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Wednesday, 7 November 2018


God bless you Church. Watch, When Balaam started running and running, God told him; “Balaam, don’t go.”
2.          Balaam stood still alone; they came again to persuade him. Balaam said, “Well, this time around, I thought you were for me, I never knew you came to oppose.”

3.           Balaam looked for God and told God that those people have come again, that he is dead. In everything God said, “Leave them. Balaam, don’t go.”
4.          When Balaam went to God, watch what he said. He said, “If it will please you, permit me to go. Lord, if it will please you permit me to go.”
5.           What did he hear; “Balaam, come on, move.”
6.          He said, “If it will please you, permit me to go. If it will not please you, don’t allow me to go.”
7.          Balaam started his move. In other words, “Go, it will not please me. In other words, I was playing before; I have played with you before.”
8.           Did Balaam return from that journey? Balaam met a man, when he met the man, he met his death. Balaam didn’t come back; the Lord destroyed his team and destroyed Balaam likewise!
9.          What am I saying now? I am saying it loud and clear, at the same time sounding a warning that for a Man to feel that because he has found favour from God, for that, he will no longer pay heed to all that God has said and done in diverse ways, that person will no longer follow God at his word, then God will give you your permissive will, is it not Bible?
10.      When they know God and what God hates as it is written in the book of Romans chapter one. That they know God, and it has been revealed to all their leaders about who God is, they refused all they heard about God and lived as it pleases them. For that reason God rejected them, permitted them to live their lives as it pleased them.  
11.      I think that is what is happening in the society today. If you see someone that behaves the way he likes, and you follow that person, you are gone! And God is saying, “Don’t place your sacrifice anyhow.”
12.      Remember I am in my duty. Somebody may be questioning in his heart, this Message our Brother Mike preached.. had it been the Apostle knew, he would have...”
13.       If you are guilty of it, the earlier you repent and receive God’s grace, I think the better for you.
14.      What am I saying? This man does not know when God’s anger is on him always. Look at the scripture that will put fear in us.
15.      Psalms 7:11 King James version or any other version, I prefer King James, this is Holy Bible.
16.      Psalms 7: 11, “God judges the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.” KJV.
17.      That God judges the wicked, and that God is angry with the wicked every day.
18.      Can you imagine a situation where somebody cannot please God every day and God’s anger will come upon that person? When someone reaches to the point that anything he does annoys God, it is a horrible situation. The moment you step in, God immediately becomes annoyed, even the food you eat annoys God. If you talk, God becomes annoyed.
19.      A wicked person, and who is a wicked person? He that does not honour the Word of God, that is a wicked man. Let me show you where I will point at.
20.      Deuteronomy 18: 7-14, Then he shall minister in the name of the LORD his God, as all his brethren the Levites do , which stand there before the LORD. They shall have like portions to eat, beside that which cometh of the sale of his patrimony.
21.      When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.
22.      There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
23.      Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
24.      For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee. Thou shalt be perfect with the LORD thy God.
25.      For these nations, which thou shalt possess, hearkened unto observers of times, and unto diviners: but as for thee, the LORD thy God hath not suffered thee so to do.” KJV.
26.      Riches can hinder one from keeping the Faith to the end. Today, you might be as poor as the Church rat, but tomorrow when God starts blessing you, when you have riches and wealth, you have children, you have everything, you have good houses, the Lord is saying, “Make sure you still remained faithful, do not allow your heart to be lifted up and say, ‘thank God for blessing me,’ for that reason the Word of God starts sounding common to your ears.”
27.       I am saying that wealth and riches, your beautiful houses, your numerous children, even the way you beautify your houses can cause you not to worship God as you were worshipping God before. It can make you not to be faithful to the end.
28.      If you are asked to go and worship God, you will reject going to the house of God to worship. If you are asked why you will not go to the house of God to worship, you give excuses.
29.      The Lord is saying that remember He has blessed you with all these things, don’t allow your heart to be lifted up and then you forget the Lord who saved you from the house of bondage.
30.      God bless you Church. I am blessed by this teaching, very much blessed. It has made me to remember actually what the Lord placed in me.
31.      We have too many testimonies to share and we equally have some stories to tell; you have some special numbers to sing, all to the praise of our God.
32.      You know God once told us something: that people were closing their mouths; they did not want to praise Him. He said, “Even if you cannot praise Me, I am capable of making these ones, you see all these little children, I will make them to praise me! Hallelujah, Amen!
33.      If you cannot open your mouth to praise God, do you think you are doing it to your mother? If we just say, “Let us open this offering bag,” all of us will become ashamed, showing that we give grudgingly. Our God has nothing to do with this money. Amen.

That is wonderful number! You see, we don’t even know that you have this wonderful voice. Sister, you have been suppressing it all this while because we don’t have a choir group.
2.          Well, let me reserve my comments until I see it again! I will like to see a sister that will keep on singing and praising God until others will be provoked to jealousy—keep on singing and praising God until someone will react, “Na wah! every Sunday, this Sister, every Sunday, Sister!”
3.          Yes, let her continue to do it, let it be so. You don’t want to worship God; and you don’t want others to worship God. If you are annoyed, do your own. Keep on developing your gifts and yourself spiritually until we grow above others!
4.          You know one thing with this Church, if you don’t want to grow in the spirit, you are stunted, we are weak in the spirit, and every Sister in the Church will provoke you because the spiritual Sister is in enmity with the carnal Sister– a war of two spirits.
5.          If you are not spiritual, you cannot grow. And if you dare sit near a spirit-filled Sister while worshipping God, you are in trouble because if she raises up her hands, you will be annoyed. If she dances, you will be annoyed, you are lost!
6.          You will be saying, “Is she the only one in this Church? The next thing is for her to fly. Anyway, let her fly! Is she is the only one in this Church that knows how to dance?” 
7.          Yes! She is the only one that has the Holy Ghost. Yes, she is the only one. Mixed-multitudes, I am talking to you!
8.          In this Church, you know we have a rule, which is the Word rule. The Word said that we should greet every brother, every Sister with a brotherly kiss and I have told you the interpretation which William Branham equally recorded in his message.
9.          William Branham while he was in America, he told the Americans, don’t kiss your brother, don’t kiss your sister, greet him with brotherly handshake, that is the language.  No matter the way we preach it, somebody must to go contrary.   
10.      I remember the good olden days at Amazu Oil when we never had any mixed-multitude, when the service was over, we could be in the Church for five hours. When the service was over, we could be in the Church premises for another three hours.
11.      Some Ministers will be shouting, “Church, go home, take the little children home!” But this time around, before a Minister will come down from the pulpit, you will see some already climbing the hill—mixed-multitudes.
12.      They want to avoid our troubles, that is the interpretation: “I don’t want their problem!” That is the interpretation. But, let everybody walk in the spirit.
13.      God help me to check that fanaticism. I think this is the greatest battle I am fighting now. Yes, the greatest battle that is facing me now is to check the fanaticism that is emanating from the Faith.
14.      Brethren from Kaduna nearly made me mad, when a brother nearly packed out of his compound because of this separation. God help us.
15.      It is just like people want to destroy their photographs, they destroyed both valuable and non-valuable ones. It shouldn’t be so. Ask questions.
16.      Nothing should be taken beyond the scriptures. I say nothing should be taken beyond the scripture. Once the Word were read before them, you see them fainting and I commanded them to go and make it right and restore the message, otherwise, it will be labelled occultism. Your conduct, everything in the Church must agree with the revealed Word.
17.      I hope you know why we do not permit excommunicated women to live with their husbands that are in the faith! The scripture holds the answer. If a woman is truthful and of a necessity, her husband is excommunicated and the person is excommunicated from the Church, and the husband remains in that Church, hear me very well, it is scriptural.
18.      Unless the man has been excommunicated from us—because the CHURCH MUST BE PERMANENTLY JOINED TOGETHER IN ONE JUDGEMENT and they will say the same thing—thus, if the Church passes judgement on my wife and I am a part of the Church, I will take side with the Church.
19.      If the Church passes judgement on your wife and you are a part of the Church, you will take side with the Church. If not, you are still saying that the Church is not correct, that the Church is wrong.
20.      In other words, you are indifferent. That is to say, you have excommunicated yourself without judgement. Thus, we are not saying one thing.
21.      But the Church has authority even to restore that woman to his house on basic grounds because we can make degrees and we can cancel degrees.
22.      I don’t know the nature of the business that will prevent Bro. Eze from coming to Church on Thursday and on Sundays; I don’t know the kind of sickness that will make our Brother Eze to absent himself from Thursday fellowship even on Sundays. I don’t know, this must be a wonderful one.
23.       I don’t know if anybody knows about him, the person should make a haste to say it because it is a very serious matter. A brother testified of the much he knows concerning the matter.
24.      Okay, I will ask you to go back again, sit down with him, have a discussion with him. That is my own advice. If he fails to tell you the situation, ask the sister about the situation.
25.      Let us know what his sickness is all about, because this situation is not something somebody got in his bed because brother came here to pray yesterday in the afternoon and this was what he saw in this Holy House of God. Any man playing with it is playing with his life.
26.      I cannot play with it. It can mean physical death, it can also mean spiritual death. Both physical and spiritual, they are not necessary at this time. If it is physical death, the man should not die at this time. If it is spiritual death, he shouldn’t die at this time because the journey is almost concluded.
27.      If anybody comes all this way and starts to fail or be disobedient with clear eyes, instead of being very wise and calculative, know very well that his sickness is not all about one sin, for sin multiplies. William Branham said that un-confessed sin can hinder healing at any time.
28.      If I start to have feelings of ill-health, the first thing I normally do is to become sober and gather myself very well. Then I will begin to scrutinise myself within that period to know how I went with people both in speech, behaviour and in different ways.
29.      If after proper scrutiny and I find out that there is nothing that will warrant me appealing to God that I am sorry, it is then I will resort to prayers. But if after I find out the cause, I will plead with God and correct it.
30.      I don’t know whether somebody noticed it, even while the pastor was praying, his own voice was distorting the prayer, left alone that day you heard two voices, one was the pastor’s voice coming from the pulpit, another, his own voice coming from the pulpit. I don’t know whether you noticed it. I myself, I noticed it.
31.      I don’t know whether you will visit him, this will help you to help the man out. If you get to him, explain to him that this is what we got from the Church.
32.      Ask him some questions, within this period he is alive, he should tell himself the truth, so that God can endorse him, for I can stay here and pray and pray and pray, but the thing will just wash out.  Amen.

Now, the second vision is very clear. No believer is in doubt that the Messiah is coming soon. If you are in doubt, please I want to clear that doubt from you.
2.          Nobody knows the date, but is He coming back? I said very shortly, He will harvest the earth.
3.          What I am saying is that Translation is around the corner. I am not saying that Christ is coming to walk around here as a person. I am saying that Christ is here already to rapture the saints away (Translate the Saints).
4.          Very soon, the people that will see Him this time walking on two feet will be the Jews. As for us here, we cannot see more than what we have seen.
5.          Whether you like it or not, it is the same Spirit. He is going back to the Jews. But He is going back to the Jews in the vessel they can recognise. Outside Moses and Elijah, the Jews do not know any other person. The Jews do not recognise Joshua and Caleb.
6.          Outside Moses and Elijah, no true Jew recognises any other person. they don’t even recognise Jesus Christ. The only thing the Jews know is Moses and Elijah. Apart from that, any other thing you are trying to show them is false.
7.          Thus, whether they like it or not, the two voices will rise there again.
8.          God helping us, but let me help you, that the last batch of the Jews will be settled once and for all. The whole nations helping them now, even Arab countries are equally helping them.
9.          Finally, Israel, has agreed that the Mosque will remain there. Israel has agreed that mosque will be where the temple of Jerusalem is, with their own temple facing that one that is opposite.
10.      In other words, I am still saying that the stage is set, the moment the last part of the Jews got settled, is it not over?  
11.      I noted many things; William Branham quoted a date in 1946, setting the date in 1946 when he (William Branham) had an Angelic Visitation that told him about Palestine and the flag that will be there. By 14th May, 1948, it came to pass. William Branham had that visitation on 7th May 1946, but on 14th May 1948, all of them came to pass.
12.      If you want to see it, go back to your C.O.D volume one, right there you will see where William Branham preached it as if William Branham knew that the Messiah will go back to the Jews. He said, “For now, nobody is taking the Bible seriously.”
13.      But people that crossed over from end-time should know more than that. However, if you didn’t cross over from end-time follow what you are following, continue going, you are not being misled.
14.      We are mentioning end-time for we were privileged to be there. It is just like one that was privileged to be in Egypt following Moses and now they are in Joshua’s ministry, it is a privilege.
15.      God helping us, I am still saying that the coming of the Messiah is at hand. It can’t be too long, quote the Lord, if it was not so, I wouldn’t have declared to you. Let me just help you a little.
16.      When He came in His First Advent, He was on earth and His forerunner was equally on earth to forerun His First Advent. In His Second Advent, He was here and His forerunner was equally here.
17.      When His forerunner was forerunning His message, forerunning His advent, He was here but unknown. However, those supernatural occurrences were happening around Him from time to time, yet He was unknown.
18.      He had no disciples, He had no message, from the time He appeared in the temple and read the Book of Isaiah, went back with His parents and then vanished. He never re-surfaced again.
19.      The time He surfaced, it was in His office, then where did He go? If we check His story, He appeared in the temple at the age of twelve, and then went back with his parents and then vanished from human sight, appeared on the scene at the age of thirty. Where did he spend the period of about eighteen years?
20.      I am coming to something again. I am still saying that He was on earth to give His forerunner enough time to forerun, and was keeping watch until the appointed time came. Remember He was on earth, yet nobody could reveal Him as The Son of Man until the hour came, are you getting what I am saying?
21.      When the hour came, there was a question: “Who do people say I am? Who do you say I am?”
22.      He was here on earth, He was on earth before he was revealed, He wasn’t in heaven, he was here, and was revealed. In other words, He has been with mankind even in the midst of people.
23.      You didn’t get the message. I said He was hidden in the midst of human beings, walking in the midst of human beings, unknown to everybody until that day when that thing happened. From that day people started giving Him honour: “So, this man is like this!”
24.      People change their vision about that man, that was the First Advent and then He gave us signs, what we should look out for.
25.      He said, “Watch, I will go but I will never leave you comfortless. I will come again and be with.” We know all these truth. What is more, He said, “The world will be exactly in the same shape like Sodom and Gomorrah when the Son of Man shall be revealed.”
26.      Will the Son of Man be revealed to them? No Sir, in the midst of His people, walking in the midst of his people. Yet nobody will know Him, until the whole world has turned to sodomite condition, then, He will be revealed. Are you getting what I am saying?
27.      When he picked James and John, went somewhere and turned round and told them, “Make sure you tell nobody.” But they went about telling people, saying, “He is the Messiah.” that was why He said, “I am the Resurrection and Life. I have the right to take My life if I like and pick it.” They were right in their assessment.
28.      But whether they like it or not, to the disciples, He was more than anointed because He did not reveal Himself to the world, He revealed Himself to His people.
29.      I am the Father are one. Don’t carry the Father too far, if it is not the truth, well, we will be wasting our time in this Faith. But I believe it, not because William Branham prophesied that it will be so.
30.       William Branham said that He (God) is no longer in heaven, is it not so? That the Deity is now in the Church, is it not your message? That the Deity is no longer in heaven, the Deity is now in the Church. He, the Great Deity, tabernacles in the flesh now, but people are still expecting the Deity from the sky.
31.      Your problem is that you don’t know where He is, because we are pointing towards the sky. Any day we stop pointing towards the sky, I think that day, we will stop looking at heaven. God bless you. Amen.

Prayer: our Dear Most Holy Father, we thank you the way you have been with us since morning to this very moment.
2.          Lord, we express our appreciation to you, for your goodness and mercy which you have bestowed upon us since the world began, which was held unto the preaching of the gospel, that we are made partakers of your generation in this last days.
3.          We commit ourselves into your hands this morning that you will still uphold us to that very day, knowing God with our precious faith this morning, Lord I commit everybody here in this entire Church into your hands, that your slender will come under this covering, and put us in remembrance of all things which you have already told us, that at the end of today’s fellowship we must go home blessed. In Christ’s Name we have prayed.
4.          Different, different brethren from all parts of the country gathered here, and since then you have been hearing a lot of testimony of what transpired, and lot of experiences, you people are impacting to us.
5.          As we are waiting for the coming of the Lord, as we are gathering, waiting in expectation of Him, we must also be putting in remembrance of the things Almighty God told us.
6.          Because if God comes, when God is making a move, you just have people that will carry out that move to other parts of the world. He will use His own servant and store that move in Him, that move is work. He will use His Servant to explain it to the people He has chosen for that particular day or age, for him too.
7.          Their own job is to move out, speaking the same thing to the world. A lot of things were running in my heart, on what the Lord spoke to us dwelling down that we all understood that we are not playing.
8.          That is why when God was making a move here in the morning with the Apostle, the Son of Man, trying to let us know that this is the ONLY place where salvation is, where you can come and find salvation, and that has been the trouble of all God’s servants in all the ages.
9.          Truly speaking, during the last ministers’ meeting we had, I am saying that if you watch very well, when God is about to do something in every dispensation, He always uses a human being.
10.       God will make the people holy, and veil Himself in one person so that his ministry will be made manifest in that very vessel He is using, because everybody will not be privileged to witness the move of God in that dispensation.
11.      Thus, He will make use of the privileged few, also through God’s Chosen Vessel Who will be teaching and guiding the privileged few who will help Him to preach His word which He has imparted in them.
12.      And it is also those His ministers working in the same vineyard with Him that He will give His rules, His doctrines on how to let the whole world know all the things God has done in that dispensation.
13.      It was a surprising thing to the Jews, concerning Jesus Christ, when Jesus was telling them, “Truly; truly I said unto you, if any man does not believe my word, he can never inherit the kingdom of God.”
14.      Truly speaking, it will be a surprising thing, a difficult thing for people to believe what Jesus Christ was telling them. So it is in our own time. It will be a very difficult thing for people to believe our teachings: that it is only in our midst you can be saved, that it is only in the Bridal Faith you can get eternal life. It is very hard for people to believe our preaching.
15.      If you listen to the radio, you will hear people using musical instrument in their worship - children of Cain. All the Children of Cain, they will all gather in this Local Government today, all those that know how to use the musical instrument.
16.      They will come with different types of instruments to sing, even their choir, they will all gather there today in the name of worshiping God. That group is from the lineage of Cain, but God is with us here without measure, giving us the real word of God that will make us stand firm, not shaking at all.
17.      That is why we always walk with our heads high, not looking at anybody, and we also affirm it harder that anybody that goes out from our midst can never find peace in the world.
18.      Also, we have to be very-very careful, we should be trembling, not after hearing from God we go out and continue to live our life anyhow we want, no. We should fear God; because we know that of a truth the God we worship does not respect or fear anybody.
19.      God Himself has already told us that we should not be proud that God is using us, no. That should not make you to be proud of yourself, and by so doing you will start to behave anyhow you want; no.
20.      Even in the olden days, all the people that worked with God who went contrary, God Himself destroyed them, He was not merciful to them, so we have to be very, very careful for all the things written in the Bible is for our learning.
21.      Jeremiah 48:10. “Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.”
22.      If you listen very well, you will understand hear God’s mouthpiece in our midst, the Son of Man every time, He will say that every messenger of God in this era is carrying curse on Him this time. That all massagers of God have curse on their neck.
23.      This is Jeremiah, he said, “Cursed is he that do the work of God deceitfully.” Also, that cursed is he that refuses to shed blood. When it is time to shed blood, you draw back your machete. Cursed is that person.
24.      Before, I introduce the topic of the message, let us go the gospel according to Saint John 6:18-19. “And the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew. So when they had rowed about five and twenty or thirty furlongs, they see Jesus walking on the sea, and drawing nigh unto the ship: and they were afraid”.
25.      What I am talking about here is the work of God. The work of God, we should understand very well that the work we have at hand is the work of God, we are no longer talking of believing in this God, no; we have believed in Him.
26.      Now, what we are talking of now is doing the work of God deceitfully, in a careless way, because when God commissioned His messenger, He told Him to preach this message without any fear or favour of anybody, if not, He will pay with His life.
27.      Thus, his life is tied to this ministry. Ancient men, have you not heard of this statement? It is like you people have forgotten about this statement.
28.      Even the prophet said it and we often hear Him say it that the Spirit of God came to the Son of Man, if he will be faithful to the end, that He will cause people to believe His Gospel, that no sickness of any sort will stand against his prayer, not even cancer. And the same authority is also given to us, we that are in the same vineyard with Him, even the Son of Man.
29.      Then if Almighty God has placed such a curse on His mouthpiece, how do you think we that are following Him will go scout free when we disobey his word? That is why we should be very careful, that cursed is he that does the work of God deceitfully.
30.      It is not one who said that he will not do the work, no, but who agreed to go, but do it deceitfully, these are the people that are cursed.
31.      Why is it that God placed a curse on the people that do His work deceitfully? Why is it that there is a curse on anybody that does the work of God deceitfully? Let us go to the book of Ezekiel.
32.      Ezekiel: 14:1-4.“ Then came certain of the elders of Israel unto me, and sat before me. And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
33.      Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their heart, and put the stumblingblock of their iniquity before their face: should I be inquired of at all by them?
34.      Therefore speak unto them, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Every man of the house of Israel that setteth up his idols in his heart, and putteth the stumblingblock of his iniquity before his face, and cometh to the prophet; I the LORD will answer him that cometh according to the multitude of his idols;”.
35.      Ezekiel saw it very well, just like our prophet said that there is no prophet sent by God that speaks against other prophets that came before them, they as well support their messages because they know the Source of their message very well.
36.      Ezekiel has also seen what Jeremiah saw, even when the Son of Man was sent, they have already seen it in the spirit. Before God will use any man for a divine ministry, He God will first of all remove that man from this flesh, and caution him very well concerning what he is going to do, because curse is he that does the work of God deceitfully and falsely.
37.      God will warn them very well to do the work of God in a truthful way. That he should listen very well, there was a reason why God called him up to the mountain to show him the mystery of his calling in Christ, that he should pay heed to the instruction from God; that all the things He is showing him he should be mindful of all, so that he will be able to tell the children of Israel all those things.
38.      You will see what they passed through. When God called Moses to go and collect the Ten Commandments for the children of Israel, Moses did not drink water, He did not eat for forty days and forty nights. He did not taste anything. Check out that kind of person that did not drink nor taste anything for forty days and forty nights on the mountain, even when he came down from the mountain, the Children of Israelites annoyed him and he broke the Ten Commandments and he went back and asked God for forgiveness and God asked him to come back to the mountain.
39.       And all he passed through during the first trip is also what he will pass through the second trip. He climbed the Mountain again for forty days and forty nights without tasting anything.
40.      And you think that after much suffering, that God will keep quiet and not punish anybody that doES God’s work deceitfully; there’s A curse attached in doing God’s work deceitfully; that is why we should be extremely careful anytime we are called to work for God.
41.      God told Moses to be very watchful, that anything he sees, that he should relay it to the Children of Israelites. Let’s go to the gospel of Ezekiel.
42.      Ezekiel chapter 44:5-9.“ And the LORD said unto me, Son of man, mark well, and behold with thine eyes, and hear with thine ears all that I say unto thee concerning all the ordinances of the house of the LORD, and all the laws thereof; and mark well the entering in of the house, with every going forth of the sanctuary.
43.      And thou shalt say to the rebellious, even to the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord GOD; O ye house of Israel, let it suffice you of all your abominations,
44.      In that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers, uncircumcised in heart, and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in my sanctuary, to pollute it, even my house, when ye offer my bread, the fat and the blood, and they have broken my covenant because of all your abominations.
45.      And ye have not kept the charge of mine holy things: but ye have set keepers of my charge in my sanctuary for yourselves.
46.      Thus saith the Lord GOD; No stranger, uncircumcised in heart, nor uncircumcised in flesh, shall enter into my sanctuary, of any stranger that is among the children of Israel.” KJV.
47.      This kind of person that had an encounter with God, I don’t think he will play with the words and instructions from God anytime he climbs down from the mountain.
48.       If he is talking to the Children of Israelites, he will be speaking to them with conviction and assurance, he will not be afraid of anybody and God has also fulfilled it in our midst with His Messenger that is in our midst which we were all eyewitnesses of His Glory.
49.      The Son of Man has fulfilled all that God sent Him to accomplished without fear and favour even for a day and God himself came down from heaven and testified concerning how faithful the Son of Man has been in His Ministry and this same ministry has been transferred into our hands.
50.      Thus, we have to be very-very careful for this Ministry is not all about eating and drinking because the Son of Man came so that Christ will be made known in our lives, will be made visible in our lives.
51.      That was why last Sunday, God was talking to us about Stewardship which he called “Caretaker”, and he made us to know that we are caretakers, Amen!
52.      We are all what? Caretakers. The life we are living now is not ours, this life we are living in the flesh is not our own life, that is why the work God placed in our hands, we should not do it deceitfully. There should not supposed to be anything deceit in it.
53.      We should all be extremely careful in doing this good work of God, with all our hearts, even in other scriptures; he called it “slumber”. God in other portions of the Bible REFERS to deceit as “slumber  
54.      In those olden days, there were some lives we were living, other gods we were worshipping before this Glorious Ministry came to us to show us really that this life we are living is not our own.
55.      Galatians chapter 2: 20. “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”
56.      Let me tell you, if you do not know the life you were living before, it will be very difficult for you to differentiate when the life of Christ has come into you.
57.       If you cannot tell of your past life, there’s no way you can give account of when Christ took over your life.
58.      Paul was convinced and he said that, he is sure and certain that the life he is living now is not his life, but Christ living in him.
59.      He said, “I am living the life of faith, the life I am living in the flesh now is Christ living it in me through faith. I am living the life of Christ who loved me and gave his life for my sake”.
60.      That is why we set aside all deceitful things of dishonesty, all sorts of things that will bring shame in this holy Ministry which God has handed over to us with all my conscience to prove to everybody that I am transparent in all my dealings, that I am truthful in all I am doing with my fellow human beings before man and God. You can never get this type of message anywhere.
61.      There is no kind of life you are living that is hidden among us. no matter how you try to hide it, God will one day use one of us to rebuke you, to correct you without looking at your face, no matter who you are.
62.      that is why we should be very careful. If it comes to this, there is one thing you will show: your life will show the Word here.
63.      Wait, let me tell you those that does not worship God, know those that are truly worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth. That is why God said, “Whenever an unbeliever is pointing at your life or testifying about your life, we should pause and look into that thing, anytime, they say something that is true, believe it to be truth.”
64.      That is why we stand sure in this Ministry, knowing fully well that this Ministry is truth from God Almighty to make sure that nothing falsehood or deceit will be associated to our lives because we are caretakers.
65.      God has handed His work into our care, so, as caretakers which is called stewardship, if you go to the book of Joel, he said it is somebody that takes care of someone’s property. You are taking care of someone’s property which means the life we are living is not ours, but Christ living in us.
66.      He first of all lived this life in Himself and came down to live this life in us, moved round for us to know, that is why the Pharisees and Sadducees looked at Peter and John and said that they are with Christ, because  Peter and John were present when Jesus Christ was talking firmly to the Pharisees.
67.       Anytime he was preaching the word to the Pharisees, they saw how he was preaching to them, standing against them, telling them of their sins even before them.
68.      Peter and John were eyewitnesses to all, the same way Jesus Christ preached to the Pharisees was also the same way Peter and John preached to them without fear or trembling, because it is the same anointing. The same zeal Jesus had, He also transferred it into his disciples when He was talking in the book John.
69.      John chapter 17:8-12. “For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.
70.      I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.
71.      And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.
72.      And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.
73.      While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the Scripture might be fulfilled..”
74.      He said that I have given them the message that you gave them, they have believed really that I proceeded from you; I have kept the faith so for this Gospel of Christ.
75.      I have kept myself holy and it is because of the message God placed in the hands of his messenger that made him to keep himself holy in all ways.
76.      There is nobody that can come up to blame him in any way. Even Jesus, by the time he started his ministry, the devil tempted him in different ways, tried him, even took him to many places, used all sorts of things to try him.
77.      The same way the trial came to the messenger of God in our own generation, to try him, when this ministry started, that they want to take Him to overseas for a job, presenting all sorts of things which he will gain, all the benefits attached to the job, but He remembered the ministry which God placed in his hands, none of them deviated from their calling in Christ to avoid the curse that is attached to their calling, to avoid every disobedience over the work of God.
78.      Tell me who can remove the curse of God on a man? Nobody. Is there anybody that can remove the curse placed on a man God? No sir. So, it is the same ministry in our hands even this day, this gospel is now in our hands.
79.      Because during the time of Jesus, he called his disciples and told them the cost of discipleship, even also what He was going to face: all his trials and temptations, all the things they would face as they journeyed along, He told them plainly without hiding anything from them.
80.       He also told God His Father that he has handed everything into the hands of his disciples, now, that He should protect them as they progress even in the world.
81.      The same way has the messenger of God in our midst has called together all the elects of God in Nigeria, telling us all that are required of us, for the this ministry to continue so that we should not look at anybody, rather, we should be very careful over these messages which God has handed over to us.
82.      In all our ministries, this gospel of Christ has been handed over to our hands to make sure that we will tell others that God has fulfilled His promises even before us in our generation, to tell the world what God is doing in our midst, that it is not something that is far, it’s happening live! Amen.

The book of to John chapter 14:12Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” KJV.
2.          Often times, we typify this portion of the scriptures to miracles, that Jesus made the lame to work, the blind to see etc. and forget to live the godly life Jesus lived and his being faithful to the work that God gave him to do for the salvation of mankind, to see the real life of Christ that God is worshiped among the people in human vessels, to see God manifest in human form as a man, is it not God that sent Jesus?
3.          Just as we read in the Gospel of John chapter 6:28-29.“Then said they unto him, what shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, this is the work of God that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.” KJV.
4.          The sent one from God is saying that truly-truly anyone that will believe in me, those works I did he will likewise do. Hence, there is no other work we have apart from preaching this word of God, there is no other work given to us by God through his messenger apart from the work of God, to live a righteous life, to be faithful in our different ministries according to our callings in Christ.
5.          Anywhere you are, in the house, in your offices, whether you’re a married woman, a married man; in every capacity you found yourself, you are a caretaker in that position, you will give account of your stewardship before God. There is only but one thing that is expected from you as a caretaker.  
6.          1st Corinthians chapter 4:1-2. Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful.”
7.          Have you seen what is expected of you from God? this is a mysterious thing, it is not merely what eye can see. What is expected of you is to be faithful and trustworthy in the ministry that is handed over to you.
8.          Remember, there is a curse attached to it, against anybody that will do the work of God deceitfully. If you are the type that will do the work of God deceitfully, God placed a curse upon such a person. what God is expecting from you as a young man is to be faithful to the core.
9.          God counted you worthy and brought you into this Most Holy Faith, so as a young man He is expecting you to be faithful in everything you do, to be very careful in handling the gospel of Christ.
10.      Don’t you know that God wants to use the married sisters and brothers in this faith to judge the world? God’s purpose is to use their families to judge the entire World.
11.      Is it that you don’t know that God wants to use our married sisters and brothers and their family to judge the world, to show how obedient and faithful they are in their families, like the holy scriptures made us to understand that a man should bear rule over his family, to subject both his wife, children and all that are living with him under his authority.
12.      His children must be godly and obedient and quiET. The children of a man of God must be exemplary in everything. They should not be troublesome (violent).
13.       if they are troublesome and disobedient, how can he take care of the flock that is handed over to his care as a STEWARD?
14.      His children should be controllable, if not, he won’t be able to control the congregation of God then. God wants to use our families, the family of a man of God as example to show the world that He God has his messengers who lived in this world with enviable records, their families were the envy of the world, messengers that lived the life of the message they were preaching to the glory of God. That is God’s purpose of establishing the Church, that we might be a good example to the entire world.
15.      God went on to tell us that this our generation will not be as bad as the age of Noah and the age of Lot. During Lot’s age, evil was at its peak. Still Lot was able to train up his two daughters in the fear of God, they were not defiled not minding the level of evil in the land.
16.      So, the same work is given to us in this our own day, as caretakers, as a married sister, you are favoured to be married, and God is expecting total obedience to your husband. God wants to know if you will be obedient  to your husband according to the Gospel of Christ. 
17.      1st Peter 3:1 “Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;” Amen.
18.      It is difficult to believe. In the world today if not in our faith, you can hardly see families that have money, have all the wealth, but there is no peace there.
19.      For example, there is one of my friends, that told me that he provides everything needed in his family: he buys rice, beans everything in bags, still he drops money for his wife every day for the smooth running of the family, though his wife is now a teacher, even when she was working with a bank, that he does not ask of her salary or how much she makes in a month, but after all these things, no single peace in the family, everyday trouble, quarrelling of all sorts.
20.      But God want our married sisters to be peaceful and obedient to their own husbands.
21.      If you read in living Bible in the beginning that our sister whose husband are not in the faith, Wives, fit in with your husband’s plans, for then if they refuse to listen when you talk to them about the Lord, they will be won by your respectful, pure behaviour. Your Godly lives will speak to them better than any words’’. LB.
22.      Wives fit in with your husband’s plans. He is talking to those that their husbands are not in this faith, wives, that they should honour and obey their husbands even to the extent that if your husband does not believe our message, from your godly composure and behaviour and what you are looking for, will make him/them to believe and be afraid of the God we are worshiping.
23.      That is why we do not believe that a woman should exalt herself even above her own husband. Any woman that exalts herself shows that she proceeds from the lineage of Cain, she has Jezebel spirit in her.
24.      In this part of the scripture, we are stewards, married sisters, you all are caretakers also in this aspect. God assigned all of you to be stewards, you should be very careful because one day you will stand before God Almighty to give account of how you took care and how you married and obeyed your own husband, for the Bible gave account of how Sarah obeyed and married her own husband.
25.      Women who are holy, who are expecting God to come, remember, those holy women in the Bible who were waiting for the coming of Christ, they kept themselves holy, so if you are waiting for Christ, you should likewise keep yourselves holy in the sight of God, to be obedient to your husband even to the extend you will call him “My lord” as Sarah did.
26.      Then if you are here and you forget that you supposed to be under your husband, you don’t suppose to usurp authority over your husband, because there are many women that think that they are equal in authority with their husband.
27.       If their husband talks, they will talk back. You forgot that God made you to be under your husband, and forgot that on the last day, you will give account to God as a steward which He made you.   
28.      There is no place God authorised a woman to be a preacher or to open the Bible for teaching, rather through your life and character, you also preach the gospel of God through their behaviour, being humble and quiet just as the Holy Ghost is saying here, from your inner spirit, that is the only thing in a man that I know cannot be corrupted in the life of man.
29.      We have to be very, very careful and mindful of our stewardship just like Jesus did during his own time. The same work God gave his messenger, He also gave to us, in the same vein, we were expected to transfer it to faithful men.
30.      There was a time I was mediating on this very message “stewardship.” I remembered what God said concerning a Deacon and a Bishop. I found out what the Holy Ghost said through the mouth of His messenger.
31.      He said, “It is an express ticket to paradise anybody in the office of a Bishops or Deacon.”
32.      That it is an express ticket to heaven. Thus, when I was meditating over it, I found out that it is pure truth, for such a person will be blameless, without spot before man and God. What will stop such person from having express ticket to heaven, what will hinder you from the kingdom of God?
33.      Talk of the doctrine of Christ, you are steadfast there. Talk of the life of this faith, you are living the life daily. Talk of your family, your family is exemplary.
34.      Tell me what will hinder your express ticket to the kingdom of God, and you have the full understanding of this faith, you are trust worthy, tell me what will stop such a brother from attaining a greater height. Amen.
35.      As we were told concerning our belief towards musical instrument I am sure and certain that in this faith, even our little children know the portion of the scripture to where it is written, why we do not use musical instrument to worship our God, and be able to tell people where musical instrument emanated from.
36.      That we do not imitate whatever thing we see, we do not imitate evil, we hold unto the teachings of Christ and what God asked us to do, so this is our stewardship in Christ. As a Deacon, that is our stewardship in Christ where ever you are in the faith of Christ; you should be able to teach very well.
37.      Take the scripture, divide it accordingly, be able to convince people of your belief and the faith of Christ. Your life should also be able to use the scripture. Sit somebody down and get that person convinced. Use the Bible and make such a person a pagan, teaching and telling them what you believe boldly. They will be ashamed because when God calls a man, He also calls the wife.
38.      Likewise, every other person in this Faith, big and small, young and old; because there are some you will ask to give us one scripture about why we do not use musical instrument in the worship of God and that person will not be able to quote even one scripture, let alone two or three quotations.
39.      This is because they are not taking it seriously, they have not taken it upon themselves to crosscheck all those quotations, go through them over and over whenever they are at home, or event list such Bible quotations in their jotters or mark them in their Bible for reference purpose, no. There are people that have not done it.
40.      This is God’s work, our stewardship in Christ, if you do not carry it out, remember, there is a curse attached to it. If you fail to carry out your stewardship how it supposed to be, remember, curse is upon you.
41.      Remember that this is the work of God. God is against those that do His work deceitfully. Remember that doing God a service might require blood. There IS a time the work of God will require blood.
42.      When God commanded Moses to lead the children of Israelite out of the land of Egypt, did He tell them that He will kill them in the wilderness. No.
43.      Was there any time He told them such a thing? Was there any time it occurred to Moses that God might instruct him to kill all those that worshiped idol, did it occur to him?
44.      He did not know but a time came when they were in the wilderness, the children of Israel started moulding idols and worshiped them, Moses came down and asked of those that were with God: “If you know you were with God, come to my side.”
45.      All the sons of Levi went to Moses. Moses said, “Yes.” He commanded the children of Levi to take up sword by their side and enter the sanctuary: “Slay every opposing brother, slay every opposing sister, have no mercy for any flesh.”
46.      That is when God thirst for blood, no more mercy, and any of them that brought down his Sword and refused to slay, automatically received the curse from God.
47.      But in this our own time no more killing of one another, rather excommunication. That is why as we have heard what He asked us to do, we should do it without deceit.
48.      Just like when Jesus Christ was with his disciples, he told them that he was going to Jerusalem. Now, that the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the scribes will arrest the Son of Man and hand him over to his enemies, the heathens. That they will beat him, treat him as a slave and after he will be killed, and buried. But after three days, he will resurrect from the dead.
49.      The Bible said that the disciples did not understand what he was saying. Some of them were astonished and were looking here and there, saying, “How will this happen?” It was like film.
50.       Concerning all the things which God prophesised about his messenger has always been like film to his followers. It is also like a film to everybody as if it is an impossibility, it is just like somebody that closed eye immediately and wake up from sleep but the day goes by, you find out that those things are fulfilling, because there is an appointed time for all those prophesies to come to pass, a time fixed for all things to come to pass.
51.      There is an appointed time fixed by God for that thing to fulfil, if you listen, pay attention in the Bible He said my servant I will tell you the day and time so that you will not die of heart break. I will not tell you the day and time you will be crucified so that you will not die of heart break.
52.      That is why at times I used to tell people not to blame Thomas, do not blame him because it is not easy.Looking at this man that could make the blind to see, even how Jesus raised dead Lazarus from the dead after some days, which made Thomas to say, let us go there with him, even if he will die there, let us die with him.
53.      And that same person some people came and arrested him, they were beating him anyhow and he could not do anything and all of them were there watching the whole thing happening, this man that will talk and the whole world will stand still is the one his enemies are hitting and beating him like this and could not do anything even to extend that he was finally crucified on the cross.
54.      Everybody was watching until he died, they were still watching him even up there on the cross of Calvary because they will be believing that he can still rise up from there, because people do not believe that he has finally died until he is buried.
55.      They were hoping that he could rise up there, they were all there watching until Jesus was brought down from the cross and was buried, it was then Thomas said that so things had spoiled. So, this is true! This man died at last.
56.      He was still coming in their midst, and Thomas was told that Jesus had resurrected, Thomas replied “No, please don’t say this again, that He resurrected, until I see with my eyes.” it is not easy.
57.      So it is in every dispensation gently – gently – gently we continue to move. We have heard from the messenger of God in our age saying that we should not allow this faith to be denominated at any time He leaves the scene, because by and by He must leave the scene.
58.      Wait let me tell you if it is this message from God that will tell the whole World that there will be a time. When God will leave the scene and his followers will as well leave the scene.
59.      Remember if the Word of God is saying it that one day you will leave this World, you will die,. I don’t know if you are getting what I am saying?
60.      Like some of you that have gone through Prophet William Branham’s messages, you will find out that there is nothing he says without pointing to death.
61.      That is why he told God that he is aware that there is no other time Satan will lay hold of him except the time of his death; that at the time of death, God will give way , that is why he was always saying that God should have mercy on him at that time of death.
62.      And when I read about the account of his death, really the man suffered, he passed through a terrible situation because among all the people he had accident with he was the only one that was talking, every other person was removed from the vehicle, except him, to bring him out was very difficult, not minding the pains and his condition he was still talking and the people were struggling to remove him from the angle the vehicle trapped him, until at last when they managed to remove him, it was too late, he saw hell.
63.      So all messengers of God always suffer during their death, Satan always wait for them that time, the devil will say this is the only time I have to strike, so we should always pray for them seriously at the time like that, you do not know what Jesus passed through, on the cross of Calvary which made him to shout, you don’t know what he passed through.
64.      So the gospel is now in our hands, we supposed to hold it steadfastly like the messenger of God has been holding it steadfastly without compromise, without looking at anybody’s face, to the extend God came down from heaven to testify, I don’t know if you are getting what I am saying.
65.      God came down from heaven and testified about His messengers, so He has ever been doing; testifying about His messengers in all the generations. God has ever been testifying about all His messengers right from Genesis till now.
66.      There has ever being any of God’s messengers, that did according to what God sent him to do which God never came down from heaven to vindicate and also testify of his stewardship to Him; there is none.
67.      If that messenger is faithful to the core in all things, God will come down and testify that he was faithful to his calling in Christ. This gospel has come to our hand, we should be faithful and trustworthy, hold unto it steadfastly in our different ministries, you might not be privilege to preach on the pulpit, but let it be known to you that anywhere you have found yourself you are a preacher.
68.      It is not only when you go to the pulpit; you are Jesus Christ, you are a messenger of God wherever you are, you suppose to show the world by your life that you are a messenger of God that live a righteous life according to the gospel we have received. Amen.
69.      So we have to be very careful for this message is a faultless message, this message is the type of message everybody supposed to be very careful, shine your eye very well because in a short while we will roll into the translation of the saints, this is how it is. We have been receiving visions, and all God has been telling us that the coming of the Son of Man is at hand; that the coming of the Son of Man is at hand; it is true very soon he will come, it is nearer than when we believe, what if He knocks on your door now? Have you seen why everybody should be faithful to the calling of Christ as a steward of God, Amen?
70.      John chapter 17:3-8, “John: 17:3: And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.
71.       I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world: thine they were, and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy word. Now they have known that all things whatsoever thou hast given me are of thee.
72.       For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.”Amen.
73.      So, there is no other thing God’s messenger in our midst has given us more than that which God has handed over to Him to do, which is the work of God assigned to him. That is why Jesus said that his food is to do that which His father sent him to do.
74.      The day we travelled to Nsukka, I and Bishop Okey were discussing, we remembered that early stage of this ministry, who has the time to eat and drink, who has the time to do that, but now that the ministry has come to an end, it is now in our hands, the baton is now in our hands, remember, this is a relay race, He has finished His own, it is now in our hands.
75.      Don’t you know that you have the right to put yourself to duty, you will bring out yourself to service, where we will be sending brethren to you, go to so, so sister and brother for one thing or the other, do not see it as a burden and by so doing you blaspheme this ministry because of that privilege that was given to you.
76.      And the moment you lose such a privilege to you it will be very difficult to obtain such favour again that is why we should be the Church of Christ, they will continue with the same spirit until the time Christ will come to translate this Church, so the Church will continue with the same red eye as Christ did, the same tempo Christ used when he was on earth, the Church should do the same Amen.
77.      Do not forget the fact that Satan will come on the way to tempt or forget the fact that there is no time all those well-known personalities among us will rise up to do anything evil to challenge just to know whether somebody will rise up to talk, I don’t know if you are understanding what I am saying.
78.      Don’t ever think that if the Apostle should go away today or tomorrow that nobody at any time will rise up to say things that are against the messenger of God or thing that are against our faith, to see if there is anybody that will rise up to talk or to put up a behaviour that is against our doctrine, that is against the faith just to see if there is anybody that will challenge, it is then we will know that of a truth that the gospel has reached our hands. Amen.
79.      The only time it will come to the knowledge of everybody that this ministry has reached our hand is the fruit that will come out of it, and all eyes will witness and see how you will come out gallantly without looking at any face and do it, it is then we will know that of a truth you have accepted your ministry. Amen.
80.      So that is the ministry that he gave us then John 17:19.“And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.”
81.      In all the ministry of God to the Apostles, they must endeavour to keep themselves holy in all the ages, so that all their followers will be holy as well, they make sure they do not live their lives as it pleases them, they must strife to live a godly life before the people, because of the gospel that is given to them, knowing very well that any life they are living, the people following them will pattern after them.
82.      Let me show you what I mean, for Paul said it, let us go to the book of 2nd Timothy chapter 2:18“Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some.” Amen.
83.      Have you now seen why they were patiently following not minding the suffering, not minding the hardship or things like that or even storm, but they were patiently moving forward not minding anything, there are times you think they will cry or shout but they will gallantly forge ahead not minding the troubles on the way?
84.      But surprisingly, the way they will pattern their lives in obedience to the will and instruction of God, to give the people following them that enduring hope in Christ at any time in their ministry, Amen.
85.      Because I am sure that there will be a time as the whole ministry is now in the hand of the Apostle just as we are in ministers meeting, we saw how some of us behaved during the time of Pentecost which shows that some ministers that were with us from the beginning are not faithful to the ministry that is given to them to keep, how they misbehaved in many ways. Amen.