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PRESERVE YOUR YOUTH AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. The youths are easily influenced by their friends this so because you cannot be a friend to a leper and avoid his handshake. It is therefore very imperative for us to counsel our youths very well.”
2.            You cannot befriend a leper and avoid his hand shake.”  And once you shake a leper
it is believed you have contracted the disease. 
3.           Bro Ben Okezue, is there not a cause? When God stirs up the water somebody is about to be saved. Many of our youths here have gone astray with their parents not even knowing; for their parents are paying more attention in making money, money for what?
4.           They left the spiritual development of their children, left the development of their children and that which caused them to abandon the development of their children is what is causing trouble.
5.           Bro Ben, a driver will abandon his family for days and the wife doesn’t care. Once she carries her pap to the streets at the early hours of the morning, no more, the children are left at the mercy of nature and you want first class citizens to miraculously come out of that family?
6.           Well, I do not know who will perform that miracle. Remember My message BE DILIGENT TO LOOK INTO THE STATE OF YOUR FLOCK.  They are all in book form. I stocked you with enough messages that will help you stabilize your home.
7.           Even the youths, I empowered you with something money cannot purchase for you. Thus, blame yourself and not God.
8.           Listen, you are seeing Ngosike, this is a reformed Ngosike. Yes, this is a reformed Ngosike. He was a very bad boy supported by the mother all round, wielding strength from his mother’s part to the disregard of the father’s instructions.
9.           If I never stepped into his life, he wouldn’t be what he is today. I clamped down on him, for his sake I shuttled UNN. I was instrumental to his school at Owerri.
10.        When he wanted to run away with 505, I said no. he practiced all forms of life at Imo State, abandoning even his studies from time to time.
11.        But he was unfortunate the sister was living in the same house with him so he was constantly exposed. Because of his wild life even in the campus, in the face of his father, I summoned Bro. Ojiakor to come and pass a night with me.
12.        He passed a night in My house because of Ngosike. I equipped him, “Go, look at what you will do. Like in My message THE TRAINING OF CHILDREN. If your son is guilty and you want to discipline him and the mother intervened, leave your son, beat the mother first. Beat the mother to coma.
13.        “If she doesn’t faint, don’t stop beating because if your child turns renegade, you are the one that will be blamed by the society. They will ask who is the father? They will not call the mother.”
14.         If a child is good, the mother will be praised. If he is bad, people will say he resembles his father.
15.        I armed him. “Brother, get ready. If you have not beaten your wife before, you will beat her to coma now because of your first son. Once you miss your first son, you are bound to miss all that are following him. So, rise up to your responsibility.
16.        “First and foremost, go home, strip this boy all his right as the first son, deny him all rights and privileges, send him into the kitchen. He should be fetching water, washing plates. He should do every menial job in the house.
17.        If he says no, beat him to coma. Don’t buy any item for him. Provoke him to jealousy by equipping the rest of the children. You will get him.”
18.        Bro. Ojiakor armed with this truth, hurried home, gave sister a stern warning and even pushed her out. When she saw the seriousness, nobody told her to give way. For it was a battle he must win and take all or lose and lose all.
19.        He did it as the Lord pleases. And then came out to monitor the development at Owerri. That is why he is what he is today; otherwise the bank wouldn’t have accommodated him.
20.        There is nothing you will keep quiet over and it will solve its problem. That my child has outgrown me is a bad statement.
21.        If an undergraduate could be humbled down, what of this idiot who is not even a beginner.
22.        Rise up there! I will beat the hell out of you now. Turn your face. As I am saying all these people will be asking who I am referring to. Look at who I am talking about here.
23.        Look at your height, look at your shoulder, does he look like one that is healthy? Come on sit down! If he is doing big guy as a cultist, is it for me? Does he know the extent I reached? Is he up to the age of Modestus? I mean My own younger brother.
24.        When Mode thought he was a giant, I locked him inside the house. You are telling me cult, cult. When I gave Modestus one blow, his knees were on the ground.
25.        He thought I was playing, I gave him the second blow, he fainted. When Lambert came to try me, it was My wife that saved him. I used the leg of a locker that got spoilt, I told him to lie down. He thought I was playing.
26.        When I gave him the first hit, I hit the second one on his waist, he started shouting “Mummy, please oh!”
27.        He was unable to get up from the ground. I told him, “I will hit him four times, if you  die, My wagon will take your corpse to Mbaise now. Tell me the truth!”
28.         He said, “Please wait let me tell you the truth.” He told me the truth because I was all out to kill him because they knew I was a soldier. Once a soldier always a soldier.
29.        I know what I will do to him now, he is talking about cult. When I was at his age, do we say such a thing? No sir!
30.        Look at that Ngosike, a refined Ngosike. There is no habit that cannot be broken if you want to break it. We have a message NO HABIT IS UNBREAKABLE. If you want to break a habit you can break it.
31.        At every point in your life, you are either building a habit or destroying it. I liken the youths to yam plumule.
32.        Any way  the farmer twists it to the stake  is the way it is going to climb the stake either to the right  or to the left, all of us passed through this stage of life so we know what we passed through.
33.        Is not true? Is there anyone among us that didn’t do it, we all passed through it. There is one that is lying in the mortuary in my village, we all grew up together in the village there in the same primary school.
34.         In those days we were patronizing magicians courtesy of the teachers who were bringing them in to the school to show us magic and we were saving our penny; even Kiliwi Nwachukwu, they were all coming to demonstrate one thing or the other.
35.        You see, one day one came and ate three pennies and brought sweet and gum out of his mouth. He dashed those things to everybody.
36.         He  gave us some money to go and buy biscuit, we went to buy he called us back. From  nowhere we saw a carton filled with biscuits. He distributed biscuit to all, but he did something that was mystic.
37.        He pulled out a dagger from his pocket and pierced his stomach. We saw blood, we saw his intestine. We shouted heeeee! He moved his hand as if sealing the wound and we looked we couldn’t see the wound again.
38.         When we got home, this useless boy—now a man—we call him Kakas, instead of learning how to produce biscuits and gum he decided to pierce himself.
39.        We were playing ball outside at the village setting, he said that the man taught him how to do the magic and that he would use razor blade to cut his stomach, but we warned him not to try it.
40.        While we were watching, he tore his stomach and then fell down. We raised alarm. Before the parents would come out he had already fainted. They gathered him, took him to the hospital, luckily he recovered.
41.        You see, this is the foolishness that accompanies youthful life, see the kind of magic he wanted to practice, killing himself.
42.        Anybody, I mean any youth who escaped death during his/her youthful stage should sacrifice a goat for God.
43.        About ninety per cent of our youths in the society commit heinous crimes every day , but the eyes of the law enforcement agents catch only but a few . For that reason, the fortunate ones among them think that they are innocent but their consciences testify against them privately.
44.        Is it not true? Even right here, are sitting down here, those that steal, that play naira bet, lotto, even those that steal that of their boss at Main Market, stealing everywhere, because he has not been caught, he will be walking as if he is holy.
45.        Any day he is caught, an ignorant fellow may think that he is being accused falsely. Who told you he is innocent? Do you know when he started stealing? He carries Bible as coverage. He will say “We are in the Bride of Christ”.
46.        Which Bride of Christ? This one? God forbid! Your own Bride of Christ is your father’s compound, not this one. It cannot be this one.
47.        The person in the prison yard is not worse than one moving freely about the in streets. He is moving about freely because he has not been caught while the one in the prison is there because of his own misfortune. 
48.        We are talking about Ugoo because he has been exposed. What of those that are sitting down here, even parents? Because you have not been caught you think it is a good act?
49.        You ask me “Parents?” I say yes! Parents do more than that! If parents are misbehaving, their children will be emulating them. Is there anyone who is unreasonable here?
50.        Do you want me to start mentioning names? Even if your name is not mentioned don’t you know yourself?
51.        But whether you are in the prison yard or not, it is all but one if you are not properly instructed.
52.        It is all but one in the sight of God because you are a criminal whether you have been caught in the act or not, you are a criminal.
53.        Gone are the days when prison yards were reformatory homes. The aim of imprisoning somebody is not or kill him but to get his character reformed and serve as a deterrent to others.
54.        This service is no longer obtainable in the prison yards today. People go to prison and become worse, because there they meet hardened and unrepentant criminals who lecture them on scientific criminal acts that even beat the law enforcement agents hollow. It is there that they acquire the knowledge of trado-medical bullets.
55.        Brethren put your hands together! As at 2006, 17th September, God had already prepared our youths even those that are yet unborn.
56.        Why are they misbehaving? It is because parents do not bring out time, use this message and impress it on their children. They pay more attention to pursuing money.
57.        If I should present this message to the Nigerian Police and present this boy with verified evidence of his criminal act, no court will try his case. They will be justified in gunning him down because if he is allowed to continue, he will cause more havoc than Monday Osunbor.
58.        That is why I said I must judge him before I will hand him over with evidence, and I will hand over a copy of this message which I handled when he was 2 years old, and I am still impressing it on him even in My house.
59.        This is why from time to time some are sometimes given long jail terms as to weaken them through old age so as to restrain them from evil anytime they are freed.
60.        Any youth that suffers this setback has shattered his future with his hands.
61.        There are two brothers now languishing in the prison at Umuahia, they are undergraduates, conspired and travelled to Abuja, went to Army barracks and stole AK-47, came down to Umuahia and used it to rob a family.
62.         Instead of robbing the husband and wife, they drugged them and the drug killed the husband and wife.
63.        While the Army was looking for the missing rifle, information got to the Army Intelligence, they traced them down to Umuahia, recovered the missing rifle when they had already been arrested by the Police for murder.
64.        Their mother being a Prison officer stood between the law and justice, the father said they should be executed.
65.        At the end of the day, the learned judge sentenced two of them to 27 years each, and they were already 24 and 26 years old respectively.
66.        Why are they going to serve 27 years? By the time they will come out, if they will come out, they must have attained old age. Now, what will be their future?
67.        Will it be at that age that they will continue with their first degree? Ok. Yet parents are here keeping quiet when their children are committing evil. 
68.        God had already seen this thing ahead of time, warned ahead of time. Warning before judgment.
69.        This boy reads this message in My house every week, three times for it is always My command.
70.        If you joke with these messages in your house, The Son of Man doesn’t joke with any messages. Not minding that God use me to bring them out, I still bring out time to impress it on My children.
71.        For the Prophet William Braham said, “No matter how Holy Ghost filled you may be, if you do not sit down and tutor your children in this messages until they become like you, you are bound to lose them to hell”.
72.        You may be saved and your works destroyed by fire, your family destroyed by fire and you are in the kingdom with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob without any of your children there. All your labours in life become useless-nonsense. You could not even carry one across.
73.        Lot was able to carry his own across. Noah carried his own across. If Rehab had sons, she carried them across together with her mother, her father, her relations.
74.        Lot would have carried his in-laws across but they refused. Moses wanted to carry his in-laws across but they refused. Hobab said, “I am not going.” God is begging parents to give Him audience. Amen.

PRESERVE YOUR YOUTH AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. Please pay attention to me. It is at this youthful stage of life that many die mysteriously because they are over ambitious to make money by all means.
2.           Like the boy that said he wants to be a millionaire at 25 years.
3.           Some of them enlisted themselves in secret societies that involve even human- rituals or even their own lives in other to make money at tender ages due to improper counseling and bad influence.
4.           Like the one that enlisted himself. He is fulfilling all.
5.           They capitalize on the weakness of the society that believes that the end justifies the means. This ideology or philosophy is from the devil not from God.
6.           Sure! “The end justifies the means,” an ideology from bottomless pit, not from God.
7.           Who will query anybody again? Nobody is querying anybody. Even EFCC is not querying anybody, Code of Conduct is not querying anybody. How can you query somebody when your moral conscience cannot justify you? 
8.           Some silly parents are guilty of mounting undue pressure on their youths comparing their financial standings with that of their compatriots irrespective of how they made the money.
9.           A wise youth should not succumb to that type of devilish pressure or competition for wealth. Wealth is good if it is acquired honestly in the Fear of God.
10.        Because your parents are mounting pressures on you that your mates are building skyscrapers, your mates are riding exotic cars, this and that, and you accepted the devilish pressure just to go and make money by all means.
11.        Some ran to South Africa, some traveled to Dubai, some traveled to Ghana to practice Yahoo because they are being ridiculed to get dishonest wealth.
12.        God said, “Never yield to that silly pressure from your parents or relations. Don’t listen to them!
13.         If they go and make the money is it an abomination? Whosoever that advices me to go and steal, should go and steal and give to me. Does he not know where Dubai is? Does he not know where South Africa is?
14.        This is the problem I was having with Bro. Joe Ogbuka last Sunday. Presenting his younger brother to me that I should know his plans to sending him to Dubai.
15.        And I shook My head. This man does not know who I am. All these years, you were the one writing application for the employment of your younger brother to enable him secure job in the University of Nigeria or elsewhere.
16.        Didn’t you see Dubai that time? Didn’t you see South Africa and so many places? Now God has heard your prayers, a place has been considered for him, he has been given appointment, you are now complaining about salary, that the salary is poor.
17.        Didn’t you know about the salary? Will he be paid above the salary scale for his own? Will he be the vice Chancellor? What is wrong with human beings? Insincerity.
18.        I now called him. “That which you are trying to avoid is unavoidable. If you send him outside and he dies there, for I know he will die, your people will accuse you. Even if he dies here in Nigeria now, your people must accuse you.”
19.        The mother was there, the Sisters were there, the Brother was listening to me.
20.        You sent him outside before, what did he achieve? He was a bachelor, why must it be now he is married and blessed with a son? You now want to separate him from the wife, from the son because of money.
21.        Are you not a millionaire? Why not volunteer and recruit him for a pay? Give him job as a driver, pay him three hundred thousand every month, he will work for you.
22.        My friend, go and establish his wife. After establishing the wife, allow the man to continue in the work in the University for he is going to work in a refined atmosphere, mingle with refined people whose influence he will be reflecting because often times, our characters are the reflections of people we surround ourselves with; is it not true?
23.        You can fool anybody not The Son of Man. I have seen the end of the world. Take a step and I will tell you where you will land, one-way.
24.        Do you know why I love Myself? I hand out the truth ready to die. I am never afraid of death. Death is My best friend because you will give me a permanent rest forever, but can you succeed?
25.        Have you enquired about the number of people that attempted it in diverse means? And ended their attempts in nullity. Maybe you want to enlist your name among those that tried.
26.         That is why I said if you think it is an empty boast, try. Just try! I know all human beings, I know all your capacities, I know what fools people.
27.        The worst thing that happens to a young man that makes money at your age is living in a fool’s paradise.
28.        Why? That which you know, others know it. That which others know, you know it. What is hidden there? There is knowhow a bird will fly without someone seeing the abdomen.
29.        Tell me that which you think is hidden under the sun and I will tell you where you are erring. Stop living in a fool’s paradise. I have seen 99.
30.        Do you know why I love My life? People hate their life but I love My own because I have lived by the way I want, I display it the way I want, where I want and when I want and at a time I want.
31.        The same way I cherish My powers. Of course, I don’t need to say it here, heathens know more than that. No man born of a woman can estimate the powers embedded in The Son of Man, not even the grand master of Eckankar who tried it first putting his Kabbalah  together.
32.        Not even your own master because you were one of them. You (Bro. Joe Ogbuka) brought them to My house at Benjamin Street, Onitsha and they were there when you organized your thanksgiving ceremony at Nsukka; when you were even a student.
33.         I came face to face with them, took photographs with them even in your compound which your mother preserved till today that was in 2002.
34.        Your mother is still holding the photograph. That woman is a wonderful woman. If I need a record keeper, she should be My choice.
35.        Lifting the photograph before me when I stepped My feet into that compound the second time…this woman brought out the photograph.
36.        I said, “Mama, you mean you preserved this photograph?”
37.        You see why we are cautious. I never knew she was believing My reports even that time. If she never believed according to her, because I said, “Mama I never knew you were paying attention.”
38.         She said, “If I had never believed, I wouldn’t have kept your photograph.” She reminded me of all I said that time.
39.        I said, “Mama, that which I did that time I will repeat oh. I was in a haste and they waited for me in your house but I never honoured it. I left without eating, without drinking. Today, I will not eat in your house again.
40.        “A day is coming when I will eat in your house not today. I am on a strict mission. If I wanted to eat in your house, I would have slept in your house but I hid Myself away, yet I was behind your house. They were looking for me everywhere.”
41.        What am I trying to say My brethren? Get rich quick means dying quick. When a man finishes all his ambitions here, at any stage you come to the end of your ambition, the next thing is death.
42.        If you started practicing yours at the age of 10, you will die at 10. If you were 20 and started practicing it, you will die at 20. That is why I do not believe “Gone too soon”. I don’t believe in that.
43.        Like Ugoo, if he dies now, he is not dying too soon. Those who seek money by all means, where do you run to? If death comes will money save you? 
44.        I don’t know whether people are paying attention to me. No man born of a woman who has handled the word, has ever boasted and bragged more than The Son of Man.
45.        My Boast, My brag, they are all true; they are faithful, and dependable. Yes! There is nothing you can offer me.
46.         Like a brother told me: “I will take you by surprise”.
47.        What do you think you will do to take me by surprise?  He has not known me. If he knows Me, he won’t make that statement.
48.        Who take me unawares? Tell me what you will do? If you want to make an offer and you don’t enquire, you and your offer will be rejected.
49.         I know Sister Umezuluike knows where I am heading. Can you imagine somebody, I was a Civil Servant, middle class Civil Servant as at that time.
50.        Somebody came to My family that time with the whole Elders just for the sake of the new born baby with a very fat envelope filled with money, yam tubers, bags of rice, wine, every kind of thing including one goat. All for me because I had a son.
51.        I called My own Elders to join hands with me to receive them. While they got seated, I entertained them within My capacity with food and drinks, they ate to their satisfaction.
52.        I said, “Ok, you can tell me what these things are for.”
53.         The man who came with his Elders repeated everything. I said ok thank you sir. I was holding the envelope in My hand watching the whole thing fill My parlour for I was living in a commercial parlour.
54.        Now, I said, “Sir, thank you very much for your magnanimity, thank you for your love. I appreciate all these things. I don’t jump up for something like this.”
55.         He knew that a bombshell was in the making. He adjusted himself in his seat.
56.        I said, “Now pay attention. If your idea of coming to me with all these things is to make yourself a thin god, untouchable, in our midst to the point that even if you commit crime I will not tell you in your face, please take all these things away. I don’t need them”.
57.        I threw the envelope on top of the yam tuber. He stood up, “My Lord The Son of Man…” sweating profusely. Their Elders thought he was fainting.
58.        He said, “My Lord The Son of Man…”
59.        I said, “Get up, don’t kneel down. I am telling you My nature. These things mean nothing to Me.”
60.         He said, “Please I came with open heart, I came to appreciate, I came to thank God”.
61.        I said, “Ok thank you. If that is the reason why you presented these things, they are acceptable feel free. Thank you very much. Drink whenever you want to go, go.”
62.         He called Bro. Okoh, and said, “Let’s go.” All of them, they carried their station wagon and left.
63.        When he got to Enugu, he summoned the Elders, told them his experience. He said, “Never have I seen a man like this before. He said can you imagine a poor Civil Servant that is privileged to be given this wonderful gifts in this hard time, look at the way he returned all. Look at the way he dressed, in fact I felt ashamed of myself.
64.        He continued, “If I never ate and drank before this man spoke, I wouldn’t have tasted anything. What type of a human being is this? Maybe he is an ingrate?”
65.         They told him, “He is not an ingrate. It is His nature.”
66.         I am that King that is contented with what He has. You won’t know when I am hungry; you won’t know when I am not hungry. You don’t know whether I am poor or whether I am rich.
67.        Do you know the number of car keys I have rejected? Do you know how many houses that has been shown to me and I said I will not live there? 
68.        Do you know people that brought money and i said I do not need it? Have you seen where an Igbo man rejected money before? Can an Igbo man reject money?
69.        That was where Roland Morald doffed his cap for me. A Lebanese, it was noised abroad. This same  Personality, when I went to Lagos toi supervise the activities of the bank that failed.
70.        It is an experience nobody can believe except Bro. Okeh Oleri who was there and the other boy (Ifeanyi) who is now a lawyer based in Port Harcourt.
71.        I rejected money, rejected carton of money, refused that Nmagha should take me to the park. While they were preparing, I had already chartered My taxi to Ekene. They were trailing me, I entered wagon off to Onitsha abandoning everything.
72.        I have a conscience that can never be bribed, that is where I love myself most.
73.        What am I saying? Let nobody ever make a silly statement: You want to take me by surprise or you will take me by surprise. With what? 
74.        If we must meet, eat, drink and journey together, it must be discussed and agreed upon. You know he doesn’t know my place. It is being said that if a journey is pleasurable we will drink, If it is bad, we will drink. You don’t say it in the House of The Son of Man.
75.        There are some people that will come with their goats and everything, I will order them to go back with those things. That they are not needed in my house.
76.        You know one who doesn’t know a man calls him “my friend.” This is the reason why this Faith is still alive till today. Without it, what happened to others would have happened. Even this one might even be worse.
77.        Thus, you cannot bribe your way with money, material or whatever you may think. They are inconsequential, useless, things I cannot even consider for any reason at all. Because My life is at stake, the lives of many are at stake.
78.        What can a man give in exchange of his life? Is it Dollars? Can you present it before me? I am the rolling Dollars. Not ordinary Dollars, rolling dollars. Is it Pounds? No sir.
79.        There is only one thing you will present to me, once I get it, every other thing is over. Give me your heart, finish. Let me operate in your heart then I will enjoy your wealth.
80.        Remember I will enjoy your wealth not your loot. I can only enjoy your loot if you loot at My command.
81.        Yes! God commanded a people to “destroy and loot”. Commanded them at another time, “destroy, don’t loot”.
82.        Whatever Melchizedek collected from Abraham was the loot. But if I have not commanded, “don’t loot”.
83.        Wealth is good only if it is acquired honestly in the fear of God…
84.        God hates dishonest wealth, bloody wealth.
85.        Such youths can indulge in unimaginable profligacy to the hurt of their fellow men to achieve dastardly objectives. “To the hurt of their fellow human being”. To these category of youths, they prefer money to life and nothing obstructs their way without been crushed in their bid to make the money.
86.         Put your hands together for God, for this truth is here. Our youths should blame themselves and not God for God loves you. God really loves you and prepared such a glorious message for you, gave it out to your parents free of charge.
87.        The same way we gave it out to the whole world. I distributed over ten thousand pieces of this message on the High ways in all My missionary assignments.
88.        Police officers, Army officers, everywhere they were scrambling for it. All the schools and colleges, Universities, these messages are everywhere, the whole libraries in the world.  Amen.

PRESERVE YOUR YOUTH AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. A nation can grow without developing in the same manner a man can grow without developing. A human being can grow in stature but is mentally retarded.
2.           These youths who die for money are mentally retarded.  At this stage of life, ladies parade the streets half naked with their hand bags…
3.            is it true? Yes sir! They are now wearing big hips even in the television.
4.           Flickering their eyes-side ways and twisting their waists so as to catch the attention of such stupid persons like them. They have unbridled desire for men for the sake of the money...
5.           They have unbridled desire for men for the sake of the money.
6.           Hence they collect the money  and HIV/AIDS in return. Watch the rate at which they are dying in the hospitals and trado-medical homes.
7.           Due to lack of proper counseling, these youths often drop out of schools and colleges and even the Universities thereby constituting a great nuisance to the society.
8.           Some run away from all forms of apprenticeship and become hooligans in the streets.
9.           If you are wise, do not wait until you have your own children maybe attaining 10 years before you get a copy. Try to get as many copies of this message as you can for this is a message that will endure to all Generations.
10.        Don’t just have one, buy as many as you can. If it is possible, litter your house with it. Let your wife be reading, you will be reading even visitors, whoever that comes to your house must have a copy to read at least that is what he will learn from you.
11.        There is nobody here without relations that are giving him or her headache. Why? Improper upbringing.
12.        Don’t limit this message to yourself, that is wickedness. This message is intended to bear its fruits in the society starting from here because the Bride of Christ Ministry is an integral part of the society whether we like it or not.
13.        Nobody here is in Paradise yet. And as long as you are not in Paradise, you must mingle with every kind of human being in your business.
14.        When Jesus Christ was praying in St. John’s gospel chapter 17, He said “Father, I am not praying that you should take them away but I am praying that you should unite them by your word for your word is truth.”
15.        It is only this word, if it is in their hearts that will create enmity in their hearts against evil, evil discussions, evil practices.
16.        Proverbs 1:1-14. Living Bible. These are the proverbs of King Solomon of Israel, David's son: He wrote them to teach his people how to live-how to act in every circumstance,  for he wanted them to be understanding, just and fair in everything they did...
17.        For he wanted them to be understanding, just and fair in everything they did”.
18.        "I want to make the simpleminded wise!" he said.
19.        The wisest man in his day passing his wisdom to his children because it is what a man has that he will offer to his children.
20.        Igwe Amobi, what do you offer your children? Tell us what you offer your children because we all were together yesterday and you were covering your face.
21.        Is covering your face what we are talking about? Ben was crying that he is a driver so that he will take care of his family.
22.        "I want to warn young men about some problems they will face…. "
23.        I want to warn young men about some problems they will face as they journey through life. Warning young men and ladies. Is it not proper? What did the Bible say we should do?
24.        The Word of God should be on our door post, paste it in your houses so that he that readeth will understand. Make it bold, make it readable.
25.        Teach your children while you are eating, while you are drinking, while you are chatting, while you are lying down, while you are in the vehicle, wherever.
26.        Impress it on them so that when they grow up, they will never depart from it. Thy word have I hidden in My heart that I may not sin against you.   
27.        I want those already wise to become the wiser
28.        I want those already wise to become the wiser.
29.         and become leaders by exploring the depths of meaning in these nuggets of truth." How does a man become wise? The first step is to trust and reverence the Lord!”
30.        How does a man become wise? The first step is to trust and reverence the Lord! This is where this boy died. His parents never trusted, they never reverenced God and this boy could not learn anything from the parents except their wild life.
31.        If you are asked if you trained your child, you will say that you gave him food, you bought clothes for him, you paid school fees for him. Have you trained him?
32.        Only fools refuse to be taught….
33.        Only fools refuse to be taught. I hope we are not having fools here among the youths male and female that have shut up their hearts against the word of God, against the truth?
34.         “Say what you want to say, let me go home and do what I want to do!”
35.         Do you know why I am not happy with Bro. Ben? Nobody should blame Ugoo the third child or the school or anybody. Blame it on Bro. Ben and the wife.
36.        What is my reason? The first son is a school dropout who had dropped out in JSS 2. This one is dropping out in SS2 but the elder Brother who elderly to somebody before this one dropped in JSS 2.
37.        Bro Ben was a school dropout. The father was willingly to train him, everybody was willing to give him the best education, everybody was there. Sister Ozioma, am I bearing false witness?
38.        Sister Ozioma said No sir!
39.        You are most senior sister. The same mother the same father.  Is it a false witness?
40.        Sister Ozioma said No sir!
41.        He became the number one that moulded their car keys. The father thought it was armed robbers that stole the car not knowing it was a small boy. He never knew he knew how to drive.
42.        He moulded the car key, took his father’s vehicle and ran away. You want to see a good fruit from a bad tree?
43.         If a specie is bad, it is bad. A pear that is bad, if you uproot it at Mbaise and plant it at Onitsha, it remains bad. Plant it anywhere it is bad because it will produce fruits after its own kind. Abi na lie?
44.        I am not talking about Agulefo of Ogidi, I am talking of Mbah of Umunze. I was asking him a question. He was saying that I should change school for Ugoo.
45.        The school your first son went to where he dropped out, was it the school Ugochukwu attended? That thing that spoiled your first son in the school he went to, is it the School Ugochukwu is attending?
46.        Your first son went to school at Ogidi while Ugochukwu is schooling at Nsugbe. As it is with A, so it is with B.
47.        If you check it, this was how their father started. You see why he doesn’t have the moral conscience to discipline this child? More so when he has not repented, rather he changed style.
48.        If you ask him, he will say so that it will be better which we saw last night. He testified against himself. When he was asked, he said it was so, so that it will be better.
49.        Ok your son is misbehaving so that it will be better as well. The people that attended the meeting last night, am I bearing false witness? (They chorused No sir!).
50.        Don’t you know what we saw last night? “Only fools refused to be taught”. A fool does not want to be taught. If you are teaching him, he will be doing as he wants to do because he is a fool.
51.        Tomorrow you will say you are doing so, so that it will be better. Tomorrow you will start looking for excuses.
52.        The cloud is in  the camp. Wherever Truth is, God is there. 
53.        Listen to your father and mother.
54.        Listen to your father and mother, that is if you have such parents that are  godly.
55.        Ephesians 6: 4 says; “Train up a child in the Lord, it shall be well with you, you will live long, prosper and see good things”.
56.        But when the parents are not willing to sit down with the children to teach them, will you kill those children?
57.         The man is all out to make money, the wife is all out to make money and their family got spoilt. Now you came out and said that your son should be killed.
58.        Because your child has grown in evil habit, anywhere he is being taken to, he will not be obedient because the person talking to him is not the parents.
59.        Once a child has concluded in his heart “Why are you disturbing me, are you my father? Are you my mother?” will he pay attention? No sir!
60.        If you chastise him, he will look at you from head to toe because you are not the father. He will tell you that “if you disturb him too much he will go back to the parents’ house”. Who caused it? The parents.
61.         Listen to your father and mother.  What you learn from them will stand you in good stead; it will gain you many honours.  
62.        Amen! This means children have a lot to learn from their parents. What if they are learning evil from the parents thinking that it is the right way of life? Will you blame them?
63.        When a she goat is chewing cud, its kid will learn from her.
64.        If young toughs tell you, "Come and join us"-turn your back on them!
65.        If young boys tell you, "Come and join us"-turn your back on them! “Young boys, young girls, come and join us let us go and steal, let’s go and kill, let’s go and join cult,” it said “Turn your back on them”.
66.        Who should tell the children? The Bible said “the parents”. How many parents in this faith can say “I take out time with my children to espouse them to God’s truth, creating enmity in their hearts against evil, to avoid school gang”?
67.        Who do you have in mind while shouting it? Who is perpetrating this evil if not you? Do you behave well?
68.        Last Sunday, I love a sister who came to me. An elderly mother, after hearing the message, she came and knelt down.
69.        She said, “Daddy,” with tears “I am sorry. I failed as a mother! Please pardon and forgive. I really failed as a mother! I have not done my duty as a mother according to the instructions we received”.
70.        That is the type of repentant heart, court trial heart. I want to change. A mother that has graduates came here on Sunday, knelt down with tears and she came from Enugu.
71.        Many saw her weeping, some might be laughing at her for she unburdened her heart. “I failed as a mother, for I have never done my duty as a mother for one day on my children”.
72.        I said, “Sister rise up. From now you have realized where you failed and you are still alive, you can make amends. It is not yet too late but if after recognizing where you have failed, you are still alive, you refused to do something, tomorrow maybe worst. It is a joint responsibility, all hands must be on deck.”
73.         If young toughs tell you, "Come and join us"-turn your back on them! "We'll hide and rob and kill," they say."Good or bad, we'll treat them all alike.
74.        And the loot we'll get! All kinds of stuff! Come on, throw in your lot with us; we'll split with you in equal shares."
75.        Don't do it, son! Stay far from men like that, for crime is their way of life, and murder is their specialty. When a bird sees a trap being set, it stays away, but not these men; they trap themselves!
76.        They lay a booby trap for their own lives. Such is the fate of all who live by violence and murder. They will die a violent death.”
77.        Such is the fate of all who live by violence and murder. They will die a violent death.
78.        Brethren, God is faithful. Is there anybody who knows when this thing was written in the Bible?
79.        We see our children misbehaving in our presence, what caused it? Parents never spent time to train their children with the word of God.
80.        The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. What have you done in order for your child to know that God is real?
81.         Is it not to espouse them to the word of God? This is why some kill their mothers; some kill their fathers for not giving them proper upbringing that will help them achieve success in life.
82.        Children from loose families troubling us. Parents who are equally bad and uncontrollable want us to bear their responsibilities, God forbid. Listen to me.
83.         I have said this before and I am repeating it again. Nothing will ever make me to take paracetamol tablet on another man’s headache again.
84.        I have taken it too much. I have died many times for the sake of your iniquities and I am tired! Anything anyone commits now, he will bear the consequences. Did you hear it?
85.        Such is the fate of all who live by violence and murder. They will die a violent death.
86.        They will do what? Die a violent death. Ugochukwu have you heard it? Even at home you read it. You have read up to hundred times in My place: “They will die a violent death.”
87.        When you were in JSS 2, you were brought to My place, I pointed at you and said, If Police do not gun you down, security agents will gun you down. Nothing will ever make you clock 25 years. You will die at a tender age. Unless you repent.”
88.         There is nobody in My family who does not know him. His father and mother know about this matter. Later My wife called him and said, “Listen, all these things Daddy is pointing out, do not joke with them. There has never been anybody He pointed at and made a comment that escaped it.  That you steal in this house and nobody caught you is because you have not been exposed. The day you will be caught red-handed, as far as God lives, it will be exposed.”
89.         Chika is there as My witness. As it has been revealed, has anyone believed that he is the one committing this crime? The parents shouted but the shouting is rubbish. They were shedding crocodile tears. Amen.

PRESERVE YOUR YOUTH AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. Wisdom shouts in the streets for a hearing. She calls out to the crowds along Main Street, and to the judges in their courts, and to everyone in all the land: "You simpletons!" she cries.
2.           "How long will you go on being fools? How long will you scoff at wisdom and fight the facts? Come here and listen to me! I'll pour out the spirit of wisdom upon you and make you wise. I have called you so often, but still you won't come.
3.           I have pleaded, but all in vain. For you have spurned my counsel and reproof.  Some day you'll be in trouble, and I'll laugh! Mock me, will you?-I'll mock you!
4.           When a storm of terror surrounds you, and when you are engulfed by anguish and distress, then I will not answer your cry for help. It will be too late though you search for me ever so anxiously. 
5.           "For you close your eyes to the facts and did not choose to reverence and trust the Lord, and you turned your back on me, spurning my advice. That is why you must eat the bitter fruit of having your own way and experience the full terrors of the pathway you have chosen.
6.            For you turned away from me-to death; your own complacency will kill you. Fools! But all who listen to me shall live in peace and safety, unafraid." (TLB)
7.           There is no age that produced more mad youths that parade the streets and markets than our age…
8.           Don’t you know Odinakachi Nwanga? You know him? Good! Didn’t he receive this message? Is there any advice that was not given to him? Where has he been for some years now? Is it not in the prison yard?
9.           Had it been he listened to the instructions given to him, he wouldn’t have been in the prison custody. While his father was alive, when these messages were going on, he stood up and said “He that has ears should listen to the word of God”.
10.        Because if advice is being given to the ear and it refuses to listen, any day the head is cut off, the ear will follow suit.
11.        One who refuses to hear will land it in the grave. Who no know go know.
12.        One day monkey go go market e no go see road return, The Lord is here present, the cloud is in the camp.
13.        As a result of wrong habits the youths inculcate during their youthful days, they can hardly make good husbands and wives.
14.        They run broken homes with mischievous children that cause them sorrow and pain during old age.
15.        This is just the Introduction.  PRESERVE YOUR YOUTH AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. Amen. Refresh our memories. Is there any love greater than this? No sir!
16.        PROMISCUITY: this is a hateful act of having sexual affair indiscriminately with many people at a very early stage of life or at any age at all; it is the worst form of sexual abuse.
17.        The bane of the society. 
18.        LESBIANISM: this is the act of females having sexual relationship with their fellow females. 
19.        God loves his family. Lesbianism is a socio-psychological problem. If you say that it is not so, I see you as one suffering from Neurotic-psychosis that needs serious medical attention by experts or trained nurses.
20.        I didn’t go to school. What I attended is Universi-uche (school of wisdom). You all went to University while I attended Universi-uche.
21.        Your own is for nonentities while the one I attended is for those who have Wisdom. You attended UNIVERSI “ITI”, you studied but you are an illiterate. I attended UNIVERSI “UCHE”.
22.        Lesbianism is a pathological problem that should be given serious attention…  
23.        A pathological problem that should be given serious medical attention by experts. Does the person know what she is doing? Do not handle it on the surface.
24.        This was a lecture, an impromptu one I handled here. Somebody might be thinking I sat down and wrote it. It was recorded here, transcribed here.
25.        Consider a situation where a female will be romancing a fellow female, touching all the sensitive parts of her body…
26.        Abomination of all abominations! Some, even fathers are guilty. Are you sure it cannot be traceable here?
27.        It can be traced to this place. That you know yourself, do you know another man?  The heart is quite deceptive, who can know it but God.
28.        Consider a situation where a female will be romancing a fellow female touching all the sensitive parts of her body sometimes kissing and caressing her just to satisfy her sexual urge. This is man’s inhumanity to man!  
29.        This is man’s inhumanity to man, a debasement of the last order.
30.         Consequences of lesbianism: a lesbian finds it difficult to marry because she does not have any desire for a man.
31.        Social psychologists, is it true? I have many of you here, do I call your names? True or false? True sir!
32.        You know the Son of Man is everywhere. I have the embodiment of all. A lesbian finds it difficult to subscribe to marriage for she has no need of any man. She exists alone, satisfies herself alone. “Of what use is a man?” A man to her is a disturbance she is not ready for.
33.        Let’s go to the scriptures give me living bible translation.
34.        1 Corinthians 11:11-13 But remember that in God's plan…
35.        In what? “God’s Plan”.
36.        Men and women need each other...
37.        Men and women do what? Need each other.
38.        For although the first woman came out of man, all men have been born from women ever since, and both men and women came from God their Creator.
39.        Men and women need each other.  If you go to book of Romans 1:26-29, when God handed them over to reprobate spirits, they started doing those things that were not approved of God.
40.         Instead of having normal sexual relationships, men with women, they now turned it upside down: men with men, women with women, committing the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah because God gave them over to reprobate spirit.
41.        Nobody comes out public to declare she is lesbian.
42.        Can it happen? No Sir! “Even here”.
43.        Lesbians do not make good mothers because they do not respect any man for who he is. What?
44.        This is a social imbalance that has to be addressed in the Fear of God by any female or male youth that thinks the best for himself or herself.  
45.        Period! Clap your hands for The Son of Man! “17th September 2006,” God diagnosed all these social madness. Do we have any excuse to give for our misbehaviour?
46.        We have been over taught according to Bishop Isaac of Owerri. Look at him he is here. Are we not over taught? He said that we are over taught!
47.         Is there anybody who has zeal in this message who will not be regarded as a wise fellow?
48.        If you obey all these teachings, people will say surely these are the people that belong to The Son of Man in this Bridal movement.
49.        None to compare to them but unfortunately we hear with the ears we don’t obey and we pay the price in sorrows and pains. Amen.

PRESERVE YOUR YOUTH AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. MARITAL ENGAGEMENT. Marital engagement, which is common among our youths. “I go marry you, I love you, the sugar in my tea, bread in my butter and everything”.
2.           SPOILERS AND THE GSM. “2006.” The same year GSM came into existence.
3.           This instrument as we were told by God at its inception should not be found in the hands of fools.
4.           Should not be found in the hands of fools. Get rid of dangerous instruments from the hands of fools. Let’s begin with GSM.
5.           People with perverted minds have perverted its usage as they done in other spheres of life.
6.            This idiot called Bro. Ben Mbah’s son, the third in the family, the handset he used stolen money to buy according to the brethren that knows the worth, it is sold at N 65,000 with double chargers. The golden band N 2,500, the necklace N 800.
7.           He had already given out N 27,000 naira to his friends to buy phone for him, he found fault with that one and dashed it out. What he bought was Infinix Hot4 finger print. Then the wrist watch they called it Hublot (a Swiss Luxury Watch). I am in possession of the watch because he surrendered all to me.
8.           I said, “No, go and use.” He said he is tired that he won’t use and then surrendered the leftover cash of N 6,200.
9.            Because I said, “If you feel the leftover cash will help you to go to University, go with it. If you feel it is insufficient, surrender it. He surrendered N 6,200.
10.        I asked, “Is that all?” He said yes. He gave a loan of N 5, 000 to someone from the remnant somebody who spent over N 250,000 in a term on frivolities.
11.        You can imagine what he spent within the three years. Stolen money. And if you listen to the way he steals, all of you will behead him here.
12.        The Elders heard the system of operation and they fainted in their hearts. He decoded the missionary bag. Whatever we raised in the fellowship, I do not know the content of any envelope. We don’t know what is there until we get home. He is responsible for carrying the bag.
13.        He will bring the bag before Pastor Thomas. When they open, whatever they see, I will direct how to pay in the money in the accounts.
14.        He capitalized on that, decoded the bag. How did he get the code?  He said 3 years ago when I bought the bag with Pastor Thomas, that we were rejoicing, I removed the waterproof, told him to take it upstairs, that he watched the number there.
15.        When he got upstairs he opened it then he twisted the number zig-zag, it locked. He placed it right, it opened.
16.        He opened both side. But I caught him when I started accusing him. I called Bro. Chizoba over the phone.
17.        I said, “What is really happening? I cannot understand what is really happening?” He spoke back to me.
18.        When I told Ugoo to bring the bag before Pastor Thomas, he said, “Daddy, it is locked.”
19.         I shouted on him: You mean to tell me you do not know how to open this bag? Will you please open it immediately!”
20.         Before My eyes and Pastor Thomas’, he placed the number rightly and opened it.
21.        I said, “Oh you know how to decode a coded bag? I was using ten, I suspected ten, I changed it to a coded bag.
22.        “So you copied the number the first day you came into My house? 3 years ago. What was the plan? Each time we parked the vehicle in the yard, he will rush for the bag to take it upstairs.
23.        Before we could come upstairs, he had already finished his deal. He confessed, it is in the tape, so there is no need rehearsing.
24.        Whatever he said, they are all contained in tape, his fellow students bearing witness for they came to report, lo they met Bro Ben and the wife, met others.
25.        They said that they came to report themselves and ask for mercy that they were among the people that shared the loot for years and they got offended and have decided he must die.
26.        Join me and praise God for if they had carried it out, nobody would have believed My report till eternity, for they took him to the bank of River Niger, tied him hand and feet, to kill him, drop the corpse into the River Niger.
27.        They said they were convinced that one day SARS men will come to their school. Any day this problem is opened that Ugoo will confess their names.
28.        Thus, to stop him from confessing their names, seven of them lured him into the forest over 2 kilometres away from the school at the river intending to kill him.
29.        It is our son there, the son of Bro. Shedrack (Ifeanyi) that intervened pleading with them.
30.         He said, “Don’t kill him. If you kill him and drop the corpse here, he is living with our Pastor. The family will be in trouble, they won’t know his whereabouts, the parents will be accusing the family. Let us beat the hell out of him and warn him to stop this evil practice.”
31.        They beat him up, then told him what he will tell us whenever he came back. Yet that didn’t stop him, he now changed style.
32.        It was when he stole this last one, we went with Pastor Thomas, we told him to bring the bag again, how many envelopes did you see? Only three envelopes. He had already looted all.
33.        On that day the school re-opened, he went to school with N50, 000 and that was on Monday. He looted it on Sunday, went to school with it on Monday and began to buy all these things, luck ran against him.
34.         I had already accused him several times but we decided to catch him red handed. I banned him from touching the missionary bag. Each time we parked, handed it over to Chika.
35.        But look at this Ugoo’s craftiness; whenever we park the vehicle, Chika will carry the bag upstairs, from there he will open both the backyard and everywhere.
36.         Immediately Chika steps down, Ugoo will run to the backyard upstairs. He will rush to the bag again.
37.        You see, it is not something that happened once, it happened over the three years. If you listen to the tape, his friends, the students that came to us, they said that they calculated one term in their SS1.
38.        SS1, just one term, the money they saw in his hands daily from N10,000 and above, it amounted to N180,000. That is, N5,000 and below, that they could not calculate properly.
39.        But he made his own confession. What was the confession before the father, the mother, the students? He confirmed the information to be true. It is contained in the tape, so we got the fact not that The Son of Man is saying it.
40.        If you want to get the tape, I will tell you where to go and get it. Your Pastor is holding it, Bro. Ojiakor is holding it, Bro. John Onyia is holding it. It is everywhere now.
41.        Because I want to use it as evidence before the Police and Anti-cult. Then the cultist called me, one of them courageously came. If you pull off his shirt, you will see the mark where he was initiated. They called it ITT (initiation through torture).
42.        It caused trouble, we invited the parents he said it was My wall that did it. I said no My wall couldn’t have formed a circle, clear circle and peeled off your skin. Everybody saw it until one day I became furious.
43.        The father came, he said that it was cashew nut that he used to make it. I said no! Today, it turned out to be initiation through torture.
44.        They told me to collect his school bag from him that I will see two books. They told me the contents.
45.        When he was about to go, the father was there, the mother was equally there, he packed some dresses into the school bag, by then I have not gotten the information.
46.        Immediately I called him back, I said give me your school bag. I turned the school bag, used another thing to put that thing, it was a cover up, he didn’t want me to lay hand on that thing.
47.        When he left, I called My son, we saw the induction into the cult, we saw the orientation, we saw the lecture.
48.        I invited our Pastor Chizoba, I invited Bro. Kelechi, Pastor Thomas. We read everything. I now invited the parents. Instead of the father to respond, he carried his vehicle and went to Kogi State.
49.        The wife came to My shop because I invited her before the Elders. We read to her hearing “Evil book of Odin, Bloody Book of Odin”.
50.        Then Bro. Chinedu in America heard it and called me. He said, “This is the cult (Vikings) that destroyed my future in Oko Polytechnic where I stayed 9 years without coming out even with ND (National Diploma) and my parents never knew that I was still there.
51.        “They were sending my school fees which I was using to sponsor myself to get promotion in Vikings.”
52.        He said, “This boy is gone, he has ruined his life, his future. He is a dead man already. He can never think of anything good again, the assignments they will be giving him, missions he will be carrying out and incantations, will not allow him to read”.
53.        I said, “Yes! The parents are aware that this boy has been dropping. From 1st position, he dropped to 2nd, dropped to 3rd, dropped to 13th, and keep on dropping.”
54.         How does he do the incantations? We gave him the library to enable him study. Whenever he entered, he would close the two doors, then formed a shrine under the table. And you call him a boy when I said he will die?
55.        What if I say he will die now? He may not go with the parents again unless I change My mind.
56.        This may be his last outing unless I change My mind because I have gotten everything I needed not because of money, no!
57.        Money is rubbish because he may infest the camp. A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump. Instead of the parents to talk about the boy’s deliverance, they were talking about changing school. Are they not stupid?
58.        And with this level of crime, they could not sit Ugoo down to talk to him or beat him, making him realize the gravity of offence he committed. Not even one, rather they are praising him for being a strong man.
59.        That is why I want his parents to witness his execution today. I concluded everything, that was why I came late because the father heard me last night.
60.        What I wanted to do, I changed it last night and I will go to the extreme now. I want to go to the extreme now unless something will touch My heart.
61.        That I concluded all of you in unbelief doesn’t mean that this evil man will be spared! I want to use him to serve as a restraint to others. I have no other reason than that.
62.         Nevertheless, I will give him two options and of course you know what My options used to be.
63.        If the father and mother had come with bulahlah (whip), singled him out, come to the pulpit and before our eyes he did what late Bishop Ebenezer did when Afam committed this crime, definitely My anger would have mellowed down but he chose the wrong way,  blaming his brothers at home. 
64.        “My relations have killed me oh”. Is Sister Ozioma not your sibling? Which of your siblings is killing you? Is there any of them that has a hand in your misfortune? 
65.        Before he bought this handset, he had already bought about five different handsets and dashed them out. He confirmed all.
66.        People with perverted minds have perverted its usage as they have done in other spheres of life. Some now use it to swindle money from their fellow men, while others specialize in using it to tell lies.
67.        As at 2006, God saw a situation where people will use GSM handset to swindle money from their fellow men. Is it not happening? God sees afar off.
68.        While others specialize in using it to tell lies. Others use it for numerous criminal activities to the hurt of their fellow men. A good number of our youths use it to establish boyfriend and girl friend relationships.
69.        He had already opened WhatsApp account, Facebook account, loaded his phone with N6,000. It is Airtel, and then he coded it so that nobody will open it but we opened it. Can he be wiser than us?
70.        He told lies that his friend gave him a SIM card bearing the person’s name. When we opened it, we saw “Wisdom Ugochukwu.” That was the name he used. But he was telling lies against somebody who came live, and denied it before the parent (Victor Ike). The boy now came from nowhere.
71.        A criminal is a criminal, quiet in appearance but dangerous. Look at the small rat I am referring to all this while.
72.        Sister Ozioma, you people now have problem in your family. Your consolation should be your children. You have no relations. You don’t have a mother talk more of a father.
73.        Look at your siblings, look at Orenus and the remaining. Look away from them that are from Mbah’s family otherwise you will die of heart break.
74.        Yes! I know the extent I have gone to preserve the life of Brother Ben. While your daughter was having her traditional marriage, your sister and your mother swore an oath that if Bro. Ben drives his vehicle to Umunze and drives it home, that the vehicle will not ply the road again. It fulfilled to the letter.
75.        The vehicle engine knocked without any traceable fault. This is how it continued until the vehicle was sold as scrap.
76.        At another time, they did another one to him due to he is in our midst merely clapping his hands without having real repentance. He was in the fellowship clapping, as we were about to dance, he received a thunderous slap that made him deaf.
77.        I know what it took me to open the ears. I told him he has not repented.
78.        If you have repented, you come back to Christ, He takes way the curses placed on you by your parents, by anybody for he has taken away the curses placed on all of us.
79.        Even if there is any ritual anywhere, Christ will nullify it. Come unto me all ye that are heavily laden I will give you rest.
80.        There is going to be testimonies any time from now for good. Why is this boy going to die? He refused counsel; he shut up his heart, his mind against the truth. Now, he will pay dearly.
81.        If he had believed, repented, changed as he pleaded, he won’t be here. In all he has been doing, I have never come thus far exposing him, only the parents and the Elders know but he went beyond My imaginations.
82.        For a boy of 14, you know where a native doctor is, you visit native doctors, you even went to Nanka with Chidi. After visiting the native doctor, he went from house to house to tell people that they went to a native doctor and their outcome. At this age?
83.        Get Rid of Idols. Do you know that this boy is an idolater? You know if I am saying all these things, you will think it to be a joke but you have the tape.
84.        All that came called their names one by one and equally mentioned their involvements, knelt down and asked for forgiveness because of the share they got from the loot at various times. They said it became very offensive.
85.        Imagine heathens testifying against him. His father is an Elder and he brought ridicule to the parents. When they got home, the parents did not take any action against the boy.
86.        Bro Ben, you did nothing to him, Your husband didn’t punish him also. Get away! Maybe criminality runs in your lineage.
87.        A good number of our youths use it to establish boyfriend and girl friend relationships. 
88.        Ngosike and all the brethren here, all we have been reading all this while, are they false? No sir! Are you not guilty? Who among you overcame these acts?
89.        During the mid night between 1: 00am and 3: 00am, when your parents must have gone to bed, you will sneak out your phones where you hid it and start chatting.
90.        In the morning altar you all will be sleeping because you passed sleepless night.
91.        Ugoo knows what is WhatsApp, he knows what is Facebook. Whosoever that engages in this does not sleep. There is no evil that is in the society which these children do not capture with their handset. They go to the social media more than parents.
92.        I do not know any other usefulness in my phone other than making calls and receiving calls. No program in My phone. If you send a text to me, who will read it? I only read it when My children come around. Do I know how to read? Do I look at that screen? 
93.        Dr. Onodugo of UNN was delivering a lecture along side with me when we were having our conference with the Dignity Consult. I didn’t want to challenge him because he is the students’ adviser but what he was delivering was classic lecture that was empty, very porous, not imparting anything.
94.        He just wanted a little stipend which they will give him.  And out of the money I gave, they gave him a part. I had already pined everybody down touching on almost all the various areas as it affected both social, spiritual, academic life, even their courses and where they are heading to.
95.        But he made a statement. He said, “You are not educated until you are computer literate”.
96.        I paused. I said, “Ok thank you very much.”  Within Myself, I said within Myself “This is the much he knows.”
97.        Yes, I am not computer literate but I am highly educated. I can give you every information in your system. It contains rivers of information but I will itemize all.
98.        I looked at him, I said, “Well. Oh he is a professor now? Ok which means if I am in your school, I will be a professor also.
99.        Yes! I will be a professor in your school also, that is what it means also. And that pastor who said he is selling his message so that he will also be a professor, “beggarly professor,” dependant on misery contributions from students instead of looking inwards to know what he will come out with that is capable of adding value to life.
100.    As at 2006, 12 years ago God had already highlighted the evil that will be associated with the use of handsets if it is not properly guided.
101.    Yet all these things are manifesting in our midst. Where lies our claim that we are ecclesia (a called out people separated unto God for Holiness)?
102.    This signifies defeat. If what is found among the heathens is found among us, it is a sign of defeat. We shouldn’t hold our heads high, rather we should cover our faces in shame. We should be ashamed
103.    Are these things not prevalent in our midst? They have their different texts; send me credit, call me, there is no type of nonsense text that is not contained there. Amen.

I thank God. Whenever the Lord troubles the water, somebody must be saved. Is it not true?
2.           Remember there was a message we handled it is in book form.
3.           Nzubechi if you do not keep quiet you will suffer more than Ugochukwu. You came back only to meet us with this trouble. You were not here.
4.           Even if Ugochukwu is your lastborn, disregard him, discard him like your menstrual cloth.
5.           Curse be the person that introduces evil in the house of a man of God. We have the message.
6.           Look at another thing you have to know. Last week we read it “The devil is not happy with the family of every man of God. From time to time, he sends people who will come to upset them”. Did we hear it?
7.           What if the devil wanted to destabilize My family, used the child Ugochukwu Mbah who came from a wrong lineage and we adopted him as our son, gave him all the privileges as a son without discriminating, only for him to treat us this way.
8.           Maybe you never heard, he is here, the parents know, My son Chibuikem rebuked him, instead of taking correction, he went to bed that night with kitchen knife, hid it under the bed intending to stab him.
9.           He told Chika his plans, Chika reported to My wife, he came and confirmed it. The parents knew that Chibuikem provoked him. My wife confronted him, he confessed. He wanted to stab and run away.  After all I was not around. 
10.        And you want him to live? Live for what? Why must he live? This is a question! What will he live for? And yet in all these things the parents knew, they did nothing to restrain him.
11.        Am I sure they never sent him? I was accusing the father that I will scrutinize him again he could be one of the beneficiaries of his loot, hence he could not take any drastic action against his son’s actions. He denied.
12.        I think we are running one family. I will keep on calling you My brother or My sister until I prove you otherwise.
13.        Bro. IK Ezindu and his children are manning My family at home, this story has never been told.
14.        One day, I went home I did something to prove Bro. IK and the wife for everywhere was open. I kept money in My bedroom where they sweep from time to time.
15.        I placed N 20,000 somewhere on the ground where the broom can easily bring it out. I placed another N 35,000 somewhere. I made it in such a way that it will be enough sum that they could use to do something meaningful.
16.        I left these money at different points and went away. One month, two months, three months, I was going home and coming back. Each time I went home, I will see the money lying there, I kept quiet.
17.        5 months after, Bro. IK called me one day, he said, “Daddy, My wife was sweeping the bedroom the other day, look at the money she collected from your bedroom at two different points.”
18.         I said, “Ok what did she do with it?”
19.         He said, “Daddy, we kept it safe.” I said ok. He said, “Any time you happened to come home, you will see it.” I said thank you very much.
20.        I laughed within Myself because I love proving somebody. When I got home, Bro. IK and the wife came, explained how the money was gotten from the house, handed it over to me. I said, “Thank you very much.”
21.         I didn’t say anything not until after a month. I called Bro. IK then he knew I deliberately did it so that when I am standing in for somebody, I will stand holistically. If am rejecting, I will reject holistically.
22.         If the money he was stealing was money that was kept somewhere, to discover it will be very easy. But he was very crafty. Some of them he took from the vehicle during fellowship time before the vehicle got home.
23.        Whenever he wanted to unleash the mayhem, he will go to the boot, open it. His fellow youths will be there thinking he was putting something into the boot because maybe they were eating with him, they never knew he was doing something.
24.        When I recognized it, I stopped the brethren from putting My bag ahead of time. Any time I am leaving the fellowship hall is the time My bag will leave. Brethren is it not true? It is sir!
25.        Brethren, I took precautionary measures but a clever thief is a clever thief. For every step we took, he changed style. And you call him a child?
26.        I now want to make the whole thing such that you will know why he must die. I have passed death sentence on him and I will execute it unless something extraordinarily greater than me speaks otherwise.
27.        For almost 7 days now, from Monday till now, I have never had rest because of this boy and his parents.
28.        The most pleasant message you are reading, check it very well, check the motive, God said it is coming from the spoiler, praising you and adoring you but having evil motive.
29.        Some gifts are aimed at destroying the recipient diabolically.
30.        Note it, some gifts are aimed at destroying the recipient diabolically. Both young and old note it. While some are honest, genuine and should be appreciated.
31.        Any youth that wants to make the best of Himself or herself in this life, must avoid watching such films that corrupts the mind and increase criminal propensities in them with all malice.  
32.        But we cannot succeed in checking them anymore for they now use their handsets to download them. You may not have that television in your house but your children have them in their hands.
33.        FRIENDSHIP AND DEATH a friend is the person that corrects one when he or she goes wrong…
34.        Whether male or female, married or unmarried.
35.        Your enemy will not destroy you but your friend.
36.         Man or woman young or old take note.
37.        Friends have lured their fellow friends to their death grounds unsuspectingly…
38.        Like the one they wanted to lure Ugochukwu into, he followed them to harvest icheoku, they used icheoku to lure him to the bank of the river.
39.        He never knew they went there to kill him until they unfolded their plans. It was late for him to run for they were greater in number but God saved him for My sake.
40.         The easiest person that can poison you remains your friend.
41.        The easiest person that can poison you remains your friend; somebody you cannot suspect.
42.        Avoid friendship the same way you avoid cultism and robbery...
43.        Avoid friendship the same way you avoid what?
44.        …cultism and robbery. Attendance to party and drunkenness…
45.         God is really in our midst. He is alive and He is talking to us but the problem is that those He is talking to do not have the spirit of obedience.
46.        Who will use this message to train himself, to train his family and noise will be heard in that family? Everybody placed it in their libraries; some locked them up in their boxes.
47.        If not that we are reading it today, there are some that have not read it since 3 years. Some will tell you that they have outgrown it, some will tell you that we are in Grace.
48.        Does Grace make us not to live rightly? Did Grace remove death? Everybody should be careful.
49.        Youths that indulge in destructive behavior only boast of how many cartons of beer or bottles of hot drinks and plates of salad they could finish at a time and the number of ladies or young men they could deceive during such parties.   
50.        For which cause I banned all the youths who are desirous of furthering their career from all forms of alcoholism. Some are still drinking while intelligent ones turned their backs against it for nothing drains the brain of a youth more than excessive alcohol. It drains the brain.  
51.        AWFUL EFFECTS OF THIS HABIT. it influences innocent souls into wrong and destructive life styles that destroy their future and shatter their ambitions.
52.        Like Ugochukwu.
53.        Therefore, it is worthwhile for any sensible and focused youth to refrain from this delicate habit. It is not a MUST that you honour all invitations.
54.        Is it a must? No sir!
55.        If you are wise and recognize that you are accountable to your parents, you should not attend to any invitation without the approval of your parents.
56.        Including you, Ngosike. Do you have a house of your own? Any day you are greater than me, you build your house. You cannot live in My house and be stronger than me.
57.        If each of us has his own cares, responsibilities, failures, doubts, fears, bereavement, we surely are playing a coward’s part when we syndicate our sorrows to others.
58.         Thereby making us victims of his mood like Bro. Ben is trying to make us victims of his mood as if we are responsible for his calamity.
59.        We are saying no! The soul that sinneth must surely die! DO NOT SYNDICATE YOUR SORROW.
60.        If you feel this message is still standing the test of time, go for it. If you need it in your home as an ideal property, go to the publication, go to Bro. Chibuko. When you go to Bro. Chibuko, you book your copies as many copies as you want. If you do not book, we will not print. Put your name.
61.        To me and My family, it is an invaluable treasure we can never afford to dispense of; age, experience notwithstanding. It is a short exhortation that has divine value. This is My own assessment of that little pamphlet. To God Be the Glory! Amen.
62.        Youths, a good number of you were infants like Ugochukwu who was 2 years old but has read this message more than hundred times. So it is with all of you.
63.        The question arises; who is your spoiler? Who is spoiling you? Is it the Faith of The Son of Man? His teachings? Or the way you have decided to live your life?
64.        Take it from me; when you choose the way you want to live your life, you have chosen the way you want to die.
65.        When you get home, pick up your copies of FAMILY MENU VOLUME 1 (BRIDGE TO PEACE). Pick it go through sections 3 and 4. I believe you will have a testimony to tell the brethren. Thank you very much.  Amen.



Pastor Chizoba Ugwu

rethren, we are in trouble! The word of God is only the standard, whenever it is raised, we must see ourselves in the picture.
2.           Whatever that is happening today had earlier been prophesied in one place or the other or in many places.
3.           If you go through our message, hardly can you finish it without the Lord pointing us to something like this.
4.           Only in returning and in waiting shall you be saved page 26 verse 41.
5.           The Son of Man: You Are Blessed. You are blessed. Remain ever blessed. Only in returning and in waiting shall you be saved.
6.           Things are yet to come, I mean that the Almighty God saw us, He saw afar off, He saw our condition and then He raised this alarm, gave us the solution to the problem that: it is  Only in returning and in waiting shall we be saved.
7.           Only in returning and in waiting shall you be saved page 26 verse 41 preached on Sunday 10th September 2017.  Thing are yet to come, even if all of us are to become law enforcement agents, among us will still be dare devil criminals thus let us be very careful.
8.           I am shouting here because I cannot rightly stand here with every amount of certainty that in the honest attempt to bring salvation to you that the tendency is not there for me to have such dare devil criminals among us.
9.           I will not be shocked any day I see law enforcement agents here asking Me for some individuals here. Of course you know My stand I must surely hand you over and make sure you are prosecuted according to the law. Thus this Faith can never be a hiding place for criminals.
10.        This message was preached just September last year.
11.        The Son of Man: is it vindicated?
12.        Pastor Chizoba: Yes sir! When the Lord was talking about Brother Ngosike, I remembered what I used to do. Before I will counsel you, I will first of all refer you to myself.
13.        What was spoken concerning you, when God points at you, He is not doing it as a finality but as a necessity. It is from there that you will either go to hell or you come back to God. All of us that are worth something today, the Lord has pointed at us at one time or the other and followed us strictly.
14.        You know my parents are not in this Faith. When I came up here, there was nobody but He The Son of Man. He was the One that will hammer it, maybe He could not come here and to do it publicly because (i) I am nobody (ii) because I was always in His house.
15.        Sometimes I will come inside the house in the morning, He will not respond to my greeting, He will just pick me from there and then finish me.
16.        Our Brother Victor that is now in the UK studying, if you read the message RESPECT and other messages, you will see how God has been monitoring him, accusing him, accusing the parents until finally something came up in him.
17.        At one time or the other, God has pointed us but if we are not careful, that thing He told us will come to pass.
18.        WARNING FROM GOD BEFORE JUDGMENT PREACHED SUNDAY 5TH APRIL 2015. No criminal can have a happy home for the children must be hooligans. Then if at the end of the day, all your children turned to be hooligan, what have you benefitted from stealing, from criminality?
19.        If you succeed in stealing, murdering people, duping, intimidating and threatening people, if at the end there is no peace in your house, all your children remained useless, of what gain is your suffering, criticizing, flogging, and every evil names you received in this life?
20.        Whoever that is ridding a vehicle stolen, the person walking bare footed is far better than that criminal. Whoever that builds a house with stolen money, somebody living in a gutter is better than that person.
21.        Whatever that is gotten by the side of the pot, ends by the side of the mouth. It is what the hen commits in the dry season that snatches its chicks in the rainy season.
22.        We are the cause of our woes. God is saying, stop and think. Sow in righteousness everybody, reap in mercy, break up your heart now for it is time to seek the Lord. Do not relent. Relent not, don’t stop at prayers until you have raised righteousness upon you.
23.        Until God has declared you righteous, only then are you made fit for Heaven. You are only fit for Heaven, adopted where God Himself has declared you righteous.
24.        Break the fallow ground immediately for it is time to seek the Lord. Everybody is involved. Go ahead, you have no righteousness, you have reaped iniquity, you have eaten the fruit of lies because thou didn’t trust in thy ways, in the multitude of thy mighty men?
25.        Yes! Criminals, mean persons, they are mighty before their eyes. Is this a good name? Hard men, this man is very great, he is very strong, an ungodly fellow, somebody that does not have the fear of God using such person to boast, he parades that person.
26.        Do you know me? If you talk nonsense I will make a call and they will burn this house down now.
27.        Everybody will run away as if there is virtue in it. Those people you call mighty, God calls them mean persons, unprofitable people, people that are ready to die anywhere, he can commit  suicide for the sake of money, somebody that collects money to die is that person  profitable, if you give him money and tell him to go and pull down a house he will do it without restrain  hence he won’t think if am caught what will I do ,  An evil doers do not think twice ,the only thing  he thinks in life is evil , if a criminal ever puts death in his program he can never steal again, do you get me no criminal thinks of death for any day he remembers that he can be shot dead, then can he indulge in such acts again.
28.        Then the question arises what is that thing that gives an evil doer sleepness night  vanity upon vanity, what will the mighty achieve in his hardness, hard death.
29.        This man is very tough where will end his toughness –death, for there is no peace with the wicked says the Lord God Almighty , he will be running helter-skelter  hiding from one bush to another, each time he is in his house he will open the doors and  window once he hears any noise off he moves, you can never see him again crossing the main road freely he must watch very well so as to see whether the road is clear, every apian way is meant for the evil man, Sow in righteousness everybody, reap in mercy, break up the fallow ground now for it is time to seek the Lord. Amen.