Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: JEWISH BELIEF AND MY DEFENSE

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(Compare and Contrast) Preached on Sunday 4th September,

Remain blessed brethren. Bro Ojiakor! Did we come with that Message titled, THE MIND OF MAN AGAINST GOD? You know I ordered for My own copies. Are you here with your own? Can you please give Me.

2.           You are all welcome here in the Name of the LORD. We thank God we are complete in number. Nobody died within the week. So we are all alive. It is the LORD’s making. We thank God.
3.           Last week was a week of travels upon travels. I am here to thank God immensely who lead us through in all the trips. Last Tuesday, I left here for My hometown enroute Isiala-Ngwa. Anybody from Isiala-Ngwa here? May be they are still on the way. Salute the entire Brethren there for Me.
4.           I met a new, refined, polished Isiala-Ngwa, both physically and spiritual. I was overjoyed. I thank God that I attended the burial there. I equally thank God that I contacted Bishop Chikee and then Deacon John Okechukwu.
5.           If I had followed Apostle Kelechi’s directives, I would have got lost in Isiala-Ngwa. So Bro Kelechi, be very careful. If you do not know your community, I will grant you one month leave to go and study your community so that you will not be misdirecting people who may be privileged to visit your community.
6.           Obikabia is not before Isiala-Ngwa junction and there is no way you can go to Obikabia without getting to Isiala-Ngwa junction. There is no other way leading to that place. You must get there whether you like it or not. So, take note.
7.           I went to Umuebi in Obikabia. That is Isiala-Ngwa North Local Government. The family is Deacon Okechukwu’s Annex. They are one. I wanted Bishop Chikee and Deacon Okechukwu John only to accompany Me to that place.
8.           I equally made use of our Elder Loveday. He was a blessing to Me in that trip, though he suffered. Of course, he knew it that traveling with The Son of Man entails enduring too many things. You will not eat until you see Him eating. Neither will you drink until you see Him drinking. Thus, if He will go without food and drink, get ready.
9.           It is not that I will prohibit you. If you can eat and drink very fast before He will meet you, better. For any point He meets you that is where the whole thing will stop and another thing will take over. You see, I tested him and he passed.
10.       We thank God. While I expected only two Elders to meet with Me at Isiala-Ngwa junction to guide Me safely to that community, lo and behold, all the pillars of the Household of God at Isiala-Ngwa waited for Me at that Isiala-Ngwa junction, including Elder Ugoala. While we were there waiting, from nowhere, Bishop Nath appeared. I was a blessed man.
11.       We had a very nice time. The burial was very much orderly, conducted by the Seventh Day Adventist church, purely American. There I saw what I encountered there many years ago, because we were sharing the same school premises with that church at Okpuala-Ngwa primary school, Umuokike. They were at one end of the school, while we were at the other end.
12.       During our missionary outings which featured mainly Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, they worshipped on Saturdays. Each time they started singing, I will gradually sneak away from the hall, leaving somebody in the pulpit. You see Me hiding near their block. They sing more than the Cherubim and the Seraphim. I respect Ngwa people because of their melodious voices.
13.       If what it takes to go to heaven is to sing praises, making melodies, let Me tell you, no other group in Igbo land will be there. I was not surprised. I saw all kinds of choir groups with their different uniforms, but they read Scriptures that choked them. I would not testify that until somebody comes from Isiala-Ngwa.
14.       The most exciting side of the whole thing was what happened when the burial was over. We were about to go together with my colleagues in the company and our directors. We were many that wanted to go.
15.       The Brethren halted Me, pleaded that I should not go anywhere without touching My feet in the place they arranged a little thing for Me. I said, “What for?” Did we come here to bury any of us? We joined hands with our colleague in the factory to bury his late wife who joined her ancestors at the age of 48. A painful death.
16.       I said, “Permit Me to go.” They said, No. It was late. Few minutes to 4pm. They insisted that I must. While I pleaded, they started kneeling down, begging. I turned to Bro Loveday and said, “Ok. Seeing that they have this type of love, they have this type of understanding, since they could notice that we never tasted anything there as it has always been our habit, let us go with them.”
17.       We drove down there. Not too far away from that place. I was overjoyed. Number 1: Brother Okechukwu John paid heed to My advice. As at the time he heard the Voice that we should improve on our education, he believed it.
18.       He challenged himself and enlisted in the school from primary 4 till he finished primary 6. He went further to enroll in the secondary education, continued until he obtained his School Certificate.
19.       He was hewing firewood by at the time I met him. A wine tapper. When he heard the Message TIME FOR CHANGE, which he is still quoting till today, he believed it and effected a change in his occupation immediately.
20.       As at that time, he was living in a mud house with thatched roof. It is hard to believe. It is unbelievable that this Brother has been blessed, very industrious. He is a new Deacon Okechukwu John. He has changed the whole compound.
21.       In short, I was amazed. No shanty there again. He is now living in his own comfortable mansion. Modern day structure, built by Bro Okechukwu John and that was where they gave us the reception.
22.       When we stepped in there, only the lame was absent. All the members of the Fellowship were there. The whole Sisters with their families, including Mama Nath. They were all present. They treated us with lavish entertainment to the point that if we wanted to eat, we would have slept there.
23.       But because we were bent on going back that day, we ate the much we needed with joy. I have never come across: I have never witnessed Isiala-Ngwa in that type of spirit. I discerned their hearts and saw genuine love of God. No schism.
24.       And I have never received this type of reception from Isiala-Ngwa from the inception of that Local Assembly in 1993. I was astonished. I did not mince words. We continued sharing this testimony in our vehicle as we drove back home that day.
25.       On reaching home, I started calling too many Brethren, pleading with them to thank Isiala-Ngwa Elders and their families on My behalf and to encourage them to sustain what I saw there. A new, refined and polished Isiala-Ngwa.
26.       Outwardly, you can hardly believe that they are living in hard times. God, who is providing for us is nourishing them, even in that village.
27.       You cannot believe this Faith, repent and get converted and remain the same. Your condition must surely change for the better. Your outlook must surely change. People that spoke evil of you and your Faith must stand to testify of the goodness of the LORD.
28.       So, I really thank God. I pray they will continue with that spirit. If I see anything good, I will share the testimony. If I meet anything bad, I will condemn it outrightly.
29.       So, I have to thank all of them, including Bro Loveday, who was a blessing to Me that day. And I became a blessing to him in return. The same cup he measured to Me was the same cup I measured to him for I specifically, deliberately organized a family altar specifically for him, not for any other person, where I spoke to him. If he was wise he would have recorded everything, all in the interest of his family.
30.       I saw somebody that looks like Pastor Obinna here, from Mbaise. I remember I saw somebody like you. You are welcome here. Did you come with those people I gave notice? I hope you are not joking with that notice. Good. Do not play with it.
31.       They equally benefitted, for I had a preaching session with Mbaise Fellowship in My house. Bro Loveday was equally there. It lasted for hours, after which I sanctioned them. I equally gave them 30 days which will expire on the 30th of September, the same day that of our Brother there, from Ogidi, that is Osegbo. Your own will expire on the 30th of September. Take note of it.
32.       Because I have remembered it, that will show you that I am not kidding. Do not ask Me what I will do if you do nothing. What I will do will speak for itself. Asking Me what I will do if you do not obey Me is an insult. My answer will be seen by everybody.
33.       This is because when God reacts, those that know God or see what has taken place will say that, of a truth, this is the finger of the Almighty God. Thus, you better hasten up action. You have initiated a move. Complete it.
34.       Igwe Amobi! I spoke to you in love and you thought it was a threat. But it has happened at last. I told you, “As you answer Igwe Amobi, if I commission the new yam before you, I must surely remove you from your traditional office as Igwe. The kingship will leave your family till eternity. Nobody will answer prince or princess in your family till eternity. If you do not want the kingship to leave your family, hasten up and commission the new yam before Me.”
35.       His wife and others are My witnesses. Instead of carrying out My instruction, he convened a meeting. Did I ask you to convene a meeting? He convened the meeting so that he will report the outcome of the meeting to Me. I ignored him.
36.       I commissioned the new yam before him. I commissioned the new yam before you, straightaway. Today, the kingship has left your family. What he is now is Mr. Amobi’s family. No prince or princess will ever rise from that family from now till eternity.
37.       Adjust yourselves. All of you that are the remnants will see hell, for the owners of the land your father took over are all coming back to take back their lands, both the ones you have sold and the ones you are about to sell. Wait for Ogbunike. Wait for Umunnachi. Wait for Ogidi. Wait for Umudioka.
38.       Because of the greatness of your fore-father, he intimidated your neighbours and took their lands. If you had managed to commission the new yam, I would have allowed the kingship to continue in your family, but you did not do it. You do not answer a king for nothing.
39.       From today, let nobody ever call him Igwe Amobi. From today, he is now Bro Elochukwu Amobi. Elder Elochukwu Amobi. If I hear you call him Igwe ndi Nso or Igwe Amobi from your mouth, I am warning for you to hear Me.
40.       You do not commission the new yam with English language. Do you pray over an Igbo cola nut in English language? That is why I am speaking in Igbo language so that he will hear Me and understand Me.
41.       Your name has changed in our midst. What you are today is Mazi Elochukwu Amobi or Brother Elochukwu Amobi. Do not ever try to go out there and refer to yourself as prince. It has left and it affects all your children and all that will be born into your family in future. It has departed and it will never come back again!
42.       It is on record that, that which has never happened in your hometown now took place during your time and that of your colleagues. Where there is no successor. Does it mean that there is no man in that family? No. That was what happened in the case of Samuel. That was what happened in the case of Moses.
43.        There were things that look like human beings. Ogidi does not want what looks like a human being. Ogidi want a human being. One that is responsive.
44.       Who can allow that which was instituted in their family to depart in his own watch? If you knew the meaning of kingship, you people would not have allowed it to depart from your family.
45.       We thank God for everything. We returned from Enugu this morning. I cannot remember the day I travelled out and spent two consecutive nights in a place. Truly speaking, I do not know when it happened last.
46.       If I had considered what I saw in Enugu, I may even stay for one week. We were there for a meeting with students of UNN. I knew ahead of time that the Brethren at Enugu will not allow Me. They will like to have sessions upon sessions with Me.
47.       As I thought, so I made it. I travelled with Pastor Thomas. Brethren, before I give My short testimony concerning our trip, let Me begin now to appeal to all and sundry.
48.       Begin now to enquire for Me the nature of the road that links Ufuma in Orumba North to Oji-River. Begin to ask questions about it. May be, it may be better than the best we have here.
49.       I praise God on behalf of the Brethren that come to Fellowship here from Enugu and Nsukka respectively. We saw hell. We saw hell. It is not easy. The road is only free and a little motorable on Sundays, but on ordinary days, no way. And if it rains, everybody is trapped.
50.       That is not all. What if any of the long trucks eventually falls? The road is completely blocked. There are some routes we can use to get to Awka, but from Awka, there is no other route except Ugwuoba – Oji-River. The express way is out of use completely. Even motorcycles cannot cross.
51.       And now we are having a burial awaiting us at Opi precisely on the 15th and the 16th of this month. How do we go and come back that day. This is because, once you remain there till 2 O’clock, you better make up your mind to sleep.
52.       I am not exaggerating. We are here because today is Sunday, not without troubles anyway. If we happen to go to Opi and stay at Opi till 2 O’clock, definitely, it is better we spend our night there, because it is an ordinary day where we cannot avoid the traffic jam.
53.       If we follow the road that is popular from 9th Mile to Opi, it is horrible. Whether we like it or not, we are going to follow the old road from 9th Mile. Abandoned one is better than the one that is in use.
54.       From Opi to Onitsha can take not less than four hours or five. In spite of our driver’s stubbornness, we left Upper Iweka at 11 O’clock and arrived Enugu a few minutes after 4pm. Yet our driver disobeyed all the rules, went wild.
55.       Begin now to think of that route. But another route we can use to circumvent the bad one is following Umunze to Isuochi. From Isuochi, it then means we will get to Gariki in Enugu. Then connect Opi through Nike, the new road. But it is like running round Nigeria.
56.       I think it is better we run round Nigeria, arrive our destination safely than to insist on the road we know very well and then sleep there. This is because, if our vehicle spoils along this useless road, we are completely trapped. To trans-load is not easy.
57.       I am saying this so that you begin to ask people that know these two routes very well. The possibility of getting to Oji-River through Ufuma. By so doing, we have bypassed the troubles of Awka, Ugwuoba and part of Oji-River.
58.       This is because, if we follow that road, we burst at Oji-River Market, then follow Road Safety area to Udi. If we manage ourselves to 9th Mile, we follow old road. From 9th Mile, you get to Abor, Udi, Egede, Ukana, Ukehe, Ekwegbe and the rest of them. Then we will burst at Opi.
59.       I am saying this in the interest of those that will participate in that burial. If we do not discover any motorable road, definitely we are likely to have problems.
60.       To Brother Chidubem and the family, if you like fast and pray. Make sure there is no rain and there will not be any rain. For once it rains, it then means, we will be like locust in your community. We will devour every green leaf, for we will not go back that day.
61.       While we are planning that it is going to be a one-day trip, I advise you to plan for three days trip. Make elaborate plans to accommodate as many as may not want to take the risk of going back that day.
62.       We finished our Meeting at Enugu precisely few minutes after 3 O’clock. We considered the troubles of getting to the Park from the School. Then when we board the vehicle in the Park, we never knew how long it will take the vehicle to leave the Park.
63.       Maybe by the time we leave the park, it will be few minutes to 5 o’clock or after 5 o’clock. Is there any miracle that will bring us here before 10 or 11 o’clock in the night? Nobody was pursuing us. Hence, we decided to sleep. It is better we come back alive than to perish on the highways when we are rushing down here to do absolutely nothing. So, please, help us.
64.       The entire Brethren at Enugu gave us a very warm reception. They were looking at Me to know whether I will give them a big thank you. And I was looking at them to know whether they will offer Me a bigger reception.
65.       They gave Me a warm reception that is not equivalent to My absence from them. Yes now! I have been absent from there gathering for two year and [some months]. So, I expected more than two years excitement, more than two years jubilation. I thank God.
66.       We were warmly received and lavishly treated. For the first time, I gave them a pass mark. For the first time, I relaxed. I never knew I could be relaxed at Enugu.
67.       Bro Ojiakor made his house very comfortable for Me for he obeyed My instructions. Before I arrived, they have put everything in place, but the most astonishing was the pass mark I gave them which they have never earned.
68.       It is like some of their mothers were sent to school of catering and hotel management. If you doubt Me, you are happily invited to My house this evening to taste the specimen of the soup prepared by Enugu Sisters. It is unbelievable.
69.       I even mandated them to make a recipe of that sample of the soup. I am not mincing words. Bro Anayo nearly missed it. I was compelling him to taste it just like our Sister used to tell My wife [that is Chiamaka Emmanuel].
70.       There is a type of soup they will prepare and she will be saying, “Mummy, just taste this soup. Eat this food. Just taste the soup.”
71.       Mummy will say, “Is it not the soup you and I prepared here?” She will insist, “Mummy taste this soup and see.” That was what we were doing.
72.       To all the Brethren in Enugu, I say, “THANK YOU for your love and understanding.” You knew what I needed. I needed rest and you offered it to Me. They were around all the while and because of the love I saw in them, the understanding, I remained talking even till I left them this morning.
73.       Thus, the trip became a missionary trip. The morning of yesterday, all of us were in that Fellowship where we read the Message, GOD HAS SOMETHING TO SAY, especially chapter 9. We were revived. Sisters were nodding. Whether you like it or not, Onitsha must hear that Message again. MUST!
74.       So, I thank all of you that prayed for the success of our trip. It is true that many never knew we travelled, but as many as knew about it, I am of the opinion that you prayed for the trip. You are all blessed.
75.       Brethren from Umuahia made a stopover when they heard that we were at Enugu. Sisters that were cooking revealed to them. Immediately all of them made a stopover while coming back from Eha-Amufu and we had a wonderful time with them. Thank God our Sister is here and the Brothers.
76.       I hope your staff were excited seeing us in that mood. We were very happy with the Brethren at Enugu. I saw something that has been missing in their midst. I saw the thing gradually manifesting. I say gradually manifesting.
77.       If I see false harmony, false peace, I will notice it. If I notice that people are just trying to adjust themselves, I must know. But where I see people that are whole-heartedly devoted to a common cause, everybody trying to avoid that thing that will bring reproach, I will notice it at a glance.
78.       So, I have to thank all of you immensely. Is Bishop Ifeanyi Eze around? Why is he there? Did somebody tell him that I excommunicated him from the Fellowship of the Saints? He excommunicated himself. Bring him in. Bring him in.
79.       He remained writing texts to Me even till the early hours of this morning. Let Me believe that he has come back to his senses. The crime he committed is not worthy of mentioning. It may appear light to him, but he never knew that it was grievous before God.
80.       If you want to know that crime, meet with him, Pastor Thomas and the Brethren from Enugu, especially the men. All that heard what he did condemned him instantly there. It is unbecoming of a Bishop. So, he is to be blamed.
81.       For that reason, I excommunicated him from My Fellowship at Enugu. He must have heard My threats that the excommunication will continue here. Well, because I am happy, I do not harm anybody when I am happy. Go and sit down. For that will contradict My testimony.
82.       I am really happy, not because of what I ate or what I drank. After all, I do not have extra stomach or extra capacity for this and I never travelled for such. The risk I took was by far greater than what any human being can offer Me.
83.       You see, I enquired from Enugu brethren last night, the time they used to leave their houses at Enugu. They said, “Latest, 5.30am.”
84.       I said, “Why this time?” They said, “To enable us get to Jerusalem on time.”
85.       I said, “Ok. We will be ready before that time. No problem. Bro John, go and wait for us at the other end. We are meeting with you there. Do not go ahead of Me.” He accepted.
86.       He wanted to go with Pastor Thomas. I said, “No No No No No! Whenever I travel out with anybody, I sign in My life.”
87.       I find it difficult to do away with that person, because I am obligatory to bringing the person back and handing the person over to his or her family. Only then, My journey is complete.
88.       If you go home with him, I will remain troubled throughout this night, for I would not know how he will be faring. So, go, in the morning, you will see us. So, we slept together there.
89.       I woke up by 3: 00am, though I never slept. Yes! It was conducive, but there is one thing which I have formed as a dangerous habit. Yes! Do not mind Me. I am a fool. I am a fool. No matter how comfortable that bed might be, put you air-condition and do everything, flowers, drinks, I will take all of them and be on the bed, but sleep will not come. I do not know what to do. No matter how I adjust My mind.
90.       I drank three bottles of water before daybreak, to enable Me sleep. I remained awake. I was not thinking of anything. I was rather rejoicing. I told them this morning that we will be leaving as early as 5.30am as you have been leaving. “Feel free.” 3 o’clock, I woke up. I did not take My bath. I allowed all of them to be preparing.
91.       They were looking at the time. I was just discussing with Pastor Thomas outside, ignoring their call. 5.30am, I had not even brushed My teeth. We were still discussing. I noticed they were worried. I came out and said, “Let everybody relax. Eat and drink. Make your hearts merry. You will leave here at My instruction. If you are intelligent, how can you go late when I am here?
92.       “Who are you going to meet there? What if I decide not to go? Will you arrest Me? Brethren will only gather, listen to the Message. Grumbling, they will go. Some would say, ‘If I knew Daddy would not come, I would not have come.’”
93.       Ministers here. That is not a problem. But I know what you are looking for. Let Me tell you. Assuming I never arrived, nobody would have heard this Message. It is not even in your programme. The highest you can do is to continue with the marriage Messages.
94.       When at last it became My turn, I enquired, “I hope everybody is set?” They said, “Yes!”
95.       “I hope nobody will take excuse for one thing or the other.” They said, “Yes!” “Ok, let Me go and take My own bath.” By the time I came out, finished everything, 10 minutes after 6am. They were looking at the time. I laughed at them.
96.       Finally I commanded everybody to go down. We left. The road was terribly bad. I regulated the speed. In spite of the bad road, we got to the area where we should speed up, I said, “No!” This motor should operate between 60 and 80Km/hr. Do not ever exceed 80. They started wondering how they will make it, even by 9 o’clock.
97.       I said, “Make sure you do not exceed 80. Bro John, you stay at the back to avoid speeding up.” So, we left.
98.       We were talking and we were sharing testimonies as we journeyed along. The road was really busy along Oji-River with heavy, heavy trucks. We continued chatting and maintaining that speed until we got to Enugu-Agidi. We parked.
99.       Twice we parked. One at Enugu [New Market]. Second at Enugu-Agidi. We eased ourselves and shared testimonies on the highway. On their blindness because nobody solicited that I should stay back at least for ten minutes. They were regretting. We emptied everybody on the ground.
100.   In spite of their so called lateness, I never talked. Finally, we left. Gradually, we took Eziowelle. From there we came down here. Immediately we arrived at Awka Road, Bro Ojiakor looked at his time.
101.   Onitsha was yet to start Fellowship. Look at your time. Bro John said it was unbelievable. Maintaining 60 – 80 Km/hr.
102.   Arriving here, I said, “You are now certain I held the time.” Never have we seen it. By our speed and the traffic congestion, we should be here after 9am, but we came here before many.
103.   Let Me tell you something. The day is coming when you will be desiring to see one of the days of The Son of Man. Make hay, while the sun shines. Make your hay, while the sun shines. Whosoever that is privileged to be given an opportunity should endeavor to maximize such an opportunity for you do not get such an opportunity every day.
104.   You do not know what you are enjoying here. You do not know what has visited you. If you know what has visited you, you will know why the Jews are still lamenting. This is because whatever is their condition now is what you would have been passing through.
105.   Sleeping under threats. Moving about under threats, for God has left them. There is no peace with one that goes in and one that goes out. Insecurity is there. I thank God for all of you. Amen.

Now, before any other thing, I wish to get all of you acquainted with the beliefs of the Jews in Nigeria. Last week, you saw Me with the two Apostles sitting down with your Elders, with a view to finding out what and what formed their core beliefs, for which cause they gathered.
2.           We came to the realization that the people you call expatriates were hired to come and teach them how to speak Aramaic and Hebrew languages. And what they understand a Jew to be is one that can speak and write their language. Even if the person will run crazy, it does not matter.
3.           It is a horrible belief. I wanted a document from them that will help Me to investigate them further. They gave Me their core belief. A document I promised to go through.
4.           I did not want to do the work alone. I decided to make 10 copies out of the photocopies, so that I may have at least one in the library and distribute the rest to knowledgeable people in the Scriptures and [and also knowledgeable] in the things pertaining to God.
5.            Even this morning, I forwarded a copy together with a photocopy to the Principal of this College who has been with us since 1993 so that he will know what the people that camped here believed.
6.           What is My idea? To make sure you are not carried away by any wind of doctrine. Hence, wherever I come into contact with those beliefs, I must bring them here for you to hear, understand and judge.
7.           If I keep these things to Myself, you might be thinking otherwise. But if I make them public, I will declare God’s stand which you know is the Truth. When you make comparisons with variegated religions, you will be sure and certain that you are in the right place and under the sun, there is no gathering of a people like you.
8.           It is not because The Son of Man is saying it, but it is because you have verified, scrutinized, evaluated and come to the conclusion that you are not deceived.
9.           Let Me use one instance. Any Jew that does not believe that God is a human being that can be seen, never believed Moses, never believed the testimony of Manoah and many others.
10.       If Moses was their Prophet, Moses sat down with God face to face. God even bore witness that, of all men, there was none to compare to Moses in meekness and humility.
11.       He said, “To the prophets and others, I spoke to them in dreams, in visions, in similitudes, but it is not so with Moses My servant whom I spake with face to face.”
12.       After which he told Moses to gather the seventy elders of Israel. God appeared in human form, sat down, discussed with them, they ate and drank. Nobody died. If He is not a human being, He could not have come down, sat down with fellow human beings, ate and drank. He ate the same food they ate and drank the same wine they drank.
13.       God drinks. Go to the Old Testament. God placed curses upon trees that should have produced wine for Him, but when He got there, He did not see any wine. He got disappointed.
14.       You are not a Jew because you came from Israel. What makes you a Jew is your belief. What makes you a child of God is your belief. When you believe that which God has taught you, you act on what you have received, the difference is clear.
15.       Thus, to avoid anybody being deceived, I want to make it public, that which we collected from them. I put it in this form to enable Me preserve it. I collected it in form of photocopies. We never added or subtracted. We produced it the way we saw it.
16.       I will invite Brother David Mbah to read it. It is a small piece. After going through I will now point you back to our Message, THE MIND OF MAN AGAINST GOD:  SCIENCE, RELIGION AND GOD, where you will see an x-ray of the various religions in the world.
17.        And what they propagate starting from Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Zikism, Christianity, Confucianism from Confucius, Shinto and many others. There is no religion in the world that is not here including Hare Krishna, Eckankar, Grail Message.
18.       We decided to bring all these things out, equipping you such that no being, no wind of doctrine can blow you off course. If anybody says he is a member of the Grail Message, you know who he is and what he believes. No matter the group, you have the book. It is with you. Go home and study it.
19.       But to these people that have boldly come out to announce that they are Jews, and God saw the whole schools that are in Onitsha and there was not one that was conducive enough for them to come except this one here:
20.       For the first time, a church group has used our hall. Something students are afraid of. Boldly they came here. No problem. Boldly we met with them, sat down with them. Now, boldly I will tell you what they stand for as we collected from them. So, Bro David read.
21.       Let it not be that tomorrow somebody who is at Ogidi will be hearing about the synagogue of the Jews at Ogidi and then you start panicking.
22.       Or you see heavily bearded man wearing eyeglasses, you will not know that he is an evil man, with evil eyeglasses and evil beards with which he deceives those that do not know the Word of God. Amen.

Caption: WHY THE MESSIAH HAS NOT COME. Perhaps you belong to one of those religious organizations that say the Messiah came long ago. If so, why do we still have more and more crises in our society? We should have had a universal peace long ago. And there shouldn’t have been a daily increase of immorality in our world. Get your Bible now and let’s dig out WHY THE  MESSIAH HAS NOT COME!
2.           DEFINITIONS: We shall begin our search by understanding that the word MESSIAH is derived from the Hebrew word Mashiach. Mashiach in Hebrew culture refers to any person initiated into a religious or political office by pouring holy oil on his head.
3.           Hence, Mashiach means ONE ANOINTED with holy oil. This implies that Aaron became a Mashiach because Moses anointed him with holy oil, (Leviticus 8:112). By this process therefore, Kings Saul, David, Solomon, and many other leaders of Israel who assumed office after the holy oil was poured on them are Messiahs, 1 Samuel 10:1; 16: 13; 1 Kings 1:34 - 38.
4.           So, Mashiach can mean one who is consecrated, ordained, anointed or commissioned by the pouring of holy oil. This definition suggests that the messianic idea is necessarily about real people who get installed into office to perform specific roles.
5.           In Hebrew language, Mashiach does not mean God because no scripture suggests that God was, or is or will be anointed with oil. It does not mean a spirit being, spirits don’t need anointing.
6.           It does not mean Son of God either Numbers 23: 19 says: ‘God is not a man... Neither the son of man’. Only human persons are anointed to accomplish given messianic purposes.
7.           The popular prophecy that gave the world the idea and hope of a Messiah originated from the Jews. Jesus said to the Samaritan woman: “Salvation is from the Jews,” John 4:22, because he understood the cultural and moral origin of the Messianic idea.
8.           Paul admitted this fact also in Romans 3:1-2: where he writes, “Well then is a Jew any better off? Is there any advantage in being- circumcised? (The Jew has) a great advantage in every way. First, the Jews were the people to whom God’s message was entrusted (Jerusalem Bible, Readers Ed).
9.           Psalm 147:19, 20 confirms this fact thus: “He shows his word to Jacob, His statutes and ordinances to Israel. He has not dealt so with any nation: and as for his ordinances they have not known them...”
10.       Paul was a Jewish scholar who understood the Jewish origin of the messianic idea. For that reason, he cautioned his Roman converts when they ignorantly thought that God had rejected the people from whose culture the Messianic idea emerged:
11.       “I say then, Did God cast off his people (the Israelites)? By no means (impossible!]. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. God did not cast off his people who he previously knew... For I would not ... have you ignorant of this mystery [Gods plan].., all Israel shall be saved: even as it is written,”
12.       THE LORD SPEAKS: Yet they do not believe the New Testament.
13.       There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer (Messiah); He shall turn away lawlessness from Jacob.” [Here in Romans 11: 1-2, 26 Paul quotes Isaiah 59:20-21]. Now we know that the God of Israel plans to send a Messiah who will judge the world with the moral Law of righteousness which will come from Zion, Isaiah 2:3.
14.       HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: The above testimonies of Jesus, Paul and the Scriptures affirm that if we sincerely want to UNDERSTAND WHY THE MESSIAH HAS NOT COME, we MUST ask the JEWS. We MUST ask prophet Isaiah, who originated the messianic idea so we can see what he saw, hear what he heard and have first-hand interaction with the Jewish people of his time and place.
15.       This research procedure is necessary because Psalm 147:19-20 says: “He [God] shows his word to Jacob [Israel], His statutes and his ordinances to Israel. He has not dealt so with any nation: And as for his ordinances, they [the nations] have not known them....”
16.       So, the best way we can understand the subject of the Messiah is by returning back to the original (idiomatic) Jewish meanings of the events as they occurred. Remember that in the attempt to prove that Jesus is the expected Messiah, the writer of Matthew 1:1-17 had to trace the lineage (paternal origin) of Jesus to King David, because the prophecy in Isaiah 11 says the Messiah would be of the stock of Jesse. Jesse was King David’s father.
17.       Remember also that 1 Samuel 13:14 said the Lord has elected “the man (King David) after God’s heart.” And in 2 Samuel 7:11-17, God had promised that he would establish David’s son upon David’s throne forever, because David had a desirable heart. But King David’s direct son, Solomon “... loved many foreign women.., that his wives turned away his heart.., and his heart was not perfect with the Lord as was the heart of David his father.” (1 Kings 11:1-8).
18.       After King Solomon’s death, about the year 933 BCE, God remembered to punish Solomon by splitting his kingdom between his son Rehoboam and his servant Jeroboam. Rehoboam ruled two tribes, Judah and Benjamin of Southern Israel (alias Judah), while Jeroboam ruled the ten tribes of Northern Israel (alias Ephraim), I Kings 12.
19.       The two Israel(s), Judah and Ephraim worshiped idols, (1 Kings 13 and 14:22-24). The two nations, Judah and Ephraim fought themselves, (1 Kings 14:30) and their wars lasted from the time of the splitting of the kingdom to the time of Isaiah’s prophecies.
20.       God endured 210 years of instability and rivalry in both Judah and Ephraim. Then God sent Prophet Isaiah to decry their worship of idols, their wars and the level of injustice in both countries. Morality which powered spirituality was gone, Isaiah 6.
21.       God still showed interest in Judah because the people of Judah still worshipped at the Mountain of the House of the Lord in Jerusalem, while in contrast, Jeroboam set up the worship of Baal in Bethel and Dan, in order to stop the ten northern tribes from re-merging with Judah or worshiping God at the Temple in Jerusalem.
22.       To restore hope in Judah who still worshipped in Jerusalem, God promises that in the future he will send a Messiah (a king like King David) who, among other duties, will regenerate interest in the Law of Moses, banish idol worship, reunite Judah and Israel (Ephraim) and end all wars. The inhabitants of the new united Israel will enjoy peace forever.
23.       Isaiah’s messianic prophecy occurred when King Pekah of Ephraim (Northern Israel) joined his forces with King Rezin of Aram, Syria to attack his own Jewish brother King Ahaz of Judah.
24.       So, the whole events in Isaiah 7- 8 describes how God was going to deal with the military face-off between King Ahaz of Judah and his unrepentant brother King Pekah of Ephraim.
25.       Today’s English Version Good News Bible readers chapter 7: 1-8 thus: “When King Ahaz, the son of Jotham and grandson of Uzziah, ruled Judah, war broke out. Rezin, King of Syria and Pekah son of Remaliah, King of Israel, attacked Jerusalem, but were unable to capture it.
26.       When word reached the King of Judah that the armies of Syria were already in the territory of Israel, he and all his people were so terrified that they trembled like trees shaking in the wind.
27.       The Lord said to Isaiah, take your son Sheer Jashub (Shear Jashub means: Only a few Israelites who will be carried into exile will return in the future) … meet King Ahaz. Tell him to keep alert, to stay calm, and not to be frightened or disturbed.
28.       The anger of King Rezin and his Syrians and of King Pekah is no more dangerous than the smoke from two smouldering sticks. But I, the Lord, declare that this will never happen.”
29.       Then, in Isaiah 7:14, God gave Ahaz the ‘Immanu-El sign to re-assure him that his two enemies kings, Pekah and Rezin would be vanquished, “... a YOUNG woman ... will have a son and will name him Immanu-El.” (the Hebrew word ‘alma’ should; be translated ‘young woman, not ‘virgin as in Matthew 1:23).
30.       “By the time he is old enough to make his own decisions.., the Lands of those two kings (Kings of Syria and Northern Israel) who terrify you will be deserted.” (TEV). Verse 8 shows that this prophecy would happen during Ahaz’s live time and within sixty- five years Ephraim would be shattered.
31.       Bible History reveals that King Ahaz was so wicked that he installed idols within the Temple and sacrificed his own Sons to idols. But because Ahaz ruled Judah where the Mountain of the House of the Lord was, God still fulfilled the Immanu-El sign.
32.       First Tiglath-Piteser King of Assyria attacked Rezin King of Syria before he pounced on Pekah, carrying away parts of the idolatrous ten northern tribes, (2 Kings 16:2-9; 15:29-30; 2 Chronicles 28). Ahaz’s alliance with Tiglath-Piteser contributed to the ruin of Pekah King of Northern Israel.
33.       THE BARE FACTS: After the fulfillment of the Immanu-El sign, another 700 years passed before Mary gave birth to the child who for all his life was never named or called Immanu-El.
34.       The child promised in Isaiah 7:14 was a sign that was fulfilled in King Ahaz’s life’s time. God gave the Immanu-El sign to reassure His chosen people Israel that, despite their sins, he was still actively interested in their affairs (Isaiah 7:10-13; 8:3, 18). Therefore, Matthew 1:23 is an anachronistic misquote that HAS NOTHING to do with the Immanu-El sign of Isaiah 7:14.
35.       Note that while the Immanu-El sign is connected with the victory of Judah over Kings Rezin and Pekah, the Messiah sign is an inherent quality that would be embedded in the character and behavior of the expected Messiah.
36.       Earlier, before the Immanu-El sign, God had spurred Isaiah to declare: “And it shall come to pass in the later days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow to it.
37.       And many peoples shall go and say, come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
38.       And he will judge between the nations, and will decide concerning many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall, they learn war anymore”. Isaiah 2:2-4.
39.       This messianic prophecy proclaims that the offensive wars between the two brother nations, Ephraim and Judah shall cease forever and ever. Because the mountain of the lord’s house’, which refers to the worship of God at the Temple of Jerusalem, ‘... shall be exalted above the hills’ -that is above Baal worship at Dan and Bethel in Ephraim.
40.       Then‘...all nations shall flow to It.‘ and ‘nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore”. [Partial fulfillment of .this prophecy started in 1948 when the former Judea (Judah) got independence and became Israel. Further fulfillments will continue till the Messiah emerges.]
41.       In a further fulfillment recently, Jews searched out the Ibos of Nigeria who were among the ten tribes of Ephraim who God drove out of the Holy Land because of their idols and incessant wars with Judah.
42.       THE SON OF MAN speaks: Note! I said, “Note!” Is this a new revelation?
43.       Remember that ancient divisive slogan which says “To your tents O Israel,” (I Kings 12:16). “To your tents O Israel,” was the slogan that split Israel into Judah and Ephraim. That divisive slogan is still very audible in the social incoherence which has not allowed the Ibos to work together as one people here in Nigeria where they are suffering the ordeals of their exile.
44.       But Zachariah 8:23 alludes to the ten lost tribes who when they repent in the future would seek to return to the worship at ‘the mountain of the Lord’s house’ in Jerusalem.
45.       THESE FACTS ARE REAL AND HISTORICAL: Observe that the theme of Isaiah 2:2-4 is that the worship of the true God which goes on at the mountain of the Lord’s house’ shall surpass other worships on earth. In the detail of the Messianic prophecy in chapter 11, Isaiah saw that an Anointed King who shall be of the tribe of Judah shall sit on the throne of King David and shall publish the perfect law of justice so that ‘the earth shall be full of the knowledge of The Lord as the waters cover the sea.’ Isaiah 11:9.
46.       The future Anointed-Son-of-David that will be born according to Isaiah 11:3-5 will be of the direct lineage flesh and blood of King David. The writer of the Gospel of Mark recognizes this fact in that his report shows Jesus addressing himself as Son of Man.’
47.       The Messiah will not be the son of an angelic spirit as supposed in Luke 2:26-35. Since Isaiah 8:3, 18 shows that the father of the child in Isaiah 7:14 was Isaiah, who was the father of the child in Matthew 1:18-22? Could it be Joseph? If so, why did Joseph disown Mary’s pregnancy; and had nearly decided to divorce her.
48.       Jewish virgins or spinsters who give birth outside marriage are stoned to death. But among the ancient pagan religions that surrounded Israel, idol temple prostitutes (‘nuns’) sleep with male patrons (angels’), and they give birth to saviour-gods an abominable custom which Israel was warned against in Leviticus 18; 19:29; Deuteronomy 22:13-30; 23:2, 17; Leviticus 20:10-24.
49.       In Mark. 12:25; Luke 20:14, Jesus confirmed that angels do not marry! Rev. Alexander Hislop in his book, THE TWO BABYLONS, compares the similarity among the saviour-gods of ancient pagan religions.
50.       Chapter Two of ‘The Two Babylonians shows that everything attributed to Mary’s son Jesus were actually borrowed from the ancient Mother-and-Child religions of Egypt, Babylon, Parthia, Greece and d Rome.
51.       WHY PETER DENIED THE JESUS HE CALLED CHRIST:     Peter was the Acclaimed Head of the church, but why did he deny the Jesus he called the Christ? Let’s follow Peter in a dramatic discovery of what popular preachers carefully conceal from us in the story of Jesus.
52.       The drama opens at Matthew 16:13-21 where Jesus interrogates his disciples over the most important matter in his ministry: “Who do men say the son of man is? And they (the disciples) said, some say John the Baptist, some Elijah and others Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.”
53.       Jesus wasn’t impressed with the public opinion of him as reported by his disciples. So he turned to his disciples for their own opinion of him, verse 15: “But who say you that I am? And Peter answered and said, You are the MESSIAH, the son of the living God.” Jesus was so pleased with Peter’s declaration that he immediately awarded Peter the KEY of his Kingdom on earth.
54.       The headship announcement made Peter sober. He imagined how an ordinary fisherman like himself could be the head of such a universal kingdom. But Jesus whispered to them, “Tell no man”. Then in Matthew 16:20-22, Jesus “... began to show that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed and the third day be raised up.”
55.       “Never!” Peter burst out, “Be it far from you, Master, this [death] shall never be to you,” verse 22. Peter felt justified to disagree because no scripture said the Messiah would be killed. He didn’t like Jesus’ dispute in Matthew 12:38-40 where he told the Jewish leaders that his messianic sign would be dying Jonah’s kind of death.
56.       Peter’s reaction was because the prophets wrote that the Messiah will kill the enemies of Israel and not that the Messiah will be killed, (Isaiah 1:1-4; Malachi 4). In about a week’s time (Matthew 17:1-13), Jesus took his three closest friends, James, John and Peter up a mountain. While Jesus meditated in prayer for the tasks of his ministry, the three waited for him.
57.       Soon it was like in a trance, and Jesus was “... transfigured... and his face did shine as the sun, and his garments became white as the light. And behold, there appeared to them Moses and Elijah talking with him. And Peter answered, and said to Jesus, Master, it is good for us to be here: if you will, I will make here three tents; one for you; one for Moses and one for Elijah...”
58.       As Jesus finished his meditation, he “...touched them, and said, Arise.., and lifting up their eyes, they saw no one save Jesus only.” Peter was bewildered; he couldn’t decide whether it was real or a mere vision. Along the way down the mountain, “Jesus commanded them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man shall be risen from the dead,” Matthew 17:1-9.
59.       Jesus’ mention of the vision helped Peter to realize immediately that the Transfiguration was not real, but a mere vision. If so then, Peter wondered, why did the Master ask them to keep the vision secret? Why this secrecy about the Mashiach? He remembered the earlier challenges Jesus faced in John 7:1-5.
60.       At that time, “...Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him. His brothers had said to him... go into Judea, that your disciples may behold your works which you do. For no man does anything in secret, and himself seeks to be known openly.
61.       If you do these things, manifest yourself to the world.” Whatever Jesus knew of Jewish customs, Peter knew also. So, referring to Malachi 4:5, Peter asked their master: “... why then say the scribes that Elijah must first come?” [before you the Messiah?] (Matthew 17:10).
62.       “... Elijah is come already, and... [the Jews] knew him not, but did to him whatever they would. Even so shall the Son of man also suffer of them,” Jesus replied, becoming a bit more careful in answering as he noticed that Peter’s knowledge of the Scriptures was becoming more challenging.
63.       They understood that their Master spoke of John the Baptist, but many unanswered questions clouded Peter’s visionary mind. Why? He thought: if the John who baptized Jesus is indeed the Elijah that must come before Jesus, why did the same John doubt that Jesus is the expected messiah in Matthew 11:3?
64.       Why didn’t John the Baptist set the stage in order before the emergence of this Messiah? Why in Matthew 10:34-37 did this Jesus set the children against their parents, instead of reconciling parents with their children as the prophesied Messiah would do? Malachi 4.
65.       Jesus’ wish for death now made Peter doubt what Jesus taught in Matthew 10:27, ‘What I tell you in the darkness, speak you in the light; ....“ Why did the Master say that? Peter wondered. May be he doesn’t want to tell who he is by himself. May be we, the servants will be the ones to announce that he is the Messiah so that we will be charged of blasphemy and be stoned.
66.       Then the Master will be blameless! No wonder he said we should “...not be afraid of them that kill the body...” because he knew that if we “confessed (him) before men...”the Jewish authorities will kill us for blaspheming! Peter did not stop thinking.
67.       What worried him most were his master’s devastating contradictory statements in Matthew 10:34-37: “Think not that I came to send peace on the earth: I came not to send peace, but sword”
68.       (The Master not only disagrees with the scribes and Pharisee, he also disagrees with the ancient prophets of God). While the prophets say that the Mash iach would convert swords into farm implements (Micah 4:3), this Master threatens the earth with wars.
69.       “He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me...” How could Jesus directly oppose the God he calls his father? How could he break Exodus 20:12 which demands, “honour your father and your mother that your days may be long...” Peter now understood why Jesus would be killed.
70.       Jesus opposed the Law, but the prophets said the Mashiach would teach the Law, Malachi 4 and Isaiah 2:4. Peter now remembered what Deuteronomy 21:18-23 says of all stubborn children: “If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son, that will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother shall lay hold on him, and bring him out to the elders of his city, and to the gate of his place;
71.       They shall say to the elders of his city, Our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. And all the men of his city shall stone him to death with stones: so shall you put away the evil from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.
72.       “And if a man has committed a sin Worthy of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree; his body shall not remain all night on the tree, but you shall surely bury him the same day; for he that is hanged is cursed of God; that you defile not your land which the Lord your God is giving you for an inheritance.”
73.       Peter had abandoned his fishing business, wife, children, father and mother and followed Jesus. But the Jesus he believed to be the Mashiach was now risking, not only his own life, but the lives of his disciples. How Peter wished he could make the Master to understand that breaking Jewish laws and opposing the religious leaders was equivalent to committing suicide.
74.       The Masters inability to understand Peter’s rebukes made Peter to doubt Jesus’ miracles. His miracles no longer exited Peter for fear that Jesus might be one of those false prophets Moses warned about in Deuteronomy 13:1-5. Peter did not forget how in Matthew 7:1-5, Jesus traded arguments with Jewish scholars over the law of cleanliness, the one in Leviticus 11; 15:10-11.
75.       Peter felt mixed up. He wished he returned back to his fishing business. The Jesus he trusted to kill the Romans and sack them from Israel was rather preparing to be killed. Jesus’ non-conformity with traditional Jewish authorities irritated Peter strongly and he wished he could quit the leadership which the Master had imposed on him. But how could he reject such a lofty offer as the head of the Church? He remembered how Jesus had always drawn him closer. He remembered how they lived as one family.
76.       They cared for each other and shared things in common Just the Esseni fraternity as shown in Acts 5 and 6. The love they shared together made him resolve that he would not live to see anyone harm his master, so he carried his sword to fight in defense of the Master wherever they went, Luke 22:36. He hoped that somehow the Master would continue to dodge the angry authorities as in John 8:59.
77.       Peter had hoped to stop Jesus’ quest for death. But as Jesus requested to celebrate the forthcoming Passover in Jerusalem, it dawned on Peter that he couldn’t help the Master anymore. Jerusalem was the seat of the Jewish Supreme Court that judges Law of Moses. He also knew that the seventy-man jury called Sanhedrin set traps everywhere to trap Jesus.
78.       Soon a throng started building up as they journeyed towards the Temple celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem. Jesus rode on a colt and was surrounded by the throng. It was Jesus moment of triumph. Young people among them shouted: “Hoshia Na!”, (Matthew 21:1.17)
79.       “Hoshia Na!” was shouted for God, kings and mighty warriors to “Save Now!” The atmosphere was charged with shouts of “Save us now!” The redemption long awaited by the Jews has arrived. Now Israel even Judea will be liberated from Roman domination.
80.       As usual, Roman soldiers were around to avert any riots that might break out during this Passover feast. Because of the regular emergences of  Jewish messiahs who like Bar Abba rouse youths against Roman domination, the soldier have been on the alert always.
81.       Peter noticed some unfriendly moves among the traditional Jews and his heart pounded hard against his chest. How he prayed that Jesus could, by the messianic powers residing in him, swoop on the Roman army and liberate Israel forever and ever! But that would never be.
82.       Instead, Jesus swooped on his fellow Jews who traded on ritual animals for sacrifices going on in the Temple. Jesus’ action was a direct attack on the Law of Moses. His actions aroused the anger of traditional Jews.
83.       Peter became alert, ready to run for his dear life. So their master had taught them to run in similar situations, Matthew 10:23; John 7:1; Peter lied to escape arrest, Matthew 26: 69-75. Peter was unlike Paul, the former killer of the Nazarenes. Paul had accused Peter of unsteady behaviour and that caused a row between them.
84.       As for Paul, he had killed many of them before guilt haunted his conscience so much that he declined and joined the Nazarenes. This was the Paul they bundled over Damascus walls in a basket to escape his former Jewish Task Force who sought to kill him for defecting. Acts 8:23-2.
85.       He had been difficult to trap because he was better educated and claimed double citizenship: he was a Jew and a Roman citizen, born in Tarsus of Cilicia in present day South Central Turkey, (Acts 21:39).
86.       Paul went into hiding for three years to avoid arrest and execution by his former masters in Jerusalem. According to Galatians chapters 1 and 2, while in hiding Paul had secretly visited Peter in Jerusalem for fifteen days to negotiate his loyalty and repentance.
87.       At various Times, Paul found occasions to quarrel with the three Supreme Apostles, Peter, James and John. These Supreme Apostles, who operated in Jerusalem, still adhered to the Law of Moses and still attended the Temple services. But Paul who operated in faraway gentile lands mingled Jewish culture with pagan cultures.
88.       Though Paul progressed faster in spreading the Nazarene Messianic doctrines among the gentiles, the report reaching the Supreme Apostles in Jerusalem, tingled their ears. Paul had been summoned to clear himself of the allegation that his teachings stirred up riots against the Jews who dwelt abroad.
89.       He had clashed with Peter, James and John in Galatians 2:11-14. While Peter; James and John still practiced the righteous Law of Moses in Jerusalem, Paul preached a mix of the Nazarene-Esseni way and gentile paganism. Read how Peter warns everyone who read’ Paul’s confusing mysteries in 2 Peter 3:14-16.
90.       Paul had come to the summons in Jerusalem with some of his Grecian converts. He hoped that his oratory would enable him to withstand whatever he would be accused of. And he thought he would easily withstand them. Little did he know that the Sanhedrin, and many angry Jewish youths also had scores to settle with him.
91.       His case which started in Acts 21:17 dragged beyond chapter 23. One of the strong charges that made the Jews accuse Paul of mingling paganism and Judaism is in 1 Corinthians 9:20 - 22.
92.       There Paul wrote:”… to the Jews, I became as a Jew that I might gain Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law; … to them that are without law [That is, idol worshipers], as without law [Paul became lawless]. I have become all things to all men.” Paul was talking from both sides of his mouth. He blew hot and cold, mingling paganism and Judaism.
93.       They accused him of blatantly twisting the Scriptures to support Grecian Hellenism. The most offensive being how he twisted Deuteronomy 21: 22-23. He twisted it thus: “...the Messiah redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us; for it is written, cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree,…” Galatians 3:13-14.
94.       Deuteronomy calls dying by hanging on a tree an abominable shame. But Paul, after admitting that Jesus became a curse, twisted the shameful curse of hanging on a tree. Thus he made his pagan listeners believe that to be Cursed meant redemption, grace, and liberty from the Law God gave to Moses!
95.       And yet this same Paul who talks of redemption from the “curse of the law,” wrote in Romans 3:31: “Do we then make the law of no effect through faith? By no means: No, we establish the Law.” Paul became a great offense to the Jews.
96.       If he met Jews he pretended to be a Jew, if he met gentiles he compromised with them, 1 Corinthians 9:20-22. The Jerusalem disciples still remember how Jesus had sent them out to preach in Mathew 10:23, and how Jesus had promised, “... you shall not have gone through the cities of Israel till the Son of man comes.”
97.       But unfortunately before the Son of man could come as Jesus had prophesied, behold his enemies, the Romans, Killed him by hanging on a tree. The original Jerusalem disciples still remember how Pilate had mocked Jesus as “... KING OF THE JEWS,” (Matthew 27:37).
98.       Their experience had taught them that the Jewish tradition was God-given. So it worried them that this same Paul who killed the disciples only a few years ago and then claimed that he repented on his killer mission to Damascus, has now become a difficult problem to the Nazarenes. This was the Paul who had agreed in Acts 15 to be of good behavior.
99.       This unstable Paul, who now preaches against the righteous Law of Moses, is the same who accepted to perform the same traditional rituals prescribed by the Law of Moses as in Acts 21: 17-26.
100.   This Paul did not know that when Jesus was caught, his disciples had scattered. And that when they found Peter again, Peter had persuaded them to return back to their fishing business because by Peter’s Jewish learning, he had discovered that Jesus behavior never matched what the prophets said the Messiah would be (John 21:1-3). Paul didn’t know that it cost Jesus extra effort to persuade Peter hack to lead the Nazarene Way (John 21:4- 17).
101.   Remember also that while Jesus still hung on the tree, Joseph of Arimathaea had arranged with Pilate to take away Jesus’ body for “... his own new tomb,” in fulfillment of Deuteronomy 21:11-23, (Matthew 27:57-61). Peter knew all these facts, but Paul who challenged Peter’s leadership didn’t know much that happened.
102.   “Now on the next day, which is the day after the (Passover) Preparation, the chief priests and the Pharisees were gathered together to Pilate(Matthew 27:62).
103.   Before the authorities pleaded: “Lest his disciples come and steal him away, and say... he is risen...,” (Matthew 27:64) Joseph of Aramathaea who had all it took to influence Pilate’s orders already had Jesus’ body in his possession.
104.   Joseph already stationed Mary of Magdalah (the great massage therapist, John 12:3-7) and the other Mary at the sepulcher to spice up Jesus’ limp body (Matthew 27: 61). Joseph of Aramathaea strongly trusted the efficacy of the Galilean herbal balm.
105.   They started to work on their Master’s body to revive him as soon as they received his limp body. Remember that the two Marias (and Salome) had stopped their massaging therapy as the Sabbath drew on, to resume the following day after the Passover Sabbath Mark 16:1-2; Luke 24:1; Matthew 28:1.
106.   When Mary of Magdalah and the other Mary had returned to Aramathaea at the end of the Sabbath to continue their treatment of Jesus’ body, lo and behold Jesus was no longer in the tomb! Fantastic! He has RISEN! He is healed! He has escaped the grave! The Galilean miracle balm has worked faster than the massage healers expected! Fantastic!
107.   Many Bible scholars deliberately avoid the facts in the original Jewish Scriptures where even Jesus himself quoted from. They quote only what supports their pagan superstitions. Thus they imbibe pagan customs and call them syncretism.
108.   Just as Paul their master in his epistles taught them to mingle the truth with paganism. Prophet Jeremiah advises: ...stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way; and walk in it...’, Jeremiah 6:16.
109.   WHAT EYE WITNESSES SAY OF JESUS: The Jewish authorities in Matthew 27:63:64 declared that Jesus was a ‘deceiver’. They called his teachings ‘error’. Every part of the Gospels was an appeal by the disciples to cover up the death sentence which the Law of Moses imposed on their master, Matthew 26: 62-66.
110.   The disciples bent and twisted many possible Scriptures to make up for their Legend who like many others failed to liberate Israel. Remember that even Peter who Jesus made head of the Church rebuked Jesus in Matthew 16:22-23, because Isaiah 11:4 said that the Messiah will Kill the wicked, but Jesus chose to die instead.
111.   Peter denied Jesus in Matthew 26:69-75 and returned back to his fishing business, John 21:13, because when Peter carried his sword (Luke 22:36) And expected Jesus to fight side by side with him, Jesus disappointed him!
112.   As Jesus became aware that the Jewish authorities would no longer tolerate his public appearances, he made secret shows of himself to his disciples. Soon after his recovery, Jesus sought out Peter where he was fishing with the other disciples who had deserted him.
113.   That was at the early hours of the morning, when he knew that the Jewish authorities won’t notice him, John 21:4-17. So very early in the morning, Jesus successfully reconciled with Peter and convinced him in the presence of the, others to carry on the Leadership of the Church.
114.   Read Mark 16:14 and Matthew 28:16-17 to that even his own disciples had doubts about his resurrection. John 20:19-20 shows that the disciples and Jesus himself where hiding from the Jewish authorities.
115.   Luke 24:36-43 proves that Jesus was still the former flesh and blood before his impalement and not a spirit being as claimed by those who say Jesus transformed into a god-man after his re-emergence from Joseph’s private grave.
116.   Besides, if Jesus really needed to show himself to anybody as proof that he is a resurrected messiah, should it not have been to Caiaphas the High Priest and the Jewish authorities - who judged him according to the Law of Moses?
117.   As it became clear to his disciples that Jesus will never show up publicly again, as he promised in - Matthew 16: 28, they postponed the redemption of Israel to a SECOND COMING!!! What a disappointment!
118.   Remember that the Messiah sign is an inherent quality that would be embedded in the character and behavior of the expected Messiah. Why Jesus has not come:
218.  One. The Prophesied Messiah will legitimately be of the direct lineage of King David, Isaiah 11:1. But Joseph constructively denied being Jesus biological father, Matthew 1:19.
219.  Two. The Prophesied Messiah will be king upon the throne of David. Jesus was never anointed or installed king on the throne of David. Instead Jesus mounted a colt as the son of David that would come, when the crowds shouted Oshia na (Save now), Jesus failed to save them! Matthew 21:1-17. It was Jesus himself who bore the witness that condemned him to death (Matthew 26:62-66). Compare I Samuel 1: 1-16 where a man’s personal confession condemned him.
220.  Three. Prophesied Messiah will subdue the enemies of Israel.. Instead Jesus was killed by Roman oppressors of Israel, Matthew 27:27-44; Isaiah 11:4; Malachi 3:1-3; 4:1. Pilate mocked him as King of the Jews, Matthew 27:37.
221.  Four. Prophesied Messiah will bring back the exiles of Israel. Instead soon after Jesus was gone, the Roman oppressors destroyed the Temple and drove the Jews into exile, Isaiah 11:10.
222.  Five. Prophesied Messiah will make Judah and Northern Israel one nation as prophesied. Jesus could not do it. The independent Israeli nation of today represents former tribe of Judea only. It does not include the exiles of Northern Israel, the Ibo-Israelites are still exiled in Nigeria, Ezekiel 37:16-28.
223.  Six. Prophesied Messiah will restore the Temple of Jerusalem. Jesus did not contribute to the restoration of the Temple during his time, Instead, the one which existed during his time was destroyed in 70 CE and at this very moment has not been restored, Isaiah 2: 2-3; Ezekiel 37:16-27.
224.  Seven. Prophesied Messiah will restore the Keeping of the righteous Law of Moses, Isaiah 59:20-21. Instead while Exodus 20:12 says: honour your parents, Jesus said children should love him more than their parents, Matthew 10: 34 - 37.
225.  Eight. The Prophesied Messiah will bring peace to the earth. Jesus did not bring peace to the earth. Instead he cautioned that he did not come to bring peace, but sword, Isaiah 11: 1 - 10; Matthew 10: 34.
226.  Nine. Prophesied Messiah will make Israel the religious capital of the world, Isaiah 2:2-3; Micah 4:1-2; Zechariah 8:20-23. Instead Jesus promised that the Messianic kingdom wilt be taken from the Jews and given to gentiles, Matthew 21:43.
227.  Ten. The prophesied Messiah will accomplish his mission in one life time and didn’t need to be killed, or to come again. But when Jesus was killed, his disciples, in want of an explanation, deferred his kingdom to his second coming!
228.  They claimed that he is “the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29). In Jeremiah 7:31, God warned against human sacrifice, so also Leviticus 18:21; 20:1-5; Deuteronomy 12:31; 18:10; Psalm 106: 37-38, Ezekiel 16:20-21.
229.   Besides, the sacrifices offered at the Temple were of clean animals such as lambs, cows, etc, which have hoofs and chew the cud. Humans were never used because they didn’t have split hoofs as did the clean sacrificial animals.
230.   If all the sacrifices made to God, from Abraham to the Levites, no blood was drunk by anyone, then how could Jesus make his disciples believe that the wine which he served them at Passover represented his blood?
231.   Read 1 Corinthians 10:14-21 to observe how Paul knowingly led his followers into pagan communions where the blood of their god (sota) was drunk against clear instructions in Deuteronomy 12:23; Leviticus 17:10, 20; Acts 15:19-21.
232.   Up to the moment of writing this booklet none of those who claimed to be the Messiah has matched the characteristics of the prophesied Messiah. The list of popular claimants includes people like Menehem, who came before Jesus. And then in 132 CE, Simeon Bar Kochba who nearly sacked the Romans, came but failed. Many more have come since then and also failed.
233.   JEWS ARE STILL EXPECTING THE MESSIAH who will, bring peace to the earth through enforcing the Perfect Law God gave through Moses, Exodus 31:18; Psalm 19: 7; Isaiah 11. Every kingdom not based on the rule of law will certainty fail. When the true moral Messiah comes the law shall go forth out of Zion, Isaiah 2:3.
234.   Jesus told his disciples that before they preached round Judea and Galilee he would come to fulfill the prophecies. He even promised the High Priest Caiaphas: “...Henceforth you shall see the Son of man.., coming on the clouds of heaven.” But before he had time to fulfill his promised coming, he was killed and mocked as “KING OF THE JEWS”, Matthew 10:23; 27: 37; Matthew 16: 28; Matthew 26: 63-66.
235.   When the …… nations… from the ends of the earth,... learn to say, Our fathers have inherited nothing but lies, even vanity ‘and things in which there is no profit...; then and only then would they “...hear the conclusion of the whole matter: To “fear God and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every work into judgment..., whether it is good, or whether it is evil.” Jeremiah 16: 19-20, Ecclesiastes 12:13.
236.   This is what the Messiah will do: He will enforce the Law of Righteousness! Then there will be everlasting peace! Shalom! Find out more from: Shofa Media. E-Mail: or call: 2348063588866.

You see, I told you not to record, but I sensed that somebody might be suspicious that the Son of Man might be withholding something.
2.           For that reason, I refrained from commenting, because I have taught you. With your ears, you have heard what it takes to be a Jew, so that when you begin to read and understand the Scriptures, your eyes of understanding will continue to be illuminated.
3.           They said they do not read or believe the New Testament but they were using the New Testament to establish whatever they wanted to propagate.  
4.           This is a serious matter. It contains the truth as it is being believed till this day among the Jews for which cause the Messiah left the land of the Jews and went to a place where they could not come.
5.           They were wondering whether He was going to commit suicide or whether He will be going to the despised of the Gentiles.
6.           For He came to the Jews, His own people. They rejected Him. And as many as received Him, He gave the power to become the sons and daughters of God.
7.           He blinded them for a while. Their clock stopped. He moved to the Gentiles. The time their blindness will be removed is fast approaching. Up till today, they still believe in Temple worship. They still believe and practice Moses’ laws.
8.           If you do not know these basic facts, one day, somebody will trick you into believing that he will move you as an Igbo man to the land of the Jews to integrate with them. Never, never!
9.           Up till today, they still believe in the temple worship. The controversial mountain is still controversial between them and the Muslims till today. The war has been on: Who will possess the temple on the Mount? Is it not true? Don’t you read the papers?
10.       Why? This is because they did not believe the Messiah when He stopped the mountain worship and told them that a day is coming when your people shall no longer worship God on the Mountain, on the valley, in so-so and so places. But the days cometh when they will worship God in spirit and in truth.
11.       Till today, animal sacrifice is still going on among the Jews for they never believed the Messiah when He came. When they were attacking him because of over-familiarity, humility and poor orientation, he knew they were fixed to doing that which the prophets prophesied against him and they did it.
12.       You see their own internal interpretations: “He will pull down the temple and rebuild it.” That was one of the allegations leveled against him before Caiaphas. That he commanded his followers never to obey the laws of Moses, these were accusations. That he lowered down the morals of the people of the Jews, these were the accusations and he even stopped his members from paying tithes, from where the priests were nurtured.
13.       Too many accusations were raked up. I just want you to see and believe that whatever you have heard this morning has remained the belief of all Jews till this day. That is why the Bible said that their hearts are still blind till this day, that whenever Moses’ laws is read, their minds are darkened, but if they will turn to Christ, the blindness will be removed.
14.       He said, “Do not ever think that God has cut them off forever. Blindness has come upon them for a season that the Gentiles might be grafted in.” If the severing of the Jews marks the grafting in of the Gentiles, what do you think the grafting back of the Jews will signify to the Gentiles? The Scriptures said, “Resurrection from the dead.”
15.       We will quote the Jews. We will quote the Apostles as they are quoting the Apostles, but giving the whole thing another interpretation.
16.       Jesus told them, “You err not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God.”
17.       They quoted Numbers to Jesus, that the Messiah will not be a man, neither will he be a son of man. He quoted Psalms, written by David. Those that received the Word of God, what were they called? Were they not called Gods, “Behold, you are Gods.”
18.       Why then accuse Me that came from the Almighty, that I am a blasphemer? The worst accusation being, “Thou art a man and maketh thyself God.” For by their belief, a human being cannot metamorphose into becoming the Almighty God.
19.       Paul, from the tribe of Benjamin made it clear. They never told us the role he played when he was protecting the religion of the Jews and the role he played when his eyes opened and remained opened until he went back to Jerusalem fifteen years after. By the time he got there, all that believed Jesus had denied Him, including Peter.
20.       Have I not told you that I am raising Super Saints? That I do not know what makes any of them a Saint. You see why without us, they are not made perfect. You see why God cannot vindicate any gathering outside this Bridal gathering. I do not care the name it assumes. I do not care who claims to be the founder or the leader.
21.       If God ever confirms that assembly, I will place My life on the line, for I know who I am. I know why I am here. I know My mission on earth. I did not open My mouth for I know I am sure, whatever attack contained in any paper, is directed towards Me. I AM AND I WILL REMAIN THE RESURRECTED BODY.
22.       Simply because their time is not yet come, for Me to introduce Myself to them, for I am still in another Badger skin, speaking another language. But on that day, they will know who I am. They were here that day. I was shouting from this pulpit, highlighting things, tracing the day I came into contact with them, made it clear that you are Ephraimites, hammered it more and more.
23.       From the beginning, I have never deceived you into believing that you came from any other place apart from that Ephraim, who has turned out to be the first son. And I made it clear to you that the two sticks, Ephraim and Judah must be joined together and they shall be one stick.
24.       You are the lost flock of Israel who I have come to look for, to search out in the Gentile world, for there are two flocks. One over there. There is one there, where they could not cross over, whom I must bring into this same fold. There shall be One Flock, One Shepherd.
25.       These Truths are hidden from them. You see why, without you, God can never accept sacrifice from any other person. You see why it behooves on Him to come, for if he does not come, you are completely lost, for nothing will ever make Judah to accept Ephraim, for Ephraim will remain a pagan with his descendants. Before them, Ephraim is an idol worshipper.
26.       A Gentile is one that does not know God, an idol worshipper, a pagan. At least, be happy that the Jews have acknowledged that you are Ephraimites, and I have told you how you came down here. Yes!
27.       Because I was there in the Church in the Wilderness, I guided every move. I have been there, even when the world was without form. I say, “For your sakes, I came down here.” Otherwise, nothing could have brought Me here.
28.       The time for My defense is not yet come. That is their belief. But let Me give you a resume of your own belief and My own belief. We will read the Message, THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH, for what we read was the “basis of their own faith.” Their core belief. Do not condemn them for they are still in blindness till today.
29.       And I told you that it is by this Message that they will be reconciled to Christ for I have come with the Message of reconciliation, restoration to mercy. Without Me, there is no salvation for any human being. You that can read the Bible, saint Peter, saint Paul, saint this, what made them saints.
30.       I even taught you the extent Peter denied with an open oath. He even went further to go back to his occupation with his disciples, to the point that one morning, the Messiah appeared. He was naked. Naked! Immediately he saw the Lord Jesus Christ approaching, he dived into the sea. But after swimming, he must come out.
31.       This is just like many of you use to do. Daddy is coming! The Son of Man is coming! Firefighting approach. You see some sweeping their rooms, making their beds, placing their pillows right. I am in trouble. I hear He is very close now. But before then, they will be walking naked, contrary to the teaching. Amen.
32.       Pay attention. It has become pertinent for Me to expose all these things so that you make comparisons, judge for yourselves and then begin to find out why God has vindicated this Faith. And outside this Faith, there is no supernatural vindication of God’s presence anywhere.
33.       You can only be hearing signs and wonders, miracles which do not exist. What you see is magic and not miracle. You see magic and not miracle. See all of them being arrested here and there. Some are dying in native doctors’ homes. Some are dying in the rivers where they are rendering sacrifices to obtain powers. They are magic. They are not miracles.
34.       God does not offer miracles anyhow. For any miracle to take place from God, there must be a divine purpose. It must be something that must give God glory. God does not do miracle to show that He is the Almighty or abracadabra. No!
35.       He does whatever that is miraculous at His own instance because He wants to do it and not to convince you that he can do this or that. Is He competing with anybody? Is He accountable to anybody? What if He keeps quiet, will you slap Him? No sir! Amen.

THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH. Note! This is just a succinct. An evangelic summary. THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH. We have seen the basis of their own faith, for they could not believe that the Messiah has come even up till this day and Jesus could not be the Messiah.
2.           This is because they are still Jews till today for the Jews were of the opinion that whenever the Messiah will come, their trouble with the Romans will come to an end, for He came to liberate them from Roman captivity. But when He came and said that his Kingdom is not of this world, they got offended. Over-estimation of what the Messiah will do contrary to the meaning for which He is sent.
3.           If they had allowed Him to stay, he would have accomplished it, but they did not allow Him to stay. Immediately they felt disappointed at his coming, hell was let loose. When they were thinking that this man will come and drive the Romans away so that the Jews will regain their freedom and their territories, this man came and their troubles intensified.
4.           Just like Moses was rejected in Egypt. Immediately he came, Pharaoh doubled the punishments of the Jews. And that was the Messiah that was sent to Egypt. Immediately he appeared, troubles were increased and the Jews rose up against him, “Only if you had left us alone. Since you came, our task masters have doubled our labour.”
5.           They said, “You are bringing us out for us to die in the Wilderness. You could have allowed us to stay there. At least we will be eating twice every day. Why bringing us out from Egypt only for us to die in the wilderness.”
6.           It has always been like that. Check God and His people. Whenever a Deliverer descends, something will happen. It is God Himself that promised Abraham a rosy place in the land of Canaan, if only he will depart from his kindred, from his family and go to the land God appointed him, flowing with milk and honey.
7.           Abraham accepted, took his family. Immediately he landed there, great famine came. Trouble that he never experienced all his life came down. The man looked up and looked down and said, “No! You cannot cause Me to come down here and forbid me from going to Egypt where I will get, at least, a little relief. You placed a curse on he that will go to Egypt asking for help. You promised me that milk and honey is flowing here. You brought me here and I could not see milk and I could not see honey. You want Me to die? I am going to Egypt. Let me be a cursed man in Egypt. Let my family Oya! Everybody Egypt!”
8.           God, the same yesterday, today and forever. But at the end of the day, that same also became a blessing, not only to himself, but to the whole world. God fulfilled His Word. When his obedience was fulfilled, he received the promise. They were impatient with God when He came to them.
9.           They were bent on judging all His statements. Every move He made, they were judging, quoting Moses. He knew they never believed Moses. He told them clearly, “If you had believed Moses, you would have believed me, for Moses spake concerning me.”  
10.       Their members are everywhere, who are still in darkness claiming they are in the light. He indicted them, “I came to make you Jews that claim you are not blind to be blind and the Gentiles that are blind, I have come to open their eyes. That is the reason why I am here.” To open the eyes of the blind and then, to blind those that say they see.
11.       What can you tell us. We see very well. They were the people that asked Him, “Are we also blind?” He said, “If you had accepted you were blind, I would have removed your blindness. Now you say you see, your blindness remaineth with you. You will die in your sin.”
12.       It fulfilled among us and it is still fulfilling. Before you preach the Message, some people will tell you, “There is no Scripture you will read which I do not know. You are deceived. I want to tell you, ‘Are you my God?’”
13.        You know your God? You cannot know your God more than the Jews. Yet, holding the Bible, holding the scroll, missing His visitation.
15.        They took counsel together and said, “We will never believe.” That’s all. Why are they regretting? The wars will remain there because they killed the Prince of Peace. They never allowed Him to feature.
16.       We came to this Wilderness. They traced us down here to camp here with us. If they never camped here, we would not have gotten this. We would not have known that there is a place called the Jewish Synagogue in Nigeria where the Jews gather including those that came directly from Israel, the expatriates.
17.       We came face to face with them here for seven days, using our Fellowship hall for their teachings and everything. Here! This ground! We were interacting, but they are all drunkards. And I was wondering why they were accusing Jesus of drinking. You saw all of them. Heavy, heavy drinkers. Rioters. Come and see them. Warriors, men and women.
18.       Their camp is a confused camp full of irate youth fighting among themselves. Come and see how one was wearing knicker with bathroom slippers, carrying his singlet on his shoulders with two bottles of beer in his hands, drinking from two sides.
19.       You see how they mix Kai-kai (local gin) with other drinks, including palm wine. The ancient Yahma was watching. See cartons of Star® they were drinking. They made the shops here very rich.
20.       But they accused Jesus of drinking. What are they drinking? Yes! You heard My statement. Jesus saw them that they were hypocrites. Moses gave you all these laws and you could not keep even one. Why try to kill me for not keeping them.
21.       They said, “Of all you are doing, we accuse you not, but for being a man and maketh yourself God, by our law, you must die” The bone of contention.
22.       They do not believe that he resurrected. They are of the opinion that His disciples came and carried His corpse away, but Caiaphas documented the resurrection and resigned his appointment in shame when the Lord Jesus appeared to him, got him convinced, showed him everything. The man shivered and tendered resignation.
23.       If you do not have THE ARCHEOLOGICAL PARCHMENTS, go and get your own copy. Go through it. It is containing more of what you have heard here which culminated into the summary written and signed by Caiaphas.
24.       The best information we received courtesy of our former Bishop Umezulike, who took Bro Amankem to his retired colleague, the chief Judge of Enugu State who was given a copy of this Talmud by the Pope when he was crowned a Knight in the Roman Catholic Church.
25.       We got that copy, photocopied it and returned the original. That was what helped many of our Brethren in Enugu to believe that The Son of Man was not misinforming them.
26.       By that time, I had already finished teaching. We now came into contact with that book and saw the bone of contention. I had already exhausted everything, cancelling tithes, canceling Jewish ritual, everything and hell was let loose.
27.       Those that love collecting that tithe and disobey other laws are still existing. Yes! Carrying Bible and still calling the Lord Jesus. Church of Jesus Christ. Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And you are still collecting tithes.
28.       They did not know more than Jesus Christ who condemned it. Foolish people. Poor people. Lazy people who think that preaching the Gospel is a means of making wealth. Their ends were predicted afore-time. Amen.

THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH. Those that recorded that one, record this one also. Record them together for this is My reply. This is My own reply.
2.           THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH: This Message was preached on 22nd October, 2000 by The Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena at the Household of God Onitsha. How many years now?
3.           Greater than Moses is here. Greater than Solomon is here. Greater than Paul is here. Greater than Jesus is here. As long as I am here, I am the shock absorber of the Faith. Without Me, there is no Salvation for the world. – Son of Man (DO NOT FOLLOW THE VOICE OF A STRANGER)
4.           No shaking! I say, no shaking. If he was told that the person he was expecting is the One talking to him, will he agree? I asked him a question. Instead of answering My question, the man started retorting.
5.           I said, “Answer My question now.” I want to become a Jew. Tell what I should do. Tell Me what I will do to become a Jew. The man dodged My question for he could not answer. I have disobeyed the law.
6.           THE LIGHT IS NOW SHINING IN THE GENTILES. Do you believe it? While the Light is now shining in the Gentiles, there is now total darkness over there. THE LIGHT IS SHINING IN THE GENTILES. Truth is now in the Gentiles. God is now revealing Himself in the Gentiles the hand of the clock for the Jews automatically stopped. – Son of Man.
7.           …“Brothers and fathers, listen to me as I offer my defense. (When they heard him speaking in Hebrew, the silence was even greater. I Am a Jew, he said, "born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, but educated here in Jerusalem under Gamaliel, at whose feet I learned to follow our Jewish laws and customs very carefully.
8.           That’s Saint Paul. He was introducing himself, his personality, in the Hebrew language to the Hebrews, to the Jews. I love King James Bible. King James Bible, Hebrew 12:17-22. He was a Hebrew, still a Hebrew.
9.           A pure-blooded Jew from the tribe of Benjamin, telling his people in their own language, being a Pharisee of all Pharisees, how he came about the sudden change.  They said he later repented when he went to Jerusalem and joined Peter and other apostles.
10.       “For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears.
11.       For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched, and that burned with fire, nor unto blackness, and darkness, and tempest,..”
12.        And this is that mountain they were referring to. Look at Saint Paul, a Hebrew, a Jew now telling you that the days when they were worshipping on that Mountain that was thundering with fire and brimstone and everything, that day was over. God is no longer interested in that type of worship.
13.       And That Mountain had already ceased from being the Mountain of the Lord. And so, the Lord is not interested. God is not living in that Mountain. God is now living in the hearts of men. The temple made without hands. For you have not come to that old Mountain. Now, look at where the mountain of the Lord now is.
14.       “ and the sound of a trumpet, and the voice of words ; which voice they that heard entreated that the word should not be spoken to them any more: (for they could not endure that which was commanded,
15.       And if so much as a beast touch the mountain, it shall be stoned, or thrust through with a dart:…”
16.       And that is the one they were still referring to. And this is where the trouble now centres. Mountain worship. Who possesses this mountain? The Muslims or the Jews or the Christians? Too many people have come to that mountain.  
17.       “…and so terrible was the sight, that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake:) but ye are come unto mount Zion,…”
18.       Ye are come unto what?
19.       “…and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem,…”
20.        The Heavenly Jerusalem! Not that earthly one. The difference is clear! They cannot understand what Heavenly Jerusalem is all about for they are still in blindness [the Law]. The Light is now shinning in the Gentiles.
21.       “…the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven,…”
22.       The General Assembly and Church of the First Born, which are written where? Not in the temple or in a book where names of worshippers are written. But they are worshipping in such a place which is not a temple made with hands. Their names are written in the book in Heaven.   
23.       “…and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, KJV
24.       Hebrews 12:18-22 AMP “For you have not come [as did the Israelites in the wilderness] to a [material] mountain…”
25.       To what? Alleluia! You have not come to a material mountain like the Israelis.
26.       “For you have not come [as did the Israelites in the wilderness] to a [material] mountain that can be touched, [a mountain] that is ablaze with fire, and to gloom and darkness and a raging storm, And to the blast of a trumpet and a voice whose words make the listeners beg that nothing more be said to them.”
27.       And nothing more should be said to them when God was speaking to them in the form of thick darkness, thick cloud, the trumpet and things like that. Earthly Mountain! Material Mountain!
28.       For they could not bear the command that was given: If even a wild animal touches the mountain, it shall be stoned to death.”
29.       It is an offence for even an animal or a human being to ever near the Mountain. The person shall be stoned to death. This is because they considered it as a sacred place, a holy mountain.  
30.       “In fact, so awful and terrifying was the [phenomenal] sight that Moses said, I am terrified (aghast and trembling with fear). But rather, you have come to Mount Zion,..”
31.       Yes, you have come to Mount Zion.
32.       “…even to the city of the living God,…” Where? The city of the Living God. Where? The City of the living God.
33.       On the Mountain. Look at the Mountain. Look at the city of the Living God. You see where you are? You are sitting in Heavenly places because I am here.
34.       I told the students why it was necessary that I must go, for they were pleading that I should stay back a little.
35.       I said, “No. If I stay away, too many people will suffer My absence, for I am the reason for which they travelled long distances. I am the reason for their risks. I am the reason for their expenses. I am the reason for their sufferings.”
36.       Hebrews 12:22 AMP “But rather, you have come to Mount Zion, even to the city of the living God…”
37.       The City of the Living God.
38.       “…the heavenly Jerusalem,…”
39.       To Heavenly Jerusalem.
40.       “…and to countless multitudes of angels in festal gathering,
41.       And to the church (assembly) of the Firstborn who are registered [as citizens] in heaven,…” Who are registered as what? Citizens in Heaven! Not in Israel. Our meeting point is where? Paradise. That is Heaven. They will be astonished when they will see us coming from the East and West, North and South.
42.       They will be asking questions, “Who are these people? Where are they coming from.”
43.       And the Voce will say, “These are the Redeemed of the earth. The lost sheep of Israel. I brought from the four corners of the earth through My everlasting Gospel.”
44.       For the Message that has come to us is not established in any denomination. This Message is the everlasting Gospel that has only but one purpose: To gather all the Flock, the Sheep of God that are scattered abroad, for My sheep heareth My Voice and they follow Me. This is the essence of the everlasting Gospel.
45.       Anybody that is not gathered by this Message does not belong to God. He could be a Moabite, a Jebusite, an Amelekite, but he can never be a Jew. Once you are a Jew, there is something here that will make you to pause. Once you see it, you must surely stop and you must ask questions, “Where did this take place? Who is the One? The very Messiah?”
46.       Look at the way they understood their own messiah. Messiah is one that God commanded somebody to anoint with olive oil. Then, if that person is the Messiah, God saith that One that is ordained is anointed by God Himself: “I HAVE ANOINTED YOU WITH MY SPIRIT. SPEAK MY WORD.”
47.       Who anointed Jesus the Christ? The Bible said, “The man Jesus, whom God anointed with the Spirit of Christ.” Acts [of the Apostles] chapter 10. Is it not true? I HAVE ANOINTED YOU WITH MY SPIRIT. I HAVE ANOINTED YOU WITH MY UNCTION. SPEAK MY WORD, FOR IT IS MY POWER AMONG MY PEOPLE.
49.       If those that were ordained by human beings by the laying of hands were regarded as messiahs, how saith thee that One that was ordained and anointed by the Almighty Himself, vindicated and confirmed before many witnesses is impersonating. Believe the prophets and ye shall be established. Here is My reply.
50.       “Brothers and fathers, listen to me as I offer my defense.” 
51.       Look at Saint Paul’s defense. A Hebrew of all Hebrews, a pure-blooded Jew addressing his fathers, the lords, priests, the Sanhedrin.
52.       “(When they heard him speaking in Hebrew…” They heard him speaking in what language? But these people over here are learning to speak. They are learning how to write. They are learning how to speak. But this man, being a pure-blooded Jew from the Tribe of Benjamin, a Pharisee of all Pharisees.
53.       Paul was tutored by the highest college, Gamaliel, the man that stopped the Jews from rioting against the Lord Jesus, drawing their attention that there were men that appeared before him claiming to be one thing or the other, but when they died, the movements fizzled out.
54.       He [Gamaliel] told the Jews that if this one is of a human origin, it will stop, but if it is from the Almighty God, that whatever they were doing will tantamount to kicking their legs against a tree. Is it not so?
55.       This is what has been happening in this Faith. All that have risen against this Faith, no matter how highly placed, no matter their wealth, they ended it kicking their legs against a tree. The Faith is still powering on, growing every day.
56.       We have been seeing rebellion from the beginning till now. From time to time, rebellion from within and without. You see somebody rising up from among us claiming to be one thing or the other. We have been seeing power tussle. There is no competition in destiny. Are we casting votes? Nobody is casting votes. Election is divine. Election is divine. He that is crowned by God must be the King. Amen.

THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 10:14-15 “I became very anxious to honor God in everything I did, just as you have tried to do today. And I persecuted the Christians, hounding them to death, binding and delivering both men and women to prison.” (LB).
2.           Have you seen the role he was playing when he was a Jew of all Jews, believing the laws of Moses, preaching the necessity for its observance strictly to the last dot and obeyed all to the letter. 100% upright. Yet, he was blind. Blindness in the heart made him to persecute the truth.
3.           When his eyes opened, he regretted all he did. Now he has approached his fathers, the Jewish fathers, the lords, sharing his experiences with them, thinking they will change their view, knowing his personality.
4.           Instead they conspired to do unto him the same they did to his master, for a servant can never be better treated than the master. A servant can never be better treated than the master. Is that not right?
5.           THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 11:20-21 “And when the blood of thy martyr Stephen was shed, I also was standing by, and consenting unto his death, and kept the raiment of them that slew him. And he said unto me, Depart: for I will send thee far hence unto the Gentiles.” (KJV).
6.           Put your hands together! THE LIGHT IS NOW SHINING IN THE GENTILE. When the Jews heard, even in the days of Peter, that the Gentiles that knew not God have received the message of salvation from Christ, they were offended, while the Gentiles rejoiced exceedingly that God has, at last, visited them and included them in His salvation programme, for in Christ, there is no Jew, there is no Gentile.
7.           THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 11:24-25 Jerusalem, the city trying to please God by obeying Moses’ Laws. “Leave from Jerusalem,” did God say, “After, go back to Jerusalem?” No!
8.           Did God say, “After some days, after some years, go back to Peter and come and confer with him?” No! “Find out whatever he will tell the Jews?” No! Any instruction like that!” No!
9.           THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 12:26-27 The Voice said, “Away from Jerusalem,” like God commanded Abraham to leave his own country to a city He was going to show him. Did He ask him to go back after? Even the command was so simple that Abraham did not permit Isaac to go back to Mesopotamia—I mean Babylon or Iraq. How many know that Babylon is Iraq?
10.       We heard it also last Sunday, when they were here.
11.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 13:31 So, anybody saying that Babylon vanished from the map of the world, he is blind.
12.       The person is ignorant
13.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 14:34 Now, God told this man Paul who was an ardent Jew, a strong devotee of Moses’ Laws, who not only read it in the university, he had his doctorate degree there. He was teaching it in the synagogue, he was very zealous to do God a service, to the point that he saw Christians as blasphemers,…”
14.       Just like they are still seeing them till today
15.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 14:35 “This God, now you are commissioning me, how do you think that my fellow Jews will accept me? How do you think they will pay attention to all these things you are telling me? Because if I will tell them not to pay attention to Moses again, it will mean my death…….”
16.        Is it not one of the offences?
17.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 14:35 “….People will not take me serious, thinking that I have been going about forcing the Laws of Moses only to come back again to my own people to tell them that I do not follow Moses.
18.       And anybody following Moses will end it in death.”
19.        And anybody following Moses will end it in death. For if you are following the laws of Moses, you will end it in eternal separation from God.
20.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 15:36 God said, “No, let that Law never disturb you again. I am sending you away. This message is not for them. This was the message I intended for them seeing that they rejected me, they counted themselves unworthy of everlasting life…” Amen!
21.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 15:37 The Light is shining in the Gentiles. Truth is now in the Gentiles. God is now revealing Himself in the Gentiles. The hand of the clock for the Jews automatically stopped. Peter was not excluded. Both Peter and John and the rest of the Apostles, went to the Jews by keeping Jewish Laws. They did not know when God left them. Una don hear am?
22.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 16:40-41 The basis of our Faith, the truth about this Faith, Romans chapter 10 verse 1 through 2: “Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.” (KJV).   
23.       They have the zeal but not according to knowledge. Here, we have the knowledge but no zeal. Yes, we have the knowledge, but no zeal. Which one is preferred? Zeal without knowledge or Knowledge without zeal? The two are one.  
24.       For you to be saved, your zeal must be accompanied by knowledge or your knowledge must be accompanied by zeal. You cannot separate the two. You must have to merge the knowledge you have about God with the zeal you have towards the worship of God.
25.       If you know all that God requires from you and all the doctrines of God, and you do not have the zeal to worship God, it profits you nothing. You are the same with one who is zealous of worshipping God but does not have the knowledge of the God he worships.
26.       When discussions on things pertaining to God is raised, you talk more than the Jews, have the knowledge of God more than the Jews and even the whole world, but you do not have the zeal to worship God. This is the worst aspect of the whole thing. It is the most miserable condition any human being can find him or herself.
27.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 16:42 “Dear brothers, the longing of my heart and my prayer is that the Jewish people might be saved. I know what enthusiasm they have for the honor of God, but it is misdirected zeal.” (LB).
28.       It is what? Misdirected zeal. Even till today.
30.       The year 2000. Follow the Eastern Star, the best Star that will guide you in your own age, for in every age, a Star is sent. Look at the Star. Do not follow the moon. The Light comes from the Star.
31.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 18:46 “This is why you must follow the STAR (Messenger) of your age.When you are following the STAR of your age, let me tell you, there is one thing certain about that STAR: As long as he is the Voice of salvation—the only Star—the Shekinah is around him….”
32.        Sure! In the year 2000. Is it not the date of the Message? October 2000. The Voice of Salvation. The only Star. Not two stars. One Voice. One Star.
33.       As long as He is the One, and He is still on the scene, expect no other. Once he is the One God sent, the Shekinah MUST be around Him. October 2000. Why is it that human beings do not have the fear of God in them?
34.       Why is it that the fear of God is scarce in human beings? Things you were to watch out for as were predicted beforehand. And as we journeyed along, you began to see them manifesting from time to time until we arrived where we are now. All can be traced back to many many, years they were prophesied by some, gifted with the spirit of prophecy, at one time or the other.
35.       You traced them back to the ancient manuscripts especially the holy Scriptures, you see all of them prophesied. Are you not happy that you are the manifestations of all these things?
36.       Or that these things are made manifest because of you and I that we may believe strongly that we are chosen for salvation, for the Voice of salvation will only go to those who are chosen for salvation. Is it not true?
37.       The Voice of salvation cannot be heard outside. The group that is not chosen for salvation cannot hear the Voice of salvation. Rather, they will hear the Voice of condemnation. You were perfectly guided, you were told things to expect. Glory be to God in the highest.
38.       You are feeding under the Clouds of Heaven. Read that place again. I am interested. And read wisely and divinely. Be a part of what you are reading. October 2000.
39.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH 18:46 “When you are following the STAR of your age, let me tell you, there is one thing certain about that STAR: As long as he is the Voice of salvation—the only Star—the Shekinah is around him.
40.       The Shekinah is, not will be. The Shekinah is around Him.
41.       “Whenever God finishes with him, he will point him to where he is now tabernacling…” What? “…for He cannot leave him in the dark.”
42.        Alleluia! Whenever God is through with Him, He can never leave His people in the dark. God will point that person to where He is moving into to enable Him point the people of God to that place, after which He will leave the scene. Is it not true?
43.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg 19:46-47“Even before that time, before that former Star will be committed to the Earth, he will announce it; he must announce the coming of another Star after him.
44.       If no other is coming, he will also tell you. He will not only announce the coming of another Star, he will describe his appearance, pointing people where to expect him,…” Elleluia!
45.       In every age, a Star is sent to guide the people of God back to God. Back to God. In our own day, A Star has appeared. What is He doing? Guiding the people of God back to God. Before His appearance, the people of God were like sheep without shepherd.
46.       We were killing and devouring ourselves, not knowing we were Brethren. It is just like they were killing and devouring themselves in Egypt before Moses appeared and said, “No! You are all Jews. Do not fight your brother. Do you not know he is your brother.” They said, “Have you come to kill us the same way you killed an Egyptian the other day?”
47.       “If He does not give way, His followers will not follow the new Star.”
48.       That is Truth!
49.       “Look at the denominations. There is not even one single star in the denominations”
50.       Not even one. That is why when one gives way, the wife will take over or the son will take over or there will be trouble in that church because it is a family business. A registered property in a man’s name. A will must be made. Property of the church will be willed to the number of children in the family, and then you call it church of God in Jesus name.
51.       The greatest deception: Religious deception. That is why we can never be religious. Any day we begin to be religious, the devil is waiting for you somewhere.
52.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAIH Pg. 22:66 Let me put it another way. The Jewish laws were our teacher and guide until Christ came to give us right standing with God through our faith.”
53.       Because the Jews rejected Him, they can never be in right standing with God. They do not know anything called faith. They still believe in salvation by works of the law which they cannot even keep.
54.       “30:4 “Saint Paul got his ministry. He got a command like Abraham, but along the way—being a Jew—he wanted to identify himself with the clergy in Jerusalem. Saint Paul did not want to be a man alone with God. He wanted to identify with the ministerial band, those that were already in the Faith before him……” Ecumenism!
55.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH 30:5 “God knew ahead of time that Peter was not sure of what he believed; he was not holding the truth of the Gospel. That was why after opening the door of the Gentiles, God did not want him to continue……” That is Truth!
56.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH 30:5 “……God still sent him back to Jerusalem because even as at that time, Peter was not yet converted. Peter was suspicious of everything. Peter was not converted.” That is Truth! He repented but he was not converted. So, his sins could not be blotted out.
58.       Even the Jews said it in their write-up. That he was not sincere with Jesus together with James and the rest. That Paul also regretted, came back and tendered apology in the temple and performed the Jewish ritual. You see the havoc hypocrisy can cause.
59.       THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 31:7 “….Peter was not yet converted. If Peter was not converted, when Jesus was with them, when Jesus had left them and turned to the Gentiles, who preached the message that converted Peter?”
60.       Nobody! That is why the Jews will still quote Peter till today, calling him the chiefest of the Apostles as he arrogated to himself.
61.       “Peter was holding on to his own views till the Light left Israel”  Amen.



THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 33:11 “THE OLD WAY (LAW) CANNOT SAVE YOU: In other words, that which the Jewish people could not get by their ability to keep the Laws, ELECTION has purchased it for them.”

2.            Period! Holding the laws they could not keep, only depending on election. ONCE A JEW, ALWAYS A JEW. WE CAN NEVER GET LOST.

3.           “As pertaining to the Jews, to them belongs God’s election”

4.           THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 34:17-18 “You want to obey God whole-heartedly by keeping the Laws of Moses; at the end, what you get is death instead of life. Is there any Pentecostal group today that is not under death?  Number one is Deeper Life, they are already dead but they do not know….”

5.           Yes, deeper Death!

6.           The basis of our faith Pg. 38:32 “Timothy was well thought of by the brothers in Lystra and Iconium, so Paul asked him to join them on their journey. In deference to the Jews of the area, he circumcised Timothy before they left,…”

7.            At a very old age. For fear of the Jews, he circumcised his fellow brother.

8.           THE BASIS OF OUR FAITH Pg. 38:34“You see, you can never go back to that place (Law) without one testimony: “I nearly died.”

9.           Verse 13 through 20: “And after they had held their peace, James answered, saying, Men and brethren, hearken unto me: Simeon hath declared how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name.”

10.        And to this agree the words of the prophets; as it is written, After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up:

11.        That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the Gentiles, upon whom my name is called, saith the Lord, who doeth all these things.  Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world. Wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them, which from among the Gentiles are turned to God:

12.        But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.” (KJV).

13.        No longer Ten Commandments.

14.        “When they had finished, James took the floor. ‘Brothers,’ he said, ‘listen to me. Peter has told you about the time God first visited the Gentiles to take from them a people to bring honor to his name. And this fact of Gentile conversion agrees with what the prophets predicted.

15.        For instance, listen to this passage from the prophet Amos: `Afterwards' (says the Lord,) `I will return and renew the broken contract with David,

16.         So that Gentiles, too, will find the Lord—all those marked with my name.' That is what the Lord says, who reveals his plans made from the beginning. And so my judgment is that we should not insist that the Gentiles who turn to God must obey our Jewish laws,

17.        Except that we should write to them to refrain from eating meat sacrificed to idols, from all fornication, and also from eating unbled meat of strangled animals.” (LB).

18.         They are debating concerning us, not God giving us stipulations; because of envy and jealousy.

19.        Peter denied his Faith. Peter was mixing with the Gentiles, eating with them according to the Word of God. Immediately he saw the Jewish friends of James, Peter withdrew, playing hypocrisy. “…because he was afraid of what these Jewish legalists, who insisted that circumcision was necessary for salvation, would say.” (LB).

20.        You see, the reason why he was withdrawing from his Faith is to please men. He was afraid of what the Jewish people will say. It was not that God commanded him to withdraw.

21.        He was not happy to please God. His action rather displeased the Holy Spirit, because it was a denial of the Truth that was evidently set before his eyes. His action displeased God, God was not happy when Peter was denying the Faith.

22.        Verse 13: “and then all the other Jewish Christians and even Barnabas became hypocrites too, following Peter's example, though they certainly knew better.” (LB).

23.        Though they certainly knew better, they all remained hypocrites with Peter; you call him Saint but he is a hypocrite. Who made him a saint? Wonders will never end.

24.        Each! All the other Christians including Barnabas, became hypocrites too, following Peter’s example, though they certainly knew better. If they did not know, it would have been a different thing.

25.        They certainly knew better. Verse 14: “When I saw what was happening and that they weren't being honest about what they really believed and weren't following the truth of the Gospel.” (LB).

26.        Oooh! They were not honest about the thing they really believed.

27.        And they were not following the truth of the gospel. They were hypocritically following.

28.        Verse 14 through 16: “When I saw what was happening and that they weren't being honest about what they really believed and weren't following the truth of the Gospel, I said to Peter in front of all the others, "Though you are a Jew by birth, you have long since discarded the Jewish laws; so why, all of a sudden, are you trying to make these Gentiles obey them?

29.        That is why the Jews are now using him as evidence.

30.        You and I are Jews by birth, not mere Gentile sinners,  and yet we Jewish Christians know very well that we cannot become right with God by obeying our Jewish laws but only by faith in Jesus Christ to take away our sins.

31.        And so we, too, have trusted Jesus Christ, that we might be accepted by God because of faith--and not because we have obeyed the Jewish laws. For no one will ever be saved by obeying them.” (LB). Underline.

32.        Verse 17 through 19: “But what if we trust Christ to save us and then find that we are wrong and that we cannot be saved without being circumcised and obeying all the other Jewish laws?

33.        Wouldn't we need to say that faith in Christ had ruined us? God forbid that anyone should dare to think such things about our Lord.

34.        Peter and the rest of them became sinners by rebuilding the old system they destroyed which caused the life of too many people including that of St. Stephen.

35.        Galatians chapter 2 verse 1:  “Then fourteen years after I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and took Titus with me also.”  (KJV). “Then fourteen years later I went back to Jerusalem again, this time with Barnabas; and Titus came along too.” (LB).

36.         To correct the mistake. Ready to die.

37.        Verse 20: “And when they heard it, they glorified the Lord, and said unto him, Thou seest, brother, how many thousands of Jews there are which believe; and they are all zealous of the law.” (KJV).

38.        “They praised God but then said, ‘You know, dear brother, how many thousands of Jews have also believed, and they are all very insistent that Jewish believers must continue to follow the Jewish traditions and customs.” (LB).

39.        What did they believed then?

40.        Brethren, you can see that while Saint Paul was preaching Christ to the Gentiles, James and his company were preaching Moses to the Jews. Because what the people believed which James acknowledged, was nothing but the Jewish Laws, Moses’ Message.

41.        It is contained in Jewish papers.

42.        “Our Jewish Christians here at Jerusalem have been told that you are against the laws of Moses, against our Jewish customs, and that you forbid the circumcision of their children. Now what can be done? For they will certainly hear that you have come.” (LB).

43.        What do you think will be done now because surely they must hear that you are in the city? You are in town. James was not mindful of what God will say but what mere human being will say. In other words, they are trying to please men and not God.

44.        Paul, did you see what is happening? These people will hear that you have come. You are the one that said we should not keep the Laws of Moses. In other words, James did not believe that what Paul was preaching is truth.

45.        Have you seen what is happening? Have you now believed that Christians had never manifested until now? Christians have not emerged until now. Because there is no way Moses’ teachings can produce Christians. No way!

46.        It is contained in their paper also as their belief. How they were summoned in Jerusalem by their elders and there, he recanted his faith.

47.        Verse 24: “Go with them to the temple…” Which temple?  “Paul, go with them to the Temple.” Which Temple?

48.         Temple of the Jews.

49.        Who was officiating in that Temple? There must be a Levite there. Saint Paul don’t you believe Christ to be the High Priest of your profession?

50.        Were you not the one that told us that we were no longer under Levitical priesthood? If you get to that Temple, will you find God there? Didn’t you teach that God does not live in the Temple built by human hands?

51.        God judging Paul. Souls at the altar.

52.        VISION. We received it here now by text and copied it out. Vision: 31st August, 2016; 2:30am. When I woke up, I saw a billboard and I saw The Son of Man on top of the mountain. He called seven elders and said, “Come, let Me show you people where I have prepared for you.”

53.        There I saw praises and joy and everybody was wearing sparkling white garment. If anyone needed food or fruit, the thing will appear before that person. If anybody wanted to go somewhere, the place will appear. And the billboard rolled away and then the vision left me. From Earnest Agada (Mmagha) Enugu Household.

54.         Just now. How many know him? He resurrected from death few days ago. He is blind. He is being led about. He was among those who saw the vision of the cloud on that memorable day. That is the much I want to say.

55.        The Law spots a man. Law spots a Christian. For no man can hold out the Law without spot. Once you are holding the Law, you are already spotted. You can never hold the Law without knowledge of sin. And once there is knowledge of sin, you are already spotted. You already have blemish.

56.        “So Paul agreed to their request,” Paul did what? Paul consented to their request. So, they have succeeded in winning Paul. Paul has lost his conviction. What do you think caused it? RESPECT FOR MEN. Paul considered them as ancient men who were there from the very beginning.

57.        This is tragedy, a great tragedy. Paul of all Pauls! Okay, Paul, you have denied your Faith. Now, enter the Temple. You were afraid of being persecuted. You were afraid of being killed, no problem. God will redeem Himself. God must surely stand for Himself.

58.        He entered the Temple with turtledove. They have turned Paul’s heart away from the truth. Notice what happened. They asked Paul to take those men to the Temple and they themselves stayed back. They did not go with Paul. They tarried behind to hear what will follow Paul’s entrance into the Temple. Their ears were open. I could hear what they were saying.

59.        Immediately Paul left carrying turtledove with his “mala” the (shaved head) and every other person, James went to the brethren, “Aaah! Brethren don’t you see this foolish man? See him, he will see his death.

60.        You see why the Jewish people are still quoting their denial of the Faith, that they discovered that they were in error, they went to the temple and denied Jesus? If you deny Jesus, will Jesus deny Himself? Thank you. If you are unfaithful, God will remain faithful.

61.        I want you to see the faith of the men you call St. Paul, St. Peter. What made them saint? That is My question. If God never appeared, who among sons of men would have found fault with these people? Amen. Because you were holding them at a very high esteem as if they were the author and finisher of your salvation.

62.        Verse 26: “Then Paul took the men, and the next day purifying himself with them entered into the temple, to signify the accomplishment of the days of purification, until that an offering should be offered for every one of them.” (KJV).

63.        “So Paul agreed to their request and the next day went with the men to the Temple for the ceremony, thus publicizing his vow to offer a sacrifice seven days later with the others.” (LB).  

64.        Please let us pause it a little. Let us see few things from the Talmud of the Sanhedrin. Charges referred against Jesus Christ by the Jewish authorities before Pontius Pilate as documented by the high priest Caiaphas.    

65.        writings of the Talmuds: The charges preferred against Jesus Christ by the Jewish Authority before Pontius as documented by the High Priest, Caiaphas. To Pontius Pilate, governor of Judea by Roman authority, greetings. We the high court of the Jews find Jesus of Nazareth,

66.        First, teaching that He is God which is contrary to the doctrines of the Jews. Second, the teachings for man to have faith in Him as he would in God which is contrary to the doctrines of the Jews.

67.        Third, He perverts the appointed way of our salvation, teaching repentance instead of a holy life, which is contrary to the doctrines of the Jews. Fourth, He has perverted the holy temple of God which is forbidden by the law of the Jews.

68.        Fifth, He teaches baptism for circumcision which is contrary to the laws of the Jews. Sixth, He teaches common bread and wine to be used in His Passover which is contrary to the laws of the Jews.

69.        Seventh, He has blasphemed in the presence of God’s high priest which is forbidden by the laws of the Jews. Eight. He most constantly refuses to desist from His wicked and perverse ways which were reprimanded and adjudged by high priest of God.

70.        Therefore, it is the unanimous decision of this court in the fear and we hope the favour of Almighty God, Jehovah that He should die to save the nation from the blood and reel. And then save the church of God of heresy and false doctrine and perverse ways. Signed: Caiaphas, Priest of the Most High God. 

71.        The basis of our Faith, page 86 verse 95. “The seven days were almost ended when some Jews from Turkey saw him in the Temple and roused a mob against him. They grabbed him, yelling, Men of Israel! Help! Help! This is the man who preaches against our people and tells everybody to disobey the Jewish laws. He even talks against the Temple and defiles it by bringing Gentiles in!” (LB).

72.          He does what? He defiled the Temple by bringing the Gentiles in. Who was the Gentile? Titus. You see why Peter and James closed their mouths when they saw Titus. They did not compel Paul to circumcise Titus because they knew that they must meet their doom in the Temple.

73.        What makes them Christian then? That the presence of a fellow Christian has become a defilement to their Temple. In other words, they could not accept their fellow Christian. They denied that Jesus was Christ, that Jesus was the Messiah.

74.        Verse 30: “And all the city was moved, and the people ran together: and they took Paul, and drew him out of the temple: and forthwith the doors were shut.”  (KJV).

75.        “The whole population of the city was electrified by these accusations and a great riot followed. Paul was dragged out of the Temple, and immediately the gates were closed behind him.” (LB).

76.        As they were killing him, they started beating him. What do you think was the reaction of Peter when they heard that this man was arrested and they were beating him up and down?

77.        I could see them rejoicing: “That is what he deserves. Let him speak contrary again. He will suffer today. Let him go to another place and say it again.”

78.        You see, ancient men that had shifted away from the Faith and became rejected prophets. Be very careful about them. Look no man in the flesh.

79.        Brethren, I want you to see what really happened. These people that were killing Paul, these were people that said they believed Christ.

80.        These were called Jewish Christians that maintained that they must continue with Moses’ Laws.  

81.        Even when they were not obeying them.

82.        They were the people that were killing Paul.

83.        They were killing Titus, a Greek, a Gentile, saying that they have polluted the Temple by coming there, because it is forbidden for a Jew to mingle with a Gentile.

84.        So, as far as they were concerned, the enmity remained there.

85.        Christ has not come. The Messiah has not come. This is their conclusion. Have you heard it? And this was Paul’s belief for having recanted his faith. No matter the pity, it was noted against him. So, without The Son of Man, all of them perished.

86.        Verse 31 through 32: “And as they went about to kill him, tidings came unto the chief captain of the band, that all Jerusalem was in an uproar. Who immediately took soldiers and centurions, and ran down unto them: and when they saw the chief captain and the soldiers, they left beating of Paul.” (KJV).

87.        “As they were killing him, word reached the commander of the Roman garrison that all Jerusalem was in an uproar. He quickly ordered out his soldiers and officers and ran down among the crowd. When the mob saw the troops coming, they quit beating Paul.” (LB).

88.        Now, Paul deserved beating. Paul deserved thorough beating. I believe God was behind that beating. Was it not what Paul was trying to avoid for which cause he compromised?

89.        Are you not guilty? Have you not been guilty? How many of you can stand up and say, “I have been standing on my conviction from the beginning till now?” Hypocrites! This is why the whole thing is narrowing down every day.

90.        IT DOES NOT TAKE DENYING THE WHOLE MESSAGE TO DENY CHRIST. DENY JUST A WORD. In many ways you deny Christ. In many ways you become a Jew believing that Messiah has not come, that Jesus is not the Messiah. You will be expecting another Messiah.

91.        With the mouth, you believe in the Messiah, but in action, you are reprobates. When you believe the Man that is sent by God, you have believed He that sent Him. Deny He that is sent by God, you have denied God that sent Him. Elders denied and caused the rest to deny. That is why woe should go to the man or woman who by his wicked ways will cause the way of truth to be evil spoken of.

92.        If they were zealous of the Faith, if they were sincere and honest with what they said they believed, they would not have caused this great havoc. But I thank God who is the Judge of all, for having judged them ahead of time, condemned them ahead of time.

93.        He that wants to save his life must surely lose it. But, if you lose your life for the Gospel sake, you must gain your life again. Saint Paul was very much afraid and he did not want to die, He compromised.

94.        When he got there, the same death confronted him. See, when Saint Paul recognized this fact, he told Galatians Christians “well-well” the reason why people cannot establish the message of Grace is because they do not want to suffer persecution.

95.        Any other thing? They do not want to be misunderstood.

96.        That is why The Son of Man has remained the only shock absorber of this Faith, holding unto this truth without wavering from the beginning till this day and He is ready to die. 

97.        If you are in this Faith, the truth which I preach in all the Churches—The Basis of our Faith—is that the Laws of Moses are not for us whom Christ has saved. If you do not believe in what I teach, you perish. My doctrines are not mine but that of He that sent Me.

98.        Whom you have seen. Not whom you have imagined. You have seen Him. Read that dream again from Mmagha. The dream or vision. A vision from a blind man.

99.        Remember the one we read last Sunday from Obosima credited to Brother Ben Okezue the Evangelist. Today, from Brother Earnest Agada, the blind man and also the evangelist. One dream, one vision.

100.    VISION. 31st August, 2016; 2:30am. When I woke up, I saw a billboard and I saw the Son of Man on top of the mountain. He called seven elders and said, “Come, let Me show you people where I have prepared for you.”

101.    There I saw praises and joy and everybody was wearing sparkling white garment. If anyone needed food or fruit, the thing will appear before that person. If anybody wanted to go somewhere, the place will appear. And the billboard rolled away and then the vision left me.

102.    If you do not believe in what I teach, you will perish.

103.    That is the much we will take. We have seen the Jewish belief. Their core belief which nobody should doubt. And this is my defense. Compare and contrast.

104.    Every man is entitled to his belief. I am entitled to My belief, you are entitled to your own. You can believe what you want to believe. I have believed My own, period.

105.    On this note, I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.