrection and Life, when the saints in Christ arise, when there will be no marriage, what will you say in the end?
45.        This marriage that is now hindering you from serving God, this marriage you now esteem higher than Christ, instead of seeing marriage as a leverage, something that will help you to serve God; something that has given you a sense of belonging to the man, to a family, bestowed children upon you, the joy you would have used to serve God, to give God the glory, you now turned down because of self gratification. Is it not the worst manifestation of stupidity?
46.        That you married, if God never gave you a child will you have a child? All the glory you will give God is what we are dragging down now but in the end, in that eternal life, marriage is not there. “I love you, I love you. I will do this, I will do that,” they all ended here on earth.
47.        Marriage is love procured with money. No matter how you love a woman if you do not fulfill the conjugal obligations by paying the dowry, pay bride price and everything, fulfill customary rites, will the community give her to you? No sir!
48.        Tell me what you will give to God and get Eternal Life? But the way we hold marriage, we hold it as if it is Eternal Life. 
49.        If it is eternal, we will go and borrow money just to get it anyhow. It can be Eternal Life for you depending on who you are. If you are a child of God, marriage will help you but if you are not a child of God, if the truth of Eternal Life comes into your family, it must surely break.
50.        No matter how you try to live in peace, you cannot succeed for there are too many actions of your wife, your husband that will upset you whether you like it or not.
51.        I want to read few things here. Who is adequate to read it for me? Apostle Ojiakor you appear to be my target. I use you here because of many reasons, because I know the battle you are fighting. I have spoken to you concerning your son Ngosike. I am interest in him; I did not mince words.
52.        Action is Faith Expressed preached on Sunday 18th December 2011 page 158 from verse 27. God said do not underrate any woman they have powerful influence, they know how to influence a man away from his position and they know how they can inject something in a man that can make a man to act otherwise.
53.         For the word of a woman carries force and any man that is not ready to face his wife can never please God. If you say you will never offend your wife, I want to please my wife at all time, I do not want o see my wife wearing a sad face, I do not want her to hate me, you can never please God.
54.         The first step towards displeasing God starts by pleasing your wife. By nature a woman is an insatiable being, an implacable being with unlimited desires. This is the problem of Apostle Ojiakor; that is why he cannot make full proof of his ministry.
55.        He has never for one day taken his position to offend the wife that the truth of the Gospel might continue rather he will speak, once the wife reacts he will cancel his speech. If you are not a man of God to the point of dying at thy word, you are not a man of God.
56.        If the action of your wife will cause you to withdraw the truth, you are not a man of God. And God said woe unto that woman that will cause her husband to err, to derail in his ministry that she must reap a whirl wind. Go to the message title standstill and I will show you the word of God as contained in the Great Sermon.
57.        Page 20 chapter 2 Verse 62. Any man of God that listens to the wife on Church issues especially on doctrinal matters must surely make shipwreck of his calling. Amen.

Your evils have weakened me, both men and women and your children alike. When I say that I have not seen up to four persons lining behind me from among the ministers, I am yet to see even one, rather I see people struggling to be in the number. I never mince words.
2.           When I handled a message at Enugu I said that they were running without the original baton. They thought I was crazy. Here I said you are not what you look like in the fellowship. At home you are devils, in the Fellowship  you are angels.
3.           I am happy that this message mentioned the names of ministers including Apostle Ojiakor.  I will not talk much there but let it be known to you that there is no reasonable excuse before God. 
4.           The Son of Man is sent here as an angel of judgment and He will never be discouraged until He has put an end to injustice here on earth and righteousness will reign, then eyes will see Him.
5.           Now, I brought in Onyema Isaac inside because I heard his voice so that he can come in, feel the warmth of the brethren, feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit just for a while. Now it is all over. Onyema, you stand excommunicated leave us.
6.           Join your family my purpose for bringing you in has been accomplished your excommunication continues. This is the worst that can befall a man, any lesson to learn? Only those who were in my house last night will understand what is happening.
7.            Now I will read the letter and say few things before bringing the minister to the pulpit. Apostle Ojiakor read this letter because you are involved. 
8.           Office of The Son of Man (Apostle Peter Odoemena) Bride of Christ ministry worldwide dated 23rd November, 2017. The Pastor Household of God at Enugu, Enugu state. Dear Pastor, notice of indefinite closure of the Household of at God at Enugu.
9.           As a result of the ugly and reprehensible incident that took place in your midst during fellowship session on 19th November 2017 which led to the flooding of the fellowship premises by the heathens in order to separate the bloody fight among the so-called brethren; an act which is unbecoming even among the heathens. Your fellowship has been closed indefinitely with effect from yesterday Wednesday 22nd November 2017.
10.        Any family or individual that is desirous of worshiping God should find his way to any othernearest Household of God. Signed Apostle Peter Odoemena (The Son of Man).
11.        Plot 47 Airport Road Tinkers Corner Emene Enugu 24th November, 2017. Office of The Son of Man (Apostle Peter Odoemena) Bride of Christ ministry worldwide. Government Technical College Onitsha, Anambra State.
12.        Dear Almighty God, A report of an ugly scenario that ensued at the fellowship ground.
13.        I am writing in response to your request for a comprehensive report on the blasphemous incident that took place during our worship session at Enugu Household of God last Sunday being 19th November 2017.
14.        The Son of Man: Note it, last Sunday the first day of the week.
15.        As you have spiritually, supernaturally observed, it was indeed an act of accumulated acrimony borne out of share wickedness and irrationality. On Sunday 19th December 2017, brethren at Enugu Household gathered to worship God but did not respond to worship earlier as it was our manner to be at the fellowship venue 30 minutes before 8 o’clock.
16.        As soon as it was 8 o’clock, I mounted the pulpit and declared the worship open. I started with worship songs but I noticed that it was not flowing as it should be. We continued while the Bishop Okoh and Deacon Pascal could be seen outside holding a discussion outside.
17.        Along the line I had to encourage brethren to open their mouth to worship and praise God. As I was on the pulpit, I noticed that there was a distraction by elders at the back seat. The discussion was so much that the praises slowed down as brethren were looking backwards.
18.        From the pulpit, I called on Bishop Okoh, ‘Sir any problem?’ He replied no problem. But the congregation was already divided for Ejike’s daughter who was asked to leave the congregation. The way Deacon Pascal asked her to leave contributed to the distraction as if there was an existing war between the three families.
19.        The distraction was much that I had to stop the praises and invited Evangelist Anayo to the pulpit so that we can hear the testimony from Jerusalem lest we make a mistake. I have come down seeing the Bishop furious and the Deacon also furious.
20.        As I was stepping down from the pulpit, just two steps away from the pulpit, Bishop Okoh rushed me and was trying to drag me out that he wanted to have discussion with me. I was confused the way he approached me.
21.        Seeing that there was a distraction before and I wanted to know what was happening, immediately I heard a voice from that same back seat by Evangelist Chinwendu who stood up and said, ‘Pastor, please come and sit down first.; This utterance made by Chinwendu caused more confusion and then there was chaos or chaotic atmosphere already created.
22.        The Bishop flared up, stood up and started ranting, disturbing the fellowship. Meanwhile, Evangelist Anayo was on the pulpit singing melody. Bishop Okoh kept on ranting and said, ‘If this will result the household to be closed down let it be closed down.’
23.         The minister on the pulpit tried to control him but he resisted and continued ranting. Deacon Pascal joined him, both of them were uncontrollable, ranting, challenging the minister on the pulpit and could not allow him speak.
24.        Bishop Okoh was moving round the fellowship with Deacon Pascal saying who is Evangelist Chinwendu to counter the order from the Bishop and who is the Pastor to refute, ignore the call from the Bishop.
25.        I kept mute and was watching, the Deacon rushed to the second microphone, telling the minister on the pulpit to shut up and stop his ministration but Evangelist Anayo continued with his ministration telling them that as long as the Pastor asked him to continue that he will continue.
26.        I kept mute for I did not counter the whisking away of Ejike’s daughter for I saw that the whole action was planned to destabilize the peace of the brethren.
27.        Evangelist Anayo continued and tried his best to calm down the situation from the pulpit but to no avail. I tried to calm down the situation but to no avail. Bishop Okoh and Deacon Pascal continued ranting saying “it is never done!  It is never done!!’ Then Deacon Pascal pointed at Chinwendu that Evangelist Chinwendu is the problem of the household. Who is he to counter the order from the Bishop?
28.        The Bishop in his overwhelming wrath stood up and said ‘I am the Bishop of this household .I said Evangelist Chinwendu get out of this place. I said leave this place! I declare Brother Chinwendu excommunicated for challenging my authority!
29.        Bro. Chinwendu stood up and was asking what he did that warranted his excommunication. The Bishop ordered Deacon Pascal to push him out of the place. Horribly, Deacon Pascal rushed and forced Chinwendu to move out, but Chinwendu resisted. It was actually a drama.
30.         Deacon Pascal pushed him forcefully as he was approaching the exit, he pushed him and even accompanied it with beating which made Chinwendu fall flat outside hitting his head on the floor in a dirty water, sustaining injuries even on his head and on his palm.
31.        Brethren, many sisters seeing that Evangelist Chinwendu has sustained injury started weeping and sobbing. The heathen neighbours in the compound came and were watching. Seeing that Deacon Pascal was all out to fight but I held my peace for I had perceived that Deacon Pascal can also fight me if I dare challenge him.
32.        Bro. Chinwendu left with his clothes dirty with the injury on his palm. I asked brethren that were already outside to go inside because the minister was still on the pulpit. I ordered all to go inside the fellowship, so we continued.
33.        The Minister on the pulpit Evangelist Anayo asked a question whether anybody could tell him what happened or what caused what happened. Deacon Pascal stood up, rushed to the microphone telling him that he was hypocritical whether he has no eyes.
34.        After his ministration, he called me back to the pulpit and told the brethren that The Son of Man was vindicated reminding us that on 31st July 2015, The Son of Man came here and told us that we are running this race without a baton and this is a clear evidence that we should pray hard that the entire household be not excommunicated.
35.         I called Bro. Uche Omenka to come and read the message ‘the Family Of A Man Of God Must Be Exemplary”. After the reading, Bishop Okoh said he wanted to say something; he came up and said a lot of things about Ejike that he is the Bishop and he nearly sent a report to Onitsha but his two daughters asked him to withdraw it.
36.        He said that he wanted to write to The Son of Man an official report of all that has happened as a Bishop but he will not do it again unless somebody will tell those that went to Onitsha.
37.        I was standing on the pulpit then and my comment to him was Almighty God has captured all that took place here, live. He captures our homes how much more when we are in his presence. Later we dismissed, I summoned elders that were around to stay back for a brief meeting to enable us discuss the way out of the mess.
38.         All gathered except Deacon Pascal who was moving around the premise and deliberately refused to join in the meeting. I briefly told the elders what took place. This is my experience with Bishop Okoh from Monday to Friday which I think is the root of this trouble and the possible cause of this incident that happened.
39.        The Son of Man: All the incidents were documented but there was one thing; the observation the Pastor made that the Bishop, the Deacon and many others get drunk even in their homes before coming to fellowship every first day of the week even during ministers meeting.
40.        While fellowship will be on, they will still move away from the fellowship because the fellowship is very close to the market.  Every kind of activity is there. They normally find their ways out to drink dry gins and smoke before they will come back and join the fellowship again. And this has been going on over and over.
41.        He equally told me his observations here that he is sure and certain that the elders are responsible for the troubles they are having in their household. That they hate each other, they are at war with each other and they have formed divisions among themselves.
42.        Bishop Okoh has his own group together with Pascal. Evangelist Anayo has his own group, Pastor Ugoo has his own group, Ejike has his own group both men and women and infants alike. Bro. Anayo sent in his own report which even confirmed what the Pastor documented to be truth.
43.        I have their reports for I commanded them to write and forward to my e-mail box as a matter of urgency, they did it. They have received the notice of closure of their household.
44.        Bro. Okoh wrote his own comprehensive report  which also confirmed what their Pastor put down and he even went further to help me by writing me two text messages. The contents are not contained in his report to me and here are the two text messages. I forwarded them to our Brother Chizoba to print out for me. Read the messages. Two of them came the same day.
45.        Message body SMS. The first one: My God and my redeemer, I am really ashamed of myself after all that happened on Sunday. I am fully responsible for all that happened on Sunday. I am so stupid to have found myself in that situation taking my age into cognizance, I wouldn’t have behaved the way I behaved. 
46.        Please my Lord forgive me for my stupid act. I promise by your help self control will be my standard from now kindly tamper justice with mercy. Nobody is above false anointing. I plead for your mercy for I have never found peace in my life since last Sunday. To err is human and forgiveness is divine. You are highly blessed. Bishop Okoh.
47.        The second SMS: My heavenly father I am in trouble, my soul is highly troubled. Please do not cast me away from your presence. Where else will I go? Is it to my heathen relations that hate me with passion or to my younger brothers who see me as a useless man or to my friends outside who laugh at me?
48.        Where else is greater than your presence? I take all the blame of what happened that Sunday. As from now, I will assume my age and be disciplined. I cannot stand before your judgment for I am fully guilty. Try and forgive me, I find it very hard to sleep. May your love project.  You are highly blessed.
49.        The Son of Man: by this text message, he has saved me the trouble of going into further details. I had earlier slammed my order closing their fellowship, permitting them to worship God in any local assembly nearest to them as they wish. That is as many as will like to worship God and my order stands indefinitely that is one. I want to superimpose it this hour.
50.         I am superimposing my sanctions. All and sundry hear me. With effect from this very moment as I am standing here, Bishop Okoh and his entire family stand excommunicated from the Bride of Christ worldwide.
51.         Do not push them out. After the fellowship today they should never make the mistake of identifying with the brethren in any Local Assembly under the sun. He should go and worship his own god in his own way with his own family with effect from now until further notice.
52.        Deacon Pascal who has been errant all these years together with his entire family stands excommunicated for I have found all of them guilty until further notice.
53.        The same fate awaits him, his family and Bishop Okoh from henceforth.
54.        To the rest of the brethren at the household of God at Enugu, pay attention strictly. You are free to go to anywhere you want to worship God, you are also free to erect your own family altars, if you want.
55.        None of you or your wives or your children should ever make the mistake of coming to Jerusalem in Onitsha to worship God. You are free to go to any other place to worship God except Jerusalem (the Galilee of the Gentiles) this house of refuge.
56.        There is one exemption only those whose families were in Onitsha when the incident took place are permitted to worship God in Onitsha. The rest are banned! This order shall stand until further notice. That is not all.
57.        Bishop Okoh, Deacon Pascal, You are stripped off your positions as Bishop, as Deacon from henceforth and  make no mistake of parading yourselves as anything in this Bridal Faith or else I will come to you in a way you will not like.
58.        In view of the development in the Bride of Christ Ministry especially here in Nigeria, I have decided to put a stop to too many things. I equally made it known to you that a day is coming when all those wearing their offices as tags will be derobed completely.
59.        To that effect therefore, in the household of God at Onitsha, I have found our brother Elochukwu Amobi guilty together with his family. If I should allow him and his family to stay, sooner than we think, murderers will appear among us.
60.        His inability to put his family in order has resulted to too many calamities in his home to the point that previous fighting has been there where his children tore the dress of his own wife, pulled the wife naked, ran away with her wrapper and were cajoling her: “See her buttocks, see her this and that,” in his presence, he did nothing to restrain them.
61.        The battle has remained on until this last weekend. His daughter was rushed to Iyielu hospital because one of his daughters fought his daughters in his presence, used her teeth to bite off the lips and she was taken to the hospital where the doctor stitched it.
62.        And they have been threatening him that somebody must die in that house. I will be stupid and blind to continue to wait until such a calamity will befall us which will be scandalous.
63.        Thus, to stem the tide, I (The Son of Man) have reasoned with He that is in me, in you and in everywhere. I have surveyed every aspect of this faith, my teachings, my doctrines, my evangelism, there is not even one I can lay hand on that suggests that a man should tolerate such evil in his house. It is a sign of weakness from the house of an elder.
64.        For that reason, after today Brother Elochukwu Amobi and the whole family stands excommunicated. Go home, leave our midst until you put your house in order”.
65.        I am not yet done.  Remember, it is a sanitation exercise that will take a very long time. At the end, I will know how many that are still standing.
66.        With all the horrible reports, I have investigated, I have found to be true to the letter, I am left with no other choice than to declare Household of God at Umuahia closed with effect from this afternoon.
67.        All the members in that household are free to worship God in any Local Assembly under the sun as they will choose. This order is an indefinite order of total closure. That the Name of God be no longer ridiculed and blasphemed among the heathens.
68.        While I scattered them I will still keep on my monitoring eyes wherever they will run to. It is not all.
69.        Here in Onitsha and in the Bride of Christ in general, all that go by the title “bishop” are hereby deposed with effect from today. I have only but two Bishops in the Bride of Christ, the rest have lost their position; they are now ordinary members and should be treated as ordinary except Bishop Obadiah of the Household of God at Aba and Bishop Isaac Igwe of the Household of God at Owerri.
70.        I personally prayed for their presence today and I used their presence as a sign and the Lord answered me. I wanted to call them over the phone or use their Pastors to alert them but I changed my mind and continued placing my sign. They had reasons upon reasons why they should not be in Jerusalem today but they never knew when they changed their mind. Find out with them.
71.        I have not reasoned with any. Is it true? You said it is true. Bishop Obadiah was raising his hand over there. Is it true? You said Yes sir! Thank you.  The rest stands deposed.
72.         In the whole of Bride of Christ ministry worldwide, I have only but two Deacons the rest stands deposed. They are ordinary members from henceforth and Deacons in the Bride remains two. Deacon Anselem of the Household of God at Egbema. Even if he is crippled, he is a Deacon. Deacon Sunday Ugorji of the Household of God at Onitsha, period.
73.        No other Deacon in the Bride of Christ and no other person should parade himself as a Deacon in the Bride.
74.        Concerning ministers in the Fivefold, I will come to you soon and you will know your position in Christ. Concerning the ordained Elders, I will come to you soon and you will know your position. I am not in a haste.
75.        Remember,  the ministers in the Fivefold are; (i) Apostles (ii) the Prophets (iii) Evangelist (iv) Pastors (v) Teachers. THESE ARE THE OFFICES IN THE FIVEFOLD: I REPEAT I WILL COME TO YOU SOON.
76.         Concerning the Elders, St. Paul enjoined Titus to go from Church to Church and ordain Elders. I ordained Elders according to the command of the Most High God. But, whosoever that is not doing the work of an Elder must surely be removed from that office while he is alive.
77.        That is not all. By the order which will be communicated between now and tomorrow to the Household of God at Nassarawa---Bro. Chizoba take note. Use my letter heading, bring it to my office for me to sign.
78.        Our brother Emmanuel who was once the Pastor and later became a teacher in the household of God at Nassarawa together with his whole family made up of his wife and children, they are excommunicated from the body of Christ with effect from this afternoon until further notice.
79.        These decisions have become very necessary to save the Name of God from being blasphemed among the heathens. That does not mean that the rest should stay here and feel comfortable for I will still come your way as individuals, as families with time.
80.        To the rest who are covenanted with God, who are worshiping God by revelation of who He is, whom are following God for the sake of Eternal Life, may the grace and Peace Of The Father be your everlasting portion.
81.        I assure you of His divine protection unto the end. But be not yoked with too many heathens in your local assemblies. This is just an interim measure the full weight of the wrath will descend upon the ministers in the fivefold any time from now and their families.
82.        And when my wrath is revealed, you will know who is who and what their offences are. But until then, let us continue to praise God. On this note, I invite Apostle Ojiakor to the pulpit to continue from where I stopped last week. To God be the Glory now and till eternity.
83.        Nobody said Amen. Maybe because my judgment has become harsh. You have the right to challenge my judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction but I wonder who that judge is likely to be who will entertain the case and adjudge The Son of Man guilty.
84.        If Brother Ojiakor is not coming forth, he is going with Enugu right now. If you feel The Son of Man is high handed, cause Him to be low handed. Amen.

Let us consider something from the message: “Action is Faith Expressed” page 162 verse 42. Too much compromise with our wives weaken the faith, weaken the faith and make the truth ineffective because many will love to bend the truth to suit them.
2.           Any truth that does not suit a woman is unacceptable in the family and truth does not favour anybody. Truth favours only children of God.
3.           Igwe Amobi and family were put away to go and put their family in order.  For that reason the library is still there, the records are still there.
4.           But where he wants to speak otherwise, he should communicate to me and in less than 24 hours, I will evacuate everything for I even have a better space for those materials than his house. Nevertheless, they will remain there until he speaks otherwise.
5.           Report from the website (Chronicles of the Bride of Christ ministry) total 84,105. Overall viewers 260,431 viewers all in one week.
6.           Who feels that The Son of Man cannot do without him or her? Now tell me who you are that I cannot dispense your service. I do not need anybody I have been saying it even when we knew nothing called website.
7.           I do not need you, but you can never exist without me. If you feel I am boasting, if you feel I am making an empty boast, make for yourself your own god, devise your own god, worship him the way he is revealed to you, that is all.
8.           I am sure and certain that the Prophet never deceived us when we read the message Prelude (Interlude) volume 1.  We read too many quotes in that message.
9.           The moment you distance yourself from your Guide, you are alone. You are without a guide and nothing stops you from getting lost for you are on your own. I have my reasons for hanging those supernatural photographs. I selected the four, placed the divine personality from where all these things were made manifest.
10.        And after today, they may go back to the store again. Let me see whether your eyes will capture the revelation so that in the end when God will deal with you, according to the level of your iniquities, He will be justified that all that have been put out of this Bridal faith will know that of a truth they are excommunicated from the presence of God, from the blood of Christ and from the security of the Almighty God.
11.        That is why the Prophet warned that we do not use it to threaten anybody, we do not joke with excommunication. Is it not something that is frightening that a Bishop is facing trial over a theft involving two point something million and from the look of things he is going in for it.
12.        If he has been discharged by the Police that maybe yesterday, that is if he secured people that will stand in for the bail for everybody was running away including lawyers. Because of the gravity of the offence, circumstances surrounding it, there was no way he could wriggle out.
13.        But, being a bail-able offence, they granted him bail with a surety and a government official of not less than grade level 14 and no lawyer could stand in for there is nothing he can show that can make a lawyer stand for him.
14.        And, the police called me after everything and said: “Is it not clear to you, sir, that this man is guilty?”  It is as clear as the day.  And you want me to continue with devilish and wicked people in the name of Bishop, Deacon and so on? Let me say it because that will help everybody.
15.        Sister Okoh, I know you have not been keeping quiet. I know that you have no hand in the lifestyle of your husband. Your daughters came to me with tears pleading that I should help them save the life of their father that from inception till now that he has been a chain smoker and a heavy drinker, but the whole thing is getting out of hand now that he is retiring, that he smokes heavier than anybody now and drinks himself to stupor every day.
16.        You are responsible for spoiling a good number of brethren as an old man. You spoiled Kingsley Ifeanyi, the son of mama Nkwe. If the boy turns a renegade tomorrow, you spoiled him. You wanted to spoil Henry who married your Sister Onyinye, but Henry has escaped from your hands. You spoiled Pascal who is your warrior. You are responsible for spoiling David Mbah who is at Umuahia.
17.        The crime two of you committed when your son matriculated is still fresh in my mind. I got a comprehensive report of how you messed yourself up there with David Mbah who is always drunk every night to the point that his own landlady had to call me to call David Mbah to order, otherwise he will kill himself.
18.        The wife raised alarm, his landlady raised alarm, tenants even invited him to human rights organization to give reasons why he wanted to kill his only son because he was drunk. All in this faith!
19.        He dropped smoking, you reintroduced it to him saying it does not matter. Whose example are you following? Who among you has ever seen me smoking or even drinking in the public or getting drunk for one day? Do I drink in secret?
20.        “A Bishop”, going by the injunctions of the holy scriptures, you should not be given to wine, you should not be a heavy drinker, you should not be a violent man but you are violent. Check the whole qualities as stipulated in First Timothy 3:1-5, you are guilty.
21.        Of what essence is your preaching, teaching, everything even the documents. What can you say? Because when you handle the word of God in unrighteousness, you make it of non-effect.
22.        All those you have wounded, how can you look at them? If everybody will begin to pattern after you, how will this fellowship look like? If all of us shall become Police man like you call Pascal a foolish man who does not know when he is flattered to destroy himself. It is better for wise people to reprimand you than for fools to sing your praise.
23.        I thank God Ezemachiri is here; they serve you kaikai (dry gin) in the pulpit. All of you including Ogechukwu and the useless man from Ehalumona (Nonso), plus your Pastors. Your drunkenness has been reported to me by your members who feel troubled.
24.        Look at you, look at your family and you do not know that you have sugar problem. If you develop diabetes tomorrow, they will be accusing the faith not knowing that you are your self-destroyer. So it is with all your members that nobody can come to fellowship without carrying a bottle of whisky, a bottle of schnapps, a bottle of native gin. After drinking yourself to mental stupor, a useless fellow will climb the pulpit and begin to talk rubbish.
25.        Umuahia is a battleground. Whoever that is going to Umuahia fellowship is going to fight and not to hear the word of God. All of them ready to fight at all times. Aba is now calm because they have learnt from their past mistake and I gave them the youngest Pastor who is doing the work assigned to him.
26.        God never gathered us in this faith to destroy ourselves. He gathered us to save us, to make us better citizens.
27.        It is because of your madness that I refused to go to Umudike for convocation because if I had stepped into that place all Tom, Dick and Harry would have stepped their feet there, used my name to destroy themselves. I have come to the realization of all these things.
28.        It is my over liberality and over simplicity. You will never enjoy those things from The Son of Man again. You will pay dearly now for you to be acquainted with The Son of Man from now. Only facts are convincing. Amen.



Apostle Luke Ojiakor



You are blessed Brethren. Can we put our hands together for the Almighty God brethren! God is God and God is sanitizing His family.

2.           Brethren I want to quickly help us cheep in something. He said you will know He is the same God that brought us out. Look at these few pictures and we see He that is the Source that perfected all that are up there.

3.           Who is this? Christ the same Being that was with them in the wilderness. Remember Abraham was told even from Adam in Genesis chapter three the seed of the womb. Talking about Christ, the same God.

4.           Let us understand He that has been talking to us for He has not ceased from introducing Himself. That we understand exactly who is in our midst

5.           I said God is sanitizing His family as a Father and He is actually giving us the pattern everyone of us should follow. Even in our local assemblies, as ministers, as Pastors and in our nuclear families. To Him be the glory.

6.           The book of Luke chapter 19 from Verse 41 through 44. What are we considering? “How people Miss God in all the ages” as well as “How God is misunderstood by the people He has come to in all the ages.”

7.           I believe at least a good number of us here understand He that is speaking to us. He that has done what He has done this morning, it is important we understand Him.

8.           Luke 19:41-44(KJV). And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it, Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.

9.           For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.

10.        “Because thou knowest the hour of thy visitation”.

11.         (LB)Luke 19:41-44. But as they came closer to Jerusalem and he saw the city ahead, he began to cry. "Eternal peace was within your reach and you turned it down," he wept, "and now it is too late.  Your enemies will pile up earth against your walls and encircle you and close in on you, and crush you to the ground, and your children within you; your enemies will not leave one stone upon another-for you have rejected the opportunity God offered you."

12.        Matthew 17:1-5(AMP) AND SIX days after this, Jesus took with Him Peter and James and John his brother, and led them up on a high mountain by themselves. And His appearance underwent a change in their presence; and His face shone clear and bright like the sun, and His clothing became as white as light.

13.        And behold, there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, who kept talking with Him. Then Peter began to speak and said to Jesus, Lord, it is good and delightful that we are here; if You approve, I will put up three booths here — one for You and one for Moses and one for Elijah.

14.         While he was still speaking, behold, a shining cloud [composed of light] overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, This is My Son, My Beloved, with Whom I am [and have always been] delighted. Listen to Him!

15.        John 1:29-34The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.This is he of whom I said, After me cometh a man which is preferred before me: for he was before me. And I knew him not: but that he should be made manifest to Israel, therefore am I come baptizing with water.

16.        And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him. And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Uponwhom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost. And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God. 

17.        “And I saw, I bare record that that this is the son of God,” because the Holy Spirit descended like a dove upon Him and dwelled in Him fully.

18.        John 3:33-34. I want us to know that Jesus was a body, Christ has been and Christ was promised them they were looking forward to seeing Christ the Messiah, the Saviour to deliver them.

19.        When they saw something strange happening in a young man called Jesus they were asking could this be the Christ? Could this be the Messiah? That is why He is the Son of God because He is having the fullness of God Himself.

20.        That is why when Jesus received the fullness of His Spirit, he was God. And I said what was prophesied all through the old Testament in the wilderness of course we are going to see some of these things in our own age.  

21.         John 3:33-35. He that hath received his testimony hath set to his seal that God is true. For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto him.KJV.

22.        He has received the spirit without measure. Talking about Jesus the Christ, last week I said when you talk about prophec,y as long as that prophecy is about Christ, Jesus must have fulfilled the one meant for him.

23.        And the one meant for Christ today definitely it is coming to pass before you and me. It is not two Gods, it is the same spirit, the same Elohim, the same being that went to Egypt that fixed the sign before Moses in the wilderness and Moses.

24.        As Moses attraction has gone to the burning bush and then the voice came forth. The same voice that spoke to Moses “Go and tell Pharaoh I will harden his heart, he will do all these things, he will not allow you. So that I will get myself honoured over him and over Egypt.”

25.        The same God, that is the same God talking to you and myself today, has been talking to us since He brought us to Himself. “The same God”.  

26.        Acts 10:38. How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the Devil; for God was with him.KJV.

27.        Underline it. Did it say Jesus Christ of Nazareth? It said the man Jesus. The woman of Samaria said :Come and see a man that told me all I did. Could this be the Christ being expected, the Christ that is promised to come to us, to deliver us. Could this man be that One?”

28.         They know that the Messiah is coming so they were looking forward to it. and they saw a young man whose conception and delivery went contrary to what they expected and it was difficult for them to believe. That was why they missed it, missed God. They did not know that it was the same God. Let us look at

29.        Luke 4:16-18. And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read. And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias.

30.        And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written, The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor; he hath sentme to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruisedKJV.

31.        Get it, Jesus Christ went into the synagogue and it was given to him by the scribes the scroll, he opened the scroll. And where did he open it to?

32.        it is in Isaiah chapter 61 verse 1. He opened the scripture, he read a scripture: the spirit of the Lord is upon me. it was a prophecy in Isaiah. I want you to pay attention so that we will compare what is in Isaiah and what is in Luke what Jesus read out.

33.        Isaiah 61:1-2 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn. KJV.

34.         I want you to see, “To proclaim the day of vengeance of our God”. Let us read that one in Luke chapter 4. He did not leave the issue of proclaiming the day of vengeance. He is the same Christ, that same God of judgment. it was not for Him but it was for Him now. The Angel of judgment.

35.        Revelation 14 an Angel flying down from heaven with the everlasting Gospel shouting “fear God”. it was not Jesus. The spirit of the Lord was upon me. If you were there will you not ask Jesus how do you know that this Isaiah you opened to is talking about you.

36.        There is no name Jesus in Isaiah 61. Do you understand what I am saying? Will you not ask him how do you know that the scripture you are reading is talking about you. he read it and closed it and every eyes was fixed on it. then he spoke saying today this scripture is fulfilled before your eyes. Jesus the Christ knew himself because He Himself was Christ of that age. He knew Himself so whenever the prophecy about Him came up, He knew what He spoke about it.

37.        Malachi 4:5. Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.KJV

38.        Luke 1:17 He will be a man of rugged spirit and power like Elijah, the prophet of old; and he will precede the coming of the Messiah, preparing the people for his arrival. He will soften adult hearts to become like little children's, and will change disobedient minds to the wisdom of faith." TLB

39.        Luke 1:17. And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.KJV.

40.        John the Baptist turned the hearts of the children to their father, William Braham came and turned the heart of the children to their father. Are you getting it? The same Isaiah 61 a little part of verse 2 Jesus the Christ fulfilled.

41.        From verse 2 down, Almighty God the same Christ The Son of Man is fulfilling them. Great Sermon page 57 preface we have a man. Now look at page 59 the first column on the left.

42.        The Son of Man: Remember this preface was documented by deposed Bishop Okechukwu Paul.

43.        Apostle Ojiakor: the Lord went further to convince us that He has sent a savior, the Christ.

44.        The Son of Man: he was also the one that wrote the open letter to all the Churches

45.        Apostle Ojiakor: and all the Bishops. The Son of Man: good! And Bishops in the whole world.

46.        Apostle Ojiakor: the Lord went further to convince us that He has sent a savior in our midst when He publicly commissioned His servant and The Apostle Peter Odoemena using the following words “I have anointed you with my spirit, I have anointed you with my power, speak my word, fear them not for I will be with you”.

47.        This is a little if you want it to get it more go to Mixed multitude Volume 1. “I have anointed you with my spirit Jesus Christ said where it was documented”. Remember God said it that the Bible is not the complete word of God.  In Acts of the Apostles, we were told that St. Paul kept on preaching the word of God and fell down from a two storey building.

48.        All that were preached there from night till morning we do not have them there. And, we heard it this morning who can be able to document all that has proceeded out of the mouth of the Lord, out of the mouth of The Son of Man, nobody. Who can document all the supernatural occurrences? Nobody. But these few are documented that our faith will be built up and they will believe that indeed it is the Almighty God. “Now the spirit of the Lord is upon me I have anointed you with my spirit, I have anointed you with my power, I have anointed you, speak my word”. 

49.        For my word is my power among my people. When they come into my sanctuary, they will hear my word. Fear them not for I am ever with you.  Now the same anointing concerning Jesus but now this is not prophecy that we are hearing now. We heard prophecy, present day prophecy.

50.        Few years ago in the 20th century John the Baptist fulfilled the first part for what was done in Luke 1:17 John the Baptist fulfilled it. What is in Malachi 4: 6 William Braham fulfilled it. The same spirit of Elijah. Now John the Baptist spoke about the first coming of Christ so Prophet William Braham spoke concerning the second coming of Christ.

51.        Let me tell you I fear God honestly. If you check the Message I am the standard of judgment to all men volume 2.

52.        What is the thing causing your strong opposition to the word of God? Check it (1) one is your self ego (2) your inherent problem. God said beware of your community spirit. What is inherent in us? We were born with it, our habits to the word of God. If we yield there is nothing impossible for God. So I am saying “it is the same God oh”.

53.        You have seen it, it is the same anointing. Once it rests upon a vessel automatically that person becomes the Almighty God and that is what we are enjoying now. No messenger from God has come being so merciful, so tolerant, so patient, so enduring like The Son of Man.

54.        If you go to Revelation 1, He is the one in the midst of the seven candle sticks and He is having the seven candle sticks in His hand the Elohim Himself. What made people to miss God in their ages, we will be weary that we do not stumble where they stumbled, that we do not misunderstand Him again.

55.        Son of Man our Link to the truth page 125; the spirit of the Lord has led me into the library to bring out few quotes from Prophet William Braham that are relevant in our discussions or belief today. Below are some of the quotes.

56.         “Through the ages, He has revealed Himself by His prophets and they were not really prophets. They were gods. He said so. What they spoke was God’s word.  They were the flesh in which God was veiled. So it was God formed in a man called a prophet. The word of the Lord come to this man, so it was not the prophet, for the prophet was a veil, but the word was God.

57.        He was the word of God in form of a man, He did not change His nature, only His form. In this way God reveals Himself to His people in all the ages”. (unveiling of God page 15).

58.        What did He do now? Return as Son of Man, then from that son of David. See, how close we are? He is revealed in the last days as The Son of Man according to Malachi 4:5-6 and all the rest of the scriptures pertaining to this hour (unveiling of God page 10).

59.        He told us that He is still very weak serving us but a time is coming when He will sit on the throne of His father judging the entire world in righteousness.

60.        The Son of Man: Unveiling of God that Christ will remain in the last days as The Son of Man and at the end of the whole program, He will be the son of David on the throne of the father David where He will be the king of Kings and the Lord of Lord.

61.        Apostle Ojiakor: God was veiled in a man.

62.        The Son of Man: not counting it robbery.

63.        Apostle Ojiakor: as He always has been.

64.        The Son of Man: “as He always has been” .

65.        Apostle Ojiakor: He was in a human temple. Now be real careful.

66.        The Son of Man: “temple He made without hands.

67.        Apostle Ojiakor: a temple that He has prepared by His own hand not with human hands.

68.        The Son of Man: building the true temple.

69.        Apostle Ojiakor: Yes sir! God was veiled in a man they could not understand that that God has always been. He was in a human temple now be real careful. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God veiled, hiding Himself from the world, veiled in a human being.

70.        The Son of Man: hiding Himself from the world, He decided to hide Himself in a human being so that the world will see a mere man. But in Him is the Elohim hidden.

71.        Apostle Ojiakor: the Greeks could not see Him because He was He was hid from them in a human being. God veiled Himself in the form of a man, had hidden Himself from their view. They could only see a man, but the predestined ones saw God.

72.        The Son of Man: Amen!

73.        Apostle Ojiakor: one saw a man, the other saw God. it was God veiled in a human being. Both of them were right.

74.        The Son of Man: “both of them were right”. One saw a man, another one saw God. Which one have you seen?

75.        Apostle Ojiakor: that is a big question.

76.        The Son of Man: what have you seen? A man or  God?

77.        Apostle Ojiakor: I have seen God.

78.        The Son of Man: I am telling you that many are seeing a man. Only a few have seen God. If you have seen god what hinders you from Giving Him His due honour and respect? What hinders you from worshiping Him as God? What is preventing you from accepting Him as God? It is because you are not convinced that He is God.

79.        Apostle Ojiakor:  both of them were right but your faith is that which you cannot see but believe anyway. He was in that flesh and that flesh was the veil”. (unveiling of God page 15).

80.        The Son of Man: “unveiling of Christ page 15”. When was it preached?

81.        Apostle Ojiakor: sir I cannot vividly recall.

82.        The Son of Man: ok.

83.        Apostle Ojiakor: now Christ is our Moses, He was veiled in human form.

84.        The Son of Man:Christ is our Moses”.

85.        Apostle Ojiakor: Who was God to the Israelites. He was called deliverer Himself delivering His people with a mighty hand. Now Christ is our Moses. In other words the same Christ that was there. He was veiled in human flesh and He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

86.        He was veiled in the tabernacle by badger skin and this time He is veiled in a man. He is still Christ the anointed one. He is still Christ the promised word of this age veiled in human flesh. The word is God, the anointing is a person. Therefore Moses was Christ for his day, he was the redeemer, the anointed one.

87.        The Son of Man: Amen! all the prophets of God had the spirit of God in them.

88.        Apostle Ojiakor: Amen! 1 Peter 1:9-11

89.        The Son of Man: they were human beings in appearance

90.        Apostle Ojiakor: Yes sir!

91.        The Son of Man: But in them dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Visible representation of the invisible God. Whenever I want to magnify myself, I will show my people my original body, my theophany body that the human eyes cannot capture. And that is the theophany body with immaculate white. A Baptist woman saw it and said before everybody “Daddy this is an Angel of God”. A Baptist woman. Brethren were there. “This is an Angel of God. Daddy where did this thing happen?”

92.        Apostle Ojiakor: I was told the same thing. A woman came into my office and fixed her eyes there. I said what are you looking at? She said this is an Angel. I said yes! Is God Himself. Have you seen something like this in all your denominations?

93.        The Son of Man: when He appeared before Manuer and the wife, what was HE called?

94.        Apostle Ojiakor: “Angel of God”.

95.        The Son of Man: Anybody that tastes hell from here, before the word began he was destined to go to hell.  This is why I enjoined those I put away from this Holy congregation to drag me to court of competent jurisdiction. If I do not answer their summon call me a coward.

96.        The message (unveiling of God) was preached Sunday 14th June 1964.  It is senior than many of you here. The prophet helping you not to miss God in your own day by telling you, revealing to you how people miss God in their own days.

97.      On this note, I say, bye for today. Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally, Remain blessed. Amen.