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Apostle Peter odoemena

Now, I am showing you all these things before I will speak harder on what I am going to say, because the moment God gives a people His Laws and they refuse to keep it, God will hand them over to reprobate spirit, so that they will go and behave anyhow and deny themselves, men with men, women with women.
The moment somebody is handed over to a reprobate spirit, that is the end of the person's life here on Earth and even in the Pilgrim race. That is when a man
comes to a condition where whatever he does; God will not rebuke him again.
If he does good, God will close His eyes, he does evil, God will close His eyes. That man is finished because he is now permitted to behave anyhow. In other words, God will now preserve him until the day of His final destruction.
DO NOT FORGET WHAT YOUR EYES HAVE SEEN. On 7th Jan 1995 Pg 19 vs. 34-36


Number 2: because of too many troubles we have had in time past, we have learnt our lessons. You know too many troubles. Our Elder Frank at Aba, when he lost his wife, he had grown ups. He married that woman when she already had children somewhere. He enlisted in the faith with the woman and the children; we were growing up together till the children became adults as we journeyed along that woman died.
1.             Before she died she was constantly quarrelling with brother frank. When we got to Orlu in Imo state to notify them of the death of their daughter, hell was let loose. Only there and then we noticed that there was nothing done on her head according to tradition. He just kidnapped somebody’s daughter. Impregnate and keep, from there it became marriage without doing anything.  That was why the corpse lasted for over one year in the mortuary while the trouble ensued. His people handed him over to be slaughtered.
2.             It is with the help of my fellow brethren that we wriggled out. We had to go and marry the woman as a corpse. Did everything at Orlu, Imo state. And then came for the burial. Pastor Obinna (late) of Mbaise became a victim of that same thing; took a wife from Obirinze without paying even the bride price. Had grown-ups as children, eventually the woman died. We went to Obirinze and we were attacked, his parents ran away from him. The community denied him. One year and six months in the mortuary we paid the hospital bills, we paid the mortuary bills.
3.             We went to Obirinze, did everything about the traditional marriage, married the woman as a corpse to save our faces, and then came for the burial. Let me just use these two. You know many others like that where we had big difficulties. It has become very imperative for us to know how you got your wives.
4.             It has become very expedient, very necessary for this faith to recognize your marriage by knowing the foundation of your marriage, how did you come together? Who handed the woman over to you? Did you take woman by abduction or did you marry on credit, how long have you been owing the debt? Because people forget things too easily, not anything pertaining to marital rights. They don’t even forfeit it, if you don’t pay it in life, you pay it in death.
5.             If the man dies then the children must do it. Since you said it is truth, we will now begin to know the condition on which you picked whoever you call your wife; whether you paid the bride price and did all the traditional wedding rites and the community handed over the woman to you. You promised you will come back and you have not come back till now. Instead you are raising children with her. What if tomorrow death strikes? How do we go about it?
6.              I don’t need to be calling you by names but if you know you fall within the category where there is problem; report yourselves to your pastors, to your pastors. It is not a statement or order to Onitsha; it is to the whole bridal faith. If you know you fall within this category report yourselves  to your pastor now, to enable us know what we shall do before trouble begins to come.
7.             This has become very necessary because maybe you have not heard. Let me make it public, our deacon Sunday Ugo orji has lost his wife by death, last week. There is nothing to rejoice about it. I won’t talk about burial or anything until he comes to me. But there is one point that is very, very important there; it is now that this lady died that we came to know that she was constantly reporting bro Sunday Ugo orji to her people for neglecting to pay the bride price, the traditional wedding or anything rites according to the customs and tradition of the people that he impregnated her all in the course of building his house.
8.             He wanted to do everything according to their tradition to legalize their marriage. The people said according to their tradition, they would never accept anything while she is pregnant. That anytime she delivers, that he was free to come and then formalize the marriage. Unfortunately they lived together, he used the money to run down here to do wedding and he wedded during the general wedding. It was the day I invited all that were  desiring to wed but they had no money. Provided you have a wedding ring, that was how he wedded.
9.             Have you forgotten? No sir! Thank you. So, now trouble  arose, the woman is dead. He got home and called me from home that his in-laws carried the corpse and dropped in the mortuary and now told him to go and bring his people and now come and marry her as a dead woman. Before they will begin to discuss about her death, marriage must first of all be contracted. What a sorry situation of affair. A marriage that has been lingering and this lady told her people bro Sunday’s achievement which are pure truth.
10.         Why did he refuse to formalize the marriage customary rites when the money was there? If the money wasn’t there he wouldn’t have bought the vehicle and some property and many, many things. The lady reported all to her people for which cause they are now accusing the young man of killing their daughter.
11.         So, if you are within this category, you ran away with a man’s daughter because of pregnancy and established a family without a home. Truly speaking, you are running a risk. Report yourself to your pastors. Let us know if we can help you to remedy the situation now.
12.         Another category; if you know you are having a big problem with your people whether it bothers on your belief or any other thing as long as it is such a  discrepancy that will not permit us to enter your premises in case of any eventuality. If you know you are having such a problem that will make your people to look at us suspiciously if we step into your compound for any eventuality at all.
13.         If such a problem exists, I have given you 30 days from today, from now till 30th September, I will hold my peace; go and make peace! And after making peace, come here and tell us. I will because of you draft brethren to your house to go and organize fellowship there even on a weekly days until members of your family will know those people you call your brethren. A day is coming when nobody will come to you if you happen to die or lose your loved one because when you were alive you never introduced us to your people.
14.         I cannot know your people because you died, I should know your people when you are alive. When you can take me round and introduce me to some people. So, if your faith is only existing in you and in the township, with you and your wife, only for the people to see people you call brethren. I wouldn’t want what happened to brethren at Enugu to happen to us when they went to marry their wife at Amagunze with pastor Ejike only to be asked a silly question; “are these the people you call your brethren?”. What an embarrassing question.
15.         And I thank God that no other place could ask that type of question except Amagunze. Are you saying yes? Are you not the one that betrayed us? You betrayed us, you betrayed them. Good! Even if you die today, can we enter your compound? Nobody! Because you and Mary joined hands to sell this faith off.
16.         Now finally, brethren I have told you that there is no amount of preaching that can make a goat a dog. No amount of metamorphosis that can take place that can make a duck a hen or a fowl. It is impossible. In order words, you are what you are from creation. And anybody the word of God cannot reform and refine, does not belong to God. All that proceeded from God are God’s children because God’s attributes are in them.
17.         So pay attention, if God’s attributes are not in you, you can only obtain your salvation like Jabez. You must assume the nature of Jabez and make the plea Jabez made with every amount of seriousness, not verbally, but must be deep rooted. It must be from a broken and contrite heart for God to pay attention not mere lip service.
18.         So, I want to warn Onyema Isaac and his wife Chika. Onyema Isaac Njom or whatever they want to answer. Take my warning from this sacred pulpit for the last time. Let no man ever fool you into believing that you are in the faith of The Son of Man, you are not. And you are not even making any effort to identify with the faith of The Son of Man.
19.         You married and lived together at Omagba, and you became everything but good at Omagba. You decided to change location, I approved it. Everybody approved it believing that a new environment may help in checking some of your excesses that have become very much injurious to the faith of Christ. For brethren that are in contact with you are being associated daily with your misbehavior.
20.         It was this reason that made me to ban all that are living in my area never to join hands with you to look for accommodation for you are not needed there. You will mess our good records up. You should go and look for your own house, anywhere you find; be there. Don’t ever cross Obelemmiri. If those living beyond Obelemmiri will accommodate you, that is their own but as for us there, we are in Goshen, we don’t want any pollution.
21.         When your wife told me about the way you are looking for the house with the children, I gave my word; if your husband is not in support and is not joining hands in getting the house, I will frustrate it. I will never ever support it. She said her husband gave her the go ahead order. And her husband came to me to confirm that he not only gave the order that he is also joining in the search. He said that he would have packed away long time ago only that he had no money. He came to me and told Me.
22.         When they finally got that house, on the day they packed in I learnt that he was not around. He sneaked away with the pretext that he travelled home. He was avoiding his responsibility. I enquired whether any brother assisted them, they said brother Paulson, I said okay he is a youth corper. My reason was kept within me for asking that question.
23.         Less than one week they packed in, the same Onyema came to my table here. Sir, I have come to see you, please permit me, my wife and my children to come to your house for thanksgiving. I said you, your wife and your children for thanksgiving, for what? He said for the new place we have packed in. I said okay, thank you very much, it is still too early. I am giving you three months, if you live there three months with your wife and children and no noise, you can now come for thanksgiving then I will talk to all of you.
24.         They have not lived there for a month and trouble has ensued again. The trouble has ensued again. Onyema is going to the left; the wife is going to the right. Onyema has gone to the pastor positing his own version, the wife has also written to the pastor positing her own versions. And so they are going from house to house seeking support.
25.         Whatever they are showing you, I call them Onyema’s family political manifestos. Onyema’s family political manifestos! What are they vying for? Onyema is vying for your vote for presidential seat; the wife is vying for your vote for presidential seat. Nobody wants to be the assistant or deputy; they are vying for one seat.  
26.         And for that reason am giving this sanction, please Onyema and your wife if I hear with the hearing of the ear that you are spreading this infectious diseases that is as old as your union, as old as your marriage, for your trouble started at Nnewi on the day of the marriage.
27.         Brethren true or false? From that day till today, has that trouble stopped? Unless you are not sincere. By now you must have learnt to live with your troubles and stop spreading it among the brethren.
28.         If I hear with the hearing of the ear or see it or capture it or apprehend it in my own way that you are going about spreading your couriers without a baggage to families, to individuals, truly speaking you have lost every opportunity if there is any of seeing the gate of paradise and if it doesn’t happen that way, I am not The Son of Man. enough is enough. I invite to the pulpit Apostle Orjiakor. Thank you.

I say, when God has shown you visible signs through His Messenger and yet, to obey Allah is difficult, what else are you expecting from Him if not supreme humiliation?
He is sentencing you to eternal hell, for that is where your portion is. God is not the one that has apportioned you there.
Why are you fooling yourselves? Vol 1. Preached on 10th Oct 2019
Pg 47 Vs 22-23


Remain blessed brethren. Please can we put our hands together for The Almighty God. Are you not happy? Are you not happy? To God be the glory, Almighty thank you sir.
1.             I heard something this morning; it said if you understand Him, you know He that is in your midst. You know God to be God, that definitely forms the way you worship Him, the way you relate with Him.
2.             I will like us to look at what we heard this morning. This God, this Son of Man, it said all the religious books, messages, messengers, at one point or the other they spoke about The Son of Man. they are pointing to The Son of Man.
3.             Just like we heard it this morning, using a family, lastly Onyema, Onyema’s family the voice that went forth, and He capped everything with this word “if it does not happen that way know I am not The Son of Man”.
4.             I mean binding Himself and then will somebody joke with it? While that goes to a name mentioned, don’t you know also that it is coming to me, coming to you? Must your name be called before you can take precaution?
5.             Brethren, at times I begin to wonder, what actually are we here for? Why are we taking pains to come here? What have we come to see and what have you come to hear?
6.             Okey now you see, we read from the Quran, people saying He is just not more than us, a mere man like us. They said the same thing concerning Jesus Christ, is it not scripture?
7.             Okay now, how are you seeing The Son of Man? Like the instruction will go forth that will keep you kneeling on the ground, weeping, seeking His face for Him to temper justice with mercy. You just take it like that, no!
8.             If you check the scriptures, while I was sitting there, I tapped bro Ben at the back, I said bro Ben what about it, even right from the beginning, this Son of Man is nothing but express manifestation of that sovereign spirit. What Stephen saw, Stephen saw something, he read in acts of the apostle chapter 7:56. When he was being stoned, he looked up and saw The Son of Man at the right hand side of the Majesty, right hand of the father.
9.             Now where ever you see Son of Man, you are seeing God. I want us to at least make use of the bible. If you check Genesis chapter 1, in the beginning God, am I right? God created the heaven and the earth, the earth was without form, the spirit of the Lord was hovering upon the waters. The spirit, that sovereign spirit. And there was darkness everywhere, and they said God said, that spirit said, He spoke this into existence.
10.         There was first of all demarcation, light from darkness. Then the waters were gathered, and earth was formed out of the deep. Finally God created man. Let somebody read Genesis chapter 3:8 KJV;
11.         “and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.”
12.         Adam and Eve when they disobeyed, in the cool of the evening, God came down. The scripture says this man and his wife heard the voice of the Lord God walking where?
13.         In the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.”
14.         God said something if He want to show Himself, the original body, He shows it where, if He wants to be all in all. He does what? Diffuses, he said before you see the sun, we see the sun here. Those at America may not see the sun. But the air we are breathing in, they are breathing the same air, is it true? Is it true? , try to understand it?
15.         No wonder Jesus told Nichodemus in john chapter 3, I mean, just this being born again thing. he said, just as the wind or air is moving, you don’t know where it is coming from and you don’t know where it is heading to. So it is with this; you cannot understand it. It’s spiritually discerned. Now, this same God The Sovereign Spirit that created Adam and Eve came down in the evening in verse 8 of genesis chapter 3. When man sinned, he came with what? Judgement. For man has derailed, man has left his original place God placed him in.
16.         So, coming down, He had to come as a human being. Could it be that it was the spirit that was walking in the cool of the evening? Could it be? And they could hear the footsteps and could hear the voice. I am saying; The Almighty, that Same Elohim, The Sovereign Spirit was the One Adam and Eve heard in the cool of the evening. It was the same SON OF MAN; that’s what I am saying.
17.         Know that when he says ‘I am the oldest man here; try to understand it and we have seen it over and over. Whatever is called God, if you look at Him, that’s the man and I’ve said it here. Why he does that is this, there is no human being that can approach God as God is. Blazing fire, thundering, flaming fire, smoke. quaking, that is the one we are having dealings with.
18.         We heard it, no matter whatever you are doing, run to wherever you want to run to, I am seeing you, your thoughts I know. whatever you are doing He knows. How it is in my family he knows. If He doesn’t know, it is because He doesn’t want to know. The way it is in your family, He knows. If He doesn’t know, it is just because He doesn’t want to know. Have any group of people ever seen what we have seen? Now, I said, it must be SON OF MAN in the Garden of Eden. God came as THE SON OF MAN to be seen, to be heard, to walk. And then what did the man and the wife do? The scripture said they hid themselves among the trees in the garden, hiding themselves from a being that was coming there; THE SON OF MAN.
19.         I am saying this because Enoch saw all these things before the bible was written. So, SON OF MAN didn’t start today and it is the same thing we are saying is it not true.  Brethren, let me go ahead.
20.         Now, we move forward. Somebody turn to Genesis chapter 14 again read verse 18 through 20. KJV “and Melchizedek, King of Salem brought forth bread and wine and he was the priest of the most high God… Who? Melchizedek
21.         And He said that Jesus Christ came in the order of who? Melchizedek. Nobody ever said a word, any promise that a priest would come in that order. If you check the scriptures, the Levites were priests and when Jesus came he never came from the lineage of Levi, no!
22.         But from where? Judah! He came from the tribe of Judah. Which nothing was said concerning priesthood, that is why God told us at the beginning that there was a change in the order of priesthood.
23.         And as such, there was also a change in the law. To suit the new order.
24.         S.O.M: from military administration to civilian administration. There must be changes in the law to suit its administration.
25.          “and Melchizedek, King of Salem brought forth bread and wine and he was the priest of the most high God and he blessed him and said “blessed be Abram, son of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth and blessed be the most high God which have delivered thy enemies into thy hands and he gave him tithe of all”
26.         He gave him tithe of all. So Melchizedek received tithe from Abraham. Remember Abraham never paid. Remember we are not preaching about paying tithe. He said who was that man that received tithe from Abraham?, was that person just a spirit not seen with human eyes? He was a man! A priest! King of Salem!
27.         Now, why was it that the patriarch Abraham gave him tithe and look at what Melchizedek gave to him bread and wine? Who was this Melchizedek? The scripture says he had no Genealogy. No father, no mother. A priest from the Almighty. Until I came across one thing where and how Melchizedek came up. A woman about to die, how she became pregnant, nobody could say, nobody could say!
28.         In short the brother to Noah, the brother to Noah; the wife was barren, how she just took in was a miracle, about to die. She was about to die, the husband was far away and was told. Before he knew it the woman gave up and a boy came out from the womb and sat and was named Melchizedek.
29.         Now watch, this Melchizedek without father, without mother. Priest of the most high gave Abraham bread and wine. A human being! a human being! a man! and we still saw Him in Hebrews chapter 7. We might read from verse 1 or we can pick only verse 14. Okay, read from verse 1.
30.         KJV ”for this Melchisedec, King of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from slaughter of the kings, and blessed him;
31.         To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation king of righteousness.
32.         Behold THE SON OF MAN, this is the very SON OF MAN born unto righteousness, who had righteousness, it was dwelling in Him. King of righteousness, yes.
33.         To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation king of righteousness and after that also which is King of peace;
34.          Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the son of God… Made like what? Unto the son of God abideth a priest continually…
35.           Now Consider how great this man was unto whom even the patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils. Unto even the patriarch, Abraham gave the tenth of spoil and verily. They that are of the sons of Levi, and verily they that are of the sons of Levi, who receive the office of the priesthood, have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to the law, that is, of their brethren, though they come out of the loins of Abraham:
36.           But he whose descent is not counted from them received tithe of Abraham, and blessed him that had the promises.
37.           And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better. And here men that die receive tithes; but there he receiveth them, of whom it is witnessed that he liveth.
38.           And as I may so say, Levi also, who receiveth tithes, payed tithes in Abraham.
39.           S.O.M: I made a promise I did not fulfill there. Put it down in your jotter. The Holy Quran, Sura chapter 11 verse 45 and 46. And I will read it from here.
40.           And Noah called his Lord and he said, ”oh my Lord surely my son is of my family and your promise is true and you are the justest of all judges. He said oh Noah; he is not of your family for his conduct is unrighteous. So do not ask of me that of which you have no knowledge. I give you council lest you act like the ignorant.
41.           Did you get the message? There was something God knew about the son of Noah which Noah didn’t know the son for. God knew the son of Noah more than Noah, the father. When Noah was making a plea concerning the son, God said no! He is not a member of your family for his character, his deeds is unrighteous. He is a young man of gross misconduct. Stop asking of something you do not know lest you act as one of these ignorant people. Thank you!
42.           So, if you have a son, monitor your son well. If he is playing truancy try to find out. He may be playing fool of you but that son should have this at the back of his mind; whatever you are displaying before your parents to win their favour, God knows the truth. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, God is there with you.
43.           Your parents might be calling you a good son like Noah was presenting his son as a good fellow but look at God’s remark. It is not what we know you for that we are talking about but what God knows you for, that is what counts most. You may be good in the eyes of everybody but in the eyes of God you are stubborn, you are disobedient, you have great shortcomings. Did God say he is a thief? He said he is of great misconduct.
44.           Misconduct is a conduct that is not in agreement with the teachings of Allah. When your attitude is in disagreement with the revealed Christ in your day then you are not Christ’s representative.
45.           I use my son Wisdom as an example. I am at Onitsha, Nsugbe and he is at Enugu. If he doesn’t have this in depth knowledge, he may destroy himself by acting contrary at Enugu and behaving right at home. I may be making supplications saying God save him; and God will tell me; SON OF MAN, close your mouth. He is not a member of your family for he is a young man of great misconduct. Be quiet lest you speak as one of those ignorant people out there.

Any true heart must be unlocked by the Word of God and by the Word of wisdom. Christ is the wisdom of God. So the key is, pay attention.

1.             I spoke to the pastors last night and their eyes of understanding got illuminated. And I told them why I will not come to the pulpit to talk on that matter because I have rested on that matter for too long.
2.             Worshipping of God is by revelation, did anybody teach Abraham to obey? To sacrifice whatever he has to sacrifice. Did Melchizedek request anything? It was done by revelation, why did he do it? Immediately he saw him, he remembered the picture he saw in his dream at Haran. True or false? It was that same picture that never left his mind. He saw three coming, when he saw them he identified the one who was at the middle, he ran and the bible said he bowed down.
3.             You must have a lingering experience of who THE SON OF MAN is, from there worship starts. Take note of what I am saying. If you look at yourselves, you are just playing religion.
4.             When I read from the Holy Quran, people thought I was crazy. The prophet said it; this is part of your own service for the salvation of your soul. For that which you will waste in the world in the end it is something that would have been useful for your salvation; that Allah demands as an obligation from you.
5.             A reasonable portion of your income for your service to him. He called it free will. He said because he is the one that is prospering him. Because he prospered Abraham, He tested him Abraham gave more than Allah demanded. And I was carrying the mask; building the true temple in the days of Moses. Starting from Abraham down the line to the Apostles in the days of Saint Paul.
6.             He arranged it that; every first day of the week, you set it aside. He will send people that will come and collect. And he will write it in their own account. You are increasing your account with the angel messenger. THE VERY SON OF MAN on that day, everything you are giving is into your account. When people had the revelation, they were pleading in their poverty; please accept it from us so that we will be a part of what God is doing.
7.             It was so important that a widow gave her widow’s mite noticed by the Lord Jesus. William Branham even hammered it very well and I was asking a question; of all those Prophets from Genesis to revelation. Those the Apostles said in acts chapter 3. Did they share it with anybody, did they collect from the people that which they set aside and return it to the people or begin to apportion them.
8.             Maybe Melchizedek returned that one to Abraham. So, that is the origin and then I asked the question. Is there anybody here that is giving offering to God? I will tell you why. You don’t believe that God is swift in keeping account. It is because you don’t have any God behind you that’s why you think you are what you are because of your sweat. How many enlisted into this faith with golden spoon in their mouth? Anybody?
9.             Man and woman, you say enlisted into the faith of THE SON OF MAN with silver spoon or golden spoon in your mouth? You where all living from hand to mouth and then God allowed it to be so. So that the words of the prophets confirmed by THE SON OF MAN might come to pass.
10.          William Branham said it and I quoted it long ago. You all know the quote; when God raises a man, a ministry, he raises a money man behind him. He will raise people that will also believe him. He said from among you God will raise people with money only to back-up the ministry of that man. It is now given to you to enjoy thereby, for gift is not given to the giver to enjoy thereby.
11.         Gift is given to you to use it for the work for which you were chosen and bred. He can never use all of you. He knows the people he uses, bestows it on them and those he did and they did not recognize. He removed the little he gave them; he just disarmed all of them.
12.         The moment they became selfish, God packed it and gave to another person. Then, who can stand up and say since I came into this faith I am patent. No, no, I want somebody to testify. You have forgotten what you were before you came because now you are riding vehicles, you are building houses.
13.         You have graduates, undergraduates, you can plan and execute. What have you committed into this ministry as an individual? What baffles me is that those God selected and elevated whenever there is a problem that bothers on finance they will be expecting THE SON OF MAN to share it on equal basis.
14.         So, if Brother James with little occupation will pay one naira, another brother who I know, not that I don’t know, and he knows that I know, I can tell him any kobo and how it came then he will expect that he will give one naira because brother James gave one naira. It is big fish that brings about big money.
15.         Now, how many have given as God prospered him or her here. Look at your offering bag there. In short I will do it again, Pastor Thomas go and bring that biggest one, the biggest one. If the biggest one does not contain anything can the small one contain anything? I mean, the biggest comes from the bigger church, the headquarter.
16.         Come here with deacon Vin. Carry it to this place. Deacon Vin why are you hiding because you know you are guilty. Pour it, good. This is the reasonable chunk, I want all and sundry to come and see it. Deacon Vin spread it, go and see. Use your android and photograph it, it is not a curse.
17.         How many give as God prospered him or her, how many give without grumbling, grudging? Use your android and photograph it. It is not only pillar of cloud you will photograph. Men and women are free. But I noticed that this thing can even be a stumbling block to many who think THE SON OF MAN is making money. I want you to go there. Are you sitting down because you are condemned? When you inspect you go back to your seat.
18.         Is there anything greater than being an eyewitness? Pastor, won’t you go there? If you look at it, you go like where they are looking at a corpse. You are worshipping you maker? You are giving as God gave you, are you not making God a liar? Ok, let me believe that this is what you purposed in your heart, if you are giving, you are giving according to what you purposed in your heart.
19.          Nobody photographed this thing. When I demand for the photograph and you don’t present it, I will punish all the elders. I want you to use your android, take the photograph several times. Is it only pillar of cloud you snap? You are snapping SON OF MAN, snap this one.
20.         Now, listen to me. This is a condemnation already, when you see a people that are offering anything grudgingly, grumbling, it reflects. Nobody has come here to worship God; you are coming here to increase the knowledge of the truth that you might be condemned in the end. Let me say you are paying tithe, is this tithe? But our message, doctrine said; any Church where tithe raises money,  that is an unbelieving church.
21.         They were giving without reservation, they were giving bountifully, they were giving as God prospered them. And William Braham said this is an act of worship, for your worship is incomplete without this.
22.         If this is an arm of worship in the five fold worship, is this worship before the Lord? Even, tell me if there is any idol that will accept this? If the headquarter with the largest congregation, with working class people, is like this, begin to think what others will look like. Pack the thing back.
23.         It is not something I will begin to talk about. For if you have totally submitted to God, and you have believed that whatever you are is God, whatever you will be is God, accept what the prophet said, “that man by nature is full of ingratitude”.
24.         Man by nature is known for one thing, “very ungrateful”. Don’t preach me a sermon, don’t read the bible telling me what people did; show the bible by your deeds. Bear ye fruit meant for repentance. If you think you are sorry, you are sorry for yourself.
25.         Allah knows all things about us, He knows everything about us, even your spending habit. There is nothing about me here which God does not know. Since I know He knows even my motive, He knows my feelings; He knows my imaginations, what then is hidden? I say what then is hidden?
26.         Sister Amobi, if you are here see me after fellowship with your children. How stubborn you are, till your husband died you remained stubborn. You didn’t respond, you didn’t stand up. I say if you are here, see me after fellowship with your children. Because we will talk about the people we see, anybody we don’t see shall we talk about that person?
27.         Is Olisa here? He has gone, the wife gone, the rest were not with us, those that are with us are the people we can talk to. They are the people we can protect, is it not true? Because she doesn’t know what is awaiting her. Her eyes are on money, see doesn’t see death. Her eyes are on money. Her eyes did not see the death that is coming. It will take somebody that has insight to tell her what is ahead of her.
28.         a chicken that is to be killed is lured using seeds of corn. As you are throwing the corn, the chicken will be coming closer, as it is bending the head you will continue throwing it, it will continue to follow the seeds until it will enter the room and you will bang the door. They are now throwing seeds of corn for you, sit down. 
29.         Apostle Ojiakor: Allah, everything is open before his eyes. Somebody turn to Jeremiah chapter 23 verse 23 through 24. 23Am I a God at hand, saith the lord, and not a God afar off? 24can any hide himself in secrete places that I shall not see him? Saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? Saith the Lord.”
30.         So this matter of understanding God, and doing God a service after his own will, we are all guilty. I was talking to my family and this case of widow’s mite came up. And I remembered God said, parents you give your children money, teach them how to give, monitor, make sure they give.
31.          I told my children I said, now I give you money, but I remember sometime I was an undergraduate, even in the Pentecostal, campus fellowship I would starve myself to get money for the work of the fellowship, keep that money. Honestly we have to check it.
32.         I was going through a message; Almighty God said that which you have purposed in your heart that you will give to God. You purposed, nobody compelled you to give, you never discussed with anybody, God didn’t even ask you to, but you made up your mind, why is it that you are not fulfilling it?
33.         Who is not guilty of this? Just like this money, God has charged us opening our eyes to see, how unfaithful we are. Somebody may say, “I make up my mind now, every Sunday I will be doing this, I will doing that”. Will you remain faithful to it?
34.         Let me tell you, anytime you make a concrete decision, and the thing flows like that I wonder. Make a concrete decision then weigh it, for you must be shaking them, something will come your way so that you will not accomplish it, and it takes that strong determination to succeed.
35.         Then God talked about building the true temple, said he took us to where they were coming from Egypt. They kept on giving, giving, giving, until it was announced stop! Enough! The decision I make is immediate.
36.         SOM: Brother Orjiakor go to the message, or I send somebody there, is to twelve. We don’t preach worship, worship is never compulsory, nobody teaches a child of God how God is worshipped. And God is worshiped as individual, by personal revelation. No consultation!
37.           Apostle Ojiakor: “But he whose descent is not counted from them received tithes of Abraham, and blessed him that had the promises. And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better. (Hebrews 7:6)
38.           And here men that die receive tithes; but there he receiveth them, of whom it is witnessed that he liveth.
39.           (Verse:12-14). “For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law. For he of whom these things are spoken pertaineth to another tribe, of which no man gave attendance at the altar. For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Judah; of which tribe Moses spoke nothing concerning priesthood.  
40.           (GNB:12-14). “For when the priesthood is changed, there also has to be a change in the law. And our Lord of whom these things are said, belonged to a different tribe, and no member of his tribe ever served as a priest. It is well known that he was born a member of the tribe of Judah; and Moses did not mention this tribe when he spoke of priests.”
41.           So I was saying that you will find out that Melchizedek was a human being and Abraham saw Him. Abraham gave Him worship, and He blessed Abraham.
42.           Now we come to Manoah. That Melchizedek was The Son of Man, the human representation of the entire totality of the Almighty God.
43.         S.O.M: Hold it there. From the message IT SHALL BE WELL WITH THE RIGHTEOUS volume 1. The message went fort on the 3rd day of August 2014, at the household of Onitsha, by Apostle Peter Odoemena, the very Son of Man, The Supreme Intelligence. I am reading page 90 from verse 5
44.           I use it to talk to my sons, so that they begin to see that Almighty God approves of a man taking away his son from his position and replacing him in the position by another son junior to him.
45.         Our elders use to do it. People think they are wicked, they are not wicked. God started it, God approves it. Genesis 49 from verse 1 through 3. “And Jacob called his sons and said” he called for his sons when he was stricken in age, when he was about to join his ancestors. He now summoned his sons and said to them, “gather your sons together around me that I may tell you what shall befall you in the latter or last days”.
46.         I will tell you what will befall you as your father Jacob. Israel, what shall befall all of you one by one in your last days. “Gather yourselves together and dare you sons of Jacob and hearken to Israel your father”. And hearken to who? Israel your father. Ruben, you are my first son, my life, my might, I gave birth to you in my youth when I was still vibrant. The strength of his father. You know what it takes for a man to summon his children for address? Only to tell them what they shall meet in their latter days not immediately.
47.         He turned to the first son Reuben; you are my first son, the father’s replica, the father’s might. The father was praising the person he gave birth to in his might. “The beginning, first fruit of my manly strength and vigor.”
48.         Hallelujah! The beginning, the first fruit of my manly strength and vigor, and Reuben was jubilating. He was praising him, praising him as if that was what he was until iniquity was found in him and he knew it not.
49.         “Your birthright gave you the preeminence in dignity” his birthright gave him his preeminence in dignity and preeminence also in power. Can you see how the father praised him? Can you see how the father praised him?
50.         Verse 4 “but unstable and boiling over like water you shall not excel.” But being unstable and boiling over like water, he shall no longer excel. An unstable minded fellow boils like a river
51.         An unstable minded fellow boils like a river. In the morning, he is faithful, in the afternoon, he is unfaithful. But remember he was the crown of the father before. He was the joy and strength of the father before. The pride of the parents being the first born but look at what his useless character brought to him. At your own convenient time go further; you will see the crime he committed against his father.
52.         Your own might be willful disobedience, your own might be stubbornness, your own might be arrogance, your own might be pride, your own might be anything. It can remove you from your position and another person will take your seat.
53.           S.O.M: Bro Ojiakor, capitalize on this. It is an addendum to the message I read as my salutation.
54.         Don’t veer off; we are not talking about priesthood anymore neither are we talking about THE SON OF MAN. If there be any in this faith who doesn’t know that APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA is the revealed SON OF MAN in this generation, let the person continue in his or her ignorance.
55.         I hope you are hearing me; I want you to talk on the characteristics of Christ that will make people to be possessors of that kingdom. Not knowing Him gives salvation, if we didn’t know Him; we wouldn’t be talking about Him. The devil knew him but confessed that he did not follow. He confessed it that he couldn’t follow.

Let Me tell you; sicknesses exist and must continue to exist; hardships exist and must continue to exist; death exists end must also continue to exist. What then is your problem? Why you seem to be confused about the whole thing is that you are not a child of God.
Secondly, you have listened to the teachings of strangers in our midst; those that do not know God and His ways; they do not understand what the Lord is doing. God knows that such people must be in the Faith. That is why He gave us the Message: FOLLOW' NOT THE VOICE OF STRANGERS FOR THEY ARE ALWAYS IN THE MAJORITY.
You do not use the number of years a person has stayed in a place to know whether he is one of the heavy weights in town or not.
Moment of Truth preached on 14th Sep 2008 pg 84 vs 29-31

So brethren, it is clear. Christ is here and has given us all things. (John.10 Vs 25).
1.              “Jesus answered them, I told you and you believed not. The works that I do in my father’s name will bear witness of me.
2.              “Jesus answered, I have already told you but you will not believe in me, things I do by my father’s authority speak on my behalf but you will not believe for you are not my sheep.
3.              “Living bible. I have already told you and you will not believe me. Jesus replied. The proof is in the miracle I do in the name of my father. But you don’t believe me because you are not part of my flock.
4.              My sheep recognize my voice and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life and they shall never perish, no one shall snatch them away from me for my father has given them to me…
5.              And he is more powerful than anyone else. So, no one can detach them from me, I and the father are one.
6.              My sheep hear my voice and they follow me. Christ is here, if you find it difficult to believe him. Find it difficult agreeing with the word coming forth and finding it difficult to abide. He said; it is because you are not of his sheep. In other words, look at what God said; if anybody here is finding it difficult to abide, to obey.
7.              S.O.M: because of his descent from among you or any other reason
8.              Good. He said, you don’t trouble yourself. Now, you still seek that salvation, what do you do? You behave like Jabez. You have to be serious; you have to be sincere that you desire this God. Let me tell you; look at this young woman; Ruth. She was a Moabite but she stuck to the mother of her late husband and finally just like it happened in the case of Bathsheba, through her Jesus Christ came.
9.              But she was a Moabite, so God said; you can act that way, be sincere, and God will change your destiny, God will change your destiny because he is the all powerful, he is the Almighty. He can do what he wants to do. That God doesn’t do, it is because he doesn’t want to do it. If there is law, who gives law? Is He not the one that has given the law? He who gives the law can as well cancel it! Yes or no?
10.         S.O.M: We want to read something from here.
11.         The message is; preparing for eternity. Preached on Wednesday, 16th of June, 1999. At the household of God Onitsha by Pastor Innocent Umezulike.
12.         Page 25, am reading from verse 41. Praise God, brethren this is the nitty-gritty. This is because if you do not believe he whom he has sent to redeem you in this age, you are running this race in vain. And who is the person sent for this purpose in our generation, we all know him; He is Apostle Peter Odoemena.
13.         And I once said before in this very pulpit we should ignore the human angle of the guy. Because you know him, you grew up with Him, when you were in the same class; you had better results than himself. If you weigh all that, definitely you will be ending in hellfire.
14.         That was the testimony of one that tested this faith and then left despite the preaching. I was going through another message where it was former Bishop Okechukwu Nwankpa. It was a review; Almighty God was reviewing that message.
15.         God said that he CURSED himself, if he should ever go contrary, he said if you see one that has been excommunicated and instead of telling the person the problem he has for the person to change, you begin to console the person, console the person, it said you are out of the way of truth.
16.           S.O.M: It is the message “DO NOT FOLLOW THE ERRORS OF THE WICKED”. It can be somebody’s turn tomorrow. 
17.           Apostle Ojiakor: the question is this, why am I here? Why are you here? What actually are you looking for?
18.           S.O.M: The richer you are, the narrower you are to paradise and the closer you are to hell.
19.           Apostle Ojiakor: You know but there is a consolation there, if the riches are used for the work of the ministry.
20.           S.O.M: Give me that piece of paper there. I have living witnesses; I met him living from hand to mouth at Abakpa Nike. He could not even maintain his yellow Mercedes car 200 until it was parked. Then he got one official vehicle, the corolla red colour, he could not maintain, which gave us serious problem when he came to Onitsha with it.
21.           The flat he was living was smelling, I was the one that came in. single handedly I took him to G.R.A, I ordered brethren to clear the forest. How the money that was used to refurbish that house without government helping came, only The Son of Man can say.
22.           I was the one that pleaded with the man who refurbished it, I learnt he is dead. That’s engineer Willie Onyeabo, who also repaired the generator free of charge. Another person that assisted was doctor Onyia his personal doctor.
23.           The wife worked relentlessly and put all her money there to refurbish that little place and make it habitable. It was a thick forest, abandoned structure. But when he became rich, the riches of the world took him out of the faith.
24.           If he had remained on the apex level, maybe by now he would have been helping others but he got entangled with professor Nitoto of the court of appeal, the deeper life man, a polygamist from Rivers state, who rubbished him and then destroyed him and his family, destroyed his career and then humiliated him out of the service. For there is no way you can befriend a leper and avoid his hand shake.
25.           He knew the truth, that’s why our brother Okey Oleri is still with us. He told him clearly that The Son of Man will not support his peak to be a chief judge, that he is anxious to sit there, that over taking is allowed. But Okey if I leave make sure you abide in the faith, there is no truth elsewhere. That’s what is holding Okey Oleri till today.
26.           You must be here by your personal revelations. This is why Onyema and the family is not having rest, what they were thinking this faith to be is not what it is. But the facts are there.
27.           The facts are there. What are the facts, hear me very well. When you speak the truth, you rebuild the nation. Onyema came to worship God, introduced to me by his sister Mary and I had a nice time with them in my house. Which lead them to go and bring their brother a reverend father to my house. We read bible from morning to evening, I entertained them, the young man left happily.
28.           For Amagunze people sent him to go and investigate that Onyema’s new found faith. He was satisfied and even made confessions that he knew Catholic Church was in error and is still in error. That it is like when God sent Jonah to Nineveh and Nineveh heard the message that they changed. The king didn’t say I am a king, now I have repented I will run away from my stool.
29.            I said sir! Do you think you can reform the Roman Catholic? Do you think you can be a pope tomorrow? Better go and rethink. He promised he will be back. I knew he wasn’t coming back and he didn’t come back.
30.           Onyema was following faithfully as all of you can testify. Loving and appreciating the faith, loving and appreciating and also accommodating the brethren in love. I have to speak this truth in love; I lie not in the Holy Spirit. So it continued until Onyema was bewitched. When Onyema ran out of my hands, because I never gave him cost of discipleship. I gave others, I never gave Onyema.
31.           For when he was introduced to me, he made only but a statement. That he doesn’t want to perish, he wants to go to heaven. I asked him the question; do you want to worship God? He said yes. You want eternal life? He said yes. Okay follow me. Sister Mary am I bearing false witness? You were there. Ik, your brother late now, knows this truth. The most senior in the family knows this truth.
32.           Then we continued, having good times with the Lord, passing though many obstacles. We went through hell. If Onyema never believed, he wouldn’t have sacrificed his life when we evangelized the whole of south east. I stepped into the most horrible area where they suffered terribly for seven good days without food, without money and allowed God to take care of them.
33.           I was teaching all of them how to endure hardship as solders of Christ. Knowing that some might be imprisoned, some might be designated to deserts, that you do not blaspheme God because of hardship.
34.           I myself was not left out; I was still taking my own fare share of the troubles. But I was preparing them for something very great; the training I gave them was enough to stumble them out but they remained steadfast. Suffering with me, bearing the sufferings with joy until he was bewitched. What bewitched him, of course it must be what bewitched others.
35.           Immediately I preached the message of grace in 1998, Onyema knew the message of grace more than The Son of Man. Women started fighting in his house because he was adjudged to be having little money for he was riding a motorcycle when he came. Having his business at new market road, selling stationary. His capital out there, nobody knew but Onyema; whether he was rich or poor, only Onyema can tell.
36.           Then women started fighting there. It was when women started fighting in his house that he thought of having a wife. And when he had concluded to have a wife, he didn’t follow the doctrines of Christ. He was blind folded.
37.           At the end of the day, he ran into the hands of Sister Chika Onuchukwu, the sister to our former sister Ike. We have been together with her all along. Right from my office when she was visiting her sister and she was the one that resisted this faith vehemently, called us all manner of evil names.
38.           I remembered in her unmarried estate, when we took Sister Ike down to Awka, she had to travel from Nando to Awka to stop her from coming to fellowship and the children, calling us all manner of names. The woman resisted, there was a sign left there.
39.           That was where I lost my wrist watch when we were digging out the vehicle that was trapped there. Bon Duka came out and myself. I was inside the hole digging out the thing at the end I lost my wrist watch. My wrist watch remained inside the ground for two weeks. Flooding brought it out. Somebody saw it; our former sister collected the wrist watch. Brought it to my office, I rested my hands on it, it started working. Electronics, he is aware, we lifted it before the whole brethren.
40.           She collected it from me and ran round the office presenting the thing. Under rain and sunshine, my hands rested on it, it started working again.
41.           So what happened? When she finally heard the message of grace, she was around. I was the one that spoke to her together with Okey Nwamkpa in my palour, my wife was there.
42.           It was there and then, that she said it is now that she can identify with the faith. That what we were saying before was higher than she could bear. What she said was “my father, my strength cannot carry it and really her strength could not carry it.
43.           When she now believed this faith, fortunately she was transferred to General Hospital Onitsha. From General Hospital Onitsha she was sending some of the people she spoke to, to us for she was an evangelist.
44.           In the process of evangelizing, Onyema evangelist, Sister Chika Onuchukwu evangelist. So evangelist met evangelist so it becomes evangel. Evangel! I hope you are paying attention. Hear me well.
45.           If anybody must be saved in their family, that person must stand on his or her own conviction and worship God. This is the only way anybody can be saved there.
46.           There are some families sitting down here where I don’t have even a soul and I dare not tell them to leave this faith. Maybe peradventure with experience they have gathered over the years, they may begin to subscribe to the faith. But for now they are floating on the surface of the faith.
47.           You know what it takes for one to float on the surface? There is nothing upholding such people. They are here as families, some are here as individuals and they know themselves that nothing is holding them. They have no anchor.
48.           If you have not come to a point, where you will say if it is death, I am not afraid, you are not in this faith. If you are in this faith, where you have external influence that will dictate the way you will worship, truly speaking, you are deceived.
49.           There shouldn’t be any external influence, influencing you to worship God or not to worship God. Everything must be from within and as an individual. We are living in an era where people call Jesus they do not believe. Jesus said that believing me will make husband and wife to part. I have not come to institute peace but a sword.
50.           To put a man at variance with the wife. That is if the man is a believer and the woman is an unbeliever. The unbelieving partner can never have peace. The believing partner can never have peace until they depart. That’s why I can never tell you to part or not to part; any day you come to the realization that you are two incomparables - one is a believer, one is an unbeliever let the unbelieving partner first depart. The remaining is not under obligation. Thank you, go ahead!
Then, would you be able to point at your property that is in Christ? Just point your fingers and be able to say, "This is what I am doing, or this is what I have done in Christ to make sure that this candle does not go out. This thing should be credited to me." I do not know if you understand what I am saying.



sther 4 Vs 13 - 16.. GNB “She took off her splendid robes and took up her garment of grease, instead of her rich perfumes…
1.             S.O.M: I hope you don’t want to reproduce Vashti, don’t reproduce Vashti and her history. Continue with the message and lay the background. I want you to go evangelical. You don’t have any other thing. I know where I am heading to.
2.             What I wanted to pick out from there is determination. If actually you have come to the realization that this is the only place of salvation and you are all out for salvation, brethren nobody should compel you to be serious. Whatever that is demanded, you should be ready to offer it.
3.             Actually let us look at it; that we slept last night and woke up this morning alive, how did you do it? How did I do it? We travelled all the way from our places to be here, who made it possible, this same God. Then, the word comes to us and we find it difficult to take it.
4.             In short let us ask ourselves, of every aspect of this human life, how are we fairing. Every aspect; I was looking at this faith. I said let me take this faith to be a project I want to carry out. A project, it’s a project. Whatever you are doing is a project, you must check your aim of carrying out that project. What do you want to achieve? What do you have in mind that will benefit you and benefit other people? For any project that does not benefit mankind is not worth going into. And we have all come here, everything has been made clear. It is clear to the Almighty God that what is expected of us.
5.             What actually is expected of you? Simply come, hear, receive and obey. And if one does not obey what happens to him? He can be disowned.
6.             The year of my redeemed is come. Preached on 10th of January, 1999. At this very household of God Onitsha, by Apostle Peter Odoemena, THE VERY SON OF MAN, The Resurrected Body. Am reading from page 74 verse 7.
7.             If you say escape to the mountain, which mountain, if I say, escape to the wilderness, which wilderness? He that is in your midst is the one that will take you to the safety land, your duty is to follow. Just trust and obey for he knows where He is to keep you. You do not know the place.
8.             You do not know where the promised paradise is for you have never been there before. But Him that is sent to come and bring you home; if he did not know the way, will he be sent? To show that He knows the way, before you He came down, revealed Himself in the pillar of cloud. So that you will remove your eyes from the flesh and look at The Elohim.
9.             Now you do not know Him in the flesh, whatever He is we do not want to know. We are looking at The Elohim. This is the only way we can make it now otherwise one day somebody might challenge the instruction. Somebody may give reasons why he must go back to Nkpor;  some will give reasons why he must be at Omagba. Some may be asking questions; what about other local churches.
10.         In other words, what we heard before; God is confirming it. That people building temples, synagogues here and there, stopping others from coming to Jerusalem to see God and worship God. When you come here, have you come to worship God? I was saying; take it as a project that you are privileged to be among the chosen as we read in Ephesians chapter one in the morning. He called us; adopted us unto Himself.
11.         Let us prove to Him that we appreciate what he has done for us, for you never called yourself. He said as many as The Father has put into my hands I will lose none. For my Father is greater than all. Nobody can snatch any from my hands. Now, Esther said; go and pray for me, I will defy the instruction, the law of the land. If I will perish, let me perish and she went ahead. Brethren, it is time for you, it is time for me to make up our minds, if the lord is God then we worship him.
12.         If He is not God, then we leave Him alone. Look at what he has just explained now, taking us back using Onyema, as I have looked at it, talking about myself. God does not want me to perish; God does not want me to perish. I said I have looked at my own life as if all that THE SON OF MAN has been doing is to make sure I don’t perish. And that posed a big tincture to me and a big challenge to me.
13.         The challenge is; how he want me to live every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, all the years and remember whatever you do every second, day, week, they form your character.
14.         S.O.M: it is easier to form a character than to break it. It becomes a habit.
15.         S.O.M: From the message- do not be corrupted by the simplicity that is in Christ. It was preached on the 14th day of December, 2008 by THE SON OF MAN, Apostle Peter Odoemena. At this very household of God Onitsha. Am reading from page 91 from verse 20. There is a caption there.
16.         God appeared in simplicity to be accessible. The scripture recorded that it does not yet appear what He shall be. When He shall appear we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is. When He shall appear we shall not see Him as a ghost unless we are Ghosts. Whatever form we are, that is the same form He will appear.
17.         If we are human beings, He will be a human being with us. In the book of Philippians it was recorded clearly. It said; since God’s children are human beings. God also become a human being with them. For only as a human being can he save them.
18.         The simplicity of God is corrupting the mind of the unbelievers.
19.         For your mind to be corrupted by God’s simplicity, you must be an unbeliever. Once you are a believer, His simplicity will only encourage you the more for His simplicity will give you access to Him. If God does not come in a simple way nobody will approach Him and he will be useless to everybody.
20.         And in His simplicity he is evenly accessible. Assuming that there is a place called heaven in the sky and that is where God is living, who will go there to consult Him? Assuming He made Moses God and He placed Him in the uppermost part of the sky. Who will fly there to see Moses? But they had access to Moses because Moses was a human being. They had access to Joshua for he was human being. Even the apostles, Jesus not left out of them.
21.         Even the last prophet of the age; William Branham was a human being. Married and had children. The first wife even died prompting him to marry a second one. Can God’s wife die? Yes! Abraham’s wife died, Jacob’s wife died. Were they Gods, yes! The simplicity of God has always corrupted the minds of the unbelievers.
22.         I join it with this message. Remember the Judgement day of God is at hand preached at Enugu. Last December meeting. Page 11 from verse 23; let me read from verse 21. How many pastors are diligent to look into the state of their flock?
23.         How do you know THE SON OF MAN? That is the title of the message and it was preached on the 30th of July, 2017. At this household of God Onitsha by Apostle Peter Odoemena THE VERY SON OF MAN, the King of glory. Page 76 verse 29.
24.         I hope we are balancing everything. Do not gather knowledge that will destroy you rather gather faith that will save you.
25.         Faith in the word guarantees you salvation not knowledge of the faith. Faith in the express word of God saves. The message you are hearing, your fathers heard it but they never mingled it with faith for that it profits them nothing.
26.         The word destroyed them. Thus if you do not apply faith to what you have heard. What you have heard will destroy you. It will profit you nothing. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God. And the word you are hearing even now, you have been hearing it all these years.
27.         But you never exercised faith rather you exercised sense. You are following God with sense. Nobody has been saved with the use of the five senses. If THE SON OF MAN sets you free, you are free indeed that is if you know who He is.
28.         If you know Him beyond his family upbringing, he is relation, I mean his community and every other that is associated with a normal human being. If you know Him beyond that, if you know Him as a representative, physical representative of whom you do not know.
29.         Salvation is still far from many. Heaven is still far from many, mad people will enter on time more than sensible people. That is; if you can welcome the unwelcomed Christ. If you can get rid of over-familiarity; I know Him, I know how He was born and brought up. I know where He is living, I know His business sites, His brothers, sisters and parents are with us. Amen. Any contradiction?
30.         Apostle Ojiakor: From the year of judgement of the bride, 2018 New Year message volume 2. Page 85, verse 46.
31.         So it is not he that declares the truth that gets eternal life but he that declares the truth and obeys it. So, it is not hearers of the truth that are saved but doers of the truth. How can you do the truth you have not heard? It is impossible.
32.         But have we not heard the truth? We have been hearing the truth.
33.         So if you have heard the truth and you refuse to act by the truth you are hearing, you are heaping condemnation against yourself.
34.         So it is important. This one says God has given us eternal life according to the scriptures. This eternal life is in somebody, it is in a man, true or false? True. Is it not scripture? It is.
35.         if you do not believe the resurrected body who is here and who is promised to be the Holy son of Mary by Prophet Mohammed that will be here in the last days in human form amidst human beings. If you know Jesus Christ and you do not know the resurrected body the Jesus you know is still in the grave. So your saviour is in the grave. You will be saved only when you go to the grave.
36.         If you meet Him there, he will have you in the grave but as many as are alive and believe that the Jesus Christ they knew and read about is no longer hanging on the cross, he is no longer in the grave. And is now here as he has promised, these are the people that have lively hope.
37.         AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF LOT- MYSTERY REVEALED. It went forth on Friday 8th day of December 2017 at Nsuka by He that liveth forever and ever, Apostle Peter Odoemena. The very Son of Man, the Supreme Intelligence. Page 68 verse 43 down.
38.         So when you are rejoicing that Son of Man has appeared in your day, you are rejoicing that prophecies are fulfilling.
39.         Do not forget this one, this is the greatest prophecy you should fix your eyes and mind on. Not necessarily Israel or Palestine or events around you, this is the greatest, the most important. Now we have rolled back to the days of Noah and Lot.
40.         How sure are we that God can look at you and I and say, you are an object of my pleasure. You are conducting your daily affairs according to my will; you are habitually in fellowship with me. I have found you to be the only faithful who cannot do anything except at my command. Who cannot joke with my word or my command? Who is always taking delight in finding himself or herself wherever I am.
41.         So God is looking for that one family. In the days of Lot, he extended to any other person. So if you do not benefit from Lot’s privilege, because it was a covenant to the family. Why not avail yourself of the opportunity offered to you through Lot by even extending it his enemies who were attempting to rape his visitors, who were breaking the door.
42.         You see salvation is a family name. Christ is a name that every family in heaven and earth must be named after. And William Braham made it clear, that no man is going to rapture but Christ.
43.         As many as will be in rapture will be those that are found in Him, not holding their own righteousness which is of the law but the righteousness of Christ which is imputed upon them by faith.
44.         Then how many are found in Him not holding their own self justification? As it was in the days of Noah, days of Lot, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man shall be revealed. If I happen to be The Son of Man, that settles my problem. But if I am the revealed Son of Man, hell is far from me. I have escaped and as many that will follow Me will also escape.
45.         For I cannot be the revealed Son of Man and then be held back. For Noah was not held back, Lot was not held back. If a member of my family perishes, it is because that person looked back.
46.         So if my family is not saved by covenant, they will be saved by the option. We have one covenant, we have one option. Whosoever! Why not avail yourself of the opportunity of that whosoever?
47.         If you are not covered by the promise, by the covenant, by flesh, find your place in that whosoever. Any other person, anyone else, whether the person is connected to you or not, provided he has heard your word and has volunteer to follow you, he has solemnly declared, he will save that person along side with you.
48.         It said God has given us eternal life, I read it again. REMEMBER THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD IS AT HAND page 11 verse 23. God has given us eternal life according to the scriptures. But this eternal life is in somebody, it is in a man. True or false? True. Is it not scripture? It is.
49.           Like I said the man is here with us, that’s the message we heard here. This eternal life is in a man. That’s Son of Man, that’s God. What will it take you, what will it take me to follow Him? I think our problem is leadership. We find it very, very difficult to take instruction. We find it very, very difficult to agree to be led.
50.         In order words, it means that you know the way, how to get this eternal life. Say, it is in a man and the man is doing everything, I was saying that it is clear to me the level of love God has for me as an individual, honestly I cannot fathom it because it is clear to me that He does not want me to perish.
51.         Just think about it yourself, why not begin to look around yourself as an individual; first and foremost why is it that you are here? Who brought you here? What actually are you looking for? Is it that you heard the message? You heard the promise that there is this man, He speaks, what He says comes to pass, He says He is God and actually it looks like He is God because whatever He says it comes to pass, is it what has brought you here?
52.         Have you actually got the conviction that indeed it is this man that has eternal life? Are you for eternal life? Now, while you are here, is it eternal life? Do you know how to get eternal life?
53.         Moses told them make sure you don’t provoke the angels and when this ministry started that was the first instruction. ‘I am sending my Angels before you, don’t go to the left, don’t go to the right.’ It is rehearsal, we know these things but why are we going to the left, going to the right?
54.         How can God tell me ‘bro Ojiakor, come down here tomorrow by seven, there is something I want you to do’. How can I have something I will do before I start coming. Why should I give it a second position? Read 1st John chapter 5 verse 21. Living bible.
55.         Brethren, it is high time we actually put to ourselves as individuals examining and re-examining ourselves.  Or is it that we do not know what the message is all about or what THE SON OF MAN is teaching us, or what He wants us to do. Yes read it. Verse 21.
56.         “Dear children, keep away anything that will take God’s place in your heart…
57.         I think this is where we are all failing because if we are not considering something that is more important. I was talking about project for if this is what I must do and then my supervisor will look at it and mark it good. What it will impel, I will go the whole length to make sure I get those things. Remember I am under supervision.
58.         And we are here with The Almighty, whatever He says He watches it to see how I am doing it. He watches it to see how you are doing it. That is why honestly it baffles me; if I am doing that thing not sitting down to examine what is in session. Why should you be comfortable if anything like that happens? What actually informs what we do every day? What actually is it? We have so many thing before God. THIS IS OUR PROBLEM!

WHAT IS THE TIMETABLE OF THE GENTILES? The Bride Ministry is not made for the whole world. The Bride Ministry is meant for those that were chosen for Salvation before the world began. If you have examined yourself and you are sure and certain that you do not have the "Mark of Christ" upon your forehead, there is no need wasting your time in this Faith.
Pg 17 Vs 41

 It takes me to that message; the four categories of us here; of Matthew chapter 13. The seeds on the ground, just falling there, the seeds of the air, fowls of the air ate up everything. It will enter through this ear, go out through the other ear, nothing happens, it doesn’t bring out any fruit.
1.             God lamenting, then the other one, that is falling on rocky soil without depth, so no water. The thing springing up, scorching sun comes, it has nothing and He said it means trials, when there are challenges, you shy away from truth that will save you. If I know this is the truth that saves me, why should I ever shy away from it.
2.             I went to Umuoji the other time and then after the burial, we gathered. I called them to talk about fixing the date for the burial of my step-mother and we finished that. One young man said he did something; people were trying to encroach into our farmlands felling trees and he challenged them and they said they were coming back to occupy the whole land.
3.             Then he went his way and went to somewhere and did something. He led them to take oath and he was bold to tell everybody there that he spent hundred and fifteen thousand naira and people will start contributing four thousand five hundred that he has shared it. I left him and went to Enugu only for me to receive a text message, I went back and said ‘don’t ever send a thing like that, I am not an idolater and can never be. Don’t ever associate me with that rubbish’.
4.             S.O.M: okay, we want to read something from here because we are about to round off. The message is; be ye perfect for I your God, I am perfect part 1. It went forth on Sunday 3rd of March, 1996 at the household of God Onitsha by Apostle Peter Odoemena, THE VERY SON MAN, The Supreme Intelligence. Page 86 verse 19.
5.             Brother Onyema Njom, you look very co-operate today. I thank God you are not the only son of your mother because they feel disappointed with you now. Your family, everybody will be feeling disappointed. This is the greatest shock to your family. The death of you father was nothing. This is the greatest shock, and everyday if there would be the hardest part of hell they are praying that God will put both Elizabeth and her sister Mary, God will punish them in the worst hell.
6.             Everybody will forgive them but your community will never forgive them. This is the greatest havoc, why? Because you never knew you were a child of God before. If you are a child of God it is not now, you were a child of God but you didn’t know. You came and mixed with the people you saw in the world.
7.             You know, sons of God came and saw daughters of men that they were fair to look at, they admired them and went into marriage with them and they produced giants. You never knew you were a son of God.
8.             You came and saw beautiful women then you went after their beauty but God came and called you back. But when he is calling you back now as your father he knows you well. He told you what you will expect so that when the whole thing is happening you will not panic. You do not panic; it is going back to the owner.
9.             He told you to go and tell your people that you deceived them back then. That what they saw and were jumping up wasn’t your sweat, that you were riding on another man’s back. That those 911 and trailers, those shops, and everywhere Onyema, Onyema, Onyema, it was his masters’ money.
10.           Your God has told you that He will get rid of every kobo and then to the last kobo. It will get to a point that even to eat you will kneel down three times a day.  And after getting rid of it, he will bless you in His own way. That is what our God said; GOD IS MINDFUL OF HIS OWN!
11.         S.O.M: GOD IS MINDFUL OF HIS OWN! MAN OR WOMAN. GOD IS MINDFUL OF HIS OWN! 1996. (2019 New Year message. Page 44 verse 22).
15.           So, I say to God be the glory. The true heart. The heart God is going transform. Fix yourself where you belong.
16.         S.O.M: God knows the end from the beginning. God knows what will kill somebody and told him ahead of time and told him ahead of time.

Our Lord and our God, who is the Most Holy, who is the Most High. Who is above all. You are the sole-creator of the earth, you are the self-existing one, none created you. You are the creator and it is your love to create us on this earth. You know all before you created them; you know the reason for creating anyone. It is your desire that you bring us together in your presence in this dispensation, for us to be the people that will welcome you in this earth that you are the one that created it. Because the bible said you came down on earth but those who you created do not recognize you.
1.             But you made us to understand that it is you that you are our creator. In all, our God we are saying, may all the and honour, all the glory, all thanksgiving be unto Your Holy name alone. Every day is not a day of grieve. We are saying that our hearts is filled with joy for of everything you are doing in our lives.
2.             When we meditate on right from when we knew that we are human beings because there was a time we didn’t know that we were human beings right from when we got to know that we are human beings due to the way you were bringing us up, we didn’t know it is you.
3.             We kept on watching and we came to understand that there is a mighty hand that is doing it. And there is no other hand except the one that is with us. Our God, our heart is filled with joy. We are saying, may all thanksgiving, all glory, all honour, all adoration be ascribed unto you from now till eternity through Christ our Lord. Amen.
4.             We are about going Almighty God, grant us Journey mercy. You know the best and you have given it to us, we have also surrendered ourselves unto you.
5.             Please don’t allow us to hold you; rather may it be you that will hold us firmly to yourself because our hands will get wearied if we are the ones holding you. You know that which is best, may you do it for us that we may glorify your name. Have mercy upon us, oh Lord have mercy upon us. Don’t allow us to go astray. Have mercy upon us even as you promised us. If we go astray, indict us, please help us to have a better understanding regarding where we have gone astray and come back to you.
6.              Just as we have heard your word this afternoon, oh God, may nobody harden his heart. Let your word bear good fruit unto all of us that are called by your name in this dispensation. Through Christ our Lord we pray, amen.