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Wednesday, 7 November 2018



Holy Father, we are back here in this second session of the meeting. We dedicate our hearts unto You and we pray You should have mercy on us.
2.          Don’t spew us out of your mouth, rather, oh God receive us unto Yourself. Whatsoever is the problem Father, reveal it unto us and we will repent of it in Your most Holy Name we pray. Amen.

Brethren, God bless you. I told you that this meeting is a different one altogether. You all know Me, My manner of life and preaching. And you know when I am preaching with a burden and this burden must be lifted if we must continue.
2.         The Book of Revelation Chapter 3 verses  15 through 16. ‘I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.  So, then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.’
4.          Brethren bear with Me. Let us pay real attention while we read scriptures.
5.          When a Church becomes lukewarm, that Church automatically becomes a bat. We all know what a bat is. Looking at a bat, it is not an earthly bird; it is not a heavenly bird. A bat is not a bird and it is not a rat.
6.          Looking at a bat, it has ears like that of a rat, head like that of a rat, teeth like that of a rat but it has wings. It can fly and it can walk on the ground.
7.          When somebody is lukewarm, he is partly godly and partly a devil: partly godly, partly pagan, partly heathen.
8.          He will have a little knowledge of God to know what sin is all about. He will have a little revelation of God to know when he committed sin, but he will not have much knowledge of God to run away from sin; he will not have enough knowledge of God to make him live above sin.
9.           He will know what sin is all about but how to avoid it, no way. That person becomes automatically lukewarm. You cannot call him a believer; you can never call him an unbeliever.
10.      He will be in the Church, believe all the Gospels, no way; say no to all of them, no way. He can never have revival with the saints.
11.      Remember, the moment Elijah is in the pulpit, Ahab is always very uncomfortable. When you see Elijah in the pulpit Ahab is always uncomfortable. The greatest enemy Ahab has on earth is Elijah.
12.      Ladies that are here, I know after today’s meeting, all of you will hate Me, especially this one that is wearing earring. You are here with another god.  Our God says that one is a strange god. You must remove it no matter how tiny it is. The spirit that put on that tiny one will put on the giant one.
13.      If that one makes you a woman, then you are not a woman from the beginning.  If what makes you to know that I am a man is because of my dressing, it means you don’t know that I am a man.
14.      What makes you a lady or a girl is not your earring. From the day you were born, you were born naked. Nurses, midwives, your mother, everybody confirmed you as a girl; even without piercing your ear, everybody knows you are a girl
15.      Even if you put trousers on, looking at you, we must know that this is a makeup; that you are a girl. If putting on earring makes you a girl, what about men that put on earrings?
16.      I have seen men that put on earrings. Some put on the nose. Haven’t you seen one before? If jerry curling your hair makes you a woman, I have seen a lot of men with jerry curl; even some pastors in denominations.
17.      When a Church becomes lukewarm, that Church is automatically dead. In other words, God will spew out that Church out of His mouth together with all the members thereof. No mercy! God can never change His mind concerning His word.
18.      Now, what will make somebody to be partly heathen and partly godly? Partly God, partly devil? We will know as we consider scriptures more and more.
19.      Why have I deemed it necessary to speak on this little topic by way of putting you in remembrance? It is because time is no more. If there is anytime we have to be very, very vigilant, it is now.
20.      Moreover, the Lord has told us that He is going to do a great work in our midst. Brethren, I believe it with all My heart that the Lord will do it.
21.      Haggai 2:6-7(Living Bible). ‘For the Lord of hosts says, ‘In just a little while I will begin to shake the heavens and earth and the oceans, too, and the dry land.
22.      I will shake all nations and the Desires of all Nations shall come to this Temple, and I will fill this place with My glory’, says the Lord of hosts.’  
23.      Hebrews 12:26-27, ‘When he spoke from Mount Sinai, His voice shook the earth, but, ‘Next time’, He says, I will not only shake the earth but the heavens too.’ By this He means that He will sift out everything  without solid foundation’.  
24.      Pay attention brethren. That God said He is going to do a great thing in the Church and He has given us the date 25th October to the middle of November and I am now backing it up with scriptures that God said He is not only going to shake the heavens but also the earth, and all the nations and all the churches.
25.      Now, see Hebrew confirming it. And what is God’s plan? The essence of shaking everything is to sieve out those things that have no solid foundation; all that are not deeply-rooted and grounded in the truth; all that are not deeply-rooted and grounded in this Gospel. All that have very shallow foundations would be shaken out; will be sifted out.
26.      ‘So that only unshakeable things will be left.’  
27.      Just to give room for those whose foundations cannot be shaken and can never be shaken. Those that are fully convinced of what they are doing; these are the people that will then remain.
28.      God said that He Himself will do the sifting. How is He going to do it? I don’t know. I am sounding an alarm as your Watchman.
29.      God has made Me a Watchman over you. If I see any sign of danger coming and fail to sound the alarm, God will require your blood from My hand.
30.      However, if I sound the alarm and somebody did not take heed of it, to prepare himself, to run away from the danger, when you perish, you blame yourself.
31.      There has never been anytime God made a great move and somebody was not dropped. The most unfortunate dropping is somebody that is here, not knowing that God has dropped him.
32.       When you have been dropped by God and you are sitting down here watching, that is the most unfortunate human being. Somebody can be dropped and yet he is here.
33.      The Bible told us greatly about those that didn’t believe God, that is, as many as did not believe God. God knows what He is doing at these dying minutes.
34.       Hebrews 3:12-14.‘Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the Living God.’   
35.      Evil heart of unbelief will make you to depart from the Living God.
36.      ‘But exhort one another daily while it is called Today;  lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.’  
37.      Sin deceives brethren. And the moment somebody is hardened by the deceitfulness of sin, that person is doomed forever.
38.      ‘For we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end,’
39.      without wavering. That is when we are made partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end. What was handed down to us, what we received at the beginning is what we are going to present at the end.
40.      If we hold that baton steadfastly till the end, then we will be made partakers with Christ.
41.      ‘While it is said, Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation. For some when they had heard did provoke: howbeit not all that came out of Egypt by Moses.’   
42.      You see the dangerous effect of it. Many of them after hearing God’s word, they still continued provoking God, nevertheless, not all of them.
43.      ‘But with whom was he grieved forty years? Was it not with them that had sinned, whose carcasses fell in the wilderness?
44.      And to whom sware he that they should not enter into his rest, but to them that believed not? So, we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.’
45.      God knows what He is saying. Somebody may be here, unbelief does not mean when a message is preached and you raise up your hand and say, ‘I don’t believe that one.’
46.      The Book of Jude 5 said, ‘I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having  saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.’  
47.      What is unbelief? Unbelief is a matter of the mind. It takes place in your heart. You may be sitting down in the Church and a message is going forth, scriptures are being read before you, Holy Ghost helping us to interpret, and then there in your heart you are rebelling against God’s word; you are resenting it. You are not raising your hand but in your heart, you are rejecting it.
48.      Just like these ladies that are here before Me and the message is going forth. Inside your heart, God understands what you are thinking and the way you are seeing the whole thing.
49.      You may call it my own message, well, that is your own way. It is My message anyway. On the last day you will know it is God’s own message.
50.       I have no message of My own. I have only but the message of Christ, that no unbeliever will inherit the Kingdom of God and anything you say you believe and you can never put it into practice, you don’t believe it.
51.       God is looking at us from the ability to put everything into practice. Therefore, you can go home and conclude in your heart the way you will twist the word of God, ‘Well, I just did it that way’.
52.      Why should you do it that way? It is Satan that is trying to kill you. It is your sin that is deceiving you.
53.      ‘God judges inward and not outward appearance.’ Who said so? The Bible said, ‘I beseech you brethren by the mercies of God that you present your body unto God a living sacrifice.’ Search your Bible, ‘It is the temple of the living Holy Spirit.’
54.      God is going to do a shaking and a sifting to separate His own Elect from the mixed-multitude for the last time. God is going to take away or sift away any Brother, any Sister that has no solid foundation: any Brother; any Sister whose foundation has been completely eroded by worldliness.
55.      What causes lukewarmness? Why is there lukewarmness in the Church? What is the cause? With one single statement, I will say, ‘worldliness’.
56.       The moment the world and the cares of this life come into your heart to dominate your life, you are gone: too much thought about life, about tomorrow and what it will offer you.
57.      Any education that will dislocate a woman’s position is of the devil. A woman’s position is always in the kitchen. That means she is a keeper of the home. Any education that will make a woman the head in the family is of the devil.
58.      The position of the woman is to be a helpmate. She renders a helping hand. That is all. She can never come out to take supremacy over the man and say, ‘I am the Lord and everything’. Never! Never! Never! Never! It cannot happen.
59.      Moreover, it is only in this Faith that an educated woman can humble herself to that extent. Otherwise, women will bring problem in the house, ‘Why should I? Why should I?’ Then she will be drawing examples from here and there: ‘Look at this one; look at that one. Her husband is pastor; so, so, and so. Why should it be me? Why should? Why should?’ I say God help Me.
60.      Remember, God is about to make a great move and all those that have no solid foundation; those that are not rooted and grounded and settled in this truth will be shaken out. Why should it be you? Why should it be me? Amen.

Luke 13:23-30, Living Bible, ‘Someone asked him, ‘Will only a few be saved?’ And he replied, ‘The door to heaven is narrow.’
2.          Christ’s reply to the questionnaire, ‘The door is very narrow; that door that leadeth to the Kingdom is very narrow.’
3.           ‘work hard to get in.’
4.          Did he say, ‘Go inside and sleep? Then be lazy and get it.’ He said, ‘work hard.’
5.           ‘For the truth is that many will try to enter but when the head of the house has locked the door it will be too late.’  
6.          The truth is that many will try to enter but when the head of the house has locked the door, it will be too late. There is no other scripture that said that person would come in again. He has locked the door; it is too late. It will be medicine after death.
7.          That is where I keep on telling people what education is producing; rubbish; nonsense. Can you imagine somebody that wasted his father’s money and time and his own time also only to labour day and night and at the end, he became a modern human anatomist.  You see education is of the devil.
8.          How can somebody go to school to learn about his body? I still maintain that medicine is of the devil. That is why doctors die. Nurses die. Your lecturers die. Pharmacists die.  God holds life.
9.           There are thousands and thousands of cases; the doctors after evaluation they say, “It is hopeless.” Many, many cases till today, they abound. Doctors diagnose and their conclusion was, ‘hopeless.’ It is God that holds life.
10.      If you doubt Me, I will tell you how He takes care. Cause a little scratch on your body now and let a little blood come out, without taking any injection, leave it, few days, the whole thing is over. Your body produced something that cured it because there is life in your body. And that life is God’s work.
11.      Medicine is poison; medicine is poison; poison. [A brother responds from the congregation: That is true Sir.] God bless you sir; it is poison.
12.      Before any medicine can do anything in your body, it must first destroy something. It must destroy something; every medicine has a side effect.
13.      Too much medicine will reduce your lifespan. Doctors even know more than that. Gradually we are looking into that.
14.      I said this person that read human anatomy, what is the credit? What will be used to determine whether you read right or wrong? I do not know how people will examine him.
15.      It is just like somebody going into the university; spend years and money only to read Home Economics. What are you economizing?  Go to the village so that mothers in the village will teach you how to cook.
16.      I saw one at the function I attended at Enugu; a cook was hired and she landed with a book and with her white cloth. She was looking into the book, ‘This one, ten minutes; that one, three minutes. Add this and wait for thirty minutes.’
17.      They had to go and bring women from the village; under ten minutes everybody ate food and left. Home economics; go to their homes, they can hardly organize their homes well.  They do not know anything.
18.      Can you learn this one from any book? When you finish school, the village women will teach you how to enter your kitchen. They do not even know how to manage their children. Some do not even know how to manage finances; how to manage resources, yet they read Home Economics. That is what they went to learn in school.
19.      I thank God. They wasted money in school. Your parents that raised you, did they read Home Economics? Do you know how to take care of families more than them?
20.      Do not worry; you will soon know that education is of the devil: the thing that causes the world sleepless nights, equally causes us sleepless nights also.
21.      Look at the world; they are all scrambling for certificates. What is the reason? Only to make a name:; ‘I am a chartered accountant.’ That is all; only to make a name. You have all certificates, OND, PhD, OVF, PYB, OMR; you keeping on reading until you perish.
22.       Education will even harden somebody in unbelief. Then you will reach to a point where you will even be doubting the existence of God. You will be doubting whether the reality of God is actually true; whether it is not manmade. And you will have a lot of things you will use to back up yourself.
23.      Nobody has ever found God through much learning. Rather much learning will make people to doubt God and challenge His authority.
24.      It was much learning in the days of Noah that prevented people from believing his message: The door to heaven is narrow; work hard to get in, for the truth is that many will try to enter but when the head of the house has locked the door, it will be too late.
25.       Then if you stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Lord, open the door for us,’ he will reply, ‘I do not know you.’ ‘But we ate with you; you taught in our streets,’ you will say. And he will reply, ‘I tell you, I don’t know you. You can’t come in here guilty as you are. Go away!’   
26.      You cannot come in here guilty as you are. Go away. Anybody that tells you that there is another way that person can perfect himself and come in, it is an indirect way of preaching purgatory and that is Satan’s device in the end time message. ‘Foolish virgins; foolish virgins, they will come through later. 
27.      Who said so? If William Branham said so, what did the Bible say? Look at the Bible saying, ‘Go away, I don’t know you. You cannot come in.’ No second chance!
28.       If there is any way that person can be purified and then he will go and be presented spotless, let it be known to you that there is purgatory. But there is no purgatory. It is appointed unto men once to die, after that Judgement.
29.      Now, why were they foolish? Why were they coming too late? The Bible said Christ is coming for those who are ready for Him. Why were they coming too late? Where did they go? Didn’t they receive the message? Just like Thomas, the man that doubted.
30.      Thomas, where did you go? Where did you go? He had no answer. He had no reason. He had no reason why he should not be in the midst of the brethren always. He had no justification. No room again; the door was locked.
31.      When others were working very hard to go in, he gave himself over to worldly things.  No time to prepare himself; no time at all; too much activities about life.
32.      God is sounding a warning that very soon, as many as do not have a solid foundation, what will happen in the Church will not spare such people. Do not trust in your power this time.
33.      Peter trusted in his ability but when the thing happened, Peter said, ‘May God punish me if I know this man,’ because Holy Ghost was not in Peter as at that time.
34.      What if you think you have the Holy Ghost and that time your nakedness will be made manifest? When you have no Holy Ghost in you and you keep on idling away your time, you must regret it.
35.      Before the wind will blow, you see yourself being blown away like dust and the alarm is going forth right now. Amen.

Saint Luke 14:16-24, ‘Jesus replied with this illustration: ‘A man prepared a great feast and sent out many invitations.
2.          When all was ready, he sent his servants around to notify the guests that it was time for them to arrive. But they all began making excuses.’  
3.          They began making excuses. See the people God invited. They got the invitation, privileged people that were called into the Kingdom free of charge, not by merit but by privilege.
4.          And they said, ‘We are ready; we are ready, we are coming.’ And it was midnight invitation. They began to give excuses.
5.          ‘One said he had just bought a field and wanted to inspect it and asked to be excused.’  
6.          Why must it be that time?  How can a man inspect his field at midnight? All through the day, what did he do? At midnight you want to inspect your field; you see the reason?
7.          Will he go to the Kingdom of God with that farm? Earthly things; sensual, material things of the world. ‘Have me excused.’
8.          ‘Another said he had just bought five pair of oxen and wanted to try them out.’
9.          He said, ‘Have me excused. Let me go and check the equipment I bought.’ Just like Brother Damian bought a vehicle, ‘God just allowed me to enjoy my vehicle for the first time and then I will go home with my people and be rejoicing, have me excused.’ Just like that man, ‘I want to check my equipment, have me excused.’
10.      Another has just been married and for that reason couldn’t come.’  
11.      Just like you; you are married; your wife is pregnant and about to deliver, ‘God, you know, you know, you know, have me excused. Let me make some money. I don’t want this delivery to take me by surprise.’
12.      However, if you are not careful, the day your wife will deliver, you may not even have one naira.  You may not even have one naira and she is about to deliver.
13.      Now, why must these people be giving excuses? That is the question. And what they are using as their excuses, are they necessary? Will these excuses help them to get eternal life?
14.      These are the people that are called to come and get eternal life free of charge and every man with his own excuse. All those excuses, did God consider one? Not even one. I don’t know what you have as your own excuse.
15.      Like these ladies that are here, ‘I know if I marry I will worship God.’ ‘If somebody will continue in this type of Church, who will marry her? You want me to look like Mgbeke (a bush girl)? Nobody will marry me in this modern age. I will be coming to their Church for the time being and be hearing; when I marry, I will make up my mind.’
16.      Don’t worry, you may not even marry; you may not even make up your mind. What if you die tomorrow? You do not put death in your program. However, a wise man considers death.
17.       If God will accept your own excuse today, it means He will tender unreserved apology to those people.  Your work is not your excuse. The tradition of your people is not your excuse. God has nobody on earth He will treat with preference.
18.      There is nobody God will say, ‘Well, I have considered your word, this and that.’
19.      Just like Thomas, when you want to console yourself in unbelief, ‘’God, you know my heart; God you know my heart.’ And actually God knows your heart that you are a stark unbeliever; a stark, naked miserable unbeliever.
20.      ‘God, you know my heart, you know,’ yes, He knows your heart very well. Therefore, I do not know what will be your excuse.
21.      Now any Church that is filled with people with these type of excuses, what do you think will be the nature of that Church? It must be a lukewarm Church; a Church where nobody wants to work hard; nobody has the vision that people must work hard to enter the Kingdom.
22.      Nobody has the vision that the door will never remain open forever. Nobody has the vision that one day the door will be locked; nobody has the vision to ask themselves, ‘What if the door is locked against me?’ What will that Church produce?  Lukewarm believers!
23.      Nobody wants to consider, ‘What if my brethren will go away tomorrow and I am left behind and people will ask me why I didn’t go with them? What will be my answer?’
24.      Nobody wants to go and work hard. Well, somebody is thinking that God will make him go anyhow, ‘He is the God of mercy. With the much I have done, He will take me.’ Well, nobody can bribe God.
25.      Saint Matthew Chapter 11 verse 21 through 24, ‘Woe unto thee Chorazin! Woe unto thee Bethsaida! For if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon,’
26.       if the messages I have preached to you were preached to Pentecostals and even Catholics, let us continue.
27.      ‘they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I say unto you it shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgement than for you.’ 
28.      Why?  Because on that day of judgement, God will judge them with all the sermons they received.  All the messages that were handed down to them, God will judge them with all of them.
29.      If God will judge us in this Church with all we have received so far, what do you think will be our condition? Where can we appear if God’s judgement will start among us in this Church?
30.      Now that we are hearing this Voice every day, if God will use all the Gospels we have received here to judge us, where do you think we will appear? By and by that is what He is going to use. The question of using, ‘if’, should be completely ruled out.
31.      God must use all that we have received; all He has given to us, put them together and judge us by them. That is why I am here to put you in remembrance though you once knew the truth about it all so that nobody will be a cast away.
32.      We are living at a very dangerous hour. Anybody that is sent away from the Church now can hardly come in until the whole programme is over.
33.      I was told how Okechukwu Omenobia is struggling to come back but all in vain. He was sent out of the Church for telling lies. You ladies that are here, lying; we hate it. If you are guilty of telling lies and we warn you to stop it, and you continue, we will send you away.
34.      We do not wait until you commit fornication, no. We do not wait until you fight and quarrel, no. Telling lies is all that we need from you, and then we excommunicate you from the Church; from the congregation of the saints immediately. Because the Bible said that we should lie not one to another for we are brethren.
35.      And thou Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven shall be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works which have been done in thee had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day.
36.      But I say unto you that it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the Day of Judgment than for thee.’  
37.      Put yourself in the position of these people. The Gospel you have received so far, if it was preached to the Pentecostals and Catholics, don’t you think some would have repented? Don’t you think some would have been more faithful than us today?
38.      Now, let us see why we should avoid everything worldliness. We know that God hates a lukewarm Church and when worldliness creeps into the Church through individuals, he becomes a witch that will be sucking the blood stream of the Church, making the Church to be weak and weary.  
39.      When worldliness creeps in it means the word of God will be warring with the world. The world is opposed to the Word of God and the Word of God is opposed to the world.
40.      We must work with heathens with wisdom, otherwise, we perish. When a Man of God Jehoshaphat could not realize what he was he compromised greatly with a man that hated God; a man that hated God and he risked his life. Only amazing grace delivered him.
41.      You see, I have to be very sincere to all men because I am a dying man. The Bible said that it is not all that commit sin that are guilty but also they that have pleasure in them that commit sin.
42.      That is why the Book of Proverbs condemns a man that makes friend with a thief and likens that man to a thief also because he enjoys the fruit of violence; the fruit of robbery.
43.      In other words, if I know that my brother sleeps with different women and I know that any woman that comes across him is going to sleep with him, if he sends me to go and call a lady, I wouldn’t say I don’t know the purpose. I really know the purpose.
44.      Be spiritual. The lady that I am going to call equally knows the reason why I am calling her. If I say ‘Well, Brother is calling you,’ and with all pleasure she just agrees, I believe she knows why she is being called.
45.      No matter how I criticize my brother, I am also guilty because I am the instrument he is using. I take delight in it. It is just like somebody that condemns sleeping with women and then gives his room to those that sleep with different women.
46.      You condemn excessive drinking of strong drinks and you sell whisky and kaikai and that is your business, who are you deceiving? We should stop deceiving ourselves.
47.      If I give my room to be used by those that sleep with different women, I am now the middleman. When the lady comes and the man is not around, she will leave a message through me. When he wants to go, he will leave a message through me for the lady. I am now the mail runner.  I am now the middleman.
48.      Anytime God will visit that man and the lady with His wrath, He will not spare me. I will speak my last truth. Although it is hard, yet it is true.
49.      When you are working with heathens, be very, very careful. It is better you recommend for your transfer than for them to say very nice things about you and you perish.
50.      Heathens know who is a real child of God and who is a hypocrite. If I am a real child of God that doesn’t compromise my faith, everybody must know me for that.
51.      In addition, when it comes to matters concerning my faith they must be very careful the way they approach me.
52.      Brother Remi, for now, it must have become clear to you what your Provost is using you for. It must have become very, very clear. It is not every message that you will accept from him with effect from today.
53.      If he will not promote you, let him not promote you. If he will sit on you, he is free. I think the earlier he makes you the school bursar the better. Because if you become the bursar tomorrow, I do not think he will be using you as the messenger.
54.      You will be restricted to that office and to that office alone. He will now have another messenger that will be carrying one bag of rice and one bag of beans up and down. You cannot say you do not know why he is sending those things. You cannot say so.
55.      Many a times, you may even be forced to be defending his devilish actions contrary to your faith.  The time has come when you will be in a position to stand in judgement against all ungodliness; all ungodly practices in the school. You cannot be a partaker in them.  This is the hour. I said this is the hour.  I
56.      It is either you liberate yourself now or you perish! If they are making you school bursar, let them do it now so that you will be free. When you are travelling out, you will be travelling out as the School’s Bursar. You limit yourself to your own office, but right now, I call you an officer without portfolio. I call you a minister of special duties.
57.      The man is only using you as minister for special duties. When he wants to see the honorable Minister of Education, he calls Odo.  He wants to see the Council Men Kaduna, special assignment, Odo.
58.      Wherever the duty becomes very tough, real confidential, exclusively for the Provost, Odo will go. You will not say you do not know the extent he has used you so far, and now the earlier I call a spade a spade the better for Me because I am going away.
59.       I don’t want to be guilty before any man and before God.  It is hard truth. You had earlier been warned that from now, henceforth you will be hearing hard, hard things and that many will stumble.
60.      Will you stumble? I don’t know. Who put the hard, hard truth in my mouth? Almighty God. Ask yourself whether what you have heard has not been giving you troublesome nights. Have you not been feeling this way?
61.       If you have not been thinking this way, it means you have been hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. Jehoshaphat risked his life. Amazing grace saved him.
62.      Don’t worry; you don’t know where you are working until something happens. You see that man, one day, you will be his greatest enemy. And that day also, your wife will be the greatest enemy of all other lecturers in institution. They will label you things you cannot even imagine.
63.      I think it is better you liberate yourself before something will liberate you. You had better take side with God than to take side with that man. Any service that you are rendering to him now, be very, very careful.
64.      Any day he is leaving the college, you are leaving the college with him. People love your bursar more than you now. Others see you as a threat; they see you in the same light they see the Provost of that College. No matter what you may have as your excuse, you cannot wriggle out of it.
65.      That is why I have been subscribing that he should make you the bursar so that you will be restricted to activities in your own office alone; not minister without portfolio, minister for special duties; duties that are not defined; duties that are never, never defined.
66.      Even if he gives you the whole world of opportunity, there is nothing you can achieve there unless you want to offend your God. I am going somewhere. Amen.

First John 2: 15-17, Living Bible. There is a reason why I am using this Living Bible. I want to drive the message home, once and for all.
2.          ‘Stop loving this evil world,
3.          What!? Stop! It is a commandment. Stop loving this evil world.
4.          ‘and all that it offers you for when you love these things, ’
5.           All that it offers you, sisters that want to go to the university and graduate by 1999. In the case of Sister Eliza, if you must pass your sandwich this your, you will graduate in the year 2000 and then be using the certificate in the millennium.
6.          The truth is that when we want to die, something will just come up to anoint us falsely. Nobody can fool me again concerning education and what is happening.
7.          Every higher education is where Satan has already built his incubator to incubate and manufacture every kind of atrocity in the world. Every evil in the society today emanated from the University.
8.          Masturbation started there; homosexuality started there; drug addiction, every kind of evil. Watch them on the street. I wonder the type of Holy Ghost you claim you have; where you will go there, you will see ladies; I saw some at Oko, I said, ‘Is this the place our sisters are desiring to go?’
9.          I went to Jos, the same experience. I went to Nsukka, the same experience. I said this must be devil. Both married and unmarried ladies behave alike.
10.      I went to Bro Remi’s house on campus and saw some the other time, I said, ‘God, have mercy. Is that where Brother is dwelling? This is the synagogue of Satan. Come and see ladies putting on pants walking about with it on the main road.
11.      They go to classroom that way. I saw one that put on something like apron that only covered the breasts with pants. I looked at the picture and said that could this be a human being?  So, I passed.
12.      I turned back again only to discover that her whole back was purely open. I said, ‘God thank you Sir.’ How can I see such a horrible sight and dwell in their midst? In the classroom, the same way.
13.      Mothers; there is no mother there. There is nothing like; no virtue there. No matter how you claim to be godly. Sister Eliza was there; even the one that claims that she is in the CU (Christian Union), nonsense, hypocrite! They all mess themselves up.  It was that statement I made that made open confession come out. You noticed what happened that time. The tongue that was wagging became silent. Her eyes opened. She started shivering.
14.      They were not coming because you left them, because somebody was running round you and you were running around him. You messed up yourselves. Go to the Pentecostals and all other denominations, fornication is not sin. It is a way of life.
15.      Can you imagine a situation a young man dressed in knickers sat down and a young lady in pants sat down on his laps and then was caressing the man openly in the day in the name of higher institution. I went to the Rector and said, ‘Sir, what about this horrible thing you see before you?’
16.      He said, ‘My friend, these are beasts and I am controlling them. What do you think I am?’
17.      I said, ‘A beast,’ he said, ‘of course; it will take a beast to control beasts.’
18.      I said, ‘How do you cope up with this type of horrible sight?’ You see some in their chieftaincy; students in chieftaincy. You see some that will dress like Fela; I don’t know what to describe them like and that is where our sisters are desiring to go? You will go and sit down there and then they will be stuffing you with evil.
19.      Just like a Sister in our midst that said, ‘Brother, I want you to counsel me; our lecturer gave us one question. He taught us that a great wind parted the Red Sea and people of Israel passed through. Now, if it appears in exam, what do I write?’
20.      I said, ‘It is a tempting question?’ If at all she came to believe, can she tell me that she did not know the answer? She was limping between two opinions: whether to write down what somebody said was the religious master’s programme.
21.      All that said they are teaching Christian religious study, is there any Christian religious study in the Bible? Both the teachers and the students, they are all lying. It is literature. You could have called it Bible literature. They are only there to study to pass their exams and then get meal ticket; get certificate.
22.      Whatever you are writing is just to please the lecturer so that they will mark good, good. I said, ‘Sister, who parted the Red Sea? If you know who parted the Red Sea go and put it down and then you will fail.’  She said, ‘Brother, what do I do?’  
23.      I said, ‘Go and write the truth that is revealed to you. If it is wind, write wind. If it is God, write God. That will determine whether you will remain a godly or not. After all, when you were going to that higher institution you never invited God.’
24.      They will only teach you how to tell lies and let me tell you, there is no need somebody coming here to fool himself. No matter the way you say you read Accountancy; whatever you say you read, when you come out, you can hardly practise it. Whatever they taught you in the University, you could hardly practise it.
25.      If you read Political Science, come out, Nigerian politics will conquer you one way. You read Accountancy; became conversant with Nigerian Accounting System, I do not know why we are dying, go to the company you will see young, young boys that did not go beyond RSA page one; they will coach you there. You learn a lot from them.
26.      You come in there with your university theory they tell you, ‘not this one; this is company accounting. I have been in this company for 17 years,’ they will coach you there.
27.      Watch our engineers, after they graduate, mechanics in the streets will come and teach them.  Where are we heading to? Every evil in the society is manufactured in the University and yet people want to go back. They know what they are doing there. I said they know what they are doing there.
28.      Let Me tell you, mere purchasing of the handout will give you 25%, attendance will give you 15%. On the whole, you have already scored 40% which is pass mark.
29.      It is pass mark. That is why some big men’s children don’t waste their time, they just go there and enlist and continue their business.  At the end of the whole Semester exams, they will just come and give you N5,000 and then they go to another class. They keep on doing like that.
30.      At the end of the day, they collect First Class; many traders in Onitsha, many traders in the Main market, they just go there and say, ‘My friend , stop making this noise; look at my certificate’, and it is truly from Nigerian University here.
31.      I don’t know why we want to covet things God is debarring us from, saying ‘It is all that the world could offer.’ The Bible said, ‘don’t go,’ repeat that place, ‘after what the world will offer.’
32.      ‘Stop loving this evil world and all that it offers you.’  
33.      What does it offer you? What does it offer you? Popularity, foolishness, pride of life. Pride, I mean sheer pride. Many of your professors in your university did not go beyond first degree.
34.      There are many of them that did not go beyond first degree, yet they are professors. Too much learning will make you to doubt God and to go out of God’s own programme.
35.      Tell Me if there is any course in the university which is not defined by lies. Is it in medicine? Tell Me any course you will do in the university without telling lies? There is no science without lies; not even one single science.
36.      Tell Me that course in the university you will go and then come out with without filling yourself with bundles and bundles of lies.
37.      If you are a child of God, watch, I will show you a sign. If you are really one of the seeds of God, no matter the way you try to go further, from the time God meets you, you cannot succeed. Even if you start a programme, you cannot complete it.
38.      You will see something that will push you out; you will forfeit your money; forfeit everything and come out. After all, you are not the wisest people that ever lived. Saint Paul knew why he counted his certificate as useless nonsense and continued in the faith. Temporary, temporary things that the world is offering us.
39.      All of you that have been desiring to have additional certificates for selfish purposes, God knows what He is doing. I said, God knows exactly what He is doing. Keep on reading.’  
40.      For when you love these things, it shows that you don’t really love God. For all these worldly things give evil desire.’  
41.      Evil desires, worldly things will make a woman to abandon her family and then travel to Nsukka to settle down.
42.      Won’t you be ashamed of even carrying the book to read in devil’s institution? How do you think you will feel in the classroom sitting with heathens? There is no student that ever did any programme without telling lies.
43.      I know a lot of people that came to me in my office so that I will rig industrial elections for them. Even though I did not go to the university I conduct industrial elections in Anambra State. I said, ‘Sit down, after your lecturers dribbling you and getting all your resources and telling you to go and submit. That is your Master’s degree? Go and sit down.’
44.      Copyrights here and there; telling lies here and there only to acquire certificates. Any day God accepts a liar to be in the kingdom, every armed robber will also be there. Prostitutes will be there.
45.      You cannot say, ‘God, you know my heart, I am a student, others are doing it, there is no other way I can make it if not this way; God I have carried it out anyhow.’ That is rubbish. It is your own foolish excuse! You cannot deceive God.
46.      Foolish worldly people are using you to make money. If a lecturer will succeed in printing out one thousand handouts and then give them out in three months, he will make  a lot of money; N20, N25 per handout.
47.      What are they doing? Are they doing fresh research? Never, never, never. It is merely reproducing the handout year after year. And then you say you want to do your research, ‘I want to do research,’ you want to defend your project.
48.       That is bundles and bundles of lies; copywriting from here and there. You copy this one, you copy that one and credit it to yourself. That is rubbish. I do not believe in that nonsense.
49.      I will show you something when we finish reading.
50.      For all these worldly things give evil desires, the crave for sex.’  
51.      Go to Universities; crave for sex, very high. I said it is very, very high. They don’t know who is married and who is not married there in the higher institution. Some of these foolish, foolish married women defiling themselves with lecturers only to score pass mark.
52.      Moreover, I believe if you are a child of God, you cannot compromise with them. All you have to do is to read very hard so that the senate will justify you at last, but  talk of the man that wants to defile you, there is no way you can pass through, you must petition against him so that others will mark your papers and then score you.
53.      You keep on exposing yourself to dangers and temptation here and there, all in the name of education as if after getting your degree you will run away from your husband’s home and build another mansion.
54.      I do not know what you will be doing after you come out from your school. It is what you are doing now. Even if they will give you the whole degrees in the world, when you come home, unless you forfeit heaven, what you are doing now is still what you will be doing.
55.      You can never get another higher reputation outside because this message has humbled you.  It has made you, your learning and your education nothing, but foolish so that you will gain Christ.
56.      If you are having a picture where you will be seen as Margaret Thatcher again, you are finished! Anybody you will be discussing with you will be saying, ‘You know, I am a master’s degree holder,’ you are lost. They will see you the way they see Eha-amufu market women.
57.      God knows what He is doing. Some of you do not know that you are suffering others somewhere. Maybe because of your own writing, they will seize the whole result for that year. God knows how to do it. They will not release the result.
58.      In addition, from what is about to take place, those that are on holidays can hardly go back. Watch out. I must be justified.  Those that are on holidays can hardly go back and from November 30, all federal institutions, if they can pay staff salaries, know that I am not a Seer. I said if they can pay salaries.
59.       Abacha is great. All federal institutions including police, army, education, works, presently, they are owing them in arrears. And all the universities, there is going to be a breakdown of law and order.
60.      What of teachers in the secondary? The setting of TSS may not even allow them to stay long and they will go on strike, and if the government will approve that TSS, they cannot pay it. Implementing it will be another problem.
61.      Almost all universities are having problems right now. And God may use the problem to frustrate his own elect; keep them here. Somebody may remain in final year until Translation will take place.
62.      Already somebody has it on record that he has been in the final year for two years now because of incessant rioting and strike actions. If they continue that way, the end is not insight. Nsukka will soon go back to court again. Ahmadu Bello University is already in court. Jos is not certain whether they will go back or not.
63.       The ambition to buy everything that appeals to you,’  
64.      THE AMBITION TO BUY EVERYTHING THAT APPEALS TO YOU IS OF THE DEVIL. Whatever you see, you have the ambition, ‘I will have it. I will have it.’ This is what is making the Church lukewarm.
65.      Worldliness has crept into the hearts of the believers. They do not have the zeal which they received from the first day. They have lost the first zeal. They have lost the first love.
66.      Everybody is now having his eyes in the world: how to get everything in the world the world can offer as if that is eternal life. When we die, all these things will perish in the grave.
67.      ‘And the pride that comes from wealth and importance, these are not from God.’
68.       That pride that comes from wealth and importance, popularity, a learned man, a learned man. Thank God you are not preparing to go back and then go in for ICAN; ICAN certificate.
69.       I am a chartered accountant.  Even if you have 20 certificates from ICAN you will not do much more than what you are doing now. It is just for pride. Bible said, ‘These things do not come from the Lord.’
70.      1st Corinthians 1, from 19,‘for God said, ‘I will destroy all human plans of salvation, no matter how wise they seem to be and ignore the best ideas of men, even the most brilliant of them.
71.      So, what about these wise men, these scholars, these brilliant debaters of this world’s great affairs, God has made them all look foolish and shown their wisdom to be useless nonsense.’  
72.      Including that of your Provost. Great debaters of the affairs of this world, all their education, all these mighty scholars, their education, God said is useless-nonsense. What you are going to acquire is useless-nonsense. It can never help you in your marital life; it can never help humanity; useless-nonsense.
73.      Sister Ojiakor, where are you? [She responds: Sir] You are too far from what we are saying here. And we are making a tape. Brother Kelechi said, ‘It pays to be an eye-witness.’
74.      Let us repeat that place, ‘So, what about these wise men, these scholars, these brilliant debaters of this world’s great affairs,’
75.      great scholars, ‘I am a scholar; professor so, so and so,’
76.       God has made them all look foolish and shown their wisdom to be useless nonsense.’ 
77.      Useless-nonsense. Let us go further.
78.      for God in his wisdom saw to it that the world will never find God through human brilliance and then he stepped in and saved all those who believed his message which the world calls foolish and silly.
79.      It seems foolish to the Jews because they want a sign from heaven as proof that what is preached is true and it is foolish to the gentiles because they believe only what agrees with their philosophy and seems wise to them.’  
80.      You see the problem with mankind? A group of people will only believe what agrees with their philosophy; they do not want to know what God is saying. As long as it does not agree with his own ideology, he will say he will not believe it.
81.      However, whether you like it or not, you must believe God’s own philosophy. God said that all these certificates we are going to acquire, they are useless-nonsense that will make you abandon your family, abandon your wife and children and so on, only to go and  answer ‘Ma’ and ‘Sir’, start telling lies; living in sin, in hypocrisy, having ungodly conversation with ungodly students. They go after it the way they go after money.
82.      Tell me what a man could tell his wife to do which she will agree to do readily, but mention school certificate, she will jump up. Tell her to go to the farm, she will have a reason; tell her to go to the Eha-Amufu market, she will produce a reason, but send her to the university to acquire more certificates, she will say, ‘thank God’.  
83.      I wonder whether I can stay in any institution of higher learning for even one hour. If you close my eyes and drag Me there, the moment My eyes open, I will run away. I cannot stay there; even if they build a private classroom for Me. I do not think I will stay.
84.      If what I am saying does not agree with your own philosophy, that is best known to you. Know you are a gentile, you are a heathen, you are a pagan, ‘Well, Brother has said his own philosophy; it does not agree with my own idea. For that reason, I will not take it.’
85.      Now, you are a gentile. Sister Ojiakor, are you hearing what I am saying? God said, only gentiles reject those things which do not agree with their own philosophy for the word of God is opposed to the word of man.
86.      God’s own desire is contrary to your own desire. God’s own desire is that you will live a holy and chaste life in your own family as a married woman, be a blessing to the Church and to humanity, not in the institution.
87.      Even all that said they are married and are lecturers, watch them very well. You know all of them; even Pentecostals amongst them. Where do we start? That is where the Spirit went forth and that lady started making confession.
88.      You know the greatest thing that happened. People will know themselves, know how they committed the atrocity and they will be gossiping about it, ‘Have you seen what is happening between these two persons?’ But nobody will have the courage to come boldly to declare it.
89.      ‘Nna, I saw it; keep your mouth shut ooo!’ From that day, you become a partaker. Come and see how they are messing up themselves here and there.
90.      There is nobody that can fool Me! A lot of things exchange hands in their mad crave to become heads of departments, mad desires to become Heads of Departments, go and see the evil they are practising. Many things will happen.
91.      I say I thank God. I can never stay even one hour in any higher institution. Close my eyes, drag me there; the moment my eyes open, off I go.  
92.      God has chosen the poorest things of the world to confound all that say they are wise.  
93.      ‘So, when we preach about Christ dying to save them, the Jews are offended and the gentiles say it is all nonsense. But God has opened the eyes of those called to salvation, both Jews and gentiles to see that Christ is the mighty power of God to save them;
94.      Christ Himself is the centre of God’s wise plan for their salvation. This so-called foolish plan of God is far wiser than the wisest plan of the wisest man, and God in his weakness- Christ dying on the cross- is far stronger than any man.’  
95.      Take this message to all these people you call wise scholars, great debaters of the affairs of this world, they will call it nonsense immediately because they don’t know what we are talking about Christ dying on the Cross to save them.
96.      That is why when you get to Kaduna they will begin to adjudge you as a fool because you do not agree with them. The way they see things is not the way you see them. Nevertheless, you will try to see a place where you can compromise so that the discussions will conclude.
97.      If you don’t compromise in one place, discussions can never flow well. Something must happen.  Let us be very careful. Amen.

First Corinthians 3:18-19, ‘Stop fooling yourself. If you count yourself above average in intelligence ,’
2.          If you count yourself above average in intelligence, ‘I don’t know; may be Apostle didn’t go to college, he didn’t go to university, that is why he is saying all these things. How can I? How can I? You know, a man like me; I read medicine; I am a legal practitioner; I have so man y degrees,’ nonsense.
3.          What is keeping people from believing the message? ‘How can I go and sit down with those little boys; those unlearned fellows?’
4.          For that reason, they establish class fellowship. You have undergraduate fellowship; you have graduate fellowship; that is class fellowship. ‘How can? How can?’ That is what education can produce. It is what certificate can produce.
5.          I tell people that I am equal with Abacha in death, ‘My friend, you are not higher than me, after all, we will conclude it in the grave.’
6.          Gowon is going there; Abiola is going there; Obasanjo, Yar’adua, all of them, we are equal in death. God will not say, ‘Because this one is head of states, he will not die again and Odoemena is a poor man; he will die.’ Na lie.
7.          No matter what you call the casket; whether you call it a casket or a coffin, all of them are going down there. We are all equal in death. The Provost of the College of Education, Eha-amufu, we are all equal in death. He is fooling himself in unbelief.
8.          ‘Stop fooling yourself,’
9.          Stop fooling yourselves. Tell yourselves the truth. You know the evils going on in the university. You all know. All the certificates you have, you acquired all when you were heathens.
10.      It is only here that God justified all of you. When the Holy Ghost came down, He justified all of you for He concluded that as “sin of ignorance” but if God should judge you on how you acquired it, all of you told lies.
11.      Some were works that were carried out by somebody else only for you to put your name there. You acquired them when you were heathens. What you should be saying is, ‘God, since You have forgiven me in that one, I won’t do it again, no more.’ See what is killing them.
12.        ‘If you count yourself above average in intelligence as judged by this world’s standard,’  
13.      As judged by this world’s standard. Who told you that you are more intelligent than somebody that attended elementary six because you graduated from the university?
14.      It is the world that is judging it that way. They think going to the university added something? It did not add anything.  If going to the university adds something, the whole world will be there. It has never remolded any man’s status, rather it worsens it.
15.      Watch all these ladies in the university, perambulating the streets of Onitsha, watch all of them messing up with stark illiterate traders and houseboys, living in naked prostitution. Watch their men and women, the same thing.
16.      Of what use is the University? Beasts! Before my eyes, a lady that is not married kissing a father that will be the age of her own father openly in the College.
17.      She will ask you, ‘Do you want it?’ And watch the old man, a security man messing up the same way.
18.      God knows I cannot tell lies. It happened before My eyes. That place is not worth going to. I do not know whether it is worst than Oko.  May God have mercy!
19.      You know the worst of it all? The classroom is not meant for students. 99.5% roam outside; few will be inside writing exam. Will you be examined outside?
20.      I don’t know what they are doing brethren. In the evening hours, go out and see how they are messing up themselves in the streets. Then the person comes out the following day and tells you, he or she has average intelligence; that they are higher than average. God help us.
21.       ‘You had better put this  all aside.’  
22.      Put these things all aside. Put your certificates and all this worldly knowledge aside; humble yourself down and worship God.
23.      ‘And be a fool rather than let it hold you back from the true wisdom from above.’
24.      Be a fool instead of allowing much learning and education to hold you back. Be a fool. Let them call you ‘mumu,’ let them say, ‘the money spent in training him is useless.’
25.      All that have decided to follow God’s wisdom, they have been labeled nonentities in their families.  Some will call them disappointments. They will say the money used in training you is a waste.
26.      They will be labeled disappointments in their families because they were trained to be used to make money; to show off, ‘We have a mechanical engineer and three doctors; three accountants’.
27.      Watch the ungodly parents bragging with things that can breathe and die, ‘My daughter is an Accountant and her husband is a Medical doctor.’
28.      There is nothing else to it other than the pride; not that the person is successful; just the pride, ‘My son is an engineer married to a lawyer,’ as if they say the husband is a carpenter it becomes an abomination.
29.      That is why they cannot humble down and believe God. All these things that will hold people back from believing Christ, God said, ‘humble yourself down.’
30.      It is only in this Message that you can see graduates worshipping God with every sincerity of heart; men and women. You can never know that they can read and write.
31.      Outside this Ministry, they must identify with their various class fellowships. It is either IFL or Very Important Personalities where they mess themselves up and transfer and inherit diseases. Little, little girls here cannot contact AIDS.
32.      People that carry AIDS are first class ladies with first class diseases; first class ladies with first class sicknesses. Where are they produced? In the universities.  
33.      I do not know what AIDS is; I cannot contact it. I do not know what homosexual is. It will take a homosexual to identify it. Watch all of them who are being given money only to have sexual intercourse with dogs; they are university graduates.
34.      A white man will pay them and place a dog or chimpanzee before them to have sex with them because of their crave for sex, worldliness, so that they can be given money.
35.       There is no type of illegal business that is not done there. Even firearms are being exchanged in the universities; armed robbers, in the university. What is good there? Amen.