Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: FLEE FROM IDOLS VOLUME 1

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Today is the day of redemption. If you are not redeemed today, definitely you are going to Hell for you will not have this escape route again.
2.           I got a call it was our Brother Udochukwu Ugwu, he told me the wife was in labour at last. About two weeks ago, the labour started, the
y rushed to Hospital the Doctor said no it is early labour.
3.           They called me, I confirmed it and the labour stopped. I commanded them to watch out, that any time it starts again, that they should go to hospital.
4.           When they called me yesterday night that the labour started, I told them to go to the nearest hospital as usual. Brethren heard me. I told them what I answered over the phone and the person that called. I dismissed them.
5.           While they were on my street heading to the main road, our sister delivered a bouncing baby boy in less than ten minutes labour.
6.           I said, “Today, I will ask our Brother a pertinent question: Have you seen the difference now?” Good.
7.           The previous one was handled secretly in their own way and they paid dearly for it. They came to me and told me they have given up any idea of raising further children.
8.           I said, “Well, you do not know tomorrow.”
9.            One day, he came again with the wife crying in the fellowship: “Daddy, we have made the mistake again”.
10.        I said, “I know your wife is pregnant again.” He said, “Daddy it is true.”
11.        I just laughed at them because they are infants. I asked him a question; “Would you like to do the same thing again?” He said never, never.
12.        I said, “Ok, thank you. Go in peace, nothing will happen.”
13.         And from the beginning till this morning, the Sister never suffered any sickness. They continued to brief me stage by stage. In short they carried me along and today we have the victory. Unto us a son is born, a son is given.
14.         When you believe God you will smile in the end. Disbelieve God and remain sad all the days of your life.
15.        Yes! A brother from here has been passing through death, sustained by his Faith in Christ. He thought he was suffering from malaria, typhoid and things like that. As an intelligent fellow, educated, he took various steps by going to hospitals, checkups and things like that, diagnosing the case, taking the right therapy for months now.
16.        A little while, the thing changed, the eyes became red. He came to me one day and said, “Daddy, I really do not know what is happening! Look at the drugs I have taken so far yet this malaria has become an incurable problem”.  
17.        I looked at him, I laughed. I said, “My dear, have you finished the drugs you have in your house?” He said no. 
18.        “Go and finish all, see me the following Sunday.” He said Amen and left.
19.        The following Sunday he came and said, “Daddy, no remedy! I am tired!” 
20.        “Are you tired?” He said yes!
21.        I said, “Ok thank you very much for accepting you are tired. That is the much your knowledge can take you. Now, go and do this test for me. When I saw your eyes, I knew you were not having eye problem. Look at the problem I am seeing in your system which you do not know. Go and do kidney, liver function test for me, not Hepatitis”.
22.         He went, did it where I commanded him to go in the hands of a (Specialist Consultant, a Medical Doctor of repute and a lecturer at Teaching Hospital, Nnewi).
23.        After four days, the result came out he brought it to my office. I was there with too many people and that day was a blessing because a woman whose husband heard about me, trusted in me, believed the report of the husband. That My shop is busy is not because of business. It is because of the Gift of God.
24.        That woman was presented with one that God took care of her breast cancer which was almost rotten and today she is healthy. Doctors declared her infertile, today she is having babies.
25.        This one came; I even referred the man to Pastor Dan, gave the man a note, called Pastor Dan over the phone.
26.        You see, that day our Brother came, that woman and her husband equally came. The breast that was about to be cut off, flattened. The new baby, three months old, I commanded her to be feeding the child with that same breast. It is healthy even now. The cancer gone! It was one of the happiest moments I had that day.
27.        When our brother came presenting the lab result, I smiled, went through it, gazed at his countenance. I did not know the best way to approach him.
28.         I said, “Sir, do not be offended. You are educated; you can read this. after all it is your profession. See the normal range, see your result.
29.        Brethren we are alive courtesy of God’s Grace.  A good number of us are moving corpses healthy in appearance and dead inside.
30.        Our brother could not believe his eyes. He said, “Daddy, one was so poor that even nothing is found there. The kidney gone, the Liver gone”.
31.        I said no! “Fear not I am with you. The only thing I want from you is Faith. Whatever I command you to do, do it.”
32.         He said, “Already by Your Word, I am recovered”.
33.        I saw him this morning kicking and laughing. You are the one? (Bro. Ik Obasanya) Did I mention any name? I never mentioned name. He has introduced himself. I commanded him to present it to the wife. She is equally intelligent, educated in that field.
34.        I commanded him to come yesterday, gave him time, he came late. Why? He said he wanted to have a little rest, he dozed off, remained asleep, forgot the appointment until somebody woke him up. And this is one that has not been sleeping even in the night. The mind is now relaxed.
35.        Because in him, I saw the message written: “Whoever that can see something that is happening in the human body has the remedy”. That He sent you for diagnosis is just for confirmation.
36.        Just like Bro. Ojiakor wrote to me in his text message concerning Bro. Ifeanyi Eze. He said, “Nnam sir, I am writing just to confirm. What you told us has happened at last. You told us that they are going to manage Bro. Ifeanyi  Eze into dialysis. Sir, as I am talking to you now, he is on dialysis”.
37.        When there was nothing suggesting dialysis, the Lord spoke. The Lord who saw it, went there also and stopped the dialysis, discharged him. He went home as he told Me recently, not that he did not believe. That he just got home and was feeling normal but unfortunately, his relations, his brother-in-law and wife, all of them descended on him, blaming him, talking randomly, asking him why he allowed them to waste the money in the hospital only to jump the hospital, listening to his Church.
38.        To avoid problem, he decided to agree with them.
39.        I said, “Ok, thank you for this confession. Your wife has told you much. Now, take it from me. I am returning you to status quo anthem and you are going back to that same hospital”.
40.        The following day, I came there here, the son was here, called me outside and said Daddy, my mother called me now and said my Dad is facing crisis. I said eh? Crisis of what? Crisis of unbelief!
41.        He said, “Daddy, I believe in you. Daddy, use my Faith to heal my Dad”.
42.        I said, “No! Rush home, you will meet him alive. Join hands with your mother, take him back to that hospital or UNTH.”
43.        I warned Bro. Ojiakor that he should steer clear. All the Brethren, steer clear. He rushed home, they carried him to that same hospital and the doctor said, “You are happily welcome”.  
44.        Will you take away ones means of livelihood? Does the doctor have any store where he transacts business than human beings? You will be praying for you not to be sick, the doctor would be praying for patients to come.
45.        If there are no patients, the hospital will close. Is sickness a friend of any man? No sir! Thus, what you hate is what doctor is feeding from.
46.        We thank God for everything. How many still love the Lord here? How many still love the Lord? Ok let me believe you love the Lord. I won’t know whether you love the Lord or not until I speak.
47.        But let me go back again to rehearsal. Do you want to say anything, Pastor Dan?
48.        Pastor Dan: I just want to confirm all that the Lord has been saying. The man you sent to my shop, I know the man somehow. He looked at me, and said, “Is it you?” I said, “Yes it’s me.” I asked, “Who sent you?” He replied that one doctor sent him to me and he was happy because he had come to me.
49.        He said that the man told him that I am the only person that will give him those drugs written down. He felt at home. He even opened his mouth to say, “Nna, this man, if other doctors try their best and fail, He is the great Healer.”
50.         I asked him if he knows Him, he said someone referred him to Him and there are others who He healed who are confirming that He is a Great Healer. I laughed and told him that he does not know who He is, that He does more than that.
51.        The Son of Man: I did not hear this. I only picked my phone and called Pastor Dan as the only one that would give the original drug and at the cheapest cost.
52.        Can you imagine a drug that is sold at N3,800  in packs, Pastor Dan supplied it at N2, 700. And the man is just a very poor man like others. So at the cheapest cost, he obtained God`s Favour without paying any bill.  No consultation fee, no charge, nothing, nothing.  

53.        We continue. I am going to give you a tonic for I know many have made up their minds before coming, waiting for me somewhere. I may not land there but there are people that will land there.
54.        Wherever you are let me give you a resume, a rundown but before then, let me warn our transcribers and translators, be careful, I have been warning. Before you write anything down, pay attention to my words
55.        . English language is our foreign language. We speak English because we were colonized by the British otherwise we won’t be speaking English as common as we speak it today.
56.        Apart from the United Kingdom, and in that United Kingdom, it is only England. It is only England that has the original English language. Hence we call it English-English.
57.        If you go to America, they have their American English. They still have the standard international English for foreign students, foreign countries.
58.        Whenever VOA (Voice of America) is broadcasting, they will tell you the English they are using, BBC the same thing.
59.        In China, there is nothing called English. If you want to study in China, you have to spend one year to learn their language. In Russia and many countries, even in Germany, all their instructions, all their books, they are all written in their language.
60.        Hence, you must undergo a process of learning their language to enable you get the instructions. I blame Nigerians, I equally blame our authorities who inculcated the use of English language in their academic curriculum. That is why our own language is gradually fizzling out.
61.        In no distant time, we will lose it completely.  And once a Nation loses its language, it loses its identity. I am not here to defend or to protect Igbo language. After all we have no standard Igbo language.
62.        To those translators, transcribers, typesetters, if you come across any word from my mouth you do not know the meaning, take your dictionary. “Do not try to correct it”. I gave you one example where I said that “you should not do anything to coin my favour”.
63.        And when I read the message, somebody did not know the meaning, he translated it another thing. He thought I was referring to the curry you use as your spice. I can equally use it to form my grammatical jargon, after all English is formed.
64.        Please, I have read too many sermon books that discredited me in particular. If a message is credited to the Son of Man, one thing is; it must be standard. If there should be a mistake, let it be while translating the Igbo language. But as long as it has to do with grammar, leave it like that. I owe responsibility to all grammatical errors.
65.        I may not be vast in anything but I am sure and certain that I have a good command of English language. Today you write and jump up, you have passed English language. But if we are to test you, you may not find your feet.
66.        In my days, we not only read summary writing. We equally read passive writing: how to abridge a passage using few words. And that is where vocabulary comes into play. Perceive is not summary. Summary is not perceive. So we were vast.
67.        Just like lawyers that got real training, not these half-baked lawyers we have today. The real lawyers use “Date-English,” “Date-Language to confuse their opponents.
68.        You know what I mean? They are vast in the knowledge of Latin. When they flog their statements with Latin, they confuse their opponents and score their cheap points for you cannot read Law and avoid the use of Latin.
69.        Some lawyers will flood their defense or presentations with Latin until a learned judge who understands—I mean the professionalism that is being displayed because there is something we call professional deceit.
70.        A learned fellow can use his professional acumen to put off even the judge.  If that judge is sound, he calls him to order: “My friend, we are in a Nigerian court established by the British, not in a Roman court”. How can you come and tell me you are ending a case anyhow.
71.        What is more, today’s lawyers do not know what you are talking. Some will say “Chineke no na elu” (God in Heaven).
72.        Please no matter the language I use, allow it to flow, that is my target. If nobody understands me, I understand myself. Distortion of facts is a crime against this Faith from the very beginning. Thus, do not ever interfere, re-write, translate or transcribe.
73.        If it possible, use what I call mutatis-muchandum.  “Mutatis-muchandum”: A for A, B for B, C for C. That is, be a verbatim reporter. I will appreciate it even that way.  Amen.

Let me go back to My Throne. I love the atmosphere in the camp. I want to give you the history then you will understand me along the way.
2.           Idolatry has lasted long in the world. Worshiping of idols has lasted long. I mean it is as old as the world. But let me talk to you as it concerns us here and forget about the entire world.
3.            THE HOME OF IDOLATRY IS AFRICA. THE WORLD OVER, EVEN TILL TODAY, IT IS BELIEVED THAT THE HOME OF IDOL WORSHIP IS AFRICA. That was why far back the year 235AD, the Europeans, the Portuguese who came to Africa to evangelize Africa had great difficulties in penetrating Africa with modern religion.
4.           The missionaries who were notably drawn from Europe never found it easy to penetrate Africa. Remember that the giant of Africa remains Nigeria. They met with stiff opposition.
5.           Some of them were killed in their shrines. Some were maimed, some were driven away for Africans never wanted to be disarmed of their Pagan worship.
6.           Remember that Africa spearheaded and she is still spearheading a hydra-headed evil that is still pervading our generation. What is that hydra-headed evil? “Slave trade”
7.           Slave trade flourished in Africa especially Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The act of selling human beings to make money is what is called Slave trade. Let me narrow it down to the elementary level. It flourished in Africa.
8.           European missionaries were not happy with the development, how human beings could be sold for money. Some were even used as sacrifices in the plantain plantations in Equatorial Guinea, etc.
9.           They sacrificed human beings for they were also idolaters just to enable them have bumper harvest and Kwame Nkrumah, in our own day, whose father was overall king borrowed a cue from the father in the country called Panya.
10.        Most of our slaves were sold to Equatorial Guinea and they left through Calabar sea port, that is where they started calling us “Oyigbo.”
11.        I am not going to that side. Obu onye igbo. (Is he an Igbo man). Because Igbo people were strong and industrious, they attracted higher price than others for they could endure hardship and give the best productivity.
12.        Remember, that time slaves were killed randomly in their farms. They were working without pay, brutalized and vandalized world over.  The missionaries came to fight against it.
13.        Another evil that pervaded that age and is still somehow in vogue but in another form, is the killing of twins and their mother. If a woman gives birth to twins, she would be killed, the twins killed. And Africa cannot be older than the days of the mother of Isaac who gave birth to twins. Is it not true? It is sir!
14.        There are many of them, twins. Esau and Jacob, were they not twins? Check your scripture. What if they were killed? I am trying to show you that the people of the world had started practicing idolatry in defiance to God’s word, God’s injunction before your forefathers were born and you inherited the nonsense. It permeated into your blood, your sinews, your arteries and veins.
15.        Hence it has become increasingly difficult to flush out the knowledge of idols, the recognition of idols from your hearts completely, because many of you are still harboring the conscience of evil, conscience of idol remaining alive when nothing like that exists.
16.        But it exists in your hearts; it exists in your consciences. Because once you walk contrary to that which you know, your conscience will prick you. Is it not true?
17.        It is your knowledge of that idol that makes you an idolater. I cannot walk contrary to something I know not, I do not recognize, I do not even accept. To me it is nonexistent.
18.        Please give attention I am giving you a background. Remember this killing of twins was so horrible that too many people that could have helped the world today in Africa became victims.
19.        The missionaries came; (i) to eradicate slavery (ii) To eradicate idol worship that led to the killing of twins. They were saying that whoever that deliver twin, that it was not God, it was Devil.
20.        In some cases after killing them, they will be making sacrifices to appease the gods of the land. Another is (iii) to stop human ritual sacrifice.
21.        Our forefathers were killing human beings in respect of the dead. If an elderly fellow who supposedly in their assessment was great, may be because he was performing one function or the other in the community, they label him a great man, a great woman.
22.        If he dies, they will make it as their law: twelve human heads will be used to bury the man. Some, twenty-four human heads depending on the community. Killing a human being that is alive, using the head to bury a man.
23.        I am telling you that this practice is still in vogue in too many communities especially Abia State, Rivers State, Bayelsa, Edo to mention but a few. This practice is still in vogue till today.
24.        I remember I was in Edo far back 1982 when they lost their Traditional Ruler; everybody went into hiding for they said twenty four human heads must be used to bury the Oba of Benin. Even in this city where we are now. Verify.
25.        Who were they trying to appease? Whose interest were they serving? Do you know that when they did all those things, they had the feeling that they were doing it unto the Most High God?
26.        Abraham Paul, leave the Fellowship and hang around before I will rise up. I do not want my hand to be stained I want to leave this place with a clean hand, a clean conscience.
27.        Whatever sacrifices they were offering to their god, they thought and believed they were offering them to the Most High God. Hence whenever they do that thing, they came home rejoicing that they had served God.
28.        The early missionaries came to dispossess especially Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc, of these ungodly traits, habits.
29.        In Africa, they were met with stiff opposition. Africa became a no-go-area.  The same was applicable to a particular city in India, Uttar Pradesh, and that is where you have all these talisman that are coming here and there.  They call them Igbo India. That is Uttar Pradesh, not New Delhi.
30.        Somebody might be wondering why Brother is going this way, why some are not astonished. Rather they are praising God for you must know the origin.
31.        Now, there is no forest the Almighty God labeled Evil forest. Evil forest is manmade. The people collectively agreed to set a portion of their land out where they will be throwing those people into without burying them. They labeled those forests evil forest or isolated lands (ikpa) I am a witness.
32.        We had a former brother whose wife died during child delivery at Enugu while they were worshiping, a relation of Sister Umezuluike at Awgwu. When we went there to bury the woman, the community gathered and said that the woman will not be buried in her husband’s house or in the compound. That dying during child delivery is an abomination on the land; that the corpse will be taken to the isolated evil forest.
33.        Brethren saw Hell that day. Over twelve Brethren exchanged the casket climbing the mountains and hills, descending the valleys until they trekked to a very far place.
34.        When we got there, they said that the corpse will not be buried. That it will be thrown into the evil forest. A woman that died while delivering her baby. How many were with me that time who are still here? That man is a professional, he read abroad.
35.        Sister (Umezuluike) can you supply the name of that man. He is your own townsman; he was in the fellowship together with the wife. Don’t you know his name again? Brother Pius! You forget too easily.
36.        I am saying that before my eyes, in your own day and my own day it happened. If you go to Awgwu, till today it is still in vogue. They are still practicing it.
37.        Remember what God called Enugu State, Ebonyi State. God called these two states “homes of idolatry,” people that do not play with the traditions and customs of their land. They have a clever way of setting aside the Word of God so that the traditions of their people will be upheld. He will tell you that Church does not reach that side. He will start giving you instances of people that violated it and died. Nobody violated it. It was mere conspiracy to victimize an innocent fellow.
38.        Even those that take council together to victimize the innocent are equally guilty of the supposed crime but nobody caught them. That is why evil men kill their fellow evil men.
39.        Let there be a robber here and people will say “Stone him to death.” No child of God with clear conscience can go there, rather he will run away. Watch the first person that will throw stone and use machete, that is a criminal, a heartless fellow.
40.        The missionaries came to introduce the God they know to be the only one and true God. They came as missionaries not intending to establish any denomination. There was no school, they were going from house to house with their interpreters they trained, trying to change the mode of worship.
41.        Remember before you change a man’s mode of worship, you must change his mode of thinking, mode of reasoning, mode of seeing things. Until these things change, the mode of worship cannot change.
42.        In Acts of the Apostles, when they believed the truth, it refined their senses, it refined their hearts. Their eyes of understanding got illuminated. The Bible said that they came out and confessed their past evil deeds. How they subscribed to that nonsense their people subscribed to.
43.        Secondly, they ran into their homes and brought out those idols they hid under their bed, hanged in the house, all of them, they put them together and set them ablaze.
44.        You can destroy curious books you purchased with money but the real curious book is in your heart. You may be in the Church professing, dancing even with us here but your heart has not departed from the idols of your people.
45.        Wherever there are too many traditional festivals, too many gods exist there. The New yam festival, the masquerade festival, Age grade, this and that, everything. They have clubs and societies for everything. Check, all of them point adherence to a god.  
46.        That is why one man can belong to twenty different gods and serve their interest and still go to Church.
47.        You see why Church does not reach there because they are Churchgoers and not true worshipers of God. The word “Church” depends on how you understand it, the teaching that you received in order to worship God acceptably but they understood it as going to Church.
48.        That is why any Church that does not permit the traditions of the land, they will tell you that that one is no Church, for that reason, they will not attend it. And you know the churches that are involved, who accommodate people from all spheres of life, allow them to be in their midst and continue in their tradition.
49.        You might be here trying to bend this Faith to your side, e no go work! Our Brothers who are idolaters are trying to bend their wives who are Jewess to idolatry and they are saying no!
50.        Sisters that are idolaters are trying to bend their husbands to their side, the husbands are saying no! Wherever there is a rift, a conflict, crisis, division, strife in the family, it is a battle between worshiping God and worshiping idol. For nothing causes trouble more than worship.
51.        Who do we worship, in what way do we worship Him? Any day you are accused of over doing things, ask “What and what are those things I am over doing?”
52.         “Nna, your own Faith is too much!” Look at one of those traditions they came to eradicate for communities came together, agreed and established the norms that will govern them. If any goes contrary, it becomes a taboo. Hence some worship snakes.
53.        If you kill a snake in that community they will kill you or you will bury that snake like you bury a human being. Some worship monkey. If you kill a monkey like in Amaenu Oka, they will kill you. Some worship horse, some worship dog.
54.        There are some communities you dare not bring in a dog. If you dare bring in a dog, they will kill you. Some worship even planks and woods. There are some communities in Imo State that do not even touch the food we call three leaved yam (ona). It is abomination. They do not touch it.
55.        If you touch it, you have committed a crime. You will bring goat, bring everything to appease the land for touching ona which I eat. I buy it in quantum, I eat it. Some even venerate their streams and rivers to the point that nobody can fish in them. You will see fishes there but nobody will fish there.
56.        Why? Try it and the community will descend on you. They will not allow the idol to kill you. They will gather, use their masquerade to come to you. They will not allow the fish to kill you.
57.        In some communities, snail is a snare. If you dare bring it into your house, you have committed abomination. They established things that will be their taboos and things like that.
58.        Some will even say it if a married woman has sexual affair with another man that the man will die or the woman will die or no progress. Look at them and these are the people that are equally guilty of all these things.
59.        If a man had intercourse with a woman, what will happen to him? Ok he is free? You see in the attempt to check, to put a woman in bondage as if she is a slave—that will lead me to something.
60.        Remember I am here with the wholesome truth. There were truths you never heard before, you will hear them now for we have come to the end of all things.
61.        I am on my own, my wife is on her own as far as Eternal Life is concerned. If one shall be taken and the other left, that goes to show that her righteousness cannot be imputed on me, My own cannot be imputed on her. We have to strive. Amen.

Pay attention as I address the truth and go back to my teaching on idolatry. Remember I am laying a background. If you are married, I am married. If you have children, I have children. If you came from a community, I never descended from the sky.
2.           You know me, you know My parents before they died. You know My siblings, many of them were with you in this Faith before they left that the scriptures might be fulfilled, that none of the brothers and sisters of Jesus followed him, rather they were telling him if he knew that what he was doing was of God that he should go outside and tell the people for they believed him not.
3.           Thus, if they left, they left that the scriptures might be fulfilled. Pay attention I am coming to something.
4.            The greatest injustice that leads to idolatry that is practiced in the home is the act of a man regarding his wife as his property, a woman regarding the husband as her property. It is injustice, unethical.
5.           Somebody might be saying, “Brother, have you come again? The Bible said that the two shall be one.”
6.            One in what? I say one in what? It is just like when you hear that women shall be saved in child-bearing if they continue in the Faith, sobriety and have respect to the family and to the husband. That is, continuing in the Faith of Christ. Did God say bearing children will give her Eternal Life?
7.           For continuing in the Faith of Christ, the favour she will receive is, she will not die during child labour. Like our Sister was saved in child bearing because she is continuing in the Faith. Some say, “Once I am married and I have children, it is Salvation.”
8.           Scripture never said so. No preacher ever preached it! Marriage is not Eternal Life. A married woman is not a man’s property. A married man is not the woman’s property.
9.           I want to use physical illustration because everything about marriage is physical. If it is spiritual, why are we disagreeing?
10.        Now, I have a car, many of you ride cars. When you went to buy your car, do you invite your community to come and sign for you? It is a matter of going there, make your choice, you pay, carry your vehicle, go, license it, it is your property.
11.        Look at that fan in the Fellowship hall, we purchased it, it is our property. If you set your vehicle ablaze, will anybody query you? Will your vehicle say no?
12.        Can you sue your vehicle for divorce? There is no agreement between you and your vehicle because you paid and purchased it. No man ever purchases a woman for no human being can pay the price of a woman if she is to be placed for sale.
13.        No woman can pay for a man if a man is to be placed for sale. How much are you going to pay? Even to buy a slave, to adopt ordinary infant; I mean adoption oh, it is not easy.
14.        Remember adoption is not purchase. It is not your property, that is why when you adopt, the source of the adopt will be monitoring the development, monitoring everything. If you abuse an adopted child, human rights will act immediately the law will take its cause. You may be imprisoned.
15.        Then is it your property? In life or in death, I want you to understand that a man desires to have a family, a woman desires to have a family. One man cannot make a family, one woman cannot make a family.
16.         A man goes out in search of one who will agree with him under the terms of agreement that will be stipulated by her community to enable her go and live with that man for the purpose of raising a family.
17.        Now, the man is the principal officer in that agreement, the woman is the subordinate for the two will come together for a family to be raised. Thus, either party is playing a complementary role.
18.        The negative side of a battery and the positive side are playing complementary roles. You cannot connect positives and get light for like terms repel, while unlike terms attract each other.
19.        Negative and positive will come together then light will come. Which one now assumes a superior position?
20.        Now you see why the act of coming together in marriage is rested on the wheel of the family where you want to propose a wife. If they say no, no way. You go and continue to solicit for somebody who will agree with you to release his own daughter to come and form a family with you, not a slave.
21.        That is why if you begin to maltreat her, the parents can take her away. She can on her own decide to go. You cannot make any case. Because it is not your property, either can sue for divorce.
22.        A man can put his wife away. Also, a woman can put the man away. Can your vehicle put you away? Can you sue your vehicle?  You see why in your family, your in-laws are integral part of your family.
23.        But the fan in the Fellowship hall, the seller has no part in the way I am using this fan. He has sold it to me, I have purchased it. Will he be monitoring the way I am using it? He does not have any part in what I am doing with the fan.
24.        But your in-laws, your parents,  because it is family agreement, they have a role to play. Advisory roles and then intervention. For the roles of the family, you call them family annex or extended family. Their roles are two (i) advisory (ii) Intervention.
25.        Whenever there is a dispute in the family, the in-laws will try to intervene to save the family from breaking. If your vehicle is disturbing you, will the seller intervene? Remember that nobody has ever paid the price he used to purchase his vehicle as bride price for a wife.
26.        Some of you can ride vehicles worth twenty five million if you have the money. Ten million, four million as the case may be, depending on your capacity and choice. Some even buy personal jet, aeroplane worth billions. Who has ever paid one million as bride price to marry a wife?
27.         Yet that is the most valuable thing you have in your house that gives you food, serves your interest, raises children for you. You see why we must be very careful, for our age is now enlightened more than the age of our parents.
28.        The time when we regarded wives as property is over. The time when we regarded them as slaves who have no say is over.
29.        You have your manhood, she has her genital organ. Can you possess the two at the same time? Be very careful from now everybody. I am talking to all of us here including My very self.
30.        Now since you claim that your wife is your property, if she dies, can you bury her without her parents’ consent? Even if she falls sick, before taking her to hospital, the next place of call is her parents, you alert them.
31.        If you take your vehicle to mechanic, do you alert the seller? You go to America and tell them that the vehicle you imported is in the mechanic? If it is gutted by fire on the high way, do you go to them?
32.        You must know your limitations, I must know my limitations. That is why it is a marriage of convenience, based on mutual love and understanding. No more, no less.
33.        If you say they are one, yes it is unity due to compromise. The man has to compromise; the woman equally has to compromise.
34.        There is no way I can use my vehicle privately without disturbing the peace of the society that will make law enforcement agents to warn me, indict me or drag me to court. But abuse your wife today, you will see external bodies.
35.        Do you know that wives imprison their husbands?  Call their husbands to be arrested, arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction and imprison them according to the law. What makes her your property?
36.        The time of this ignorance God overlooked. It is this primitive sentiment that is associated with marriage that brought about idolatry. They decided to use their shrines, their customs, their traditions to checkmate each other which contain no truth which they themselves are not even abiding with.
37.        Idolatry is in the heart. The judgment has come down fully and is now throwing everybody out. You see why St. Paul said, “Let he that thinketh he standeth be careful lest he falleth. That you may worship the Devil ignorantly, you may be killing an innocent fellow thinking you are doing God a service.
38.        You may be a persecutor of truth and think you are defending the truth like St. Paul was doing and many did it persecuting the truth, thinking they were defending the truth.
39.        St. Paul said; that I did out of ignorance but now I feel different. I do not act that way again.
40.        All of you that thought you escaped idolatry, all of you are neck deep into idolatry. Number one sign is recognizing its existence (ii) Accepting (iii) working towards appeasing it. I do not want to go contrary.
41.        If you do not violate the idols of your community, you cannot do the Will of God for God came to violate the idols, get rid of idols from our hearts, from the forest you labeled evil, from every home. Total freedom is what I am all out today. You will know the truth, truth will set you free.
42.        You know men are known for one thing; they love freedom but they love putting their wives in bondage.
43.        I have lived a shining example, my wife is here. Whatever you think you possess, she possess even more. I have never for one day attempted putting her into bondage for she knows the truth. When you know the truth, conducting your life in the fear of God is made easy. I do not behave in any form to avoid infringing anybody. No!
44.        There is no way I can live the life of truth without infringing upon somebody. If you are a good administrator in your office desirous of coming out with best results, you must march on your colleagues’ legs whether they like it or not for there are some people that normally put obstacles no matter how you approach them, no way. They aim at ridiculing you.
45.        All you have to do is close your eyes, march on them, achieve your target and at the end everybody will rejoice including those obstacles.
46.        People that pose as obstacles have been discovered to be the best beneficiaries of its result. Because the truth people reject has been proved to be the truth that sets them free.
47.        Let not your heart go anywhere. Let your heart settle in yourself. Do not ever look sideways. Nobody is holier than the other on this matter.
48.        And do not say, “Thank God I am from my community.” Every community has its own god. You must get rid of your community spirit. You must have the Spirit of the God you worship.
49.        There is no god you are worshiping that will not impart his spirit in you. If you watch people that follow masquerade it is the spirit of masquerade that possesses them. Is it a lie? He is not wearing the mask but he follows the masquerade, but the spirit of masquerade has already possessed him. Amen.

Today, human ritual has been rechristened cultism. Slave trade has been rechristened human trafficking/child trafficking. This is the modern name for slave trade. Another modern name for human sacrifice is cultism.
2.           I am coming to something yet. Bend low and you will see a far off. Bend your heads low and you will see a far off.
3.           Now, what is an evil forest? No forest is labeled evil by God. Human beings labeled them evil forests because of what they designated them for. They marked those forests as places where evil people will be punished, their properties deposited there as a scare, to serve as a deterrent to others.
4.           Thus, if you are dreaming of committing that crime, someone will tell you, “Nna, the person that committed such crime, both his vehicle and his property, everything was deposited in the shrine.”
5.            I came from a place where there is a dreaded shrine called ala ugbaga in Chokoneze. The whole Nigeria fear it. The same way they fear amadi oha ozuzu of Rivers State; Iyi ojii of Nkwele, Omaliko  Abatette, Ulasi Okija and so on.
6.           But these places today do not exist because of advent of Protestantism and Pentecostalism. They have flushed all those places out, still idolatry exist in the worshipers’ hearts.
7.           That is why God said you must get rid of the idol you have in your heart. When the missionaries came, they touched on those no go areas that pinned the people down.
8.           For the people believed that masquerades are not human beings, that masquerades are real gods, spirits and if anybody wants to be a member of that masquerade, he must be initiated.
9.           Sometimes the initiation takes place for one month, you undergo their training so that you learn their practices, their signs, their esoteric language. They will say that it is ima nmou.
10.         A woman is not initiated into it. Generally, they say that a woman does not see masquerade, a community does not see masquerade whereas it is the community that owns the person wearing the mask.
11.        When the people believe the Gospel of Christ as preached by the Portuguese, the Europeans, the believers came destroying their masks, concoctions and things like that.
12.        They came to their fellowship venues, made public spectacle of what they were calling spirits and gods, told the world they were human beings, that they themselves were wearing the biggest masquerade in their community.
13.        Because they believed, they brought out all those things like Bro Leo brought out the one he called Okoroshi of Ohaji, set it ablaze. The community ran amok because of him.
14.        I told them, “Leave my Brother alone. Allow Okoroshi to kill him”.
15.        Look at Brother Osegbo, he has been isolated by the community. They accused him of killing a snake. While foreigners kill snake and use it as pepper soup, they did not even accuse them but they want to kill him.
16.        Intelligent people said, “Leave Osegbo alone! Allow snake to fight its cause”. Osegbo is alive but the mother is representing the snake, the elders are representing the snake but the snake has never come to Bro. Osegbo to make a demand.
17.        Representatives of idols are the people that will come to you, telling you that you offended idol, telling you what you will do. Why not allow the idol to defend itself? They got you scared to disarm people of all these things, paganism they met with stiff opposition.
18.        Whenever any adherent of missionary movement, who really repented makes a public confession, the community will use masquerade to go to the person’s house, set the whole houses in the compound ablaze.  
19.        “He has revealed what we have been hiding, he went to Church and told them that masquerade is a human being. Abomination! Abomination! Abomination!”
20.        While the person confessing will tell people that he was the one wearing the biggest masquerade in his community. When I handled this message yesterday in my family, our Brother Elias who is living with me who hails from Oye, the home of idolatry in the whole of Ezeagu.
21.        He confirmed it. I wonder whether anybody can be saved from Ezeagu, Udi, Nsukka, no, no,no, no. when I say Nsukka, I mean the whole of Nsukka including Enugu-Ezike.
22.        I said to our Brother, “I went to your hometown years back, a friend died mysteriously at Enugu, we went there to join hands to bury the boy but I saw something that marveled me.
23.         “The Elders of the land went somewhere, came out with a very big masquerade, everybody on the run. They said the masquerade was the boy that died, that they went to bring him out.
24.        Then he appeared in that masquerade, that he will reveal what killed him. Women were into hiding, from their windows they were watching. All of us who were strangers, we pinned our feet down.”
25.        I myself stood for I love verifying things. A little while, the masquerade used the back and entered that thing. I said, “The boy is still lying there but the door was closed.”
26.         They opened, the masquerade used the back and entered. They closed it, some other elders entered. The boy came out again with the masquerade, then used the clothes of the dead boy to wrap the neck and wrapped the head of the masquerade and then started talking in their language.
27.        He will make some esoteric language and shout iyooo! What was he saying; an innocent man who is in his own business, who knew nothing about the boy was accused of killing him.  Can you imagine, the masquerade was accusing somebody; “He killed me, he went and brought those things, he buried it, when I crossed, a vehicle jammed me and I died”. Referring himself as one that died.
28.        After the whole thing, there was riot in the community. The youths, everybody, carried palm fronds and went straight to the man’s house who was accused, saying that the masquerade does not tell lies.
29.        “How can a dead man who came back tell lies? He has told us who killed him”.
30.        I said, “Bro. Elias I met this thing when I was at the point of my youth in that community. Is it still in existence?” He said, “Sir it is all false and manmade. It is still there, that is what our people use to punish their enemies.”
31.         He said that person that put on that mask, before he puts it on, they will tell him what to say and they will be ready to mete out the appropriate punishment especially if it concerns a woman. He said that they will drive that woman out, beat her, carry her back to her hometown. It was conspiracy.
32.        The Portuguese saw these, the missionaries saw them. They came to refine our knowledge, our reasoning, our understanding and then introduce the true God.
33.        Remember St. Paul introduced the true God to Athenians who saw God as unseen God. He introduced the true God to the Portuguese, in Spain who were worshiping idols made in the likeness of a woman called Diana, a statue.
34.        When he lashed on them, destroyed some of them, the instructors came together, took council, they will not eat or drink until Paul was killed for he had spoiled their means of livelihood.
35.        Don’t you know that these people that worship idols have no means of livelihood than what they are getting from there? The penalties they impose on innocent people that committed no crime, some, one cow; some, one goat; some, three fowls; some, money; after which you see them selling them. Some will be rearing them, hundred yam tubers and things like that.
36.        Who is this man? You see what I hate? And all of you are keeping watch. You are telling me Nonso as if you do not know what to do. If I sent Abraham out you allowed Nonso to come into this place, are you not blind!
37.        I want my hands to be clean, please. Do not compel me to do otherwise. Otherwise I will start with the elders for allowing this thing, you should be on the alert.
38.         I know all of you are having the feelings of what I am saying. That does not blind you. It does not really blind you if you really want to repent and change your mind immediately now. Amen.

You must say no to the idols of your people. There must be a separation between God and idols; between God’s worshipers and idol worshipers.
2.           Get rid of the idols you have in your hearts for that is the most destructive. God is worshiped in spirit and in truth, idols are worshiped in spirit and in truth. That is why it settles in the conscience. Idol settles in the conscience because you allowed it there.
3.           I will read scriptures but I am going to something. Now, the missionaries came, met oppositions. They wanted to establish churches no way. Now, they went home, did another arithmetic and came back to put the people into the act of reading and writing so that through reading and writing, they can read the Holy Scriptures.
4.           It was so fascinating to the primitive people in Africa that somebody could begin to speak a language nobody could understand. That was why they revered, respected, venerated those that were tutored by the whites to speak English language. They were going from house to house writing letters for a pay for people.
5.           Today you can write a letter. In our days, if anybody wanted to send a letter to the relations somewhere, he would go to somebody who would write for a pay. The person that would write would charge you how much you will pay him. You will be talking and he would be writing. After writing, he would read it.
6.           Sometimes he would be writing a different thing. When you say okay read it, he will read what he crammed.  That was why our parents vowed to be educated, to learn the act of reading and writing.  
7.           Now a problem was there. What is that problem? The people hated the foreigners, missionaries and their teachings, everything. For through their teachings, they were disarming them gradually, of their children, of their wives, disarming them from their idolatrous practices.
8.           Now, there was a tradition that was so harsh and is still harsh, prevalent in some communities in Igbo land. What is that useless tradition? The tradition of outcast (osu). It is still holding sway in some communities even in the 21st century.
9.           It has hindered some ladies from marrying their choice of husbands, hindered prospective husbands from marrying their choice of ladies because one is labeled osu (an outcast). For they generally believe that one who is not an outcast supposedly believes Igbo language  to be Obi, Ogbuefi or Eze as the case may be. The nomenclature varies from community to community.
10.        But recognizing that there is something called an “outcast” is an abomination of all abominations. A stigma that is difficult to erase which one cast upon his fellow human being.
11.        Now, what makes one an outcast (osu)? There are ways you can be an osu. Number one, if your life is threatened by your community or by your enemies, your life is in danger, you do not want to lose your life, you run to a shrine for protection, once you run to that shrine, you become the property of the shrine. Nobody will touch that person again. That is why another name for outcast is “untouchable.”
12.        Another way of being an outcast is to shake the hand of one supposed to be an outcast. Or eat, or drink or sit down in the same chair or go to his house, you have touched an unclean person. So you are now unclean.
13.        Another way is by lying with a man ignorantly who is an outcast or a woman who is an outcast mix-mating with a man. The two become outcast, abomination. And all the children raised by outcasts are regarded as outcasts for offences they never committed.
14.        I thank God I have two elderly men that visited me here today. If I can fool anybody I cannot fool Oga Jumbo and your friend because I know you know these traditions.
15.        Now, this is 21st century. Do you know that in some places they even have their adage: “Nna ejekewana inu ya; okwa osu. Uka eruikwa nay a, ejetekwaya na uka (Do not marry her, she is an outcast and Church does not get there). They came up with a concocted story, “There is one of our relations….” They will not quote the living, so that you will not go and ask.
16.        Liars, deceivers, idolaters, always use dead people as their reference point! “There is one of my brother’s wife, centuries back. There is one of our brothers our father told us about”.
17.        When did it happen? “Our father told us about it”. He cannot use a living being which you can easily trace and he will give me evidence. They will come up with concocted stories: “There was one of our relations who mix-mated with an outcast, each time they went to bed, a python would come and held them together. Many wild animals will be coming. Even there is one that metamorphosed one day into a lion and was roaring!”
18.         Some say, their children are always crippled, “They normally have deformities, a sure sign that they are outcasts.” This matter is a serious matter of a great concern. Idolatry in the Church, why is it prevailing? Church members recognize it and also obey for it has rested in their conscience that such a thing exists.
19.        People that are not ready to repent of their paganish ways have been filled with creating fears in the hearts of innocent fellows using the threats of their gods. Some even magnify the efficacy, the ferocity of their so-called gods, how dastardly bad it is, how it does not spare.
20.        If it does not spare, will there be people in their community till today? Liars! Liars are idol worshipers—idol worshipers are liars. Our forefathers inherited lies wherein there is no profit and our children are still holding unto them.
21.        If you go to Imo State in particular, let me forget about your states. I am using living examples that are verifiable. Yes! Because we are now in the dispensation of practical reality. No stories.
22.        If you know that you are from Imo State notably from Owerri axis, you will know that I am sharing the truth. There are two places that are notable in Owerri.
23.        Number one is Emekukwu in Owerri. Another place is Emii in Owerri. Emii, Emekukwu, good, good communities where we have “intelligentsia”. Prominent personalities came from these areas. God blessed them because they were regarded as outcasts.
24.        People can hardly marry their daughters, they do not go there. Look at one funny thing; they do not go to market the same day, outcasts have their days. They do not go to stream the same day. Outcasts have their day and if you dare clash with an outcast, you have committed a crime.
25.        A humiliation brought about by paganism for they set aside the word of God that the traditions and customs of their people might have preeminence.
26.        The cloud is here. I am here with the key to open the door. I am not the preacher for today but I know even from yesterday that He that is in me will give me the strength I have never had because I am here to do His Will. He is with me.
27.        These outcasts were given forbidden areas, they don’t domicile with the people of the land, they are treated as strangers, they do not participate in anything common with the people. There is one particular hamlet in Owerri, they call that place Umuororonjo.
28.        Umuororonjo in Owerri, it is believed that they are hundred percent outcasts. Their ladies are elegant and beautiful, fair to look upon; their men handsome and intellectuals. They control the wealth of Owerri.  It is in that community they harbor.
29.        In spite of the revivals that started 235years after the birth of Jesus Christ. 235AD, the arithmetic product is 2018 minus 235= 1783 years which it lasted in Africa. This noxious paganish practice is still in vogue in our area. An area that is supposed to harbor enlightened persons. Why is it so? Prominent personalities, educated, learned are involved, they are spearheading it.
30.        When we went to Abo in Udi, I went with my director when they were having one of their festivals; there was one dreaded masquerade they call odo. When that odo came out, prominent among the people that were following odo was Chief Dr. Osy who was a prominent figure in the then University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Imoke.
31.        Ewere igu apai na ala etire ya iyoo! (they will hit palm fronds on the ground and shout iyoo!).
32.        My director joined, John Ogoloma with the rest of them, eminent personalities in Abo Udi following odo, dressed like the followers. All of them are knights of Roman Catholic, notably St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Abo Udi, all of them are there.
33.        When the odo was removed, I saw the man inside the odo, a prominent permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Enugu State putting on masquerade.
34.        Just like the Governor of Anambra State put on masquerade when Aguleri was having their New Yam festival last year. Governor demonstrating and dancing how he used to dance and love aku na eche enyi, entered aku na eche enyi. Amen.



Idolatry is still prevalent because Church people are spearheading it. The academia are now spearheading idolatry, patronizing shrines, upholding their traditions, their customs, their household gods, yet they go to Church. That is why they tell you Church does not reach there.

2.           They will use idol worshippers to pin down innocent brethren among us. And with this type of spirit, they migrated into our midst intending to bend us to their side.

3.           We are saying no! God is equally saying no! We had already divorced idols before we embraced Christ. God has transferred us from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His Dear Son, into the Kingdom of light and commanded us to live in the light, walk in the light, live our lives as those that are in the light.

4.           When light comes, darkness vanishes away. Why is your heart filled with darkness? It is because the light of the Gospel has not illuminated your heart. It is dark till today.

5.           Colossians 1:12-18 Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:

6.           Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

7.           In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:…. KJV.

8.           In whom we have redemption in not in idol. Every idol is brought with animal sacrifice. Nobody here is redeemed with the blood of animal and all the stipulations they will give you for infringing on the rules of the land bothering on bringing animal, bringing money, bringing this and that, they slaughter, they told you they have appeased the gods of the land. And you tell me you are here sitting down under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

9.            If God does not smite you, He is giving you another chance because I said I do not want to stain My hand with blood. But today is a day of total freedom.

10.        First step towards worshiping idol starts by recognizing that it exists. The same way he that must come to God must believe that God exists. Is it not true? He that will go to the Devil will believe that the Devil exists.

11.        You go to the shrine, for you to believe that the gods of your people have power; you have already believed that their shrines exist.

12.        IN this message, this day, I am dismissing all evildoers, all worshipers of idols. An abomination God has not cherished from the word “go”. It is traced to our home when we are about to enter the promised paradise.

13.        Amplified version. Colossians 1:12-20 Giving thanks to the Father, Who has qualified and made us fit to share the portion which is the inheritance of the saints (God’s holy people) in the Light.

14.        God’s Holy people in the light, certified fit to share in the light as God’s saints, not as idol worshipers, not as idolaters. How can you be a saint and also an idol worshiper?  An idolater becoming a saint?

15.        Can you serve two masters at the same time? One leg here, the other leg on the other side, your mouth in Christ, your heart in the idol of your people.

16.        Instead of boasting with God, you are boasting with the gods of your people, you are boasting with idols, giving idols strength with the words of your mouth. 

17.        [The Father] has delivered and drawn us to Himself out of the control and the dominion of darkness…

18.        Out of what? “Control and dominion of darkness”. Whoever that does not know the Gospel of Christ is living in the dark till this day. The Bible said that darkness has comprehended his heart, the darkness has over clouded the heart, hence he has lost his senses of reasoning.

19.        Yet you come here and call yourself a child of God while you worship idol with your heart. You cannot divorce idol the way God divorced idol.

20.        When I preached family gods, we saw women married by men of God; I mean Jacob married Leah and Rachael. When they were going to their husband’s place, they went with idols of their father intending to bend Jacob to the idols of their father, Jacob said no! He searched them out and burnt them.

21.        Regard it as menstrual cloth. Some have their idol on their waist, some have their own on their neck, some have the one they placed on their bed, some placed their own under the coconut tree, some placed their own under a guava tree, some placed their own under a plantain. They hide the idols because they are manmade.

22.        Some will place it on their door and use cross to cover it. Some keep it inside their photo frame so that no one would see it. Some hid it in their car, under the chair thinking that it will save them.

23.        No matter where you hid it, the eyes of the Lord are seeing them. Can he that Is running run faster than his toes?

24.        …and has transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love,…

25.        The Father has drawn us unto Himself, not to idol and we said we are not coming.

26.        At any point in time, you are either serving God or you are serving idol. Whatever you place first in your heart, whatever you give your allegiance, your reverence, that is your God. It takes your number one position. You venerate it, it gives you joy, that is your idol.

27.        That is why stubborn people are regarded as idolaters. Get rid of stubbornness which is idolatry. You may say I never knelt down before a shrine but you are stubborn, you are stiff necked, you are incorrigible. Are you not an idolater? You are an idolater as long as God lives.  Amen.