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Wednesday, 21 November 2018


The Son of Man
1.          You are welcome to His presence this day. I want everybody to be seated. If you love your life and that of your family, give Me attention. If you hate your life and your family, do not give Me attention.
2.          I handled a message titled, MOMENT OF TRUTH, and I disclosed
somany things that are fulfilling today. Every day, my words are coming to pass.

3.          The hour is gone when you were thinking that My words will delay,because of that you will be postponing that which you ought to do. Before you know it, all you heard with your ears, you will fulfill to the letter: either positively or negatively.

4.          Before I proceed, it is not My wish to come and minister to you,like I told you in the beginning, Onitsha in particular, I told you the reason why I am stationed here. I do not need to repeat it. But I wish to remind you the second aspect of My staying here. I said, “I use you to make My tapes.”
5.           The same time I made you know: it is because I have decided to. When I handled the message, WILDERNESS VOICE, who was My recorder? Who read the Bible for Me? Who was My interpreter? Who formed the Congregation? Animals and birds of the air.
6.          Yet, in all your Messages so far recorded, there is not even one as clear as that Message. I wanted to show you that I can do without you, so that when you think you are doing Me a service, you are fooling yourself.
7.          You are the one doing yourself a service, for My Name must be held at a very high esteem worldwide, even among the heathens. You say you will not praise My Name, that is your own decision - leave it to yourself. I bet you, the lilies in the forest, the fowls of the air, animals in the field, they will all praise Me for they knowthat I amand I exist.
8.          I wanted to show you another side of the Son of Man, that I AM the Self-Existing One who worships Himself. For when there was none to worship Him, He lifted His hands towards the sky and said, “I live forever”.
9.          In other words, your worship is useless nonsense. You simply come here to entertain yourselves and do bodily exercise. You are mockers of yourselves.
10.      I am appealing to all of you. Whosoever among you either in Onitsha or elsewhere that is holding some of our tapes which you took home with the aim of helping us to write the Messages out;If you know you are holding any, please hasten up action immediately.
11.       I am very much pleased with whosoever that went home with the message of last Sunday.Today, I am holding the copies in print. He is a family man. He worked with dispatch. He gave it the urgency it needed.
12.      The same way, every message, every teaching that is handled by the Son of Man should receive the same urgent attention. You do not go home and pack it hoping to interpret it or write it out at your own convenient time.
15.      Concerning writing out these messages, it has nothing to do with your gender. I can see foolish and unreasonable women here who are knowledgeable, they are intelligent, they are educated but they are unfruitful in all things.
16.      Let Me just say this, with due respect to whosoever you might be, whatever might be your contributions, keep it to yourself, but view it from the way I am pointing at now.
17.      Can money work without human beings? Can money work without human beings? Your donation, your offering, everything is useless. The greatest offering you can offer is your service.
18.      If you dole out one billion here, that one billion will lie down here. It takes human beings to use it to achieve its purpose. If everybody will be doling out money, who will do the work?
19.      If what it takes to support the ministry is to send money: who does the work? Who does the running around? Who does the printing and everything? There are too many people here that are unprofitable.
20.      I have scattered the back-bench. It is the back-bench of heathens. I only gave two persons back bench. When I was purchasing these chairs, I made only two special provisions for I knew that if I had purchased chairs with arms, this place will be another sleeping house. You rest your two arms, you sleep off.
21.      So, I only provided two. One for Papa Uwakwe, one for Mama Ikebude. No more. No less. Any other chair here with arms must be a borrowed chair. But this morning, I decided to assign one without arm to Bishop Nnachor. Only these two should be seen at the back.
22.      That is not all. This fellowship hall belongs to all of us. There is no permanent seat arrangement here. Nobody has any right at all to personalize a chair. So, I have noticed that there are some that do not only personalize; they also have reserved seats for their associates, their friends.
23.      When they come, they occupy their normal seats and use their sermon books, use their handkerchiefs to secure some seats for people that may not come.
24.      This nonsense should stop immediately now. When you come in here, go and seat in any vacant seat. If you see any seat that is vacant but is occupied by handkerchief or sermon book, remove it. Sit down there. Let the person come and query you.
25.      I noticed another thing. The heathens that normally come to fellowship late will get reserved seat at the back which their friends had already reserved for them:people that cement their unbelief. Instead of rebuking them for coming late, they reserve seat for them.
26.      Let Me say what the prophet said. The prophet said and I implemented it here when I had real deacons but what I have now are not deacons. Then, I implemented it here to the letter. You are My witnesses.
27.      He said, when you come to fellowship which you know you should normally come thirty minutes before the time, go to the front seat and sit down for late comers will always be known for sitting at the back.
28.      He said, God does not go to fellowship late. He does not attend to anything late. So, when we look at the back, we will see nothing but late comers and they are real heathens, unbelievers that mingle in our midst. He said, why should there be seats in the front where the anointing is flowing and you leave it and come and take the seats meant for heathens? Brethren, am I bearing false witness?[No Sir].I implemented it here.
29.      We do not have anything denominational arrangement here where we have families on one seat; sisters: one side;brothers: one side:not here. We are all children of God by faith in Christ.
30.      So, we do not come here to begin to discriminate between male and female. No! We do not have reserved areas meant for sisters and then some reserved areas for brothers. If I see you at the back apart from these two personalities there, I know you are a heathen.
31.      I know where those that come early will stop and late comers will now continue until they extend this wall. Note what I have said this morning.
32.      If you are withholding our messages you took home for transcription, please release them. If you have not worked on them, give usthose Messages. I have too many people not only in Onitsha but outside here who are ready to work with Me.
33.      I do not plead with you to do the work but return it to Me. And if you know you will not work with dispatch, do not go there to take the message. Let Me say it as a warning. From this morning henceforth, nobody has any right to go home with our tapes without getting clearance from Me.
34.      So, whosoever that is dispatching these messages to them should stop it now. Every Message, we expect two copies of every Message so that when we give out one, we reserve one. I hope I am making sense? I am serious about it.
35.      Who can believe that the message I used to settle the controversy that arose at Nsukka has not come out, but the one I handled last week is on My table right now. But somebody went home with it. Why should you withhold it? Has it served the purpose? Is it limited to you?
36.      Whenever God stirs up the water, somebody is about to be saved. You do not know who that person might be. There is nothing that happens in this Faith which God has not permitted. He wants somebody somewhere to learn a lesson through it. I do not care what that thing looks like.
37.      So, whosoever that transcribed this message of last Sunday, you are already blessed and you will keep on remaining in the blessed estate of the Almighty God as you remain steadfastly working selflessly.
38.      I have told you that in the Family of God nobody should be idle. Anybody that is idle in every family frustrates whatever the family is doing. If you are a part of the family, you should be up and doing. If you are not in the kitchen, you are sweeping outside, you are washing clothes, you are ironing. You must be doing one thing or the other. At the end of the day, the whole thing is aimed at building up a formidable family. So you are important,I am important.
39.       If you relegate your own function, you frustrate the work. You make matters even very difficult for us. If we do not permit you to go out and preach, it is because we do not want, not that you will die if you preach. I mean the females. Married and unmarried.
40.      I have My reasons, not because your Bible said you should not preach, No, No, No, I DO NOT OBEY YOUR BIBLE. I AM THE BIBLE. I AM THE FULLNESS OF THE WORD.
41.      Your Bible is five hundred and thirty-six years (536) this year but God is greater than that. God is from everlasting to everlasting. But your Bible is only but five hundred and thirty-six years.
42.      How old is the world? How can the Bible be the complete Word of God? Who can lay hand on all the prophecies of Prophet Enoch? Enoch prophesied about the end time, only just one statement. Was it all that made him a prophet?
43.      Who can tell Me what Saul prophesied that made him a prophet? Who can show Me prophecies of the six daughters of Philip who were prophetesses in the churches? Do you have any of their prophecies?
44.      If they never prophesied, they would not have been adjudged to beprophets or prophetesses in the churches. So, do not ever hold the Bible and say I am holding the complete Work. The same is applicable to the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is not the complete work of the Almighty Allah.
45.      I say it wherever I go. What happened to Christianity first happened to Islam. Jesus predicted, “Seventy years after my departure, apostasy will reign,before he gave way. Prophet Mohammed predicted, “Three hundred years after my departure, Islam will go into apostasy as documented in the Surah.
46.      And immediately he gave way, many versions of Islam emerged which never emerged when he was on the scene. Immediately the Lord Jesus gave way, many versions of his believers emerged and they continued to emerge until we now have one-man-church. Amen.
47.      So, please, I may be foolish in what I want to do today. If you feel I am stupid, keep it to yourself. Let Me remain stupid until today is over. I am here for a very big task. I want to gather Myself together, not that I am scattered. I want to put My facts together because I am going to attend a national wedding at Owerri this week.

1.          On Saturday this week, all roads will lead to Owerri where we shall have a special wedding we have never experienced in this Bridal Faith. By their own language, they call it “Exchange of Sword”, where the bridegroom will be in the Police ceremonial dress;his Bestman, a Muslim will be also in his ceremonial dress. It has attracted the attention of all the police formations in Nigeria as it is the rule. All their representatives are going to Owerri on the 10th of November, 2018. Commissioners of Police in all the states are sending representatives.
2.          And who is adequate to come up with a Message that will blend the North and the South, the Moon and the Star? Who is adequate to handle the Message? You see why I do not need any distraction? So, from now, if you love Me and you love your life, pray before you come to Me.
3.          If I should use Roman Catholic language, this week is My holy week. Then any other week can be unholy. Yes! It is going to be a big battle. Nobody has ever fought it with success. Rather they fought it with compromise.
4.          I am not entering any Mosque. Neither am I entering any Cathedral. No. I am on My own. I am on My own. I want the whole world to know that the Almighty God never called anybody into any religion. And I will like everybody to see that there is no confusionist greater than God. It is hard to believe. Why?
5.          If what is documented in the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible can be reliable, it then means there was a time when the world was one, speaking one language. They were united in dialect and they were having one common mind.
6.          Whatever they wanted to achieve, they went about achieving it: because if you want to create perfect understanding among human beings, give them one language, one tradition, one custom. Nobody has any reason to do otherwise.
7.          God discovered that that unity will cause a great havoc and He said no,seeing the way these people are coming up, there is nothing they will purpose to do which they will not carry out. I will put confusion of language among them. I will scatter them all over the world with different languages so that they will not agree with each other again. Do you believe it? [Yes Sir].
8.          Somebody should give Me my missionary bag immediately,fast, stop lazing about. Somebody means somebody. And Chibuko is lazing about there. You do not know what a missionary bag is all about? Do I have two? I said, give it to Me. That is all. Open it
9.          If you want to walk with Me, you must walk with precision. If you are lazy, I will find it very difficult to walk with you. Very, very difficult. Amen.
10.      There are too many things we have believed which are unscriptural. Too many things. We believe that God gave His promise to Abraham and Sarah. Sarah laughed at the promise. That is our belief. Is it not true? But number one that laughed at the promise was Abraham.
11.      The promise came to Abraham four times and Abraham laughed it away. Abraham laughed before the presence of God at the promises,doubted and doubted until God said, “My friend, it is enough.”
12.      Then, if Sarah later laughed, she borrowed a cue from the husband. The husband taught her never to believe. It was that laughter that made Abraham to name that child Isaac meaning Laughter.
13.      You call Abraham a man of faith because he believed, but how many times did he disbelieve? He was an unbeliever before he became a believer. He believed when facts convinced him. I will come to that but not today.
14.      But if you have your Living bible or Good News, let us read just one place. Genesis chapter 16, you read from verse 1 till I tell you to stop.
15.      1But Sarai and Abram had no children. So Sarai took her maid, an Egyptian girl named Hagar, 2-3 and gave her to Abram to be his second wife. “Since the Lord has given me no children,” Sarai said, “you may sleep with my servant girl, and her children shall be mine.”
16.      ” And Abram agreed. (This took place ten years after Abram had first arrived in the land of Canaan.) So he slept with Hagar, and she conceived; and when she realized she was pregnant, she became very proud and arrogant toward her mistress Sarai. 
17.      Then Sarai said to Abram, “It’s all your fault. For now, this servant girl of mine despises me, though I myself gave her the privilege of being your wife.
18.      May the Lord judge you for doing this to me!” “You have my permission to punish the girl … Amen.
19.      You all know that story. The story of the first son of Abraham called Ishmael. Is it not true? Is it not true? [Yes, it is]. Okay. As we journeyed along, something also took place.
20.      After the birth cometh the death. After the birth cometh the death. If we read Genesis chapter 25, we will see from verse 1 to 17 that he married a third wife called Keturah. Good News Bible.
21.      1Abraham married another woman, whose name was Keturah. She bore him Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah. 3Jokshan was the father of Sheba and Dedan, and the descendants of Dedan were the Asshurim, the Letushim, and the Leummim.
22.      Amen. You read verses 7 and8.7-8Abraham died at the ripe old age of 175. Abraham did what? Died at the ripe old age of 175.9His sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him
23.      His sons who and who? Isaac and Ishmael. Did what? Buried him in Machpelah Cave, in the field east of Mamre that had belonged to Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite.
24.      Okay. Note the two sons. Note the two sons. Who was the senior? The most senior? [Ishmael] If Ishmael was not a son, do you think he would have spearheaded the burial of hislate father? Of all sons, the six sons of Keturah, only these two were prominent, Ishmael and Isaac. Look at the placement. Not Isaac and Ishmael. Ishmael and Isaac buried their father.
25.      Now, I want you to understand one thing. I do not want to teach today. When God gave the command to Abraham that every male child that comes out of his loins should be circumcised.
26.      The Bible recorded that that same afternoon, Abraham circumcised Ishmael and circumcised himself before ever he circumcised Isaac, as a sign that he came out of his loins and it shall be a perpetual covenant between God and his people.
27.      So, circumcision as a custom, as a tradition can be used to trace genealogy. Circumcision of the male child. If there be any tribe anywhere that has it as their custom, as their tradition, even when there was nothing called church or Bible, who gave them the tradition? Who gave them the custom? Where did they learn it from? I do not want to go there.
28.      Now, if Ishmael was circumcised, all Ishmaelites, all Ishmaelites are descendants of Abraham and they must be circumcised.  Did you get the message? [Yes Sir]. Anybody who claims to be an Ishmaelite but refused circumcision must be treated as a foreigner.
29.      It was so grievous a crime that God nearly killed Moses for ignoring it, even in the wilderness. Moses rushed and circumcised his two sons. He did not mean to ignore it, but the wife, being an Egyptian woman, was offended, for she never knew the meaning for circumcision.
30.      As at that time, it was a sign of a covenant. If there be Jews, if there be Ishmaelites in the Gentiles, nobody will teach them circumcision because it is already in their gene. Am I making sense?
31.      Why do you abhor Ishmael seeing he is your biological brother? Inheritance or heritage is there, in the father’s lineage, not in the mother. Every man has his inheritance in his father. Ishmael being the first son has his inheritance in Abraham. Isaac has his inheritance in Abraham. The rest of the sons of Abraham, he gave gifts and sent away, had their inheritance in Abraham.
32.      Why the discrimination? Why the hate? Why the intolerance? Why the bigotry? It is because there was a confusion of language. And that led to the scattering of people that belong to one father to different lands. And any land, where they ran to, they formed a nation there. They reproducedthere and became a big nation, fulfilling God’s promise.
33.      In the day of the final return, Ishmael and his lineage will return to Abraham. Isaac will return to Abraham. All of them are coming back to Abraham.  For God brought Abraham out when he had not even one and said, look unto the sky. Look unto the sand at the Ocean shore. So shall your seed be. Amen. Let Me just halt it there.
34.      If you go back to the Scripture in the same Genesis 11, you will notice that a time came when the whole world was speaking one language, recorded in your scriptures, I mean it.
35.      Genesis chapter 11 from verse 1
36.      1At that time all mankind spoke a single language. At that time, all mankind spoke what? (Congregation: single language). 2As the population grew and spread eastward, a plain was discovered in the land of Babylon and was soon thickly populated.
37.      3-4The people who lived there began to talk about building a great city, with a temple-tower reaching to the skies—a proud, eternal monument to themselves. “This will weld us together,” they said, “and keep us from scattering all over the world.”
38.      While God’s plan was that they should scatter all over the world, they now decided to denominate to build an empire that will weld them together.  And God said it is a hopeless idea. They want to be proud of erecting an empire where there will be no schism, no quarreling. Peace will reign.
39.      So they made great piles of hard-burned brick, and collected bitumen to use as mortar. But when God came down to see the city and the tower mankind was making,Mankind was making. People that survived the destruction of Noah. They were not sinners.
40.      He said, “Look!  If they are able to accomplish all this when they have just begun to exploit their linguistic and political unity,...
41.      They have started exploiting their linguistic and political unity. How can you unite a people without first of all uniting their language, uniting their politics? They have started exploiting it. The advantage of unity of language and unity of politics.
42.      He said, “Look! If they are able to accomplish all this when they have just begun to exploit their linguistic and political unity, just think of what they will do later! Just think of what they will do later. God was afraid of challenging His authority or overthrowing Him.
43.      Nothing will be unattainable for them!  Nothing will be unattainable. I will do something. Come, let us go down and give them different languages, God did what? Come, let us go down and give them different languages, come let us go down and give them different languages.
44.      Why are we different from one another? Is it our blood? [No Sir]. It is not only our skin. Even here, we have white and black among the black. We have white and black among the whites.
45.      So, colour is not the problem. IT IS NOT RACIAL DISCRIMINATION; IT IS LANGUAGE DISCRIMINATION. IT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR US UNDERSTAND AND APPRECIATE ONE ANOTHER. I do not know whether you are understanding what I am saying. Amen. Go ahead.
46.      Come, let us go down and give them different languages, so that they won’t understand each other’s words!” So that they will not understand each other’s words. Who planted this confusion? The aim was toscatter them, so that they will go to the despised of the world, that the purpose of God might be fulfilled.
47.      So, whatever God does, do not query it anyhow. Do not query it anyhow. There is a divine purpose He wants to accomplish.  Yet this is God that requires unity. The Bible said that God is not the author of confusion. I said, not the Bible, but Paul said, “As in all the churches.” I say, na lie.GOD IS A CONFUSIONIST AND I CAN PROVE IT.
48.      That is why we call Him, Almighty. He can do all things. When He wanted to destabilize Ahab and his prophets, the Bible said, “God sent a lying spirit.”
49.      A lying spirit from God anointed them, so that they could deceive Ahab by prophesying lies [2 Chronicles 18:19-22; 2 Kings 22:20-23]. Would there be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it? [Amos 3:6]. He that maketh peace and war, He maketh life and He maketh death. He killeth, He maketh alive [1 Samuel 2:6]. Is He not worthy to be feared?
50.      That is why nobody brags before Him. He does everything after the counsel of His own will and His counsel stands. Who has ever been His counsellor? Somebody who decided to create the evil man for evil day. He created evil day and He created evil man to feature in the evil day. You see why, when you are coming to Him, do not say, I know Him. You do not know Him. Yes.
51.      8So, in that way God scattered them all over the earth. In that way God scattered them all over the earth with different languages. And that ended the building of the city. That was all. Amen.
52.      You see what confusion does in a family? It puts everything to a standstill. So when God wants to halt a move, He knows what to do. Amen. That is not why I am here. Brother, sit down.
53.      I am here for something greater than that. I have given you teachings and the backbone of the devil was broken last week. By last week’s exposition it became clear that this world is under the power and control of the devil.
56.      Did he commit sin? Yes. Did God hold it against him? No. Why? So He decided. The Bible said, What if He decides that sinners should go free, who are you to query Him? For He will show mercy to anybody He wants. Anybody He does not want to show mercy, if you like criticize, you are making a hell of noise.
57.      Let Me just show you one thing as I was talking to the Elders. The bible said that Joshua the High Priest stood in the presence of God,Satan was by his right hand accusing him of many sins. Satan was not accusing him falsely. Joshua committed all those crimes.
58.      Do not doubt Me because the devil knows you. God knows you. The Devil said to the seven sons of Sceva, Jesus I know, Paul I know, who are you? Have you become saviours also? [Acts 19:14-15]. For they came in the name of Jesus whom Paul preached. No experience whatsoever,they were saying what others said and the devil tore them into pieces for they were hypocrites and liars.
59.      Satan accused Joshua using offences Joshua committed which the Devil caught him red-handed. Then, when he (devil) came accusing; Joshua could not open his mouth for he knew he was guilty, but he depended on One who has the power to justify the ungodly.
60.      Was it not what saved Abraham? Abraham was a naked sinner who laughed at God’s promise but he depended on He who has the power to justify the ungodly. Is it not scriptural?
61.      Now, who came to the defense of Joshua? God spoke back. He said, Satan, I reject all your accusations. I know they are true. I know he did all. I reject all these your accusations, for I have purposed to bless Joshua and his generation, for they are signs of good things to come. Who can input sin on somebody God has already absolved?
62.      You see why the Bible said, “If the Son of Man shall set you free, you shall be free indeed.” But as long as he has never set you free, your sin abideth in you.

1.          I am going to make a tape. I decided to touch few nuggets to stir up your minds. While I plead your cooperation, permit Me to use this morning to make this tape. After which, your minister will come to the pulpit and then address the issues of today.
2.          Last week from the scriptures we read in Ezekiel chapter 33 from verse 31 through 33. I want somebody to read it for Me: Living Bible, Good News. Ezekiel chapter 33 from verse 31. Somebody should help Me, I am in a haste.
3.          “Once again, a message came to Me from the Lord, He said, “Son of dust, tell your people when I bring… Son of dust means Son of Man. Read that particular 31 in King James Version. Verse 31.
4.          At least when you are buying your King James, do not buy the New King James [NJKV] and do not buy Catholic edition of King James that contains apocryphal write-ups. They may deceive you. Go ahead.
5.          Again the Word of the Lord came unto me saying, “Son of Man”. I am trying to help you to know that Son of dust means Son of Man. A man born of a woman. One that is subject to death. Son of dust: from where he was molded. That is Son of Man. Job was referred to as son of dust.
6.          1Once again, a message came to Me from the Lord. He said, 2“Son of dust, tell your people: When I bring an army against a country, and the people of that land choose a watchman, 3and when it sees the army coming, and blows the alarm to warn them,
7.          4then, anyone who hears the alarm and refuses to heed it – well, if he dies, the fault is his own. 5For he heard the warning and wouldn’t listen; the fault is his. If he had heeded the warning, he would have saved his life.
8.          6But if the watchman sees the enemy coming and doesn’t sound the alarm and warn the people, he is responsible for their deaths. They will die in their sin, but I will charge the watchman with their deaths.
9.          7So with you, son of dust, I have appointed you as a watchman for the people of Israel; I have done what? …appointed you as a watchman for the people of Israel. Therefore, listen to what I said, and warn them for Me. Amen.
10.      Last Sunday, you heard it. It said, “Son of Man, they are coming to you pretending that they are listening to what you are saying with intent to obey, but I tell you, nay, they are merely playing pranks. They do not mean it.They see You as an orator. They see you as one that has a melodious voice who can sing to their admiration. But concerning what you are teaching them, they will never obey.” We read it last Sunday.
11.      Monday morning, less than twenty-four hours, it fulfilled to the letter. There is no good way of doing a wrong thing. One that sat down here under that Teaching, heard it, adjudged herself condemned:a mother, who could boast of having almost all the clothes in the world went and fought because of clothing and had that heartless mind, I said it is hardening insensitivity, stretched out her hand and slapped a brother.
12.      Tell Me whatever the thing might be, whether there was scuffle over anything. Should there be scuffle at all? If that clothe has been lying there since October last year and you have not been moving about naked, it can even decay there, It is not a part of your life. Why struggling over it? It was in the midst of the scuffle that the brother pushed a grandmother down. All these things happened in a brother’s house.
13.      The foolish woman forgot the awful implications of fighting somebody inside his own house. She never knew that the man could be acting in self-defense and then killed her instantly there. No law will imprison him unless he has no sound lawyer. For he was attacked in his own house. What a criminal offence?
15.      If they feel the crime is worthy of being tried in the court, they will charge him to court of competent jurisdiction where he will be allowed to make his defense. For nobody can be condemned without giving him fair trial,fair hearing.
16.      You see how the devil works. I investigated it. I listened to the reports. All of them speaking the same thing. I marveled but one thing became My consolation. When I spoke with the Elders, I said, “Panic not. This has become a part of the stories we were told to expect this year 2018. There is no type of story we will never hear in this Bridal Faith.
17.      2018, in all, He said, in all, do not panic, for God is going to expose all evil doers in our midst, no matter who they are.” He said, “From the least to the greatest. Infants will not be excluded.”
18.      The same message went to Aba that same day. That same Monday, I got another report. How one wanted to slaughter his wife and threatened to beat his Pastor to coma inside the fellowship. I said, “Praise be to God. Praise be to God. I am still alive.”
19.      I was told ahead of time and I read it so that you will know, if I am the Son of Man, I must have direct communication with the Elohim. And whatever He is telling Me about you, you do not know.
20.      It cannot be something He never said in time past for every action of man is fulfilling what God had allowed to happen in time past. So, you might be thinking it is strange. It is to you. But to the Son of Man, it is not strange.
21.      I am used to seeing all these things and I will even see more because the prophet William Branham said that the evil that started in the Garden of Eden will climax in this generation.
22.      Prophet Enoch prophesied that God will require from the hands of the people of this generation, the evil they have committed and evils that were committed starting from the Garden of Eden where Cain slew Abel. That the blood of Abel will be required from the head of the people of this generation.
23.      In other words, the evils of Noah’s day, the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah, the evils of all generations will climax on our head. You see why the anointing is too much. When you try to do good, you see yourself being upset, doing bad.
24.      You pray and pray, you vow a vow, it will never happen again, the next minute, you see upset. You are not the one. There is an anointing greater than you. And why is it befalling you? It is because you are careless. You are carefree. You do not meditate. Because if you meditate, if you pray, you will see these things ahead of time.
25.      That is why the master said, “Pray at all times, that you enter not into temptation.” If you live a life of prayer, God will reveal things ahead of time to you through visions, through dreams, through premonitions.
26.      You will be having premonitions of anything before they will come. Even if it is accident, even if it is attack, no matter what it is, if you are filled with the holy spirit, you will be having that premonition that something bad is about to come to you but you cannot describe what it is.
27.      You do not know the way it is coming but you are having the feeling that all is not well, that you should get ready, something terrible is coming near you, something that will affect you is nearer. With prayer you can avert it because if through prayer, you catch it, through prayer you can also avert it. Amen.
28.      ANOINTING OF THE DEVIL DOES NOT GIVE THE ANOINTED A BREATHING SPACE. When it rests, you will hear, “Act now. Do it quick.” It will not give you time to reason, to think about the consequences because if you can reason, think about the consequences, you will not carry it out.
29.      For that reason, the devil will not give you that chance. He will keep on pushing you; “You will be a coward if you allow that to happen. You have been keeping mute all these while. In short, do it. Do it.”
30.      The moment you achieve that goal, your eyes will open. Sorrows that will come will be greater than the joy you had for one second. The sorrows may linger for months or for years, for the scar is there.
31.       THE REASON WHY WE THINK BEFORE WE ACT IS NOT BECAUSE OF THE JUDGMENT ALONE BUT BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE THAT ARE LOOKING UP TO US. Amen.Please, permit Me. On Saturday this week, I am expecting that we are going to outnumber the Police officers that will attend that wedding at Owerri. Owerri is not too far from here. I am inviting you specifically to be there not because of eating and drinking.
32.      If you will attend that wedding, you will learn a lot. You will know the meaning of moon and star. You will know the point where we are meeting. I have scratched it a little now by showing you that it took Ishmael and Isaac, beings sons of Abraham to bury their late father. It must take a Jew [kinsman] to begin to apportion the heritage to the others.
33.      Have you wondered why Ishmael never threatened to kill Isaac? Isaac never threatened to kill Ishmael, but their mothers were constantly quarrelling? While the brothers were united, their mothers were quarrelling.
34.      Reason being, “na my maid I gave my husband. Is it my maid that I am now contending my husband with?” She is no longer a maid but a wife and should be accorded that respect as a wife not a maid.
35.      For a man to marry his maid is normal. It is approved of God. Even in our day, a lot of men marry their maidservants that they brought up in their houses.
36.      Jealousy exists amongwomen. Thenimagine of the one that will exist when it was the womanthat asked the husband to marry hermaid to see if they can have a child. Eventually the girl became pregnant. Hence, she became proud about the pregnancy. Sarah became furious.
37.      As if it were a play, she gave birth to a male child. Sarah bemoaned: though I am the first wife my son will not be the firstborn I have lost the opportunity of having the first son even as I am the first wife. If you read the Bible, said it says, Sarah persecuted her for being pregnant.
38.      Before they knew it, she had a male child. Miraculously, Sarah became pregnant and equally gave birth to a male child. But the first son had already taken his place.
39.      When God was giving Abraham the promise of blessing his first child, Abraham presented Eleazar the slave he bought with money. God said, “No! I mean your first son.”
40.      When finally Ishmael came, God blessed Ishmael and gave Ishmael heritage and said that Ishmael shall be father of many nations also. I will multiply his generations. Isaac came. God also blessed him with the same blessing. Amen.
41.      Whether special or not special, what makes one special? We are talking about heritage. is there any first son whose birthright was taken away from him and he kept quiet? [No Sir]. Have you now seen that they were one?
43.      You call Him Allah. That is the language;the language for that people is Allah. Our own is Chineke. Even in our own, some call Him Olisa. Yoruba calls Him Oluwa. Is it not true? Cross River calls Him Abasi. What are they calling? The same God, using the language God gave them. What are you calling? It is the same thing you are still calling.
44.      With this preamble, you can see what the wedding will look like. It is going to be a wedding where the Son of Man shall be called, “Na Him! Na Him! Na Him!”Because I am going to trail on a ground nobody has ever trailed. Yes!
45.      We normally see Pentecostal preachers like the Vice President attending ceremonies together with them. This one will pray, another will pray, all in their own belief. In this one, there is going to be one prayer. Yes!
46.      You believe that God is one. That is the belief of Isaac. That is also what Ishmael believes. No Muslim believes that God is two in one or three. God is One: One Allah. So, InshaAllah, we shall be there. By the grace of God, we are already there. Follow Me, let’s go.
47.      Do not go having food in mind for we may not have food enough for you. We may not have drink, but we have something greater than that to offer you which will help you to avoid appearing before God’s judgment seat. because I will show you the common ground of the two Messengers. All of them came from the East. Abina lie?
48.      Mohammed came from the East, after Jesus. Jesus also came from the East and all of them were Arabians. You must be an Arabian before you become an Israeli. If you are not an Arabian, you cannot be a Jew.
49.      So, Israel is not a nation in the land of the Jews. By right, Israel should not be accorded independence. Israel is a city. A nation built out of nothing. A nation without genealogy. A nation that came into existence without referendum. A nation that was formed by one man.
50.      I will show you. As at the time God singled out Abraham to that particular place, Bible said, Abraham never had even a metre of land that was credited to him. That God never allotted even an inch of the land to Abraham but promised He will establish him in that land. Amen.
51.      I know I am trailing on a very dangerous ground but I am greater than the trouble I have caused. If I notice you will trouble Me, I will give you a permanent rest with your ancestors, and the journey continues. This is where I am now, no headache. The cloud is here!
52.      Remember I am under strict instruction. If I tell you, you will die, you are dying, but if I do not tell you to repent, your blood will be required from Me. But where I have warned you and you refuse to change your mind, surely when you die, your blood will be required from you.
53.      I am your Watchman, I have signaled My alarm. If you like, heed to it. If you do not like, play with it. On that day, you will say, “If I had known. If I had known.” But there will not be remedy then.
54.      Permit Me to make the tape as I promised. I will use Brother David Mbah’s voice to make this tape but I will not pay him with cash or kind. He will receive a reward from Me, not cash, not kind. Whatever the reward is, is best known to Me.
55.      Apostle Ojiakor, any day you forget My discussion with you over the phone where I used you and Brother David to talk to some people. If you forget it, you are stumbling into hell; into hell.