Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: WE HAVE ONE COMMON ENEMY

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Remain blessed brethren. You know, it is better you wander away physically than to wander
away spiritually. When you wander away spiritually, you are no longer at home with God. That is why you cannot have peace, for you are no longer there.
2.          The real you have wandered far away over the mountain: Wandering away in the wilderness of fear, having no hope of survival, having fellowship with evil spirits.
3.          The moment you wander away from God, you will be communicating with evil spirits. Unknown evil spirits will be talking to you, reminding you of bad, bad things that will make you to be hostile. Things that will make you to be unfriendly with yourself and with every human being, but will never offer you the remedy.
4.          Yes, evil spirits will only show you things that will destroy you, but will not show you the way out, because your spirit has wandered into the wilderness. The spirit is wandering away there in isolation, but surrounded by evil spirits, demons and demonic influences.
5.          When the Pastor was opening the Fellowship this morning, he said, “Praise God for one thing: If there is no other thing you can remember, let God open your eyes to see the amount of demons that are attacking you every minute, that do not want you to have peace or rest in your work place, in your home, everywhere, even your children are under demonic attack.”
6.          A Brother, that is, Pastor Melchizedek lost his son last week as a result of cancer. He tried his best. We prayed, but the Lord sanctioned the death. It is better to call the boy home than to allow him suffer from infancy. An infant! Under-aged!
7.          Two days after his burial, her elder sister who took care of the
boy in the hospital had a terrible dream, where a man appeared to her in the house. The father was not at home. He put his hand inside his pocket and brought out a stone and then threw the stone on that girl.
8.          The thing landed on her chest and fell on the ground and the man said, “Your mother died of cancer. You brother has now died of cancer. You are the next that will die of cancer.”
9.          She said, “I reject it!” She picked the stone, cast it back on the man. The man collected the thing. The stone did not touch the man, and then he ran away. The dream vanished.
10.      Immediately, she developed a terrible fever. From fever to vomiting till daybreak. The father did everything to control it but no way. They called Me. She was given drugs, presumably malaria drugs, yet the fever persisted for three consecutive days, non-stop.
11.      I advised that she should be taken to hospital, for the father told Me that, that was how the wife got her own and that was how the son got his own. And now, the thing is coming again.
12.      Why am I sharing it? The devil is not yet dead. Create no room for the devil. Create no room at all. Any day your heart is tempted away from God, your life is in danger. The way it may attack you will surprise you.
13.      You may be expecting a human being, you do not know that the human being has transformed into a spirit and then come directly. The spirit can use your child. It can use your maid. He can use your houseboy. He can use anybody. There is no limit to the individual the devil will use to carry out his havoc.
14.      For that reason, you must be on the alert. You must be on guard. Your enemy is not far from you. Your enemy is closest to you and is monitoring you. An evil spirit came and told the little girl what killed the mother, what killed the brother and then told her to wait for her own, loudly like that.
15.      Remember the testimony we shared the other day. God is still at work. Where is our Sister? I thank God. Ok, she is not here today. She would have shared the experience.
16.      Pastor Thomas, stand up! You equally went there and you saw the place, from where the woman vanished. There was no road there. The woman came, live! Everybody saw her. On two occasions. The third one all eyes saw her. Not in the night but in the day!
17.      When she was about to go after asking them questions, “Oh! Is this the hospital where you have brought this baby to?”
18.      They wanted her to come in. They ushered her into the place thinking they were talking to a human being. The woman went away. She followed where there was no road. She touched the wall and vanished.
19.      Spirit human beings, they are everywhere! You interact with them unknowingly. You buy and sell with them. You eat and drink with them. As long as you are having contact with the world, having contact with human beings, you are having contact with spirits ignorantly.
20.      You may not know what I am saying. The days are over when we disbelieved some testimonies we used to hear. What can you tell Me about one who was given a gift while she was sleeping? In a dream! She placed it on the table. In the morning, the gift was packed and then, placed on the table.
21.      A man came, gave her a gift, wrapped very well in a dream. She collected it with a big thank you and placed it on the table. In the morning she woke up. She remembered the dream, went to the table and saw the package and then called Me, “Daddy, what do I do with the package?”
22.      I commanded her to summon her Pastor, who came and I gave instruction on what they should do with it. And that is why she is alive. If she had opened it, that would have been the end.
23.      When you see such mysterious things around yourself, please do not close your mouth. Raise alarm! If you bottle yourself up, you will be carried away.
24.      Remember, testimonies abound in our midst of people that God delivered in this Faith, who were having visitations of spirits in human form. What was their aim? If they place N2 on the table, before morning, it will be N1,000. They place three thousand naira, before morning, it would be ten thousand naira.
25.      What is more, they were intelligent. They called Me. I gave instructions, “Simply take your own. Leave the rest there. If you know you placed three naira, take three naira and leave the rest.” And immediately they obeyed, the remaining money vanished.
26.      He that could come into the house when everywhere was locked and placed large quantity of money on top of the money that was placed there, what do you think that person is? Not counterfeit money. Real money. Real currency.
27.      You see, we are not battling against mere human beings. We are battling against human beings in spirit forms. Remember that one who left this Faith got entangled with a lady and later married her. Have you forgotten? Our former Brother, Simon Onwe who drove us to Isiala-Ngwa and so many places. Live! Like that.
28.      He went to Deeper life. They used their tricks to espouse him to a lady, a human being, but she was a spirit. Along the way, things started happening. She had her first baby. She killed her. Then, the husband was surprised at what took place.
29.      While they were lying down, this lady became a python and wrapped herself around the man in the day time. The young man sprang up from the bed. She turned to being the same beautiful woman living with him, married and wedded in Deeper life. Many here know the story. You know the personalities.
30.      And the lady warned him seriously, “If you divulge this information, I will destroy you.” Instead of Simon to raise alarm, he kept quiet and bottled it up. He could have been delivered.
31.      The lady took in again, the second baby. Then, she bewitched that baby again by sucking the blood until the baby dried up and died.
32.      Simon decided to go home to tell the parents without telling the lady. He went away with his vehicle. Along Oji-River, he saw the lady sitting down in the front seat with him. All of a sudden, the lady turned to be a python. He lost control of the steering, but he did not die. He recollected himself. The lady turned out to be the wife again.
33.      She asked him where he was going to and why he wanted to report her to the elders. She gave him a second warning and told him that the third one, that would be the end. Simon bottled the whole thing up and brought her to Onitsha here. He continued to live with spirit-human being, but decided not to have any child again from her.
34.      One day, that was the D-day, while Simon was watching, the lady carrying a bucket of water to the bathroom, she was changing to many colours. Simon raised alarm and attracted the neighbours. The lady took her bath, came back and died. The day she was buried, two days after, Simon died. That was the end of a generation.
35.      You see why God said we should not have anything to do with evil spirits, spirits of the dead, invocations. Please run away. Some spirits are very, very dangerous. Extremely dangerous. Very destructive. And they operate against human beings in different forms. They have their different ways of operation.
36.      The way they attack Nwobodo may not be the way they attack you. They strategize, depending on the individual and the mission they want to achieve. Thus, do not limit the attack inside here. No!
37.      You know I am constantly under attack. It has always been with every man of God. No man of God ever came here without being attacked. The Lord Jesus Christ was not even respected by the devil.
38.      He was constantly under attack and it helped him a lot. It helped him to be on guard. He was never loose with himself. No matter how sociable he could be, he was always on the alert. Amen.

ebrews chapter 12 verse 1 through 2. Now, it is expedient that I speak to you on those two verses.
2.          “Wherefore, seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight,…”
3.          Let us lay aside every weight and sin that easily beset us. There is nobody who does not have that sin that easily beset him or her. Until you recognize it, fighting it is impossible. When you recognize your enemy, it is half the victory. But if you refuse to do something he will be fortified more and more.
4.          An enemy that is identified is half the victory. It is not the complete victory yet. A sickness that is diagnosed and is identified is half cured. The doctors know what they will do to complement it.
5.          Doctors play complementary roles. After the sickness has been carefully diagnosed, and is identified, it can be given the right name. If the right drug is applied, that is the end of that sickness.
6.          That is, if the patient agrees to cooperate with the Doctors and take the drugs according to instructions. This is because some patients are stubborn. Some patients do not even believe that they are sick. Some believe that the Doctors are tricking them, so that they will make money.
7.          Some collect the prescription, collect the drugs, pay for the drugs, but refuse to take them and they expect a miracle to take place. If you are expecting a miracle to take place, why going to the Doctor?
8.          God is giving us His Word as a medicine. He has diagnosed our cases. There is no family case God has not diagnosed. The problem of the world was diagnosed and God summarized it that it is a problem that emanated from families. And that the only way we can put the world right is by putting families right.
9.          There is no other way you can put the society right if not by putting families right. If families walk in the right direction, doing that which is always pleasing in the sight of God, the world will be put right.
10.      What is the world? Is the world not an aggregate of families? The society is made up of individuals that came from families.
11.      Thus, whatever problem you are mentioning, trace it very well, it is traced down to your family. I trace my own down to my family.
12.      Just like a Brother was reporting to me yesterday. Few minutes to
ten in the night. The son was pursuing him about with a machete he sharpened very well. The mother was trying to disarm him, he said No! The father attempted disarming, he nearly cut off his head. He was all out to cut off the head of his father.
13.      And that is one that is born and brought up in the Faith. His parents are in the Faith. What can you say about it? Do you think the boy is guilty? He is not guilty. Do you think the parents are guilty? They are not guilty.
14.      Both the parents and the boy have one common enemy. This is where we are making our grievous mistakes. Whatever problem that arise in your family, in your work place, in everywhere, nobody is your enemy but one person. Until you identify a common enemy and attack that common enemy collectively, you cannot have the victory.
15.      If it is a problem that is arising from your family, maybe one of your children is misbehaving or your wife or the husband, do not attack the individual. He is not with his senses. He is acting under anointing that is higher and greater than the individual.
16.      It takes one that is spiritual, much more spiritual to bring that person back. Is it not scriptural? The Bible said, “If one sins, if one goes out of the way of truth, let one that is spiritual, considered higher, go after that person and bring the person back. Taking heed to himself, lest he be tempted by the same evil.” Is it not scriptural?
17.      In your attempt to save a drowning person, be on guard, lest the drowning man will press you into the river and two of you will get drowned.
18.      When you begin to fight your Brother and fight your Sister, two of you are bound to lose the battle because you have not identified the person that is troubling you. It is not one that is standing, whose face you can see. No! It is one that is hiding under a cloak and the person that he is using can hardly know.
19.      A mad man does not know he is mad. A mad man does not know that he is being tormented by evil spirits. It will take Christ on the scene. Until a mad man is delivered, the eyes will not open. One that is under the influence of a magic charm, does he know until the effect of the magic charm leaves him? He will feel like one who woke from slumber.
20.      And under the influence of that concoction, diabolic act, he will cause havoc. He will cause great damage. Innocent people will be killing themselves, not knowing that somebody is somewhere using remote control, I mean spiritual remote control, watching over them, watching the whole thing.
21.      Like I am here now. If I am not insulated by the Spirit of Christ, My enemy is watching Me in his spiritual mirror. Whenever he wants to see My family, if we are not covered by the blood, he knows what he will do, both Myself, My wife, My children all will appear.
22.      Go back to the Message titled, SPIRITUAL REALMS. All these people that belong to psychic organizations like Eckankar, HariKrishna, Rosicrucian Order (AMORC): Even there is the most dangerous. That is the Ogboni Fraternity.
23.      All of them have their black mirrors and their black cloths, red cloths which they use with their magic. They dare not travel out without knowing the nature of the road. Before they will go home, they will see the family they are going to meet through the mirror.
24.      They will be there directing, influencing everybody in the family. If they want everybody to be afraid on seeing their faces, they know what to do. And when you get into their house, what do you see?
25.      Today, they are modernizing it. You will see assorted kinds of plastic statues. You call them baby playing instruments and things like that. You see them everywhere. You call them toys. To you, they are toys. To them, they are not toys.
26.      I know one man who ran hostile with his younger brother who was a Pentecostal for exposing him, for they were together. That time he never played with his magic mirror. He had a room where nobody enters but himself. A black cloth was always there. Any time he wanted to travel, he goes there and opens the black cloth and then speaks.
27.      If the thing says, “Do not go”, he will stay behind. Then he will offer some rituals. Finally, he will bring something like a baby (plastic doll) and place it in front of the tyre and then, ran across the plastic baby, placing a sign before he will make the trip.
28.      When his younger brother exposed him, he strained the relationship immediately. He wrote him off this time and declared him his greatest enemy for exposing him. That his younger brother is no more. He is no more, but the man pretends that he has repented.
29.      If you have repented, why still attending the meetings? If you have repented, why still holding the office?  Repentance does not mean going to Church. He goes to every kind of Church.
30.      In the township, he is a Pentecostal. At home, he is a traditional chief and a Roman Catholic. Where do you place him? Because he is higher than all of them, he has weighed them and he has tried them, they have no power. Hence, he can feel comfortable in any of them. These spirit-human beings have attacked many Churches.
31.      Remember in those days when we met a man at Mbaise, who even officiated with late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and the rest of them, who belonged to the highest cult. That is Major Uzor Ulokwe. Now he is late. He is still dreaded by everybody in Imo State.
32.      On retirement, he was recalled to Lagos to serve in Ports Authority as an intelligence officer in Lion Building. He was a highly respected man and very much feared. Ujor Ulokwe. He is a relation to Pastor Obinna. Pastor Obinna, am I bearing false witness? No sir!
33.      There is no criminal activity the man does not indulge in. A man that proclaimed himself indestructible and nobody could destroy him until he died. When My Brethren met him, instead of paying attention to what they were saying, he was trying them. Apostle Kelechi was there with Bro Ben and Bro Mike.
34.      The man was busy attempting to destroy them. With the little we heard that time. At the end of the whole thing, this man opened up and said, “Let me tell you gentlemen. If I want to be a Christian, I will follow you. If I want to be a Christian, I will follow you.
35.      “But unfortunately, you are not Christians. You are not running a Church. We have preached in all the Churches, I in particular. All the Churches are under our feet and control.
36.      “You are operating in the highest hemisphere. It will be very difficult for you to make a convert, but if you succeed in making one, no Jupiter will pull the person out of your hand, for where you are operating, no religion can get there. Keep it up. I am already somewhere.” That was how they ended it.
37.      I am not saying it so that you remain here. Many of you have your different testimonies following you on what you have passed through which came from the people that came all out to destroy you. After all their attempts failed, they proclaimed you indestructible.
39.      If you go to the First book of John, that is the epistle according to Saint John, I think chapter 3 verse 9. It says, “A CHILD OF GOD DOES NOT SIN, FOR THE SEED OF GOD ABIDETH IN HIM.” You know what a seed is. A Seed means the gem of life.
40.      If you are a Seed, not ordinary fruit for you can be fruit and not Seed. Not all fruits have seed. If you are a real Seed of God it then means that in the sight of God, you are incorruptible.
41.      As far as you are incorruptible because you are a Seed of God, you are also indestructible. Jesus Christ was incorruptible and indestructible.
42.      For that reason, the body never saw corruption. In other words, nothing can make a Seed of God to be a sinner, because the Seed of God abideth in him.
43.      A Seed of God is insulated even from the mother’s womb. Starting from the foundation of the world, he is a Seed of God. You are not a Seed of God because you are here.
45.      What are we suffering from? We are suffering from those who are here, hearing without understanding, seeing without perceiving. These are the people that are troubling us because they are porous.
46.      For that reason, our enemy, the devil is using them to torment us because there is nothing protecting them. If you are not protected, you are porous.
47.      What protects us is that Seed that is in us. In life or in death, the Seed is there. So if you are a Seed of God, you are not a sinner. You can commit wrong but you are not a sinner. We know who the sinner is. That is the devil for he sinned from the very beginning and all that proceeded from him will never repent.
48.      They will be like their father because the seed of the devil abideth in them. Death is also abiding in them. Corruption is abiding in them.
49.      What do we call them? Seeds of discrepancies. William Branham the Prophet saw them. They sow seeds of discord amongst the Brethren. They sow seeds of disunity in the Congregation of the Saints, because the way of peace, they know not. They do not even have the attributes of peace. For that reason, they are never peaceful.
50.      Greater peace have they that know the Lord and nothing shall by any means offend them. They can be angry but they sin not. And watch any time they are angry, they are angry in something that the spirit in them has rejected.
51.      Check a Seed of God, he must be angry after a godly sort. There must be a demonstration of character, attitude, utterance; There is something that is wrongly manifested or placed, which will provoke the spirit to anger and he does not suppress it.
52.      Being a Seed of God, he vents out, demonstrates outright rejection for he would not like that thing to affect him one bit. Outright rejection. Outright condemnation. He says No! Even No to himself
53.      Often times, it comes to him directly. If the person does not have that will power to say No, he is conquered. He is dominated and enveloped.
54.      This is how the devil conquers any individual. He capitalizes on the person’s human weaknesses, deficiencies, inability to say No to himself, not to somebody.
55.      This is because you are the one the thing is targeting. I am the one it is targeting to get Me off course. And once he succeeds, I will suffer the pains, the sorrow, while he will be laughing at Me. Amen.
56.      Seeing we have such a great cloud of witnesses whose eyes are upon us, some are wishing us good, some are wishing us evil, but remember they are standing by. They are standing by.
57.      The closest neighbour Adam had was the devil in disguise. The devil he could not recognize. When the man was away, his neighbour knew. And his neighbour became Lucifer which he could not identify. Amen.

ebrews chapter 12 verse 1 through 2. “Wherefore, seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;
2.          who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” KJV
3.          “THEREFORE THEN, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…”
4.          Who are surrounded by so great of a cloud of witnesses? You and I. If you do not recognize this, do you know that the greatest instrument the devil is expecting to see is the word that will proceed out of your mouth due to your condition?
5.          The devil does not use the thoughts of any man’s heart to torment him. He uses the word of your mouth. If you do not speak, the devil is powerless. Why? Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.
6.          Even law enforcement agents, especially the police know this truth. That is why, when they come to arrest somebody who is being suspected of one thing or the other, and the person tries to speak or ask some question they will say, “Close your mouth, for anything you say here will be used against you in the law court.”
7.          They will order the person. They will try to help that person, “Bridle your tongue. Be mindful of your words, for whatsoever that comes out of your mouth from now, be it known to you, it will be used against you in the court of law. Follow us to the station where we will give you the opportunity to write down your statements as much as you want to write.”
8.          An intelligent fellow will cooperate, but a silly one will keep on talking as they march along. On getting there, what proceeded out from his or her mouth will be testifying against him. He will be making contradictory statements, thereby proclaiming himself guilty, even before trial.
9.          That is why a wise fellow controls his temper. When you control temper, you control the tongue. If you cannot control your temper, you can never control your tongue, especially when you are provoked.
10.      I am teaching you because I do not want any of you to have problems and also because, any time from now, anything can take place, so that you begin to lay aside all those sins that easily beset you, that wrap themselves around you, envelope you so much that you cannot even liberate yourself from the shackles of their imperialism.
11.       They are holding you hostage and you do not know. They have imprisoned you, but you do not know.
12.      As God has prison custody, so the devil has prison custody. God has souls that are in prison custody.
13.      Apostle Kelechi, am I bearing false witness? Is it not scriptural? The same way, the devil has souls, many that are in his own prison custody.
14.      Do you think that it is only God that can imprison somebody? Do you not know that the devil also imprisons people? God’s own prison is even better because there is hope of salvation. In the devil’s prison, there is no such hope. Does he show mercy to anyone? No sir!
15.      “THEREFORE THEN, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who have borne testimony to the Truth],…”
16.      Who have borne testimony to the truth. Note it, any contrary behavior means contradicting your testimony. Think about it a little. Any contrary behavior, any contrary manifestation automatically contradicts your testimonies.
17.      Why? A fountain cannot produce sweet and bitter water. Nobody can be good and bad.  You are either good or bad. Nobody can be God and devil. That is what I mean. If you are good, you are good because God who is good is dwelling in you. If you are bad, you are bad because the devil who is bad is possessing you, using you as instrument of warfare.
18.      One that yields to the devil automatically becomes the devil’s instrument of warfare. One that yields to God automatically becomes God’s instrument of vengeance. Instrument of vengeance. When God wants to avenge of the devil, he uses the instrument in His hands.
19.      Like we are in our own day now, a human being, spirit human being has been ordained by God to be the Instrument of Vengeance He will use to destroy the anti-Christ, to destroy all the works of the devil. True or false? True!
20.      Since we have such a great cloud of witnesses around us, bearing witness of the truth, we must be very, very careful.
21.      No matter the provocation, hold your temper under control. Bridle your tongue. Otherwise, the devil is by the side capitalizing on the words of your mouth, which he will use against you.
22.      Sometimes you may think you do not mean it or you say you do not mean it. Be very careful. You are having dealings with God. Do not say “I was merely joking or playing,” No! The LORD has recorded it, unless you change your mind immediately.
23.      Watch! Whatever profane, whatever that is contrary which you have allowed your mouth to utter at one time or the other, even as I am talking now, pause a little.
24.      You will remember the various occasions the devil used the words of your mouth against you, for words are creative. The devil capitalizes on the words of your mouth to attack you. And the attack will come verbatim.
25.      If you open your mouth and say, “If it is not done this way, let the heavens fall. The world will hear two of us!” You will pull down the heavens. The devil has heard it. Until the world gathers in your house, until the heavens be pulled down, the devil will continue to accuse you, “Fulfill your word.”
26.      The devil will continue to supply you with the instruments until you pull down the heavens. The cloud will come down. Your eyes then will open. To amend it becomes increasingly impossible, for you have dragged your reputation to the mud. You have made an open ridicule of yourself, for you have attracted the attention of those that knew you as a child of God, who bore witness of the truth concerning you, standing by.
27.      At the same time, you have also attracted the attention of those that say you are merely deceiving yourself. This is because sometimes, the devil will say to our hearts that we are wasting our time. “It is impossible to live Christ-like life.”
28.      Sometimes the devil tempts you and says, “It is all in vain to try to live a Christ-like life and walk in the LORD’s way.”
29.      But then I hear the Master say, “I will give you a helping hand. And if you will only trust Me, I will guide you safely there.”
30.      Cheer up, Brother Cheer! Our trials will soon be over. Our loved ones, we shall meet upon the Golden shore. We are pilgrims here and strangers here. We are seeking a city to come. The Life Boat soon is coming to gather the Jewels home. The Cloud is here.
31.      When you lose sight of this fact, that you have millions of people surrounding you, whose ears and eyes are all on you, you ridicule yourself, you commit crimes that will make you even to commit suicide, for you would not like to come out for people to see you.
32.      Then the devil has succeeded, for it has always been his target to see that which you hate to befall you. If it does not happen that way, how else do you think he can get you? He will allow that which you abhor to befall you.
33.      That is why you must be vigilant. You must be on the alert. You must be sober. You must be loving. You must be godly. You must be appreciative. You must be peaceful.
34.      Meditate on those things that are pure, those things that are good, those things that are of honest report, those things that are edifying.
35.      If there be any virtue in you, think of these things. Create no room in your heart whatsoever for evil thoughts to ever come in. Remember the Message, BE DILIGENT TO PROTECT YOUR MINDSET.
36.      Remember where I started encouraging you; That we are fighting  one common enemy. And the moment we identify him, we will off our eyes from our Brothers and Sisters.  
37.      “THEREFORE THEN, since we are surrounded by so great a
cloud of witnesses [who have borne testimony to the Truth],…”
Who have borne testimony to the Truth.
“…let us strip off and throw aside every encumbrance (unnecessary weight) and that sin which so readily (deftly and cleverly) clings to and entangles us, and let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us,
38.      Looking away [from all that will distract]…”
39.       Looking away from all distractions, for that is the target of the devil: To distract your attention. Look away completely from all forms of distractions. Regard them as your enemies.
40.      Whatever that distracts the attention of the driver from the road wants him to have a fatal accident which he never envisaged.
41.      Whatever that distracts the attention of the student from his career automatically makes a mess of that student. Is it not true?
42.      In every field of endeavor, even in marital life which is a Ministry of its own, whatever that distracts your attention from your responsibilities as a wife, as a husband, as children automatically have done you a great havoc. A great harm! For you can be nothing outside your family. A man, a woman, children born in the family are absolutely nothing outside the family.
43.       “Looking away [from all that will distract] to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the Source of our faith..”
44.      “[giving the first incentive for our belief] and is also its Finisher..”
45.      “…[bringing it to maturity and perfection]. He, for the joy [of obtaining the prize] that was set before Him, endured the cross,…”
46.      For the joy of obtaining the prize that is set before him, he endured even the cruel death, cruel punishment. He endured even false accusations.
47.      There is no man of God that is never accused falsely. And a servant cannot be greater than the Master. Rejoice when you are accused. When men even revile you, treat you with contempt. Bear all with joy, for so they did to all that ran this race.
48.      Your reward is great in heaven, if you can endure these things according to the Master’s instructions.
49.      But when you go contrary, you have spoilt your journey. You have wasted your time. You have laboured in vain, because you are not on guard against the attack of the devil.
50.      Until the battle is over and the war is declared to have ended, no soldier goes about recklessly or aimlessly.
51.      As long as the war is still on, every soldier is always on guard that you can be attacked anywhere and at any point. He is vigilant. The devil is still awake.
52.      Now, I want to help some. I will ask a question. To follow the examples of one you cannot see with your eyes to do things and to follow the examples of One you can see perform human activities, which one is easier? To follow a written example and to follow a Practical example which one is easier? Amen!
53.      What will be the fate of somebody who cannot follow the written example and cannot follow a Practical example? What will be the fate of such a person? Theoretical example, zero! Practical example, zero! The person has failed outrightly!
54.      In science, no matter your score in the theoretical side, as long as you have failed in the practical side, you have failed. Practicals attract 75%, the objectives and theory 25%, which can never give you a pass mark. That one only plays a complementary role to consolidating your success in that subject.
55.      Whatever you like or want, write in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the rest of them; as long as you have failed the practicals, you have failed. Nobody will pass you. Even if you have 25 over 25, the most they can give you is D8, which is fail. Amen.

ow, I want everybody here to understand this Truth. There is no living human being here, even in generations gone by, since John the Revelator died in the Island of Patmos, no other being born of a woman ever saw Jesus as a human being alive. The last of all the Apostles that saw Him saw Him in a spirit form, in a Theophany body and that was Saint Paul.
2.          After that, no other person saw Him until William Branham appeared. William Branham saw Him, the colour of the skin, the height, everything around Him. He even stretched his hands thinking He will give him a hand shake in the day, but he saw Him in His Theophany body.
3.          And then, He told everybody not to panic, “Once more, I will ride this trail.” He started from the beginning to tell you everything. And then He guided everybody. No mistake anywhere. I know what it took The Son of Man to reveal Himself to His Brethren.
4.          It was not hastily done. It took years. Many many questions were coming to Him. Enquirers were coming from all over Nigeria. He was not in a haste.
5.          I thank God Bishop Nath is here, for he happened to be one of those people. I was his interpreter. At the end of the day, he called Okechukwu Nwamkpa. He said, “You are blessed. I can see an elderly Ministry coming up in this your Church.”
6.          It was easier for him to believe this move because, before now, he had already been acquainted with what was happening. Even the individual that had an encounter with him in a luxury bus when he was preparing for his wedding, and he knew Me not. He was coming to Nkpor to collect his suit.
7.          Two of us were sitting in one seat in Ekene Dili Chukwu. A man preached a sermon and came down and he was condemning the man’s sermon. I then asked him where he belonged to. The thing ensued. A hot argument in the vehicle between two of us from Okpuala.
8.           By the time we got to Mgbidi, his eyes opened. He made a statement, “There is something I want to tell you now. Since you said you are going to Nkpor. Your Pastor is my brother. He has spat into you people’s mouth.
9.          I looked at him and said, “Is it a wrong thing for me to believe My Pastor? If your flock does not believe in you, what makes him your flock? If he has put his saliva into our mouths, I have swallowed My own.”
10.      For the Prophet said, “We may not be in one place. We will be scattered by millions of miles. But as long as it is a scriptural matter, we must speak the same thing, for it must be the same spirit in us all, no matter where we are.”
11.       I cannot be in Onitsha and say, “God is one” and you being a Seed of God in Germany will say, “No! It is three-in-one.” He [The Prophet] said, “No! Your binoculars are not well focused.”
12.      The Son of Man never came one morning like that and introduced Himself. The Son of Man introduced Himself using Scriptures over the years for the Scriptures declared who He is. He continued giving out doctrines, teachings to the astonishment of everybody.
13.      They were wondering where He got such a great revelation, great knowledge, seeing He was not in End-time. He knew nothing about Branham. He never attended any Bible college. He is not a product of any Bible School. All the Ministers throughout Nigeria came, led by Elijah Didigbo and Richard.
14.      The Son of Man was never deterred. He never behaved as if He was young in the Faith. He became the oldest in the Faith. Everybody got dumbfounded. Moreso, when He used Scriptures to make them unbelievers.  They all acknowledged that this Man might be the One the Prophet spoke of.
15.      We went to Lagos. They lined us together. Myself, Okey Nwamkpa and Emeka Eziukwu. They brought their photographers. All of them joined.
16.      I called Okey. I said, “These people are wonderful. For My sake, they now want to take photograph of all the Ministers. They have now included Me as one of them. So I have become a minister in the five-fold, not even in Nkpor but now, in far away Lagos. Do you believe this to be true?”
17.      He said, “Of course!” Emeka said, “Sir, you merit it.”
18.      I said, “No! I do not merit it. I will not be here. They are not including Me in the five-fold. They want to take the photograph to know where the Supernatural will appear and they will not see it.”
19.      That was the day I told Okey I was going back to Onitsha for there must be riot in Lagos.
20.      Their prophet said, “Everybody should standstill. The following morning, there would not be riot. Watch Lagos.”
21.      I told Okey, “Go to your sister’s house at Ikeja. Have your rest. Heads will roll in Lagos. As for Me, help Me to Ekeson. I am leaving this night, come what may.”
22.      He helped Me to Coker. I got a vehicle by 11.30 in the night, jam-packed, and I remained standing from Lagos to Upper-Iweka, for there was no space where I could even bend down.
23.      The following morning, fire and brimstone rained down in Lagos, stores vandalized, human beings killed in thousands and that was Abiola’s riot. People ran helter-skelter.
24.      I then called Okey, using My land line to call the sister who was serving in the Airport. “Are you safe?” He said, “Yes!”
25.      I then asked him, “What has happened? Then what is the position of Elijah’s prophets? Who has won the battle?”
26.      As at that time I remained nothing until one evening. They were greatly troubled beyond measure after about a year. It has already become a revelation among them in their midst. Everybody.
27.      Some said, “He must be a Prophet.” Some said a Teacher. Some said, “No. This man is an Apostle.”
28.      Mama Diuka got the revelation right, even in her dreams. So one night like that around 7pm, My house was filled. They told Me why they came. I said, “Okay. There is no problem there. I am a child of God. That’s all.”
29.      If there is nothing you can call Me, call Me a child of God. Whatever you are seeing in Me, is the gift of God in Me. What else do you want Me to say? Do you want Me to say I am Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher?”
30.      Malachy [Osuagwu] said, “Yes! We want to know where you are fitting in the five-fold. Look at what they are saying about you.”
31.      I said, “Okay. You can go. I will give you a reply.”
32.      It was the day I was introducing Myself, THE APOSTLE INTRODUCES HIMSELF TO HIS BRETHREN, that it came out of My mouth. That nobody should make any mistake about Me. I AM THE APOSTLE.
33.       That article “The” caused problem. They said, “An Apostle” and I said “No, The Apostle, but I will explain it with time.”
35.      It continued until the day I came here challenging everybody because the unseen feet walked here. Only The Son of Man saw Him.
36.      The Son of Man was telling everybody the direction, how he was moving. Ben Adiukwu was here from Jos. He went home and handled it as a Message, BECAUSE I WAS A WITNESS.
37.      Everybody was touched at the same time. Everybody testified that the Being walked directly by his or her own side, even touching his or her cloth. He filled all in all. He first of all admired the Congregation.
38.      When they were wondering, I challenged them to come the following week with cameras. For the first time, they will see The Personality that walked here. And on that day, of all topics, I chose none but THE RESURRECTED BODY. THE RESURRECTED BODY.
40.      Some were singing with Me because it was good and dandy, but without revelation. But on that day, even before the photograph was taken, Brethren who had the gift of vision, notably, Bishop Ebenezer, Ernest Agada, Charles Nwobiara, they saw the vision, described the visions.
41.      When the photographs were taken, we saw eleven different positions of the Cloud.
42.      Finally, the Cloud wrapped itself around The Son of Man in the form of a Rainbow, like a Halo over His Head, which was perfectly what the Prophet said you should WATCH OUT FOR.
43.      He [the Prophet] said, “All these phonies will come to offset the real thing whenever it will come.” False manifestations must come first to offset the real thing.
44.      That is why, if you do not have the eye salve, you cannot separate counterfeit from original currency, for they look almost alike, but the materials are different. One has a seal that cannot be erased or manipulated. One does not have any seal. If it has, it is a manipulation.
45.      The papers are not of the same materials. In other words, the textures vary. One is enduring. One does not endure. And God said He was going to do it to banish unbelief, but unbelief was not banished.
46.      Then The LORD raised another Scripture from the Acts of the Apostles. That the Apostles went about preaching the Gospel of Christ, with signs and wonders following them.
47.      We rolled into that realm. Things started happening. People wanted to build their faith on signs and wonders and The Son of Man came as The Apostle, handled a doctrine titled, MISPLACED FAITH. That their faith be not placed on signs and wonders which are for unbelievers.
48.      That their faith should be on the incorruptible and indestructible Word of God which liveth and abideth forever.
49.      I now espoused them to the Word of God. To the Word of their testimony, which is able to sanctify them, purify them, give them a place among them that are sanctified by the Faith that is in Me.
50.      I came and became The Author of Eternal Salvation, not to everybody, but to those that will obey My Word. I now opened their eyes to see what the Prophet said.
51.      I introduced the use of different translations of the Bible to enable you get the full imports of the Message, that Christ means nothing but The Anointed One, The Messiah, The Saviour. That is the meaning of Christ.
52.      For the first time, people saw that Jesus was not Christ from birth until the man Jesus became anointed with the Spirit of Christ. Only then, He became God.
53.      Then I showed you anointed Messiahs and anointed ones in the end time, so that you make your choice, whether to follow the anointed ones in the end time or to follow The Anointed Messiah whose Voice can only be heard in the midst of the Bride for He is the Bridegroom.
54.      And the Bride will go wherever the Bridegroom is. The world will go wherever the attraction is.
55.      If you look at the Bridegroom, there is nothing that can be found in Him that is capable of attracting anybody to Him. There is nothing, absolutely nothing.
56.      Yet, in Him is the Shewbread. In Him, we saw the fulfillment of all the Vindication of the greatest manifestation of Omnipotence the world has ever seen, riding once more on the trail. Amen.

ro Ojiakor! I want to say something. To follow a theoretical example can be very much misleading. It can lead to impersonation.
2.          Theoretical example is likely to produce much more counterfeits than the original. A theoretical example is not a reliable or dependable example. A paper example. A practical example is what is needed.
3.          That is why, as many that are perfect in His sight will, not only know Him. They will be personally and practically acquainted with Him. Why? Unless you come nearer, get acquainted with somebody as an individual, practically, you cannot perceive the odour of his mouth.
4.          That is why the Prophet said “Nobody is saved until he comes face to face with Him like Moses had it at the backside. You talk to God, He talks back to you.
5.          Now, Christ has appeared in our own day. This is our own day. We must recognize our own day and the hour of our own visitation. Otherwise, we will miss it and all the calamities prophesied by God will befall us for we have missed our own hour of His visitation.
6.          There is nobody that does not have his or her own hour when God will visit him or her. Everybody has his or her own time. If you miss your our own hour of visitation due to ignorance, no more.
7.          God, knowing well that human beings are full of misgivings, misconceptions, suspicions of all sorts and misinterpretations, He came up revealing Himself in a very clear way by giving us a Message, a clear Message, GOD MISUNDERDSTOOD IN ALL THE AGES, thereby guiding you perfectly well so that you will not be numbered among those that will misunderstand God in your own day.
8.          He showed you how people misunderstood Him in the various ages. This is your own age. This is your own era. We are living in the era of The Son of Man whether you like it or not.
9.          I am in control. If we deny God, God will never deny Himself. If we are unfaithful, God will remain faithful and our unbelief can never hinder God from being what He is. Is it not scriptural?
10.      I am narrowing something down there. After My comments this morning, preserve the tape. Do not mix it up with any other voice. I am not playing. I am laying a background.
11.      This is your own hour. This is your own day. You must recognize the things that are meant for your own day. And at the same time, recognize and accept your own Message and your Messenger, for without a Messenger, there is no Message.
12.      The Messenger and the Message are one. The Gift is in the Giver or is with the Giver. How can you desire the Gift and reject the Giver? It then means you are blind.
13.      We are narrowing down to something, for we are commanded by The Apostle under the power of the Holy Spirit for He was the representative of the invisible God in His day, not only to the Hebrews but for the world of that day.
14.      Remember while He liveth, His Message went round the whole world in His own day. That was the Message for his day for he was walking, not with the dim light. He was walking with the light that was shown in his own age, sparkling white. The Light of Renaissance.
15.      Watch! This is your own day. Saint Paul told his people to imitate him, to pattern after him as he patterns after He that sent him. Whoever that was following Paul and found it difficult to pattern after the lifestyle of Paul, can Paul approve him to be his follower? Paul will deny him.
16.      That is why the Bible says, “If you say you are Christ’s, you ought to behave and conduct your life as Christ behaved and conducted himself, for He is the beginning and the ending of the profession of the faith you are holding. He is the Alpha. He is the Omega. The beginning and the end.”
17.      Saint Paul was the Messiah, the Alpha and the Omega of his age. Hence, anybody that rejected him, rejected God. Anybody that rejected his Message, his teachings rejected the teachings of God. All he co-opted in the ministry, he co-opted them. They were messengers of the same message, presenting nothing but Christ.
18.      As many that said No to his teachings counted themselves unworthy of everlasting life, for there was no other hope. All that believed in him were declared sanctified, holy, perfect as a result of the faith that was in Paul.
19.      For his faith which they believed made them sanctified and made their offerings acceptable in the sight of God. Without Christ manifesting himself in Paul, all that appeared in that age, whatever sacrifice they rendered to Christ were regarded as abominations. Not even one was made acceptable.
20.      Now, in The Son of Man, you are declared acceptable because He is the Beloved. Nobody is made acceptable as an individual. You can only be made acceptable in the sight of God in the Beloved. Is it not scriptural?
21.      How I wish Teachers are here who will use the Scriptures to balance all these things. We are all made acceptable in the Beloved. In every age, God must have a beloved son in whom He is well pleased, in whom all sacrifices will be presented to Him, made acceptable in His sight.
22.      Every age has one, [the Beloved] and through Him the sacrifices of the saints in that age will be made acceptable unto God. You cannot on your own carry items for sacrifice and present them to the god of a shrine yourself. That shrine has a high priest.
23.      Someone is representing the god of that shrine and through that high priest, the god of that shrine accepts the sacrifices that are presented to it. It cannot be any other person but the one chosen by the god of that shrine. That person is the chosen one. If anyone wants to impersonate, the person will die.
24.      God ordains, God sanctifies, God makes holy, God perfects the person before He will send Him as His own personal representative in whose hands He will accept the sacrifices and offerings of His people. Nobody presents anything to God because he wants to.
25.      There must be a channel. There must be a channel. Even offerings and sacrifices made by the Brethren, according to Scriptures were placed on the Apostle’s feet.
26.      Anyone they accept, God has accepted. Anyone they reject, God has rejected it. Remember it took Peter to reject the sacrifices of Ananias and Sapphira. And his rejection kindled the anger of the Lord. Instantly He killed the husband and wife. When they provoked, they thought they were provoking Peter. They never knew that standing there was not Peter.
27.      Until you have the revelation of who God is, patterning after God in your day will be difficult. You cannot pattern after Paul who you are not seeing, because of few things that were documented.
28.      They were documented that you might have faith that Saint Paul ministered as an Apostle. Not all that happened in Saint Paul’s ministry were documented.
29.      Nobody has ever succeeded in documenting A to Z whatever that transpired in the ministry of a prophet or an Apostle, not even that of the Lord Jesus.
30.       The Bible testified that the little that were documented were documented that we might have faith and that if all that took place were recorded, there was no book in the world that can contain them all. The little that were recorded were recorded for us to have faith. Amen.
31.      Now I want you to see something. If you go to the Message titled GOD MISUNDERSTOOD IN ALL THE AGES, William Branham handled it. I handled it in this most holy faith. Many other Ministers handled the same using Scriptures.
32.      We were trying to portray no other person but the Lord Jesus Christ: how He lived His life here on earth as a human being from the day He was born.
33.      We showed you Scripture in Saint Luke chapter 2: How he was born in the lineage of King David. A member of King David’s family, grew up in stature, in knowledge, in wisdom having favour with God and with all men.
34.      We presented the picture of Mary, the mother. We showed you a picture of a woman nursing her baby with her breast. We made every body to see from the Scriptural point that a woman can deliver her God.
35.      That God can impregnate a woman spiritually and she will deliver the Almighty God. The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. Is He not the Almighty God? He that resurrected, is he not the Almighty God.
36.      We presented the facts about Him because he was born in weakness, he grew up in strength, for God was with him and in him for he was called to serve.
37.      When he was too tender, about two years of age, persecution came upon him. When Herod could not succeed in killing him, he made a proclamation that infants, two years and below should be killed.
38.      And the Lord who liveth in heaven and on earth at the same time, who fills all in all gave them a revelation to carry him to his maternal home. They took refuge in his maternal home in Egypt, for Mary was a native, born and brought up in Egypt, married to a Jew, an Egyptian woman by the name Mary.
39.      He was taken to his maternal home where he sojourned for many years until the time of the persecution was over.  
40.      Now, as a human being, who came with a mission, the Jews saw him as a supernatural man because of events around him, which they believed completely. They wanted to make him king and there can never be a king without a kingdom.
41.      Once there is a king, he is a king over a kingdom. King over his domain. They wanted to entrust kingship upon him. He said, “No! My Kingdom is not of this world.”
42.      It provoked them that one that has been chosen for kingship rejected the kingship. Reason being that his kingdom is not of this world.
43.      His townsmen wondered, “Why else did you come on the scene. We have seen your wisdom and all that you have been doing. There is no other thing we are faced with if not crowning you the king of our community.”
44.      He said he does not want, that his kingdom is not of this world.
45.      I am coming to something. As many as are desiring to be kings in their domains, be very careful. You want to accept something that Christ rejected.
46.      Saint Paul emulated that system. He never for one day yielded to that side, no matter his education, no matter his enlightenment and his exposure, he never gave himself to be crowned one thing or the other, for that would have been a distraction from his mission.
47.       All that saw Jesus Christ could not pattern after him, except Saint Paul when he appeared. That was why he was given the privilege of noticing their shortcomings.
48.      Hence he could not go the way of those Apostles for he labelled all of them hypocrites that were not sincere with what they said they believed. Do we still have such people today? They abound.
49.      People that are not sincere with what they say they believe. There is no other definition of hypocrisy greater than that.
50.      One that is not sincere about his belief is a hypocrite. He makes mere pretenses of his faith. He is not serious about it. If he is serious about it, he must place his life on the line.   
51.      Because Saint Paul was convinced beyond reasonable doubt, he placed his life on the line. The Lord Jesus said that whoever that believes in him will not die but will rise again, even if he dies.
52.      Saint Paul believed that, but it was not the attitude of Jesus Christ when death came prematurely. Although he had the right to lay down his life and take it, he never gave himself when the time had not yet come. And the time had not yet come until he had accomplished his mission.
53.      Several attempts were made to arrest him so as to kill him by his enemies. The Bible recorded how he escaped. He hid himself. He ran away. He did this and that. In all, he was avoiding death.
54.      But when the time was due, he handed himself over. He was the one that asked his opposers, “Who are you looking for?”
55.      They said, “Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”
56.      He said, “Okay. I am the one. Leave the rest of My disciples and take Me. Whatever thou listeth do unto Me.”
57.      The disciples were astonished. When he conquered death and conquered his enemies, he told them clearly, “No man took away my life from me. I gave My life and I have the power to take it again.” Demonstrating resurrection, demonstrating death, thereby creating faith in us that even if we die, we shall live again.
58.      You must be conversant with what you believe. For that reason, Saint Paul emulated that way of life. A practical example, not theoretical.
59.      Many, many times, death knocked at Saint Paul’s door. He escaped by whiskers. At a certain time, he was let down with a basket from a window, all in the attempt to escape. He went to Macedonia. They wanted to kill him. God said, “Stay there. Nothing will happen to you. I have many souls I will save here.”
60.      But when the time was due, the Lord sent him to Rome and told him he would not come back. Before then he had already announced to his followers that the time for his departure was already at hand. That the Lord has revealed to him that he will be leaving the scene anytime from that time.
61.      Another time, Agabus used St. Paul's girdle, and bound his own hands and feet, and said, “So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owns this girdle, and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles .” He went the way the Lord ordained.
62.      But until then, nobody laid hands on him because his hour was not yet come. The same thing happened to the Lord Jesus. I would not narrow it to Myself. Amen.
63.      Let us consider William Branham. You know his testimonies. You know the several attempts, even when he wanted to commit suicide. At a point, he said that God had disappointed him. Several times, he attempted suicide, even used short rifle to blow off his head.
64.      But remember there was a time Saint Paul desired to die instead of living. In Philippians chapter 1 verse 23, he desired to die and to meet with Christ forever, but looking at the nature of the Church, the brethren, how weak they were, how immature they were, how imperfect they were, he was not prepared to leave the scene, lest the enemy will scatter the flock.
65.      The Lord Jesus Christ never left the scene until there was one on the scene who would continue from where he [Jesus] stopped. Otherwise, the flock will be scattered.
66.      For the aim of the enemy has always been one thing: Destroy the Shepherd and the sheep will scatter. Amen.

ow, we saw William Branham. We saw how God helped him. Now, it is the turn of The Son of Man. I have shown you what happened to messengers.
2.          There was only but One who was not a messenger. The rest were messengers, but One. And all the messengers ministered with the Spirit that was in Him, for it was the Spirit that was in Him that was used in anointing all. Like the seventy prophets were anointed by the spirit that was in Moses, in part not in completeness.
3.          In all, the Spirit of Christ was upon all of them in part, not without measure. They all had a measure of the Spirit of Christ in them. Is it not Scriptural.
4.          The Prophet said, “As you are seeing me here, the vindication of the cloud you see over my head is a measure of the Spirit of Christ helping you to believe that He has sent me, but there is One who is coming after me, whose salvation I am witnessing. When He will come, He will increase, I will decrease.
5.          “When He will be on the scene, the Bible will be a new book. He is coming with the Message that will go into print form, in electronic media that will encircle the whole world. He will not identify with the clergy of that day.
6.          “So do not look for him among the clergy. He will be on His own. He will be humble. He will be meek. He will be lowly.
7.          “ The simplicity that will be in Him will be such that will make it impossible for the intellectuals of our day to accept Him. Only the Bride, the Elect will accept Him, for the Scriptures will declare who he is. He knows nothing but the Scriptures.”
8.          That is why, when He came, He said, “Show them Scriptures. Show them Scriptures.”
9.          At another time, “I will declare.” “Will they believe?”
10.      He answered, “Yes!”
11.      “Why are you sounding like this, so sure?”
12.      He replied, “Yes! I have taught them.” “Why?” “They must have Christ in person for their Teacher.”
13.      Now, this is our day. From the Scriptures, from the Prophets, we believe The Anointed One is here, that is, The Messiah, the Saviour who has opened our eyes of understanding and has made our sacrifices acceptable unto God. In Him, we have even the forgiveness of our sins and have been made acceptable in the Beloved. He is on the scene.
14.      We were wallowing in ignorance. We were Churchgoers. We were religious until He appeared on the scene and came our way. We began to see the difference between A and B.
15.      He came to save us from the impending wrath of God, for we were preaching against the wrath of God, not knowing that we were already in it.
16.      We were preaching against the anti-Christ, not knowing that we were the very anti-Christ opposing the Truth. A sure sign that we belong to Him, when the Message of salvation came, we embraced it. With every amount of godly sincerity, we welcomed it. And from that day, a new change took over. A new thing started in us and is being sustained till today.
17.      Now, let Me ask you this question: Whatever you are today, if you were there when Jesus was on the scene, that is what you will be. If you are finding it difficult to pattern after the revealed Christ of your age, you can never fit into the revealed lifestyle of the theoretical Christ of yesteryears. You cannot fit in.
18.      Now, let Me show you something. What stumbled the religious people, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Sanhedrins and the rest of them?
19.      By the deeds of the law, they were of the opinion that they were a people of very high moral standing, but they were hypocrites in its application.
20.      Now, Christ was revealed as the Saviour of that day, for he came to save His own. God gave a Messiah to the Jews that time. They saw Him in the midst of criminals, notorious criminals. He was interacting with criminals. I am not talking about harlots. From time to time, they will see him siting with people of questionable characters.
21.      They started querying Him, questioning His claim, “Can this man be what he is telling us he is? How can this man be our Messiah? We are Jews. We are people of very high moral repute.
22.      “How can this degraded human being, who has even degraded himself more by mingling, sitting down together with these notorious criminals claim to be our saviour? Can the Almighty God do iniquity? But these people are full of iniquities. And he takes delight in mingling with them.”
23.      The Jews said, “Let us invite the Pharisees to go and query this boy.”
24.      They went to Him, “Mister! What you have been telling us you are, you came for and you stand for, we are not doubting, but we have found you to be a useless fellow. You have no respect for high moral upstanding. How come that you mingle with all these criminals we are avoiding and yet you claim to be a saviour?”
25.      Then in reply; Remember He was replying to people who were older in age than him. He said, “Fathers of the land. Well, to you, it is an offence, but of a surety, I came for criminals such as they, not for you self-righteous people.”
26.      The people were astonished. They went home and gave the report that they came to him. Look at our interactions. In short, that young man is out of his senses. And that is the man they are being commanded to pattern after.
27.      Assuming you were living that day, can you pattern after him? Would you have that moral courage to mingle with criminals? Feel free with them? Interact with them?
28.      Won’t you be avoiding them like your fathers? Won’t you be afraid of your parents who might be suspecting you and warning you to steer clear from there? To believe him to be the Messiah, do you think it is easy?
29.      Now, at another time, they found him, eating and drinking in the midst of prostitutes. A notorious one was even kissing and hugging him, even using her long hair on him. Even, a little while, she brought out expensive perfume and sprayed on him. Won’t you think she is charming him?
30.      “Wonders can never end! This man claims he is a Messiah. Look at him on the laps of a woman. He is even holding another. Just look at what is happening! She is holding a perfume. She has sprayed it on him. O he has been charmed by the lady.”
31.      I am coming to something. “Is this what we are going to see in this young man? If he is a prophet as he is claiming. If he came from God, he should have known the manner of this particular one, Mary Magdalene. No No No No No No No No.
32.      This man? No No No! He cannot be the Messiah. No No. He cannot, this man is morally depraved. He is morally depraved. Let nobody associate with this man. He is an impersonator. An impostor. He is claiming what he is not.”
33.      Then the following day, another set of people came and hell was let loose. “Let the villagers and all the people come around and see o. come and see messiah Jesus. Come and see saviour. He is drunk in the midst of drunkards. Come and see him. He is sharing bottles of beer, bottle of Kai kai and everything with these drunkards. He drinks, we saw him. Come and see. Look at where he is.” And the people came and met Him there.
34.      Remember it was the fear of what people will say that made Peter to deny Christ, for he was eating and drinking with the Gentiles, people that knew not God.
35.      Immediately he saw the Brethren coming, he washed his hands and then dodged as if he was not among them. He never knew that the eagle eyes of Apostle Paul caught him and James. Even Barnabas followed them in that same hypocrisy, for they were insincere in what they said they believed.
36.      Now, see this man. He takes delight in mingling with these people, drunkards, prostitutes, criminals. A morally depraved man. If you are asked to pattern after him as your beginning and ending, behave like him, let him be your example in all things.
37.      A little while some people came and hell was let loose again, “Are you still talking about this man? Abomination has happened. This man is a glutton. He eats Garri. He eats Akpu. He eats rice. He eats okpa. He has a belly that does not get filled. He has unbridled appetite for food. A glutton. Always eating.”
38.      And the people came and saw him relaxing complacently, enjoying Ogbono soup and Egusi soup at the same time. At another point, he saw fishermen who came from the sea, begged them for fish and they gave him. He roasted it at the seashore where people were passing by. With bread, he sat down on the sand, eating bread and fish.
39.      Some saw him there. “Now, this man is not a gentle man o. What type of Messiah is this? A hungry man! He has roasted fish upon the fire and eating the same with bread this early morning where people are passing by in the open market. Do you say that this man is sane? In short, he has a devil.”
40.      Very soon, they saw him. He was hungry. He entered another man’s farm and started plucking corn. They raised alarm, “Come! Come! Come and help. Everybody come o. See Jesus the saviour. So this man is a rogue. This man is a thief. O we have been asking ‘Who is stealing our corn?’ Look at him. Corn thief!”
41.      I am showing you written theories, examples of that Christ you are asked to pattern after.
42.      At another time, he went to the Temple, saw people, elderly people doing their business in the Temple. Grey-haired Pharisees and Sadducees, the Scribes. Instead of pleading with them, discussing with them, he went outside, brought bulala, and started flogging people that were older than his father and mother, using leg to kick the tables everywhere.
43.      Won’t you ask, “Is there no better way he could have done this than kicking elderly people?” No respect! “The house of my father is the house of prayers. Why should you convert it to business centre? God forbid!”
44.      He was pushing them, kicking and flogging them. If you happened to be one of the sons of those elderly men, and you met the young man flogging and pushing your father out,…
45.      This is the character of the documented Jesus Christ whom you were asked to pattern after in everything.
46.      The revealed Christ in our day said, “If I have preached anything, laid down any doctrine and you feel it is difficult for you to obey, do not bother yourself. All you have to do is to fix your eyes on Me. Anyway you see Me doing it, do it that same way. That is what God is requiring from you.
47.      I have not mingled with prostitutes so as to interact and have everything in common with them. I have not mingled with drunkards. I have not been drunk. I have not mingled with criminals of all sorts. I have not violated any of the elders of the land for any reason at all.
48.      I have not rejected anything unless that which I ought to reject. I have not stolen anybody’s property. I have not eaten
49.       anybody’s thing without paying for it. And yet, to pattern after Me is very difficult.
50.      If you cannot pattern after the simplified Christ, forget about patterning after the bulk Christ.
51.       You can never pattern after the bulk Christ, for Jesus Christ was a bulk of a Message and The Son of Man is the fulfillment of the bulk Message, for those things which he would have told you if you were there but you could not bear them, he handed over to the simplified Christ, who will be drawn from among you, be one of you, marrying, having children which he [Jesus] could not marry, he could not have, so as to lay a perfect example. Amen.





ow we go further. The reason why you have difficulties in this Faith was summarized in the Book of Timothy. Saint Paul discovered it.

2.          He said, “Timothy, you have known me. You have been personally, practically acquainted with me over these years. You have known my manner of life and my doctrines.”  

3.          “Know it of a surety that in the last days, it will be very difficult for people to live godly life. They will go to Church. Yes! The will never believe anything that is taught there. They will wear the outward look of religion but deny its power.

4.          They will be haughty. They will be proud. They will be arrogant. They will be resistant to parents, heady. They will be desiring war instead of peace. They will be desiring to shed blood. They will have unbridled appetite for violence. From such people, keep away. But the answer lies in Christ.”

5.          In other words, if he [Timothy] can look up to the revealed Christ he was acquainted individually, personally and practically with, following him [Paul] as he [Paul] followed Christ, imitating Paul, it will be made easy. For only him has the father sealed and sent.

6.          The problem you are having is that you want to do it yourself, excluding the Guide. The Guide brought you out from the kingdom of darkness into His own Kingdom and now, you think you can do it yourself.

7.          The answer lies in fixing your eyes on Him, having that sincere heart to emulate, to pattern after Him in all things. The same way you are commanded that only He shall you obey in all things.

8.          The same way, He should be your Icon, he should be your Living example, so that if you are queried, your answer will be, “This is where I picked my example.” Who are you patterning after? You say, CHRIST for only in Christ is the worship of God made possible.

9.          That is why the Bible concluded it, “It is not by your power. It is not by your might, but by the Grace of God.”

10.      The Grace of God is an individual. The law came by Moses, but Grace and Truth came by the Lord Jesus Christ who is alive forever more, even this hour as the Resurrected Body.  

11.      In the days of Peter, they were talking about the crucified Christ. In our own day, Christ is not on the cross. He is not in the grave. We preach the Resurrected Christ and the Power of Resurrection is in the midst of the Bride. The Resurrection Power is alive and active in every Elect in the midst of the Bride.  

12.      That is why The Son of Man does not want to know any other thing safe Christ and Him resurrected that I will be made conformable unto His resurrection, not unto His death again.

13.      I am not conforming to the death of Christ. I am conforming to the Resurrection of Life, for He that is in our midst is the Resurrected Body. No more. No less. Vindicated and confirmed. He is given the Authority, Final Authority, Absolute Authority in heavens and on earth to bring the Elects home. Period!

14.      Off your eyes from your Leader and you go astray. Am I making sense? Fine! Then if you recognize Him, wherever you may be all over the world, He reaches you by His Word. He reaches you by His Word. He sent forth His Word, His Word healeth them.

15.      He sent forth His Word, His Word saved him, saved many people. God can stand here and save a situation in the high sea, in America, all over the world.  

16.      His Word goes out like a wind, like the prayers you make. It travels. It enters places your human mind cannot imagine. Who can imagine Bermuda Triangle here? Antigua and Barbuda. Do you know where it is located?

17.      Do you know that the Word of God located people there at British Virgin Islands? The Word of God located people there. Argentina, Peru and to the uttermost parts of the world, the Word has located every Elect in those places.

18.      The printouts we normally get from the websites are practical realities of the number of people that went to the websites every week and not the practical realities of the people they extended the Messages to. Nobody can estimate that. Is it not true?

19.      Like we are here. We know ourselves, but we can never estimate the number of people we have shared the Word of God with. Can we? As we share with you, so they share with others.

20.      Here are the first 6 in our Bridal Chronicles website. I do not want to go through all. Bridal Chronicles website. First 6. “Number 1: Nigeria – 6,318.” Nigeria!

21.      Note it. I want to put it to everybody in this most holy faith, point blank. The totality of the members of the Bride in Nigeria, including those that are in the womb this morning, we are not up to 4,000. The whole Nigeria put together. Do you believe that?

22.      Nobody sitting down here is included in that number that went to

the website. The population of the world I do not know, but that of Nigeria is estimated at about two hundred million. Let us believe it. Now, the population of the world, I cannot estimate. I do not believe that the people troubling Nigeria is this little flock that is less than 4,000 people in a population of over two hundred million.

23.      If 4,000 make a noise, nobody will notice it. And this 4,000 is not drawn from one place. They are drawn from the whole Nigeria. There are some states that do not have even one. There are Local Governments that do not have even one. Is it not true? Who is troubling those states? Is it this Flock?

24.      Anybody from Maiduguri here? Nobody! Anybody from Yola here? Except Brother Abraham in Enugu? I do not believe that he is the only one troubling the whole of Adamawa state. Even if he is a trouble maker, nobody will notice it.

25.      If The Son of Man is the anti-Christ, the Deceiver and the only people he succeeds in deceiving in the whole world is 4,000 nobody is deceived. The truth is that you do not know who the deceiver is.

26.      If this Bridal Ministry is the predicted broad road the Lord Jesus warned against, we will never believe the Scriptures to be true again. How can less than five million form the broad road in a population of about two hundred million people?

27.      The whole Bride put together is not up to a section of people that go to Roman Catholic Church first service. There first service in the cathedral here in Onitsha, the number of people that go for 5 o’clock mass, they are more than the entire Bride put together.

28.      In some places, we are not even up to the number of a block rosary centre. Go to Fegge in Onitsha. When they want to do their block rosary congress in Fegge, they number more than one hundred thousand, both infants and adults.

29.      But this is the world headquarters of the place you think is the broad road. The truth is that you do not know where you are. I am giving you tips that will help you to begin to appreciate God and what He is doing.

30.      He told you, “Narrow is that way that leads to eternal life, but only a few will find it.” He said, “Strive, force yourself, for it is not easy. Force yourself for too many forces will act on you aiming at hindering you.”

31.      It has never been easy. No preacher has ever presented it as an easy thing until The Son of Man came and showed you the easiest way, HEAVEN MADE POSSIBLE, if you see it in the way of The Son of Man, the Most Compassionate, the Most Loving, the Most Accommodating, the Most Merciful, Full of Longsuffering, Full of Forbearing, Full of Understanding.

32.      I mean Unlimited Understanding. One that understands human nature more than any other that appeared. I share in your weakness more than any other. If you lose it in His own Reign, you are lost till eternity.

33.      For that which you could not accomplish, He came and accomplished it for you and standing to lead you in the way of His accomplishment.

34.      He is leading you in the way of His accomplishment, not in the way He is going to accomplish it, for He had already been declared perfect. He had already been made perfect. He had already accomplished it. He is leading you in the way He had already paved for you. There is always a provided way.

35.      When you leave the provided way God has made for you, you are in the region of the lost, you wander away unto destruction. Who do you blame?

36.      Bridal Chronicles, Page views by countries; Nigeria – 6,318. USA – 5,124. Brethren put your hands together. Do you know why I am encouraged in the Bridal Chronicles? It gave every information about the personality you are having dealings with and then backed it up with supernatural confirmations from the Presence of the Almighty God, which no scientist can find fault with.

37.      And America being what it is, does not accept supernatural pictures or anything without proper verification. That is why the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] had earlier investigated.

38.      The Son of Man had been investigated by many countries. The Arab world investigated The Son of Man. America has investigated The Son of Man using everything in their armoury.

39.      Britain has investigated. There is no country that has not investigated this personality and His claim. It is after their investigation that they now subscribed to it. If they never subscribed to it, they would have removed it from the websites. And they are still surging to the website every week, for they have already proved, One: The Personality, Two: The Supernatural.

40.      Every report about that personality had been investigated to its minutest point. If America wants to investigate you, they do not need to send anybody to you. They will search your profile, even the day you were born, your village, everything about you. We are living in a scientific world where no man can just come out and claim to be this and that.

41.      If I am a Deceiver and the only people I can deceive are these people that are here, what have I achieved? I mean, what have I achieved? What then will be My glory? What will make Me great? Who will even know about Me? If I am popular, I am popular among the Elects.

42.      Whenever I open My e-mail, letters that come, we open them here. Of course, not even one has come from outside except few, and no one has ever criticized The Son of Man or called Him names or found fault with any of the Supernaturals.

43.      Then why you? And My answer is that it must be you, for it will take a Jew to find fault with the Messiah, because a Jew will always claim to be self-righteous. That is one.

44.      It must be you because a Prophet is without honour in his own country. It must be you because over-familiarity brings about contempt. But for you to be saved, off your eyes and mind from relationship.

45.      Get acquainted with Christ and Christ alone, no matter who He is, no matter where He is drawn from, no matter His relationship with you. Identify Him by what He is. Anything contrary to that, the enemy has cheated you. The enemy has cheated you.

46.      I thank God for Onitsha. This is where the Glory came down. This is where the Voice went forth. This is where all the Supernatural vindications appeared around The Son of Man.

47.      And The Son of Man never for one day commanded any member of His family to take His photograph. Neither did He take His own. You are My witnesses even till this day.

48.      I have My reason why I removed the photograph from your eyes. I know that even while I am here, some still point towards this area. The positions of every picture are still fresh in your eyes.

49.      I saw Deacon Vin this morning praising God and was pointing. He was pointing at the wall. And I looked at the wall and I saw nothing. May be he is seeing a vision.

50.      I was standing in the pulpit, he was pointing somewhere else, with his eyes there rejoicing. That is an imaginary picture in his heart. The picture is no longer there. But the picture is still the there. HE is still in the pulpit.

51.      If He is removed from your heart, because the pictures have been removed, from the beginning, He never entered your heart. The eyes of your heart never beheld Him, never beheld His Majesty. To God be the Glory.

52.      The first nine countries. [1] Nigeria – 6,318. [2] USA – 5,124. [3] Malaysia 5,074. [4] Russian Federation – 3,452. [5] Argentina – 3,397. [6] Kenya – 2,007. [7] Ghana – 1,292. [8] Singapore – 1,252. [9] Israel – 1,137.

53.      If you add the five or six or seven or eight together, you will have a picture of the people that responded there. I mean, a little picture. On the whole we have more than 50,000.

54.      Now the final figure. Total Number of countries – 70. Viewers – 50,184.

55.      In your homes, open your Bridal Chronicles again. That was the area they went that attracted this figure: Bridal Chronicles.

56.      What is more, not even one disapproved of it. Who is the Centre Figure of that Bridal Chronicles? I mean, who is the Centre Figure?

57.      What attracted their attention is the Centre Figure and His supposed claims. If they had found everything to be false, do you think they will be surging? If I am false, it is among you.

58.      People in distant land dare not treat Me the way you treat Me. I LOVE YOU MORE AND I WILL KEEP ON LOVING YOU.

59.      On this note, I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally. Remain blessed. Amen.