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A Forum held with Youths in the Bride’s Ministry  on 17th September 2006, At THE
The entrance of the Word of God in the heart of man gives life. When you reject the Word of God, you separate yourself from Him because God is nothing but His Word. The same way a man is nothing but his word.
Life without the Word of God or fear of God is vanity.
2.          Note, the importance of the youth in the development of the society cannot be overemphasized. The role of the youth in nation building is so paramount that the Federal and State Governments carved out a Ministry for Youth Development and Empowerment.
3.          The youth of course are regarded as the future leaders. It is against this backdrop that I plead with the youth to take note of this message.
4.          If you are a father or mother, you undoubtedly passed through the youthful stage of life. The most delicate stage of life is the youthful stage. It is the most destructive stage of life. It is the stage where too many things attract the attention of the youth and most of the things they delight themselves in are things that would destroy them ignorantly. It is at this stage that a good number of them desire violence and experiment every kind of rough life. Some of them think that evil is pleasurable while some just indulge in these notorious lifestyles just for the fun of it.
5.          If you watch the society today, a good number of our youths like to enlist in the force not to serve the nation but to terrorise and intimidate their fellow human beings. Some desire task forces such as we witnessed in Onitsha, Anambra State under the guise of Road Decongestion or Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) before they were disbanded.
6.          I mean that the youth desire the use of force more than peaceful approach to issues and that is why they are always the brains behind all violent and destructive activities in the society especially in their misguided estate. They love violence more than peace because they are ready to die anywhere at any given time. It is a very dangerous stage of life where they ignorantly experiment with death daily.
7.          Nothing disturbs the peace of the society more than unguided youths. Watch all that are misfits in their families, interview them very well, you will notice that they were victims of misguided folly.
8.          If parents refuse to guide their youths in the fear of God, they are bound to forfeit them to the winds of time. No matter how godly or religious parents may be, if they do not strictly monitor the development of their youths very well, scrutinize their conducts, and investigate the type of friends or company they keep, they are liable to forfeit them to the fowls of the air. Noble ambitions of some youths in the society today have been thrown to the fowls of the air as a result of wrong influence.
9.           The youth are easily influenced wrongly by their friends, this is so because you cannot be a friend to a leper and avoid his handshake. It has therefore become very imperative for us to counsel our youths very well so as to preserve their lives and protect their future.
10.      I liken the youth to yam plumule. Any way the farmer twists it to the stake is the way it is going to climb the stake either to the right or to the left. All of us passed through the youthful stage of life. As a result, we know all that we suffered in our youths.
11.      Any youth that escapes imprisonment or premature death; anybody that escapes imprisonment or premature death in his or her youth, should sacrifice a cow to God! About ninety percentage of our youths in the society commit heinous crimes every day, but the eyes of the law enforcement agents catch only but a few.
12.      For that reason, the fortunate ones among them think that they are innocent but their consciences testify against them privately.
13.      The person in the prison yard is not worse than the one that is moving freely about the streets. He is moving about freely because he has not been caught while the one in the prison is there because of his own misfortune. However, whether you are in the prison yard or outside, it is all but one if you are not properly instructed.
14.      Gone are the days when prison yards were reformatory homes. The aim of imprisoning somebody is not to kill him but to get his character reformed and to serve as a deterrent to others. This service is no longer obtainable in the prison yards of today. People go to prison today and become worse, because there, they meet hardened ad unrepentant criminals who lecture them on scientific criminal acts that even beat the law enforcement agents hollow.
15.       It is there that they acquire the knowledge of trado-medical bullet proof. This is why from time to time, we hear stories of people that survived years of imprisonment due to criminal acts, instead of praising God by changing their minds, they will commit even worse crimes and be re-arrested by the law enforcement agents again.
16.      A sure sign that they never learnt anything good from the previous imprisonment. Some are sometimes, given very long jail terms so as to weaken them through old age so as to restrain them from evil anytime they are freed.
17.      Any youth that suffers this setback due to his unguided behaviour has shattered his future with his hands. Do not forget the fact that some prison inmates die in the prison due to ill-health and horrible conditions of life they may be subjected to while some are imprisoned for life, all as a result of unguided behaviours.
18.      It is at this youthful stage of life that many die mysteriously because they are over-ambitious to make money by all means. Some of them enlist themselves in secret societies that involve even human rituals or even their own lives in order to make money at tender ages due to improper counselling and bad influence. They capitalise on the weakness of the society that believes that the end justifies the means.
19.      This ideology or philosophy is from the Devil and not from God. It increases the criminal propensities of the youth without measure and must be curbed by the parents.
20.      Some silly parents are also guilty of mounting undue pressure on their youths comparing their financial standings with that of their compatriots irrespective of how they made the money. A wise youth should not succumb to that type of devilish pressure or competition for wealth. Wealth is good only if it is acquired honestly in the fear of God.
21.      These over ambitious youths will like to catch the wind by becoming millionaires sometimes without any visible and viable means, as a proof to their parents and colleagues that they have arrived. Such youths can indulge in unimaginable and abominable profligacy to the hurt of their fellow human being to achieve their dastardly objectives.
22.      To these categories of youth, they prefer money to life and nothing obstructs their ways without being crushed in their bid to make the money. These people do not know the value of money. The only thing they know is to boast of building estates, ridding the best aeroplane, the best jeep, sleeping with every kind of lady or woman in exotic hotels and to take chieftaincy titles at young age. Is this a sign of development?
23.      A nation can grow without developing in the same manner a man can grow without developing. A human being can grow in stature but is mentally retarded. These youths who die for money are mentally retarded.
24.      At the youthful stage of life, the ladies parade the streets half naked with their handbags, flickering their eyes side-ways and twisting their waists so as to catch the attention of such stupid persons like them.
25.      They have unbridled desire for men for the sake of money; hence they collect the money and HIV/AIDS in return.
26.      Watch the rate at which they are dying in the hospitals and trado-medical homes. Visit any Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) Unit in any approved hospital and you will be amazed at the calibre of youths that have been ravaged by the dreaded HIV/AIDS scourge due to promiscuity, prostitution and other unguided behaviours. Many die while committing abortion secretly.
27.      At this youthful stage, some ladies become victims of ritual murder with their private parts chopped off from their bodies. Why? They love to take free car lifts with people they know not and also love to sleep with men whose motives they know not for money-making sake or for the fun of it. At this Stage, they pay every kind of visit to their friends, attend night parties and keep the worst type of company without the knowledge of their parents.
28.      This can be destructive if left unchecked. Some die in motor accidents during such travels to places unknown to their parents. Some claim to know their relations more than their parents hence every man is an uncle or brother or cousin while the counterpart is a sister or aunty. The youth, be careful. All that glitters is not gold. Preserve your youth and achieve your dreams.
29.      At this youthful stage of life, they indulge in smoking Indian hemp, have their fill of all kinds of alcoholic drinks, and take illegal or forbidden hard drugs that often make them run mad. These things they do without any good reasons only that they want to be dreaded by all as “bad guys”.
30.      It is at this stage that they become political thugs. Who is a thug? A thug is one that is paid to commit suicide! Some like to be touts even in motor parks while some indulge in other nefarious activities without restraint. Violent stealing is very much prevalent among this age bracket because they want quick money, which they will lavish on women and drinks.
31.      I am trying to highlight some of the problems the youth pose to the society or families if they are not properly guided and empowered so that all and sundry will appreciate the necessity for proper upbringing of our youths to enable them achieve their dreams.
32.      The development of any society or family is determined by the quality of the youth that make up that family or society. Due to lack of proper counselling, these youths often drop out from schools and colleges and even the universities thereby constituting a great nuisance to the society. Some run away from all forms of apprenticeships and become hooligans in the streets.
33.      There is no age that has produced more mad youths that parade the streets and markets than our age. This is so because our youths find it very difficult to listen to and obey good advice even from their parents.
34.      If you are a youth, note that your destiny to a Large extent lies in your hands because life is nothing but what you want to make it. Your heaven or hell starts here on Earth before the imaginary one that follows in the world beyond.
35.      As a result of wrong habits the youth inculcate during their youthful days, they can hardly make good husbands and wives, hence they run broken homes with mischievous children that cause them sorrow and pain during old age. Remember that ignorance is a deliberate misfortune. Recognise all these facts and protect your dreams.
36.      The quality and not the quantity of the youth in the society or family will determine the extent the society or family will develop. There can be youth without quality. This is a hard saying but it is true. Knowledge is power if it is after a Godly sort. Academic knowledge without this wisdom from God is useless. This is why we have too many educated fools in the society and even in the citadel of learning, I mean the university.
37.      A university don that collects money from students or gives the female ones sexual conditions for passing his paper is an educated fool and there are too many of such people in our universities. Do not succumb to their advances especially the female youth. They are spoilers that must be avoided.
38.      Please, report such obnoxious requests to the University Senate for appropriate actions. Mostly, be serious with your studies. If you are not serious with your studies, you are not sure of your success and you create room for such an unholy advances.

A lot of our youths have good dreams about what they would like to be in life. Unfortunately, these dreams are never transformed into realities due to poor counselling and unguided behaviours.
2.          Due to youthful exuberances some of them indulged in dangerous and harmful life unchecked, which culminated into shattering their ambitions and the expectations of their parents.
3.          It is in recognition of this ugly development, that I have decided to draw the attention of our youths ahead of time to the notorious evils that can destroy their future glory and to proffer the possible remedies without any threat of Hellfire.
4.          I have therefore decided to document this brief counsel in writing to help the youth check against the numerous temptations awaiting them as they struggle to attain greatness in life.

5.          This is a hateful act of having sexual affair indiscriminately with many people at a very early stage of life or at any age at all; it is the worst form of sexual abuse. It is an indiscriminate sexual act just for the fun of it and not for any other social or biological consideration.
6.          Social psychologists refer to promiscuity as an unwarranted exposure of oneself to sexual relationships at tender stages of life. This is a social malaise, very much prevalent among our youths due to poor family upstart, ignorance, lack of moral discipline, lack of vision of the future, evil association and lack of fear of God.
7.          That the dreaded HIV/AIDS pandemic is very much prevalent among the productive and reproductive ages of sixteen to forty-nine years is as a result of promiscuity within this age bracket. The same is applicable to other sexually transmitted diseases.
8.          Most cases of infertility, impotence and sterility arise from damages done to the reproductive organs of the body system as a result of contraceptives and other pregnancy preventive devices, whether scientifically, trado-medically or otherwise during the youthful age.
9.          It is always the evil or havoc wrecked by the hen during the dry season, that eradicates its chicks during the raining season. One that has never tasted an apple does not know whether it is sweet or bitter.
10.      No sensible and sincere person ever desires to experiment an act that will undoubtedly jeopardize his or her future ambitions. At same time, no wise and intelligent fellow ever associates himself or herself with a spoiler, no matter what the person promises or holds out in pretext.
11.       It is a humiliating and dehumanising act for one to indulge in promiscuity or promiscuous acts. It is self-debasement arising out of lack of self-confidence and self-contentment.
12.      When you preserve your youth, you protect your life, your integrity, your future, your family’s reputation, and fulfil your dreams. If you act contra-wise, you shatter your future and disgrace both yourself and your parents.
13.      The issue of threat of hellfire should not arise here at all. This is because your hellfire starts here on Earth; equally, your Heaven starts here on Earth.
14.      Whomever that obeys my messages out of fear of Hellfire or indictment has not obeyed at all but merely suppressing his or her feelings. Nobody’s obedience to the messages is fulfilled until it is practiced as a result of personal conviction that my messages are wholesome truths.
15.      There is always the propensity in the youth to experiment evil but this act has grievous and disastrous consequences and should be avoided by all if we must transform our good dreams into realities.
16.      Consider what I have said and let the Almighty God give you perfect understanding. Evil is pleasurable to those that are destitute of truth and void of wisdom. Preserve your youth and achieve your dreams.

17.      This is another cankerworm that has eaten very deep into the fabric of the society. It is the act of having sexual relationship for the sake of making money or for other materials gains. This devilish act has assumed a higher dimension in the society.
18.      The time when people regarded prostitutes as only women that use their bodies to make money in the brothels is over. A lot of men and women now indulge in this notorious act without living in the brothels. A man can be a prostitute as well as a woman. This is hard to believe.
19.      Some men, especially our youths, in the urban centres collect huge sums of money from their sugar mummies, who are old enough to be their mothers, just as a condition to satisfy their sexual desires.
20.      These aged women, some of them have crossed their menopause, volunteer to take care of the school fees of these victims and also pay their rents provided they remain faithful to them.
21.       The women also entangle themselves with men that are old enough to be their fathers, just for the sake of money and other pleasantries. This is a very destructive act that should be treated with contempt by all and sundry who fear and honour the Lord God Almighty.
22.      A good number of our youths in the higher institutions of learning have become prostitute due to lack of fear of God and improper and misguided family upbringing. Another reason is the desire for sophistication and exotic lifestyle due to bad influence.
23.      Often times, some stupendous ignoramuses who pose as parents, conspire to spoil and over-expose their children to all forms of vices by laying destructive examples before them in their homes. Imagine a situation where parents encourage their children to put on immoral and amorous dresses, some of which expose their nudities so that men can go after them.
24.      Some married women are also guilty of this crime. All these dresses and hairstyles they refer to as “dress to kill” are awful crimes against God and humanity and must be condemned by every child of God who professes godliness with contentment. Any woman or man that dresses to attract attention with intent to seduce, entice, mislead, deceive an innocent fellow is no less than a prostitute.
25.      It is ubiquitous today for people to stay in their marital homes, some in the families under the care of their parents, and still practice prostitution.
26.      Anybody that is not mindful of how and where his daughters or wife or sons get the money they lavish in purchasing one item or other is encouraging prostitution, which is a crime against God and mankind.
27.      Parents that do not have money to train their children either in the schools, universities or in gainful pursuits should not lure them into prostitution.
28.      A prostitute is an irresponsible fellow. It is one that has no personality or integrity to protect. It is one that lacks shamefacedness and a laughing stock in the society. A prostitute does not live long on Earth. A woman that practices prostitution debases herself, her husband, her children, and even her own parents.
29.      Everything can last long but the gains of prostitution do not last long. Homes are built by virtuous men and women but prostitution is a curse. For that reason, youths, say no to prostitution and preserve your future. Curb your immoral desires and prolong your days on Earth.

30.      This is the act of females having sexual relationship with their fellow females. This act contrary to nature and very much pronounced among our youths due to Western influence through the use of television, seductive periodicals and destructive conversations with ungodly victims of the deadly act.
31.      Some schools of thought hold the opinion that those that indulge in it do it to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. This not true at all. This is a socio-psychological problem that deserves a psychotherapeutic approach.
32.      I mean that it is a psychological defect, a pathological problem that should be given serious attention among the youths. Consider a situation where a female romances her fellow female, touching all the sensitive organs in the body, sometimes kissing and caressing her just to satisfy her sexual urge.
33.      This is madness in its peak! It is a distasteful act in the sight of God and man’s inhumanity to fellow man.
34.      Lesbians are very much found in the secondary schools that are all-females; in the same manner Sodomist are found in exclusively boys’ schools and colleges. Sodomy is the act of males having sexual relationships with fellow males.
35.       Homosexuals are those that have sexual relationships with same sex. This is a condemnable action that should be deemphasised among our youths if they must realize their ambitions in life.

36.      A lesbian finds it difficult to marry because she does not have any desire for a man.
37.      (ii) Where she gets married at all, which is normally at an old age, she is never satisfied with one man. This is because, the constant touch on her genital organ especially, keeps her clitoris erect at all times. This is why most of them end it in prostitution or promiscuity.
38.      (iii) In her constant attempt to satisfy her sexual urge with her fingers, she is prone to infections like fungi and even bacteria. The most prominent of them being the itching, and discharging effect of candidaisis.
39.      (iv) It promotes the development of fibroid, which impairs conception
40.       The remedy lies in self-recognition and the dangers likely to be posed by the act. Nobody comes out publicly to declare that she is a lesbian. It is against the customs and traditions of Africa and so it is not popular but notorious.
41.      Notorious in the sense that a good number of our female youth indulge in the act secretly with their partners and still come out looking angelic and unsuspicious. Lesbians do not make good mothers because they do not respect any man for whom he is since men do not appeal to them. This is a social imbalance that has to be addressed in the fear of God by any female or male youth that thinks the best of himself or or herself.
42.      Our youths should develop themselves to the point where the horror of the sight alone should send shivers into their spines.

It is not out of place to hear some of our youths from time to time, saying that they are engaged in marriage to one another even when they are still in school.
2.          This is a rampant evil that leaves its victims with sorrow, pain, heartbreak and sometimes death.
3.          How can somebody who is sensible take his or her fellow student seriously in any marital engagement? It is like embarking one’s hope on the wind whether male or female.
4.          Any student that promises a fellow student marriage while in school is looking for a sexual partner. If at all the engagement fulfils at last, the couples have succeeded in laying the foundation of their marriage on hardship.
5.          This must be so because the female counterpart must mount undue pressure on the man to fulfil his word or promise either before he completes his studies or immediately after his studies without any proper preparation for marriage.
6.          The worst will happen if they mistakenly begin to have children while in the school or immediately after passing out from the schools. The level of hardship that will befall them will be better imagined than observed.
7.          A woman can conveniently get married to a man while still pursuing her career without any setback but it is not so with a man. It is a man’s honest attempt to lay a good background for his family that leads to breaking of engagements.
8.          Every sensible young man must acknowledge that his prime objective in life is not marriage. His family must be put in order before marriage is considered which was the essence of the parents’ sacrifice on him. A man is trained to better his family while a woman is trained to better the lot of her husband.
9.          Whatever a married man does to his in-laws is in appreciation of what his wife is to him—her positive contributions to the well being of the man and his family—and not a payment for her education at all.
10.      Any woman that gives her body to a man as a means of satisfying his sexual desires in the name of engagement is a fool. The more you associate with such a person, the cheaper you make yourself and the more he will useless you.
11.      At the end, he will pick a virtuous woman from the rural area or from among his people and leave you with heartbreak.
12.      The young man should also take note that many youths have been bathed with concentrated acid as a result of breaking marriage engagements.
13.      The female youth should also remember that some ladies have lost their precious lives in the hand of cruel men due to breaking of marital engagements.
14.      Why should a female indulge in marital engagement at all? It will take one that does not know her worth to do that!
15.      A virtuous and dependable woman does not go about looking for men or solicit marriage to any man. Men who know her worth stake their fortune to convince her why she should consider them fit and proper to accept their hand in marriage.
16.      Marital engagement is for those with questionable characters only or societal misfits and not for well-organized and reputable persons.
17.      Refrain from marital engagements and fulfil your life’s ambitious with joy. Remember, if you misbehave yourself, you will land yourself where you least esteemed. Amen.

Abortion in the context of this brief message means a deliberate termination of unwanted pregnancy by anybody by means of oral drugs, trado-medical ways, or by a specialised medical doctor in various forms.
2.          This obnoxious practice has become a way of life among the youth of today without any recourse to its awful effects to their health and their future.
3.          To begin with, why is the pregnancy regarded as an unwanted one? The answer is obvious. The person never knew that his or her affair with the sexual partner would result to pregnancy. Since you do not want to be pregnant why do you desire sexual affair with any man or woman?
4.          Do you not know that the resultant effect of sexual intercourse is nothing but pregnancy? This is why the youth are advised to steer clear from pre-marital sex.
5.          If you are a woman that preserves your virginity you will earn respect from your husband and you will not experience any difficulty in conception anytime you get married to a man because your whole system is untouched and natural.
6.          This is also applicable to a young man. Show me couples that have difficulties in conception after marriage, and I will show you that either the wife or the husband or both abused their youth by being way-ward.

Awful Effects of Abortion
7.          (i) It can result to premature death especially when it is handled by medical quacks or chemists or even native doctors.
8.          (ii) It destroys the womb or all the reproductive organs thereby rendering the woman barren.
9.          (iii) It can result to cancer of the cervix (Human Paphomia Virus), which is deadly.
10.      (iv) It can lead to very serious infections, which may even block the fallopian tubes.
11.      (v) It promotes the growth of uterine fibroid, which hinders conception.
12.      (vi) It can result to internal bleeding (Haemorrhage)
13.      A good number of our youths today have brought untold hardship to themselves in the process of procuring abortion. Some have been arrested and jailed by the law enforcement agents because it is against the law of the land.
14.      Many families are living in sorrow without any hope of getting a child because of abortions they did in their youth before marriage. . Abortion can only be permitted if it is done to save the life of the mother.
15.      Whoever that procures abortion has become a murderer, believe it if you can! Refrain from pre-marital sex and achieve your dreams.

This is the administration of certain drugs that are in the prohibited lists to the general public or to an individual by medical quacks or by self-medication.
2.          For anybody to be qualified to practice self-medication, he must know the chemical constituents of the drugs and its possible reactions or side effects.
3.          In well-organised countries, nobody is allowed to dispense any drug to any patient or buyer without the doctor’s prescription note, while some placed the sale of drugs in the hands of approved and licensed pharmacists only.
4.          But in Nigeria, open market sale of drugs is the practice; hence many quacks and illiterates dominate the business to make brisk business.
5.          This is the worst form of drug abuses and has resulted to the death of many people in the society.
6.          The most important aspect of drug abuse among our youths is the pushing of hard and illegal drugs at home and beyond the shores of the country to make money.
7.          Examples of such hard drugs are cocaine, heroin, morphine, petedine, Indian hemp, Chinese capsule etc. Some of these drugs are in powdered form while some are in liquid form.
8.          Little quantities of these drugs attract huge sum of money and for that reason, our youths now rush into the business in spite of the stiff penalty that awaits any offender.
9.          Some people plant these drugs into their body tissues in cellophane packs or capsules, which often times result to death of the carrier, should any of the packs open up in the body.
10.      Many students have ran amok as a result of intake of hard drugs thereby shattering their dreams and the expectations of their parents.
11.      To become an addict starts with a single experiment with a dose or a wrap. Many who indulge in hard drugs do not have good reason for that at all.
12.      Some take hard drugs so that they will feel high and dreadful. Some take it for the fun of it just like a foolish young man that indulges in premarital sexual act just for the fun of it. Can a sensible fellow who has the fear of God experiment death?
13.      A good number of the youth that roam the streets, especially in the urban centres, are as a result of drug abuse.
14.      There is no gain in the smoking of cigarette or Indian hemp. Only beasts from broken homes who have no focus In life indulge in such unwholesome habit. Be wise. Evil association spoils good character.

The GSM phones are introduced to bridge communication gap among the people and to facilitate quick transfer of information within the service area.
2.          This is a welcome development in this scientific age we are living in today. This instrument, we were told by God at its inception, should not be found in the hands of fools.
3.          Today, fools have invaded the industry with every Tom, Dick and Harry, carrying GSM handset about. People with perverted minds have perverted its usage as they have done in other spheres of life.
4.          Some now use it to swindle money from their fellow men, while others specialise in using it to tell lies. Others use it for numerous criminal activities to the hurt of their fellow men.
5.          A good number of our youths use it to establish boyfriend and girlfriend relationships hence many have died in their bid to get a promised handset for their girlfriends.
6.           There is no kind of text message, that does not pass through the GSM handset screen. Fools now specialise in coining different text messages that can turn the hearts of their receivers to them to the neglect of their noble pursuits in life.
7.          The most effective instrument in the hand of a spoiler is the GSM handset. With it, the spoiler can send any amount of money to his target by means of recharge cards.
8.          This is why every intelligent and focussed youth should be mindful of those texts and recharge cards that flash across their GSM handset screens.
9.          The most pleasant message in the handset by way of text message has always come from a spoiler.
10.      A wise and intelligent person will use the tone of the text or call to detect the aim of the caller. Reckless exchange of GSM phone numbers is a naked sign of stupidity. It is a deliberate invitation to the devil or the spoiler.
11.      The next spoiler is gifts of any kind. Behind every gift, there is a motive. Some gifts are given with honest intentions while majority are given to bribe one’s conscience against himself or herself.
12.      Some are holistic destruction! I mean that some are aimed at destroying the recipient diabolically. One’s enemies may hide under their relations or friends who are envious of your advancement, and destroy you and your career prospects.
13.      To the youth I say, a gift is not a gift until it passes the confirmation of your parents. Whoever that is afraid of routing any gift to you through your parents while you are still under their custody, has a sinister motive!
14.      At the same time, any child or youth that conceals a gift from his or her parents has made up his mind or her mind to stop his journey or her journey mid-way. Gift is good only if it is given after a godly sort. Beware!
15.      Another spoiler is the television, which gives some ungodly youths the opportunity to watch pornographic films and many other devilish films produced by people with reprobate minds, with the intent to make money.
16.      Any youth that wants to make the best of himself or herself in this life, must avoid watching such films that corrupt the mind and increase criminal propensities in them with all malice.
17.       Nothing influences the youth more than what they see and what they hear or read from the newspapers or periodicals.
18.      You should regard anything or anybody that will not help you to achieve your ambition in life as an obstruction or a brazen enemy.
19.      Give it antagonistic approach. Remember the accompanying disgrace if you should fail to succeed in life.

A friend is the person that corrects one when he or she goes wrong. Any other definition than this is unacceptable in the sight of God.
2.           People mistake friendship to mean exchange of pleasantries. This notion is erroneous.
3.          This is why to such people that holds this erroneous beliefs, anybody that reprimands them of any evil act is regarded as an enemy.
4.          For two to become friends, they must be like-minded. I said two, because it takes two to tango. The two cannot walk together except they agree.
5.          Do you have the same ideology, or principle with the person you call your friend? What is the basis of your friendship? Is the relationship or friendship symbiotic? If yes, why? And if no, why?
6.          Do you have the same vision with that your friend? The answer you supply to these questions will determine where the friendship will take you. Your enemy will not destroy you but your friend.
7.          All evil suggestions that have grave consequences have been traceable to friends and not enemies. Nobody exposes a friend to rough life more than a friend. Friends have even lured their fellow friends to their death grounds unsuspectingly. The easiest person that can poison you is your friend.
8.          Love him or her and do good to your friend but do not blink your eyes whenever he or she is around. If it is possible, maintain no friends, no enemy. The best friend you have in this life that is trustworthy is yourself.
9.          Enjoying a free lift in a car on the basis of friendship can be disastrous. You may be carried dumb to an unknown destination and that may mark the end of your journey on Earth.
10.      Your friend with whom you pass the night may use you for ritual sacrifice. Avoid friendship the same way you avoid cultism and robbery. Cases abound where robbers made confessional statements to the Police that their friends lured them into violent robbery and rape.
11.      Your friend who is envious of your success can even plan for your rape and execute it with ease even in his or her house.
12.      Since friendship is often associated with death, every intelligent youth should avoid it like wild fire. When you preserve your youth, you secure your future and transform your dreams into realities.




Nothing exposes the youth to destructive influences more than attendance of ceremonial parties where they exhibit their youthful lusts.

2.           These parties range from wake-keep, bachelor’s eve, wedding ceremonies, school shows and picnics, to nightclubs.

3.          These offer the youth opportunities to free drinks, free exchange of cigarettes and free food. It is also a favourable ground for both sexes to mis-mate themselves without restraint.

4.          Youths that indulge in this destructive behaviour only boast of how many cartons of beer or bottles of hot drinks and plates of salad they could finish at a time and the number of ladies or young men they could deceive during such parties.

Awful Effects of These Habits

5.          (i) It influences innocent souls into wrong and destructive lifestyles that destroy their future and shatter their ambitions.

6.          (ii) It produces drunkards and reckless youths who constitute a nuisance to the society.

7.          (iii) It increases evil tendencies in the youth hence it makes them restless.

8.          (iv) Keeping late at night has landed many into many troubles in the hands of enforcement agents, armed robbers and other suspicious places thereby damaging their reputations and that of their families.

9.          (v) Party or ceremonial grounds are fertile grounds where enemies lie in wait to poison or destroy their foes ignorantly.

10.      Therefore, it is worthwhile for any sensible and focussed youth to refrain from this delicate habit. It is not a MUST that you honour all invitations.

11.      If you are wise, and recognise that you are accountable to your parents, you should not attend to any invitation without the approval of your parents. If you maintain this stance, you MUST escape from your enemies and fulfil your ambitions.

12.           Thank you and Remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.