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Wednesday, 21 November 2018



1.          Remain blessed everybody. I can see you are very happy this morning; I can see your faces shining brighter than ever. I thank God for our youths that invaded the pulpit this morning.
2.          I called it, from the time it occurred, modern invasion; this is modern invasion of the pulpit by the youths. They snatched it by force from Pastor Dan who wanted to continue in the traditional way. The youths said no!

3.          I am looking forward to seeing somebody who will take away this microphone from me, snatch it from me in that same manner and say ‘daddy, go to the back, for twenty-six years you have been talking day and night, must you die talking, we have arrived, this is our time!’

4.          This is what I am looking forward to seeing from the youths not merely coming to the pulpit to praise, that’s another side of the story. But I want to see somebody who will stand firm in the word of God and then give me the testimony of the word. That will make me to go home and have my real rest.
5.          Because I will rest at nothing until I see the word of God forming nothing but Christ in you.
6.          That’s what I have been monitoring, trying to see enough evidence if not in all of you at least in majority of you.
7.          Saint Paulsaid“I will never stop talking, I will never stop preaching, I will never stop watching over you until I see Christ formed in you. Because, Christ in you the hope of glory.”
8.          Even if I sing more than the angels, more than the “Cherubim and Seraphim”; even if I dance more than all and prophesy more than the six daughters of Philip but Christ is not in me, I am a noisy cymbal.
9.          So, I want to see somebody who will be fully immersed in the word of God, consumed by the zeal to do God a service according to his will.
10.      I mean one that will be addicted by the word to the point that he will lose his sense of reasoning among people who are standing by, because when you are addicted by the word, somebody must call you mad.
11.      So, I want the youths to come up like Titus and Timothy, invade the pulpit, it is your time to shine.
12.      I have vindicated the moves by putting youths as pastors in too many local assemblies and they are making full proof of their ministries every day.
13.      Yes, Reports reaching me confirmed that they are really doing the work I assigned to them and am very pleased with all of them that are performing; and it is giving me strength to continue to overhaul the rest
14.      And I will not rest until I have extended total changes in the leadership of all the local assemblies.
15.      Yes, from the look of things, it’s like God is going to step aside, any moment from now, all the old priests. New ones are coming to the scene who will not tolerate the laxities of the old.
16.      These are the people I am looking forward to see, who will motivate (and assist) me, win this match. I am injecting new blood.
17.      I could hear the voice from Port Harcourt this morning echoing from the pulpit, I said praise be to God. And the pastor is here also watching.
18.      I know you were feeling happy that this is your product. That is our brother Onyebuchi, I think he should be the last son of Elder Dike? What snake delivers must not cease to be long. That’s the brother (the brother standing up), we passed the night together in my house, sit down.
19.      This is the type of material I will like to have in my house, who will not ask for permission to go to the pulpit, who wouldn’t ask me for permission even to take on the family worship.
20.      This is the type of materials I will like to have, somebody who will always be inspired to do God a service. We never discussed it at home. He never told me, he obtained no permission from anybody.
21.      He was inspired and to prove that God was the one inspiring him he went there and we can see the truth.
22.      I don’t want to see all these dullards, drones, seat down dey look, experts in dancing, eating and drinking; and jesting until they will jest away their sense of reasoning. Amen.
23.      So my friend keep it up but I will love you more if you give more attention to the word of God, for that is where the life lies. Give more attention to studying the word until all your action, your praises, everything will reflect the word. It is then that you win my complete admiration and commendation because my meeting point with all of you is in the word. That’s why if I look for you in the word and I don’t see you, I know you are lost.
24.      Whatever that might be your action must dovetail to the word. So everything must end in the word of God, only then will you be acceptable in the sight of God.
25.      If it is not according to the revealed word of your age, of your day, of course God will say no. It is unacceptable, unapproved, you know we have been talking about God, God,God, God; this is where I appreciate this our family worship.
26.      Family worship is helping me, it’s helping my family, I don’t know about you. To the point that I will even be desiring that Sunday worship should be in my home with my family alone, to enable me engrave the truth in their hearts, so that they will be carriers of the word of God wherever they are.
27.      It is helping me a lot because all along some of them might not know what God is all about. Even here sitting down are too many who do not even know what God is all about because if you know what God is all about, you believe the scriptures, you believe the prophets and then believe in yourself, you won’t be looking for God afar off when God is here with you.
28.      I think my meeting with the elders is equally yielding dividends, for it is now that it is becoming clearer to them that they are taking the greatest risk. The greatest risk you are taking in your life is to eat and dine with one who is your judge, who has the power to kill you, destroy you, torment you and also has the power to set you free. It is the greatest risk!
29.      For the bible says if you are in enmity with your fellow man, God will come to your rescue. What if you are in enmity with God, who becomes your advocate, who speaks for you, who stands in for you? You see, your life is at risk!
30.      That is why I say that anyone who is eating with a spirit uses a long spoon; while eating and drinking your heart will be telling you he is the one that is here, at any moment your mind will always tell you to beware, he is still the one (you’re having dealings with).
31.      I was talking to my children concerning the need to put up Godly appearance, for God has shown us himself. Making us to believe William Branham who saw him, he made no mistake about his description, everything about him. He (God) walked as a black man in his study room, he (Branham) saw Him well; with His clean shave, very nice face, very humble in outlook, he saw Him head to toe. But he couldn’t touch Him, it wasn’t a dream, it was a daylight experience.
32.      Because of too many things he kept there, on that day he was passing the home, the same minpute, his study library which was his home collapsed, nothing was rescued there; that same hour, not another hour, that cave collapsed.
33.      No document was retrieved, for that’s how God wanted it. We were sharing our testimonies last night; God knows how to do everything right. He knows how to do everything right but who is that God? If you are asked to go and look for God where do you go?
34.      Give me that chronicles from the bride as we had it from the website. The website report, chronicles of the bride of Christ, that’s what I want. You all have your copies of the chronicles of the bride of Christ, you know the contents, your photographs are there, and myown photographs are there.
35.      If you go to the website, you will see our live worship which we videoed at various occasions, we uploaded all. Once you open it, you begin to see us dancing and singing praises, worshipping God, you see the son of man holding the microphone talking.
36.      I mean the whole world is stopping there, after going through the books, the write ups, they open that one to know whether the whole thing is real so if you tell them to go and look for God they know where to go. You that know how to Google, Americans can help you to locate God.
37.      I went to main market with Pastor Thomas; we have been there for some times, several times, gradually introducing ourselves. We were not in a haste, but it got to a point where they became too curious about me. I just told the madam that was carrying her new baby; her husband was tired, I said “madam you don’t need to go too far, I require no introduction.
38.      Since you are a graduate from Abia state university, just put Apostle Peter ‘Od’, Google it, Google will complete the name ‘Odoemena’. And it must be number one of all Apostle Peters. It is not my exploration; it is Google’s exploration, Americans exploration about my individuality.
39.      We never wrote a statement there because once you are given a website, your profile, everything about you, America will go through and then make their own documentary under Google’s exploration, what they have discovered about this man for which cause they will allow your website to operate. So any question you want to ask about me go there, Americans will tell you”.
40.      So while we were still making our choices of the trade, the woman called our attention.
41.      She said “sir I have seen number one, ‘Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man are you the son of man?” I said yes.“Is that the one you said I should open?” I said yes. A little while she called again “there are too many other websites there and you have many books?”I said yes ma. Go home do the research work.
42.      What I am holding here, am not going to finish it. I just want to give you few countries, as I have several countries, but country number eight interests me most.
43.      United States of America came first with four thousand, seven hundred and fifty-two people. 4,752 persons halted at that bridal website titled bridal chronicles. Last week 4,752 Americans or residents in America saw the thing and halted.
44.      In Nigeria do we have this number in our midst we can recognize to be our members? Most of the people we see here (in the report) as Nigerians are not even here with us. They are not even in our local assemblies. They are Nigerians here in Nigeria, and residents of Nigeria, that have believed in the son of man the revealed Christ of this generation.
45.      Whether you say amen to it or not, this is the generation of the Son of Man. This is not the generation of Jesus, that one is all over. We read it in one of our messages last week here; how we came to the end of everything by the year 2000 precisely 1999 December 31st.By the year 2000 a new calendar opened.
46.      Look at another country here, number two, Israel with four thousand, two hundred and thirteen Israelis that halted there. What is happening? Anybody can be easily pulled on matters pertaining to the deity of Jehovah, not Americans not Israelis, not even the Arabs.
47.      Number three is a country that was never colonized and has been featuring; the two countries in Africa that worshipped human gods were Ethiopia and Kenya, it’s on record. Number three, Kenya, with three thousand, six hundred and ninety-two persons that made a stopover, because of what they saw in the bridal chronicles.
48.      Remember that they have been featuring; there has never been a week these countries never featured. If you think we are deceiving you, I believe the feeling of your heart is what is deceiving you.
49.      Now, number four, Russian Federation with a total number of three thousand, four hundred and twenty-one, of course you know what Russia stands for, the home of the Jews. Russia and India harbored the greatest number of exiled Jews from the history of the world.
50.      Now, number five, Nigeria. Nigeria has a total number of three thousand, three hundred and sixty-nine. Sri Lanka, two thousand, six hundred and thirty-four. Netherlands, two thousand, three hundred and sixty-one. United ArabEmirate, that’s number eight, the same number two thousand, three hundred and sixty-one; followed by the home of the pope, Italy. Italy, number nine with two thousand, two hundred and fifty-one.
51.      The pope himself might be one of them; if he is not there his agents are there. I don’t believe that this number can be too great like this without Catholics there being in the majority and so they have been featuring. Down the line, Great Britain, Philippine, Georgia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Ukraine and many more.

1.          You know what is in your midst. What is happening among you, happened among the Jews in those days and the Almighty spoke to them using the prophets saying; why are you looking for God afar off when he is with you.
2.          The moment God became Christ in the person of Jesus Christ, heaven and earth bore witness that God is with us, Emmanuel.
3.          I was talking to some Catholics one day at Upper Iweka, when they were trying to make their useless arguments I said okay, I will use what you believe to talk to you.
4.          There is a song you sing “I believe in one God, the father of all things, the creator of heaven and earth, things that are physical and things that are spiritual…”
5.          You said that it is only son Jesus Christ that has no beginning and has no ending. The one begotten before the foundation of the world. That he and the father are one.
6.          That he took flesh through Virgin Mary and became a human being, because of us that are human, he came down from heaven for our salvation.
7.          They were all looking at me. They said, we thought you said you don’t attend Catholic Church. I told them to wait, you read all these things, yet you cancelled them.
8.          Where then did ‘three in one’(trinity) come from? How then you exalt Mary higher than the person you are talking about? Who died for your sake? Who came down from heaven? Who became a human being because of your salvation? Who is actually this person that created the heaven and the earth, the physical and spiritual things? Is it Mary?
9.          I then took my bible, I said wait, all these things that I have said, are they not what you believe? They will all stand in judgment against you people. I began to open the bible. I opened John, I opened Matthew, I opened Luke. I balanced all.
10.      The one that said he attends C.M.S quietly left. The woman that brought about the discussion quietly left. The other person said, if you continue listening to daddy, nobody will sell today. That is what they (the Catholics) call ‘apostles creed’
11.      It is good to know what we are saying. Amen! LOOK AT HIM HERE! You are looking for the living among the dead. You can’t find him there! When I say looking for the living among the dead, let me explain what I mean, the bible said: When you wander away from the truth, you land yourself in the congregation of the dead.
12.      You can discern the congregation of the living today. Who is the truth? I AM THE TRUTH, I AM THE WAY, I AM THE LIFE! There is no way you can see God if not through me. You can’t please God if you don’t listen to me. I don’t know if you understand what I am saying.
13.      When Korah, Dathan and Abiram became stubborn, they didn’t know that the person standing with them was God. He said okay, since you said that God equally called you people, I am going to make a proclamation now.
14.      ‘God, look at these people, please don’t accept all their sacrifices and offerings.’ Immediately, the priest there who was Aaron, God told him; reject all their sacrifices and offerings. Don’t collect anything from this people.
15.      Moses knew immediately that trouble had come. He interceded. He said, God will you kill everyone just because of these people? Let whoever that loves his life run as fast as his legs could go. Leave these people for me.
16.      There was no other God that was speaking except Moses. He said, I am declaring in the name of our lord. If these people die a natural death, know that they are righteous. But if not, what has not happened before will happen to them right now. They were thinking it will be in a months’ time, but it happened immediately.
17.      How many dead congregations do we have today? You’re in the congregation of the lost, dead congregation; the moment you wander away from this truth that is revealed by God himself, not to the world, not to the world but to his own.
18.      When he was praying in St John 17; he said, I pray not for the world, I pray for my own, they were dying and you gave them to me. When he was revealing himself, Judas asked that same question, “Master, why have you decided to reveal yourself to us and not to the world?”
19.      When he said the spirit of truth is coming, he said I am sending no other person but that same spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive, for they do not know him and they seeth him not, so he is a human being. If he is moving on this earth does anyone know him? If he goes to main market, nobody knows him?
20.      They call spirit of God; did they see him, where did they see him? Do they know him, spirit of truth, do they know him?“When HE the spirit of truth shall come, when HE the spirit of truth will come...”
21.      The gathering of me and my family is helping me more than coming here. Because all the word of God is coming to pass in my house gradually.
22.      You will know that which is truth, and the truth shall set you free. God will not save your children until your own spirit enters your children; that is, if you are in God.
23.      Make them to understand what God is and how to worship God, so that if you are there or not, whether you are alive or dead, it will not stop them from worshipping God. Wherever they like let them go the faith is still in them, the fear of God is in them.
24.      They are not doing it so that you will be happy because you are their parents, they are doing it because they are conversant and acquainted with the faith. The same condition for your salvation is the same condition for the salvation of your children.
25.      It has mastered my children that there is nobody God will save because you are son of man’s child or son of man’s wife, No!If salvation is like that, it will start from Moses children. Amen!
26.      I want to read some prophecies or dreams, when a dream is interpreted it may be a prophecy. I know many of you were coming here with strong burden, because of the supposed announcement made by the governor of the state that churches should vacate from all government premises, health centers and so on.
27.      Quoting one instance. That’s the trouble they are having with the Anglican church of Nigeria because of Crowder Memorial Primary School popularly called Onubuebuka, which they were struggling with the state government and government decided to clamp down on other churches to avoid a repeat occurrence.
28.       Because it is not difficult for somebody’s property to become another person’s own; that government’s kindness now turns to herdetriment. They are now quoting law in court, where they are struggling to recover their property from the hands of churches; these (churches) are the people that said they are going to heaven.
29.      The people that are giving headache is Catholic and C.M.S in the whole world. Their children are the people that are now saying, let us be doing it, that is the way God wants it.  But we thank God we are not a church, we are not one of such people. We are here in a conference, once a week.
30.       And after our conference, we leave this place.  We don’t aim at owning any property here. No, no, no, no! Nothing here belongs to us. So we are in a rented apartment which we use once a week and then go away. We are not landlords. Catholics, Anglicans and their sons and daughters, they are landlords and landladies.
31.       If you give them a plot they will take a whole community. They now close government approved main roads. Holy trinity has closed one; it is the civil right of holy trinity and her members. Anglicans has closed one, one day Methodist will close, deeper life will close, Grace of God will close then we will be using helicopter.
32.      They are earthly and they mind earthly things. Even if we leave here this morning no regrets. The battle is decide already. We were told it will end here, and it has ended here and what we were told that will make it end here is that the headstone must come down. The original body must be revealed.
33.       He said that anywhere you are nobody will say to his brother come let us know the lord or worship for everybody must know me from the least to the greatest and must know how I must be worshipped.
34.       You say you don’t believe the son of man, I have already been revealed among all nations and my name is great among all nation. Don’t worry one day the dream Apostle Kelechi had will come to pass.
35.      Where the entire world gathered and they said the God of heaven and earth is coming. The mammoth crowd were in expectation and they were there for days waiting.
36.      There was a red carpet from the beginning to the end. While they were waiting some got tired, they were murmuring and complaining; “for days we have been here and this God is not coming and we will not go away until we see God”. All of a sudden, when they least expected, announcement went forth “the God of heaven and earth has arrived at last and he is coming inside to march on the red carpet with his team”.
37.       He said everybody was watching, all of a sudden the son of man appeared with a small sandal and his safari. And while he was coming instead of clapping hands, everybody folded their arms, “is this the person the whole world is waiting for, can it be this man, so this one, this one?”
38.      What they saw beat their imaginations hollow and the dream left. If not for my picture they are seeing worldwide,many might be mistaking me for a colossus. For that reason my photograph went wide.
39.       Do you remember the prophecy that says “by the time my photograph will go worldwide, it is all over, for the real bride must have been sealed in”? Then after sealing in the bride he now revealed himself to the world for the sake of the elects in the four corners of the earth, for they are the only people that will see me and stop. Amen.


I don’t know how the Sunday school will go but I have this book Harden not your heart, No second chance.
2.          Bro David come and read this dream for me, give me attention don’t ever get discouraged by the nonsense. The nonsense has been a regular one.
3.          We are at peace here for now, even if we receive a notice that we should park out, fear not, I say fear not, I am with you; I say fear not, fear not, I am with you. Read that message from chapter one.
4.          It’s a two in one message I have here, number one says harden not your heart and no second chance. Harden not your heart was preached on the 18th of September 1997 by Apostle Peter Odoemena, the very son of man, the supreme intelligence, the lord God almighty. We got it this morning from there and I saw something there that is thrilling and that’s the one I want to read few things from. Yes!
5.          Chapter one; “Spiritual Worship” Glory be to God! I told you last Sunday that you can never judge me; no matter how you try to drag me I will maintain the same tempo.  No matter how you try to force yourself, there are some here that will receive the wrath of God. There are some here that will receive the wrath of God.
6.          Let this statement give you concern, don’t begin to flicker your eyes around if you are wise and understanding. You just bend down and say, “Why must it be me?” If there are some here that will receive the wrath of God, “why must I be in the number?”
7.          There are many here that will receive the wrath of God. The wrath of God will be upon them. Don’t look to see who it will be, wisdom is not there. But there is wisdom in bending down and saying please I don’t want to be among the number, where these people are; ‘why must I be there?’
8.          If there is any reason that will make me to be among them, let me know now let me make it right. Because we are alive to correct our errors and to learn of God as we progress.
9.          “Are you getting what I am saying? I have never seen a lukewarm church like this church. You can do everything but only if the spirit wills. If you are praising God, praise God in the spirit, hence the spirit will move your actions. Are you getting what I am saying?
10.       Deep calleth deep, when you respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit, by and by your actions will change.
11.      Or when you come here, your mind is wandering from pillar to post, your mouth is opening and closing; watch, your clapping will not agree with your praises. Everything will begin to go zigzag to show that there is no concentration”.
12.      Sister Chika Onyema take note, maybe this message is for you, go ahead.
13.      What I am telling you is truth, are you getting what I am saying, hallelujah. We thank God for giving us joy otherwise many people will forget how to praise God.
14.      We have many, many testimonies to share today. Enugu testimony; whether you are here or not we must hear the testimonies.
15.      Last week they withheld their testimonies for many reasons, all for our own good so brethren that went to Enugu, get ready.
16.      Verse 28; “this tabernacle that is called by my name very soon shall be rendered desolate, not because of your transgressions. Was that one pulled down because of our transgressions? It was pulled down so that Gods word can come to pass”.
17.      If this place will be rendered desolate not because of our transgressions, it then means it is going to be a peaceful way for us to gather in our homes and this will be for the last time”.
18.      Chapter two “dreams and testimonies” Did you hear the prophecy, 1997“Dreams and testimonies, by Bishop Okechukwu Paul, talk on your dreams, if you put it in writing you give it to us, if you did not write and share your dream.
19.      Dream: it looked like we gathered in the fellowship hall and the apostle was asking about the church. He said we were to make a journey to a certain place and in that place, everywhere was calm.
20.      There was no armed robber. He said that in that place, that everything for material comfort was there, there was enough water and adequate light including security but there was only one route to that place, that route look like it consisted of steps.
21.      Elders did you hear this message last night? Eh…h? Of what value will this building be to you, when you are already rapt in immortality? Of what value will that cloth be, when the one you are wearing will never go thread bare?
22.      Of what value will the aero plane, ship or vehicle be when you can travel as a thought? Of what value is the struggle with people over land and property, when you know that you have put on your theophany body?
23.      If you want to live in the air, you live in the air; you want to live on the land, you live on the land. You want to interact with people, you become a human being; you want to go away, you vanish.
24.      Of what use will be the mortuary, the hospital, the nurses and doctors; when there is no death again, no sickness? What purpose will they be serving? Of what use will be the money when you are already immortal? Whenever we shall see him, we shall be like Him!
25.      For we shall see him just as He is. Whosoever that has this hope glorifieth in his heart, even as he is pure. You have these supernatural photographs in your house, as decorative materials.
26.      But you can hardly get to any stand still there as an individual, and think about it. How did we come about this thing; do we have enough evidence to believe that this thing is real? Go ahead
27.      “When we reached I observed that the steps were so slippery, that nobody could climb the steps no matter your effort. Anybody that tried to climb the shaking would be too, much hindering that person from trying again.
28.      Many people went back after striving and failing then I was a far off watching. As they were trying, the load they carried with them were falling off. When nobody could succeed I heard a voice like that of the apostle.
29.      He said that we should go to the right, that the man that was there was the only one who could see us through. The only people that heard that voice were the people that were there trying their best at that time. So they moved to the right and the man was helping them…
30.      You cannot do it alone. Without that man it is a very difficult thing. So the remedy lies in Christ. You look up to him for he is the author and finisher. He is the one that initiated the good work in you; he is the one that should be allowed to complete it. Who started all your good works, is it you? Did you have wisdom in the first place?
31.      But those who were afar off did not come closer to be helped.” That’s the end of the dream.
32.      Please when you get home read the last trumpet page 56 to 61, anything you do not understand, consult me. God bless you all, amen I had Two dreams that were frightening me last night, I shared it with brethren that were with me…
33.      ‘I had two dreams that were frightening me last night; I shared it with brethren that were with me early hours of the morning. I know many have heard it, so the first dream was this: I was at the church in Jos ministering; while I was ministering someone came.
34.      They were many that came but only one came inside and handed a letter over to me. I opened the letter and saw that the letter head was written Christian Association of Nigeria.
35.      The letter came from the president, it was written in the letter that government has approved and given an order that no church should be found in any school premises anywhere, that all churches should not be found in school premises.
36.      We were given 24 hours to pack away from the place, when I finished reading the letter, the dream left me so before the morning hours I had another dream…
37.      The lord our God will do nothing but revealeth his will to his servants and prophets. You think they are taking us by surprise. You don’t know we knew it long, long time ago. Even we know how this ministry is going to end.
38.      If you don’t know how this ministry is going to come to an end, you may not be in the number. Let me revive your souls now. Continue!
39.      So before the morning hours, I had another dream, that one was the one that troubled me much. In that dream I saw myself standing here, how I was standing here, I didn’t know. I became surprised because as I stood there to look into a very deep valley
40.      Avery deep valley, another person had that one, that was Bishop Okey Nwamkpa. The first one is my own, you saw the reference made. In the one Nnamdi Ogbogu also had, the slippery valley again. Pastor Christian Dike, remember there was another one where you, pastor Dan and Okey Nwamkpa followed another way, ended it in the Anti Christ group.
41.       By the time you recognized you erred, brethren had already been entertained in a filled glassy house and you could not enter, you couldn’t get the food. They were seeing you from the glass but there was no way you could come, the whole thing ended.
42.      Remember we were allentering that same deep valley; the son of man encouraged brethren to follow him behind, follow me behind. We got to a point where it was very difficult to climb; once we climb this hill we will see the plane land. And, there we will see everything we need in this life and there won’t be any trouble like that again.
43.       Okey Nwamkpa sighted a short cut and said, “Why troubling us into the valley and climbing the mountains without steps? Let us follow the short cut.”Nobody followed.
44.      He went forth, Pastor Christian joined,  Pastor Dan joined; and from that short cut they remained there. But all of us that followed the roughest route arrived there, for God helped us to descend the valley and climb the mountain without stain.
45.      A banquet was already prepared, young and old trooped in. The glass were sealed, we sat down and was eating food prepared by people we knew not.
46.      The food was white like white bread in a foil. I hope ancient men can remember, ancient men can remember this. While I told brethren that we had enough that will feed everybody and have a left over.
47.      Feel free your troubles are over, they were rejoicing exceedingly. Lo and behold we sighted Okey Nwamkpa, Pastor Christian and Pastor Dan coming from the group where they were beating instruments, drums of all sort jubilation in that hall.
48.       I was the one that stopped the, where did you go? They said they made a mistake. Where were you all along? Brethren have been satisfied with all they have been eating here. We made a mistake, we noticed we entered the wrong place it was the anti-Christ group and then we rushed back. I said ok, there is no wayit’s all over.
49.       Even if I open the glass you won’t enter and there won’t be any food for you. So we were there, the dream vanished.
50.      Let’s be careful, because God is God of revelation. And when you remember these dreams, it will help you to take adequate precaution because from time to time, man is known for that; a wrong spirit will enter you, before you know it you will be desiring to have your own way.
51.      You will be avoiding the way your leader is following and when you devise that new way, you notice, it is not a way for the well faring people.
52.      It will lead to destruction. What was your attraction, you saw people beating drums and dancing, entertainment! Then you said you will use apiam way (shortcut), in the apiam way your journey became longer because, you were alone without a leader.
53.      You were only attracted by your sight. In this journey we don’t walk by sight. Leave what is written on a vehicle and board the vehicle. Don’t look at a vehicle from the body, even if it was panel beaten, enter first. Look at the driver whether he is a professional, whether he knows the way.
54.      A good driver doesn’t make noise; he is always quiet. No matter the noise the passengers are making, he is undaunted for he knows what he is doing, that’s a good driver. Any driver that listens to the voices of the passengers is not a god driver. Before you know it, he will begin to quarrel with his passengers. Go ahead
55.      I became surprised because as I stood here to look into a very deep valley, I saw many people there. But at my back was a plain ground where there was no hill
56.      Well, that was my own dream. Standing backing a plain ground, watching people in the ditch. People whose faces I could not describe they were too many inside the ditch.
57.      where I was standing, if I bent like this, I wouldn’t go inside the valley but front. If I look downwards, my eyes will not see the bottom of the valley.
58.      On top the hill where I was standing, I was holding a very big rope. The rope looked like the one used to fetch water from the well. I folded it while holding it.
59.      Looking down there, I saw many people being helpless because there was no way they could climb the pyramid. Then I started rolling down the rope until it touched the ground of the deep valley, as they held the rope tightly…
60.      That’s salvation rope, for whosoever that will like to come out of the ditch.
61.      as they held the rope tightly marching their legs on the pyramid...”
62.      Marching their legs on what?
63.      marching their legs on the pyramid…”
64.      as they were marching their legs on the pyramid, I started pulling them out gradually. Anybody that was rescued would go to my back…”
65.      They were marching their legs on the pyramid and I was pulling them out. I wanted to see the pyramid, the pyramid is the message, the pyramid is the message, who removed it. Pastors please restore the pyramid. Go ahead.
66.      Anybody that was rescued would go to my back, I had pulled out many”
67.      Anybody that was rescued would go to my back. Automatically he enters the plain ground, from the ditch, from the valley of death, to the land of the living. Go ahead
68.      Anybody that was rescued would go to my back, I had pulled out many but I could not say if they were heathens or brethren. I could not identify them, but they were human beings, all I knew is that as they were marching their legs on the pyramid…“
69.      As they were marching their legs on the pyramid
70.      all I knew is that as they were marching their legs on the pyramid, they were making it possible for me to pull them out safely.
71.       It came to a stage when they started scrambling for the rope. Many of them were still inside. They all held the rope tightly without placing their legs on the pyramid. Their weight became too much that I could not pull them out anymore.”
72.      The pyramid is the message majority now gripped the rope, the salvation cord, but could not place their legs on the pyramid.
73.      You remember the vision of the pyramid as narrated by William Branham? God gave him a pyramid; he mounted it and commanded the congregation to fix their eyes on the pyramid, while he would go to get the interpretation thereof. He said immediately he left they removed their eyes from the pyramid and started looking at him. Go ahead
74.      Their weight became too much that I could not pull them out anymore…”
75.      Their weight became too much, fine! This is the message from the same church age. Where we are now! Where we are now! Where we are now is that smaller pyramid the triangle and that’s “perfect love”.
76.      Nothing is found there but perfect love, and for perfect love to manifest there is a gap, there is a gap and that gap is, look at it, Holy Spirit.For without the Holy Spirit, forget about love. Hereinlove is made perfect, that we love the brethren. Is it not scriptures? Yes sir!
77.      If you say you love God and you do not love the brethren, do you love God?  You are a liar. You may know all these things from the first angel messenger, Paul.
78.      You climb from faith to virtue, to knowledge, to temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness; give me I give you, visit me I visit you, that’s brotherly kindness. In Roman Catholic it is called; corporal works of mercy and that is what people practice as true Christianity.
79.      To visit the sick, help the poor and needy. Bible called it true religion, true religion is this. Are we here for true religion, No sir!
80.      If I keep quiet you people will form league of Mary, St Jude the generous, the philanthropist. God allowed me to know these things so that I can pull you out.
81.       If you are here to practice true religion, I pity you. True religion is this; to visit the orphans, help the widow. Bro Kelechi can’t you read it from the bible there in the book of James? True religion, true religion is this.
82.      So if you are doing it, you are doing a good thing but you are practicing true religion. Corporal works of mercy.
83.       One day you begin to observe holiday of obligation and then we will be talking about the seven sacraments, sacraments at Easter.
84.      Then holy ordinance and matrimony will be read, matrimony is now sacrament, penance...,holy ordinance and matrimony.
85.      What is matrimony? Look at it, matrimonial ring. Did you see any one in my finger, am I with anyone. That is matrimony, holy matrimony. That is to wear ring on the finger, he has got holy matrimony.
86.      Wedding ring is Roman Catholic. No matter how we call it token, who introduced that token. Can you balance that wedding ring in the scriptures, who wedded with wedding ring? What you are wearing is holy matrimony.
87.      Son of man will permit you to bring it since you like it. It does not check any indulgence. It does not check any canal indulgence rather it promotes it. Amen.
88.      James 1 verse 26 through 27
89.      The little time I had with them, I wasn’t a nominal catholic, never, never, because I have a nature. Anything I want to do, I will stand out where the world will see me and know what I am standing for.
90.      But I am flexible in the sense that I always create room for further knowledge. I don’t still my knowledge of anything because I know every day is a learning process. I was always looking for a higher ground, where there will be no doubt, where there is no fears, where I will have the boldness to tell the whole world what I am standing for and have enough defense for it.
91.      Standing by conviction because I confronted too many reverend fathers with that, sacrament, baptism and confirmation. What is confirmation? Eh...h, what is confirmation? Whether C.M.S or catholic, they unite in confirmation. He has been confirmed and then written creed on his forehead.
92.      All the palm leaves in this world they burn them and use it as creed on the forehead of people. In short,people are really lost. That Maria got up from the world and went to meet her son and the angels carried her to heaven. And you all say amen! We were blind. Simply believe you were blind but now you see.
93.       Song: “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind but now I see. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God, Praise God, Praise God, Praise God” Amen!
94.      Our children you are fortunate, you are blessed! For you are all children of the light. You are not born in the dark like we were born in the dark.
95.      You have not kissed any other religion; you don’t know any other faith than the faith where you were born.
96.      And you were born in the light, so you are children of the day. You are children of the light that is why there is no way darkness can comprehend you. Impossible!  Because from the day you were born, Truth; truth was already in your loins, truth was already in your blood, in your water, in your sinus, in your artery, veins, everywhere, in your marrow, truth is there.
97.      Quite unlike us, we are struggling against sin, because we were born in iniquity, shaking in iniquity, came into the world full of sin. And became a part of what the world is doing.
98.      God sent a rope, and placed a pyramid, we rushed to the rope. Obeyed by placing our legs on the pyramid. Look at, step by step, step one, step two, step three and the pyramid made it possible for The Son of Man to pull some out.
99.      Refuse to place your leg on the pyramid; there is no way the Son of Man can pull you out. Learn a lesson from this dream. Amen.
100.  You can’t jump number one, and land on number five, or number seven. There is no way you can jump Paul and land in Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley…
101.  Do you know why I believe this? If you don’t know the testimony I tell you, when the prophet came back from the wilderness, he had an encounter with the Elohim. The Elohim revealed to him, the seven seals, the seven church ages. Which John the revelator foresaw, and prophesied about.
102.  Concerning things that will come here after, then the Holy Ghost gave it the interpretation; show me the vision of the pyramid. He came before the congregation used a chalk drew the pyramid; put everything as He saw it.
103.  After teaching He wiped it off from that electronic board, before many witnesses an unseen hand drew the same thing back. Everybody was astonished, what is more after drawing it, there was one big good.
104.  If you open the bridal chronicle, there is one writing there and that writing was nothing but good. Open the book, the bridal chronicles, see the photographs. I think that should be Nsem? There was nothing like that in their classroom.
105.  They took their photograph in the open air, and they saw the thing, ‘good’, the next thing was another Arabic writing. I am He by interpretation, I am He. And that was when God said I am now linking all local assembles.
106.  I am networking them. Happy are you if you know where you are. Look at that dream, there were so many people in that valley.
107.  As I was trying to pull them out, they were trying to pull me inside”.
108.  These were the people that were not placing their legs on the pyramid; they were scrambling for the rope. Ehen
109.  “When I noticed that if I continue to hold the rope”.
110.    bro Kelechi, take note. Lest somebody will stay where he is saving somebody and kills himself. Instead of me to hold the rope and be pulled inside, I better leave the rope. The much I brought out is enough. Ehe!
111.  “When I noticed that if I continue to hold the rope they will pull me inside, I removed my hand from the rope and all of them…”
112.  It then becomes “cocoa yam leaf”, Nnamdi Ogbogu’s quote, “cocoa yam leaf”; no matter how you put water in it, it must bend and pour away, it can never balance to hold the water.  Go ahead
113.  “I looked inside the thing, there was no way I could get the rope again and there was no other rope available”
114.  And there was no other rope Available
115.  “I was in that condition when the dream left me. So there is trouble now. The race has come to an end. It is now that I believed the driver that said that after climbing this hill that there would not be another hill to climblike this. And it was that hill that we were climbing when I saw the place. He told me, ‘this is the place’. The dream left me. This ministry is coming to an end.”
116.  Take note everybody “This ministry is coming to an end” It is gradually, it is steadily, no going back. “And the way it will end will take everybody by surprise”
117.  What? “And the way it will end will take everybody by surprise”
118.  Did we receive the message that says, “We are in a ministry that will terminate abruptly”? I say expect no other notice and expect no other sign. Rewind that place again
119.  “This ministry is coming to an end and the way it will end will take everybody by surprise, it is going to have a very sharp end”.
120.  It is going to have what?“a very sharp end!”
121.  The same way I used to tell you, this is the much we will take from the message for today and that might be at a time when your expectations might be very high, you are changing gear.
122.   No clapping of hands. Everybody will be sitting down quiet. Rewind that place again. Note the drama, it is a drama.
123.  This ministry …it is going to be real one of these days but now it is like a story, it’s like a drama, but one day, it will be real.
124.   I keep telling those that are with me, are you crying because of a dead person? After crying will you not also die?
125.  Why I should be crying for a dead person is because when I cry, I have paid the price, when I die another person will also cry for me.
126.  It is turn by turn, the person that cried for a dead person has paid in advance. Another person will cry for him. Oh…, hold me! Nobody will hold you, continue crying. After crying for a dead person, you will also die.
127.  There are people who will cry also for you, therefore cry harder. You have paid for the one that would be cried for you. If you like believe, if you like don’t believe.
128.  The person that cried for the dead has paid in advance. Look at me I am crying oh! Incase when I will die, cry my own for me oh! Are you crying for the dead to rise? You are crying for people to know that you also joined to cry.
129.  The person that you are crying for, does he know you are crying? It is those who will cry for you that you are telling, look at me oh I am crying oh. I thought it would have been once somebody dies, he would just be buried, without crying.
130.  Since I know if I cried, it won’t bring him back. What am I bothering myself in crying? Amen.

1.          I am preparing you in a rugged way. Anything you cannot avoid you should not be avoiding it. Who can avoid death? Who can avoid life? You should not be afraid of what you cannot avoid, whether you like it or not, you are meeting it that’s all. Go ahead
2.          “This ministry is coming to an end and the way it will end will everybody by surprise, it is going to have a very sharp end”
3.          It is going to have a very sharp end it is going to have a very sharp end, known unto the lord. It’s going to be a day, known unto the lord, a sharp end. It can be while I am talking here, it can be while you are traveling, it can be while you are at home, or in your work place.
4.          But note it; it is going to have a very sharp end. You cannot pass through labour, pains again. We have seen water, seen blood, only one thing remains. Go ahead.
5.          “It will end so abruptly that people will be confused”.
6.          That people will be what?“Confused!”
7.          What is happening? If not The Son of Man and Apostle Kelechi who was in front, did anybody know that this very man promised to be here that Sunday to handle a very intricate case which if not well handled, will rock the foundation of this bridal faith?
8.           And to make sure that it did not happen, he promised to be here life and in good time, and He came. Nobody knew He was standing there, but one man. What if that day was the end of it all, many would have felt very much shocked.
9.          Continue in fellowship; continue praising and worshiping, before you know it one day you will hear it is all over. You look at yourself and look at me we will be putting on the same uniform. Then those people that refused to climb the pyramid, what will be their faith.
10.      These are the people that are causing us both back pains and headache, when we are trying to pull them, pushing somebody up the ladder who is not willing to climb. Go ahead sir
11.      It will end so abruptly that people will be confused. What I am telling you is truth. In other words, there is a mountain to cross. There is an obstacle all of us must surmount. We have never seen a dream or vision where the whole church failed.
12.      Look at the dream from sister Nnamdi which is like this one. Her own dream says that the place was very slippery.
13.      God told them the right side. Those who heard and obeyed became victorious. In my own case, I was pulling out the people with a rope. At a stage, the people wanted to pull me inside. Common sense told me to remove my hand from the rope. Did you understand what I am saying?
14.      Maybe you are the one holding the rope. You don’t want to place your leg on the sand (the pyramid). You are not making any effort to survive. The rope will not continue to pull till eternity.
15.       We will remove our hands from the rope and allow you to hold it alone so that all of us will not fall into the pit. Amen!
16.      It was when I was interpreting the dream that I said,now I know that Holy Ghost told us that when we throw in the salvation cup, that they must first of all swim to safety.
17.      Anybody that holds it, we will pull the person out and begin to look for another person. Don’t go in to save a person from a very far distance from a safe land and put into the body” Amen!
18.      God will go to all length to help us to know the hour we are in.”
19.      God will go to all length to help us.
20.      “This ministry we are rolling in is a delicate ministry. It is the most dangerous ministry. By the time you say you want to make it right with me, you are lost already.
21.      Try, so that God will help you enter into the ministry. Pray earnestly for it is not easy. it is too far from what we have been enjoying all these years. May God help us! I want to invite testimonies from Enugu now.”
22.      The Son of man speaks: Apostle Kelechi you are invited to the pulpit for our Sunday school. If you want to know the full message, go home with a copy, go home with a copy.
23.      Bro Nnamdi Nnachor, are you here? You saw the one of last week, you praised the work? You have seen this one today, it’s excellent? Has it come to your own personal revelation that nobody is indispensable as far as God is concerned?
24.      That God is a God of substitution. Is this not a direct message to you? Eh! Surrender my great sermon to me before it will be too late on you.
25.      When lokoja bragged, God over threw them trained bro Nnamdi, brought him back from Nnewi, and then we took off. From nothing we became something. And then we saw improved quality books being churned out on a weekly basis, Nnamdi became a chief god.
26.      God over threw him locked up his shop, made it impossible for the people he is having dealings with even to pay attention to him, locked up their hearts; bowls of mercy, because God is bent to fulfill his word. Before he knew it, almost all our youths (male and female) are now printers.
27.      I stole the technology from him, imparted it in all of them. Charging our pastor to make sure that all our youths will be vast with it, so that I can use anybody, anytime, anywhere.
28.      Even in their schools and colleges I can send work to them, when they finish they can send it back to us. If our brother victor Nnachor is requesting for work in London, Amamihechineke is requesting for work there in the youth service; those in the schools and colleges can use their laptops and help us.
29.      The most important thing is learning the work and we have successes. And we are coming out with quality prints, first class prints.
30.      Here is wisdom, in spite of all the effort he made to lure me into parking all the new equipment we purchased into his shop, where we have been using; I gave you the impression, how I will furnish that place and everything to enable me steal the technology, and I succeeded, I lured him with it, I bought new equipment, got a new shop somewhere else.
31.      Trained manpower, furnished that place, a more conducive place. And then they work under more conducive atmosphere, with our pastor supervising.
32.      All these youths can easily work in there, not only to help in our publications, even to do their own assignments there without paying, because it is open to all of them, you have your projects to type, you have everything, go there.
33.      The equipments are there, the ones we left with bro Nnamdi are with him, locked up there. What if I had drafted all this new equipments to his shop, and his debtors came with court order and locked up the place. Don’t you think we would have being stranded, what if the technology was not stolen.
34.      God works ahead of time, I saw the trouble coming. And I took the bull by the horn, over took him along the way, He knew it not. What am I saying bro Nnamdi nobody can play fool of God, you can never play on my intelligence.
35.       I was the one that trained you, and when you felt you have become somebody, you wanted to use your expertise against me.
36.      Today, it has boomeranged. I told your brethren that if you do not make your wrongs right with me together with your parents, you must commit suicide.
37.      Last week I said you may, in my house I said you are likely before your parents, but now I am saying you must. To avoid it, you will come with your parents and make your wrongs right. For you trailed beyond my imagination, you went overboard.
38.      I said it with my mouth to the hearing of your father that I am going to frustrate you to the point that you will be so much frustrated with life, that you have no other alternative than to hang yourself.
39.      Was it not money that put Judas into trouble, Judas started walking against his master. Where did he end it, with the money on the ground, he hanged himself. Once history is forgotten the mistakes of the past are bound to be repeated.
40.      Nobody can come before God and boast of anything, what is that thing you think you have, which you never received from God, tell me what that thing is.
41.      You are misbehaving, because you are alive. You are talking and boasting, is it not because you are alive.
42.      What if you die now? Will you know what will be happening behind you, will you carry the whole world into the grave? The living should learn a lesson from the dead, and learn to behave right.
43.      A dog that is barking, does he know he can sleep. One day, all it’s barking will end in the pot, with its head used for pepper soup. That is the end of the dog. You have mouth to talk is it not because you are alive?
44.      You are boasting and raising your head, is it not because you are breathing. Don’t worry; Aturuchi Nwosu was hale and hearty, gorgeously dressed with her head tie and earrings.
45.      Number one ended her speech, she (Aturuchi) mounted the podium to speak, at the end of her speech for her to sit down the button was pressed. That was the end. What everybody saw was where she slumped down confirmed dead. Thursday this week, she will be buried. What a shameful death.
46.      She was barking, bragging, what she would do to Eziokwu, but Eziokwu is alive, Aturuchi is dead. It is now in a coward’s place that people stay to point at the brave’s place, ‘once upon a time, there was a big woman there; there was a big man who is extremely stubborn’.
47.      You are stubborn, is it not because you are alive? When you die, let us see how you will boast. When they quench your light, let us see how you will talk and brag. And you don’t know when it will be quenched; it is when you are full of yourself, when you are full of yourself!
48.      Bishop Nath take note, because you have been shaking you head, opening your eyes like Ngwa people. That you know this one, do you know the other one. That you know everything do you know when you will die and how you will die? Do you know where you will die?
49.      If what I am telling you people is really sinking into you and you have been meditating in it, nobody will misbehave. Nobody can open his mouth anyhow, or behave rashly. You are bragging and bragging (gani, gani) who are you? Who are you? Do you think it is only gun they use in killing people. Don’t you know people go in the night and don’t come out the following morning?
50.      If you are diabolic, what kind of diabolic power do you think you have? Native doctors prepare charms; charms kill native doctors.  That you know this one, do you know the other one.
51.      A young boy was asked, what killedhis father, he said ‘he licked honey’.He was askedwhat killed his mother, he said,‘she licked honey’.He was asked what he was holding in his hand, he said,‘honey’! Does he love his life?
52.      What killed your mother?Honey! What killed your father?Honey!What are you holding in your hand?Honey!


emain blessed brethren, we are very grateful to God, whose love is being made manifest to us every seconds of the day.
2            If we all paid attention to the dreams, far back 1997. Of a truth just like Moses said when God came down on the mountain to speak to the people of Israel. Moses said that he himself quenched, when God was speaking to the elders of Israel from Mount Sinai.
3            Remember when God was speaking to Moses, as God told Aaron and Miriam; said let me tell you, you said that God is not speaking to only Moses but you Miriam and Aaron
4            Bro Kelechi, sorry for the interruption, I want a good reader there to bring living bible translation, finish the whole of numbers 16. Let us hear it, a good reader read it from there, from verse one to the end. Numbers chapter 16 let everybody give me attention here as we read it
5            “One day Korah (son of Izhar, grandson of Kohath, and a descendant of Levi) conspired with Dathan and Abiran”.
6            Check the word, one man started it with his two friends. Conspiracy became the outcome. The two now went to others and they conspired together. “Conspiracy”, now, it has been long we have been seeing this thing; we will not keep quiet again.
7             We will not keep quiet on this thing we must do something. Now, nobody should blink eye again, it has been long we kept quiet. They do not know it is because they are alive. Is it not because they are alive? Okay. Go ahead.
8            “One day Koran (son of Izhar, grandson of Kohath, and a descendant of Levi) conspired with Dathan and Abiran (the sons of Eliab) and On (the son of Peleth), all three from the tribe of Reuben, to incite a rebellion against Moses”.
9            To do what?“To incite a rebellion against Moses. Two hundred and fifty popular leaders…”
10        How many?“Two hundred and fifty popular leaders”
11        Ordinary leaders? No!“Popular leaders”.
12        Their views are popular. Their words are influential; their words are powerful, people that are known, the elders at the back seat. Two hundred and fifty. Go ahead.
13        Two hundred and fifty popular leaders, all the members of the assembly were involved. They went to Moses and Aaron and said we have had enough of your presumption, you are no better than anyone else”
14        You are no better than anyone else, let us tell you and this your brother.
15        “Everyone in Israel has been chosen of the lord…”
16        Everyone is holy, the lord has taken all of us, everyone in Israel, we are no longer under the law nobody should be deceiving us, stop frightening us. God has taken all of us. Go ahead
17        “And he is with all of us”
18        God is also in all of us. Rebellion, it makes one blind. Go ahead
19        What right do you have to put yourselves forward, claiming we must obey you, and acting as though you were greater than anyone else?”
20        Have you heard it? Because, a fool cannot acknowledge and conceive superiority. One that is about to die must be made blind and deaf. One that is about to die goes blind, the ear will be blocked. Who are you people?
21        Do you want us to begin to worship you? You are doing as if you are greater than us. What are you people? Who do you think you are greater than here in Israel? Go ahead
22        What right do you have to put yourselves forward, claiming we must obey you, and acting as though you were greater than anyone else among all these people of the lord, when Moses heard what they were saying…”
23        Who heard what they were saying?“Moses!” Every man of God is always quiet. Go ahead
24        “He fell face downwards to the ground”
25        He did what?“He fell face downwards on the ground and said to Korah and to those that were with him. In the morning the lord will show you who are his…” “whom is holy”
26        And the lord will show you who are his, and whom is holy. There is no need for arguing with you people.
27        Did we receive that invitation here? Come the following morning, Jehovah will show you as many as his own and as many as are holy. I think you said God is in all of you, that he has accepted all of you.
28        You are Jews, children of Israel, no problem. I have agreed that I am Satan, Aaron hell fire. Come tomorrow morning, Jehovah himself will witness for himself.
29        The people that are his and whom is holy. He that should be revered. Did we receive that invitation here? Come on so, so, and so date; come with your cameras, you will see HE that has been having dealings with you all these years to banish unbelief. Go ahead
30        “In the morning the lord will show you who are his, and who is holy and whom he has chosen as his priest.”
31        And whom he has chosen as his priest. Joe Ogbuka is not here today. If he is not in Nsukka today, that is his end of staying in this ministry. Not stay but the end of his romance with this ministry, for he didn’t behave wisely.
32        He didn’t behave wisely and if he goes back to the message I handled in his family, I made everything clear. Somebody who left us in the year 2000, came back after 18 years, he never knew what has transpired within 18 years.
33        He gave himself a place with the Elders, assumed the position of Elder and he started summoning meetings of elders. Assuming it upon himself to put things in order. What went wrong? Who told you that something was wrong? He started using his personal perception as thus sayeth the lord.
34         Finally he spearheaded a rebellion being a lawyer which ended by telling me, The Son of Man, The Son of His pleasure, the owner of heaven and earth, the judge of the whole world that I gave my own brethren a Fulani herdsman for a shepherd.
35        In other words, I am the chief Fulani herdsman. I am happy that many of you understood the whole thing between the lines and I addressed the whole thing between the lines, making it impossible for him to come and sit down here again. But bro Sunday is fully in the faith, rugged, grounded because he has been with us all the while; even if he errs he knows how to correct it.
36        But this one doesn’t know that there is a way inside again. If rat joins lizard to enter the rain, if lizard skin gets dry will rat’s skin also become dry? So don’t do because somebody has done.
37         The people of Israel were undaunted because they know that there is a covenant. If they were not able to achieve it through pleading, they will achieve it through the covenant.
38        While they are quoting, you will also remind him of the covenant “we know we have erred but remember the covenant”. If it is erring, we have erred. We agree, what we did was not right. We didn’t do it rightly. You are right in judging us, you are right in condemning us, even if you kill us, you are right but remember your covenant
39        Pay attention to that message; look at the people that were petitioned, somebody incited rebellion, the whole thing engulfed the camp. They began a (they came up with) a campaign of destruction; there became a campaign of destruction.
40        Spearheaded by two-fifty notable elders whose voices sound Gbowam!; whose reports can be believed by people that are simple minded, who cannot carry out aided investigations.
41        And they lack discerning strength (discerning spirit)to discern what might be motivating these people into this careless action. They forgot the personality called Moses. Go ahead
42        “Do this: you, Korah and all those with you, take censers tomorrow and light them, and put incense upon them before the lord and we will find out whom the lord has chosen…”
43        And we will find out, whom the lord has chosen no election, no voting, no campaign, just a single statement. Finish! Go ahead
44        “You are the presumptuous ones, you sons of Levi. Then Moses spoke again to Korah: “Does it seem a small thing to you that the God of Israel has chosen you from among all the people of Israel to be near to himself as you work in the tabernacle of Jehovah, and to stand before the people and to minister to them? Is it nothing that he has given this task to only you Levites?
45        Have you heard it? The lord gave them that wonderful privilege, the children of Levites, gave them opportunity to be servants in the house of God which was not given to any other tribe, yet they weren’t satisfied.
46        “And now are you demanding the priesthood also? That is what you are really after!”
47        That is what you are really after! You don’t need a prophet to tell you that the whole rebellion at Nsukka was aimed at removing the pastor and installing Joe Ogbuka. It’s as clear as the day. From the time he started summoning meetings upon meetings, bribing the heart of the elders to his own side, using his money and entertainment and then using some women in his campaign of calumny.
48        A wise man would know that this man is out for destruction. I believe that anyone that is not around when corpse was buried; before exhuming, he should ask how the corpse was buried, where the head was placed, where the leg was placed, where exactly will we start to exhume?
49         You came back after 18 years. Common sense wouldn’t tell you that a lot of water might have passed under the bridge. When you left how many people were driving cars, how many people were driving motorcycles, you went and came back and saw that this camp was filled with motors.
50        You saw faces you don’t know, you never saw, those that were children when you left 18 years ago have become graduates, you did not sit down first at least for two years, to know whether you will be able to stay, your eyes went to the worldwide broad cast.
51        I said, worldwide broad cast? I said ok, get it ready, for three weeks he put up the worldwide broad cast loaded in a vehicle. The whole sermon books of his siblings and his own were there, the fellowship bag was there, law bag there.
52        The Lord opened the small boot by the side. The fellowship bag was inside, bigger than that law bag. The law bag was in front, the one inside fell out, and it was as if they used broom to sweep the whole sermon books that were kept inside the boot. Everything was swept off, except his law bag.
53        He reached Enugu and found out what happened, they, him and his siblings, traced it back to back to Nsukka, yet they did not see even one. Did all of them fall in one place
54        In a moving vehicle, is it not, this one will fall here, another one will fall there? It was sealed oh! The Lord gently opened it. All the things inside that he wants to use for broadcast plus the one they wrote which they typed, all of them God took them all.
55         While he was coming very late I said you people should wait, he is coming to narrate what happened to him.  Are you still going to do the broadcast, he said yes, he should be given another opportunity, I said ok I will give you again.
56         I gave him another one, while he was still speaking, I said it is enough; this is the much we want to hear, come down. It is going to be a continuous one but sit down.
57        If you are somebody that has wisdom, you remember what happened between God and Balaam. God told Balm to go, Balaam never knew what they were saying, He waited for Balaam on the road.
58        I think it is nationwide broad cast. Come and do it in Jerusalem, you are Nnamdi Kanu. Both what is to be used for broadcast, everything, yet his children’s food that were in the flask, none was touched.
59        Only the ones that concerns this faith that God dipped his hand and took. He called me and I told him that it has gone back to where it came from. That the owner has taken it. That day he said that he is afraid of this faith.  Brethren everybody must fear this faith. Amen. Brother read.
60        “That is why you are revolting against Jehovah. And what has Aaron done, that you are dissatisfied with him? Then Moses summoned Dathan and Abiram (the sons of Eliab), but they refused to come.”
61        Beware of Sanballat and Tobias. People that were opposed to his faith in the beginning, towards the end will be coming to us to tell us they want to be a part of it. That they made a mistake that they never understood before, now they have understood.
62        God said give them no place, for they will be eyeing the pulpit. When Sanballat and Tobias came, they were eyeing the priesthood. They were eyeing the pulpit. Sanballat and Tobias beware of them.
63        ‘I have a message that will help the brethren, especially now that we are finishing up’, keep your message in your pocket, we don’t need it. Amen.
64        “Is it a small thing, they mimicked, that you brought us…”
65        Listen to the message, Numbers 16:13.“Is it a small thing, that they mimicked, that you brought us out of lovely Egypt to kill us here in this terrible wilderness, and that now you want to make yourself our king?
66        What is more, you haven’t brought us into the wonderful country you promised, nor given us fields and vineyards. Whom are you trying to fool? We refused to come. Then Moses was very angry and said to the Lord”,
67        Moses became angry, he said to the lord; do not receive any sacrifice from these people. Remember a time came when the iniquity of Eli’s family became too much, God vowed a vow, said as long as I liveth, says the Lord God Almighty, no sacrifice, no offering from Eli’s family will stop me from punishing Eli and his family.
68         And I am going to punish them for the offence they know very well; when I begin I will make an end. What I will do in this family of Eli, ears that will hear will tingle. For his children made themselves vile and he restrained them not. Go ahead.
69        “Then Moses was very angry and said to the Lord, do not accept their sacrifices! I have never stolen so much as a donkey from them.”
70        If we don’t preserve these things (the supernatural photographs), we will be guilty before God for he said we should place them before our eyes.
71         God’s instrument for leadership is divine, vindicated by this (the photograph). While looking at it very well, you will be moved to ask “where is this personality from?” You would be told, look at him here!  See him here!
72        Whether they believe it or not. this is our Moses, this is our Joseph, this is our Jesus Christ, this is our own prophet, this is the revealed Christ in our day. The human tabernacle where God tabernacles.
73        The home of God, that’s the temple templing Christ. The big masquerade! You want to know what it seems like, see what he seems like. Amen. There is something in what somebody sees with his eyes, hears with his ears.
74        Especially when you are right there when it is happening, while speaking you say, ‘I was there’ please don’t tell me stories. While he is speaking, you say my friend don’t tell me stories just get out.
75        That I was there when it happened, some heard with their ears, we saw it with our eyes. Some of us even snapped it with our handsets. I equally snapped it. It is what we looked at very well and then snapped with our handsets and showed people and said look at what we saw. Look at what we saw! So If there is anyone trick (trick), we don’t know. Go ahead.
76        Then Moses was very angry and said to the Lord, do not accept their sacrifices! I have never stolen so much as a donkey from them. And Moses said to Korah, come here tomorrow before the lord with all your friends, Aaron will be here too.
77        Be sure to bring your censers with incense on them, a censer for each man, 250 in all and Aaron will be here with his. So they did they came up with their censers and lit them and place the incense on them, and stood at the entrance of the tabernacle with Moses and Aaron. Meanwhile Korah had stirred up the entire nation against Moses and Aaron”.
78        A dog that is about to die does not perceive the smell of excreta.
79        He has gone round stirred up the entire nation against Moses, because of over familiarity, struggle for leadership, is there any other thing, you want us to be worshipping you, if you know that thing which is good for you, itis also good for us. He thought it was a political struggle; he will do it by power and by force, by power and by force. Go ahead.
80        “And they all assembled to watch. Then the glory of Jehovah appeared to all the people and Jehovah said to Moses”
81        The cloud came down. If you read it in King James it said, immediately the cloud descended. Came down upon everybody. Everywhere became humid as if darkness was falling. Go ahead
82        “and Jehovah said to Moses and Aaron, get away from this people” 
83        Did they come in when God was communicating with these Moses and Aaron; they did not hear it. There was conversation going on between God and Moses.
84        All the people that were there, none of them knew what was being said. Go ahead
85        “And Jehovah said to Moses and Aaron, get away from this people so that I may instantly destroy them”
86        Get away from this people so I may instantly, not tomorrow, put an end to this rebellion. That reminds me, I want to make this dream public.
87         Bro Onyema Isaac stand up there, it is not a good thing for a living to eat with a dead. For the living to eat with the dead, is it a good thing? Somebody had a dream, brought it to the knowledge of Apostle Kelechi.
88        He brought it to me, that you were seen, eating with our late brother John Abah. I said No! It is not a good dream; I will make it public.
89        If you don’t want to eat with him, do something better than him. God said He revealeth everything to us through dreams. If we approve of it, we allow it to happen. If you don’t approve of it, you pray against it. Go ahead.
90        “But Moses and Aaron fell face downward to the ground before the lord. O God, the God of all mankind, they pleaded, must you be angry with all the people when one man sins?”
91        They did what? They pleaded. Can you imagine, Moses and Aaron fell down, started pleading for the people again.  They started pleading for the same people that were rebelling. Go ahead
92        “And the lord said to Moses, then tell the people to get away from the tents of Korah, Dathan and Abiram. So Moses rushed over to the tents of Dathan and Abiram followed closely by the 250 Israeli leaders. Quick, he told the people, get away from the tents of these wicked men,”
93        Get away from the tents of these wicked me, they have become wicked in the sight of God
94        And don’t touch anything that belongs to them, lest you be included in their sins and be destroyed with them. So all the people stood back from the tents of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.
95        And Dathan and Abiram came out and stood at the entrances of their tents with their wives, sons and little ones. And Moses said, by this you shall know that Jehovah has sent me to do all these things I have done for I have not done them on my own.
96        If these men die a natural death or from some ordinary accident or disease then Jehovah has not sent me, but if the lord does a miracle and the ground opens up and swallows them and everything that belongs to them, and they go down alive into shoal, then you will know that these men have despised the lord
97        They went to hell alive
98        “He had hardly finished speaking the words when the ground suddenly split open beneath them and a great fissure swallowed them up along with their tents and their family and the friends who were standing with them and everything they owned
99        Can you see? Their wives, their children, their maidservants, their property, their houses, everything that belongs to them
100    “So they went down alive, into shoal and the”
101    That is why God said be careful that you do not commit a crime that can wipe your entire family. Do we have a message like that, good. Look at the man Achan, the sin of Achan wiped off his family. The sin of Eli’s children, wiped off Eli’s family.
102    The sin of these 250 elders wiped off their families. “If danger is revealed to the ear and it refuse to listen, when the head is cut off the ear will follow it”. Whoever that knows what will bring about trouble, let him not do it. Because it not how you think, that it will be.
103    All that benefitted from this evil, all that supported it, God knows all. Once his anger comes down, it is operation wipe off. The heavens will not fall.
104    To put an end to rebellion and it is documented in the scriptures for our learning, to be our admonition lest there be the tempter that will tempt us to go that way again for it is not a light thing to rebel against anybody, God has already sealed, confirmed, sent, vindicated before many witnesses.
105    It is a direct attack on God, this is where Nnamdi Nnachor and his cohorts are perishing.

f you don’t get this thing I am explaining here,if I am eating with you and you hold a short spoon, you are a fool. What you should hold is a long spoon, knowing that the person that you are having dealings with is a spirit and a human being.
2            That place you are eating you can even die there. You can even stay there and contract a problem that can wipe off your family. Because you are now having direct dealings with him, face to face, mouth to mouth.
3            This is the revelation that is in my house right now. If there is any point they have known me to be a consuming fire, it is now. What of you, I told you that I AMwhat I AM.
4            If you say you believe it doesn’t add, it doesn’t subtract, if you say you don’t believe, it doesn’t add it doesn’t subtract. In other words, I am the self-existing one, if you don’t want to praise me, I will praise myself.
5             I don’t even require your commendation but if I don’t commend you, you have done nothing, if I don’t commend you, you have done absolutely nothing. I don’t need you; I say it here every day. I don’t need anybody but you have need of me and without me your life is worthless, useless and as destructive as destructive can be.
6             Even if I don’t know anything, I know who I am, even if you don’t believe my introduction I am still what I am. Jesus said, if you don’t believe, why not believe because of the works you have seen me do and Moses repeated the same thing, I you cannot believe why not believe because of what you have seen me do, don’t you that it is God that is doing all these things through me.
7            Before the emergence of the Son of Man on the scene, before the Son of Man appeared on the scene in the whole world, in the whole congregations in the whole churches, whatever you call them, who has ever photographed any of these supernaturals, apart from the story you heard in the bible which you didn’t see, have you ever seen the photograph, original, natural photograph of the glory of the Elohim.
8            The presence, the Godhead, the original body and all of them came confirming what you read from the scriptures to be true. So the Son of Man is sent to you as a covenant to confirm the promise that were made unto the fathers and then he has instituted his own covenant.
9            That’s why the voice said, don’t you know that I am sent for a covenant of God’s people in this day. Once you are covenanted with the one God sent in your day, you are covenanted with God, for God is not found outside him, you cannot find God outside the vessel he has sent, his name is upon him.
10        He is standing in the spirit and power of God. He is God’s representative. I am using scriptural language, why were  they not afraid of him, to show you that he is the almighty after defending Aaron’s ministry, after defending Aaron.
11        Simply that Aaron erred when he told him to take charge of the congregation in his absence for a while. He came, who are on the lord’s side? Aaron was the number one to take side with Him, the rest took side.
12        Aaron thought it was all over, he ignored Aaron, continued using Aaron. They crossed many countries.
13        A step to Canaan he summoned Aaron to the mountain, Aaron meet me at the mountain top and I want you to tell me reasons why you deemed it fit to present a molded image to my people and caused them to bow down before something that is not God telling them that was the God that brought them out of the land of Egypt, where you were there as my mouthpiece and my witness.
14         Aaron who has forgotten, who thought all was over, he said okay, Elazar come up to the mountain and watch the way your father will slump down, my friend disrobe yourself, let me have your priestly garments and everything. The bible said he stood there naked.
15        All Israelis were watching the drama on the mount; he handed over the dress to Elazar. Elazar put on the Ephod.
16        Fine, say farewell to your father and go down. Aaron slumped down, the bible said his carcass was not buried got rotten on the mountain till this day. He died naked.

o work with God entails a lot: You must be sober. You must be wise. You must be vigilant. You must be a visionary. You must not use human perception. Finally, there should not be any trace of familiarity talk less of over familiarity.
2            Let there be nothing called familiarity, for familiarity comes before over familiarity. Treat him holistically, for what he is to you.
3            If you are worshiping him, you are doing anything for him, do it for whatever you think he is to you, not to anybody else.
4            If I am kneeling down, I am kneeling down before him, because of what he is to me. If I am saying thank you Lord, is because of what he is to me.
5            I don’t want to know about you, because we worship him individually. As people that will give account before him individually, the same he treats us individually.
6            He wiped out all those families, because they took side with their erring leaders because they were popular, they thought they would gain if they had succeeded in that coup.
7            It was a coup. And I could see their wives scrambling to be first wife, First ladies. Their sons answering chief priests and things like that.
8            It was the gains Balaam envisaged that blinded Balaam. He couldn’t listen to the voice of reasoning, he went there, and he perished without collecting the gains.
9            What they wanted to achieve, blinded their eyes of understanding, Senses of reasoning. And God is the same yesterday, today and forever. When we are saying God, God, God, have you seen how God manifested Himself.
10        The attack on Moses was direct attack on God. The judgment wasn’t Moses’ judgment; it was God’s judgment against evil. For there is no way God can judge a people, without using a human being. Even in the normal law, in the normal law which you practice every day, is there any way government can judge a people without using a Judge? A magistrate is a Judge. Amen.
11        Why am I explaining all these things, am I trying to build an unnecessary fame around myself? If you are thinking that way, Korah is better than you.
12        I am trying to save you, from the wrath of God. “For foolishness is born in man”. There is no end to human foolishness. Because what they manifested, was nothing but rampant folly that is associated with human beings that are devoid of the Holy Spirit.
13        Even when Moses was talking, they could not discern danger. If they had discerned danger, they would have fallen flat. Like Chiwendu discerned danger, dried up, his lips blistered.
14        He knew what was happening inside him, gently he fell flat and started pleading for mercy. Let us not forget too easily our personal experiences with God.
15        The elders will not forget, especially in Onitsha. The day, their love, their intervention, coupled with the love for the children that knew nothing, saved the life of Pastor Dan. Who because of his wild iniquity, wild profligacy, wild utterances, incurred the wrath of God and then, what happened to Koran, Dathan and Abiran happened.
16        God called everybody out from the congregation, pulled them to one side, and placed him alone on the pulpit. From now don’t see me as Son of Man, don’t see me as Apostle Peter, call me Brother Odoemena, stand there, if I ask you a question you answer.
17        If I ask you, you answer.  Then it was like a drama, after answering those questions he was bragging. Shaking his head, God then invited, said please come forward.
18        Everybody give way! The wife was invited to testify, she testified against the husband. Then it was a show down, and then the first question went forth. Brethren saw from nowhere, supernatural light.
19        The second, supernatural light, all the elders, sisters, mothers, everybody rushed forward, fell flat, held me on my legs. He then fell down dried.
20        It was there and then he remembered when I came back from Abuja, to hear what was happening in the camp, between my brethren and one Umeh, Kenneth Umeh, who bewitched everybody with his magic.
21         He was a necromancer. I looked at the whole thing, it became a direct confrontation. I assumed it immediately, that evening there was light everywhere. It happened during the Hamattarn period, no sign of rain, the sun was bright, we gathered, to judge his case.
22        I challenge him, for he was sitting down opposite the other door. Kennedy Umeh, you have resisted all the ministers, you have called them names. You said God sent you, you have claimed too many things.
23        Now, answer me, I am going to talk. If God has for one day, either in a dream in a vision in the day or in night, by audible voice, if God has spoken to you to your hearing or through a prophet commissioning you, to come and represent Him.
24        To be His minister or servant in any form or shape. Stand up there and declare it or else keep quiet. While I was still talking, brethren were here.
25        From nowhere, in the eastern door, a bright amber lightening came direct to no other place but to Kenneth; it came smote him over, fiam, the first one, he became afraid.
26        I repeated the question; while I was still talking the same thing came again two times fiam, fiam. Kenneth immediately raised his hand “I surrender, I surrender”, brethren was it not what happened?
27        I was about to make my last statement before then I have already instructed the deacons to get the shovel ready, because it was a direct challenge like they challenged Moses, Moses said instantly now let the whole world see how they are going to be destroyed instantly.
28        Kenneth lifted himself up and flung himself on the ground “I surrender, I surrender I surrender I surrender” I stood still until he cried and cried as heavy as he was very lanky as tall as deacon Vin, he wept sore and then started making open confessions, after which my anger cooled down and I left the congregation, went straight home. I am saying that am still on course oh.
29        No other person is still riding the trail but he that has been there from the very beginning, but at times you behave as if that there was a change in leadership, who changed it? Who was the person that changed it, who replaced him?
30        I am still standing where I am standing. If you know the person that was used to replace him, call the name, let us follow him. Many have risen up in time past claiming to be one thing or the other before your eyes you saw what happened I folded my arms.
31        I am not saying these things to wield unnecessary influence around you. No! I am putting you in remembrance of these things so that you will be very careful. Beware! I say Beware! One who eats with spirits uses a very long spoon, Igbo people said that if a child blasphemes, he said he has disgrace an elder.
32        They look at Moses, his small stature, the simplicity of his ways and everything. To them he meant nothing while some who believed in him thought God has left him.
33        When God left him, if he actually left him, where did he go? Is it you he entered? To fear and honor God, don’t carry it too far.
34        It means nothing other than fearing and honoring the person God is dwelling in, is there any other thing that is honor, if you say you honor God yet that person God is dwelling in, and is using Him as his instrument of leadership, you are despising him, how will you say you are honoring him, will you honor him in his death? Listen to me, anyone who is Gods instrument of leadership. God identified, and made him perfect in his sight presented, identified and revealed him to the whole world and said this my beloved son on whom I am well pleased, hear ye him and you begin to talk anyhow.
35        Do you know what you are doing? You are just like somebody who is shooting at the sun, you are shooting the moon. what are you doing, you are wasting your bullet.
36        Shooting the sun is a waste of bullet! shooting the moon is a waste of bullet! Since astronauts have been claiming they bombed the sun, they bombed the moon, have we not been seeing the moon and the sun. Amen
37        That river has been drowning everything that came inside it, can it drown empty calabash? Can ocean drown it? Even when there is water in it, it is floating. You turn it upside down, it is floating. You people should stop shooting the sun, stop shooting the moon.
38        You are wasting your bullet. That was the advise of Gamaliel to the Jews. You people should stop fighting this young man if his movement is from God, you are like people that kicking the rock with your leg. You will break your leg.
39        But if it he is from human being, it will not take long, the movement will fizzle out, there have been people who came out like this and not long they fizzled out.
40        The way we are seeing this person’s own, it is a different movement, he has a divine backing.  This is not a story. I have not come to you with stories, I have not come to you with gimmicks, I am standing on the same foundation that is unshakeable, which no man, no spirit can move, for that reason we received a kingdom that can never be moved.
41        I am the king over the kingdom. Kingdom means king over the domain, if you can’t balance it let me balance it.
42        God has transferred all of you from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear son for he is the son over his father’s heritage and to all of you that have believed in me, both he that are sanctifies and they that aresanctified, we have become all together but one, for which cause I am not ashamed referring all of you as my brethren and then for your sake I brought the father into focus, show you who my father is.
43        So when you say, show us the father, show us the father, I have shown you the father, do you now believe? Do you now believe? Yes sir! I don’t want to hear yes sir! I want to hear yes I believe.
44        When Thomas thought, Jesus asked Thomas do you believe. Thomas said, My Lord, argument died, perception died. Amen.
45        Bro David, that is the much we want to take lets go to our Sunday school. Bro Kelechi, I apologize for interrupting you. But I can never feel sorry for keeping you standing, because I am equally standing. You know from time to time we test our legs, to know whether our legs can still carry us for some time. Amen

rethren we thank God, for explaining His words to our understanding. If you paid attention to the dreams. You see the rope that was thrown inside the valley, and as long as you hold that rope and placed their legs on the pyramid, which is the word.
2.          It will be an easy ride into paradise, so it is very important that whatever you are doing in this faith, bring that thing into the content of the teaching we have received from the Son of Man. If it is not in line with that teaching, automatically you have erred.
3.          The prophet said all that the Lord Jesus Christ did for the period he walked here on earth, was to help people to believe him. That he was Christ. That he was pointing them to his father, and the father called his father, but finally he told them that, he is that Christ. He is that Christ.
4.           He said these have been the problem of all the prophets, to get people convinced that they are the visible representation of that invisible God.
5.          if you are telling somebody believe in God, believe in the father, when you finished you will say listen to me, it is ME! Let me tell you, all of you should praise the courage of my wife.
6.          Somebody I approached, using people from many states, and finally, I told her, stop thinking about those people. Whether from Cross-river or Delta, they do not exist. I am the one, your greatest known enemy. Na me be the one, go and tell your parents, that I said you must be my wife. She examined me from head to toe and walked away, without uttering a word.
7.          I said see you, can you away of God? Who are you? Who has ever resisted God’s invitation, unless God never called you.
8.          If God calls, the more you resist, the more troubled you will be, until you obey.  You will never feel comfortable; you can never have peace. You hear his voice and your mind will make viii. Once you sight him, you shift away from your seat.
9.          Once you see him, you will immediately remember your disobedience. Can you be against God’s word? Go and sit down! It is unheard of. It can never be done. Even the devil can never resist God’s voice without trembling. He heard God’s voice and believed it.
10.      It did not allow him to have peace of mind. When the Lord Jesus visited them, didn’t they cry out, have you come to destroy us before our time?
11.      Please don’t destroy us, rather you can tell us where to go and we would obey. He commanded all of them to go to the swine’s, as one that had authority over the devil and his agents. Amen. If you are a seed of God, you will not be forced to obey the word of God.
12.      Once God speaks, you finish the rest yourself. If he wants to say another one, it will be as if you should close his mouth. it’s okay, it’s okay. Amen!
13.      God has elaborated a lot in the faith for us, putting us in remembrance of the things he told us afore time, there is nobody here that will say, he is not aware or understand what God is explaining to us. Have this at the back of your mind, that this thing God gave to us is unknown to those, outside ourselves.
14.      That we have God himself speaking to us. Son of man explained everything to us using what is written in the scriptures to cause not to go that way.  THERE IS NOTHING GOOD IN REBELLION, NO MATTER HOW LITTLE YOU SEE IT. EVEN DOWN TO YOUR OWN NUCLEAR FAMILY, ONCE REBELLION SETS IN, EVERYTHING PROGRESS STOPS.
17.      What The Church Is Composed of, A People Called of God” volume one. Page 91 verse 20. We go a little further; I hope you know you are free. The spirit of God here that is operating in you gives you freedom.
18.      Nobody is imputing sin on you through Moses law, but you make yourself sinners if you disobey the instruction given to you by the angel messenger of your day.
19.      This is our own day what makes us wicked, what makes us sinners, what makes us rebellious, what makes us disobedient rejecting that instruction given to us by God Himself in our own day.
20.      Both man and woman and little children alike. Refusing that instruction given to us makes us wicked people, makes us sinners”.
21.      The book of Acts of the apostle 13 vs.46 the scripture says there, “Then Paul and Banabas spoke out boldly and declared, it was necessary that this good news from God should be first given to you Jews. But since you have rejected and shown yourselves unworthy of eternal life … well, we will offer it to Gentiles”. LB.
22.      Rejecting Son of Man’s words, rejecting the things he has given to us. God told us to go home, bring out all the family messages and go through it.
23.       Let all the husbands here stop reading the messages by themselves alone, read it with your wives, give it to your children, give it to your daughters, give it to your sons, let them read out what God said how family should look like.
24.      The way he wants family to be, the position of the husband, the position of the wife and the position of the children.
25.      Everybody should read and see where God placed all of us. Once you deviate from your own you become a slave, you become a rebellious person, you become a wicked person.
26.      Dathan, Abiram and Korah should be used as an example. They were called the Levites tobe in the temple as the only tribe that will have authority to officiate the temple, no other tribe but the priesthood should be of Aaron and his descendants.
27.      These people rose up, started rebelling, it came to a point, Moses said, okay let all the elders in the Levites bring out their staff; all of them brought their staff.
28.      He said “we will keep it inside the tent in the presence of the lord where the ark of the covenant is residing, after seven days, any of them that will come back to life and bring forth leaves that is the person God has chosen to be a priest”.
29.      They said it’s good, it’s good; all of them brought their own. What is Moses trying to do, to show them that once God made his choice, his choice is final. When they brought all their rods and placed in that holies of holies, in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant.
30.      After one week the whole thing was brought out, there was no other person his rod was alive if not Aaron. Don’t you know that it is only this bridal ministry that is contained in Old Testament, the things that transpired in the Old Testament and what is transpiring in our midst.
31.      No other group knows about it. That any rebellion, any disobedience to the teaching given to us is rebellion to the direct Deity that is revealed to them in our midst. Amen.
32.      So, that subjection God needed from me is the same subjection He needed from my family. My obedience to the teachings he has given to me, is the same obedience He needed in the hands of the members of my family.
33.      Failure to do that, you count yourself unworthy of this blessed eternal life. Which The Son of Man is authorized to offer to all of us. Watch the rope inside the valley, he dropped the rope inside. And as many that hold the rope, and placed their foot on the pyramid, it was an easy ride going up.
34.      It got to a point, after many people must have come out to the plain ground and go at His back. Those that refused to obey the instruction of placing their legs on the message.
35.      They want to be in the church anyhow, they want to enter in to the kingdom anyhow and they started pulling the rope.
36.      …And they are very many, they are in the majority.
37.      The weight of them started pulling The Son of Man in to the valley.  He said no, these people are not willing to go. He left the rope, and they fell inside. Watch the other one Okechukwu Nwamkpa had.
38.      And there is no other rope…
39.      No other rope. Watch the other one Okechukwu Nwamkpa had, he said he was staying afar. He was staying afar watching brethren, trying to climb, the places were slippery.
40.       And he had a voice from the apostle, saying go the right there is a man there who will help you. He said those that had the voice are those that are close.
41.      I am the ladder.
42.      Those that had the voice are those that are closest, as many that are closest to that man, they were helped out.
43.       I am the ladder.
44.      those that are far, was not helped.
45.      the ladder is there to help you climb. Climb the ladder if you have wisdom. But if you lack wisdom, try your strength.
46.       What The Church Is Composed of, A People Called of God” page 80 verse 20. I am saying that the only person that cannot resemble Christ is one that didn’t come from Christ because when you come from Christ, you have all these attributes.
47.      If you are not from Christ, despite all the explanation all these years, all these vindication, all these supernatural that is happening before us, there is no supernatural evidence that took place in the house of The Son of Man but all took place in the general assembly, where we all gathered.
48.      If these things do not open your heart and spiritual eyes, bring you closer or closest to Christ; you know you are not from God from the beginning of the world.
49.       page 84 from verse 4.
50.      How do you know you are of God or not, the simplest sign I will give you is this. If from the time you came in, you have been feeling very happy with this faith, you have been praising God for bringing you into this faith, it is a sure sign that you didn’t know what you were doing. It is a sure sign that you He chose you and called you.
51.      But if from the day you were baptized into this faith, may be somebody brought you here in one way or the other, you have not been feeling very comfortable in this faith, you have been regretting it, you have been sorrowing, you have been very much disturbed, please stop troubling yourself, this faith is not meant for you.
52.      You made a mistake, you were walking to and fro, please I have given you the simplest time, because if you were chosen and called of God into this kingdom, even if we break you into pieces, you will even be happy God is breaking you into pieces.
53.      After all; Let the righteous man smite me, you will never for one day rise up and say, why should you insult me? When these words come out of your mouth, it is a sure sign you are not from God.
54.      William Brenham was asked a question, why did God allow Job to pass through such experience in life, he answered that every child of God that comes into this faith must pass and experience allotted for him in his name to prove whether he is from God or not.
55.      It was a training assigned to Job in his own day. So you and I have our own experiences which we must pass through, for all God’s children must pass through training. The scriptures said that Jesus Christ learnt obedience from what he has experienced.  Now you will never for one day rise up and say, why should you insult me, why should you abuse me, for God must abuse you, God must insult you, God must drag you to the mud until you meet his test.
56.      Once you meet his test of obedience he will tick you good. Even the scripture says, once the obedience is fulfilled, then we receive the promise. Now you will even want to take insult for his namesake and you will bear it with joy because this place (this faith) is for you.
57.      Watch as many as were not of God. The pride of this life and self-ego always stumble them in the presence of God. God made it very hard for them to pass through using an eye of a needle to illustrate about those that are wealthy or rich men.
58.      You may not have one Naira, you may not have one Kobo, but you are rich in self- ego. You hate someone indicting you in your presence. You hate somebody saying you are wrong, when you are wrong.
59.      That is why God told them that if it were even possible for a Carmel’s head to pass through an eye of a needle, then one that is rich to enter into the kingdom of God. In order words God want all of us to be poor, humble, meek in sprit.
60.      One that is humble and meek in the spirit can never challenge authority, for he is sure and certain who places that person there. Amen.
61.      Learn from experience from what happened to others. Then a time came God took his spirit that was in Moses and place it in the seventy elders of Israel which Dathan, Koran and Abiran was among.
62.      They started prophesying, started making a hell of noise until Joshua went to Moses, and said ‘Moses why can’t you stop them, let them not do that again.
63.      Moses said, Joshua I know you are feeling for me but that was not the matter, how I wish all children were prophets, let them enjoy what I am enjoying, let them experience what I am experiencing.
64.      It was because of this point that Moses said, see these people, if they die a natural death that is common with every human being, know that God has never called me.
65.       But if from my mouth, what that has not happened since the creation of the world happens by opening the ground and they go in alive, then you know God has called me to do all these things which I am doing which I did not do by myself.
66.      The first earthquake that happened since the creation of the world. The land opened all of them fell in; you watch others gripped with fear. The scripture said others were shouting, ‘let us run away oh, lest the earth will swallow us’.
67.      Despite that experience, they rose up against Moses and Aaron and said, you have destroyed the people of God, you have destroyed the men of God and God sent fire to devour them all.
68.      That is why, in this ministry we are in, if you are not sincere and be faithful to God if you carry your human experience that always resist authority, that always say, I can do it more than him, you perish!You perish for Gods instrument of leadership is always divine.
69.      Go through the old testament setup, in the building of the temple, in placing everything that concerns the temple, God has people that were doing it, not one person, if it was the folding of curtain God has people, he told Moses to go the family of so, so and so men, I have place wisdom and knowledge in the sons of so, so people, three of them, I have given them wisdom and knowledge and how to make these type of thing.
70.      Go to so, so place and pick another person, I have given him knowledge on how to do this and that.
71.      When Moses collected all of them gave them the instruction God gave, they did it perfectly well. Even Moses said, God said you should not mold any graven image on earth or in the sky or in the sea.
72.      Still the same Moses came called the two people God said they should be part of molding the cherubim. God gave them the wisdom, they molded it and Moses placed them in the sanctuary. If any had risen up and challenge Moses from doing it, it would have brought death to the person.
73.      compare it with the present stage of the ministry we are in. Every Action of a man of God is directed and dictated by God that is dwelling in him.
74.      That was why, with the supernatural occurrences that took place in our midst, as many as were from God, they are always sober, they are always sober and humble. when God rise up in angerCondemning whatever that is wrong in the midst of his people, you see them fell flat in their heart, they felt sorry, but to others, they think it is a normal way, No!
75.      This is the ministry God gave to usthat will take us into paradise, no other person cansay, why are you insulting me, watch all the big, big men full of themselves that came into this faith.
76.      This has been the statement from their mouth “whyare you insulting me, why are you disgracing me, in the presence of the whole people”?this is not the ministry that will call you outside, for the scripture says “open rebuke is better than secret love”
77.      “open rebuke is better than secret love”. If you cannot be rebuked in the congregation of the saints of God, know that you are not among the people of God. for it makes us well.
78.      God knows how wicked you and I have been from the very beginning, hence the only way to bring us back to the truth is by his corrections. That is why the scripture said “HE WHO GOD LOVES HE CHASTISES AND REBUKES THAT HE MIGHT BE ZEALOUS AND REPENT AND COME BACK TO GOD”. Amen!


salm 85 verse 8 through 9:
“I am listening carefully to all the Lord is saying for he speaks peace to his people, the saints, if they will stop their sinning”.LB
2.          I was listening carefully to all the Lord was saying this morning, were you listening very carefully to note all that the Lord was said to us this morning, this day? Amen.
3.          For He speaks peace to His people”
4.          What was He saying? “Peace”. Peace to his people.“For He speaks peace to His people, His saints, if they will only stop their sinning”.
5.          Wait a bit, all that God has been saying to us using examples of what happened to others. What was His intention? What was His aim? Was it not peace? That we will live in peace with Him in paradise? Is it not what is bringing us close to Him?  So that we could have the same nature like Him.
6.          “Surely His salvation is near to those who reverence him”. You see it now, who were those his salvation was near to this morning? Those that reverence him. If you reverence him, his salvation is nearer to you. He said he is speaking peace to the people, only if they will never go back to their foolishness.
7.           It is expected of us that after leaving here today we should go back to our homes to continue worshipping him, for we are here to receive instruction.
8.          When you forget all you have heard, you cannot put them in your mind, in your heart or put them into practice, hence you back to folly. Therefore, His wrath will be upon you.
9.          Listening very carefully to what God is saying.  David said, “I have listened very carefully to what God is saying. He is speaking peace to his people”. He is speaking solely to his people. If only they will never go back to their foolishness.
10.      When the people of God told Moses, they would not be able to hear God speaking to them. Asking Moses to go and hear for them, then after hearing he should come and relate it to  them come and tell them. God said, “how I wish they will have this mind in them always for it will help me to do all I promised their fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”.
11.      “How I wish this type of act will be in them to obey me, if I give you to go and tell them they will obey how I wish this act will be in them”.
12.      Some, deep down in this congregation as we read out from the message harden not your heart, will receive the wrath of God, not outside. And God said “let this statement give you a concern as an individual”.
13.      You stay the water and allow soap to enter your eye; you will remain there while others entered.
14.      Let this statement give you concern as an individual not collectively, how will it look like that after all these things God is doing in our midst, you still receive the wrath of God, you will be numbered among those God said he was not well pleased with. God forbid
15.      After eating, drinking and rejoicing in the presence of God still with many of them God was not pleased, why was God not pleased, have you ever sat down and asked yourself why was God not pleased with them.
16.      They took the word of God very light they are not serious with the words they are hearing.
17.      We have our conduct; we have our order, there is a manner we ought to live our lives which God has given to us and told us.
18.      If we continue in these things of a truth, anybody that sees us will say, I have never seen a group of people like this.
19.      I have never seen a woman like this. I have never seen a man like this, a young boy, a young lady, a child like this; that has wisdom and knowledge. You should avoid those things your God told you not to do.
20.      How do you then know God? what kind of vision do you have about what you believe.
21.      That’s the matter with all of you. I was talking to some of them yesterday, when we were talking about the issue of not marrying and marrying, I said don’t you see what the scripture said? I showed them the scriptures, “that a time will come when people will not endure sound teaching, they will pay heed to seducing spirits which will tell them, do not marry, do not eat meat then they will introduce celibacy among themselves.
22.      I said who taught you this, is it not Roman Catholic, I showed them the scripture, do you know what they said “papa Ejima, go your way this is what we believe”.
23.      That from time to time you see many sitting down here changing their believes. It takes place in the heart, you change your believe, you change your vision, all takes place in the heart, thereby making it impossible for you to place your feet upon the pyramid, so as to climb faster.
24.      There was one dream Bro John Ekwueme heard some years ago, in that dream, he saw a very big fence, very tall. Everybody was going there, anybody that touches his hands on the fence, he would go over to the other side. But there were some who could not cross because they were unable to climb it.
25.      Our little ones never had problems climbing the fence, because they were very sincere, you see them when they get to that wall they will place their hand and cross over as easy as ABC.
26.      Bro John has forgotten it oh!
27.       But by the time he came there, he was not able to cross over, until the dream left him.
28.       Let me tell you, God said before the whole thing will end, God will reveal to you personally your position in The Son of Man
29.      God will reveal to you. Sitting down here, if you can conduct election or whatever, you have samples of experiences you had as individuals, as it concerns you, if you can be sincere enough, you will hear what will tingle your ears.
30.      When somebody who is sincere narrates to you his or her own personal dream concerning you as it concerns you in this bridal faith you may think that the brother hates you.
31.      Like the one somebody saw concerning bro Onyema Isaac, he may think the person is thinking evil about him. God said that the worst thing that will happen to you is when God will use that brother, that sister you think is foolish, is drunkard, is a talkative, is worth nothing to reveal your condition to you, you laugh over it and say, that is what he is thinking about me.
32.      Have you ever sat down and examined that dream you had on yourself? There is a message we have here that says, know the personality whose voice roared on you, not on me, you as an individual, myself as an individual supposed to know the personality his voice has been roaring on my head.
33.      Once you recognize this, then you have the number one victory, to make a change will be as easy as ABC
34.      If you can never accept that you are wrong in anything concerning you in this bridal faith, you have not seen it in God’s point of view that you are wrong. Can you make a change?
35.      You can’t make a change. Have you examined this personality, on that faithful day when this covenant was taken at Zonkwa the same night, following that Sunday Pastor Abel was in a trance, saw this being having a white robe, came into the congregation and told him to get something.
36.      He went out to bring the thing, came in and saw the man explaining a lot of things to them, before the dream left him. when we got this being (supernatural photograph),I narrated it to him and he said, he had a dream Saturday night, when he saw it.
37.      God has displayed everything in his power to get you and I convinced and bring us into the kingdom. Playing over it, playing ignorant over it is for your own detriment.
38.      For Paul told the people of Corinthians, the church of God has no other rule than this; if you want to be ignorant go on in your ignorance.
39.       “Verse 9, surely His salvation is near to those who reverence Him.Our land will be filled with His glory”.
40.      Have you seen it now, I was listening very attentively to what God was saying to this morning.
41.      Almighty God in the person of Apostle Peter has spoken to us this morning, what did he say.
42.      What was his aim, He was speaking peace to the bride, He was speaking peace to all the families, He was speaking peace to all the individuals, young and old. Only if we will never go back to our foolishness of being disobedient to His instruction. For His salvation is for those that reverence and obey Him.
43.      Once you reverence and obey Him, He said our lives, my house, your house, pastor Dan house will be with peace.
44.       Psalm 89 from verse 20-25.
45.      He is my servant David! I have anointed him with my holy oil. I will steady him and make him strong”. LB
46.      Wait! God is talking about David, and we are descendants of who? “David” for a seed from David is in us. The offspring and the root of David is in our midst. See what God says, read it
47.      “He is my servant David”. He is my servant David.“I have anointed him with my holy oil”
48.      He is my servant; I have anointed him with my spirit. I have anointed him with my unction; I have anointed him with my power. Speak my word fear them not,this was David in his own day.
49.      This is a quote of the Son of Man, in the days of the Son of Man. In the days of the bride in this generation, which I am an eyewitness.
50.      When that Excellency glory was revealed on third march 1993 the day “The mixed multitude was preached” the voice said“I have anointed him with my spirit, I have anointed him with my unction; I have anointed him with my power. Speak my word, fear them not.
51.      “I will steady and make him strong, his enemies cannot outwit him”.
52.      This was promised to father David, down the line to his descendants. I will make King David strong, his enemies can never over shadow him. if it was made to David, what do you think about the root and offspring of David? The root and offspring.
53.      “His enemies shall not outwit him.  Nor shall the wicked overpower him, I will beat down his adversaries before him”.
54.      I will beat down, smash, pieces all that will rise up against him. His adversaries, adversaries whether in the heart, think about it in the mind, God said he will rise up and crush all. “and destroy those who hate him”.
55.      Those that hate him, he will destroy.“I will protect and bless him constantly and surround him with my love”
56.      I will protect and surround him with love constantly.“He will be great because of me”.
57.      Oh my! “Let thy right hand be upon The Son of Man that is standing before you. Strengthen him for our sake, that we might worship you rightly”.
58.      I will do what? “I will protect and bless him constantly”.
59.      I will protect, bless him, constantly. “And surround him with my love”.
60.      Use my love to surround him, wash him, cleanse him, he will be swimming in the ocean of the love of the deity.  do you know what it takes for the Deity to dwell in you?
61.      Among all the creatures under heaven, among all these men born by women. Which Job said, even the angels and the stars are not holy in the sight of Almighty God, how much more a man born of a woman full of words speaking lies. Isaiah said“woe is me for I am undone and crooked, unclean”.
62.      “He will be great because of me”. He will be great, because of who? God said He will make him great because of Himself.
63.      That The Son of Man is here today is for the Excellency and Glory to the Deity that dwells in him. Hence he said “if you will obey and remain steadfast till the end, upholding the profession of your faith, without wavering, when I will be glorified, you will be glorified with me”. 
64.      Jesus in his prayer in John chapter 17:17
65.       Said, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world. And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth”. You see why we must be careful, beware of what is happening in our midst, so that we don’t fall into the hands of the enemies.
66.      Psalms 89 continues from verse 25 He will hold sway from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea.
67.      Verse 26: And he will cry to me, you are my Father, my God and my Rock of Salvation. I will treat him as my first born son, and make him the Mightiest king in all the earth”.
68.      Verse 30 to 35: “If his children forsake my laws and don’t obey them”.
69.      The Son of Man has brought us into the kingdom of Almighty God, which was committed into his hand. Which cause the scripture said, “In the future world which we are preaching about, will not be committed into the hands of angels, but into the hands of The Son of Man”. For God has transferred us from the kingdom of darkness, into the kingdom of His dear son.
70.      Now we being the sons and daughters of The Son of Man, by faith of these glorious gospel that is committed into our hands which he gave to us. If he did not preach this gospel to us, opened our heart of understanding can we believe, can we be here? Now see what God says
71.      “If his children forsake my laws”
72.      “If his children forsake my laws and do not obey me then I will punish them
73.      “I will do what?” “Punish them”
74.      That was the promise of God, once you forsake the word of God, forsake his teachings, he must punish you
75.      “But I will never completely take away my loving kindness from them nor let my promise fail.”You heard what God was saying this morning concerning the people of Israel, we have seen you are right in judging us, even if you destroy us you are right but remember the covenant.
76.       Remember the promise. I have explained this covenant here several times, using those that belong to cult world and those that serve Satan as example.
77.      Once a man goes and bring out, use his money to bring an idol into his house, there is a covenant between the man and the idol.
78.      The man will covenant himself, covenant his offspring with that idol. If one of his sons goes out and marry a wife. The moment the wife come in, the wife will also be covenanted with that idol including the child in the womb.
79.      So everything concerning that idol is holding weight over those people. That is what God told us, he said “thank your God if your parents did not yolk themselves to any idol, you ought to thank God, the only place you have complete redemption is only in Christ”, when he was talking to us concerning spiritual realm.
80.      Verse 33; “But I will never completely take away my loving-kindness from them, nor let my promise fail.
81.      Verse34; “No I will not break my covenant; I will not take back one word of what I said.
82.      Verse 35; “For I have sworn to David(and a holy God can never lie), that his dynasty will go on forever and his throne will continue till the end of time.”
83.      You see! God said it yesterday when we were with him in his house. He was talking about this present government and said “as long as Buhari is there, nobody can impeach him, you cannot take him to court, whatever he does or do is right, he has immunity in him but once he leaves the office, if you think that what he did was wrong, you can then sue him to court” but to the kingdom of the son of man, his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. His reign is an everlasting.
84.      No need of impeaching or anything, he is there forever and ever.
85.       You see why we ought to humble ourselves before him. His dominion cannot be changed cannot be taken away, that is why he came to pick you and I, people he will use to form that heavenly kingdom.
86.      The paradise, it is you and I. it’s my family and your family. If we cannot live well here obey his word here, he can never make the mistake of taking us there.
87.      You see why members of Onitsha household should take this instruction very carefully.
88.      In the time we used to have daily fellowship people found it difficult to come to daily fellowship. When we reduced it to Tuesdays and Thursdays they found it difficult to come and God said we are going to have it once a week being Wednesday they still found it difficult to come.
89.      When God reduced it to four o clock, even four thirty, then six o clock we dismiss.
90.      If it was cumbersome for you to obey during those days, how do you think, it would be easy for you now? When it has never been your nature to come so that we could together and have fellowship with our God so as to receive instructions from him, how we should behave and act, then we go home and put it into practice.
91.      Now we are in our homes, the husband will be the pastor, the husband will be the evangelist, the husband will be the teacher, the husband will be the bishop, the husband will be the deacon, everything.
92.      If you don’t take his words seriously as a wife, how do you expect the children to take his words seriously? For when a woman or a wife decides that she will never obey her husband, she must go to all length to convince all her children not to obey their father.
93.      How do you want to be in paradise? I told my family saying “Now we are in our homes, sometimes things will happen in the time of Israel, then they will say to all the tribes, let us find out why this thing happened, let us know the side where this evil comes from.
94.       All the tribes will go to their tribes and they will call upon the name of their God and God will reveal it saying look at the tribe of Benjamin, they are the people that caused this thing and they will come to the tribe of Benjamin they will say go to your kings, to the head of your families everybody will go to the head of their family.
95.      The family that caused that trouble will be picked out just like in the case of Achan.
96.       Now when we come to the congregation, God will be complaining of unbelief, disobedience, all these troubles going on, God said okay, the only way I can stop it is by sending all of us back to our homes then he will stay afar watching my family, watching your family to know where that rebellion is coming from.
97.      To know if after shouting here I will go home to my house and bend down and soft pedal whatever I am doing compromising with the unbelief that is in my family through my wives or whether I will soft pedal and then pat them at the back.
98.      God is watching all these things. The time for fellowship on Wednesday has not been halted. The time to start and the time to dismiss, God is watching all these things and so as to know, whether you are doing it in revelation of him or not.
99.      For anything that is not done by revelation in this faith is sin.
100.  Let us not commit sin by ourselves by not doing everything by revelation. Since we the ministers used to come down here sit down, pray and study to keep ourselves ready for fellowship.
101.  Now God is watching whether we will do likewise in our homes for souls has been committed into our hands to bring them up to the knowledge of almighty God that is our midst to bring them to the path of righteousness until we all get to that point where all of us will have our own personal experience like the woman of Samaria when she went and called her people and said come and see the man who told me my sins and my conditions.
102.  When the Samaria people came and stayed with Jesus for two, three days at the end they said, we didn’t believe because this woman called us, we believe because we have proved by ourselves that you are the messiah, the Christ.
103.  I want a situation where all the members of all the families will come toa point where they will have their own personal revelation of what this faith is all about. 
104.  In one of our message God said, have you ever sat down to consider this faith, have you ever sat down in you to think about this faith. You sit down, look into yourself and think about this faith, have you ever done it?
105.   “Why there is lukewarmness in the church volume one page 24 from verse 31
106.  “There has never been a time God made a great move that somebody was not dropped.”
107.  This matter God told us of going to our home to stay and watch we read out from the message this morning, harden not your heart and no second chance, prophecies came out about it that we will go to our homes and it will be the last.
108.  Now God says it is a move God started, in one of our prophecies he said, I am the one that started this move. Now there has never been anytime God made a great move somebody was not dropped.
109.  “The most unfortunate dropping is somebody, that is here, whom has been dropped, not knowing that God has dropped him or her.”
110.  This is the one that kills; you are following one that does not know you are following him. Somebody has rejected you, yet you don’t know that he has rejected you. Why did he reject you? Because of your character and your stubbornness.
111.  “When you have been dropped by God and you are sitting down here watching, that is the most unfortunate human being. Somebody can be dropped and yet he is here
112.  Verse 38: “For we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end.”
113.  That confidence, the Elohim in the badger skin we call Peter Odoemena. That confidence he imposed on you and I, are you holding your own till this very moment?
114.   Are you holding that confidence as a man, a married man, a minister, a man that has family, a wife in the content of the bridal faith? Watch; whatever we believe is what God will use to judge us.
115.  If I throw a question here, did God say wives should disobey their husbands? Did God say, ‘wives disobey your husbands’? No!
116.  I conducted an experiment with my family one day. I brought out the message who is in control of your family one certain night; I gave it to my second wife to start reading. We sit down and listened to her, as she was reading to some point I will explain, to some I just kept silent, at the end of the whole thing.
117.  I said you are the one the question goes to because we are in our family now God is asking you as a wife, who is controlling your family, God is asking me as a husband, who is controlling my family then after these explanations I have given from this message, you are the one that will judge whether you are the one or your husband.
118.  Every message I bring out to study I will say, now don’t see others, this is Kelechi Uwakwe’s family. God is asking us questions, behaviour of husband and wife is between me and you, no other person here, no other person, is there any family that is here, they say no. It is you and I.
119.   let us balance it, let us see that behavior God demand from my hand and the one God demand from your hand, if we are not obedient to it, we are not going anywhere.
120.  When we come to fellowship and raise a message, you will transfer it to pastor Thomas house, you say it was talking to pastor Thomas wife. Now, it is our family, you are the one God is asking this question as a wife, Amen.

o! See what God is saying now. What causes Luke-warmness in the house hold of God, in your family?
2.          Why there is Luke-warmness in the church page 27verse 45
3.          “God knows what he is saying” God knows what he is saying. Somebody maybe here, unbelief does not mean when a message is preached and you raise up your hand and say “I don’t believe that one.”
4.          No one has done that in this faith, has anybody done it? You raise your hand, I do not believe you are God incarnate, I don’t believe this picture here, you can’t do it.
5.          But let’s see what God said.
6.          God knows what he is saying, the book of Jude5:  said “I will therefore put you in remembrance though ye once knew this , how that the lord, having saved the people  out of the land of Egypt,  afterward destroyed them that believed not.”
7.          Remember they didn’t disbelieve in the first time they were in Egypt all of them believed.
8.          Once Moses brought a report to them, all of them jubilated with joy. That God is taking them to the Promised Land.
9.          They all believed to obey every instruction, both the killing of the lamb and everything, they obeyed all. It was in the wilderness that they failed to believed
10.      What is unbelief? It is a matter of the mind. It takes place in your heart. You may be sitting down in the church”As you are sitting down here and a message is going forth, as it is going on now. Scriptures are being read before you, as we have read out scriptures, holy ghost helping us to interpret, as He is helping us now and then there in your heart you are rebelling against Gods word.
11.      He didn’t say when you go home. Here as you are sitting down here now, in the heart, rebellion is going on, rejection of the word is going on. The word that ought to make you perfect, pure, unadulterated in the sight of He that called you, yet you are rebellion against it inside your heart.
12.      “You are rebelling against the word of God, you are resenting it. You are not raising your hand but in your heart is being raised up. You are rejecting it”. Listen, God gave us mouth, so that we will speak, God gave us heart to believe. If I speak in my heart God hears but, no one hears the one in my heart but God, yes that is how Jesus found out what is in the heart of the people, all the servants of God the same way, they noticed what is in the heart of the people.
13.       Some of the messages we have been reading here sometimes God said no, they didn’t receive this message; it didn’t go well into their heart which is perfectly truth.
14.      As we are sitting down here, did you listened to what God was saying to us this morning, “that he speaks peace to you if you don’t go back to your foolishness”.
15.      Do not go back to the rejecting of God’s word; don’t go back to doing those things that will provoke him. All of us know our nature and our character.
16.      This is the only ministry that a pastor do not police you about but the message he has given to us. The message will police both the pastors, the bishops, all the office holders and to every member of the bridal faith.
17.      It is stored in book form as a witness against all that will begin to act otherwise.
18.      If we can imbibe this nature of studying the message. I told my wife and said that the problem you all are having is that you find it difficult to sit down, pick a message and study, I mean study not intention to tell others, but to find out what God said concerning you and to work and impress him in this bridal faith.
19.      This is the only ministry where the messenger takes time to preserve the truth in print so that you will not perish so that you will always be put in remembrance.
20.      I leant from one of our messages that the reason why we read or put ourselves in remembrance is that if I Kelechi erred, immediately I read the message and find out where I erred I will come back and rush to God and make my wrongs right.
21.      But where you do not study, you do not read, you are only concerned of your daily activities in life. How can you know where you have erred from the way of truth?
22.      Proverbs 21 verse 16. It says, “any man or any woman that wander away from the way of truth, way of understanding should remain in the congregation of the dead.
23.      You wander away from this faith, you sit down here, you are sitting down here among the congregation of the dead, those that do not believe the faith, there you are sitting down.
24.      Apostle Kelechi, the spirit of prophecy is under the control of the prophet. There is a cup on the pulpit, seize that cup, while I assist you from behind.
25.      Are You Walking with God, Or Walking Alone preached on 12th October 2011. By Almighty God the Son of Man, page 61verse 26.
26.      Are you walking with God, or walking alone?
27.      Verse 26: the problem we are having in this faith, is that those of you who think that they know God, do not know God. if you can remember the signs and wonders God displayed here, to reveal himself.
28.      He said he want to banish unbelief, to put an end to unbelief. What is more, naked manifestation of unbelief is murmuring, the second is complaining, the first is grumbling. When it starts in you, you will start to demonstrate, who are you demonstrating against, is it God?
29.      From that time the word of God will mean nothing and you will think that you are doing God.
30.      As a mother or a father, if your child misbehaves and you chastise him or her and he or she turns and make eyes for you and begin to murmur and enter the house, will you feel happy, no. will you keep quiet, sometimes out of anger, you will use something to hit the child.
31.      But you do it to God, you do it to God and you punish your child for it because you have authority, but you do it to God and think you are free.
32.      Think about where you are, somebody tells you because you have arrived at the gate but you have entered, tell the person that it is not true, that you have not entered because anything can happen.
33.      Accident can occur where you are now. To enter the labour room, does it mean you will come out with a child. You must have wisdom, do not allow the devil to deceive you.
34.      That where you are now, you have not put on any immortality but you are about to put it on, if you have wisdom and you have not put it on, you will rest at nothing and if God discovers that if you put it on, you will start challenging him, he will not allow you to wear it.
35.      If a man discovers that if he buys a car for his wife, the wife will form the habit of travelling to different places even more than him, he will close the chapter of buying a car for her.
36.      If he has already bought one he will sell it, heaven will not fall, if he discovers that if you put on immortality you will constitute a problem for him, then forget about it.
37.      You will never put it on, you will be there watching those that put it on.
38.      At the end you go home and you begin to demonstrate like Cain your demonstration is useless, your demonstration is absolutely useless.
39.      Bear this quote I want to tell you today in your mind. Your unbelief can never make God not to be what he is.
40.      Your unbelief removes nothing from God and it adds nothing to God. let me declare to you that no human being has ever helped God to achieve his purpose and no human being can ever help God to achieve his purpose.
41.       In other words, God can do all things, he can do without you. You are not indispensable. There is nothing you can do up to a point God will say if not because of you, na lie.
42.       Bear it in mind, there are people that are far better than you even in this faith that are no more in our midst but all meant nothing to God, bear this in mind.
43.      Re-examine yourself anytime a message is going on. so that you will know where it affects me and where it affects you the word is not directed to the tree but to human beings.
44.      That you don’t know this or that don’t you know what is happening in your heart. Don’t you know the one you have done? Don’t you know the one you are about to do?
45.      Will you say that you don’t know yourself?  Even a mad man knows himself, one that is disobeying knows that he is disobeying do not show remorse on the outside allow the remorse to reach your heart.
46.      if you know the remorse did not come from your heart change will never come. Remorse  comes from the heart do not follow God until you are sure you have made up your mind to work with God, do not follow God until you are sure you have made up your mind to work with God
47.      Don’t ever attempt following him until you have made up your mind to work with him. This message that went forth this evening went gently but many do not understand it.
48.       Your perfection is to work with God. Your perfection is obeying the word of God, your obedience to the truth is your perfection. No more no less.
49.      If anyone tells you that if you remain stubborn and continue to challenge God then tomorrow you become perfect, who made you to be perfect.
50.      You are perfect in stubbornness. God will do everything for us but he never set us free from unbelief. Amen
ake God at His Word, Page 97 from verse 11.It was preached on 5th October 2000.
2.          That was why prophet William Branham warned all, he said, don’t ever come to the point where the message of the messenger of God will become common to your ears or else you get lost.
3.          The moment his message become common, you are lost. It is important that I explain all these things to you because I know that I don’t often come to Wednesday fellowship and the messages they considered there for you, they read it straight. Thus, from now on you will be waiting until Sunday for you to hear from the son of man.”
4.          “One day somebody read the message where God predicted what will happen in the end. He said any moment from now, towards the end of this ministry the Son of Man will be far from many of you. He will be watching you from a grandstand.
5.          He will be attending fellowship anytime he wants. He may even decide to take his family and stay at Benjamin and stop fellowshipping with you. Those that were with me in this faith from the beginning, is it a lie? Didn’t you hear it? He said it is that time that those that desire eternal life will be looking for me.
6.          They will be running helter skelter, for I will be far away from many. he said, now you are not paying money to hear my voice every morning, one day you are going to spend money, travel long distance only to hear from the man of God, from the Son of Man.
7.          If it has ever come to pass, it is now. Victor Ugwu travelled long distance to come and ask me for something,
8.          Has it happened before? He caused it. Many will like to come but they will not have transport fare. The Son of Man is far from many from now.
9.           Some will suffer to come but they will not meet me. I can even be in the house and refuse to come down. These people that are coming from afar, their doom has come.
10.       The word of God has come to pass. They should thank their God that the distance is not too far.
11.      Wherever the carcass is, there the eagles shall gather. If they are in the mountain, the eagles shall go to the mountain, keep it in the valley, they will go there.
12.      Place it in the river, they will go there. God has brought it to pass, I won’t go further. I will still talk more but not today.
13.      If you are wise, it is recorded in the scriptures, learn from what happened in the past. Re-examine what happened in the past.
14.      The book of Romans said all those things that happened aforetime are for our learning and they are documented in the scriptures as a learning unto us that we should not pattern after their bad example. (Romans 15:4)
15.      For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope”.
16.      Watch what is happening, why is it necessary to warn you, the life of your soul is at stake.
17.      On Sunday I will tell you where we are in the middle-east for you to see that the axe is lying beside the tree.
18.      Hypocrites, who do not take the word of God seriously, for the reason best known to them, run for your life, so that you will not be trapped.
19.      If you have not been trapped it is not said that God will count your sins up to ten times before he punishes you. It is three to some and four to some.
20.      God mentioned many communities and the number of sins committed. But to the Jews, they sinned ten times and got trapped.
21.       Will you allow yours to reach hundred? If you haven’t been trapped, pray that you will not, if you have been trapped already, start praying to God for his grace.
22.      It is that same God that we are worshipping. After everything we are pointing back to our fathers. That was the same message we heard in the beginning, bro Mike was recording them in his tape recorder. His wife delivered a baby boy that time; he named him ‘Fear God’.
23.      Fear God! God doesn’t make a casual statement; God doesn’t make anything casual statement. When you think it is casual, you are killing yourself. It may be, keep watch over these things till I come back.
24.      The spirit that is in you, somebody may want to go out in the morning and I will tell him to sit down, to him he will think that I am hindering his success he may not know that God has seen a troublesome spirit and revealed it to his servant to save him from that trouble.
25.       The dangers of over familiarity are in many. Apostle Kelechi preached a message titled the simplicity of God does not overlap his lordship over us. That God is simple; it can never overlap his lordship over us.
26.      No matter the way you are seeing it, he is still our God, our Christ. What must I do that I may do the will of God? What and what are God’s requirement from me? Who knows what will be my righteousness before God?
27.      Everybody must be very careful from now. Be careful, stop and think. Nobody can bribe God, God has never received bribe from anybody.
28.       He hands down Judgment according to his will, and his judgments are perfect. He has never accused anybody falsely. If it not happening in you this morning, tomorrow, you may be the victim.
29.      You will be shouting because God sees afar. Remain blessed in him eternally.
30.      this is the much we will take from our Sunday school. Thank you for your audience. If there be next Sunday and we gather like this, we will continue to hear from him, we will continue to encourage one another as we see the days approaching. Thank you very much.