Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: THE SECRET OF RAPTURE VOL 1

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I am the highest Court. Nobody crosses over to the “other side” without passing through my Court. Believe it if you can…
-The Son of Man
I am a Son over His Father’s heritage, for God has transferred all of us from the kingdom
of darkness into the Kingdom of His dear Son where we now find ourselves and have the opportunity of calling Him Abba Father. Nobody knows about the Kingdom more than the Son.

Anybody that thinks he will be in paradise without Christ’s nature, his heart is being deceived by the thought of his own heart. That is, the feeling of your heart is deceiving you. Only one person will be in Paradise not two, and that is Christ.


Remain blessed brethren. Sometime ago, I preached a Message titled “Who Are You Patterning After?” Besides, there was another Message I preached which was titled “Who Is Influencing You?” For your life must influence somebody either to do good or to do evil. In the Message titled “Who are You Patterning After?” I remember the Holy Ghost said, “I am surprised and I can say without any apology that some people are patterning after unbelief.”
2.           Simply because, he sees people behaving or saying things that agree with their own personal philosophies, they then pattern after such people not knowing that such people are wrong. Now, if there was a place this Message fulfilled to the letter, it was at the Church at Jos, where the ministers ganged up together in the spirit and in the flesh and they were building outside the revealed pattern; they were building outside the Grace which is revealed.
3.           You know Grace is revealed! When Grace was revealed, instead of building according to the revealed Message, they were building outside the revealed Message.
4.           The revealed Message of your day is the Masterpiece, the building plan; everybody has to pattern after it. When you were under the Law, you have to pattern after the Law. When you come under Grace, you have to pattern after Grace. Remember, I preached the Message titled “Justification by Faith and “Salvation by Grace” in this most holy Faith. Do not try to muddle these things up.
5.           The last Message I have preached in this Faith is the Message of Grace which is the Message that will take you to rapture, which is what the Prophet said that it will be the last Message that will be on Earth before the Church will be taken away. Amen.
6.           Talk of Faith; He has already developed a little faith in you—look at it here. I am coming to something.
7.            I told you long, long time ago THAT the greatest stumbling block you must cross is LOVE. For you to cross over love, surely, there is water of separation; And that water of separation is THE Holy Spirit. HOWEVER, if THE Holy Spirit is not there, if you are not manifesting all these attributes, THAT IS: Brotherly kindness, Godliness, Patience, Temperance, Knowledge, Virtue and Faith, IF THESE ATTRIBUTES are lacking in your life, surely, Do not talk of the Holy Spirit. You measure the type of spirit you have with all these attributes.
8.           You do not need to start building faith, after faith, virtue, then knowledge; no, no. All you have to do is to pattern after the Message. When you believe the Message, you are still with the Holy Ghost of promise. When the Holy Ghost comes in, He comes with all His nature. BELIEVE IT IF YOU CAN, the Holy Ghost haS a nature, if youR nature is not reflecting all the seven nature of the Holy Spirit, surely you have a wrong spirit, you have a wrong encounter.
9.           William Branham said that there is the possibility that some people may have an encounter with a misleading spirit, the spirit that resembles the Spirit of Christ but it is not Christ. You have an encounter with religious spirit which is a gentleman’s spirit—it can be the nature of your family. Remember, there are certain traits of yours which you cannot even ignore; there are certain traits of your family which you must carry in your gene.
10.        For instance, if you come from a radical family, there is no way you can try to control it until Christ comes in. Without Christ you must remain a radical. If you come from an orderly family, surely your life will remain orderly to the point that people might be thinking that you are a believer when you are not. Your orderly living, your gentleman’s nature will be misleading people around you. Even if you say you are now born again, they will ask you: what do you repent of? You already have a clean record.
11.        They will say, “Were you a rogue before?  What were you doing before? After all we know you as a very good man all these years. How can you tell us you are repenting—repenting of what?”
12.        Glory be to God for He has already given us the correct definition of repentance through the holy Bible and the Spoken Word. Amplified version of the Bible said that it is a change of view. In other words, what St. Paul did was a mere change of view.
13.        If repentance means abstaining from fornication, adultery, idolatry drunkenness, all those things, St. Paul was not doing them. Concerning those things, he was perfect, upright, and blameless but yet he needed repentance. If what Pentecostals are preaching, what they call repentance is what Christ call repentance; St. Paul would not have repented. He was already in the mainstream. Hence, there is no need of preaching to St. Paul. St. Paul lived a life higher than Pentecostal life yet he never repented. He was following Jehovah-Yahweh, defending the course of Yahweh, but having a misdirected zeal, because Christ has been revealed in his day yet he did not know. Amen.
14.        I want you to see that the point of justification is completely outside what you are thinking, what Satan has been using to accuse many of you is exactly what he is using to accuse the Pentecostals. Whatever Pentecostals will see in you and call you an unbeliever is exactly what they are preaching against, and what they were preaching against, St. Paul was perfect concerning them, yet he was not perfect.
15.        Thus, if any Pentecostal can keep all his preaching from A-Z, we call him another St. Paul. It is just like somebody who says that he is innocent, this and that, quite alright I agree with you. You can be innocent in the Pentecostals, keep all these rules, believe in the name of Jesus, but the baptism you know is that of John the Baptist. John the Baptist in your day is William Branham.
16.        Even in St. John 3, John exonerated himself. He equally told everybody that he was baptising them with water, that there is One coming Who will baptise them with water and the Holy Ghost. That is why in that St. John baptism, nobody received Holy Ghost, it was mere outward manifestation of Faith by going for their free immersion. However, your immersion must be immersion in the Bridal Faith whether you like it or not, with a right motive, otherwise you go there to swim and come back.
17.        I am still saying something brethren that there is A SECRET OF RAPTURE, and the Lord revealed all these things all these years. I remember that I touched this secret of rapture, I have touched on this topic and that day I hammered on this LOVE.
18.        I said, “Look at the pyramid, look at the headstone, the headstone is what will pull all of us away.” You may have the gift of healing, speaking in tongue, gift of hospitality, you can do everything and can even give yourself to be killED because of this gospel but if this genuine love of God is not found in you, it is useless nonsense.
19.        Maybe somebody thinks that what I am saying is not scriptural, you can go to 1Conrinthians chapter 13 to the end. Give all you have to the poor dash him everything, do everything you can but this real love of God is not there, it is an empty waste, you have laboured in vain. Furthermore, this genuine love of God cannot be there except you are filled with the Holy Spirit.
20.        Without the Holy Spirit, you cannot condescend with men of low estate. Without the Holy Spirit, there is no humility in you; and without the Holy Spirit, you cannot render services to one another without grudging, without murmuring, without complaining. Without the Holy Spirit, you cannot esteem others higher than yourself. It is the Holy Spirit that will take away selfishness and self-pride. I mean what I am saying.
21.        That is why the Holy Spirit is the token, it is your transporter to this particular pyramid. If you watch this love ministry, it is a different ministry altogether it is complete—a complete pyramid, a different ministry altogether.
22.        Moreover, I told you from the very beginning that, this Faith is the Headstone Ministry. This is Christ, God is Love, love is of God; He that loveth is of God, so is His ministry, you cannot be ushered in there without the Holy Spirit. You must pass this water of separation.
23.        Also, I told you in that Message that the higher you go, the narrower it becomes. Hence, I should have been expecting a narrower congregation. But you are giving the impression that all of you are believing. Everywhere is filled. If you look at the Faith, look at the weed.
24.        Everyone accommodated in this Faith, who does not know there is God, who does not believe God. Even heathens believe that there is God, you talk of virtue they say they have it. Knowledge and temperance, the higher you go the narrower it becomes. It is narrowest at the peak, you can see that this love can only accommodate very few. Only very few will have the love of God, the rest can have human compassion which is contrary to God’s love.
25.        To be compassionate is to do the Will of God. You give me rice I give you beans, you come to my house, We stay together, we eat together, we drink together, they are all fine, I Do not condemn EVEN one. This God’s love is where he is looking at you: Love without hypocrisy, love that is corrective, Love that hates evil.
26.        This love accommodate everything but evil. This love rebukes evil, does not hidE his feelings towards one another. This love does not gossip, he does not backbite, he does not blackmail, this love is pure, immaculate, whiter than snow. That is how your heart should be before God and all men. Amen.

who is your Masterpiece? (1)
Now, this Message Masterpiece, William Branham said that in everything God is doing or He is going to do, He will always present a masterpiece. When God wanted a righteous priest, there was none on Earth. He looked down on Earth to see whether there could be a righteous one; there was none.
2.           It behoves on Him to come here and became the first high priest, the first Righteous Priest appeared on the scene Who had no father and mother; no beginning of days, no ending of days and He officiated as number one Righteous High Priest. His name was called Melchizedek. Then the foundation for Priesthood was laid.
3.           From there we could see the shadow of the Priesthood, which we could see from the tribe of Levi. An imperfect priesthood which was just for a temporary time, the Lord phased it out. Then when God required a righteous and permanent High Priest, He has to pattern—the High Priest after Melchizedek appeared.
4.           What is more, He will remain a Priest forever whose priest you are. That is why you are all called priest of the Most High God. That is why also you are able ministers of the New Testament, new agreement, new government, new order. We do not operate in the old order again; we are now in the new order.  
5.           Now, in the Message Masterpiece, the Lord has given a Masterpiece in our day. There can never be a ministry of the bride without the bridegroom. That is why the Prophet said the ministry of the bride, is the same ministry of the very Bridegroom. It is not two ministries; the ministry of the Bride is the ministry of the Bridegroom.
6.           That which the Bridegroom could not accomplish in His own advent because His time was very short, He has to accomplish, He has to complete in the ministry of the Church which is the Bride. The Church is to finish that which remaineth, and the Church cannot do it without the very Bridegroom in their midst.  
7.           In the Message titled “The Perfect Guide,” the Prophet made it clear, that for a guide to be a perfect guide, he must never be a novice to that road. He must be one that knows the road very well; he knows the ups and downs of that road. He knows the hazards, He knows the bus stop, He knows where there is a roundabout, where there is junction, he is the one that is seasoned with the road, one that is seasoned with the city.
8.           He used America as an example. He said, “If you are going to America and you have never been there before, you must be assigned to a guide who will drive you around and that guide must sign his life in, that whatever happens to you he must be held responsible. Besides, that guide knowing fully well that you are not conversant with the town, can never allow you to stray away.
9.           If by taking you around, if he wants to send you on an errand, he cannot send you beyond the scope he has already exposed you to. He said if you are found missing in that city, he must go and look for you. Government must surely ask him to go and account for you, and if he fails to bring you surely he is paying with his own life for he signed His life in.
10.        I thank God for this Message; this is why we are rejoicing today. If you watch the Pentecostals, they are walking without a guide. Even the so-called general superintendents of Pentecostal Churches, you do not call them perfect guides to their people because they never signed their lives in. They established their so-called Churches with wrong motives. Some are just there competing with one another. They just want to make a name.
11.        That is why you see competition among them, before you know it you start hearing horrible reports of some planning against themselves: So, so, and so Church planning against so, so, and so Church. You see occasional clashes among their members, because it is politics.
12.        People that belong to two opposing party one day must clash, because once there is clash of interest, surely they are going to clash one day and you know their interest is to make money. When they make money, they will make names.
13.        As a result, they never signed their lives in, they are not even preparing people for rapture. That is why, even till this very dying minute, you can still hear people saying they are praying for a breakthrough that the Lord is going to pour riches into the Churches.
14.         People are still expecting to be rich at this dying minute, when the Bride is preparing to leave the scene. People are still gathering to have night vigils that the Lord will prosper them to build houses, buy vehicles, and build industries—a breakthrough indeed. This is to show you that they are minding earthly things, because their ministers also mind earthly things. They are patterning after their GS, you do not blame them. Who does not like good thing? Amen. You must pattern after somebody.
15.        Now, who is your Masterpiece? This Message must ring bell in your hearts. This is the secret of rapture. I am not preaching William Branham’s Message. To those that believed here on Earth when William Branham was on the scene, before the advent of this Bride Ministry, they were duty bound to pattern after William Branham.
16.        In addition, that is why you see Endtime Message today; they never knew when their own day and Message expired. They are still continuing anyhow, worshipping God anyhow, in other words, they perish anyhow.
17.        All of them patterned after their Prophet, not knowing that the Prophet told them he was holding nothing but the shadow. What he was holding cannot perfect anybody, he was laying the platform for One that will come and stand there, not for William Branham.

18.        Now, I want to say that there is a Masterpiece in every dispensation. If we are preaching dispensational Message, that is, we are to recognise our own day, our own visitation and our own Message. If we do not do that, surely what happened to others will happen to us. So many Pentecostals do not know that they are even preaching the Message of Martin Luther—an expired Message. I am telling you God’s truth.
19.        Many Pentecostals do not know that they are still preaching the Message of Wesley—an expired Message. Why? Because of blindness. Some are even preaching the Message of Moses, a ministry that ended in the wilderness. They could not even crossover to Caleb and Joshua. Till today, some are still preaching Ten Commandments of Moses which was given at Mount Sinai in the wilderness, before even the children of Israel got to Jordan.
20.        People today, when we are about to enter and cross 21st-century, are preaching the Message of 10BC. Is it not ridiculous? That somebody will use the Message that was preached in the wilderness, and people that heard the Message died, yet the person is using it today to condemn you and you are paying heed to what he is saying, are you not blind?
21.        You must recognise the Messenger of your day, when you recognise the messenger of your day; it will be easy for you to recognise the Message of your day.
22.        Note it very well, the Messenger of your day holds the Message of your day, and the Messenger of your day is your Masterpiece.
23.        If I am sent to come and bring you home, it then means I am sent to come and guide you home. Remember Jesus Christ said in John 16:13 that when the Holy Spirit shall come, He shall guide us into all truth. Then the question arises: Can He guide you into all truth if He never knew the truth? No!
24.         If He came here for somebody to come and teach him, we will find it difficult to follow Him because His knowledge will be limited. I do not know whether someone is catching what I am saying? He that is teaching us has no need that any man should teach Him, and we know His record that there is no human being that will say he stood here one day to teach Him.
25.        However, He is to guide you into the knowledge of all truth, if He never knew all truth, do you think He could have been sent to come and guide you to all truth? Can a man give something he has not? Whatever you have is what you will give. If He does not know the way to Heaven, will He be sent to come and bring you back to Heaven?
26.        For instance, if I do not know the way leading to Kano, nobody will send me to come and take his brother to Kano; unless two of us will perish. Note, I am coming to something.
27.        The guide must know the way; He must not be a novice. he Must be seasoned, knows the hazards, the ups and downs of the way. He knows where there is a junction, He knows where there is valley, He knows where there is mountain, He knows dangerous spots, and if you want to survive, your duty is to fix your attention (eyes) on Him AND OBEY HIS INSTRUCTIONS.
28.        William Branham said in that Message, “If he gets to the wilderness and said, ‘Let us go to the left,’ and you said you must go to the right,” he said, “you perish. Because once you lose connection from the Guide you perish.”
29.        It is just like an aeroplane that loses connection from the radar, surely it will pieces in the air and disappear completely.  Amen.
Now we go a little into the Scriptures for I want to reveal few things to the entire Church—the Church universal. The secret of rapture—Who Is Your Masterpiece?
2.           First John 2:6, “Anyone who said he is a Christian should live as Christ deed.” LB.
3.           Anybody that says he or she is a Christian should live and conduct himself or herself the same way Christ lived and conducted Himself. Now we have seen our Masterpiece.
4.           Hebrews 12:2, “Keep your eyes on Christ our leader and instructor.” Keep your eyes on who? Christ! Our leader and what? Instructor! Let me tell you, William Branham is a Prophet. If you read it in King James Version, it said, “Look unto Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our Faith.”
5.           In other words we have now seen that God has assigned a Perfect Instructor and Leader to us and He said, “Whoever that said he believes Him, whoever believes Christ is called a Christian. If you say you believe Christ, that means you believe His teachings and follow His teachings then you are a Christian. Christian means Christ’s disciple, Christ’s follower, Christ’s believer.
6.           When you believe Christ, you are little Christs, you will resemble Him in everything. What am I trying to say, look unto Christ the Leader and your Guide, your Instructor, your Leader. Look unto Him FOR He is the author and finisher of your Faith.
7.           In time past you have no Faith, whatever you claim was your Faith was not Christ’S Faith. Because nobody can have Christ’S Faith until Christ APPEARS on the scene. NOTE IT, Christ is no other person but the anointed one. You Do not have the Faith of Christ in you until Christ revealS His Faith, Faith is always hidden until it is revealed. Even Moses’ Faith, nobody has it until Moses appeared on the scene and then revealed his faith.
8.           Besides, if you said you believe in Him, you are His disciple you have it as a duty to pattern after His life. In other words, you are a replica, a carbon copy of His life and of His testimony. Place Christ, place a Christian, place a believer, place a child of God, no difference.
9.           In Antioch, the Bible said they saw them moving, they were not talking and people studied their lives and said, “Behold these people are like Christ,” and there they were called Christians, that is, people that behave like Christ, they knew Christ, they saw Christ. They knew Him as a good man, they saw His way of life.
10.        When they saw people that behave like Him, they immediately identified them. We have come to the point where people can identify us today and say, “Really, they are like their leader.” People that know our leader, our instructor, they know Him, they know His manner of life, they know His doctrine, can they see somebody that said he has believed Him today and say, “In short, without anybody telling me, you are His disciples, you behave like Him.”

only one character will be found in paradise
11.        I am trying to bring back something, that even while we are at Amazu Oil, we were being accused that our Pastor has already put His saliva into our mouth, that we all patterned after our Pastor. That was why Endtime Message could not penetrate, for all the families they secretly visited, they were speaking the same thing.
12.        When they went to the Pastor, the Pastor will talk to them seriously on that matter. They will visit another person thinking they will convince the person; finally, when they get there, the same person without consultation will start from the very beginning and then they will be repelled. There, they were accusing us that we are one, at the beginning of the ministry that we are one.
13.        It was evident, it was noticed, it was proclaimed far and wide to the point that people heard it in Kaduna and they came down. They said that they have come to see the Church that was making such a noise when we are at Ugwumba. Then the Message went about that there is only one place in the whole Nigeria where Endtime is still alive and they are staying at Onitsha.
14.        They say that when you get there, the love in their midst alone is enough to move any ministry. Hence, they were flying in and flying out. I am trying to bring out your old record. Moreover, it was this your record that made me to abide in your midst, it was this your record that caused Me to settle down.
15.        However, today we continue to grow in number every day, as we grow in number we continue to stray away from the original foundation. We continue losing sight from where we started; we continue to spoil our old record until today that we have no record again, as if we are trying to rebuild again a demolished structure.
16.        How are the mighty fallen! Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon; lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph.
17.        At times when I sit down alone in my chair to meditate and cast my mind back, tears will start coming from my eyes. I said have I not made a mistake of making a stopover with this people? However, I thank God I still have few remaining that are called by My Name, who are trying every day to pattern after Me.
18.        I am trying to say something now. We have seen that the Bible said that Christ is the author and finisher of our Faith, our Instructor and Leader. The Bible said, “Look unto Christ the author and finisher of our Faith.” If any man said he is a disciple and he does not pattern after Him, he is deceiving himself, he cannot fit in; he is disapproved on trial.
19.        In other words, God is expecting everybody that is coming to show only but one character, only one character will be found in paradise. One character will enter paradise, not two characters, only one character.
20.        If the doctrine is one, the Faith is one, baptism is one, the Lord is one, paradise is one, character must be one. after all character is your doctrine reflected, for your doctrine reflects in your character. No man can live a life higher than his doctrine.
21.        If I have given you doctrine after Holiness, surely it must reflect in your character. If in this Faith we teach you how to fight, if it is our doctrine that we can fight or go to court or make trouble with anybody or even go to police, surely it will be reflecting in your character. Whatever you say you believe must reflect, it is your doctrine, it is your Faith.
22.        We see Christ as our example.
23.        Second Thessalonians 3 : 7, “For you well know that you ought to follow our example, you never saw us loafing...” LB.
24.         For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you;.” KJV.
25.        In other words, we have seen the Apostles, the word there is us, so the Lord commanded us. Note, the words was Plural! You ought to follow our examples, we never misbehaved ourselves before you; we never lived disorderly lives. In other words we have seen another masterpiece.
26.        Let me show you what I mean in first Corinthians 11:1, “And you should follow my example just as I follow Christ.” LB.
27.        “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” KJV.
28.        You see ,somebody said it vocally that he is talking to you without mincing words that you should follow Him; use Him as your example; for you know Him and you know His manner of life and doctrine. He is your Masterpiece. If now that He is commanding you to follow Him, He is being sent to you as your Teacher, Apostle and Prophet, to open your eyes and make your sacrifices acceptable unto God, which in time past were not acceptable. Drawing you away from dumb gods and then to point you to the living and true God, Who is Christ, the Anointed One.
29.        This man first of all patterned after the Christ, he is the messenger, he was sent to the Gentiles—a tested material. This was the reason why the Galatian Church received him even as Christ. He was the express image, mouthpiece and photograph. If he was not sure, he will not be pointing people to himself. I am saying that believers of every dispensation pattern after the messenger of that dispensation.
30.        Who is your Masterpiece? When St. Paul appeared on the scene, he did not go to any Bible College to know about Christ. He never went to Jerusalem to conform with Peter and John so that they will teach him. Straight away, by the power of the Holy Spirit he preceded to Saudi Arabia until after three years, he decided to go to Jerusalem to identify Himself with the so-called Apostles in Jerusalem.
31.        When he got there, the Bible said he was privileged to preach with Peter and James the Brother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Halleluiah! Amen.
32.        Now we have a Masterpiece, we have an Instructor, we have a Leader. Without a Leader, surely we will not be in this Faith, you have been in this Faith and be put together because you have been following a leadership and that leadership has been centred around one man for God is not the author of confusion.
33.        William Branham said that God can never send two messengers on the land at the same time. The emergence of a messenger marks the end of the other one; that one that is fading away can never stay on the scene. There is no way Martin Luther can be on the scene before Wesley will come, two of them can never be on the land at the same time, it is impossible.
34.        I am saying something, though it means nothing to some—The secret of rapture.

35.         Philippians 3:17 “Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample.” KJV “Dear Brothers pattern your life after mine, and notice who else lives up to my example.” LB.
36.        Note it, and notice who else lives up to my example. Birds of the same feather flock together. He first of all gave his doctrine which was His life. What St. Paul gave as his doctrine was his life that was his Faith. The doctrine of St. Paul was St. Paul’s life, St. Paul’s Faith which when people believe they were sanctified by the Faith that was in him. They were sanctified by the Faith that was in him.
37.        All that believed William Branham when the Message was still effective, they were all sanctified by the faith that was in Branham. All that believed Martin Luther in his day were sanctified by the faith that was in Martin Luther.
38.        Now, a new ministry is on the land which has imparted a new faith, and this faith is no other faith but the Faith of Christ which we handle without respect of persons.
39.        If we are holding the ministry of perfection, and we are having a guide and that guide is our instructor; Maybe you do not know that the captain of our salvation has already been made perfect. This is where your problem lies. The captain of our salvation has already been made perfect, he is not struggling to be perfected.
40.        If He has not been made perfect, there is no way He could lead you to perfection because He does not know the way. As a result, the Captain of our salvation has already been made perfect; He was already filled with the Holy Spirit even right in His mother’s womb. Ordained for the cause which you now see Him operate. There is no other thing for which He came to this world than what He is doing now, and He was tested and proven before He was sent.
41.        You have to pattern after my own life, a man said so and that man was acknowledged as the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “Look unto me as your instructor, leader, author and finisher of your Faith.” St. Paul said, “Imitate me; follow my examples as I follow after Christ. Pattern your life after mine.”
42.        Now, which one do you take, St. Paul or Jesus? If you take Jesus and reject St. Paul, then you are guilty. I say you are guilty because Jesus was a minister of circumcision to confirm the promise that was made unto the fathers. He preached Christianity but he did not practice it. St. Paul was a Christian but Jesus was not a Christian.
43.        Jesus was born a Jew and lived under the Jewish Laws, to liberate them that was under the Jewish Laws. When a man is alive and makes a will, that will is ineffective until that man dies. A will is ineffective when a man is alive; THUS, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME JESUS CAN BECOME A CHRISTIAN TO BRING THE CHURCH TO PERFECTION.
44.        The world has never known the meaning of Christianity, they were seeing mere religion, receiving petitions here and there. Maybe you do not know that Jesus was a Sabbatarian, read your Bible. He was born a Jew and lived under the Jewish Laws, to liberate them that were under the Jewish Laws and then preached Christianity as a will.
45.        Moreover, a will can never be into effect until he that made the will dies, then the will takes effect. In other words, Jesus has to die for this Christianity to come up.
46.        The first Christ that came, that was witnessed in the Gentile was St. Paul. The people saw the thing; in Antioch they saw it quite alright, they behaved like Christ but they ended it compromising with the Jewish religion because Peter led them back. They went back to the temple carrying turtle dove.  
47.        If the whole thing was perfected in the beginning, God would not have sent Paul, God knew Jesus has been raising a ministry to the circumcision. Peter was given the ministry to the circumcised; Paul received a ministry to the uncircumcised. Jesus was a minister of circumcision to confirm the promise that was made unto the fathers. Read your Bible, maybe I will start afresh again. Amen.
The secret of rapture, who is your Masterpiece? Even if I keep it secret all these years, I think by now it has become plain, you Do not need anybody to come and tell you because I have instructed you all these years; guided you perfectly with the scriptures all these years until I have come to a point where I have placed you in a rapturing condition. you are all placed in Heavenly dignity.
2.           until now you were all lost, too far away from the promises. Then you DESIRED rapture, there was nothing in you that will make you easy to be lifted. Nothing! The power of translation was not in you. immortality is being brought into focus by the preaching of this gospel.  
3.           Without the preaching of this gospel, there is no way immortality can be brought into focus, because immortality on its own dwelleth in the greatest Elohim. Note, The great God, immortality dwelleth in Him and it is being made manifest unto you by the preaching of the gospel of the apostle of your day, the anointed one of your day. it has been released. Before then it was God in a vessel, but you have believed and as many that have believed in him that is revealed in your day, immortality is transferred into them.
4.           Because when you believe in Him, all His attributes of human kind will come to you. If He is immortal, you are immortal. Whatever He is, that is what you are; then you must pattern after somebody whether you like it or not. I am coming nearer to the Message.
5.           Who is your Masterpiece? This is the secret of rapture. The moment you discover your Masterpiece, happy are you. Right inside the Church, I can see a situation where people are divided and that is why I do not want anybody to trouble this Onitsha Church. If you stay in your local setups, believe whatever you want to believe, that is your business.
6.           I have preached uniform Messages to all the Churches; I do not have private interpretation to the Word of God. Any way you want to interpret it, it is your own business. If you want to interpret it to your own destruction, go ahead. If you want to interpret it to the saving of your soul, go ahead. However, all I know is that the Heaven will bear Me witness that I never spake to you in parables, I never used idioms or parables, or proverbs in my preaching. I gave you plain Message.  
7.           I can see a situation where inside the Church, there are cases in the Church where a People will pattern after A, another group will pattern after B, another group will pattern after C. you are right. that is, the group of people that have one philosophy will now come together and pattern after one another. People with the same philosophy will move together, the other side, another group with another philosophy will move together. I have seen it already in the camp.
8.           that is why there are some ministers that will mount the pulpit and a lot of members in the Church will bend down. They will never write anything, they will never say amen until such ministers will come down simply because they do not believe those ministers. It is happening in many local Churches. i know that!
9.           Then the question arises, who are you patterning after? Whether Paul is preaching or Apollos or Andrew, you should believe; it is the same spirit, the same Christ. I do not care who is preaching it, provided we are called into this same vineyard. Whoever that is there is there under His seal and authority.
10.        I know in some local Churches, some ministers are favoured or more favoured than others; and these ministers know their own way of dividing the flock; they know those they visit with their philosophy, they know those they will not visit. Besides, as they go about having such evil visitations, hardening themselves in unbelief, they are there expecting rapture but it is not that way.
11.        We must all have one CHARACTER and one spirit. Because by one spirit are we all baptised into one body, and if we have one spirit and the spirit controls our character, our characters must be one. MINISTERs take NOTE. whatever is your motive in the Faith, it is what you are going to reap in the end.
12.        Some people preach the Message with wrong motives. Yes, a minister can be in the pulpit, preach a right Message with a wrong motive. In other words, your Message is Holy Ghost, it is truth but the motive is wrong. You must preach the right Message with the right motive. I repeat, it must be the right Message with the right motive. We do not fight one another in the pulpit. We do not try to make converts to ourselves by coming to the pulpit to pamper people in unbelief so that they will love and cherish us. We do not do that. We do not come to the pulpit to make friends; friends are too far away from the pulpit.
13.        This is the reason why I say that all local Churches must stay in their own setups, they know themselves and they understand themselves. In Jerusalem, you know yourselves and you can understand yourselves also. However, in all, there is nobody that will be excused in the last day.
14.        believe it if you can, You are coming with one token; you are presenting only but one character. Now, you are the one that will even sit down and study the character of Paul, if Paul was a messenger sent to you and he was ministering here and he was living here as a human being, you are in a better position to know his character more than himself.
15.        after all he does not know his character. A man of God does not know his character, Jesus never knew his character. What he was doing was what the spirit was leading Him to do, for he did nothing on his own. But it is you that is COMMANDED to pattern after Him that will be on duty to make sure you know His character.
16.        You know me, my manner of life, my doctrine and you have to use me as your example. One, you must believe my doctrine; two, you must pattern after me in character. Pattern after me in every way.
17.        If you say you believe apostle Peter Odoemena, you have said a very nice thing, it is commendable, but if you do not do what He has done, if you Do not pattern after Him, you are a liar.
18.        If any man said he believes Christ and he does not pattern his life after Christ, is he not a liar?
19.        How many of you now can sit down and say “God thank you for giving us a perfect instructor and leader in our day, One we can look up to”?
20.        It is very easy to acknowledge the Deity around the Son of Man; it is very easy to acknowledge the Message, even the revelation.
21.        Now, how many of you have ACKNOWLEDGED that God haS sent me to lead you home? How many of you have believed that I am the Son of Man by revelation? How many of you have believed that the Message I have given to you is truth from the very Bible? How many of you have believed these things and say “thank you for my life and the life of brother, THE APOSTLE ARE now one”? How many can say so?
22.        I told you what I told my wife one day. I said, “my darling, you have been doing well all these years, but one thing remaineth, you must be broadminded like me.”
23.        from that day she heard that word, if she is a very wise sister which I believe she is, this will be her watch word: TRY TO SIT BACK AND STUDY HOW BROAD THE MIND OF THIS MAN IS. How does He see things? Things people see and jump up, how does He react? Things people see, get offended and make a hell of noise up and down as if the Heaven will fall, when such matterS come to Him, how does He see them? What moves this man? What thrills Him? What and what He does not want to see? Why is this man claiming that He is broadminded? Is he easILy infuriated? Does he get sad at everything? Is he hot tempered? More especially when she has already heard that this man had the hottest temper in him and does not talk, that was his greatest fault.
24.        You stay with Him from morning till night; the highest thing you will get is “thank you,” “good morning” because all His talking and strength are all in His hands. Maybe that was the way He was brought up that time.
25.        Moreover, seeing that something supernatural has taken place, a dumb man became a talkative; a strong man became a woman, that is supernatural, it cannot be natural anymore. Things He could see and flare up, and no man will dare come His way, when the man sees these things He will just laugh and says, “Brother, take it easy! Relax your mind! Is that all? Go your way.”
26.        Now, you must know my manner of love, THAT IS my manner of charity. Know whether I preachED charity with my mouth; know whether I paID cosmetic approach to charity which is love. Or whether I am realistic about it from the very beginning. Know how I react to insultS and abuses, even to RIDICULES. You must know me, my manner of life, my doctrine.
27.        You must know Me: how much has this man condescended? How much, to what extent has He humbled Himself? Has situation humbled Him? Or is it His nature? Has He anything He can boast of? If there should be pride, has He anything He can say at least He can say He can pride Himself in that area?
28.        You know condition can humble somebody, is this man humbled by condition or by His Commission? If there is humility in Him, is it caused by condition or is it a part of His Commission which has become His nature?
29.        For you to pattern after a man, you must walk close to that man. That is why William Branham said that you can never know Him any better until you come closer to Him. You have to walk closer for you to know Him, His manner of life by day and by night. His reaction over matters, things He cherishes, things He does not cherish. You have to come closer, until you come closer, there is no way you can study Him. If you do not walk closer to Christ, the Son of Man, you cannot study Him.
30.        Note,  Jesus was a man.
31.        Hebrews 2 : 11, “He who has been made Holy by Jesus, now has the same father He has that is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers. For He said in the book of Psalm I will talk to my brothers about God my father and together we will sing His praises at another time HE said I will put my trust in God along with my brothers. And at another time, see here I and the children God gave me. Since we God’s children are human beings made of flesh and blood, He became flesh and blood too by being born in human form. because it is only as a human being could He die.” LB
32.        Note, for only as a human being could He die. Thus, the man the Bible said we should look up to; this Jesus Christ we are referring to is a human being. Look unto Christ, your Instructor and Leader, the author and finisher of your faith.
33.        This man who came with everlasting gospel is a human being. Thus, it is not unscriptural if St. Paul says pattern after me, imitate me, pattern after my character. He was the one that was acknowledged in his day as the very Jesus Christ.
34.        “…Since we God’s children are human beings, made of flesh and blood too, by being born in human form. For only as a human being could He die and in dying break the power of the devil who has the power of death. Only in that way could He deliver those who through fear of death have been living all their lives as slaves to constant dread. We all know He did not come as an angel but as a human being. A Jew and it was perfectly for Jesus to be like us his brothers, so that he could be our beautiful and Faithful high priest before God. a priest hood with His throne merciful to us and to God in dealing with the sins of the people
35.        This time around He is not dealing with the sin of His people, He is now come with FULL SALVATION AND COMPLETE SALVATION to those that are ready to accept it, not everybody.
36.        What He has been doing all these years is to prepare His Church as a glorious virgin not having spot or wrinkle. He has come with the Message of salvation, for He is no longer dealing with sin. Moreover, this salvation He came for is not for everybody, it is only for those that are ready for it.
37.        Not everybody is ready for salvation, although you are in our midst clapping your hands; note it, you can be in this Faith for another reason other than salvation of your soul.
38.        Nevertheless, as many that are in this most holy Faith for the salvation of their souls, they must pay heed to the Message of salvation revealed in their day. But as many that are in this Faith for another thing, they will also turn their ears to those things for which course they are in our midst.
39.        I am not in this most holy Faith to better my life, I am not in this most holy Faith to become a perfect gentleman so that the world will know that I am a preacher, no. I am not in this most holy Faith to make converts; I am in this most holy Faith for full and complete salvation.
40.        I cannot get full and complete salvation until the Message of full salvation is revealed. We thought we are saved under the Law, only when the full Message of salvation came and then we knew that we have not even started. Only then we knew that we have not started, we were just drowning even with the Pentecostals, we were Moses’ disciples.
41.        God is using the Law to show us that salvation is expensive, that without Him we can do nothing. If God never exposed you to the Law, you will think that you made it by your effort. However, because you tried your best under the Law, now you can appreciate and cherish it.
42.        People that are abusing it are the people that never passed through the hurdles of the Law. They do not know what you passed through under the Law; they just got it on the platter of gold. They thought that salvation is so easy like that—it is not easy like that. We paid a great price to be in this Message of Grace, we passed sleepless nights. We went through tough time night and day to be in this Message of Grace. Hence, we never attained this height just over night. No! Do not allow anybody to fool you, just go to Onitsha Church and verify.
43.        Today you see people baptising into the Faith and vanish away, you cannot see them again for weeks. Any day they want, they will resurface, claiming to be members of Onitsha Church. Which Church? I do not believe is this one. It is another Onitsha Church. After all, there are too many Onitsha Churches. I learnt that there is one at Awada, and there is one at Okpoko. They all answer the Church at Onitsha. I do not believe it is this one because all that belong to this one, surely they know themselves and they are mindful of our doctrines in this Faith.

44.        Who is your Masterpiece? Please note what I am saying. If your Pastor is an unbeliever to the Message; your Pastor may not be the Pastor of the Church. Many of you have your Pastors that Pastor you more than the Pastor of the Church. At the end of the service, you go home, within the week, your Pastor will be paying you regular visits, pastoring his own Message into you. And that is the Message you love, it is either supporting what you heard in the Church or cancelling what you heard in the Church.
45.        In other words, you have your pastors, you may pattern after your pastor. It can be your own husband in this Faith. It can be one of the ministers in this Faith, who will go about troubling you with his own philosophy: “Well, you know the Message is just so simple! Just continue coming. Do not worry!”
46.        From there he will open up his own version the way he sees and believes it. When it sinks well with you, you will pair up as a Church saying that “where two or three gather in my name I am there.” You form two or three immediately.
47.        All I am saying is that by and by, every soul has a pastor. Every soul in this Faith has a Bishop. Your soul has a Bishop; Christ is the Bishop of our soul. Your soul has a Bishop, your soul has a Pastor; a Shepard.
48.        What I am saying is this, your Pastor maybe a stark unbeliever carrying the Bible, coming to this Church, dancing more than anybody, yet you do not know that he is a stark unbeliever. Besides, because his ideas are genuine in your eyes, he sees things the way you see things; two of you will now agree and walk in the same principle. You will be perfected in that principle, any other person walking in another way to you, that person is not a believer because he does not agree with your own principle or philosophy which your pastor has already passed into you.
49.        Then, that is where foolishness comes in. If you are wise, you dare not make a man your Masterpiece outside the Leader, outside the Guide, outside the Instructor.  
50.        From the very beginning, the Instructor has remained one and every other believer is pointed to the Instructor. You must know His life, His manner of life; you must know His doctrine. If you believe in His doctrine, the next thing is to pattern after Him.
51.        No wonder the Voice said, “If I say anything and you do not know how to put it into practice, do not trouble yourself, all you have to do is to watch Me. Whatever you see me do, do it; that is how God wants you to do it.”
52.        In other words, I have been leading you all these years by example and you cannot accuse Me of unbelief. You cannot accuse Me of asking you to go forward and you see Me drawing behind. No! I am trying my best to make sure nobody perishes; this is the secret of rapture.
53.        How many of you here can confidently and boldly say that they have patternED after the guide and instructor of their day in everything? Every messenger of God iN every dispensation having the spirit of God is always acknowledgeD as THE Christ of that day.
54.        Even in the days of William Branham, people acknowledged him as the Son of Man, and they were saying that they were in the Son of Man’s ministry. Many places, they bowed down before him and called him the very Christ. And surely he was, because the Spirit of Christ was in him.
55.        Every Prophet of God in every age is the Christ of that age; the Anointed One of that age, that is the Prophet of that age; so it is with the Apostle of that age.  

patterning after the Masterpiece of your day

I am saying that it is one thing to believe the Son of Man, and another thing is to pattern after His character. What can you say you have learnt all these years about the character of the son of man? What can you say you have copied from Him?
2.           Have you now the right to pattern yourself in your own way, in your own ideology Even when I told you that only one person is going to rapture? How many in this Church can confidently say in that day when rapture shall be revealed, confidently and boldly, you will walk into the new tabernacle Because you patterned after the Son of Man, in doctrine and in character?
3.           Glory be to God that He is permitted to marry in your day and He is living in marital life. He has a wife, He has a doctrine on marriage, He has children, He equally has doctrines on children training. He has doctrines on family order. Thank God He is a worker; He has doctrine on work order. He is not loafing about, He is a workman. He laid a perfect example of how we should work with our hands to earn our living. He has never burdened anybody in this Faith and will not burden anybody. He has never been a burden to anybody in Jerusalem or to any local Church and will not be.
4.           How many of you, married, can boldly and confidently say “I have patterned after the Son of Man and His family?” He cannot be a Masterpiece to you in the Church and the Devil then becomes your Masterpiece in the family.
5.           If in the very Son of Man, believe it if you want, throw it away if you want. It is your right. Then also believe that His wife is your Masterpiece, His family is your Masterpiece.
6.           Now, how many can come before the Almighty and say “Thank you for sending us a Perfect Guide in our day; I am actually patterning after Him in everything. I have made Him my example; I have made His family my example in running my home”?
7.           Is there anybody in this Faith who does not know His family? His family has remained open twenty-four hours every day, you are witnesses. How is He dwelling with His wife? Is He preaching another thing and doing another thing with His wife at home? If there are occasions where they have disagreed, how did they handle it? Did He teach us how to handle marital disagreements? When He taught us that, when it came to His turn what did He do?
8.           Have I not told you that my own experiences are my own experiences? However, God is watching your reaction with those experiences.
9.           If Christ is our Faithful and High Priest, a man who suffered all these things, this is why He is able to help those that will even pass through the same experiences. Through passing those experiences, He can now be of a help to you. however, if He never passed through such experiences, when you come to Him, He will have nothing to offer.
10.        Now you are waiting for rapture, but many of us are insincere. How many of you in this Faith that can even stand up and say “Brother, in short I have patterned after you in everything.” If you say it before me I will tell you that you are a liar.
11.        Is there anybody in this Faith He can give a recommendation like Paul gave to Timothy to the point that he called Timothy “my own son”? Is there anybody in this Faith He can give the recommendation Paul gave to Titus and Silvanus, even to Agabus who was even a Prophet with a clean record? All of them patterned after the messenger of their day.
12.        Watch the whole ministers; St. Paul was able to send ministers to all the Churches to the point that he wrote letters to the Corinthian Church saying, “When I sent you ministers, did they exploit you? Did they demand anything in return after preaching the word to you?” Because when they went there, they patterned after St. Paul, handed down the word of God and went their way, expecting nothing in return because they patterned after him in doctrine and in character.
13.        Philippians 2 : 1-9, “Is there any such thing as Christians cheering each other up?”
14.        Is there any such thing as Christian cheering each other, does it mean using knife to cut yourselves into pieces? Christian cheering each other, is there anything like that?
15.        Do you know me enough to help me? Does it mean anything to you that we are your brothers in the Lord?...”
16.        Does it mean anything to you that we are brothers and sisters in the Lord, members of one family?
17.        sharing the same spirit...” LB.
18.        Sharing what? The same spirit. Not two spirits, not three spirits; that is, this one walking to the right, another one to the left and waiting for rapture.
19.        The secret of rapture lies in patterning after the Masterpiece of your day. God is going to judge you with the Masterpiece He placed before you.
20.        A man will only accept his building from the contractor if the building is in line with the building plan. Anything short of the building plan, the owner of the building will query it.
21.        There is a building plan before all of you; this Message did not come down from the moon. It did not just come and then was moving anyhow, no. A foundation was created, before your very eyes you saw the whole thing take off.
22.        Furthermore, since that day till this very hour, He has never been discouraged, He has never fainted, He has never looked at anybody’s face; He has been on His father’s business until this very hour. And that building plan is before your very eyes every day, so you are without excuse. To whom much is given, much is being expected.
23.        One thing is to believe the Son of Man to be a man sent by God, another thing is to practice His lifestyle. Understand His lifestyle and make it your own lifestyle, it is M.U.S.T—nothing short of, nothing above. If you say, “Well, I do not like this brother the way he behaves, I do not like this person the way he behaves;” find out whether it is the character of the Son of Man that is bad in your brother.
24.        Why not call your brother and talk to him? Is there anybody in this Faith that has erred and the Son of Man respected him without calling him face-to-face even from the very beginning? Maybe because he has mouth. What is that thing that is offending you in your brother, in your sister? But you said you are a child of God.
25.        What did the Bible say you should do? Even though you do not know what to do, why not pattern after the Son of Man? Have you erred and the Son of Man hated you without calling you? After warning you two or three times and you do not want to repent, I will either excommunicate you or refrain from you.
26.        The Bible said that you should mark them that walk disorderly and avoid them. You can be in the Church and I will be avoiding you, it is scriptural. However, I cannot avoid you without first of all placing the cards before you. I will call you and show you where you have erred; I will make effort to correct you. If I notice you have become incorrigible, I will withdraw myself from you. It is scriptural. But if I notice your presence in the Church, and it is provocative to the things of this family; I will put you out of fellowship lest you infect the camp.
27.        you can withdraw from a brother, you can withdraw from a sister but the rule is that you must talk to him or her—that is perfect Love.
28.        If there is love in you and your Sister is walking disorderly and you are feeling offended within yourself, you cannot call sister and say, “sister, please come and see me,” and you talk to her, If you say you have love of Christ and you cannot do it, put question mark on that your character. it Is the love of devil, there is no truth in that love. I call it “Cain’s love.”
29.        No man knows his error. If you call your brother, you call your sister, talk to the person and the person hates you, take it easy, it is scriptural. When you talk to a fool, he will hate you, label that person a fool. The Bible said that Do not make the mistake of correcting a fool for he will hate you.
30.        If you know you are not harbouring anything against your brother, against your sister and the person has walked disorderly and you know he is wrong, then you call the person and he is stubborn, go your way for you have washed off your hands, regard the person as a fool.
31.        The Bible said that a wise man always wants to be told where he is wrong, but a foolish person advertises his stupidity by rejecting the counsel of God. Advice a fool and he will hate you. correct a fool and he will avoid you.
32.        however, if you correct a wise man, he will love you more. the same way, correct a wise woman, she will love you more. i Am giving you the indicators of rapture so that Satan will not hold you somewhere.
33.        You can be in the Church and yet there are brother and sister you are avoiding. God will hold you guilty if you did not go to them first to correct them, To point out their wrongs, you will say that sister is wrong, for that you withdraw, you are guilty. What effort(s) HAve you made to correct the sister? What effort(s) HAve you made to correct the brother?
34.        Going from place to place DISCUSSING the brother is adding salt to injury. You are WORSENING your EVIL; your situation is getting worse every day.
35.        Do not even discuss it with anybody until you have gone to the sister. when you go to the sister, talk to her and she is stubborn; you can go to your Pastor or anybody and report the person, then withdraw, Do not go further.
36.        When it gets to the hand of the Son of Man, surely, I will declare the person a publican even without sending two, three persons to go there three or four times.
37.        I do not want to have you hardened in unbelief where you think I will be sending people to you to go and beg you to come and serve God. No! I will not beg you. I speak to you once, the next time I will avoid you for God will not always chide.
38.        “…Are your hand tender and sympathetic at all?...”
39.        All these things we are seeing written in the Holy Scriptures, please place the Son of Man, the Masterpiece before you when you are reading watch Him. From your experiences with Him, judge Him from what you are reading.
40.        “…Then we will be made truly happy by loving each other...
41.        You see where the Apostle is made truly happy. When the Apostle will see you loving each other, He will be very happy. Nothing GIVES me joy when I see my children obeying the gospel, when I see you making the gospel alive in your midst, you see me, I am in my highest form. I become the greatest preacher in the world, because I am seeing the doctrine beING made manifest in the midst of the brethren.
42.        If you want to make me happy, you want me to love you, please let me see you loving one another. Let me see love reigning in your midst, in your homes, in your work places. Let me see you at peace with one another, at peace with the Holy Spirit, THEN you will see the spirit in me rejoicING exceedingly.
43.        And by this you will know who I am. Did I say you should bring Me money? Bring Me cow, build skyscraper for Me? No, for they are useless nonsense. Who wants Me to be happy with him or her? I am always happy. This is one thing that is expected of you:
44.        “...Then make me truly happy by loving each other and agree whole heartedly with each other...
45.        Agree wholeheartedly with each other. Not “but,” not playing smartness and craftiness which you have been playing all these years, which never helped any of you. When you come before yourselves, you play smartness. Even when you are put up with wrath, you try to put up a false smile. Even when you are asking questions, you are setting a trap, you had already known the answer before coming. Besides, if you receive a contrary answer, the person has committed crime. It then means rapture is not for you.
46.        Is it the lifestyle of the Son of Man? Has He at any day summoned any of you with hypocrisy, presenting a question which He had the answer and setting a trap for you? I have been plain to all of you all these years. What I hate I will tell you, what I love I will equally tell you.
47.        If you do good, I will commend you. If you do evil I will rebuke you. I have never comforted any of you in this Faith in evil, I have never seen you doing something wrong and I will come there to mark you good. I have never done that. Even when you are showering your gift on Me, it is that time you receive the highest indictment. Your gift is useless nonsense until you pattern after Me.
48.        The highest thing you give Me is love. I am one that loves giving a living human being his flower when he is alive, I do not believe giving you flowers when you die.
49.        When a man dies, if somebody carries a gift of flower to that person’s grave, that is useless nonsense. That is why I keep on telling my brethren living around Me that I do not avoid somebody in vain. Even all of you in this Faith, as many as I am avoiding, they know why I am avoiding them. There is not even one that can hold Me guilty that I have never warned him or her even from the sacred pulpit.
50.        However, when I notice that they have decided never to change, I make up my mind to allow them to go the way they want to give peace a chance. Keeping a strict watch in the congregation so that if I notice any sign of infestation in the camp, I will put you out of the body because a little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump. I allow you in the Church for sometime, firstly, because I know the danger of putting you out. Secondly, I know you cannot be better outside. Outside, you are feeding from the Devil’s fountain, but when you are inside, hearing and seeing, you can begin to pattern after our doctrine.
51.        You see, there is away a goat can stay with the sheep for too long and that goat will be patterning after the sheep but in the end, a goat will be a goat. Let me hold my peace there. Let nobody strangle me after this Message. Remember the Message, the secret of rapture—who is your Masterpiece?

52.        Then they made me truly happy by loving each other and agree whole heartedly with each other. Walking together with one heart...
53.        Note, walking together with what? One heart everybody. This is not meant to be read only, this thing must be manifested. If you check from the very beginning, I taught you of the unity of the body. I taught you of the unity of the brethren, the oneness of the Church. Check Church administration from the very beginning, how we should walk together in unity and in love. You must walk together as one.
54.        “…Walking together with one heart and mind and purpose, Do not be selfish...
55.        Do not be selfish! Selfishness is a disease. Now, who is a selfish person? It is one that thinks of himself alone. A selfish person says, “Once it is okay with me, the rest can perish.” You only know yourself alone; you only know your family alone. You do not care even if other families are perishing. If they are perishing, it is not your business. It is not what I have taught you, it is not the Message I have taught you.  
56.        “...Do not be selfish, Do not live to make good impression on others, be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself. Do not just think about your own affair but be interested in others too in what they are doing. Your attitude should be the kind that was shown us by Jesus Christ who though was God did not denounce and keep to His right side. But laid aside His mighty power and glory taking the disguise of a slave and becoming like men.” LB.
57.        He said that let your attitude be that of Christ, who although He has the authority as the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, humbled Himself down and took a position of a slave, took a position of a servant and was being tossed to and fro.
58.        I am not trying to exalt myself but I believe I have even the right to boast a little. I am saying that many of you in this Faith know very well that if you were privileged to find yourself even in my position in the Church, nobody dares come to your gate. To see you will be very difficult, you will be another thin god. Do not doubt Me. The way you are letting yourself out to your brethren, even when you are nothing will tell you how you would have conducted yourself if you are something.
59.        Humility is scriptural if it is practiced by another person, but humility should be our attributes. It should be our character for it is our doctrine.
60.        Many of you would have even arrogated to themselves the position of the head of state. Even head of state would have been better for some will even find it difficult to open their doors to talk to brethren. They may even talk to them from the window if at all they will come out. Some will even confine themselves in the bedroom and pretend they are studying just for them to avoid the troubles of brethren.
61.        How many of you can afford to leave your doors open to welcome even the least in our midst, I mean infants that come from your homes. Even for no other thing, they are coming to say hello to brother or sister.
62.        I know some of them that come to Me, they do not come to do any service, they just come and embrace Me in the house; they join my children after which they will go. Many of you come in and see some of them, you will be afraid lest they spoil your seat, spoil your carpet or rug, and maybe finish your food. Or if they come today and come next time, they are no longer coming for fellowship, it is for food alone.
63.        Even if they come for food, he that is filled will rest. Is there anybody with four stomachs?

64.        What am I saying, rapture has narrowed down. Besides, I told you that this is the greatest stumbling block we are going to cross.
65.        The last hurdle we are going to jump is LOVE, and nothing is found in Paradise except PERFECT LOVE.
66.         Many of you are afraid of one another; many of you in this Faith cannot abandon brethren in your house and go away, Say “Brother, excuse me, I want to go somewhere.” Many of you can hardly do it and allow brethren to be there; when they want to go, they will go. Some of you will even drive brethren out: “I am going out, come out let me lock the door!” As if brother locks the door for you, it becomes a crime.
67.        If I leave brother in my house, he knows that he has become my watchman that day; he is obligated to remain there until I come back or he will hand over to another brother who will come.
68.        I thank God that Sister Esther is in the Church and some other sisters that live with Me. They can bear Me witness that there was no day even till now I have ever left my room or my house to anywhere with my wife and lock rooms; from the bedroom to everywhere, they are all open. All of them have access to everywhere—all of them including maidservants.
69.        I thank God that I have Sisters who are now mothers, who lived with Me. They can testify against Me if I am telling lies. Thank God they are married to ministers.
I am not saying you should praise me for that, but I am trying to show you what it takes to live a GODLY life without fearing your sister, without fearing your brother.
70.        Many of you find it difficult to use one cup to drink with your brethren. At times, I entertain some brothers in my house, when they come they will bring a bottle of wine or even palm wine and we maybe up to four or five. They will see me bringing one cup. I have a lot of tumblers there, and before their very eyes, I will say, “Brothers, one more drink now.” Then I will take that same cup and drink, then pass it to another brother.
71.        Some of them, because of the way they are brought up, will try to show that reverence. You see, they will even claim that they do not want the wine again because they do not want to share the same cup with Me, but I do not see it as anything.
72.        If we could not discriminate in the communion, every Tom, Dick, and Harry will come there. What is there then? I think there is joy there. Even among the heathens, some communities are even happy with one cup. You drink and you pass unto another.
73.        If you say that by so doing I will transmit disease, if God will permit the disease, let Him permit it, I do not care. Such unnecessary bigmanism should be dropped. Such unnecessary bigmanism, which people inherited as a culture from their fathers should be dropped. Without it, you can never be in this Faith; you cannot see yourself in this Faith.
74.        I do not care about your position, whether doctor or engineer, whether general manager, whether cleaner, whether messenger, I do not care, you are all human beings. You are all human beings that are subject to death. I do not want to know your position; it does not mean anything before God.
75.        General managers go to Hell, managing directors go to Hell, head of states, presidents go to Hell, cleaners and messengers, they all go to Hell.
76.        However, as many of you in this Faith who try to use your positions, try to make yourselves to be proud, you think you are above certain brethren, and there are classes that can come to you, there are classes that will not come to you; when you do so you are committing sin against the Church, you are committing sin against God.
77.        The Message I preach to you is the Message on equality of brethren. Can you be higher than Christ? But He became a slave so that He might be exalted in due time. The time for our exaltation is coming—very soon we shall be crowned.
78.        How accessible are you to others? How free are brethren to you, how often can they come, confine in you and tell you exactly how they are?  Because if you are not accessible, they cannot share their experiences with you even if they are dying. More especially if you are the type that normally shows “I don’t care attitude.” You that says, “It does not concern me! What is my own business there?” You know yourself.
79.        Brethren will be running away from you because there is no sign of sympathy. You do not even share in their troubles, so coming to you to tell you even this is increasing their sorrows. Because the treatment they will receive from you will add to their sorrows. There is no bowel of mercy. Amen.

Who is your Masterpiece? To what extent were you troubled and you came to Me and I did not comfort you? What and what were your problems that you brought to Me and I did not pay attention, I did not show interest by day or by night? Were you weeping and I was laughing?
2.           However, there are some of you who are expecting rapture, who have not even started knowing the way. Talk of knowing the Message, you have known the Message. Talk of being in the Church, you are in the Church. Acknowledge He Whom He has sent, you have done that with all your heart, you believe Him. You believe what He is saying is truth; you believe He is not making a false claim but patterning after Him, zero.
3.           We should be sober from now. Ministers, pass this Message across in your various local Churches. There are some in your local Churches who do not recognise any other minister but the Son of Man. Every other minister is ministering nonsense; unless the Son of Man speaks they will not obey. Besides, to their utter shame, the Son of Man cannot speak contrary to what they are hearing.
4.           Some do not even believe in the vessels that are ordained and sent to them. Even when they hear the truth to show that they do not believe they will travel down to Onitsha to tell me what was preached as a sign that they did not believe. And to their shame they will either see me writing an epistle or a letter or even writing confirming the Message to be true. There is no contradiction in this Message.
5.           As long as you are still with the Holy Spirit and you are in the line of duty, Holy Ghost will help you to speak the mind of God whether they believe it or not. We do not aim at making a good impression of ourselves towards people. Do not call me a good man, I do not want to be a good man for only God is good.
6.           Call me God’s servant, your brother or call me the worst man on Earth, the most wicked of all men of all preachers, I will appreciate it. Do not sing my praises and perish.
7.           You can show signs of repentance and then God will help you so that I will know exactly where you are standing.
8.           We are yet to wake up from the sleep. if we are not careful, only very few in this Faith will be with me in paradise—just very little for they are in the minority, it has not even been a revelation to many. There are people that are feeling astonished seeing it in this Message even when they have already heard the Message preached by Bishop Okey Paul many, many months ago, titled “Look unto Abraham your father and Sarah your Mother,” which they fought against.
9.           Many, many of them ganged up against that Message. What I am saying in this Message, is it not in line with my other Messages? Is it contrary? No.
10.        I am trying to help you that this thing has not been a revelation to many. Some just stay in their houses and say, “Well, all I know is that I believe. All I know is that, I am doubting nothing.”
11.        I am not accusing you of not believing, I am not accusing you of doubting but I am accusing you of patterning after unbelief. You can believe the truth and pattern after unbelief.
12.        the Bible says that we should have one mind, joined together wholeheartedly in one heart, Having the same purpose, staying together, cheering one another in love. No schism, no division, no backbiting, no gossip, no murmuring, that is the Church without spot or wrinkle He bought under the blood of Jesus.
13.        When you notice you are not in this Faith because you merited it or you worked for it, the same way, your brethren are not in this Faith because they merited it or they worked for it. You all received the same privilege of being under His Grace, being called, chosen and selected by the Son of Man, they will even help you to relate with one another.
14.        This revelation will help you to relate with one another. When I remember the way I am saved, I show sympathy to people even outside. This is why I do not even wait until they repent, except those that will rebel against the authority. I will try to see the end to know what will be the end of their rebellion.
15.        However, if you are put outside and you are sober, you are quiet, every day you try to make peace with the Body and with the Spirit of God in our midst, one day God will remember you. But when you go out and open your mouth wide to challenge and backbite, to gossip and to blaspheme, well I will give you sufficient room because surely I will know where you are standing before making such statements.
16.        Glory be to God. A word is enough for a wise. The secret of rapture lies in patterning after the Masterpiece. Moreover, the Masterpiece of your day is the Person that carries the Message of your day, in whose faith you are sanctified. With whose Message you will be judged.
17.        Do you know that everybody will be judged with the Message of his day? This is why we cannot be judged with the Ten Commandments of Moses, it has already expired. It is not for us, God cannot bring it up against us for He has given us our own Message.

18.        There is a Message in our midst titled “To What Extent Have You Condescended?” There are many in this Faith that find it difficult to condescend. Mostly among our sisters, whose gods are their intoricals. Their intoricals and their shoes are their gods. They think if somebody puts some of those things there, such person is no longer a human being.
19.        The person becomes an extraordinary human being simply because they do not go to the mourning house to see a corpse on a stretcher. You know it is good to go to the land of the dead than to go to the land of the living so that you will see with your intorical, abada, lace and everything, that one day you will be stretched and your length will increase.
20.        When a man dies his length increases. Your weight will also increase. Thus, let us learn a lesson brethren that rapture will occur only but once. Even if we die today, let us be numbered among those that will resurrect in the first resurrection—those that will not be gripped by the power of the second death.
21.        However, while we live waiting for the translation, we all will be translated together. Remember you cannot be caught up with Him unless you have His Faith, His life, AND HIS doctrine. in other words, You must have His Faith, His doctrine and His character in everything.
22.        If you want to query it, query it in your heart. Tell Me that all you know is that you believe Jesus continue believing Jesus; pattern the way you want. But I know I must see Jesus before I will pattern after Him, I will see Jesus before I will pattern after Him.
23.        who is your Masterpiece? Who are you patterning after? The secret of rapture lies in pattering after the Messenger of your dispensation. God bless you Church.    
24.        Remain in your sanctified estate, and remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.