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Preached on SUNDAY 10th  September, 2017 At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ONITSHA By
You’re all blessed in Him eternally. We have come to Him to express our appreciation; to worship Him; to adore Him that has been sustaining us all these years
1.           Many have passed on. But we are still alive, not of our own making. We are not in any way better than those people He permitted even to go home prematurely.
2.           As I was coming this morning, at Niger gate, that is in GRA Onitsha, I saw an obituary poster of a lady who was 31 years. I was wondering and people were telling me she went to worship God in her own way in their own place in one adoration ground.
3.           She never went alone. She went with her siblings. Took permission to ease herself. Unknown to her, her eternal journey started there. Because it was raining heavily according to the report, flood carried her away. And that was the end. A lady of 31 years.
4.           You see, what a miserable death! Can we query God? You can never ask God “why”.
5.           We see, we hear so many disasters befalling people here and there. It is not limited to Nigeria. It is global. Remember what God told us at the beginning of the year, our New Year message.
6.           God said that 2017 is a continuation of 2016. That it is a continuation of the Year of Disaster. That it will increase more than ever as we progress.
7.           When they were saying they were putting an end to Boko Haram insurgence, God said, “Don’t take them seriously, rather it is going to assume a new dimension.”
8.            In spite of all the money spent, efforts being made – real sincere efforts – where are we today?
9.           I was paying attention to the news last night, and I have to praise God on behalf of the courage of the Nigeria police. If they never arrested the situation in Kano, and that was on Friday evening, I wonder what would have been the state of this nation.
10.        An organization called the Islamic State of West African (abbreviated as ISWA or ISWAP) in Kano state, hatched out a plan to unleash mayhem in almost all the States in Nigeria including Anambra. Information got to the Nigeria Police and they went into action.
11.        Through whistle blowing, they were able to capture the kingpin, even the mastermind of that 2012 bomb blast at the Police Headquarters, Abuja was also arrested alongside others. Weapons and ammunition that were capable of executing a civil war had already been stored. Islamic State of West African States. I have never heard this before. A new organization altogether!
12.        We are trying to grapple with the Niger Delta Insurgents, the Boko Harams, and this is a new one altogether, encompassing the 18 countries that make up the West African Region.
13.        Remember what I told you in the beginning; that look at a new spate of crime that is coming to Nigeria, and it is going to be global like kidnapping, like armed robbery and other social criminal vices.
14.        Anyone that comes, before you know it, will come to stay. In 2012, God said it was the beginning of our sorrows. That was when God demonstrated His power, proving to the whole world that actually the deluge is not a mere history, but a real event. That God used water (flood) to destroy a generation made up of human beings. He demonstrated it in 2012. It affected us badly.
15.        This time around, see what is happening. The whole Caribbean region – Caribbean States – they are now suffering from flooding. Florida and – in short, there is no place that is left.
16.        Here in Nigeria, almost three-quarters of our states are suffering it. Look at Benue. It is not a question of the river overflowing its banks. Heavy downpour in places that were unknown, that have never recorded such magnitude of rain in the history of Nigeria. No matter the weather forecast, the whole thing is beating everybody hollow.
17.        Why? The hand of God is behind it. God is about to wind up the programme. It is all found in the scriptures: signs in the sea; signs in the land; signs in the air.
18.        What is more, we are not hearing rumours of earthquakes again; we are witnessing real earthquakes globally. In Nigeria, we don’t call it earthquake, we call it landslide.
19.        Whether earth movement or earthquake, the truth of the matter is that the earth caved in. buildings and human beings sank, buried alive. Thus, I don’t care the semantics, they are all nomenclature. You can name it whatever you want, but I will describe it in my own uneducated man’s way.
20.        Once the land opens, and structures and human beings enter, got buried, I have no other language than earthquake. What happened in the days of Dathan, Koran and Abiram was earthquake from God. The land opened, swallowed all, closed in on them. It is earthquake.
21.        What of violence? Can you imagine? A reverend father went to Church, morning mass. Some people came in, celebrated with him. At the end, they wanted to see him privately for their problems. He never discerned that they were deadly. They lured him out.
22.        While they were discussing, they demanded to know whether he saw the young man in their midst who promised them 5000 Naira. How can the reverend father know who owed you and who does not owe you?
23.        He said “no”. They said he was kidding. Before he knew what they were doing, one pulled out one locally made pistol and fired him on the abdomen. The reverend father slumped down.
24.        About a week ago, in Orlu, Imo state, a newly ordained priest was kidnapped and murdered the same day he was ordained. Here in Orlu. Tell me the offence the young man committed?
25.        But I thank God, luck ran against them. The criminals were at last arrested. Among them was a police corporal. Don’t shrug your shoulders. Anybody can be a criminal.
26.        What can you say about a pastor who specialized in ritual killing? One specialized, even in kidnapping. Whoever that keeps kidnapped persons is the main kidnapper, because if he never accepted the responsibility to keep the kidnapped person, he would have secured his freedom.
27.        That is why greater punishment is imposed on any that received stolen item. That is why the police demand that you collect receipt for anything you collect from any human being, especially, second-handed things. And be very careful the way you receive packages from your friends.
28.        “Please keep this for me, I am coming back.” It may put you into serious problems. Because if you happened to keep something that is stolen, you are greater than the thief. Greater punishment awaits you more than he that stole the property because if you never received it, he would have dropped it somewhere for the owner to pick it.
29.        I really give God the praise. God had already told us that violence must fill the whole earth. Lawlessness everywhere. I don’t know when it was documented in the scriptures that God Himself decided to make all High Court Judges corrupt and pervert justice, documented in the days of Isaiah and Ezekiel. You see, it never started today.
30.        We really give God the praise. Why I’m I reminding you of all these things? Begin to cast your minds back to the days of Adam and Eve down to this day. The atrocities that were committed in all the generations. God said that the accumulated judgement will break-forth upon the heads of the people of this generation.
31.        It was written in the book of Matthew. The accumulated Judgement will break forth on the heads of the people of this generation, starting from Abel, who was murdered in the Garden of Eden.
32.        Thus, don’t ask why things are happening the way they are happening. We are closing the history of the age, and this is what we should expect. Whoever is taking the last drop of wine in a keg of wine must be ready. He must be ready to swallow the dregs, and too many things are contained there.
33.        Thus, what we are holding in our hands is a representation of the dregs of the pure wine. It was pure in the beginning. All the impurities settled at the bottom, and now we are at the bottom-line. The water can never be pure again, until the whole container is washed.
34.        “The accumulated judgment of God will break forth upon the heads of the people of this generation. Starting from Abel who was murdered by Cain in the Garden of Eden”. I am quoting it verbatim.
35.        I am trying to emphasise on something. When we see violence and lawlessness on the land of this magnitude like we have it in our own day, let not your heart be troubled. Don’t faint, because we knew ahead of time that we must come face to face with a situation like this.
36.        But if you ask me what we must expect from now, I will say, “Expect worse things.”
37.        If a young man, an undergraduate of the University of Port Harcourt could rape and murder his own niece, aged 8 years; with his own hands, he chopped off all the private organs of an infant for ritual purposes; carried the remains to the dustbin, where luck ran against him. Even in the hands of a careless police officer who specializes in handcuffing innocent people but allowing criminals to have freedom, he escaped.
38.        I thank God the Police was charged to court. He is lucky the young man has been rearrested in Barkin-ladi, Jos, Plateau State. If I have my way, I will also re-arrest or continue my charges with the police officer who erred exceedingly.
39.        How can such a criminal be allowed to walk with two legs without being handcuffed? But mere exchange of words with a neighbour, the Police will try to disgrace whoever is involved by handcuffing him, presenting the person as a dare Devil criminal just for mere exchange of words and allowing a hardened criminal to walk with two legs and two hands free.
40.        I thank God that the manhunt ordered by the IGP yielded fruits and he was rearrested by the Police in Jos. I want you to see the level of criminality that is in the society. People have become dastardly evil. It is unfortunate.
41.        Things are yet to come. Even if all of us were to become law enforcement agents, among us will still be dare Devil criminals. Thus, let’s be very careful.
42.        I am shouting here because, I cannot rightly stand here and say with every amount of certainty that in the honest attempt to bring salvation to you, that the tendency is not there for me to have such dare Devil criminals among us.
43.        I will not be shocked any day I see law enforcement agents here asking me for some individuals here. Of course, you know my stand: I must surely hand you over and make sure that you are prosecuted according to the law. Thus, this faith can never be a hiding place for criminals. Amen.

Matthew 23:34-36 LB “I will send you prophets, and wise men, and inspired writers, and you will kill some by crucifixion, and rip open the backs of others with whips in your synagogues, and hound them from city to city, 
2.          so that you will become guilty of all the blood of murdered godly men from righteous Abel to Zechariah (son of Barachiah), slain by you in the Temple between the altar and the sanctuary. Yes, all the accumulated judgment of the centuries...”
3.           All the accumulated judgment of the centuries!
4.           “…shall break upon the heads of this very generation”
5.           Shall do what? Future! Shall break upon the heads of the people of this very generation. Let us read it in Amplified. Note all these people that the scripture mentioned:
6.           Matthew 23:34-36 AMP, Because of this, take notice: I am sending you prophets and wise men (interpreters and teachers) and scribes (men learned in the Mosaic Law and the Prophets); some of them you will kill, even crucify, and some you will flog in your synagogues and pursue and persecute from town to town, So that upon your heads may come all the blood of the righteous ( those who correspond to the divine standard of right) shed on earth,
7.           from the blood of the righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Barachiah, whom you murdered between the sanctuary and the altar [of burnt offering].Truly I declare to you, all these [ evil, calamitous times] will come upon this generation.”
8.           In other words, we are going to account. You will not only be beneficiaries of the revealed grace; you will also be beneficiaries of the revealed judgement. We are living when everything is coming to the climax, so let’s be very careful the way we conduct ourselves.
9.           Jeremiah 7:1 LB, “Then the Lord said to Jeremiah: Go over to the entrance of the Temple of the Lord and give this message to the people: O Judah, listen to this message from God...”
10.        King James Version. “The word that came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying, Stand in the gate of the LORD'S house…”
11.        Stand where?
12.        “…in the gate of the LORD'S house, and proclaim there this word, and say, Hear the word of the LORD, all ye of Judah, that enter in at these gates to worship the LORD.”
13.        Hear the Word of the Lord. Where did God command the prophet to stand? At the gate of the house of God. Like we are here, Bro Goddy is at the gate. At the entrance, stand there and make a proclamation in the Name of the God of Heavens and Earth.
14.        Hear the word of the LORD, all ye of Judah, that enter in at these gates to worship the LORD. Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, Amend your ways and your doings, and I will cause you to dwell in this place.
15.        Trust ye not in lying words, saying, The temple of the LORD, The temple of the LORD, The temple of the LORD, are these.
16.        For if ye thoroughly amend your ways and your doings; if ye thoroughly execute judgment between a man and his neighbour; If ye oppress not the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, and shed not innocent blood in this place, neither walk after other gods to your hurt: Then will I cause you to dwell in this place, in the land that I gave to your fathers, forever and ever.
17.        Behold, ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit. Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not; And come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations?...”
18.        Impossible!
19.        “…Is this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, even I have seen it, saith the LORD”.
20.        Behold, even I have seen it. God is trying to show examples of places where such iniquities exist and how He dealt with them so that it will serve as a warning to us. For He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
21.        If the Devil tells you that God will wink at your iniquities because you commit heinous crimes only to come here and hide as “Members of the Bride. Child of God. Child of God. I believe in the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena, God in human form. God is in our midst.” Were they not having God in their midst?
22.        Didn’t God appear to them in human form by giving them messengers bearing His Name? Yet, they were committing all kinds of atrocities after which they still had that effrontery to come to the House of God boldly to declare “We are sons and daughters of God.”
23.        And God started asking them question: has this place that is called by the Name of the Holy One of Israel become a camp, a resting place for criminals?
24.        Verse 11 in the same translation. Jeremiah 7: 11 LB, Is my Temple but a den of robbers in your eyes? For I see all the evil going on in there.”
25.        For I have seen all the evils going on in your midst. Who saw all? God. Your brother may not see it, your sister may not see it. It may even escape the prying eyes of all the ministers, but God’s eyes must surely catch up with it. I’m I sure that this place that is called by the Name of God is not harbouring criminals. For anybody can be a criminal. It is not written on your forehead. God said “I have seen you and your doings.”
26.        There is an all-seeing eye, watching you. Am I sure that among us cannot be found dare Devil criminals? Am I sure among us cannot be traced, Indian hemp smoker, yahoo boys, girls, men and women? This is the latest criminal act. They call it self-employment.
27.        Almighty God cannot permit that self-employment that empowers you to steal, to dupe, to cheat, to kill, to indulge in things that are capable of even causing somebody to commit suicide. And you’re rejoicing; you’re making money while somebody is dying because you duped him. You said it is yahoo.
28.        You know the evils you are now perpetrating using your android handsets. You know the evil you are perpetrating using your laptops. You know the various bank accounts you divert the money for it is a syndicate work. You know your members. They may be in your communities, in your villages far away from the township. You know how you contact them. You know your communication skills.
29.        Ogbu-ozu, ofumbosi aga-egbukwa gi (Dear murderer, one day you will suffer same fate). Akpati-ozu di mma ma ebulata ya na be onye ozo.
30.        Ofumbosi, ebunata ya na nke gi, I mara na o buakpatiozu, na akpatiozuabughiakpatiakwa (the casket is fine and dandy as long as it was brought to another person’s compound. One day, the casket will be brought to your own compound, and then you will realise it is not just a box for clothes).
31.        Ife na atouto na egbuegbu (the sweet fruit can also be poisonous).
32.        Onunu nwa ewu na ada nwa mgbe, ebe ahu ka anaapinyemgbiriafo ya (the hole the little kid goat routinely jump into, the same hole is used to treat its intestines when it is killed).
33.        Whosoever that introduces iniquity; something you know you ought not to do, and you go ahead hardening your heart and do it, go to the scriptures and note what God said about it. Woe is the man, woe is the woman, woe is that individual that introduces iniquity into the house of God. That person will remain a cursed individual in this life and in the life to come.
34.        This is not an ordinary silence. Remember, the Bible made it clear, that God will not only punish those who do evil, but He will punish as many as take pleasure in the gains of unrighteousness, taking pleasure in those that do evil, celebrating them.
35.        One of the reasons why it is impossible to check corruption in Nigeria and worldwide is because we take delight in celebrating corrupt persons. If you are taking pleasure in the gains of unrighteousness, any day the evil is exposed, your name must be associated with it. The world will know about you.
36.         I am saying it because, law enforcement agents are not taking it lightly anymore. They are now tracking all criminals. The warning has gone forth. Save your lives. If you have been hiding here, you better report yourselves to your pastors or leave this congregation.
37.         If you harden your hearts, God will also harden his heart and do as He has purposed. I am not saying that I don’t know. It is in me ringing bell that among us are dare Devil criminals who are indulging in all forms of illegalities. In no distant time, some of them will become drug peddlers. They will be sneaking away from among us unnoticed because a little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump. Ofumpkuru aka rutammanu, ozueoraonu.
38.        As many as are making money their god, they must be victims whether they like it or not. But such money doesn’t profit anything. Illicit wealth does not produce anything good, both for who got the wealth, and the projects it was put into.
39.        You used to hear about houses falling here and there, don’t you also see those still standing? The one that fell, do you know what brought it down? Vehicles kill people on the road, do you see those that are still walking? He who wants to get it quickly will surely die quickly.
40.        Whatever you pick out from in-between your teeth, can it fill your belly? The scrap of food gotten from the corner of the pot always ends up in the corner of the mouth.
41.        Let’s be very careful. Let the politicians teach you lessons. They might be there today. They may not be there tomorrow. And when their tenures finish, you don’t know what will follow them. If it doesn’t follow them now, it will follow them hereafter.
42.        I was watching the television the other time, and they were highlighting the level of crime a woman committed against this nation. In two years she was in office as the honourable minister of petroleum resources; that is Deziani Madueke.
43.        You see, I called myself by the side and said I think they said that women should be the better rulers. That women should be given even the presidential seat. Can you see that this woman that was tested where there is money, for two years only? What if she remains there for 8 years? It will be Nigeria for sale. And she was one of the people that insisted that Mr. Magu, the acting EFCC chairman must be removed. She was clamouring for the removal of the man. But look at what the Nigeria Police is discovering.
44.        Well, let me hold my peace. I don’t know what will constitute hate speech. This is true because hate speech is a matter of personal interpretation – for that which you hate may be what I delight myself in.
45.        Any administration that hates criticism must be corrupt. That’s all. If I am sure I have no skeleton in my cupboard – criticise me either constructively or destructively – it is your right. Express it. Allow people to investigate me.
46.        After all, criticism only calls for investigation. I am a suspect until I am proved guilty. But to gag my mouth lest I provoke you to wrath or provoke others, to me, it is the height of injustice! It is another Decree number 2. Somebody must be imprisoned. After all the prison yard was not built in vain.
47.        In that law, they said they were warning people that address the public, that even use microphones in the Churches and mosques, everywhere. I said thank you, I am involved. I can never drop this microphone. If I die, put microphone near my mouth so that if I wake up, I will start talking again.
48.        I am warning all potential criminals. I am warning all that have that propensity for iniquity that happen to be in this fellowship. You have two options: change your minds immediately or to leave us.
49.         For it will be the highest blasphemy in the sight of God to find such a person in the midst of God’s people because it has been revealed to me that criminals now take refuge in the Churches because they feel the Police cannot trace them to the Churches.
50.        That is why whenever any person is arrested from the Churches, you see their reverend pastors and bishops rising up, writing petitions against the Police, because such people patronise them very well. Stolen money is what the Churches are now using. Money laundering.
51.        You can never launder money without using human beings as medium. It must go into somebody’s account. Even this yahoo, the money will not come from the sky. It must pass through somebody’s account.
52.        Thus, if you are indulging in Yahoo-yahoo, and you call it self-employment, the Devil employed you to wreak havoc, and God said, “I have seen you, and I have seen what you are doing.”
53.         Because such a thing you can perpetrate it even while you are on your bed. Even in your vehicle – you can park by the roadside.
54.        I was in my house one night, one man, fair complexioned was standing on top of a building – an uncompleted structure. I was there with my family. We were chatting. We started hearing a boy mimicking a foreign accent. We paused, because they use slangs you cannot understand.
55.         He was saying he had thirteen thousand dollars. “Just send the rest. Complete it 20. Just 20. I am in Heathrow airport in London. Next few minutes i will board the plane to Argentina. I am coming now now now.”
56.        My wife said, “Daddy, isn’t it this boy that is up there that is telling someone he is at Heathrow airport in London, and will soon board for Argentina, and that he already has thirteen thousand dollars? That’s him there.”
57.        You see people living exotic lives without any visible means of livelihood. When others will leave for work, you see them staying in their flats, drinking. Generating sets in their flat can never stop working. And they marry their likes of women to make sure the work is on 24/7.
58.        Their landlords don’t even know what they are doing. They see them carrying cartons of beer in and out, ladies flowing in, in and out. All manner of persons from morning till night. And landlords accommodate such people riding exotic vehicles.
59.        If there is any area that calls for concern, it is this area otherwise we will lose grip of all our youths. When you see appearances of such people here, please raise alarm.
60.        As I am saying now, I am no longer seeing appearances, I am seeing their faces, live. They are predominantly here now. I know them, and they know that I know them. By Sunday, if I see any of them sitting down here, I will assume they have repented. But if that thing continues, I will not only expose you, I myself will invite security operatives and point at you. If your parents are here, I must make sure they are arrested and queried.
61.        The Son of Man can never stand here and see evil thrive in the House of God. I am not evil. My house – both in my hometown and here – I don’t have any room that is under lock and key. Of course, you know. That was why, when thieves invaded my house, they had a field day, for it was in the day, I was in the fellowship.
62.        They entered the kitchen, everywhere down to the bedroom – open. You know where I am living. I have no restrictions for everybody. If you have entered one place, from there you have access to everywhere. I don’t have any wardrobe that has a key.
63.        Be it known to you that every secret of man must be made open. That your darkest place is the brightest place in the eyes of God. You may enjoy the wages of evil today. Wait for the calamity tomorrow. If you’re fomenting it in your heart, the Lord is saying, “I, the Lord has seen you and I know your doings.”
64.        Go ahead with your Indian hemp – whether you are marketing or you are smoking – I don’t care. Go ahead celebrating wicked people, enjoying their money.
65.        I remember when I warned Onyema Isaac; why do you like enjoying the wages of unrighteousness, running around your younger brother? Before your eyes, one day you will see the corpse here. That which he is doing will be made manifest.
66.        While we were waiting and watching, he was running home almost every week. “My brother is building me upstairs. My brother is building this one. My brother bought a beast at Awka Road.” This and that.
67.        The boy came down. When he came down, Onyema became number one suspect accused of poisoning the boy. I wept for him for I knew his hands were clean. They suspected his elder brother Ik. I wept. IK’s hands were clean.
68.        They took the boy from one hospital to the other, finally to native doctor. I summoned them and said “Come, you’re wasting your money. Tell the boy to tell you the truth: that he planted morphine and heroin craftily by a medical doctor, and the thing was ripped open, entered the bloodstream.”
69.         Less than two days when the whole thing was discovered, he died. He never stepped into the building; neither did he enjoy the money. From that day, Onyema’s head calmed down a little. Yet, has he learnt a lesson?
70.        If you’re fond on celebrating people who indulge in evil to make money – you’re only interested in the money, not the way the money is coming – your life is in danger. Your disappointment is imminent for you are building your structure on sinking sand.
71.        Trust in God. Trust in your ability. Off your heart and your mind from things that do not profit. That s why you see all these young men; see the way they are moping at me. Keep on learning slangs you will use to dupe your fellow human beings, all of you.
72.        I have already alerted the pastors. Be on your alert if you are not involved because anybody can be a criminal. A Reverend can be a criminal.
73.        To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Let heaven and earth hear my voice. If I labelled your home the home of corruption, don’t rejoice because God has sent a warning. And that warning is: if you do not amend it, God must give you over to corruption. God must hand you over to corruption and then deal with you accordingly.
74.        There is nothing wrong in your handsets, but something can be wrong in the usage. There is nothing wrong in having a vehicle or motorcycle but something can be wrong in the usage. So it is with every other thing we use. Is there anything wrong with wearing dress? But something can be wrong with the usage.
75.        Even the biro pen you are holding, the paper, something can be wrong depending on the usage. What is wrong with the tongue? There is nothing wrong in the tongue for without the tongue, we cannot talk, we can’t taste anything. But something can be wrong in the use of the tongue.
76.        There is nothing wrong in doing something. Let me tell you, this general term “business” is very deceitful. Your business must be defined. “What is your occupation?” “I am a businessman.” “What is the nature of your business?” we will like to know.
77.        A multi-billionaire, the court ordered his arrest, served a warrant of arrest. The police can only announce that a businessman that is known throughout the whole world has no business address, has no residential address.
78.        Up till today, the notice of summons has not been served. All the contact points he gave cannot be traced anywhere. The rule is that if you do not get the person, paste it on the wall or door. It has been served. But nowhere can be traced.
79.        In Port Harcourt, he gave his own contact point to be Trans-Amadi business point, they got there only to see Wema Bank. There is no other business there. The whole building is owned and occupied by Wema Bank. I believe we have such people here. Why can’t I believe?

Brother Ojiakor and Apostle Kelechi, has anybody reported to you that he is the dreamer? I said I have nothing against the dream.
2.           Even if it is prophecy, I have nothing against it. But there is something wrong in the administration. It is the administration I want to correct. If the person is a brother or a sister with honest intentions, by now, the person would have come to the appropriate places and I would have directed them on what to do.
3.           But instead of doing it – I gave the notice on Sunday, the person sent me an apology letter by text on Monday, and after sending it, he/she forwarded it to my wife and switched off that same line. I have tacked that line only to notice that it is an unregistered line. Airtel number, not in the net, which means that it is a fraudulent number.
4.            The person can never use it to get any alert from any bank or registered organisation. It is a number that is being used for fraudulent practices. I forwarded it to Apostle Ojiakor, to Brother Chidubem, the pastor of Port Harcourt, for tracking. They tracked also, the same thing. Unregistered, not in the net. But it is in Nigeria.
5.           Then I gave them orders to be trying that number at intervals presumably, my own was blocked, my wife’s own was blocked. I equally sent a text message to the person.
6.           I said, “Thank you for the apology. Please, what is your name?” It has not been replied till now. My wife sent “Disclose your identity so that we may know you.”
7.           Brother Ojiakor, what has been the experience so far?
8.           (Bro Ojiakor: We have been trying, no way).
9.           Son of Man: what is the line saying?
10.        (Apostle Ojiakor: the line is switched off).
11.        Good, switched off. The same thing Pastor Cherubim said: switched off. My wife: switched off. My own: switched off, since Monday.
12.        It then means it is not in use because I have even tried it in the odd hours of the day. In the wee hours of every night: switched off, switched off, switched off. A sure sign that I am not lamenting in vain, for that is how they operate.
13.        Such criminals that indulge in yahoo business, they have more than twenty unregistered lines. The same way, when they use their ATM cards to transact any deal, they will break it into pieces, go to the bank to give the impression that it was lost, get a new one and a new pin.
14.        How I wish the bank will now come up with a new idea: on no account will any ATM card be replaced without a police extract indicating the extent of investigation so far made and with a sworn declaration of affidavit from a court of competent jurisdiction.
15.        Then a notice of not less than 30 days will be served after which it will be replaced so that nobody can use it to make any transaction anywhere. And the owner of that card can never make any bank transaction either with any withdrawal note or teller or cheque within the stipulated period so that when he runs short of money he will go a-borrowing.
16.        Don’t worry, the nation is coming up. The nation is gradually coming up.
17.        I am giving another seven days grace. I have my reasons. I won’t be in a haste to speak because once I speak, it is final. I have given another seven days’ grace, that’s all. I didn’t say you shouldn’t have your dreams. Even this morning, I had a terrible dream that affected some of us here. I took Apostle Ojiakor and Apostle Kelechi outside, narrated the dream verbatim.
18.        I didn’t tell my wife about it because it is a dangerous dream. What were my reasons? To enable them pray about it. The persons involved might be here but they don’t know what was revealed. When we are sure we are through, we can now call them and tell them to be very careful about so so and so.
19.        For there are certain dreams you will have, narrate it to the person and you have put that person into the mortuary. The person will not sleep again. And we don’t use dreams to run the Church of God. Do we? I thank God, we have it as a teaching in some of our messages.
20.        Now, because of the troubles we are in now, I have decided to come up to rehearse this message by reading only. The messages is, “Maintaining a healthy relationship in the Bride of Christ,” from Chapter 3, Section 3. That is where I want to consider, after which we will go back.
21.        You didn’t clap hands for me because I accused you. Because I never praised you. Don’t clap your hands. It is not needed. Don’t clap your hands; change your minds. Change your attitudes! Amen.

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship In Christ, Chapter 8 – Worry, A Hidden Killer:
2.           “The individual must be his own physician. He must give the case a heroic treatment. He must realise with every fibre of his being, the utter, absolute uselessness of worry.
3.           The most popular form of suicide is ““Worry”.  Worry impairs appetite and disturbs sleep, makes respiration irregular, causes indigestion, increases the risk of hypertension and stroke, warps character, weakens the mind, breaks down the immune system and stimulates disease and finally saps bodily health.
4.           It still remains the hidden cause of death in thousands of instances where some other diseases are named in the death certificate by medical doctors. Anybody can be victim of this undiscovered silent killer irrespective of his or her profession or status in the society.
5.           It is most pronounced in Nigeria and other countries where the battered economy and ungodly leadership have imposed more hardship on the populace thereby subjecting the people to fear of social, psychological, emotional and physiological insecurity; a situation where people can hardly meet their civic responsibilities to their families and to themselves.
6.           Worry is mental disposition while work is mental food. Worry can easily extend its adverse tentacles to our children quite unnoticed by many parents.
7.           For example, when a child’s absorption in his studies keeps him from sleeping or when he tosses and turns from side to side, muttering the multiplication table or spelling words aloud, when sleep comes, that child sighs, this shows he is worrying.
8.           This is very common today, when parents expect their little ones to fly or even catch up with the wind at very tender ages. Privatisation and commercialisation of education have made it even more possible without parents realizing the adverse effects in the long run, of subjecting their children to mental worry at infancy.
9.           Regrettably, these parents never passed through this awful situation so as to know the implications now and in the future. Little can they realize that these private schools make money by ignorantly imposing some rigours of worry on the children beyond their capacities.
10.        When you notice your child sighing and worrying even trying to evade sleep, recognise it very quickly as one of nature’s danger signals raised to warn parents and in mercy, the parent should take a firm stand to save the life and future, of the child from despair.
11.        The burden of that child’s daily tasks should be lightened, the burden or tension of his concentration should be lessened, the hours of his slavery to education should be cut short to suit his age and mental development. This will save parents a lot of sorrow in the future.
12.        When a man or a woman works over in dream, the problem of the day, when the sleeping hours are spent in some other supposed better activities, then there is either over work or worry, and most likely, it is the worry that comes from overwork.
13.         It still remains the hidden cause of death in thousands of instances where some other diseases are named in the death certificate by medical doctors. Anybody can be victim of this undiscovered silent killer irrespective of his or her profession or status in the society.
14.        It is most pronounced in Nigeria and other countries where the battered economy and ungodly leadership have imposed more hardship on the populace thereby subjecting the people to fear of social, psychological, emotional and physiological insecurity; a situation where people can hardly meet their civic responsibilities to their families and to themselves.
15.        Worry is mental disposition while work is mental food. Worry can easily extend its adverse tentacles to our children quite unnoticed by many parents.
16.        For example, when a child’s absorption in his studies keeps him from sleeping or when he tosses and turns from side to side, muttering the multiplication table or spelling words aloud, when sleep comes, that child sighs, this shows he is worrying.
17.        This is very common today, when parents expect their little ones to fly or even catch up with the wind at very tender ages. Privatisation and commercialisation of education have made it even more possible without parents realizing the adverse effects in the long run, of subjecting their children to mental worry at infancy.
18.        Regrettably, these parents never passed through this awful situation so as to know the implications now and in the future. Little can they realize that these private schools make money by ignorantly imposing some rigours of worry on the children beyond their capacities.
19.        When you notice your child sighing and worrying even trying to evade sleep, recognise it very quickly as one of nature’s danger signals raised to warn parents and in mercy, the parent should take a firm stand to save the life and future, of the child from despair.
20.        The burden of that child’s daily tasks should be lightened, the burden or tension of his concentration should be lessened, the hours of his slavery to education should be cut short to suit his age and mental development…”
21.        The hour of the child’s slavery to education should be cut short. Some go to school by 6 in the morning, and come back by 6 in the evening only to begin to do their assignments from 7 o’clock till 11 in the night. Even when they want to sleep, some parents will say “Don’t sleep, go and read’. If it is possible, they will read for 24 hours.
22.        “…The burden of that child’s daily tasks should be lightened, the burden or tension of his concentration should be lessened, the hours of his slavery to education should be cut short to suit his age and mental development. This will save parents a lot of sorrow in the future.”
23.        In the past, in the days of our fathers, it was unheard of that infants suffer cerebral problems. It was unheard of that infants suffer hypertension or paralysis. But today, it has become too rampant. Tension, headaches occasioned by stress – I mean, infants! I am not talking about adults – real infants.
24.        Who should be blamed? Well, I don’t know what I will say and you will begin to accuse me falsely. I know I never permitted my children to be enslaved for one day to education. I did not only save them, I saved many others.
25.        Even when they were in the private schools, I was responsible to offering the opinion which all parents adopted that caused Rock Foundation to prune down their study period from 5:30 down to 3:30 and to reduce it from 6:00 in the morning to 7:30.
26.        That time it was 6 in the morning – morning tea – and they continued, dismiss by 4:30 and then enter another session that will last till 5:30 and then give them series of assignments that they will complete and submit the following day.
27.        On weekends, they will do the one they call “Aunt Suzy’s Assignment” which they will submit in Monday together with the general assignment. And I was asking whether they are going to write another WAEC, whether there will be another examination body meant specially for them. Then I decided to enquire whether they have excelled other schools.
28.        What is more; I went to Mercy specialist hospital. I met Doctor Iloghalu who is living here – a specialist. While discussing with the wife concerning their children while they were muttering arithmetic tables that were given to them as assignments; the Doctor ordered the wife to go and withdraw all, registered them in the All Saints Public School.
29.        We never knew that the owners of those Private Schools were using our children to make money. A good number of them do not have their children in their schools. Am I saying you should withdraw your own? No. But when you see danger signs, nobody will tell you what to do.
30.        Go to the market, you will see the level of mentally deranged minors begging alms in the market places. Was it like this in the beginning? We never witnessed such a thing; to hear that an infant ran mad. A child can be an imbecile, but can never be mad. Madness was old age sickness. But today, I wonder. I really wonder.
31.        In those days when we were in our own colleges doing basically nothing, having a field day, a good number of our pupils who wanted to make Division 1 had brain fag because of additional Mathematics and Physics.
32.        I called one of them and said, “Clifford, one day you will jump from the cliff, and I want to place a sign: all of us that idle away our time, you call us ‘ogbuoge’ (time waster). Don’t worry, the results will tell us.”
33.        Look, I don’t believe that science requires much reading because the whole thing is all empirical. I don’t need to read the whole of Nelkkon and Magabies or whatever you want to call it, carry out all the rules in the lab for me to perform. Tell me what you want from me, that is all I need.
34.        Even if I fail, is it heaven? I have not failed to enter heaven. What happened? Many of them ran mad before the examination day. Some entered the examination hall and from there they started speaking strangely, that was where they ended their own exams. But as many of us that worked slowly, slowly we worked till the end, and we are still alive. Slow and steady wins the race.
35.        “…The burden of that child’s daily tasks should be lightened, the burden or tension of his concentration should be lessened, the hours of his slavery to education should be cut short to suit his age and mental development. This will save parents a lot of sorrow in the future
36.        When a man or a woman works over in dream, the problem of the day, when the sleeping hours are spent in some other supposed better activities, then there is either over work or worry, and most likely, it is the worry that comes from overwork.
37.        The Creator never intended a healthy mind to dream of the day’s duties. Either, dreamless sleep or dreams of the past should be the order of the night.
38.        When the spectre of one grief, one fear or one sorrow, obtrudes itself between the eye and the printed page, when the inner voice of this irritating memory or fear looms up so loud as to deaden outside voices, there is danger to the individual.
39.        Do you understand what is being read? Whenever you worry to the point you feel like something is blowing whistle inside your head, and you turn around and see nothing, that is a danger signal. If you have had such an experience, raise up your hand. That is a danger signal.
40.        If you cross it, no more. How you recognise it is that after a while you start feeling strong throbbing headache on one side of your head. Tot the whole head -  just one side of it. It may be left side or right side where the worry load is much.
41.        If you like take all the Paracetamol in the whole world, it will only get worse. If you take a sleep medicine, sleep will never enter your eyes. If you drink, it gets worse. The Message says “When you are in this condition, stop there, don’t go further. Your engine is about to knock.”
42.        Nobody suffers from complete paralysis until the olfactory lobe crashes. The brain crashes, and once it does, the patient’s eyes and mouth shuts tight. There is nothing else to do. If it is one side that crashes, you have partial paralysis, partial stroke. The engine has knocked. The enigine has overheated.
43.        Pastor Dan, needs this message. Don’t take him outside again. Solve that problem or the problem will solve itself. See that book, you need it Pastor Dan. Your father’s corpse is in the mortuary. That is enough cause for worry. On top of that, school is about to open next week.
44.        You think I am crazy? As school is about to reopen, you’re already looking at December, and your mind reminds you that by January the landlord will ask for rent. It’s on the same person. You go to the shop; the taskforce people are waiting for you. Shop rent is there. You park your car, night-watchmen are there. Police is on the road.
45.        You will pay for security and many other fees, you come back to the house, you meet the landlord. You must buy water. Everything is waiting for this same head. Why won’t the person collapse? You are about to rest and your child comes to tell you the levies for school, and that he will be chased home tomorrow.
46.        You’re about to solve that only for your other children to bring their footwear that have torn and need replacement. You’re still treating that issue, and they bring all sorts of invitation both for the living and the dead, all of them in your one head. Why the man no go die?
47.        You see why you must listen to this message! If you understand the message, know why God handed it down, and apply wisdom, I bet you, you will survive. There is no condition that will shake you for God knows that hard times must surely come. He gave us the remedy.
48.        Who says you should not worry; are you dead? You must worry. Amen.
49.        This one we are saying, is it hellfire? We are not talking of heaven, we are not talking of hell. We are saying that you must first of all be alive because if you are too conscious of heaven, truly speaking, you will be useless here.
50.        Don’t be too anxious about heaven. Heaven is no for everybody. It is a prepared place for a prepared people. And you cannot use worry and enter heaven. Worry and anxiety can never work our God’s righteousness. They aggravate our problems. In short, they should be regarded as our greatest enemy. Understand exactly what God is saying and you will be happy with me
51.        The Creator never intended a healthy mind to dream of the day’s duties. Either, dreamless sleep or dreams of the past should be the order of the night.
52.        When the spectre of one grief, one fear or one sorrow, obtrudes itself between the eye and the printed page, when the inner voice of this irritating memory or fear looms up so loud as to deaden outside voices, there is danger to the individual.
53.        When all day, every hour, every moment, there is the dull insistent, numb pain of something that makes itself felt thorough, above and below all our other thinking, we must know that we are worrying.
54.        Then there is but one thing to do. We MUST stop that worry; we must kill that worry before it will kill us. The dead has no second chance.
55.        You do what? Kill worry before worry kills you. The dead has no second chance. Why do you permit something that will kill you to rule your life; something that will never help you to achieve your ambition. No no, no, no, no, no.
56.        The wise men of this generation have discovered many amazing things that can help or destroy life but only few have discovered worry as a hidden killer if any.
57.        Worry is forethought gone to seed. Worry is discounting possible future sorrows so that the individual may live or have present misery.
58.        Worry is the father of insomnia. Worry should be regarded as a traitor in the camp of God’s people that dampens our morale and willpower, weakens our aims and objectives and obstructs our senses of creativities.
59.        Under the guise of helping us to bear the present, and to be ready for the future, worry multiplies our enemies within our own minds to sap our strength and health.
60.        Worry is the dominance of the mind by a single vague, restless, unsatisfied, fearing and fearful idea. The mental energy and force that should be concentrated on the successive duties of the day is constantly and surreptitiously abstracted and absorbed by this one fixed idea.
61.        The full, rich strength of unconscious working of the mind, that which produces our best success, that represents our finest abilities or activities, is tapped, led away and wasted on WORRY.
62.        Please, brethren, worry must not be confused with anxiety, though both words agree in meaning originally, a “choking” or a “strangling” referring of course to the deadly effect upon individual anxiety.
63.        Anxiety embraces large issues of live seriously, clearly with dignity. Anxiety always suggests hopeful possibilities, it is active in being ready and devising measures to meet outcome.
64.        worry is not one large individual sorrow, it is a colony of pity, vague, insignificant, restless imps of fear that become important only from combination, their constancy and by their iteration.
65.        It is this worry habit, the constant magnifying of petty sorrows to eclipse the sun of happiness, against which I here make protest.  Amen.

The individual must be his own physician. He must give the case a heroic treatment. He must realise with every fibre of his being, the utter, absolute uselessness of worry.
2.           He must think that this is a common place, a bit of mere theory. It is a reality that he must translate for himself, from mere words to a real living fact. He must fully understand that if it were possible for him to spend a whole century in worry, it will not change the fact one jot of title. This is a time for action and not for worry as long as one is alive because worry paralysis thoughts and action too.
3.           Worry paralyses both thoughts and actions yet it completely useless. Mere dissipation of energy on something that is useless. Worry – a silent killer, a hidden killer. If there is a time you need to think about this message handed down to us in 2006.
4.            If there is a time you will begin to see God’s love, it is now. He said it afar off that we must roll into a day when nothing will stop us from worrying, whether we like it or not. No matter who you are.
5.            Even Donald Trump of America has not escaped this trouble. Infants have not escaped, and God decided to reveal to us ahead of time how we should conduct ourselves in the midst of worry so that we will not be victims. Worry is not solving any problems; rather it is aggravating our problems.
6.           For example, if a student set down a column of figures in addition, no amount of worry can change the sum total of those figures. The result is wrapped up in the inevitability of mathematics. The result can be made different only by changing the figures as they are set down, one by one in that column.
7.           Is it not true? Can worry change the product? A student is given an assignment in Mathematics, and he is worrying about how to solve it. Worry can never alter the product. 2+2 must remain 4 whether you are sighing or not.
8.           Thus, you don’t need to be sighing. Sighing may even make matters worse. Develop the right attitude. This thing is not Eternal Life, and even if I get it a 100%, I will not be the best in the world. If I fail it, I will not be the worst in the world.
9.           Let me go to bed, by the time I wake up I will solve it. And really, you will solve it. So, when you encounter problems that appear to be insurmountable, abandon those problems there, go to bed. Take your cool wine, take your bath, go to bed. Off your mind from it. If you don’t do it, once worry sets in, you’re finished.
10.        If you are a woman and you’re given money to buy stuffs from the market but the money is not complete, what will you do? You look up at the ceiling and it is no longer looking like a ceiling, what will you do?
11.        If anybody tells you there is a bone of contention greater than worry, tell him it’s a lie. You can say someone is disturbing too much, do you think it is intentional? Is there anything that can be counted that is ever complete?
12.        For example, if a student set down a column of figures in addition, no amount of worry can change the sum total of those figures. The result is wrapped up in the inevitability of mathematics. The result can be made different only by changing the figures as they are set down, one by one in that column.
13.        The time a man is not supposed to worry is the time he worries most. There are two reasons why man should worry, either one of which must operate in every instance.
14.        At a time one needs not to worry, that is when he worries most. It is better experienced than imagined.
15.        The time a man is not supposed to worry is the time he worries most. There are two reasons why man should worry, either one of which must operate in every instance. First, because he cannot prevent the result he fears.
16.        Because he cannot prevent the result he is afraid of. Because of that, worry sets in. Secondly:
17.        Second, because he can prevent them.
18.        If a man is powerless to avert the blow of life he needs, perfect concentration to meet it bravely to lighten its force, to get what salvage he can from the wreck, to sustain his strength at this time when he must plan a new future.
19.        But if a man can prevent the evil he is afraid of, then he has no need to worry, for he would by so doing be dissipating energy in his very hour of need. 
20.        If we can do, day-by-day…,
21.        Do you have this message? Do you read it from time to time? The answer is no. That is why you are wobbling. You are not fumbling, you are wobbling. You’re a classroom lecturer. How do you communicate with the students if not with your mouth?
22.        If we can do, day-by-day, ever the best we can by the level of height we have attained in this most holy faith, we shall have no need to fear, no need to regret the time, money or effort spent in this ministry of the Bride of Christ, no need to worry.
23.        No agony of worry will do anything to help us. No moral man or angel can do more than the best.
24.        If we look back upon our past life, we shall see how, in the marvellous working of events, the cities of our greatest happiness and of our fullest success have been built along the rivers of our deepest sorrows and our most abject failures.
25.        We then realise that our present happiness or success would have been impossible had it not been for some terrible affliction or loss in the past, some wonderful potent force in the evolution of our character through the message of the SON OF MAN, which he has selflessly delivered to us for the protection of our today and the future. This awareness should be a powerful stimulus to us in bearing the trials and sorrows of life.
26.        To cure ourselves of worry is never an easy task. It is not to be removed in two or three applications of the quick medicine of any cheap philosophy or teaching, but it requires only clear, common sense applied to the business of life on a day-to-day basis.
27.        No man has the right to waste his own energies to weaken his own powers and influence, because man has inalienable duties to God, to himself, to his family and to the society.
28.        No good thing can ever come from worry instead man compounds his problems through worry. Since worry does not solve any problem but rather creates problems, why then do we worry?
29.        This is a burning issue that must be addressed individually if we must make a headway in this excruciating year, 2006 with its attendant uncertainties and embarrassments.
30.        Now, we are coming to continue from where we stopped last week. There is a reason why I said we must go back. It is unfortunate that our brother Ngosike is not around, but somebody must bail the cat.
31.        Why do we have too many lecturers but they are afraid of going to the pulpit to read, not to preach? Why? Bishop Ifeanyi Eze, I know your condition. Sit down. I cannot field you. You know I am a dangerous coach. I cannot field any player that is off form because I hate sustaining a defeat. I hate it.
32.        Pastor Sam Nwantu, I have never heard you read, neither have I seen you preach. You voice is not helping me. The way you responded even is frightening.
33.        I will even prefer to use an infant who has a better voice than mine. But there is a chief here; give IK a red cap. Decorate IK with a very nice red cap. I think that is what he deserves for now. Victor, you wanted to read. Bring your Great Sermon.  Amen.



Remember we have a target. We are going to consider, Stand Still and I Will Show You The Word of God. By the time we get to the end, you will know exactly why we are considering it. It is just that preface intro to that book.
2.           If you don’t change your voice, I will humiliate you out of there.
3.            “Stand Still and I Will Show You The Word of God (Chapter 1)
4.           Remember the message we considered before opening this matter last week. Refrain Your Tongue From Evil and Be Perfect Before God. We saw that the tongue has remained the most destructive instrument of human destruction, more than a loaded gun. More than even atomic bomb.
5.           With all these scientific gadgets, you kill just a few, but the tongue can eradicate the whole world in one minute. Especially when those destructive words are coming from a friend who is highly envious; when the heart is filled with envy and jealousy by a friend not an enemy.
6.           Remember God was not warning us of the tongue of an enemy. He said the careless tongue of a friend. A friend. If it is an enemy, it is nothing to you. But one who dips his hands in the same pot of soup with you. Who goes to fellowship with you, sleeps on the same bed, sharing everything in common.
7.           It can be your wife. it can be your children. It can be anybody, but the truth is that the person must be a friend. You see the level of havoc an unguided tongue can cause to humanity. Very difficult to bridle. It tears friends apart. It damages reputation. Debases a man, an innocent fellow.
8.           Well, I don’t need to go there because we read it. God saw these things ahead of time hence we were encouraged to do much more hearing than talking, and to do in-depth investigation before we draw any conclusion especially on matters we cannot say we were eyewitnesses.
9.           Don’t just believe because people are saying it otherwise you may be guilty of shedding innocent blood because when any heart is filled with envy and jealousy, the level of havoc it can wreck can never be estimated by any human being.
10.        The most painful side is that it is not easier to notice. One is never on the guard against them. You watch its way of operation, it is not something you can dodge for it is easier to dodge a loaded gun than to dodge a microbe. It is easier to dodge an elephant than to dodge a microbe. Too many pillows have been wet with sobs as a result of the painful destructive emanations from an unguided tongue of evil.
11.        There in the message we were told that your enemy can never kill you for he is afraid of you but your friend will. For your enemy to get you, he must get hold of your friend who you can never suspect. Take note.
12.         “Stand Still and I Will Show You The Word of God (Chapter 2) Warning to all servants of God: the three major things that make a man of God to fail in his commission are: (1) Women….
13.        This is exactly where I am heading to because of that dream. I told you to follow me strictly for things must surely happen as we get along and I am happy that you have not been disappointed one bit.
14.        Even those that could not understand me, I told you “Follow me anyhow, towards the end, you must understand all things for everything shall be made plain. Don’t be quick in calling anything that is happening in our midst God or Devil. No. don’t be quick. Don’t draw quick conclusion. But follow carefully. Do proper investigative work. Scrutinise and evaluate. Towards the end everything shall be made plain.”
15.         All that I told you in the beginning for which cause many ran away. They heard, they saw just a mere figment but they could not understand for they were unable to separate between the Faith and religion.
16.        Remember, some of them left when we were Christians and they are coming now when we are no longer Christians. They left when we were upholding very high morals, but they came back when we are now morally depraved.
17.        Brethren, allow me to remain crazy. I say, allow me to remain crazy. Can you imagine the Son of Man drinking wine in the fellowship, something that was an abomination even to be touched outside? You keep on making confessions upon confessions.
18.        But now the Son of Man brought it in, in the presence of God. All that I told you, what gives me joy is that none of them happened secretly, and no member of my family had a hand in any of them.
19.        You are my witnesses. You wanted to prove. You wanted to know, no more, no less. I told you I am sure and certain that I never opened my mouth to say that David made a shipwreck of his calling. I keep on insisting that whoever that David killed died in vain. That the throne will be there, and I am the Root and Upspring of David.
20.        If I should commit iniquity, who then is the one that will find fault with me? If David committed iniquity, who would have arrested him? Why must the throne be there even till the end of the world? Even in Revelation: “the Son of Man will be there in the Throne of David judging the World.” An Eternal Throne.
21.        If under the Law, the king doesn’t commit iniquity while on the throne, what of the Man Whose Throne is eternal? One whose throne is temporary doesn’t commit crime. Go and arrest the president of Nigeria when his tenure is still there. There is no law that permits you to arrest him.
22.        Even a diplomat has diplomatic immunity. Within the period he is still in office nobody searches him. Who are you to do that? If you run to his palace, you are secured. Nobody arrests anybody in his diplomatic enclave. If you try it, it is a war of two nations. People take refuge there.
23.        Even if he comes into Nigeria with a human head, no security operative says “open your bag.” Why? The diplomatic immunity is there. Go to your message: Whose Immunity Are You Holding.
24.        There can never be a throne without immunity. If you see anybody who is operating in his office, be very careful the way you follow him. First of all he introduces himself. The scriptural commission of a man sent by God will tell you the office he occupies. The office he occupies will tell you who he is. Who he  is will tell you what to expect.
25.        When he was Mr. Buhari, we never gave him this honour we are giving him today. But now he is the President and Commander-In-Chief of Nigerian armed forces. Somebody who even has the power to resist the supreme law of Nigeria which is the constitution.
26.        Yes, if he wants to ridicule the members of the National Executive Council and the National Assembly, he will rule us with Executive Orders which nobody can go to court and challenge. He will dish out Executive Orders on a daily basis like decrees. We call it “democratic decree.” An unchallengeable order; you can only make noise because it is an executive order.
27.        Trump will sign and present it to everybody. I am not one of them. I am your servant. But I am coming to something.
28.        I never said for one day that Solomon made shipwreck of his ministry but I told you that although he amassed all the women in the whole world who came in with their shrines that they came with from their homeland; every Sabbath day, Solomon went with all of them to dance on the shrines.
29.        After everything, he will go to the Temple and the glory of God will come down. Why? He created all principalities and powers, spiritual wickedness even in high places, all were made for Him, by Him, for His own use and purpose. And I told you that there can never be evil anywhere without the Hand of God being there.
30.        In the beginning, was there anything called evil? Who created evil? He said “I create war, I make peace. I kill, I make alive. Innocent of guilty, I must destroy.”
31.        Who is He? Who caused Israel to err? When they realised they never erred, they came back to say “God, Our Father, why have you caused us to err? It is not in us to be rebellious, but you decided to make it.”
32.        Somebody who said, “I will save whosoever I will save. Anybody I want to destroy, I will destroy. If I want to harden your heart, I will harden it. If I want to give you believing heart, I will give you.”
33.        That is why He does anything after the counsel of His own will. He has no adviser. But you must know who He is first. If you do not identify Him, your life is in danger. You must know who the president is. And knowing him means knowing the office he occupies for his name is not the president. The president is the office he occupies.
34.        I am a representative of somebody. Is it not true? A representative is an ambassador. I am somebody’s ambassador, and that is the One you know not, the Supreme Lawgiver. But He decided to make Himself known. Thank God our brother is here. Since that day, nobody heard the voice of Chinwendu again.
35.        You know, he wanted to accuse God. He thought he was right and God was wrong. This was the man that brought God into the supreme judgement and he nearly died for God made him a liar before everybody. Spent thousands in investigating, aided by Brother Ojiakor. I permitted all to happen. I invited the whole world to come.
36.        I will be number one here before anybody. I was in my house even close to 10:00am, they were muttering and murmuring whether the Son of Man will come, they never knew He was here.
37.        Not until one of th   em was compelled to take a photograph of the decoration and saw a man standing and leaning on the pulpit. And he was here before they opened the door – came before everybody. And was waiting for Chinwendu. That was the man that was there when Peter asked Ananias “Is that all?”
38.        Because Ananias couldn’t see, he was blind. Ananias thought he was dealing with a mere man. He wanted to make God a liar. He opened his mouth, and he died.
39.        Three hours later, the wife, who knew nothing, came. Who took counsel with the husband to commit iniquity. “Madam, is that all’? She wanted to join the husband in telling lies, the hammer fell. Fear gripped everybody, I mean in the New Testament Church, not Old Testament, not Law. The God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament. He is the God of the Bride of Christ. Amen.

Let me not veer off again this week. Last week I veered off but it was not grievous. I opened your eyes of understanding and when you were going home, you were going home rejoicing exceedingly.
2.           Many that were newcomers where calling me saying, “Sir, we have wasted our time all these years.”
3.           I said, “Well you said so. I never said you wasted your time.”
4.           They said, “What is the essence of carrying this Bible since the Bible has said that we should drop it? Why do we go ahead holding the Bible?”
5.           I said, “No, you can’t drop it because once history is forgotten, the mistake of the past must be repeated.”
6.           In other words, the Bible is you schoolmaster only to guide you to Christ. Once the Bible succeeds in introducing you to Christ, you look up to Christ. And Christ will be making references to the Bible so that you can take His words seriously. That was how they became quiet. Otherwise they thought they were holding the Bible thinking Eternal Life is there.
7.           You search the Bible. You turn it over and over, you pass sleepless nights thinking that you will find Eternal Life in the Bible. And the Bible said that what you are looking for is not there.
8.           My friend Joe Ogbuka, I know you are astonished. Read John 5:39. Please, you don’t know the person that is here. Don’t ever murmur. He was with us when the battle was very hot. This faith cost him his education.
9.           Barrister Ogbonna, Barrister Ogbuka, even there is one Barrister Oliver that is equally clamouring to be back.
10.        I said long ago, “Nobody has ever left this faith. You are not an escapee. You have not missed until that day when I will wrap up the whole programme. If I don’t see you there, I know I have lost you. But as long as you are all standing here on this planet earth, you all have a chance. While I am still here, you have a chance – even the vilest offender.”
11.        Why I’m I saying this? I said – I have said it several times – nobody preaches to a prodigal son. The prodigal son in the Bible, nobody preached to him. He was the one that halted himself, spoke to himself when he realised who he was and his family.
12.        A mad man may forget everything but not his father’s compound or his relatives. He knows all. He calls them by their names. He can never lose grip of his personal identity. Do you know that he is only a mad man before you? The law doesn’t recognise him as a madman. Use your vehicle and kill one, then go to court and tell them you killed a mad man, and then come and tell them how you knew that he was mad, and the authority you have to kill a living being.
13.         John 5:39, Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have Eternal Life: and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life. (KJV)
14.        You search and keep on searching and examining the Scriptures because you think that in them you have Eternal Life; and yet it is those [very Scriptures] that testify about Me; and still you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life. (AMP)
15.        Barrister Joe Ogbuka, is Eternal Life in the Bible? The Bible will point you to the Person, The Individual, The Personality where you will go to and get it. But they are not willing to come.
16.        They searched the scriptures, pass sleepless nights. Some even indulged in fasting and praying. They think what they are looking for is in the written book. The written book is a commodity in the market; Eternal Life cannot be sold in the market.
17.        There is no amount of scriptures that you will read and memorise that will give you Eternal Life. That is why it is not something that is dropped here and there. He giveth it to whosoever He willeth, but you must ask for it. You must come for it and then He will give you the condition for Eternal Life.
18.         Talk of other blessings, you will get. When they were milling around Him, He knew they were not coming for Eternal Life. They were coming to Him so that He will better their lot: He healed them, He gave them food, He gave them everything. But concerning Eternal Life, He said that it is not for them. It is for those He took to Himself to the Upper chamber.
19.        To those people he was showering all those blessings, He spoke to them in parables. But to those he wanted to give Eternal Life, He separated them and spoke to them in plain language.
20.        You see why God said, “Follow me patiently, doubting nothing. Towards the end, even if you do not understand, follow me anyhow. You will never be disappointed or regret. Rather you will say that surely the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man.”
21.        There was a message I handled that said, “I know who I am.” Three Kinds of Righteousness’, that’s the message.
22.        I introduced too many things. But before your eyes, all of them appeared. Not in the night, not in secret, amidst witnesses that were aforetime chosen by God.
23.        Whatever God wants to do, He announces it ahead of time and He prepares a people that will be eyewitnesses, who will tell others. Otherwise there won’t be need for blessing those who could not see, but heard and believed. Not everybody will be privileged to see.
24.        Far back 1993, I announced to you how this message will go round the world, the Everlasting Gospel. How the photograph of the Son of Man will go round the world to mark the end of everything.
25.        Three Kinds of Righteousness page 153: I know that I am the Son of Man. I know the Deity dwells in me. I know that I am God made visible in human form. I know that I am married. From my loins my children came.
26.        However, I have not given them express ticket to paradise. Have you understood me? If there should be one that should collect express ticket, that is, automatic entrance it will start with (1) My wife (2) my children.
27.        They do not need to be listening to me. If there should be one that should be given express ticket in Jesus’ day, the mother, Mary should be number one. The Father should be two. Though the father impregnated the mother, yet the mother reserved the right to kill the baby in the labour room. Am I making sense?
28.        Yet in the Upper Room, the mother was the first to be there. If you are intelligent and wise, think twice especially now that the Son of Man has left the Mercy seat, and He is telling you to keep your pleas inside your hand bag. Let nobody come to plead with me. I say, do not come to plead before me for my ears are deaf to your pleading..”
29.        Remember when I handled the message, I told you that I am no longer taking in anybody but I am replacing, and also waiting for those that are exiled from home. Did I say so? Did I tell you that before that day those you thought had left, gradually you see them falling in here and then?
30.        And before that day, nobody talking to them, nobody preaching to them, they will find their way back and get saved. For no single elect will remain here. Did I say so? Yes. Amen.

John 13:1 (KJV). Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that his hour was come…”
2.           He knew His hour was come. He was about to depart.
3.           “Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that his hour was come that he should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end.”
4.           That’s exactly where I want to strike. Although He was about to depart, there was a remark. He kept them informed. They knew the hour, everything. Why? He loved them. And that love was an everlasting love, for whatever God does is eternal, for God is eternal. Nothing can be added or subtracted.
5.           If a name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world, when the world was without form, the book was without form, but names were there.
6.           God was in the spirit, all His children were there in the spirit form also. Darkness covered the whole earth. When He separated light from darkness, land from the sea and everything, creatures, then He decided to come out to reproduce Himself that we might see Him as He is.
7.           The idea of bringing man into existence came into being. Then we saw God identifying with human beings: Creator and creature becoming one, living together. Is it not true?
8.           Now, look at Judas, he was among those whose names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He was among those who transgressed because thereunto he was born and appointed.
9.           I have not read any scripture that said his name was blotted out of the Book of Life. But you can only see his position as a Bishop given to another which is Mathias, prophesied in the Old Testament, fulfilled in the New Testament. That his position; he was removed from being a bishop.
10.        Aaron, remember, was to be a perpetual priest, but the office of Aaron which is priesthood started with Melchizedek then moved to Levi. But Aaron’s name remained in the Book of Life. Although God stripped him and killed him on the mount, He never erased his name.
11.        Who judged Moses and killed him? God. Who buried him? God. Who removed him? When a man fulfils his own ministry, his own calling, God stops him there, and that’s where his perfection stops. You ask me whether Judas committed crime, I would say yes. 
12.         By natural law, he committed crime. By spiritual law, he was not a sinner. He fulfilled his ministry for thereunto he was called and born. The Cloud is in the Camp.
13.        The seventy-two were sent out including Judas. They went out in the name of the Master, healing the sick, casting out demons and doing all sorts of miracles, and they came back rejoicing that the authority conveyed on them came to pass.
14.        Rejoice not that the Devil even obeyed, demons were cast away. Every sickness healed. Rejoice exceedingly that your names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. That’s why in the end, if there be any whose name is found not written in the Lam’s Book of Life FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, He will be cast into the lake of fire.
15.        Who will be that person? He that could not hear the voice return and wait.”
16.        It is only by returning and waiting. Is it not scriptural? The clarion call went forth, and from that day, you see them returning and waiting. Why must you wait? There are others that are still returning.
17.        I told you I am not for you alone. I am for the elect, whether they be Muslim, Christian, Shinto, pagan; these are names of religions. God is not a religionist and can never identify with any religion.
18.        There is no religion that can hold God captive. Every religion is manmade. Thus, you must know who I am. You must know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
19.        Do you know that it is only in the Bridal Faith that Mohammed is acknowledged more than the Muslims as a prophet of God – God’s mouthpiece for his own dispensation and assigned to the Arab world after St Paul?
20.        When St Paul was converted, he was sent straight to Saudi Arabia.  The capital of Islam is Saudi Arabia. The capital of so-called Christianity which is reformed Judaism.
21.        Yes, reformed Judaism is Christianity. If you carry your modern-day idolatry you call Christianity to Israel, they will laugh at you.
22.        A Roman Catholic reverend father, after hearing me said, “My dear, I have nothing to say than what you have said here. I acknowledge all to be true, but who will welcome it, calling Christianity modern-day idolatry? I sincerely welcome it.”
23.         I said, “Sir, but can you substantiate it in your Church.” He said, “I can do the substantiation to any length on my own.”
24.        I said, “Well, you’re afraid of your life. But this is what I have been doing over the years.”
25.        Do you know that people worship the Devil ignorantly yet they bind the Devil? Who is loosing what they bound? “I bind you. I put you into bottomless pit!” but the following day he comes out. It then means you don’t know what bottomless pit is.
26.        Who gave him the ladder that helped him out? How can somebody loosen something which God bound? It is just like in marriage when they say “Whatever God has bound together, let no man put asunder;” In Nsukka I said, “God has bound them together, I am commanding all men and their forces, try the way you can to put them asunder.”
27.        They said don’t put, I say put, because He is the only One I know Who will bind and nobody can loose. He closes a door, nobody can open it. Is it not true? When He opens, who can close it? If he exalts a man, who can debase the man? That is the Almighty.
28.        But anything God never joined together, ordinary wagging of the tongue can tear them apart. Ordinary suspicion can tear them apart. But if God is the One, God will make you understand that every living human being is a suspect.
29.        No matter how innocent or pious you think you are, somebody is suspecting you of one thing or the other. So you are a suspect. If you keep quiet, somebody is suspecting your quietness. If you are too sharp and clever, somebody is suspecting it.
30.        Even the alms you give; if you are generous, somebody is suspecting your generosity. If you love even animals – buy a pet dog – you have become a ritualist. Let there be one pigeon perching on you wall -haaaaa, you have evoked evil spirit.
31.        Yes, you take delight in planting some trees, fruits. Lean your hand on one of them and they will say that is where his power is. So you’re a suspect.
32.        You know what we are doing? Having won the battle, having given our opponents a very wide margin, what are we now doing? We now play to entertain spectators. We are no longer in the real business. We play to entertain. No more, no less. Am I laying down new doctrines? Of what use? Amen.

Stand Still and I Will Show You The Word of God (Chapter 2) Warning to all servants of God: the three major things that make a man of God to fail in his commission are: (1) Women. (2) Money (3) Popularity…
2.           Please pay attention and know how these three elements play these roles especially women. If you cannot understand, you may begin to think that it is a man holding the hand of a woman, or a man having concubine or girlfriend or woman friend, and that has become his failure. You are two million miles away from the truth. Pay attention everybody, man and woman. Don’t say “I knew it’. You know nothing.
3.            “Stand Still and I Will Show You The Word of God (Chapter 2). She nagged at him every day, until he couldn’t stand it any longer. He told her his secret…”
4.           If your wife has any sinister motive, your life is in danger. She will surround you with false love to the point that she will bring you to a state of mental stupor. You forget who you are, more so when she has tried you in diverse ways and it is not achieving the target.
5.           You know suspicion is a matter of the spirit. Before you know it, she will be asking you curious questions; not “serious” but “curious.” If she notices that you are still undaunted, she will be accusing you of lack of love. “Is this love? Small time you will say you love me. You love me.”
6.            “Stand Still and I Will Show You The Word of God (Chapter 2, from verse 38).
7.           “…Mrs Jezebel Ahab…”
8.           I hope we are following. God said let me leave money and popularity, let me address the case of women. How I wish the dreamer will hear and go to the Great Sermon, and know what the Son of Man said concerning this matter.
9.            “…she wrote letters in Ahab’s name, sealed them with his seal…”
10.        She did what? She took her husband’s letterhead, and then wrote with her hand, sealed with the husband’s seal – a symbol of authority that is irrevocable, and then sent it across, inviting the elders of the land in the name and office of the husband. A woman having masculine domineering spirit should be feared.
11.        Any woman possessing masculine domineering spirit should be feared. A man that makes the mistake of marrying such a woman is living with a woman and not a wife. It is mere human relationship, for their breathing rate can never be one. There is nothing that will make that woman to fit into her husband’s dreams and aspirations. It is better the man stays alone.
12.        But what is my joy? A man has his freewill option to exercise. For it is in the power of a man to decide how many wives he will have. But whether a woman likes it or not, while she lives and gets married, only one thing is the option: to part and remarry if the husband is a heathen who could not accommodate her, or to stay alone, finish.
13.        For no woman will have two living husbands at the same time. It is impossible. And there is not court of justice that has any right to divorce a wife from a husband unless the marriage was contracted in that court.
14.        That is why divorce cases that have been handled and judgement given by courts – even the supreme court – but there has never been one that proceeded to that place. No matter the ruling, no matter the judgement, nobody has succeeded in enforcing it.
15.        A woman will leave whenever she wants to leave. If she doesn’t want, you’re making a hell of noise, court ruling or not court ruling. Some that said they divorced, have they succeeded in striping their names from the woman? Especially when that one succeeded in leaving one egg behind.
16.        Even eternity can never strip the man’s name from the wife. Even if they are living one million miles away from each other, wherever she goes, she goes in that name. Whatever offence she commits, she commits it in the name she is bearing.
17.        You see why we excommunicate people? So that the person cannot bear the Name of Christ again. Whatever atrocity that person is committing, it is in the name she is bearing because is has not been stripped. That is why we look carefully before we make a leap lest we jump into a bottomless pit covered with grass.
18.        You don’t know what marriage is all about until you venture into it without proper investigations. Then you will know that nothing is as tormenting as a boiling home.
19.        There is another reason we run away from it: know that the day a man married a bad wife is the day he begat bad children. The akiri that is pushing down the water should ensure it has a solid waist.
20.        You see why when a man notices that he married a bad woman and had her for a wife, if they part ways, the first thing a man will do is to lay grip on his children. There must be struggle over who will hold the children. The woman will be quoting the law “not until after six years.”
21.        The man will say, “I want them even in one day. Let me raise them according to my taste.”
22.        There was one that sent her own to a nursery school, unknown to her, the husband drove down to the school, collected the baby from there. Even beat the classroom teacher, carried the baby to an unknown place and re-registered her. He captured all of them.
23.        And the woman now is pleading with everybody to see whether one can be released to her. The man said, “Go and raise your own, not these ones I have seen.”
24.        Then when the matter came to me, I said “Sir, why not be lenient with at least one.”
25.        He said, “Lenient with my children? What else am I dying for if not these kids? Son of Man, what are you advising me to do? No, no, no, don’t say so. Look at my friend there, he collected seven and they have all become graduates. If he had kept them with that wicked woman, maybe he would have died and these children would have been denied basic education, but look all of them are now graduates!”
26.        And it is pure truth. This woman that blatantly abandoned seven children in the house of the husband when they were nothing, not an ordinary woman – a specialist medical doctor known everywhere. Then left, hired a house and then married her driver. Got two children from her driver, and then sacked the driver. Now she is marrying her watchman
27.        . Who will blame the man now for booting her out? It is not an ordinary fellow. In that family are accountants, pharmacists and medical doctors. And the mother of the woman was a one-time commissioner in this state. Pastor Christian I’m I bearing false witness? Don’t mention the name because you are connected.
28.        If I never told you the background, you might be thinking that the person came from a poor background. Na lie. The mother was a commissioner here and is living in a celebrated place in Onitsha up till this day. If I mention the name, I know all of you will lie flat here.
29.        I am saying that this marital issue of a thing doesn’t respect personality. Once a mistake has been made, it has been made. And nothing drags the reputation of a man to the mud more than having a broken home.
30.        If he takes another woman, it will take amazing grace. For the woman will be afraid lest what happened to the first will happen to her
31.        It is for a woman that is booted out. For a man to go after her. He must investigate properly to know why the first dropped her otherwise you will pick abandoned property that will give you the headache that is greater than your former devil.
32.        That is why I am of the opinion that the devil I am very much acquainted with is better preferred to me than that angel in anticipation. The angel in anticipation, hold your peace, let me adjust my mind and see whether I can cope with this devil.
33.        I have veered off again. You people should tie a rope on my waist. If I want to go out, you draw me back.
34.        . You see, let me tell you something: I know that now we are having returnees. Many are coming. Many more will still come. Let me sound this notice; I am aware there was one that came, no matter his records—Bro Ojiakor was there—no matter how he praised this faith and everything; I don’t frighten people anymore, of course you know.
35.        I asked him one pertinent question: “Are you married?” He said yes. “Where is your wife?” The land became cold. Then courageously he opened up and told me.
36.        I said, “Yes, I knew it. I wanted it to come out of your mouth, and this is something that is prevalent among people that say they are having noble profession. How noble is that noble profession? I don’t know.
37.        I have never seen anything that resembles nobility in anything law profession. If you want to see manifestations of rampant radicalism, go there. They look gentle and gorgeous because that is what the profession entails on the outside. But in character, well, I don’t know what to say. I really don’t know what to say both man and woman. Does it mean that nobody should wear the wig? Somebody must wear it.
38.        That is why I still advocate strongly that you have to embrace the truth when you are looking for marriage. I know that many of you, especially those that are vying for men; note it, not “looking for” but “vying for’ men, you might be bringing in people from here and there to enable them know where you are, all in the attempt to lure them into marital relationship. No problem. I say, no problem. You have done very well.
39.        For it is my desire that every man be saved. If I am given the authority to save everyone, I assure you, every man must be saved. Heaven bear me witness. It is not good that any should perish. The punishment awaiting the heathens, nobody can estimate it. Eyes have not seen it. It has not entered into the heart of man the level of punishment God will mete out to this generation—a wicked generation, a crooked and perverse generation that know not God.
40.        If you see the terror of God, you will persuade people to believe this truth for this is the only escape route. This is the only escape route. Whether they are coming for marriage or for friendship, I don’t care. God will always use it as an opportunity to give them the truth, because the moment you receive the truth your conscience cannot deny, you are in trouble.
41.        Wherever you go, you can never deny your conscience even if you are doing anything in error, your conscience will ask you why. That’s why I gave you a message: “Be Very Sure You Don’t Place Yourself in a Position Where God Will Ask You Why.”
42.         Anything can tell lies, not your conscience. You can win your case with falsehood, with lying, but when you go to bed; your conscience will tell you that you really told lies. And no lie is of the truth.
43.        Remember that when you hit a football on the wall, you must be the goalkeeper. The ball must surely bounce back. For which cause I gave you the three irrevocable laws of nature: One, The law of retributive justice. Two,  The gravitational law. Three, The law of Diametric opposition.
44.        This Third Law of Diametric opposition; there can never be man without woman, there can never be light without darkness, there can never be good without bad. It doesn’t know any religion. If you like be a pagan. If you like be an atheist. These laws must be in operation in your life.
45.        What I’m I saying. I know one brother who is very faithful. He is an elder now at Enugu. Brother Emeka. His testimony went thus: In the attempt to grab a lady he loved and cherished so much, he went after her, from Roman Catholic, they landed into one Church. From that one Church, they landed into this deepest ocean.
46.        The sister ran into this ocean, the young man dived. Love compelled him to dive, and when he dived, the ocean swallowed the two. He said his eyes of understanding got illuminated. Then he noticed that God sent that woman there for his salvation for before then he was groping in darkness in the name of religion, persecuting the truth, thinking he was doing God a service.
47.        Who knows the mind of God? That’s why the Son of Man repeated His earlier statement which He made back then yonder: whosever that cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast away. For no man can come to me except my Father brings him to me, and whoever He brings to me, nothing in this life or in the life to come will snatch that person out of my hand. I will give that person Eternal Life.
48.        We have different ministries, and we have diversities of administration of the ministries. Let me tell you. In order to save somebody, to prove His healing virtue, God allowed a maid, a Jewess, to serve in Naaman’s house for the purpose of the healing power of God to be made manifest using nobody but a Centurion, a Syrian who was feared.
49.        God can use your maid to bring you here. I told you that when God wants to save, He can use marriage. He can use employment. He can use sickness. He can use anything. There must be attraction. What is that attraction: if you are an elect of God, God must positionally place you where you will not only recognise what God is doing in your day but must be a part of it. For every seed of God is a part of what God is doing.
50.        If it is a man, there can be an elect lady somewhere, for the sake of the salvation of the man, the elect lady will be positionally placed where the man will see her, admire her and then begin to ask about her. It is also applicable to the man. But the most important thing is knowing whether you belong to that elect group. How do you know? Let me hold it there.
51.        How do you know? I know my sheep. My sheep knoweth me and they hear my voice, and they follow me. The voice of the stranger they cannot. And I give them Eternal Life. They will never perish, neither will anything snatch them out of my hands. For my Father that giveth them unto me is mightier than any authority, any force, any devil, any condition, any obstacle.
52.        He knows how to break the barrier and set the person free. A time came when women wanted to entangle children of God to the point that they can no longer believe God. That was in the days of Ezra.
53.        God gave instruction that all of you that picked for yourselves foreign women for wives, 24 hours from now, send all of them—together with their children—away. If you don’t have any from your place, go to the children of Benjamin, take your wives.
54.        For before then, they could not serve God and their children could not speak the Jewish language. They could not also speak Greek. They became bats: not a bird of the sky nor a bird of the land; not worthy to live, not worthy to die.
55.        You’re not a child of God, you’re not a child of the Devil. What are you? If they call God’s children, you will answer heiiii! If they call children of the devil, you answer heeeiii!! Not here.
56.        There must be a separation of the goat from the sheep in the last days, and that is the ministry of the Son of Man.
57.        Verse 44:“….are you the king of Israel or not? Get up and eat…’
58.        Remember we are talking about a despotic woman, a tyrant, a woman with masculine domineering nature. A muscle woman. A woman that usurps authority over the husband. A woman that was taken from a forbidden land, the daughter of Etbal, the chief priest of Baal.
59.        The first daughter was what a Son of God saw, became infatuated with love for her. Before we knew it, in spite of all the warnings the prophet gave the man, he defied all and picked the daughter of Etbal, and the woman came to unleash mayhem.
60.        The man became a dumb dog, because a man that marries such a woman, if he is a perfect gentleman who wouldn’t like neighbours to hear him, who wouldn’t like his voice to be heard in the neighbourhood, a man that protects his integrity, the man will be dying inside.
61.        Look at the scripture: the woman just barged in, grabbed the letterhead, the seal, everything without even taking authority from the man, without even informing the man of what she did, went and arranged mean persons to come and give false witness.
62.        She planned and executed everything using the office of the man. No no, no. It is unheard of. These are spirits. Jezebel died, the spirit is still at work anointing people.
63.        Women, please be very careful. If we say you are sisters, convince us you are sisters by being humble, loyal and obedient to God’s word, taking your positions very seriously.
64.        But any day you usurp a man’s authority, subjecting your husband to a state of slavery where the man will be mute, where the man will become a dumb dog, or become afraid of your face…well, whatever a man or woman soweth, that they must reap.
65.         “…and find two scoundrels who will accuse him…’
66.        Note the category of leaders she sent for: silly leaders of Israel. Not wise ones. I told you, there can never be any evil without syndicates for it must take two to tango. One man cannot commit this type of crime. Watch out; silly leaders, cabinet members of the king.
67.        Some of them might be his bosom friends. Not even one could query the woman. Rather, they aided and abetted the crime by arranging for a cruel false trial of an innocent man because of his drive and initiative to possess his heritage.
68.        “…then find two scoundrels who will accuse him of cursing God…’
69.        Find what? Two scoundrels, two mean persons just like they hired to accuse Jesus before Pontius Pilate. They now hired two mean scoundrels, two mean persons, useless persons to come and accuse an innocent man that he might be killed.
70.        Remember we are talking about the havoc silly and ungodly women can cause to a man of God so that you know the role they played in time past. In all you will see whether there was anything associated with sexual abuse.
71.        A man was making a hell of noise that he knows the scriptures. I said, “Ok no problem. I want to show you something.” I quoted a scripture, he read it; that we should not be fornicators like Esau who because of a morsel of bread sold his birthright.
72.        I said, “Can you show me where Esau committed fornication with a woman? Or did God ever accuse him of even touching a woman or accused him of selling his birthright because of collecting food, and for that it was regarded as fornication?”
73.        He read it over and over, read it from a clearer translation in his pocket and said, “I will like to come to you.” I said I don’t want to talk again.
74.        Turn with me as we go to the book of Romans 1 as we have a run-down while standing here at the mechanic workshop, being a member of the Grace of God, he started reading and reading, when he got there, I said pause a little. Have you seen the evil Sodom and Gomorrah committed for which cause God gave them to overthrow?
75.        What was the evil? He said let me go there again. He read it again. He said, eh, so it is natural for a man to have sex with a woman but sinful for a man to have sex with a man or a woman with a woman which was the sin od Sodom and Gomorrah. God gave them over to overthrow.
76.        He circled that place. He said, “I said I will come and we will sit down well. I know you have a lot to offer me.”
77.        I said, “If you will be humble.” But where will he see the Son of Man? Son of Man has not finished his itinerary. Even if I see him, will I know him?”
78.        You people should leave me and my madness alone! Amen.

I am taking my time to handle issues concerning marriage. This is because that is the only place Satan wanted to bring in the Moabites in our midst. In addition, the spirit of God that has been leading us raised a very high standard.
2.           The Moabites wouldn’t have come in without the help of our young men who have already concluded to bring them in, all in the name of Christ. But the Lord has raised a very high wall that they cannot climb. Therefore, the moment I scale this hurdle, there is no other place we will enter except paradise.
3.           The highest hurdle before me is marriage. I repeat; the highest obstacle I am crossing now is marriage. The Lord will see me through with all of you whose hearts are pure, and that is why if you have proposed your marriage to somebody and you have not heard anything from me, be patient with me. It doesn’t mean cancelling it. I am working with time.
4.           Be patient with me. I don’t want to see any Moabite in the camp except Ruth. I said, I don’t want to see any Moabite in the camp except Ruth. Outside Ruth, there is no Moabite’ culled from Now I Know That Thou Art A Man Of God, page 137, preached 1999.
5.           Now I Know That Thou Art A Man Of God, that’s the title of the message. I am not praising anybody but Christ. If I am not sure from the very word “go,” I wouldn’t be documenting everything, and with the fullness of time, I started reproducing all in book form, uploaded all for the world to read and criticise me.
6.           Instead of criticising, they are subscribing. Can you imagine this morning, a Branham-mite wrote me from the website because he has always been there, volunteering to help me with messages where Branham spoke concerning the Bride, just to buttress the much we uploaded there.
7.           He did not recant even one. One McCarthy from America. 1159 messages. What we loaded was not up to 500. Quotes from William Branham.
8.           He wants to help in supplying more information to confirm. Only facts are convincing. You see why I don’t work on anything presumption because oftentimes presumptions appear to be stronger than reality. That is why I am a realist. If it is not real, it does not exist.   
9.           I have made God real. He that is in me came out, eyes saw Him, He went back. He allowed Himself to be photographed. You photographed Him on His invitation. He appeared here several times. He showed you the Godhead. He showed you the Original Body. You saw the Theophany. You saw the White Garment, The White Robe – everything. Is it not real? Does it require faith?
10.        Faith is exercised when nothing is real, when it is imaginary, but by faith you claim it. But when eyes have seen, ears have heard, hands have handled, does it require faith? You can describe His appearance. You know Him. You know His dwelling place. You can take people to Him.
11.        Somebody took Nathaniel to him. Some came for salvation and said to the disciples “we will like to see Jesus’. it took people that knew Him to take them to Him. When they came to arrest him, they knew Him not for He was like others. There was no garment differentiating Him.
12.        It took Judas who was with Him to tell them “Anybody you see me embrace, that’s the person you are looking for.”
13.         If they had known Him, they needed no other person to introduce Him. If He had another dress that made Him different from others, to identify Him would have been very easy.
14.        Even Barrister Joe Ogbuka who left many many years back, when he came, I saw him, looked at his face. Within me I just smiled. I didn’t laugh. I smiled for I needed no introduction.
15.        Why? He was with me from the very official beginning, and they were all together when Barrister Ogbonna had a vision; described Him, stature, everything even when he knew me not and as at that time I had not personal photograph anywhere, for that time, taking of photographs was forbidden.
16.        Reading from verse 45:
17.        “…then two men that had no conscience….’
18.        Two men that had no conscience. Oh no, you know what it takes for a man to be without conscience? They appeared to accuse an innocent fellow because a woman was blowing the flute. A woman was blowing the trumpet for them and they were dancing to the tune and admiration. Anyone to whom a woman is his pied piper should be very careful.
19.         “…and he was dragged outside the city and stoned to death…’
20.        They accused him of an offence he never dreamt about.
21.        Brother hold it, there is a quote here. I don’t know that I have a message like this: The Conclusion of the Whole Matter: Chapter 4.
22.        I am not the one that it is talking about interludes. It’s Brother Ojiakor. And of course you know that the Son of Man delights in having interludes.
23.        Remember when I introduced the message of grace; Interludes 1,2,3,4 up to 15 to enable me explain everything to the minutest details to avoid error in application because if I do not give you time to investigate, scrutinise and evaluate and get convinced within yourselves, you are bound to err.
24.        So that whenever you meet any person, you don’t need to invite the Son of Man. You stand there and give the person the reason of your belief. Be ready to answer any man that will ask you the reason why you have decided to die for this faith. Is it not in a message? You must give your reasons. You don’t need to go and call me.
25.        “There is no other God that created human beings except Jehovah. I am saying clearly here that whether you are a Muslim or not, no matter your religion, Jehovah is your creator.
26.        And the Jehovah is no other person than the very Son of Man who is even talking to you right now through this message. Hence, whether you like it or not, He has said that the reason why He is Son of Man, created you, moulded you to what you are is that you must obey Him and keep His commandments.”
27.        In our Website report, we are all the Islamic countries where it is an offence even to carry the Bible or mention the name Jesus Christ are well represented. We are in all the countries in the world. The totality of the countries that went to the websites last week are 223.
28.         Not all of them are countries because we have 200 countries in the world. When we recorded 300, some of them might be villages, some might be cities but not countries.
29.         In all, from our map which I included in the calendar, we have gone beyond the world. There is no island in the world where the Son of Man has not penetrated to convince everybody that this is that promised everlasting gospel who has the authority to handle the archangel.
30.        The gospel of the kingdom must go round the whole world in tongues and in languages, and then the end shall come. There is no island; British Virgin Islands, Guam Islands, Antigua and Bermuda, all of them. We are everywhere. Wherever there is light, I am there. Have you wondered why Islamic countries are all surging there?
31.         Instead of getting the Son of Man arrested or order His arrest like they did to Salman Rushdie for a useless publication, titled Satanic Verses, rather they are embracing the faith of the Son of Man, and even propagating it in their mosques. One of their Imams, a Yoruba man living at Benjamin doesn’t joke with my messages. You know him. The Hausas, all of them.
32.        You saw Pakistan last week – number one – 7000 and. Pakistan, Iran, Iraq. Saudi Arabia is my home now. I say Saudi Arabia is my home.
33.        I know what I am talking about. I am not crazy. So, if you hear the voice of the Son of Man…you see why I say I am not soliciting for membership.
34.        In Noah’s day throughout his own world – I don’t know the population that time – they said there was population explosion, but how many were saved? Eight.
35.        In Jericho; only those that were found in Rehab’s house. Is it not true? In Sodom and Gomorrah, only three.
36.        If all these people that embraced this message will be saved, I am the greatest, because there are still others that are waiting in the grave who will hear my last voice and come out. They have been waiting for this voice because it shall be one day known unto the Lord.
37.        And he that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father. A day kept secret which no man can pry into, not even angels. It is like God hid a soul in every human being which no science has discovered.
38.        No matter the level of operation, you can never discover the human soul.
39.        This woman invited mean, mean persons without conscience. Somebody might be astonished. Why do you feel astonished when I do something? Don’t be astonished. I fulfil scriptures ignorantly.
40.        There is joy in heaven when a lost coin is found, more than the remaining coins that are there. When a prodigal son embraces the family again, nobody remembers even the faithful and loyal ones that have been there with the parents. Goat and chicken and drinks will be hurriedly arranged.
41.        Those that have been around will be complaining “dad, what did you just do? What of us that have been around since. You just ran out and bought clothes and shoes and chicken and everything. Do you do these things for us?”
42.        Sharrap! Do you know what the prodigal son passed through before coming back? Do you know the extent he went? Can you eat food meant for pigs?
43.        When you stray out of the king’s house, you will eat food meant for pigs. When you stray away from your kingly family where you are a prince, you become a slave, and you will be eating food meant for pigs.
44.        By any day, miraculously you trace your steps back to the family, even the air in the family, the love and warmth in the family, the noise and the music alone, the environment, without food, you’re refreshed.
45.        Look, when I am glorifying God, there is a reason. Do you know what it means for someone to be lost? Anyone that strays away from the household of God, can you even imagine where he fell into? Congregation of the death. He got lost;
46.        That is why you see the Son of Man going network, the network service that is sponsoring itself. From a branch that grew on its own, not attached to any stem.
47.        My friend Joe, if you were told that time that the ministry will grow to this magnitude; even if a prophet prophesied it you will find it difficult to say amen. For looking at it from the human perspective, there was no sign.
48.        There was nothing suggesting it could happen. But I said “I am planting it here as a mustard seed. Whenever it shall germinate and grow, it shall outgrow all until every bird will be perching on it’.
49.        I said a day is coming when people will travel long distances in search of the Son of Man. While many of you here who are rejecting me, a day is coming when you will use lantern to look for me and you will not see me.
50.        Reading of Epistle continues: “…Servants of God, be watchful here…”
51.        Have you seen the areas god warned His servants? Have you seen it?
52.        Let me ask this question; I am not asking because William Branham asked this question. Do you think the Son of Man has come to the end of His ministry? If He has come to the end, why are you still in your mortal estate? That is number one.
53.         If He has come to the end, why is He still here? Is He greater than the Father? If you have been believing, and the Father has been confirming, why can’t you believe that no other is coming. After me cometh no other.
54.        For I am sent to come and take you home, for you don’t know where paradise is. I am going to prepare a place for you, after which I will come back, take you to myself so that wherever I am there you will be.
55.        How do you think there could be a Bride if there is no Bridegroom? Who then adorns the Bride? Who presents the Bride? To whom? Wherever the Bridegroom is, there the Bride must be.
56.        There can never be Bride without Bridegroom, otherwise the Bride is a widow. How do you think the Almighty who carried you across the oceans and the rivers and the valleys, used the Son of Man to magnify His Name above all other messengers that appeared here, backed him to take the greatest risk; touching on no-go area – marriage and divorce.
57.        Establishing grace that bringeth salvation. Came with salvation and healing in his arms and for judgement to the earth. And has been going at this very moment. You think God will now permit Him to be led astray?
58.        If I was not a divorcees when I was young and vibrant, how can I be a divorcee now that I am becoming older and weaker every day? If women never killed me when I was vibrant, will they now kill me now that I am almost walking with walking stick.
59.        You should be praying like the sons of David where praying, that I should get older, my wife should remain alive, if her hand should become weak that she cannot care for me then you should get a damsel, when David grew old, the Bible said that the children reasoned and decided to bring David a damsel who will be rubbing the back the belly. Is it not scriptural?
60.        Listen to me. But my wife is still a damsel. I am satisfied. Tell me what a woman will use to set a trap that will trap God. You want to trap God with a woman? What will she use? Will she use money? Will she use bottom power? Tell me what she will use.
61.        Do you know that the Son of Man has reasons for removing Satan’s power so that Satan can never accuse any of God’s children now till eternity. But if there be any that will rise to accuse, God has already taken care of him in the message titled: The Accuser of the Brethren.
62.        That is why I gave you the totality of the message in a compendium: that’s the Great Sermon. It contains over three million messages, compressed. Every page is a message, if you have the spirit of truth. Because once you go through it, revelation will strike. Anointing will come. You will see other scripture lining up. You use nature. You use everyday experience.
63.        But if you are not a child of God, you are without conscience. You are a mean person. Because if a woman will flash something before you, you promise marriage. If she flashes bottom power, you promise marriage. “I love you well well’.
64.        What the chicken delights in is what is used to tempt it into the house. If a woman holds money, your eye will be there. If she says she wants to go to the bank and back, your eyes will be on her bag to know how much is there. Are you marrying the woman or her money?
65.        Which one do you love: the woman or her money? So love women’s money, but they don’t love the women. He says he wants a woman that hustles. What he really wants is money. He says he wants a woman that works. What he really wants is money.
66.        Once the money finishes, his love will finish. “Darling, darling!” Na money. “I love you more than my mother’ is simply because the woman has money. Once the money finishes, the woman becomes old and a witch.
67.        See what a woman used to lure men without conscience; the Bible said, “Because of the money she promised them, they sold their consciences to the woman’. That is what we have today. City ladies strive now to make money which is what they will flash and lure conscience-less men.
68.         If it is someone that initially planned to do only friendship, he will forget. Next you will hear “will you marry me? How I wish I have the wherewithal now, I would have sent you to my mother and my brothers. I will like them to see you.
69.        But unfortunately, there are things I am expecting. Things are not working as I predicted’. The woman will say “okay, so you will marry me if…ok, don’t worry, I will assist you’. You mean it? Praise the Lord!
70.        Be very careful. It is better for a man to go a-begging than to have his eyes on a woman’s money. I say it is better for a man to go a-begging than to depend on a woman’s money because once you’re depending on a woman’s money, you will become a perpetual slave in her hands and you can never command respect.
71.        You cannot tell somebody who is taking care of you to respect you. Respect you for what? Respect is not a matter of preaching. You earn yourself respect. How do you earn it? By living up to expectation. If you are living below standard, you must be looked down upon.
72.        Can someone who is not a king be called an Igwe? If you do something that no one should do, the Son of Man will say what no man can say. If you respect yourself, your wife and children will respect you. What does it mean to respect yourself?
73.         Do what you’re supposed to do as a man. Can you answer a man only by name? do you put fish in the soup with the mouth? Good soup na money make am.
74.        If what made you a man is your penis, a mad man also has penis. If it is child, a man can also have children. When the trees was still the playground of the squirrels, there are things we know a man for. When issues arise men come out and grate their machetes on the ground.
75.        When time comes for action, the men come out and show their mettle. Men do not run from masquerades just like the women. If there is a call for money nowadays, a man will be eyeing the wife to bring the bag, only for the wife to bring a woman’s handbag.
76.        A man will say to the children: “go and tell your mother that the landlord came. Go tell your mother that I want to eat fresh fish. Ask your mother if she has money. I want money for Okada’. Did you give her any money to keep? Tomorrow you will say someone is disrespecting you. Did you respect yourself?
77.        We worship God because He routinely shows us He is God. We have seen the reason why He is God. He had shown us. It is not by boasting. If you doubt it, you will see with your eyeswhy He is a warrior. Show us why you’re a human, if you don’t, your children will not praise you. They will be praying once you go out, if you come back, fine, if you don’t come back, fine.
78.        Talk to yourself let me talk to myself. That is why you are not a real husband according to the standard of the Son of Man’s faith until you live up to the set standard. When you live below that standard and you want to arrogate to yourself authority you do not possess, people will ridicule you.
79.        Arrogating to yourself, assuming the air of superiority you cannot defend, you make yourself look stupid. Because whoever you may be, including myself, eyes are on you, people are assessing you and i. you can use your dress to cover the filth in your body but you can never use it to cover poverty.
80.        God never made anybody poor or rich. If you tell me that man who is poor, I will tell that person who is not well and mentally developed. It is one that is not mentally developed that can easily fall victim into the hands of silly women for brandishing Naira or their buttocks all of which are illusionary. They are mere illusions, they fizzle out.
81.        They can be used as bait. When a trap catches the animal for which it was set, is there any other use for the trap? If they flash those things in your face and they entice you, know that those are where your heart is because what you desire is what you will be lured with.
82.        So, don’t come here to be deceptive. You cannot be deceptive here. There is no deception you will play out here and the Son of Man will not catch you. Since the snake rushed into the hole, did it succeed in tucking in its tail? Amen.




Do you know why I am happy with our returnees? I am happy that I knew their estate when they left.

2.           They were students, and I have been monitoring their developments like this Joe Ogbuka when I heard the evil reports concerning him. I equally heard good report, the two sides of the coin, how he came to the fellowship asking for re-admission.

3.           Instead of calling me, they humiliated him out of the fellowship. He entered there, but he did not behave like Bro John Barns, who became violent and was ready to kill. He said “how can you push me out of my father’s house? Do you know the secret of this faith? When did you come in? touch this seat again and I will teach you a lesson’.

4.           Or any day Ogbonna Okpoke comes here, tell him to walk out. He will hit you.

5.           I know what I am saying. They left as students, but now they’re coming back, they’re returning as men, looking much more sensible. I went to him intending to catch a glimpse of his face, just to apologise to him because of what they did to him even without my consent – that he should not bear any grudge. But when I got to his chambers, there was no human being in sight I could leave the message for.

6.            It was a one-storey building along Aku road by the right. I was coming from Nsukka that day. I took that Aku road and then burst at the other way that led to Ehalumona and Opi side.

7.           And the brother who was carrying me pointed to that house. I said go back immediately, let me see whether he is there. There was no living human being I could leave a message behind.

8.           That was why, when our brother Dr Mike called me from Abuja telling how miraculously he thought he was calling Barr. Oliver, he never knew he was calling Joe Ogbuka who parted with him over six years ago.

9.           You see how God works? He works across purposes. So, when Dr Mike was lamenting, I said no, no, no, don’t talk, let me give you my own side of the story. Call Bro Sam Beer, he will tell you what transpired.

10.        Bro Mike rejoiced exceedingly. He said to I give him your number? I said, “My number is everywhere. You don’t need to give him, unless he is not in the website. Tell him to come live, that I am still echoing, vibrating even more now.

11.        I am saying that not even one is returning as a begger. They are returning as men and women of integrity. I am happy because the training they received, the little they knew that time helped them a lot.

12.        He belonged to Apostle Ugonna’s group, three of them: Joe Ogbuka, Apostle Ugonna, Barrister Ogbonna. And they suffered because of this faith. Their parents and their relations punished them beyond measure because of this faith, for embracing this truth.

13.        Don’t worry, we shall not celebrate now until the day we shall celebrate there where we will part no more, where nothing will buffet us about.

14.        When he (Joe Ogbuka) breezed in, he knelt down with the children. I said no, no, no, don’t kneel down. He said “my Lord and my Saviour, I erred exceedingly. I wandered away from home. I did it stupidly, ignorantly. I said get up. Enter the hall. Follow your brethren.

15.        Deacon Vin, you were all in my house yesterday evening. You heard me saying when you were talking and others “why will you act this way?’ That I am prepared to save the whole world if I am commanded to do so. I don’t care who that person is. I don’t care the level of offence the person might have committed. I said the Almighty helping me as I pray every day. He broadens my heart every minute of the day to accommodate in love all manifestations of human inadequacies, imperfections, all their shortcomings. So that no matter the way you look at it, the Voice will still echo back: forgive them Father for they knew not what they did. I still love them.

16.        Reading continues:

17.        “…from the passage, one can see how a devilish woman conspired to eliminate a man of God…”

18.        Why? Where the Devil is afraid to go, he sends a woman.

19.         “she used her husband’s letterhead paper and seal…”

20.        Can you imagine a woman presiding over the meeting of the silly elders of the land? Abomination above all abominations. It is being committed even here in Igbo land. Igbo land that is well known for holding their authorities high now venerate women. When a woman has become a chief.

21.         A man is a chief, all of them wearing red cap. Who will bend before the other? All of them are cabinet members. Some have even ascended the thrones of their husbands that died as traditional rulers. I know many answering “her majesty’. And men will gather in the palace for women to sit with her majesty. I mean, this is a Jezebel.

22.        In Igbo land now, women break kolanut. Women now come to the public square and say “amaalakwenu! Ndibeanyikwenu!’ something which was abomination before, turning things upside down.

23.        You can never befriend a leper and avoid his handshake. Evil communication spoils good character. Can you see where he patterned after. Abominable family. A family in which the voice of the Son of Man has been shouting on them for a long time, you children will go and be learning from there.

24.        It will take he that is dying to go there. Wherever the crying child keep pointing fingers, if the mom is not there, the dad will be there. Anyone to whom the dog keeps barking at, the same dogs that allows others pass but when it comes to that person it will bark and will want to bite him, check that person very well, he has something on him.

25.        A child that allows everybody to carry it, but when it comes to a particular person, he runs to the parents, check that person very well, he is holding something that is against the life of the child. There is something that person is holding that instigates the dog’s bark.

26.        A dog sees what the ordinary eye does not see, that is why we use it to watch day and night. It is a story, it is also a proverb. If they are looking for a thief, the police will first of all go to where they know a thief pays a visit.

27.         That’s the first port of call. If they want those who smoke marijuana, they will first of all go where it is being sold. That is how it is in life. If a prostitute is being sought, the first port of call is the brothels.

28.        Young men, the thing that screamed “laaaa’ has not gone yet. Parents, the thing that screamed “laaaa’ has not gone yet.

29.        Listen to me carefully; money is good is it is grabbed from South Africa. A casket from the same place is also good. Prison is also very good. Are you hearing what I am saying? Quick money is good, quick death is also good. Don’t expect quick money without expecting quick death.

30.         “…his mother was his counsellor to do wickedly…”

31.        His mother! That is the only son she has. The other became the counsellor, and all the counsel she gave was to lead him to evil. He did evil more than Ahab’s children, to the point God swore that no soul will be spared in his family.

32.        Who were his counsellors after the death of his father? Ahab’s family. Did you see where he ran to?

33.        “….as far as God is concerned, women will keep quiet over Church matters…”

34.        Brethren underline it and begin to understand what God is saying. By ministering to the needs of the brethren with their substances, but everything about administration of the Church which borders on doctrines of the Church, it is not their area.

35.         They should steer clear. They should learn in silence. If they have questions, they should ask their own husbands with intent to understand.

36.        But if you notice that the question is not with the intent to understand, keep quiet. Discern the spirit through the voice otherwise she will lure you into error, more so when she starts with small question. Before you know it, argument will ensue.

37.        That will tell you she had already known something and expected you to speak along that vein but unfortunately what she anticipated is not what she is getting. She turns argumentative.

38.        Another way you will know it; she will switch off on you and walk out. Demonstration will start, agitation will start. You begin to wonder was this not the woman that was asking questions with intent to know? Is this how to teach somebody?

39.        Then if you kneel down and begin to beg so that you sleep in the same bed, you become another Samson.

40.         “…any man of God who listens to the advice of his wife especially on doctrinal matters must surely make shipwreck of his calling…”

41.        And this area God says they should avoid is the area they delight themselves in.

42.         “…and Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression…”

43.        Who was deceived? The woman. The man was not deceived.

44.        “…for if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant…”

45.        I want all of you to memorise this verse because everywhere you see women pastors, women evangelists, in the vehicles, everywhere. Some are now bishops and archbishops. Is there any good way of doing a wrong thing?

46.        They are doing God a service outside His will. And you see silly men bowing down and a woman will be praying for them, laying hands on them in the name of Jesus. Can you imagine a woman casting the Devil out of a man?

47.        The woman who is the visible representation of the Devil is now casting out devil. A woman that is disobeying God, going contrary to the will of God automatically is the visible representation of the devil.

48.        What is happening when she is now laying hands on you: “father in the name of Jesus is cast out demons in this man’. A woman that needs deliverance is now delivering a man. Why? She flags her buttocks, flags money which are mere illusions. I call them facial masks. Not the original face.

49.        If you watch facial masks being displayed by women in the television, you might be thinking that they are pretty good. But meet them in their private closets; the person you said you knew becomes a masquerade, becomes wor-wor.

50.        If they are going to parties, they will babyfy their faces, use brush and smoothie and paint. They will paint even the neck and the arms. How do you know them? They don’t go near people so they don’t stain your clothes.

51.        Silly men who do not have conscience have been deceived into taken such whores with facial masks for wives. When they got home, they discovered that they took a masquerade for a human being.

52.        Look around, oh you man that wants to marry. Look around oh you woman that wants a husband. All that glitters is not gold. Once bitten, twice shy. A man that falls on a particular spot twice is a fool of all fools.

53.        This is the house of truth and truth has no substitute. I remember one day the message went forth here on marriage. At the end of the day, a sister came to me and said: “chei, daddy, this message that went forth today, in short, if I knew, I won’t allow this young man to come today’.

54.         I asked why? She said daddy, with what this young man heard today, I don’t think he will ever mention marrying me again. I said why, is the message false? She said daddy, the height the Holy Spirit went to today, in short, I became ashamed of myself.

55.        She was still talking when the phone rand and it was the young man. The young man had gone home, and was calling to tell her that the Lord had blessed him immensely today, that he knew nothing about marriage, and did not know women are like this.

56.        She said to me daddy see exactly what I was saying has started happening already. I told her that it is better for her. It is better it starts happening now because you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

57.        When someone comes looking for a wife and finds salvation instead, between salvation and wife, which one is better? Wife and Eternal Life which one is greater? I know that there will be fight today. It will surely boil today because what we are reading is the havoc women have wrecked. was there anyone associated with sexual intercourse.

58.        There are myriads of them, cases littered in the Holy Scriptures, even in the archaeological records, the extent of havoc an ungodly woman can wreck in the life of a man, family, community and the world at large.

59.         It is unfathomable, cannot be estimated by any living human being, even the eye of omniscience will grow dim while trying to trace it to its finality. Something that does not respect a man for who he is.

60.        Do you know that a woman slapped Obasanjo publicly? Obasanjo removed his Agbada and hit back. Who was he fighting? His wife, late now, from Delta. They were separating the president from his wife. He was panting after the fight saying “yes, she never knew I was a general. Must her people take the whole public cooperation’s in Nigeria? Why must it be only her people buying over Nigeria’s property?

61.        Then he faced El Rufai who was the chairman of the Bureau of Public Enterprises and then revoked all that were purchased by the woman and Gbenga and her people.

62.        James Ibori came up to make noise, he exposed James Ibori and people went after him and imprisoned him. You can trust Baba o. James came because that was his sister – all of them came from Oghara in Sapele.

63.        God doesn’t want things to be disorderly and upset. Whatever God does, watch it within and without, it must be done decently and in order. A little voice said amen. Through the mouth of suckling, God has perfected His praise, and even His truth.

64.        Even in the Old Testament God said that which you have learnt, commit into the hands of faithful men who will teach others. One lady from Assembly of God was saying Matthew 28 said “go ye’. I said look, get Matthew 28, if it said “go ye and preach’ I will come down from the pulpit.

65.        Don’t call me a man of God. She maintained. I said get it. She brought her Bible out at Upper Iweka. She opened it. I said read it before me since you are interested in reading.

66.        She opened it and read it “go ye into the world and TEACH all nations. I said she should read it again. She did. I said “anything to say’. She said “let me go and see our pastor on this matter’. I said ok thank you.

67.        There was no other thing the Lord Jesus used to humiliate the Devil than “it is written’. Since you know how to quote. Some even quote out of context. How can you come to me and quote the Bible when I am the Bible encyclopaedia? I am the Bible encyclopaedia.

68.        There is no statement that proceeds out of my mouth that is not traceable to the Bible. If you don’t see it now, you will see it tomorrow, every statement I make, you must trace it to the Bible. That is why if I speak and you say you don’t believe, I laugh at you because you don’t know what it means to be the Word Made Flesh.

69.        A wise fellow can never gamble with his/her eternal destiny because it is something you can never share with anybody. There may be mass graves, there can never be mass caskets. And this your eternal destiny is not negotiable. It has no second chance.

70.        Don’t be tired of reading. St Paul said “study to show yourself approved as a good workman that needs not be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth’.

71.        To Timothy he said “till I come, give yourself to study and to prayers’. If you’re studying you will be growing, when you stop studying, you become old. When you wax old, you will be decaying, and sooner than you think, you will be phased out. You will be quoting out of context for the spirit is no longer being renewed.

72.        When the spirit is not renewed, your mind is not renewed. You become mundane, obsolete.

73.        If you are being carried in a motorcycle whose rider is a short man, whose leg can never touch the ground. Because if he gets to a rough road, he will be struggling and you will be struggling.

74.        And such people will always be looking for the better side of the road, thereby causing obstruction. So, any cyclist that is hit by a vehicle caused obstruction.

75.        I have survived in the hand of motorcycle riders several times and they can make U-turn anywhere. They have no regard for road signs because they don’t have particulars for their motorcycles, when they see any sign of any police officer, you see them make a U-turn not minding whether there is an oncoming vehicle or not.

76.        So [Bro Ben Okezue], there is no sympathy for Esau. Be it known to you any day it happens again you will die instantly there. Can you imagine the havoc he would have caused us: the wife lying critically in the hospital, motorcycle; Ben in the hospital, all because motorcycle. Did your father have motorcycle? Get out!

77.        I was a motorcycle rider. Guilty or not guilty – you are guilty! I am the advocate on this matter. I am equally the Judge. I pronounce you guilty like others. You want to win our sympathy. Keep on causing obstruction until one day hit-and-run will kill you.

78.        Maybe you have no money which you will use to bring out your wife, and then bury your late brother – his senior brother is still in the mortuary. The wife in the hospital. He doesn’t have money to bury them. You are looking for a big man who is maybe riding jeep who will assume responsibility. Let me tell you, even if you die, I am an expert in computing workmen’s compensation. I will estimate you by your qualification. I know how much your certificate will earn you – NCE.

79.        Then I know what it is; it is 42 months earnings straightforward for there is no review yet on that portion of that Workmens Compensation Act. It is still there.

80.        Your 42 months earnings is less than 500 thousand Naira in Imo State according to their payroll. They have pay structure. Sit down!

81.        You think say I no go school? I dey go school every day o. Every day I go there, sit down, learn how to read and write, so that nobody will fool me. You say you are a lawyer? Ok, don’t worry. Let us go and lawyer it out.

82.         Come with your law let us go there and argue it out. You tell me what makes you a learned fellow, then I am educated and not learned.

83.        If you are a learned fellow, why are you interested in protecting your own rights and infringing on others’ rights? For that is what makes for a learned man; one that knows how to protect his fundamental human rights without infringing on the rights of others.

84.         That is what it takes to be a learned fellow. Barrister Ogbuka, is it not true?[Ogbuka confirms] any other thing is clear naked manifestation of abrasion of the law.

85.         I am not a pocket lawyer. A pocket lawyer is one who cannot defend even a case of assault. Who cannot even separate between battery and assault. If you hire such a lawyer, you lose your cases. After all, a lawyer’s brilliance is measured in his ability to cite references, to outwit his opponents. Is there any other thing?

86.        You people should leave this matter. We know why we do not look for trouble. It is not that if we look for trouble we cannot follow it up, but something is holding us. Something is holding us.

87.         If you take that thing out of the way, we have somebody in our midst who will even humiliate Supreme Court judges, who will stand and fault all of them especially in almost all these political cases they decided because of executive directives.

88.        If a supreme court can err, where do we file that appeal? But cases abound where supreme court judges were faulted yet their rulings stood, for there is no other court you will go.

89.        You go to West Africa, there are conventions that have not yet been ratified by Nigeria making it impossible for the court to admit whatever might be the case. It may be discussed but can never be looked into for the conventions have not yet been ratified.

90.        So it is with extradition order; it is a matter of convention which we have not ratified with many countries, so you cannot effect it.

91.        There are things that we can quote, we know that we quote them just to show our brilliance. We exhibit brilliance but we know that they are impracticable.

2.  On this note, I say, bye for today. Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally, Remain blessed.