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Our Heavenly Father, here we are. Lord! You bid us to come and we are here at last. There are some of our Brethren who might be on their ways to this place.
2.          The same way you brought us here, we believe you will bring them here as well, that we will join our hands together and give praise to your Most Holy Name, worship and adore you as our God, and give you your due thanksgiving for all you have done for us all these weeks and all you will do for us as we continue with you.
3.          Father we say, to you Name be the Glory, the Honour, Praise, Majesty and Adoration, now and forever, through Christ our Lord. We have come just as we are, hiding nothing from you. We believe we are naked before you. Search us and try us. Try even our reigns and veins. If there be any atom of wickedness in us, Father blot it out this hour. Let you love and mercy project towards your children.
4.          It is true, Oh God, your Word has gone forth in righteousness. It can never come back to you void. We pray Thee, Oh God, in your judgment, remember mercy. To the sick among us, who are lying in the hospitals, some at home, Father reach them with Thy healing power this morning. Having rolled away their transgressions, let your healing virtue reach them.
5.          To those that are broken hearted, Father comfort their hearts. To the backslidden in the heart, restore all. Strengthen all feeble knees. Let the weak say today, “The Lord has made me strong.” Revive our mortal souls.
6.          Let there be such great revival, O Lord, in our hearts that we will no longer remember the sorrows of the past, the anguish of the past, the disappointments and failures of the past. May we never, Oh God, allow them to becloud our future glory.
7.          Father, let your Holy Spirit hold sway over every soul that is bowing down before you globally. You know all you have chosen for salvation, Father, globally. Unite them in the Godhead and save all of us to the utmost according to the multitudes of mercy.
8.          All the vessels you are bound to use today globally to speak to your people, use them as veritable tools. May they speak as oracles of God. Take away all human intellect and let your virtue take over. Let your wisdom take over. Let your knowledge take over. Impart your Spirit, Father into all your Elects by the hearing of your Word.
9.          In any way the devil will try to distract our attention by placing too many things before our memories, by drawing us away completely Father, from our target; In any way the devil will rise up even to accuse us of things you had already set aside, do not allow that to happen.
10.      Let your Holy Spirit build a strong hedge over your people wherever they may be, on the highways, in the streets, on the mountain tops, in the valleys, in the ocean, Father, even in the valleys, no matter where they are found. In the islands, in the air, beneath the sea, be there with them.
11.      Let your eyes that run to and fro search out every Elect, no matter where that person is hiding. In the prison yards, be there for them. Father, there are some destitutes, physically challenged persons who might be numbered among your Elects in this generation. Reach out for them. Unite them in the Godhead.
12.      Father we say Thank you this day. May your Glory fill the Camp. May your presence fill all in all. By the time we shall leave here today, may we go home rejoicing, saying to ourselves, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us even when we were hearing the Word expressly coming to us.”
13.      We say Thank you once again for hearing our prayers. Through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen

Brethren, be seated. The weather is becoming hot. It is not extraordinary. There are some countries that are experiencing hotter weather than the one we are having here. At least, we are better off than the people in the desert. We are better placed than many.
2.          Anybody that is dying here is dying because he wants to die. Nothing is killing us. We are killing ourselves. For God has bestowed upon us the riches of nature.
3.          I was watching the television yesterday where they were trying to tell the whole world the situation of things in Nigeria. I never knew that there could be such a place in Nigeria, in Bauchi State where people drink pond water.
4.          They use their hands, use shovel to create opening on the soil surface. Water will begin to percolate. They will be drinking the water inside their farms, in their homes.
5.          There is a particular Local Government that is served by one borehole and the water that comes out from the tap is like mud. The State is doing nothing to help them. I chilled yesterday, that there could be such a place in a great nation called Nigeria.
6.          A little while, I was taken to Bori in Ogoni. I can hardly believe that there could be such a place in the South-South. In spite of the streams and ocean around them, Brethren you need to see what they are drinking as water.
7.           It is like engine oil. Water that is polluted by crude oil. No portable water for the community and the State is doing nothing to purify the water for them.
8.          I was taken to Adamawa. In one particular Local Government, what looked like school. It is like a roost. Come and see students. I began to imagine how somebody can study under that type of horrible condition. How I wish we will have the opportunity to tour such places.
9.          I want to say that anybody that finds himself in this part of Nigeria is already in Heaven, but he does not know it. Do you know that as I am talking to you now,  look at Numan in Adamawa State, the whole of Numan, all the inhabitants are in exile, lumped together in the Internally displaced persons (IDP) camp where there is no single bore hole, no toilet facilities. And they have in that camp, more than 9,600 persons.
10.      No batcher for a house. No canopy for shelter from the sun. Come and see the way they were taken care of and what they call feeding. It is not even good for the fowls I have in My house—that is, what they eat as food!
11.      They are not talking about schools anymore. In short, the whole of the North East, count them out completely from whatever that is happening in Nigeria.
12.      You do not know that God has bestowed great riches upon the South East extraction and yet we are abusing the privilege. There are too many places in the North where people cannot gather like this to clap their hands and worship God.
13.      No matter how much you desire to worship God, the atmosphere is not conducive because of wide spread violence. Fear of insecurity everywhere. But here, you are at ease to worship your God in your own way. I mean, we are a privileged people. We are highly favoured. Why not maximize this wonderful opportunity which is not common to all.
14.      All the corps members that were posted to Taraba and Adamawa; the corps members meant for Adamawa and Taraba, they camped all of them in Kogi. That is where they had their orientation.
15.      Those that were earmarked for Kogi had their orientation in Kaduna, to create room for the two states to be accommodated in Kogi. They passed out yesterday and they were posted to places that were unknown to them from Kogi. Why? Insecurity in Adamawa. Insecurity in Taraba.
16.      Benue is not ruled out. The corps members in Benue never went there. They were taken to another state because of insecurity. But here, you are at peace. You go to bed, you close your two eyes. There are some people that do not even go to bed.
17.      In the morning they do not even pray that there should be anything called night. But here, by 8: 00pm, 9: 00pm you are already sleeping with your two eyes closed.
18.      You know, somebody that is enjoying freedom does not know the fate of a prisoner. Any day the law enforcement agents clamp you into prison, then you begin to know the value of freedom.
19.      You stay where you will be clamped in a small room called Cell. No light, no ventilation, with over fifty persons in a room meant for four persons.
20.      No toilet facilities, no toothpaste, no toothbrush, no chewing stick. You cannot take your bath. Your faeces will be there. You use your cloth for your cloth is your toilet tissue on a daily basis. You do not wash it. You do not know how long you will stay. If you are given food, with unclean hands, you eat it like that.
21.      If you do not value freedom, God will put you in prison custody. The moment freedom is abused, it must be withdrawn. To God be the Glory. Amen.

Do you know that thing which you did for God to love you? Even while we were yet sinners, He came and paid the price for the sins of those that do not even know Him. Is there anybody here that can say what he or she did for God to show love to such a person.
2.          Tell Me what you think you have done. God loves us simply because He wants to. We love Him because He first loved us. Thus, we are paying our debts of love by worshipping Him because he is worthy to be worshipped.
3.          There is no better place to stay than in the presence of the Lord. For there is always the anointing that breaks every yoke. If you come before the Lord and you are angry, to begin with, you are not a part of the worship.
4.          The Lord never invited you. Every true Seed of God has one thing he is known for:  He has the attribute of worship. Whether there is money or not, worship is undeniable. You do not buy it with money.
5.          It gives joy to be wherever God is. When you are a part of God, it gives joy. Being a part of what God is doing in your day, it gives joy.
6.          When I considered the websites reports this morning, I saw Israel coming first. In the Bridal Chronicles website, Israel number one, with over 5,000 people.
7.          Do not worry. I do not know how the Spirit will move today, but one thing I know is that God is at work. God is constantly at work in you and in Me, revealing to us for what we really are.
8.          No hiding.  No suppression. No mago mago. God is at work. I am here with you. Thus, fear not. The Elders left My house yesterday with joy, because I narrowed the thing down. Their eyes of understanding got illuminated. I believe that they were overjoyed. It pays to recognize who you are, so that nothing can buffet you about.
9.           You see, while we were in Roman Catholic, we answer catechism before you go for communion. You also do the same for confirmation.
10.      My sales girl was exhibiting some sort of overzealousness in what she believes and I asked her a question, “How many sacraments are there?” She said, “Seven.”
11.      I asked her to recite them and she failed. I made it clear to her that she is yet to even understand anything about faith.
12.      Do you know what they call sacrament in Roman Catholic? It is good to swim in both the stream and ocean so that you will know which one is deeper. We have seen things. If I tell you to believe My reports, believe it for they are truth. That which you think you have, I have it in a greater abundance than you do.
13.      Whatever you are holding today, for which cause you are bragging, I laugh at you because you are holding nothing. Even if you want to prove stubborn, I laugh at you because you have never seen stubbornness, for there is One that is known for stubbornness. His Name is Stubbornness. But the evidence that God has taken control is that those things have become stories of the past. All things have become new.
14.      Yes! If you do not have a history, you are not coming from somewhere. If you are coming from somewhere, you have a history.
15.      Some who want to really make Me believe that they are “over-holy,” I laugh at them because I have better antecedence than them, for I was a Pharisee of all Pharisees. I not only obeyed.
16.      I demanded the strictest obedience and was ready to penalize any offender even unto death. However, those things I count loss, for I have seen the Truth. I have seen the Glory of God signifying His presence. Truth in everything must overcome.
17.      Always have it at the back of your mind that at the end, Truth must prevail. If you keep silent when you see rebellion, I have nothing against you but remember My adage, that when I get to the end, I will never remember the hostilities of My foes.
18.      My adversaries, I will never remember any. But I will forever remember the silence of My friends who kept quiet at a time they should have stood up and spoke.
19.      In the end, I will never remember those that fought against Me and they could not prevail, for I have never fought alone. I have all the wherewithal that will give Me the victory. But I will never forgive or forget the silence, the betrayals of the so called friends. That is why I am wonderfully made.
20.      This morning, I want us to rehearse something, preparing you and I for the promised Message. But before then, let Me sing this special number. Special in the sense that I was humming it.
21.      Throughout the night, I hummed it and came out in the morning. My revival started at 3.00am and carried Me down here. You do not need Nostradamus to tell you that The Son of Man appears to be happy today.
22.      There is joy in my heart today. There is abundant joy in My heart today. You know, whenever the heart of the King is made merry, something great will take place. I was glad when I remember that I will come here to worship My God. Something in Me woke Me up and told Me to look at the clock, “Rise up, let us go and worship Jehovah.” He has done what nobody can do for Me.
23.      Is Ezemachiri in the Camp? I want to read something which he documented when he was Pastor John, when Ezema was Ezema, until he lost the glory. However, I thank God that the leaves appear to be blossoming once again
24.      Look at what he wrote: Specially produced for The Son of Man, The Chief of the Apostles, The Last Angel of this Age, The Everlasting King residing in Bosrah in Edomite nation. The original and only Bridegroom to the Bride. Elohim with the New Name, Apostle peter odoemena. The Almighty God in His Church caressing His Wife (Church) with His everlasting Love. Pastor John. Nsukka.
25.      I want to sing My special number. Special in the sense that it is thrilling to Me. I cannot remember when I sang it last. Let Me pray that My eyes will carry Me through.
26.      If My eyes cannot carry Me through, I will call somebody to come and help Me. But unfortunately, the person I would have called voluntarily abandoned the Faith. And that is the wife of Goddy Tobechukwu.
27.      Many of you know the number, but it is special to Me. If I hum it and you know it, keep quiet. Any day you want to sing, sing your own. I am happy and you know I am happy. I do not hide it. If I am sad, My eyes will tell you that I am sad.
28.      We lost a melodious tone that we use to sing this number for Me and that is our late Sister, Esther Yowah. There are many ways we can sing it, but I want to sing in My own way.
29.      Bear with Me. My eyes may be a problem but I will try. Yes! A blind man is singing today. Amen.

Because I am happy, whenever the heart of the King is made merry, some prisoners must be released. Today is the 11th day of February, 2018.
2.          Bro Sam Beer, you are released from prison. Pastor Thomas, you are released from prison. Bro Loveday, you are released from prison. Amen.
3.          Apostle Kelechi! Take your Great Sermon, I think Epistle 21. I am not very sure. The last paragraph there. I am not very sure. It is scriptural.
4.          God said, “If your Master descends on you heavily, if your master lashes you, rebukes, indicts, even rebukes you down,” the Scriptures said, “Do not quickly throw in the towel.”
5.          Humble yourself before Him. Remember He is your Master. He can destroy you. If He wanted to, He would not have indicted you. He would have swept you off, but He wanted you to learn a lesson.
6.          He said, “Do not ever give up. Follow Him strictly, pleading your case. Along the way, serious wrongs may be pardoned…”
7.          It is there in your Great Sermon in Epistle 21, which is the Conclusion. I quoted the Scripture: “Serious wrongs…”.
8.          Since Apostle Kelechi married hundred wives, he has ceased from being an apostle.
9.          The Great Sermon, Epistle 21, Pg 430 from verse 22 through 32. “So Brethren, each time you are rebuked by God, …”
10.      Each time you are rebuked by who?
11.       “So Brethren, each time you are rebuked by God, please do not feel very much offended, but take the advice in the Book of Lamentations,…”
12.      Lamentations. “Chapter 3:39-42 LB.“Why then should we mere human as we are murmur and complain when we are punished for our sins?”
13.      “The Great Sermon, Epistle 21, Pg. 430 from verse 22…”
14.      Mark it.
15.      “So Brethren, each time you are rebuked by God, please do not feel very much offended, but take the advice in the Book of Lamentations. ‘Why then should we mere human as we are murmur and complain when we are punished for our sins?
16.      Let us examine ourselves instead and let us repent and turn again to the Lord. Let us lift our hearts and hand to Him in heaven, for we have sinned; we have rebelled against the Lord and He has not forgotten it.’ (Lam. 3:39-42 LB).
17.      Why should we ever complain when we are punished for our sin? Let us examine our ways and turn back to the Lord. Let us open our hearts to God in heaven and pray, “We have sinned and rebelled, and you, O Lord, have not forgiven us. (Lam. 3:39-42 GNB)
18.      So it is best for us to wait in patience—to wait for him to save us— And it is best to learn this patience in our youth. When we suffer, we should sit alone in silent patience; We should bow in submission, for there may still be hope. Though beaten and insulted, we should accept it all. (Lam. 3:26-30 GNB)
19.      It is good both to hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. It is good for a young man to be under discipline, for it causes him to sit apart in silence beneath the Lord’s demands, to lie face downward in the dust; then at last there is hope for him. Let him turn the other cheek to those who strike him and accept their awful insults, (Lam. 3:26-30 LB).
20.      Should you be punished by the Church because of wrong doing, please, do not rashly throw in your towel or tender your resignation. It is not the solution.
21.      If your ruler becomes angry with you, do not hand in your resignation; serious wrongs may be pardoned if you keep calm. (Eccl. 10:4 GNB)
22.      To those that still have the spirit of quarrelling with God, I warn to desist from that at once for your own good. God is mightier than any human being.
23.      He will destroy you or even crush you to powder or even banish you from His presence forever. His simplicity does not overlay His Lordship over us….” Amen.
24.      Who has ever prepared a people this way? Do you have the impact of the revelation? I know that many of you do not go to these places.
25.      I am the eternal word of God. I fulfill My purpose and I know when My purpose is fulfilled. I am not found elsewhere except in My Word. A Word that proceeds out of My mouth does not come back to Me void.
26.      Anybody toeing another path other than this, is toeing a path of destruction, a path of humiliation, a path of dishonor. I know that these offenders never remembered these Scriptures.
27.      If these things do not happen, how can these Scriptures be fulfilled? However, it is good to fulfill the better side of the Scripture than to fulfill the sorrowful side.
28.      If you are a Seed of God, one thing is clear. You fulfill the Word of God ignorantly. Samuel told the people of Israel, “It is true you have offended God, but do not ever turn your back against Him. Remember He is the Almighty. He formed you. He created you.
29.      “He brought you into existence. He has called you his own people. I am sure He will never forsake you. Do not ever withdraw from Him. Rather, follow Him gradually, gently, pleading your case. Towards the end, He may set you free for His Name’s sake. Not for your sake.”
30.      I know that these Scriptures are thrilling. They are heart-warming. If The Son of Man sets you free, enjoy your freedom.
31.      But do not allow yourself to be entangled in that yoke again, for He will regard it as a direct insult to His person and He will deal with you decisively.
32.      If you come to a point in this Faith where you appear to be confused, go back to The Great Sermon. You must find your way back to God. You must find your way back to God.
33.      I do not care the situation you are in. the solution is there. You have not found it because you have not taken time to pray for guidance into the particular topic that treated your condition.
34.      For there is no condition anybody can find him or herself in this Bridal Faith that has not been taken care of by The Son of Man ahead of time. He that made an atonement before human beings came into existence; did He not know that they must err?
35.      Thus, He took precaution so that the enemy will not take advantage over Him. He, ahead of time, prevented that disaster.
36.      You will know the awful implication of murmuring today. Often times, you think that murmuring is a light thing, but if there should be the greatest sin, it is the sin of murmuring.
37.      You do not speak with your mouth, murmuring takes place in the heart. Instead of voicing out, your will be mumbling. Do not worry. You go see something today because I don remember you.
38.      I set them free from their former guilt, so that they will know the difference when God will begin to judge their families. When God will begin to judge them as He had already foretold in the New Year Message.
39.      If I do not set them free now, peradventure something comes Bro Sam’s way, he will have at the back of his mind that The Son of Man vowed that He must punish me: “This might be the punishment predicted.” He never knew that The Son of Man has not yet started. I have not even remembered him.
40.      Thus, let Me separate Myself completely from the one that is on so that you will see the difference. All the sins you committed in former times, I rolled away.
41.      You opened a new book from 2nd January, 2018. The new book is for you because you are on your own. Your wife is on her own. Your children, on their own. Nobody speaks the fate of another. Nobody!
42.      Our Brother Joe was calling Me concerning the fate of his mother. It took Me time to preach in Faith, but at the end of the day, she could not anchor.
43.      This is because the blind Bartimeus saw only but one miracle. And when the miracle Performer came his way, he enquired, “Who could be the person that I may believe in Him?”
44.      Christ said, “He that is talking to you is the One.”
45.      He [Bartimeus] said, “I believe.” She is still skeptical. She is not yet sure. It is common with women, but I do not look at it from that angle. No!
46.      Your faith can only purchase salvation for somebody who does not know the God you are worshipping. However, if the God you are worshipping has been introduced to somebody, your faith stops. The person’s faith starts.
47.      The Centurion got favour for the maidservant, who was afar off, who knew nothing about the Lord Jesus. The Ethiopian eunuch used his faith to purchase salvation for his family who never knew Christ.
48.      Lydia used her faith to purchase salvation for the family. The same way it is with the Philippian. It was his faith. It was Rehab’s faith in the messengers that purchased salvation for then family, for the family knew nothing about the messengers.
49.      However, if the messengers had introduced themselves like they did to Lot, there would not be any excuse for the [members of Rehab’s family as there was no excuse for the] wife of Lot.
50.      This is why, when the Salvation Boat is passing by, find yourself inside. Struggle to get in because once it passes, it can never come back. That means, you have missed the hour of your own visitation.
51.      If God gives you opportunity, maximize the usage. Do not show any mercy to God. The Igbo adage says that when one climbs a big tree, you cut as much fronds or dry wood as you can for you may never have such opportunity or the leverage to get there again. To God be the Glory. Amen.

THE YEAR OF JUDGMENT OF THE BRIDE Preached on the 2nd day of January 2018 at The Son of Man’s Family Altar at Nsugbe, by Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man, The Supreme Intelligence.
2.          LET THE WORD OF GOD SETTLE IN YOUR HEART AND NOT IN YOUR BRAIN: If you are still living carnally, the affairs of this world are still controlling you, always mindful of eating and drinking, there is no way the Spirit of God can have His way in your life. The Spirit of God will find it difficult even to come in.
3.          Hence; there will be no room for Him to settle in you. The Spirit of God can never have a resting place in the heart of one who is not mindful of the word of God.
4.          This is 2018. Take note of what you are hearing from Me this morning. Today is not a day of preaching, today is a day of meditation.
5.          Whoever that is not mindful of the word of God, the word of God can never have a resting place in the person’s life.
6.          You can only meditate on that which touches your life. Whatever you fix your mind on, can it easily be forgotten? And you can only do it if only it is important to you.
7.           If you are in the school and you want to pass in your exams, there is a topic that will be taught and it will be on the head, you will be struggling on how you can solve it because academic knowledge is stored in the brain, while the wisdom of God goes to the heart.
8.          Any knowledge that changes life is never stored in the brain. It is embedded in the heart. That is why we are asked whether the word of God has found a resting place in our hearts. That is why it is said that whoever that must worship God, must worship God in spirit and in truth.
9.          For it is the message that dwells in your heart that can change your life. Whatever atrocity you commit in this life emanates from the heart. No evil is fashioned from the brain.
10.      Evil habit emanates from the heart. That is why it is always difficult to be wiped off. For anything that emanates from the brain can easily be forgotten. But because it emanates from the heart, it hardens up.
11.      Any promise that is made to you can never be forgotten because it is stored in the heart. And that promise will remain there until it is fulfilled.
12.      Brethren, am I telling lies? Your expectations will be on the promise. Even if you forget every other thing, will you forget the promise? No sir!
13.      The same way, God wants His word to be in our hearts. If mere promise can remain in our hearts, why do we find it difficult to store the word of God which is more precious and important into our hearts?
14.      It is because there is something in your heart that scares the word of God away. Anybody that expects changes to take place in your heart, when you are not mindful of the word of God, when you do not allow the word of God to have a resting place in your heart, to be a measuring rod in your life, to dictate your decision; it is just like we have rolled into the 2nd day of January, yesterday is gone. The month has started moving. Yesterday is gone.
15.      Anybody that still recognizes today as 1st is still in the glare of another age. He lacks wisdom and understanding. The year has started counting. You may be relaxing thinking that it is still the beginning of the year.
16.       Before you know it, 31st January will be over, and you step into February. “There is still time, later I will do it. I will do it later.” Before you know it, you will forget it and start looking for excuse you will give.
17.      Once you begin to look for excuses to give, it is at that point that your trouble starts. Because a failure is always looking for excuses, to excuse himself out of the failure but can he succeed? Never.
18.      A disobedient fellow will always be looking for excuses. Is there any excuse that can exonerate you from being guilty of disobedience, never, never. Stop looking for excuses. Go for obedience. That is what I am saying.
19.      Stop looking for excuses to give, stop looking for an answer to give as a reason for your failure. Go and do that thing, obey the word of God. Allow the word of God to settle in your heart and not in your brain.
20.      It is your brain that fashions out that reason which you want to give. It will not help you this year. No human being who worships God with the brain that will survive this year.
21.      As many as that is using brain, using cunningness, for cunningness come from the brain. Lies come from the brain. So he will continue putting the thing together not minding whether he will be caught in or not.
22.      Before you know it, the person will be making an incoherent statement. He will say this, before you know it, he will say another thing. You can hardly get his statement.
23.      He will expose himself in the process of racking sense. As many that are found with such characters, this year is their doom. Amen.
30.      I will not give you the date neither will I tell you any other thing, but bear this in mind that 2020 is the climax. This year, do not be deceived by what you are seeing this morning.
31.       All evil doers must smell hell this year. Whatever evil he will commit must be exposed by God. Even the evil thoughts of his heart, God must expose all, because God is bound to reduce the multitude.
32.      This year is the year of manifestation of the true sons and daughters of God who worship God in spirit and in truth. Eyes will see how little they are.
33.      As many of them that are in the church, that are in their families following their parents, following the Son of Man because of what they can get from Me, because it is said that the dog follows a potbellied man because the man must defecate or vomit and in each case, it is to the dog’s advantage.
34.      As many of them that following the Son of Man not for eternal life, they will all get their doom this year, both male and female, including infants.
35.      Thus, all their expectations will disappoint them. I am not talking about the world, I am talking about those hiding in the Bridal Faith, hiding in our families.
36.      If it is husband and wife, wait and see what will befall them. From now henceforth, do not be amazed when you hear what befalls any individual or any family in this Faith for the hand of God is behind it, with effect from this morning.
37.      Note! Bro Ojiakor pay attention. Underline it. Nzubechi underline your own.
38.      God gave us the whole of yesterday for us to be sober, rethink and meditate over our past life and know where we are. The action starts this morning. God’s judgment started this morning.
41.      I am not here to plead with you neither am I here to threaten you. I just want to give you the highlights of what it looks like. If you know that thing in you which has hindered and blocked the word of God from settling in you, it is that thing that has removed you from the presence of God; that has removed you from the salvation of God.
42.      If you know that thing in you that makes it impossible for the word of God to have a resting place in your heart, that thing has made you a pagan in the midst of the worshippers. I am not telling you to be afraid or not to be afraid. Whether you believe it or not, judgment is here at last.
43.      It has been long the judgment was foretold, God preparing it, emphasizing on the need for faithfulness and righteousness all these years. The last lap is judgment of the whole earth and isles will see the end of the whole thing.
44.      Whoever that survives it will say that this is the finger of the Lord. No nation will wriggle out of it, there is no president that will wriggle out of it. You cannot escape it by going to church or through praying.
45.      The prayer that will save you is for you to repent and change your heart immediately!
46.      What? The prayer that will save you is for you to repent and change your heart immediately! Adjust your heart immediately! I am not pleading with anybody, I am telling you what is about to happen which has started this morning. There is no type of story you will not hear from our midst this year.
47.      What? There is no type of story you will not hear from our midst this year.
48.      We have started hearing.
49.      The hand of God is behind it. The hand of God is behind it.
50.       The hand of God is behind such stories. God said they are stories for those that are involved will be telling stories.
52.      If you hear that a Brother murdered his wife, his son, do not ever panic. He committed murder. He killed his fellow Brother. Do not panic. They are stories. And these things nearly happened between Wednesday and Thursday, here in Onitsha. Amazing Grace saved you sorrows.
55.      I WILL NOT TELL YOU TO BE SOBER. I will not tell you to calm down or to be wise, for what will make you to be wise is already here. What will make you not to be wise is equally here. Amen.


I hope you are still happy. How I wish this atmosphere can be sustained till I come down from the pulpit. It is not My intention to keep you here longer than necessary. But I will not be in a hurry.
2.          I want to establish Truth and nothing but the Truth. I want to establish it in such a manner that nobody will go out and ask his Brother or Sister any question concerning what I will say here today.
3.          Peradventure, at the end of the day, somebody may appear to be confused, allow the person to continue in his or her confusion for so the Lord has ordained that person.
4.          Do not ever settle down with anybody to say you want to put that person through, for whoever says he is confused after hearing the Word of God is not sincere. He is not sincere. Rather, he had already made up his mind never to believe.
5.          He would not be asking question that he did not know the answer. He knows the answer. You will only discover what I am saying to be true when you reply his question in a way and manner he never expects. Then you will know that the person is coming to you cunningly with the intent to deceive you, to cause you to deny the Truth.
6.          Be it known to you that God is at work in the Bride. The Devil is also at work. No matter how brilliant, how professional a fisherman may be, he must bring too many things out of the water that are not fish.
7.          He casts his net into the water, having one purpose: To catch fish. But when he pulls the net out of the water, there are too many things that are likely to accompany the fish.
8.          You see fish. You see too many other living creatures. You equally see weeds. So, too many things accompany the net. That is why the fisherman will not carry everything into the boat. He settles down, selects the fish, throws the rest back to the water for that is not the essence of his fishing. The essence of going forth a fishing is to catch real fish.
9.          I am here for the real children of God, because that time of rest that will be enjoyed by the real children of God, as written in the Scriptures is around the corner.
10.      If you read Hebrews chapter 4, the Bible made it clear that there is a great difference between the real children of God and the counterfeits.
11.      The counterfeits pretend they believe when they do not believe. But the real children of God believe to the saving of their souls. Amen.       
12.      If God never said that there are real children of God   , we might be thinking that all human beings are children of God. Not all Israelis are Israelis. Some are counterfeits.
13.      I am a Fisherman. He called Me and made Me a Fisherman. I thrust in My net, pulled it out, too many creatures are inside the net and I am doing a separation, a selection.
14.      I will be mad to carry everything that I pulled out from the water into My boat. When He called Peter, He said, “Peter, I am going to make you this day, fisher of men.”
15.      You see, I am a Fisherman, The entire world is My ocean where I do My fishing. So, I have thrust in My net which has covered the entire world and I am pulling the thing out of the water.
16.      So far, the catch is still few, but the net is filled with things that resemble fish. They are aquatic animals, but they are not the reason for My fishing. It looks embarrassing. What will happen? I would not like them to die on the ground. I will pour them back to the waters and then preserve the real fishes.
17.      I am going to talk to you in plain language, though I have started talking to you in types. Let Me use the Scriptures more than any other thing today. The song I sang said, “I have been taught by The Son of Man. I have been taught by the Bible. And these two have shown Me the Living way.”
18.      That I have resolved to follow The Son of Man and walk with Him. He is the True One. He is the Faithful One. He is the True God and Eternal Life. Although My friends may misunderstand Me, they will oppose My decision, my resolve. My enemies, My foes will also try to upset Me, yet have I made up My mind to enter, by and by, for I will not stop My journey midway. I must get to the end.
19.      If you love your life, follow Me as we go to the Scriptures first. Along the way, you will understand Me. Make no mistake of having anybody at the back of your mind [who] the Message is going to. The Message is going to you. It is going to Me.
20.      If I see your eyes flickering left and right, I will handle you in My own way here. This is because the day you came into this world, you came alone. The day you are leaving, you are leaving alone.
21.      Let Me show you one particular Scripture that you will always memorize. Revelation chapter 22. That is the last book in the Bible. Verse 1 through 2. That is the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ which He gave to John in the Island of Patmos.
22.      Standing before You here is that same Resurrected Body, The very Elohim En-Morphe, the One that is coming with the rewards in His hands. Not that He is coming. He is now here. He has arrived.
23.      I remember the song that greeted His parousal in our midst. “Are you ready? The Saviour has arrived. He has come. He has come.” That was the song that heralded His appearance in the midst of the Bride.
24.       With that song, He introduced Himself as the Saviour that has arrived. Another one was, “The Holy One came down from Heaven to visit us here on earth. With all our heart we salute you and say, “Thank you. Thank you. We are saying thank you.’”
25.      Revelation chapter 22 verse 1 through 2. “THEN HE showed me the river whose waters give life, sparkling like crystal, flowing out from the throne of God and of the Lamb.
26.      Through the middle of the broadway of the city; also, on either side of the river was the tree of life with its twelve varieties of fruit, yielding each month its fresh crop; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing and the restoration of the nations.” AMP
27.      That is not the one I want to handle. I will speak on that after. I am still in the same Revelation 22.
28.      Lo, I come quickly. My reward is in My hand. Verse 12. I will still handle that one because of people that are still skeptical about the use of herbs and leaves.
29.      I will show you in the book of Exodus and Numbers. I will show you in the Book of Revelation. There is no medical practice, there is no drug without the use of herbs and roots. Every drug is formulated from there. Hence, there is nothing fetish about it.
30.      When they were in the wilderness for forty years, who was their medical doctor? Which hospital did they attend? Which laboratories diagnosed their cases? How many died as a result of sickness? Who died of malaria or typhoid or hepatitis? Who [among them] ever had kidney problem? 
31.      Christ is back in the midst of the Bride, but your unbelief is hindering you from too many things.
32.      Revelation 12:12-13 “Behold, I am coming soon, and I shall bring My wages and rewards with Me, to repay and render to each one just what his own actions and his own work merit. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last (the Before all and the End of all).” AMP
33.      “And, behold, I come quickly ; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” KJV Amen.
34.      I have told you that after Me cometh no other. No vehicle is following Me. I told you that I was there when the world was without form, for Christ was in the world before the world began. If I am making a false claim, the Lord would not have confirmed it and you would not be here till today.
35.      If I am making a false claim, even if no other country will discover it, the Jews must discover it.
36.      Let us see number of page views from one of our website, the Bridal Chronicles as they stand.
37.      Bridal Chronicles, spanning from 4th February to 10th February 2018. Endorsed this morning by the Almighty God, The Son of Man. Number 1: Israel – 5,274.
38.      This is the second time Israel has come first. The other time it was approximately 6,000. And you feel Apostle Peter Odoemena [Blessed be His Most Holy Name] is fooling the Jews?
39.      If I can fool other nations, do you believe I can fool the Jews? You want to tell Me the Jews do not know Me. They have heard My Voice. They have seen everything. They have seen My face.
40.      Those that were with Me last night were privileged to read an ancient manuscript. It was posted to Me by our Brother Okoh. It boiled down to something.
41.      GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN A BLACK MAN as discovered by the use of DNA 10,000 years ago. A skull that was discovered 10,000 years ago was opened and crushed.
42.      From the DNA result, it turned out to be a black man. And evidence abound that all of them within that generation that appeared that time were all blacks. Thus, Europeans were blacks. All of them had black pigments. It boiled down to their God.
43.      I know your problem. It has always been a problem, if I had told you at the initial stage that it would be easy, I would have fooled you. All that were with Me from the very beginning will believe that I am bearing witness to the Truth. I never fooled anybody. I told you that this Church is set for a Sign that Must be spoken against in this generation.
44.      When I introduced Myself at the initial stage, I told you, “You will hear many disturbing accusations against Me. Some will even stand before Me and call Me devil.”
45.      I said, “Do not ever panic. It is the Mark of My Calling. Do not defend Me. Do not fight for Me.”
46.      We know how we took off. We know where we pinned our hope. From the very beginning till now, I have never deceived your ears nor your eyes, but you deceived yourselves by ignoring the Truth and went after strange women for wives.
47.      They came and gave to you strange children that are not children of the devil and they are not children of God. You defied My teachings. You defied My guidance. You did as you chose and now, it has become increasingly difficult to disentangle you from the bondage you are in.
48.      In the olden days, when people believed Jehovah, He commanded Ezra and the rest to violently remove such foreign women and their children. They were restored to their parents. But today nobody can try it.
49.      You cannot try it in the name of the Lord, even when husbands do not even have the backbone, wives do not even have the backbone to separate because of this Truth. How can somebody now come and cause you to part? Even the law court can never succeed. Give the ruling. Who will implement it? Nobody will enforce it. Amen.




To know the Truth is to separate from error. Nothing separates from error more than Truth. Wherever Truth is found, it must cause a separation. It must cause a separation because God is Truth.

2.          Anybody upholding truth and refuses separation is not upholding Truth. Nothing is as injurious as Truth. Truth injures because Truth does not make friend. Truth stands alone. I am going there.

3.          The decision to serve God is the decision to stand alone, die alone, be buried alone. Truth does not seek anybody’s opinion, for it exists on its own. That is why it has no substitute.

4.          You can never take counsel together for Truth because it exists alone. We go back to the land where we took off.

5.          I will give you the topic. My topic is taken from the Scripture I am going to read. Psalms 135 verse 14. Amplified. 

6.          “For the Lord will judge and vindicate His people, and He will delay His judgments [manifesting His righteousness and mercy] and take into favour His servants [those who meet His terms of separation unto Him].”  

7.          “For the Lord will judge and vindicate His people,…”

8.          One! He will judge. Two! He will vindicate. Who? His People. Not everybody. Who will He judge? His people. Who will He vindicate? His people.

9.          “…and He will delay His judgments [manifesting His righteousness and mercy] and take into favour His servants…”

10.      Take into favour His servants.

11.      “…and take into favor His servants [those who meet His terms of separation unto Him].”

12.      Those that meet what? His terms of separation unto Him. For God’s Word calls for total separation from unbelief. I want you to see the basis of the judgment. To what extent have you separated as a result of your Faith?

13.      To what extent has your belief in God separated you from the ungodly and their practices? Those that meet His standard for separation. Not those that are still compromising.

14.      Like I was talking to a Brother before witnesses, seeing that he looks immature every year. He does not know when the devil is at work in him and the instrument he [the devil] is using to deny him eternal life. You know it is easier to call somebody else a devil. It is easier to see the devil in somebody than to see a devil in somebody you love.

15.      If you do not grow above that person you love, you would not know when the devil is using him against you. Look at a situation. A Minister went to the pulpit and ministered extensively and people clapped their hands.

16.      He encouraged and comforted the Brethren, indicting those that were weak, upbraiding them for being weak, giving them the impression that as a Pastor that he is up to date.

17.      But getting home, devils were already waiting for him. Immediately he entered his parlour, sitting there was a tempter waiting for him. At the gate, a tempter. He lacked discerning spirit. Instead of ignoring them, he embraced them.

18.      He ended it defiling himself and defiling the environment. And now, he has become a part of the story we are hearing as result of his foolishness. It is now a story. Even if I do not tell the story here, it will be told in his yard.

19.      If we are not careful, all that we have been labouring to build can be spoilt (destroyed) in one second by the devil. I told you that the devil is not yet dead. He is still at work and active. He is roaring about you.

20.      Psalms 135 verse 14. “For the Lord will judge his people, and he will repent himself concerning his servants.” KJV

21.      “The Lord will defend his people; he will take pity on his servants.” GNB

22.      “For Jehovah will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.” LB.

23.      Amplified version. “For the Lord will judge and vindicate His people, and He will delay His judgments [manifesting His righteousness and mercy] and take into favour His servants [those who meet His terms of separation unto Him].” AMP.

24.      The topic is already there: THE LORD SHALL JUDGE AND VINDICATE HIS PEOPLE. That is the topic.  

25.      He will judge in righteousness. He will evaluate everyone to know the extent we are separated unto Him as a Holy people unto God, called for separation. From the Old Testament, He said He has severed His people from among other people that they will be His own.

26.      In the New Testament, He said, “Come out from amongst them and be ye separate. I will be your God and you will be My sons and daughters. You are holy, separated unto God.”

27.      God will judge everybody to know the extent we are separated unto Him whether we are still paying lip service. If we are separated unto God, why the unbelief? Why the rebellion? Why the stubbornness? Can a man strive with His Maker and yet remain separated unto Him? Who is playing fool of who?

28.      I was rebuking a Brother telling Him the experiences I have shared with too many. Oftentimes, men take wrong steps deliberately in order to please their wives.

29.      In order not to offend their wives, they take wrong decisions. They align themselves in error that is very clear to them. The reason is, “I do not want my wife to be offended.”

30.      The same way, oftentimes wives take wrong decisions, stay in error: “I do not want my husband to be offended.” Can you be wrong and right? Any path you are taking decides your case with God.

31.      A real Seed of God takes side with Truth. And truth is God. He does not care whether whale swallowed Jonah or Jonah swallowed whale. He does not care whether it will cause separation or not.

32.      After all, the Lord Jesus told us that wherever Truth comes, it must bring separation. Where Truth does not bring separation, know of a truth that the two believed the Truth.

33.      And if the two believe the truth, nobody will be suffering. Nobody will be oppressed. Nobody will be forced to do anything or be buffeted about, for everybody will be acting the same, based on the same conviction.

34.      But where one knows the Truth and the other one does not want to believe the Truth, there must be a separation or there must be ungodly compromise. And wherever ungodly compromise is found, Christ is no longer there for Truth has been decreed out that lie will prevail.

35.      If I hate you, man or woman, for no just cause, no matter what you do, I will resent it. And My wife does not see reason why she should hate you, for you are right.

36.      If because she does not want Me to quarrel with her or drive her away from My house, she decides to compromise with Me, she does not know the God she is worshipping. She worships amiss. So it is with every man.

37.       This Gospel has been dripping with blood. From Old Testament to New Testament, it was mingled with blood. It is still mingling with blood. We received it with blood. That is why, if you are afraid of losing your life for Christ’s sake, you are not worthy of the Kingdom. Losing your life for Christ means losing your life for Truth.

38.      To what extent have you believed the Truth that brings about separation from every ungodliness? Ungodly in the sense that God never approved it. This is why you must stand on your personal conviction that this Gospel is True or false. If it is true, die for it. If it is not true, leave it.

39.      The battle is about to be decided. Now, it is about to be decided, we are going to hear the last truth: Truth that will even injure us. Truth that can cause us pains. Yes! Both man and woman, young and old. I call it painful Truth. Very painful because we have lived in error for too long. We have lived in falsehood for too long and now judgment has come. In order to wriggle out from judgment, we must be courageous to embrace the Truth and drop falsehood.

40.      That is why God said, “You repent and change your mind immediately.”

41.      Some say, “Not until I get home and reason with…”

42.      . Reason with who? Can a dying person reason with the Living?  

43.      I told you that you have fooled yourselves for I left the doors open, commanded you to go away so that I will handle just a few that have believed with all their hearts, who are ready to die with Me. I gave you the Message, READY TO DIE.  I equally gave you another one, FACING THE FIRE.

44.      I never painted a rosy picture of this Faith. Our wives mourned us in this Faith. We never knew we could stay alive till today, for we had already seen ourselves as dead people. Yet in the face of death we never shunned away from declaring the Truth.

45.      The battle is about to be decided. You either win or lose. When you win, you win forever. You lose, you lose forever. No second chance! You cannot rewrite it. No! You have failed, you have failed!

46.      Brother, I do not like your voice. It is too tiny. It is not hoarse. I want a sharper voice. And begin now to improve upon your voice, because I do not know how long we are going to stay. In no distant time now, you will be appearing before judges in the court, lest a learned judge will embarrass you for using a feminist voice in his court.

47.      If your voice is not sharp and vibrant, fellow lawyers will humiliate you, intimidate you and harass you. It is a business of aggressiveness. It is aggressiveness. Often times they may be fierce, flex their muscles. Outside the court they will embrace. They know what they are fighting for.

48.      Wherever there is argument, there must be war, including verbal war. Often times the verbal war may be so great, the judge will call them to order. It is a warfare.

49.      If you do not shine your eyes, your opponent can capitalize on a cheap point and push you out. Often times, you remove your suit, remove your wig, telling him to come, let it be physical combat. So, My friend get ready. Feeble-minded people do not appear in courts.

50.      Deuteronomy 32:36 “For the Lord shall judge his people,…”

51.       Who shall judge? Future tense. And shall means future continuous tense. For the Lord shall judge His people. If you hear that the judgment was foretold long ago, but now it has arrived. This is your own age. This is your own generation. This is your own time.

52.      Who is in your midst? Who appeared in your midst? The Lord Himself shall come in the Cloud with a shout and the Voice of the Archangel.

53.      Who is in your midst? How can you escape the judgment? If He spares you after judging previous generation, it then means He is no longer a just God that judges in fairness and equity.

54.      Remember, He that is talking to you has always been the self-same person. The self-same person. For whoever you think is the God judges no man but has committed judgment into the hand of His own dear Son, for He is The Son of Man. Even in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, he identified the fourth man. He said, “Who is this fourth one? He is like The Son of Man.”

55.      For the Lord shall judge His people. But there is one thing with His judgment in Psalms 135. He delays it. He is not always in a hurry. He allows time. And when He starts His judgment, He shows favour. He considers His servants and their labour. He restricts their judgment to the level of separation unto Him. I am coming to something. For the Lord shall judge His people.

56.        “For the LORD shall judge His people and repent himself for his servants, when he seeth that their power is gone,…”  When He seeth that what? “…that their power is gone and there is none shut up, or left.” KJV.

57.      “The Lord will rescue his people when he sees that their strength is gone.”

58.      When He sees that their strength is gone.

59.       “…He will have mercy on those who serve him,…”

60.      He will have mercy on those who serve him.

61.      “…when he sees how helpless they are.”

62.      When He sees what?

63.      “How helpless they are.” GNB.

64.      But what if you continue to show Me that you are strong? That your arms of strength can see you through. But many of you, instead of repenting, you are judging The Son of Man. Some think it even to be equal with The Son of Man. Many find fault with Him. I wonder the court where they are dragging Him to.

65.      If you go to the Message titled COURT TRIAL handled by William Branham, the highest court God established is here. Throughout the whole world, this is the highest court.

66.      From here to Heaven or from here to everlasting torment. Not two. And I AM THE PRESIDING JUDGE. THE SUPREME JUDGE.

67.      He said He would not like to judge us for He knows how frail we are, but our stubbornness, our stiffneckedness, our unbelief brought us to judgment when we started thinking that He was weak.

68.      May be He was afraid of our faces. Then He shifted a little away from you, examined you head-to-toe and then summoned you to come. Whatever blah blah blah you want to talk, carry them and come here.

69.      You have seen how it will happen that day. I have asked you too many questions here, demanding answers. Not even one person attempted any. Your mouths got closed, for the questions were beyond your reasoning, even your comprehension. But they were just the prelude to the main thing. Mere introduction.

70.      I was trying to give you a hypothetical picture of what that judgment looks like, because once you win in that judgment, it then means God will be declared guilty. Prepare your advocates. Prepare your solicitors. Come forward.  

71.      Deuteronomy 32:36 “For the LORD shall judge His people and repent himself for his servants, when he seeth that their power is gone, and there is none shut up, or left.” KJV

72.      “The Lord will see his people righted, And will have compassion on them when they slip. He will watch their power ebb away, Both slave and free.” LB

73.      I am showing you Scriptures so that when I will be talking to you, you can understand Me. Remember, for the past three weeks, I have been laying a foundation for this teaching.

74.      “The Lord will see his people righted,…”

75.      He will never see His people being in the wrong. He will see His people making things right. Thus, experts in making things wrong, God gave us a remedy in the new year Message. When you hear it as it affects you, He said make haste, repent, change your mind immediately. Delay not.

76.      And I sang My special number, I AM RESOLVED: To follow the Saviour, leaving my path of sin and strife. Things that are nobler, things that are higher. These have now allured My sight. I will hasten to the Lord. I have resolved to enter the Kingdom, leaving the world and its stories behind.

77.      Although My friends will oppose me, my enemies will beset me, still, I will enter. I am resolved. No going back. I do not know about you. This is My own resolution.

78.      That thing that is deceiving you, can it help you out from the Judgment Seat? That thing that is deceiving you, will it be your advocate? Can it help you? Will it save you from the judgment seat?

79.      The Cloud is here.   Amen.




Deuteronomy 32:36. The Lord will see His people righted. And will have compassion on them when they slip. He will watch their power ebb away, Both slave and free.” LB Amen.

2.          Hebrews chapter 10 verse 30. The Lord Himself will judge and vindicate His people. So, you cannot vindicate yourself. It takes the Judge to discharge and acquit you. If you are dragged to court, will you tell the judge the line of action he will take? Will you tell him how many years he will imprison you? He deserves every right. The only right you have there is the right of appeal. That is, if you think he erred in law. He will grant you the time to appeal if there is a higher court.

3.          Of course, you should know that with the Court which The Son of Man is presiding, there is no appellate court. This is Conscience Court. Once the ruling is given, it is all over.

4.          I told you from the beginning, it is from here to Hell or from here to Heaven. Your decision will help you more than any other thing.

5.          Hebrews 10:30 AMP. “For we know Him Who said, Vengeance is Mine…”

6.          You know who? A Man! We know HIM who said, vengeance is mine. Vengeance is my prerogative

7.          “For we know Him Who said, Vengeance is Mine [retribution and the meting out of full justice rest with Me]; I will repay [I will exact the compensation], says the Lord. And again, The Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the cause and the cases of His people.” What?

8.          “…The Lord will judge…”

9.          One! “…and determine…”

10.       Two! “…and solve…”

11.      Three! and settle the cause…”

12.       Four and the cases of His people.”

13.       Everything refers to God and his people. Is He referring to outsiders? You see that 2018 is God and His people. Who will do that? God.

14.      “For we know Him Who said,…”

15.      The LORD, He is God. Is it not true? Which Lord is He referring to? We know Him. Do you know Him? Have you seen Him? Are you acquainted with Him personally and practically? I know Him that said, “Relax your mind. Follow Me whether you understand or not. Towards the end, everything shall be settled.”

16.      I know Him that said, “I do not listen to or react to any adverse comments around Me or hostilities until I get to the end, for these will be distractions I have no room for.” If Jesus had entertained that in his day, he would not have accomplished his mission. I regarded those things as diversionary and I never paid heed to any.

17.      Now, I have come to the end of everything. I have brought down the Headstone. I have brought down the Pillar of Cloud. I have shown you the rainbow. I have shown you thick darkness. I have shown you the Original Body. I have shown you the Lillies. I have shown you everything. What else do you want to see again? You have seen the Power of His resurrection at work even in your life.

18.      What is more? I have espoused all of you to the unfailing WORD. If you say you have come across a Man speaking like this, you are a liar. Mention the name of that man.

19.      Are you surprised that the Jews saw Him and halted? Russia saw Him, halted. America, halted. UAE, halted. Kingdom of Arabia, halted. The whole world standing up for one Man. You should be astonished and wonder, “What type of man this Man could be?”

20.      He that walked in the land of the spirits. The Spirit Being that speaks and still eats what human beings eat. For we know Him that said, “vengeance belongeth to Me, for I must recompense.”

21.      MUST! I must pay back. I even announced it ahead of time that I am waiting for all of you at the end. Both your rebellion, your evil-speaking, everything, that I have taken note of all. That I will give you My reply in one day.

22.      But to those that have taken solace in Me, go ahead. I promise you, you will never be disappointed, but you will rather say, “SURELY, THE ELOHIM DWELLETH IN THE SON OF MAN.”

23.      Has it come to pass? If He is not dwelling in Me, where is He dwelling. From where are all these things coming out? Did I mince words from the beginning while introducing Myself: “I AM HE”?

24.      Although you know Me not, but I know you. I gave you the Scriptures. Do not be carried away by over-familiarity: “I know Him. I know where He is living. I know His parents. I know how He was brought up.”

25.      You fail to realize that there is somebody in Me who you know not. And that is the Man I am introducing to you and yet, you find it difficult to believe. You do not believe in the Father. You do not believe in the Son. Who then do you believe in?

26.      Believe in My Father. Believe also in Me, for My Father dwelleth in Me. I and My Father are One. In Me is the Father revealed. You cannot bypass Me and see the Father. You dey craze? You think say we be mumu? We know how we took off. We have gone too far.

27.       “For we know Him Who said, Vengeance is Mine [retribution and the meting out of full justice rest with Me];…” Sure! I will repay [I will exact the compensation], says the Lord. And again, The Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the cause and the cases of His people.” AMP

28.      The causes. The LORD Himself. He will solve, settles the causes and the cases with His people. There can never be any case without a cause.

29.      The responsibility rests on the LORD. He will determine all, whether we like it or not. So begin now to hide your face away from Him. You see why the Bible said you should live right, obey Him, so that you will have the boldness to stand before Him.

30.      When you are in the wrong, you can never have the face. The face that you are hiding away from now is the one you are seeing again. Abi na lie?

31.      Where are you running to? It is better for you to leave the Faith. If you leave the Faith, you will still be among the people that will be judged.

32.      You may not understand what I am saying because I am preparing those that will help Me in judging the world. I will judge them first and send them as judges to judge the whole earth. Both men and women.

33.      Do you not know that that Saints will judge the world? So, you must be judged now so that you will not be judged when God will be judging the world. But your own judgment is also fierce.

34.      If the righteous can scarcely be saved. I told you I gave no one express ticket, except those that have My vow. Everywhere is quiet. Did He give any set of people vow?

35.      What if I say that John will not die? Will you crucify Me. Is it your business if I say that John will not die again?

36.      They now went out spreading it that He said that John will never die again. Was that what He said? Except those I gave My vow. Everybody want his or her name to be mentioned.

37.      Do you know whether the vow is only for myself? Do you know whether it is for My wife and My children alone? Do you whether there are some people who have the same fate as Myself?

38.      Those who have no strength? Those whose strength have exhausted and who said they cannot make it. I now said, “I know you cannot make, but let Me carry you on My back.”

39.      As many as accept that they are weak, they are helpless, these are the people that can be helped. BLESSED ARE THE HELPLESS FOR THEY SHALL OBTAIN HELP.

40.      Does the person that is still struggling with his own strength, with his own righteousness that is higher than that of The Son of Man have any hope of being helped? The person is healthy. Keep running then.

41.      You see why God said that only those that shall be found in Him not holding unto their own righteousness which they think they have attained by their self-striving or implicit obedience. Which obedience? Even this Grace Message, how many have obeyed? How many have obeyed? Yet the person that knows he is living a life of disobedience is giving the impression that he is strong and that his righteousness is so high. How can God come to your help? Amen.

42.      So one saw the secret and asked a question, “What can a man contribute to his salvation?” He said, “Absolutely nothing!”

43.      If you can help yourself, God can never help you. That is why, whoever that comes to God must come with a song, “I surrender. I surrender all. I surrender. I surrender all. All to Thee my Blessed Saviour. I surrender all.”

44.      If you go to that song it says, “You surrender even your intellect.” You surrender your heart, you surrender you intellect, knowledge, wisdom, everything and allow God to have control, dominion and authority over you. But some think God is taking too much.

45.      How can I? That means I am now a mumu. I do not have wisdom. I do not have knowledge. Why then did He create me to be a human being? Let Him come and even feed and even bath me and help me into my shoes.”

46.      Look at the foolish understanding. Yet he will sing, “Have Thine own way Lord, have Thine own way. Thou art the Porter. I am the clay. Break me and melt me after Thy will. While I am waiting yielded and still.”

47.      You are clay, yet you are directing the porter how to mold you. The porter will throw you away or break you into pieces and forget everything about you.

48.      Let Me tell you. Any orientation that is contrary to Truth, which the Word of God cannot revolutionize, that orientation is devilish. What is the essence of God if not to change our backgrounds. Is it not true?

49.       Things that charmed us most, we now discover that they are dungs. Those things we regarded as dungs, we now delight ourselves in. You see the opposite?

50.      See the difference now! Something happened in me since I gave my life to Christ my Lord. See the difference now. Something happened in me since I surrendered my life to Christ my Lord. Things I loved before, have passed away. Things I hated before have come to stay.

51.      See the difference now. Something happened in me since I gave my life to Christ my Lord. Pure Truth!

52.      For when a man surrenders to Christ, he becomes a brand new creature within. Not when you say you have surrendered, you are still retaining your old foundation, old character, old reasoning. Everything old.

53.       With the mouth you profess newness, but with character you depict oldness of life. That is why you are coming to judgment, for you have never separated for one day.

54.      Truth has never for one day separated you from those ungodly behaviours, ungodly traits prevalent in you from childhood. Nothing has ever taken place in your life.

55.      When God comes in, there is a total overhauling of the system. The same way we discarded the denominational religion, regarded them as a woman regards her menstrual cloth, this is the way the change takes place instantly there.

56.      No matter how I try to recite some of those ancient lyrics we gathered from the Roman Catholic, I aim at telling Roman Catholics here that if they feel Roman Catholic religion contains the truth, I knew it more than them, I would not have resigned. If I chant any Roman incantation, what do you know about it? What is in it?

57.      Those were the nonsenses they were using to do abracadabra to us. Even our parents never knew the meanings, but they loved the thing because it was a foreign language which they knew not the meaning.  

58.      They came down here with their sweet melodious songs, coupled with the uniform that looked attractive. Let Me hear any sound of rebellion here again.

59.      Can you imagine that in this 21st century, you still see someone carrying chaplet publicly in a commercial vehicle counting the beads mechanically. Intermittently he salutes other people after which he continues counting the beads.

60.      Yesterday, My uncle’s wife met Me at Upper-Iweka. I saw her looking like a masquerade with every kind of paint. She said, “I went to chrism mass.”

61.      I asked, “Which one is chrism mass.” She now said, “We are entering lent now. It is the ashes of the burnt palm that was used to make marks on our faces.”

62.      I said, “Is that so? Chrism was used to paint your forehead.” These are thing they use in deceiving people. Every Palm Sunday all the palm fronds will be gathered.

63.      The old palm fronds will be burnt and the new ones will be preserved against next year. Unbiblical doctrines!

64.      You see him counting the beads of their chaplet, but on meeting someone he knows, he will salute the person and still continue from where he stopped, counting the thing one by one, walking along the street. You will be wondering what he is counting like that.

65.      You see another person wearing his own on the neck claiming that when evil is in the front, he will be at the back and when evil is at the back, he will be in front. The one they call scapula.

66.      If these things are potent, will people still be dying in road accidents? Will death ever prevail on any human being again? These are the things they use in deceiving people.

67.      Are they still talking about indulgence? Indulgence does not work again. They go for confession every day. Every week. First Friday will be for reverend fathers and the young girls.

68.      In short, Truth creates enmity against falsehood. All those friends that were mingling with us, most of them reverend fathers and cardinals, we withstood them, I in particular. The whole monsignors heard My Voice. Stop that nonsense! You are deceiving yourself and too many people.

69.      Yesterday at Abuja, they said that they were preparing the women for nationwide evangelism. Look at! Women! And the useless archbishop was represented by a useless reverend father, preparing women to go for evangelism. Catholic women.

70.      What are they going to evangelize? To evangelize chaplet, hail Mary or sacrament? Which one? I do not know what they are going to tell people. Is it virgin Mary.

71.      Well, pardon Me. Do not be surprised that many of them are better than all of you here because they are ignorant, but you know better.

72.      Why do you not act better as one that knows better? How can you say you know better and you do not act better? You are fooling yourself and not God.

73.      How can I change and remain in that old habit? It then means the Word of God has not settled in My heart because I am not ready to apply it in my daily life.

74.      Until you apply the Word of God in your daily life, you can never reap the rich benefits. You are still a hypocrite.

75.      Even, God will justify those Roman Catholics and condemn you, for you know the Truth and refused to obey, but these people do not know the Truth. The much they know they try to put into practice.

76.       Every morning, 5 O’clock, they are in the church. 7am, they are in the church. Today being Sunday, at Holy Trinity Basilica, they may hold seven sessions because the whole world is there, using the Latin session to deceive little children.

77.      Do not worry. God shall judge His people. And you will judge them. God shall judge His people. His people will now judge the world. The judgment is on right now. Let Me go back. I am crossing over.

78.      Deuteronomy 32:36 “For we know Him Who said, Vengeance is Mine [retribution and the meting out of full justice rest with Me];…” Sure!

79.      I will repay [I will exact the compensation], says the Lord. And again, The Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the cause and the cases of His people.” AMP

80.       He will determine. He will solve. He will settle the causes and cases of His people Amen.