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The day of sober reflection

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The day of sober reflection in the bride of Christ Preached By Apostle peter Odoemena“ The rock of ages” at  The household of God Onitsha On 5th April 2009 “Truth has no substitute’

Nobody falls sick physically without first falling sick spiritually. The same way, if you are not spiritually sound, there is no need talking about character. Character is a
formation of the spirit. Even success and failure are both spiritual. When you fail spiritually, you must fail physically. You better think about it and begin to reposition yourself immediately.
     Strive to be a star, preached on Sunday 2nd sept.2007 pg 15 vs. 12

1.           I have never minced words revealing it to everybody. I have told you that character makes a personality.
2.            Three things that depict personality, I mean things that are really visible that depict who you are. Number one is your mode of speech. Number two is your dressing. Number three is your character.
3.            I emphasize on character because even in the bible, Titus said that the level of the truth he was impacting to his hearer was the type of truth that transformed human life. So, I don’t give you a message for giving sake. I aim at transforming your life, making your life better so that you can achieve your objectives in life.
4.            Once character is lost, everything is lost. So, character makes a personality. I don’t care about your level of education. If you do not combine good morals with your education, you can never command influence; you can never be respected.
5.            There are too many people that do not earn respect irrespective of their academic attainment. I use example of those university dons that mess themselves up because they do not have good characters; before the students, they command no respect.
6.            When money is lost, I mean nothing is lost. When life is lost, a little thing is lost. But when character is lost, everything, the totality of what maketh a human being is gone. So, I am aiming at raising you as model in this generation. That is why I told you that the greatest preaching, the greatest sermon, I don’t care who is preaching it; the greatest preaching or sermon that makes the greatest impact in the life of people is nothing but your character.
7.            If I preach more than Michael the arch-angel and my character is zero, I win nobody. What wins people to your side is not merely what you are saying but your challenging character. That is why any message that is not worthy of life transforming is not worthy of preaching and that is why we are different from others.
8.            If you come here expecting me to begin to talk about miracles, signs and wonders you will be disappointed. You want me to continue to tow the old life you lived before you started coming here, you will be disappointed. You can't hear it from me, “You barren woman, witches and wizard, this and that, bring the lame, bring the poor, bring this.” And when you bring them, nothing happens.
9.            You see, Onitsha has been placing a perpetual curse on one man that came here last week to deceive himself thinking he was deceiving the public. Somebody Ugwuorie or Ugwuerie of Dominion City! You saw the posters and fliers everywhere, every street, every corner, mobilized what they used, mobilized everything mobilizable, I mean to propagate his propaganda.
10.         Oh! Religion is full of politics. For in politics, there are too many propaganda; In religious politics, there are too many propaganda. I mean preaching things that can never materialize even in the world to come. So, look at the foolish man.
11.         He came here, people thought he was serious, with all his posters and things. Anyway, people have no regard for such personalities anymore. That is why they indulge in all humiliating things without restraints because the virtue in man is lost.
12.         I believe I have taught you on “restoring the dignity of man through labour”. You must work with your hands and earn your living; you must be industrious. For the greatest treasure God has given to you is sound health. Once you have that sound health and you are not incapacitated physically, you must earn an honest living.
13.          The sky is too wide for two birds to collide in the air. The sky is too wide for that type of nonsense. If this road closes, look for another one. But why must you look for an open road? Why not create a new road. People are looking for already made road but wise people create new roads that never existed, thereby creating history.
14.        I can never make history by walking on an already established path. When I create a new path, I make history.
15.         So, watch the man, he came here to dupe Onitsha. He never knew that it is being said that in the land of the blind, that one eyed man is a king. Yes! As long as he continues to parade himself as a king because he is one eyed in the midst of the blind; he should pray earnestly that miracle should not happen in that community.
16.         If miracle happens there and the blind begin to see, one eyed man will be known no more. One eyed man will be in trouble. This is what is happening in Onitsha today. Onitsha was living in darkness, they were blind, but the miracle has happened.
17.         Since Reinhard Bonkey duped many of them some years ago and their eyes opened by force, they now scrutinize the identity of anybody that comes here in the name of Jesus, in the name of propagating the kingdom of Heaven.
18.        Well! I thank God for this place. You see, I was talking to a man in that secondary school yesterday because he beheld the type of wisdom that was flowing out of my mouth, watched my countenance and he was moved to begin to enquire about me. We began to discuss.
19.         In the course of our interaction, the man’s eyes of understanding widened. He said, “Never have I come across a personality like this”. Immediately, he saluted me, came forward and shook my hand. I felt an inner force vibrating.
20.         I concluded that this is not an ordinary human being. But when I opened my mouth to talk and he stopped me mid-way and began to impact wisdom I have never come across, I stopped and began to follow; “Maybe God brought me here for something greater than this examination.”
21.         I never knew that the little discussions were heard by some people until they started following me about as if I was showcasing something extra-ordinary.
22.         I was showcasing nothing. And I never knew that what I was saying was making sense in somebody. And the man that was leading the team was no less personality than a lawyer of repute based here in Onitsha. Though they requested for my phone numbers, you know I am always reluctant because I entertain too many calls.
23.         Wherever you find yourself, you are there because God wants you to be there. Somebody is watching you, somebody is assessing you, somebody is monitoring you. And this is what people are taking cognizance of.
24.        When they come here in the name of religious propaganda, of all that were crippled, of all the deaf and dumb they brought to Chukwura High School; not even one was healed. Who is a liar?
25.         Let me tell you, all of them that have been coming to Anambra, in short, the South East in general because they believe there is money here and they also believe that our people are extremely religious. You know, being extremely religious, I mean that they are religious fanatics concerning Christian faith or Christian religious movement.
26.         Who is a fanatic? One that is not well informed about his belief. They are not well informed. They don’t know the origin of the Christian movement. They don’t know the content. They have nothing to do with the history of what they are propagating and they are not prepared to know. That is why they are perpetually foolish.
27.        A foolish one is one that doesn’t know he is foolish and he does not want to accept that he is foolish and he is not prepared even to change his mind concerning his stand. That is a foolish man.
28.         So, once you are prepared to learn; you are not foolish but you are wise because a wise man wants to be told where he is wrong. So, please, if you watch the teachings we are receiving, they are aiming at something.
29.        They are aiming at refining you as an individual, reforming you, re-orientating you and giving you a sense of direction for you to be able to face the challenges of the hour. As long as you are here on earth, you can never avoid challenges. I have explained challenges time without number.
30.        They are those unavoidable interesting responsibilities that confront us on day to day basis. Very interesting, very unavoidable! Interesting in the sense that they are part of the adjustment we make. So, your life must be a model. Character makes a personality. Action speaks louder than voice.
31.         Remember that action is your character. That is why Saint Paul in his day said, “You are the written epistles read of all men.” In other words, you are the written scriptures. You are the written bible any human being can read. So, character is very, very essential. Very, very essential!
32.         I have read the little documentation for the children. I also want to read another thing similar to what I read before.  I have too many people on their way back to Lagos; a good number of our ministers that attended the wedding in Lagos during the weekend led by Apostle Kelechi.
33.         They are on their way to this place. So, I will be stupid to enact a message where they will not be beneficiaries seeing that they went there to represent our interest.
34.         You know I promised a message, ‘The Role of Women in Nation Building.’ I am not dodging it. I mean this particular nation. The scripture said that you are a holy nation, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood. By nation, I also mean the society because we all make up the society.
35.        The society is nothing but the product of the families. Do you believe that? Nobody fell from the sky.
36.         If this family of God here in Onitsha is a peaceful family, the credit goes to our families. But if this family of God here is bad, we are indirectly disqualifying our families because what make up this Holy family are members drawn from different families.
37.         And the scripture said that by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body. For that reason, our character must be alike.  This is why it is very easy for us at a glance to discover anybody that is walking contrary because we have received a teaching.
38.         No group of people can live a life higher than the teaching they receive. That is why Paul was enjoining Timothy to be very careful that he passed on sound teaching to his members, to his hearers.
39.         That by so doing that he would save his life and the lives of those that heard him. My life is tied to this teaching. Your life is tied to it. The aim of God is to raise us as models.
40.         In Saint Paul’s way of putting it to the Galatians Church and Ephesians Church in his day, he said, he is going to present you unto himself as a Holy Church without spot, wrinkle or blemish. How is it possible?
41.         It is impossible without a teacher. So, teaching is like a seed. When you plant a seed, you know what you are expecting to harvest as fruit. If you see anything contrary, you query it; check it very well, to know if the enemy has operated on it, I mean when you slept.
42.        That is why in Jesus day, he said, “Any seed my father did not plant, will be uprooted.” For when he sowed his seed and went to bed and slept, in the mid-night, the enemy went there and sowed another thing. Of course, that could be traced down to the Garden of Eden.
43.         I am not talking about the imaginary Eden. I mean this very Eden. This very Eden! So, please, give me your attention while we try to look into our various characters.

Maintaining A Healthy Relationship In The Bride Of Christ,  Life Worth Living And Key To Survival In Christ Preached 8th January, 2006 Pg 48:9 And Pg 51:19
1.            I want to rehearse the message we know very well which we have forgotten. It has lasted for many years. I will read through it before I will talk to you. I will read the message titled, Refrain Your Tongue From Evil And Be Perfect Before God.” One of the keys to maintaining a healthy relationship in Christ!
2.           For if any man does not offend in words, the same is perfect. There are too many emanations from the tongue of envy, and I can still see figment of such emanations; and God has given us the instrument to check them. Remember, for the life to be worthy of living, it must be subjected to constant check. Let us check our lives.
3.            Don’t say you know this message, it is an old message. No! Brother I.K. Obasanya, come forward again and help me here. If you have the message, ‘Maintaining a Healthy Relationship’, go to the message titled; Refrain your Tongue from Evil and Be Perfect before God. That is exactly where we want to read.
4.            Your own page may not correspond with my own page. In my own, it is also page 46. If you are not here with your own copy, blame yourself. You didn’t pray. If you had prayed, you would have hooked up with the Spirit that is operating in me.
5.           Refrain your tongue from evil and be perfect before God. Let’s hear him read. Don’t move an inch. I am still reading again the same message, Maintaining A Healthy Relationship, Self-Control; A Must For Human Development, page 4.
6.            After touching all these messages your characters are ‘ghasad (unorganized); I say, your characters are ghasad. I want to see whether the entrance of the word of life in your heart will begin to regenerate you once again and then bring you closer to your responsibilities towards your God, to yourself and mankind.
7.            What is discipline? A training that corrects! When you receive any training that corrects, you have received discipline. If you are not disciplined, you cannot be self-controlled. The two are not one.
8.           They are two different things and they work together. Self-control, a must for any human development! Self-control, a must for human development! Why you remain seated everybody, I say, “Today is today.”
9.            I want to rehearse something, to rekindle something in parents and in our children that will help us to build formidable families that will stand the test of time. Formidable individuals that will stand the test of time because there is something in information!
10.       The quality of information you are receiving has a lot to do to the quality of personality you are presenting to the world. I am aiming at presenting role models. For every message, there is a target.
11.       That is why we are not numbered among all these sycophants and nonentities that carry the bible about; I mean destroying their fellow individuals, their fellow human beings with vain philosophies, pointing them to imaginary paradise and they are just following them anyhow.
12.        Foolish people whose idea in getting out the so called gospel of Jesus is to make a good living after them but we are not numbered among such huskers. We know why we are here.
13.       We have a commission. And if we fail in this commission, we will blame ourselves because the captain of our salvation is vibrant and active. As long as the boat is sound, I mean the driver is okay; you have no problem.
14.        Let’s ride on. We are raising individuals for Christ, developing you mentally before we begin to talk about morality.
15.        Once you are mentally deformed, you are morally deformed. Is it not true? The quality of the teaching determines the quality of the recipient. Remember what I told you in the message, ‘Life worth living’. Even in the message, ‘Preserve your youth and achieve your dreams; that the quality of a nation is determined by the quality of youths there!
16.       The quality of every family is determined by the quality of the individuals in that family. You can have too many people in your family without quality. No miracle will happen. I say, “No miracle will happen.”
17.        If you are asked to number the people in your family, number people that have kind quality, people that can represent the interest of the family anywhere. Don’t just number fools that wear the family names as tags; don’t number them.
18.        I am not trying to ridicule anybody. I used Nigeria as my example in that message. Look at the great nation! What makes Nigeria great? I have not seen.
19.        Yes! We are growing as a nation everyday but we are not developing. This is the truth about the whole thing. That is why poverty is in its peak in Nigeria. Nothing brings poverty more than underdevelopment.
20.        Poverty is a sign of underdevelopment. Finish! Check the population of Nigeria, we are running into hundreds of millions. But check the quality of people called Nigerians, very poor quality.
21.       See our politicians, substandard human beings deciding the fate of the nation that is acclaimed great. What makes a nation great is nothing but the quality of its inhabitants. Am I making sense at all?
22.       A situation where those that are deciding who should live and who should not live in Nigeria are nonentities who make money their priorities. I believe we are in for trouble. It is only God that will save this nation. We are not developing.
23.        A nation that is developing, every individual in that nation is thinking on what should be his input to the nation and not on what he will grab from the nation, starting from president to the least in Nigeria.
24.        Everybody is there for something he will grab. That is why we are toppling government every day. That is why we are challenging election petition in the court. When the tenure is running out, some people are still contesting the result in the court because every fool wants to be there for the purpose of making money, not for real governance. That is why they are killing themselves.
25.        That is why I still believe the words of our former president, General Obasanjo when he was interviewed by the Vanguard Newspaper because of his reply to General Gowon. General Gowon was coming out of partisan politics.
26.       That time, General Obasanjo was at Otta farms. He wrote him a letter, an open letter through Vanguard Newspaper, asking him a very nice question. He said, “Jack, my friend, you were a general that ruled this nation for 19 good years uninterrupted. And now you are coming out again to rule Nigeria.
27.        Can you please tell me the content of the portfolio you forgot in the government house so that I could go there and collect the thing for you? What did you forget? Did you leave your briefcase there?
28.        I think I have the authority to go there and bring out your briefcase. For you were there for 19 good years. I think you should give way.” In his humbled way, religiously, Gowon sank all his political visions and then became quiet.
29.        All of a sudden, his friend Obasanjo forgot that he was there for many years. He forgot that he was there for many years almost the same period Gowon was there. He came out to contest and used one of the useless people Enugu State produced. That is Jim Nwobodo to oust Dr Alex Ekwueme from the primaries there in Lagos.
30.       Then, he ascended the throne. While he was there, he was campaigning using all the fools we produced in Igbo land. Yes! I know why I am saying that they are fools. I know why I am saying that they are fools and they know they are fools. For the greatest enemy of the Igbo man remains Obasanjo. And he never hid his feelings from us.
31.       I remember the day I was privileged to come face to face with him in Lagos at Yaba College of Technology, and the press started embarrassing him with too many questions.
32.       This same man who you call Uchechukwu Merije, now a Senator was equally there. He said, “Sir, with due respect, I want to know why people say you are extremely tribalistic”. He said, “No, don’t say that people said; say that Uchechukwu Merije said. I know that they are saying it but you are the one presenting it to me face to face.” Now you want to know why.
33.        I am a Yoruba man by birth. And as a Yoruba man, I am extremely tribalistic and I am happy to be tribalistic. If hating the Igbo’s will help me to achieve my purpose, I will hate them. Have I answered your question Chukwumerije? He said, “Thank you sir.” I just laughed.
34.       That is one of the gimmicks that is associated with politics. But I know why I am saying that he used foolish people in Igbo land to oust an intelligent man.
35.        Yes! There is nothing good in a soldier except the use of the rifles. The one that is trained on how to kill! And you know, as a soldier, he has only but one hobby; to destroy, to vandalize and to loot. Finish! Destroy, vandalize and loot!
36.        Then General Gowon wrote him an open letter using the same Vanguard Newspaper. “Jack my friend, you are a General and you ruled this nation for many years.
37.        Did you forget your portfolio there? I think if I cannot get there, I can detail Gani Fawemi, I can also detail too many people there to speak to those there to bring out your portfolio”
38.        You see, this man is a very crafty man and very intelligent also. He deemed it necessary to reply the question using the same Newspaper, using this same medium. You know what he replied using the same Newspaper and the same medium also.
39.        I have all these publications. He said, “My friend Gowon, I remember I asked you this question with honest intentions. And you are equally throwing the same question back to me honestly. Please listen to me very well. I forgot something in Aso Rock and that is why I am back to collect it.
40.        My predecessors vandalized and looted the economy. I remained the only person that ruled as a Head of State without vandalizing and looting the treasury. So, I am now there to vandalize and to loot the treasury.
41.        So, press men picked on him. They wanted to discredit him, his candidature for the president because of that nasty statement. And he told them truly that as a soldier that has nothing but one mission, to destroy, to vandalize and to loot. He said, “If I do not have these three qualities; I am not worthy to be an army general”
42.        Then I attributed it to the interview the Sun Newspaper conducted with General Babangida when they were accusing him of losing one Major Rogas and Akilu in killing innocent people. They said that he took pleasure in shedding blood. He said, “If I do not take pleasure in shedding blood, the essence of my training is useless”.
43.       Please, I am using all these people to type something. I am saying that I am here for a mission. I am here to get you reformed.
44.       I am here to get you refined, to change your nature if it is possible. I am here to help you put on Christ’s nature, to present you unspotted before God and before mankind. And the only way this can be achieved in the individual is through godly teaching. That is why my message is not mine but that of He that sent me.
45.       I will equally come to something. But let me help you to digest the message on Self-Control. Remember the message, if God will permit me; I will bring it back again. Temper And Pride Obstacle To Human Development. TEMPER AND PRIDE!
46.        I will still come back to the two messages. So, mean while, our teacher is still there. Please, visit that message, ‘Self-control Explained.’ We want to explain the message on Self-Control; A must for Human Development. We want to explain it the much we know. Sir, go ahead.
47.       Today is another day of Sober Reflection. God wants us to be sober and to reflect on the mistakes of the past so that tomorrow may be better for us. The messages we have forgotten, God inspired me to bring them back again so that we re-examine our characters in line with the messages we have received so far.
48.       There is a message lying there which you have not forgotten. It is still very fresh. The title is, “We Are in Danger of Being Called to Question”.
49.       He that has taught us has every right to reprimand us if we err, He has the right to correct us. All these messages we have received from God, they are aimed at presenting us as role models to the whole society, aimed at presenting us unspotted from the world.
50.        If we err after receiving these godly instructions, surely, we place ourselves in danger of being called to questions.
51.        Today, we have seen the evils of the tongue. While we are heading towards attaining perfection in Christ, we have to know how to control our tongues so that we do not use it too maliciously to injure our fellow human beings and then bring ourselves in danger of being called to question.
52.       The same way, self-control! It has been explained in the languages and level everybody will understand. It is now our responsibilities to re-examine our individual lives.
53.        If we notice some lapses, when we get home, effect some necessary corrections so that our homes will be very, very peaceful, quiet and orderly. When people come into contact with us, they will see the difference at a glance; that we are not merely professing godliness, that we are really Christ walking on two feet.
54.        I believe that whatsoever that a lizard produces must be a lizard. Whatsoever a snake produces must be a snake. Whatsoever God produces must be what? God!
55.        How can we claim to be children of God and we do not have his attributes, his characteristics. We make ourselves impersonators and God can never hold us guiltless for impersonating him. That is why we are here away from the city placed in a place where there is no distraction.
56.        God is grooming us, training us, aiming at presenting us to the world unspotted. Nobody knows that something is going on here. Only few can boast of knowing us here or tracing us to this place.
57.       So, if you are privileged to be in this valley of decision, begin to praise God every day. For what you are receiving here is beyond human imagination. I am not troubling you with another message, but nevertheless, I am inviting our Pastor Dan to the pulpit to praise God if you are really happy.
58.        If you have benefited from the messages so far read from morning to this hour. Praise God with us. If you have your testimonies, share.
59.        But before you leave this place today, I promise to flash a very short exhortation that will position you where you are. That will help you to recognize your position in Christ. For that is the essence of our gathering. So, Pastor Dan, do as you are being led. Be as brief as you can. Praise God, collect offering if any. Share testimonies and then invite me to the pulpit.
60.       Those who said they didn’t hear what Brother Ben was testifying. If you did not hear him, go to his house for clearer understanding. Then, you will use your eyes to capture what happened.
28.        A blind man said that there is nothing as good as what one sees with his eyes. If you cannot go to his house, go to the General Hospital Onitsha. If you reach there, you will see his wife and the little baby.
29.         The main purpose of his testimony is that what God promised him is the same thing he desired and it has come to fulfillment according to God's word. That is the main purpose of his happiness and rejoicing and not that he has not had children before. God knows what is best for everybody at all times.
30.         On my own side, I have been rejoicing since Saturday morning I got the news. I had earlier told Apostle that I had a dream where Bro Ben rushed into my house with speed and knelt down.
31.         In that dream, he said, “Daddy, you have done it again”. I asked him, “What did I do?” He said that his wife had delivered a baby and that it was a baby girl.
32.         I had earlier banned him from going to brother Onyema's house for delivery so that he would not bring trouble to us due to his confession.
33.         Brother Onyema's house is not meant for everybody. It is meant for those who have our faith to deliver there because wherever we are is our own maternity home or specialist hospital. If you don’t have the faith to be there, don’t go there at all for it does not make you a sinner.
34.        As the pregnancy of Sister Ben progressed, it came to a stage she started complaining that she was having contraction. I sent her to Sister Chika. After examining her, she referred her back to me.
35.         I lost my heart-beat because of so many reasons. I knew she would deliver at General Hospital but unfortunately doctors were on endless strike.
36.         Government doctors in Anambra state began their strike the day Sister Shedrack delivered her baby. Can you remember what happened that day? It was divine intervention that made it possible for Brother Shed’s child to be delivered peacefully. The strike started when Sister Shed’s pregnancy was exactly nine months.
37.         The government doctors resumed work at the General Hospital only last week and the expected date given to Sister Ben to deliver had expired before the strike was called off.
38.        When Brother Ben and wife came to me that the time given to them had expired, I told them not to panic and that what she would deliver would determine the number of months the baby would stay in her womb. The moment I heard that the doctors had started work that was when I regained my heart-beat.
39.         I was uncomfortable before not because of the doctors to deliver the baby but because of the faith of Brother Ben and wife. The faith of the sick patient is the thing that heals him/her. Any place you have faith, go there may be that is where your healing will come. So, God has shown why He is God.
40.        The moment work resumed at the hospital, our Brother Ben went there to register his wife. In less than one week she registered in the hospital, contraction started again and she delivered in the same General Hospital. So, I am giving God glory to the highest. For without God there would be a serious problem.
41.        Please, if there is any place you have in mind that you can deliver safely, go there. Delivering a baby is like entering a bus. It is the bus that you can trust that can take you safely to your destination that you can enter.
42.        To God be the glory. We are waiting for Bro. Chinelo and family. Well! In no distant time, we will hear the cry of a baby and the rejoicing of the parents. Our prayer is that we will hear the cry of the baby and the voice of the mother as well as the father.
43.         Glory be to God! What happened today has confirmed my message. Remember what I told you. Some weeks ago, I made it clear to all of you how I want to live and end my life here on earth.
44.         That I recognize one fact, that the day I was born, I was the only one crying while the rest of the people around me where jubilating. That the day I want to leave this planet earth that I want to live such a life that when I will depart, I will be the only person smiling while the rest of the people around me will be weeping and crying. That is how I want to live and end my life here on earth.
45.         When the baby was born, the baby was crying bitterly. The nurses and other people around including Bro. Ben, they were jubilating, “Unto us a baby girl is born, God is wonderful”.
46.        They were jubilating when the girl was crying. Brother Ojiakor, how do you feel when somebody delivers safely in your hospital? Why the baby is crying, you and your wife and every other person is jubilating. “Praise be to God, praise be to God”. Well! Such is life.
47.         That is how I want to live my life. When I leave this planet earth, the impact I will leave behind; every living soul will feel it. That is how I want to end my life.
48.         And truly speaking, there are too many things I reserve to myself. When I was playing football in those days, I normally told my coach that I wouldn't play too long more especially when he wanted to push me beyond my expectation to play for the nation.
49.         I said, “No, I am quitting football. And I must quit football when the ovation is very loud”. And I succeeded in doing it. So, I really thank God for everything.
50.         I am not dismissing you; you will dismiss yourself today. After all, some of us are still shuttling on the high ways maybe intending to meet us here. Any moment from now, I get in touch with them to see where they are. But that doesn’t mean you have no power to go.
51.        You can go but before you go, I want to see Brother Ojiakor just there at the pulpit. There is something I placed there, scratch it a little. You have done enough today. I want you to be useful in the pulpit. I placed something there, scratch it a little. Let’s use it to wrap up our program for today expecting that by Wednesday if there should be Wednesday that we shall gather here for something more purposeful than what we have heard today.
52.        I am still reserving many, many messages which I will soon unveil the moment I put you in order to my test. I know when you are well positioned, spiritually okay to receive harder truth about life. But for now, you are not exposed for such things.
53.        I want him to scratch the message titled, “Moment of truth” in the light of reality. MOMENT OF TRUTH! Let’s see whether we can trace ourselves home.  We have got something different.
54.         Did God promise to do a new thing? Did he say that everybody will believe and recognize it? The Lord Almighty said, “Behold a new thing I will do upon the earth which if people are told about it, they will never believe”. We have got something different why we are not what people think we are. We are just that little group away from all.
55.         So, we are not here by accident or by human design. We are here by God's fore-knowledge. We are here prophetically. And I am one of them. You should be glad to be one of them.
56.        I think nothing gladdens the heart more than recognizing that you are in God's program for good and not for evil. Some are in God's program for evil while the rest are in God's program for good.
57.         So, I really praise God for your patience today. I have to thank you for your audience and rapt attention. Pray to God to bless you while you go home. If there will be Wednesday, as many as are in Onitsha, try to be here on time; peradventure, we may get something new.
58.         I say, “We may get something new” but where we do not get that new thing, we will continue with what we have. This message you are hearing here is not a common message.  It is not a common message. I mean, it is not something you can here elsewhere. So, don’t ever joke with it. It is meant for your peace; it is tied to your life.
59.        If you have this message, ‘Moment of Truth’. Go home and study it again so that you can see your position in Christ and begin to give God the glory. Don’t allow me to tell you your position. Discover your position by yourself. It is on this note that we draw the curtain for the day, trusting God that before 5:00pm today that our brethren that are on the way from Lagos may join us in our families.