Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: ORDINATION OF PASTORS VOLUME 1

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Are you ready to obey the living word of God? Whether you will obey or not, I am here to do as I am commanded. Your unbelief has nothing to do with My Mission on Earth. Never, never.
2.           Even if all of you will revolt, it makes no sense. The first world that was destroyed,
only eight were saved, one family. If it repeats again, I will not be amazed.
3.           They were going to Church, they were preaching. William Branham said, “They were hollering, thinking they were getting saved. They never knew that God has secretly numbered eight”.
4.           God had secretly numbered eight and He never made it public. He took them to a private closet and gave them their numbers and that was all. The rest were joining them in worshiping God that will no longer save them.
5.           They believed when their belief could no longer offer them Salvation. Yes, they lived away the period of their Salvation. Yes, you can sin away your period of Grace.
6.           There is always a day of Grace allotted to every man, every woman. If you do not recognize God’s own day of your visitation, God has a day He marked to visit you, whether man or woman, young or old.
7.           However, when you do not recognize your own day, you think another day will be coming again, it slips away, you have missed the day of your visitation. You wait for the wrath of God straightaway.
8.           He is the same yesterday, Today and Forever. He knows why from time to time, He will tell some people follow me to a solitary place where no prying eyes can get to, no wagging tongues can get to. It becomes a private affair with those people He took there. He marked them for Salvation, He speak into their ears the word of Everlasting life whereby the Covenant is sealed. 
9.           You can make noise over it, that is your business. God is God, you cannot drag Him to court. Even if you drag Him to court, you have no case. It will be no case submission, it will be over ruled, “no case submission” because God is not indebted to you.
10.        God is not owing anybody any debt here but all of us are indebted to God whether we like it or not. Even the life you are enjoying now does not come from you.
11.        This life that is helping you to say yes and Amen, does it belong to you? Did you work for it? He that holds it is here, the Owner is here, the Giver is here. He is the God of all flesh.
12.        He asked a question; “Is there anything impossible for me to do?” He said never. Any day you discover something God can never do, that is the day you died, that is the day you are severed from God for God can do unimaginable things and entertain no query. 
13.        I know your problems; God is favouring your enemies in this Faith. God is favouring your supposed enemies and that is why many of you have died. There are people you have already ruled in your heart that will never enjoy Salvation.
14.        If Salvation comes near them, you feel offended, God withdraws your own straightaway. Who are you to decide for God what He will do? Has anybody done that before? There are too many people that are already earmarked to hellfire by all of you here, men and women alike. I am telling you the truth.
15.        That is why I normally talk to My family. I told My wife, “You have journeyed with me all this far, please remain as you have been, be liberally minded, allow your heart to be more and more enlarged to accommodate everybody in their weaknesses and imperfections, judging nobody, querying nobody, suspecting nobody, asking no questions, remain there.
16.        “Your Saviour is their Saviour, that which you are looking for in Him, others are equally looking for that thing, so it is not for you alone. It is for all, as many as the Lord our God shall call. That you happened to be around me because of marriage and family life does not give you the right to over possess me. No! Everybody has access to me. I am the Father of all.”
17.        Yes, I am the Father of all” for He is the Lord of all. Thus, you must know why I am the Tree at the centre of the Garden so that I supply everything you need.
18.        If you are athirst, you come to me. You are hunger, you come to me. You are perplexed, you come to me. Yes, that which attracts one to me, the same attracts others. What A is looking for, for which cause he is coming to me, B has need of it, C has need of it and so on.
19.        That is why the Bible says; “He distributes regularly to all that will have need of it. That is why He is the Lord of all. He is the King of kings, maintaining a very large family even the largest family on Earth!
20.        So be informed that the God who created the universe can never do unjustly. The God that created the universe can never do unjustly. The God that created the universe, can He do unjustly? 
21.        No unrighteousness is found in Him, so you better adjust your minds and see whether you can come near to Salvation. Some are already saved, some are striving to be saved, while some are here escorting many, escorting others. Amen.

Apostle Kelechi, have you sent the message across to the owner? Experience you had outside this morning which you reported to me, have you sent the message across to the owner?
2.           You said No! Tomorrow you begin to blame the person when you have not passed the message across.
3.           It is not a dream it is a practical reality. I instructed you, “Call him outside, tell him your experience, tell him what I said mincing no word.”
4.           Samuel came to Eli, Eli said, “What is the thing that the LORD hath said unto thee? I pray thee hide it not from me: God do so to thee, and more also, if thou hide any thing from me of all the things that he said unto thee.”
5.           And Samuel told him everything, and hid nothing from him. Instead of Eli to repent, he said, “He is the Lord, let him do as He wishes”. And the Lord did as He wished.
6.           Let me tell you something, it is already incorporated in all your messages. I have given you messages that will help you train your children in a Godly way, is not true?
7.           “Catch them Young” and in one of those messages, I encouraged you, “If you receive any bad report concerning your child, do not ever defend your child. Even if your child will try to prove his innocence, impose it on him that he committed the crime. By so doing, you will win the child.
8.           “But if you begin to defend the child without verifying the facts because you love that your child and begin to scandalize, castigate whoever that brought about the case to your hearing, one, you have created hatred between that child and the person whether the person be adult or infant.
9.           “What is more, you have consolidated the child in iniquity the child can never repent again, you will never win that child again and whosoever that attempts correcting that child that is not the parents, the child will never accept it anymore.”
10.        Remember there was a time I was talking to many and I called the owner of that child out, that is the person that was led out. I said, “It was reported to me concerning your second son, look at what he did, look at what he did and I told you looking at this boy, he will be a murderer. He acknowledged it to be true. Look at his habit.”
11.         But he wanted to turn round to defend the child again so that I will now be casting aspersions on an Elder who had that encounter with the small boy.
12.        I said, “Ok, I will not speak on this matter anymore, seeing that you have taken your stand. Time and events must surely vindicate me.” This morning I am vindicated.
13.        This is the second time now in the hands of an apostle in the presence of five or six witnesses the similar thing repeated. Let me know what will be his defense again.
14.        If you are a man of God and you cannot run a Godly home, you are not a man of God, you are a failure, a complete failure!. You are a woman of God because you are in Christ and you cannot bring your children to the fear of the Lord, you have failed no matter the way you want to place it, that is your business, I do not care.
15.        I am happy you all know me, you know My family, you know My children, you know where they are, you know how we came up. I am happy I am running a family that can be mirrored even from a distance, an open family, so that whatever you want to talk, it is your right.
16.        Please let us be very careful. First step towards spoiling your children begins by defending them in error without verification. You harden them, make them incorrigible even in their schools and colleges, in the universities, they will come out as nuisances, as compound fools. Not ordinary fools but “compound fools”.
17.        I told my children that they should watch me. I had that opportunity to become a thug, a tout, but I said no. I had that opportunity to carry arms wearing uniforms of all sorts, but I said no! I came into contact with all manner of hoodlums but I never allowed them to influence me one bit because I had already developed a conscience that will never be influenced away from the pathway of right, and there I settled down and this is where I have established all of them.
18.        I know that God has given me the victory since my last born can now control himself without the father, without the mother, control his resources, control his environment, subdue his environment to his own advantage. He can settle his own problems without inviting My attention.
19.         He knows how to go about his duties without anybody supervising him. Is it not victory? And he is the last. I mean nobody should begin to think otherwise. And I assess them from a distance. Immediately they came back, nobody noticed that my wife travelled. Even the Elders that came and ate pepper soup, they never knew that the pepper soup they ate were prepared by my children.
20.        You may be saying Chiamaka, Chiamaka is in Bony as I am talking to you now. Ebube is there. All my boys cook more than their mother. There is nothing any woman can cook in the kitchen which they do not cook. There is no domestic chores they are not experts.
21.        They know the family menu, they know what they need in the morning, in the afternoon, in the night. They go to market and buy them and blend their food without giving me any trouble. I simply go upstairs and have my rest. Whenever they want me to eat, they know what to do “Daddy your food is there oh,” finish.
22.        I remember I told you ahead of time to learn to dismiss maid servants from your families the moment your children starts coming up so that you take your time to blend your own children and it is paying off.
23.        I was watching Wisdom since he came back. Immediately he came down from the vehicle, took his bath, the next place of call was the kitchen. He removed everything, getting there, he met his friend and brother Ugoo, they took over, sacked both Chika and everybody, possessed the kitchen.
24.        Ikem came, joined them immediately. Others were watching, I know our brother Promise was watching joyously so that you believe what I am telling you. Even if you hold your Phd, when you come back you go there and do your work, that is your family, you protect it. Guide it with Godly jealousy.
25.        You cannot be there and somebody else will serve my interest. Never, never! Learn to stay with me, learn to walk with me, emulate my steps, tomorrow it will be better for you. But if you come and make big boy, well I will make you big fool! I do not have a big boy in my house or big girl, so I think I have won the battle.
26.        But there is a battle that is ahead, I have started laying the foundation. I am preparing the amour to wage war. What is that battle? “Marriage.” I have started summoning them one after the other, helping them to understand what the thing is all about, why they should not be in a hurry, what they should place first and last night I was vindicated.
27.        There was a movie where somebody paid dearly for such a grievous mistake, all of them were laughing. Look at two of them.
28.        Yes, a wise man works ahead of time, preparing ahead of time. There is time for everything. There are certain things I will do, you do not need to come near for your time is not yet come. Wait for your turn.
29.        For now, this is where your attention should be. Off your eyes on women, off your eyes on money, face that area, in the next five years, you will have your own testimony to share to the whole world and then I will follow you strictly.
30.        Create enmity in the hearts of your children against unbelief to this Faith, for you can never train your children in the fear of God outside this Faith.
31.        The most deadly children in the world today are children of Pastors, Bishops, ministers and so on. They are the most dreaded children here troubling everybody. Their wives are the most stubborn, that is why you can hardly see a Pastor that has a home. They have families, they do not have a home. Common with Pastors.
32.        Bro Kelechi, give me the book of Jeremiah “Woe unto you Pastors” or you give me My Bible. I want to say few words before I invite the Teacher.
33.        If you cannot see it, give me My missionary Bible, I will give it to you from the Book of Jeremiah “Woe unto you Pastors that have not fed My flock”.
34.        No matter how blind I am, I believe I can search the scriptures. You gave me My Bible because you know you cannot find it, because of your many wives who are not even encouraging you one bit.
35.        It is a dangerous development oh, make una pray for the man. Nobody has ever gone to Paradise because he married one million wives.  
36.        The Rechabites family. Jeremiah 35:13, Thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; Go and tell the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, Will ye not receive instruction to hearken to my words? saith the Lord. (KJV).
37.         I wish all of you all that you wish yourself. Nobody said Amen. You mean you are not wishing yourself anything?  Your character is telling me what you are wishing yourself.
38.        My lifestyle, tells the whole world what I am wishing myself. Your own lifestyle, everyday habit, tells the whole world not only who you are but where you are heading to. Amen.

I want to leave few words behind to everybody in the interest of the newly ordained ministers, if they can understand me along the way. The entire congregation, you are equally encouraged to give me ears.
2.           To Onitsha in particular, there is a message I handled here in the form of a teaching some years back titled “Unto you God first appeared to choose for Himself a people”.
3.           As many as God has chosen for Salvation, please give me attention. If you are sure and certain you are divinely connected to God and He chose you for Salvation, give me attention.
4.           If you have verified, sure and convinced within yourself that God chose you for His wrath, to obtain His wrath, I also want you to give me attention. So I am talking to the two categories; those that have chosen for Salvation and another group that has been chosen to obtain the wrath of God.
5.           Whether we believe it or not, the two must manifest. There can never be God without devil, there can never be day without night, neither can there be a man without a woman. Wherever you think you belong to, stay there.
6.           However, you have reasons why you should change, if it is possible to change, change. If you have the power to effect that change, change.
7.           But I am sure and certain that everything finished from the foundation of the world hence, there is no amount of preaching or shouting I make here that can make a dog to be a fowl or make a sheep to be a pig.
8.           Why? You are what you are not because you are here. I was sharing my experience with the Elders in My house late in the night yesterday, how I had an interaction over the phone with a Jewess who reminded me of the hour, thou I have not forgotten.
9.           She opened with Shalom Brother I said shalom ma and then the discussion ensued. “Brother, I hope you are preparing our Brethren for the 2020 journey?”.
10.        I said “What?  She said, “I hope you are preparing our brethren for the 2020 long journey”.
11.        I said, “How does the journey look like?”
12.        She said, “Are you not aware? I think you said you are a Jew.”
13.         I said, “Of course I am a Jew. I am a pure blooded Jew.”
14.         She said, “Why asking me this question? If you are really what you said you are, by now you should have known that there is going to be a very long journey 2020”.
15.        I said, “Madam, the way you are sounding is very much frightening, so you are sure and certain that there is going to be a journey?”
16.        She said, “All of us know this very well.” “So you believe I am a Jew?”
17.        She said, “I believe you are a Jew. Our Rabbi told us after the meeting with you, that he was sure and certain that you are a pure blooded Jew but not an Ephraimite. That you came from the tribe of Judea. You settled with the Ephraimites for a purpose”.
18.        I said, “Madam, are you sure?” She said, “Immediately we left that year, there was no other discussion we were holding, if not you and our Brethren under your care. We were saying that we have never come across a people that are claiming to be Jews and they are real Jews such as we met in the college.”
19.        I said, “Which means when we left, all of you departed? So you had enough time to discuss about me and my brethren.”
20.         She said, “Sir, let us not fool ourselves. Do you mean to tell me that we never dominated your discussions with your brethren when we left?”
21.        I said, “Madam, you are right, you really dominated.”
22.        She said, “We were right there when you read the book we gave you, we were still in the premises to our greatest surprise, you opened to your defense and you defended from the scriptures, A to Z countering our belief and our Rabbi told us that this man is a pure blooded Jew. He is talking to Ephraimites, who He met as idolaters.”
23.        She continued, “We are uniting with them any time from now.” To them they believe they have been cleansed, they have done everything about the atonement and things like that.
24.         I said, “There is no atonement without me. Na me be the atonement, na me be the sacrifice, na me be the sanctification, the Baptism, the Holiness, everything you can think of na me.”
25.         It was a lengthy discussion but the summary is, they are preparing themselves for a very long journey which starts 2020. The name of the woman Is Elizabeth.
26.        I never knew that the name is still in my phone until that number rang. She said, “Sir, you promised to pay us a visit and we have been waiting anxiously. Now, you have promised to come again. When do we expect you?”
27.        I said, “Ok, you will see me one of these days but before I will come, I will call you so that you and your members will wait for me in your temple. Direct me on how I will get to your temple.”
28.         She said, “Ok, you mean I should tell our brethren?”
29.        I said, “Tell them to expect me one of these days.” I said it is unnecessary. She said, “Is it unnecessary to learn Jewish or Hebrew language which we are teaching our members?”
30.         I said, “Yes, I do not see it as something that is necessary because nobody is identified by his language.
31.         “Not all that speak Igbo language are Igbos, not all that speak Hausa are Hausas. Thus, I can speak Hebrew yet I am not a Hebrew. I can speak Yoruba yet I am not of a Yoruba descent. Do you believe it that not all Israelis are Israeli?”
32.        She said, “Sir, you see why we need you”.
33.        I said, “But you did not indicate that you needed me that time, maybe because of Dr. Nwosu but identified with all of you. So, madam I will give you a reply one of these days. You tell me where I will stop so that you and your members will come and take me from there. Ogidi is not far from Onitsha, less than one hour I will be there.”
34.        She insisted I must give her a date. I said no that I do not have that authority to give you a date for my hands are choked up.
35.        Concerning the 2020 long journey, well, I will not speak. It is something that will speak on its own, it does not require preaching. If you want to preach it, what are you going to preach? The only thing you need to find out is who you are, find out your descent, then from there you can find your way home.
36.        If you were born in the city and you later discovered that that place is not your village, if you want to know where you came from, you will first of all know the name of your village and also accept that you were born in the city and you have not been to your village before.
37.        If you need someone that will help you trace your home, you will find one. He that seeks will find, he that knocks, the door will be opened for him, but when you feel you are ok, you have no need of God, God will say “Thank you very much, you have reduced My headache, I will count you out.” Amen.

Now, let me go back to the message. Since two weeks now, Onitsha in particular where I am resident, where I am domiciled, if you go to your Great Sermon, Onitsha is the home of God, Onitsha is my home.
2.           One professional superstar wrestler called AJ Styles said continually concerning Smackdown live, that Smackdown live is the house which AJ Styles built.
3.           When he gave away, one ex-soldier, a super star wrester called John Cena came with his own claim: “Smackdown live is my home”.
4.           He that builds the house and he that claims the house as his home, who is the real occupier? The builders or he that domiciled permanently there?
5.            “No leave no transfer,” not the real owner. He that owns the home is greater than the builder of the house. The builder is a contractor, is it a lie? Ok! Do not build this house and refuse to make it your home. If you struggle to build this house, please endeavour to make this house your home, “no leave no transfer”.
6.           Because Onitsha is my home, I find it very difficult to go far away from Onitsha. I keep watch over this Family called Household of God at Onitsha for obvious reasons, which I made known to all of you in the Great Sermon.
7.           My entire eggs are in one basket and I am the carrier. My entire family, all locked into one ship and I happened to be the Captain. Besides, there are too many friends and wellwishers whose lives are tied to my own, who I cannot afford to dispense off in this life and in the life to come, not because of who they are or what they are, or what they have done or what they have not done, but simply because I personally decided it must be so.
8.           I have found them worthy of my confidence, I have found them worthy to be co-owners of my family, to share everything in common with them and to these people I withhold nothing, as a confirmation that I cannot easily draw back.
9.           If it is possible for the course of a river to be reversed then, it will be possible for me to let go of such people globally, not only in Onitsha but I am laying my emphasis on Onitsha, why my eyes are here.
10.        Two, I recognize the fact that Onitsha is the livewire of other local Assemblies globally. If there should be error emanating from Onitsha, it will go round the world and the prophet said, “With your weapons of warfare, you destroy few people but with one single false doctrine, you can eliminate all human beings on earth”.
11.        Apostles, am I right? Evangelists, am I right? Yes sir! Thank you. For that reason, I stationed myself in Onitsha to protect Onitsha against error. I built a hedge around Onitsha keeping all of them away from the errors of the wicked, that is why, while I am here, those wicked people numbered among the ministers will only suppress their feelings.
12.        They dare not rear up their heads for there is no way this Faith can denominate while I am on the scene. Who is that fellow that will come and talk while I am still here?
13.        Who is that fellow? Who equipped him? Who gave him whatever he can boast of?  That is why many attempted it in time past, did anybody succeed? 
14.        Even prominent ones who gained popularity among you, where are they? Even some millionaires who wanted to use money to bribe away this Faith, where are they? Because I am here.
15.        There are too many opportunists here but it has become increasingly impossible for them, for they have realized that The Son of Man has transformed again.
16.         I have started life all over again, I am now a new man. Try me. I said “try me”. Today is my good morning again, the older you think I am, the stronger I become, the younger I become, a sure sign that you should pocket your over ambitiousness for leadership into your pocket for there is no room in the Bride.
17.        “No vacancy” for He that is there from the beginning is the One that will close the history. That is why He does not even create room for suggestion at all. No room for consultations. No!
18.        Go and hold your meetings and consultations come and declare your ambition. If it is not frustrated, I am not He.
19.        One of them saw me at the post office the other day, he was trying to dodge and I called him back. I said, “My friend, do you mean you do not recognize me?”
20.        He said, “Sir you look younger now than before. So sir you will not be old again? You are praying that I should be old? He said, “Look at me now, who can believe that you are by far my senior.”
21.         I said, “This is just my good morning, you have not seen anything yet”.
22.        Do you know why I am happy? As many as followed me from day one (the word go) who are still with me till today will bear witness to the truth. I never deceived your ears one day, I have always declared who I am and My Mission on Earth.
23.        When they were doubting me, I told them to follow me anyhow whether they understand or not, “Towards the end you will understand, everything shall be made plain.”
24.         I AM HE. I told you, even if you go to the hemispheres to look for Him, He will tell you go back, the person you are looking for is here. No matter where you are in any part of the world and you want to worship God, you said you want to hear from God, you must be pointed back to this Man.
25.        I said only time and events will vindicate who I am. Today am I vindicated? Yes sir!
26.        I got a phone call yesterday night from Thailand, somebody was asking me why we went off the air. He said, “Sir, for three days now I have been searching in vain. Why?”
27.         I said, “Go back to that website, we are back. We are doing a work so we are off and on. Keep on checking every two, two hours, call me back.”
28.        In less than 30 minutes, he called back. He said, “Sir, may God bless you for me, it is working again,” and that is Bridal Chronicles.
29.        If you go there, you will see people who were standing by, waiting for us to resume operation, they rushed immediately. Read the Bridal Chronicles let’s see the number that visited.
30.        You mean you do not have your Bridal chronicles (Apostle Ojiakor)? Your microphone should be by your side. Every wrestler has his own microphone,  do not wait until we buy one for you, buy your own, keep it by your side, it is your property. When you want to go, go with it.
31.        Report from our website. Bridal Chronicles. USA =1774. That was the time they joined. Germany 1421, Venezuela 897, Belarus 796 (one of the countries in USSR).
32.        Even this countries many of them are unknown to us. You see it is for every nation. This shows that this is the promised Everlasting Gospel that must go to the ends of the Earth, then the end shall come.
33.        Tell me if there be any religious movement that fulfilled it, check history, check events since the world began, this is the first time. It does not recognize your religion, your tribe, your language, once you are a human being created by God, it is for you.
34.        The only movement that attracted both the Muslims, the Hindus, the Christians, the Pagans, the free thinkers, everybody showing interest.
35.        My son was sharing his experience with his Director, Professor Ofok who went to the website, read too many things and came out. He said, “Wisdom, whosoever that is propagating this Faith does not know about Nigeria. Nigeria does not require this type of truth especially Lagos. If He should appear life in Lagos and speak this thing in Lagos, they will fight Him.”
36.        The wife came, read her own “Examine your family life,” and then turned, “Wisdom the man that wrote this message is really a man of God. This is the truth the world deserves,” not knowing what the husband had earlier said. He said this truth is not meant for this our generation.
37.        We thank God we are marching on. I want to know the position of Nigeria. Nigeria is on the 87th position. It was the second to the last. Do not be surprised we were together, my son came and said, “Daddy, did we go off the website?”
38.        I said no. He said that for three days now I have been going there and I have not been seeing anything.
39.        I said, “Ok, we are working, keep on going, we are coming back this night and we really came back.”
40.         All these people that came were the people that came when we resumed operation. We are doing our best but the work is very enormous. It is a big assignment for your own good. By the time we finish, go to the web site you will be happy with yourself.
41.        Preview of the Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide.  Wisdom went there when we were off the air. Number one is Nigeria with 5,212, followed by Kenya 4567. Then the USA 4114, number four is Israel 3621, UAE 3147. What do you think can cause these people to stop?
42.        Tell me what will be their interest in that preview? That is the library. Israel number three, UAE number four.
43.        Remember, whether you call it UAE or Israel, they are the children of Abraham whose God we are espoused to. Without Abraham, there is no Arab. Without Abraham, there is no Israel, so he is the father of Ishmael and Isaac. He is also the father of the six sons of Keturah.
44.        The six sons of Keturah and the offspring of Ishmael made up the UAE (United Arab Emirates). That is the much I want to strike there.  Amen.

Let me see whether I can beef up somebody’s faith. For some time now, that’s about two weeks now, the Pastor in-charge of Onitsha, our brother Chizoba Ugwu has been trying to take off.
2.           I told you before witnesses especially the Elders, that I am not crazy. I told him that I am sure and certain that he is going to face a very big task. A young boy to be ordained the Pastor in charge of Onitsha, the Jerusalem of this Faith, that I know what I am doing.
3.           He inherited a problem baby. I handed over to him a baby of circumstance and I am sure he is more than able to achieve the objective whether they will cooperate with him or not, because those that were ousted had already fomented within themselves plans of frustrating him.
4.           It has always been like that. I do not care how they will gang up. When I say those that were ousted, do not look at the Pastors. Every Pastor has his own group of people that are loyal to him. They have their loyalists.
5.           Pastor Christian has his own, Pastor Thomas has, Pastor Dan has. Then sitting in the benches are all ancient men who are tired, whose lifespan in the Faith expired long, long time ago. They are merely sitting down occupying the benches, countering messages.
6.           They are found amongst men and women. That is why I said to Apostle Kelechi “Relay my message to the owner verbatim, do not look at anybody’s face. The secret of survival in this faith is ‘no friend No enemy.’ Do it at the command of the Lord. Period.”
7.           Just like others, God came down in Jerusalem, the word went forth in Jerusalem. The first apostasy in this Faith which we recorded before we arrested it started in Jerusalem. It is in the tape. First rebellion, in Jerusalem the home of rebellion.
8.           Now I want to show you why the Pastor in-charge of Jerusalem which is Bro. Chizoba Ugwu, a young man who is not yet married, hence I am not afraid of any form of compromise.
9.           Who will he compromise with? Is it with me or any of you? For what reason?  What are you going to offer him? If not for this Faith, he would not have been what he is today. He will accept is as a responsibility with every amount of joy and personal commitment and I am sure he will succeed.
10.        I have told you do not be afraid of any opposition. On the way to conquer Jericho, there must be giants who will stand to oppose but God is always there.
11.        When this Faith started in 1992, I took off amidst stiff opposition within and without but today, look at where we are. Do not listen to scandals, criticisms; it is a sure sign that you are doing the work.
12.        Thank God you were in my house, a heathen came. People reported to the commissioner at Awka that while he was doing his work he fought. The commissioner called him asking a question “Is it true that you fought at your work place? He said daddy look at the way the whole thing happened. He said ok thank you very much because there was fighting in your area, it is a sure sign that you are doing the work for there is no way you can do this work without people rising up against you, nevertheless, soft pedal. Use intelligence and continue with your work.”
13.         He did not say “Stop,” and there was a testimony following that heathen. All his life he has been a political thug holding thugery, thugery positions.
14.        But today before too many witnesses, within a few days he has been acquainted with me that he cannot say what I happening to him. It is like the whole violent spirit is now gone. He now behaves like a human being, talks like a human being, intermingles with all of us. He told his people that he cannot say.
15.        The wife is astonished, his friends who knew him as a warrior are wondering what is happening around Emeka Ojukwu.
16.        There is something in a name. You see his name “Emeka Ojukwu” then he came out reflecting Emeka Ojukwu of Nnewi, yet he is not from Nnewi. It is a clash of names.
17.         So, my dear, rise up to your responsibilities like Joshua. Be courageous and do the work. Do not look at anybody’s face.
18.        He went to Apostle Kelechi to ask what he should do. Apostle Kelechi said, “Well, you have been made a Pastor over Onitsha, go and Pastor Onitsha.”
19.        He thought Apostle Kelechi would have sat him down to inject. No! Whatever you want to get, you get it by kneeling down. “You must go on your kneels and be attentive, you must learn to study always, pray always" you study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth For if you do not study, you will never grow.
20.        If you do not pray, you cannot hear the voice of God. These two are the necessary ingredients for your success which your predecessors lacked.
21.        Your predecessors that made blatant and naked shipwreck inspite of the assistance I gave them over the years, alongside other ministers, never for one day gave themselves over to study and to prayers as instructed.
22.        They gave themselves over to fun fare, drinking, eating, perambulating everywhere, chatting. Hence, not even one of them could stand in the pulpit and balance Godhead.
23.        As a young man, this is your time. The extent you yield yourself to God’s service will determine the extent God will use you. So, go back to the message titled, “Commitment,” you will have a lot to learn there. “Commitment”.
24.        Now, our brother the Pastor decided to go back to the very annals of history with a bid to trace them to where the problems of Onitsha started which gradually engulfed all other local assemblies, for this is where the word goes forth and it is the livewire of others, hence every Sunday, you see brethren risking their lives coming down here.
25.        If not for the presence of The Son of Man here, I bet you nobody from another local assembly will be here. For there is no minister that is worthy of their coming down here. But it should not be so.
26.        I am not surprised because Onitsha thinks they are living yet they are dead. I separated their offering bags. Onitsha will use their own; brethren from other local assemblies will use their own.
27.        For over five years now, Onitsha does not give offering. When I said it, the Pastors and all that were with me confirmed it to be true. I allowed other churches, other local assemblies to take care of Onitsha from the beginning till today, Onitsha has remained takers and not givers. That is why they are lacking.
28.        Givers do not lack, takers lack. That is why the more they struggle, the worst their conditions become. You can never hear any advanced testimony coming from Onitsha. In Jerusalem, their testimony is “We are Jerusalem, God has Jerusalem as His home where the glory came down, the voice went from here” they forget to know the truth that Jerusalem is the home of unbelief.
29.        God came down, did everything, Jerusalem never for one day believed in Christ. That was why when Paul went to Jerusalem, what did they do? They influenced him away from the truth.
30.        Paul went to Jerusalem they influenced him away from the truth for it is always the centre of trying to be right with God by keeping rules, and regulations laid down by men wherein there is no truth.
31.        That is Onitsha. Proclaiming themselves to be wise, they become fools. Claiming they see when they are blind. Before you know what was happening, they started organizing, hence whatever you see as an atmosphere prevalent in Onitsha, it is a worked up atmosphere generated by their consultations and meetings which they normally hold behind The Son of Man.
32.        If you know me, you have been following me from the beginning you will know that The Son of Man can hardly summon a meeting. I hate consultations and meetings. Whatever the case might be, I must lift up the word of God.
33.        If the word of God cannot handle it, it is a sure sign that those people are unbelievers, for if they believe, the problem will be taken care of by the word.
34.         In any Church or family where the atmosphere prevalent is generated by consultations and meetings, it is manmade, it is devilish, it does not last long, it is artificial.
35.        That is why whatever Onitsha has been parading themselves with is what I call superficial holiness, counterfeit holiness, good in appearance but grievous wolves inside. Dastardly selfish, self seeking, everybody is seeking his own and the more they seek, the more empty handed they come out yet they do not learn their lessons.
36.        When I handled the fivefold worship, I told you it is a chain. I used Roman Catholic chaplet as an example. If you detach one, what will happen to the rest? You disorganize all and that is exactly what Onitsha is.
37.        The newly ordained Pastor, being a young man desirous of achieving the best for himself and for everybody, went back to the origin and traced the problem of Onitsha. One thing is to acknowledge your guilt, another thing is to repent.
38.        If you are sincere, you will bear witness to the truth that all other Pastors have avoided that problem. They know the sermon, they know the number, they know the page but whenever they get there, they will remove it because it is a trouble they are not set for…
39.        Another message is Family Menu volume 1, THE GOOD SHEPHERD. Till eternity, Onitsha will never jump it. I do not want to expose Onitsha the more. I do not want to ridicule Onitsha because Onitsha is your mother.
40.        What is in Onitsha is found in every local assembly, true or false? True! God is looking for a purged Church.  Amen.


I want to read a scripture here. The book of Ezekiel chapter 16 verses 44 through 45 "Like mother, like daughter"
2.           Like what? Like mother, like daughter.
3.           If Onitsha is the mother, all of you that took your origin from Onitsha are the daughters of Onitsha. The glory came down in Onitsha, the Shekinah presence came down in Onitsha, the Voice went forth from Onitsha and was heard abroad.
4.           Hence, Onitsha has become the Galilee of the Gentiles, the livewire of the Bridal ministry worldwide and I made it my home.
5.           Like mother like the daughter that is what everyone will say of you… "
6.           Like mother, like daughter. That is what everyone will say. So, do not just come from Enugu or Nsukka or elsewhere and begin to murmur  in your heart saying “Is this why we are here? Why must the Pastor of Onitsha impose iniquity upon us using Onitsha? If he wants to address the problem of Onitsha, I think he should do it on a Wednesday, why must it be on Sunday, that is not why we are here”.
7.            Please if you are saying so, please repent now. The problem started with your mother and you are the offshoot of Onitsha, it extended to you, that is why you are not bearing any good fruit.
8.            For your mother loathed her husband and her children, and you do too. And you are exactly like your sisters, for they despised their husbands and their children. Truly, your mother must have been a Hittite and your father an Amorite (LB).
9.           Because you have no need of the word of God, the word of God does not have control over your life, it is a sure sign that you are foreigners to the household of God.
10.        Your father a Hittite, your mother an Amorite, all mingled with the children of God, for whosoever that cannot live the life of the word of God is not divinely connected to God.
11.        You might be having fellowship with the children of God but you are not a citizen of the common wealth of Israel, your father is a foreigner, your mother a foreigner and you now come into our midst and begin to manifest before our eyes that you are strangers to the household of God.
12.        Because many are of the Jewish origin. As many as are divinely connected to God, coming into contact with this Faith, they are no longer strangers and aliens, automatically they become fellow citizens and share the same spirit, the same character, the same inheritance with the Saints.
13.        To such people, nobody reminds them of their responsibility towards their family. Because the child that is born in a family strives to protect the interest, the integrity of the family but a stranger walks otherwise, walks contrary.
14.        So as many as have been walking contrary, you know where they now come from. I am here to give it a name so that you do not concern yourselves with asking, “Why is sister acting this way, why is brother behaving this way?” Concern yourself with your relationship with God, who you are.
15.        So to our brother the young Pastor, do not allow the presence of the mixed multitudes that are in the majority to discourage you. You can now see where they came from. Infiltrated into our camp from the Hittites and Amorites.
16.        They are just manipulating, they are trying to learn but a child of God does not try to learn the character of God, for God is identified by His characteristics. Is it not true? A goat cannot be tutored to manifest the character of the mother goat, it is applicable to every animal.
17.        I can never be tutored to reflect the life of my father. The gene is inherent in me. So, the character you are depicting here is telling us where you come from.
18.        Why you are finding it difficult to obey the word of God and to pattern after your fellow brethren. It is because from the beginning, you mingled with people that do not come from the same place with you. They do not have your nature.
19.        I owe nobody any apology here. In every local assembly, the God we serve said mixed multitudes is always in the majority and greatly found among the ministers and their families.
20.        Is it written in the Great Sermon?  William Branham even confirmed it. The Bible bears eloquent witness that I am speaking the truth. If you go to local assemblies, go to denominations you notice that the people that trouble the denominations most are members of the Pastor’s family.
21.        Go to any denomination Deeper life, Grace of God, Assemblies of God, the people that upset the members of the Church remained the Pastor’s family. The evil that emanates from the Pastor’s families is his inability to use the word he said he preaches and believe to rule his house.
22.        If you watch the denominations including End time, you can hardly see a Pastor that controls his family with the word of God. Their families are always in shambles. In some, the wife and the husband go to different churches. In the home, the two heads are equal. It is a ding-dong affair and the children pattern after their families for you cannot raise a family that is ungodly and expect saints to come from there.
23.        Saints, Holy people coming from ungodly home? Is it possible? You are expecting a positive result from a negative action. Impossible! Why? We have identified where they came from.
24.        Pastors I am talking to all of you so that you will not be dismayed or discouraged. I will also show you another scripture.
25.        Revelation 17:5 On her forehead was written a name that has a secret meaning: "Great Babylon, the mother of all the prostitutes and perverts in the world." (GNB)            
26.        Revelation 17:5(LB) A mysterious caption was written on her forehead Babylon the great…”
27.        Remember the adjective there: “HER”. Her forehead not “HIS”. Mother of all Prostitutes and  Idol Worship Everywhere around the World. (LB)  
28.        The mother of all Prostitutes and Idol Worship Everywhere around the World”.     
29.        Revelation 17:5 And on her forehead there was inscribed a name of mystery with a secret symbolic meaning: Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes, idolatresses and of the filth and atrocities and abominations of the earth.  (AMP)
30.         Please I do not want to speak on mystery Babylon but I want you to understand that the Church is referred to as a woman.
31.        In our own movement we call it the Bride and there can never be the Bride without the Bridegroom. The Bridegroom is in the midst of the Bride preparing her, dressing her, making her ready for the wedding, for the supper.
32.        Note, as a woman, she is a mother. Potentially or otherwise, every woman is a mother. Whatever the woman is must reflect in the characters and attitudes of the children, true or false? True!
33.         If you believe this to be true and your mother Jerusalem has a mystic inscription that has a mystic meaning that whatever form of idolatry that is noticed in the midst of the Bridal movement or the Bride of Christ ministry started in Onitsha and then spread across to other local assemblies whether you like it or not, this is the truth.
34.        If water get spoilt at the source, gets contaminated at the source, it flows down stream. If it must be checked, you must go to the source. The moment the source is detected, the contamination is identified and it is removed. Portable water, pure table water, drinkable water, disease free water flows down stream.
35.        The use of GSM handsets has made matters worse, for a good number of ministers in other local assemblies have their favourite ministers here in Onitsha who might be causes of offense in Onitsha without their knowledge, hence you might be confiding on a man that is introducing idolatry.
36.        You seek counsel from an idolater, what will he give you as his counsel? He will give you whatever he has and because he has been resident in Jerusalem where The Son of Man is domiciled, you believe it is a truth, you quote him as authority, more so when he is conspicuous, prominent, popular.
37.        You see why God does not have any room for your useless excuse that so so and so deceived me, it is no excuse.
38.        God is watching you as an individual, you have your individual faith, your individual connection with God.
39.        There is nothing wrong with the message. The Teachings and doctrines are perfect write –ups, vindicated by God, but they are perverted in practice. The word goes forth to the entire congregation, the ministers lay hold on it, from there perversion starts.
40.         How do you know when a message has been perverted? The perversion reflects in their life styles. A lifestyle that is not in agreement with the teachings and doctrines we received is a perverted life style for you cannot live a life higher than your doctrine. 
41.        As your doctrine is, so shall your character be. By these, we can identify the Amorites and Hittites for no matter how you place the message right, your characters must be different. It can never agree with the law. No matter what you say, he will do whatever he wants to do, a sure sign that he is not one of us.
42.        If the same life style is found in both a woman and her husband, know that the man is a Hittite while the wife is an Amorite. What do you expect their children to look like? They will have children that will not speak our language. They will not be Jews, they will not be Gentiles.
43.         They will be giants of whom many stories have been told and will continue to be told. For that reason, o ye man of God, young minister, young ministers everywhere, beware.  Amen.

1 Timothy 4:1-14, BUT THE Holy Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that in latter times some will turn away from the faith, giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits and doctrines that demons teach, Through the hypocrisy and pretensions of liars whose consciences are seared (cauterized),
2.            Who forbid people to marry and [teach them] to abstain from [certain kinds of] foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and have [an increasingly clear] knowledge of the truth. 
3.           For everything God has created is good, and nothing is to be thrown away or refused if it is received with thanksgiving. For it is hallowed and consecrated by the Word of God and by prayer. If you lay all these instructions before the brethren, you will be a worthy steward and a good minister…
4.           If you do what? Lay all these instructions before the brethren you will be a worthy steward. If you refuse to lay these things right before the brethren what will you be what? An unworthy steward, for which cause your predecessors were removed for they were found to be unworthy.
5.            They were given the opportunities for improvement and they could not improve. They were given enough time to make foolproof of their ministries but they were shying away from their responsibilities and their wives committed the worst crime by not assisting them one bit in their ministries.
6.           For their wives were controlled by canal, canal desires, they were the sort that love pleasures more than truth. Hence they could not help their husbands to stand firm in their callings, so as to make foolproof of their ministries in Christ.
7.           Not realizing the awful consequences that when God calls a man, He calls his wife, and the Salvation of every minister is tied to his calling, that the moment a man makes a shipwreck, the wife has made a shipwreck. Is it in the Great Sermon, is it in the scriptures? Surely yes!
8.           Their wives might be laughing at them saying “that is what they deserve”. That is foolishness. You are equally involved. Their children might be jubilating because they do not know the awful implications not knowing that the entire family has been spotted.
9.           O ye man of God stand up to your responsibilities” recognize where they failed and then press on. Somebody maybe thinking that I am forbidding them from marrying, that is not true. Woe is me if I should teach that heresy.
10.        Am I not married? I am married with many children. If I have not made foolproof of my calling in Christ, do you think God would have vindicated me? I am still standing true to my commission without any atom of compromise.
11.        But their eyes and their minds went away from their calling and they went after canal, canal things and today, see where they are “If you lay all these instructions before the brethren, you will be a worthy steward and a good minister of Christ, ever nourishing your own self on the truths of the faith…
12.        Ever what? “Nourishing your own self on the truths of the faith”.
13.        Bro.  Chizoba stand up there and hold your Bible, pen and everything. Any other young minister here?
14.        You remain standing (Bro. Chizoba) I cannot be standing and you are sitting down. A minister that cannot stand up is not a minister. Wisdom, stand up there, You will remain standing with your papers and everything.
15.        You minister in Lagos as a minister, as a Pastor. Once a Pastor, always a Pastor, no matter where you go you are a Pastor. Is Paulson here? He is not here. Is fearGod here? Ok!
16.        If you lay all these instructions before the brethren, you will be a worthy steward and a good minister of Christ, ever nourishing your own self on the truths of the faith…  
17.        “Ever nourishing your own self on the truths of the faith” You see where  they made a shipwreck? “Let me go and tell them.”
18.        Any time there is fellowship hour, you see them rushing. People that never prayed at home, they never studied. With one sermon book in their hand, “Let me go and tell them”.
19.        If they receive one single report against a sister, against a brother, a sermon will be built around it “Let me go and tell them.” They forget to nourish themselves, they are not mindful of their spiritual development, they are careless.
20.        There is no miracle that will happen anymore than the miracle of failure, miracle of shipwreck because the moment you stopped studying, you stopped learning, you grow old and when you grow old, you wax cold, decay, rotten and be cast away.
21.        Look at Pastor Christian Dike, for example, he can only come to Wednesday fellowship on time, any day he framed up a message he will use against his enemies, he will be here before everybody. True or false? True sir!
22.        But any other Wednesday as a Pastor who should be here before others, he comes behind the time, sometimes when the fellowship was about to close. Thank you that I am not bearing false witness. He may not know whether his family is in the fellowship or not.
23.        To Pastor Dan, it has been his own way of life even when he was not married, he has never been spiritual for one day. He believes that what it takes to be spiritual is to be singing praises and dancing.
24.        Nobody has ever earned a ticket to Paradise through praises and singing otherwise Miriam would had been number one. Even if you sing and dance more than The Son of Man, it can never give you a ticket to Paradise. There is no scripture that says the Pastor’s ministry is dancing and singing or organizing party.
25.        A Pastor is charged with the responsibility to feed the flock with the word of God. A Pastor is one that rightly divides the truth, taking care of himself, that he is growing spiritually for he is the leader who leads by example.
26.        The same is applicable to Pastor Thomas. I called him domestic Pastor, food Pastor. These things have to be highlighted otherwise the incoming Pastor may repeat ignorantly the mistakes of his predecessors.
27.        Having identified the problem where he took off, it has never been rectified till today. Amen.

Now, you have inherited a problem baby, a baby of circumstance. Enormous responsibilities lie on you to make foolproof of your calling and of your ministry.
2.           And of the good Christian instruction which you have closely followed. But refuse and avoid irreverent legends…
3.           But refuse and avoid what? Irreverent legends, irrelevant stories, irrelevant testimonies, don’t ever be moved by any. People bringing you closer the same way they brought Paul closer in Jerusalem.
4.           “Paul, we have heard the exploits God is using you, using your hands in the Gentile side, we want to tell you we are not idle here. Praise the Lord, so the Lord did when I was in the other way.”
5.           They are trying to bring you in and once they succeed in bringing you in into their cult, you are gone! They will brainwash you, before you will know it, you will be carrying a turtledove, you shave your hair because one that is losing does not want a fight to the end.
6.           Someone that has fallen away from the faith is an old prophet. He knows the truth, he knows how he can put an obstacle for you. Immediately you fail, he will say “Thank you, I thought you said you are a prophet, the God you are worshiping will kill you now”.
7.            “We were there, I know how I was laboring,” you were there before, why are you not there now? Thus, if you must succeed, do not for any reason consult or follow the examples of failures for you will learn their wicked ways and you may be worse than them.
8.           They have nothing to offer you. If God wanted you to have assistant, he would have given you one. You are to do the work alone for there must be one shepherd, one voice, not two voices. So, nobody will be sitting down thinking that this one must have been taken care of when nobody did anything.
9.           You pray, you meditate, you study, take your decisions. Do not be afraid of taking decisions whether they be wrong or right for God will pardon you if you take wrong decisions with pure motive, but will never pardon you for not taking decisions at all. Maintain a stand: “no friend no enemy”. I am going further. 
10.        But refuse and avoid irreverent legends (profane and impure and godless fictions, mere grandmothers' tales) and silly myths, and express your disapproval of them. Train yourself toward godliness…
11.        Do what? “Train yourself toward godliness,” Ngosike you are involved. You were the one I first placed and I told you, “If you love money and your position more than the truth, more than Christ, I will disarm you of it.”
12.        Train yourself towards what? Godliness, did it say “Let The Son of Man train you?” I have given you everything pertaining to life and godliness that will make you to attain God’s divine nature, so you are without excuse.
13.        You do not labour for what you will tell your flock, I have stored enough food for you in due season, but you must go to the library. You have your own libraries, all you need to do is to study your flock, pray, know their state, the state of your flock, know the type of food they need at any given time.
14.        Go to your library and blend the food. So it is with those that maybe teachers alongside with him, you do not need to come to the pulpit and begin to frame up something, to manipulate something, the food is already stored.
15.        If your predecessors had made use of the food stored, do you think they would have made shipwreck? It was their gross negligence, not over sight that caused them their positions together with their families, until I speak otherwise, if I see signs that will make me speak otherwise.
16.        Search the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, show me a man of God who made shipwreck of his ministry and succeeded in getting God’s favour.
17.        Any record? Do you have any? From Genesis to Revelation, it does not exist. I equally guided all of you by giving you a message should have been a check: WHY PEOPLE MAKE SHIPWRECK OF THEIR CALLING IN CHRIST, which if you had made use of them, you won’t be where you are now. 
18.        To you young ministers, you will do well to fall back on the mistakes of your predecessors and then build up your own character, build up your integrity, build up your own household.
19.        It is an arduous task that requires courage, it requires posterity, it requires vision to salvage somebody from the ocean of dismay, where all of them sank and remained quiet, dying in silence until The Son of Man came to their rescue and there was a heavy clapping of hands which means they were fed up. Now give them hope to rejoice. I say give them hope to rejoice.
20.        Train yourself toward godliness (piety), [keeping yourself spiritually fit….
21.        Do what? “keep yourself spiritually fit”
22.        For physical training is of some value (useful for a little), but godliness (spiritual training) is useful and of value in everything…
23.        Spiritual training, lay greater emphasis on that. You can never grow spiritually over night. It is a training, an exercise you do daily until it becomes your habit. No habit is formed in one day, it is a gradual process but the determination must be there, the desire must be there, the passion must be there.
24.        You must have a vision, have your focus, why it is necessary for you to grow spiritually and feed your flock because if your flock will grow above you spiritually, you profit them nothing.
25.        The Pastors never knew, they never discovered when their congregation grew above them. They became ordinary noisy cymbals before their congregation.
26.        Some of them are rejoicing, they think they have been relieved of their burden: “Nna let someone have his rest, all these things I have been doing for years.”
27.        God’s calling has never been a burden. Anybody that sees God’s calling as a burden, God never called him. He is a self-made man of God.
28.          But godliness (spiritual training) is useful and of value in everything and in every way, for it holds promise for the present life and also for the life which is to come. This saying is reliable and worthy of complete acceptance by everybody.
29.        With a view to this, we toil and strive, [yes and] suffer reproach, because we have [fixed our] hope on the living God, Who is the Savior (Preserver, Maintainer, Deliverer) of all men, especially of those who believe (trust in, rely on, and adhere to Him). Continue to command these things and to teach them…
30.        Continue to do what? “Command these things and to teach them”.   
31.        Let no one despise or think less of you because of your youth…
32.        Let no man—I do not care who that person is—despise or think less of you because of your age, because of your youth. Do not ever permit that. There is nothing that makes any ancient failure superior to you, nothing.
33.        Exercise the authority conveyed on you by Christ who made you overseer over His flock. He is the only One you are accountable to. He determines whether you will fail or succeed but you must succeed, for He is able to help you succeed, once you show the willingness to do the work, be courageous and then do the work.   
34.        Let no one despise or think less of you because of your youth, but be an example (a pattern) for the believers…
35.        Be what? Be an example (a pattern) for the believers. If we were to pattern after Pastor Christian, what do you think we would have been? Who even changes the time of our fellowship, he does things at will as he wishes yet he is the first Pastor, ancient man right from End time, senior to Pastor Dan, senior to Pastor Thomas.
36.        But the Bible said you should be an example, a pattern of good works. A leader who cannot say “follow me as I follow Christ,” is he a worthy leader? So it is with all of them that are now deposed.
37.        To the teachers married and the unmarried, if you are to emulate the habits of their wives, will this place accommodate us? Can the world accommodate you?
38.        Many of them are filled with hate, they are filled with pride, envy, jealousy, malice of all sorts. Some of them if not all can hardly say “Remain blessed” to fellow sisters with pure hearts.
39.        Some can hardly embrace their fellow sisters. You can hardly have a problem and go to a Pastor’s wife to discuss it, impossible! For you must be friendly before somebody can come. They are not approachable, they are full of evil thoughts and hatred, but the wives are to copy their examples.
40.        What if our wives will emulate them, what will be our nature? You see why this is a serious issue? I kept quiet, I know I must speak. I allowed this to continue I wanted to give them two good weeks so as to know where they are coming from, then determine their focus and then, I will come and give them legal backing. That is what I am doing.
41.        I thank God our brother Chizoba is still a bachelor, by his position as a man of God, he knows where he is coming from, he knows where he is going. He knows whenever the time comes who will be his wife, who will be by his side to help him achieve his goal.
42.        Because a man marries his character. Do not doubt me. It may not be hundred percent but there must be similarities. That is why whenever their husband is against anybody, their wives will be against that person, not knowing what is involved.
43.        If their wives hate somebody, their husbands will equally hate that person for no cause. Even if they are disagreeing, the moment there is a problem between them and another person, they will now unite and fight a common goal.
44.        Who is deceiving who? So there is nobody here who will point accusing finger on the new Pastor, God has given Onitsha for a fresh take off. He has no wife to defend, he has no children to indoctrinate.
45.        He is standing alone with God with his conscience under control. Let me see why somebody will not be saved in Onitsha.
46.        I thank God for him. If you go through the scriptures, he meets all the qualifications. He does not eat much, he does not drink much, he does not talk much. He is very industrious. He does not discuss human beings, he doesn’t discuss events, he discuss ideas. He is my son I brought him from Nsukka,  from Obukpa ndeagu.
47.        I brought him up and he cannot boast of anything which he does not have. He is a master’s degree holder. Whatever he is today, it is courtesy of God, not by his parents, not by anybody but by God.
48.        And from the time he embraced this faith as a student in the secondary school till today, he has never been excommunicated one day. He has lived with people that decamped from the Faith, he held his Faith. So, he is trust worthy. I am telling you Onitsha brethren and brethren everywhere, hear ye him.
49.           But be an example (a pattern) for the believers in speech, “in speech” in conduct, “in conduct” in love, “in love” in faith, “in faith” and in purity.
50.        And in purity. I am showing you what your predecessors ignored, neglected for which cause they made shipwreck. If you can take care of this area, you must be a worthy ambassador of Christ no stone will stand on your way, no obstacle will stand on your way. You must breakthrough all those obstacles for God must be with you. 
51.        Till I come, devote yourself to [public and private] reading…
52.        Till I come do what? “Devote yourself to [public and private reading” and not public and private vain discussions, arguments about politics, football, I.P.O.B and the rest of them.
53.         Do not devote yourself to eating and drinking, to jesting and running round the whole of Onitsha for no reason. I hope it is penetrating? Yes sir!
54.        William Branham said, “You should train ministers”. Ministers are trained. If you are desiring to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ, you are desiring an excellent job, honourable, pure in the sight of God that will give you a place among the kings and rulers of the world that will even help you to command respect, your age notwithstanding. A ministry that imparts perfect wisdom and understanding in you.
55.        Till I come, devote yourself to [public and private] reading… which your predecessors never attempted. Not even one devoted himself to both public and private reading or studies. They could have time for everything not for studies.
56.        Till I come, devote yourself to [public and private] reading, to exhortation (preaching and personal appeals), and to teaching and instilling doctrine…
57.        And to what? To teaching and instilling doctrine. The best way to train yourself is by training others. It is what you have that you will give.
58.        Do not neglect the gift which is in you…
59.        Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was spotted long, long time ago and now it has come to full manifestation. I do not need to go further there.
60.        The prophet lived in the days of the Prophet and saw the days of the Church, all Pastors God selected abandoned their duties, abandoned their work, abandoned their flock.  Amen.




Jeremiah 23:1-5 (AMP) WOE TO the shepherds (the civil leaders)…

2.           WOE TO who? The shepherds (the civil leaders) filled with craftiness, division, hatred, still they are leaders . “woe” is unto you.

3.           Who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasturing! says the Lord…

4.           They destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasturing! says the Lord God Almighty.

5.           Jeremiah 23:1-5 Woe be unto the pastors…

6.           Woe be unto the Pastors,. King James was written before Amplified, true or false? True! Thank you. Woe be unto the Pastors.  

7.           Woe be unto the Pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the Lord. Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people…

8.           Against the pastors that feed my people.

9.           Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them…

10.        You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them” how can you take care of your flock since there is hatred in your heart? If problem befalls your flock, you will feel less concerned, but if it befalls you, you will start shouting.

11.        You have your favorites and those who you hate who you show I don’t care lifestyle. Please what I am saying is it happening in our midst? Does it happen? Yes sir!

12.        There is no household it is not found in, that is why I said I know there is prejudice in the Bride. That the Pastors have their favourites. If I wait until they report that matter to me, those brethren may die in silence for that I stand to apprehend cases. 

13.        Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord. I will do what? 

14.        Visit them upon the evils of their doings saith the Lord God Almighty. This was a prophecy foretelling the days of the Church when Pastors will be handed over the flock of God.  

15.        And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase. And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them: and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the Lord.

16.        Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch… “I will raise unto David a righteous Branch” and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth (KJV).

17.        You do not need to ask who will do the job. You have seen the person vested with the authority, His name is what? “The Righteous Branch: Mystery Revealed.”

18.        1 Timothy 4:16 Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine… 

19.        And unto the doctrine…

20.        continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee (KJV)

21.        Take heed as a Pastor unto thyself, unto the flock, unto the doctrine, teach that which is right doctrine” by so doing, (i) you save your life (ii) you save the lives of those that hear you.

22.        But on the contra wise, you destroy everybody including yourself. Which means every man must be judged according to his ministry. Whether you believe it or not, I am here for the truth.

23.        For you to succeed, borrow a cue from Rechabite’s family where the children were warned by their parents to steer clear from alcohol. Hundreds of years elapsed after their parents departed this earth, God wanted to test them and to use them as example for Israel commanded them to drink, served them wine.

24.        They said that their father forbade them from drinking alcohol since their generation, although they have departed, nothing in this life nor in the world to come will make them to go contrary to the instructions they received from their parents.

25.        And God spoke to Jeremiah saying, “Have you seen how these children upheld the instructions of their parents tenaciously to the point that you declared ‘thus saith the Lord’ and they said, ‘Go and tell God, this is our stand.’”

26.        He said, “This is how I want my people Israel to take My word but they won’t.”

27.        This is exactly the way I want the young ministers and everybody who wants to survive in this Faith to take the word of God that is coming to us daily. “Hold it fast, make no friends with it, knowing that your life is tied to it”.

28.        If you preserve it, you preserve your life, you destroy it, you destroy your life and that of your family. If you are wise and understanding, do the right thing. To God be the glory. Amen.