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Wednesday, 7 November 2018


This school is not a blessing to Eha-amufu. It is a curse. You see little, little girls that are exposed to all kinds of immorality; every kind of reckless life. Nonsense!  You must tell yourself the whole truth!
2.          You all know all these evils. Satan anointed them somewhere and from
the time the thought comes into your mind, you become restless, you do not know what to do again. To pray becomes a problem.
3.          Every day, “Man of God come oo; I have something to ask.” Stop asking. “Man of God pray for me.”
4.           Can you imagine somebody that wrote a prayer request, “Man of God, I want you to pray for me. I do not want to be referred in any of my papers. I have been passing sleepless nights to make sure I clear all my papers. For that reason, I do not pray again, I do not read the Messages again because I don’t want to be referred. So please, pray for me.”
5.          I took the piece of paper and mashed it. I said, “It is foolish nonsense.”
6.          When we got to Jos, the Holy Ghost revisited that matter. How many times have you passed sleepless nights praying and studying the Message only to enrich your soul? How many times have you worked hard for the Kingdom to get Eternal Life? But look at you putting your lamp up to daybreak to pass exams so that you get first class honours. After you get first class honours, you take it to the kitchen only to be stubborn in the kitchen, to be stubborn in the kitchen.
7.          Verse 19, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. As it says in the Book of job, “God uses man’s own brilliance to trap him.”
8.          God uses man’s own brilliance to trap him. That thing you are desiring so much, that thing that is making you to pass sleepless nights, that is what God will use to set a trap for you.
9.          You see, God will use that academic pursuit to set a trap for you. Because you are now erring, what God has given you so far you are regretting it, you don’t want to continue with God. You go about education; worldly things.
10.      What now gives you sleepless night is traveling from Port Harcourt to Ogoni; Ogoni to Calabar in search of admission. Ungodly women abandoning families that they are doing Sandwich in Jos from Anambra here; they are doing sandwich in Maiduguiri.
11.      You just follow ungodly women, the same way, God must set a trap there. And you must fall into the trap and shout, “Had I known.” There is one I know already. Even she was still there before I left and I know she will remain there till I come back.
12.      In addition, the innocent man is there at Umuhahia telling people the wife is doing sandwich programme at Nsugbe. And the woman pretended she was carrying her stove and other belongings to school to study when she is in another man’s house in Onitsha. And she feels it doesn’t matter.
13.      Who caused it? It is the foolish man that permitted the lady. The man remains at home and plays the role of a baby nurse; changing napkins and cooking for the children while the wife philanders in another man’s house.
14.      Every morning, the man takes her to school in Santana sports car and also brings her back in the afternoon. Tomorrow if the woman gives birth, the man will claim his wife has given birth, making a hell of noise before his relations.
15.      Tomorrow if his friends who happen to know what is happening come around, they will expose everything. What am I saying? She is now trapped because of her worldly desires.
16.      Every evening, nobody regulates the woman as a married woman. She now puts on whatever she likes. She now puts on trousers because the boy has changed her wardrobe. Anytime she wants to go home, she will dress like a madam in wrapper and so on.
17.      I say, “God forbid.” That is the one I caught red handed. What about the ones we don’t know? What about some that go to Onitsha during weekends to visit traders in the market? They know why they love to come to Nsugbe because they know it is very close to Onitsha where they can get money from the traders at Onitsha market. I thank God.
18.      You may say your own is in the wilderness. There is no wilderness in Nigeria. God said He would use this worldly wisdom as a trap. He will catch you there.
19.      Of what use is it for man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? What can a man or woman give in exchange for his soul? Nothing. And the little God has given to us, we shoved it aside to be like the world. And then look at the Church dying. Everywhere, lukewarmness.
20.      No sister can desire to be like Sister Anna who was praying and prophesying in the house of the Lord all the days of her life. Nobody wants to be like Sister Suzanna or Phoebe or Lydia. Nobody wants to be like Priscilla.
21.      Everybody desires now to be like Jezebel a woman with authority signing signatures and going places. Every woman is now going about with ID Cards. Who gives them ID cards?
22.      I have seen a lot of things with My eyes. There is no profession anyone can read in the University that is not defiled.
23.      Watch all that said that they read law, the time we met together in Lagos, I said, “God help Me.” If this is what it requires to produce these young lawyers, I will never dream of it.
24.      Their own is even the worst. Come and see those that are in Law School in Lagos State, come and see married men that have worked for years, some are bank mangers and so on, they have nothing restraining them from immorality.
25.      I happened to lodge in a hotel where I saw some of them clustered. Come and see some of these so-called barristers in training. Come and see them.
26.      I succeeded in knowing the man they call Clement Akpangbo one day with young ladies running around him in Lagos. How can somebody leave his wife at home and starts messing up with girls on the pretext of reading law?
28.      I keep on saying it. No doctor can take any credit. We have a lot of medical doctors that are quacks. They read in the University, yet they are medical quacks. What caused it?  The certificate was purchased with money. That is what it produced.
29.      “He stumbles over his own wisdom and falls. And again, in the Book of Psalms, we are told that the Lord knows full well how the human mind reasons and how foolish and futile it is. So don’t be proud of following the wise men of this world.”  
30.      So do not be proud of following the wise men of this world. The world has produced a lot of its own wise men. God has produced His own wise men.
31.       God’s own wise men go after holiness and righteousness. They go after heavenly things. Who could have been saved?
32.      Colossians 3:1, King James, “If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above.”
33.      Is education above? Is university above? Knowledge and education, is it above? Any bird that flies up and continues staring downwards has its eyes on the ground; its heart is on the ground. There is something that bird left on the ground for which cause it continues to stare downwards.
34.      There is nothing up there that is of benefit to it. It has more interest on the ground; it does not want to leave the ground alone. It is just like a bird that flies off from the ground and perches on an anthill; if you look at that bird very well, you will see sand all over the feet.
35.      How can you say you are running away from Satan and then you go to the synagogue of Satan and take a seat there? Who are you deceiving? God said, “Stop thinking that way.”
36.      Any man or woman that will doubt God, watch, God will use that person to set example. And by and by, there is nobody God sets a trap for that does not fall into that trap. How can God set a trap which no man can fall into?
37.      It is only the devil that will set a trap and then God will hinder a man from falling into it. But if God sets a trap for a man, by and by he must fall into it.
38.      Let Me tell you, all of you women that are in this Faith, you are here saying and believing what we are saying because you are all under the Blood. Any day God will set a trap for you, God will use your old character, what you desire and cherish so much.
39.      God knows your weaknesses. Any you say, “I will never do this again in my life”, you will see yourself doing it. You never purposed doing it but God has set a trap with it. It is in you but you do not know because you are under the Blood.
40.      All of you that are here, you don’t know that you can’t commit adultery; under this normal spirit you cannot commit adultery; all of you are covered by the Blood. But outside this blood, you are doing it.
41.      Somebody will say, “You are beautiful; you are this and that.” Your eyes will open. He will ask you whether you are the only one that knows God. Before you know it, you stray away gradually. It is an anointing.
42.       There is no man or woman under this present anointing of the Holy Ghost that can think evil. Stray one bit away from this Holy Ghost, anointing will perch on you. Before you know it, the same way you tell lies, the same way you will see yourself doing that same thing you never thought of.
43.      However, immediately you finish, your eyes will open. You will be regretting it; you will be trembling and shivering, “How am I going to do it now ooo! how am I going to do it?”
44.      Even if you go back to the man and make it right, you can never come back alive. Before crossing the gate, you are already dead. Even if you go to the man to make it right, he will simply push you out. He will say, “Get out from here!” You will hate yourself to the core.
45.      God knows what He is doing. That I am saying what I am saying is because I am under the Blood. Come and see a man that strayed away from under the Blood; that strayed away a little, that anointing will come, he will be admiring every lady; things he hated.
46.      He will love the teeth, love open back. There is a veil that covers a Child of God making all these things look filthy and dirty. However, when that veil goes away, he will be seeing them the same way every man sees them.
47.      After all, women dress that way to attract men.  It is because you are not a man of this world that is why they are not attracting you. That is why you have hated them. You do not know what you are enjoying in Christ until you have strayed away.
48.      That is why when somebody is cast away from the Church, watch that week, all he has hated before he will take back all of them; all. Somebody that was cast away because of the spirit of fornication; she did not commit it. But the spirit was persistent in her. And it was discerned that she was asked to pull down a brother, she was asked to leave the Church.
49.      Within a week, she committed fornication thirteen times; met with a man day and night for five complete days. And never felt ashamed. When she came confessing it, we closed our ears. Today, she has thrown away the Bible.
50.      Nobody can believe that she has been in Deeper Life for years before she came into the Faith and then confessed how she was in Deeper Life defiling herself with every brother in the Church. It was that time that we knew that pastors sleep with their members overnight and then come to the pulpit the following morning to preach, “If you are fornicating and committing adultery, you are a sinner!” and from the way they say it, very cold,  to show you that they have never been liberated from that spirit. It is still holding them.
51.      If you see any man that is living in sin it is very clear, no matter how smart he tries to be. When he comes to the sin that is holding him tight he will try to dodge a little or play soft there. You cannot fool Me.
52.      Who will like God to set a trap for him through education? Master’s students will not hear the word let alone those pursuing diploma in education.
53.      Who are you going to teach the message? Is it these heathens that you will teach the message? You see why the word went forth, saying, “When you get home, tell Sister and her husband that whatever I told you while you were in My House like David and Nathan while they were eating, but here hear the truth “Thus saith the Lord concerning the matter.”
54.      A child of God does not desire that. Take Me anywhere I will shout it on top of My Voice. How can I desire what a sinful man desires? The one I have is enough for Me. Anywhere a man is, if God meets him there, there he stops. He does not go further. Amen.

Seek those things which are above where Christ siteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above not on things of the earth.”
2.          Why Churches have become lukewarm; they have opened the gate and everything in the world is gradually coming in to trouble them, making them very, very weak.
3.           Brother will lose his vision; nobody knows that preaching is part of our message. Nobody can go out and preach now. If you are preaching only on the pulpit, you are not a preacher. Are you hearing what I am saying? Hallelujah.
4.          Thus, if you are losing the vision of your calling, God is calling you back.
5.          James 4: 4, Living Bible. Continue, “You are like an unfaithful wife who loves her husband’s enemies. Don’t you realize that making friends with God’s enemies-the evil pleasures of this world-makes you an enemy of God? I say it again, that if your aim is to enjoy the evil pleasure of the unsaved world, you cannot also be a friend of God. Or what do you think the scripture means when it said that the Holy Spirit, whom God had placed within us, watches over us with tender jealousy?”
6.          God is likening His disobedient child to an unfaithful wife. You desire the pleasures of this life; this world, you make friends with God’s own enemies. He that has hated God has hated you.
7.          David said, “I have hated them that hated God with perfect hatred.” Now you want to make friends with them only to acquire certificates that will perish with the user. What the people in the world are scrambling to get, you are scrambling to get them also. God forbid.
8.          If I discover that I am becoming a friend to God’s enemy, I will simply cut it off immediately.
9.          Brethren, I believe I am talking to wise men and women. Check your life. If my position will make me a friend to God’s enemy, I will better put up a resignation letter now.
10.      That is why I told brethren from Enugu Ezike that they have not found a fellowship hall. How can a child of Christ be in the house of Pilate? Is it possible? Unless you want to speak against Pilate.
11.      How can a child of God be in a customary court? After choosing the word of God, they will come there and say, “This man, you sued your wife here for divorce, we are here to look into it. This woman go apart, this man, go apart, you are divorced. This is your certificate for divorce.”
12.      When they dismiss, in the evening, the judge will come, “Who is the man that divorced my daughter?”
13.      Mrs. Ikenna, you came here and said, “I cannot take bribe” and the registrar will be in his house hearing you. The next thing you will hear is, “My friend, you didn’t pay me money. I received instruction from Enugu that I should not hire or lease this place. They want to use this place. They will need the place between now and next week.” Yes now.
14.      You have not found a fellowship hall. Unless you will not preach. You cannot establish the house of God in the house of Pilate. No. Although he will not see anything he will use to condemn you, nevertheless, to please the people, he will do something.
15.      After all, all courts today are in the hands of Roman Catholics. That reverend father will place you down there.
16.       We are continuing brethren. God is doing us well. You see what is making the Church lukewarm. It will be very, very unfortunate if after knowing the remedy; if we know what is making us lukewarm, we know the remedy, and we fail to apply it. There is no way we can be cured.
17.      I will liken you to someone that went to a doctor. After the doctor diagnosed him and prescribed some medicine, he went home and put the medicine under the pillow. Then a few weeks later, he went back to the doctor and say that the malaria symptoms are still there.
18.      The doctor will say, “Well, seeing the symptoms there simply shows that you didn’t take the medicine. If you had taken the medicine, the symptoms would have vanished by now.”
19.       And the doctor confirmed that the medicine he gave you was the right medicine.
20.       2nd Corinthians 4: 3-4, “If the Good news we preach is hidden to anyone, it is hidden from the one who is on the road to eternal death,”
21.      Who is on the road to eternal death. If what I am saying now is hidden from you, you have not seen it to be truth, let it be known to you that you are heading to eternal death.
22.      If it has not become a revelation to you by now, if you must come back and say, “Brother, the way Holy Ghost ministered on this topic and so on and so forth I have a question,” let it be known to you that you are heading to eternal death.
23.       That is why I made use of Living Bible to use the simplest English all of us can understand very well.
24.      “Satan who is the god of this evil world has made him blind, unable to see the glorious light of the gospel that is shining upon him or to understand the amazing message we preach about the glory of Christ who is God.”
25.      The Bible told us clearly that we should be very, very careful.
26.      James 5:1-5, “Look here you rich men, now is the time to cry and groan with anguish grief because of all the terrible troubles ahead of you.”
27.      Look at rich men, God had already prophesied doom against them and I wonder why people really want to get everything in the world if not to become very rich. You have the money, at least the little that can feed you and your family, buy you some dresses, give you some little motor cycles and things like that to move you about and yet you want to get more and more and more until you become like the world.
28.      Look at what God predicted will happen to the rich men. You that desire to be like one of them read the condition.
29.      “Your wealth is even now rotten away and your fine cloths are becoming mere moth-eaten rags; the value of your gold and silver is dropping fast,”
30.       The value of your Naira and Kobo is dropping fast. See God in His infinite knowledge. He has seen what will happen to rich men. If there is anytime this thing is fulfilling, it is now.
31.      Watch all you are laboring for, give your wife one thousand naira (N1000) to go and buy food items, she will come back empty-handed. She will feel as if somebody stole away the money.
32.      In addition, if you do not trust your wife, you will be suspecting whether she is duping you. But if she presents the account, you will see she purchased only but the necessities.
33.      What is responsible for that? The value of naira and kobo is dropping fast. Even if you collect N10, 000 as your salary per month, it can hardly sustain you that month because the value of money is dropping.
34.       Why coveting that thing which is dropping fast? Why dying for that thing that will fetch you nothing? Like I am giving you a little example, a bag of cement should be about N500 by now.
35.      How many bags do you think you can purchase to finish building a new house?  And how much will it involve? Over N 50,000; over N 50,000 and that amount of money is not easy to come by.
36.      It is not easy to come by. Brethren, let us start telling ourselves the truth. Money has lost its value; education has lost its value because education is dropping the same way money is dropping.
37.      “The value of your gold and silver is dropping fast yet it will stand as evidence against you and eat your flesh like fire.”
38.       Now, this will be a judgment to all millionaires; an evidence against you. Because of something that will perish with the user you forsook God. Nobody wants to serve God. Because of money, everybody has made money his god. Won’t it be arrant nonsense if we make money our god here; money that is dropping everyday and can hardly buy you few things.
39.      Can you imagine scrapes you purchase as vehicles at hundreds of thousands? Real scrapes; under normal conditions, these vehicles should not be more than N 4,000. But now, they are hundreds of thousand.  Amen.

There is worldliness in the Church; troubling the minds of many.
2.          First Timothy 6:3-10;“Some may deny these things but they are the sound wholesome teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and are the foundation for a Godly life.
3.          Anyone who says anything different is both proud and stupid.
4.           He is quibbling over the meaning of Christ’s words and stirring up arguments ending in jealousy and anger which only lead to name calling accusation and evil suspicion. These arguers, their minds wrapped by sin, don’t know how to tell the truth. To them, the good news is just a means of making money.
5.          Keep away from them. Do you want to be truly rich? You already are if you are happy and good. After all, we didn’t bring any money with us when we came into the world and we can’t carry away a single penny when we die.
6.           So, we should be well satisfied without money if we have enough food and clothing but people who long to be rich soon begin to do all kinds of wrong things to get money; things that hurt them and make them evil minded and finally send them to hell itself for the love of money is the first step towards all kinds of sin. Some people have even turned away from God because of their love for it and as a result have pierced themselves with many sorrows.”
7.           Is that not scripture? I am not the author of the Holy Bible. We are here to sharpen ourselves. WHY ARE WE CRYING SINCE MORNING? HAVE WE NOT PIERCED OURSELVES WITH MANY SORROWS?
9.          By so doing many have already departed from the Faith completely. And Bible said we should be very, very careful because that is what will happen in the last days we are living in.
10.      James 4:16, “Otherwise, you will be bragging about your own plan and such self confidence never pleases God.” Read from verse 15, “what you ought to say is, “If the Lord wants us to, we shall live and do this or that’, otherwise, you will be bragging about your own plans and such self confidence never pleases God.”
11.       1st Timothy 4:1, “But the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last time, some in the Church will turn away from Christ and will no longer be followers,”
12.      some, where? Some in the Church. I don’t know who are the “some’; in the latter times, towards the time of the end.
13.       “some in the church will turn away from Christ and become eager followers of teachers with devil-inspired ideas. These teachers will tell lies with straight faces and do it so often that their conscience won’t even bother them.”
14.      The Bible said some would depart from the truth and follow teachers with devil inspired ideas. I know there are some people you will contact and they will tell you that there is nothing wrong with education.
15.      Go to the university but be a child of God. But the person will not tell you how you must conduct your life there in order to maintain your Christianity. He will not tell you that.
16.      He will tell you that we have another Holy Ghost. What matters is to have the Holy Ghost as if Holy Ghost is not a person. The Holy Ghost must always be nourished. IF YOU LEAVE GOD FOR ONE DAY, GOD WILL LEAVE YOU FOR ONE MONTH.
17.      If you are struggling here to retain Holy Ghost when you are fellowshipping two, three times a day; then when you will be without your pastor, you will stay without fellowship; you will be having but one fellowship in a week, when your examination comes up, no fellowship again, you then sacrifice Eternal Life for common certificate; useless nonsense.
18.      Second Timothy 4:3. Why churches are becoming lukewarm, “For there is going to come a time when people won’t listen to the truth. They will go around looking for teachers who will tell them just what they want to hear.”
19.      That is the hour we are living in. What I am saying may run contrary to your own ideas and philosophy. Then you can go anywhere you want.
20.       By and by you must meet a man who will tell you what you desire; who will please you by telling you the desire of your heart, “I don’t know; Brother has not spoken this way before. I don’t know whether Brother is still in this Faith. Is he saying we should stay idle now or what? I think I will see somebody about it.”
21.      By and by, you must meet somebody and he must tell you something. After telling you what you have been desiring, you will say, “God bless you; you are a man of God.” Amen. You see, anytime Micaiah is on the scene, Ahab will never feel happy.
22.      I am not a man pleaser. I do not know how to pamper or please. That will mean nurturing you into hellfire. I will first of all live my sermon and then preach to you so that I will be a judgment to you on the last day.
23.      How many graduates do we have in our midst that are married with children? How many non-graduates do we have in our midst married with children?
24.      Are you feeding better than them? Are you better than them in any way? We had better start speaking the last truth.
26.      The money that is been voted to run the school is enough to repair Eha-amufu road in one year. Where is it? Who are aiding and abetting fraud in that school? Educated men.
27.       That is why I said, “God, if it is possible, destroy biro pen.” Let people start writing with their blood. Yet they will devise another way. You cannot beat them ooo. Satan, you can hardly beat Satan. They know what they are doing.
28.      When a man will perpetrate evil from the head, from all the authorities, from the ministers down the line and then he will be bragging and boasting, “If they write petition, I don’t bloody care.”
29.      The man will grow higher than the law courts because all the law courts are corrupt. When the man is sued, overnight the judge will meet him in the recreation club, collect one carton of money and go away. That is all. The case will remain in the court forever.
30.      Before now, judges do not visit individuals, but today, they play football together. Amen.

Second Timothy 3:1-5. Why is it necessary to sound this alarm? Why am I sounding this reminder now than before? Why am I drumming it harder into your ears?
2.          See what the Bible says will happen in the last days: “You may as well know this too, Timothy, that in the last days, it is going to be very difficult to be a Christian.”
3.          In the last days, it is going to be very, very difficult to be a true child of God. You can have methods. There are places you can go and they will comfort you in sin. You will go easily. They will tell you lies; you will go to the university and perish.
4.          Moreover, when you go there, you mess up yourself but when you come back you dodge it. I am telling you the truth. It is only in our midst a woman can stand in front of the Church and confess of adultery and fornication. Men will stand and confess it. It is only here. Pentecostals do not do it.
5.          A Sister was confessing to Me; she said, “Brother, can God pardon me? While I was in the Pentecostal all these years I was living in fornication with a brother there.”
6.          I said, “What do you mean, a married woman cannot be in fornication?”
7.          She said, “Well, I was living in adultery, but what of the boy?”
8.          I said, “The boy was living in fornication.” I asked, “Were you doing it physically or spiritually?”
9.          She said, “Physically.” “Is your husband dead?” She said, “No, he is still alive.”
10.      “And he is a member of Deeper Life also?” “Yes.” Then I asked, “Why are you doing it?”
11.      She said, “My husband has his own woman.”
12.      I said, “In your midst? Don’t you preach against it?” She said, “Well, they said it is Christian love that we are guilty if we do it with heathens. Once it is amongst brethren, it is brotherly love. Let brotherly love continue.” You see, devilish doctrines; devil-inspired doctrines. And somebody was comforted in the thing: let brotherly love continue.
13.      Therefore, if you do it with a heathen outside, it is fornication and adultery. If it is among you, after all, he is your brother, let brotherly love continue.
14.      I said, God, save Me in this ministry. I said, “Sister I have to tell you the whole truth although you didn’t know it. Go back to your husband and tell him. I am not your husband.”
15.      She said, “Will he tell me his own?” I said, “Let me tell you; he is your god. If you were not ashamed of becoming naked before a man that is not your husband and a young boy for that matter in the name of Christianity, do not be ashamed of telling your husband.”
16.      If she had told her husband till now, I don’t know. All I know is that I have told her the whole truth.
17.       I said, “God, help me in this ministry.” Just help me to tell everybody the naked truth. It is only a man and the wife that have the right to be naked and they will not be ashamed. Outside that, there must be shamefacedness. There must be shame.
18.      If Satan will derobe you of your shame, Satan will also give you enough courage to tell your husband. In the last days, all these people that were committing these atrocities they were carrying Bible ooo, preaching and giving people tracts, telling people, “Unbeliever, unbeliever, unbeliever.” They are the people I will turn to, give this gospel and they will say it is of the devil.
19.      Watch their lives in the Church. If these things can happen amongst those that are men; think about students that are on campus with campus life, campus character.
20.      I will tell you another snare that is awaiting you in the university if you dare cross your gate. Put it down. Any lady you know that is married, that is in this Faith professing real true holiness and righteousness, the moment she steps into the university whether married or unmarried, she is the first bait to these young boys and ladies in secret society. They must surely rape her.
21.      That is the only way they can weaken her: “I think this madam is taking too much in this institution. I think she is planning to be something in this institution. I think we had better go after her. If we will die, let us die.”
22.      One will say, “She is married ooo.” “I don’t care who is marrying her.  This her holy, holy life is becoming too much. I must get rid of this woman.”
23.      They must lie in wait and get her defiled. Scream and cry and do every other thing, na lie. That cannot save you. You will come out of that institution with fear.
24.      Who caused it? Education caused it; certificate caused it. And the moment they succeed, they will take your poster, write your name and post it on the walls. Some will draw diagrams on how it happened.
25.      And you won’t have the mouth to go to the authorities to say what happened to you because they will laugh you to scorn: “A married woman; so you are not satisfied with your husband.” I am telling you the truth.
26.       A sister in our midst narrowly escaped today in one College at Nsugbe; Nsugbe College of Education. And I asked her why she was coming back alone at that time.
27.      She said that she thought there was no problem at that area. I said, Have you ever met these young men there before?”
28.       She said, “Why not.” “What were you thinking about them when you met them? Simply confess that you felt like committing fornication and then you strolled away at that time.
29.      The woman that saved you almost put herself in trouble. You have not escaped completely. They will still lie in wait.” They were troubling her.
30.      From the time she told them that she cannot do it; that she is a Christian they gave her examples of other ladies that go to SU and other churches that they were defiling and so on. She said, “No.” Two young men took an oath that they must surely rape her. They started making plans.
31.      When they could not succeed, they waited on the streets intending to drag her into the bush but God said no. No matter how you walk with wisdom here don’t allow the desire of your heart to be a trap to your soul. Whatever you covet that is what Satan will use as a trap.
32.      God is saying that in these last days, you must be very, very careful that it is going to be extremely difficult for one to be a true child of God. Have you ever bothered to ask yourselves why? Why?
33.      You can get a religious name; people professing religion without living the life. …That selfish gain without attaching anything to it just to make popularity or empty boast here and there; not people that will claim to be something. It is very, very rare. Why?
34.      Second Timothy 3, “For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be proud and boastful, sneering at God; disobedient to their parents, ungrateful to them.”
35.       “And thoroughly bad. They will be hard headed and never give in to others. They will be constant liars and trouble makers and will think nothing of immorality. They will be rough and cruel.” 
36.      They will think nothing of immorality. It will become a way of life; common.
37.      “they will be rough and cruel and sneer at those who try to be good.”  
38.      Have you seen what will happen? If you try to be good; you show godliness, you will be in trouble.
39.      “They will betray their friends; they will be hotheaded, puffed up with pride and prefer good times to worshipping God. They will go to Church, yes, but they won’t really believe anything they hear. Don’t be taken in by people like that.”
40.      All these ladies that are here listening to the word of God, have you heard what the Lord is saying? For going to church, they will but will never believe what they will hear. “Nnaa, this kind Church sef; this kind church sef.”  
41.      If you are in the number, God knows you. God knows the motive why you are here. Whether you believe what you have been hearing to be true God knows that.
42.      Anything you believe, you must be prepared to put it into practice. Or else you don’t believe it. You are a hearer of the word but not a doer. Amen.
43.      Romans 2:5-8, “But no, you won’t listen and so you are taking up terrible punishments for yourselves because of your stubbornness in refusing to stop from your sin for there is going to come a day of wrath when God will be the just Judge of all the world. He will give each one whatever his deeds deserve.
44.      He will give Eternal Life to those who patiently do the will of God seeking for the unseen glory and honour and Eternal Life that He offers but he will terribly punish those who fight against the truth of God and walk in evil ways. God’s anger will be poured out upon them.”
45.      If you fight this truth that is revealed to you this day, you are heaping for yourself, terrible punishment. I do not know what else I will tell you other than what I have told you now. Looking into your life, the life of the Church, haven’t you seen the spirit of lukewarmness?
46.      Check the way you were behaving when you received this Gospel at the initial stage and the way you are behaving now. MANY OF US NOW CAN HARDLY SIT DOWN AND STUDY THE BIBLE FOR ONE HOUR. MANY CAN HARDLY PRAY FOR ONE HOUR BUT WE CAN GIVE THE WHOLE OF OUR TIME TO THE THINGS OF THE WORLD.
47.      We can go after the things of the world from morning to night without being tired only to come home hurriedly and then rush to bed immediately. Most of our family altars are no longer family altars.
48.      They are just hastily done; few minutes, you pray and then you go to bed; in the morning, the same thing. Nobody will say, “Minus me.” Nobody will say, “Apart from myself.” Everybody is guilty.
49.      Why is the Church becoming lukewarm? We have allowed worldly desires, army of worldly desires to troop into our hearts; to trouble us; the cares of this life; what tomorrow will offer.
50.      We are now afraid of the future. We don’t believe anymore that God Who has started the good work in us is more than able to perfect His work in us. Rise up and let us pray.
51.      This is exactly the problem of the Church. This is the problem of every Brother, every Sister; why we are dying; why it now appears as if we are laboring in vain. Why it appears we have lost the battle.
52.      Army of desires; tell Me by this time two years ago if there was any sister that desired to go to the university; rather, everybody was desiring that God will come and take her away; take the family away, but today the world is becoming very sweet; so sweet that university education is now forging ahead of everybody and we are telling people that we are about to go home. It then means we never believed that message; we are stark unbelievers.
53.      God is saying, “unbelief in the Church; unbelief,” you think it is when you wave your hand and say, “I don’t believe.” It is when your character is not reflecting the Gospel.
54.      While we are praying I call Brother Kelechi to the pulpit to come and close this fellowship with prayers and dismiss us without any further protocol, after which we will go home and God willing continue whenever we are ready again.

56.      Really, this is exactly the truth and this shows that God really loves us so much for whom he loves, he rebukes and chastens that they will be cleansed by his word.
57.      The chastening of the Lord and rebuking needs a quick repentance. With longsuffering, his rebuke can last but a second. Within a twinkle of an eye, it has gone.
58.      So, having seen that, this is the time you have to lift up your hand and say, “God, help us this time that we will never bear evil. Allow this God’s truth dwell in us again.”
59.       This is the time we shed our hearts upon his word; that is the essence of His word being spoken to us to bring us back to our former estate where His love cloth us also; where we always see his face; where love can come in with His Word. Amen.