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Thursday, 14 May 2020



You do not just because of grace talk randomly, behave randomly. No! did Jesus behave that way? I AM your Leader; I AM your Apostle; I AM your ALL and ALL. That you feel you are a child of God today is because of Me. Whatever you are holding by which you can now stand and say, “I am saved”, is from Me, for without Me you can do nothing.

AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS VOL 1; preached on Sunday 24th December, 2000 at the Household of God, Onitsha; Pg. 142 vs. 22


To God be the glory, great things He has done. I welcome all of you to this glorious gathering today, glorious in the sense that God is here live. So you are a privileged people to worship together with God.
2.           According to the Scriptures, He identifies Himself constantly in the gathering of His Saints. (Matthew 18:20)
3.           He does not only feature quietly, often times He prayed and sang a hymn together with the congregation. [Matthew 26:30]
6.           You can pray. It is your right, but you can never command God to answer your prayers. If He decides not to listen to your prayers, there is nothing you can do to make Him change His mind.
7.           So whatever God is doing, He is doing it because He wants to do it. There is one aspect of God that has not been exploited. I call it a silent area or a virgin area that is yet to be explored.
8.           Let somebody turn with Me to the Book of Isaiah 9:6 (KJV). I said, “Let somebody…” I never mentioned a particular name.
9.           Somebody can be anybody. A woman can be somebody as far as I am here. I am here. I said, “A woman can be somebody.” A man can be somebody.
10.       Whenever you see Me here, I am here for a mission because I do not want to stay in My house. I love to see your faces. I love to encourage you because we have come to the end of all things.
11.       Isaiah 9:6 (KJV) “For unto us a child is born, unto us, a son is given…”
12.       We read it last Sunday also from our sermon, “NOW MY SALVATION IS IN MY HANDS”. We read it from the Scriptures. We also read it from the Message.
13.       For unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given. Take note!
14.       “For unto us a child is born, unto us, a son is given, and government shall be upon his shoulders.” Administration will be upon his shoulders.
15.       “And his name shall be called 1wonderful,2counselor…”Underline that word “COUNSELOR”
16.       We have all witnessed the wonderful works of the Lord. We compose it in our songs and we acknowledge that God is really wonderful. When things happen around us, we say that God is wonderful, and that God is glorious.
17.       But there is one thing we have not touched. His name shall be called Wonderful. Number 2: Counselor! That is the one I want you to underline. COUNSELOR!
18.       “…3the mighty God,…” We have all acknowledged that He is the Mighty God.
19.       “…4the everlasting father,…”We even pray and sing, calling Him Everlasting Father. “…5the prince of peace.”
20.       Isaiah 9:6 (AMP) “For to us, a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called 1wonderful, 2counsellor…” His name shall be called wonderful, counselor!
21.       “And His name shall be called1wonderful, 2counselor, 3mighty God, 4everlasting Father of eternity, 5Prince of peace”.
22.       Isaiah 9:6 (LB) “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders. These will be his royal titles…” These will be what? His royal titles!
23.       1Wonderful, 2counselor, 3the mighty god, 4the everlasting father, 5the prince of peace”.
24.       I want you to bring out your android phones, for that is the easiest way we can assess what I want to say. Let me have the dictionary meaning from your handsets, for there is no dictionary here.
25.       I want to know the dictionary meaning of COUNSELOR. Use the different editions of the dictionary.
26.       Can somebody help me? Give me the meaning of COUNSELOR. Anybody can read if you see it, man or woman. I say, anybody.
27.       Anybody can go to hell. Anybody can go to heaven. Anybody can meet God’s requirements, man or woman.
28.       The meaning of COUNSELOR from the Cambridge dictionary: 1Someone who is trained to listen to people and give them advice about their problems.
29.       Who is what? Trained to listen to people. 1Somebody that is trained to listen to people and give them advice about their problems.
30.       2A person whose job is to provide advice, help, or encouragement:
31.       The meaning of COUNSELOR from The Oxford dictionary – 1One who counsels, 2an adviser, 3a member of counsel, 4one appointed to advice,5a sovereign or chief magistrate.
32.       The meaning of COUNSELOR from The Collins dictionary: A person whose job is to give advice to people, especially advice for their personal problems.
33.       The meaning of COUNSELOR from The English dictionary: A professional who counsels people, especially on personal problems.
34.       The meaning of COUNSELOR from dictionary: A person trained to give guidance on personal or psychological problems.
35.       We are gathering something, you must accept one or two.
36.       The meaning of COUNSELOR from The Merriam-Webster dictionary:1A person who provides advice as a job. 2A person who counsels people. 3A person who is in charge of young people at a summer camp. 4A person who gives advice or counseling; 5a marriage counselor. 6Lawyer, specifically one that gives advice in law and manages cases for clients in court; 7One who has supervisory duties at a summer camp;
37.       We must exhaust all before I will talk.
38.       The meaning of COUNSELOR from dictionary: 1Advocate; a lawyer who pleads cases in court. 2Someone who gives advice about problems. 3Someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp.
39.       The meaning of COUNSELOR from The senior officer in the diplomatic service.
40.       Another meaning of COUNSELOR from an unknown source: A person who has been trained to advice people with problems, especially personal problems.
41.       Amen. That is the much we will take. I do not think there is any dictionary present in the Camp that we have not read.
43.       A counselor is not an intruder in your personal problems but he is a part of the solution.
44.       A counselor comes with a solution to the problem. he does not add to the problem. Did you get the message?
45.       As a counselor, he has become a stake-holder to the problem, for he assumes responsibility over that problem before he proffers advice.
46.       He places himself in the shoes, in the same position of that person before he offers the needed advice.
47.       We have exploited every area. In short, this one is not yet tapped.


Go to the Message titled, WHO HAS BEEN GOD’S COUNSELOR? If you have God in person for your teacher, and He is not your adviser, of what use is His presence? I believe that the best adviser is the best teacher.
2.           You see why, from the beginning, I gave you My own motto: IF YOU DO NOT TRAIN THEM, DO NOT BLAME THEM. But where you have trained them, and you see them misbehaving, you have every right to indict them.
3.           For whoever that has taught us has every right to punish us if we err, because He took out time to train us, to teach us and to guide us.
4.           Now when you trace it back to the Book of St. John Chapter 16,“When He, the Spirit of Truth, shall come, the Comforter, what will He do? He will guide you strictly into the knowledge of all truths.” [John 16:13]
5.           Is it not Scripture? He will remind you of things you have been taught long time ago and will reveal to you what lies ahead of you.
6.           For every step you want to take, He knows where you are landing. Why? He knows the end from the very beginning.
7.           Can this Man make a mistake? Who is adequate to be your Counselor if not that Man that is called the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father? Who then is your Counselor?
8.           We have it in a Message, WHO IS YOUR COUNSELOR? For we saw too many people in the Scriptures who hired counselors for a pay.
9.           Rehoboam hired counselors for a pay and they advised him to do wrong which resulted to revolt. The people of Israel gathered and said, “To your tents Oh Israel,what inheritance do we have in the lineage of David again?” They dispersed. [1 Kings 12:8 – 9, 15 – 6]2
10.       When there was no counselor from God, in the days of the Judges, the Bible said, “Every family hired counselors for a pay who advised them to intensify their lives in idolatry and who taught them to continue worshipping idols, that they would benefit more from idols than from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”[The Book of Judges chapters 17 & 18]
11.       And the people believed because there was no God’s counselor. The same way, when there was no Priests[no teaching Priests], they went and hired their own paid Priests.
12.       Remember there was a young king who took his mother as his counselor and the Bible said his mother advised the king to do wickedly. [king Ahaziah in 2 Chronicles 22:3]
13.       Go to the Message titled, WHO IS YOUR COUNSELOR? And who has been your counselor all these years? It could be your mother. It could be your father. It could be your colleague in the office. It could be anybody.
15.       Check your life very well. Check what has been misleading you. If God is not your counselor, the devil is your counselor.
16.        God cannot advise you to go into error, neither will He lead you to a path that will destroy your life. Can God do that?
17.       The Holy Qur’an says, “Allah does not mislead or misguide a people”. [Surah 9:115] God can never mislead, misguide a people. Never!
18.       But the devil has been an expert in doing that. That was why in that Message, “WHO HAS BEEN YOUR COUNSELOR?”, you have to fall back on your experiences.
19.       Check all the experiences where you listened to your numerous counsellors and where you landed. And if there was a time you paid heed to God’s counsel, you will know where it landed you. Compare and contrast.
20.       William Branham, the Prophet said, “When the Bride shall appear on the scene, you will know them by one thing. They will be led by the Spoken Word of God, so that if it is not God; if it is not thus saith the Lord, they do not act.” They do not act.
21.        You watch the people that pleased God, they were those that did nothing without first of all consulting God. They must know the mind of God first.
22.       And when God speaks on a matter, it is final. No logic. No arguments. No reasoning.
23.       At what point do we need a counselor? Is it when we must have carried out our plans or at the conceptual stage of our plans? I need an answer.
24.       I believe God told us something. He said, “If you want to invite Me into your personal affair, invite Me at the conceptual stage when you have not done anything at all. When it is just an idea you have muted out, invite Me at that point so that we can reason together.
25.       God who said, “Come let us reason together”, do you think He is crazy? He knows that there are some difficult people who do not need God in their personal affairs, but will only remember God when they run into difficulties.
26.       When calamities befall them because of their rash decisions, because of their actions taken without God’s guidance, then they remember there is God.
27.       Why do people run into difficulty with the Nigerian Police when arrested? Why do people run into difficulty with Law enforcement agents? It is because they are hasty to talk.
28.       But when a wise man is arrested, all he has to do is to keep quiet. No matter how you are being forced to make a statement, say “No! I want my lawyer to be around. Until I see my advocate, I will not talk and I will not write.”
29.       Nobody will kill you. They know you are right. The Police will be impatient because they want to lure you into more troubles and at the same time warning you that whatever you say will be used against you.
30.       Why forcing me to say something that will be used against me? I will not talk. I have called my lawyer. He is on the way. You can clamp me into jail. I will not speak until he comes. Period!
31.       This is because it is your lawyer that knows the legal implications of every word that will go out of your mouth. He will tell you what to say and what you should not say. And then, at the end of the day, your statements could be countersigned.
32.       There is no room for alteration by the IPO [Investigating Police Officer]. But if you just stand there and talk blah blahblah, and there is no money to back it up, the next day, you will hear another statement you never made.
33.       Sometimes you may sign a blank sheet and Police will write statement for you. You sign and he takes it and says, “No problem. I know what I will do. Do not worry. I will finish them.” You think he is with you.
34.       If you pay him higher, you will win the case. He will now write the statement.
35.       If you do not know how to write and you tell Police to write, make sure you get somebody who will read what you wrote.
36.       The moment he notices that you cannot read and write, you are at his mercy. He will tell you to thumb print and he will put your name, everything there, “Do not worry I have heard you, let me write it”. Invite somebody to crosscheck.
38.       Or can we stand up and say we have no need of a counselor? If you say you have no need of a counselor, well, your name is Mister Error; Brother Error; Sister Error. There is no way you will not err in your decisions.
39.       It takes God to guide His people against error. How does He do it? By counselling them. How can He counsel you when you have not brought it to His notice?
40.       You conceive the idea. It is flowery. It is dandy and okay in your own assessment, and you go ahead implementing it, only to turn back to God when trouble comes out. What do you expect Him to do in that regard?
41.       That is why if you never consulted the king while you are making a trip, while coming back, go your way. Do not make the mistake of going to the palace to tell the king you have come back when you never told him where you were going to, for it was not discussed.
42.       If you know anybody God has counseled to do wrong, please give me one example. That God counseled that person to do wrong, counseled that person and the person implemented it and it landed him into trouble. I say, show me one.
43.       But I will give you many names God counselled, but they neglected the counsel of God and landed into trouble. For you can never neglect God’s counsel without landing in to trouble where you will regret.
44.       Check all the personal decisions you have taken because you think you have the power. Check where you landed.
45.       Does it mean that God has no other business than to wait for people He will counsel? No! God is busy 24 hours of the day.
46.       But He is being overburdened by people that do not seek His counsel before doing things. They will only remember Him when they have run into difficulties.
47.       These are the people creating problems for THE SON OF MAN and they are in the majority in our midst. Both the ministers and the laity [married and unmarried], nobody has ever escaped this.
48.       If you check that which you are hiding away from THE SON OF MAN, that is where your problem begins. Sooner than you think, that which is a secret will be made open.
49.       This is because events must surely advertise it. People that you did not want to know about it will be singing songs with it. You will become a living example of an unbeliever. Amen!


So crosscheck your experiences, for we have rolled into a very delicate hour where we need the help of a counselor.
5.           You know it is easier to implement the devil’s counsel than to implement the counsel of God, especially when God’s counsel will stop you from what you want to do that will give you money.
6.           Where you think you will make great profit, but God knows that after the profit, death will follow. You will be seeing gain, but God will be seeing death. You will be seeing liberty, but God will be seeing imprisonment.
7.           I am telling you the truth. What you are seeing is a comfortable position, while God is seeing hell fire around you. That is why, every way that seemeth right in the eyes of a man, the end thereof is what? Death! [Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 16:25]
8.           That is why I told you, “When you want to jump from a cliff, examine the landing point very well, for too many things are hidden under the carpet. You might be thinking that you are landing on a carpet grass, not knowing that beneath it is a bottomless pit. You land with full weight, and you will be descending to the lower part of the earth.”
9.           So be very careful everybody. This is where we are now. The thoughts and imaginations of your heart and your over-ambitiousness to become rich overnight, crave for materialism, whenever it comes to making money or assuming positions you cannot even defend; whenever it comes to creating unnecessary wealth from nothing, you do not need a counselor again.
10.       But when you are handcuffed, you begin to look for an advocate because you are now handcuffed.
12.       If you want to make both ends meet, it then means you are attempting an impossibility for two parallel lines can never meet till the end of the world.
13.       But when you want to force the two ends to meet, you set your heart ablaze, you become restive, and the Word of God means nothing.
14.       Check many things you are doing without consulting God, and where they have been landing you.
15.       Even in your marital life, check your homes to see whether God is in control of your homes, and whether you have, for one day, obeyed God’s advice concerning family living, concerning your health, concerning your family, concerning the training of your children or concerning your careers.
16.       Check whether you have, for one day, sought God’s counsel or you have been doing it because you think you have the power to do it.
17.       Check the attributes of the Almighty God to see if COUNSELOR is not there. And what is more? It is number 2. The Number 2 attribute.
18.       I checked the whole Dictionary meanings and the Bible meanings, and not even one altered the meaning of COUNSELOR. All of them spoke the same thing.
20.       The Igbos say that he who enquires can never miss the way, and that he who is embarking on a journey to a destinationhe or she has never gone before should ask questions. Ask questions, for there are people who have gone that way before. All that glitters is not gold.
21.       You might be seeing life, but you do not know that before you get to life, death is waiting. But whoever God loves, the Bible says, He withholds him, withholds the person from running to a place where he will be destroyed. The Bible called it the place of death.
22.       Remember that God’s path has always been very narrow and uncompetitive. [Matthew 7:13 – 14]
24.       “I will be this. I will be that.” Is it not if you are alive? Is it not if you are alive that you will say what you will do tomorrow? See what is happening everywhere.
25.       DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT SEEKING GOD’S COUNSEL. Watch students that do not make use of their Career counsellors. Some of them can hardly graduate.
26.       For every course, there must be a Career adviser; Somebody that has gone that way before, and is trained to give you advice concerning your career.
27.       But you may bypass your Career adviser because you think you are a guy. You will thenguy yourself out of the school without a reasonable certificate. A big boy. A big girl.
28.       The moment you begin to see yourself as one who does not need advice, your problem starts and it has no end.
29.       That is why I have told you the Bible passage that said, the moment somebody neglects godly advice, godly counsel, he becomes self-destructive.
30.       The moment one rejects godly counsel, he becomes self-destructive. You can use your money to buy death. You can be asking for death, thinking that you are asking for money.
31.       But you will not consider how many people that have perished on that path, who used their money to buy something that destroyed them.
32.       That is why, even in the public service, a true seed of God does not accept responsibilities anyhow, for certain responsibilities are set there by the devil as a trap to lure you out and destroy you; t hand you over to your enemies. I am telling you God’s truth.
35.       What is covetousness? Bible calls it idolatry. A constant liar; a habitual liar is an over-ambitious person.
36.       Do not think you are over-ambitious because you are running to the uttermost part of the world? You can be in the kitchen. You can be in the village where there is little or no opportunity. Yet, you are covetous, over-ambitious. Amen!
37.       So please cast your minds back and tap from the rich resources of God, which He offers you freely. This way, you reduce your headache, reduce your burden and then become an object of praise, and not a burden to the Lord.
38.       A time came when the People of Israel became a burden the Lord said He could no longer bear, for they mingled with the heathens and learned their wicked ways and then turned out to blame their failures on God.
39.       You see! That is one thing with human beings. They spoil their ways, and they blamed it on God. Some will deliberately spoil their ways, or ignorantly spoil their ways, and they will blame it on destiny.
40.       Destiny is a matter of choice and not a matter of chance. Whatever you have chosen to do; That which gives you abundant joy; You take delight in it. Automatically, it becomes your destiny.
41.       Then I ask another question. What is the destiny of a dead man? What is the destiny of one lying in the mortuary? Amen!
42.       If you look into politics worldwide, you will hate human beings. In Nigeria alone, how many people are vying for the seat of the President?
43.       In a population of over 200 million people, one man will be the President. Not two. The rest will be ordinary people that will be governed by the President. How many people are vying for that celebrated seat? They behave as if more seats will be created for the President.
44.       Check whatever you have indulged in, in time past and what you are planning to do even now, whether God has been invited into it? And check the reason why God has been decreed out of your plan.
45.       Our late and former Brother Bon Diuka made it clear in his message that man decrees God out of his plans.
46.       God has no position in human plans. And watch that person who does not have God in his human plans, where does he think he will end it?
47.       He is the one that will be saying to the people, “Without God, we can do nothing”. Does he mean it? “Without God, we can do nothing”.
48.       But is God actually in your plans? Has He ever been in your plans? Have you not been informing Him of what you have done, and not what you want to do? Then who is in front?
49.       Who has been your leader, guide and instructor all these years? And where has it led you to? Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his Counselor. [Psalms 1:1 – 3, Psalms 40:4,Jeremiah 17:7] Is that not the Scripture?
50.       For the footsteps of the righteous are directed by the Almighty God [Psalms 37:23], for it is not in the power of a man to direct his ways. [Jeremiah 10:23] Are they not Scriptural? Then you think you know more than God?
51.       And I gave you the message, MAN PROPOSES BUT GOD DISPOSES. Every way that seemeth right in the eyes of a man, the end thereof is destruction. [Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 16:25]
52.       To what extent has God been your counselor? Have you actually recognized God as your counselor for one day?
53.       He can be the Mighty God, Wonderful Daddy, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, but Counselor, close that chapter. He is not my Counselor. “I will do as I have purposed because I have the power”.
54.       If you have the power to do as you have purposed, why do you remember God when you get disappointed? Why do you blame it even on God, as if God has been with you and your plans?
55.       Well, the Bible said that God has examined all the ways of man and God has found them to be in error. God scrutinized, examined all the ways of man and the conclusion is: They are in error.
57.       This is because whoever that does good cometh to the light, but whoever that does evil hides it away from the light, lest it shall be revealed. But there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.
58.       Go back to the Message titled, WHO IS YOUR COUNSELOR? You must have a counselor.
59.       Some even use stark heathens as their counsellor[s]; people that know not God. While some use God’s greatest enemies as their counsellor[s]. Some are their own self counselors.
60.       There is nothing wrong in that. It is your decision, but be sure that you are in error in the sight of God.
61.       All the troubles you have been having all your life, check where they have been emanating from. Wrong decisions you have been taking all your life.
62.       In short, I want to conclude that Jehovah is right and we have been wrong.

Our relationship with God is likened to a marital conjugation. The Almighty God is our Husband. Do you believe that? If we are what we claim to be, the family of God, then God is our Leader, God is our Head, the very Christ is our Head and our Husbandman.
FAITHFULNESS EXPLAINED; Preached on Sunday 31st May 2009 at the Household of God, Onitsha; Pg. 25 vs. 41


I invite our Brother Ngosike to the pulpit. Read these two messages together, starting from Volume 1. Give him attention if you want.
2.           LET NOBODY REGULATE YOU OUT OF GOD’S PRESENCE VOLUME 1; Preached on 1st September, 2019 at the Household of God, Onitsha.
3.           No human being changes until he or she decides to change. Pure truth!
4.           Acts of the Apostles 7:1-2.Then the high priest asked him, are these accusations true? This was Stephen's lengthy reply, the glorious God appeared to our ancestor Abraham in Iraq before he moved to Syria.
5.           Appeared to our ancestor where? In Iraq. Before he moved to where? Syria. Is there any Christian nation among them?
6.           Before he moved to? Syria! From Iraq to Syria. Any Christian nation there? We have a problem. Not moving from France to Rome, but from Iraq to Syria.
7.           Do you know the religion of these two countries? Syria with its capital in Damascus and Iraq with its capital in Bagdad. Are they Christian nations? Let Me hold My peace.
8.           Was there any Christian nation among them? Was any of them a Christian nation? What could he be doing in Iraq? There was no other place to move to except Syria. Why was it that Paul was on his way to Damascus to persecute people that did not believe the religion of the Jews? Which religion were they practicing in Damascus for which cause Paul went to kill them?
9.           They were practicing Islam, as clear as the day, contrary to Judaism. Christianity is modified Judaism.
10.       Today is the first day of September. Be it known to you that Saint Paul was born a Muslim…
11.       Saint Paul was born a Muslim. Jesus was born in Palestine, a Muslim. Abraham, the father of all Muslims; Father of the Faith, and not of the book.
12.       I know where your persecution is coming from and I am greater than that. “Yes! I will declare! Will you declare? I will. Are you sure they will believe? They must. Son of Man why are sounding like this? You trust them? I have taught them. They will believe.”
13.       I told you I am going to guide you, teach you, lead you from something you know to something you know not. Just be patient with Me.
14.       Do not be in a haste to call anything God or devil. When we get to the end, you can give it a name, for everything shall be made plain.
15.       Remember that Jesus was also a Muslim, born in a Muslim city called Bethlehem. Palestine!
16.       You were not here last Sunday. Be very careful. Brother David take over that throne. He is encumbering himself with so many things. Show him where you stopped. I hate distortion and stammering.
17.       Be very sure that you do not permit over-familiarity, that you know Me, I am an Igbo man, a black man from Mbaise, One of you, you know where I am living and everything; do not allow it to be your destruction, for it has always been the destruction of the people in all the ages. Any man that escapes it is already in paradise.
18.       What? Any human being that escapes this stumbling block is already in paradise.
19.       Allah leaves straying whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases... Guide means Counselor!
20.       Wait a little, hold it there. You can take a little water. Apostle Kelechi, your landlord paid you a visit last Tuesday. Share your experience.
21.       Apostle Keechi Uwakwe: Brethren Remain blessed. On Tuesday last week, my landlord came to me in the morning. He told me that he was shivering, and that his entire body was shivering because he had read the Book the Son of Man gave to him.
22.       He said that he came across the Avatar and the rest of them but the most striking thing to him was the Resurrected Body for he was a student of AMORC in those days and that the thing disturbed him.
23.       He was asking what he can call this Man, for what he had used was not enough, for the way He spoke to him on phone and how He visited him and sent him all these messages, they made him to believe that He is more than what we think He is.
24.       I told him that I do not know any other thing, and I have told him what we call Him and that is what He is.
25.       He has used “His Grace”, “His Holiness”, “His Eminence” and he is looking for something higher, and he is not happy with us that we are using “the Son of Man”.
26.       He said that He [THE SON OF MAN] is higher than what we are using, and that he is still looking for something, the right word.
27.       He shivered. A man that is over 80years of age. A learned man for that matter. A native of Onitsha. An arch-Sabbatarian who also belonged to many societies before he came out.
28.       You are making noise because you are increasing your knowledge that will destroy you. What you are acquiring is knowledge of the truth you cannot practice. And at the end, you have amassed condemnation.
29.       If we receive the truth we cannot practice, what have we received? Condemnation! Jesus said, “If I speak to you and you do not believe, I condemn you not; but be it known to you that on that last day, the words I have spoken, the same shall condemn you. [John 12:48]
30.       They said, Aaahhh! You are no more than human like ourselves, you wish to turn us away from the God… Was it not what they told the Lord Jesus Christ?
31.       And on Allah, let all men of faith put their trust. Let all men of faith do what? Put their trust.
32.       Indeed, He has guided us to the way we follow, we shall certainly bear with patience all the hurt you may cause us. Thank you! For following the way of truth must cause us some hurt, but recognizing that we are on the right track, we will bear the hurts with joy.
33.       Jesus never had it an easy way. Our song says, “It is not an easy road”. How can a servant now be greater than the Master? The truth is this: Worldly pleasures have griped all of you. What? Worldly pleasures have griped all of you.
34.       The pleasures of this world have overtaken all of us. Some are now afraid of death. Where did you see death? Did anybody see it? What you are afraid of is something you cannot see. The one you saw, will you be afraid of it?
35.       You are now desiring worldly pleasures more than eternal pleasures in paradise. Pleasures of life have overwhelmed us.
36.       Some are afraid of death because of the pleasures of life. We have built mansions. We now have children. We have money and everything. “Why all these troubles? After all, I can kneel down.”
37.       Yes! You can download My Voice, but you cannot download My action. You cannot download My face. I say, you cannot download My face. Neither can you download even My handshake. You cannot download My handshake.
38.       Yet when St Stephen was handling the word, the Bible recorded that the glory of God was so much upon his face, and it was shining like a bright star and people became afraid that it was dazzling like the face of Moses.
39.       You can download anything, but not the face of Stephen. Downloading has a limit. I can only download if I do not have access to that place. Once I can have access to that place, what is the trouble? I can now patiently bear the hurt following this way will cause me.
40.       I believe in regulation, but any regulation that will regulate you outside the faith of Christ, stop and say no! I hope I am making sense.
41.       I have seen the way some people are heading to. You know I allow things to come out fully. I allow things to come out fully. I can see Sanhedrin’s regulation. I can see Pharisaical regulation regulating people outside the presence of God.
42.       Any regulation that will regulate an individual outside the presence of God has removed you from the glory of God. From eternal life.
43.       We do not have any reason why we should not put our trust on Allah. Indeed, he has guided us to the way we follow. We should certainly bear with patience all the hurts he may cause us.
44.       Certainly bear with patience all the hurts. Nobody has ever painted a rosy picture of this path. Narrow is this path that leads to eternal life. Only a few can walk through it. [Matthew 7:14]
45.       A rich man can never go through it. Once you are rich with material blessings of this earth, you are narrowing your chances of passing through the eye of a needle.
46.       And the Unbelievers said to their messengers: "Be sure we shall drive you out of our land, or ye shall return to our religion."
47.       But their Lord inspired [this Message] to them: "Verily we shall cause the wrong-doers to perish!” And verily we shall cause you to abide in the land, and succeed them.
48.       This is for such as fear the Time when they shall stand before My tribunal, such as fear the punishment denounced."
49.       God has a tribunal where sinners shall be tried. Who and who will be members of God’s tribunal? The Saints will be there, judging the whole world. Do you not know that the Saints will judge the world? Amen.
50.       He has set a day for which He will judge the world in righteousness by a Man. [Acts 17:31] God judgeth nobody, according to the Bible, but has committed judgement into the hands of His dear Son, who is the Son of Man. [John 5:22] Is it not scriptures?
51.       "And verily we shall cause you to abide in the land, and succeed them. This is for such as fear the Time when they shall stand before My tribunal, such as fear the punishment denounced."
52.       All offenders must come before the judgement throne, young or old. So, where are you going to run to?
53.       But they sought victory and decision [there and then], and frustration was the lot of every powerful obstinate transgressor. What?
54.       But they sought victory and decision [there and then], and frustration was the lot of every powerful obstinate transgressor.
55.       Who could be that person? Powerful, obstinate, transgressors. What will be their lot? Frustration, with their heads bowed low.
56.       The mouth that is wagging today will be closed, the person will not see the mouth he will use to talk again because what is bigger than him is now facing him.
57.       You know when we are saying it now, it is as if we want to use it to scare someone. Is there any one here that is older than this truth? Were you born before this truth came? Ask yourself this question, “Is God afraid of you?”
58.       The Bible said, “He has been bearing with you to know if you will come back to your full senses and repent. Because He has stipulated a date to judge the world in righteousness through that same person who He has chosen for Himself and has revealed Him as The Resurrected Body, who resurrected from death into life.
59.       He has set a day in the which He is going to judge the world in righteousness by a Man. God judgeth nobody, according to the Bible but has committed judgement into the hands of His Dear Son, for He is the Son of Man. Is it not scriptural?
60.       Powerful! Obstinate! Transgressors! Get ready. Not ordinary transgressors, but powerful ones, mainly drawn from among the ministers and the Elders. 
61.       Both men and women. Men of renowned and women of renowned, who are prominent among us.
62.       Remember the prophecy of our late Evangelist, Ferdinand Uzoma, “Be very careful. Influential men and women can hardly make it into heaven.”
William Branham spoke about the strictness of Apostleship. All and sundry in this Faith will bear witness that THE SON OF MAN, Apostle Peter Odoemena (Blessed be to His Holy Name) has maintained the strictness of an Apostle. From the inception of this Faith, up to this very moment, I have never for one day compromised the strictness with anybody because of your relationship with me. The highest thing that you can give Me is money and food, or provide shelter for Me, or buy a car for Me. I have never for one day, because of all those material considerations lowered down the standard by pampering. Rather, at that time you are rendering the services, that is the time you must be extremely careful, for I must prove the spirit. And that is why this Faith has remained alive till this day.
I AM THE STANDARD FOR JUDGMENT TO ALL MEN VOLUME 2; Preached on Sunday 9th October 2012 at the Household of God, Onitsha; Pg. 79 vs. 19 – 21


You know what an eye of a needle is, an eye of a needle? You know what it is? That it is difficult for an elephant to pass through it, even if it is possible.
2.           It is easier for an elephant to pass through the eye of a needle than for such powerful, obstinate transgressors that have heard the truth, propagated the truth but still living in error to enter the kingdom of heaven.
3.           Very powerful obstinate transgressors. You know when somebody is powerful, very influential but living the life of disobedience. “In front of such a one is Hell”.
4.           In front of such a one is Hell. It means that nothing else is awaiting such a person than hell fire. So, every religion believes in hell. Even the traditionalist believes in hell.
5.           But if you say there is no hell fire, go ahead and harden your heart and continue with what you are doing, but what you see at the end, you take.
6.           Someone that said he does not fear God, if there is thunder and lightning now, you see him on the run. If it is one that goes to church, he will do sign of the cross. What is pursuing you? You said that there is no God, but look at thunder and lightning now.
7.           In front of such a powerful obstinate transgressor, in front of him is what? Hell! And he is given, for drink, boiling fetid water. Boiling fetid water is given for him as water to drink.
8.           In gulps will he sip it, but never will he be near swallowing it down his throat: deaths will come to him from every quarter. Yet will he not die

9.           Brethren! Everlasting torment is real. Everlasting torment! Bringing the person back to his senses, and God will be unleashing every kind of hell upon him for being a powerful, obstinate transgressor.
10.       You will be crying for death, but death will run away. [Revelations 9:6]Is it not Bible? Death will be on the run. Water will be on the run, mountains and valleys on the run. No place to hide.
11.       You will be praying for life, but life will run away. Half dead- half alive forever and forever. Forever and ever.
12.       Brethren! Who no know, go know. You do not believe the Bible. You do not believe the Quran. You do not believe Shinto. You do not believe anything. So, which one do you now believe? We will know in the end.
13.       So, if you know where to run to, run there. No place to hide. THE SON OF MAN has blocked everywhere… By taking you all round. He has gathered all the loose ends and presented Christ. So, anywhere you want to run to, run!
14.       If you jump out, you jump into hell. You climb up, you climb into hell. You go beneath, into hell.
15.       You are a privileged people. You see why I said, “If you have THE SON OF MAN in your midst, your problem is over. If you perish, you have perished because you have blatantly refused to give ear to His words.
16.       That which is deceiving the world will soon fail them. It has started failing them already. It has started. What type of life will this look like?
17.       Do not think it is the book of Revelations in the Bible alone that painted a horrible picture of hell. Can you see it in the Qur’an? It is everywhere.
18.       I can come with all the religious books that are in my possession. Open anyone, you will see it there. Go to the book of Enoch, you will see it there. He said, “God will punish the people with unquenchable fire.” [1 Book of Enoch chapter 10 verse 6, 13; chapter 18 verse 15 and chapter 21, chapter 54 verse 1 – 6 etc.]
19.       And all of them gave us the true picture. It will not be insensitive. You will come back to your senses. I will be as I am now. The way you are now is how you will be.
20.       Your mind is there with you. If I touch you, it will hurt you, for you to see that God has wisdom above men. He will bring them back to life.
21.       He is the best of all the planners according to the book of Quran. [Surah 3:54, Surah 8:30]
22.       Remember! What marks the holy Qur’an out of other messages is because it is original from the very beginning.
23.       And it does not have two voices. One voice; one writing from the beginning till the end. That is why there is no contradiction. And it does not change for God does not change.
24.       He wrote like John the Apostle. That which he saw; that which he heard, he was commanded to write and pass unto humanity, where he handed over this Holy Quran and told the whole world, “I have only but one religion I have assigned to all the whole human race and that is ISLAM, meaning TOTAL SUBMISSION TO THE WILL OF GOD by all human beings.
25.       A religion of peace. That is why I have one adage that says, “as peaceful as Islam.” But as we have unbelievers in the Christendom, so we have it in every religion.
26.       But to the foolish people today, every little honest statement the president will make, they will say, “He is trying to Islamize Nigeria”, as if there is something wrong in Islamizing a nation, causing the nation to be totally submitted to the will of God.
27.       Tell Me, what is the crime there? I have already Islamized my family. And I will consolidate that Islamization of My family. If you know the meaning of Islam, Islam goes beyond killing ram and eating suya [barbecue]. It goes beyond wearing kaftan. Amen.
28.       There is no religion that does not produce twins, believers and the unbelievers. Even in the traditional religion, there are believers and there are also unbelievers. There are people that use traditional religion to do good. There are also some that use it to do bad.
29.       Tell me any wealth that endureth till eternity, does it exist? Not even one. Has there ever been one that died, and his material belongings were packed into his grave? That is what we are saying.
30.       Everything that is making us to be puffed up with pride and to be disobedient to the Word of God are all things that will perish with this flesh. You leave them as you are going home.
31.       Don’t you see that Allah created the heavens and the earth in Truth? If He so will, He can remove you and put [in your place] a new creation? Sure!
32.       Who are you to say that without you, there is nothing God can do? “God cannot do without me.” Who are you? One day, you will die, and the world will continue. Amen.
33.       Holy Quran, Surah 9:42-45. If there had been immediate gain (in sight), and the journey easy, they would (all) without doubt have followed thee, but the distance was long, (and weighed) on them.
34.       They would indeed swear by Allah, "If we only could, we should certainly have come out with you": They would destroy their own souls; for Allah doth know that they are certainly lying.
35.       Allah give thee grace! why didst thou grant them until those who told the truth were seen by thee in a clear light, and thou hadstprvoved the liars?
36.       Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day ask thee for no exemption from fighting with their goods and persons. And Allah knoweth well those who do their duty.
37.       Holy Quran, Surah 9:32-34. Fain would they extinguish Allah's light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow but that His light should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).
38.       It is He Who hath sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it).
39.       O ye who believe! there are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in Falsehood devour the substance of men and hinder (them) from the way of Allah.
40.       And there are those who bury gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah: announce unto them a most grievous penalty. Amen.
41.       "O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Thy Sacred House; in order, O our Lord, that they may establish regular Prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them… Is it not scriptural? That you should pray at all times. Pray always. Pray without ceasing. [Luke 18:1, 1 Thessalonians 5:17]
42.       Our Lord, that they may establish regular Prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits: so that they may give thanks.
43.       "O our Lord! Yruly Thou dost know what we conceal. You know that which we have hidden in our hearts. Oh, our God, you know that which we have hidden. You know that which we have made open.
44.       Never think that Allah would fail his messengers in His promiseWhich means that from eternity to eternity the promises of God stand sure.
45.       Never you think that God will fail His messengers in His promises. Some think that the promise of God has failed. They are foolish. It is wonderful!
46.       LET NOBODY REGULATE YOU OUT OF GOD’S PRESENCE, VOLUME TWO; Preached on 1st September, 2019 at the House hold of God Onitsha.
47.       We invite Ngosike to handle that one. He must have learnt his lessons. Let nobody regulate you out of God’s presence.
48.       So, when you are regulating your family, regulating your brethren and regulating people around you because you think you have the power to regulate, be sure you do not regulate them outside the will of God that you may achieve your own personal objective.
49.       This is because some people hide under the cloak of the Message to dish out unnecessary orders and commands to brethren who are under them, when they have selfish motives.
50.       So if you are doing it, you are numbered among those who are hindering people from coming to the presence of God and Allah knows your heart. What awaits you is eternal punishment for hindering people.
51.       You may claim to be another Son of Man in your own zone, in your family, so that people can believe you when you know you are living in error.
52.       You may even bring out new doctrines [I call them damnable heresies] aiming at putting your people in bondage, so that your will be done and not the will of God.
53.       Now, I am showing you all these things before I will speak harder on what I am going to say, because the moment God gives a people His Laws and they refuse to keep it, God will hand them over to reprobate spirit, so that they will go and behave anyhow and defile themselves. [Romans 1:28]
54.       We cannot hear you. When I was at your age, My voice was soaring to the high heavens. Yes now, I used my youthful strength to establish the truth. I never started serving God today. I have been serving from the day I was born.
55.       The moment somebody is handed over to a reprobate spirit, that is the end of the person's life here on Earth and even in the Pilgrim race. Yes Sir!
56.       When God gives you over to a reprobate spirit, giving you the authority to go and behave anyhow, [the way you like] that is the end of your journey. You are already resting in hell.
57.       When you see truth, you call it a lie. If you see lie, you call it truth. Evil will become very pleasurable in your sight, because you are destitute of truth.
58.       The moment somebody is handed over to a reprobate spirit, that is the end of the person's life here on Earth and even in the Pilgrim race.
59.       That is when a man comes to a condition where whatever he does, God will not rebuke him again. If he does good, God will close His eyes. If he does evil, God will close His eyes.
60.       That man is finished because he is now permitted to behave anyhow. In other words, God will now preserve him until the day of His final destruction.

Let the Son of Man be your perfect example. Somebody who will tell you, “If I preach any sermon, teach any doctrine, and you feel it is difficult for you to apply it in life, He said, “Relax your mind. Do not worry yourself. Simply watch the way I will do it. That is what God is expecting from you.””
GOD HAS FINISHED WITH YOU (BUT HAVE YOU FINISHED WITH GOD?); Preached on Wednesday 1st March 2017 at Nsukka (Late Bishop Moses family Altar); Pg. 67 vs. 32

It has become very expedient, very necessary for this Faith to recognize your marriage by knowing the foundation of your marriage:
2.           How did you come together? Who handed the woman over to you? Did you take the woman by abduction or did you marry on credit? How long have you been owing the debt?
3.           This is because people forget things too easily nor know anything pertaining to marital rights. They do not even forfeit it. If you do not pay it in life, you pay it in death.
4.           If the man dies, then the children must do it. Since you said it is truth, we will now begin to know the condition on which you picked whoever you call your wife; whether you paid the bride price and did all the traditional wedding rites and the community handed over the woman to you, or you promised you will come back, and you have not come back till now.
5.           Instead, you are raising children with her. What if tomorrow death strikes? How do we go about it?
6.           I have received too many certificates of marriage from too many traditional rulers recently and I am very much pleased with the compliance, not with the obedience.
7.           Many complied with My instructions, some obeyed. Those who complied will not wed till eternity, for wedding is not in their program. Those who obeyed are working towards wedding their wives for they are happy they have obeyed.
8.           I hope you can hear Me, everybody. Good! I have many certificates from traditional rulers. The best I received came from Bayelsa, from Brother Isaac Utuk whose daughter is almost a mother.
9.           Some of them are in the Universities, but their mothers were not married. And Brethren were parading themselves as Apostles, Teachers and so on, when they are kidnappers. They are abductors!
10.       Our Pastor at Calabar brought his own last week. Pastor Emma. Certificate from the Traditional Ruler, also confirming the marriage, with too many other documents. I was very much pleased.
11.       And Egbema that has it as their tradition that the children would join hands in paying bride price for their mother, I believe they are changing their minds. I believe they are repenting.
12.       But your repentance is not full until you have wedded. That is why I am supporting Pastor Obinna all round, for he is creating a record that never existed in the whole of Egbema. Marrying legally, traditionally, customarily and at the same time, wedding according to the rule of the Church.
13.       And God willing, we shall be there, to Grace the occasion with our presence (Yes), for taking away the reproach.
14.       Apostle Ugoo, rise up to your duty because something is still hanging on your head. I have not seen your certificate. Bro Silas! I have not seen your certificate. Are you hearing Me? Good!
15.       And all of you; you know you are too many. There are some that are still hiding here. A woman that is living with a man when the bride price was not paid, and you are raising children, truly speaking, you have no boldness in that community. You cannot speak aloud in the compound. People will hold you to ridicule. In short, you are a laughing stock.
16.       So, save yourself from the shame, the reproach, by compelling your husbands to go and fulfil that traditional rite, to enable you exercise your boldness and liberty in the compound where you are married. Can you all hear me?
17.       “One who runs after a man.”Is this a good saying? “She lives with a man.”  Is that a good saying? “He lives with a woman.”You as the man, that you are living with a woman, do you know how it sounds to the ears? Do you still have any shame at all? Amen.
18.       LET NOBODY REGULATE YOU OUT OF GOD’S PRESENCE VOLUME 2; Preached on 1st September, 2019 at the Household of God, Onitsha. Chapter 2.
19.       ALLAH SEES ALL THINGS BY APOSTLE OJIAKOR. Sure! God sees all things.
20.       NUGGET: "I say, when God has shown you visible signs through His messenger, and yet, to obey Allah is difficult, what else are you expecting from Him, if not supreme humiliation?
21.       He is sentencing you to eternal hell, for that is where your portion is. God is not the one that has apportioned you there. (WHY ARE YOU FOOLING YOURSELVES. VOL. PREACHED ON 10TH OCTOBER, 2019. PG 47 VS 22-23)
22.       "ALLAH SEES ALL THINGS: Remain blessed brethren. Please can we put our hands together for The Almighty God. Are you not happy? Are you not happy? To God be the glory, Almighty thank you sir.
23.       I heard something this morning. It said, “If you understand Him, you know He that is in your midst and you know God to be God, that definitely forms the way you worship Him and the way you relate with Him.”
24.       I will like us to look at what we heard this morning. This God; this Son of Man; it said all the religious books, messages, messengers, at one point or the other spoke about The Son of Man. They were pointing to THE SON OF MAN.
25.       Just like we heard it this morning, using a family and lastly Onyema [Onyema’s family] of the Voice that went forth, and He capped everything with this word, “If it does not happen that way, know I am not The Son of Man”.
26.       I mean binding Himself. And then, will somebody joke with it? While that goes to a name mentioned, do you not know also that it is coming to me and also coming to you? Must your name be called before you can take precaution?"
27.       His name was called on that day, called two weeks after. But precisely on October 13, he died mysteriously and accidentally for neglecting the Voice. Did he know he was dying that day?
28.       His Eternity started that day. His folder was closed and his records tabled before the King of kings. The next place we shall see him will be on the day he will meet with the panel; the tribunal.
29.       Permit Me to read this quote. Everybody is jumping this quote: “THE HINDU SAYS, IF GOD WISHES TO HIDE, GOD WOULD CHOOSE MAN TO HIDE IN, THAT IS THE LAST PLACE MAN WOULD LOOK FOR GOD".
30.       It is in all the publications you are holding there, but nobody reads it.
31.       That is the much we would take, as we invite Evangelist Ben to the pulpit. He has only but 30 minutes, to round off for today.
32.       Last week, I could not see many people that came here to see Me, because of the work that was going on, along the main road.
33.       So we left at a time we never envisaged. But today, I think, God helping Me, I will see everybody that wants to see Me.

………I KNOW I AM YOUR KINSMAN REDEEMER, BUT HOW MANY BELIEVE IN ME TO THE SAVING OF THEIR SOULS? You can believe in Me as your Brother. You can believe in Me as an Apostle. You can believe in Me as a Son of God, but to believe Me as the Elohim, the Saviour, the Redeemer, the all and all, in whom dwelleth the fullness of the God head bodily, this is only by divine revelation. Only those that are given to believe this can believe it. The rest will not.
CHRIST IS THE IDENTITY OF EVERY ELECT; Preached on Sunday 8th February 2015 at the Household of God, Onitsha; Pg. 76 vs. 13 – 14

Evangelist Ben Okezue

Brethren, let us put our hands together in appreciation of what God has been doing for us, and what He will continue to do for us.
2.           The type of God we have is the God that is not tired of doing good. I take it again. The God we have is the type that is not tired of doing good.
3.           The God we have is the God that is not tired of saying the truth. The God we have is not the God that is tired of saving His people. For that reason, we should always rejoice.
4.           If He is a God that is always tired or that does not have the truth, that is not zealous of good works, that does not guide his people perfectly, by now, we would have all become worse than the denominations.
5.           This is because when somebody knows the truth and he does not walk in it, his condition is worse.
6.           We have been over taught, little by little, here a little and there a little. In the beginning of this Ministry, God told us that He would teach us little by little and that we are like children that are weaned from their mothers' breasts.
7.           Here a little, there a little, until we are perfected in Him. And they[all that God has helped to remain till this moment] have always been rejoicing, tracing from where God picked us, and how He decided to preserve us with the truth and which He has always been Himself.
8.           This is because, every time the great I AM appears, what He will always declare is that, "I am the way, the truth and the life".
9.           And everyone that belongs to God in that generation recognizes Him, anchors there. And there is no sign of destruction again, because they have anchored in Him.
10.       Romans 1:16-17. (LB) "For I am not ashamed of this good news about Christ. It is God's powerful method of bringing all who believe Him, to heaven..."
11.       Remember, each time you see THE SON OF MAN, He is a package of good news. All the prophets saw Him as good news.
12.       For those that will be saved, He is good news. For those that will be destroyed, He is the judge and He can never spare ungodliness.
13.       Qur’an has confirmed it. All the prophets have confirmed it. Enoch confirmed it. And in the beginning, He did not expose us to all these things, but He saved them all.
14.       And now, towards the end, when He must have downloaded exactly what will transform us to be like Him, He decided to touch them, and then reveal them. We now begin to wonder? God thank you!
15.       If we blasphemed and were dropped and destroyed in the beginning, how would we have rejoiced or gotten this level of truth that can no longer fail or shake?
16.       This is because it has root from ancient prophets, from revelation of God and from even the Ancient of Days.
17.       This is the truth in which when a man is established in it, you do not fear anything and nothing rules you out because you will have basis to defend it.
18.       But now, the matter is this: It is not that we have not been taught. It is not that God is not in our midst. It is not that we are not blessed. It is not that the truth is not here.
19.       But God has always been telling us, "No matter all these things we are doing, something remaineth."
20.       And every elect of God will not only carry these books, rejoice and quote them, but will always ask himself, "What is that thing that remains which will disqualify me that day? God help me out of that thing."
21.       That should be our prayer. The moment it becomes our prayer, the moment we understand it, begin to pray and act towards that, God will begin to see us as those that are really serious with what He has been teaching.
22.       Of what use is the labour of God in getting all these things, documenting them, using His life, preaching every day, helping us in every way, and at the end, that thing that remaineth will not be achieved in us?
23.       Anybody that underlines that word, will always be sober, prayerful, meditating, questioning himself, weighing him or herself with the teachings and doctrines taught so far.
24.       Now that we have known the Lord, have we worshipped him as the Lord? Have we obeyed Him as the Lord? Are His instructions like God's instructions to us?"
25.       I believe we have changed our perception of who God is unlike the times we were in the denomination of the world when we were having the preconceived idea of what we think that God is.
26.       Now that the true God has been made manifest, revealed, introduced to our hearts, settled down in our midst, what else will be our excuse?
27.       Our target is to be like Him, for the essence of the whole doctrine, advice, counseling is for our own good and to be like Him, but I want us to check something here.
28.       "This message was preached, first to the Jews alone, but now everyone is invited to come to God in this same way. This good news tells us that God makes us ready for heaven, makes us right in God's sight..."
29.       Everything the Son of Man has been doing is to make His people right in His sight. We can consider Ephesians Chapter 5 from verse 13, but I want us to see where God is leading us to.
30.       Please do not mind the way I pronounced it. The thing is these open teeth. I was talking about Ephesians. Please do not murmur. Do not crucify me. You know where I am landing.
31.       Please, this accident caused me harm here, but let us go ahead.
32.       "This good news tells us that God makes us ready for heaven..."What is the purpose of all these? It is to make you and me ready for heaven! That is why God has given His life.
33.       Of what use are all these teachings, all these efforts and whatever, if we are not sanctified and qualified for heaven? If we do not abide with Him Eternally, of what use are all these?
34.       Of what use is going to Quran, Hindu, Enoch and everything? What is the end result of all these efforts? That is where a serious worshipper will be targeting and looking at.
35.       And the moment our eyes go there, surely, we will sit up and we will begin to take God seriously. Things will begin to work.
36.       And the God I know is the One, that the moment He understands that we have known where we have fallen, and we have known where we are lacking, and we are ready to worship Him and follow Him rightly, He will be happy to even offload more, impact more, help us the more, for He will only help a willing heart.
37.       But in all He has done, if the heart is not willing, oh, it will be as if He has done nothing. But far be it from us, that God will examine us, and look at us, and we show sign that His labour is a waste in our lives. God forbid! That will be the greatest condemnation.
38.       So God always gathers us here to stamp hard the truth in our lives and to ensure that the Word makes impact. It is our own little work to submit and abide, so that He can do it perfectly, according to His purpose.
39.       What He has in mind is bringing us to Himself, teaching us all these, making sure that nobody can ever deceive us again, guiding us from every error within and without. Not only errors without, but errors within.
40.       "This good news tells us that God makes us ready for heaven, makes us right in God's sight, when we put our faith and trust in Christ, to save us."
41.       That is all! For one successful step in achieving the will of God is to depend, trust, believe and see Him as the only One that can help us to continue in this race.
42.       Any day we begin to see ourselves in the picture, where we will carry the Word in our heads and the burden will be too much, it will be heavy, we will see worshipping God as a heavy thing or as a burden or as a trouble. No!
43.       To all that are in Christ, worshipping God is a way of life. It is now a nature. They have no option. Nothing pleases them than doing the will of God. As many as are at that level here, they are rejoicing.
44.       But as many as are seeing any part of this Faith or any area in this Faith or any teaching in this Faith, questioning it and querying it or seeing it as a burden in any form or shape, oh, they will be getting more confused everyday.
45.       This is accomplished from start to finish by Faith. As the Scripture says it, “The man who finds life will find it through trusting God.”
46.       Anybody that will survive and succeed in this Faith must do it through trusting the Son of Man.
47.       When we talk about God, do we point at one in the sky? Do we point at one outside there? Do we point at one we do not know? Now that we have known, do we really trust in Him? If we do, then that salvation is sure.
48.       But if at any point, we take away our eyes, our Faith, from He that is able to save us, we will start having problems.
49.       But no matter what the situation looks like, if we bring the Son of Man into the picture, His name is THE COMFORTER. When He comes in, the matter will settle!
50.       Be it personal, family, household, or any matter anywhere, once any man welcomes Him in, the truth in Him, the advice in Him, the comfort in Him, the experience in Him, is enough to end that trouble.
51.       No wonder Muhammad said, "Anyone that has ever, even the prophets we are pointing at, anybody that will exist, will be born, will be privileged, to see Him and to get close."
52.       Oh my God! I was rejoicing and overjoyed when I quoted a scripture that said, "I thank you, Oh Father, for counting me worthy, bringing me into this Ministry." [1 Timothy 1:12]
53.       That was the highest testimonies of St. Paul. Is it our testimony today? If it is your testimony, anybody that sees you will know, because it is a no-go area for anything. That will be the highest.
54.       And when God has succeeded in making us take Him as all and all the journey will be made easier and progressive.(As we are nearing the end of the journey, we keep on matching on).
55.       We would not go back to be revising things we ought to have known, wasting more time.
56.       But I know, I sat down to think, “Why is God doing all this?” There are some that came at different levels, and He's trying to bring everyone to perfection because He promised us in the beginning, "Towards the last lap of this Ministry, God will bring in a man and perfect him even in 24 hours."
57.       All that were there from the very beginning, they heard the Voice, "Towards the last lap of this Ministry, God will bring a man and perfect him even within 24 hours".
58.       This is because, when you have known the mystery of God revealed, you have started your journey to perfection.
59.       And if He is personally revealed to you as the God we are looking for, your attitude will change, your belief will change, hatred will vanish, your action will change and everything will change!
60.       When people will see you, they will be asking you, "Why are you rejoicing? What is making you feel the way you feel?" Then you open up the testimony, "I thank God for counting me worthy, putting me into this Ministry; into His own Ministry with a target."


But God showed His anger from heaven, against all sinful evil men who pushed the truth from them...
2.           Please mark this place, this is where I want to hit. Sometime two weeks ago, God read this Scripture here and made a powerful statement that if these spirits are found in any man, he is not qualified for the Kingdom of heaven.
3.           And whenever God speaks like that, all we need to do is to seat down personally and practically get acquainted with that which God said is the condition which is received through Him.
4.           Please I want you to read that verse in every translation that is here, for God has even been mentioning it.
5.           The Holy Qur’an has been mentioning it also that the worst thing that will happen to any human being is to receive the truth in unrighteousness or hold the truth, but is manifesting unrighteousness.
6.           But God showed His anger from heaven, against all sinful evil men, who push away his truth from them; for the truth about God is known to them instinctively...
7.           Wait! Where was the anger of God revealed? Against men and women who do what? Who do not hold this truth, like God has given us this truth.
8.           We have packages of the truth. We have chapters of the truth. We have documents of the truth. We have the personality of the truth. We have all the evidences of our experiences with the truth.
9.           But the problem is this: Holding it in unrighteousness. That is where the condemnation lies.
10.       The anger of God, the wrath of God, is revealed from where? Heaven! Read this Scripture very well. Those that hold this truth in unrighteousness are those that know where truth is, taught by the truth, and not those that do not know it.
11.       But there are some people that do not know the truth. They are imagining about the truth, but they have not come face to face with the truth. We cannot say we are like such people. That is why we must think about our lives.
12.       Yes! Those that hold the truth in unrighteousness; they can tell you what the truth is. They can tell you who God is. They can tell you the mysteries of God.
13.       They can quote the prophets, quote the ancient manuscripts, quote this and that, but if God comes and confirms unrighteousness in us, then it means we are fulfilling a dangerous Scripture.
14.       Each time anyone finds himself in the presence of God, let this Scripture never vanish from his or her eyes because we are the clan that have known the Truth.
15.       Seeing that the devil knows the truth but is holding it in unrighteousness and he is trying to make everyone that knows the truth to hold it in unrighteousness, and also because he knows that that is where God's condemnation comes from.
16.       So anything God did not say is good, is unrighteous in the sight of God, but anything God confirms and sanctifies, is righteous in His sight!
17.       For that reason, we should be meditating about this Scripture. The essence of this truth is to save us. The essence of this truth is to make us better, revive us, instruct us, renew us and then make us better, physically and spiritually, and in all ramifications.
18.       Then if it is not achieved in our lives, it is because we are holding this truth, seeing this truth, touching this truth, praising this truth, testifying this truth, all in unrighteousness.
19.       I hope everybody is understanding. Are we getting the message? This is something that will make me go and sit myself down, make you go and sit yourself down and check the Faith and also check myself to see whether the Faith has produced exactly what it is meant for in my life from all angles.
20.       There is nothing God has not touched that can make us be like Him. There is nothing God has not taught that will make us be at peace in our homes. There is nothing God has not taught to make us successful as individuals.
21.       Then, if there be failure as a result, who do we blame? Will it be God? It cannot be God. It is because we held that truth in unrighteousness, which is in disobedience and in unbelief.
22.       Disobedience to what? Disobedience to the instructions. Disobedience to the revealed word of God.
23.       If you go to "The Great Sermon: Stand Still And I Will Show You The Word Of God", it revealed to us that instructions from God come differently.
24.       There are certain things about God that goes personally. There are personal instructions. There are household instructions. There are family instructions, national instructions.
25.       As far as it proceeded out of the mouth of God, when we do not obey it with all our hearts, it means we are holding the truth which God is giving to us in unrighteousness.
26.       When we get out of it, we will now fulfil that thing that is remaining. That thing that remained before will never remain there.
27.       This is because when God will be looking at us, He will see the fruit of all He has been planting in our lives, for the Word of God bears fruit, and the fruit of the Word of God is the life of God. No other thing.
28.       The essence of all the preaching; the essence of all these teachings, be it Apostolic, Evangelical, Teaching, Pastoral, Bishopric or whatever you call it, is to produce Christ.
29.       Our prophet William Branham saw it far back and he said, "The Bride will produce Christ on two feet."
30.       Somebody saw me wearing this our Bridal T-shirt. I never knew he is from end-time. He saw me and said, "Sorry sorry sorry! Are you a Bride? Are you a Bride?"
31.       I said, "Yes, I am, for the Bridegroom is with us." I saw his language at the level of the end-time message, and he is a pastor pastoring one end-time message called, "The Word Made Flesh Assembly".
32.       I laughed him to scorn, and said, "My man! Have you seen that word made flesh in your midst? Why I am a Bride is because I have seen the Lord, the word made flesh in the bride.”
33.       And William Branham said, "Christ will produce Christs. Messiah will produce messiahs. God will produce Gods. The Righteous Judge will produce righteously!
34.       That is exactly the summary of all we are here for, and it is not by power. Neither is it not by might. It is gotten through trusting in the Lord.
35.       Romans 1:18-19, 18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.NIV
36.       Romans 1:18-19, 18 God's anger is revealed from heaven against all the sin and evil of the people whose evil ways prevent the truth from being known. 19 God punishes them, because what can be known about God is plain to them, for God himself made it plain.GNB
37.       Romans 1:18-19, 18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. KJV
38.       Romans 1:18-19, For God showed His anger from heaven against all sinful evil men, who pushed away the truth from them; for the truth about God is known to them instinctively. God has put this knowledge in their hearts.
39.       God has always introduced Himself in our hearts, but never to expect the result it gives in those that are perishing. They perish because they did not retain that true knowledge in their hearts.
40.       All these things[the true knowledge of God] must be retained in our hearts, for David said, "I hid your words in my heart, so that I will not sin against you." [Psalms 119:11]
41.       And it is a continuous thing. It is a daily habit. It is a daily life. It is a natural life. It is not today, I am here and tomorrow, I go out. Never!
42.       Romans 1:18-19, Amplified. For God's [holy] wrath and indignation and rebuke from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who in their wickedness repress and hinder the truth and make it inoperative...
43.       Somebody must know the truth before he hinders it, Brethren, are we together? Somebody must see the truth standing before him before he will reject it.
44.       No one will be accused of rejecting the truth until he has known the truth. Will somebody be accused of rejecting the truth when he does not know it?
45.       Now, can we deny that we do not know the truth? Now, the Scriptures told us that this Message changes lives. [James 1:21 – 22] Now the truth we have known is enough to change us.
46.       So if the Instructor that has taught us for close to 28 years is still complaining of not graduating, are we not ashamed?
47.       Anybody that stays in an institution for such number of years the Bride stayed, and is not a professor in the discipline, is that person a human being? I mean, is that person a human being?
48.       Let us go to this area because God has made everything plain and clear so that if anybody does not make it, there is no blame to Almighty God.
49.       So this time, we have to put ourselves to order. This time, we have to put things right. I mean, to change our minds, for that is why we are advising each other.
50.       Some are here sleeping when the voice is going on. Some are here just because they are following their parent, while some are here because of their friends or whatever.
51.       Please, you have seen the truth, but you rejected it. That is the condemnation. That is the condemnation. Resenting the truth that is made evident before us, which we can testify and touch and preach.
52.       Truth we cannot obey.
53.       That is it. And that truth is narrowed down to God Himself. God is narrowed down to His word. His word is narrowed down to His Vessel.
54.       And today, if somebody asks you, “Where is God?”, will you mince any words? Will you stammer? Can't you boldly tell somebody that you have seen God?
55.       Then, if we have seen God and we cannot obey Him, we should be weeping and crying for ourselves, for punishment goes to those that saw the truth plain and live, testified about it, but refused to obey it.
56.       That truth is a Man. The name of this Faith is Truth. And the name of this Faith is the Son of Man [Blessed Name of God] Apostle Peter Odoemena. That is truth.
57.       When we went to Umuokanne as God sent us, when I entered bike and arrived there, do you know what they asked me? "What is the name of this church?" I said, "we answer Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide".
58.       They said, "No! We do not know these people as Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide, we know them as Peter Odoemena." That is the name they know. Is it strange?
59.       Has it not happened in the Scriptures? If somebody does not see Christ in me, I should be weeping and crying. If what I do does not reflect the God, I believe I should be weeping and crying. Somebody must look at me and call me "Peter Odoemena".
60.       God exists in the true believers of every age. I must resemble the God I worship. I must look like the God I worship.
61.       I rejoiced exceedingly, and when we were ministering to them, I told them, "Your lives are in danger because you are answering the name of God. People in this community know you as Peter Odoemena's disciples, whom you know is the Almighty God in our midst. Acting contrary will bring condemnation to you."
62.       Everybody here is tagged "Apostle Peter Odoemena, the very Son of Man". Wherever you are, if people do not know you like that, you are a secret disciple. You are hiding your Faith. You are hiding your identity.
63.       Are we together Brethren? Is the word coming forth in truth and righteousness here? The answer is yes.
64.       If you have not known that people around you are calling you the name of God, it is because you have not established your God in their midst. If your Faith is known by your people, they will be calling you the name of your God.
65.       In my office where I was teaching, when they talk about God, I come out boldly and say, "I am a child of God. You are calling my Father and I know Him".
66.       Everybody will get scared. Why? They will say, "We want to avoid the trouble of Sir Ben.” This is because that is the area I want you to touch me.
67.       Touch me in any other thing, I can close my mouth. Touch me in areas concerning my God, you will see that I am a talkative. I will continue to establish the truth till you run away from me.
68.       So, my name remains the name of my Faith. Be it known to everyone. Why am I saying this?
69.       The truth has been evidently laid before us, and we should not reject the truth that is brought to us because that is what brings God's wrath and condemnation to those that know the truth and hold it in unrighteousness.
70.       Today, we should not fulfill that dangerous Scripture. Whatever God has been condemning all along in our midst is unrighteousness.
71.       And anybody indulging in it and without restraint, maybe hesitating and refusing to change from it, that person is waiting for the wrath that will be revealed from heaven.
72.       Brethren, do we allow such scriptures to fulfil in our midst? Do we want it to fulfil over our heads? For that reason, we must go and think towards it.