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Preached on 13TH JANUARY, 2018 During  THE SON OF MAN’S VISIT TO BRO.  JOE
Nsukka brethren, I heard you all kept vigil last night waiting for Me. Was it worth it at all? Okay, now I have come, if you know that which you would have done for Me yesterday, do it now. Do it now…
2.           Something happened in a bus I boarded when I was coming here from Onitsha. There
was an argument that came up amongst the passengers concerning evil spirits, whether they are found more amongst men or women.  
3.           Genesis Chapter 6. Let us look into the scriptures. None of you came here with your copies of the Bible, Nsukka brethren, because you felt it was an occasion for eating and drinking.
4.           Don’t you know you could bump into a situation that will require your fishing out your copy of the Holy Bible? Brother Joseph, where is your mother? I have seen your elder sister.
5.           Oh, mama, good day. I learnt you kept the picture we took together in 2001 when your son had a thanksgiving service. Why did you do so?
6.           [Mama: I kept it as a memorial to remember the day the Man of God visited us].
7.           I remember you, your late husband, your first daughter and her husband all posed together with Me to take that photograph. Then, nobody knew about Me. I hid Myself that time unlike today.
8.           I was a young man that time, very vibrant and kicking. I have grown very old now.
9.            [Brother Joseph’s mum speaks: you are still young and kicking ooo!! In short you are ageless. There was laughter amongst the brethren].
10.        Oh no, who put on the generator? The thing is making a hell of noise. I don’t need that light. I am the Light Myself. Or do you want Me to go inside. Of course you know I will not.
11.         Don’t worry. I know you have palaces.  Those people standing there, are you beyond destruction? Won’t you come and listen to the Word of God? Amen.

Something happened in a bus I boarded when I was coming from Onitsha. There was an argument that came up amongst the passengers concerning evil spirits, whether they are found more amongst men or women. 
2.           Let us look into the scriptures. None of you came here with your copies of the Bible, Nsukka brethren, because you felt it was an occasion for eating and drinking.
3.           Don’t you know you could bump into a situation that will require your fishing out your copy of the Holy Bible?
4.           Be a little patient with Me. I just want to interact with you a little and then go My way.
5.           A day is coming when I will find time to be here, not now. I am on a mission. It is not an impromptu mission anyway. I gave him a choice to make. I gave him a blank cheque.
6.           Genesis Chapter 6, read from verse one. ‘Now when population explosion took place upon the earth, it was at this time that beings from the spirit world…’
7.           There was population explosion that time as we have it today. Is there any reasonable person that does not know that people are just too much on this earth?
8.           That is why there is now family planning the world over. It is because of population explosion as it happened in the beginning. Nobody knows who is who any longer. We no longer know those that are spirits and those that are humans anymore.
9.           Everybody is assumed human because from the day God became a Human Being, the Devil metamorphosed into a human being as well. Thus, if you are looking for the Devil amongst idols, you are wasting your time. Nothing is in the shrines. The Devil can never be found in any shrine now.
10.        The Devil is in the Church. The Devil has entered into all forms of religion. I will tell you why it is most predominant amongst the men than women. That of women is well pronounced because once they are given to marriage, the thing will come out very well. Until she marries, she may not even know she is possessed. Her parents will not know.
11.        The rule is that once she marries, the thing will become pronounced. If it is a man, once he marries, the thing will become pronounced. Be mindful of this fact. I will tell you why it is that way.
12.        That is why you often hear people make the comment that a woman is married to a marine husband, a spiritual husband. Do you have water around here, I mean a stream?
13.        Even in the desert, you will still hear about people who are said to have married from the sea, having a marine husband or wife.
14.         I will tell you what took place there. Population explosion took place.
15.         ‘Now, a population explosion took place upon the earth. It was at this time that beings from the spirit world, looked upon beautiful earth women,’
16.        Did you see it? Beings from the spirit world looked upon beautiful earth women. We will read many translations on that.
17.        ‘And took them if they desired them to be their wives.’
18.        You see, spirit beings. I may be one of them. You may not know unless you have the Spirit of God. The moment you hear there is a Holy Spirit, you should also know that there is an evil spirit. If you have Holy Ghost, you also have an unholy ghost.
19.        You know there is something on this earth. People believe it easily when you tell them you went to your farm or you were bathing outside and you saw the Devil.
20.        Yes, it is always easy for one to go to the farm, rush back home and tell his people that he saw a spirit, ‘I saw Devil behind the house,’ people will believe him easily.
21.        However, if you come back and tell somebody that you saw God, they will laugh you to scorn:
22.        ‘In short, I saw God; I even greeted him.’ They will tell you to get away. That you are out of your senses.
23.        Tell them that you met a marine spirit, they will tell you to look for a fowl. They may even tell you to look for a pastor that will come there to deliver you, a pastor that will eventually come there and dupe you.
24.        You see, they believed this one, but refused to believe that one could see God. You can never see God without seeing the Devil by the side.
25.        The Law of Diametrical Opposition cannot be annulled by any other law. Once there is darkness, there must be light. Once there is female, there must be male; once there is truth, there must be falsehood.
26.        Once there is Christ, there must be Devil by the side. You can never run away from it. You cannot see Moses without seeing Jannes and Jambres. The two go side by side.
27.        Another thing is that we are living in a world that is destitute of truth; it is very hard to acknowledge, a world one claims to be the repository of all knowledge.
28.        Knowledge is infinite. That which you do not know today, you may know tomorrow. Thus, don’t say it does not exist. You know, people are not reasonable, once they hear something they do not know or understand, they either say it does not exist or that it is from the Devil.
29.        It is now devilish because he does not understand it. He does not know it. Because he feels what he does not know does not exist. If you limit yourself, no more. A little while, you wax old and be discarded. You will no longer be useful.
30.        You see, we learn every day. There is no limit to learning: From the cradle to the grave. One thing about learning is that when you refuse to learn, you grow old. You cannot advance any more.
31.        When we increase in knowledge, we increase in wisdom, we increase in understanding, we increase in revelation.
32.        Another one is this: God is a God of revelation. I am here now. You are not the first people that saw Me. In the bus we boarded, you know I told My brethren that I will disguise Myself; those that know Me would hardly recognize Me. So, it happened.
33.        When My wife dropped Me with our vehicle, she went back. People started wondering whether I was the one.  When they were talking, I never opened My mouth until it came to the spiritual side.
34.        I started talking and opened their eyes of understanding. That woman caught the joke. Comments coming from you provoked that thought.  Amen.

Now, let us go on, we saw spirit beings that transcended from the spirit world, human beings, males only, appeared here on earth and admired the daughters of men for they were beautiful to look at. And they began to pick them as wives as they chose.
2.           You see, trouble has set in, reproduction has now started. A tree will reproduce after its own kind, male or female. Have you seen the genesis?
3.           If you do not know where it started from, you cannot trace it to its finality. And I want you to know that the eyes of the omnipresence and omnipotent will grow dim trying to trace this matter to its finality.
4.           If I no come, you no go know this one ooo. E be one of those things wey people dey fear ooo, but I no be one of them ooo. Na Me be the Saviour.’  
5.           If I did not come, all of you must be victims! You see why the scriptures say that the world around us is under the power and control of the Evil One, the Devil.
6.           It said, ‘We are the children of God, the rest of the people around us are under the power and control of the Devil.’ That is why we are always in the minority.
7.           We are few in number and we know ourselves.  Forget about what you can see. Whatever your eyes can see is temporary. Anything eyes can see can never be eternal. If you know anything your eyes can see that is eternal, name one. It does not exist.
8.           Whatever the human eyes can behold, trace it, it is purely temporary. It is for material comfort. It has no eternal value. It has no part in the life that Christ gives. It can never cross into the world beyond.
9.           One thing common among different religions is that they believe that there is another world outside this one.
10.        Eckankar, Hari Krishna, Grail Message, and AMORC all believe it. Name the religion and I will tell you what they believe and I will tell you their message and the founders.
11.         There is no religion without a founder. That is why serving God is not a religion, but Christianity is a religion. That is why Christians cannot identify Him.
12.        If you are a Christian, you are as far as the heaven, the sky, the lithosphere is far from earth, from where I am. You cannot understand Me.
13.        God is not a religionist. The Almighty God does not belong to any religion. And He never called anybody into any religion. If you think He did, name that one, I will disprove you here. I will even use nature to disprove you.
14.         The first Bible God wrote is nature. The book of the Bibles were compiled when the real actors left the scene. Like I am here right now, any day I leave the scene, you can write blah, blah, blah.  Some may be accurate, some may not be.
15.        That was why St. Luke took it upon himself to write to Theophilus, putting the records straight; seeing that men have taken it upon themselves to write histories of things that transpired within the period Jesus was here; some were inaccurate, St. Luke said, “I took it upon myself as one that was there to put the records straight, to keep you from error.”
16.         In other words, if you were not there, you cannot be an eyewitness. No law court admits you as a key witness in a matter in which you were not live when it happened.
17.        I do not know the lawyer that can argue that case and win it, unless the judge is not a bright judge. If he is my type of Judge, I will even bench him.
18.        Let us come to the reality. Look at what took place, evil spirits metamorphosed into human beings. Remember how it started.
19.        If you go to Genesis chapter 1 from verse 1, in the beginning God created all these things, visible and invisible. Remember, God was Invincible. He was the Self-Existing One, the Elohim who existed in spirit form. All his children were with Him in spirit form.
20.        That time the world was covered in darkness. Water covered everywhere. There was no sign of light here on earth, no light. Then He reasoned within Himself; He took His counsel by Himself. That is why He does everything after the counsel of His own will. And nobody has ever been His counselor. He began to separate things, called the earth out of the water.
21.        Of course you should know that. All geographers know that. The space occupied by water is by far greater than the space occupied by land.
22.        If you want to know about the whole earth, you simply measure the sky if you can do that. That is why the sky has become too large for two birds to have a head-on collision, but here on earth, there must be head-on collision for lack of space. And space determines the distance any man can go.
23.        Another thing is the wherewithal, the strength, the vision. Once these are not there, your movement will be limited. It is not so up there. The same way it is with the high sea. There is no route, no road. There is no road in the sky.
24.        Geographers help us to explore these by the use of the compass. You know I am a Compass Director. I will tell you about all these things.
25.         There is no channel in the air. If you want to fly to London, fly to America, anywhere in the world, you are running a risk. You are depending on one man. If he misses it, all of you are finished. You are depending on one man, as small as he is. He uses something like a stick to direct a ship that is loaded for nine months.
26.        Nobody has ever seen any ship here unless you go to the high sea. What you see at the wharf are only trolleys you use to offload goods. It is on the high sea.  From Lagos to the high sea is a distance of about 922 kilometres.
27.        I remember when I was at the Niger Dock yard; you get there and see the real Atlantic Ocean where you see the ship that will carry goods Nigeria cannot finish in one year, including equipment. The same way it is with cargo planes.
28.        Boeing planes can carry luxury buses, fly in the air and then land safely here. Let us leave that for now. We want to talk about this supernatural God who does supernatural things.
29.        You see why we are afraid. Whenever supernatural things happen around you, be very careful the way you approach them because if you are not intelligent and wise while handling supernatural occurrences, you may use your human reasoning to explain away the God you worship for the God you worship is a Supernatural Being that specializes in doing supernatural things.
30.        What makes those things supernatural? They are things the Devil cannot impersonate. No human being can even fabricate or manipulate something that cannot be counterfeited. It beats human imagination.
31.        When you see supernatural occurrences, pause a little. Be quick to hear; be quick to judge, be slow to speak. That is wisdom. I am here for you for a little period.  Amen.

Now, supernatural beings, when God was invisible, they were invisible too. After separating the land from the sea, He used the Spoken Word to do that. He used the Spoken Word to create animals. That is why they have limited powers. God never breathed into any animal the breath of life.
2.           He used the Spoken Word and transferred His spirit with measure. That is why human beings operate by instinct. That is possessing the Spirit of the Creator in a little scale to enable them thrive.
3.           When it came to man. He summoned all that were around him, all of them spirits, before the rebellion took place. They were all faithful. The man you call Devil was called Lucifer who was the most handsome of all the angels, the Second-In-Command who plotted the coup and dragged down here three-quarters of those angels, leaving only but one-quarter.
4.           Are you surprised why you are having troubles? Search your scriptures. Those that worship Satan are in the majority. God’s people from the beginning have remained few.
5.           I will tell you why you must be very careful about Churches. If you are a churchgoer, if you take delight in going to Church, one, you can never worship God.
6.            Two, God will find it difficult to show you mercy for you will always stand in the way of God.
7.           Nothing opposes truth more than religion. It is an opium which does no man no good. Nothing opposes God more than religion and it contains no truth.
8.           Religion is full of bigotry, hatred, acrimony, bitterness and division. It is even bloody. There is no religion that is not bloody. Religion propagates peace but advocates violence. Name that religion that is peaceful and I will prove you wrong.
9.           The two dominant religions we can lay hand on are Christianity and Islam. Islam came from the East through conquest, that is, by the sword. Christianity came from the West (Europe) through conquest, that is, by the sword. All of them were bloody.
10.        The splinter groups came out from them behaving like their mothers. Like mother like daughter. If you know any religion that is not bloody, name it and I will tell you what you never knew, the missing link right here. I don’t care what they will like to quote.
11.        Let us talk about these spirit beings. God was a spirit. These beings were spirits. They were human beings like God, but they were not seen until God decided to make those spirits first visible. He decided to make man in His own image.
12.        God took this counsel. He never wanted to remain in the spirit form. He began an experiment which no man aided Him in. He called them, ‘Come, let us reason together; let us make man in our own image after our likeness.’
13.         ‘Us’, can never be one person. It is not two or three, but we believe it is plural. The number of people that He summoned was not documented anywhere.
14.        ‘Us’ can be one trillion. For the fact that when He was there in the spirit form, there were myriads of spirit beings ministering to Him makes the number many. And He consulted with them for He was running it as a Family.
15.        Hence He was called Elah Elohim: He that dwelleth with His Family. He has been a Family God.
16.        Note it, He reasoned with His Family like any other human being can do.
17.        Once you are married and you are blessed with children, you cannot take unilateral decisions anyhow because whatever decisions you take, has future consequences. Hence, there must be consultation.
18.        Even when the price was about to be paid for Salvation, He never did it alone. He reasoned, ‘Who shall we send? Who will go for us? I need volunteers. Who will volunteer to go?’
19.        They were looking at one another because the price was too much. One now volunteered. He said, ‘Father, send me.’
20.        ‘Do you know the price you are going to pay?’
21.        ‘I know’.
22.        ‘It is not going to be easy ooo. Will you go?’
23.        He said, ‘Send me.’
24.        When the going became worse, he shouted, ‘Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani’. Meaning ‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?’
25.        He thought he was doing it by his own strength. Then the Father pulled out so that he would pay the price once and for all.
26.        It was at that point that the penalty was paid. Then the Power Of Resurrection projected immediately.
27.        Let us go back there. Immediately He made human beings, He started with one. He never made Adam an infallible man. There was no day God purposed in His heart to place man in Eden as an immortal being. Otherwise, He would be very foolish to have moulded something that would challenge His authority.
28.        If you are immortal and I am immortal, who obeys who? Even as I am talking to you now, I know the level of revelations that I release to you. If not I will cease from being what I am. I know the level of transformation I will permit to take place in all of you.
29.        From time to time, I come your ways in a different way making you to realize that you are still mortal. If not, you will not be here. Is there anything special in Me? There is nothing special in Me. I do not see Myself the way you see Me. I am telling you God’s truth. I lie not in Him.
30.        The way you see Me, the way you acknowledge Me is not the way I see Myself.
31.        Immediately they became human beings, the Bible recorded that God also became a Human Being for it took the worshipper to reveal God. Without the worshipper, nobody can identify who God is. God does not reveal the worshipper, the worshipper reveals He Whom he is worshipping.
32.         You ask, ‘Who do you worship?’ The answer will be: ‘There he is.’
33.        Without Judas, were those people able to identify Jesus? They never knew him for he was like any of them. But Judas gave them a sign, ‘Any man you will see me embrace; that is the man.’ That was all.
34.        Thus, if you don’t say, ‘Na him,’ He is just like an ordinary man like yourself. Watch what happened to the spirit beings.
35.        ‘Now, a population explosion took place upon the earth. It was at this time that beings from the spirit world looked upon the beautiful earth women and took any they desired to be their wives. Then Jehovah said, ‘My Spirit must not forever be disgraced in man wholly evil as he is. I will give him 120 years to mend his ways. In those days and even afterwards…’
36.        In those days and even afterwards, including today.
37.        ‘…when the evil beings from the spirit world were sexually involved with human women, their children became giants.’
38.        If we go further you will see why those spirits were not destroyed for they were in the spirit form. When the Spirit of God hovered over the whole earth, they were equally there. Even when they metamorphosed into human beings, they were still indestructible spirits.
39.        When God destroyed the world during the age of Noah, they went into the lithosphere. When the deluge dried up, they appeared again for God never put an end to them.
40.        The end will not come until the end of the world. The end will not come until God will reveal he that is responsible for sin. He that is responsible for sin shall be revealed. Sin brought about death. When God will reveal he that is responsible for sin, death will be stopped. Death can never rule or have dominion over every flesh again.
41.        Then sicknesses and diseases that pervade human beings will come to an end. Sorrows, pains, agony, oh no! they will all stop. That is the promised eternity. Until then, death will hold sway over all men for the Devil who is behind all those things has not been put to death.
42.        The Devil is still alive. If anyone tells you the Devil is dead, let him tell you who killed him. Even Jesus Christ did not kill the Devil. Michael the Arch Angel and the Devil scrambled over the corpse of Moses. Michael never killed the Devil.
43.        He only said, ‘May God rebuke you.’ Some of you that say he has been placed in a bottomless pit, do you really know the meaning of ‘bottomless’?
44.         ‘I bind the Devil; I put the Devil in a bottomless pit’. Who reached out there and brought him out? Some even said they chained him and sent him to the abyss. Who went to the abyss and brought him out?
45.        If God is the one that chained him who then loosened him? I know that if God should chain anybody, nobody on earth can loosen the person. Anybody that loosened who God has bonded must be stronger than God.
46.        God is the only One that will bind and nothing can loosen; when He loosens, nothing can bind. If He opens a door, nobody can close it. If He closes a door, nobody can open it. If God joins two together, who can tear them apart? Nobody; not even death.
47.        What can separate us from the love of God? Nothing, as many as are in Covenant with God and not ordinary covenant, but Everlasting Covenant. And we are serving Him that is from everlasting to everlasting. He remaineth God.
48.        Anyway, not all of us have the same faith and we are not worshipping the same God. I am not talking about Jesus ooo! Leave Jesus alone. People have so bastardized his name. It is now the political name of God, the commercial name of God. The name that He abandoned long ago.
49.        Any day God finishes with a name, He drops that name, enters another name, and continue His journey. We are still on course.  Amen.

Look at what took place in the passage we are reading. These men came and desired beautiful earth women, took them as wives as they chose. Look at what happened:
2.           ‘those days and afterwards when the evil beings from the spirit world were sexually involved with human women their children became giants,’
3.            Is it possible that spirit can impregnate a woman? That is why the Bible said that a woman is the mother of all creatures. A woman can get pregnant and give birth to a tortoise, pussycat, snake, baboons or even an unknown creature.
4.           If you doubt Me, go to gynecologists in the general hospitals. Some will say they were bewitched, that is not true. They are still here impregnating women randomly, causing them to give birth to useless creatures. Sometimes they produce hardened criminals and worthless beings that the man may even end up asking, ‘How on earth did you get into your mother’s womb? Where did you come from for you are definitely not my seed?’
5.           The whole community may even be questioning as well, knowing fully well that they have never seen the likeness of such a fellow in that kindred. The woman never committed adultery; she never had sexual intercourse with any other man. The whole thing is happening right there in her home.
6.           ‘Don’t ask Me how it will happen.’ Was it not Angel Gabriel that came to Mary and gave her a message? Don’t you know what that message meant? Is it not in the Bible? What was her reply?
7.           ‘How can this take place seeing that I am a pure blooded virgin?’
8.           He said, ‘Fear not the way it will happen; the Spirit of God will overshadow you.’ Who was talking? The Man Gabriel who appeared to Daniel in his night vision, Daniel chapter 9.
9.           You know angels are messengers. When you say angels, you are referring to messengers. They are human beings.
10.        He said, ‘Fear not, the Spirit of God will overshadow you tonight and thou shall conceive. Whatever shall be in thy womb shall be called Holy.’
11.        She then said, ‘Let it be done unto thy handmaid according to thy word. For this, all women shall call Me blessed.’
12.        That is why I keep telling you that if you want to kill all the animals that broke the law of nature, start with the he-goat.
13.        God saw virgins, but why must it be the one that was betrothed to a man whose bride price had already been paid? Then Joseph discovered that the woman had already became pregnant without even touching her, he came up—in keeping with the laws of the Jews—to bring her to public shame so that they would stone her to death which was the law and custom of the Jews.
14.         The Lord appeared to Joseph and said, ‘Fear not; don’t try it. Take her to be your wife. I am responsible.’
15.        The man by faith believed, took the wife. God impregnated god. God saw spinsters, but picked that one. Bible said in the Book of Matthew that Joseph knew her not until she had delivered her first-born, Jesus. Then normal marital relationship continued for which cause he now had siblings, brothers and sisters named after Mary and Joseph of which James and Jude were among.
16.        You must know the truth and the truth will set you free. Even common sense will tell you, without the Bible, as human beings, as animals, is there any other way of reproduction if not sexually? Are we plants?
17.        Plants can reproduce asexually, is it not true? But as animals of which human beings are the highest, there is no other means of reproduction other than sexual reproduction. So God made it.
18.         God made Adam as a man and then presented Eve as a full-fledged woman, not one that will grow. She had every attribute of a woman complete in her. And He presented her to Adam.
19.        He gave that man the manhood and gave the woman the aperture for reproduction. What was the command? Increase, multiply, and fill the earth; by what means then?
20.        If there was a crime committed, we know the point of that crime. It was the point that was covered. The eyes opened and they took fig leaves. The woman covered; she never covered the breasts ooo, rather she covered that portion and the man did the same.
21.        Have you eaten that forbidden fruit?’ ‘Na the woman cause am.’ ‘I ask you who cause am? I no ask you who cause am ooo’.  ‘Eve, come closer.’ ‘No, I am naked.’ ‘Who told you, you are naked?’
22.        Goats don’t know they are naked. Fowls don’t know they are naked. That was the original state of man until the eyes opened. And there is only but one apple you will eat and your eyes will open. You become uncontrollable, man or woman.
23.        You will only be counseling the person to be careful that there are dreaded diseases and there could be unwanted pregnancies because the eyes have opened. She has eaten what her parents ate and she did so when the time was not yet ripe.
24.        Look at these spirit beings, when they came, where did they have as their launching pad for reproduction? Women; the same place. Women became their launching pads to reproduce and fill the earth. You cannot do it without using the woman, the incubator.
25.        Look at what they produced, things that are putting us into trouble, giants, men of renown.
26.        ‘Those days and afterwards when the evil beings from the spirit world were sexually involved with human women, their children became giants of whom so many legends are told.
27.        When the Lord God saw the extent of human wickedness and of the trend and direction of men’s lives were only towards evil, He was sorry He had made them. It broke His heart.
28.        And He said, I will pluck out from the face of the earth all mankind that I created. Yes, and the animals too, and the reptiles and the birds for I am sorry I made them.
29.        But Noah was a pleasure to the Lord. Here is the story of Noah. He was the only truly righteous man living on the earth at that time. He tried always to conduct his affairs according to the Lord’s will. And he had three sons: Shem, Ham and Japhet’.  
30.        We are talking about the spirit beings. You see, God was part of them. In the Book of Hebrews He said, ‘Since God’s children are human beings, God also became a human being.’
31.        Hebrews 2 verse 14 Living Bible, ‘Since we God’s children are human beings, made of flesh and blood, He  became flesh and blood too by being born in human form. Only as a human being could He die and in dying break the power of the Devil who has the power of death.’  
32.        Finish! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you are looking for God and you cannot find God amongst human beings, go and crosscheck your experience for what you are looking for is what you will see.
33.        God is revealed. God does not transcend from anywhere. He is here. Yes, He is here. We are all here together with Him. The Catholics understand this thing to an extent. They say in one of their mantras that God is ‘Word made flesh.’
34.        They say, ‘Maria the holy mother of God.’ Who is the mother of this God? Who is that person? You know St. Paul said, “Because I confess Christ to be a human being that is why I am being treated like a criminal.”
35.         You see, when you tell the truth, you get yourself into trouble. That is what the world has become. We often tell the truth by word of mouth but our hearts deny that truth we confess. In practice, we deny what we preach.
36.        Look at your Apostles’ Creed: ‘I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth.’
37.        Where comes Trinity then? Who has ever propagated Trinity? The Bible said, ‘Hear, ye oh Israel, the Lord your God is one.’ Deuteronomy 6:4. 
38.         God never introduced three-in-one god. You can never see Godhead with three different faces. Three personalities in one person does not exist. No apostle propagated it. No prophet prophesied it. God never painted that picture. It is a grotesque picture.
39.        Whoever is painting it, the binoculars are not well focused. The binoculars need to be adjusted because if you do not adjust your binoculars very well, you may have multiple pictures of one image; multiple pictures of one object.
40.        If you are using prism, you make matters worse; the lines will be endless. Those of us that did not go to school, there is a way we explain things.
41.        [Brother Joe: My elder sister is wondering how you could say you did not go to school. This is pure physics].  
42.        But of course you know the truth about the matter. People were asking in the days of Jesus, ‘How cometh this type of wisdom from this man seeing he didn’t go to school?’
43.        And he was lecturing doctors and philosophers, lawyers and things like that. They were astonished, even the apostles. Fishermen, carpenters among them, they saw them display so much wisdom and they said, ‘How manage these people could have this kind of wisdom?’
44.        One said, ‘Don’t you know they have been with Christ?’ That is all. Get acquainted with Christ, you get acquainted with wisdom, knowledge and understanding that will be unfathomable.
45.         [Bro Joe’s mum: without somebody teaching you?]
46.        Yes. Who will teach you? You have the Holy Spirit that teacheth you; you will have the mind of God and then know all things.  Is that not scripture? If I have the mind of God, the Spirit of God is governing Me, I don’t need you as My counselor.
47.        What is His Name? The Counselor. Is He not the Rabbi, Great Teacher who knows all things and hath no need that any man should teach Him? Even Nicodemus confirmed it.
48.        That is how we know that somebody has come into contact with God. He will be having supernatural experiences that will be unparalleled, hard to believe, yet they are true.  Amen.

We are talking about practical realities of being acquainted with the Word of God. People are talking about academic knowledge.
2.           If you want to display academic knowledge, I belong to the academia. There is no field of life I will not discuss more than the so-called professionals there. There is no field of life I cannot delve into.
3.           In short, I know everything about the human anatomy more than any doctor. Doctors know nothing. I say doctors know nothing. Do you doubt Me? Brother Ojiakor, are you not a medical doctor? Even the Bible said that they know nothing.
4.            I am the One that inspire judges to do what they are doing. They do not handle their cases honestly; they collect bribes. The Bible said, ‘Woe unto lawyers.’
5.           Why we don’t trust in our physicians. King Asa trusted in his physician rather than God. Then he died. Trust in God for He is the Healer.  No doctor is a healer.
6.           The Book of Job 13:4. ‘But you are forgers of lies, you are all physicians of no value.’  
7.           Living Bible, ‘for you are misinterpreting the whole thing. You are doctors who don’t know what they are doing.’
8.           If you listen to your doctors, you will die prematurely, but when you cling to God, you will live. Cases abound where God has handled intractable cases, I mean that doctors investigated and wrote, ‘It will take the Grace of God.’
9.           Brethren, am I bearing false witness? They abound within us and outside us. And I remain the only one that will always append My signature to My promise: “Gather your people together, bring that case, I will put My signature there. If it does not get out of that person before you to enable the person testify of the goodness of the Lord, let the whole world hang Me.” 
10.        I have cases where doctors investigated everywhere, even in USA. They told the woman that nothing could be done, that she was barren for life. Now she has many children.
11.        It happened in Lagos, the wife to Brother Austin, don’t you know her? James Aba, don’t you know his case. Were you not involved in his own investigation, Brother Ojiakor? You and Ogechi Igwe.
12.        She went everywhere. What was written there? That it will only take the Grace of God. I told him, this is all I needed from the doctors. Greet your elder brother for Me.
13.        John Obuh’s mother had breast cancer. It was the money to cut off that breast that they did not have. You could even see the ribs from her breast. I looked at her and said, ‘Mama, you will live ooo.’ She said, ‘Really?’
14.         I said, ‘Simply say amen.’ She said, ‘Amen.’
15.        I used My hand, pulled all the cotton wool they packed there and then poured olive oil there. I said, ‘Mama, you can go. You will not come back until the day of your testimony.’
16.        You see, there is something God does not do. I dare not go out and begin to brandish these things. There is something I will display here and  the whole Nsukka will stand still. But I dare not do it. That is not why I am here. But I will never allow that thing to stand in My way among My brethren.
17.        If you come with your own person, if I am led, I will do it. If I am not led, go to anywhere you want, if I decree you are dying, you are dying. I will tell you the hour you will die. I will tell you what you will suffer and tell you to go and prepare.
18.        If you go to Ohebedim, I am the One that pushed down a mighty tree that has never fallen from the beginning of the world. I told them that if that tree does not fall, I will come down from the pulpit. They said if a branch falls from the tree, somebody must die.
19.         I said look at the person that the tree is representing [referring to Brother John Ezemachiri’s father]. The man told Me to touch his head. The man is crippled in the day. He hardly behaves like a human being. Nobody knew his age. In the night he will come out standing and he does wear clothes when he comes out at night. Nobody dies in the community without him first of all announcing it. Go there and ask.
21.        Three days after, in the day, no wind, nothing, nothing, it turned, twisted itself severally and then fell in between two houses touching nothing.
22.        One week after, Brother John’s father died, a very terrible human being. A man who could cause great havoc, yet looked so innocent.  
25.         When it came to the time of building upon it, his uncle refused; the man refused. He said over his dead body. I said, ‘Sir, you should be praying that you will remain alive to bless this building and partake in the opening of the house.’
26.        He said he cannot remain alive and see our brother build that house. I said, ‘OKAY, THANK YOU. YOU FINALLY DUG YOUR OWN GRAVE. I AM LEAVING’. Then, I left. Four days after I was called and informed that the man went to cut a tree and the tree he cut landed on him and killed him.  Finally, he killed himself.
27.        One even said, ‘They say God is up there, well, wherever He is I don’t know. God does not kill anybody but we kill ourselves.’
28.         We kill ourselves; when we become hard-hearted, intransigent you see the power of God projecting. Then a woman came out and I looked at her and said, ‘You are a widow. We have decided to pay you for this breadfruit tree and you refused. What if the wind brings this tree down?’
29.        She said, ‘That will not happen.’ I was there as the Rock of Gibraltar. I was the One that told the workers to continue, that there was no fear. Before we knew it a masquerade appeared, that Akum, Igwe S. O Nweze said we should stop the work.  
30.        I told them that they should tell him to get Me a summon from a court of competent jurisdiction or be prepared to pay Me for stopping Me work. These are the two options, otherwise, work continues. The masquerade started making a hell of noise and I turned, ‘Go and deliver My message first.’ The woman thought we were joking.
31.        I called Brother Ojiakor and told him to stop worrying about the woman. I said, ‘This breadfruit tree will fall by itself.’
32.        A couple of days later, there was no wind, there was no rain, before they knew it, the tree turned and turned away from the house and then fell backwards, live.
33.        It was the same thing that happened where our Brother parked his jeep. I told the mechanic to remove the jeep from where it was for the tree close to it will fall.
34.         They said, ‘Daddy, nothing will happen to it.’ One man from GRACE OF GOD  who is a pastor looked at them and said, ‘I AM SURE YOU PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THIS MAN. YOU DO NOT KNOW HE IS A PROPHET. HE TOLD YOU PEOPLE THAT THIS TREE WILL FALL. WHAT WILL IT TAKE YOU TO MOVE THE JEEP? WHY NOT DO IT?
35.        The following day, they called Me on phone. 11 O’clock the following morning people gathered, including Barrister Nduibe. He was there with his pilot. They saw the tree move, turn and turn until it turned away from the jeep and then gbam, it fell.
36.        The whole Onitsha gathered, ‘Who is the owner of this vehicle?’ And our sticker is on the vehicle. When they got there, ‘OH IT IS THIS MAN. NO WONDER.’
37.        What of the one that happened in your compound Brother John Onyia? I heard somebody said it was the Spoken Word that I used to chase the big snakes out of your compound. They were told that the snakes are what held the whole family captive for many years and that if they are not killed they would not see the light of God.
38.        Before they knew it, the first snake emerged and they called Me on phone. I said, ‘Spare it not’. They got it, a snake 9 feet plus in length. You measured it. Few weeks later, the second one appeared. Then they killed it. Everywhere became calm. Amen.

What are we talking about? Spirits are innumerable. You cannot estimate the level of havoc one evil spirit can cause. And when an evil spirit wants to cause trouble you can never tell where it will start from.
4.           It is most likely you will hear the woman say, ‘If this is what will spark off quarrel today, let it happen! Does this man love you? If He loves you why make me barren?’
5.           How many people can do that? But God made Sarah barren. It got to a time when Sarah started troubling Abraham over it and all she heard was: ‘Am I the Almighty God who blocked your womb?’  
6.           That was when real worship started between Abraham and Sarah. Nobody run away.
7.           Look at the case of Hanna, Elkanah’s wife. When she got troubled about it, the man told her that it was God who blocked the womb. Eli confirmed that to be true. Yet she continued worshipping God and giving thanks with love in her heart.
8.           What about Zachariah who married Elizabeth, Mary’s sister, the woman that gave birth to John the Baptist?  The Almighty God was the one that blocked her womb. Zachariah was a high priest. It did not stop him from worship. There are many examples in the Bible.
9.           What about Manoah the father of Sampson? It was the Almighty God that made the wife barren for years. He even continued worshipping. He even produced a goat to prepare food for God, ‘God is good: God is good.’
10.        How many people can do it in our day? In all these instances, God told them that He was the one that did it. Why I am showing you these things is for you to know the God you worship.
11.        I am showing you these things for you to see, like those who say their wives are pregnant and they will deliver like Hebrew women: ‘I am praying as a child of God, my wife will deliver like Hebrew women.’
12.        Do you remember that Benjamin’s mother Rachael was the wife of Prophet Jacob? God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. One of the wives of Jacob was Rachael who gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin. It was when she was giving birth to Benjamin during hard labour that she died. 
13.        Was she not a Hebrew woman? Jacob never joked with that woman. When you were praying that your wife should give birth like Hebrew women, did you remember that this one was a Hebrew woman. And she was a prophet’s wife.
14.        If you were the prophet, would you still worship this God? [Mama responds: It is very hard oooo].
15.        Mama, I like you for one thing; you love the truth. You see, that is why the remedy lies in Christ for without Me you can do nothing.
16.        When God said, ‘I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, the Almighty, is there anything impossible for Me to do?’
17.        With God all things are possible. He can do all things for He is the Almighty. And He does everything after the counsel of His own will, according to His own eternal purpose which He purposed in Himself before the world began. Which God?
18.        Ezekiel 24. Was Ezekiel not a prophet of God? God called him, Son of Man. Ezekiel 24 from verse 15, ‘The Lord spoke to me, mortal man He said, with one blow, I am going to take away the person you love most.’  
19.        With what? One blow, not two. He will hit the prophet’s wife. He said, “Mortal man, son of man, listen to me, with one blow, I am going to remove the person you love most.”
20.        You are not to complain or cry or shed any tears. Don’t let your sobbing be heard. Do not be bareheaded or bare foot as a sign of mourning.
21.        Don’t cover your face or eat the food that mourners eat. Early in the day, I was talking with the people. That evening, my wife died. The next day, I did as I had been told.
22.        The people asked me, ‘why are you acting like this? So I spoke to them and told them, the Lord spoke to me and told me to give you Israelites this message, you are proud of the strength of the temple.
23.        You like to look at it and visit it, but the Lord is going to profane it and the younger members of your families who are left in Jerusalem will be killed in war.’
24.        If you were the prophet, your wife did no wrong and suddenly she dies by the hand of God, what will you do?
25.        Living Bible, ‘Again a message came to me from the Lord saying, Son of dust, I am going to take away your lovely wife. Suddenly she will die.’
26.        Suddenly, she will die. If it is today, people will ask him whether he is really a prophet. The other one said he was a prophet yet his wife died where she was giving birth to a child: ‘Man, forget about it. God has left you.’
27.         Look at this particular one, it said, ‘suddenly,’ and suddenly the woman fell down. ‘Nnaa, forget that thing. This is not ordinary. This is how they deceive people. That’s the way they use women for their rituals. Look at the young lady we saw yesterday evening. Now, they say she is dead and the husband keeps telling us he goes to Church. Forget it!’ 
28.        Mama, have you not seen people that make this kind of comment?
29.        [Brother Joe: They made such comments towards her son.] 
30.        You need to first and foremost know the God you worship. That is all. Do you think Jesus was crazy when he asked them the question: ‘Who do people say I am? To all of you that eat and drink with Me, who do you say I am?’
31.        I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I am the Lord; I changeth not. What do you think God will do and it stops Him from being God?  Is there anybody more important to a man more than his wife?
32.         It was never heard that she fell sick or she was operated upon. She just died. The other one died during labour. God took her there and gave instruction that Benjamin should be taken and nurtured. That he will not die. They nurtured the boy and he lived.
33.        To Ezekiel, he not only lost his wife but was also given strict instructions never to cry: ‘You know that is how we know people in secret society. His wife died and he never shed a tear. He even wore his best suit and made merry. That is an occult man for you. Food prepared for widowers he refused to eat and you say this man is not an occultist?’
34.         I tell you, his in-laws will abandon the corpse for him. I want you to see how mysterious God is. Amen.

Remember where I started My little talk from. I told you that when I came here some years back, I have the date, this place was not like this. The landscape has changed drastically for the better.
2.           I knew when this boy graduated, knew when they called him to the Bar, Ah! Ah! If anybody should call you a kidnapper, the person did not make a mistake, if he calls you a money ritualist, he never made a mistake.
3.           Yes, I am an Evaluator. I served in the Intelligence Department for 17 years. I know the extent you can go. Were you a politician?
4.           [he said, No, Sir].
5.           Did you defend politicians? Did you defend kidnappers who pumped billions into your account for defending them?  Because I am living with senior advocates of Nigeria (SAN).
6.           Not even Ejike Umeh who is still alive, running over 15 chambers throughout the federation, who employed over a thousand lawyers. Don’t you know him from Nembe in Orlu? He is now aged.
7.           What of Umeadi? What of My friend, Onyechi Ikpeazu. The sister was the one that decorated the place for Brother Sam’s wedding, the one the MC called Oceanic Bank, Sister Egbuna; a sister to Lynda house of Reps. That is the younger sister.
8.           Onitsha is the home of lawyers, engineers and doctors. And I am at the centre. I will interview you more. If I want to save, I penetrate no-go areas. That is why people dread Me.
9.           Mama, you told Me you preserved the photograph we took together. I now asked what motivated you to do so? I think I was younger that time than now.
10.        [Mama: Yes, looking very fine. But you still look fine].
11.        No, I don wowo well, well.  What prompted you to preserve that photograph? There was something you discerned in Me, maybe it was rare among all that came across you. That time there were little testimonies here and there, but now I am not talking about testimonies again.
12.        I am talking about the practical realities of who I am; they are sure and certain. As at that time only a few were learned, but now, almost all of them are learned people who cannot easily be deceived.
13.        The most learned amongst them that time was a chief judge that has been deposed right now, Umezulike. I told him, ‘Sir, please resign when the ovation is still loud or else you will be disgraced out of the office.’
14.        He thought I was kidding. I wrote to the wife. They wrote to Me. He shunned My letter and went to TB Joshua who collected 15 million naira  from him, assuring him the security of the job. Two weeks after, he was booted out. False prophets everywhere.
15.        One prophesied last week, that was Tunde Bakare, that God told him that there is one high tension he will climb and then he will become the president of Nigeria. That is Tunde Bakare, Nigeria’s prophet: ‘I prophesy in the name of the Lord, this year, the Lord will do this…’
16.        The Lord never spoke to them. God does not speak randomly. Look at the encounter between Ezekiel the Prophet and God,
17.        “Son of Man, I am knocking out your wife with one blow.’
18.        God gives technical knockout. The next thing you will hear is: ‘Ewoo, eyii!’ the fellow will land on the floor. You may think the person will survive it when taken to the hospital. Na lie.
19.        Somebody will say: ‘That is the way they take people for their rituals. Didn’t you see the way the woman shouted? She said something hooked her by the side. She must have been pinned in a mirror somewhere.’
20.        ‘Son of dust, I am going to take away your lovely wife. Suddenly she will die, yet you must show no sorrow.
21.        Check it; it is MUST. Brother John Ezemachiri, I can see you shake your head vigorously there.
22.        He said, ‘Suddenly, she will die and you will show no sorrow.’ Forget about the dead. It is common to die, but we are talking about the impact of the shock, the departure. The sudden departure you never envisaged. There was nothing suggesting that the woman will give way all of a sudden.
23.        A strong blow landed on her, spiritual blow, unseen blow. It is not as if somebody went in there and punched her. Before you know it, miserable comforters will fill everywhere and start telling you the one that happened at Enugu and so on, but that is when you show sign of sorrow. He was told not to show any signs of sorrow.
26.         ‘Yet, you must show no sorrow. Do not weep. Let there be no tears. You may sigh, but only quietly.’
27.         Let nobody by your side hear it. Sister Esther, you dey hear this one? You don hear am before? This one pass you ooo.
28.         ‘Let there be no wailing at her grave.’
29.        Once the casket is lowered, let nobody cry there. My dear, you will ask your Brother, ‘Joe, is this the kind of God you worship?’ But is there any other God? This is the God. That is why it is rare for people to come to Him. Why? He hides Himself. It has been His nature to hide Himself.
30.        The first time I came here, it is true there were few displays, but you did not know Me. Even your son here did not know Me. From the time people got to know who I am, if you point a gun at them for the sake of this gospel, they will tell you to shoot, instead of leaving this Man: “If you kill me, I will go home and have my rest.” The killer is the one that will suffer.
31.        Another category of people that will suffer the loss are those that are dependent on him, but the person he killed, he is placed in eternal rest. If you hear anything, crosscheck it, verify to see whether there is truth there. Judge for yourselves whether it contains truth.
32.        You may sigh only quietly. Let there be no wailing at her grave. Don’t bare your hair or feet and don’t accept the food brought to you by consoling friends.
33.         I proclaimed this to the people in the morning and in the evening, my wife died. The next morning, I did all the Lord had told me to. Then the people said, ‘What does all these mean?’ 
34.        If such a message is read before you, will you get up and go home? Can you move your feet even? So, this is the God you are worshipping? Yes. Is there any other? Any other one is counterfeit.
35.         It is better you are told the truth so that you will know the God you are worshipping, so that you know what you are dying for.
36.        You know when Jesus came, there was a multitude that was milling around him. Immediately he opened the word for which he came, the multitude vanished.
37.        They said ‘God, forbid. This is a very difficult and unbearable saying. Who can stand and hear this nonsense?’ All of them left leaving only twelve. Even among the twelve, one was also an evil man.
38.        What we have today are people that are going to Church. We hardly have people who worship God. Anybody that plays Church does not worship God, and anybody that worships God is not a churchgoer.
39.        What the churchgoer has is Church righteousness: ‘Ezinne, Ezinna. He doesn’t joke with Church matters. He pays his dues. He helps people. Do you know the number of bags of rice he gave people last Christmas?’
40.        I condemn those things not. They are corporal works of mercy; they have no value in the life that Christ gives. Cornelius gave more than that. He gave alms to the poor.
41.        God said, ‘Cornelius, your alms have reached Me in My Throne of Grace, but one thing remaineth. I am sending Peter to you from Joppa, who will tell you all you must do, if you must get eternal life.’
42.         In other words, even if you take all your money and give the poor, it is not eternal life. We will thank you because you have been obeying the command of Jesus that you should make friends with the unrighteous mammon; which is money.
43.        Making friends with the unrighteous mammon is like using money to make friends with people like the shrewd servant did so that if your master should chases you out, all those people you helped will help you in return. You see how wise he was making friends with the unrighteous mammon.

Now, if you use money to bathe people, that would not send you to paradise. You have not even started.
2.           Any day you have this revelation that the wealth of this world will remain here when you go away, you will change your attitude. The wealth was here when you came. You take no pin from the planet earth into eternity.
3.           No matter your wealth they are for temporary existence. You gain nothing. Rather, if you do not manage them well, they can hinder you from possessing Eternal Life, for if that is where you place your spiritual wealth, that is where your heart will be.
4.           Like I was telling the people with Me yesterday that I am the greatest in this faith. My wife is the greatest. She has no rival. I stand to challenge all of you using My wife. The way all of you cling to your wives, if I had clung to Mine that way, this message wouldn’t go round the world.
5.           The way you clung to your business, your work, if I had done same, I tell you this message would not have gone far.
6.           Apostles never held their own that way. Everybody is running after money, money, money. Many are more interested in their wives and children, but I sacrificed My life, My job, My family for the sake of this Gospel truth. You are My living witnesses.
7.           Do you know all the ministers that made missionary journeys with Me, I even gave them money to feed their families. We will leave the South East, enter the Northern States, the South West everywhere and spend days. My job was protected by the Almighty God.
8.           I never came back and received a query from My directors, rather what I will hear is: ‘Mr Odoemena, I can see your eyes shining brighter than ever. Can you please lay hand on us? We can see the glory of God on your face, pray for us; pray for us,’ everybody.
9.           The following week, I will choose another set of people I will move out with. All of you know this truth. I moved out in perils of criminals, in perils of every kind of evil people.
10.        There was a place we got to and the people vowed a vow that they must kill Me, that they will spare the others and deal with Me. That was at Umuguma. They said I was their target. I was about going out and they held about five of us inside the house and said no discussions will be held until we take the drinks they poisoned before us.
11.        They poured the poison into the bottles and then forced us to drink at gunpoint with cultists waving guns over our heads. Once we drank the drinks, they pushed us out and said we can go.
12.        I started My vehicle and then ordered all that were with Me to enter. When we got to Owerri, they started calling Bishop Isaac to know whether I was still alive.
13.        Why won’t I be alive? I continued My journey to Onitsha from Owerri. Then three days after, I received a call from Sister Ogoo at Nsukka. She said her brother called her and asked: ‘So, that man is still alive?’
14.        She answered in the affirmative. And that man provoked Me to make a statement I never wanted to make: ‘Frank, being a lay reader in the Anglican Communion and you were so dastardly wicked so as to do this wicked act publicly, I show a sign. You will die in a funeral ceremony where you will be called upon to officiate, to bury a member of your Church. You will place the Bible on the casket, slump down and die.’
15.        He said they should tell Me that I am an idiot. I ignored him. Less than one year, one woman died in their community, the bishop ordered him to go and officiate at the funeral.
16.        He prepared as a lay reader, carried his Bible and placed on the casket, slumped down and died there instantly. His tummy protruded and his intestines gushed out. People rushed there to gather his intestines with a tray. That thing happened that the word of God might come to pass.
17.        Then an occasion took us there again and the doctor became funny. We escaped from his hands. I came back the second time, then I stunned the whole village in the presence of our sister and her children: ‘You see this man; I am sending him on exile. In no distant time, he will mortgage everything he has in Imo State and then join the wife. He will die in exile.’
18.        Last year, it came to pass, I mean, The Chief Gynecologist Ikwuagwu, came up, sold the house, sold the hospital and joined the wife in the Philippines. He died there last year. He will be buried there.
19.        He was the director in charge of Federal Medical Centre Owerri. That man was a terror; he maltreated Me and I had to make such obnoxious statement which I never intended to.
20.        When Alexander the coppersmith provoked St Paul, he incurred the wrath of God. He said, ‘May God punish him for he did me great harm.’ If you receive a Man of God as a Man of God, you receive the reward that accompanies him. It is scriptural.
21.        Anywhere you receive a prophet of God in the person of a prophet of God, you must receive the prophet’s reward. If it does not happen, God is a liar. God is bound to honor His word.
22.        I am talking here with every amount of boldness because I know that I am indebted to this family. I know that. The family is not indebted to Me. I am indebted to this family.
23.        Brother Joe, there is one thing I will not accept. We will discuss that in private. I will not accept you as a eunuch. It is very hard. Can a man thirst for a fruit he has not eaten before?
24.        Mama, we were all something that resembled something. I started as a slave with the poorest background. From slavery I thought I could secure scholarship through the reverend fathers. When I was given the little opportunity I went to St. Peter Claver Seminary, Okpala-Imo State.
25.        I noticed that the falsehood there was too much for Me to bear. Number one is celibacy which is never and can never be an article of faith in the Roman Catholic Church, but a mere proclamation by one that flouted it the following day.
26.        He made the proclamation today and became guilty of it the following day, less than twenty-four hours. It is just like Francis of Asisi who invented the monument and the man Christopher who invented the chaplet. I have the records and even the dates they were invented.
27.        We know the people that invented them all. You see, we are not in a manmade Faith. We are in the original Faith. This is the Faith that does not recognize any religion; a faith that exists on its own. And it is universal because God is universal.
28.        You don’t limit God to a particular nation or a particular religion. We better understand the facts about the God we are worshipping.
29.        I am not here for evangelism. I am here for something greater than evangelism. I am here in keeping with My promise to Brother Joe; he invited Me. I am not here because I do not have any reasonable visible means of livelihood. No.
30.        If I should charge him for today, I know that he will pay dearly. I wanted to give him ministers around. He insisted I must be here. I came as we agreed. I have been here since yesterday!
31.        [Mama exclaimed: Really! We expected you all day, till late in the night. We even called severally].
32.        The phone containing the number you are holding is android and it is at home. I do not travel with it. Mama, I have been here since yesterday. I came here upto four times before daybreak.
33.        [Mama: Here? In this house?] Do you want Me to tell you whom I saw, I mean the people I saw? I was here when you were answering a call where you were being told to pack the drinks in the fridge so they could chill. You were even told that you could drink that he was coming. I was here.
34.        [Mama: But we didn’t see you physically].
35.        When Brother Joe called Me, I told him I was behind his building.
36.        [Brother Joe: He told me so last night]
37.        [Brother Joe’s elder sister: There was something I noticed last night. When we were about to go to bed, I told somebody to lock the gate. As the gate was being locked, I climbed up and overhead Joe answering your call]
38.        Son of Man: ‘That was some minutes past nine.’
39.        [Brother Joe’s elder sister: Exactly. Then I told my mother that I feel that the Son of Man is around, that I could feel His Presence in the compound, that I had a strong feeling He was within. And do you know what? As soon as we switched off the light he called.]
40.        Son of Man: But there were some people I told that I wanted to visit this place last night. Some people heard Me say so. I was the one that gave them the order to disperse last night. Somebody said that I was at Opi, that I stayed at my Son-in-law’s place.
41.        Here is somebody from Opi, ask him whether I set foot at Opi. I stayed where I wanted to stay and I had a nice time there. Brother Joe, I told you that I will get here this morning and I know I came early. I told our brethren at Enugu and they came.
42.        I do not move about in the night. If I told you that I will come, simply believe Me. I will be there. If I had given you time, it is a different thing. If I tell you I am coming, I am coming. You are a man of faith.
43.        You said I will surely come whether rain or shine. You said since I agreed I will come, I will definitely come. You never lost faith. When you were exercising your faith, I was already in front of your house. You were praying and fasting when I was at your gate.
44.        I was there discussing with some people out there. You will take Me to your hometown. You say you are from Nguru, Umuezona Village. That village should be the oldest in Nsukka. If there is anyone that knows much about tradition and history of this town, that fellow will tell you that the people of Umuezona are strangers here. They are My people.
45.        [Mama: Ah!Ah!].
46.        That Umuezona what we call it is Ezeuno. In short, the whole of Nguru is from My place. There is nobody from Nsukka that does not know that. We cleared up the forest in this Nsukka town. We were the ones that brought this university here. Go and ask about this University. From 1948-1960, when it was formally granted it was dominated by our people. We dominated the University for over 30 years. We also dominated it at Calabar where it had a satellite campus.
47.        The one at Enugu now used to be at Calabar. All the professors in the school are from our place; the whole staff in the offices, from our place. The only person that came from this town there then was one Professor Frank Oloto but he went to Lagos. There he died.
48.        N.D Uka, D.O Nwoga, Anyanwu and the rest, they come from My place. Nnaji and Nneji, they all come from My place. Nguru is from My own Local Government in Abor Mbaise.
49.        There is another prominent community where I come from here. I know the history of the place. When I set My foot there, they gave Me a basket of kola nuts. My mechanic wanted to get a wife from there and I accompanied him. When I got back, I came back with a basket of cola nuts from the place, Uvuru.
50.         I started a very lengthy story that thrilled everybody. Uvuru Nsukka are strangers here. When you hear Ukpatu, it is supposed to be Ukpaka (oil beans seeds). What brought us here are melon seeds, snails and Ukazi leaves. We taught Nsukka people how lucrative they are. Then we used to go into the thick forest to get them.
51.        From there we called our people here and they came and abode. By so doing, conveyance became easy for those that came from home. Nsukka people gave them those little huts constructed with bamboo and they settled down and took Nsukka women for wives. Nsukka then gave them that place. Then it became Uvuru, Nsukka. What brought Nguru here is the struggle for this school (University of Nigeria, Nsukka).
52.        The person that brought the idea of this school is an Onitsha man who happened to be the first district officer that took over from a white man in Nguru at Mbaise. That is why Zik insisted it must be here. Then this whole place used to be called Uzo-Uwani, not even Nsukka.
53.        Where we are about to go now, I have many things in common with them. I have strong affinity for them. We have Onitsha in our place. They are strangers. There are many stranger towns in My place. We have our people in Nnewi, Ezinifite, they are our people.
54.        What took them there is hotel business (food and catering services). Till today, that is what they are still doing. But we migrated from Egba Land. We know one another. I am indebted to the community I am going to. I didn’t come to your place today (referring to mama)
55.        [Mama: Please, you must go up and then come down before you move to the community; apparently urging the Son of Man to go up and eat].
56.        No, you climb up from the ground. ‘Sir, please you need to take a little refreshment,’ she insisted. No, I need to perform that for which cause I came first. If I come back, you can now take Me wherever you like. If you want to take Me to See New Hotel, then I will be available.
57.         [Mama: All these places you are mentioning I don’t know them. Well, it is usually men that know the roads to hotels].
58.         No, women are hotels themselves now. Women are the ones that own hotels now. Go to Abuja you will see. Please, let us go there first. First things first. If I do not go there, I will not come in here. Amen.